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The Evening Critic.
NUMBER 4,103.
933 Ponna. Avo.
Attractions Extraordinary.
Cremo Batteen with Muck Polka Dot, narrow
ruffle on skirt, with deep puff above; Drapery
overskirtwlth deep ruffle aud long looped sash
back; bundsome lace garniture.
Two rows box platting on skirt, and 18-tnchstdP
platting above, full Drapery dverskirt, basque of
new stylo figured Satteen.efegant lace trimming.
Elegant Costumes; cannot bo Appreciated by de
scription, Mohair Ulsters! Linen Ulsters!
Black Caslimcre Butts w 1th heavy Crape trim
mings v cry rich and desliabte.
More Kate Grccnw ay Hooks for our customers.
bABUSINESS meetino of thbpoto-
mno. Fruit f Imwprs" I mnrnvempiit ('iiin
nanv will be held at Moore's llall. W Ninth
htreet norths est. TTJ1.SDAY. ISth, at 7 TO p. m.
Stockholders and all others friendly to the enter
prise are Invited. ap!7 2t
yjg-rp$0OO HEWARD
Will bo raid for Information that will lead to the
apprehension and convlctton of the perpetrator,
or any of tbe Instigators of the attempt to burn
the building ot the Washington Heuellclal En
dowment Association this morning.
ap13-t Secretary.
I hereby return my thanks for the sympathy
lately expressed by bo many of my patrons, and
toko pleasure lu announcing the reopening or my
store. CHAS. 1IAUU,
ppH 410 Seventh street northwest.
y-tia.B. M. A. FENW1CK, 634 II STREET
EtGU n. w. House, Blgn nnd Ornamental
Tainting. Kalsominelng and Draining. .Orders
promptly attended to. apt 6t
A Neat Wrought Iron
of one-halt Inch Iron, put up complete at 80c. per
foot. Also all miscellaneous Iron work.
mr22 402 Maine avenue southwest.
jR TTORtN-E-X-S-.A.T-'Ej.A.-W-.
mtS 910 T Street N. W.
Wmf Fevers, Ague and Fevers, Bilious Fevers
and other diseases Incident to the Beoson, take
BKOWMNU'U BITTElUj and you will surely es
cape them.
JJBOWNINO'S BITTERS have been In nse for
over tv, elve years, and no person was ever known
to have chills or bilious fevers while using these
Hitters For sale by diugglsta and grocers oner
610 Pennsylvania Avenue.
k-uFSSD'E fbeund, oatebeb and con
Mmcr rECTioNEii,
70S Ninth street n. w. Parties and Weddings
erved at short notice. no7
Tin plates, sheetlron work, flreplacestoves.ranges:
furnaces repaired. Tin rooting, spouting, and all
kinds of tin work promptly attended to. tieud
your order to .
b. H. a. Bouis,
BIB Eleventh st, n.w.. near F st.
JfSr can llemidy for sale 4J9 Ninth street
northwest. Room No. 1, over W, II. Riley's dry
goofs store. Liberal discount to the trade.
I. C. BINOWA LT. lr. Sole Agent lor Washington.
B? 40D Mh street northwest.
Jobbng In all the above branches.
jay Estimates furnished for new work. fc!3g
Corner Twelfth Street and Pennsylvania Avenue
All Chronlo Diseases scientifically treated, ma
hula especially. OIUco hours. U a. m. to li m., and
z p. m. to B P. in. uonsunaiioa iree.
noo HXI
taRgET rifuE!
Just Out! Tor Target Prntllco Indoora and out
doori! KxcelleiUlur lluntlnK and Killing IUt.
Cats, Squirrels etc. olieUtiitasaii airKun! Will
HliootaJ.ullet or Dart (KW feci, and can bo ln
elantly cliaiiRtduoaatutte as narmle&s as a toy
gun! Jitfcttliu weapon fur Ladlua and (leuis tu
l'ruuicei Target bliootlng! It Abetter tlian a
on a
For a 3 Joy 'a nsel Knllre Ipntrtti, 39 Inchea. rive
htt-ci pointed A now 6, J lull eta Targets, etc. free.
Price, comjilUv, by mall, ( l.'J3,
O'MEAM'S Fishing Tackle Depot,
1347 Tu A.o. AVuBhlngton, 1), V,
N. H. Wo aro Manufacture' aenl aud supply
tlm trade at low ratp ap5
Nlnthsind D streets northwest, oocuples Its
new and attracts e halls In the haudttoin edldce
knoun throughout the United btates as Lincoln
Hall Dutldlng. Day and evening sessions for
ladles and gentlemen. Sons aud daughters edu
cated fur real life, bludeuts received throughout
the year. A pamphlet containing an elouuent
address to the students on ''Elemeu'a of
buccas,"by James A. Garfield; also, full Infor
mation concerning the college, will be sent tree
upon application by mall, or may be obtrJned
at the college ofllce. I1ENRV 0. HPRMCKIt,
IT uclpal. Mrs. UAltA A. UPlCER, Vice
I'rlnrli.nl. oca
Close Carriages lor .Weddings, Calls andRecep
tlous. BoaldluK and Livery Stable, WlllaroVS
Hotel Stables, corner litb and . su.
l2-S! Ughth blrett, bet. U aud K n. w.
Close Carriages for Weddings, Calls and lUcen
tlons. Hoarding aud Livery Btables.
O. P. BDBDBTTE.Sole Agont.
Mies, in nil Chin.
Tnr. YaiiIIo left Beaufort, S. C, yester
day tor llnmpton Roads.
The circulation of standard silror dollnn
for tbe week ending April in, was f 130,500.
Thr national banknotes rooolvoil for ro
dominion to-day amountod to f 208,000.
GovKnNMKNt receipt"! to-day: Internal
rcronuo, 1714,41001) custom, $022,0i1.33.
The rrcsltlcut lias nppolnted O. 1 Who
low n Notary l'ubllo for tho District ot Co
Mounts and Lloutonant F. A. Miller have
been ordcrod to examination for promotion.
Commander CitAni.Ks V. Uium.EV has
been detached from tho Michigan, nnd
ordered to torpodo instruction at Nowport, It.
I., May 1.
RrAR-ADMinAt. John Iionnnns super
intendent of tho Naval Obsorvntorr, who Is
Mirroring from Urlghl's illsoise, Is reported to
bo much bottcr this afternoon.
The Secretary of tho Treasury has con
firmed and approved tho nppolntmoutnf Cam
den O. llockwoll. of Missouri, brothor-ln law to
President Unrllold, as Doputy Collector of tho
port ot Now York.
The President has approved tho net
making appropriations to supply a dollcloncy
for dlos, papor and stamps for tho fiscal year
1882, and to contlnuo work on tho 'N Arlington
Monument for tho fiscal year 1833.
Captain Matthews, commanding tho
United States steamer rowhatsn, roports his
arrival at Port Spain, Trinidad, March '21,
auur naming viBiiuu itiugmuu iinu ot.uoorgos,
Tho Powhatan loft on tho QStU for La Cluayrn.
A TKI.rxr.AM hns been lcccivoil by the
Secretary of tho Navy announcing tho arrival
otlho U. S. 8. Alaska at ranamn esterday
morning Irom Callao with tho family and re
mains of tho lato Gonoral Hurllmrt on board
The Secretary of War to-day directed
thnt tho balanco of latlons on hand, nbout
250,000, bo turnod ovor to tho CommNsIoueis
for tho btato ot Louisiana at New Orloans, for
tho benefit ot tho sufferers from tho floods In
that State.
