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Evening Critic
JL J-i fi 2
933 Ponna. Ave.,
Announce for next
of Ladles' and Misses'
& White Lawn Snlts, 8 Inch mine, vv Mo lirm, clirlit
lucks, overnklrt with rullleanil ehrht tucks, bMuue
wlthrufllenndeUtlit lucks nnd tucked front,
03SrXi""5r $B.50.
Another style. Double Unfile, tlireo tuck In
runic, drapery oveiskht w 1th tucked ruuic,busiue
with lucked ruflle,
onsrij-y $6.00.
lour vvldc tucks In skirt nnd rullle or lawn nnd
Hamburg, aoubio row of Hamburg on oversklrt
nnd basque very handsome nnd nt reasonable
Exquisite Polka Dot Hamburg Suita
Half Mourning Suits of fine Lawn with black
Everything Elegant in Suits.
Hook will be given with each purchase. They
aresold.wlth colored plates, for 9i.S0.and plain
with cloth covers for 1.50, at the bookstores-no
give them nway.
i nvreuy return my tnailKS lor tue sympathy
lately expressed by so many of my patrons, and
take plcasureln announcing the reopening of my
store. C1IAS. DAUM.
npll 410 Sev enth Btrect northw est.
Wervlces to-nlzht at tho "Fnurtti Hlt-ont M.
E. Church (Navy Yard), ltcv. Jos. Franco, H. D.,
(-del. In charge, assisted by Bentley and Jones,
aCVangellsts. lt
SHJ quent Temperance. Orator, will lecturo at
HamllneM, K. Church, corner of Ninth nnd 1
Rts. n. vv., this FRIDAY, at 8 p. m. Admission, 10
cents. A rich treat Is promised. it
II. W- 1 ToilSI. Rlrrn nt.rl (lrnnmn.,.1
1'alntlncr. iLalsomtnelne awl rimlnlm-. iiniora
promptly attended to. nps-Sl
A Neat Wrought Iron
of one-halt Inch Iron, put up complete at 80c. per
foot. Also all miscellaneous Iron work.
mr22 46a Maine nvenuo southwest.
iioiine nnd l'hvslrnl !n1l,ir will M-n
lessons nt gentlemen's residences. Apply at iron
fci-cond street northw est.
I take pleasure lu statins that f ro(. ."oha C.
Collins has given my son, Leonard, a course of
lessons in boxtngar.d pnyilcal training, and thai
lie has derived much beuetlt therefrom. I there
lore most heartily recommend the Piofessor to
those parents and guardians who liao sons nnd
wards requiring such Instruction.
March 4, 1832. J I. O. SPEN CE B.
ygll. A. IIAliL. KD1V. II. THOMAS:
mrS 816 F Street N. W.
AWB Fevers, Ague and Fevers, Bilious Fevers
and other diseases Incident to the season, take
BROWNING'S BITTERS and you will surely es
cape them.
BROWNING'S BITTERS have been In uss for
over twelve years, and no person was ever known
to have chills or bilious fevers while uslug these
Bitters Forsalebydiugghits and grocers oner
610 Pennsylvania Avenue.
702 Ninth street n. w, Parlies and Weddings
erved at short notice. no7
Tin plates, sbeetlron work, fireplace stoves,ranges;
furnaces repaired. Tin roofing, spouting, and all
kinds or tin work promptly attended to. Send
your order to
.. . R.H.O. BOUIS,
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goofs store. Liberal discount to the trade.
I, C. RINQWALT, r. Sole Agent for Washington.
4iw mu street northwest.
Jobbng In all the above branches.
JKgEstlmatea furnished for new work. feUtg
Corner Twelfth Street and Pennsylvania Avenae
.. wu.w u .jjaranrii ecieniincaiiy ireatea, ma
larta especially. Ofllce hours: ti a. ii. to l: ml, and
2p. m. to8n. in. Consultation free.
JjgKJ. OBRlftjILLEn,
Alt Cironlo Diseases scientifically treated, ma
l&rt& esnpclnllo. nm.aiinn...nn ... . , '
i no 7ii seventh m-itick-r.
JustOult For Target Practice Indoors and out
doors! Excellent fur Hunting and Killing Rats,
Cuts, bqulrrels etc. Noiseless n an aliguu! Will
hhoot a Bullet or Hart UX) feci, mid can bu In.
staiHly (.hanged so us lobe us harmless as a toy
tiunl Juki the weapon fur Ladles and Cents lu
Practice Target Shooting! it is better thai, a
Oil A
For a Boy's use! llnllre lenstti, 33 In die. Vivo
KiceI-iHliUti Arrow a, llulletM. Tnriftta, eic, free,
l'nce, compute, by mall, f I .us,
O'MEAIIA'S Fishing Tackle Depot,
1317 l'. Ave, Washington, I). 0.
N. B.-Wo are Manufacture! s' iM-cut and supply
IliolrHdoat lowrntoa. anS
Mull; and I) streets nolthncst, occupies Its
new and atlractlre halls In the haudsonie edluce
,ni!'t, ,,l1'r,oul"iit the United States e Lincoln
Hall Building. Day and evening sessions for
ladles and gentlemen, bona and daughters edu.
rated forrealllle. utudeuia received Throughout
the year, A pamphlet coutalnlnij an eloquent
addriss to the students on "liiements of
Kuccea,"by James A . Garfleldi also, fuill info",
mailon concerning tbo college, will be sent free
upon .application by mall, or may be obtained
at the eollese onlce. llENUY u wf-KNUKH.
Principal. Mrs. SARA A, HPENOKlt, V
Principal. oca
Close Carriages lor Weddings. Calls aud Ttecep
tlons. Boarding aud Livery Htable, Wlliard's
Hotel Ktablea. corner lttb ana Km.
Praler la Waifl'apers. Window bhades, Picture
The National bank botes received for re
demption to-dny were t-IU.OOO.
Oovr.nNMKNT receipts to-dart Internal
rovenue, !f Ul,(ioii.rOi customs, $831,000.83.
Skeokant J. I'. 1'iNf.KY, Signal Corn3,
linn been crdcrcd from tills city for special
duly nt Chicago nnd Knnsns City,
The Secretary of tho Treasury lias ap
poluleil Lewis Klmmol, of Indlann, Treasury
ngcutnt Alaska, Men J, M, Hubbard, iloctluod.
Tim United States steamer Totvlntan
arrived nt Port Rural, H. C, yestorday, and will
tall In a day or two for Key West and Havana.
Tun Treasury Department yostcnlay
purchnrcd 1130,000 ounces or rtno ailrer for
ilelli ery nt tlio PhlladeliHila and San Tranolaco
Tun President lias appointed Tlionni ,T.
limit to bo Commissioner ot Deeds In tho
Btataot Pennsylvania, for tho District otCot
Tnn avy Dcrartmcnt Is Informed of
tho death or Cadet Midshipman Charles r.
llciip, nt linngor, Ta., on tho lltli Instant, tram
Tiinrostollleo at Yellow SulpliiirSprltiKS,
Montgomery County, Va., has boon re estab
lished, nnd John T, Jcnnell commissioned
Captain Nathaniel UoniNsoN lias
teen appointed superintendent ot tho Hlov
cntliLltoHaMiiRDIsttlctln Michigan, Ico A.
C. Lnttlctf, resigned,
Tun Secretary of tho Treasury lias is.
sued Instructions to prohibit tho Importation
or opium by Chlnp'o subjects uuder tho
Chlutsoticaty or 1881.
The President lia( approved tlio joint
resolution granting tho Stato ot Indiana tho
uso or tents on tho occasion or tho military on.
enmpmont during tho year 1892.
