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The Evening critic. (Washington, D.C.) 1881-1885, November 19, 1881, Image 4

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Hpcrlnl Wcnllipr Iliillrtln
Tlio special bulletin Iisucci from the Slg
mil Olllco to ilny Riyi
Tlio Imllcntloiu tiro ttuil threatening
weather nml rniu will prevail l Now
Knglimil nnd tlio Middle Slaten followed
mi Sunday by clearing nnd mucli colder
Abmil Ic1p nml Thins I Wiiuli
Martin Smith nti ln saiio nallor will bo
onttoSt lllrabctli to day by tho lolleo
Till liorso attached to ear 2l oj tho Hell
Muo fell dowiilat evening nUIIoVontli mul
fi streets and was badly hurt
CnitnNin rvrTrnnN viewed tho body
of tho Infant wailied rulioront tlio Soventli
street wbatf yesterday and ordered lis
IiiiJnuNfioN left a colored Infant in
tho earo nf a friend yesterday nnd dis
appeared Tho baby will bo sent to St
Anns Asylum
Had habits mo easily contracted so nm
colds nnd both nro very hard to Ret rid of
Tho colds nro quickly nnd surely cured by
Dr Hulls Cough Syrup
Oliii Urowv a ten year old colored
girl was run over nnd slightly hurt last
evening on JeUerMm sttcet by n carriago
driven by unknown parties
1rAKcn Miustiiad n coloicd man fell
from tho deck of tlio steamer Mattnno Into
tho wntcr last ovcnlng and was lcsoucd by
police olllcers from tho wharf
The plato glass window ofKobcrt lloyds
hardware store Xo 111 Ninth street was
broken by thieves early this morning nnd n
number of knives and pistols stolen
Tnr pastors of Hast Washington havo de
cided to tako n collection for tho Cliirflcld
National Hospital at tho Union scrvico to
ho held on Thanksgiving Day in Hov Dr
Chesters Church
A cAiiniAor dilvcu by Win Smith vas
ssliii nlonc I street last evening when
tho liorso took fright nnd ran into ono of
Jleurichs beer wagons damaging tno ear
rlago to a consldcrnblo extent
Tun Spenecrian lUtslucss College in Lin
coln Hall building has secured additional
class rooms for Its steadily Increasing day
classes nnd lias opened largo and Interest
ing departments In elocution nnd phonog
St Tmisn fHAVTKn Xo 7 1 A M
have elected the following olllceis for the
ensiling year Col Perry II Carson J nign
nrlest llmrlsoii Gordon L king S
Cannon D Ecribolcorgo Chisel trcasuicr
John Xllunt Tccoruer
Tiik S r C A at nu adjourned meeting
lost night appointed a committee to con
sider n pioject for changing tho namo of tlio
association to tho Humane Society Tho
Idea of this chango Is to nllow tho work of
tho society to embraco the care of Ill treated
TiiEononi Crummy nu enterprising
lolorcd brother evidently in search of n
Tlinnksclvinc dinner was charged lu tlio
Tollco Court this morning by Theodoio
livers with stcallnir a dead hoc
donco was not of u sulllccntly concluslvo
charncter and tho defendant was dismissed
Tun following havo been appointed by
tho Commissioner additional patiolmcu
for duty lu tlio U 9 Treasury Department
Harry A Cohaugh Hcury A Allen John
Connelly Henry lldwards Daniel T John
son Itlchard Michael William 11 Wood
John llott William H Hill John McClulrc
John P Simmons Dull Schubert Koliert
0 Wilson Charles W Davis Albert X
Stovcnton Clcorgo W Weed nnd John Con
Tin Mnrylnnil Slato JJeiiuhlleau Asso
ciation held n special mcctlngat Sovereigns
Hall 1021 Soventli street northwest last
night with tho president Cant KS Wld
dicombo in tho chair and Adolph Van
llcutli acting secretary Tho chairman nf
tho transportation committee Wmlt tun
nlsou reported that ho had furnished 128
voters with certlllcatcs ot lialt laro rates
and transportation for forty voters Con-
sldcrablo enthusiasm pTOvnllcd at the result
of tho election In Maryland and in eonso
quenco tho association received quite nu
increase In tho number of applicants for
Cimcit CouitT IiHtlco MuAitliiir Unit
X Co vs Carmoodyi Jiulguicnt gmntod
Emory vs I owls administrators motion
for Judgment oven ulcd Tonnoy t hon vs
