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Tlio Xntloiinl Tlicntro
Jfr Nut Goodwin tlio remarkably bril
liant coined Inn opens nt tlio National Tlicn
tro tills week with a Brand doiiblo bill
supported by MIm Kllzn Wcathcraby mid
a ntrlklngly lino trouna Tlio first plcco is
Tlio M ember from Slociini Mr Goodwin
appearing In tlio character of lion Oncat
mm Eppi and Miss Wcatbersby as Arcthum
Smith It will bo followod by n dramatic
spasm entitled Cnmlllo In Thrco Lan
Kiingesn Cracked Hcnrt and n Cough Mr
ioodwiu onactliiB Clam
and Miss
WciUliersby dipt Armaml Clnmle Dnrall
Matinees Wednesday and Saturday
Forilii Opera House
That charming llttlo actress Mlnnlo
lnlmer supported by Mr It 12 Qmlinin
and John It Rogers Comedy Troupe ap
pears nt tlio Ojicrn lioiiso to night and con
tinues throughout tlio week with ono
mntlnro Snturday Tlio comedy Is My
Sweetheart and It is understood that It Is
acted must perfectly Mlnnlo Palmer Is
regarded by many as superior to Lotto and
is certainly a wonderfully clovor and bril
liant actress
TUc Tlicntro ioilllqlic
This excellent variety theatro offers ad
ditional attractions this week having en
gaged ono of tlio largest and best variety
specialty shows in tlio country Matinees
Tuesday and Friday at 230 p m
Fimcrnl of Mr William HflcUiicy
Tho funeral of tlio Into William Stlcknoy
took placo yesterday afternoon from Cal
vary Unptlst Church nnd tho remains wero
taken to Oak Hill Cemetery nnd Interred
besido thoso of his son Tho attendance
nt tho church was very largo In fact tho
cdlflco was thronged beforo tho services
commenced and many unablo to gain ad
mission proceeded to tlio cemetery and
awaited tho arrival ofjtlio body there Tho
floral display was uncommonly flue and
somoof tlio designs wrought out in flowers
wero very beautiful Tho services wcro
conducted by Itov 8 H Grcon pastor as
sisted by Irs Cuthbort Parker Mcador
Sunderland and Williams Tho honorary
pall bcarcrs wcro Hon William Wlndom
Commissioner J Dent Judgo Andrew
Wylio Judgo Walter S Cox Commissioner
Price W W Corcoran den E Whittlcsoy
Dr J C Welling Judgo McFnrland Hon
Hointlo King Prof K M Gallaudot Kov
J G Ames II P Snyder David AHaynos
J W Thompson A H Hcrr S II Knuf
man William H Webb andW S
bergcr Tho body bcarors wcro Messrs
Itodnoy Taylor T It Jones M M Bart
lett Dr J H Johnson II G Jacobs G S
Prlndlo Gcorgo L Sheriff nnd David
Chambers It is stated that tho congrega
tion of tho church and Sunday school will
huvo memorial services nt an early day
The Cruise of tlio Mnclcoil Cliili
Of all tho parties which leavo Washing
ton for Yorktown tho MnoLcod Club Is
composed of tho most daring set of old
salts and pirates that linvo ovor sailed tho
wators blue This gallcnt crow left this
morning on their steam yacht Hartley and
will reach Yorktown about midnight
Nearly all nro titled mariners and old
hands In tho marlno business Tlio follow
ing is tho list
Admiral William II Clagctt vlco
admiral A A Wilson rear admirals GT
Noyes and James P Wlllctt commodore
William Dickson cantain John W Cor
son commander A It Tichnorj surgeon
Dr T O Hills first lieutenant CC Dun
canson second lieutenant John Koyworth
ensign C W Howard midshipmen Rich
ard Taylor Morris Kctcham William II
Dompsoy midshlpmlte John W Drew
Thoy left promptly nt 12 oclock timid
tho cheers of men and tears of ladies and a
snluto of twclvo ten Inch columbiads was
fired from the Arsenal in their honor Itov
Dick Taylor tho chaplain delivered a brief
prayer for their safety and Wat Drew
recited his original nnd strikingly tip
prlato poem Tho Boy Stood on tho Burn
ing Deck They then heaved anchor and
steamed away with tho best wishes of nil
for a royal good time
rutcrprlHliiK IloolliliicliN
Ono of tho iucldonts of tho numerous nr
rivals horo yesterday was tho appcaranco
last night at tho Central Statlon houso of
two small bootblacks ono whito nnd tho
other colored Thoy had their boxes slung
across their shoulders nnd woro covorcd
with coal dust Thoy wcro applicants for
lodgings Ono camo from Cincinnati tho
othor from Youngstown Ohio having
rlddon all tlio way to Washington ou tho
car trucks They said thoy woro going to
Yorktown to black hoots Ou being In
formed that there was no room In tho
statlon houso for them they thon offered to
pay for accommodations Thoy wero
sent to tho Sixth Precinct station
Feast ofTnbcriinclcN
Tho closing days of tho feast of tabor
naclcs wero observed by tho Israolltcs Fri
day and Saturday lost which days corre
spond with tho 21st and 22d davs of tho
soventh month Tlsrl of tho Hebrew cal
nmlnr Tills Vast was instituted as nil an-
nunl thanksgiving nftor tho Ingathering of
tho harvest also to remind tho Israolltcs
that their fithcrs had dwelt In touts in tho
wlldorncss Many Hebrew families In this
city celebrated tho feast by adorning tholr
homes with evergreens nnd gavo thanks to
Jehovah lor tho fruits or tho cnrtli
Vbby takinq Colds Very glad Tho
Druggists Tho very best remedy Dr
