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Attempt to Hum (lie Iliilldlnc orilio
Wnaliliigtou Endowment Aocln
This morning about 2 o'clock afire win dis
covered in tho second story of tho nnlldlnR of
tliO Washington Endowment Association, Oil
F street, by some of tho omployos of tho
iroorlcan District Telograph Company and an
alarm turned In. Tho Tiro Department re
sponded promptly ami tho flames woro ox
tfngulshcd. Tho conflagration was tho work
of incendiaries, who picked tho lock of tho
front door, turned several of tho gas-Jots In tho
second story Into such a position that tho
desks and shelves were lsnttod and sot tiro to
a bundle of wasto paper in tho prlvato offlco.
Their object was evidently absolute malice,
as nettling was Btolen. But for tho fact that
they loft tho windows all closod and no draft
wob possible, tho conflagration would havo
completely destroyod tho building. As It was
n portion of tho wall In tho socond story and a
door was destroyed and tho stairway par
tially burned. Tho loss to tho turnlturo
amounts to about (200; tho damago to tho
building will not bo loss than 1 000 1 all fully
Insured. Bofarnocluo has been discovered
as to tho Identity of tho miscreant or mis
creants. In Mcmorlnni.
It Is with a sad heart that I pen this small
trlbuto to tho momory of my much-levod
friend, Mrs. Ocorglo Evcrott Wlllett, who
passed away from earth on tho morning of
March 1, surrounded by her many friends
and relatives, who docply mourn hor loss, Sho
was ono who possessed all of thoso raro quali
ties which render a woman so attractive and
bind so closely with tho chords ot affection
tho hearts ot all. Endowed with a mind ot
unusual lntolligonco, combined with a sweet,
nmlablo disposition that won tho loto and
highest esteem of all who knew hor,
" None knew her but to lovo hors
None named her but to pratso."
Sho was tho youngest daughter ot Mrs. Goor
glodlallandtholato John W. Williams, ot
Mississippi, and sister ot Major John W. Wil
liams, U. B. A.t also of Mrs. Josophtno Heard,
ono of tho most atfcctlonato and dovotea
sisters Ieer saw. Their father was an emi
nent lawyer afbd of a distinguished family.
Bho has left a void Indeed In the largo circle ot
relatives, friends and acquaintances which
can never be Dllod. May tho smiles ot Provi
dence rest upon and comfort tho hearts ot hor
bereaved family, and may they omulato tho
lovoly Christian charactor which sho over
tore, and left as a rich legacy to hor momory.
One angel more now swells tho throng
Of Ood's Immortals bright;
Another volco in heavenly song
Now sounds In realms of light.
Ber attached friend, II. T. J.,
Washington, D. C.
Tlic Capital City Gnnril Fair.
Tho success ot tho coming fair Is assured.
Tho trlonds ot tho Guards havo responded
nobly to tho call, and are using every effort to
make this a grand' success. Tho several or
ganizations havo decided to attend on their
respective nights. Tho comtntttoo acknowl
edge tho receipt of tho following articles, re
ceived slnco tho Qrst list was published : Webb
& Bevcrldge, toilet articles, Larrabco hosiery;
G. F. Tlmms & Co., handsomo smoking Jacket;
Jlutty & Taylor, fancy fans; Mrs. A.N. Rich
ardeon, mats and tidies; Luttroll & Co., ho
siery; J, E. Miller, cord ot wood; A. C. Ste
phens, revolver; Washington & Georgetown
Ico Company, Ice; 3. J. Appacb, ono ham;
crab salad, P. 1). Moredlth; A. Draper, toilet
set; W. Mllburn, toilet sot and fancy artlclos;
Mr. TJcverldge, Bet ot glassware and ono
Illuminated match safo; Georgo McCarthy,
child's shoes; Aucrbach & Ero. (Pennsylvania
avenuo), box ot silk scaifs; William Bensloy,
handsomo oil painting on glass (new process),
and ono English scarf; Mr. Deal, ono glove and
nanaaorcmci dox; ur, J. .ipscomD, ono oox
of fancy soap; Lutz Bros., ono pockotbook;
Mr. Durham, old English razor; Malvln, ono
croquet set; cigars, V. Loughran and C II.
Uutlor;0. It. Koontz, fancy ombroidorod pin
cushion; W. II. Lewis, ono fancy glldod horse
shoe. .
Tlic Suit AgnliiHt IheW.iia. It. It. Co.
Thocaso ot Charles Lcmout against the
Washington & Georgetown Railroad Company,
that has gono through threo trials and a ver
dict each time, was before Justice Mac Irthur
In the Cltcult Court this morning on a motion
to set tho case down for hearing. Messrs.
Illno, Elnklo aud McPhersou v, ero tho counsol
for the complainant and Colonel Tolten for
tho company.
Tho suit was originally commenced In tho
year 1877, and was tor damages rocolvod by
being ejected trom a car. Tho third verdict
was tor 1 15,000 for tho dofendant, and an np-
Jical was taken to the General Term. Afterlt
lad been argued thcio, and beforo tho opinion
was dellvored, tho president of tho company,
without tho knowledgo or consont of Colonel
Totten, tho counsol, met tho plaintiff In New
York, and upon paying him $2,000, socurod
trom him an order dismissing tho case.
Tho question now made by tho counsol ot
tho plaintiff Is that they referred thocaso,
and that their services were a Hon that could
cot be destroyod by a secrot and collusive
settlement between tho president of tho road
and tho plaintiff In tho suit.
As a matter ot tact, tho attoruoys for tho
complainant not only have not rocclved any
feo for their scrvlcos, but no return for tho
money advanced by them Intuo prosocutlonof
tho case.
Ills Honor thought that tho Court would not
prevent a party from settling a caso, but It
was tho duty of tho Court to sen that It was
properly dono and not to tho detriment ot Its
own otucors. In this lnstanco lio did not
think it the Court had beon made conversant
with the case It would havo permitted the
discontinuance to be allowed. It thorowos
the slightest Indication that fraud had been
perpetrated upon tho attorneys, then the
Court ought to stop In and should decide
against tho defendants. Uo further
- held that tho attorneys for the plaintiffs woro
entitled to recelvo 33 per cent., tho amount
they were swindled out ot by tho worthless de
fendant and president ot the railroad com
pany. IIo directed that an order bo mado that
unlesB tho company pay to tho counsel within
thirty days 33 per cent, ot $3,000 tho caso
must uu rcirjcu.
Confirmation Yesterday.
The Senate In executive sosslon yesterday
confirmed the following nominations:
J. II. 0. Pitkin, United States Marshal East
ern District ot Louisiana, Customs William
A. Pledger, burveyor port ot Atlanta, Ua.;
Adln II. underwood, burveyor Boston and
Gharloslown District, Massachusetts; Daniel
Hall, Naval Officer ot Customs, Boston and
Charlostown District, Massachusetts; John J.
Piatt, Consul to Cork: James Irwin, Agent
Hhoehono Agency, Wyoming; Edward 1', Bur
ton, Hupcrlutondont of Mint, San I'ranclsco.
Navy-William Martin, Louisiana, to bo As
sistant Burgeon: Ensign Aioxander Sharp,
District of Columbia, to bo Master; Midship-
sign. Postmasters Mrs. Roxauna W. Keys, at
Center Itutland, Vt.s William II, Doninan, at
Wyandotte, Mich.: Herman L.Jones, at Now
Hartford, Conn.; Smith D.Atkins, at I'rooport,
111.; Georgo E. Yalade, at Beaumont, Tox.t
lleinandon 0. Travels, at llochdalo, Tex.
