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Fourteenth Year No 4077
Monday Tuesday Thursday nml Irldny
Hies nml Hatunlay Mnlliice
Tlio Talented nnd Popular A rtlsls
and Mrs W J Ploronoo
hioionim Mrs ii
rent piny
Ullllory In Jli NNoolfes
Wednesday cvciiliu NovcmlwrAI n new iuiii
edy In 3 ncti entitled
Marx AiloliliUiitPli MrW J Ilnrpnce
Mrs Tin linccy Mrs w J Flurpnce
Thursday llriiiuriliiiiilsRlvlnir Matinee
Iniitnln Cuttle Mr W J 1 lorenco
Hnhinlnv pvrnlnir November W
Tin man
lloliprt llrlprly Mr W J Florence
Mimilny November SI Willie IMonlns M A11KH
Mr lolni T loril Proprietor ami Mmuiitcr
Mr J Louis lord Uiwliiem Mil linger
TliankfKlVlnK Week MntliiecsTluirsdny nnd Bnt
Manager loril has mucli Ernllflenllmi In
Henry K Abbey
esq nnd Messrs lirooksnnil Dixon fur tlio llrnt
production In America or tleo ltslms 3 nct Coin
A Comedy In ft Comedy lInycil upward of 100
The piny 111 bo produced Willi new scenery bv
Mr lloj t BecnloArtlslParl TiieatrcNew York
Jlcscrvcd scats now on nnle
Monday November 21 Nightly nnd Tuesday and
Vrlilnv Mnf InoffS
BTTixtrn Mntlnee Tliaiiksglviiiir IuyTTtt
Thursday November SI tho Brent show or tho
euson Another Oreat Hneclnlty Company Tho
UreatcstHensallonol tho Day Tlio Swing Went
n Little lilt
All now
leas 1 MO llIllliiinj iiiiim r riuitiv
linglip ainriow riiinm u jihiih i 4wiimj
Drew McDermntt Foster Hetnn Miilvey De
tnlln Wlnlnr 1 Inrrl llmlil Williams Frankllll
Dnnvers 111 one of tbo greatest bills of tlio dny
Lonkoilt for the Zulu Mentation next week
1 BTimrr
OeratiTK lovriiXMKNT Vosr ovFiciu
The regulnr Concert Season having closed tlio
undersigned takes pleasuro tb niinounco to the
public Hint the nbovo spacious hall Is being reno
vated nnd Is now for rent nt rensonnblo rates for
llnlls Concerts Theatrical Performances Lec
tures Iubllo Meetings Iteceptlons Ac
In connection with tho mnln hnll tlipro Is nlnrgo
illnlng room accommodating AiO people nttiiclicil
to which Is n commodious kitchen supplied with
largo ranges nnd other practlcnl nppllances of the
latest Improved styles
The llmenslonsof the hall nro KxM feet with a
uniting capacity of x people Tlio stage which
Is In conrso of construction will bo portable una
cniiborcmovednltogpthorlf sodpslred
New nnd spurious sitting rooms for Indlps nro be
ing lltteil up with special enrons to neatness nnd
For terms nnd olher particulars npplylo
1111H 1D AIINIlt
Bring the OhildTen
Bring the Children
Bring the Children
We nro determined that during the nppioachlng
Holiday Scnson tho Children who nro proUded
wllh Clothes from our establishment shall receive
n Christmas Olft rrnm us On and after To dny
with every Childs Suit Holdtherewlll be n card
w lib ft number on It In this shape
Christmas Presentation
Which will entitle tlio holder to ono of a largo
number of TOYS that v o have provided for lliein
In order to show NO FAVOUITISM the toys v 111
be numbered to correspond v tth tho number on
tho tickets imdnsweciuiiiottellwlio will be tbo
hulders of the tickets It follows llintwccnnuot ill
criminate In fu or of or ngnlnst purchaser In tho
nine or tho Chrr tinns dirts Tlieywlll be distrib
uted on tlio Vcdncsdny preceding Christmas De
cember 21st Wo trust that our Juvenile friends
Mill enjoy Hie pleasure of rcccMng tbeso Christ
mas tokens asrmih ns w o do In bestow Ins them
Strictly One Price Clothiers
316 and 318 Soventh St
Real Estate and Insurance Agont and Broker
Houses nnd Lots Wanted lor Purchasers
1IltU INBUltANCE Placed to Any Amount
in ami rrnnt fnrtlin Charter Oak Llfo
nuco Company Newiatesnndncwniid denlruble
plans nlliisuriuipe l
022 bkvinth ST N W HOT I AND K
Mlulelnlf Inr
sami r oiTTiisras
Culls tlio attention of thostovo trado and builders
to u new unit deslrublo rcalfttcr at a low price ocl
WO Iuvcrs Ague und lovcrs lllllous rovers
nml other diseases incident to tlio season take
HUOWNINUS UITTElts and you will surely es
capo them
IlItOWNINOS IHrrEIlS liavo been In uso for
over twelve J ears and no person was ever known
to have chills or bilious lo era while using theso
Hitters ForsulobydiUKgUtsand grocers goner
010 Pennsylvania Avenuo
703 Ninth street n w lartle and WeddhiKt
served nt short notice no7
oo2l Pennsylvaiila avenuo and Klghleentli st
ml now teaehliiB tlio live step wnll and
Ian n leiiuls qunilrlllcs lartlculars ut hall 1001 1
or residence Olj Kin st notlUu est ocl8
The Evening Critic
I desire to niinounco lo my friends nnd Hie pub
lie tliat I have purchased lho Interest of my Into
brother Win It need and 111 continue tho limi
ne of the lato Ilrin of II W Heeds Sons Whole
nnle nnd Itctnll Grocers nt tlio old atnnd No 1210
F street northwest wbero I would bo pleased to
servo nil who may fnvor mo with tbelr pntronnco
with Hie Uncut good In my line oftrndp nl the
lowest prices
The undersigned einlirocrii tho present opportu
nlty to tbnnk tho friends nnd ciiitoniern of Hid lato
II rm for their favors In tho years past nnd heirs to
nssuro nit such of bis Intention of deserving their
continued patronage In the future
Wasiiinutiiv October 13 nolS
niinounco no win ninice ins
Monday NOvitnirt u isst
Thopiilillo nro cordially Invited to oxnmlno
them The largest nnd handsomest stock of Paper