Jlrewcr Judgment granted mid appeal
prayed Ilondlcy vs Henderson V 1ow lor
garnishees nttncnincnts dismissed without
cost uy counsel uyam vs in
lliurrel oveilllloil tllulllvn rinvrt In liloml
Curtis vs Fowler ilcmiincrto lepllcntlon
nvci ruled niul twenty dajg topload limn
lltnn vs Kill ilcniurrur unstained and
Jiulginenl Wilson vs llrst MrtliodUt
Iloiestaiit Chureli demurrer overruled
Clillds vs tninodoiiiuiieriveiTuled lort
nor v leonnvdi ilemmvcrHUitiilned lruvn
to amoiid pleas lortnof vs Months
luollon lor Judginoiii nvenuleil Molliir
mott vm liiirlniid motion for now tilul
ovei ruled bill of exceptions signed
An Itmiprexxni y iellenieiil
An nxcltrincnt was caused nrodud lolleo
HcndrinaitcM nnd on Pennsylvania avenue
this morning which nt ono timo llueateiied
notions coiiHeqiienees At nbout luoelnclc
u young man rushiit Into Pollen Head
quuitciH gasping Cur liicnlh nnd dilpplng
with porsiiliiitlon and otclledly Hinted
hat nddlllonal liolleu olllceis ttevo
iioedertntuily Hall lnsMnllj After lie
llMTlnghlsinessngo ho Inado nhastydo
part mo There win on number of people
Ioltciliignboiitnttlio time mid niusli was
lnado for thu CHy Hull dipt Vernon nnd
hovcral lloutoiiauts stinted up
RtitPt nnd In n moment tho howh whs
oil ii lui nd icd lips that lultcau had licon
Killed or ut loast mobbed In tho com t rooin
Tliorushtlmtlollowedliom all directions
was ticiiioiidoim Tho excitement win sud
denly moderated when Capt Vernon oamo
outiif lliocouit liousn with a rollfvcd ox
piessloniind Mated that as tlio oilleoiH had
lint liven aide In keep imek tho eiowd a
iiicssengor liad been sent In Inqnlio nt
liendniiuitcri whether lour uioio olllcois
could not bo detailed ns soon us practicable
1 he i crowd was badly sold and on tailing
lu tlio situation soon dispersed
DlNlrlet Goicriiincnt Xolcs
Iho Jialtimoro Potomac Itallroad
Company were granted a permit to day tu
build nu cxtciblvo iron car shop on Vir
ginia avcutlo near Sixth street southeast
i no estimated cost is about 3000
Tho Inspector of Buildings has notified
beveml liartics whoso
houses lmvnlipnn ni A
vlously condemned that If tlio buildings
I iiui reuiuveu uy mo owners wltlilu
fifteen days they will bo taken down by
tho District nuthorltlcs
wcro opened lu tho olllco of tho
Commissioner this afternoon for building
n sower from Xlnth street and Virginia
to Tiber Creek
sower Iho bidders were Lynch t Mills
irlVrSrirnlSy ItoyW II Coyle
W II Moliler
IJioman Joyeo nnd William
Jiussey Jho bids nio not yet fully
scheduled but thorn Is Hill lii 1
irin jiussey 13 tho lowest bidder His bid
wr1 VIIovsi rst em 311 second
sixth Pc ioventli Sic nml eighth
ir You Wiiit
nmmifaeluied in our city and wmrantel
to bo cual to
any Imported cm bo seci cd
C U XalV 6rs UU Sovo11 twt who
wSfj c Ms wines
lur IHiinl Olnircli Itrraril A 1 1st or
Iho lroliiliient tliliriliiH III Wash
lug tun Wlto Will Supply tlm
pltHiiiiil Wlml Will
r Discourse
lly nu cxnmlunlloii of tho list puhlWud
below church goers can ascertain who will
preach lu their favorite ehurches nnd wlmt
will bo tho subject of discourse
Chrlitl Church Xnvy ynid Itov Clins 1
Andiews palnr lorvlees ill II n in unci
7aop in
Ilii V Church corner Tlilid unit
A Htreols noitbcnst ltov Wllford Down
pastor Services ut 11 a in nnd 7io p in
Metropolitan Unptlnt Church Sixth mill
North A RlreetH iioilucust Sol vices nt II it
li Pleaching by Iho pastor lev 1 M
IV i her
Jurlh Street Mitlimlltt VVMroml Church
liotWton rnudll stieolH southeast lieorgo
V Ieorh pastor Services at 11 n in and
lOp in
Vlllh llaplhl Church I slieel brlwcon
and Sixth KlieetH Hotitb
west ltov CO Mendor Services 11 ix in
nnd Igxt p in
Aticiiiblui Ircabitcrbm Church cmnarot
Tilth nnd I Hlioets iiortliHfsl Pieacliliig
llev IcorgoO Ilttleut llu
Hi nml 730 i in
Jirtl ir di Church corner llflli slieet
nml Virginia nvoiiuooiillniwti uniy
rrcnciiiuK it
Itl r Vitlreh ltov 7 S Ileal
pastor Pienclilng toinoriow nt U n m