New hlylc
In spring and cummer suits are very attract
lvo and aro commanding tho attention and
admiration ot tho ladles. Taylor & Hutty
have lust received a stock ot goods unequaled
In the commercial history ot this city, and
they are marked at prlcoa which leads ono to
wonder how such things can bo furnished for
such a small sum. The most elegant and tho
plainest so that all shall bo pleasod and no
one have causo for complaint, bee tho ader.
llscment about Kato Greenway books.
An Item for Uuu Consume.
In a dispute about tho payment ot a gas
bill In New York, where tho defendant was
ablo to show that his house had been unoccu-
Sled during tho porlod tho bill covered,
udge Lawrence said that "gas motres are
not Infallible" and that "tho power ot a gas
company oier Its victims may be rostilcted by
questions ot tact."
Iiiiinrluiil to OttncrHori.lloIiiHur.
aucu I'ollrlcn. Loans negotiated on poll,
cles and endowments maturing within live
years purchased. Call or address, Inclosing
ttampfor reply, John 1. McTaulaxp, ll'-i
west uaiumoro street, iiaiumorc, juu.
Mn. IIenbv I). Cooke, jr., to-day "pre
sented to the Dlstilct a handsomo iraion por
trait ot his fathor, which has boeuliungon
tho walls ot tho District Commissioners' olllce.
The poi trait Is a very good one, and lsonv
Lelllebcd by a handsomo rrame.
Mb. Wm. B. Known will ImllJ a bay.
window and make general repairs to houso
No. UIB 1 welttli street, at a cost ct t uoo.
THE Sunday-School Missionary Society
connected with tho Assembly's Prosbytorlan
Church will hold a meeting at tho church on
bunday evening, April 10, In lieu ot tho regu
lar oventng set vice, bpeclal inuslo lias Loon
arranged for tho occasion, which will bo ren
dered under tho direction of Mr. WnircnH.
Young, the leader ot tho choir. Thero will
also be recitations and remarks on the sub
ject of missions, with special ret creooo to tho
missionary iiciug wnicu nave weeu uiuou ny
yV the society.
Mho Will Occupy I'nlpUt To'inot-rovt-
Tlic SnbJi-ctN or Ill-icon ma A.
Ilcllnlilo Church Directory for All
The OlcMlnl City.
Tor nway beyond tho river,
Tho celestial city lies,
Bathed In light and robod In glory,
Never seen by mortal eyes.
Oatesot pearl of snowy whiteness,
Lett by angel hands ajar,
Walls ot Jasper set with Jowels,
Each aglow as 'twero a star.
Thero Is built tho roynl palace,
Thcro Is set Messiah's throne;
No sunlight thero nor moonlight
Its light tho nolitOuo ;
Thcro tho angels over worship,
And unlto In holy song,
And tho ceaseless tldo ot musla
Polls tho golden streets along.
Thero martyrs and confessors
Wear tho crown and boar tho palm,
And over chant tho triumphs
Ot Christ, tho mnrtyr Lamb;
And thero In purest raiment
Ilalmcut purlfled by blood
Near tho throno and by tho altar,
Stand tho " royal priests " of God.
There Is set the Marrlago Supper
Feast of Joy and feast ot lovo
Whllo tho covonant arch ot emerald
Glows tho festal scenonbovo;
And they who havjo been bidden
To the Lamb's own festal board,
Tako tho "now wlno of tho kingdom"
In tho prcsenco ot their Lord.
O City ot Salvation I
Wo would thy glory soe,
And eharo tho blessed fianchlso
That makes thy children tree.
O Jesus, Sing ot Zlon I
Como seal usasThlno own;
Glvo us each a grand translation
From Thy footstool to Thy throne.
Xu Jerusalem Templa, North Capitol street,
near B, Henrico at 11 a. m.; Hoy. Jabez Tox,
pastor; seats all free.
.Mount Vernon Mission M. E. Church. South,
Odd-l'cllows' Hall, Navy-Yard. Preaching at
7 :30 p. m.; Sabbath-school at 0 a. m.
Jiylanil Vhapctt corner Tenth and D strcots
southwest. Itev. Richard Norrls will preach
at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p.m.; all welcome
JFIrst il. r. Church, corner Fifth stroot and
Virginia avenuo soutnoast, j. w. uray, pas
tor. 11 a. m, and 7 .30 p. m.; Sunday-school
at o a.m.
BL Jamtt' Chaptl, 805 II streot, northeast.
Services, 11 a. m. and 4 p. m.; Sunday-school,
3 p. m.; repetition ot Easter music at 11 a. m.;
seats froe.
Reformed JCpUcopal Church, Masonic Temple,
Ninth and F streots northwest, Services to
morrow at 11 a.m.; preaching by ltov.,C. M.
Vermont-Axtivu ChrMlan Church. Services
at 11a. m. and 7.30 p. m.; Sunday-school at
0.30 a.m.; pastor, Frederick D. Power; seats
free; strangers welcome
Ticelfth-strett Jf. J!. Churcli, corner of Twelfth
streot and Pennsylvania avenuo southeast, T.
A. Morgan, pastor. Preaching at 11 a. m.;
quarterly Lovo rcast at 7:30 p. m.
Friends' Heeling (orthodox) Is held ovcry
first day (Sunday) at 11 a. m. In tho chapel ot
tho Young Men's Christian Association, 80 1 II
streot northwest; scats Ice; no collection; tho
public aro Invited.
UnltcrtatM Church, Lincoln Hall, corner
Ninth and D streets. Services to morrow at
11 a. m.; sormon by tho pastor, Rov. Alex.
Kent; subject, "Tho Now Birth;" Sunday-
bcuuvi ut u ;iu a. ill.
Atlary M. E. Church. rreachlng at 11 a.
m. by Rov. Henry Brooks; nt 7-30 p. m. by tho
pastor, hoy. K, ju. uarroii; i.ovo roast on
Monday evening at 8 p. m. Revival services
each night during the week.
Ancmbly'errcsbyterlan Church, cornerof Fifth
aud I streets northwest. Preaching by tho
pastor, Rov. George D. Little, 11 a. m., "Lay
lng up Treasures In Heaven;" 7.30 p. m.,
Sunday-school missionary concert.
IR( Gecrgeloun 31. E. Church, Rov. Goorgo
M. Berry, pastor. 11 n. m., Rov. W. W. Buck;
7 .30 p. m. by tho pastor; Tonnallytowri, 11 a.
m., by the pastor; 7;30 p. m by Rov. H. A.
Gross; Llttlo Falls, 3 p. m., by tno pastor.
Enlon M. E. Chuich, Twentieth street north
west, near Pennsylvania avenuo. Preaching
by the pastor, Rev. W. T. L. W eech ; subject at
11 a. m., "Tho Bruised Reed:" ovenlug,
"Embassadors tor Christ:" Sunday-school at
On.ra.i all Invited; scats froo.
dace Eianaellcai Lutheran Church, Thir
teenth and Corcoran streets. Sorvlces Bunday,
April 10, 11a.m. and 8 p. m.; preaching by
the pastor, E. O. russoll; Sunday-school 3 p.
ra.: morning subject, "Tho Preacher's Com
mission;" night, "Truo Comfort."
Eourth-et) eet Jf. E. Chuich. Sunday-school
rovlval sorvlces at 0 a. ra. : proachlng nt 11 a.
m. by the pastor, Rov. Josoph Franco, D. D.;
Young People's and general experience moet
Ing at 3.30 p.m.; lchal services at 7:30 p.
m.t Bcntley and Jonos, evangelists.
The Women's Christian Temperance Union.
Gospel meeting to-morrow-(Sunday), at 3 30 p.
m., at Masonio Temple, cornerof F and Ninth
strcots northwest, conducted by Mrs. S. M.