The Secretary of War to-day directed that
200,000 additional rations bo lssuod to tho
Corumlrsloncrs nt New Orleans for tho benefit
of tho sufferers of tho Hood lu Louisiana.
has received Information ot tho ralluro or tho
Tlrst National Hank ol Burfnlo, N. Y., nnd that
tho nffalis are In tho Lands or an examiner
First-class Private P.. jr. Gi-.pdinos,
now on duty at Foit Myer, Va., has boon
ordorcd to Philadelphia! First-class l'rlvnto
O. r. Jllckens, also at Fort Myer, ordered to
Chlncotoaguc, Va,
Captain S. B. Lt.'CE, commanding tho
training squadron, Informs tho Navy Depart
ment that tho United States steimer l'oits
mouth Is under orders to sail from Newport,
R. I., on tho lath Instant.
Tnc President nnd party, Including tho
Secretary ot War and tho Board or Managors
or tho National Soldiers' Homos, returned to
this city this morning rrom a visit ot Inspec
tion to tho Home at Hampton, Va.
The President has commuted tho sen
tenco ot Edward M. Kelly, who Is under son
tone of death at Snntu Fo, N. M., on April 11),
In order to allow tho papers tltno to reach
there A lerrlcvo has been granted to May 19.
Secretary Hunt yesterday afternoon
received a cable message rrom Lieutenant
natberatlikulsk stating that ho had closed
tlio contract for a steamer to procood up tlio
Lena RUcr In search or tho missing Jcaunotte,
crew, and was about to start north.
A general court-martial with Fir3t
Llcutenant It. P. Strong, Fourth Arllllcry, as
president, has been nppotntod to meet at Fort
Myer, Vn., on tho loih lnst., for tho trial ot
Flrstdnssrrriato W. M. Mnttlngly and such
other pilsoucrs as may bo biought boroiolt.
Bids were opened at tho offico of tho
Supervising Architect or tho Treasury to-day
for cut granlto lor the basement nnd area
walls or Hie Baltimore l'ostonlce. Thoro wero
ten bidders. David Wilson was tho lowest
bidder at t(H,050 and will bo awarded tho
There is snashiag of teeth and loud lam
cntntion among tho Sixth Auditor's clorks.who
huvo for years been sumptuously prov hied f or
on tho first main iloor ot tho Fostontco Depart
ment, at tho prospect ol their early transfor to
the top of tho building or "garrotv as they
oro pleased to term It, to tho rooms vacated bi
lbo Money-Order division ot that office.
TnE following named postmasters in this
section weio commissioned to-day: E. L. It.
Dunn, nt Oulncjs, Caiollno County, Va.: M.
Ttlplclt, at Oicialls, Pago County, Va.: G. S.
Cable, Markham Station, Fauquier County,
Va,: J. B. Ferric, Westwood, Prlnco Ooorgo
County, Md.: C. M. Phillips, Itellanco, Dorches.
ter County, Md.: J. M.Ktovcr, Edgemout, Wash
ington County, Md.
Mr, Chandler, tho now Secretary of
tho Navy, was at tho Navy Department this
morning nnd bad a long conference with See
t otnry Hunt on naval alTalrs. It was arranged
that tho new Secretary should tako chargo on
Monday next, si hon Secretary Hunt will pro
sent all tho officers ot tho Department to tholr
now cliler. Mr. Chandler atterward visited
tho white llouso and paid his rospects to tho
TnE President has signed tho ramtnis
Blon or William C. Chandler, to bo Secretary
or tho Navy: William M. Hunt, toboMInlstor
to Russia: Sterling P. Rounds, ol Illinois, to
bo rubllo Printer; Samuol O. Wilght, to bo
Receiver of Public Moneys at Carson City.
Nevada: Roberts. Chilton, a Consul at l'ort
Eilo: Waltor A. Smith, Marshal for tho Dis
trict ot Colorado, and Ooorgo A. Bhutcldt,
Marshal nt Shanghai, Chjna1
Tun Cabinet was In session about two
hours to-day All tho mombors wero presont,
Including tho rotlring Secretaries ot tho In
terior and Navy. Tho principal questions
considered was tho coming Monetary Conter
enco In Paris, tho troubles with tho cow-boys
In Ail zona nnd tho Fltz-John Portor caso.
Tho latter caso was finally dlsposod ot: but
how, is not known positively. It Is now
believed, however, that tho Prosldcnt will
lake no further stops In tho manor.
Commander Silas Terry has been or
deiodtoduty lucliargoof tho equipment de
partment, Navy.Yard, Washington, V. C, May
1: Captain James A, Uroer has been detached
as a member of tho Board ot Inspection, 111 th
Instant, and ordered as Captala ot tho Navy
Yard, Washington, D. 0,, 17th Instant: Cap
tain A. A, Sommes, from duty at tho Navy
Yaid, Washington, and placed on waiting
outers: Commander If. L. Ilowlsnn, from
special duty and ordcrod as a member ot tho
Boardof Inspection, 17th Instant: leavohas
been granted F.ear-Admlral W, U. I.o Roy for
ouo icar, from May 31, with permission to
leavo tho United states.
The following changes In tho stations
jnd duties of ofUccrs of tho Quartermaster's
porartmcut will bo madei Major Edward D,
Baker, to bo chlor quartotmaster of Depart
ment or tho Columbia: Major Geo. 11. Dandy,
10 bo depot 'juartcrmasterat bt. Koulsi Cap
tain Lewis 0. Forsyth, to bodopotquartornias
tor lit Buffalo: Major James G. Leo, to bo uuar
tcrmasterof tho Dopartmont or Texas: Major
Win. II. Hughes, to duty at Philadelphia) Cap
tain John blmjwon, to duty nt Denver, Col.;
CaplalnL(lward J. Ktrang, to bo depot minr
tcrmasternt Now Orleans: Major Audrow J.
JlcUiiu.lelo, to bocjiledjuaitormnstur ot the
Derailment of Arizona.
Governor Crittenden, of MUjouri,
having concluded his business, will leavo for
Miesouii to-night.
Cards nro out for tho marriage of tho
beautiful Miss Julln Tucker, or this city to Mr.
Harry Murray, chief dork or tho Mothodlst
Book Concern lu Baltimore. Tho ceremony
will tako placo at Wesley Chapol on Thuroday,
Apill '.(), nt 1 o'clock p.m. 'iholmppycnuplo
villi inko an evening nam tor Philadelphia
and tho North,
Anna DIcKliiHon in l'linlK,
Micn Anna Dlcklusou us llam'etHo qu tj
Pluck n posy from iho gra o of Unhtliu and hor
back suspender buttons snap off It will bo
worth the price ot unuilsslon to aeo hor grab
tho waistband of her tiousera with ono hand
and inni tho llugei s ot hor other hand into her
mouth lustaich of plus, whllH she Inwardly
tjaculaXia (toKar(Mt) "Why didn't I get my
pants (mm Sitnus, tho Peiumyliauln uveuue
lulhlt r,
Tup l crruit was taken out to-day by Mr.
J. I. hiulthmcvci the aichlift, for Houu
llrulheis, for tho erection ot tho projiojod
building for tho l'ostonlce Depaifuieut at
Klghth and V. sirccu northwest. Tho pUu
w.ntemplalo a frontagoot fiOfeet by a depth
ot b7H feci, and will bo live stories high, with
abasement. Tho building will bo brick, vi 1th
Mono coralcea uud capplugs, aril Uio roof will
bohlghpitcheu and covered wlllulate, Tho
expense In estimated nt 100,000,
(Iriwilcit rcrmlHsloit (a Ua IColile
ror n Conpto or Hours Ho :ii1ch
UN Gtini-tl nml .Tlnkes IIU Iltcnpo
-UN I'rlciKNNny lip Will ho I'ro.
nit AVIleiiev cr the lot eminent Is
ltcndy to i On with UN Trlnl-llo
Tlmt n It Mnj-, Ho Is onp.
Tho most exciting toplo In tho city last even
ing nnd to-day was tho mysterious and sudden
escapo of Captain 11. W. Howrate, lato of tho
United Slntoa Army, and nt presont under In.
dlctment for embezzlement ot Government
Captain Howgato has been Incarcerated for
Bcvcrnl months, having been arrested in tho
West early last fall. Ho gave hall, nnd at ono
ttmo was Bupposod to havo lumpod It, as ho
disappeared for somo weoks. Ho roturned
voluntarily, however, nnd was commlttod to
Jail to await trial.