mid 70 p in by tho pastor Kevlvnl ser
vices miring ino wcck
Wetlmlnter Prcibytcrltut rch 8ov
rntli Htreet between I and 1 southwest
Hov II V Illtllnger
t 11 n in nml 7dW p in
1ottrth Imbuterlim CiifiWtNJnilistrcot
between I iind II Htieets liorlhwcst
Preiicliliiffiitll n in nml 780 p m by tho
pastor llev ITKelly
Irucc Ji awicltcal Lutheran Church
ThlUicnthstieot between H and 11 noith
wlml Scrvlcos nt 11 nni mill i M pm
by tho pastor 11 I Trcssel
Twcllh slrcel U 1U Chinch corner of
Tweirthstieet mid Pennsylvania nvenuo
southenst ltovT A Morgan pastor Ser
vices ut 11 u in and 7 p m
AlnWi Xfrcvt MithmlM Vtotcttanl Church
SMnlli sliert bctwopn 1J nnd 1 stieets
liorlhwcst ltov Philip T Hall
Services at I In m nnd ut 70 p in
S Jtwws Parlth II sheet northeast
services will bo held on Sunday at 8 nml 11
n nmiiii in Hunilav scliool at 1301
hi TlianlssKlvlns day services ntSiuidll
u m
McKemlrce MJ Church MassnehtisottH
nvenuo between Jilntli nnd Tenth stieetH
n tl at ltmir liltlfr 1l tlio llllStOr IteV
I llerlierl Hlchiudson nt 11 n in nnd
7rO IV in
Central Irexoiiierian wnuren raiira
I nnd Third Htieets licauiwesi rui no
woisblp 11 n in nnd 7su p in lvoiilmr
lectiirei Is tho lllblo Inspired ltov A
W Pltzor 11 J liwior
tvu i Tlih tenntli street
lw twemi U and II llOltllWCSt ltOV 11
bort pastor scrvico io iiiti
Hi in nnd 731 p in Evening senium
TlioJuuiiee aii wviuuinu
nrolifrtlfciiuc JlaplM Church corner
ii iimiit nml Vlrirlnla nvenuo
uk t U Tmpa
west LreacnniK uy mo i
to iiioriowiitllttinnil7li m siinunj
srtinnl lit l a 111 lliul 2SW 11 111
MctrapolUttnlrctbiitcrlmi Church
yivnliAvenuo astnndiloirtl 8tee
110V lonn uiicsiui t j - j
-in nt ll oclock uvcnliig service nt J
clock snbbath sehool at On in
St Jatrlcln Church G street between
vitii nml Tenth northwest ltov 1 A
Walter pastor Hov Tlios IKcivIelf as
Juiiini to iuoriow Mass 7
iiiiii 11 oclock u in vespers 4 p in
an ST1 v Invited Sents freo
I- iril tflKUli nusirmu
nrjui ii i oor N nth nnd 1
nan on umi i
lempie in
sti euts ltuv Arthur Pi Pr10 HffilnEt
vlll irnr t 11 l
- ia lnviii u
inn i imiiiK ieu iiiiii -
New Jcruialem Temple Son
slieetlienijiivnine rox pasi i
vleo at 11 n in Heats nil free b Jn1ri
11 111111111 1 llllk V llin A II I tll
Jicntes Suslnlns nnd Peifccts All Things
Church o the Asccimlon corner ot Massa
chusetts uvenuoaiid Tnelftbhticet noiih
wost Holy Coinintinlou ut8 a in Sunday
school nt O IO n nii services ut 11 a m
nnd 7S0 p in Seats free ut evening ser
11V flpnrttctoirii M L Church ltov Geo
M Ilcrrv pastor Services to iuonow at 11
a in mill 711 P in by llovlt Emmons
I Utla lulls ll R u in uy hov uhuiiuiu k
Tonnnllytown lovlvnl soivlees still In pro-
VnlvcrtnlM Church Mnsonlo Teiuplo
corner Nlntli nnd P streets Services to
morrow nt 11 n in Sermon by tho pastor
Hov Alox Kent sulilcct A lulth That
Warrants Enthusiasm Sunday school nt
1130 u m
llloJlrw Chanel V II Church coiner of
Flfthnnd V streets noithwest Picacihlng
at 11 n in nml7u0p m by tno pastor Hov
W 1 McKcnney Suiidav school atl0u
in iiml3pni Thanksgiving seivlco on
St oAni CViiiiti corner of Omul Polo-
mao streets leorgctown llev Inlin S
Iluilsriv I ll leclor Seivlco and ser
limn 11 n in nml 13 p in stinngeis fenled
iv iisheis lu tho morning cents iron lu the
Memorial At J Church II nnd Eleventh
sts n n W Jlclv Ilannnnclrpnslor Sun
dnj school nt IWO n m pieaelilng at lln
in and 730 p in cinss mteting on Tuesday
livening at U0 prayer incetlng on 1ildny
Calraru llaptht Clurch corner Eighth
mid 11 streets noithwii t Hov Samuel II
Ireone pastor Preaching lit 11 n m mid
7U p in by tho pastor Sunday t ehool nl
Uo a in missions iKi p in A em dial
Invitation to nil
IVniiont Ireiiiie ChrUtlnn Church Ver
mont nvenuo between N and stieets
northwojt Pleaching by the pastor Fred
erick ll Power at 11 n in mid 730 pm
Sunday school at W n in Seats lice
Stiangcis welcoino
JStreet Jlaplltt Church near Sixth north