Hartsock; Mr. P. A, Burdlck, a noted tompor
ance speaker, will address tho meeting.
E-strett Baptist Chutch, near Sixth, north
west. Preaching by tho pastor, Rev. Dr.
D. W. Faunco, at 11 a. m.; subje: "Christ
and his Resurrection;" also, at 7.30 p. m.;
subjects "God's To-day;" Sunday-school at
0.30 a. ra.; young pooplo's meeting at 0 : 15.
Chuich o the Ejrtphany, G street, betweon
Thirteenth and Fourteenth, Rov.Wllllam Parct,
D. D., rector. Sunday services ntBand 11a.
m. and 7.30 p. m.; at tho evening servlco nil
scats aro froo; sermons to-morrow by tho
Rev. J, E. Cathell ; on all wcok days services
at 10 a. m. and 4:15 p. m.
SI. PauVt Free Church, Twenty-third streot,
Rov. William M. Barker, roctor. First colo
bratlon, 7:30 a. m.; morning prayer, 10:15 a.
m.t Litany and Bocond colobration, 11 a. m.;
ovonlng prayer and sermon, 7:30 p. m.; dally
prayers, 0 p. m.; celebration, Tuesday, 7 :30
u. hi. unu xuurouay, ax a, m.
Korth Capitol it. E. Church, corner ot Kand
North Capitol streets. Preaching at 11 a.m.
and 7.30 p. ra. by tho pastor, Rev. W. Hirst
jieeut inoruiuK uuuject, 'M.ossons xaugui anu
Bereflt; by Christ's Resurrection;" evening
subject, "fho Battle ot Jericho;" Sunday,
school at 3 p. in. ; all welcome
Jlamllne II. E. Church, cornor of Ninth and
P streets. 0:15, Sunday-school: 11 a. m.,
by pastor, Rov. 8. M. Hartsock, "ltosurrectlon
of Body;" 7.30, "Blessedness of Forgiving;"
II, young people's mooting lod by Mrs. Clara
Roach ; address by Luther Benson, tho torn
peranco orator; good music; welcome
Waughil.E. Chutch, Thltd aud A stieets
northeast, (seats flee.). Preaching at -,1am.
aud 7 30 p. m., by tho pastor, Rov. Wllford
Downs. Hon. John Hill, of N. J., will address
tho 8. S. Missionary bocloty nt 3 o'clock, nt tho
gathei lng ot tho " Offerings." " Yo Old Folks,
hyscoucorto ot Mustek" Wednesday evening
(10th) at 8 o'clock.
Ooisuch Mttliodlst Episcopal Chuich, cornerof
Foul and a-halt ond L strcots. Preaching to.
morrow at 11 a, m. by the pastor, Rov. Will
lam 11, Laney, and at 7:30 p. m.; a publla
meeting at 3 p. m. In behalf ot the Indian
Treaty-Keeping Association! addrossos by Dr.
Bland, J, w. tlutcliottoiul others: ono or two
Indians may bo present; all lnvltod.
Glace Chuich, southwost, Rev, l'rancls Oil
Hat, lector. 7 a. m celebration Holy Com
munion! lla.ro., service and sormon; 7 .3(1
p.m., prajer and sermon ; (J ,30 Sunday-school
HCBelon, The Rev. James W, Clark, ot St.
James' Parish, will preach at p. m. servlco.
lext, "We Have an Altar." Tho nnecholrwlll
lender an excollout selection ot music.
MetiotJOllttm llaptut Church, cornerofAand
Sixth streets northoast, Rov. J. W. Parker, D,
D-, pastor. Sunday-school at I) :30 a. m,; serv.
ices at 11 a. in. mid 7,30 p, m. Professor J.
IV. P. Jcnks, ot Brown University. R. I will
occupy tho pulpit In tho morning. Yo
people's prayer meeting nt 0:15 p, m.it
Jcctt "Hope" beats free: all lnvltod.
Ill ace M, E. Church, corner Ninth and 8
Btrcets, J. C.Hagey, pastor. Preaching at 11
a. m. : snbject i " 'I he Character ot Christ," and
at 7:30 p. m.t "Tho Friendship ot Christ."
Sunday-school at 11:30 a. m. and 3 p. m,
Young people's meeting at O p. in., led by
Major Hall, Revival coufeienco on Monday
night at 7.30 p.m. All cotdlally invited.
At, I'mifs t.iinlhh Lutheian Church, cornet ot
Eloventhand it Btteets northwest, 8. Domer,
minister. Sen Ices to inoirow nt 11 a. m. and
7 30 p. m.i morning subject, "Tho Interview
with Angels la nu Empty Tomb:" music by
quartet tholi; Bpeclal pieces, "Te Deum,1'
Lloidj "As Pants tho Hart," Thomas ; "Jesus
taUour of Myfaoul," Lawrences W.D.Mcl'ar.
land, W. It. Laphain, Delia Domor and Eulallo
Domer, quai tot
Chvuho the Incarnation, cor. Twelfth and N
Btrecls noi thv, est. Rev, Dr. I. L. Towusend, i octal-.
Early lelebration, 7 30 a, m.i morulug
bin lco and sermon, 11 a.m.; ot enlng prayer
(full ihoral), J p. in.; tboEastormuslo will bo
it pcated to uionowi at tho early and tho
alteiuoon servlco all seats aro free; at tho
11 o'clock sen lco eiraugeis will be seated, so
far as possible, by ushers.
lulled 1'iesoytDlan Church, Rov. 8. Collins,
D. D., poll New York avenue, pastor. Strlttly
oangellcal In doctrine, plulu and Scilptural
In worship, holding only one head, Christ
Jesus, and one rule. Ills wordi rejecting all
human rites and ceremonies; a new organiza
tion In this city, but old, numerous and Intlu
cntlal, especially In tho Northern part ot the
country. Services In tho City Hall every Sab
Lath at 11 a, m. and 0 p. in.j all aro lnvltod.
Frl rets' Meeting, on I street, bstwoon Eigh
teenth and Nlnctoonlh, northwest, to-morrow
at 11 o'clock a. in. Tho public Is lnvltod.
St. Mark's Church, Third street, botvioon
A and II southeast, A. V. Sleelo, roctor. Holy
Communion to morrow at 7.30 a. m.t regular
services and sermons at 11 a.m. and 7.30
p. m
.crth Carolina arenve Mission. Preaching at
11 a. m. by Rov. E. Whlltlosoy. Oospol torn
pcrancomec!!nsat7.30p.m , under auspices
of the W, C. T. U., lod by Mrs. Clara L. Roach,
Seats free All aro woloome A
Ch ureh of Iht Ascension, corner of Massachu
setts avenuo and Twelfth street northwest.
Early Communion at hour announced! at 11
a. m., servlco and sermonj at 7.30 p. m., tho
bishop will preach and administer tho rltoot
Ml. ZlonM.E. Church, cornerof Rand fif
teenth streets noithwest. Preaching by tho
?astor, Rov. L. M. Gardner, nt 11 a. m. nnd
:30 p. m.; Sunday-schools' temporanco moot
ing at 3p.m. i Charles Nyo Is oxpnetod to ad
dross tho meeting; ovcrybody lnvltod.
McKendree M. E. Church, Massachusetts
avenue, between Ntnth and Tenth streets
northwest, Rov. C. Hcrbort Richardson pas
tor. rreoihlng at 11 n. m. nnd 7:30 p. m.
Subject In morning, "Heirs of God nnd Joint
Heirs with Christ." Subject In ovonlng, "Purity
of Heart."