nnclKnvelopeslnlloxeslliavocver hml I hnvo
just opened nnd now offer for nnle Childrens
books In paper covers nnd handsomely bound nnd
Law Jlookneller nnd Htatloncr
itoO tf 47i rennn nve 11 v
B r
if i cooici
1 no p 8Tnirrr
ntsirtt nfrnliimhtnn npr cent ltonds mnlurlnc
1S92 Norfolk City 8 per cent lloiuls lialiiK so
years to run ft llrst class Investment Cull and
Metropolitan Street llnllwny Hlock Wnslilnglon
Onsllght Hcrln nnd other Investment scourilles
Uovcrnment ilonds etc
Direct wire to Ihllndclpbla nml New ork
All Chronic Dlsenses sclentidpiilly trentnl inn
lnrla especially Onlco hours J n in to IS m nnd
2 p m to 8 p in Lonsiilliiuon iree
iinroni payino BrrciAi tax hills on
nol tf Three doors nbovo Columbia Building
ltuIITl 1 JiilliSUlllA ll il Willi J
HKNHY A WILLAni Presldpnt
FIIKDWUCK 11 McOUIlli Vice President
11 K WILLAltD Secretary
Insurance ngnlnst nil Loss by Tire nt reasonable
ijr3J this day entered Into a copartnership
under tho tlrm name of HIMPbON A GUY nt 100
Pennsylvania avenue for tho purpose of carrying
onnnextenslvoStoveltango nnd Furnnco busi
ness nnd dealing In flrst clnssmnkcs of goods In
our line with repairs nnd shall bo pleased to re
ceive calls from tho former and present patrons ol
the old llrm of Sibley iUuy and li 1 blmpson
to whom wo nro successors
11 F 1UY
ocfl 100 Pcnnsylvnnla avenue
That never rusts never breaks never venrs out
always clean nnu can no worn w mio oniuing is
forsiiIoatCHAH IlMCHKlfH 623 Sevenlli st
northwest Mrs Fischer devotes her attention to
tho wants of lady patrons
The largest assortment In the city of Hue quality
Ladles Dress Sole Leathers lollo7luo nnd Pack-
1IIU t tllllfcn AJUin n unuiiiiiin nuiunnuiiu
elfiic Bar rocket book Klmwl hlrup ttc at tho
423 SEVENTH 8TNWopp Odd Fellows Hall
Orer 160 Different Stilts and Sites of Trunks on
TtEPAIIUNa Trunks Hags and Harness Re
paired promptly nnd thoroughly ut low rates by
rlrBt class workmen JeJOo
Corner Twelfth Street and Pennsylvania Avenue
UQJ thfl most ilnrnhlp slmnlv pnnstfucted am
best Invented taking precedence of all Inter Imi
tations HoldbyUeoltlIerrickaeenttcs lst
JPBJ Bread buy OUfl NEW HOUTH it Is
suro to please lor saloby ullllrst classtlroeers
nnd lililfHiiilP hv
Dealers In Flour lecd Corn Outs HayHtrnwic
ot West Washington P C
Is the name of our new
It Is thoBest Cigar yet offered for tho money
No 1011 Penna Ave bet Tenth and Eleventh sts
K1j can ltemeily for sale 439 Ninth street
northn est ltoom No 1 over W II llllcys dry-
Liberal discount lothotrade
fooiHKlore WA LT r Solo Aitent lor WnshliiBton
Tin plates sliecllron work Ireplacestovesranges
ftirnaces repaired Tin roollni spouting unil ull
kinds of tin work promptly attended to Send
your order to
810 Eleventh st n w near V st
VY of BRCBometlilntttoilolniiiirliillni olllcei
has had some experience good references Ad
dress Immediately PICA 107S High St lleorge
town P O no t
ion enri
JLl lug furnished rooms on second lloor
pass door ma inn st n
noJl Jl
Ji parlors nnd second and third story suites op-
imsItulrankllnPurk 010 11th St
cateilaei eKHlhliMiinll ears
centrally lo-
noi i
rultl Hncd by MnrotzeK
Condcrt Brothers who nro attomoys for
Adcllna lattl wore scrvcdjrncsday morn
lug with tho papors in a suit brought
against tho prima donna by Max Marctzck
Ono of tho linn said lio was not at liberty
to mako tho particulars of tho caso public
until Jlrao lattl had gone over tho papors
Mr Mnrctzeks claim ho said was twenty
vcars old Mr Marctzok had ovldcntly
written to Mmo lattl of his intention of
bringing thostiit because suo had Instructed
tho nnu to appear lar iter in tno matter
To a nucstion if tho amount of tho claim
was 10000 as had been reported tho
answer was mat u was not so inucii -Mr
It S Nowcombo of Warren street nt
tornoy for Mr Mnrotzck also declined to
glvo particulars oi iur AinrotzcKS ciaim
Prom other sources It was learned that tho
suit Is for nn alleged breach of contract to
sing In Mexico in 1601 It is said that lattl
was engaged for a stipulated nmotint nnd
that Mnrotzck prepared tho route engaged
tho rest of tho company purchased tlio
necessary wardrobe mado contracts for tho
tneatros ami navcriiscn tno tour it is al
leged that lattl Anally icfnscd to go to
Moxico that Miuctzck had oxpended 10
000 iu making tho nrraugcmcntA for tho
our and that ho lost nearly thrco timet nt
much betides by reason of tho bicach of
contract Mr Marctzck came hero 1ioiu
Cincinnati a few days ago
Second Edition
400 0 3VC
Tin mitlonul bank notes recolvcil for ro
Aciiiptlon to tlny wcro ij2i3000
OovritNMiiNT nncrtPTH to day Inlcr
iinl lovciinc fim77Mlj customs -inn I
John 1 Pick liat liccn niipolnteil post
master nt 1otomnc lrlnco Wllllnm County
Vn vice 1 H lrnnkciiliiirg reslgncil
A posT oriicr lias been cilnlillslicd in
Nottoway County Vn to bo known as
Irby ami John 1 Irliy nppoliitcil lmst
Jameb A Hamilton lias been commit
sioncil postmaster nt Uovnustown Haiti
moro County JM vlco Samuel 1 Sylves
ter dcccnsctl
Tin fullowliiK postmasters wcio com
inlssloncil Satunlny It 1raslicr 1ort flay
Wayno County W Va ami A M Dennett
lllmer County W Va
As A KOTvnii fact not ono numiuutlon
of iiostmastcr for tlio iicat State of Ohio
