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The Evening Critic.
WASHINGTON, D. 0. PllIDAY. JUNE 30, 1882.
NUMBER 4,165.
1g'ii''TWiW"M--i-?r.ai'Wy I'i&Hf WJjWiirWl . ''WrllSf!l',tVh lw ft' inv-wmfiW-
' The EalalSliot tliat Starttefl a Nation
M Added a Sorrowful Auuircrsary to
its Calendar.
The Most Sorrowful Fourth of July
Americans Eyer Knew.
Fifty Millions of Pooplo Exchange Holi-
day Attire for Sackcloth and Ashes.
President Garfield Slain by
the Assassin Guiteau.
The Sad Story of Garfield's
Struggle with Death.
Seventy-nino Days with Death as
a Watcher.
' Garfield's Removal and Death
' by the Sounding Sea.
The History of the Saddest Tragedy
Ever Enacted on Earth Retold.
The second day ot July, 1681, will always
occupy a conspicuous placo In history, and as
tho years roll on the return ol that day of tho
month will bo commomorated as the annl
Tcrsary of an ovent unparalleled In the history
ot the country. On that day Jamos Abram
Garfield, twentieth Prosldont ot tho United
States, was shot by a vllo assassin, and re
ceived wounds which resulted In his death at
Elboron, N. J., sovonty-nlne days after
ward. Tho world was horrlllod at tho act.
The AssnsMlnntlon or Ijlncoln,
coming as It did at tho closo ot a long and ilea
porato war, and as tho last expiring throo ot
that war's fierce hato and passion, was a log
ical ovent compared with tho horror ot Gar
'field's taking oft.
Tho peoplo stood tor awhtlo almost stupefied
with Borrow and amazement. They could not
understand It. Tho assassinated President
had dono no man wrong. Tho heart and soul
of good nature, benevolent and poacolovlng,
ho was to all loglo and reason tho last person
to Invite tho lead ot an assassin.
Tho details ot President Garfield's assassi
nation in a time ot profound peace, his
T.ouk hikI Bravo Ntnicirlo wltli nciilli,
and tho widespread sympathy for him, aro
familiar to all, but now that tho vllo
assassin has met his lust doom at the
hands ot tho hangman, and has gone down to
a murderers grave, execrated and dotested by
nil tho clvlllzod world, It is proper to rovlow
not only tho tragedy, but also tho history ot
tho conduct and trial ot one ot tho most re
markable felons tho world has over known.
A. Vacation Bnilly Slopped.
Boveral days beforo July 2 It was announced
that tho rrcsldont would .on that day set out
to attend tho commencement exercises at Will
iams College, ot which ho was an alumnus,
and also to mako a tour of some ot tho Eastern
States, lio was to meet Mrs. Garlleld, who
was then at Long Branch, and alio was to ac
company him on his tour. In tho languago ot
ono ot his most lntlmatu friends, thoProsl
dent looked forward to his vacation with ill
tho dollght and enthusiasm ot a school
boy. Ou
Tliorntnl Sloriilni;
hodrovo to tho Daltlmoro h Potomaodopot
with Secretary Ulaluo, reaching there at 0 :20,
Having a few momonts to spare beforo the de
parture of tho train, they romalnod soatod In
tho carriage conversing, and reviewed somo ot
tho acts of tho Administration, the 1'rostdont
remarklugwlth a great degroo ot satisfaction i
'"I have new completed four mouths ot my
ndrailstratlon and there has never boon an
uutyl word across our Cabinet tablo,"
Tlio AkNHkliiu Ilullet.
Afttallghtlng from his carriage tho I'rosl.
dent sipped for n moment at the B-streot on.
tranced the depot to Inquire ot oaicorl'at
Koariij ?iow much more time ho had and
then Morcd, Ho had almost passed through
the laits' waiting-room nt tho depot, and was
about) enter the main hall, wbon tha assas
sln.ho was standing to the right of the U
st'ot door and only a few feet from tho I'rosl
it, raised his i4stol.au Eugllsh bulldog of
ge calibre, and tired two shots lu rapid suo
rlou. Alter tha tlret 6hot,wblch took effect,
When he Fired tho
25 fn XCl?S5;$V s V J -vjie-
ft XS.VWSSSW' y t)
Tlio President Kliiiilitcrcil.Stiiirsrcrcil,
and attempted to turn, and after tho sec
ond shot ho fell bleeding to tho floor uncon
scious. Senor Camacho, tho Vonozuolnn
Minister, who was an eyo-wltuoss to tho
tragedy, Btated that as tho Prosldent fell ho ox
tended his band to break tho force ot contact
With tho floor.
Tho assassination was Bo quickly otfectod
that it was not until tho President had fallen
and tho assassin wa'3 about to pass out of tho
building that thoso In tho depot rocovorod
from tholr surprlso and realized what had
boon done.