Free Methoetut Church, Massachusetts avenuo
nenr Seventh street northwest. President
(Bishop) Roberts, editor Earnest thrlstlan,ot
New York, Is evptctcd to preach at 11a.m.
and7-30p. m.i also, to conduct tho mooting
for tho promotion ot truo holiness nt 3 p.m.
Sabbath school at '2 and outdoor mooting at
about 5 p.m.
nestey Chapel M.E. Church, corner of rlfth
and r streets Aorthwcst, Rov. W, I. McKonnoy,
pastor Preaching to-morrow nt 11 a.m.by Rov.
I., F. Morgan, D. D., ot Baltlmoro i 7 :30 p.m.,
meeting In tho Interests ot tho "Indian Treaty
Kcoplng and Protective Association," ad
dressed by Hon. Hiram Prlco, Commissioner
of Indian Affairs; Sunday-school, 0.30 a.m.
and 3 p. tn.t prayor-meotlng Thursday ovon
lng; Beats frcoi strangors welcome.
Churcli 'cvts.
Ilisbop Andrews Is now holding ttio
Notthcrn Now York Conference Ho spont
last Sunday at Watertown, N. Y.
Tho Methodist Hospital, tho gift of Mr.
Scney, of Now York, will bo croctod on Pros
pect Heights, Brooklyn, and will cost $500,
000. Mrs. A, B. Davidson, of this city, an ac
tive worker In tho church and secretary ot
tho Woman's Missionary Society ot tho Metho
dist Church South, died suddenly In Balti
more after delivering an address a few days
Tho "Boy Preacher," or evangelist, is
still In Cincinnati holding Methodist service?.
Ho was born near Boston In humblo clrcum.
stances. Ills mother Is visiting him, and Is
enteitalncd by tho members ot St. Paul's
Bentlcy and Jones, who aro assisting Dr.
Joseph Franco nt a meeting In Fourth street
Methodist Church, formerly belongod to tho
Saltation Army, but soparated from It In Bal
timore last fall, and havo slnco bocn holding
meetings tncro as ovangonsts.
IKev. John Nauglc, the "Sailor Boy"
preacher, loft this city last Wodnosday, and
will conduct meetings at Cumberland, Md. Ho
closed tho meeting at Hamllno Church last
Bunday night, and statod that slnco ho camo
here In November over 500 wcro converted at
tbo meetings ho held.
Tho wife of Bishop Marvin has died in
Missouri. Dr. Bedford Is writing a Ufo ot tbo
lato Bishop Kavanaugh all of tho M. E.
Church South. It Is hoped that Bishop Payne,
of tho samo church, will bo able to attend tho
General Confcronco In Nashville, but many
fear his frailty and old ago will prevent him.
Tho Maryland State Temperance Alli
ance wlil hold Its yearly convention next
week In Baltimore Over halt tho Stato Is
under local prohibition, and Is oxpectod vory
soon to faavo several nowcountlos added. Mr.
William Danlol Is president ot this Alllanco, a
position ho has yearly bocn elected to since ho
originated tho society nlno years ago. Tho
conference will bo addressed by ablo speakers.
ItPllgloiiM Intelligence.
An Episcopal church is to bo built at
Dagger's Springs, Botetourt County, Ya.
Tho Japancso Government is about to
establish shlntolsm as tho state religion.
Tho Baptists of Danvillo, Vn., aro about
to erect a commodious and handsomo
Abont 250 persons havo been confirmed
In St. John's Episcopal church within tho past
four years.
Tho Veteran African Missionary. Dr.
Robert Moffatt, is still in good health, though
In his 80th year.
The Episcopal Church of Scotland has
grown from 72 charges forty-flvo years ago to
U02 at tho present time.
Tho Kc?rT. J. Knapp, D. D., a Baptist
minister ot Colorado, has left that denomina
tion to join tno iTotcstant episcopal cnurcn.
Eev. C. W. Wcndte, of Cincinnati, has
accepted a unanimous call to tho pulpit of
Channlng Memorial Church, at Nowport, It. I.
liev. Georgo S. Gibbs, rector of St.
Thomas' Episcopal Church Abingdon, has
accepted a call to a church at Hot Springs,
liev. Piko rowers, of Richmond, Va,
had both bones of his left leg broken last
week by making a mlsstop In ciosslng tho
Tho Centrovillo (Md.) M. E. Church is
preparing to thoroughly ronovnto and lm
provo their (.Lurch property at a cost ot about
Tho Bpring meeting of tho third Confer
ence of tho Mlnlsterlum of Pennsylvania will
be held In St. John's Lutheran Church, Ham
burg, Pa., on April 21, 1882.
In Mr. Bpurgcon's church in London tho
regular hearers absent tuomsohos 0110 Sun
day evening ovcry threo months, and tho
house is glvon up to strangers.
Tho General Synod of tho Eoformed Pres
byterian Church will hold its annual session
In Darlington, ra., May 17, tho Rev. J. G.
Bolco preaching the opening sermon.
Plans aro maturing for tho theological
department ot Western Maryland College
With the September opening ot the collego tho
theological school will bo Inaugurated.
liev. Dr. Cook, tho Methodist Indian
Agent Missionary, says ho "fcolsmoro hope
ful ot the Indian now than ho has felt during
his ten years In the Rocky Mountains."
Arch-strcct M. E. Church, Philadelphia,
Rev. O. U. Tiffany, pastor, has complotod
twenty years of organized exlstonce, and dur
ing tho past year paid off tho last remnant ot
Its debt.
Tho Valley Convocation of tho Protestant
Episcopal Church will moot In Zlon Church.
Charicstown, W.Ya., Wednesday ovonlng, April
10, and contlnuo through the lemaluder of
The Christian people of Now Orleans aro
making ancarnost and detfrmlnod offoit In
faor ot a more goneral observance ot tho
Sabbath In that city, tho ministers Doing In
iront 01 tuo cattio anu moving Harmlessly.
A church ts as organised in Chicago two
weiks ago by u company of Socialists, who call
Ihcmseltes "Self-butcrs." Tho church will
wolcomo persons ot any creed or no creed, and
will seek to leconstruct society on a socialistic
Tho Kev. Dr. J. P. Nowman, of Now
York, continues to be too 111 to attond to his
pulpitor pastoral work. Two weeks ago last
Sunday ho came homo sick with congestion ot
tho kidneys and tho liver, and slnco that date
has been very 111. Ho Is still confined to his
Tho Rov. Dr. P. B. Morgan, of Cincin
natl, has sovcrcd his connection with Emanuel
Reformed Episcopal Chuich, In that city, ot
v. hlcb ho has been pastor until recently. Ills
leasons tor resigning tho pastorate have not
been announced, but It Is said will bo given
The Alabama Congregational Conference
met recently In Marlon, aud along with It the
Affiliated Stato Sunday-school Couvoutlon aud
tho Women's Missionary Association, In that
Stato there are fourtoen ot theso colored
churches, with a membership ot b22, nn In
crease ct 100 tor the year.
Eliicuinii llrox..;
Clothiers and tailors, loonier Boventli and 1",
aro continually adding to tlielr attractions In
every dopai tment ot luelr vast oatalillslimout.
i ltcntKMtuto TrmialurH.
0. 1'. Iionry, Marshal, Kc , to 1'. Koones, for
t-, lots I), 11, 13 aud 31 ot Mount Ploaa
nnt and.Ploasant Plains. A. 11. l't'iry, trustee,
to V. Kooucs, samo propel ty. 11. II, Warner to
0, V. Houshan, for tl,'J25, lot 40, squat o 78S.
V. V. Kramer to Mora Kramer, for f ,500, lot
it, Hull's Discovery. II. H. Johnston to Mary
A. Lyman, tor tl'.'.OOQ, lot 21, teeervatlon 1),
Now Is your chauco this tbo month of
Aptll fliadOO In cash distributed by Com.
monweallu Distribution Co., at Loulsvlllo, on
Apill'JU, Tickets ..