was sent to tlio Sonato during tlio lato
extra session of that body
It is DENirD nt tlio Department of Jus
tice Hint any onlers liavo been Issued from
thcro regarding tho stoppagoof piocecdings
In tho Star routo cases in Ilillaiicipnia
Tin iioonKKfprR of tlio House Is busily
engaged In putting tho carpet down in tlio
Houso of Representatives preparatory to
tho assembling of Cougtctttwo weeks
from to day
Jin K M JrAiinii Commissioner of
Patents visited Picsidcnt Arthur to day
and expressed Ills intention of resigning his
position Ills successor has not yet been
decided upon
Tin icports of tho Xavnl Advisory lloaul
at already outlined in Tin Citrric havo
been lccommltlcd as Secretary Hunt Is
anxious that their conclusions shall bo
unanimous if possible
Ton the wiik knihnci Saturday
thirty six now post olllccs havobcon estab
lished and tho sanio number discontinued
by the Post olllco Department it coinci
dence seldom chronicled
Tin DooniirEPnr hat had all tho waste
paper iu tho Houso sldo of tlio Capitol
sacked It ninountt to about ten tons and
will bo sold at 2 cents per pound anil tho
money turned into tho Treasury
Assistant SrcnrTAnY OP Till TniAH
UltY Upton has gouo to Iowa nnd will re
turn on Monday next Hit departure re
vives tho story that ho It to bo dlsiilacod
nnd tho fact that lio packed up all hit pri
vate cllccts licloro leaving gives tne story a
color of truth
A diiiciation of distillers fiom Mary
land nnd Pennsylvania headed by Col
Crelghton called upon Commissioner Itauin
Knliinlav tniuk hit aid beforo Connrcst in
having tlio tlmo in which whisky may llo
in bonded warehouses wiuiuut taxation ex
tended from threo to flvo years
KxTinrLY too Dxcrvsivi During
Scctetary Hunts nbaenco in tho rtoilli
Ilciir Admiral Nltholt ssecietary
piepaieil a boilet ni auioemnc tuiet govern
ing tnonso oi tno elevator in mo ixnvv im
iiartmcnt whicli ill cfleet gave liicrcdcnco
at all times and under all clrcumttaucet to
thoSccrctary nnd ehicrt or bureaux ilia
circulars wero approved by Secretary Hunt
and placed on every lloor but caused 60
lunch unfavorable comment that tbo Sec
retary to day ordered them all to bo io
Another Important low orFtw In
cision Acting lostmaster Geucial lint
ton has dictated that matter produced by
tho hand stamp tho typo writer or tho
copy press aro all prima ficio within tho in
tent of section 211 lostal Laws and Keg
illations 187 providing that lcproductlon
upon papor having tho chaiacterof nn ac
tual pergonal correspondence shall not bo
Included in tho tcim printed matter It
Is icasonablo to nsaiinio when tho matter it
produced by ono not engaged In tho busi
ness of printing nudliut ouo copy can bo
produced by tho ptocest adopted that tho
matter It Intended foruso only between two
persons upon subjects licisomil to them
Thlspicsuinptlon can bo lemovcd by an
examination of thosubjett matter pioduced
by the process adopted
Tno picsumpiiou against mu iiiiiuer piu
duccd by tho hnnd stampt is lest violent
than that existing In tlio uso of tho other
methods because tho repioductlon Is much
moro readily accompllsiieii nnu without
any resetting of tho type and Its uso In
general business ttansactlons coveiing In
terests common to many persons it lcnig
No mlo of nbtoluto uulvcisil application
can bo stated however with regard to tho
matter thus produtcd but tlio following
suggestion Is made When tho hand stamp
Is used upon tho matter Inclosed or upon
a tag or circular aicompanylng tho matter
and It lefers to tho matter itself or Its
price width weight or quality it will
usually appear that tho reproduction of the
hand stanip may pioperly bo classed at
printed matter tho leleicnco to tho
thing inclosed generally excluding tlio idea
of personality Hut when tho reptoduction
refers to a subject not accompanying it and
furnishes infuimailou icgaidlug tho fume
It will probably consist of matter personal
to tlio party using or receiving It Thus
the uso of u hand stamp upon mcichaudiso
consisting of papor or upon tags attached to
other mcichaudiso will bo held to rehtto to
thoirtlcloltbelfand bo intended that all
Into whoso hands tho nicrchandlso may como
sluill receive tho information conveyed nnd
such Information will therefore constitute
Diluted matter On tho other hand where
thusubcet to which tho icmoductloii io
latcs It not inclosed hut infoimatlon Is
given regatdiug itt contents as when tho
maker or indorocr of a noto is advised by
tho holder of tho ilato when tlio noto Mils
due by stamping tho dato on tho printed
notice tho liiutcr will ho held personal
Theso illustrations arc given as tests by
which cases of llko character but illlleilug
iu detail may bo determined
A Hon Ton Allillr
Tho Don Ton Cafe No DO I I sticet
which has gained such popularity nits been
purchased by Mr J no V Wright whu will
conduct it on a hidi clats - lniuclplo and
dlsponso tho host of liquors piovido tho
cholccit cigars nnd spread luneliet lit for
the most Mstldious eulcuiu The estnb
llshtncut hat been nowly fitted tin nnd
beautified John Wiight whu Is the pilnco
of hosts will bo pleased to havo hit tilends
call catly and often
Tin parlor oigin donated Iu aid for tlio
flernian Orphan Asylum was presented by