The General Superintendent of tho LUo
Ravlng Sorvlco received a telegram to-day trom
handy Hook, reportlug tho lescuo of a party ot
thieo men and n boy fiom Brooklyn, N. Y., by
tho crow ot Lite-Saving Station No. 1, off
Ocean Dlutr.
The Navy Dcpaitmcut is informed that
tho Portsmouth and tho Saratoga, having on
board tho apprcntlco boys, sailed trom Now
port, It. I., this morning for Plymouth, Kng.
Thoy will return to this country about tho
last ot October.
The President has approved the act pro
viding for additional accommodations for tho
Department of tho Intorlor, and tho act au
thorizing thoSocrotary ot tho Treasury to
remit certain custom duos and charges to
Consul General Alfred E. Leo,
The Secretary of Wnr has appointed n
Board of Engineers, consisting ot Lieutenant
Colonel J. G. rarkc, Lloutcn.iut-L'olonel C. B.
Comstock and Major Godfrey Tvoltzel, to con
sider and report upon tho proposod harbor
cuauges nnu impro emouts at umcago, tu.
Bids were opened In tho office of tho
Supenlslng Architect or tho Treasury to-day
for granite for tho Pittsburg Postofflce, and for
grnnltoand artlM91al stone approaches to tho
Uairlsburg Postonice. Booth K riynu will
probably get tho contract for tho first at 78,
000. While tho report of tho Naval board on
tho elevator In tho Navy Department does not
lecommend tho dismissal of anybody, as re
sponsible for tho nccldent, Its report shows
carolcssneps nnd negllgonco on tho part of
tho engineers In chargo ot It, and a number of
discharges aro likely to result trom tho ac
cident, Commander Terry, commanding the
United Stntes steamer Marlon, has forwarded
tothoNay Department copies of his corre
spondence with Sir Hercules ltoblnsou, Gov
ernor of Capo Colony, rolatlvo to tho sorvlcoa
reiidorcrt by the Marlon to tho stranded ship
Poonah, containing tho acknowlodgmonts of
tho British Government to thoGovtiniuent of
tho United Statos.
Misa May Paktridge, of KIktou,
Md., wasseorolyluJuiod roccutly b) falling
down stulrs.
Mit. GEonaE I. Seney has just given
his check for JM.OOO to the Brooklyn (N. Y.)
Eyo and Ear Hospital.
IIibam O. Af.DEN, of Waldo, Mo., diod
Baturday. Ho was ono ot tho projoctots ot tho
Atlantic cablo In 1857.
Colonel A. II. Lei-tvi'icu, formerly
of Baltimore, declines to bo a caudldato tor
Majorot Lynchburg, Vn.
Mks. Maud J. Young, author of "Tho
Flora of Texas' aud a woik on botany, died at
Houston, Texas, Saturday.
J. Howard Seal lias resigned tlio
secretarjshlp ot tho Young Men's Christian
Association In Philadelphia.
Newvtlllmako n flying Isltto his homo lu
Indiana tho latter part of tho week.
Senator-elect Kiddledeiioer, of
Virginia, was lu tho city yesterday. He to
turned to Richmond this forenoon.
Mr. Paoe McCarty, formerly of tlio
fa) Hal, and, during the season, agent of Emma
Abbott, will return to Washington this week.
Congressman It. Graham TiUHTaud
Senator Vest, of Missouri, will bo opposing
counsel lu a murder trial In that Statu next
Mr. J. Stanley Brown, who lias just
returned fiom a visit to Mrs. Gnrileld at
Cleeland, roporls all the fumlly lu good
health and Mrs. Garlleld as choerlul.
II. Brady Wilkins, private secretary
to Third Assistant Postmaster-General llazen,
loll tho city this morning for Helena, Montana
Teirltory, to accept n position lutuo United
htutcs mint ut that city. His many friends
hero wish him a prospeious future.
The appointment of Mr. Sterling I'.
Rounds as I'uulc Printer Is a-oodono lu the
superlamodcgreo, Mr. Hounds is hlmselfa
pi actlcal printer ot largo aud varlod osporl
ence, and no is lu addition a thoroughly uiu.
potent bUHluess manaud as honest as tho sun
light. WUMta (Minn.) UiiuUkan.
Colonel Bojiert iNOERsor.i.is eu
gaged In replying to Rev. ;uoUltt Talmugo lu
New lorK. As neither ot the pulpit geute.
men know uny tnoro lhauanyouo elso about
tho subject ot couttot ersy between thorn, It Is
a queer comment on tho intelllgenco ot tho
general public tho tact that their audiences
and box receipts aro Immense nt oiery
mouthy perfoimnuco.
'llio JIiirslnil'H OHit'C Holil.
I'rom the bunday Capital,
One of tho most successful Jokos of tho sea
son was played upon the Marshal' Ofllce I'll
day by ouo ot our enterprising merchants,
who appeared at Policy Ueadnuartors In a
vciyinterluus manner, Insinuating that ho
knew wheio Captalu llovgatu could bo found,
audlutlmated that It the onicors knew their
business thoy would not havo to search far
from his rcbldeuca to find their wan. Tho
major, the captain and tho lieutenant held
a graud council ot var, and Marshal
II tin y was telephoned to appear, anl upon his
anHal It wasduclded to surround tho houso
and capturo tho escaped pilsouor, the house
whs duly beslegod by tho marshal nnd his
usslslauts, nnd one half ot tho outlro Metro
politan itollco tone, tv ho demanded tho right
to search tho jiromlses, which was refused by
tho ov nor, and warned that it thoy eutorod
tho dwelling It would bo at their peril.
After consulting botweeu tho Mutshal nud
his assistants, iho former left to luterrlew
Judgo Wyle, while tho eutlro force was lert
suiroundinglhehouso. That learned an! at
lomplUhed Jurist, after consulting all Ilia law
books In tho Dlstilct, Informed tho Marshal
that If any ouo would mako un aaidalt that
lio, shoorlt saw thoatoiosaldllowgato enter
tho premises mentioned, ho would Issuo a
(nartU vinrranti but It not, Iho oniosrs
must cuter at their porll. Tho Marshal
returned, and after a prolonged council ot war
asked as a iaor the prltlloge of snatch
ing Iho houso, tilth was readily gtauted by
I ho owntr, our enterprising and onergotlo
friend 1', U. Ward, who greatly cnloyod tho
Joke, aud then, ufter opening u basket o(
champugue and milk punches, and showing
them tbiough the Alderney Milk Dairy, lu u
tery mysteilous maimer luturmod the Mar
thai thut ha was a little too late s that It ho
went to 11)1'! a street he might got a clue of
his man. As wo go to press lillll Q street Is
surrounded by the outlro Metropolitan I'o.
Willi Tliclr ArruMomciI 8lnviies-
TiiencinoerntK lrornt tliolnnt;o
or im Aufl'tJIiinpin Hill Tlicy AImo
Kick nt Xntlonnl llulilci-Cnpltol
Jintrtt Nolillllntlmm.
After the reading of tho Journal, tho cro.
dentlals ot Mr. Ooorgo M. Chllcott, the now
Senator from Colorado, woro presented by Mr.
Hill, ot Colorado, and read and tho oath was
administered to him.
Tho new Senator Is a man ot nbout tlio feet
eleven Inches In height. Ho Is solidly built,
with good, broad shoulders, and a bulldog
head. Ho wears n heavy m ustasho and hair
Bllghtly tinged with grny. His faco Is round
nnd ruddy nnd his eyes ot piercing gray. Ills
oppression Is pleasant, but thcro Is a deter
mined look about his face wh'ch denotes tho
man ot character. At Ilrst glnnco ho looks an
Intelligent, blunt gentleman who will mako n
sturd light for his friends and his principles,
Tho Chair laid beforo tho Senate a commu
nication from tho Secretary of War transmit
ting Information rolatlvo to tho building ot a
brldgo across Lako ronchartraln, Louisiana,
nlso ono relating to tho survey of the mouth
of Red River, Louisiana,
A great many petitions in relation to Intox
icating liquors and railway chaiges wero pre
sented and referred.
