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fc1T31BfcW9pITOpBT fSljWTT nraiTr -it v r
Fourteenth Year7 No 4096
an electric success
Notu ltlistntiilltiKthedlsiifirecable ml it tlio houo
waft crowded with a InrRO nnd appreciative mull
nice lust night to welcome llio Kmlncnt Artist
ToNIght her Great Hiiccom
Thursday UVMlirIINr
Friday- MACHHril
Hslurilay Matinee - UAMIIli
Hnlnnlnv Night IHWIllK lltlt
Monday December 11 LOTTA
Dawn ofa New Enoch In
Over Two Hours of Intense Enjoyment
Americas Ireatcst Character Actor
Inhlinrtl tlo creation ofCAFTAIN MAllMNII
WHATIIWUIAUI a Now Bedford Whaler
In HnhertOrMlii Morris Comedy Drnma
Ev cry ono mi American hnructcr
Every Character a careful study
Every actor a thorough artist
Every part Milted to Its representative
at Cheap Prices
Monday December u
NIkIiIIv and Tacsrtay and Friday Matinees
One we k only of the
oheooky brothers comedy and SPE
Oregon Bros iHt FImns
Harry Clark Union Ilunilln
Die Vanes HognnDrns
Ham Martin Florence Fstelle
Professor While and his Dog Troupe
JAKE HUDD and the Ireat Coinlnuo Company
In the greatest hill of the season
- wkdnixday diokmiiiii 11
Mr llm Waldeoker Organist
Mr Anton Oloetrner Conductor
Full Chorus Orchestra nnd Organ
Admission Including reserv ed scat iloo
Heata can ho reserved commencing Tuesday
December 0 at Metzcrott A CosMusic Htore
rnitinTYTONu or human boneb will
m no ictilircii ounyjas u jiitiiicuuru j si
IWiir tlin N iitlntiul Arbitration Icutnie tOlileht
7 n oclock at i strectDnptlst Church Sentsircc
del ni
The regular Concert Season limine closed the
undersigned tnkes pleasure to announce to the
publlo that the above spacious hall is being reno
valed nnd Is now for rent at reasonable rates for
Halls Concerts Thentrlcal Performances Lec
tures Public Meetings Receptions Ac
In connection with the main hall there Is nlargo
dining room accommodating 2 0 people attached
to which Is a commodious kitchen supplied with
largo rnngui nnd other practical nppllancoi of the
latest Improved stv les
The dlmcnslousof the ball arc R7x50 feet w It li a
seating capacity of fioo people Tho stage which
is In courso of construction will he portable and
can be removed altogether If ho desired
New nnd spacious sitting rooms for ladles m e be
ing fitted up with special enro as to neutness and
For terms and other particulars apply to
SiBfflltles ir tuBjoMays
Toilet Sets and Vases
A Fine Assortment ot
Tlio Largest Variety of
Decorated Chamber Sets
of our on n Importation
Just Ilecelvcd nn Itnmenso Stock of
Rogers Triple Plated Ware
Such ns
Castors Card Baskets Ice Pitchers and
Tea Sets entirely new designs
Traced In CloliI 4 1 rioccs SO
408 Seventh Street
J T LKNMAN lrcs AirHEIlll Vlto lrcs
J T HVjnbccrctury
Olllco UnrIiHilsiiiim AoiulRerontIi at
llCDlvnl tnlco n lav ironi my ami rtppii lionsrs
1UNEKAL OKllElt S A Bl EmAIlV noli
EltlliSlJiaies BiictOcnts Halm orlc ready made
and to order Iiu do Quinine Instnntancons I lair
Dye Ostrlcii Icntliors PreparnlUyedund Curled
Tfie most complete business of tho kind this 4do
ol New York 610 Ninth Bt opp U B Iat OH
I am Iu my old corner SEVENTH and D HTH
vh re I will olIr Oreat Induremetltfl In
Upholsterlne a Hpeclelty
422 51 Eighth Street bet U and E ll w
Close Carriages for Weddings Calls nnd llccep
lions Hoarding and Livery Stables
Close Carrlagca lor Weddings Calls and Recep
tions Boarding and Livery stable WIllariTs
Hptel Stables corner 11th aucl E sts
The Evening Critic
Owlnir tn rpOTitilomMtrtroiiblMmv wife Mm
I O Frmnnii hru left my premium I licrcbr
nnUrvnll nersomthiU I ulllimv no hli contract
ed by lier O I F1UEJIAN
A mppllncfnf Ihn Htuckhnlilrrn nfTlia FMprnl
Rllver Jllnliiff ConipiinyofOlornOo will be hold
m vnuuiucvui inn ituoiur nireei u w
vnniniifiuii it j mi Hominy inr mui uiiy in
Dtciinbor 1881 At thtn moelfntfa Hoard nf 11
rpcturM mut ufllccM for thopniuliijf yffr will he
olrcltd nnd other bnslnww trniifactviU
Jiy oruirnrihn irplrifiii
AHA WIUTiIiAlt Actinic Hraretnry
mrmIioliday pmacNTS
Ijidlo Totlrt Hotii neiitH Tollft nnd HbnIiiff
Cftr Mtitlc llolln Viwkctboolcn Clgur Cimcflf Toy
Trunks Cord Losm JntMt UontRiii fAdlcn nnd
Mm a HiilrltoU TrAvollntr Itrnrn JjuMph nnd
icntdTrnnknln 80I0 Leather Ztno nnd U other
A Ann line nf Kni o Itlaiiketn Horse Illnnkcts
Fur llobpnnd Whips
MyfttocknfHltiftlonml Double HurncHd rnnnot
ncnnrpntMti wiusk acnu iuc cuminciii
WW niirpntM for frnnrnnconnd laittiifrproii
crtlcn Hold ntL nor Aill nlnt bottle nt iliar
mncy cor 14th nt nnd N Y nVP Also n lino
inn m goout lor iiontiny prcsenift nt low prices
Wahhivhtov Nov j lfwi
roltoMtoldernnrolierphviiottfled to renew their
Innurnnce on or before the Inst Monday In Decem
ber 1881 for the year iwri iMnino attend to j our
rencn nls jik on k t ho lost few da b nnd t hm avoltl
11m uiunu
On nroountnf rntnrM nvtiPtivrxi mid tlin rmull
tlonof thebunlncMof thecompnny for the prcn
entenrthc nkwiIiwiuknt rrcotiinienileil to
tbRinnnaKerrintUiPlrlaAt meeting that tin- rate
in uii iiiu rviiiiiiiii uuitri im ruiiureti iu
one 1 percent on nil renew at for the next enr
which recommendation wan nppmved by the
jiuuru iiiui luiiKiiiirn riiiuriion m Aii per CClil
uii iiw n iuiiii niit ni r
j wraLKY tOTinrit
noT0 Secretary
WQ New Jerwey nvcnuo nor Invent gtves her
special nttcntlon to those Ktiflerliur Midi reloiifi
HrnlscHOntherlnRS of All Kinds Tettern nnd
More of LonffHtnudiiitf Hcromla I never fall to
cure Halve for Hurin Carbuncle nnd Jlnnlons
never falM o k e natlsfactlon Tlio blto of doc
MiccensfnllycuHl jioia
fyJ announco ho will make his
Monday novjmiu u mi
Tlio public nro cordially Invited to cxaintno
them The larROAt nnd linndiomcst stock of 1aper
and EnelonenlnDoH Iliaocer lind I buo
lust opened nnd now oirpr for ftnle chlldrenH
books In paper co era nnd Imnthomcly bound and
nt prlcentOHUitnll
Law JJookseller nndHtntloner
noO tf 47 Pennn nvc it
All Chronlo Diseases itelpntlflcallv treatetl ma
laria especially Olllco bourn 0 a in to 12 in and
2 p m
iu up 111
Conntiltatlon free
iia niv youk AvrNun