As Captain Howgato, dosplto tho charges
against him, was generally popular, great
leniency was shown him by tho offleers o tho
court and prison, nnd on Now Yenr's dny last
ho was allowed
Tim L'liimunl Vrlvlleco
of visiting his family nnd friends In this city..
Considerable comment was mado by tho pres
nt the time, nnd tho officials novor rcpoatsd
tho favor until yostordoy when, as tho matter
cv entuatcd, they paid dearly for tholr courtesy.
Captain Howgalo requested, through ono ot
his counsel, Mr. A. B. V llllams, permission to
visit his daughter, who Is horo on her Easter
v acatlon rrom Vnssnr Cullcgo, and strongth
cned his request by stating that ho had somo
documents secreted nt his rcsldenco which
wero ot essential valuo to tho pending motion
or his counsel to dismiss tho attachment or
dered by Iho Court ot his houso nnd property.
Judgo W)llo granted tho order permitting1 tlio
prisoner to v ielt his ros ldcnco undor suitable
guard, stipulating that ho should
Not be Aliiciit for More tlmti Two
Mr. Williams took tho order ot Judgo Wyllo
to tho Jail, and tho wardon Immediately sur.
rendered his prisoner. Deputy Marshal L. P.
Williams took chargo ot Howgato and accom
panied him to tho corner ot Fourth and G
Btreots northwest, having previously raado an
arrangement with Ballltr Tall to meet htm
there. Mr. Tall then entered tho cartlago aud
took charge ot him, Mr. Williams gottlng out.
Mr. Tall then took him to his residence, on
Thirteenth Btrect noar G, whero Ballltr Doing,
who was In waiting, also hy previous arrange
ment, then became his custodian. Howgato
entered his houso accompanied hy Bailiff
Doing, Ho procccdod to tho dining
room, whero ho was greoted by his
wlfo nnd daughter. Ho left tho bailiff
In tho dining-room nnd went up stalrs'to tako
a drink and chango his clothos. After "remain
ing up stairs somo tlmo ho enmo down, bring
ing with him n bundlo ot papers. On reaching
tho dining room.whero thobaillflawallodhlni,
Howgato tomarked that ho had forgotten somo
other things, nnd went up stnlrs ngaln, as tho
court official supiiosed. Tho latter waltod
about tvventy-nvo minutes, nnd as his prisoner
did not return ho becamo anxious, nnd uskod
Miss Howgato If eho know whero her father
was. Sho hesitated a moment, and then to
plled, "Ilohasgonooutfornshoitwalk. Ho
will bo back In a llttlo whllo to dinner,
The llnlllir SusnicloiiM Were
and ho mado a complete search of tho prem
ises but failed to llnd his prisoner. Ho Imme
diately hastened to tho Lbbltt Houso and tel
ephoned Information of his escape to Pollco
Headquarters nnd to Marshal Henry. Tho do
tecllvo I&rco wero Immediately on tho alert
and a vigorous search for tho escaped pris
oner Inaugurated. Vp to tho present tlmo ho
Is all light, bowever, as no cluo to his where
abouts can bo discovorod. Tho surmises ns to
his location are various nnd conflicting. Many
niocf tho opinion that ho Is still In tho city
(.ecrctcd among frlonds, others that ho has
lied to New York. All aro certain of ono thing
that he has escapod,
Tlio Z.M1111 or lNcnpc Arrnnecil.
Tho plan for his successful escapo has been
plotted for somo tlmo past, nnd thero Is no
doubt that evory detail was carefully and com
pletely annnged.
SliiH IVcllle lluri-ell,
Jho ouug woman who was his companion In
his previous trip to Now York, nnd has been a
regular v lsltor lo him slnco his Incarceration,
was moio constant and Iiequent In her calls
during tho past fortnight; tho schorao of his
skipping has cvidontly been concocted during
that period.
Somo or tho friends of Captain Howgato say
In defenso of his net Ion that ho had long been
anxious torn trial, and could provo his Inno
cence ot tho charges against him, nnd growing
Weary of the-I.uvv'h Delay
and his lengthy imprisonment ha hns escaped
with tho intention of enjoying his freodom
until tho tlmo his caso Is called, when ho will
return nnd dollvcrhlmsolt up for trial. This
does not look nltogothcr unreasonable, as ho
did pretty much tlio same thing on n former
Captain Howgato Is a man ot about forty,
clglit years of age, nhov o tho medium height,
taihcr stout, and has a halt tn his gait. Ho Is
a nnllvo of England, but a citizen ot tho Stato
ot Michigan.
mint Mnrslinl Henry nml llnllill'
Holm; Sny.
Marshal Henry and Bailiff Doing wero oaily
visitors nt tho Howgato mansion this morn
ing. They carefully surveyed tho pi onuses,
and gnvo as their opinion that tho Captain
scaled several foncos in tho roar ot his house,
and thonpiobably mado his way to tho river
and took passago on .somo boat. Marshal
Henry Bald ho thought that tho fugitlvo Cap.
tain left tho clly by water, as ho was per
fectly familiar with the Potomac, having oneo
owned n yacht, on which ho would mako fro
quont excursions down tho river. Tho Mar
shal belloves, however, that tho Captain will
bocaptuicd before many days.
Bailiff Doing, who was bo completely dono
for, was met by n Crhiq man this morning,
who asked :
"How much tho stait did Howgato gets"
"Only ten or twelve minutes. As soon ns 1
found that he had gono I did tho best thing I
could telephoned to pollco headquarters nud
notified them of his escapo. Then I mado a
complete Investigation ot tho promises, but
could not llnd any traco of him,"
"Will he, In your opinion, bo captured
soon "
"Oh! esi I bcliovo that ho will bo appro
liended lu less than forty-eight houis,"
Uallirr Doing appeared to bo very much ills,
turbed lu mind on account ot tho oscnpoot his
Mn. Ilovvcilto Hns So Nliitcmcnl to
A representative of Tun enmo called at tho
houso ot Ui a. Howgato this morning and askod
hor If ho desired lo mako n statement of any
kind concerning tho escapo ot her husband.
Mrs. Howgato was In tears, and nppoarod to
bo lu great dlsticss on account ot tho fresh
notoriety which iho affair will naturally giio
her nlieady notorious husband. The lady said
tho public knew as much about the where
abouts of thocaptainassho did heisolt, Sho
had no statement whatever to mako.
' limply In IIir Crmlle, Ilnuya (lour-."
ACniiii reporter visited tho Jail thlsnoou,
lo got anyaddlllnml Information concerning
the rscujio ot Captain Howgato which was
obtainable, 'iho genial and obliging officers,
Deputy Wniden Russ and Mr. Uoorgo Winters,
wero found at their posU busily t-ugagod lu
rccoiv Ing v Isltors, who wero dropping in by tho
sooro Iho Jail officials know uolliTug what
ever of Iho case, only tho fact Uiat Ciptaln
Howgalo was lakeii out on it "release yestoi
lay liyit deputy marshal, and that Iho "10
leafo" tellevcs theiuof nil reaiioiistbllliy lu
Iho matter,
Tho CIiitu visited
Tim fell Itrcriilly Occupied l.v llio
and found It just us ho left It yesterday, no ouo
having been allowed to go Into It, Thocollls
rathei nicely furnished, Atouud tho walls
nro plumes, fancy canlteceivcrs, match
safes, oomb-ucUvers, etc., evidently tho woik
of feraalo hands, on tho south w all Is a largo
ttcel engiavltig of fhailotto Corday, upon
which III" Captulu used to look ami ponder
dui lug hl louj hours ot Incarceration,
When Captain Howgato left tho jail building
y steiduy liu was lu his usual cheerful mood,
although It was notli cable ho uppearod sonm
what ni iv oils, hlullng at tlio liosalblllty that
ho had an Intention to ii,capo It oppoiiuiiity
offered, or that matters hud In cnauauga.1 be
fi u huud The largi nnmbei of papei ma
ally locilvrd at tho Jail tor Captain llnnraiio
came as usual this luoinlug.
i:xct'tUlii;r M o id I'mitliiii.