C'ouiinlllco Iteporls.
Mr. Rollins, from tho Commltteo on Tost.
otllcrs nnd PostroadB, to whom was referred
tho letter of tho Postmastor-Genoral in rela
tion to addltlonnl accommodations for tho
Postotllco Department, roportod tho samo back
with a favornblo recommendation and nskod
that tho papers bo printed and recommitted.
By Mr. lngalls, latornbly, from Judiciary,
Senate bill !20r, to doclaro certain lauds sub
ject to taxation.
By Mr. Garland, favorably, trom Judiciary
Commlttoo, Senate bill l'J87, to authorlzo tho
appointment of an additional Judgo for tho
Ninth Judicial District ot tho United Statos
tor tho btato of Ne ada.
11111m ore Piwcd ns Foltovti:
Relief bills for C. B. Bryan k Co., Memphis;
Iho widow and children nt Smith U. (1. Haw
eon, J. L. Vihlttakcrnud Blwatd 1'enlon. Also
to regulato Iho licenses ot coasting and fish
ing vessels.
Tho morning hour expiring, Senato bill
157'Jfortho Improvement ot tho Mississippi
and Missouri Rlicrs was taken up, Mr. Kel
logg ou tho floor lu favor ot tho bill.
JVuiillllllllaii-i To.llliy.
The President sent tho following nomina
tions to inoneuaio to uayi
Postmasters Uormau Snow, Cumden, N. Y.:
Mlnnlctla Smith, Now Brighton, N. Y.: Joseph
J. Butler, Port Richmond, N. Y.t Henrv C.
Johnson, Astorln, N.Y.t R. P. Bionn, West
New Bilghton, N. Y.; Alfred C. Snellen, I.owis
buigh, Pa s W, T. Holden, Augusta, Ga.;
Joseph B. Harris, rrauklin, K y.t 11. r. Dun
das, Ludlugton, Mich.; Danfol C. Balloy, San
Jose.MIch.; Juiod N. Mills Lake City, Col.j
GUmoro M. Strattou, Clay Centre, Kansas.
Samuel P. Cai tcr, Commodoro letlred list, to
bo a Rear Admiral retired list.
Passed Assistant butgoou Thco. C. Hovl to bs
Ada C. Stvoet, of Illinois, Pension Agent Chi
cago, Ills.
George B. Armstrong, of Illinois, Register of
Land Ofllce, Huron, Dak.
Charles Wllloughby, Washington Territory,
Indian Agont ot tho NeahBaj Agoucy in Wash
ington Territory.
lMilah Llgbtner, of Maryland, Indian Agent
ot tho banteo Agency lnNebraska.
tally In tho call ot btates, Mr. Robosou
offered a tesolutlon making tho hour of as
sembling of tho Houso at II o'clock a. m. after
the Will lust., Instead of 12 m., as heretofore.
This Is dono nt tho lnstauco ot the Republican
caucus, In tho hopoof hurrying through tho
Tariff Commission bill and other incisures
tho Democrats ato determined to Illlbusteron.
Tho resolution w as agreed to.
Mr. Murch lntrod ucod a resolution looking
toward tho enforcement of tho eight-hour law.
Mr. rage (Cal.) asked to call up his now Chi
nese bill nnd put It upon Us passage, stating
that thoi owns an emergency for Its lmmodl
ato passage. Objoctod to,
Mr, Crnpo, chairman ot tho Commltteo on
Banking and Currency, asked that tho bill
extending tho charters aud accounts of na
tional banks bo made tho special order for tho
2.")lh Instant, nnd until It was passed upon.
Mr. Randall Intorposcd somo lntortogatorlos
relative to amendments, aud an animated
discussion aroso.
YWieu Mr. Rnudnll proposod a couplo of
amendments to tho bill boforo tho discussion
ot tho special order point, Mr, Haskell In
quite d:
"Wllyouotofor tho bill It amended as
you pioposo?"
Mr. Randall refusod to answer, but avoided
the Issue so plainly put by branching out on
another part of tho subject. Tho Democrats
mean light nud filibustering, and It they can
pre! cut It, there will bo no moro extoutlm ot
chartctsot national banks.
One Democratic membor declared that In
asmuch as thuowcro no chattels to expire
beforo next 1'ebruary tin 10 was no oxcuso for
bringing up tho Issue so early,
Mr. Uatdcnberg, of Now Jeisey,
President of n Niilloiiul IfimU,
attiactcd considerable attention by a hoateJ
speech against tho bill. Mr. Cobb, ot Indiana,
following, declared tho bill untl-Domocratlo
and framed directly by tho national bankers
and capitalists ot tho East,
.Tho)eas and nays wero called upon tho
motion ot Mr, Crnpo to mako tho bill tho rogu
lar older April 25 and until passed. Iho
motion resulted; llbjoastoSO nays. Thoro
not being a two-thirds afllrmatlto voto, tho
motion was lost.
benato bill 185, approprltlng $73,000 for
tho brig Aimstrong, destioyod by tho Utltlsh
fleet in tho war of 1812, was reported from tho
Poielgu Affairs Committee. Mr. llolmau ob
jected to Its passage, and a discussion was on
w hen Tnr. Cumo's report closed.
IHitrlct lu Coiitrrc.
Mr. Perry introduced n bill In tho Senate to
day to proildofor thocaro and Inspection of
all animals Imported Into tho District of Co
lumbia, and to Incorporato tho Washington
stock j aids, abattoir and rendering company,
Tho follow lug gontlemen aro tho lucorpoia
tors; Walter . Lawton, Jamos L. Uaibour,
Kdwartl G, Carol, Hoiatlo Browning, Robert
Beierly, John It. Briaut, Win. C. Mcllrlde,
Thomas H. Blair, Henry H. Blackburn, Abnnr
A. Cork ln, Lot 1 Bacon, E. B. Blandly aud . C.
Mr. Harris, trom the District Committee, re
ported back benuto bill lull, to proildo for tho
(ompletlou ot tho dam at the Gi oat Polls ot the
Potomac, and asked that It bo Indefinitely
Also a substitute for benato bill 110, to In
crease tho water supply ot tho city of Wash
ington. Iho Senate passed a bill for thoiellef of
John Piasci, otlho District.
Cnpltol .Voles.
Tlio Hon, Trunk Ilattou and ox Senator
Wallace weio outho Senato floor to-day, also
ex bcuntor McDonald, of Indiana.
Tho conferenci commltteo on tlio Post
ofllco Apptoprlatlon bill woro In session lu
tho beunto Committee room ou Appropriations
this morning.
Tho Houso Commerce Commltteo to day
gaienlhearlug to gentlemen fiom Plorlda,
West Yltgluta and Keulucky on Improve
monta of Hi eis and harbors In these btates.
Tlio great national bill mill starts oil'
this morning with a gilst of (1,00.! bills In the
Houre, audl,7-'21u theheuate, a total of
7,7'-'I,and tt some people aro uugratotul
enough to say our ehrumo statesmen do uoth
Public Printer Rounds and Captain Brian,
1 oremau ot Printing, wero betoio tho Houso
Commltteo on Priming this morning lu sup
port of n Doflcloncy ppr3prlatlou for tho
(ioicininent Printing OflUo. They will ii
before tho committee ugalu to morrow,
'Ihotluiiigoii thr JVi,yteimrl meat.
becietaiy t'iiaudlor ontorod uion hli duties
asbccrttaiyorthoNaiy today, HequallUed
beforo Mr, McMalJy, chief clerk of tho OrJ
nunco Dureau ot ttie War Department. Mr.
