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The Evening critic. (Washington, D.C.) 1881-1885, October 14, 1881, Image 4

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National TiiFATnF MMincI StrnunlT
Vonnm OrfnA IIi K Widow lledolt
HOMMtn Tiikatiik CnMiQitii Variety
Wtinfilfil YlVitf In lttlltlt
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iho special bullctiti Issued from the Sig
nal Oillro to ilny snyn
Knlr weather h Indicated for tlm South
Atlantic nml Hint Hilf Slntet to iliy mid
Tho Crlllr In llcorRotuuii
CoideiofTitn KvrNivo Ciiitic mny lie
timl mid subscription1 left nt K K Jnnilys
book mid stationery itoro 1M llrhlgo street
Abiitit Iiopic nml IM I hum In Wnuli
8kk tiiuiii ruiK for Interesting locals
If vou want all tho news read Tun
TiltitTV Tillinn arrests wore niailo by tho
police yesterday
Stmit lamps will bo lighted at BSO and
extinguished at 1230 i m
JtJDciK Nkison a well known character
In this District ill til suddenly this morn
CoillHof to iiioriow H Republican doublo
sheet In wrappers for mailing can bo pro
cured In tho business olllco of tho Republi
Gents I am Hats now supplies low
prices at A T Lonls 1113 Seventh street
Also dents Furnishings for inoderato
A RMOiiT nnn was canvcd last evening
by tho drapery at Godfreys restaurnnt at
Thirteenth and V streets catching ilro and
being destroyed
The New Jcisey Itcpiihllcaii Association
met last night and took preliminary steps
toward sending resident voters homo to
voto at tho Stato elections next mouth
Tun alarm of flro nt 10 oclock last night
was caused by a destructive llro In tho rag
mid paper warchouso of George Hill Nos
3215 and 3217 Water street Georgetown
About 2500 damago was done
Tin District Government buildings wcro
open during tho usual hours to day but all
tho employees desiring to lcavo at noon
wcro permitted to do so Tho Commission
ers left in carriages at 1210 and proceeded
to tho Arlington Hotel
Rev Dn IIaxkin who had invited
Henry Ward llccchcrto occupy his pulpit
October 10 has received a letter from him
saying ho lias reluctantly concluded not to
accompany his regiment to Yorktown
othcrwiso ho would gladly liavo accepted
Tun Republican Central Committco last
night elected Sir A M Clapp president to
fill tho vacancy caused by tho death of tho
lato W B Heed A resolution deploring
tho deatli of President Garfield was adopted
Dr Tlndall Gen Whittakor and Georgo
Ilostou wcro appointed a committco on
Tun cientlemkn who essayed toseie
nado Miss L a foiv evenings since should
havo had clear throats and their cflbrts
would havo been better appreciated Dr
Bulls Couch Syrun Is tho best remedy ex
tant for a thick or congested condition of
tho Throat mid Bronchial Tubes giving
instant relief
The corncr stono of tho Chapel for Graco
Mission of tho Iteformcd Church was laid
yesterday afternoon Iter K It llschback
D D of Frederick Md preached tho ser
mon and Rev J G Butler of tho Memorial
Lutheran Church and Rev Mr Stem pas
tor of tho Gorman Congregation of tho Ite
formcd Church in thl city assisted in the
The convention of tho Columbia Ama
tcur Journalists Association last night
elected Mr N L Collaincr of tho Hire
president Mr Iarct tho letiring president
was called upon to fill tho olllco of vico
nrcsldcnt Mr William K Mcrrltt of Wash
ington secretary C It Wnllor tieasurcr
ana u W uarr preslilont ol tno boiithcnst
eru Amateur Press Association parliament
ary reader A committco was appointed by
tno now executive lo consider tne leasliilllty
of adopting monthly meetings
TUN 1h the Way
Tho way to satisfy yourself and boys Is
to purchoso ono of thoso nobby suits nt tho
Boys Clothing Houso ot B Itobinson A
Co WW Pennsylvania avenue
The CornnnlllN Family
Tho old Cornwallls scat of Broomo Hull
HiiuoiK now belongs to blr luwaru Kcrri
son whoso grandfather began life as a car
pouter It was fold after the death of tho
second marquis whoso only son died early
unmarried Tho iiiarnuisitc thereupon ho
camo extinct but tho earldom passed to tho
Yorktown lords netihow who dying with
out a son tho titlo becamo cntlielv extinct
Tho second marquis married n daughter of
tno uuko catcnlng Duchess of Gordon by
whom ho had a number of daughters all
now acau ono married tno Earl ol St lor
mans another 10 rd Braybrookc to whoso