west Pleaching by thu pastor lluv lir
Iaunce at 11 a in suoject Tilrnlng
Xorlliwiuil1 ulsn at 730 p in a lectmoto
young inen subject Chi 1st and tho Young
Man to bo follow cd by baptism
77ie OnnuretialloH of the Tabernacle Ser
vices will lie held In Kendall Chapel cor
ner nnd I Htieets
snuthwoit Sunday Nov so lssij Sunday
school nit u uii preaching utll a in nnd
730 p m by W Y Hicks minister
Memorial church Pom teeiitli stiect Cir
cle paslor J 0 lluller Services legu
lailyat 11 iini nnd 4 pm At thontter
noon service lecture upon Sundaysohool
losson for tho following Sunday Subject
to moriow Sorpont lu tho Wilderness
All Invited
llamllne J J Church coiner of Ninth
and P st roots 11 enolitmr by tho pastor
ltov S M HaitEock at lln in Thu Itan
BOiucdof tholoidi 7W p hi Tlio Last
Great Day revival services dining week
at 731 p in Thanksgiving soiinou by pus
tor Thursday at lln in You aiulnvlled
1reibiitcrlan Chanel Claliuiigh Hall
Kourteontli sticet noithwest between
Corcoran nnd 11 stieets noxt to law HiuMir
0 Patch In charso Sabbath si rvlciisat 11 a
inl Snbbath schoo at a p in ptuyor nieet
lug Wednesday nt 730 p in All IntoresUil
iuo cordially invited to attend
AY Marks Clturch Third sticet nen
A southenst A P Steelo lector Holy
Communion tiMiwwnw at siM a in
pruyors mid hcuiioiis ut llu in uml 7Jip
in morning hoivlco and sermon Thau Ks
Hlvliig Day at Hi uvinilng piayer overy
Friday utii Seats always fico
Church ot the JMphnnli G slrerl near
Joniteontb Hov William Paiet ll
ri ctor Holy Joniniunlort at 8a in I nioi n
liruNervlcuiimlserinoiintlIaiu iivenliiK
sniTleo nnd sormon at730lii bunday
sehools nt Vm a in and a p in dally
piuyaviu loiiin and iv fu
uvonliii services all eo ats uru lice
Churclr othcliicamn loiieorncrTwi lflh
fiiwl V utfetfi nn tlut ItOV I ll
smid K T V uctor M rvlees to mnrnW I
Morning pruT l ocioam yri
Holy CoiiiiliiJioil 11 a fc SBn f70nB 4
li mveiilK VW n I
ii in iirniiu 1ilnliiiillnn nr IUO I Molv
Communion im Thiiisdays a1 An
climcli diiiimi la lu liart lor 1L sl P9
Oau Street Jlantltt Church earner of Hav
nml Congress stieets Oeoigetow n ll 0
i inicjiiiitf uy ma pastor liov lopiqiu
AYnlker liMnori nuMit 11 nm nnd 7u n
liilSundny serinolntOpin Alliuo henitlly
MetronolltoHifil Church coiner J and
iilieets lluv ItN liner
liastor Will uirneh toninrlnw nt 11 ll 111
mid 7iIO p jn Siinday sehool nt 30n in
Strangers cordially Invited In these ser
Jlohi Ci om Church coiner of Massachu
setts nviiiito nnd Eighteenth street
west Sunday Servleei Matins WSOii in
iiinny ciiniiil Holy Communion nml
mini 11 u in evensong I p m Dally
nmlliifjm in oioiisong 1 p in
Sixth lrclilertun Church Sixth street
eniner stieet southwest ltov lriiuklln
3iiliK aellnit paslor Snbbntli services 11
n in and 7i p in Subject morning nml
oviniliig Paul nml lynln Two Kinds of
licrniico seivlco on Thanksgiving daynt It
rmi 11 l Church Tueulletli sticet
mntliuest near Pennsylinnla acnuo
I Ilmrev iinstor Ili uclilm 11 nm
subject Illlowshlp with Uhilst iindnt
mi p in ino meat rmnpaign riencii
Iiikuii Thanksgiving clay at 11 n in
I a in mid 411 pm All es
pecInllystningeM Invited Sents free
of rauin jnmiin iutncran iviiireieoi
Her ilnventli nnd 11 slleels noithwest
Sendees to iuonow morning mid evening
at ll mid Pleaching by tho pastor
S lloiuor riiuii peoples meeting on
M on da ve veil I in foe 1 he study nf tun Inter
national Siindav seliool lessons Weekly
lectuiu and prayer meeting on Thuisday
evenings Sunday school utliOT
S Jaiiln Church Tweutythlrd street
Hov Wlllluui M llnikcr rector
row Ilolv Communion 7Ku in lnoiiiluir
prnjei lltiiiiyuud sermon 11 u in uvcu
lncnnivei mid catcchUImr I nm short
service mid senium 730 p in Choral ser
vices All scats lieu Dally players 0 p
in mid on litany days all ii m Thanks
ulvlng day Holy Communion mid sermon
11a m
llraee ivnirri corner Mntlinua Dhucoib
southwest ltov Piancls illllat lector
uiHiay scrvica nun sermon nt ii a in