Missis Wild it lire of this city not Wlldo
it Uto of lUUituoto ut cnoncoiiily slated
The lrlHoiior More Tincdiblo Mr
Itnlilnson Itellcvcil nt UN Onti
Itcqiteit Tho rrosocutloii ClosiM
nml I lie Defense liiltenn
11 nil cm ii Hrlor Spcocli Jlr Son
tlllcN Oiicnliiir ItciimrhN Tlu lie
rente lo lie IllNllllll
To gain admlttlon to tho Criminal Court
room this morning was a matter attended
by many dliUcultlcs A great mast of pcoplo
thronged all tho entrances and packed tlio
hallways in tlio baiomcnt and on tho main
lloor and tlio Btalrways completely block
ing tho way Thit crowd composed mostly
of women and girls began to arrive about
8 oclock nnd kept increasing ovcryrnlnuto
icnortcrsot the critic muling it im
potslblo to gain ndmlssion iu tlio regular
way retired to tho annex wlilch is being
constructed In tho rear of tho City Hall
clambered up tho ladders with tlio hod
carriers and entered tho building through
tho fourth story window Tho court room
nt that tlmo wat not very densely
crowded Thoso who had gained admission
wero tho most privileged cinss
Mr Scovillo nnd wife John Clultcau and
a numbor of witnesses wero among tho first
to arrive John Oultcau busied himself
writing Mr Scovillo spread out n lot of
papers beforo himself nnd settled down to
work nt onco with nn nir that Indicated tho
events of tho day would ho
Intensely Iiitcrcstliiir
Tho nolso and confusion wat at timet
deafening and outsldo tlio crowd began in
creasing and tlio bailiffs and court olllclals
wero taxed to their utmost in keeping
older and preserving quiet
l rcrnntloiiM u lroleel 4 iiltrnti
Nothing unusual occurred In bringing
tho prisoner from tho jail to tlio court
house Precautions worn taken to movent
any assault or demonstration looking to a
repetition ot tno sceno ot last aiuruay
Six mounted policemen Iu addition to tho
regular guard wero on hand to do tho
escorting Deputy Marshals Williams nnd
Toll wero on hnud giving personal super
vision to tho transfer Capt Tall met
Ouitenu in tho Wardens ollico nnd stld
Why thoy wont for you after I left
you on Saturday
Yes said Uultcau thoy did I with
you would stay with mo all the tlmo I
thlnl they aro airaiu oi you
Capt Tall promised to bco that no harm
camo to him and Oultcau walked out of
tho door of tlio Jail and into tlio van Iu
doing so ho stopped long enough to seothat
lils guard had been Increased expressed
himself satisfied tho door was shut and tho
van camo up to tlio City Hall without re
ceiving moro notico than Is given It on
ordinary occasions
After ho arrived at tlio Marshalls ofllci
ho showed tho cut of tho coat slcove nnd
wat speaking of tho nttempt to kill
Wo nro going to put Jones In tho samo
cell with you said Ofltccr Kdelin nnd
let you fight it out
No you neednt answered Uultcau
you can do my fighting for me you do
pretty well
Tho remark brouclit out a general laugh
which seemed to plcaso tho assassin
Arrl nl lit thotlly Ilnll
lultcau and party arrived nt tlio City
Hull about 1 oclock At that tlmo Louisi
ana avenuo wat packed with people They
were orderly but alter ino oventt oi
Satin day especially eager to catch n glimpse
of Oultcau Ho was taken from tho van
audhuirleilnlongtho opening formed by
tho police into tlio building
Ho had on tho samo clothing ho wore Sat
urday nnd tho cut In his coat slcovo wat
iilnlnlv visible lulteaus hat was pulled
down over ins eyes nnu no crouencu ciosciy
to Ills guard as they hurried along Onco
in tho building hobrcathed easier llo was
taken at onco to tho Marshals ollicc where
breakfast was served and no ono wat nl
lowed to eco him
In tlio Court room
Coutt was called to order at 1010 oclock
Tho ciowd of spectators it wat observed
was much smaller than usual Oultcau
va3 brought Iu at 1010 oclock Ho
looked nervously over tho spectators as he
entered In his nanus no carrlcit news
papers and wlillo hU handcuffs wero being
removed ho whispered to his guard Ho
shook bauds witli his sitter said n few
wotdt to his lirotlior and men negan writ
ing Ho did not write long but took a
newspaper handed Iilm by Mr Scovillo nnd
began leading n matked artlclo therein
contained with Interest
Mr ltouliiMou AnUn to bo Holloed
Mr lioblnson at 1020 oclock aroso and
said that ho had read an artlclo published
in tho Washington Vost yesterday which
necessitated an explanation from himself
On tlio 2 M of October last ho camo into tlio
caso Ho felt tho responsibility laid upon
him His first move wat to secure a post
ponement of tlio casein order that ho could
close tip somo private affairs
Tills met Mr Scovlllos approval After
terwatd ho mado another application for
delay to secure additional counsel and moro
witnesses Mr SlovIHo was In court and
heard tho motion nnd ho thought that tho
motion wii3 approved Tour days later ho
wat informed that Mr Scovillo had re
quested tho cotut privately not to grant
the motion nnd It was denied It seemed
that when ho had put hit privato practice
iisldo ho might havo been entitled to somo
eonsidctation in this matter
It struck him that Mr Scovlllos nttitudo
toward him was singular and concluded
that ho ought to havo associate counsel
who would work iu harmony with him
Hu had failed In securing such counsel his