liberality and lovo 6f letters wo oivo tho
unearthing of Pcpys dlarj Sovenil of tho
famous martinis crcat irraiidsoiis fell eal
lantly in tho Crimea Tho last member of
inc cornwallls laiiilly is Viscountess
llolmcsuale who has been long married
wunout issue
Xlclit lllooniiiii CcrciiN
four blooms will bo on cxhlbltloii to night
at tho Famous Shoo Store 723 Sovcntl
street between G and II streets All aro
invited to call
Tun Rational Republican will bo Issued
lu murruw in a nouuio succt oi nity Bi
columns It will contain full tele
ffttinllifi liowit fmm nil mrla nf tlm iinrll
notably us to tho excitement In llnropo
iii hj liiniviin arrest n win con
tntn in olnhnmtn nnnmf nT ilm hwul
ings of tho United States Senato a graphic
iviwu ui uiu tcruiuuiues intending tno
ratnttnti nf tlm flletttifTiitolinl 1 1 nl
A tiiiuiauu i iuitiu nun
Gorman guests of tho nation proceedings
in iuu oiui iuuiu cac3 wiin loi ingcrsoii I
argument a full report of whatever pro
cccdlngs may take placo in relation t
tho trlul of tho assassin Gultcau tho
attractions at tlio National lair grounds
fullreporls of local matters and Incidents
iimi juiiitiiii uuenti iiuiiiu 4iianu social
iiows TJio demand for tho Stalwart
ii la lnrrrnaltn en nillli nml lln hni
suro upon its columns by advertisements
and interesting news matters is bo great
that it will hereafter bo issued from timo to
llmo In tloublo shect form
Thcrois somothliirathorumusug in tho
grim determination mid pcrslstonco with
iTiuuu uHiisuiucii resent a trilling impo
sition belabor n Illlputlan anliigonist In
tho columns of tho London Timu and go to
law to recover a sixpence Jlut doubtless
this national characteristic goes far to
mako Knglaud n comfurtablo country to livo
In and petty frauds aro a larity thcio
Thcro is not enough of this spirit among
Americans who as a rule would rather
looso a dollar than an hours time and for
this reason tho stranger In New Orleans
who was charged an outrageous prlco by a
cabman and went straight to tho mayor to
have his wrong righted was n public bene
factor Tho mayor tno received tho man
in tho light spirit and promised him ho
should lmvo his money luck and his hotel
bill paid until tho cabman was compelled
to disgorge
Copies of to morrows Hepilhmi double
oucih iii irjuiiiurs lur luuiuug cuu uo pro
cured ill tho fmslueu olllco of tho Henutill
Arrlsnl or I lie Irenrli luesls Iusl
VIkIiI Tlio AllrCMHrVclOMicilllll
IloipmiNe of M Oiilroy Tlii 4ler
iiiiiii liirslM Itrcilinl Tills Horn
As announced In yesterdays ClitTic tlio
local eonimltteo from Wnslilngton went to
Ilaltlninro yesterday to receive tho French
gentlemen who recently arrived to attend
tno inrKiown celebration Tho il st Illicit shed
strangers wcro met nt tho Mount Vernon
Hotel hy tlio dclecatlons from here mid
seven in number nuu an oi tno nteuiicu
family Col A von Steuben Cant F von
Steuben Capt Richard vou Steuben Capt
Ktigcno vou Steuben Lieut Cuuo vou
Steuben Lieut Bcrnnrdt von Steuben and
Lieut Anton von Sicubcn Thcro was no
formal reception tho giiestsarrivingquietly
and quietly returning to their apartments
Tlio lrcncli Jllesls TIiIh Horn 111
Thcro was very llttlo business transacted
at tho llench embassy this morning Tho
attaches of tho legation nt n veiy early
hour wero engaged in pieparatlons to do
honor- to their distinguished countrymen
Most of tlio members of tho legation cailcd
nud Fifteenth streets tho stores of John W
Botclcr Sinister Hnrvoy Chapman Hufty
Taylor Balers Hotel Bums rcstauraut
Hngerty Gait Stlncmct Pennsylvania
Railroad office Madamo Delaine Buck
Inghaius and Restaurant do Paris Kquiors
bank and Wlllnrds Hotel worn appropri
ately decorated Drivers Ushers nnd
has 1 Balls on 15 street between Thir
teenth nnd Fourteenth also inndon beauti
ful showing On Ninth street Tin Clime
olllco Duiicaiisous IMiuonstong Anions
JiaywuulM Hutchinson s Aimers Iloydo
and other business places wcio taslc
lully and neatlydccoratcd
The UiyilHiit III Mill iPiimrlnit iit
At 1 oclock tho visitors nil uttlreil In
lourt dicss the nrmy nud navy officers being
is ivuuoui in inn tmiiorm and glittering
fv MMMtWyl
mmmtua umuimwjmmmmmmmmmmMmmmmmmi
Thcro wcro no particular formalities
Tho visitors wcro received in tho Diplo
matic Reception Rooms tlio French guests
being Individually presented by their min