M'oiaine Hell.
M. D. Uaenerand M. l'ltemlo rields.
John MIOiaol Bmllh, ot Wanlilutton County,
Md., and Ella Teresa Vi'elsli,ot Berkley Couuty,
VI. Va, '
James Armstrong and Josephine Anu cut
fey. ltobcit Hammond oud V-unlo Roberts.
8100 Kennrtl for a llctlcr ICcuicily.
William's Indian Pile Ointment la a posltlio
cure for piles, dot a box of your druggist and
tufftr no more, Hold evervwhere.
McCauloy's Hall was filled last night with n
select attendance ot ladles, gentlemen and
children, It being tho occasion of tho ontor
tnlnmcntby tho East Washington Mission ot
tho Mount Vernon M. E Church, South. Tho
following programme, arranged principally
ty Iho Misses Best, was vory creditably por
fotmed by children of tho Sabbath-schaalt
Opening address, Mastor Harry Lucas; reTra
tlon, "Baby Shoes," Lllllo Freolandi recita
tion by llttlo Daisy Hodgson (this recitation
was encored soveral times) i charade, " Blessed
aro tho Peacemakers," by sevon llttlo girls in
costumoi recitation, "Auction Extraordinary,"
Tnnny Thompson! rocitotlon, "Tiny Tim."
Marlon Thnmaii duot, Roso Gray and Hattlo
Clark; dlaleguo by six girls: rorltallon,
"'infl miners," lua Tomnnson; wcotcn sone,
Annio Williams) play, "That Tostal Card.'1
Messrs. E. B. Martin, R. W. Best, T. E. Clark
nnd E. R, Martin wcto Indefatigable In their
efforts to mako tho entertainment successful,
At tho closo ot tho progrnmino Ico-croam and
cako wcro distributed among the audience
Tho reunion at Washington Hall last night,
given by Professors Plstorlo ond McCoy was
repicio wiin picnsuro-secKing lauics ana
gentlemen. Among those present wcrei Mos
dnmes Emma Uorstord, Sophlo Dietrich, Ida
Slack, Ada Cross, Jennlo Rodgors, Nora
Kctchum, Kato Darneille, MaryOlddlngs, ltoso
Evan., Emma Marceron and Messrs. William
Gallway, Georgo Miller, Honry Schelly, John
Luce aud Edward Chandler. Professor Pis
torlo's Band discoursod excellent music.
Tho streets contiguous to tho Intersection
fronting the station house contlnuo In a stato
of unfinished muddluess. They should either
bo finished or a lino ot tony-boats should bo
put in operation across them during rainy
weather; or tho citizens who havo to cross
them might bo supplied with stilts. Anything
to avoid being stuck In tho "sloughs of
Tho parents of Edward Addison, a coffeo
colored youth, reported to tho Eighth rreclnct
that Eddio was "too frosh." Accordingly,
Officer Smoot pounced down upon him yester
day, in tho rolico Court to-day tho charge
will bo Incorrigibility, nnd tho tcstlvo youth
will bo scientifically " salted down " by his
Tho Ebcnezer M.E. Church, cornorof Fourth
and D strcon southeast, will mako a call upon
Its membership to-morrow, In an effort 10 ralso
1300 to defray current expenses. It Is ox
pected prompt and cheerful rosponso will be
mado to tho appoal.
Tho sociable under tho auspices ot tho La
dies' Aid Society of tho Church ot the Rcforma
tlon last night was a decided 8UCC0B3. A very
select assembly wcro In attendance. Tho solo,
"Punchinello, by Miss Louise Tayloi, and tho
orchestral serenado by an orchestra ot amo
tours, principally from East Washington, wcro
especially Quo and drow forth merited np
plause. Supper and refreshments were served
at 0 o'clock.
"How will East Washington bo rcprosonted
In tho Emancipation parade!" wo asked Mlko
Robertson this morning.
"In full force," ho responded. "Wo don't in
tend to leave a 'corporal's guard" of ablo bodied
colored citizens homo on that day. Thoy must
cither 'fall In' or show causo why they don't.
no mean Business.
Tho tunernl of Mrs. Adellna Kohr, wlfo of
Mr. David Kohr, took placo from the family
residence, First street, betweon 0 and D north
east, yesterday evening. It was largely at
tended by trleuda and relatives.
Tho Starlight Social Clrclo give their ball at
Washington Hall Monday evening. It Is ox
pected tbo affair will. bo onjoyoblo and well
The East Washington Band of Hopo will
meet this evening In Odd-Fellows' Half.
At nn onrlv hour this morntnc Officer Powell
"caught on" to Bridget Wclch,awhlto woman,
who was laboring under moro flro-wator than
the law allows. Sho was Incarcerated in tho
Eighth Station.
The young revivalists, Bcntley and Jones,
"held tho fort" last evening nt tho rourth
Strect M. E. Church. Tho edlflco was crowded
and many converts presented themselves at
the, altar. These rovlval meetings contlnuo to
be very successful.
Tho funeral ot llttlo Mabol Plowman will
take placo from tho parents rosldenco to
morrow, at 3 p. m.
At tho Jail nearly a whole room Is dovotod to
tho storago ot Gultcau neckties, which aio
being recclvod at a rapid lato by tno Jail offi
cials, from nearly ovory Stato In tho Union.
Hempen ropes, grapovlno ropes, whlto ropes,
In fact every variety of ropes known to tho
rope makers' art aro thcro, In all their death
foreboding significance, and yet tho assassin
will bo danglod from ono now In tho posses
sion of tho waidcn, which has Btood tho tost ot
aerial gymnastics before
A very plcaRant cntcrtalnmont was glvon at
the Insane Asylum last ulght. Noirly 000
patients were In attendance Tho performers
wt 10 feasted by tho genial doctors after tho
At 12 HO o'clock yesterdny Mr. Strobcrt wai
seriously Injured on tho Alexandria and Fred
eilcksburg Ztallroad. The company has a
number of men at woilc bulldlug n bridge
across Occoqunn Crcok. Mr. htrobort was ono
of tlio number, and ho toll from the bridge to
tho ground, nearly seventy feet below. IIo"
was near tho end of tho bridge, and struck tho
rocky ground within o few feet ot tho water,
breaking his leg, aud tho probabilities aio that
his skull Is fractured. As soon as possible, a
boat wns procurod nnd the Injured mau was
carried down tho creek, whero medical as
sistance rould bo found. Reports from tho
patient yestotday evening lato said that ho
was still living, but little or no hope was en
tertained of hlsiecovcry.
Tho ladles' fair for tho benefit ot tho I. O.
M., wan patronized by a good ciowd again last
night. Miss Annio Roles, of tablo 5, has In
her charge an excellent variety of cakes. Ono
largo Iced cako contains a ring. The tablo Is
tho centre of consldcrnblo attraction. Mrs.
Charles Abbott, nt tablo 1, has sllvorwaro,
dolls and a nice collection ot other things
under hor care. In a largo cedar arch extend
ing oer her table, tho word " Wolcomo" Is
beautifully worked. Miss Emma Cook, at
table 2, lias tor sale a beautiful pln-cushlon,
mado by Miss Virginia blmpsou, and soveral
others, mado by young Indies ot Alexandria.