Sunday oveulni sorvlco nnd sermon at
in Ccle irntlnu of tlin Ho v Communion
llrst Sunday In tho inontlint 11 a m Third
Hinday In tho month at 7 u in Week
dayservlees lsllval ami saint days at Da
in Wednesday ovenlng seivlco and ad
dress at 730 Filday litany at ll u in
Scats fi coat lilt i ervlces Supported by tho
olleitory Uomo Siindav sclioolutoiim
jirs i ju stoddaiii win picacnnt union
Hull Mt Pleasant Siimlav evelllliL at
And All on Account riilu
A seindal eninoto llebt Inst liluht nnd wiw
moru limy uoveiopeu inis liiorning wnii a
is oesiiniii in iniiKn cousinei i lie
incut lu cci tain circles Sergeant Iloyle nt
tlio Soventli Precinct tin otigli whom tho
iiisgrnccim mcis iuo iiinuu iiuiiiie
standing nt tho corner of Fifth nnd 11
stieets ut 10 oclock lust night when tho
oiiLiilstnl niul the shrieks of ii
encdwoiiinn wcro heard Issuing fiom a
housolu thu nclghboi hood A largo cioud
gntheicd immediately nnd thu luinoroiu
liiuruerspicau rnpiuiy iyni iiiiii uuuuu
1r tlin house Nn 431 11 stleot nortllWOSt
and wns admitted Ho uscci tallied that tho
occupants or tills nouso wero lir vt uiiiim
Douglass of tho Pension Olllco mid a
woninii iiamcil Elizabeth Cobb with whom
ho lived llotli wciu vci y inucli ex
plicit mid thu doctor Informed
Sergeant lloylo that ho had been annoyed
by u suspicious liiuu lurking urouiul tho
premises and looking tlnougli tho window
und thinking ho wns n burglar had llredat
him Tho Sergeant left tlio hnusuln scinch
of the allcgcil burglar and when some ills
tiincii from tlm hniisn nvcrtonlc tliuau Who
was walking nipldly away Hodomnndcd
the mans luinio who told him that no was
Dr Well of tlioAcrlcultnral Dcnartment
und had justcomu fiom tho houso where
tho shooting occuii cd Dr Well said that hu
had lived formoro than llvo years with fttlss
Cobb and hadsuppoitcd her during that
time mid hud left bcr soinu time ago to go
to Cincinnati to vote and on returning had
round that she hnd disappeared and re
cently ho bad learned that Dr Douglass
linil taken thu houso on II sticet mid Hint
shu was living wltU lilm Dr Well sctout
lust nlirht to watch Iho nrciiilscs mid lrv
sto Miss Cobb and ho supposed Douglass
liau seen iiiiii auu inen nt mm
Arrest Ex Deputy Auilllor Lilly
Jlr Pi cdcrlck 1 Lilly formerly Deputy
Rlth Auditor of tho Post odlco Depart-
mciit was nnestcd this afternoon by
Sncclal Agent A II Kcwcomhoon n war
rant sworn out by V Henry Woodward
charging that on tlio KKIi of December 187
hu nccentcd and received from Clcorgo P
rott tno sum oi 4 auuu as compensation lor
11 rott
ices rendered by nun lor procuring
contract fiom tho Uovcrnment on u
mail rou
to known as routo 00S8 from
nnd that nftci
c Li to Hcd lllvcr liudliig
tlio nwardiug oi tno contract
Hrolt d raits for tho amount
IIU4lVllllH4ll lnAinn rllnH
lnnl Tlil J
11 T intlon is derivei
that his Infon nir
from slatciiientu mald k d7r0m au i
lancil uown in wniiiiH
wlu rtliii nf
unn nr Minn In im I udwrmug
Lilly In relation to said iuatwri r
tinncnt further savs that on Jlrty i1
and therenfter down to August i8S J
n part ot tno duty o Juiy as ucj -
to leeelvo and lilICO im flK
In tho order 01 tiitir lcccipt urniin
or orders mauo ny persons nnving
ontractswlt i tho United Blntes for the
transpoitatlon of malls which drafts or
otdcis directed tlio payment to tlio persons
designated of moneys to iiecomo duo iroii
tho United States to tho persons making
tlieso drafts that about tho said day Lilly
azicedlo receive from llrott tho sum of
sKIOn In consideration of which agreement
Ho undertook on ino iirst uay
of July 18S0 to placoou fllo certain draftH
mailo ny Jcssio A irwin in invor oi jiron
upon tho compensation therenftor duo Ir
win for eariylng tho mulls known as iouo
No 815 and other loutes that Lilly in
imrsuuuco of snid ngreement while acting
as nn otllccr of thu United States did place
and lllo tho dinfts nml carry out tho agree
ment thit an nriangcineiit Win mailo