ister M Outrcynnd tho German guests by
their minister Baron von Sclilorcr
Tho visitors all entered tho building by
tho main southern cntmnco and were re
ceived nt tho foot of the stairway by As
sistant Secretary Hltt The German
guests were tho first to arrive They wcro
in chargo of Assistant Secretary Walker
Maine who liw been with them cversinco
their arrival In this country
Tlio visitors wcro first escoitcd Into tho
Dlnlomatlcnntc ronm mid whctl nil had ar
il ved wcro ushered into tho Diplomatic
after the customary handshaking had been Itec option Room
secretary iliaiiionnunii
gone through left Baltimore on the limited tho other members of tlio Cabinet wcro
oxiinss Bcfuru leaving Admiral Ilalligan present ranged in n scml clrclo nt
delivered n farewell address from tho stops I tho south end of tho salon mid after each
of tho cam llo complimented tho coiintiy of tho visitors had been prcsonted to Secio
at largo and tho city of Baltimore in tnry Blaine ho in tutu presented them to
ticuiar nir tno eoiuial linspltallty ami tno otuer uicmiicrs oi tuu caoiucc in wiucu
kindness shown himself and countrymen duty ho was assisted by Assistant
mm nssiued Ills hearers that ho should tarlcs Hltt anil Blaine
novor forget their courtesy mid attention
The Admiral snoko in Trench nml with
a great deal of warmth mid feeling At
tho conclusion of h s sneech ho was warmly
cheered When tho train drew up at tho
platform of tho Daltlmoio Potomac depot
nt 110 oclock thcro wcro present Commis
sioners Dent mid Twining mid tho balance
of tho cltl7cns reception committee As
sistant Secretary Wnlkcr Blaino mid Chief
Clerk Brown of tho Stato Department and
n goodly numhor of spectators Assistant
Sccretnry of State Hltt who has accom
panied tho party over since tlioy reached
tills country was with them accompanied
by Messrs Do Mills and Coulay of the
Baltlmoro committee Commissioner Dent
followed by tho reception committee then
boarded tho cars and in n fow graceful
words tendered to them tho hospitalities of
tho District
Tlio party then cntcicd cairlages and
in tho following older wended their way to
tho Arlington Hotel First carriage Com
missioner Dent Admiral Hnlllgau Gen
BoulaiiKOr M Outrcv second carrlace
Major Twining Commandant Lichtcnstciu
Major Morgan third carrlago Assistant
Secretary of Stato Hltt Marquis and Mar-
quiso no Jiociinmncau lourtli carriage Hr
Sovellou Brown and Madamo llrncst Loy
seall and the rest of tho delegation ns fol
lows Col Bossau commander of tho Tn en-
tleth Dragoons Lleut Col It C Blondel
Lieut Sigisiuund do Sahune Twentieth
Dragoons Octavo do Russcy nttacho of
tho minister for war Jules do Cnvnllcrdo
Ciivlcrvlllo and Henri des Camps captnins
in tno navy iiaron u ilAbovllle Vlcomte
Henri dAbovillo tho Count dOlonnc
Charles dOlonuo rraucoisdoCorcelle dele
gates of tho foreign olllco tho Vlcomte do
Haussonvlllc St Gcorgos Mnsou captain
of tho Legion of Strangers And attache of
tlio lrcncli military mission nccomnanicd
by his wife and child Hugucs Boulnrd Poo
quovlllc secretary of ctnbaisy 1rcdcrick
Schilling naval lieutenant Gaston do
liuiio on vrrfit tic Coin Count Do Urnssc
lieutenant First Regiment of Marines
Henry Chomas naval lieutenant Felix
Rcgniny delegate of tho Minister of Public
Instruction and Flno Arts Count Paul do
Beaumont Lieutenant do Lestrade mid Mr
Samuel interpreter
At tlio Arlington
the dUttngulshLd guests wcro taken In
chaigo by mlno host Rocsslo mid mado
thoroughly comiortablo In tho nnnox
to tho hotel proper known ns tho Johnson
House nro nuartorcd Rear Admlral Ilal
ligan Gen Boulnngcr Commandor Licli
teusteiiiCol Bossau Chovallcr do Ciivlcr
vlllo dipt des Camps Commandant do
DilnH T rrinnn Alllnll 1 T II
A 113 UHiUt illUIULII UllU JIUlll
Schilling Tho remainder of tho commis
sion nro located in tho main building of tho
At 7 oclock tho visitors with tho excep
tion of thrco members of tho party Includ
ing M do Corcelio who was formerly secre
tary to tno frcncii Legation licro nml lias
many friends in tho city sat down to
dinner Their dining room ns well as the
principal apartments assigned to their use
is In tlio part of tho hotel on tho north side
formerly tho losldeueo of Hon Roverdy
Johnson It has n vciv handsomely set
table and tho decorations of tho room aio
