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Fourteenth Yoar No 4076
pioruvs opeua itousn
farewell Performances or
Ohas E lords Oomlo Opera Company
Alldrans latest and best
work lie
tiii ooiiiiLi
Thivc Duct
Gilbert A Hiilllvans In
UNraUATnn cast
including rrankjcnrsou
aim iutio ltoscbuu
Next Week
lie Abbeys New York lark Theatre Company
ThlsHaliirday livening JjislTlmoof
In tliclr Original Musical rtrnvofi anra
Tin imooic
Monday November 21
Jilt unit MIIS W 1 lLOItKNCi
In their I Jcut Original Creation of Hon llarducll
Kioto nnd Mrs Ion Miliary In II V Woolfcs
groat play Till JIKIIITY AoLLAll
Wednesday evening November II ft new com
edy In 1 nets entllleil
Marx Ailolph Opsteln Mr W J llorenrc
Mrs Tin Jineey Mrs W J Florence
Thursdnydrund ThunksiJlvlnir Matinee
ikmiiiy ANll HON
Captain Cut tie Mr W 1 llorenco
Saturday evening November ii
Tin man
Monday ivininci NOV 21
Holiday Attraction A Week of Comedy
llrst production In America of lie Farcldal
Comedy by leo H HIms lq nulhor of Lights
of Tioudon etc cntltlcil
The Irent Tomloii 8urcess ha Ing attained n run
of 300 Nights nt the IftlctyThenlre
Under the Associated Management of MIL
HINIlY i A1II11y Manager lark Theatres
New York and lloston mid Manager iMwln
llooth nnd Messrs Ilrooks nml Idcksoii
The ploy w 111 he produced w Itlt new scenery bv
Mr Hoy t Scenic Artist lark Theatre New York
Monday November II Nightly ana Tuesday and
Friday JInllnees
The Novelty of tho Bay Kngngenient for ono
week only of tho 111 12 AT BIZNHATJON
TllOUm The Heat rf1y Hneelalty ArilHtM Tho
lint Lnily MlinIrcK Tho Heat Loily VocftlhLi
TJio JiCKt Ijidy JJnncera Tho Great cut Combiim
llon mm traveling AUflrt claw Hpeeialty Art
ltH Tho lloat Comimny ever under ono roof
Tho New Hcene Tho ricnlc
Keo Thorn Kro Them Kefl Them
i MTiiuirr
OrrusiTiluviiiNMrNT VoiiMiKrici
The reffular Concert Season having closed tho
m id cm liied taken pleasurn to announce to the
public that tho above ppaelous hall U hois reno
vated and ii now for rent at reasonable rates for
Halls Concerts Theatrical Performances lec
tures Public Meetings Itecentlons c
In connection 1th the main hall tliero Is a largo
dining room uccommodalUu0 people attached
low Inch Is a commodious kitchen mipplletl with
largo ranges and other practical appliances of tho
hit Pit lmpro cd nty Ich
The dimensions of tho hall are A7150 feet with a
Keating capacity of GOO people Tho triage w hi ch
Is In course of construction will bo portable and
can bo removed altogether If o desired
New nnd t puLoiii sitting rooms for ladles are be
In lltto l up lih special ciiro ns to neatness and
Kor terms and other particulars apply to
no3 Kl AllNIUl
Bring the OhildTen
Bring the Children
Bring the Children
Wo are determined that during the approaching
Holiday Season ho Children who aro provided
w llli Clothes from our establishment shall receive
u Christmas Gift from us On and after To day
with every Childs Suit Hold thero will bo n card
with n number on It In this shape
Christmas Presentation
Which will entitle the bolder la ono of a lurgo
number of TOYH hut wo hoi o pro Idedfor hem
In order o show NO lA VOItlTISM the toys w 111
bo numbered to correspond with tho number on
the tickets and ns wo cannot tell who will bo the
holders of tho tickets It follow s that w c cannot dis
criminate In favor of or ngulnst purchasers In the
vnltto of tho Christmas Gifts They will bo distrib
uted on tho Wednesday preceding Christmas De
cember 21st Wo rust that our Juvenile friends
will enjoy ho pleasuro of recoiling theso Christ
mas tokens as much as w e do In bestow lug them
Strictly One Price Clothiers
316 and 318 Sovonth St
s Aivtii m aiTTiNas
ma lHNNimvYNiA avinui
Culls thu attention or tbostovo trado and builders
to u new and desirable rcglttcr at n low price ocl
1 overs Abuo and lovers Ulllous Fevers
and other discuses incident to tho seuson take
HltOWNINUrt IUTTiiUJ and you will surely cs
llltOWNINdHllITTEltShavobeeiiln uso for
over twel e j ears nnd no perbon was over known
to have chills or bilious lo era while using these
Hitters lursalobydiugglsui and grocers Kener
OIO reimsylvunla Avenue
703 Ninth street n w Iurtles nnd Weddings
served at short notice uo7
qi 21 PeiiHsvlvnnlftaveiniflftnd Flghteenth hi
how leurhlng tho Ile step waltz uml
lawn- euuls fiuadrlllm Iarticulan ul ball lOftl 1
or riildence m ittnt northwest oc8
BnlOKfl i without straw - EX v
Whereas n rertatn contractor has taken
tago or the net or Almighty lod In shortening the
days the necessities or his workmen through
tliclr fenrnrunnt am destitution during the In
clement season now approaching to roti them ora
inrKC percemiiKO ni iiieiruKii imTriiirc
lie It resoUeil Wonjipeol toilio public in put
tliesealor condenniatlonon Ibis species or rob
tifrvliviniitlnvliiMtinqn men wlinnre willlliLf In
dry their employees living wages nnd that honest