Hunt, tho retiring Secretary, proseutod tbe
chiefs of but caux to theli now chlof In a lew
pertinent remarks, aud Mr. Chandler made
fin appropriate .espouse.
ItaKball games woro plaod Saturday as
At Cincinnati-lo elands, 4t Clucluuatls, '2
At l'i evidence Vrovllence, 'J.j Ueacou, U,
Atlloston liostou, 8. llanard, 7.
Atl'liuburg-Uutralu. lj AlUghony,2.
At Philadelphia- Athletic, U3i Atlantic. 0
At Vhiladelpula- Wotcester, Uj l'Uiialel
phla, 3.
At Hevf York MetropoUtaus, 13 l'rlu co
ton 5.
At New llareu Vale, 7i Alaska, 5.
Appropriately Cclebrnlcil li) llmC'ol
oreil 1'cnplc or Iho District.
Tho celebration ot tho twontlclh nnuli crsary
ot the emancipation Ot tho slaves of this Dls
trtcttook placo this mornlog, and wasnbrll
Hant success, Every colorod man, woman nnd
child in the city who could do so was out ou
the sttects to do honor to tho occasion, At as
early an hour as 10 o'clock pcoplo began to
congregato on Louisiana avenue, and by VI
o'clock the entire lacant spoco in front of tho
City Hall was occupied with n ringing massot
colored peoplo.
Itwas 12.30 when thoarlous organizations
wetegot Inline, nud halt an hourlator Colonel
Perry Carson, tho chlet marshal, nrrayod lu a
tet black suit, with yellow sash, an 1 wearing
n Sherman hat, ovor tho top of which wavod a
lmgo J cllow feather, rodo along tho lino and
gao tho command to march. Colonel Carson
and his mountod aids then tooktho load ot tho
precession, nnd woro followod by tho follow
ing organlzcel bodlcst
1'lrnt imislon.
Company A, Butlor Zouaves, li men com
manded by Lloutenants Young and Moore,
Cole's band. Capital City Guaids, 3 men
Captain, Thomas 8. Kelly, Lieutenants
Douglas, Smith and Malvlu. Ylobstor Rulos,
r"i men Captalu, P. II. Simmons; LleutonanU
Leo and Joy.
Then follrwod along lino of carrlagos con
lalng prominent colored men, Including Pro
fessor Greener, Cnptaln O. B. 11, Wall, Sidney
McParland, Dr. W. 8. Dupeo, Hon. I, o. Wears,
W". C. Chase, and Ro s. G, W . W itherspoon, ot
llortda; W. T. Thomas, O. Jackson, J. r,
llouldtn, J. W. Stevenson, J, W. Valentino.
Ncconil IHiltlon.
Grand United Ordorot Chaldoans, 175 men
Henry Miller, Grand Marshal, Ooorgo Tylor,
presiding ofllcer; Alfred Murray, deputy.
Mount Arab Lodgo, Mount Ollvo Commaudoiy
Osceola, 10 men; Solid Yantlo Social Club,
Golden Arrow Social Club, Llborty Eight,
Independent Social Club. Behind this dlils
Ion carao n chariot drawn by four snow-whlto
horses, upon tho throno of which sat Miss
Ella Waid, surrouudod by a boiyof boautt-fully-drcsed
Uttlo girls, who acted as maids
ot honor..
Third IHlIsioii.
Knights ot Moses, 30 mon Gabriel Rooso,
Eminent Commander; Silas Chapman, Gen
eralissimo; Henry Morris, Captaln-Goneral;
Joseph bcmlcy, Lloutouaut. Order ot Mosos,
10 men Jeremiah Dozlcr, Worthy Superior.
Ancient Order Knights ot Jerusalem, 30 men
Joseph Taylor, Commandort Mr. Smith,
Marshal. Gallllean Fishermen, Joscphus
Commaudery, GO men Henry Hittchluson,
rmlncut Commander; J. K. llallard, Captain
General; Andrew Beckett, Lloutonant. Grand
Ledge, Gallllean rishormou Thomas Smith,
uisiriti luunu inner; iieiaryacKSOll, niac.
l'ourtli ltlllnlon.
Oood Samaritans; Columbia Pioneers ot
Alexandria, Vn , William Hackley, Captain;
lepit'Eontntltcsot tlio Washington BilckMa
chluo Company In carriages, numbering 10
Joseph Holland, president; Goorgo Robinson,
Last W ashlngton rioneer Club In carrlagos.
Sumner Mounted Guards Ralph Wormloy,
Captain; John Hill, Lloutonant. Eastorn btar
Twilight Cadots Captain Jackson; Henry
Mason and Joseph Hughes, Lloutenants. Tho
fourth and last division was followod by a
chariot containing a largo number of Uttlo
children, with Miss Miller as queen, and Miss
Allen and othors, maids ot honor, aud a num
ber of carriages wjth representative colored
men. Tho procession marched oi or tho routo
published In last Saturday's Critic.
I'rosrrntiiiuc ForTIiN Earuliisr.
LlncoliPIIall will, no doubt, bo crowded this
evening, as tho piogrnmmo ot tho closing
exercises of tho day'Bclebratlon Is a good ouo.
Tho following Is tho programme;
l'rnier Rev. J. E. Rankin
Music Orchestra
Address, Master of Ceremonies,
Captuln O. S. B. Wnll
Reading, Lcttors of Regret by tho boc-
rotary W, Calvin Chaso
Rending, Tho Proclamation of Emanci
pation Dt.b. L.Cnok
Music ,.Orchestia
Oration, Orator of tho Eiculug.
Prof. Richard T. Oreonor
Music Orchestra
Address Hon. Milton G.Uruor
Address Rev. R. S. Law
Music Orchestra
Address Mrs. Bclva A. Lockwool
Address Dr. D. 1. Sealon
Music Orchotra
Address Hon. I.e. Wears
Tho oxerclses aro under tho auspices of tho
following commltteo ot niiacgements; John
W. rrcenian, chairman; W. Call in Chaso, sec
retary; Calvin D. Johnson and James E.
Tho precession was roilewod at tho W'hlto
House at 3 o'clock by tho Presldont, w ho stood
alono on tho portico, hat In hand, till tho ou
tlro lino had passed.
Tlio Argument on tin .lotion Tor
UnbciiH Corpus Postponed Until
In anticipation ot tho argument by counsel
nntl pcilmps utleclatou to bo rcn lorod by tlio
United States Supremo Court In tho caso ot
bergeaut Masoti, tho chnmboi was nilod at an
early liour by a largo audience, among whom
were many ladlc3. Troclsely at 12 o'cIock tho
Kiavo and rovereiul judgoawho comprise tho
highest Judicial tribunal lu tho land fllod lu
and took their seats. Mr. James M, Lyddy, of
New York, appeared as spoclal counsel for
Sorgeaut Mason. United States Attorney
General IHowster appeared for tho military
authorities and also for tho Judgo-Advocato-acncml,
nnd the Judgo-Adtocato who presldod
at tho court-martial which tried nnd eontencod
Mason also appeared as counsel for tho Gov
ernment, Tho Court nrocoeded as usual on Monday to
dolhcr opinions.