Bulls Cough Syrup
Written for Tim Evkninh Critic
The Dovll to lny
Whoi over you wnnilor whtcliover tho way
When mischief U brewing by night or by
5 Youll licnr tho remark iiilto freoly
To ii llstonor froijuont those words nro
Tliort will soon you will sco bo the rtoyll
to pay
Miss Kitty ODasber si brilliant und gay
As poor us n ns pi oiirt us u boy
Will marry old Money Bags ciiinless
of fame
Whon ii filenrt by my elbow will
nulokly oxolnlm
Theio wlllsoon you will soo bo tho dovll
to pay
Tho lovcinoid boy with his yacht on
Who toulssoluto habits Is wedded for ayo
Doth falsely betiay hor who never
would doubt
When ono byiny iiriu chair will an
gily shout
There will soon you will seobotho dovll
to pay
Tho Toulon on lagoriiud Paddy cm tny
Whon they slugger homo boozy with lag
aUitt deluy
Will moot wlh Katrlims or Bridgets
dark brow
When list to n stuingor ou Just
notlco now
Thoro will soon you will sco bo tho dovll
to pay
In my song sciuco iinnoiuuor I can for to
How frequent thoso woids may bo hcaul In
Thoyiuo spokobynll peoples lu lnn
FKinBho Worotho North to tho
Tuoio SVllstioii you will see bo tlio dovll
to pay
Aa I ponder their meaning ns ponder I
in i il T rimi lit imanll liriixllt 1JIV
I ileeldo It Is true without question or
That whon mortals aiu willing to
trndu with tho dovll
Thoie will soon yon will see bo tho dovll
to pay
Virginia Polltlclnim Who Thlrit for
lore One Bloodies miei nnuir
lny Arroatcil In tills
Tho sensation of tlio hour Saturday and
yesterday was tho alleged duel between II
H Rlddfcbergcr nnd Gcorgo D Wise near
nr i
Tho uilnco iiicat factories nro preparing
for tho coot weather demand
Frits says tho undertakers dowu his way
aro doing n good stiff buslucsi
If you over get a bullet in youradlposo
tissue encyst ou having It extracted at
Tho railway up tho Nllo Is progressing
nud tho crocodiles begin to think their jig
Is up
A leading Chicago builder calculates that
y000000 bricks nro being laid every day in
Tho young lady who could not mako hor
bangs stny bung sain suq was Having a tint
tlmo of It
Tho last church divorsiou is to watch how
many tlmos your neighbor looks at his
watch during tho sermon llnffalo Courier
An imaginative Western reporter do
scribes a waterfall at Iox Canon Arizona
as being as pure and clear ns an angels
Anna Dickinson whllo nu tho stage this
winter will not Ucsitato to wcarnlalso
inoustaclio even If sho has to pasto It ou
upsldo down I J Man
Mr JlliodeV IViiiisruslng Huttory
advcitlscd in another column Is nu nrtlclo
of real merit nud is worth Its weight in gold
It will positively do what is claimed for It
Monoy chcorfully refunded to all using It n
reasouauio icngiu oi timo u nicy aro not
satisfied Mr It Kllelplienstlno tho well
known druggist Fourteenth and V sticets
Lbbltt llouso is tho agent
A minister recently preached ou this sub
ject Court tho host gifts I which moves
tho pious l rltJi todiop into pociry iiiusiy
Oh woman I In our hours of case
Wo lovo to hold thco on our knees
And whon to bed tho old man drifts
Woll slay nnd eomtlho best of gilts I
A launer nneo hitched to his plough
A Jaded old ass and u cough i
This team strange to bay
ltofuscd to obay
And run nt tho sight of a sough
Thcro Wns Hood itcnson lor II
ftan KraiicUcolulIcllii
There wns a novel sight in Airglnin City
on Saturday It was of a big Indian carry
ing a papooso In his arms 1 ho spectators
woro beginning to oxprcss tholr surprise
whou his snuaw camo wearily around tho
cornor bonding under tho weight of two
sacks or Hour
A 1nril
Collars nnd cuffs Troy stylo tho best
work In tho city Ira Godfrey jr Swiss
Laundry lliJJ K strcot
During tho Prosont season I7H10GI
pounds of salmon havo been canned ou tho
Pacific coast Tho futuro of tho business in
that region denonds largoly upon tho lcsults
of tho seasons foreign shipments regarding
wuicn much interest ana somo natural
anxiety aro felt
A now tenor llclnrlch Ilotcl who has
just appeared in Hamburg has a history
curiously llko Watchors ilo was n hack-
driver llko tho older touor and his volco
was discovered by accident - lolllnl tho
director of tlio opera was so struck by Its
beauty that ho decided to glvo tho young
man a musical education nt his own
Liszts recent illness has happily proved
to bo much loss serious than was anticipated
Ho left Welmcr somo weeks ago to spend n
few days with Wagner at Uayicuth on his
way to Rome whero ho intended to keep
his seventieth birthday oil tho d Inst
This festival Is to bo celebrated by a por
formanco of his orator St Llizabotb
No fowor than flvo enterprising show
men havo visited Cleveland in tho hopo of
purchasing tho funoralenr which conveyed
tho remains of President Garfield and
havo offored very largo pricos for it 30
000 it is said in ono case Tho persons in
authority havo refused ovon to listen to
such oners Tho car Is to bo inclosed in a
handsomo caso constructed in largo part
of plato glass and preserved in tho come