lanormay noi ueninuiscouui wuuo u nigii pri
mhim Is paid for sbnrp knavery
We challenge this man to show n lust cause w liy
ho should roti ids workmen out or tents n day
In order that he may sutler no loss by rensou of
of Ids gambling In contracts for labor
ir necessary wo will publish the name of this
contractor tprhmvtollio community tho mean
mnn of Washington
Ily order of motherhood of Carpenters nnd
Joiners P C No I It
1 deslro In announce lo my friends and the pub
lic that I havo purchased tho Interest of my late
brother Win II Heed and will continue the busi
ness of tho late firm of 1 W Heeds Sons Whole
salo nnd Ilctnll Irocers at the old stand No 1211
Fstrcctiiorthwestwherelwoutd he pleased to
servo all w ho may favor mo w Ith their patronage
with tho finest goods In my lino of trade at tho
lowest prices
The undersigned embraces tho present opportu
nity odiank tho friends and customers of tho late
firm for thclr favors In the yenrs past and begs to
assure all such of bis Intention of deserving their
continued patronage in the Aiture
WisiiisoTnv October 13
Hubscrlntlnu hooks will ho nneu nnd nnvmeiit
on shares in tbnTIIIHIilssuoof stock will lie re
ceived until HATUltliAY November 111 1SS1 Its
order or tho Hoard of Directors
JOHN JOY K1W0N Hecy 017 til St 11 w
over lnrkers Hook Htore noi I
w n MonmsoN ncos ieavb to
announce ho will make his
Thopulillc nro cordially invited to exnmlno
them Tlio lnrgent nnd hnndsoiiHst stock oriaper
nnd Knvolopcslnlloxcsl liavoever bad I havo
Just opened and now offer ror sale Childrens
books In paper covers and hnndsomi ly bound and
at prices tosult all
W U MOItltlhON
Law Dookseller and Stationer
noO lf iL111111 1 u
Jwa by
1 130 F STKCUT
District of Columbln 0 per cent llonds maturing
1802 Norfolk City 5 per cent llonds hnlng Si
years to run a llrst class Investment Cull nnd
Metropolitan Street Hallway Stock Washington
nasllght Scrip and other Investment securities
Government llonds etc
Direct wlro to Philadelphia and New York
All Chronic Diseases scientifically treated ma
laria especially Olllco hours o n in lo l in and
2 p m to K l in Cnustlltntlnn free
no3 1 123 NlW YOHK AVENUE
giniual taxus
asa u STitrui nouthwixt
no llf Three doors nbovo Columbia Hulldlug
lANY 1J2I V f4TIIii7I
itoiiT I iLiMiNUiro ir ji wiiitk
C1IA8 f ULOViit
HKNItY A WILLAltD President
VHiuiricR It McUUIltK Vlce PreshUnt
11 K WILLAltD Hecrelnrv
lusuranco against all 1ohs by llro at reasonable
until further notice at bis old stands Nos 17 173
and 171 Centra Market The finest qualities of
Creamery and Trlnt nutters sold
WtV this day entered Into n copartnership
under tho firm namo of SIMPSON A GUY at Iuo5
Pennsylvania avenue for tho purpose of carrying
on nnextenslvo Stove Hango and rurnacn busi
ness and dealing In first class makes of coodi in
our line with repairs and shall bo pleased to re
ceive culls from tho former and present patroim ot
iiuwit iii i4 ui ijiuii v i uur nun iJ j oiiiiiinni
to u horn w o aro micccfutoni
r r snrrsoN
ii r iiuy
ocO 1001 Vrnnsvlvauia avenue
That never rustn never breaks never vears mi 1
ttlwayscleon andean bo worn while bathing Is
forsaloatCIIAH VISCinutS 023 fioventh t
northwest mMrnrischertlovoies her attention to
mo wants or lauy patrons
The largest assortment In tho rlty of line quality
jiiiimm irivs riiio AAmuirn ruiiuiiioiUMi Jiick
I n ir Trunks I Jidlpa und IIpiih HatrhflsiiiiilIVnv
elliig Hags Pocket books Hhawl Htrapst etc al tho
utiuuiniift luuniiiutiur 01
132 8KVKNTU ST NW opp Odd Fellow s Hall
Orcr 150 nifToront Stjles nd Hires of TrunV 1 on
ItFPAIIlINa Trunks Hags and Harness
Itaircu promptly and thoroughly at lowrate by
Irst class workmen jeJOo
Corner TwellUi Street and Pennsylvania Avenue
WJ tho most durable simply constructed und
best Invented taking preeeileuco or all later Imi
tations SoldhyOcolt Herrlck agent Dis Fst
UIQJ Hread buy OUK NiW SOUTH tt Is
suro to please For salobyalitlrst classUroocrs
hiiu vuuienuiu uy
Dealers In Flour
W H TFNNKY isnuinj
Feed Com Oats I layHt raw
West Wasblnglnn I O
fljgyLA TOIN0ES8
Is tho name of our new
It Is tboHest Cigar yet otTered for tho money
No 1011 renna Ave bet Tenth and Kloventh sts
WSi con Itemejly for salo 433 Ninth street
norlhw est ltoom No 1 over W It Itlleya dry
goofs store Liberal discount lotlio trade
I C H1NC1WALT r Solo Agent lor Wushlnglon
Tin plates shectlron w ork flreplacestovesranges
furnaces repaired Tin roofing spouting unit all
tr lnla r l iui lr Fn l 1 it
your order to
It IT a 110UIS
010 Klovenlli t n w near F tt
Irion hali on ixciianoi 28 Acnia
miles from tho city luipru ed by a house nnd
good grist mill In good order with stabllug for 2
horses und 4 cows fruits of all kinds enellent
waters run or stones price JIH WM 11
MAIN t HltOS cor Icnna u e and 3d st uc22
Irioit haw - ioo Acnrs or rupiuuou
landgWiilindwelllng of 21 rooms nnd ull