particularly appropriate mid elegant Tho
French flag mid arms nro cntlicly used and
tho effect is striking Tho menu for tho
first dinner was printed upon n mlnaturo
dish beautifully cuiirnved
Tho party retired to rest soon after tlio
discussion of tho meal which engaged them
until 10 oclock Their meals have been
arranged by Mr Rocsslos orders so that
their homo customs shall bo disturbed as
llttlo as possible A cup of coffeo and fresh
rolls will Ifo served to each on rising At
11 oclock a in a ilejnener a la faurehette will
bo set in tho private dining mom Dinner
is fixed for 7 oclock when a tablo dhote
meal is to bo served xj0 horse was caught by a negro boy mid
Our nerniiui UiicMn tho officer remounted very slightly Injured
Tlio Gci man delceatton of visitors lo tho Tlio French mid German guests
Yorktown Centennial arrived hero this plaudcd at sovcral points nud bowed very
morning proceeded to breakfast at the cordially in return At tho foot of tho
llngtou nud then to their rooms They nro
Tho order of nrcscntnlion ns first tho
army officers then tho navy and noxt tho
civilians of tlio Ficnch party and thon tho
nrmy navy mid civilians of tho Gorman
A general Interchange of compliments
wore exchanged but thcro wcro no set nd
dresses Tho visit did not last ovor fiftocn
minutes anil nt Its closo tlio visitors ro
cutcied their carriages and wcro driven
back to tlio Arlington wiicro they entered
tho lino nt tho placo assigned to them
Tlioy wcro objects of tho greatest inter
est and their appearance overywhero was
greeted with cheers and enthusiasm
The Irocexslon Toilny
About 1213 oclock nil tho military and
civic societies as well as tho Flro Depart
ment which wcro to tako part In tho pa
rade formed in lino on Pennsylvania nve
nuo nnd Twenty second street mid ton min
utes later at tho command of Adjutant-
uencral Webster marched in tno orucr
horotofoio plUill8hcdovcr tho loilto pub
lished in yesterdays Critic to tho Arling
ton Hotel
Upon tho arrival of tho procession at tho
Arlington they drew up In lino In front of
tho lintel and awaited tho arrival of the
distinguished visitors Commissioners Dent
Morgan nnd Twining Lieuts Green and
llnxle and Messrs Browning Welles Knlb
fus Stevenson 11 O Davis Dawson Post
master AInger mid Mr I W Cochran of
tho Citlcns Committee wcio In waiting
Very soon tho tall form of Mr Blaine
nccompnnlcd by tho French minister and
two of tho visitors filed out of tho hotel
nud entered n carriage In tho meantlmo
tho Marino band played Hall to tho Chief
They worn quickly followed by tho other
Cabinet officers mid tho guests The pro
cession again funned In Hue mid marched
out I street nnd down Fifteenth street to
tho Avenue thenco to tho Capitol
ThoCabiuot ministers entered carriages
with tho principal guc3ts nnd nccompanied
them to tho Capitol Tho carriages woro
given n position in tho ccntroof the line
between tho military nnd civic part of tlio
The Avcnuo along tho cntlro routo was
crowded with people Tho thoroughfare
along tho sidewalk from Ninth to Third
street on Pennsylvania nvcnuo was com
paratively clear and tho means of passago
easier The crowds collected closely along
tho curbstone and kept in perfect order
The Colored Cmlc
a well organized and fairly disciplined body
ot young colored men wero warmly cuoorcu
as they passed tho National Hotel
Prof Ned Hay and Col William Dickson
wcro loudly applauded as they passed along
tho Avenue in tho neighborhood of Third
stroct and tho superiority of horsemanship
ovldcnccd in favor of Col Dickson over tho
handsome toothed Id ward was very notice
able Ned can discount Col William a3
FirJoseiih Joiler hut Col William lays all
tiio way over hlin on tho horseback racket
Tho places of business along tho six
blocks wcio handsomely decorated
especially so wcio tho St Marc National
Metropolitan and St James Hotels and
Holmes Petersens mid Wllkennings ics
Capt 1iank liolllngshcad who has Just
icccntiy arrived from Now York said this
evening that tho tributo In tlio form of a
clvlo and military parado tendered our for
eign guests hero at the National Capital was
eminently morootcnslvothan that which
tlioy lccclvcd in New ork
Tlio bidcwnlks wcro crowded with pcoplo
as tlio procession began to draw near tho
foot of Capitol Hill and ovcry window and
balcony was occupied