no4 tf Tlirco doors abovo Columbia Building
aWw this day entered Into n copartnernblp
under tlio llrm namo of HIMPSON A 0U Y nt looi
Pcnnsy t nnta n enue for tho purnoso of earn lnp
on nn extensive HtovpRnnjio and rurnace biiHi
nefw nnd dealing In Irst ctass makes of coods In
our line w lth repairs nnd shall be pleased to re
ceive calls from ihn former nnd prenent patrons ot
the old llrm of slbley fcJuy mid K rHinipson
to whom wenrtfMinpssorH
ocG 1003 PennsyU aula avenue
That nover rusts never breaks never wears out
ftltt as clean nnd enn ho worn while bnthlng las
foranloatCHAS EISCHEHH 023 Seventh st
northu est Mrs Fischer devotes her attention to
the wants of lady patrons
CornerTelAhBtreet and Pennsylvania Avenue
Tin plates sheetlron work flreplacestovosrahges
furnaces repaired Tin roottiiK spoutlnff and nil
kinds of tin work promptly attended to Semi
your order to
Jl Jl U iUUl
filQ Eleventh st n w near V st
the most durable Rlnmlv rniiHtriielfi mill
best Invented takliiK precedence of all later Imi
tations Hold by Uco Jt HerrlckngentlKS lsu
Rread buVOUR NEW hoUTir it l
sure to pkase For saleby ullllrst ctasaUrocers
and w bolesalo by
Dealers In Hour Teed Corn Oats llayHtrawtt
lei west Washington I c
AH3 Fevers Anno nnd Fevers Rlltous Fevers
and other diseases Incident to the season take
JJUOWNINOW IHTTEUSund you will surely -capo
BROWNINOS HITTERS linvo been In uso for
over tw clvo years nnd no person w as ever kuou n
to hno chills or bilious fe era while using these
Hitters Iorsalobydiueglsts and grocers geuer
OlO Pennsylvania Avenue
Ik the name of our new
It Is tho Best Cigar yet offered for the money
No 1011 Penna Ave bet Tenth anil Eleventh sts
702 Ninth street n w Parties and Weddings
served lit short notice no7
WQj now teaching tho five step wnlu anil
Uwntennlsqundrtlles Particulars at hall 100 1 F
or residence oil 12th st northwest ocls
DtEO can llemeily for aalo Ninth street
northwest Room No 1 over W R lllleys dry
goof store Liberal discount totho trade
I C RINU WALT lr Solo Agent lor Wnshlnglon
DrEraziers Root Bitters
Frnzloru Hoot Bitters nro notn dram ahop
whisky boverngo but nro strictly modlclnnl
In ovoryBonso Thoy net atioimly niHiii tho
liver mut kidneys keep tho bowols open nnd
regular mnko tho weak utrong hcnl tho lungs
build up tlio iiorveu nnd cloanso tho blood and
system of o ory lmputlty
For Dizziness Rush nt Blood to tho Komi
tcndlnc to Aponlaxy Dyspopaln Iovcr nml
ARite Dropsyi Ilmples nnd Blotches Heroin
luiin iliililuin unit nJii0 auiidij jviuk uiiii
WhltoHwolllng ErjslpoiaH Koro Eyosnna for
young men sunoring ii om weiiicuosa or mo
bility catisod from tmpriulonco unci to females
lndcllcnto health Finzlersltoot BltterH nro
especially rocommomlod
Ur Frnzlor I lmvo usod to liottlcs of your
Root Bittern for Dyspopsla Dizziness Weak
nesa ami Kldnoy Dlsoaso ami thoy did mo
mora good than tho doctors nnd all tho infill
cluo I over used From tlio first dosoltonkl
began to mondnml I nm now In porfect health
and fed ns well ns I overdid I consider your
mcdlclno ono nt tho greatest ot blessings
MltS M MARTIN Clo eland O
Bold by nil diugglsla overywhoront fl per
IIENKY V Cl Solo 1ropm
olcviland o
STOTT k CltOMWrLI 480 ronnslvanla
avenue Wnshlngton D 0 lonotnl Agents
lloB fJtll
A man of tomarkablo coolness tho Esqui
Secoii Edition
Tiir WNDMtA has nnlted nt llornunla
Onx K 1 Beam Is said to hnvo been prom
ised tbo Navy lwrltollo
COMJUNIiril E M HlllPAltnwIII bo ordered
to command tho Enterprise
Tltr IliEMDl NT will bold his first public
reception on Now Years day
Oovfunmi nt receipts to dayt Internal reve
nue ii0 ri customs r22ixiuTu
THE NATIONAL bvnknoti s received for ro
domptlon to day nmouutcdto J 11 000
Tiir Rlsionation nt Cndet rnclneer Chns
F White u H Nhns been accepted totnko
Pltoi John ronsVTll professor ot law and
ethics nt tho U H Military Academy was
piareiiouiiio retired nsioi ino nrmy yosior
Tin contract for tho Interior Iron work on
tho new Philadelphia post ofllco lias been
nwnrcicii in tho lhocnix lton uo oi irenion
N J nt IK IK
SintLTAiiv FiirLiMiiiisrN will not tnko
fornml jiossesslon of tho Btntn Deiiartmcnt for
HoM tni nays yet wecrcinry iiinino wilt retain
ins oiuco uuiu rcimcti
Tilt OvniNirr meotlns to dnv was nttended
by Secretary llinlne Secretary Folger Secre
tary Kliknnoil and Secretary Lincoln Tho
omcr memucrs nro oui oi ino cuy
A irnrnAL court mnrtlal with rirst Ilcut
R P Stiongns president mot ntFott Myer
Va to day for tho trial of First class Frlato
Wm E Doylo and such other prisoners as inny
bo brought beforo It
Cjiiff rxnlNEl it HoiiFitr Dniiy has been
onlorod to duty ns n member of the
menial uonru avy yarti now ioik rouoing
Chief Engineer 11 F Ian In w ho Is ordered to
specini uuiy ni ino ucinaio iron worKS
Amomi tiiosk who saw tho President to day
wcro Senators Piatt of Conn Butler Aldrlcn
and Cockiell Representatives lord ot Mo
White ot Kyj Wnlt Prlcn of Mo pond Pago
and Pacheo cx Scnator Biuco and
Lynch nnd Rnlnoy
Up to J oclock tills nftornoon Piesldont
Arthur had not sent to tho Sennto tho namo nt
Nanl Constructor Ijishys successor It Is
said that Mr Snmunl II look ot tho Wnshlng
ton Nnvy yaid wilt ptobably ho appointed
Mr Pook Is fiom Boston nml Is louowned ns n
navnl nrchltoct
Willi Tliosp Who 1rrlciKl to Kuon
Snj or the Oullooli
A Clinic embassador this morning np
pronchod Col John B Brownlow n wcll liosted
nnd prominent Republican ot Tennessee son
ot tho lata nnd famous Parson Brownlow
Colonel who do 5 on think will bo tho suc
cessor ot Postmastcr Oenernl James now that
ho really lias tendered his leslgnatlon
Woll began Col Brownlow If ho conies
from tho South and I really bclloio ho will
bo should nt least Ills namo w 111 bo Edmund
J Da Is ot Texas Ex Oov Davis Is supported
by tho ciitlio South Ho Is a nnlHo Routhornor
nnd n Unionist under nil circumstances llo
wnsrontod In Florida from whenco ho io
moed to Texas when a young man When
tlio uarbrokomit ho wns a clicult Judgo of
that State nnd was ono of only thien State
ofllcers who did not find who tefusid to tako