Micn the t'rlmlunl lourt convonod this
luoinlug, Coluncl Cook sintod lo I lie Court that
lu the cabc of John II. Murphy, tudhted fm
larceny, ho w Uh to offer hall.
Colonel CoikhlU said ho would call the cc
for tilai at 1 o clock to-day
The Comt suggested that no ball should b
Colonel Cock asked Dint tho prisoner bo
tnktn to tho Marshal's office, so that Ho could
consult with him about tho caso.
Judgo Wyllo said ho had mado an order ot
that Umt yesterday In Itowgato'a casn, and did
not think ho would mako another one.
Colonel cook "Must I go into tho dock to
consult wlthhlmJ"
Tho Court "The prisoner cannot lenro tho
court room, but you may consult with him In
tho loom, '
Colonel cook said ho would note 1 1 excep
tion to tho ruling, nnd rottrod from ." court
rcom, Tho Court snld ho would havo Mi Oook
noiincd when thocnsecamotip,
Mlinl tho Nlsiinl Oilicers Say.
A representntlvo of Tiie CntTic visited tho
Slgiinl Ofllco to day, In hopes ot loarnl sjmo
thing new concerning tho flight ot Captain
Howgnto. Tho feeling thero ts thnt the Cap
tain lmsmede good his escape, nnd will r.otbn
heard fioinngs In, unless forced to return hero
by lenron ot poverty and In the lu pe of re
covering Bomo ot his proporty. In Ikn Inn
guairo of ono ot tho Signal of&Vuni, Captain
Howgato la an nxecedliiffly "clever ma'i, lu
Iho English meaning of Iho word, aud entirely
tto shrewd to havo taken such a step without
conlldciico in Its success,
The fitirrll! M'oninu
Is regarded ns being tho pi 'nclpal conloderato
Inhlscfcnpe. flu- ns ii u'equcnt vl"ltor to
him nt the jail, unit l.-ut w mhor noverlator
teini wlih her vlslis. Tun signal otllrers
cleitii tl 1 the- 1'ilienco presentod lo tho
("and .li.iv I'oull imt full ntllowgnto's comic
th n 1 1 1 n of rrletiiput to the nmount ot $110,
1 U) i i-i' ilmthls liutu was solely prompted
1 v liu In -I i'li'r,.i cts ot his cano. There lsalso
i v hit ,,, i in i in. xiBiinl OOlco that tho last tlmo
IP vjmlr illenppi areil his counsel wero utterly
Iki 'in t ot bis whereabouts nnd that his re
Inni II. in was merely tho result ol a highly
d Ik i i dltablo purposo.
mint n Government Detrcllvo Sny.s.
"What do you think of thooscapoot Hovt
gate?" asked Tun cniTto ot a prominent Gov
ernment dolectlvo this morning,
"A bungling piecoot business all around,"
said ho.
"Do you bellev'o that his oscapo was a pro
nirouged nffairV
"All tho facts point In that direction. Hut,"
continued tho detect Iv e, "ho never should havo
been pcimltted logo to his homo. Thero would
havo been Just as much proprloty In allowing
(lultcnu or any other pileonor confined In tho
Jail to gont liberty for two hours or so."
"What do you Ibluk as to tho w hereabouts ot
Howgato!" nsked tho roportor.
"Tho Captain, In my opinion, is not outot
tho city limits yet. Ills frlonds will probably
keep him heio until tho oxcltomont a'tondlng
his escnpo blows over, and then ho will bo
spirited nway to foreign parts."
IJIil Ho do by IVnler?
Theio wasarumoron tho street this morn
ing that Captain Howgato had mado his escnpo
in a tug-boat, and would probably bo laudod
eomowhoro In Virginia or Marjlnnd. It Is
fold In this connection that a policeman In
South. Washington stated that ho noticed n
tug-boat betwoen 8 nnd ! o'clock last night
piling betweeu tho Soventh and Elovcnth
etreet wharves, apparently awaiting tho nr
rlval ot nomoone. It this lsso, thou probably
iho Captain has taken passago ror tho lower
Wlint tho I'olice finy.
Thodelcctlvesand pollco wero very silent lu
legard to Howgato's oscapo to-day, and ex
ptesscd themselves ns unnblo to glvo nny
opinion, or foim any conjocture, ns to his
whereabouts. Major Brock Btatod that ho
ralherlcaned toward tho opinion that Howgato
hadnotlcttlhoclty; and tnisseomed tobotho
general Impression.
All Sorts or Humors.
Thero wero all sorts ot rumors In conuoc
Hon with the escapo ot Captain Hon gato on
tho streets to-lay. Early this morning a re
port was In circulation that tho Captain had
taken passago on his old steam-yacht, which
Is now owned by Mr. NoiTls Peters. This was
emphatically denied, liowover, byono or Mr.
Pclers' cnjplo es, w ho said that tho yacht was
now nt Wilmington, Del., hauled up lu tho
docks tor repairs.
How tho Doors Wero I.oelioil,
Mrs. Howgato told a Irlond this morning that
as Boon as her husband and tho bailiff camo
Into the house tho former told tho laltor to
lock both tho front and back doors an 1 put
tho keys lu his pocket. This tho bailiff did,
and tho Captain repaired to tho bath-room up
Btnlrs. Returning In n short time, ho oanio
down to tho pallor, whoro tho ballltr snt, and
said, " No I w HI go In tho noxt room and look
after my papers." It Is supposed that ho had
a duplicate ot tho key which opens tho back
door ct his house, and thcroby mado his
It is very evident that tho Captain mado tho
suggestion with reference to tho bailiff pockot
Ingthokojs, by wayor putting tho ofllcer off
IiIh guard, and giving hlmseir sufficient tlmo
to mako his escape.
All tlioltcleclltesnt Worl..
Tho whole detcctlvo corps wore working on
tho Howgato enso to-day, but up to a lato hour
thlsarteinoon, ns far r.s could bo learned at
Pollco Headquarters, no cluo or nuy kind had
been found.
Where Iho Sympathy Rests.
Tho sympathy of tho public scorns to bo
largoly In favorof Captain Howgato. Nearly
ov ery ono expressed tho opinion that tho Cap
tain had not been treated altogether light, ill
not being given a trial beforo this, when tho
Uovcinmeut counsel havo assorted tlmo and
ngaln that they have sufficient evidence ot a
documentary chaiacter which could bo pro
duced ut any tlmo and which would convict
thoCnptaln ot the crlmo charged against him.
It this boso, then tho puhllo would like to
know why tho enso has not been brought to
trial long beforo this. It is understood that
tho trial ot Howgato could not tako placo uutll
next Dccembor. Then whykcopn man In
Jail for ni ear or more without giving him an
opportunity to provo his Innoccnco?
ftultcnu Arrnld or n Lnnil I.cnjrlio
nelegntlon, Itccmino There Wits n
JVevv Jersey Mnn With Them.
Mr. John Carran, a Land Lcaguo delegate
fiom Mobile, Ala., accompanied byapaityot
dolcgates from oth or States, Including a iop
rosentatlvo from New Jersey, visited tho Jail
this morning for tho purpose of seeing tho
assassin, Oultcau.
Tho pony were shown Into dultcau's recep
tion room by Deputy Wniden Russ, and tho
following episode occurred i
Mr.cnrran "Good mornlug, Mr. Gulteau,
how nio you?"
Oultonu (hesitatingly) I'OUJ Fr) nil jlght.
W heie aro you men rrom ?"
Cunan "From nil over tho couutry, wo
nro Land Leaguers."
fiultcau (springing up) "Oh!'
Cunan 'Yes: I'm from Alabama. This
gentleman (pointing to a herculean Celtic
delegate) Is trom New Jersey, and"
Oultcau (frantically) "Laud Leaguers! Now
Jeiscy I Great Heavens ! Let ino get out of
hero 1" nnd nway ho spod down tho uoriidor,
leaving tho cell to tho party ot delegates and
Waideu lilies.
Nonrgunvent could prevail upon tho assassin
toietum torlilscell whllo New Jersey and tho
Laud Lcaguo wero represented in It.