motion to that end having been doulcd at
Jlr Scovlllos request Jlr Scovillo had
complained of lack of ctiquetto but ho did
not nercelvu whv Had ho havo known
of tho unpleasantness that was to arlso ho
would liavo iiion askcii to uo renovcu
fiom tho caso Ho hero read from yester
ii ivs lost tho artlclo in which Mr Scovillo
declared that tho malpractice issuo should
bo carried no further nnd that Itoblnson
would bo requested to retire from tho case
This paper had been handed him by a friend
at his homo ill tho county last night Hav
ing seen it in ndvnnco of coming to court to
day ho had had oiuplo opportunity
to como forward to protect his self-respect
and ho concluded to ask to bo re
lieved Mr Scovillo nnd himself had
not been In harmonious relatloiis Mr
Scovillo know that ho proposed to maku a
defense on whatever facts tlio law justified
llo had recently eo announced In open
court and ho thought that Mr Scovillo
understood that ho did not consider himself
precluded fiom making nny legitimate do
Hohadtald nothing to Mr Scovillo on
that subject of inalpractlco siuco Certainly
in this caso tlio defense had n right to tho
facts with ipfoicnco to tho treatment of tho
lrenldcnt Mr Scovillo bat at his sldo dur
ing tlio long ciovi examination Saturday
and continued It going even further by
nskliiL iiiipslious cinhodvinff gloss Impu
tations which had unhealing on tho caso
It was unnecessary for him to bay that ho
wished no further association with such a
n counsel As Jlr Scovillo wat Indispensa
ble to tho defense It wat the speakers de
sirottibo relieved from tho case nnd ho
closed by asking tho Court for nn honornblo
Jllltciill Iiissch JiulKiiietil
It ii an able speech spoko up Uultcau
and I agreo with tho most of It I sym
phatlo with Mr Itoblnson on tho question
of malpractice Ho It got tlio true view
Mr NrolllN Iteply
Mr Scovillo regretted that any dlffercnco
had arisen between the counsel nnd ho ap
preciated tho sacrifices that Mr Itoblnson
had made He was In cotut tho morning
that Mr Itoblnson applied fur nu extension
of time lho Court had mado an order
Kcttlni tho hcarlnc for tho 1 Itti of Novcm
her and expecting tlio trial to tnko placo at
that time ho had suhpienacd witnesses from
all over tho United Slates nnd they wero on
their way to this city Ho did go to tho
court privately and say under existing
circumstances ho did not sco how the trial
could bo postponed Ho might havo mado
this statement publicly but ho did not
want n rupture with his associate In the
case Iu asking fur additional counsel Mr
Itoblnson had dono so without consulting
him and ho could not help thinking that it
wat not professional
JDecldcdly unprofessional Interrupted
lio still said Mr Scovillo until I
get through
continuing mo spcaKcrsam ovcryiniiig
proceeded well until last Saturday when
Mr lioblnson made lho cross examination
of Dr liilss It wat then indicated that
malpractice was to bo set up at n defense
I disapproved of It I said that It must
stop or I would retire from tlio case 1 had
said sometime slnco that this defenso would
not bo allowed and I repeat it It was
ttufortunato that tho counsel should dlflcr
but it had been luavoldublo
Sir Itnlilnson is Ilonornlily Ills
Jttdgo Cox Mild that tho thanks of tho
Court wero duo to Mr Itoblnson for tho
promptness with which ho had responded
to tho request of the Court when assigned
n politico Knl now that thn nentleinan
left Important business when ho camo Into
tho case no nan seen iur several uays
that tlio position of Mr lioblnson was an
unonviablo one ami no was constrained
under tho circumstances to glvo Mr Itob
lnson a most houorablo discharge Mr
Scovllle ho was satisfied had mastered tlio
caso and probably would bo able to get
along without assistance
Air scovillo stated mat no wouiii not uo
left entirely alone at ho wat expecting
overy day to hnvo additional counsel
CiultcnuN Tnoorleis
I wish broko out Guitcau to say ono
word on tlio question of malpractice Wo
do not intend to mako it a defense Hut
mv theory of this inalpractlco is just this
that when tlio physicians gnvoout about
July 25 that tho President was getting
better and thereafter death occurred It did
not result from tho shooting but tho treat
ment of tho physicians I want this lo go
on record so that it can go upjto tho Court
iu Unuc with my caso Tho Deity has
taken my caso in chargoaud will sco that I
am treated right Ho lias dono well so far
Tlic Testimony Ilrsiuncil
Surgcon Ocncral Joseph K llarncs was
the first witness called to day Ho testi
fied that ho saw tho President nt tho depot
and was present at the autopsy at llbcron
Tlio wound wat n mortal ono and occasioned
tho deatli of President Garfield
No cross examination
Dr Joseph J Woodward surgeon United
States army testified that ho wat ono of
the attending physicians on tlio President
until September G Ho wat present nt tho
autopsy Tho wound iu hit judgment
wat a mortal wound ami caused tho death
of tho President
Daniel S Lamb assistant surgeon United
States army testified that ho mado tho
autopsy on tbo body of Ocu Garfield tho
exam nation s uoweu inai no men oi a
shot wound ho had mado an examination
and so fur as ho could learn there was no