necessary outbuildings all In good condition bur
rouudeil by a lino shady grove oITerlng gieat In
ducunieuts for ft llrst class summer boarding
house and has ono of tho liesraud largest selected
trull orchards In this District composedor opoles
pcaischerrlcsgrapciiandsmull fruits tliero tin
lii500opeartieesTiugrapovlnos from which
ol pears there was sold 1200 bushels and otgrnpos
iOuX lbs uloiiu w ItU other fruits uerorilliigly this
lastseasoui wlthliialew miles of the eltybolli by
road and rail WM II MAIN t jmosCcor Pii
Hvcandlldst oc2l
Second Edition
400 IP OM
Tlio lrlsonor jroioTrnrlnlileAii
oiihIoiiiiI liilrrrniitloii Tlio Ull
ilencoor ItocUvtoll Hivnliii ami Otli
eri llr Illlss DoliilloilNtnteineiit of
llto IlcsliIoiilNTiciitineiit Tho lie
feilMo Tiiylnpii IoiliKlntloii o lie
ClutrKO orlliiliiinctlce
Tliero was tliotwinl null for nilnilsslon to
tlio court room tlil t inoriilmr woniett nml
yott iiR girls outnumbering tlio msilo sex by
1 Inrj O limlorlt Oulrctiti nrrlvcil nbottt 1
oclock A Rtctit crowd was In witltlng on
tho sidewalk torecclvo liitn When bo wm
taken from tlio vim nml littrrloil Into the
City Hnll
The frovil Clrniuicil und IIIsmciI
him but mndoiio other demonstration
Tito prisoner was taken Into tlioprlvnto
olllco of tlio Marshal It was noticed that
ho was in i ftf better humor than on any
previous occtsloti and ho conversed calmly
on various topics particularly concerning
tho interest manifested in his trial Shortly
after entering tho room Ottltcaii ttsked for
his breakfast This was nerved consisting
of boiled eggs stowed oysters hot rolls
fried potatoes and colfce Tho prisoner
relished tho meal heartily In tho mean
tlmo tho crowd began pouring into tlio
court room How they managed to get In
and ftnd spaco was n mystery
Mr Scovlllo nnd wife Mr John fJultcau
andJudgo Porter arrived about tho samo
time Tho Jury followed immediately af
terward and at sharp 10 oclock Jttdgo Cot
nscended to tho bench Mr John luiteau
and Mrs Scovillc who havo becomo very
wcro surrounded beforo tho trial
cgau by a group of gentlemen and ladles
who kept up n running conversation with
them which did not apparently touch upon
tho trial ns occasional outbursts of laughter
proceeded from tho party
Just beforo tho proceedings began a brief
consultation was held between tho Court
Col Corkhlll nnd Mr Scovllio It lelatcd
to tho crowds that obstructed tho way
when Oulteau was brought In and out of
tho City Hall Mr Scovllio urged thatns
a precaution Guitcait should bo protected
ngainst it After discussing tho matter at
length it was decided to
IrliiKiulcnti In liy Some Oilier
unknown to tho general public In tho
midst of this consultation Oulteau was
brought into tho court room amid tho
usual buzz of confusion Ho sat down
quietly and proceeded at onco to couvcrso
with ltis counsel
lxuiiilniilloii of WlliitHseH llesiiincd
Ocorgo C Mnynard electrician was tho
first witness called and testified that ho
know Guitcau a number of years knew
him for a short tinio twenty years ago and
had seen him thrco times since then In
ferring to n memorandum tho witness con
tinued On tho 12th of March last Guitcau
visited his olllco and borrowed 10 for n
fow days ho expected lt0 wanted to
pay his board bill witness lent him 10
lent him 15 more on Juno 8 had never
been paid back but piodticcd n duo bill for
tho cutlro amount received fmni Guitcau
on tlio last named date
Uiiltcnii 11 nil on mi Objection
At this point Guitcau said If tho Court
please I object to tho lino of evidence
What hits It to do with my caso whether I
owo anybody 25 or anybody owes mo 3i
1 object with Mr Scovlllos consent
Tlio Coiut What does Mr Scovllio
wish to say
MrScovirio Tho prisoner desired to
raise tho objection Ho does fo In good
faith I do not know what tho Govern
ment wishes to prove by this
Col Corkhlll Wo will provo that It
was with this money that tho prisoner pur
chased tho pistol
A Tint Ioiitrmllolloii
Guitcau That Is not true 1 wanted
tho money for another purpose
Col Corkhlll Very well Mr Qiiltcau
let us proceed please
ITho Court Tho ptlsoner must keep
Guitcau I dont think tills has any
thing to do with tho ease Mr Maynatd Is
n good fellow nnd I owo him ii that is till
tliero is about it
Mr Mnynard cross extnilned l Iist knew
Guitcau when ho boarded twenty days at
tho houso of witness mother in Ann Ar
bor Michigan twenty years ago had only
seen him several times since
He Toofrvtl Seedy ami Hungry
when ho called on witness to borrow tho
Oulteau I did not I was well diesscd
nnd well fed
Tlio Court Keep quiet sir
Guitcau Hut mir Honor that state
ment was Ineoneet
Mr Scovllio to witness Was thoio any
thing peculiar about tho prisoner when ho
called on yon
Witness As I said ho had on tv heedy
suit of clothes
Aeltlier Hungry nor Seed
Oulteau Indignantly I had on it
70 sult Mr Mnynard I dont think that