Tho war on mutilated coins which has de
vastated many a pocket In this city has
been carried into tuo couutry nnd so gen
eral is tho rolusal to accept clipped or punc
tured monoy that Its speedy extermination
Is confidently anticipated Tho bogus cir
cular repudiated by tho Treasury Depart
ment prctonding that tho Government had
fixed tho values of mutilated coin seems
to havo dono tho business as effectually us It
count havo nail had It nocn omciai
Mrs Ida Lewis of Nowport has lust ro
ceived tlio gold modal nwarded to hor by
Longross lor her bravery In saving thirteen
Hvc3nt the peril of her own Tho Matter
ing presentation speeches uttered by Lieu
tenant Cbadwlck and ex Governor Van
Kandt mado tho shy young woman so un
comfortnblo that tho speakers doslstcd aud
tho llttlo company gathered for tho occasion
at tho Nowport Custom llouso proceeded to
cougratulnto tlio nervous heroine
DltAFTa ou Loudon Dublin and 1aris nt
II D Cooko Jr Cos 1429 V at
15 In thh city nt
the reMldcnco of lier lirother lnlnw Lommnuuer
1CU Mnnley UiSN by llcv rather llojle
MUsMnry lJirlyof lAnchburp Vn to Mr Jan
lhelannf MeninhUTiUii Nocnrdi
hcpteniberai In
Jlaltlniorc bylhollev 11 linker Nlcholni V
Iiotterlll of llnltlmore to Cliim V Colllns of
Washington 1 O
IllEAhON On Octolier 11 at 7 oclock p in
William llrensou nited CI venril
Euncrnl will tnko plnco from his Into roddr ncc
Ircnson House corner lhlrtcenlll and E streets
norlhn est onl ilesday IHtti lnstuntnt 2 oclock p
m Trlemls of tho faintly uro lu Ited to iittcnd
IIIYMIX OtiHaturduy morning October l
at 8 m oclock of pneumonia Tluutdeus fl
Funeral will tako placo from St Augustino
Church fuesday October 18 nt a oclock p in
rrlends nro ln Itcd to attend
HELMIN Ou October 15 Eugeno Hclleii son
of tho lalu John ton Helleti
Tho funeral will tnko placo from tho lesldeneo
of his sister Mrs II I Taut No ISIJ llliodo
Island nvviiup tiMlny lth lnstnut nt 3 oclock
p m
JleKEE On October 15 Jnno E McKecwlfiof
It M JtcKco
luneral services w 111 bo held at her lato resi
dence No 807 sixth street northwest this nfter
iioonut i oclock
For the Cure of Coughs Colds
Hoarseness BronchitisCroup Influil
enza AsthmaWhooping Cougli In I
cipicnt Consumption anil for the rc B
lict ot consumptivcpcrsons in advan
ced fctages of the Disease For Sale
all Druggists frice as cents
J W MoKNIQHT GO 1400 Pa Ave
Holo Agent I O for tlio lnlcnt
1 1 1 - r i fl1 x
Iotcrsuurg Virginia aim mo nrrcsi ncro oi
Senator Mahono Saturday night who was
reported to bo on tho ovo of ins departure
for Virginia to cngago in a duel with tho
venembln Tubal A Dirlv Rlddichergcr It
appears had two duels on his hands Tho
first was with Richard F Belrno of tho
Slate who published a scathing article about
BKldlcliergcr accompanied ny u earn irom
Wise who dcnoynccVRIddlcbcrgcr as
A Mnr anil a Hcounclrol
Rlddichergcr challenged them both to
flclit Saturday morning Accordingly ho
met Belrno nt Ashland last Snturday morn
ing nt 8 oclock When tho parties arrived
on tho ground It was discovered that tho
Belrno party had no percussion caps nnd
ns nono could bo obtained Rlddichergcr
nulled un stnkcs nnd left tho duel being
declared off for a tlmo Rotumlng to Rich
mond Rlddlcbergcr prepared for his second
duel At 4 oclock that afternoon ho met
Capt WIso Mr Richard Dunlop nnd Dr
Gcorgo II Johnston Rlddichergcr wns
nccompnnlcd by Capt A Rogers Dr J A
Wheat and Col A W Jones
Nobody Hurt
All tho preliminaries wcro successfully
arranged Nothing had been left uudono
or unprovided and In a fow moments tho
principals wcro placed opposlto each other
at a dlstanco of ten races armed with regu
lar smooth bore duelling pistols nnd pre
pared for deadly work upon tho first fire
Capt Wisos weapon snnppcd but ho re
mained uuhurt by his opponents firo This
was followed by threo other rounds with
out cither of tho combatants being hurt
It Is reported that Capt Wisos hat was
perforated by a ball whllo Capt Rlddlo
bcrgors coat was pierced by a ball At tho
end of tho third round tho friends of both
stopped forward and declared that tlio vin
dication had been amplo and that hostili
ties should cease A mutual explanation
was then raado nnd an nmlcablo adjust
ment reached Mr Belrno and his second
Mr Rvan of tho Stato staff having re
placed tho caps which had been lost mndo
an attempt to have another mooting with
Capt RIddlcborger but failed Thoy wcro
arrested nhout 3 p m Saturday nt u point
thrco miles from tho scono of tho
Rlddlcborgcr encounter where they wero
awaiting Its result Thoy were each placed
under 1000 bonds to Keep tho poaco uant
iyiso was nrrcsieti nucr ins iigut wuu iuu
iTimiouu miuir
Tho llttlo affair lu which Senator
Mahono was nllcgcd to bo intorcstcd was
developed hero nbout 7 oclock Saturday
niuht About that hour ho was waited
upon at his apartments In tho Fortlaud
Flats by Pollco Captain Vernon nnd Dotcc
tlvo Coomes who arrested him on a war
rant sworn out by Col Sam Strong charg
ing him with tho intention of leaving tho