Armoty Hall was again well filled last ulght,
tohtar tho temporanco lectures, Tho moot,
lng was opened by singing hymus 22U and 83,
after which Mr. llalloy mado a prayor. A
gang of boys that stationed thcraselcs In the
gallery and disturbed the meeting wero forced
to lea e, or como to tho lower floor. Mr. Char
llo Nye,, of Washington, was tho principal
speaker during tho ulght. Mr. Uenson's at
tempt to sell books to the audlenco on Thurs
day night lias caused conslderablo adverso
talk to tho temporanco moctlngs In Alexan
dria. Kopilsonersweioln tho station houso this
morning, but onicers wcro lu quest of Flip
Urown, tharged with unseemly conduct.
Margaret Alexander was befoio Justice
Whittlesey yestorday charged with thrashing
a colored youth. Tho lady was lined, but con
sidering her fine too BOtore sho mado a mo
tion to appoal to higher authojlt ,
Tho Columbia l'lto Company's casino Is
undergoing repairs at tho inachlno shop of
Jcnulson tz Collins, on Wilkes street. Hutts
factlou will bo guaranteed to our gallant
5 oung firemen when she Is tut nod out.
MIssBarah Ring Is having erected on Wolf
street n handsome two story brick dwelling.
Mr. Thomas Kcott, a well known Alexandria
architect, has tho contract.
Tho four-handod game of pool commenced
at M. Ruben k bou's raloou, on I'alifax stroot,
tcimlnated last night In favor ot Mr. W. J.
Waterman. Thogamo began April 3.
Yesterday tho tug James Jackson got hor
machinery outot order noar Ronjler's Rltiff,
and she had to bo towed to Alexandria by tho
tug Kejstono tor tepalrs.
ITYoii Willi (o Iluy Ntylish
and well mado clothlnn go to a. Hpiuusy, 507
Hot cnth street (May Building).
(aiilicmi'H Incrnlltiiilc.
Oulloau is out In another card, In which ho
denounces his rclathca inuumeasurod tcrrai.
"Had they all died," ho says, "tucuty-tlvo
jeaisago, It would hao boon a Godsend to
mo." llo charges Mr. Bcovlllo with deslro to
get control ot his (Oultoan's) book, and says Lo
lias already paid Mr. Bcovlllo t'J73, "which Is
moiothau Ills) alleged services aro worth."
Oulteau claims that his caso might havo had
tho bcnotlt of great legal ability If Mr. bcovlllo
had not Interceptod letters from lawyers
tendcrlug their services, "and thereby elbowed
compoteut counsel off of tho case.
Nobby Sprint; 1'nuU fo Order, 81..10.
Hamburger's, G15 1'ennsyUanIa avenue.
At llio Store ol V. If. Vccrlioll'
can bo found tho largest lluo of plctme frames
and mouldings In tho city: also all tho dlf
It rent Hues of wall papcr,wlndow sua ies, ic.
- .
C'imi ftiiiiulii SI nk u ii TrciityT
A special cablo dlepalclt to tho Toronto dlobi
reports as follows i "Tho l-allj Aeics lu an
cdltoilalsaysi 'It Canada has a tight to enter
into commercial relations with Trance so lmo
tho other colonies. It they could make arrange,
incuts which In practice could bo dlsadwiu
tagoousto our own trade tho Integrity ot the
craplio would bo violated and Ihollrst lm
portant steps toward tho independence ot the
colonies would bo taken. 'Iho question la a
laigoone, and it Is commercially and SKlltl
tally deslrablo that it bo seriously consld
ercd beforo steps be taken that cannot bore
traced,' "
NtylUli NprliiR Hulls lo Order, 818.
Iiamburger'Si 015 Pennsylvania avenue,
About 10 o'clock yesterday morning n tiro
broko out In tho parnonago of St. Anno s Ctth
ollo Church ntTonnnllytown,hccuplod by tho
pastor, Rov. rather Maynadler, which at ono
tlmo threatened to destroy the building, but by
tho exertions of tho clltzons and Officer Myors,
tho flames wero subdued, after causing a
damago of about f300, which was fully cov
ered by Insurance Tho firo was caused by a
The alarm turned In from box 721, at 11 .SI
last night was torn fire discovered by Officer
Burrows In a frame dwelling situated in
Chariot alley, between Thirty-second stroot
and Potomao avenue, and Grace avenuo and
K street, bolonglng to Mr, Rlcharu Hall, and
cccuidcd by Mrs. Maria Maeruder. Thodam-
ago amounted to about J100, coverod by Insur
ance The tiro was.8upposed to bo tho work
of an Incendiary.
Tho complimentary entertainment glvon by
Itermlono Lodge, No. 12, K. of P., last night,
drew a f ull houso of their trlonds, who wore
well entertained by tho delightful singing of
Colonel Rodgert, and Messrs. McCautoynnd
Maudesley and tho recitations of little Miss
Hayes and Dr. White. P. G. 0. Wm. T. Balloy
gavo an Interesting history ot tho lodgo, and
showed trom Its records that In tho fourtoen
j cars ot Its exlstenco It had oxponded In
relict tor sick brothers, widows ot docoascd
members and charitable objects tho sum of
$8,000. Tho entlro affair was voted a decided
success by thoso present, and many wlshos
for tho continued prosperity of tho lodgo wcro
Miss Nellie, tho beautiful, Interesting nnd
only daughter of Mrs. Jennie Docth, died last
night at H o'clock, attor long and painful suf
fering from consumption. Her tunernl, In
chargoof Mr. John A. Wetzel, undertaker, will
tako place from ber mother's rosldenco, 321 1
V street, nt 10 o'clock on Monday morning, tho
funeral cortego proceeding to Trinity (Catho
lic; unuicu.
Mr. Robert Drury, nn old citizen and well
known shoemaker ot this place, died yostor
day e oning of pneumonia, In tho 12 1 year of
his age. His funoral, under tho management
ot Mr. J. T. Clements, undertaker, wlil tako
placn from his lato residence, comer Thlity
fourth nnd M streets, to-morrow nt 2 p. m.'
Major John U. King, tho agent of tho S. F. T.
P. O. C. T. A., arrested this morning, on M
street, Isaac Johnson, a colorod man, living on
SamEon street, betweon Fourteenth nnd Fif
teenth streets northwost, employod by Mr. II.
Cranford, contractor for repairing streots, oil
tho cbargo of cruelty to his horso by driving
him to a cart with a broken saddle, which
caused inflammation and sores upon tho
horso'sback. Ho will appoar In tho pollco
Courtlo-day, Tho Major also overhauled Jacob
nuhn, at tho M-strcet Market, tor using a
horso with a badly-swollen knoo, but con
cluded not to mako an arrest In this caso at
present. Ho also notified tho contractor for
the excavation for Mr. Lown's now buildings
on Thirty-second streot to put on a hill-horse
to assist In pulling tho carts up Thirty-second-street
Quito a tleotot boats may bo oxpectod to
arrive by canal on Monday morntng.
About 5,000 herring, selling at to por 1,000;
1,000 tallois, at $1.50 per 100, and 50 shad,
at 20 cents each, wcro received at tho fish
wharf this morning.
Rt. Rov. Wm. rinckney. D. D., Bishop of
the diocese of Maryland, will administer tho
rltoot confirmation to about twonty candi
dates at St. John's Church to-morrow morning
at 11 o'clock.