At Third street Officer Corkw ell one of
tho mounted police met with an accident
Ills horse which had previously been quiet
was frightened by a sudden peal of
martial music and nficr a Jump or two
threw Its rider to tho ground nnd ran off
hill tho crow d wasmoro denso than at almost
any other point A long lino of people
clung to tno railings oi mo iiotanieit Har
den and tho base of tho naval monument
was covered with people whllo somo boys
had clamboied almost to its top
At the Cnpllol
Tiioiotunda of tho Capitol was cleared
at 133 oclock nnd policemen wcro stationed
nt every door nnd allowed no ono to cuter
except thoso specially entitled to Shortly
befoio 2 oclock Gen Sherman nud
staff Rear Admiral Nichols and tho lino
ofllccis oitho navy nrrived and entered by
tho cast door About thosnmo time tho
Senato having talcen u lccuss tuo senators
nt tho Arlington this morning and left their1 began to enter tho rotunda many of them
carus iNono oi tno guests niosomucn be- being accompanied iiy indies
foro 11 oclock and it was fully half past
ii ncioronnyoi tnciii mauo tneir appear
ance in tho breakfast room
The Decorations To ilny
What changes can bo wrought In a few
days Only a week ngo nearly ovcry house
In tho city of Washington was draped In
tlio garb of funereal woo To day tho rovcrao
can bo seen Over nearly ovcry house top
along tho routo of Iho procession through
which our distinguished French and Ger
man visitors passed proudly floats tho flags
of America lranco Germany nnd other
countries From Twenty second Btrcct to
the Arlington Hotel tho ikcoratlunsnro not
of a very claborato character tut after
leaving tho Arlington scarcely a private
houso or placo of business along thu entire
routo was without somo sort of decoration
On Now Yorknvcniic between Fourteenth
ami 1 iitccutli
mo tastclully nnd beautifully
rated but John Chamberlains club hoitso
eclipses them nil On Illtecnth strict tho
Itlggs Homo Wclckcrs Corcoran building
nnd Frank Wards placo of business nro all
handsomely adorned with tho flags of all
nations On tho Avenue between Ninth
About a nuarter after 2 oclock tho
sound of beating drums nud martial music
on tho outsido warned thoso lu tho rotunda
of tho npproach of the oxpected guests
Thcro was a largo crowd gath
ered about tho Capitol grounds nnd
on tho various porticos when tho pioccs
sion wound up tho hill into Ijist
Capitol Park and formed In front oftho
cast portico Thcio tho carriages drew up
in lino mid their occupants dismounted
Tho party filed Into tho rotunda at 2 13
Secictury Blaino cscortid tho President
to the rotunda and when they entered and
proccided to whcio tho foreigners stood
thcro was u loud clappiiig of bauds Scciu
tary Illnlno presented tho French guests
Max Outiov presented them to tlio
streets a number of houses 1 their order of rank nfter n brief
deco 1 speech Tho Ficsidciit said ho was pleased
to meet so iiisiinguisucu n pari nun wel
comed them heartily
Passing on to tho German party Secretary
Blaino turned tho President over to Huron
Vou Schloczcr mid tho latter Introduced
Ms party
To them tho President gave n similar
welcome of heartiness and then stood to ono
sldo surrounded by his Cabinet whllo Sec
retary Blaino iutiodticed tho nrmy mid
naval ofllciais to tho visitors
At 310 oclock tho party proceeded to tho
Senate where tho ceremonies wero very
William Davies of Shrewsbury England
was so unfortunate as to havo his wifo clopo
withnuclghbor Asifto add Insult to in
jury tho womans now companion caused
tho imsiiand to no nrrcstcd tor inrcatening
him Poor Davies was found guilty nnd
bound over to keep tho pence and find
ing no sureties was sent to prison for thrco
i i
T T T t mpiiHnncd ns tlio tins-
With decorations tonic fiirrfmrnji mul wmit t hihm iirn1imi nuimriOluf In niilnlnns nnd lio
driven to tho Statu Department whero they often declares I am quite ready to meet
wcro presented to Secretary Blnlno death when it comes
Aiont niice l I lie 1rUoiicr A
Ircnt Crowd nt Hip tuiirl lioiisr
tin- juir icciifctu ny inn ccuiiio
Everybody Anxious lo Nee tho Ah
iisoIii Tho HcreiiMC lo lie llrsl
ItiHiiiilly nml flcroutl Tlmt lur
HcIiIh Dentil Wns the Itesult or
Mnlprnollcc ami ISol ol Iho llntol
After tlio proceeding in tlio Star route
cases wcio finished in tho Criminal Court