District of Columbia to cngngo In a duel
with Gen Jubal A Early who in a recent
political speech had
Denounced Mrthone ns u tomnril and
a Ilnr
Senator Mahono was surprised but sub
mitted to tho arrest and wns driven to tlio
residence of Judco Sncll Col Strong who
wns there nso stated tho reasons that in
fluenced him In swearing out tho warrant
Senator Mahono said that ho had no thought
of leaving tho city unit that tho idea that
ho would fight such an old man as Gen
Early was absurd juugo sncii men iook
Senator Mnhonos porsonal recognizance
that ho would not leavo tlio city for tho
purpose charged in tho warrant Senator
Mahono left in a carriago shortly nftor
half past eight for his homo Yesterday
Nenntor Mahono Icft for Richmond
Ho explains his position in tho following
card which appeared in tho Richmond
nmg to day
To the rallic
Tho speech of Ion Jubal A Early in
Richmond October 11 1881 has been read
by mo so far as it refers to myself Tho
ranK of ucn isariyintuoinicucnuoarmy
entitled tho speech to that much It brings
mo to dccldo whether I shall demand satis
faction from Gen Bariy for what was In
tended by him as an insult After years of
unprovoked maliconnd Indirection ho pre
sents tlio issuo squarely and grossly It ad
mits of no discussion aud would neither bo
mot nor evaded by recrimination I so accept
it My decision arrived at advisedly and
maturely is that tho rank of Gen Uarly
which is his solo claim to recognition docs
not outweigh considornlous which for
bid such recognition Tho public
of Virginia need no specifications of
tho facts concerning Gen Early on which
I roly for this notion I only desire to
niaku it known that I am nor ignorant or
neglectful of his speech Ho could give
mo no satisfaction aud I can havo nono
oven In describing him as ho is known to
all mon Ho may Uioroforo proceed with
his fulsohoods aud would bo insults as
sured of immunity so far as I am con
cerned Wm Mahone
Why the Warrant Was Nttorn Out
Col Strom lias also mado a statement
giving tho grounds for his action Ho said
that ho had received good information that
Mahono had writton n challenge to Ucn
Early naming Hanover near Richmond
and daylight Sunday morning as tho placo
aud timo of meeting and ho had sworn out
tho warrant to prevent bloodshed It wot
his belief that tho effort to got Mahono to
fight a duel was a trap to get him out of tho
way Col Strong said I boliovo that his
death is desired by tho Bourbon clement of
Virginia who sco that if ho wins in tho
coming olection tho principles of Readjus
torlsm and Republicanism will travel from
Stato to Stato til tho South aud tho solid
South will bo broken up Ono of tho gen
tlemen who camo to mo last night told mo
that ho heard Gen Eaily say G d d n
him I will kill him If I havo to shoot
twenty times I will kill him Tlio Bour
bons nro as ravenous ns n lot of lions nnd
thoy would glvnnnythlng to get him out of
tho way
Aldorucy llnlry WnBOiis
Fresh Aldcrnoy butter churned ovcry
mornlngnnd delivered in J lb Wnril prints
nt 45c per lb Also cottago cheese 5c per
ball buttermilk 5c per quart and sweet
milk 5c per quart
I May Xot Iovo Thee
I may not lovo thoo but within my heart
Whon night nnddaikncss sotiuy splilt
And I sit minting fiom tho world apart
Thoro Is n low dcup volco that tolls of
Thnt voteo lsswoet mid mournful ns tho
Of far Kollnn niuslo hoaid In slcop
Or tho wild cadoncu of ii spli It lono
Oer tho bushed wators of tho midnight
I may not lovo thoo but thy blessed look
foiflvor liaunu my soul whon thou nil
It glniicoa upward fromcaohinoonlltbiook
And downward from each blight nud
Tls Imaged in each lower that lifts Its oyo
At morn to gieet tho sunshine and tlio
And In each fairy cloud that wimdeis by
Flowing In beauty oer tho nioiintiilns
I muy not lovo thoo but thy genllo woids
Can stir within my soul fts font of oars
And waltn tho eoho of my hearts deep
LlUo soino Hwrot niolody ol eaily year
I iniiv nntlnvn thee but thv liuiuru seems
A loving radiance to my spirit k1oh
lor oh I 1 picture thco In all my dreums
Of bliss on oaith and blessod heavon
Boston Star
Itcprcsslng Iroo rtpcccH nnd
lug to ixiremc iicnsures
Tlio British government has followed up
tlio nrrcstof Mr Parnell by tho equally
summary arrest of six other leaders of tho
Land League nil of whom nro charged with
being suspected of trcasonablo practices nud
with inciting people to intiuildatotcnants
not to pay rent Thrco of thoso arrested
Including Mr Parnell nro members of Par
liament and a warrant was also out for Mr
OConnor another member Father
Shcohoy who would probably havo been
Joined to tho number had left for Franco n
few days beforo It Is stated that quito a num
ber of other warrants hnvo been Issued and
all persons havo been olllclally notified that
any attompt to Intituidato farmers from
paying rent or to torco tlicin to abandon
their employment or to Join tho Land
League will render tiicm nuiijeci to nrrost
It Is a change of policy that will Mirpriso