tho oath to tbo Confederacy when tho Stnto
seceded ham Houston hon gocrnor being
aunt Her ot tho tlio And becnusu of that
refusal n wnrrnnt was Issued for Mr Divls nr
lest He lied Into Mexico and from Mexico ho
wont to Now York thonco to Now Orleans and
back Into Toxns whoroho talsed a legliueut
for tho Union nrmy Ho commanded a ca all y
brlgndo until tho war closod nnd for his dis
tinguished services ns n soldier Jen limit
urgod him to takon position ns colonel In tho
nowly organl70d regulnr army In 18H
President Johnson would not uppolnt him
bow o or hecauso ho Dn Is had taken sides
with Congress In tho moiomcnt to lmiicnch
President Johnson Mr Dnils was olecteil
gmcrnorot Texas At tho end of his termns
governor liotettrednmldtho applauooenot
bis iKilltlcal opponents Hlsuniclnl Integrity
wns Indorsed by almost oiory ono InToxas
Isaen Bails a Oram man J asked Tiuj
Ot tho stmngest typo icsponded Col
Brownlow Ha lod tho Texns ilolegntlount
tho Piusldentlnl comentlou nt Clnctuuatl In
TO and would haio suplwrted Irani with
might nnd main had bo been a candidate At
Chicago Iu 80 many Southerners loted for
Oen Dai Is for Vlco Presldcnt
If tho Postninstoi Ocnoinl does not tomo
fiom tho South
In that ovent Chauncey I Fllloy of Bt
ruils Is tho coming man In my opinion
KxSnintor CIiiiIIioh VrwNiicclH
Col I II McDonald n prominent citizen ot
Wnshlngton and nclosoobsencr In political
matters said
I think ox Senator Chaffee of Colorado
will bo tho noxt Postinnstor Geucrn Ho Is n
fliaut man a Stalwart Is wollpostod In post
ofllco matters nnd would bo nn excellent
selection Ho knows what tho people want
nnd ho has n stt oug following too Oen Dai Is
of Toxas is a piomlneut man for tho place
But llioro Is a clnsh botween tho following for
hi nl nnd Chauncey I Fllloy ot St Louis If
bowover they should compromise nnd Oen
Dal Is gets tho Postmnster Goueial8hti ox
Sonator Chaffeo will go to tho Interior
Hon James S Robinson n Buckeye member
said ho was Inclined to tho opinion that Finnk
llatlon present First Asslstnut would succeed
to tbo Fostmnster Oencrnlshlp
A group of Middle states gentlomen holding
a confab lu tho reading room nt tho Ebbltt
Joluod lu tho prediction that Frank Hatton
would bo tho noxt Postmnstcr deneinl
Our South Auivrlvnii Coiiipllciidoiis
Additional lotteis from Secretary Blalno to
Ministers Kllpntrlck and Uurlbiut mo pub
lished In which tbo Secretary distinctly ills
approve their action with rcfoiencoto tho
settlement of tho control crsy between Chill
and Peru To both Hurlburt nnd Kllpntrlck
Mr lllaluo expressed tho hopa that Peru
would bo released with an Indemnify if she
could offer a satisfactory one and both minis
ters n cro directed to uso their lnfluoncu to
makon cession ot territory It necessary n io
BUltot negotiation nnd not nuiibsolutii pre
liminary condition on which alono Chill would
consent to negotiate Subsequent lettors fiom
Secretary Blalno to Minister Hurlburt depre
cated tho hasty action of tlint gentleman In
holding communication otn dlplomatla char
acter with Admiral Lynch who wns present as
a military commander ot Chilian foicos whllo
ho was accredited to Peru Secretary Blalnn
also censures tho Into Oen Kllpntrlck tor step
ping foiwnrd as a champion ot Chill
Another lliuillll CIiiiiikc
Chief Naial Constructor John W Ensby was
to day lellomd fiom duty as chief of tho
Bureau of Constiuctlonnnd Ropolrnnd placed
on tbo retired list with tho relatlvo tank ot
commodore Thoro nro n numberof applicants
for tho Micancy tho most prominent of whom
nro naval uonsiiuciors jiaru x ook
nnd Wilson Ihcso nnmes nro given nccoidlng
to sonlorlty Constructor Webb who Is second
on tho list hns mado no application for tbo
Mill In lloiiso Itules
Tho President has adopted tho following
lidos lu regard to tho reception of visitors at
tlio Whllo House i Monday Wednesday and
Thursday from 10 n in to 1 p in Tuesday
and Friday Cabinet dnys Sonntoia and mom
bers only from 10 a m to 12 in Saturday has
boon sot nsldo for office business nnd on that
day no ono will bo leeched by tho Piesldont
Ioslniiister deneriil Jiiiiicn KonIkiis
rostmastor Ooneral James has tendered his
resignation to tho President to tako effect on
tho 1st ot January noxt Mr James Is now in
Now York making arinngomonts tor peifectlng
tho mall sorvlco from that city to different
parts ot tho countty
Itcport of tlio tominlssloiiers to Con
Tho District Commissioners Uwlny transmit
ted to Congress a report In compllanco with an
net npproi od robruary 23 1881 In regard to
tho establishing of a Union tallrond depot In
tills city nnd upon which they wcro directed
to report nt tbo present session Accompany
ing tho document Is also a bill containing tho
provisions for establishing and governing tlio
doiiot Tho mnltor was referred to Engineer
commissioner Twining mm uienciion or nie
Commissioners Is based uiiontho report sub
mitted by li I til In tho latter ho suites that the
llrst question to bo decided Is whether It Is to
tho Interest ot nil parties concerned to conceit
train tlin passenger and express business ot
all tho steam i nllwnys which enter tho city at
one iiolut Tho oxtstlng lines nro tho two
branches ot tbo Baltimore k Ohio mid the Bal
timore and Potomno Hallway After describ
ing tho routos by which tboso threo roads
enter tho city and reach their present depots
ho says t
Attorn carotul examination of llmwholo
subJccMnm strongly ot tho opinion Hint tho
best Interests of tlio city and also ot tho rail
roads which nro to bo afTected by tho proposed
notion require that a common central station
should bo established at tho nearest ptnctlca
bio point to tho centre of
Tlio ltiisliieH i Interests of I lie City
that this station should bo reached by lines
cither abovo or below tho established grades
of tlio sovoial streets and nvonues which It
may become necessary to occupy or cross and
Hint mo passago oi ino loiomao inver soiuu
ward from tho city should bo mado possible
for all illxm rensonablo conditions It Is to bn