this morning tho counsel nud clients left
tho chamber accompanied by their friends
hut tho crowd held on and continued to In
cicasa In slza until bailiffs wcio placed nt
the doors lo check the Ingiess and allow
loom sufficient for n p issage wny Tho
ovldcuccs outside of the room indicated
pretty strongly that tho timo was rapidly
approaching for tho
ArrnlKiimoiit of 11 AssiinsIh
Policemen singly and in pairs diopped
Into tho building nud scattering about cov
ored nil tho entrances and kept watch In
tho corridors A fow woro sprinkled tn tho
court room nnd all wero under tho Imme
diate supervision of Capt Charles R
nnn At 11 oclock District Attorney Cork
hill nccompanied by Rov J P Newman
camo Into tho court and took scats Ten
minutes later Mr Georgo Scovillo tho
brother-in-law and counsel for Gultcau en
tered and after exchanging n few words
with tho District Attorney passed out it
wns presumed to see his client Deputy
Marshal L P Williams and Detective Mc
Elfrcsh went lo the Jail with n carrlago and
brought tho murderer to tho Court house
arriving thcro nt 11 oclock
lte Mlionoil Nlgns of Anxiety
whllo on tlio way nnd while not talking
much still it was evident that ho enter
tained fear of bodily harm and seemed re
lieved when ho got Inside of tho City Hall
Ho was taken to tho prlvato witness room
up sHnirs where ho remained until llilB
oclock when ho camo Into tho couit iooni
accompanied by Marshal Henry Deputy
Marshal Williams Bailiff Toll and Detect
ivo McKlfrosli from tho door of tho sldo
room mid followed hy Mr Scovlllc
Tho audience seemed all necks and heads
and nnnicdlntoly thcro was u stir suggest
ing that n demonstration of some kind was
about to bo mado Not a word was spoken
however and tho rusoof tho movement was
only nn effort by thoso proscut to gctnvlow
of tho prisoner
Unltcau hurried in nud looked ns It ho
Ncnrcil lo Itontli
His hands wcro manacled mid ho walked
between McKlfrcsh and Williams nnd bo
hind tho portly figure of Mnrshal Henry
as if determined to screen himself from
danger if possible His oyes wandered
around tho room and when no turned mid
faced tho Court ho dropped quickly Into tho
chair assigned him Tho nmidcuus wcro
then taken off Gultcau looks very llttlo
different from tlio descriptions recently
given of him Ills hair has been cut closo
and his full beard permitted to grow Ho
wns dressed In a black suit pretty well
worn and woro n striped shirt without a
District Attomoy Corkhlll If tho
Court pleaso tho grand Jury of tho District
havo indicted Charles J Guitcnu for tho
murder of James A Garfield Tiio pris
oner is in court and I ask that
ho bo arraigned lo plead to tlio in
Tho Court Lot hlin bo arraigned
Tho prisoner being directed to stand up
tho clerk Mr Williams inquired Is
your nimo Charles J Gultcau
The Prisoner Yes
Tho Clerk Tho Grand Jury of tlio Dis
trict of Columhin havo presented tho fol
lowing Indictment ngainst you
llciwlini the IiKllctmeiil
Tho Clerk then proceeded to lead tho In
Gultcau standing with hli hands crossed
tho right over tho loft mid over his
abdomen Ho looked neither to ono sldo or
tho other nnd when his eyes wcro not on
tho Clerk they wcro directed down towmd
tho tahio before him As tho reading pro
gressed ho stood with his eyes closed and
then would mauo n cnango and steady Him
self by resting both bauds nn tho tabic
Mr Williams finished reading tho in
dictment and turnlnir to tho prisoner Mild
What siy you to this indictment mo
you guilty or not guilty
Tho nrisonor commenced feeling in tho
right pocket of his vest and took therefrom
a piece of paper apparently written on both
sides Ho doing about to read tho samo to tho
court District Attomoy Corkhlll said You
must cntor your plea of guilty or not
Tho prisoner apparently hesitating und
glancing nt his paper
Mr Scovillo said sotto vote Plead not
guilty first
Tlio prisoner Inn low tone of voice I
enter n plea of
Xot Utility
If your Honor pleaso
Tho prisoner still standing and seemingly
Intending to commence tho reading of tho
paper In his hand District Attorney Cork
hill said Tnko your sent now
Tho Prisoner I deslro lo make a state
Tho Court At somo other lime It Is
not proper now
rixliiK ii liny olTi lul
District Attomoy Corkhlll Your
Honor In this easo I ask that tho trial bo