thoso who beltovcd that Mr Gladstone
would respect freedom of speech but It If
also an indication that popular agitation
has spread so completely over many parts
of Ireland that tho concessions of tho land
net cannot put a stop to It so long as tho
Laud Icaguo has power to Inllucnco tho peo
ple What will bo tho outcomoof theso
vigorous measures It is dlfllcult to say
Burko has told us long ago that It is im
possible to frnmo an indictment against a
wholo people Tlio more suppression of spo
radic disturbances will amount to little
There will bo no nrnicd rising becauso the
Irish liconlo havo already been very gen
erally disarmed and becauso tho leaders of
too Land League havo wisely loriiiution it
But no government has power to deal with
pasiivo resistance nnd passlvo resistance if
Mr Parnclls counsel Is followed will bo
found mora effectual in baflling tho efforts
of Messrs Gladstouo and Forstor to Indtico
tho pcoplo to accept tho land act than open
Insurrection Forclblo suppression may
bring about a sccmlngncqulcsconco but It
can uovcr inako of tho Irish a loyal or n
contented pcoplo
excitement Continues
Tho excitement In Ireland continues At
meetings held yesterday at Grong Ennls
killcn and Klttyshcn it was resolved to pay
no rent until Mr Parnell was released An
drew and Patrick Gallagher secretaries of
tho Bally Buttcs and Kllltuiano Leagues
respectively havo boon nrrostcd on sus
picion of shooting nt n cart lu Maryborough
when six persons wero wounded Tlio
Manchester Edingburgh Clonmcl und
Clcrkcnwoll Grceno London Leagues havo
passed resolutions denouncing Mr Parnclls
arrest Mr Robert Lcako Liberal mem
ber of Parliament from Lancashire speak
ing nt Dutton Bald that Mr Parnell had
proved himself nil avowed rebel
A gentleman who had assisted tho pollco
was attacked and fled for rcfugo Into tho
olllco of tho Irish Times where many win
dows wero smashed A crowd collected
outstdo tho Kilmainham Jail and cheered
tho imprisoned suspects
A tolcgram from Carllslo announces tho
arrival thoro of Mr Arthur OConnor Mr
OConnor aud Mr Hcaly will tako chargo
of tho Land Lcacuo interests in London
Largo reinforcements of pollco and military
aro going to Limerick
Posted proclamations prohibiting a meet
ing thoro woro torn down beforo daybreak
yesterday morning Col Knox of tho
Scotts Guards told tho mayor that any
assemhlago would bo forcibly suppressed
Crowds nevertheless nsscnibled in Bank
Placo outsldo tho town where tho military
and pollco had forestalled them Tho at
tempt to meet was a nasco uup lnuiviuuais
In tlm prnwil Iccrliiclv shouted nt tho mil-
tary commands ns tho troops wcro moving
nway Stones wcro then thrown nnd tho
troops charged tlio mou inoiaricr onsen
with tho soldiers who wcro ordeicd to load
Tho soldiers charged sovcral times but sub
sequently entered their barracks Tho Scots
urcys and mo police uucrwani cwirguu
the mob down Gcorgo street causing it to
flco In nil directions Tho police lu Den
mark street fired upon tho mob Several
persons wcro wounded and twenty arrests
wcio made numerous nouses wero
Aftor tho riot tho club house was nt
tneked Tho windows wcro smashed and
tho street lamps extinguished A man
named Casey who was wouuded in tho
abdomen by a bullet during tho rioting to
day is dylug
To Hell with JiiichHhot
On Saturday night tho pollco frequently
charged crowds oi pcopio ou tuo i asuo
brldgo nnd Snckvlllo street Dublin Tho
mob shouted To hell with buckshot I
and cheered Parnell Dillon nud other lead
ers of tho League Many persons wero
seriously injured Tho soverlty of tho
action of tho pollco is sovoroly condemned
Tho Irish population of Liverpool is lu n
statu of irrent fermout All olllccrs of regi
ments nunrtorcd in Ireland havo been
ordered to return to duty immediately
Mr Parnell was iutorviowed yesterday
nt Kilmainham jail Ho denied tho
legality of tho warrants nnd said that ho
was committed for no offenses named In tho
Sympathy lu tills Country
Thomas P O OConnor M P who has
just arrived In thlscouutry delivered an
address last night atStoInway Hall N Y
Mr OConnor was received with most up
roarious applause and waving of handker
chiefs Aftor tho cheering had subsided
ho said When I left Ireland n few days
ago It was thon in penco but tho pcoplo
woro expectant air rnrucii was going
through tho books of tho Laud Lcaguo in
order to solcct test cases and other
members of tho Lcaguo woro visiting dif
ferent parts of tho country obtaining ovl
denco so that tho test cases could bo properly
presented In tho courts aud to meet tho gov
ernment ou tholr own field Tho condition of
tlio couutry had howovor changed and a
storm which would probably dovclop Into n
hurrlcano had appeared and tlio country
was ovorrnn with military Tho govern
ment had mado a mistake and iio would
llko to know by what right It imprisoned
tho ropicsentatlvos of twenty millions of
pcoplo Ho had his opinion of tho porsonal
motives of tho mlnlstors and of Mr Glad