caso of Injury to that oxtcnt where the
man had recovered ho considered it a
mortal wound
fTho witness here oxhiblted tho bullet
taken from tho body of tho President and
it was shown to tho jury It wat iu the
samo condition at when ho took it from tho
body of tho President
No cross examination
District Attorney Corkhillsuld that there
wero two moro points to bo touched upon
by tho Government and then they would
rest Ono was that llbcron was In Moiv
mouth County iu tho State or Now Jersey
nnd tho United States
His Honor said that tho Court would nko
cognizance of that fact
Ol Corkhlll said that the other point
was that tho depot In which tho President
was shot is on ground tho property of the
United States and In which tlio Govern
ment had Kolo title
Mr Scovillo said that ho would accept
that as a fact
District Attorney Corkhill then stated
that tho Uovcrnment would rest
The llcfiiiso Opens
Mr Scovillo hero requested that Oullcau
lie allowed to address tho jury Ho said
that it was not n usual practice but inas
much as tlio Court had promised to grant
tho prisoner tho privilege ho preferred that
It bo accorded now Tlio prisoner could ad
dress tho jury now nnd ho would follow
Uniterm JInles iiIlrli rNitcrcli
Guitcau If tlio Couit please I dont
caro tomakon set spceclj at this time
Mr Scovillo Stand up Guitcau they
can hear you better
Guitcau firmly No thank you I
prefer sitting down
Tho audlcnco laughed at this at Gill
leans motlvo In remaining seated was
elearlv evident
Continuing Guitcau said I would
rather prefer If tho Court pleases to net at
advisory counsel in this caso Interjecting a
remark or a correction onco Iu awhile
Laughter My address published last
Monday In Tin Ciutio will servo the pur
poso of an address to tho jury
I Hu mi uo Net Siieeili
to mako 1 only doslro to corrcc misstate
ments lor Instance if 6omo ouo bays 1
owo him 20 1 will dcslro to deny It If It Is
not true My idea of correcting misstate
ments is to do it wlillo It is hot and not
after waiting a week for It to digest I am
much obliged to Your Honor nnd tho coun
sel for tho courtesy extended In this In
vitation to address tho Jury I havo no
set sneecll to Innko
Guitcau licro leaned back iu hU chair
with nn nir of ono who bclloved that ho had
Just mado somo great sacrifice
Mr Ncotllic H Areuiiuin
Mr Scovillo after arranging to deliver n
part of ills address to day and to concludo
to morrow then at 11 oclock began his ar
gument to tho jury Uo started out by
complimenting tho Uovcrnment for tlio rapid
progress mado in their case aud said that
tho main point at Issuo wat not that tho
President had been shot and died from tho
effects of tlio shot lint It was was tho
Win fuiiiillll il tlio Driil IltHimii
wat ho rational and accountable Mr
Scovillo maintained that tlio Government
had devoted unnecessary time In establish
ing their caio All that they should hnvo
dono would have been proving lho fjet of
tho shooting nnd death by Secretary Illnlno
and Dr Illist Ho supposed though that
tlio Government wanted to work up nil tho
sympathy possible Ho wanted simply n
fair mid Impartial verdict on tho
point of Insanity It had been Impossible
to secure a Jury of men who had not
formed previous opinions on this caso but
ho bclloved that thlt lurv was an unpre
judiced one nnd If they found that tlio
prisoner was guilty nl muriicr or
insane ho wauled their honest opin
ions at to facts They would
not lio held rctpiinslblo lor results They
would only havo to render their ftir Im
partial vcullctj tlio law would do tho
rest As to tho evidence witnesses
would bo presented who would
pobahly to soino extent contradict
each other When theso wltiicsrcs
testify It would be tho jurys duly to watch
them closely and nolo their demeanor and
glvo duo weight to what they said With
rcfercuco to tho
ipcrl Witnesses on lusnnlly
ho said they would bo mott likely to
contradict each other as they would testify
of what they knew of tho defendant nt
different timet ami places Exports wouiu
ho Introduced becauto oullnary pcoplo wero
not competent to handlo such questions
Their testimony was important it wouni
not bo Ilka other matters that tho Jury
could too nnd feel but win n matter that
many of them know nothing about and
would require their closest attention
when theso questions como before thojiiry
nnd tho Governments expert witnesses will
bo ealicd iu rebuttal they would bo likely
to contradict what tho experts for tho
defenso say Tho Government experts
were paid ollicers They might or might
not bo Induced to testify beciuso they were
nnld Not ono of tlio experts for tho
defenso had oven so much nt his expenses
paid Hut ho did not wisli to bay that tho
Government otpcrts would bo influenced
by tlio pay they received ho simply desired
to placo tho circumstances at they stood
before tho jury Jlr Scovillo referred to
Tlu Attempt Snturility to Kill
and tho sympathy expressed publicly for
tho man who had fired tho shot and of tho
money subscribed for Ids defense ThatT
mans motlvo was evident Jlr Scovillo
continued but yet ho Is bclloved to bo In
sane Indeed that It tho public belief
Ho believed however that tho cxpcrlt
would testify according to their honest con