understood howovcr that tho building ot tills
contrnl station should not In any way Interfere
with tho location ot such other depots and
landings as may fromtlmo to time bo round
necossary for tho transaction of tho business
of tho roads or for tho convenlonco of tho locnl
traveling public Iu connection with tho cholco
of location for tho Central depot tho propor
point oi ptssago oi ino roiomac jnier must
nlso bo considered It has been proiiosed nt
illfforcnt times heretofore to cross abovo
Qeorgotow n or from Analoslan Island to tbo
Observatory iiolnt I nmotoplnlonthatuelthcr
ot theso points Is sultnblo for tho passago ot a
Joint line bolng remote nnd Involving difficult
and expensive connections with oxlstlng Hues
of railway Such n selection would In fnct
compel nn unnecessary extension ot tho roads
iniougn what Is now or win become in ino
future n thickly settled and valuable part ot
tho city It would also tuioliu tho necessity
ot crossing tho public pnrktngs between Uio
Executive Mansion and thu rli er
Tho position at Observatoiy Hill Is objit
Unliable as tho slto for a bridge nnd tin
Nltc of tlio Loup Itrlilec
Is probably tho most convenient point Tho
present structure is objectionable and should
uo ropinceu uy another more accepiamo
Assuming thnt tho foot ot Maryland avonuo
Is tho propor point for tho passage ot tho
river tho cliolco ot a slto tor tlio Union station
for passongers nnd oxpress freights would np
pear tobocoullnod botween tho head -of tho
Long Bridge and roseriatlon 17 Tho centre
of tho pioporty inluatlous of tho city Is now
nt tho Intersection of Eighth nnd E streets
noithwcst ltesoiintlou 17 Is distant from
this coutro ouo nillo nnd n hnlt by tho nearest
prnctlcablo approach
Its selection will lniolio excessively deep
cutting nnd homy gradients nloug tho lino of
tho Baltimore k Ohio Hallway For theso
reasons It nnpears adilsablo to select some
point w est ot Sixth street and south ot U street
southwest Tho Intersection nt Mar land and
Virginia nvonues or soma sot netweon innt
Intersection nml tho head of tbo Long Bridge
appears to fulllll nearly all tho conditions
necessary to tho comcnlouco of tho trai el
lug public and to offer no unreasonable
dtftlculllcn along tho Hues of nppioach of any
ot tho roads Interested Having this point lu
How for tho site It Is neeessaiy to consider
whethor tho approach of tho soiernl railway
linos is Tiractlcablo at a not unreasonnblo ox
penso Ill tbo case nt tho Baltimore V Ohio It
Is projioscd to unite tho two branches or this
road at somo point outsido tho city limits nnd
bring them Into tlio city nt Boundary stteet on
tho lino of Twelfth street east nnd on tho es
tablished city grade From Tuolfth street
they wlllgosoulliwnid to O street at which
Iiolnt tho grade changes so ns to enter n tunnel
at tlio north building lino ot Maryland nvcnuo
Following tho lino of Twelfth street southward
tho tunnel continues under Lincoln Square
Into North Carolina ni ouuo which It follows to
tho west building lino ot Second street cast
At this point tho city grades fall precipitously
to tho low grounds nnd n short open cut con
nects tho tunnel Villi nn elointed road which
follows tho lino ot North Carolina nionuoto
Its Intersection with Vligluln incline thonco
along tho lino of thnt annuo and Mnrjlaml
avonuo to tho Long Bridge
lit tho enso ot tho Baltimore k Potomac load
It It should bo consldored necessary to keop
tho untlro lino below or nboio gtnde It w 111 bo
necessnry io nuopt ono oi two nuernailies
First To ilollect tho lino where It Is lu
tunnel at Eighth street nnd Virginia nicnuo
southeast northward along tho lino of Eighth
strcot continuing lu tunnel to E street south
thonco along E street to tho w est building lino
of Thlid street oust thonco byn short open cut
and oloiatod road on tlio lino or E strcot to
counoct with tlio Baltlmoro Ohio road
Second To loaiotho llnoln its present po
sition but requiring tho tracks to bo elointed
from tho end ot tho tunnel nt tho Intersection
ot Sixth nnd K Btieets so ns to puss tw onty
foot abovo tho established giado of NowJei
soy avenue and Join tho lino or tho Baltlmoro
k Ohio on Virginia avenue between South
Capitol ami First streets
Either of theso methods will
CoHt About 8100000
This read has Its deimt ot Sixth and B streets
northwest and tlio dciot nnd tracks nro a
seiloiiB and unsightly obstiuctlontu tlio Im
provement of tho mull Tho trucks should bo
removed nnd tbo road confined totho Hun ot
Virginia and Maryland nienucs Whether
tho Union depot should bo allowed to occupy
tho public laud or bo placed upon prliato
lands condemned for tho purpose Is a question
for Congress to decide Ho therefore recom
mends tho selection or tho depot situ on these
twoaieuuos that the loads luleiestod bo au
thorized to build n Joint lino of four tracked
load westwnid from the Union depot to tho
Long Bridge and onstwaid nloug tho lino ot
Virginia nvcnuo to a point nt or near South
Capitol street that from the Junction with tho
B k O tho B k P bo authorized to continue
tho uso ot Its lino eastward as now located
from Its Junction with tho B k V road near
South Capitol stieot It shall construct n double
trackoiertho louto already given nboio It
Is ostlmatod thnt tho aggregate cost of this
norK win no j iuuuihj
In rogaul totho right ot tho oxlstlng rail
ways to occupy tho present lines ho thinks
somo illfllcultlesmajjirlso Inthocnseof tho B
kp load Congress specially leseried tho
right of revision nnd repeal but no such
reservation appears to hare been mado with
respect to tho other load and thoy may claim
their lights well vested tho chatter lrrcpoal
able and no constitutional power exists to ro
moio Its tracks depots and slut Ions It their
clntm should prove to bo well founded somo
trouble may bo met In removing the existing
read unless thu company should llnd It to Its
ndiuutagn to abandon tho present line
Alton oferrlng to tlio ot Iglnnl chin ter gi anted
by Congress nnd tho prli lieges grnutediby tho
city to tlio B k nnd tho establishment of