Ho nfteiward saldi "Tho cranky Land
League Is bad enough, but when they seek to
impose a New Jersoy clank upon inc. I can't
stand II. I'm ntiald ot them. '
- .
The i:nM Washington Assault 4'nsr.
Tho East Washington assault case, In which
Wiu.Kouthcis, a burly and brutal negro, had
his skull fractuied In an altercation with Mr.
Thomas Luugloy, n. young gentleman, who
Hvcsonl.lovcutlistrcotBoulheavt, was heard
lu tho Police Court to-dny.
Mr. Cahlll nppi ured for tho defense, and Mr
Mooro for the prosecution,
Vtui.houllicrs, tho Injuiciliuaii, was called
lo tho Bland, nud tcstliled lu a disconnected
manner as tho clicumstancis of tho o.'
curiencc. Ho tcstliled that he was nassliu
dowu Kiev enth street southeast with n wheel
I ariovv full of deooy-itucks, vvhon Mr, Lnugloy
ramo up, and, taking n decoy-duck, struck Tilm
on tho head and knocked him seuseloss, nud
Hint ho lememboicd nothing fuilhor until tho
next day.
Dr, Toiieywns called and testified that on
Iho tilth ol March ho was called lu tu attend
Soulheis, aud found his skull fiauurod nt tho
bai k of his head and n cut on his mouth.
Other witnesses toBtlfiod to an altercation lu
whh.li Langley stiuck Soulhcrs with a decoy
'ihcdefiuso Ihen called six reputable wit
Hisses, Hourly nil of whom uio voung gentle
men of good charm-tor, who testlllnd that on
March '.M, at about U o'clock lu Iho
ulteiKoou. Mr, ijiugloy went up to Hoiithors,
who was wheeling a whoelbniiow full ot
wooden ducks, uud, utter Joking with him,
Plckul up uduik and nourished ft whuilts
head flew off and struck boutheru on tho
shoulder, whin tho laltcrbsoumo angry and
butted him, nud was thondiaifged away by
roino men who eaina to Lnugley assist
unir. bonthiTif went niounl (luring
Iho list nt tho dny looking for
Lunch yaw! Ihioatenlugtobulthlin lo death,
iniheiveulugriouthoisattacknd Langley in
Irontof Mr. Jones saloon, oil i'leveuth sirooi,
betivfeiiM and N slreols, win u langley, in
selfdtfeuse, stiuck liliu In iho inoiilh und
kno ked him down, bouthers fi-aetinlug his
skull lu the fall.
Judge bucll r-ncrvnl his derlslou for one
week luavrnlt the i vault ot Southern' lu;urlea.
NOLSUCH dispatch in existence
Snj's M'illliim Henry Iliirlbllrl,
llrolher orthe Demi Minister, nml
Xeer Wns-Shlpheril C'nucht-Tlio
luvrsilsntloii To-ilny Kllelts No
Sen I'ncls-Dut Mlllo Ilnstiiess
Done In Hither House or Congress
To-ilny Cnpllol Notes.
In lils testimony yesterday, Mr. Shlphord
sworo that William Henry Hurlburl, editor of
tho New York lloiW, nnd brother of the lato
Mlulstcr Hurlburt, hail showed him a dispatch
with tho words "Oo it Ptevo" on tho margin.
Mr. Hurlburt, In this morning's lipid, denies
tills most emphatically. Tho following Is his
editorial lu full:
Mr. Belmont yesterday turned tho eourso ot
tho Kblphcrd examination In a direction
which, It followed up ns ho cvidontly moans to
follow It up, will bring before tho country cor
talu aspects ot this South American business
much moro Interesting and Important titan
tho ways and works or tho voluble Impostor
who hns been taking up so much valuablo
spneo of lato in tho public press. It Is or very
little conecquenco what becomes or Shlphcrd
nnd tho mysterious "Peruvian Company,"
nbout tho comiiosltlon ot which that olhcr
wlso fluent cicaturo preserves such n
comlcnl rotlccncc. Possibly, llko Iho needy
knlle-grlnder, Shiphcrd mny rctuso to glvo
up bis list ot stockholders for tlio ovcollont
lensou that ho never has had any list otstock
holders to glvo up. Never wnsn man moro
amusingly addicted to darkening counsel by
words without knowledge. Ho gavo Mr. Bol
mont n delicious dominion ot his ldoa ot tiuth
yesterday when ho described his nllogod
"knowiedgo" ot n certain tact as a "matter
which w hen brought to tho last analysis Is ono
ot opinion lathor than ot absolute know lodgo :"
and ho Illustrated this dcllnltlonasdollclouslr
when ho spoko ot an nlloged "marginal note"
nsono ot Secretary Blaluo's dlspatchos ns
having been cited to him by tho editor ot
tho New York Woilii. As a mntter ot ract
tho editor of tho Now York WorH nover
saw orspoko with Shlphcrd In his llfosavo on
tho occasion ot nstnglo visit which Shlphcrd
lequcsted permission through two or tlireo
lnlermedlailes to pay blm, nor did thoodltor
of tho lloriever lnrorni Slilpherd that lio had
in ills possession auy dispatch whatovor sout
or Intended to bo sent by ox-Secretary Dlalno
to tho United States Minister In Peru. In this
case, as in tho caso In which Shiphord tho
other day put into tho mouth ot his coun
sel, Mr. Scott Lord, certain languago which
was Instantly repudiated by that gontlo
man In n letter published lu this Journal,
Shlpherd's evidence being "brought to
tho last analysis," turns out to to of
tho sort which ho calls a matter "ot opinion
rather than ot nbsoluto knowledge'" but
which peoplo moro economical In tho uso ot
tho lexicon aro opt to dcscrlbo by an old Kug
llsh mouosyllablo or thrco lcttors. Through
tho rog and mist of Shlphcrd, however, thanks
to Mr. Belmont, tho country may now bogln
to mako out tho truo proportions and tho ronl
purport of Mr. Blaluo's policy touching our
South American relations. It Is or Importanoo
that theso Bhould bo lully appreciated.
To-Dn.yn Investigation.
Tlio wltucsE, Shiphord, was asked a great
many questions in regard to his provlous tes
timony, tho result simply being that ho cor
roborated what ho had already said. Ho re
iterated what ho had said about tho dispatch
In Wm. Honry Hurlburfs possession. Ho said
In explanation ot his remark about "having
something to sav it Blaltin said ko nml ro
that what ho intended to say was ot a personal
nature, and would in no way affect tho caso.
Ho regaided Blalno's letter or December 0 us a
lIeco or INiro Hypocrisy.
Ho said that nothing had taken placo between
him nnd President Arthur that boro directly
or indirectly on this Investigation. He de
nied tho right ot tho commltteo to luicstlgnto
tho nffalis ot tho Peruvian Company. Ho de
clined to iroduco tho letter of Introduction
from Giant to Arthur oxcepton tho authority
of ono of them.
On tho 17th of November Mr. Blaine sout a
dispatch tolling Hurlburt to havo nothing to
do with tho Cochet claim. On tho loth ot
November, tho next dayTitter ha (Slilpherd)
had sten tho President, Mr. Blalno sent n
very different Ulspatch,
Ho did not know that Ex-Senntor Baton was
on attorney ottho Landrail claim. Ho ac
cepted a retainer trom tho Peruvian Com
pany. ;
Ho did not want any ptlrato quarrel with
Mr. Blalno to obtain undue publicity. What
he understood, what tiU Impressions were, Aoiw
tie was Impressed, &.c., A.c, took n long time.
His Impression ot tho "go It Btovo" dispatch
was that Mr. Hurlburt was to "go It."
Ho declined to go Into Ills Impression as to
Grant's Indorsement.
With rererenco to arms or munitions bolno:
cut to Peiuhfs only knowledge was n letter
in tho Now Voik 'Jiltiime to that effect. Hu
wasatkcdlf ho had seen any Indications as
to iho expcudlturo of tho money by tho Credit
Industrie! to influence tho action of tho Do
pattincnt. Ho only had tho same Impressions
vvhkhho had already given. Ho gucssodat
tills and guessed at that, and throughout tho
latter part ot his testimony ho proved to bo
Champion Guesser I'riini Oucsscrs.
in addition to his olher qualities.