Secretary Blalno and Mrs. Sarah D. White,
tho lady In chargo of tho ladlos' wattlng-room,
wero first ot his side. Dr. Townshond was tho
llrst physician on hand, quickly followed by
Doctors Bliss, Purvis and othors. Tho woundod
President was conveyed to a prlvato apart
ment In tho depot, whoro ho vomited and
ralntcd, but ho soon rocovcroi consciousness
and talked frooly with thoso around blm. In
Mother ot tho Lato President.
nn hour ho was removed to tho Exocutlvo
Mansion. At
Tho First Illumination of tlio Wound
it was reported that tho bullet had entered tho
right sldo of tho President's back, splintering
ono ot tho ribs, and, as was thon supposod, In
i urine the liver and ponetratlng to an ua
;nowu depth.
The aseassln.attor firing tho shots, was taken
Into custody by Officer Pat Kearnoy aud con
veyed to PoIIco Headquarters, whero ho gavo
tho namo of Charles J. Gultoau. After ho had
tired the shots he proclaimed himself a
"Nlnlvinrt ortlieKtalivartx,"
and announcod that ho had deliberately shot
Garfield and that Arthur was now Prosldont.
Inapackagoot papers belonging to him was
tho following, which, It will bo obsorvod, was
dated the day ot tbo assassination
Alt Open Letter.
"JULY 2, 1881.
"To Ike White House:
"Tho President's traglo death was a Bad no
ceeslty, but It will unite tho Republican party
and savo tho Republic. Life Is a Utinsy dream,
nnd It matters little when ono goes. A human
llfolsot email value. During tha war thou
sands ot bravo boys went down without a tear.
I prosumo tho President was a Christian, and
that ho will bo happier In Paradlso than horo.
It will bo no worso for Mrs. Garlleld, dear
soul, to part with her husband this way thau
by natural death. Ho Is Hablo to go at any
time, any way. I had no Ill-will toward tho
President. Ills death was a political nocos.
Blty, I am a lawyer, a theologian aud a poll
tlclan. I am a Htalwart of the btalwarts. I
was with General arant nudthorostot our
men lu Now York during tho canvass. I have
somo papers for tho press which I shall leave
with llyron Andrews and his uo-j3urnallsts, at
1 l'JU Now York avenue, whero all the report
ers can Bee them. 1 am golug to tho Jail,
Letter to Ucneriil (Sherman.
There was also found tho following letter
which was without nheadliig as to date or
locality i
"To Goneral Sherman (or his First Assistant
"lu chargo ot tho War Department),
"J'leaie deliver at once.
" I have Just shot tho President. I shot blm
several times, as I wished him to go as oaslly
as losslble. Ills death was a political ne
cessity, "I am a lawyer, a theologian and a politician
Fatal Shot.
I am a Stalwart of Stalwarts. I was with
General Grant and tho rest ot our men In Xew
York during tho canvass.
"I am going to Jail. Ploaso order out your
troops and tako possession of tho Jail nt once,
" Very rospectfully,
"Cuables j. Guiteau."
An Excited city.
Meanwhile tho nows ot tho assassination
spread through the city like wlldllre. Depart
ment clerks dosorted their desks with
out asking permission of any one. Busi
ness men rushed from tholr storos anil
shops and could hardly bo persuaded
ot tho reality of tho tragedy. Tho
objective point ot all was tho Baltimore &
Potomac depot. Intelllgonco ot tho ovont was
Bent to all tho police stations of tho city, and
tho rapid hurrying of mountod pollco through
the streets added to tho excitement. In less
than ten minutes Sixth street and B street
wero packed with people, and throats of tho
Application of I.yncli-I.mv
wero heard on all sides, and It was suggestod
togo to Pollco Headquarters and wreak sum
mary vengeance upon tho assassi. but wiser
counsels prevailed and tho law was left to tako
Its courso. Tho wrotchod Gultoau, trembling
In a cell at Pollco Uoadquarters, begged
to bo taken to tho Jail, dooming that tho safest
piucc, anu no was tason tuero ny uotocuvo aic
Eltrcsh and Lieutenant Ecklotr.
Tho Act Fully Premeditated.
Speaking to Dotoctlvo McEItrosh whllo on
tho way to Jail, Guiteau said : " Mr. McElf resh,
I contomplatod this act six weeks ago, and In
tended to shoot tho President at that time. I
laid for him at the depot when tho party went
to Long Branch, but Mrs. Garlleld looked so
sick and delicate I didn't have tho hoart to
shoot him. No accomplices wero assoclatod
with mo. I did It all myself."
"What Induced you to commit this abomln
ablo crime? " askod McElf resh.