that wns vcty seedy
Mr Scovllio keeji quiet keep
quiet j then to tho witness Was there
unv other peculiarity
Witness- Well ho looked liko n man
who was very Hungry
luiteau I was not I tell you that I
was well fed I stopped itt it llrst cltss
ThoComt You will havo to presurvo
Tho witness then piocccdcd lo say that
Gultcnu had a shambling gait lio had
never paid witness back
Jos V lliirkett
tcstlllcd that ho resided nt IWO Kloventh
street nnd wns clork for Mr Maynatd j saw
tho prisoner tho day beforo tho shooting
nt ono time ho let him havo 15 left for him
by Mr Maynard It was about tho 1st of
tCross oxamncd by Mr Scovllio Ho Mw
ilin on G street between Fourteenth and
Fifteenth streets on tho opposito side tho
day beforo tlio shooting ho was trodrting
along with his head down paying attention
to no ono ho noticed Guitcau tho day that
ho got tho monoy ho walked very qulijtly
and had nothing to say
John IV OIIeiua
testified that his ulaco of business ivmi I
Juno last ou rifteenth street ho deal in
guns cutlery and sporting goods taw Jul
tea ii about tho Itlt ol June ho was in wit
ness establishment and walked over to Iho
show citso that contained revolvers ho
pointed out tlio hitgct lovolvcr inquired
as to its accuracy and said that ho would
call again ho eanio back in tt fuw days ii nd
inndo n second inquiry about its aceuincv
audwlieto it could bo tested witness rtild
down by tho rivers nlgo would bo tho host
place a thlul tlmoho camoback and nili cd
to pistol and I told him 10
Tho Ionded IMstol
Is that tho pistol asked the District
Your Honor said Jiulgo Porter I
think thoso cartridges hail better bo with
drawn It is dangerous to handle tlio pis
tol witu mem in -
I am In hopes spokotho Judge that
wo nto nearly through with tho uso of It
Tho cartridges will havo lo bo shown to
tho Jury jopllcd Jttdgo Porter
Yes that Is so spoko Judgo Cov
Shall I withdraw them nsked tho
Yes please nnsweted tho District
Tho witnesj Blnttdlug on the
stand proceeded to withdraw tho charges
lloro Counsel for Cultcmi
Whllo that movement Is coIiil on
spoko Guitcau I wish to say that Mr
lolin JJ Townscnil ot Aowiork nnd Mr
Leonard Sweat of Chicago ono of tho best
criminal lawyers In thoUnltcd States hiivo
offered their services in this caso nnd 1
nnvo invitcu inem witu Mingo nugnuier
of Maryland lo meet mo hero next
Any additional counsel answered tho
Court acceptable to vourdf and vour coun
sel will bo satisfactory to tho Court
UiiIIciiiim Ilodv Cliard
They havo got consldcrablo brains ou
tho other side said Guitcau and I want
to havo somo on this I wish further to say
that I havo been Informed that thcro nro
ono or two disreputablo persons loitering
about tho court who intend doing mo somo
harm I wish to say that l imvuuccu fur
nished very kindly with an escort bv tho
Chief of lollco and a body guard by tho
Marshal Jf any of theso disreputable per
sons attempt to do mo harm thoy will bo
shot dead by my body guard Laughter In
tlio crowdj
Tho witness tcsumtni said that was tho
diameter of tho pistol ho sold him that n
Kin io ana uox ot cartridges ior ftu
No cross examination
Col Kooliuells ToNthnony
Col A 1 Ilockwcll testified that ho was
at tlio depot the niornlnir of tho shootliiL
This witness gavo a detailed statement of
tlio tragedy nt tho depot mainly corrobora
tlvo of previous witnesses IIo was stand
ing at tlio haggago ioom at tho time heard
tho shots nnd Illalnu ran toward him cry
ing Kockwclll llockwelll In runnlnir to
ward tlio 1tcslilcntsbody saw tho prisoner
near tno sixth street entrance
Mr Scovllio hero suggested that it wits
unnecessary lo go over tho details of tho
shooting again tho defense would not deny
IVo Jlciiy Ihc Killing- IIul Not the
Gulletu Wo deny tho killing Your
Honor but not tho shooting laughter
Tho Court directed tlio witness to pro
ceed Ho detailed tho death of tho Presi
dent at lllberon New Jersey the bringing
of tho body to Washington how long it
rcinaincu ncro nun its removal to unio
Tlio defenso asked no questions
Jen 1 fl Nniiliu
Heard of tho shooting of tho President nt
Klberoujwas tliero with Mrs Garfield
returned to Washington with Mrs Garfield
Immediately icaclicd hero about 7 oclock
that evening Mrs Uatflcld was tlio first of
his party to go to tho Presidents bcdsldo
witness visited him Inter ho was conscious
his outer clothing had been removed but not
his underclothing wns nt the Presidents
bcdsldo almost constantly until ho died
his last Avoids wctc Oh Swalm ac
companied tho body to Cleveland
Tho defenso did not cioss cxamlnctho
Ir Ill Is ou lie Slniid
Dr 1 W Illlss physician nnd suigcon
wns ono of tho Ptesldents physicians saw
him fifteen minutes after ho was shot
tlio depot tho President lay on hi
tho clothing was removed so as to t
tho wound tho patient was palo nut
trcmely exhausted tho patient leniali
at tho depot between half and three qui