At l2 o'clock Mr. Lyddy nskod permission to
Mo n supplementary etatomeut, nul tho Court
suld that if additional papers were Mod tho
defendants had n right to ox amino any new
ovldenco in tho case, aud tho CMot-Justtco do
elded to placo tho caso at the foot of the as
signed euses, Uy agreoment tho argument lu
the caso has been postponed until nost
At the Cioi eminent Printing Otllce
AH ou Account of Kxhnustcil Ap
propriation, lu consequence of the exhausted apptoprla
tlon for the Public Printer, euodiatt tho force
employed lu tho Goernmont Printing onieo
will bo furloughod until adollclcncy appro
priation can bo passed. Mr. Hounds has
tried ovciyway In reach to avoid tho fur
tough, but llio nppromlatlon had been so near
ly expended beforo lie took possesion of the
ontco that this is tho only course left open for
him. Ho found only about 100,OiKJon baud
onthailistot April, with a monthly pay roll
of about $ 15(),uoo to meet. Thoro U vory
Uttlo puper or material on hand, and no
money with which to buy it, Thu appropria
tion hud run ftoluw that tho former ujinlnl
stintlon had icfuBod to buy soap for tho em
plujcHto washthelr haudd. It H hoped that
adelU'Iency will soou bo paused so that tho
onlce may go on as usual
Another Miirjlnutl Touu Nearly
Humeri Up,
A dlsasttous Mo broke out ut Crlslleld, Md.,
about 1 o'clock jeBterday morning, luthe gen
eral merchandise store of James Booth. The
names spread rapidly along Main street, and
by 7 o'clock estei day morning one third of the
business section ot tho town was destroyed,
Tho Mo was then extinguished. Seventeen
stoics and dwellings In all wero destroyed,
Tho loss will reach 175,04)0, upon which thoro
Is insurance to the amount of :n,000, 'there
being no 11 ro compauynor tiro apparatus in
the town the only way lu which the cltlzous
wero ablo to batllo with tho Haines was by the
uto of water buckets. This proved utterly
Ineffectual because ot tho strong wind which
was prevailing und tho piogress which the
llumts had mudo beforo thov wero dlsoov-
cied in tho morning, Soeaily wus It vthou
IboMebioko out that none ut the families
uMdlni; near tho scene had urlsen from their
beds, audit way only by tlio greateat pioinpt
ntss that some of tliem escaped being burned
to death. Tho lire, it Isdellullely asuirtalued,
began lu tho building of Jumca Jiouth Ho
has been aitested aud is now oontHied In the
Crlelleld lockup, A dispatch says that evi
dence Is post tho against him thut ho set lire
to his building, and threats ot lynching are
freely made.
In response to a request for Information
on thu subfct, tho Commissioners have lu
tunned the Vostmaster-Oeneral that the dU
tauce from the l'ostonico Dipartmeut to the
eneial Mouey-Otder lMlou,l9 'J,Ul'2 feet,
The Mrmtuntnl I.nmN or Mlfl-tnurl
nud llio lAoilcmcnt hcr IhoTltlri
to the Nnino.
Tho net of August 1. 18,il,,4Tosift,lu'-t'U-'l
reduce thpprlco of tho public lands to aclunt
settlers nnd cultivators," can bo found in tho
10th Statutes, page 57 L Under this act largo
quantities of lands wero eutorod In Southeast
Missouri. Some of tuoso entrtos woro bona fldo
undortholaw, and
Nontn by Spociilntorn.
In violation of both tho lottcr nnd tho spirit of
tho law, Thcso lands havo become aluaulo
for their minerals aud timber slncO tho coun
try has boon penotratod by railroads, nntl have
In many fnstancon been sold to Innocont pur
chasers. It now appears that Bomo ot thoo
lands cntcrod by sfVeculators were ontoroi lu
nctltlous names, nnd that tho law hat been
evaded In arlous ways, and that tho proper
nnd lepnlBtops hao not boon taken to perfect
title, iho Attorney Oonoral has rccontly Is
sued Instructions to tho Commissioner ot tho
General Land Onico to cause nu examination
Into all entries under tho graduation net and
to lustltuto proceedings In tho nime of tho
rutted Btatoi in all casos ot fraudulent on
Ut courso this has caused qulto n sensation
In localities Ilablo to be aflllctod thereby, as It
was feared that many
Innocent Purchaser Woulil S niter
and Itwas this fooling of unrostand anxiety
that Induced Governor Crittenden to come to
Washington. Ho found, howovor, that his
trip was onliroly unnecessary. Senators
Cockrcll and Vest had alieady ltrtoslltfitod
tho matter, and found that there was no cause
for alarm
The CniTio has taken porno troublo to in-
cetlgato tills matter, aud vonturos tho opinion
that" tho whole thing has been Instigated by n
set of sharpers, who thought they saw a
chOlico to mako some money off of tho poor,
unsuspecting landholders by raising n hue
and cryabout frauds and false J I ties, with tho
hopothat a largo fund would bo ratod aud
paid to them tooWy a bill through Congrcs
to heal (?) theso doubtful titles.
If thoio bo such
Schemers nml Jobbers
in this case The dime would suggost to them
that they will llnd that they havo drU on their
Uuclis to a dull market, and that It will bo lato
in tho day whon they get cither Sonator Cock
rcll or Senator Vest committed to any moasuro
of doubtrul proprloty.
At n mooting of tho Missouri delegation held
atMllard's Hotel last wotk tho wholo matter
was placed In tho hands of bonator Coctcroll
for such notion In tho premises as ho thought
UBt and proper; and with his action the peo
ple oi iuo uisinci amicteu win uo snusuou.
The True Account of Mrs. IHcUin
koii'h Ncnrch Tor Ilcr I.ost Hoy.
Mrs. William II. Dtcklnsou, ot tho town ot
Commonwealth, YIs . left tho city last night
In despair, after a long and fruitless Beaten
for a Uttlo son who was stolen from hor some
months ago. A Clinic ropoitcr intorvlowod
Mrs. Dickinson somo days ago, and learned
tho details ot her story, but promised not to
uso tho story until she had satlstlod horself
that her boy was not in this city,
Mrs. Dickinson said that sho had beon U lng
In tho little town of Commonwealth, Wis., with
her husband, who li & vory old and lullrtn
man, and her son "Willie, a boy ot 0 j cars. Her
husband had somo ery bitter onemIo3, who
wero constantly threatening him lu arIous
when hor little boy failed to return from
school and search piored unavailing, sho de
termined thut ho had been stolon as a rev ongo
uou her husband.
Early In November it was learned that tho
child had been taken away by two men anl
tho mother started to follow up every clue.
riuktrtou's dctcctlvts weio put to vorkon
the case and aronardot $11,000 was offered
for tho boy's capture, Mrs. Dickinson has
travorsed nearly cvory portion ot tho country
and was llnally directed to Culpopor, Vn ,
where Bho arrived a few days ago und leamol
that a man with n boy answering tho descrip
tion ot her child had left the tow n tho day b j
Investigation was mndo aud It was ascer
tained that tho boy had beon in tho custody ot
a manvho gavo his name as W Ullam Morris,
whowasabout UO oarsof ago and ovor six
feet In height, who had treatod tho buy with
great cruelty and beaten him brutally. Mrs.
Dkklnson-islted tho looms occupied by tho
man and boy and found gaimouts there
which sho Identified as having herself made
for her boy, Apoitraltct tho abductor was
also found,
Morris informed people In tho town that ho
was coming to Washington, and purchased
tickets for this city, but also told others that
he would not stop hcie, but was going on to
New York, Mrs. Dickinson, nssl-uod by tho
dctecth es, has carefully searched cv erj place
in tho city whero tho abductor might bo stay
ing, but was unsuccessful, and last night left
tho city to follow iho chlldstealer to Drldgo
poit, K. Y., whoio she boliovcs him to havo
Congressman Hubbell recognized an old ac
qualntanco in Mis. Dickinson, and sho visited
his houso on iown, Circle during her stay in
tho city. Mr. Hubbell interested himself so
deeply lnthocaso that It was curiontly re
ported mat tno sioicncnuu wasurciauvo ot
i i
The Chiinjjo lu the Interior Iepnrt
Alter introducing his successor to tho Son
ate to-day, Mr. Teller piucooded to tho Interior
Department, whero ho arriv od about 1 o'clock.