tho Metropolitan bronchi ho says thnt so tar
asl any action ot tbo corporation of
Washington can coitlor such iirlvllecre tbo 1
k O read ha tho right to uso steam engines
lu this city until Juno 1 IU 10
In conclusion ho sintes thnt whllo tho loca
tion for tho Union depot and tho routos lead
ing thoreto which ho has recommonded aro
thoso which In his opinion are best calcu
lated to advanco tho Interests ot tlio city and
nftoid thogreatost facilities for tlio transac
Hon of business bin lug duo reganl totho
lights ot tho companies luiolvcd ho does not
by any means contend that they are tho only
locations and routes available for tho purpose
or that mny moasurcnbly fulllll tho conditions
mentioned It may furthermore bo found
that tho conflicting interests of tho several
roads conterlng In tlio city may bo such that
It will require tho Interposition ot aulndo
pendont transit company to effect tho concen
tration desired
Thonboio topoit wns transmitted today to
tho two Houses of Congress togothor with an
outllno hill and dupllcnto loiter to President
pro torn Davis anil Speaker Keller Tho totter
states that It Is llio bollctor tho board that no
bettor solution could bo offered If tho Long
Brldgo wns to routluuo ns at presont n part of
tho permanent lino of ritlliond communication
Tlio Commissioners nccoidlng to this lottor
dcBlro n Union deiKit but n majority of thom
fniorn more southern lino than tlioono Hull
cated and think that nt thonoith endot tho
Long Brldgo a common nnd convenient pns
Bcnger station could bo with nmplo
mom In tho ilelnltyfor freight dejiots etc
This plan would rolloio Maryland nnd Vir
ginia uienuos of tho Injurious rnllioad trunlo
and moro directly connect tho railroad and
A Ilaoil or Hills In llio llmiNC Tlie
rroposllloim Htilmilll l W It n t
ConcresH III IetrlMlnlr Alnmt
Itoily of lip District imlllllsslon
crN IreNculoil
Both Houses ot Congress being lu session
to day tho Capitol swarmed with people Tlio
session of tho Senato dovotopoil n dlsiiosltlon
on tlio part of the Konatois to get down to work
lu tlio regular way mid lu tho House bills
were piled up In sufllclcnt numbers to keep
that branch ot tho Congress busily employed
for tlio rest ot tho session
There wns n full attendance In both Houses
and nmplo to see hear nnd talk about and tho
dnys doings Justifies tho nssumptlnn thnt
Congress Is now under full headway
On Ihn floor otthn House ns usual n grrnt
crowd of people gathered beforo buslnoss
began Prominent nmong them were
cx Bcnnlor Eaton of Connecticut who
put In somo extraordinary lino work lu tho
Interest of his tariff commission scheme nnd
Col Cllsbee a tall broad shouldered man
with handsome Iron gray hair nnd whiskers
who reappeared on tho Congressional stage In
the rolo of rending clctk ror tho llrst tlmo
slnco tho Forty fourth Congress
Sovornl meinbors ondcaiored to gel tlio lloor
when tho Journal had been approved and tho
regular order was called for
Judgo Taylor the Into Oen Onrllolds suc
cessor secured recognition nnd offered a reso
lution providing ror tho creation otn select
committee or oluvcn members to consider mid
report on tho
Expenses of I hi Axmissliuidoil
ot President Innleld and to lepoit nlso what
compensation If any should bo allowed the
tho Uarlleld family This was adopted
Mr Prescolt of Now York Htlrred up n littlo
breozo by offering a resolution to appoint a
select committee on
Tlio Tonlli Census
This brought several members to their foot
who questioned tho propiletyot the measure
nt this time
Tho Speaker said that It might bo consldored
pertinent ns there More various matters that
needed lmmedlnta attention It would crcnlo
contusion If such mnttein wcro referred to tho
standing committees which hnd not yot been
reorganized It placed llrst In tho hands of
select committees they could bo finally ro
rcrrod to tho now standing coinmiltcos
lToimsinons to nppoint select committees on
reform in tlio cli 11 son Ice opidomlo dlsenses
nuer oceauic canai pension iiouniy anil uacx
liay claims election ol tho President and
Vice President nud Improvement ot tho Mis
sissippi ltlver were mado but suhseountlv
iviiuiirawu nun rrescoiisiosoiuiionnnieniieii
so us to utithorlzo the employment of a clerk
wns adopted
Tho 1 11I0 governing tho Introduction ot bills
and resolutions was read for tbo Information
of tho now momborsnnd tho call of States then
Most ot the bills Introduced were measures
Hint failed last session Thoso Included bills
relating to luter Stnto commerce repeal or re
vision ot tho tariff and rovenuo laws concern
ing tho election laws etc Among tho new
measures Introduced wcro tho following To
repeal tho arrears of pensions act and to ro
dueo tho price ot public lands
When tho Stato ot California was called
Horace Pago asked permission to presont tho
credentials and certificate of election ot ox
Collector M D Ball as ft Dolegato to Congress
from tho Territory of Alaska This was rulod
out of onler by tho Speakor
A largo number of bills requesting donations
ot lands nud nionoy from tho lo eminent for
constructing public buildings throughout tbo
country was Introduced nnd ft vast number re
lating to river and harbor improvements Indi
cating that tho Committees on Public Build
ings nnd Grounds nnd the Comment 11 III hai 0
a busy session
The flow nt bills to tho War Claims nnd Pen
sion Committees was also 1 ery large
Mr Phelps ot Connecticut Introduced n
largo batch of bills among which wns ono to
cieato n commission of colored men to Inquire
Into the Intellectual condition ot tho colored
rnco lu tho South nlso a bill to mnko the
raicut umco 111 mis cuy nil independent ue
Tinrttnont of tbo loiornment
A bill was lntioduceil by Mr Morrison of
iiuuois 10 lenuconu lariu uiiuca ju per cent
Oil lie Semite Nlclc
Tho centre ot attraction at thoCnpltol to day
notwithstanding tho fnct that It was known
Senator Pendloton wns to dollicr nn oration on
Civil Bcrilco Reform was on tho Houso
Btdo Thopeoplo havo listened to civil Bcnleo