tors of an hour when ho was removed t
tho White House his condition then was
about tho Hauioaswlicu ho left tho depot
was constantly In attendance nt tho Whllo
Houso nnd lllhcron whero tlio President
died attended tho autopsy
Dentil Wns tho Itesult of Hemor
With n model specially prepared tho wit
ness proceeded to explain tho conrso of tho
ball which has been altcady published nnd
is well known
At tho suggestion of tho District Attor
ney tho wItucssdroppcdnlltechnicil terms
in oidcr that tho J ury could moro thoroughly
understand him
Cross examined by Mr Itoblnson
Doctor I desiro you to state piccisely
Tho Nyinplciins from llio 1lrM liny
in tho Presidents condition and stalo all
that was dono
After I first saw him
Temporary dressings weio applied to
tlio wound at tho depot tho wound was
probed In two or tinea dlfletcnt ways and
1 passed my finger Into itdctectlngufrnettuo
of tho rib Alter that It was decided to tc
movotho Piesldcuti
J What wcro tho symptoms ousel veil V
A Kxtrcmo pallor tho lines of expression
wcro almost lost and tliero was n clammy
perspiration and n general condition of
Q What was thocoudition of tho lower
A A pricking sensation and prcssuro
ns If n weight upon the feet and a pain In
the lowor limbs which lasted several days
J How many times was tho wound
probed nt tho depot
A Several times in dllleicnt ways
dowuwnid and forward
J When you ptobed with your linger
what did you discover
A A finctiiroofthoeloveuth rib I had
touched it previously with a probo Tlicso
weio about nil tho symptoms discovered at
that tlmo
Q What noxt did you do
A Wo consulted about tho patients io
Q How win ho removed
A Placed on n mattress carefully
carried down stairs to tlio mubulanco and
tlilvcn to tho Whlto House
Q Was thcro any other consultation at
tho depot
A Yes lather hastily wo consulted
about tho character of tho wound and I
stated then what I havojust stated hero
J What weio tho symptoms nftcr tho
patient reachedtho Whlto Houso
A Allow mo to licrpvstato that I should
have said In conucctlonwltli tho symptoms
at thodopotthat I discovered ou my iiir
llval evidences of vomiting When1 1
mentioned that to tho President lfb said
that ho had not vomited but tloso
who weio with him tald that ho had I
Judged fiom that ho had been
IiinciisIIiIu ior a Ilnilled Tlmo
At tho Whlto House on our arrival there
was ficquent vomiting and pains in tho
lower extremities
Q What was dono llio first day at tho
Whlto Houso
A Wo placed tho pitlcnt on his right
Aide as near as possible und at times ho
was given small iiuantltiasif water and
llino water and milk to lellovii nausea Wo
also udiulnlstcicd hypodiimlc Injections of
Q Ilctwccn what hours
A From shortly after tho shooting lo
about I oclock
Q Anything else ilouo
A Nothing special Wo endeavored to
keen tin tho warmth of tho system nnd en
joined perfect quiet
j wnat was iionu next iliy
A Tho President was somewhat re
freshed tho morning of tho id of July nnd
was somewhat cheerful and hopeful which
continued during tho day Hluitilo dressings
were applied to tho wound and cllorls wcro
mado to Induce retention of food In tho form
of milk and llmo water
J What were tho symptoms on Mm
A Dm Agucw und Hamilton arrived
that morning A consultation was held
and very little chaugo was madu In tho di
rection or treatment
J What wcro tho symptoms noticed on
tho fifth
A Well sir If you wish mo lo give
V Delnllcd Slnfeineiit of Ihich Day
I will bo compelled to rofcr to my notes
Mr Iloblnson Well I will glvo you
tlmo to consult your notes nnd In the
meantime ask you another qucitlou
The Dlsti let Attorney- will state Mr
Iloblnson that Dr Woodward has a com
plete daily record of tho cavo nnd will fur
nish It to you
Mr itoblnson to witness What consul
tations had been held up to tho tlmo of tho
arrival of Drs Agnow nnd Hamilton
A Thcro wcro n number of volunteer
physicians both at tho depot nnd at tlio
Whlto House It Is not necessary to mention
their names after tho first day tho presence
of so many annoyed tho President wo ar
ranged then that thtco or four of tho phy
sicians should visit the Presidents bedside
and that tho othcis should lcinniu In tho
adjoining room nftcr examining tho
patient tlio former would coino out and
report to tlio latter nnd advico would bo
given tho report would consist of tho ex
amination of tho President minutely nnd
tho leading of tho rcconl of pulse icspira
tlon and tcmpcrutuic
J Wero opinions of tho symptoms ox
pi cosed
A Oh yes Ono physician said that
ho had felt tho laceration of tho liver and
expressed tho opinion that tho President
was dying of Internal hcmoirhage After
tho morning of tho id wastho last general
consultation held of nil tho physicians who
had up lo that tlmo been connected with
tlio caso After that Doctors llarncs Wood
wnrd lioybtirnnnd niyselfremalned Then