Ho nover had a letter from Secretary lllnlno lu
his own handwriting. In fact ho had no let
ters ot Secretary Blaine's but w hat had boon
Whatever wltuess had dono for iho Lan
drnu claim was nt their request. Ho de
clined to nnmo who iho attorneys for tho Lau
diau claim were.
His clients taken collectively own tho Cochet
Inteicst. Ho declined to stato how much was
paid for tho Cochet claim. 1 ho commltteo has
every scrap of paper with lorcronco to tho"
Cochet claim that was evor submitted to tho
Department. Ho was not awarothatho had
over pushed tlio Landrail claim as a mou
ejedlutcrest. "Did it ever occur to you that you wero liu
properly using a United states Mlnlstor?"
"I expected that I was communicating ill
rcctly with President Calderon, I was look
ing out for my lutorest nud I was utilizing alt
collateral means that I could."
He had taken no Important Btop slnco May
1, ISM, without ndvlco or counsel. Every
thing that ho could do to promote his scheme
without tho nldot tho UultedStatcs was dono
beforo calling upon it for aid. This
closet! Shlpherd's testimony, who retired and
Mr. ISrvlllloii A. llrovrn,
chief clerk or tho Stato Depaitmcnt, hero ap
pealed und presented tho correspondence
called ror by tlio committee, which was tho
oilglual letter fiom bhlpherd to Hurlbtirt,
Willi tho Indorsement on the back which ho
Idenllllcd us being in Iho handwriting ot Mr.
L'Ainacho, tho Venezuelan Minister. This con
cluded tho testimony for tho day, nud tlio
commltteo adjourued until to-morrow morn
ing, Semite I'l'oreedluirs.
The Chair laid before tho Senate resolutions
passed by a mass mcotlngof citizons ot Now
York In favor of American citizenship.
Mr. Anthony moved that when tho henito
adjourn to-day i be uutll Monday next
vgtccd to.
Mr. I.apliani presented a remonstrance from
the NowBoaid otTiado against tho lusugn
of an bill loslrlcllngChlnevo Immlgiallon.
By Mr, Muxey, from PostolllooH and l'ost
loads, leported bciinto J. 11 10, to reappro
pi lato and apply the amount uppioprlatwi by
the art ni Congress approved Mureh ,i, IS77,
to pay certain Southern mall contractors,
Mr. Cameron called up H. R. USilf), fin the
allowance otcoilnln claims repelled by the
Accounting Officers of the Tnusuiy Deiuiu
ment. Passed.
Dills were passed for tho relief of the follow
ing persons. S. Auulo Esteibiook, llelwcoa
Wright, widow or James Wright, a soldier In
Iho wur ot J8I'.': Theodore Itsntlier, Mrs.
Rose M, Wood, Elizubeth Gray, William Hazo
Jit, Lemuel Adams, and sovetal olhciii.
Mr. Voorliees called up and spoko ou his
lcsolutlbii coudcmulug tlio conduct of our al
leged blatoPepaitmeut rolutlvo to tho uriest
and Imprisonment of Daniel McSvrceny and
oilier American citizens by British nuihorl
tles. Houso 1'roreeiIlusM.
There was a slim attendance of niunbor
this luoinlug on Iho assembling of the House,
tho members, as n general thing, becoming
dlsgutlod with the gilnd oil tho tariff quea
lion, which has been going on neatly all Iho
uck; and lliey oro 1 vldeutly nuxtou to gut
lid of this loAd ot gilst and tako up more pay
lug matter.
At tho coiidunlou ot tho loading ut the
louiual, ibe reiioit of the mlnujlty ou iho
Chluoso bill was presented.
A motion was made to suspend the moi olng
hour, which was lost, ami jhe icgular ordor
ptoceeded with.
A largo numbir ot pension bill ucre ro
liorlcd favorably una advcmly n .-ivi vu 1 ni
luUUoviilUMiUd lvu.loui,
At tho conclusion et the call ot committee,
Jlr Tn5',or moved to RolntoOommllloeof tho
Whole on the l'rlvnto Calendar, which was
carried, with Mr. Cox in tho chnlr.
AMII for tho reliefer tho heirs ntJnmnsU.
Armstrong was taken up. It led to a wranglo
and much speech-making, which racket was
going on when this report closed.
Cnpltnl Xotes.
Eenolor ltdirititlds was In liU seat to-day,
nrter an nbsenco ol n month.
Tho Senate. Insists on Its amcndmciiU to
the Diplomatic and Formication bills.
Senator TMvls, of West Virginia, left last
night lor his hom, nnd will be absont tor n
"I linvo redlitrlctrd tlio Nlato to tlio belt
citiny ability nml to our Ixist Inlerest." Ju.
lute, Where Is IWrcdlslrlcting bill now?
Senators Jonbs tof Florida), Call, Voor
bees and Gorman nro said to be the tour Dem
ocratIc Senators who voted for W. E. Chand
ler's toiinrmnilon.
Tho Houso Commltteo on FMticatlon nnd
Lalmr to-dny instructed Mr. Sherwood to re
port tho bill appropriating $1(1,000,000 for
gencial educational purposes.
Tlioso persons, who want to bo heard hy
Iho Houso Judiciary Commltteo on tho Public
Lnnd Ginnt bill, nro notified that Ihoy should
bo nt tho Judiciary Commltteo room nt 10:30
o'clock to-morrow morning,
John W. Bolder was teforo tlio Senato
Military Commltteo this morning, nnd was
examined as to nupplles futnlMml the Sol
diers' Home. Nothing bejond or.) Inary busi
ness transactions was developed.
Several ladles weio present nt tlio Slilp
beid Investigation this morning. Tho "dear
cicalurcs" will crowd around this wlty falsi
tier as they did nround tho hideous nssassln
Gulteau. Somo Mcar creatures" nro nothing
If not morbidly curious.
Abo Hewitt, of Now York, otlicrrvl?o
known ns tho son-in-law of Peter Cooper, was
llko a hen on a hot griddle this morning. Tho
J.owVork Chaniberot Commorco bavins in-
dorsed his Bubsllttuo tor Iho Tariff Commis
sion bill, he wishes It to bo understood that ho
Is a big toad In tho loglslallvo ruddle.
Ono of tho New Hampshire excursionists
who sat on n back scat this morning In tho
fouth gallery whero tho Speaker could not
bo seen, Innocently Inquired why tho carpen
ters wero allowed to work whllo tho Houso
was In session, mistaking Iho tapping ot the
bpeaker lor tho blows ot an industrious mo
clinnlc. A hearing was given a dclogatlou of
southern gentlemen by tho Houso Commorco
Committee tb-dy. Appropriations wcronskod
ror Improving rivers nml harbors In tlio
South, oBpccmmMH Georgia. Alabama 1 lorlda
ond Mrglnla'wMIbo heard to-morrow on tho
fumo subject by tho committee.
Hon. Thomas jr. Hayue, of tho Alleghany
(Pa.) Congicsslonal District, who has been at
homo tor eovernl days pnst, looklngnrtor a row
or his fences, which havo been outot ordor ror
eomo tlmo past, returned to tho city this morn
ing. ScnaUir Don Cameron and Bayno ai 0 not
on tho best terms now, and It Is said that Don
has alieady told the Hon. Thomas that ho Is
Fervlng his last term lu Congiess. Don wants
"ouo et us" to represent that district.