Rev. Everest Cathell, a natlvo ot this placo,
and a very eloquent preacher, will 1111 tho pul
pit ot Epiphany Church, Washington, to-mor-low
at 1 1 a. m. and 7'30 p. m.
lifts sold his old clothes to a circus manager lor
several hundred dollars, to bo exhibited around
the country to the niral population, who will dally
crunch the indigestible ginger bread and the fes
tive peanut, and w onder how the assassin
L nchlng, to disgust the country w Ith his maudlin
talk and unceasing chatter. Thti may provo a
draw ing card, but it seems to us a better and moro
tenbible thing would have been for the manager
to have obtained
Likes, Rcrw anger & Co., for whom 8. Kntzcnsteln
Is tho popular manager, at 310 Woventh street,
one ofhls model Bultt, Instead of going to tho Dis
trict JAIL
and Getting atecond hand one. Katzcnstcln U tho
model clothier of the country. He sells tho best
clothing at tho cheapest price, and that price Is
plainly marked on every garment, nnd no devia
tion Is made In any case, so you always know what
5 ou are doing. Such a clothier Is certainly a great
curiottty, and It Katzenstein's popularity In Wash
ington Is any criterion It would every day draw
crow ds all-over the country, as It does at 310 Sev
enth street, ap5
Ninth and D streets northwest, occuplw Its
new and attractive halls In the handsome edifice
known throughout the United Btates as Lincoln
Uall Building. Day and evening sessions for
ladles and gentlemen. HonS and daughters edu.
cated for real life, btudents received throughout
the year. A pamphlet containing an eloquent
address to the students on "Klements of
Riiiyui " h Jampt, A.fiarfleld: also, fall lnfor
matlon concerning the college, will he sent free
upon application by mail, or may be obtained
at the college office. HENRY 0. HPKNCKH,
Principal. Mrs. HAItA A. BPENCfill, Vlce
Prlnrl.al. oc28
By Sr. Frazlcr's Magic Ointment. Cures,
as If by magic, Pimples, Illack Heads or drubs,
lllotches and Eruptions on tho face, leaving
tho skin cloar, healthy and beautiful. Also
cures Itch, Barber's Itch, Bait llhctim, Tottor,
Itlngworm, Bculd Head, Chappod Hands, Horo
N pplcB, Boro Lips, old, obstlnato Ulcots, Soros,
skin di3i:ask.
F. Drake, Esq , Cloveland, o., suffered boyond
all desctlptlon from asklu disrate which ap
lieared on his hands, head and loco and nearly
uestroycu ms eyes, niu iuohv curium uuciur
lng failed to help him, aud after all had tailed
ho used Dr. Trailer's Magio Olutment and was
cured by a few applications.
tSTlho first and only posltlvo euro for skin
diseases eter discovered.
gent by mall on receipt ot price, GO Cents.
II UN 11 Y & CO., Solo Tropr's,
For Blind, Bleeding, Itching or Ulcerated
Piles, Dr. William's Indian 1'llu Ointment
Is a euro cure. Price f 1.00, by mall. Tor sale
by druggists.
BTOTT & OBOMWELL, 480 Pennsylvania
avenue, Washington, D, 0., Ueneral Agents,
Btrlctly Oue.l'rlce Clothiers,
Fall Stock Now Heady. 310 Seventh St.
S. HATZKNSTK1N, Manager.
In Endless Variety, at
A. BAKS4 CO., 310 and 318 BBYEKTH BT.
421 Seventh street Northutat, Odd Fellow ' Hall,
1703 Penna. Ave., near Corcoran Art Gallery.
Books Old acd ltare.ln KnjjlWi, French and tier.
C jA- TfP E T X TXT C3- s .
TTalnftock a full line of Carnetlncs. all sradea
Oilcloths. Cocoa and Straw Matting. Also, lata)t.
styles In wall raper. Window Hhades aud OurUJV
Wire Window aud Door Bcreens.
prices Low.
TlilnPaturday Evening Last Time of
In His Original Creation,
The largest And complctcst Opera Comique
Company now nefoi ihp public, Iho operas
prrrcnttd wltlinll tho orlclnalcontumentftccnrry,
fie. A Oreat Cast and the Composer's Original
Monday and Tuesday Olivette.
Wednesday arid Thursday Snake Charmer.
Friday and Haturday The Mascot to,
gaturday Matinee Olivette.
. oni: vki:k.
Commencing Monday Evening, April 17,
3ery Evening and Saturday Matinee
from the Bijou Orera-llous New Y6rk.
Under tho management of Mr, John A McCaull
Monday And Tuesday Evenings and Saturday
Calherlne T,ewK In her original creation, Olivette.
Wednesdavand Thursday Kveninff, only per
formance of the last and mot ucrwrm opera by
the author nnd rompoier of Ollwtte and The Ma
cotte, THE HNAKK CIIAKMKU. presented
with all the original cofitnmes, scenery, etc., and
a nrrnt mat. Cnthrrlun I.pnts n.t Prince MhriiA
pour. Friday nmlHutnrday Kcn1ncs,tastNlfthta,
THE MABCOTTIX Catherine I.eut as llettlua.
Lnrpo Chorus and Increased Orchestra.
MPale or cat commences this morning,
The Brightest Performance on Earth.
Cor led by Many,
Equaled by None.
. Envied by All.
on lt one ".thousandth trip to San FrancHco,
freighted with fun and music
Don't Fall to Attend batnrday Matinee.
Don't Fall to Attend Saturday Matinee.
Monday Noxt-MINNIE BAT.MrR, And It. E,
World's Museum Company,
Tho Biggest Show on Earth fot tho Money,
Worthy of the National Capital. Chaste nnd In
structive Entertainments for both sexes and all
ages A first-class, pleasant resort for refined
amilies. Gentlemen, Ladies, and Children.
Cosmopolitan Caterings for the Cultured and ..Es
thetic. One of the best rosslblo riaccs to Spend
Not all at once, but in crowded programmes and
In rapid succession will come all the (Jems ot tho
Dramatic and Musical btage, Choice Specialty
Performances, The Cream of Minstrelsy and
Vocal If m, Panto mimes, Classical and Comical.
Magnificent Alt Kxhlbtlionfl, Tho Magician's Art
In all Its bewildering perfection, Itemarkable
Natural Curiosities, animate and Inanimate; Per
forming Animals, Birds, etc.; Mechanical Won
ders, Hpinxes, etc., etc For particulars, see posters
and small bills everywhere,
Commencing Monday, April 17, Open Every
Day 1 to 4, performance 2 to 4, and 7 to 10, perfor
mance 8 to 10. Admission, 15a; ltcsencd Scats
10 cents extra,
JTB-On account of prior engagement of Hall,
no Performance here on Wednesday, April 2fith,
but will show at Armory Hall, Alexandria, on
that day, at the same hours and rates. opl 1
"That which Is nalUostlU Is best." Longfellow.
Now famous bccauo of Its brilliant young Htars,
Will appear in Washington.
The following notice from the Baltimore 8tn
of April 11 (last Tuesday),lndlcates the quality
of ihcir performances and the measure of their
ability, by one ot the most cautious and Impar
tial newspapers In America;
"Easter Monday was a gala day at Ford's
Opera-llouse to witness "MyHweeihear." by Mr.
Itogers' ndmlrahle Comedy Company, nnd to w el
corne back Its chief attractions, Minnie Palmer
and Bob (trahnm.astbe faorttesare familiarly
colled. The mot-nee was very largely attended.
Utr one tnousanu laous, wuu almost innumer
able children and many of the sterner kind filled
iho house tooerlloviup. The play wus beauti
fully acted. Miss Minnie wns rtcctved with I lie
utmost entliuhlasni, and Mr. Graham's reception
w as no less cordial, bhe proenf the same happy
combination of Lotta and Magglo Mitchell, with
slDgirg and dancing superior to either. He Is
singularly contrasted tuber In the combination of
JelVeroirs pathos nnd Emmet's humor. The
Oobblo fcong, from Mascotte, was brightly sung,
and recalls w ero cry frequent. Among the nnw
Antures n tmall boy Schntlder s boy called
I lttlc Dick, was cry attractive, and his Bong with
Unaer rilta' was reteKcd with the greatest
fay or."