twaddlo until thoy havo bocomo nauseated
Thoy want to seo somo practical results nnd
not qulto so much talk
Thoyhaio learned that this talk about ex
tiavagaiicolnonicial positions and nepotism
liiofllco was not confined to ouo party and ns
nn eildeneo ottlio latter fnct point to thoso
Democratic Kcnatots on the lloor who hnio
now nnd haio hnd their sons sons in law
In others brothers-in-law cousins uncles and
nephews In iiosltlons lu nnd around tliohon
ato for tlio last two years ormoro
Tw enty two Senntors only wore In their scats
this morning when the gavel wns sounded and
tbo Chaplain prnjod Twenty of tho Sonntors
araso two Democrats remained seated
After the leading ot tho minutes or jester
days proceedings tho Clerk began rending ft
communication from tho Secretary ot tho
Navy when the President of tliu Senate re
lened It without further rending
Tlio Clerk of tlio Houso npponred and an
nounced the committee npimlntod by the
Speakor to net with a Hko coinmlttoo to bo np
lioluted from thoSeuuia to prepare sultnblo
expressions of sympathy on tlio death ot
President larllold
Tho Cominlssloneis of tho District of Colum
bia submitted ft ropoit published elsewhere
A bill was Introduced providing fornn In
cronso of tbo water supply In Washington
Senator Maxey ot Texas announced that ho
will havo something to say In referenco totho
bill placing Oon Grant on the retired list
Senator Voorbcos announced that ho would
to moirow speak on certain portions of tho
Presidents Mcssago rctorrlug to tho llunnco
Mr Pendleton then look tho lloor on tlio
XoiuliuilloiiH To iluy
The President sent to tho Senato to day tho
nomination or Pay Director Watmough to bo
Paymaster General lu tho naiy and a number
or naval nud military promotions with eighty
eight nominations tor Postmnstors
The President also rromlnatod Paymaster
uwiiii aiuuiisuu iu uu pay inspector
There were no Cabinet nominations to day
Capitol Votes
A hnudsomo basket otjllowcrs adorned tho
desk ot Congressman Fisher of Ponnsylvnnln
James Hlloy was to day appointed laborer
11 iiiu jiuuou umuiKiouiii vice a u Warner
and Chrlslluu Lldnor session laborer vice
Bufort Loo
Tho gallery gods complain thnt tho read
Ingtlerk of tin Sonata does not nrtlculato
plainly nor read suniclcntly loud Au Hit
pro oment could bo mado without doubt
Sonator Ransom Introduced a resolution lu
thoBonnto to day asking for a seloct commit
tcoot llio Sonators to inquire Into tho condi
tion of tho Potomac llats U Laid over
Ex Senator Clulstlancy who wns Mlnlstor to
Peru denies in tho most omphnllo manner
thnt ho recommended to tho Stato Doparttnent
the recognition ot tho Caldcron government
nnd IntlinntcH that all Is not light lu tho mat
Will tho Itula llo Cliiiuiroil
On tho llrst day ot tho present scbsIou ot
congress vir iinskon of Kansas offered n reso
lution continuing tho rules governing tho last
uouso temporarily nun authorizing tho Com-
mltteo on Hulas to report at nny tlmo This
resolution Is still ponding and has for Its
object 1110 iniivni ot tho old 120th ltulo which
is now the 20th Under ltulo 120 ns it slood
when the Democrats irot Into tmunv i
greet It was lu oidor ponding an
w iiuui uii uiiieuiiiiiuiu providing
It Increased compensation and expenditures
This afforded a wfdo raiurn for 11 n nii
work on but as soon ns tho Democrats cot iios
HnHlnil ett tln irmiui Ia nu
- v unu v- luTuiniii mo 1U10
nnd as ft result tho lobby hns hnd minor poor
pasturage for tho past au fir eight 3 ears
Speaker heifers uctloii lu appointing tho Com
mltteo on Rules will bo looked for with inter
Gov cit uili1 Foster Is In tho city
Snv VTon Lam u was present at tho Oultcau
trial for n short trmo to lny
Ex SrNATOit Simon Camftion nrrlied In tho
city to day necompanled by Col W W Jen
nlugs nnd Mr Luno B Hart
Misi Abler ATllrnTov wlfn ot Willie Edouln
manager nnd lender of tho Sparks comblun
nnllnn Is quite 111 lu this city
Mils PnsTVASTI it orNrmt JIMI Sls onto
tho city nnd will not return In tlmo to hold her
usunl Widnesday reception tomotrow
SrviToit VoomirisH son jhibIsIs In his
theatrical aspiration Next spring ho will
tnko tho road with a company of his nun
UXlliAf AN1 Mill HUNT will visit Presi
dent Arthur at tun White House about Now
Years Day They will remain n month
Miss Phi nn Couzfnm ot St Louis Mo was
lu attendant at tho session of tho Sennto to
day Sho cailed on Senator Fryo lu his
doubtless with n vlow ot securing
his Influence In behalf of womans rights
OUT A M OIitXN well nnd favorably
known In tills city dlod on tbo ltd of Decern
iinrni Tower iltv Dakota Territory Cant
ircen for n number of years was a clerk In tlio
Mtxin Auditors umco no was n moiimcroi
John A llawllngs Post No it Department of
tho Potomac and wns n universal faiorlln
nmoug bis comrades
Toiinys Stock UllolnlloilH
Tim following observations of tlio transac
tions lu tho financial market to dny together
with opening nnd closing quotations aro fur
nished by tho baiikliic hiiuso or 11 DCookc Jr
k Co 1 iim J Bircei it iuui iiiguii u u i
Xumtoftock Oittng
0 k O
OC k I i
Canada Southern 11
Chi Bur I Unlit
00010 21
Central Paclllc in
Del Lnck k W I2H
Delawaro k Hudson 108
Denver k HtoGramlo soKi
Erie HSii
Hannibal k St Joo 11714
do preferred
Houston Texns IH
Illinois Central ltt
IllW 52
Lnko Shore 121
Loulsilllofc Nashville lolfc
Lako Erie k Western lij
Michigan Central
Missouri Pacific 101
Mo Kan k Tuxas I
ManhatUin Elovntod u
NY Central EIHVj
Northwestern ltlai
dn ureferrod 110
N J Central irVj
Northern lnclllc
do piororrcil
Ontario Western
lnclllc Mall
Hock Island
St Paul
do prolerrcd
Union Paclllc
Western Union
Wabash St Lfcl
uo proiorrou
111 Hi
II k
iiiii U
Col Coal no
East Tennessee 111
do preferred 2
Met novated 01
D7 J
iii j
lor V
mr B
mii i
N Y FIovatoil 1m10II
Norfolk k westorn Jl -1
do prelorrcd 5811 rS
Ohio Contrnl 2ri
PnRlt t lu K
RCA ill -
It fc P 20
It It Dan ii llo
Toxas k Rio Orando IKij IM
Texas Paclllc -
US 1 percent column
US 1 por cent registered
U S l j per cont coupon
US 1 percent reglsteroi
If S S per cent registered