Doctors Agnow and Hamilton camo In
When tho hitter arrived they wero fur
nished with n caicful history of the caso
nnd its management They mado a caicful
examination of tho patient in our pres
ence Theso nro nil tho general facts
J What physicians other than your
self attended tho President at tho depot
A Drs lownslicnil and lurvls wcro
thcro when I arrived tlio former said that
ho had mado an examination and had
probed tho wound thoio was no moro
probing then nftcr I had mado mi no
iownshcud told mo that In probing ho had
found a fracturo of tho rib
J Now trace tho tourso of tho ball to
tho plaeo whero it wns encysted
Tliis tho witness proceeded to do with
tho assistanco of a diagram tho model and
a plcco of tho
Spinal Verlelirie Itpuioved from Hie
Presidents Itody
This latter was passed around among tho
jurors and counsel and finally fell into tho
liandsol liuitcait who nan ait along been n
most Intcrcsid listener Ho gazed long
and Inteii tho piece of ills victims
splpc in In ud What passed in his
lajji 1 will iie o known Ho turned It
latniwi nnd around nnd then handed it
hit to Mr Siovlllo without comment
IHf BHss lo Col Corkliill Tlio vertebne
at hcftoioiniy w loiiud to ho in n statu of
dncaj Too torn of tlio ball In going
throinrli litD u1 had fractured tho upper
Mill urn
Ily MA Jim ni -1 bi first openltlonpcr
r ted WHS Olf lilt Us from tho lIlMllo
he body V ha direct connection
w the wouuip it wa
lor make it ti
Tii int ions I Ii V tl
nened 111 nil
I eutli nnd
twelt i did it- at tin m track of
tho bah but Into lV itt j bat had
formed The ball trfteii i youth
nndtweli nbo iuvs IniM uter
costal niUi I ft f -I Ultun tho
diaphragm ill tt t H
passed doivnv ad ft w irfl uud mi k
the spinal coliuni ghtljlde llnlng i
tho left sin f ii1 boli
jiasswl Into n n tho entro ol ih
tody when ns lolletcl id
passed through to irl nhri
deflected ftnd passed i waiA f ln ll L
of the body Tho bi I mi no Il 1
lialcoid Tliero wort ranll Ji
of tho rib found during 1 ind
They wcro very niliiutc h nt
with tho pus and tho otlu i n in Lt
tho tlmo of tho operatlot N
found nt tho autopsy Irt its
Rplnnl folumn weio found i iai
Jhero weio found o in
Itn nitciy at tho autopsy nd
soft parts wero sulllclent to forn lot i
check tho blood or in other wore fonV
n sac fur tho blood This sac nipt n l inc
tho blood poured out Into tho nbdoun He
yond this sue tho track of tho woun t tad
closed nml tho ball encysted Tho ball m
fouud about thrcoaud a half inches to
left of tlio center of tho spinal column x
behind tho pancicas Tito st
parts wero t ikcn out and place
In tho hasln and tho ball that was
found They did not know it was tliero
nnd It was found after tho parts wcro ro
moved Tho specimen submitted showed
tho track of tho hall It did not show all
of tlio nnoirisms The track of tho ball
was not left in tho corpse Tho condition of
tho nrtery wns such ns to Indlcato that thodl
vision of thonitcry wns a loug tlmo after
death Tho blood of thonueurlsui was dark
nml blood clotted but contained nono nt
tho tlmo of tho autopsy Tho portion of
tho wound whero tho ball wns found had
healed to about tluco quartcrs of an Inch of
tho spinal column Tho wound beyond tho
latter point had pus in tho track between
that and tho nnticrism With tho excep
tion of tho artery beyond tho spinal column
tho wound wns doing ns well as could bo
Mr Itoblnson hao proposed to ask tho
witness ns to tho treatment each day and
tho condition of tho patient
Col Corkhlll suggested that thcro was an
official lCLordkcpt by Dr Woodward which
would bo oficrcd In evidence
Mr Itoblnson proposed to ask tho witness
about that matter
Tho witness resinning said It was he
lloved that tho ball had passed through tho
liver that was confirmed by ono of tho
surgeons Dr Wales who passed his linger
into tho wound ami felt tlio lacerated liver
ho was mistaken as It afterwards appealed
that was tho evening of tliodnv of tho shoot
ing Doctors Townslietid Wales llarnes
Woodward 1nrd Purvis nnd others
ho could not lecollcct woio present
on tho first day It was con
cludrd nt that consultation that
tlio bait had pisfcd Into tho abdominal cav
ity Injuilng somo of tho great muscles and
gieat test suppression of nausea II posi
bio wns now icsolvcd upon ns tho treat
ment Tho second consultation that day
was to the effect that ho should havo abso
lute unlet nml bo clveu no Intcctloii unless
obsnlutcly lcqulrcd On tho next day It
wns found that reaction had taken plaeo
and nmltlng returned It was decided to
stop It If posslblo nnd keep him quiet Tho
next day tho regular physicians took
ebaige of tho caso mid held consultations
hourly It was soventy two hours lifter
tho shooting that Drs Hamilton
and Agucw arrived and held n
consultation They mado n ncrsonal
observation and It was deemed that ns no
oviilcuco nail been shown ot tho Injury to
tlio liver that probably It lind not been