To-day tho Houso Flections Commltteo
ndopted tho following resolutions In tlio
Blsbee-Flnlcy enso.- " 'I hat Josso .1. linley w as
not elected as a Representative to tho Forty
seventh Congress rrom tho Socoud Congres
sional District of Florida, and is not entitled
to tho seat; that Horatio Blsbeo, Jr., was duly
elected us a Representative from tho bocond
Congressional District ot Florida to tho Forty
sov enth Congress, nnd Is enlltlod lo his scat ns
Tho Senato Commltteo on Territories this
morning agreed to report Senator 11 utler's bill
of last Congress as a substitute for tho bills In
troduced during this Congress for a govern
ment for Alaska. Tlio bill provides a slinplo
rorm of government, mnklug tho (Jovornor,
Judge, murshal, Ac, n Legislative council,
Tho commltteo also recommlttod Senntor
Vest's bill establishing a court In tho Indian
Tcnitoiyro a commltteo to amend by provid
ing that Indians may form part of n Jury when
an Indian Is on trial.
District In Congress.
Tho following Is tho full text ot Senator
Coko'e bill to amend the laws ot the District
relating to the administration of tho estate or
deceased persons: "That letters lestaniontiry
or of administration grantci', by a competont
tribunal of tho domicile of tho doceasod, lu
any Stato or Toirltoryot tho United States ot
America, shall havo Iho samo forco and effect
In Iho District ot Columbia ns In tho btato or
Tcultory whero granted, and shall suporsodo
any administration thnt has or may bo granted
on such estalo lu the said District or Co.
Mr. Noal, chairman ot tho Houso District
Committee, Is not encouraged by tho ticat
inent that Is being givon iho bill to reclaim
tho Potomac llats, or, lu ract, to make nny
class of improvements nt tho National Capital.
It is a fioor inaifc ot prldo that prompts tho
class or Congressmen who oppose thta moas.
uro to economize In tho manner they do. If
tho needed improvements nbout the District
aro not mado It will pot bo tlio fault 01 tho
chairman of the llouso District Commltteo.
Mr. Morrlllimroduced in tho Sonato to-day
tho following:
Jtaotiett, Thnt tho Commlssioneia of the
District of Columbia bo dlrocled to report to
tho hounto any steps taken by them for widen
lug the extension of Fourteenth stn-ot, of tho
clly of Washington, with plans und estlinitod
cost of tho proposed Impiovcmcuts: any facts
beniingupon lis necessity or oxpodloncy.
Mr. Cockioll Introduced a bill ror tho roller
ot Elizabeth Stewart, ot Iho District.
The bill to poy ccitalu claims allowed by
Iho Tieasury, which passed tho Houso Mutch
15, passed tho Senato today. It includes
claims tor the rollowlng icsldontsot tno DIs
tilct: James Biooke, $110: tho Glonwood
Cemetciy, $ao:i.fiO: Loulsla llcrgcr, ndmlnl.
stintrlx of Henry Rtello, decenced, $31.80.
tho estate of J. II, Plies, deceased, f WH.
An i:cllciiiriil, ami Hon It Was
Somo excitement was caused to-day by
tumors of an aocldent to tho l'losldonual
liaity returning ftoin tho Soldiers' Homo at
Uamjiton, Va. This morning word was re
ceived at Pollco Headquarters that tho pollco
ambulauco was wanted at tho whart to await
tho icturii of tho patty, Tho ambulunco went,
and so did Captain Vernon, two detoctli es and
ft number ol newspaper men. Tho boiler
that a bciIous accldeut had occurred was
prevalent until Iho ambulunco nrrltodnttho
wharf, when it was ascertained that tho mos
ecnger who summoned it did so by mistake,
as ho Intended toBtimmouncouvcynuco used
by tlio Burgeon General, either as an nmbu
lanco or a3 a passenger vchlclo.
Iliiicau ori.'iiKi'nvjIncniiil l'iinllnK
r Interest lo IMuployes.
The chief ot tho buienu nuthorlzes ihoau
nouncenicnt that tho cntlro forco ot tho bind
ing division and tho plate printers nud their
assistants will resume woik at tho icgular
bonis on Monday next, tho 17th instant.
'Ihcso employes should icport accordingly.
All ethers will report at Iho expiration of their
furloughs, unless specially iioiined to report
niikincss llooiiilnc At Keep's.
Whllo ether aro showing tholr old stylos,
O. V. llurdelte, 137 Seventh Btrect northwest,
as usual, is ahead, and has on exhibition all
Iho now tilings In gentlemen's furnishings,
silk umbrellas, etc.' Tho Dromptou scurf takes
the lend.
UunfullliiiH Ironi I.j Hon 11111I Shahs,
llwnsBulwor T.yttonwho said, "You can
always tell a gentleman by tho peifumory ho
lines;" nnd It was Sliaksjaro who advanced
tho Intelligent fact that u man's wcailugup-
wrel la an Indox of bis (.huruater. Aud It U
.Ir. B. M. Bildget, tho impulnr clothier ot III: I
bovenih etiecl, who carries .sut bhakspearo's
Ide n most perfectly In the excellence and 1 le
of his goods.
(Huitcitu'N Counsel.
Mr. Charles II. Keld.ot Gulteau a counsel,
ncooiiiiiunlcd by Dr. Hush, or Chicago, aud ox
OougrttbSman Davis, of Massachusetts, visited
tho Jail this morning and held a lou.-thy eon
venation vvtlh Gulteau.
Your Atlciillou In llireclcil
to iho display cfspilng suitings and trouser
ings inhibited In our windows. l'.Uemau
ilu s , coiner bi-vinih aud V..
C. C. Jronnovv, of Mlssomi, 0110 of tlio
executive iork ot tho Senate, wasuelebrutlug
Ms fortU-lh blithday to-day, llarly this morn
lug a basket of beautiful ilowera was plaood
on bis desk, and ho wus kept busy shuklnj;
hands and leoelvlng tho consratuUtloni, of
hit many ft lends. Ml. Morrow is a nrnet
genial, utlable and n. oomun idutlug genileiuvn,
und ulivays has 1. kind woidaudamllo fm
iiijbody. Having been a "knight ot tin.
label hlmcelt for many year-, b kn.urs
how It is hlmsf-it, mia ,,f , ,,urB,. ;ie ,tnUs
I. - i.. ) v noui-. 1, ujlm, Oil I U U "II I '0 WUU
ids many other friends in wlshii x I mi v. iy
many happj'retmnsot tho nuei-i tu
day that sivo hUu birth
NUM13E1! 4,101.
Hccoery of it Iloily (Ills Miirnlug-
Ntlll rSenrrlilnc Tor Iho lirnil.
IHt.TtMoni April U.-Tho liody or nmelo
(itay, ono or tho vlcllmsor tho bollcroxploslon
In l;rntt street, yesterday wns reooverej Hns
inornlnR. It iircsented n terrible appearance,
being ehnrred from head to foot. Her hoart
irokrn father lert tho eoeno Just beforo
Grarle s remains wero recovered. Ho an
penied overwhelmed with Krlcf. Workmen
nrestlllcuKnged searching for tho dead, nnl
disaster "r cullgr''!lU?,, nt lIl c"io "t tlio
Woolen Mill Iturueil.
Wcolcn 1IIII nt (Ireeuvllle, fourand-a-hnlf
BtpricB, nnd built ot stone, belngn slxiset mil ,
with improved machlnrry, together wmitlio
oiler houso and dye lioiice, and nvo tono
ments, nil owned by the Greenville ManuUo
!' 'L".B ''''"il'any, was destroyed by nre last
L'iR,,l,t,TllnlOTk "i Ihomlllwnssaved. Lss.
U rebuilt "1Mlr''lnc, 7ni,K)u- Tho mill will
llullnlo liniik lltisleil.
r,'!,m,X'nMK,'M'r.1U,,'-T"0 President et tho
rourth Na lonal Bank says that thn First Nu
llonnt Bank of liurfaln had doposltod thero for
?.?JT.,'Ht on V e'll","'lsy nud Thursday he ro
J thi i?,?;S? C,,M!B becnuso he bad no funds
of tho Buffalo bnuk. Ho lecclvod about flttr
draltsycstcidayand the dny beforo, varylii
in amount from 1(X) to V,,O0O. Ito pa Id
none. Ho know nothing ns to iho reasons ot
tho bankrailurc. Its capital was $100,000.
Terrible J'lre ut Titusillle.