stones honesty which ho Intended to ex
press nt tho proper timo nud placo Tlio
lcadors of tho Laud Lcaguo had no Infantry
no ship of war no flying columns but thoy
had what was worth ten tlmos more tho
affection of tho Irish pcoplo Mr Glad
stouospiiuclpul Complaint was that Mr
Painoll wanted to plunder In his oplulon
England had been tho boss plunderer of
tho world In conclusion tho speaker said
that tho slrugglo in Ireland had existed
for over soven huudrcd years It was a
war of races Celtic and Saxon and past
wrongs would now soon bo avenged Dur
ing Mr OCounors address Mrs Parnell
was escorted to tho platform and ou being
recognized sho was loudly cheorcd
Avory enthusiastic meeting was also
hold lu Cincinnati last night
In Philadelphia a number of meetings of
Irishmen woro hold to denounco thonircst
of Parnell Dillon and their co luborors
All tho meetings woro largoly attended nud
nt many tho speeches mado and resolutions
ndoptcd wcro couched lu fiery terms At
a largo meeting held under tho nuspicos
of Commodore Birry branch of tho Land
Loaguo Father Walsh of St Pauls Church
who presided dclivorod an inflammatory
nililrnss DeleLites from all tho Laud
Leagues met at Phllopatrlan Hall last night
and ndoptcd resolutions denouncing tho
Itritlsli cnvcriinicnt Sovcral hundred dot
lars wcio subscribed toward tho funds of tho
Dublin League
The Ioral Iaud League Amused
A meeting of tho South Washington
blanch of tho Land Lcaguo was hold last
night nt St Dominics Hall comer Sixth
aud F streets southwest Mr Fitzgerald
president lu tho chnir nnd William
ncaly secretary A largo number of per
sons was present nnd nu cnthuslastlo meet
ing was hold Much Indignation was folt
nt thocourso pursued by tho British gov
ernment against Parnell nnd his nssoclatcs
nnd tho treasurer William Fcgan esq wns
directed to transmit tho sum of 50
Infinodlatcly to tho editor of tho
Jri World for transmission to Ireland
After sovcral ringing speeches of Intcnso
earnestness resolutions woro en motion of
Mr E D Wright ndoptcd denouncing tho
seizure and Imprisonment of Pnrnell
nnd his associates by tho orders of tho
Gladsono Ministry as an act of political
desporation without precedent in history
and thoroughly deserving thocoutempt and
scorn of tho liberty -loving people of tlio
world Thoy applauded tho lofty heroism
of Mr Parnell nnd his nssoclatcs nnd
Pledged to him nnd tholr countrymen In
Ireland tholr united and hearty support
Tho meeting adjourned after taking steps
looking to a monster meeting of tho Irish
men of tho District in tho near future
Tlio lny of the School Touchers
To the Editor of The Evening Critic
1 sco lu tho public press that tho school
teachers havo not been paid their silarIos
for tho month of September becauso of a
disagreement between tlio District Auditor
aud tlio School Board and I Judgo from nn
Intcrvlow rcpoitcd In Tub Ciiitic that
tlio School Board aro hold responsible for
tho delay Now tho fact Is as I havo
learned by Inquiry that tho pay rolls wcro
mado out uy tho school Board in good tunc
and in tho samo form as they havo hereto
fore been mado out and approved by tlio
Auditor lu former years and I havo novcr
heard that theso pay rolls wcro objected to
at tho Treasury
Tho trouble grows out of tlio fact that
tho appropriation hill dont fit tho schcdulo
of salaries governing tho pay of teachers
Let mo lllustrato Teachers nro paid ac
cording to length of service and grade of
school Last year Miss Blank having
taught for many years was entitled to tho
highest salary paid In her grade itnd tho
appropriation bill provided for this highest
salary But Miss Blank wns In poor health
and desired an easier school and at her
own request wns assigned to a hair day
school where tho salary Is sovcral hundred
dollars n year less Tho School Hoard in
making up tho pay roll put Miss Blank
ou nt tlio Biliary for tho half day school
which is right of courso whllo tho Au
ditor follows tho appropriation bill which
is wrong But you may say that somo
body has to teach Miss Blanks former
school and that this somebody should havo
tlio salary That dont follow Under tho
law of increase of nav for continuous ser-
vlco tlio new teacher would not ho entitled
to tho maximum salary tho first year and
tho School Board could not glvo it to hor
without violating tho order of tho CoinmlS
8loncrs governing salaries
It would introduce Incxtrleablo confusion
and do great injustico to tamper with tho
schcdulo of salaries on which teachers havo
Iierotoforobccn paid and under which thoy
wcro employed Nor docs tho Trensury
Department dcslro nay such wrong to bo
Whllo I am on this subject I will say that
thcro is a defect in tho form of tho appro
priation bill respecting teachers salaries
it is impossible to appropriate in detail lor
each teacher or any class of teachers
etuso thoy are frequently changing Tho
only scnslblo way would bo to Und tho
average ray por tcachcrdurlng tho previous