"It was to savo tho llopubllcan party. Wo
wero In danger ot destruction under such an
administration as that Initiated by Garfield, "
calmly repllod tho assassin.
Tho lntenso excitement produced by tho
crimo gavo rise at first to rumors connoctlng
tho assassin with a political conspiracy, but It
was coon demonstrated that there was no
foundation tor these reports, and that the as
eaesln was alono responsible for tho concep
tiou and execution ot tho dosporate enterprise.
However, It was doomod bost to adopt procau
lions. Unltod States troops from tho arsonal
wero ordered first to tho depot and afterward
tojho Whlto Houso when tho President was
removed thoro. They romalnod on duty at tho
Mansion until the President's romoval to Elbo
ron. Tho District militia assembled at tholr
armories, roady to obey any order In a moment,
while tho entire pollco forco was hold within
Inquli les about tho assassin were commenced
at once, and It was ascortalnod that ho hal
been for weeks loitering about tho Whlto
UockIiii; the President's footsteps,
seeking a good opportunity to murder him;
that ho had on ono occasion inado all prepara.
tlons for carrying out his vile purpose, and
Tho President's Two Especial Frlomls.
was only deterred by the preseuooot Mrj.Gar-
field. Details ot this will appoar further on.
tint. Uiirllcld Nil m m on oil to Wash.
When tho President was first strlckon down
ho seemed to feel a groat deal moro anxloty
for his wlfo and mothor and children than tor
himself. Immediately after his removal to
the White House ho dictated a dispatch to his
wife and summoned her to Washington, Bho
left Long Dranch in a special train, tho rail
road authorities giving It a clear track, and
eho arrived hero ot 0:30 n. m., July 2. Tho
Interview between husband and wlfo was most
ntrcctlng. Dut Mrs. Garlleld boro up bravely;
and during tho many days and nights of
weary, painful watching which tollowod,
Her Devotion mill Heroic Conduct
excited general admiration. As a substantial
ovldcncoof tho deep fooling In Amorlca, sub
scriptions wero startod to rnlso a fund for Mrs.
Garlleld and her chlldron. It was originally
proposed to raise f a.lO.OOO, hut tho amount
was swelled to (005,000 after tho death ot tho
After tho President's removal to tho Whlto
House, there were so many doctors in nttond
nnco that It was found to bo an unwieldy body,
and nttor consultation with Mrs. Garfield, th
ensowas placed lit charge ot Dr. I). W. tills,
Burgeon-General Iiarnos. Dr. J. J. Woolward,
U. H. A., and Dr. llobort Itoyburn. nnd on July
3, Dr. 1 II. Hamilton, of Now York, and Dr. D.
Hayes Apnnw, of Philadelphia, wera summonod
as consulting surgeons.
Anxlely for Informnflon.
Their bulletins ot tho patlont's condition
wero looked for with tho groatest anxloty.
Between tho bullotlns all manner of wild
rumors wero set In motion. The pooplo could
not Rot information fast enough. Crowds
hung about tho Whlto Houso gates, at tho
newspnpor oftlccs, nnd at all public places
where tho bulletins wero exposed . Tho slight
est scrap of Information publlshol In tho
regular or extra editions of tho nowspapors
was greedily devoured. This was ospoclally
thoenso fertho hist thrco or four days after
tho President was shot.
Aftcrtho llrst day or two nnd up to July 17,
nenrly nil tho official bulletins from tho Presi
dent's bcdsldo were favorable torecovory. Od
Prosecutor or Gultoau.
Iho morning of July 5 It wis rcnortod that tho
crisis bad been passod. Altor tho lltU or
I'Jththo reports worovory nuctuattns and
liepttho public In n, Btato of continual sus
pense. On July la tho President was reported
as doing so well that Vice-President Arthur,
who had been horo slnco tho day ot tho shoot
Inp, left for New York. In fact, so well did tho
I'rcbldent appear to bo getting along that for
days tho consulting surgoona woro not in
Washington, but romalnod at their homos lu
Now York and Philadelphia.
Tho bulletin of tho morning ot July 15 was
pronounced tbo best that had boon issued
since the shooting and people gat nod renewed
hope. Tun CiUTin of that Uato thus described
Tho reeling; Then Exlslliijr In This
City :
"Tho excitement In this city ImmeJIatoIr
following the attempt to ossasstnato tho ProsU
dent was intense, and, while It has quieted to
norao extent, there is still a fooling ot unrest.
Tbo tldo of travel sots stoadlly toward tho
Whlto House whenever it Is rumored that tho
outlook for the Prosldont 19 unfavorable, and
a thrill of anxloty Beetns to pass through tho
entlro city. At such times messengers are con
tlnually running botwoen the White Houso
and the various Departments, whllo tho heads
ot business houses frequently loavo tholr
desks and go out on the street to learn the
latest rumors. The llrst question askod of any
ono entering tho stores is lu regard to tho
President's condition; It Is tho proludo to
overy bargain and sale.