TITUaviLt.r, PI., April 1 i.-riro at .1 n. in.
destroyed thn Parshall Houso. Loss, I03,n3u
Insuranco 1!,-,,000. Tho flro cnusod Hotel
Brunswick to bo gutted nnd snaked; Loss un
known, It nlso damaged Watson's livery to
tho nmount of $I,ooo. Flromnn Alfred Hub.
bold was fatally Injured by n falling wall, Tho
colored cook ot tho ParhaII Houso la missing.
Ho is supposed to bo burned.
Illume In New Yorlt.
. . Nn?" YonK- April 1 1. thero was a destrue
th o nip nt 02 esey strei t to-dny. Ths losses
werovi. w. Barrett A- Co., printers, $l,r,oa:
Boomer & Bi-oschert, preas company, r,000:
James Creshcr, caibonlto of lime, $2,500:
Manliattnn Leather Duster Company, 1,000;
Rich's perfumery, J2.000; building, fS.OOO.
INcnpc ol TVIlilllsts.
Vienna, April 1 l.A dispatch received horo
announces that eighteen Nihilists havo
escaped from Kara, In North Slbetla, and that
among them was Mlkalloff, an accomplice la
tho m-sasslnntlon ot Gonernl Mczcnthoff.
Ventlet Aunlnst Dlsliop Hare.
t. '"'E?' YonK' Alr11 1 l-In 11C 6Ult ot nov. h.
p. Hlnmnn vs. Bishop William II. Haro tha
i'ili?".,?t.urncd ft TCI,llet for tho plalutltt tor
I'lisufe Hotel.
NEW YORK, April 11. -Tho Tiro Depattmont
has pronounced French's Hotel unsato.
-- .
Aro Kx-Reproscntiitlies mill Ilxc.
ISeiinlors Who JlnKo Morccniiry
I'so or Their 1'riv Hoses.
Moro than a llttlo complaint Is belug mado
Just now about tlio notoriously disgraceful
extent to which cx-Merabors ot Congress aro
carrying tho lobbying business upon tho lloor
ot tho llouso and of tho Souato. It Is no un
common thing to seo halt a-dozen or theso ox
pub. tunes, on tho floor ot the Senato or tho
Houso nt n lime, buttonholing Senators and
Members, and taking advantage ot tholr
privileges, in order to mako tho domand
for their scrvlcos tho moro sought after
and valuable. ACItiTic reporter saw ono ex
Member go In ou tho iloor yesterday five dif
ferent timeB lnstdo ot nn hour, and each iimo
bo took a Member out and Introduced him to
tho agent of a powerful railroad combination
in this country. Iho rules ot thoRonatonnd
House El ould bo so altered as to compel theso
cx-Mcmbers and ex-Senators to display a llttlo
decency, nud, It they have no respect ror
themselves, they should be taught to respect
tho dlguily and sanctity or tho Congress of tho
United btatcs.
Put them out, and keep them out uutll they
learn to act decently.
Chnille aye's Anniversary.
Last night was tho sixth nnnlvorsary of
Charlie Nyo's entrance into tho Tcmperunce
movement, and tho ovent was celebrated by n
reception nt his rcsldenco on r street. Among
tboso present wero Judgo E. K. Vnlentlno and
wife, Rer. Johns. Denlo, ltov. W.I. McKennoy
nnd wife, Robert Cohen nnd wlto, Mr. aud Mrs.
H. ChambciH, Thomas II. Martin and wlto.
Major H. A. Hall and wlto, Mrs. J. McKendreo
Rellly, Mr. nnd Mrs. Hutching, of Georgetown;
Judgo Barker und wife, of Kansas; George M.
Flllnioro nnd wife, Mis. Major Tossln ond Mr.
nnd Mrs. W. 11. Popo. Artor tho exchange of
kindly greetings iho company repaired to
supper, beforo partaking or which Rev. W. I.
McKenncy picsentoU lo Mr. Aye, with thu
compliments or Mr. nml Mrs. Chambers, a.
Ilguio "0" madoot beauttrul ilowors, with tho
following attached on n card : " To Mr. Charles
Nve, on the sixth niinlvermry of his vtw birth.
ills friends rejoice to-night, nud taklugtho
past six yeais as an earnest of tho future, they
bcliovo that his childien's children will old
an unbroken circle to this initial, In honor ot
their lather's unending fidelity to this sacred
tnuso." Mr. McKouney accompanied tho pro
ccntntlon with appropriate remarks, which
wcioicspondodto in a reeling manner. Tlio
party broke upabout 12 o'clock, alter enjoy
lnga very pleasant tlmo. Mrs. Nyo and Mrs
Frnzlerwcro untiling In Ihelr efforts to rnako
the occasion a plonsaut ono.
The Artificial Stone Case.
Tlio hearing in the Artificial Stono caso was
continued In tho Pollco Couit this ntternoon.
An nrgument was heard as to tho admlssabll
tty or certain ovldenco in rebuttal of evidence
lnttoduccd by tho detcuse.
Tho Court lulod that tho evidence, which
consisted of Iho testimony ot four wltuessos,
Including Senator Plumb, should bo admlttod.
Judgo WHshlro was called and tostlrted to
various representations mado to him by iho
defendants. Tlio other witnessos failed ta
answer, and tho Government closod Its case.
Iho defenso called an uuimportant witness
nnd then closed lis caso.
Mr. Co) lo made an argument, and was fol
lowed by Mr. Merrick, and iho latter by
Colonel Cook, whoso argument was tu progress
w lieu our report cloed.
ir You wish to Ituy Stylish
and w ell mado clothing, go to CI. Spransy, ,107
Seventh street (May Building).
Some of the stockholders in tho proposed
8) Etc in of lighting tho streets by electric llght-s
called upon tho Commissioners to-day to urgo
action uiion their application for u permit to
run their lines through the streets. Tho ques
tion Is still undecided, und tho company ox
pi ess themselves willing to go to work ut onoo
upon receiving pornilsslon, and to comply lu
every respect with the directions of tho Corn
mlssloneis. Hon. Ici:ih:ru k Doi-di.At-Hwill speak
Ihlscvenliigat tho Congregational Churob,
Ibe txvnBlou being n beuellt tendered tho
Washington hundnj lum by the citizens or this
Me.YV. t'tt.viN Chase, sccictary of tho
committee on siienkers for tho emancipation
celebration, has received a letior from Dr. W.
W Fatten, ot llownrd 1'nlioraliy, cousouttue
toclofo the university on Monday to allow
Iho students to participate In tho celebration.
John (1 rant, Eij., tho well-known lit
spectorot asphalt pavements ot this city, has
gono to . Youugstown, Ohio, to locate ponna
neutly. Mr, Grant was omployed by tha Dis
trict Oommlsslonois for many years, aud bo
is a llrst class expert In iiavcment matters.
Ho leni es a host ofjrlends behlud iilm,
A. l'lno Antique Mnliotiiuy
neerotaiy for sale at 1227 Thirty -second Hreel,
I'nEDLRicK W. Courtney was to-day
oppGintod a neclnl patiolmau, for duly for
ono year,
Mepsr. Lewis & Smith, for Viola K.
Hunter, to-day tiled a suit for divorce from
Robert )), llunler. The panics ware mauled
In lVnns)liuulaliilb7U name to Washington
In ISSO, and she ihargca Hint bo has treated
iter cruelly and f allid to support her.
I.ICKN6E Ackni I!wi has mado oases
against thin' luiudiod claim ugeut fur doing
buslnt as without a lleonsi.
The fust battaliou of colored militia
have dt I h! t ' ahiiiitlou tbeli drill oil Eman
ilpatl. u !', h 11 would be lu opposition tft
ami iietruct rum the Interest ot the parade
on iliitt (lay
It the Star Koute oacs to-day tho do
fi i d .ins filed a bill of parlloulard ciilllui; tot
rupcis, pttltlons, etc. Iho motion covers
f. ns f ur pages nt iminraud specllles eiery
. i tio i luwhlcli the (tapers are asked rt
"u ll B Nevvork letter lu next Sua
Ua , b I jum, v ill bo a "dais jr.

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