afterward between Iliottnud J It lllee
who was tho owner of tho other dram
given by lnvln by which Hrott witlulicw
tho draltslrom tlio mes ami inrra was paiu
to Lilly tho sum of 100 for his services In
this matter which was recoived by Lilly
with Intent lo liivo his decision and notion
on bald matters which could by law lio
brought before him In his ofllclnl capacity
lulliicnccd thereby
Tlio ailldavlt further says that nmong tho
letters Is ono dated October 1 ISfrO written
by Lilly to llrott in which tho following
possago occurs Tlio Irwin matter looks
fair and I think will pull through although
thcro has been and Is n great fight ngainst
your drafts Keen mo udvlscd of
your address and hopo for tho best
Anotlior dated olllco of the Treasury for
tho 1 O Department October 31 18hl says
lu tho flist placo In tho Irwin matter
dont you glvo away u cent I will
pull you tluough for at least two miartcrs
When tho warrant goo3 to you I will wrlto
what disposition to mako of tho pro
Dout you meet Price here or cisowiicrc
Let the matter go for at least ono quarter
you can then mako bettor terms with
Mr Lilly wns taken before United States
commissioner unnrics a iiuiuiy tins
noon Judeo Jeio Wilson nmicarlng for the
accuse and Col William ACook for tho
uoverumciic nan was nxcu m ino nm m
-000 Mr Henry M linker became tho
surety und tlio heating was set for Monday
ucit ut 1 p ni
lmlgorolKcrN HiiecoMHor
AuiANV N Y Nov It Gov Cornell
lins npioliitcd Charles LUoncillctofJJiook
lyn to till tho vacancy on thu bouch of tho
Court of Amicnls occasioned by tlio resigna
tion of Judge Folgor
Tho Now York authorities announced
last week that it would Ihi neiessnry lo
cm tail 1 tho supply of Crntnu Tho Cochl
timto not only seenjj to have been cur
tailed hut pistes as if tlie whole ilmc liad
liepu soaking there for u long tlniu
tommtrclal Jlullelhi
Continued Irnm First lOReJ
nllow that mode of cxnmlnatlou toprocccd
no suggested Hint tlioilclenso pass over that
lino of exninltintlon for tho present nnd ho
would not object to It when thntphaso of
ino ciiso wns properly reaction miring tlio
progress of tho trial
Ihls was satisfactory to tho defense and
tho witness was questioned ns to tlio forma
tion of pus cnvltics nnd abscesses his
swers being of no special Information or In
terest tho examination wns T cry lengthy
however nnd looked ns If It would havo been
as protracted ns tho reading nf tho record
Indeed so imiircnt dd t is become that
Col Corkhlll said that tlio physician who
performed the nulonsv was tho nroncr per
son to bo examined on these points nnd bo
gnvoMr Itoblnson notice that ho would
produce that gentleman as a witness
Tho witness to Mr Davldgo Tho neat
est element of danger fiom tho Presidents
wound was tho Injury to tho backbone or
vcrlcbnu gunshot wounds In tlint portion
of tho body wero Hablo to prodttco blood-
poisoning there was danger ltoin
tho rupture nf Mood vessels from
thu scattering of tho debris mado by tho
bono and the soveiing of tho nrtcry Tho
severed artery led to nuncrlsm which
brought nbout tlio fitnl hemorrhage Tho
witness wnslhcro excused
Tlio lot eminent ipcelcd to Close
To tlny
Col Corkhlll said that tho Government
had expected confidently to closo their cuss
to day nut ho und understood Horn
Mr Hobluson that thu other medical
witnesses would bo subject to tho
same examination ns Dr Illiss Ho wished
to add that tho question would ho presented
to tho Court Monday morning whether that
lino of examination wns to go on
luKctt 1T Agnln
Iwouldllkotonsksnld tho District
Your Honor Intel ittpted Oulteau
With tho permission of tho prisoner
bald tho Judge you can go on
Yes with Ills permission spoke Col
Prooccd Mr said flulteau
Iwouldliko to ask unless objected to
by tho prisoner that tho jury bo allowed to
go out riding to morrow staled tho Dis
trict Attorney
That Is nil light answered tlio Judge
Adjourn tho court until Monday next