year and multiply tms sum uy tuo esti
mated number of teachers required lor tuo
ensuing year and approprlato tho amount
so found in gross Tho accountants would
not then get swamped by conlllctlng do
As matters now stand I sto no other way
out oxcent for tlfts Auditor to go on and
audit tho teachers pay roll just tho samo
as ho has bcon doing for sovcral years past
i liavo never heard oi tneso accounts being
thrown out at tho Treasury Lot him fol
low Ills own precedents and pay off thoso
teachers Lx sciioor tuubtti
What Ilullcr SnjH ufUiiitcnti
flcn Ilutler was recently Interviewed by
a reporter of tho Lowell Courier and nsked
Thoro is u rumor current General that
you havo said that If Guiteau was fairly
tried ho might get oil or nt least get into an
Insane asylum Is this true
Gen Ilutler replied Ko sir I havo said
nothing nbout it liegglng your pardon I
do not read all thcro is in tho nowspapers
and know but comparatively llttlo about
tho matter Llthcr ho is guilty nnd richly
deserves punishment or ho is not guilty
thcro is no half business nbouHt Tho ques
tion for tho courts to scttlo is lu tho state
of mind thnt ho wns in at tlio tlmo tho deed
was committed could ho distinguish be
tween right and wrong If ho could ho Is
guilty und deserves to bo hanged if ho could
not ho Is not guilty
IMirnngN ltliiiiiiintlu Itemed
will euro any casoof Khcumatlsm on tho
faco of tho green earth Sold by ovcry livo
druggist in Washington
A fiery girl is Sail Amanda
Cleopatra oven was a Nilclst
Inkstands cut from conl nro tony
They now say Guiteau Is a glutton
Iinso ball is to bo boomed next year
Soino maniac ha3 set Dcautlfiil Snow
to music
Citizen Mary Walkor is well adapted for
blcycio riding
A drunken man is likotbo early morning
light when ho a a loarcr
Who shall dccldo when doctors dlsa
greo Tho undertaker
otalilo Mayings nfXolnhlo Men
Going going gono I Mark
I havo panted for fame Dr Mary
Pistols but no colllns for two WIso
nnd Rlddichergcr
Ohl solitude where are thy charms
Charlos J Gtute iu
I would not live always I nsk not to
stay Dr Jorgcnson
Luck doesnt run In my direction at
any tlmo John Dull
I novor did bcloiiL to tho Sons of Jo
seph Capt Howgato
Tho electric was light but will bo bet
tor to night Btlly Dickson
Forgive us our debts nnd woll forglvo
our debtors Jlort ICclllngcr
Theres many a slip twixt tho cup
and tho couplet Charley Godfrey
Walt till I get my now pants aud
then watch mo ou tho bicycle Bclva
Lock wood
Toothpicks aro nu unwholcsonio diet
but it always tickles mo to cat them
Billy Copcland
Iovo ou tho Border
St Ichi U Dl imlcli
Mlnnlo Bridges a Kansas City school
girl who loved Clinrloy Schott n young
man of bad repute nud was about to bo
torn away from him and placed within tho
walls of a convent suddenly organized her
self yesterday Into a clavs lu experimental
chomistry nnd In thoprosonco of licr school
mates and toacher tried to climb n deadly
doso or morphine nnd push licr nwny
through mo penny gates ot tuo sweot by-
and by Mlnnlo Is now out of danger but
Cliarloy who is charged with having at
temped to effect an elopement with tho
girl Is pining in tho calaboose They both
now liivo splendid opportunities to look nt
nud learn what lovo Is Mlnnlo can wreath
her llfos young dream witli visions of
gripes and stomach pumps and Charloy
may poko his noso between tho bars or his
cago nnd know how Cupid fult whon Lylys
Cumpaspo bent him out of his wings and
eyesjit a reckless game of draw poker
Saturday October 15
820 822 and 824 Soventh Street
Fall filter Dry Ms Fancy Ms
In Every Department Throughout the Entire House on
Constant Quotations
Direct and Prlvato Wlro to Now York Philadelphia and
Men in Stocks and Investuient Securities Executed witli Despatc
Government Bonds Foreign Exclmngo Coin c
H D COOKE Jr CO Bankers
Wo Invite tlio Public to examine our Quotations and avail themselves of our services as llrokfrs
In lluylngiuid Helling eauf
iois ioxe
Ohl Itabllahed Ladles nnd Gents
Restaurant and Oyster Saloon
Tho Tjiwst tun Most Complete In tlio country
Comtftiitly on had every brnnd of Ojaton round
in American VuterittU1 a boundless vnrletyof
1AMJI nnd evrry delicacy that tlio Northern
latcrn nnd Southern Mnrketncnn produce Also
immijXsi lunch countkiu
Our Tfthlc d3 loto cannot bo excelled In quality and
jiUTYPytUiCunfjinaiurumi jiAiiituiniii
1010 Cor renirn Ave and Eleventh fit
Huccrsson to
GltKATKfclT JlAlltlAINS UVKH 0rF12Ilitt
boots Aasrx shoes
Helling all Roodn at cmt for the next OU dn s
to ninko room for lnll btoclc
Iyi7 Jll and ail IRNW AVKNtlK R 11
810 Seventh Htreit nnd 1022 Penn nvo
Sign of Tho Ohl Womnn In Vlndmv
boots ja3srx shoes
Metropolitan Htore
No eoo ijnnmylvania avis
One Price Shoo Store
Unaor Odd FoMowB1 Hall
401 Pennsylvania Ave N Vt
L niCIlOLD Proprietor
VI s
w - o
TlioonlvllATTEnVknown to tho World
lito of iMlnir ClIAllOEl with ME llCINAJ
lMiorKiiruji which is iuaoiuoii iuu
NnrwniH mill Hull DIsohsoh und Ill
ml sis
TKANSlUSINO llVTT EltY Is urn mis