set for next Monday morning peremptorily
Tho Government Is ready for trial
Tho Court Noxt Monday morning
District Attorney Corkhlll Yes Your
Mr Scovillo If tho Com t pleaso I ap
pear horo for tlio tlcfendantnt his request
mid havo somo nffidavlts to present to tho
Court In this matter First is tho affidavit
of tho defendant himself mid then ono of
my own
JiiHciiiih Alllilmll
The affidavit of Gulteau Is that he Is tho
defendant lu tho case und that thcro nro
various witnesses whoso ovldonco is
material to his defense nnd that ho cannot
safely go to trial without them us ho is ud
vised by Ills counsel and believes that tho
names and residences of such witnesses nnd
tlio facts that can bo proven by them
severally nro all known to his counsel nnd
only known lu part by tho defendant that
ho lias no money or properly and Is tiuablo
to pay tho fees or mneago of such witnesses
oranypatt thereof or to pay any costs of
summoning them Ho prays that tho
Court will allow such number of witnesses
lu ills behalf ns may bo shown to ho neces
sary tho fees thereof with the cost of tho
service to bo paid In tho samo manlier ns
Government witnesses uio paid
Tho toilllHClM Allidllllt
Mr Georgo Scovillo tlio counsel In his
affidavit stntes that as yet ho is solo conn
tel for tho dofendant In tho ease That tlio
defense excopt as to questions of law will
consist of two points namely
First Insanity of tlio defendant
Second Thntthu wound alleged to havo
been iulllctcd by tho dofoudaut on tho de
ceased James A Garfield as charged In tho
Indictment was not necessarily mortal mid
wns not tho canso of his death
lio further savs that ho has endeavored
to get tlio names mid rcsldencesof witnesses
from tho defendant to provo facts material
In his opinion for tho defenso upon tho
question of insanity and to havo tho do
fendant stato tho samo In his own affidavit
but had been unablo to do so becauso tho
defendant did not seem to understand nnd
refused to neknowiedgo tho effect of tho
common nndtstnbllshcd rules of cvldcnco
In such cases Tho afllnnt bclloves this dif
ficulty nriscs from thodofondaiits Insanity
nnd Knows of no means to ovcrcomo It
Slnco ho has been employed in tho enso he
lias endeavored to get witnesses unci mo
following w ill bo necessary
tVllncssrH for tliilleiiu i
John M Gultcau 2a Last Twenty eighth
street Now York Gultcau A Parker 17
Clark street Chicago W J Mayimrd 433
West Van Buren street Cblcago iTnucis
W S Biowley 1107 Michigan nvc
nuo Chicago Oraou W Gort 33 South
Troon street Chicago Francis M Scovillo
C32 West Monroo street Chicago By theso
witnesses lio expects to provo a tendoncy to
hereditary insanity lu Gultcau nnd that Dr
Wilson Giiitcau n brother of tlio defendant
died in an Insnno asylum of Now York
that Augustus Parker a cousin of tlio pris
oner and sou of his fathers sister died
about four years ngo in mi insnno nshim in
Cook County 111 that Abide Maynard
daughter of another sister of tho father of
tho ilelcuilant is cuuliucd in tno insauo
asylum In Michigan tlmt Lutha W
uuttcau latner oi tno nccuseu was
n monomaniac on tuo suoicci oi
religion for many years Tlio affiant
further states tiiat hooxpects to provo tho
tho actual Insanltv of tho defendant him
self on different occasions by somo of tho
witnesses nbovo named and by ucorgo i
Burrouirhs of No G30 West Washington
street Chteigo John H Noyes of Niagara
Falls John II Rice of Mcrton Wisconsin
James B Biodwcll of No 1128 Michigan
avenue Chicago Hooxpects to provo by
Dvorott 01 oss or Dover ii mat no
wns present nt tho timo of tho shooting
that ho saw tho defendant nnd heard what
ho said and on that occasion ho showed un
mistakably that ho was insane Ho nlso
wants the following oxperts on tho subject
of Insanity and oxpects to provo that the
defendant was Insanoat tho timo of tho
shooting viz AL MacDonald and Allen
Fltcli lu c lnrcool tlio insane nsynim at
Woods Island N Y Roo Bradncr lato of
tno Ieiiusylvnnin Hospital lor mo insane
at No 2011 Filbert street Philadelphia
and J C Spray in chargo of Cork County
nsylum nt Jeflerton HI Further ho ex
pects to provo by competent oxperts In
surgery such as William A Hammond of
No 43 street K v J ninrion
Sims No 207 Madison avenue N Y Moses
Gunn 2101 Columot nvcnuo Chicago Ed
mund Andrews No I Sixteenth strcot