IIo was met by retiring Secretary Klrkwood,
and by him Introduced to tlio heads of the
Department. Mr. Teller having been sworn
In at tho W'hlto IIouso this morning that
formality, of course, was not repoatod, and ho
took formal chargo ot tho Interior Depart
ment. Mr. KItkwood remained with Mr. lollor
foreomo time, oxplalulug tho routine ot tho
onico, Tho scono uion his leaving was ono
qulto affecting, as Mr. Klrkwood was looked
upon in a fatherly way by tho clorks lu tho
Department. Hound his family will loavo by
tho 7. UO train for their Iowa home, accom
panied by tho sincere wlshos ot many frlcn is
for many cars of life nnd happiness,
Crosby Wants to bo Iiuetlrttfcri
Mr. If. T, Crosby, whoso xeslgnatton as chief
cleik ot tho War Dopnitmeiit has beon ac
cepted, to tako effect Juno 1, has written a
letter to tho facaotaryof War asking that an
Investigation be madoluto thochargeiacalust
him contained lu an article lu tho Phlladcl-
iUlal'jed of baturday, lu which he, as well as
lajor Dradloy, isnccuBod of having boon in
strumental In concealing evidence against
Captalu Howgato, so turns the Signal OM.se U
concerned, Mr, Ciosby sajs that tho state
ment luado against him is n lie and threatens
to Institute Butt for Ubclagalust tho l'nx,
lEIcliiiioucI nut! Washington Jlntlroml.
Thu Virginia Houso of Delegates on Vrlday
paesed tho bill to Incorpoiato tho Mchmonl A
Washington Hatlroad Company. This bill
uames Messrs, Dult Green, ot Stafford; J, L.
Powell, ot Hpottsylvanla; Stlth Uolllug, oi
Petersburg, und IMw, D, Christian, of Ulch
jiioud, and such thiee other persons as may
be associated )Ylth them, as corporator. Tho
capital fetock of tho company is tu bo not less
than $-1,000,000, divided into sharca nt (loo
each An amendment pruvldlng tha thu
company fchould not purchase tho lllchmoud,
lredirlikbburg tc Potomac llallioud or the
Alexandria, rrodtrlcksbuig A Potomao llill
roador coiibolldate with eltherot thorn, but
shall establish and maintain a totally distinct
and independent Hue, wus voted dowu joas,
'" uas, Id, the bill now goes to the
Mr. lleeiher ou IlelIt;l"UN lreJuriUe,
Tho I'.ev. Heury Ward Heechet madoallusiou
in hUsejmon vosterday to tho coutrovoisy la
tho Sunday-school Association, of WllUami
buig. lu regard to the Sunday parade lu May.
Mr. Detchersald ho had no bjmpathy or lovo
fur u creed whkh was used to soputato tho
l.oid'u chlldrun. Ills chlldion could talk with
Catholic clilldreu, with Uultailau children or
thethlldienotauy ether people. 'Ihev ouuld
not pen lu tho Lord's children Uko sheep, anl
ho despised any attempt to do It.
1'elltlon for MaMou'H I'nrrion.
A laige petition to tho President from the
citizens ot Clarion County, Pa., asking for the
pardon of Sergeant Mukmi, was received on
butuiday last by Ml, Samuel It, bttultau, Chief
oi me jjiwsiou vi uegis.ruuuu o. iuo l'osi
onico Department, who will deliver It lu bona
tor J. DunCnmorou for formal presentation to
piebldcnt Arthur.
Tax Hen eertlflcatcs havo been lisueii
against Juan's U0 V21, ISO, G7V-1-, 7-il
C, J. IIillykx receive a poriult to day
to erect threo brick dvYlllngs onOsttoet, be
tweeu Twenty and Twenty-tlrst BUoets, at a
cost Otf 10,300,
Itciull or Fooling With n Ionilnl
Nhell-OtM- Mmi liiMtnutly Killed
UniroT Ills Hcml Illoun Oir An
other Sn DmiKcroiiNly tVouuileil
'llinlltc IHcmIii n row llour-t-Oe-tnllMortlic
llorrthle Tnitfoily-
A fow minutes after n o'clock this morning a
frightful tragedy was enacted ou a vacant lot
bounded by Maryland avenue nnd D, Thir
teenth nnd rourtoonth streets southwest, nvir
tho dump where cartmont aro pormlttodto
deposit cartloads of ashes and various refuse
anil debris.
Charles Stuart, a married man, nbout .TV
years of ngo and tho father nt n family ot
small chlldten, In company with Gourgn
riillllps, also mart led nnd nbout flvo yoars his
senior, woro walking across tho lot In question,
nnd when they rcachod tho dump they dls
Three Old, Unity Shell?,
carolepsly deposited by some person, who wan
probnbly nfrald to keep them nnd too hoodluts
to deslny them. Tho men woro Just rocovor
iugfrnra tho effects ot a protracted drunU, and
wero not sober enough to bo sensible of tho
danger Into which they wero running, nud ac
cordingly picked up tho bombshell an 1
carried thorn to tho eeittro ot tho lot.
Two of tho shells wore spherical, an 1
weighed nbout twcho pounds each, and tho
third, n round nlnopoundor.
Tho small round ono was selected, and
Muart was sent homo for an ax. Stuart's
houso was within fifty yardt of the spjt, being
situated nt rourtoonth nnd I) strcots, nul he
soon relumed to Ills companion.
Tho men wero
Miirucil to I.cno the NhellH Alone,
but woro not to bo dissuaded, and so nil tho
persons who had gathered sought positions of
safety, whllo Charles Htuart ralsod tho ax and
Phillips stood closo to him.
A loud roport and n cloud ot smoko
Denlcncil nml llllutleil
tho persons In tho nolghbothood, and. pieces
ot tho exploded shell were thrown tir out
Into tho river and over ns far n. Twelfth
Whon tho smoko cleirod away both mon
wero found to bo apparently dead, but soon
after Stuart showed signs ot life.
runups' wnoio nouy was cotoreu wim cuts
nnd blood and mangled to a terrlblo extent,
whllo moro than
lEnlfor His If end unsToriiOir
bythoforco of tho explosion, Stuart's head
wan also badly injured, aud ono of his legs
broken In seeral places and tho other
Torn Oir Aliot c the Knee.
rnther Rochfort, of St. Pomlnto's Churrh,
soounrrlved on the scenoand did all In his
power for tho suffering man. Dr. Loach
lcndercd suchmodlcal aid as was nvallablo,
aud Stuart was placod in tho police ambulaneo
and taken to Providence Hospital.
Doth men lived within n short dlstanro.ot
tho scone of tho accldont; Stuart nt Tour
f-enlh and D streets and riillllps nt Thlrtoen
and n halt Btreet and Maryland nvonuo. Doth
wero llshermen, and had been omplojod nt
dllTeient times lu dredging and other work
on thorlvcr fiont.
They wero regarded as honest, hard-working
men, andulthough hard drlnkors, labnrod for
tho support nt tholr families.
One ot tho mon had thrco children, nnd tho
other ono.