II S currency sixes
US sixes ot 1881
i a sis 107
US Is extended iWi
US 5s extended llVj
USdi jslSDI coupon
in ii4S registeieii
US lsll07couion
US Is 1107 reglsteted
I171 aill7li
10t fiilUn
101 101j
Wiiililue toii Slock rxclntut C
Tho following nro tho closing quotations nf
the Washington Stock Exchange to day
111 11 n
lll J
msTniCT or cobustm v honph
Water Btock 7s 1101 128
Water Btock 7s UK 121
BOycars funding 11 iris 1021 108
20 years fuudlng 5s 1SIH 112
20 sears fmidlngds 1812 U7 u
UO years funding It 100 122i
Wash t loot getnwn stock 112
bonds liiij
Mettonolltan 80
Columbia 21
North Cnpltol fcOBtioot ilt
nnn insuii tsci vm o vsmoiit cojirAMiji
Wash Clly lasllght Co fl flfl M
Miuoimi union
Arlington HM
Col Ins Co less iuiihI nssesmtOlfi
rnru ttst
Bd Public Woiks Ireen 8s IKi4
viasonio nan nouns nm
National 100
Ivanhnn Mlnlni Co stock 2M 1110
Wash Market Co stoik
ivasu vinrKet uu uonus tiiVi
Thore Is a certain molnntholy luteiest lu
reminiscences of tho wnrotl870 71 which tho
French are nover tired ot rotating An ofilcor
who went thtough tho campntgiiof the Loire
was lecontly giving some Idea ot tho stato of
demoralization ot oven tho unbeaten soldiery
wiiodesoitcd Inhunilredsnnd gavothcmselies
up to tho enemy At Union when provisions
and trnnspoit were scarce the Prussians
would not innko thorn prisoners but only
broko their rllies nnd took nway tholr cart
ridges and accoutrements In such cases tho
wretched bauds had to bo driven off at tlio
point of tha bayonet This officer alleges thnt
somo French general commenced shooting
their tew German prisoners lu tho hopo that
tho enomy would mako reprisals and so deter
the crowds of French deserters but tlio
Prussians saw through It and did not fall
Into tbo trap Tho lato DAuiellesdo Paladlnn
wns a disciplinarian of tho strictest kind All
men falling out ot tho ranks wero disarmed
tried nnd shot out ot hand nnd It nnofllcer
ttlonooneountoiodn straggler his pnsltlio or
ders wcro to blow his mollis out On ouo oc
casion a sorgoant major passing ft peasants
house took n fow I telling tho owner ho had
no money with him but would return from
tho camp hard by In ten minutes ami pay
hint what ho asked When lie caino back ac
cording to his promise ho found the man w ho
fancied ho had been robbed telling his wrong
to DAurolles do Paladlno who was passing on
ft tour ot Inspection Was It you said the
lonoral that took this mans fowl Yes
my lionorai - eaiu ino sergeant major Bann
ing and I havo now brought him tha money
llo was Immediately put under arrest tried by
court martial nnd shut the noxt morning
Earl ntzwllllam wlinlntelv StiintilohCil his
tonnuts to Wontwertll ltouso to Inform tliem
that they had no halt yems rent to pay Is ono
ot tho dozen woilthlest nobles lu England nnd
cciucsnfn solid respectable race which has
vigorously suppoitod liberalism nnd never
wasted their substance In riotous III 111 Ho
Is grandson nf the Tail for whom Dublin put
uii Its shutters when ho wns recalled from tho
Vlcoroyalty thtough tho Intrigues of thoso
who anticipated fiom him a lKiliey far too fa
vornblo In their eyes toward tho Irish people
Wontworth Is about thu only houso In England
w hero the practice is still mnlnlntiicd ot hav
ing occasionally a publlo day It Is then an
nounced that lord nnd Lady Fltzwltllam nro
nt homo to all trlends and far and near como
the nobility nndgontiy not toigeltlugtho
fanners A member ot tho family presides nt
each ot tho dining tables llio sen ants ot tho
guests nro duly feasted In tho sonants ball
On ouo occasion thoFltzwIlllnms onteitnlued
nt a felo ueai ly 10000 people Loid Fltzwll
Hams Income Is not less than 1200000 ft
year of which probably a third conns from
col lories His estntu lu WlcMow Ireland
which conies to him from tho famous Earl ot
htraffotdi is estimated nt 200000 ft year Ho
spondsuierynutumu there and did not miss
ins visit hub year jasieaiiieemiugnis pros
nnco socially ieslrableho vv as there for nearly
six months
Itellulilo Clothing nt Iovicst Irlcc
acorn Bpransy 007Hoonlh street
The Ilniii mill IMirpoiesi of tlio Sow
NriVAllK N 1 Dec 13 Secrotary rrolliig
hiiyseu tills morning lett for Wnshlngton on
tlio limited oxptcss Ho wns alone nnd goes
to making nrrnngemonts for tho rcinovnl of
his family to Wnshlngton where they will oc
cupy tbo house 1171 1 street which ho owns
and which he occupied when Sonator Ills
wife daughter nnd son-in-law will llio with
him whllo his sons eontiiiuolnw practice here
Mr Frollnghuyson dons not know when ho
will ruler on tbo duties of tho oniee but Will
mnkiisiicli nrinngemenls with Mr Blalno no
will bo personally satisfactory to lliolattor
Tho statement that Mr 1 O Bancroft Davl
will replaco Mr Hill as First Assistant Sncro
tury Is authoritative mil tho change wilt bo
mndnoiiMr Irellngiiuj sens nccesslonto of
ClIItUOUlCM iu tlio
Cnplliil Yetterilny
Vinxst Dec 13 During tho funeral yester
day tho theatres and nil places of entertain
ment w cro closed A i Impel was erected nt mo
Kaiser Ibersdorf four miles from tho city and
the Immense cntafalquo was surroundod by
wientlis wax llghtsnnd twined Mowers Dur
ing llio procession to tlio cemetery tho military
band played Beothovens funornl march At
tho cemetery ladles nnd workwomen wandcrod
irom comii to conin praying nnu weeping nun
lilacfut Mowers on them Tho choirs of all
creeds wero present nnd snug chants whllo tho
coffins wero carried head to head to tho gmvos
whoro tho Burgomaster placed tno nrsi sou ot
earth uimnencli Tho list ot missing Is now
reduced under nittlicntlo Inquiry to 880 A
iiumhorot Indies limn been roiiudlnthocellnr
under the theatre
iniory SloriH on lie ulleiiu Cimc
Cmciuo Dec in Emory A Storrs tho well
known crlmlnnl lnwyerot this city has re
turned Irom Washington In spooking or tho
lulteaii case ho says Looking at tho casoln
Its present stage I think Oultonu will bo con
victed Nothing hns so far appeared In tho
ease to Indicate Hint ho did not nt tha tlmo ot
tho assassination nnd beforo It nnd during all