Tho court wns adjourned nt 218 oclock
lultcau being promptly returned to jail
Xeiv York Ilituh Htiitrinciit
New Yomc Nov 111 Tho bink state
ment to day Is unfavorable Loans In
creased 2OJ8W0 speclo decreased 3
200 legal tenders Increased 121000 de
posits Increased 111200 circulation de
creased 80700 reserves decreased
NulpciiHloii or ii Huston Ilnnlc
At 12110 yesterday afternoon tho doors of
the Pacific National Hank on Devon street
lloston wero closed and tho following
notlco posted thero Owing to failures lu
which tho bank 13 Involved payment Is
temporarily suspended This was read by
Fomo 200 or TOO men who had been stand
ing In and nbout tho banking rooms for an
hoy r or more awaiting tho decision of tlio
directors which ramo In tho form of tho
notice nbovo quoted It is understood that
tho suspension of tho bank was caused by
tho failure of Thcodoro S Weeks n largu
1 operator on tho street whom tho bank was
sustaining ami who was carrying somo
21000 shares of Kustcrn Itallroad and a
largo amount of Silver Islet both of which
have fallen but still havo Intrinsic value
Ouo of tho directors of the bank told a
reporter of tho Traveller that tho embarrass
ment resulting In tho suspension was caused
by tho failure of n largo operatorwhoso namo
ho declined to give who had been suffered
to largely overdraw Tho director declined
to talk further Faying It was best to await
tho report of tho haul examiner A great
deal of excitement prevailed at tho bank
foran houror two before tho dosing there
being a Inigorush of depositors
Mr Dallas has prepared a bulletin of
all tho postal regulations as regnuls tho for
warding and delivery of nil mall matter
and copies of It will bo sent to every post
master lu tho United States This will
facilitate postal business and rcduco tlio
number of letters and packages sent to tho
Dead Letter Olllco monthly and bo of
general benefit At present about 0000
letters are received dally nt tho Dead Letter
Ofllco lu this city
OMcer Int Kenrney
In a moment of pleasantry ourCouitio
poller yesterday In reporting onicur Pat
Kearneys testimony given In thoOultenu
ease perhaps took advantngo of the genial
olllccis goodnature nnd played loo much
upon ccitnln alleged peculiarities of lan
guage It Is but Just to say that Mr
Kearney has not u broguo ns orond as
that given him by tho rcportor Thcru was
no Intention howover on thopaitof Tins
Climes icpicsontntlvo to oircnd him in
tlio slightest manner Thero Is no better
otllccr on tho police force of tho District
tbnii Pntilck Kearney lln Is n thoroughly
conscientious glial rtiiin of tho pencil mid
wns uovur known lo shirk duty Whllu on
this subject it might bo woll to sluto Hint
tho eontiovoisy between Kearney nnd
Pinks ns to who iiircsted Gultcuii wns
cleared uptycsloiilay tho pilsoner admit
ting tbnt thu foimor was thu first to get to
him niter tho shooting and that Kearney
liiudo thuiinest
irifin Wiuit
n Iluslncss Suit go to Ilscninn llros corner
Seventh nnd 11
Palais Royal
1117 and 1119 Ponna Avenue
401 and 403 Twolth St N W
6 reat Special Sale
IaiIIch Mrrliiii Vests nnd Drawers Nuperlor Qual
ity 10 cents
IjuIIcs Merino Vesls snd Drnw ers OS cents
Ladles Henrlot Wool Vests nml Drawers Medica
id 1130 up
Childrens Vests anil Drawers 23 cents up
Childrens Hcnrlet Wool Vests nml Drnw crs Mcill
Kuiillsli lliiir llose lull ltrsulnr 111 cents
Inst llecelvcil Ijitest No eltlcs In
Euilisli and French Mm
Silk Suspenders
Earl and Wilsons Collars
Gents Unlaundried Shirts
Ililnfurccdllosoms nil sires 73 rents
Kitni llni imillty l
Merino Shirts and Drawers 60o
itrn Heavy quality I
Mens Shetland Wool Shirts and Draw
ers 65 cents
Scarlet All Wool Medicated Shirts and
Drawers Si 70 usual price 2
Australian Wool Shirts and Drawers
Warranted Not to Shrink igs
Canton Flannel Drawers all sizes our
own make 75c
We w III also Close Out Hie llulance of our
Cotton Underwear
Regardless of Cost
Palais Royal