victions regardless of future consequences
to their professional hiicccss lio had
laborcd under great hardships In securing
tlio opinions of men on this case Two
thirds of tho letters lio had received wero
marked btrictly confidential and accom
panied by a request that tho writers name
ho not made public It was evident that
Icureil tho I iiIiIIp Ostracism
that would follow what they had said In
favor of tho prisoner Ho really thought
that tins caso should hnvo becu postponed
until public prcjudlco had in part subsided
Jlr Scovillo also referred to hit iuox
nerienco nt u criminal lawyer and tho
limited time lie had had to prepare for
coming to trial
IIo dd not however aslc any invoisun
that account ho merely sought nn honest
verdict from tlio jury based upon tho facts
which ho would present to tho best of hit
ability IIo warned them of tlio strength
of tiio defense which ho said would provo
an almost Impregnable wall against tho
claim of murder set up by tho Govern
Jlr Scon lllc at 1110 oclock asked that
tho caso bo carried over until to iuorrow
Thlt request tho Court granted and when
tho grand jury had entered and reported ns
mentioned elsowhcre Guitcau wa3 re
moved from tlio court room
A Crowd Witnesses Multiiius lie
lor lull
A great crowd assembled in front of the
City Hull after court adjourned awaiting
thodeparturo of the n sag3ln for jail It
wat a much larger ctotul than usual and
Included many handsomely dressed women
Carriages with entire families blocked tho
roadway along Indiana avenuo from
Fourth to street and every
ono seemed anxious to catch a glimpso of
tho prisoner Hero and thcro young
men on horseback wero noticed
In view of recent events theso
horsemen wero objects of constant atten
tion and it would hnvo been no dllllculty
to identify them In future Tho crowd was
not disorderly or boisterous Now and
A SIlillcrcMl Threat or u Curse
with rcfercuco to tho assassin wat heard
but beforo his departure from tho City Hall
there wat no ucmonstratiou oi violence
Tim Irish IiitHl Troulilrs
DlMifIN Nov21 A secret warning man
ifesto It circulating throughout Ireland
among tho tenantry It Is put forth anony
mously nnd Is not believed to hnvo tho
sanction of tho Imprisoned leaders of tho
Land League it says if ono tenant on
nn estato pays his rent tho remaining ten
ants will forfeit tlio support of tho Land
League These threats havo very llttlo ef
fect Tho pcoplo nro becoming more nnd
more satisfied dally with tho workings of
tlio laud law and agreements between land
lords and tenants without going Into court
nro very frequent
Wlnil I lio inlil Crunk Mnys ol
YoiNcihtonvn O Nov 21 Jesse llnld
win tho man who was robbed of tho gold
lcccntiv makes n statement In tho Keening
iYw of to dny that tho gold for bonds that
ho received at tho Treasury Department In
Washington was not stolen Ho says tho
amount Is not nearly so largo ns represented
IIo has had no registered Government or
railroad bonds stolen and believes a con
fidence man who tried to tvork him in
Washington was tho leader of tho robbors
It It tho Impression hero that Baldwin
lots Is as first stated 10000
The II A O itnllronil
IIaitimoui Nov 21 Tho annual meet
ing of tlio llaltlmoro t Ohio Itallroadstock
holders was held at Camden station to dav
Jlcssrs Itobert Garret James Carey Coalo
and Ucorgo W Dobbin wero tlectcd
directors to fill vacancies caused
by tho death of Galloway Chester nnd tho
resignation of Messrs John King nnd Win
Keyscr Tlio report of tlio business for tho
fiscal year ending September 10 exhibited
n satisfactory condition of the Company
four Ilnforliuitito NNorlcineii
New York Nov2L A scaffold contain
ing four bricklayers at work In an elevator
well nt tho eighth story of tho new Mills
building on Ilroad street fell four stories to
day seriously if not fatally injuring nil tho
workmen on It Their names aro IVancb
N Mchan Thomas ltcdinanMlchaalClcary
and Charles II Cochran Hut for u scallbld
nt tho fourth lloor tho men would hnvo
fallen to lho basement
Itiislicil to Dentil
NfwYohij Nov 21 While Jtrs Wm
11 Jlorris wnt being driven from her lcsi
denco to tho Jlorrlcinna depot In her coach
thlt morning tho horses becamo frightened
throwing tho coach and Its occupants down
a steep einban lenient
Jlra Jlorris was picked up Insensible nnd
died shortly nftcr Tho driver John llyati
received slight injuries nndwhllo tho coach
wat demolished tho horses escaped unhurt
Siiccrsslul Hemp I nrfy In Ohio
CoLUMiius O Nov 21 A mob camo to
tho jail at Athens at 2 oclock thlt morn
ing and on tbo pretenco of having n horse
thief whom they wished to placo In lull
gained entrance and seized Chris Davit
who wits confined on a charge of outraging
Mrs Luckcy and taking him to a bridge
over tho Hocking Itlvcr on tho road to tho
lunatic asylum hung him to a beam
Tho coroner now has tho body
Ilserv Stnlilo Iiuneil
L nncasteii 0 Nov 21 Tho livery sta
blo of Alexander Cunninpham In tho rear
of tho Talinadgo Houso wat destroyed by
fire Lost 1000 A now hack worth
1200 and a number of vehicles and nino
valuablo livery horses wero burned No in
A on lets Nclioiili lo Iscupc
AuimrN N Y Nov 21 William An
derson a convict who has been searched for