tlio tlmo since then fully comprehend tho dif
ference betweon right nud wrong nnd tho con
sequences of tho act ho committed lam as
sured that tho case for tlio prosecution will lo
simply oierwhelmliigly against tho pica or
Insanity nnd will not lenvo a vestlgoot thnt do
Witt It n Illl up loll
Cute 110 Dec ll It Is now alleged that
there wero many suspicious clrcunistancos at
tending the lire which di stroyod tho Osborno
reaper warehouses nnd caused an allcgod Iobs
ot over 200000 Tholnsiiranrowiui greater
than the loss clalmoil by JIOOOO Tho lodgor
and Journal haio disappeared not ft trnco ot
even their heavy board covers being found
Tho lire n n Itness snys started at three differ-
out iKiinis Biiniuiaueoiisip inu gas iiieier
wns found cut off nnd n gns plpowns hovered
by a llio Tho ilotcollvos also say tho allegod
mblmry ot the onto w as clearly not tho work of
NoimrkN Hreelicd IlniiK
NrwutK N J Dec 13 Tho dlieclois of
tho wrecked Mechanics Bank to day formally
signed ft proposition to llio doisisltors and
stockholders looking to resumption They
will repay nil stockholders their assessments
nnd puy all depositors 7 per cont of their
claims excepting banking nud insurance com
panies nnd municipal corjioratlons before
March 1 It nil nccedo to tho ngreemcut nud
gliu them liinddltlon tho benefit ot ill pro
coeds rroin claims mndo by tho bank against
Its debtors they hope they will make tho
payment nenily 100 per cont
lllt In tlio Ilrc
ST Lotus Dee 13 Roso fv Brothers pack
lug housn nnd lnrd roudcrlng establishment
wns entirely destroyed last night by ft lire
which originated from tho burning otn lard
tank Nino hundred drcssod hogs anil n great
quantity or other cut meats wero burned Thu
loss Is 80000 Insurance 00000
A ltepoil Sqilelelieil
A ClilTIO I oiiortor railed Senator lrv oa at
tention to n paragraph from tho lltpulilcan of
this morning to tho effoct that ho was to bo
aiqioliited Attornoy flencrul with ft vlow of
Mr IllalnoB return to tha Sonate So fnr as I
am concerned Hnld tho bonator it Is all
humbug lu tho llrst placowo havu
governor nnd ho would not call tho Leg
lslature togotiicr to elect my successor nor
would ho appoint James O Blalno Senator
And In thu second placo I dont w nut to bo
having this much the Sena
tor passed on
Votes mill Comment-
iiiitlieifoul B Hayes has gono Into history
rull length lu Memorial Hall Cambridge
Tho English nilstocrncy Is not so dull ns
fniuurly slnco one earl has had his body
stolen and another has had his w Ho stolen
Paris prefers for her own use the Atnorlcan
clovated rend to tho English underground
rallwny Sho pi udently likes taseo her way
Winter weather not being provocatlvo ot
liveliness lu the granite business the manu
facturers of Boston propose to onjoy their
leisure lu locking out tho union men
Tho engineer of tho steam llio engltio In
Coldwator Mich Is not a bit lazy ltathcr than
siniui lino itowui ngut uns niniseir
so that
ho can put them out Tho town dashed cold
water on his Industry by arresting him
John Bright Is unswervingly loynl to bus
noes and to Birmingham Accession to tho
honors of the cabinet has not dazzled htm Ho
has uo or had a houso lu London and nelthor
ho nor hit family over moio in what is styled
Tho Venetian government promulgated tho
edicts of its sumptuary laws by exhibiting
dolls drcssod according to tho code Tho Em
press Eugculu long served ns a lay llgura by
tho same method but of lato years the pretty
puppots seem to bo found In tho vnrloty thea
tres of Paris
Somo spiritualistic mediums as usual
begged ns a personal fniorllint thoiiiidleuco
would Investigate The Crlsilcldlans Mary
land hended by a preacher took them at
ibclr word and Investigated tlio dnik closot
The mediums left town without advertising
a second performance
The Mai k Luno Erineu of London having
cliculated questions respecting draught horses
nmong a number ot great linns kc employ
ing lliem has obtained much iutotmntlou lit
reply To tho question Is thcio nny breed
ot lunvy draught horses which more than an
other is especially adapted to heavy work lu
imed towns the Southampton Dock Com
lny replies i v lth twenty live j ears ex iwrl
once wo llnd that Bclgtan and English mixed
breed horses nro tho best nbapted for lienv y
work on paved nnd on rough roads Oeldliqs
aro ulways preferred and roans are tho favor
ite color MeBsrs Courage great London
brewers object to heavy llesby ligged horses
for work on tho stones As to lit av y legged
horses opinions aro divided Mr alltn of
Dublin who horses the express wngons of sol
oral loading Irish railroads sajs that tho ring
USll mill Solcll Horses nro mucu inure canny
managed than the Irish One authority pro
nounees lu favor of tho mixed Belgian ami
English horsos so fnr as price powor and dur
ability am coucernedi but most nrodocldedlv
In favor of tlio breeds of tho United Kingdom
llio feet of foreign breeds will not thoy say
stand tlit stones
I -
There Is no Indian war HOW COllll Oil ThO
fact Is the weather Is bo cold lu the West that
the Oov eminent ngonu who aronpiwinieuia
rob nnd plunder tho rod mon nro compelled to
Bit by thoBtovo In tlio meantime they nro
mapping out a programme which will Btlr up
tho Indians from tho British possessions tho
Rio Grande Itiasmnll nny the country has
no abler Btatesmon than tbo agents w ho pluu
dor tho Indians Itfanfa luialllmoii
One ot llio causes of the deaths fiom yellow
level In Now oilcans Is thought to bo tho de
cayed and rotten timber lu prliato houses nnd
publlo buildings to meet this dnnger tho
common council recently onlered tlio city sur
veyor to Investigate the uso of cieosoto ns a
preservative of wood and preventive ot dls
Tho largo amount ot lco gathered last vv Inter
on tho Hudson Rli er was lav lshlyusod during
tho summer Such nn Immense quantity was
consumed Hint now to their great surprise
tho chief lco compaulcs llnd tholi houses
nearly all empty Preparations nro making to
begin tho nan osllug ot lco at nu early day

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