An Imiuest rrobnlily lTuiierenry
Harbor Master Su tton, who had a conversa
tion with Charles Stuart a few moments bofoio
the explosion, says ho doos not think the man
was Intoxicated, nnd supposes that he under
took to bicak up tho shells to sell them for old
lion, nnd was uuawaio or regardless ot the
danger into which ho w n running.
Hie Coroner was iioiltlod, and went to Phil
lips house to examine tho lomalns. It is not
ptobnble thnt an lnquostwlllbo deemed ncce-t-eary
as tho circumstances ot tho death aro well
know n and constitute a plain caso of nccldcutal
death caused by tho carelessness ot tho un
happy victim.
Stuait lived but n short time after hU ar
rival at the Provldcnco Hospital, d lug betore
12 o'clock.
Interesting lUhpnleh I'rom I'nluecr
?Klllle No I'.irortH to be Spuretl
to Kescue IcIonir nml lnriy
Ueutciiaul Daiicuhowcr'N Pluelc.
Secretary Hunt has received a dispatch
fiom Mr. Hoffman, chargo d'afralts at St. Pe
tersburg, under date ot March 31, ISQ'J, In
closing a letter from Chief Engineer Melville,
dated Junuaiy 01, aud written at a point ou
his way to tho mouths of the Lona, SOO vcrsts
(333 miles) bejond Yakutsk, Mr. Hoffman
states that "tho Governor at this post appears
to have shown much good will In sending
your orders ot January 15 to Melville, as tho
cstafetlo had been ordered and paid for to Ya
kutsk only. Tho speed with which It wont
through is qulto remarkablo llftoon davs
fiom Irkutsk to a point fiOO versts beyond Ya
kutsk, tho Journey from Irkutsk to Yakutsk
generally requiring eighteen dav. Llouton
ant Damnhowcr telegraphs mo under dato of
January 'JS, from Krusmojarok, about 1,000
versts fiom I'ctcrsburg, IIo may bo evpectod
hero about Apill 120."
Melville's I.ollcr.
Tho letter of Chief Engineer Melville, refer
red to above, is as follows i "I havo tho honor
to acknowledge tho tccelpt ot jour telegram
of January 10 trom tho secretary of tho .Navy
directing mo to icmaln outho ground until
tho remainder of tho expedition is found, I
ucelvcd jour former tolugram, also ono from
tho Secretary ot tho Navy, whllo at Yakutsk,
whero I had guno to put myself in tolcgraphlo
communication with tho Department, My
hasto In getting Mr. Danenhower and men to
ward tho Atlantic seaboard and roiuttng au
expedition to loturn to tho Arctic Ocean took
all my tlmo, I telegraphed tho Secretary for
orders to remain aud contlnuo tho Bcarch, but
hlsnnswcrto my ilrst telegram gavo medls
cretlonary power, aud I Mted an expedition at
onco to rotui n north nnd Ben Mr. Daucnhower
and tho men homo.
uYou w HI piobably seo thorn in St. Petersburg
nudrccolvoull tho partlcul ir. I havo every
lenson to hopo to llnd Doloug and his people,
books and papers. lamcoultdont
thnt I can search all tho coast with tho force I
havo between Match 1 and Jun, wheu the
Hoods net lu so badly wo cannot work, and
over) thing that is on moderately low grouul
will bo bwopt away. A chart and plan of
search was sout to tho Secretary of tho Navy
twowcoksago. 1 kopt all usefulmcn with
me, and havo hired thrco others at Yakutsk
and will got additional assistance fiom Cat
eoek, commandant ntDelun, and It tho p oplo
aro ou tho ground will bo found,
'lliilly Hoy With u (JInss i:e.
Mr. W, W, Dauenhower today recolvod n
letter horn his sou John, dated at Irkutsk,
icurunry '.:.;. .losaysiiu urn ucvit in a uurtw
roomfoi sixteen dnvs, but hopes to get out In
n couplo of daB. lio says ho will lose one ot
his eves, which will probably be taken out
when ho reaches Purls, His hoalth otherwise
Is good. Ho refers lu a. Jocular way to tho
probability of his father having a "bully boy
with a glut eye" In his family.
The Amorous Photographer
the matter ot tho demurrer to the Indict
me nt lu Now York ugaluat Alexander K. l'al
ecner, formerly ot this city, charged with
sending anonymous letters tu Miss Kate h.
Hale, aigumeut was heard luthe Court of
hefcfalons, Kings County, Saturday. Counsel
for ruleoneraiguel that ns thu offeusecharguj
was not committed In Kings County, but in
Washington, V, C, the indictment wu lasuf
flelt-ut uud tho prisoner ttuoutd be discharged.
Assistant District Attorney Oakey upp mo 1
the motlou and Judge Moore reserved hi d'
PoUtltlll IMllllM.
Wattcrsou declaim that Bayard will not
do foi the fotandurd-benrer in lbS 1
Kx'Attorney-deneral Taft, of Cincln
natl, will get a boost toward tho AluIUah
Kx Collector tcaid, of Do ton, Is coln
to get a bourn for Iteforui Governoi of Massa
chusetts. Kccurring to recent liUtorv. It will bo
found that statesmanlike Presidents come
hltfh. but wo mubt havo them. Adnata Con.
"Tho Mormon Problem M U the title of
a iampldet defending itolygamy aud Moi
monism, jut published by Junnw Cdinpbtdl,
Tho friends of Jamca U UopViiH, of
Allegheny County, are making au enei.'oti.
effoit to secure for him tho Demoi rati uoiut
nation for Gov eruor ot Vcr ns) Wanlu
Hannah Wanzeix, charged with rob
MugN.C Draper, of Draper mills, ou th'i
night of the 1st oflost April, wan atpilnellu
the Crlmlual Court to da, f
John Murphy nu Trlnl for the Mur
der of TIioiiiam ritritcrnlil.
Tho trial of John Murphy, Indicted for tho
mmder ot Thomas Fitzgerald on Iho 21st ot
Mny, 1881, was commenced In tho Criminal
Court this morning beforo Justice Wyllo, Dis
trict Attorney Corkhtll and his assistant, II, 1
Topgnrt for the Government, and Messrs, 1'. II,
Tall and A. A. Lipscomb for tho accusod. Tho
Jury selected to try thocaio aro a? follows i
Willlnm T. Wood, John B. Dawson, Matthew
McNaliy, John U. Mccarty, John T, rinney,
Edward J. Mcl-ain, Darnnt Vftniloet, Thomas
Martin, Chatles J. Wright, J, E, F, Carlln,
Dnnkl Queen nnd Henry A. Olcott.
Thn evldenco against tho defendant Is en
tirely circumstantial. On tho night beforo
thn hnmlclde, Murphy and Fitzgerald had a
dimculty nt No. 71S Twenty-sixth street north
west, which was ptovoked by Murphy, I.ator,
Fitzgerald, who had loen drinking, went to
tho houso of Murphy, on V stroot, near
Tweiity-Hflli, and a dinicultyensueJ.
1 lt7gcrn!d rame nut nnd staggered down
thoRtieet, Tho next morning thn body was
found lu tho rlvcr,noar tho Analotan boat
bergi ant Terry testified to tho body belnx
found In tho water, Dr. J. 1. Hartlgan to tho
nnturo of tho wounds on tho twdy, John Scau
lontotholuteitirenee ot Murphy whllo tho
witncFfl and Fitzgerald wero transartlng somo
business in relation to the purchaso of a lot,
and Murphy knocking tho deceased down
without provocation, and tho witness knocking
Murphy down. Thoro was a sooond knock
down nil nround. Murphy went away and
en mo back twirn to tho house, but Fltygorald
remained Inside, aud Murphy finally went
Mis. Moran testlDod to seeing n man bo
tween 1'Jnnd 1 o'elocknt night goto Murphy's
house, nnd after rapping ho was admitted by a
woman. Sho nfterward heard a f usa and a fall)
and latoi saw tho man go out again.