1117 and 1119 Penna Ave
401 and 403 Twelfth Street
Childrens Suits
Childrens Overcoats
In the Line of Childrens Suits and Overcoats
we can show styles and shapes that can be
found at no other house in the city
The question may be asked -why no other
house can show these styles simply because
all the goods they sell
We have in our employ a gentleman known
to the Trade as a Designer who does nothing
but study styles of Boys and Childrens Cloth
ing and cut Patterns for the same
Our house being the Only MANUFAC
ton controls these Styles exclusively as we
sell to no Retailer in this city
Our Prices are naturally Lower than others We will
at any time furnish you with Scraps of same goods as
suit purchase free of chaigo
Likes Eerwanger Co
Strictly One Price Clothiers
Geo P Timms
Harry B Parker
Geo I Timms Co
Are now under full sail Their preparations for business
are full and complete
G eo F Timms Go
Have their Mens and Youths Departments Stocked with a
Line of Goods which it is thought will prove equal to all
Geo F Timms Co
Invite Special Attention to their Boys and Childrens De
partments The selections are Handsome Large and Com
plete It is not thought that any one can fail to be pleased
in these Departments
Geo F Timms Go
Have all Goods Marked in Plain Figures The Lowest Price
Possible being Given at Once and this price is too low to
be objected to
Geo F Timms Go
Insure Polite Attention to all who are kind enough to call
and promise not to urge visitors to buy
400 1 W Corner Seventh and D Streets
Constant Quotations
Direct and Private Wire to Now Yorlc Philadelphia and
Orders in Stocks anil Investment Secnrities Executed witli Despatch
Government Bonds Foreign Exchange Coin o
H D COOKE Jr CO Bankers
Wo Invito iho lnbllo lo examine our Quotation and nvnll themselves of our services as Brokers
In Buying nnd Helling cM tf
Kings Palace
or THE
Latest and Most Fashionable
Feathers Plumb Ribbons
Satins Plushes Velvet Silks
Worsted Hoods Saok Shawls
Made Up Lace Goods
Artificial Plants for Parlor Ornaments
at Tin lowest riueisa
eipl I
Largest Stock of Lamps
008 NINTH STREET oiipo 1atont Olllco
Complelo Stock of
lloilln 7olr Crowd nml icrmmitown
Wool Knlttlni Yarns niiillVorntoil OixuIh
Largo Assortment of
Trims ChlldrcnsSferlnoCloaka
uneclultv ortl
French Pattern Hats and Bonnets
And nil tho Lending Nnvclllci In Millinery
nsrosj w EALii goods
Jutt received nHupprh Assortment ot
lor tlio lull Htoroii nt 013 SEVENTH HTREETI
Tlieso goodd inutt bo Been to bo appreciated
Millinery Goods Now Ready
HOSIERY a Specialty
New Patterns for Stamping
Full und Winter A rrnngemcntn lieKlniitnir Oct 1
Virst clussraro to Norfolk and rortrctii Mon
roo 2S0
Hecond CliiHa l uro to Norfolk und Ft Monroe flco
riret cluaH Faro to llneylolut nnd lolnt Look
out I M
Kecond cluu to llucy lolnt and lolnt Look
out 73
Tlckeia find staterooms for milo und InforuiU
tlonfuriilsliiilnlll WKiMh Sons 1210 F street
northwest 114 0 Ticket Olllco 1411 leminnvo
line St Marn Hntrlltnosos Cigar Stundsnt
rlnnl Hotels II II lolkinlinrn iiont to City lost
olllce and ut Companys Olllco 7th street wliarr
General Superlntindent
WMl WELCH Agent J oc2J
V for a gentleman of leisure merchunt or clerk
lu any of tho Uovernmentdepartmentsdeslrlng lo
own a rural homo whero property Is early en
hancing In value distant 25 miles from tlio city on
u splendid road This properly li elevated on rich
rolling land watered by springs and run
streams and commanding a lino jlewoniie
and surrounding country und within lessUar
mile from tho Metropolitan llrancli nml Ball I
S Ohio railroad Improved hy four dwell i
mid a beautiful mansion nf H looms exclusl
I lie basement surrounded by choice fruits i
rlous kinds shrubbery und flowers nnd wat
the mansion und In tho house For further
matlonupplytoWil Malu i Uros ht Ch
Hotel cormirlhlrd street und Ieunsylvunlj
inio northwest I

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