lioiiilod rroin tlio nock by nirniis of n
silicon con mill rests lipun llio spliml
No llko ItlSont by innll every
ClilllronMsl7o r0 cuiAdiiUssIro 19100
Send lor Cliculur
coitNEit roiiiurENTit and r siiieeto
Ebbltt llouso Washington I C
Agents ol both scsmwnnlcd
Ohinn GlaBBwaro and House
FurniBliing Goods
Is llio largest and Most Complete Job Odlce
South of Philadelphia
Thero Is no m cd of lolnir Out of tho City to get
jour 1rlntlug done Anything from ivSmlllurd
to tho Ijirgesl Instcr lrliitnl In tho Uentsiyluni
1riceM lloiusonablo and Work Vlrst Class Estl
mates IurnMied sepi
maiioney the paferhanger
310 1 iaJNA AVE Canltol Hill
Hns ou linnd nil ilia new designs In Wll Vupcrs
Window shndea loi olrnmes
Tun Modkl Iast Link
via Washington
Schcdulo to tnko effett Sunday May KM 1831
a 20 CmcAno Cincinnati anhStIjOUIs Fas
Boo llaltlmorc Elllcot Clly nnd Way Stations
OOO llaltlmorp Ammwlli nnd Way IM1
loom Htruatuin Winchester llugerelonn
und Wny via ju liiy
nlo 1olnt ol llocks and Wny Htntloni
ExriiKw lnrlor enrs to Now York
8 40 Staunton nnd Vailky HxrnKM Con
nccti for 1 loijcrstou n nud ut lolnt orltock
for Krednrlck
tOOO OiiHundny only Baltimore Annapolis nnd
1000 IIaltimoiik ExrnKss Stops nt Hyatt
vlllo College lleltsvllle Ijuircl AnnaiKille
Junction Jeamips nnd Hanover
1040 1iTisiiunnii CniCAuo Cincinnati anf
St Ijovm liXVUKSS
1210 TlnltlmoroElllcot City Annapolis nnd Wnj
25 On Sunday Only for Baltimore nnd Wnjr
11AIT1M0111C ExiKKHH
dnlly with fnlaco Cur to rittsburu
llAiriMoitK lliiLADKLvniA and New
Yonic KxiJikhi
-Baltimore nnd Way Stations WlncbesUr
Frederick llagerstown and way via lie
Kxruttst Frederick via itelay titops at
A iinniolli Junction
f440 Baltimore Anuannlln nnd Wny Stations
440 lolnt of J locks Frederick Jluserstowr
Winchester nnd Wny On bunday to Iomt
of llocks and Way stations
to 46 Ualtimokk KxiitKHs Martlnflbtirg and
Wayvlallelny Htops at llyattsvlllo and
000 lolnt ol Hocks nnd Wny Station
fo40 llaltlmoro and Way Muttons
J010 llTTfluujicm Cincinnati nnd St Loui
tOOO Philadelphia Nmv York nnd Boston
JjAIlirVI OKlllliH 13111 IU iltlT 1 Illb
Kxi HK8M Htops on Hlpnal or to let oir pav
ftengeni nt any station between Washington
and Aimnnolls Junction
fDnlly IHundny only Other trains dally ox
cept Sunday
trnlns from Washington stop at llelay
For further Information apply at the Baltimore
in Ticket Olllces Wash nctoi
nnd lUl Pernio nvenuo cor of 14th street uhcs
Station nnd 619
orders w HI ho taken tCT bnggnge to bo checked ant
rcccivcu ninny poiiuu inocuy
1881 TlIE alBAT 1881
Splendid Scenery Mncnlllcent IZuulnmcnt
lvErnc r May 11 1881
corner of blxth nud il MrccU
in follow K
Id rillMiurg nnd tho West 800 a in Sally wltn
Sleeplne cum to rittsburt nnd Chlcneo 1030 a
tlll ouiiy Willi niecpine mm irom amrrutourg
toClncIuimtlHt LoiiIh and Chlcnsrv OSO p m
Tor Cnnandnlguii ltorhester llulfalo NlngnTk
lalls with lnrlor Car to Wntklns nnd the
North 8 n in dally except Sunday nt U30 p
m daily except Snturdny with lulaco car to
Innanuaigun nnu watKiirs
For Wllllnnisport Lock Haen and Elmlrn
10TO u in dally except Sunday
ForNew York nud tho lasl 8 00 a in 10H0 a m
200 10 00 nnd 1011 p in On Sunday oo lau1
nnd 1115 p m Limited Express of IullinaD
lalnco Curs 0111 n lu dally except Suiiday
ror Urooklyn N Y nil through trains connect
Jersey City with boats of Itrooklyn Annex af
fording direct trnnsler to Julton street nvold
lug double ferriage across New York city
lor lhlladephla8uo n m 1030 o in loo SAO
1000 nnd 101 J p m On sunduy ntoo 540
1000 nnd 1015 p m Limited Express 130 n in
dnlly except Sunday
lor llnltlmore 010 8000301030 n m nnd 200
la 4IH5 in liilioulnmlion p m On bun
dny 800 1030 u in 21X 510 o3u 1000 nud 101C
p m
Tor lopos Creek Line 010 n lu nnd 440 p m
dally except Sunday
Tor Aiinapolls040nmaiid4IOp ni dally ex
cept bunday
lor Alexniidrlu77a0Junndlln in 43
030 8 and 1130 p m OnUundas ut 700 li
and 1130 u 111 nnd 8 p m
For ItlchmondnudthoSouthTOOnnd 1110 n m
dnlly nnd Sit m dally except bunday
Trnlns fenvo A lexnndrla for Wnshlngtou 80
nnd 10 a m liK 3 5 7 a D10 in nnd V mid
night Onbuudny nt 805 und 10 n m 7 and
nu p m
Tickets Inforinntlon sleeping nnd parlor car no
comniodatlonscnn be procured at tho oillccsnoith
east comer of TlilrteentliBlreet and lViiiisylvanlB
nvcnuenndnt tho stntlon whero orders can be
left for the checking of baggage to destination fror
hotels and resiliences
J It WOODdenernl Passenger Agent
ritANKTI 1 OMSON lenerul Manager
1 2 Ul Eighth street bet 1 and E n w
Close Carriages for Weddings Calls and Kecep
lions lloiirdlug and Livery stables
A It
j tiiTiria
Close Carriages for Weddings Calls and Itecen
tlons lloaidlng and Livery hinblc Wlllarifs
Hotel Stables corner 1 It It nnd lists
Headquarters for
Dealer In Wull 1npers Window Shndes Picture
Irumes Pictures tc
T- X- VCrOL3r3 1 1D3
1510 V hTllECT NOUTIlWIiir
Cor Elgbteentb st nndtennsylvnnla nvcuue

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