touched nnd they began receding fiom that
position It was shown that by tho freo
dischaigo of tho tlllno and from other causes
that the soorgans wero not involved and they
took another course Nothing Important
occiinccl until tho first pus sac formed On
tno night ol tho li M ol Inly n small por
tion of pus was discovered nnd emptied
into tho track On tho inoinlug of tho 21d
it wns repented mid on tlio tilth tho opera
tion was performed and tho pus sac opened
It was August 8 that another operation
was performed and n pus cavity opened Into
tho track of tho wound Irom that tlmo
up to tho lima tho parotid gland became
inllamcd no serious disturbances wero
noted It wns on August 21th that nn
opening was mudo lulu this gland
To ilr ocovillo An opening wns inndo
nu eighth of uu inch into thonitcry which
wnscucncioss i no edges turned out nun
formed nsac for tho blood portions of It
went back Into tho nrtery mid tho other
beenmo fibroin matter At tho nutopsy
thcro wns formed nu opening fiom tho
nrtery Into this sac and blood flowed In nnd
out of it during tho Presidents sickness
nnd tho sue gavo away Just beforo death
Tho fibres had broken In twain nnd tho
blood llowcd Into tho abdomen it wns
about a pint
Who called you Into tlio caso
Tho Secretary of War sent forme
Did you tako charge of tho caso then
Nothing wns said about it that day
When was It
Tho noxt morning
Who asked you to tako charge of tho
Tho President and Mrs Garfield
Who clso was present at that time
No ono else
Witness lcsuming Never pushed tho
probo In beyond llio eleventh rib In tho
track of tho ball A llcxiblodrnlnago tube
of gum was used in probing tho wound It
was not piesscd but went down of Its own
weight und by this process they got pus
Ho did not sco Dr Townshend uso n probo
nt tho depot and did not recollect his telling
witness that ho had one Thcro was nu oh-
staclo to probing the wound in tlio track
of tho ball nnd to havo dono so
thoy would havo to cut up tho soft
parts about tho rib Ho doubted If they
had dono that If they could havo gotten
back into tlio tracK ol tho wound llo
could tell by the notes tho exact amount of
morphlno given tho President They gavo
fiom i to 1 of n grain each night nml that
went down to 1 11 and thoy finally stopped
giving it altogether
At this point a icccss wns taken
IliiriiiK Iho Iteeess
tho scenes enacted every day at noon wcro
repeated A simple foppish looking young
mnn with n glass in his ocular was tho
most conspicuous object to day Guitcau
passed tho half hour with his counsel up
stairs nnd tlio jury went out for u walk
around tho block and to allow tho wind to
blow on them Tho main hall of tno cast
wing was literally packed with men nnd
women who struggled und squeezed
nnd blocked llio way vainly hoping to
get Info thoeouit ioom or to catch a good
gllmpsoof tho piisoucr Tho comment ou
Dr illlss testimony was general Somo
claimed that tho defense was not pressing
him closo enough others that It was tire-
somo but tho majority rccognicd the
cotirso tho defense was aiming nt mal
practice Guitcau was biought in at l0i
oclock and tho trial was lcsunicd
After tho tteccss
Col Corkhlll explained that tho iccoid of
which ho had spoken previous to tho recess
was kept by Dr Itoyburii nnd not Dr
Woodward ns had been stated Ho desired
to call Dr Itoyburn there to pioduco it
Mr Scovllio Never mind wo will ad
mit It
Tho cross examination of Dr Illiss by
Mr Scovillc was then resumed Tho
wotlnd Was piobed and washed ulmost every
day after tho shooting The probo was a
tloxlblo one dropping In of Its own weight
it did not touch tho backbono the physi
cians supposed that thoy wero on tho track
f tho ball doubts ns to tho passago of tho
I dl throuirh tho liver began after
Fourth of July Witness said that
i iilivRiciafla iliscMrscd wcro so ills
d by order of tho President YVltncs3
rated his published statement that
ilcians had mado n mistuko In their
of tho caso with referenco to tho
iie of
tho ball
as then began toicad tho recoid
Ii - intfl cac beginning with tho
irst dii oi
1 o I ord
writliii in
md fiol ii
i i the Disti
os an tulerii i
Dr UojbU
liliss and
id iiwifntlti 1
i ishooting up to dato of death
m in Dr Icybiirns hand-
ordluaiy noto book Dr
dilllcuity lu reading it
I vbunii at tho suggestion
rncy was sworn to a
a mvn
r n OOfc thO stOll Wt
e rem ug proceeded amid ft
1 intenated in tl
JL Urn sit of lit
t UU
ho woiilu
plwo in
i l IU llOtil i
Jllltau was uuv
matter Ho do-
to wilting small
1 nnd nddress
pocket Tho
but covered
ilotcly each
i j ni A
viih illiic wluc Cd to bo
V - anxiety
irJ1 ni the fowl tut is read
Mr Ku m
ivoiptonn - tho
confine - V lt Stalls hls
I -
case wUuMBho 1 a
sccmul to lase
tlicsomo talk bolM
When tho si h fl x w
Iloblnson nskd
Doctor ha H -
in pamphlot fi
Vo sir it ha not
npl ted Mr
on pubUfiifl
WCoLSCorkhllI l ahrc to tte that tl