CliiciEO that tho pistol shot was not neces
sarily fatal nnd was not in itsolf tho
causo of tho death of James A Garfield but
that deatli onsucd as the result of mal
practico of tho principal physicians in
chargo of tho wounded man
Mr Scovillo supported his affidavit by nn
nrgument and was replied to by District
Attorney Corkhill
Judgo Cox fixed tho trial November 7th
and tho argument on tho question of juris
diction on or before October 30th and said
further that if Mr Scovillo intimated to
him that ho could not secure counsel to ad
mit him readily ho would assign ono or
two competent members of this bar ta as
sist In tho defense
Tills closed tho discussion and tho Mar
shal gavo tho order to icmovo tho prisoner
Immediately the bailiffs nnd oiUcers nroso
nbout Gultcau and completely hemmed
him in Forming tills cordon they marched
to tho door nnd soon wcro in the small
w itness room adjoining tho chamber Tho
crowd lost no timo in getting Into the
street Tho vnn was drawn UP at tho cast
door and a carriage stood on tho north sldo
at tho main cntrauco of tho nowbulldlng
Tho crowd of course gathered about the
van ns soon ns Leonard tlio drivor rcrry
Carson and Bailiff Scnrlo appeared This
was exactly what was wanted for whllo
tlioy wcro all cageiiy watcuing lor uuitcau
to como fiom tho bulldlinr Deputy Marshal
Williams Dctcctivo McLlfresh mid Bailiff
Tall slipped through tno lower corridor
wltii tlio prisoner out mo comer uoor
through tho now building into tho oirrlngo
and wcro quickly off for tho jail As soon
ns tlioy wcio out of Bight nnd a good dls
tnnco away
Col Carson stepped down off tho van mid
with Scnrlo camo back into tho City Hall
and Leonard drovo to tho stable It soon
icaked out that tho crowd had boon sold
and tlioy left laughing nt tho clovcrly
plaved trick upon them On tho way
down to tlio fall Gultcau said llttlo but suf
ficient to show that ho was gkid to get
away fi om tho court nud when ho landed
Insldothoinil ho drew a long breath ns if n
terrlhlo agony had been iindcrgono nnd
liassod Tho nervousness disappeared and
his old actions Immediately returned It
wns evident that ho thought himself snfo
within prison walls
Anxious to Nhoot UuKciui
A tall lather impressive looking man
with a firm rcsoluto fuco circulated among
tho crowd in tlio Criminal Court room this
morning cvidontiy endeavoring to borrow
something which ho was unablo to
get Finally tho stranger shouldered
his way up to Dctcctivo Coomcs mid
whispered a request forn revolver nnd told
tho dctcctivo in n fow wonls that ho was n
lawyer fiom Ohio mid tlint if ho
could get n revolver ho would go
near Gultcau and shoot him Coomcs
touk tho mau to Pollco Head
quarters and ho thcro stated that ho was a
lawyer from Ohio and camo hero to shoot
Gultcau mid still expected lo do so Tho
mans name Is Georgo A Bcthard nud his
ago 33 Ho Is evidently both sane nnd
sober mid is harmless except in the matter
ofliuto for Gultcau
On tlioNnruNldc
Irom tho Detroit lrco Press
A Mlchlgandcr who was tiding along tho
highway near Cbnrlcstowii Va u fow days
ago camo acioss a negro who was grubbing
out a stump near tho meadow fence mid
lifter a fow questions nbout farm pioducts
tho Wolveilnousked
What do you get for taking that stump
Just fifty icnts was tho reply
How long have you been working nt It
Wall nigh bout n week I reckon
And haiv much lougor will It tnko
Wall I spects I could finish It to niorrcr
but I reckon I wont do It uforo Friday
Wall hcah nm du pint If I flulsh It
tomorrcr nn git my moiioy Ill bo bound
to dinp down to lliilltow u an hot on a
hossraui mi loso It all Lf I wait till
Friday I kin hah do means of gwluo inter
do circus at Chnrlcstown I knows my
weakness boss an so Izo gwino to sot heali
air dlgii Icetlonir sleenn lectio on cliop
oil do las root when I hcah do circus hons
Iilowiu on top do red skulo houso hill
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Llscmau Bros coiner Seventh and L
Wolves Iiiiyo uiincarcd this full In great
liuinborH In tho east of Franco A pack of
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goat In u fiold closo by a gentlemans country-house
Bishop Simpson Is to bo founally received
by tho Methodist clcigy in Philadelphia
upon his return to America n fortnight
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