John Moian testified to substantially tho
samo thing.
Willlnm Moran nlsoaw a man coming from
townrd Murphy's house,
Margaret Kccgan tost 1 Hod that herself and
two children occupied tho backroom upstairs
of tho houso of Mr. Murphy on tho night of thn
occuncnce. Her attention was not nttractod
to anything unusual taking placo in tho houso
that night; Itwas botwoen 7 and 8 o'clock
whon she canio down stairs tho noxt morning;
Sun Illooil lu Three Places
on tho wall nnd In ono place on tho floor,
Mary Rhechan testlfled that sho rosldod at
Tw nty-lltlh aud 1 htreeta northwest, and wont
to Murphj 's house, between 1 and Ti o'clock In
tho morning, and nked him whoro Titz
gerald was.
Murphy said: " Oh, ho la all right. Ho and
I went to Scanlon's and had some words, nnd
howent home, and I did."
Sho asked him If he had not boatonritz
gernld, and lie said no.
Sho said: "You
m Aiulitelous Cnuiilbnlf
ou have murdered tho man and threw him
in tho water 1" Ho nen look his head lu and
pulled down tho window, bho told a police
man, and had him arrested.
Mrs. Council testlllcd to hearing a nolsa In
Murphy's houso that night.
Bridget Scan Ian tostl fled that thn parties had
a quarrel In her house, in which tho deceased
was struck with a bowl from tho table. Mur
phy w ns put out and came back twice, saying
ho wanted his hat. Sho saw Murphy tho
same night, and whllo talking with him, sho
saw some blood on tho floor and part ot ft chair
broken. Ho told her when sho asked nbout
1 Itz that ho would get away with Scanlon, too.
On rroBS-cxaminatiou witness sill Hho
vs cut to Murphy's about 12 o'clock alter hor
chlldten, and had her attention called to tho
lues there.
Daniel Scanlan, son of tho preco ling wit-rcf-s,
testlllcd that lio ho ml a man groaning
ami went nnd told Mrs. Fitzgerald.
Mrs. Margaret Fitzgerald, widow of tho do
ceased, testlllcd that sho w ent In search ot hor
husband tho Kimo night ho waskllle. She
taw Murphy leaning on his nrms in his shirt
pleevesnt an upper window, and saldt "Mm
phy, what have jou dono with
The rnther or 3Iy Seven Children?
Havo ou killed him V
lio said: "t)h I ho's all right. Go home anl
you will llnd him there."
Tho Government slated that, with the excep
tion of ono more w itness, that oompletod tnMr
cato. That witness would. It was expected, bo
lu fittendanco nt two o'clock. Sho had loft
hcio months ago, and tho Government had
traced her to d liferent places, and llnally camo
up with her on Saturday In Cincinnati, whero
the was arrested on an nttachmant, and was
now on tho way to this city. Hor namo Is
Susie Carr, and is claimed to be an Important
witness for tho prosecution.
Iho Defendant lu 1114 Own I.cliuir.
John Murphy, tho defendant, testified that
ho was In bod that night when Fitzgerald
camo to his house; he was In bod upstairs: he
hcai'd his wtfo Bay "got out ot my noune." Tho
defendant did not know who It was and came
downstairs to seo. Ho saw his wlfo trying to
put Fitzgerald out and ho camo lu In spite ot
her. Tho witness then threw him down and
ho got up with n knlfoor pistol, aud witness
closed with him aud put him out.
He ordered him out first, and ho refusod to
go. Tho witness afterward w ent out aud looked
up and down the street aud did not seo Fitz
gerald. Ho did not follow him nut ot tho
house. A hen Fitzgerald would not go out of
his house, lio Btruck him (Fitzgerald) with a
chair, nnd tho blood on the rolllngpln camo
from off tho witness' hand, that ho got whllo
handling Fitzgerald.
On croHfi-exam I nation ho denied that ho
t-truek Fitzgerald at all at bcaulan's until
after ho hit tho witness.
riio Jury retired shortly afterward and soon
it. tuined a verdict of not guilty.
' ..... i
Moro Dynamite, in Itussln.
St. PFTFRsnuna, April 17, Tho Czar ha
summoned General Lorls Mellkoff, chief of po
lice, to St, Petersburg to organize measures ot
protection at Moscow for coronation day. Ni
hilists aro being arrcstod all over Russia and
mo mora active than over, Tho protect ot po
1 lco hero receh ed a baskot ot eggs which ha 1
been emptied ot their natural contonU aud
filled with dvnnmlte.
?lr. I'nruelPM Movements Theatre
LoMiov, Aprlll7. Mr. Charles Stewart Fur
nell lelt Paris to-day to return lo Kllmalnham.
Jail to report. A general relcnso of supports Is
denied by high authority.
Holton Theatre was destroy are jo
lives lost.
Distillery Destiojetl.
FroiilA, U.L., April 17. Oscar Fust dls
tllh ry, aud bonded warehouse adjoining, waa
dcblrovidby lire. Sevontoou thousand gal
Ions of alcohol wero consumed loss, J1H0,
000, Insurance, $-200,000.
A MlnUter Killed,
Foiit WAst, Inp.. April 17 Tho Iter,
Simon Qulgloy, a well known Methodist mln
later, was throw u from his buggy and lnstanil
killed to-day
An Ohloau Dies.
Cincinnati, o.. April 17.x MajortUarlos
F, Wllstotk died thli morning.
llnrpci l'erry as au IUeelrlo Centre,
A proposition has been made to the Govern
ment by a company ot capitalists to loaso the
property aud water power at Harper s Ferry
fur tiluet nine years tor raanufactui ln i ui
poses. Iho terms offered are quln i i i al.
and the proposal Is now before) mi u i u:
the Treasury, who has It uud n it n. ment.
,hlle the offer does not state ftntiely for
what purposo tho property Is h tuudtul, It in
tdated that they luteud to use tho water power
M' U.u gcniiuU"ii ! electricity, which will 0
ecuveved to Daltlmoro and Washington, m
iibed lu lighting theso cities with elitn
lights, The Gov eminent has been desU - t
selling the property, nnd It Is estimate i
valued at K0,OO0, The question tob -la
whether tho Gov orumeut w 111 lea li
tho property, Tho property is a l mw - t
land about thrfiurtli8 of a nnio n i i
along tho 1'otot.iaver and tin wuu -ot
thohheuaudfnh lltver, ou whti b 'i
nimory was located beforo thew u
l'rolally au Aeeoitipll
Deteclho Arton has arreUV
Mllllanrihornton, tlio brother
w ho gtv cs his uamu us Lilly un
by Judgo buell this niornli
buasted to ft lends tltat ho had i
lUtuhand burled tho tools o
clarsaud had burled u can of
longing to them in w hat is ltuo
oldbttiu A fc'uuh was muU
found inthenlaco named. lh
i ii
i f iho
ti iui
i n lei tt(
uiguirtr tt
uud ill . au
uu,i vtll K
prostiutcd as a utupklous olmiauer If IV
more scilous charge cau be mmU" agilnt him.
Tiik application of Theodore UrouUn
fttudunt,foraduiUbloutotheDUtrlctlui '.nu t
today, was rt-terrud to tho oxaminlu ai
Tub Commissioners havo accepea he
offi r ot V alter U. Williams to ofllclui i
sale ot District real estate.
Kepusentative lVttlbouo, of Tennessee,
occupied hla seat to-day, after a tew da) s ill
uees. lie has a 'maw muvtlug ' luhlahoa4.

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