iuhw - -- -
docs tho prosecution oxiitt togaiii J it
Mr Itoblnson sam iuj
referenco to tho
1 Ilentll i ll
lmil luen lirnimht Ollt l t
get nearer to tho truth oV o
tho caso
Mr Davidgo objected to
deueo ns irrelevant Tho Ov
not touched on this subject
nation bad been strictly com
shooting and character of tlio S
would appear that tho dcfcwY
ted now tu
lent of
deavo lug to
lnlsollui Issue of Malpiuei
us cm oi
Tljls picpostcious
of tlio
1 nnt iim neent
rT JH a d tweuty mlnuR
iiriiuiii iiiisu hi ----
iccoid held by tlio wltnca
ml t to
It was an nbu cot the Jury and com t to
Continued on 7talt lsc
h mL i WSL MM
AM mm Jh A1hCa
Attfilt lo Kill Mfiull
The Assassin Shot at While
on His Way to Jail
Interesting Particulars
Guitoau Woundod in tho Arm
This afternoon nt thrco oclock word
was received nt Tin Ciiitiu olllco that un
attempt had been mado to kill Gultcnu
whllo ou tho way lo tho Jail As tho vnn
was running toward tho prison
a man on n whllo horso lodo up nnd fired
Into tho van with what lcsttlt wns not
definitely nsccrtnlned Tlio gunuls
mid tlio vnn immediately started
liijpiirsiilt of tlio avenger who rodo off in
tho direction of Kendall Green
Another Account
A strange man on horseback fired into
tho prison van containing Charles J
Guitcau nt tho comer of FlrSt
nnd East Capitol streets shortly nftcr
3 oclock thisnftoruoou when tho prisoner
was being taken to Jail tho ball
rnzliit tJnltenuM Itlchl Arm
Just uboyo tho wrist Tho man then Inf
ills heels into tho sides of his horso dashed
out First street going northduwn tho hill
und net oss tho tracks of tho ILiltimoro
Ohio railroad and disappeared Ho wns
Ilreil at y Olllocr 1ilpliu
who sat on tho van with tho
driver dunes Leonard but wns not hit
Tho man was
tliiisid liy the Vnn
ns far us tho hill overlooking tho Jailroad
track mid could not go further thus giving
tho stnuigcr nn excellent opportunity for es
cape Tho vnn wns then wheeled around
und driven rapidly to Jail whero
iillcati Chattering anil Terror-
was carried into tho Jail
Ho begged that steps bo taken to
sticngthcn his guards hereafter Ho said
that ho was not hint but very much
Ah Learned by Another deportee
When tho van containing Guitcau left
tho front of City Hall with James
Leonard driver and Officer Edeliu in
tho front nnd Perry II Carson
man nt tho back n low built man dressed
in seedy clothes and wearing a cap who
sat on horseback to tho left of tho van
whllo tho prisoner was being put in
turned and rodu off with tho prison
wagon Ho followed it tluougli to I
stiect then turned off and camo up behind
it again nt tho corner of the 11 O depot
and New Jetsoy avenue Ho lodo up and
looked through tho spaces lu tlio back of
tho vnn nml then fell back
When tho vnn readied First nnd liist
Capitol stiects tho mnu rodo upon tlio right
iirowii IMstol anil quickly Ilreil
Ho turned to go nwny and in doing so
fired n second shot which missed tho
wagon Tho ball entered tho second upper
panel of tho vnn nnd lilt Oulteau in tho
fleshy part of tho right forearm
When Perry II Carson opened the door
IViih Hlaiulluir ui Very Jlueh
and said Toll Dctcctlvo Voj3 and Major
Williams that1 want n doublo guatd down
to thojall to bilng mo up Monday morn
Tho men nftcr giving up the efloit to
catcli tho man toofc tho van to thojnll and
delivered to Deputy Warden Ituss
Tho wound vtissllght und seemed to troublo
tho man VlJ little
Tlio au after filing turned down Fiist
fjreef and put his horso to tlio lcin Ho
dashed down tho hill and across
tho nilhoad tiack Officer Idllu fired
at tho man and hurried tho horses of tho
vnu nftcr tho fleeing shootist It wns n hot
raco for a few minutes but tho
linn on lTui sohucll
had too great an ndvnnlago ou his sldo and
left tlieni behind Seeing that It wns Im
posslblo to ovcrtako lilm they turned tho
van toward thojall nnd thcro delivered tho
piifconcr considerably more fiiglitcncd than
Tho man that did tho shooting was seen
about tho court houso yesterday mid asked
Perry Carson to vo him nu oppoitunlty lo
sco Oulteau
Carson nsked m Havo you got tv pis
tol r
Houusweicd yes
Then you cant sco him raid Car-
ho man hung about tlio building fyr
tlmo und then disappeared
i r Carson notified Deputy Marshal
ihnius of what tho man had said and how
k but that ofllicr paid Uttlo
iod i i hclng ovorloadcd with business
ii im j no stock in tho stoiy
Tti ltv that Old tho Mioomiir
is W u b
discharged soldier Hois n
i lil 1 l 1nli
nadiii Over rcet high wmi i
liaJuisMti J t suit well wotn und u
h 2ZXnn li head Ho rodo a sorrel
C 1 liil nn tbn nnlinal
an oidluary saddla iul bridle
He was tuoJiit lu Irotit of tho court
hmio for tut InUf iui hattv beforo the lomt
ndjourntM jfeid ta Ijhon tt tho van bacied
in ami
4u mm
tnt OW
i ueMKik Mmuon on un
vtofvoaia tlicic until 1
tneii in wl nllduwn the tit

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