In tho prison here threo days nnd throe
nights hat been found on n shelf abovo tho
poicclaln baking oven
Austrlmi Minister nT Ioreln Al
Vienna Nov 21 It Is officially an
nounced that Count Knluoky hat been ap
pointed Minister of Austrian 1orclgn f
- -
Oil Itellucry on Ilre
UuitaloN YNov 21 Tho Plitenlx
Oil ICcllucry is now burning and will
probably bo destroyed Thu lost cuinot bo
Outlaw Killed
Coiumiua SO Nov 21 Tho notorious
white outlaw Prank Pcarso was killed In
Marlboro County by 1 G CIiisholma con
stable who was ondcarnrlug to arrest him
Serious Illness otllsliop Wl liliuuu
Coiumiua S C Nov 81 Bishop
Wlchtinan tho oldest bishop of tho
Gultcau confined in tho -Marshals privato clrc11 sui I10W llt nt tho rolnl of
1 t 1 t death at Charleston
oillco under Kiianl was quiet and missive
asking only onco whether tho
ciowd outsldo appeared demonstrative
Ho devoted tho tlmo to reading news
papers nnd when tho ollicers
arrived to conduct him out lie asked them
to hurry A strong foico of pollco was on
guaid both within nud without tho City
Hall and thu prisoner wat completely sur
rounded when lio was hurried to the van
At 110 oclock tlio Mack Maria drovo
up to tho city Hall and tho ciowd was
thrown into n high stato of expectancy for
almost immediately after tho vehicle wat
backed up to tho curb Oultcau was hurried
out and
Ho Hurled Into tho Vim
llko a scared rabbit into n hole Tho crowd
groaned and hissed but mado no other
demonstration Tlio door was closed with
a bang nud Uultcau so nu olllccr who
peeped through thoslats In tho doorrcports
lav down Icngthwiso on tho seat
The van with Jim Leonard and Olllccr
ndelin on tho front scat Perry Carson
standing on the rear step and surrounded
by ollicers llcdway Jeffries Julnliiu llrecn
White and llhodcs mounted drovo off nt
rattling speed down tbo street en route for
tho Jail
Trial Notes
Tho object In to days early adjournment
of tho court wat to glvo Jlr Scovillo an op
portunity to confer with his witnesses A
number ol tho latter aro expected to ntrlvo
iicro to night
Jlr Scovlllos araunicntil far as It has
gouo hat met with favorublo comment for
its modesty and entire lack of flowery sen
timent Jlr Scovillo it a deliberate Intel
ligent speaker but no orator
When tho bullet found 111 tho lato
dent body wat produced In evidence to day
several lady spectators wero movou to
team Guitcau seemed to tako no interest
iu it stiango to say
It now looks ns though Gulteiius trial
will end before tho nilddlo of uct month
Tlio defenso believes It will close Iu ten
days Its n reinarkublo fact that wlillo a
great many very nico pcoplo wero excluded
from tho court room to day threo members
of tho dcml iiioudo managed to get In and
bcciiro very prominent seats
Hoys Nulls
Tho ciisp cold weather servos as a warn
ing to parents that llulr llttlo ones should
bo waunly clad and also that they can find
n splendid lino of childrens suits and
coats at the boys clothing house of II
DmiLTOn oktiik Mint Ultciinku ha i
turned from tho West
Cosonr SSMAS IlomaoN und his piiviin
secretary tlen Curse ato In tlio city
SncncTAliv Iihcols lias gono to Now YmK
und Isuxpceteilbnelc to mortow morning
Jin SinuMAN tleu lno nnd Col Jlor
row returned justordny fiom Atlnnta Ua
1 ECTTAIIV IlELKNAP HlllVPll 111 till
city to day und lsieglsteied nt tho Ailing
SiiNATOit Casipev ot West Irglnia and
en Joseph 1 Johnston aio In thu city
watumong thu iirilvuK nt tlio Arlington
JIu JlibTON Xowes and wllo neo
Dolllo Woolwlno of this city niutittuyV
Hotel llaltlmoro
Mu 1 S Saiiinb chief of tho statlonci v
bureau War Department has leturue 1
Irani n visit to New Yoik
Hon A II SteiIicnb Is quite unwell 1 1
day llo Is HUllVrlug from 8oiiiethlugllle
tumor on ouo sldo ol Ills face
Ani Gun Diicm nnd Col Hair havo i
turned Iroiu their visit of inspection to the
military pilsou at Foit Leavenworth
ux Hums Inoalis t S A who Is to
succeed Qiittiloimiistei tioneial Meigs ar
rived in tlio city to day fiom -Now Vol k
I I llroiiLs II H Simmons JI John
son I X lloguit ldwiud Jlnson unil A ll
Iviiiii oi thltclty wore registered lu Hal
soLiciTon tixsKiiAi 1iiiLLirs In company
uitlilMo trlends Coiiiriis uimn llulibell
uvtiovoinnr Cheney of X 11 unit ludtc
Ely and about twenty other gentleman
called on tholiesldent to day
NNi no jot wish to lio guilty of miilnt
nance othorw liunuii ould viguest to Mar
shall lliiity Mis Scovillo und Olllccr hi ir
noy lo mio tho Xuw Yoik Uraiihle fur libel
In lho poitialls It has published ot
Political Notes
lx longtessman Loimhiidge of thr
Fourth Dlstilitdf low a Is here In the In
teiest ot Jlr Ktisson lor Speaker
It Is said that Mextis IlimiieU lor door
keeper und blierwood lor postniusti r i f
tho nuM Houso of iteprosuntatlvus hinc
pooled ihulr Issues
A 1ennsylNiiuli Congrosmun calil 1 1
Can io io pou or luH ulglil that tho 1iuii
Hylvanlu delegation was not pledged t
unypiirllciihii candidate for huiiikor but
ho was Inclined to lho opinion ihni M
Hlscocl would Hceuro their vote
Queen Victoria lias been so far this -supplied
Willi grapos lrom tho l imbciiim
vino ut Windsor It has had 10CM vruu
Kobluson Co 000 Pennsylvania tivcuuc weight of grapes on it

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