Ah part of Miss Palmer's tarly life was passed
In Washington, and sho received hero early en
couragement for her professional ambition, she
now returns downed with success, and will mart
her return with the special feature of
hTATKH, which will bo given to every lady who
attends the Initial performance on Monday even
ing. AfeuOlclent number having been secured
for any possible crow d, none need fear disappoint
ment. ht ats reserved on Saturday, w hen the souvenirs
will alho be gl en to every purchascrof a reserved
oo, sixty ar ith ra. 00.
rirst class Kngllsh Opera at Popular Rates for
heats or Admission.
50 cents, 75cents orI accoidlng to location.
The sale commences on Thursday.
Renertolre The Widow, Olivette, La Mascotte,
rru IMavolo, Tho Chimes of Normandy, etc. ap!3
Net Sunday, April 10, at 3 o'clock. Doors open
at 3 o'clock. A collection of ten cents will bo
taken at the door to pay expenses. Senator Voor
hees w 111 Introduce the lecturer. anl3-3t
TV I'l
OtllST. (onimcuclus WEMESDAY
NIGHT April II. ecry night 8 o'clock and
Saturday Matinee, 2 p. m. Ps etiology and Men
inerlHU), Mystroy ai.d Tun. Artificial Dreams
and Somnambulism on the stage. Ilie most In
terebtlng and amusing exhibition ever witnessed.
llllTerentevtry nlcht, AdmlssloD, 25, 60and7Sc.
Matinee. IS and 25c.
fcbio Opposite Critic Ofllcc.
Boused llerrlnjr.
boused llaikerel.
Hot ibM Trout.
JVffctt Ouk.
Y&rmoutli Blo&Ura (In caua).
Kippered Herring.
Columbia UUrr Halmou
Macklas Hay Lobster,
llatavfu Blirlmii,
Hardin e In Oil
Hard! nea In Tomatoe.
iinnelctis Cod Fish.
ltonclehM Herring,
bjitced Ojiteru.
J Indian Calar.
C(k1 KUh Italic
rickle-l Iobiter,
rine Ayvlo Cliceso. Kdam CUeeae.
1216 F Street Northwest.
Dealtr In FINE 1AMII.Y GUUCEItm.Teas,
Wine. iquots and Table Luxuries.
COR BhVkNlll ANU L HTlla-lcrM N. V.
yiM: miocKitiKS anu lkhihuh.
087 0B, 611 Louisiana Avenue, lezt
By Tlrturn ol a dim of trust, dated February
Sft.A.l). &7ft, and duly recorded in liner Ml, fo
irVtrtftcri. one or the land records fur tho District
of Columbln, nnd noon the request of the -
party secured thereby, I will nell at nnhllceS&
miction, In front or tho premises, on WKlwiEr
MiDAY.the Sftih day nr April, A, I, issaaH
o'clock p. m., all that certain piece or parcel of
ground In the city oMVastilnslon, 1. 0, known
wi tot numbered 83, In recorded subdivision ot
runare number nine hundred and elohtv-seven.
Terms of sate, one-third cash, and the balance
At six nnd tncUo months with six percent, inter
est. All conveyancing at purchaser's cost,
iC II. WA JIN Fit, Auctioneer.
plMOl WM, W, MirrCAX.r, Trustee.
iV VirtTUE of a deed ot . trust. 4alM
J) Jnne 21, lstd, to me, recorded In liber No. twi,
folio 111.. et acq, one ol tho land records of the
Dlfttrlctnt Columbia.I rliall onr at public
pale, on THUJtHDAY, the 20th day of April, Wf
l(2, at4 o clock p. m , In front of tho prem-HJ
Ises, raitot lot numbered seven tn square num
bered six hundred and thirty-four; beginning at
the northwest corner of lot numbered seven and
running thenco southerly thirty-seven feet and
one Inch; thence eastwardiy by aline drawn
parallel with the division linn between said lot
seven and lot eight fifty-one, feet, four and one
half Inches: thence by a straight line drawn to
Intersect the aforesaid line ata distance ot fifty
one feet, ten Inches ftom the aforesaid northwest
corner of said lot seven; thenco by snld, division
line to the beginning, together with the Im
provements. Terms of rale, ono fourth cash, balance In six,
twelve nnd eighteen months after dayofsAle with
Interest, and If these terms are not complied with
In Ave days after sale, tho property will be resold
after five days notice, to be published la Tub
C'ttiTir .
apMAds Trustee.
Beat Estate Auctioneer.
BY VIBTVE ofadeed of trust dated Septem
ber 21, lt;a duly recorded In liber 71, folio 461 it
seq.,nneof tho land records for the District of
Columbia, and at the request of the party se
cured therebv. I w 111 sell at nubile auction In
front of the piemises.on TUUItHIiAY.the i
Iftlh ftnr nf AfiTll. A. J. 188"' nt4 MnVlwkr.
m.. the following described ral estate, situated iii
the city of Washington, I. C, to wit: All that
part of lot numbered twenty-nine (29) In square
numbered five hundred and thirteen (513), bound
ed as follows: Beginning for tho same at a point
one hundred and five feit from Fourth stroct, and
thence running west along tho line of Ittdge
stret flfieen (Infect six (fi) Inches; thence north
one hundred feet right and one-half (RJi) laches,
thence mft fifteen (15) feet six (6) Inches to a ten
(JO)foot alley; thenco along said klley south one
hundred (luojfKtelRht and one-half (8lf) inches
to the place of beginning, together with the Im
provements, etc.
Terms: One-third of the purchase money to be
paid In cash, the balance In six (C), twelve 02) and
eighteen (18) months, with Interest ot tho rate of
Oper cent, per annum until paid, and secured by
a deed nt trust on the property, or all cash at op
tion ofthe purchaser; Mdepositat time of saleand
all conveyancing at purchaser's cost. Terms to
be complied within 7 days from day of sale.
otherwise the trustee reserves the right to resell
the property at the risk and cost of the defaulting
Auctioneer. ap3-eod
13IC0LL, the Tailor,
Importer of Foreign Goods.
Pants to Order, $5, $6, $7 and $9.
Suits to Order, $20, $25 and $30.
Spring Overcoats from 20 to $40.
Made to order In the most perfect style.
617 Penna. Avenue,
Washington, D. C.
Branch Mores in all pi Incipnl cities. i
Spring Goods
A Large Assortment of New Styles
Clothier and Tailor,
507 Seventh Bt. Northwest.
We Have Left Over in Men's
Reversible tiprlnK Overcoats, sizes 33, 31. Si and
SO Inch breast; whoever buvs them will eet a
bargain at f 10 former price fax
Men's and Bojs' Pants,1.25, 1.50,5and UWto
close out-worth double.
1014-1016 Pa. Avo, J. W. SELBY.
N. B, Misses' and Hoys' bebool bhoes, laced
and button, (1 upward, best In city,
Men's and Roys' Hats from 50 cents up.
1423 F Stroot Northwest.
FIT OUARA.N 1 fchl). apj
Uto. F.Tluws, IUkby B. Pabkes.
400 NorthwestsT"- Seventh and D Street
Oyejr " iVlnter Bulls. Boys' Clothing.
S33 Fifteenth street
Opp. 0. H. TroaBury, Washington, D. O
The Boys' Olothiers,
13 and up for Pants, lu and up for Overoat
llKlanduptor Making udimmliiePantst
016 TENNA. AVE under Metropolitan Hotel.
lit. u. BA-iiii,
1 1 1 1 PENNA. AVE. Je23
Eiseman Brothers, Tailors and Olothiers,
In all th Latest Btyles.at
.A.. Srril-A.TJS', 939 P Ave.
(--410 7th f ,

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