"The public domand for information is so
great that duplicates ot the bullotlns nailed to
tho largo trees noar tho entrance to tho Whlto
Houso grounds aro stuck up in tho show-win
dows of many drug storos. somo druggists
oven go so tar as to display Blips of paper giv
ing definitions ot tho technical terms in tho
-'In the Remote PnrtH of tho City
peoplo may be seen gathorod in llttlo groups
talking over tho situation. As tho tlmo for tho
lssuo of a bulletin draws noar a subscription
Is taken up to pay tho car-taro of tho mos
songortoand from tho Whlto House. Tho
drawing of paper slips or the toss of a penny
decides who shall bo tho mossenger, and ho
starts off. Ho tarries near tho Whlto House
gates only long enough to hear tho nows, for
ho knows his return is anxiously awaited.
Many of thodwellorsln this part ot the city
aro colored peoplo. They show their sollcltudo
for tho wounded President In various other
ways. Whenever one ot tho cars which passes
tho Wblto Houso stons at tho nlaco whero tho
horses aro watered It is at once surrounded by
a crowd Inquiring ot tho conductor or driver
how tho President is getting along. In Ict
tho principal Inquiry in tho mouth ot overy
ono still is, How is tho President getting? ' "
Tbo morning bulletin ot July 10 roportod
tho President steadily progressing toward con
valescence. On tho 17th thoro was a sudden
acceleration ot tho pulso, which oxcltod somo
alarm, but tho bulletin next mornlns tended
to reassure tho pooplo by a statement that It
was regarded as merely a temporary Uuctua
Hon. On July 23 a
Nuddcn CIiiuibo Tor ttio Worm)
was reported and caused a ronewalof tbo most
lntenso excitement. Tbo attending physic ins
woro alarmed, and hastily summoned tho in
sulting surgeons, Drs. Hamilton and Agnew.
who were given a special train and travelog
from Jersey city to Washington, a dlstauco ot
two hundred and thirty miles, in four hours
and thirty-nix minutes. Tho next morning an
operatlou was performod tu discover tho loca
tion of a pus cavity which had formed lu tho
wound, and It gave temporary relict, llut the
excitement continued to grow, and was
equaled only by that prevailing tho llrst days
after tho shooting, Aulmprosslon got abroad
that tho
Doctors were IIoldiiir Koiiicthlun;
nnd that tho President was worso than they
woro wllllug to admit. Tho bulletins nt tho
noxt day reported an lmpiovement. On the
211th ugly rumors woro again ailoat. Another
operation was performed for the purposoot
extracting fragments ot tho fracturod rib, Tbo
next day an liuproemont was ngalu reported,
Thcso favorablo rciwrts continued uutll tho
8th of August, when another oporatlon was
pet termed to facilitate tho escape ot pus, and
like tho first oporatlon It afforded temporary
On August 10 tho Prosldont performol his
first oriclal act slnco tho lid of J uly by signing
a formal requisition fur tho extradition ot a
criminal v ho had taken rcf ugo In Canada, aud
was then In the custody ot tha Canadian au
thorities pending tho action of this Govern
ment. ltoiilinelu tlio Nick Cliiuuuer.
About this tlmo tho routine tu the sick
chamber was somewhat as follows Itnraod!
ately after tho dressing ot tho President's
wound lu tho inorulug hs was given
the only substantial food which was ad
ministered at all during the day, which con
sisted ot a small plecoot toast, Juicy beet,
with a small pleco ot toast and
ml fy
mi JBP
As ho Appeared
milk. After eating ho as a rulo took
a short napot porhaps half an hour. After
these naps ho usually askod for a glass of
water, which was poised to his lips by ono of
tho physicians In attendance. For tho first
tlmo since ho had beon shot ho took on Mon
day, Augusts, a glass of water In hit hand
and drank It wltnout assistance. This re
quired considerable exertion and after
that ho did not attompt to help
himself to anything. When awako Mrs.
G&rilold usually road to him
fponi a newspaper publlshod In his
homo district, to which ho llstenod with np
parontly groat intorest. At noon ho waq given
milk, to which rum was occasionally added.
This, however, tho President dlsllkod, and
asked to bo given raw milk, which was granted
mm. uisicmporaiurowas ineniaiien oy inn
physicians, and ho was placed In a position
which made him most comfortable. Mrs. Gar
field was by tbo bodBtdo tho groater part ot
tho tlmo when tho President was awake, aud
very often ndminlstorod milk to him, which
was tho principal food glvonhlm, at lutorvals
during tho day, after his ono substantial meal
in tho morning. Very ofton tho wound was
examined during tho afternoon by Dr. Bliss to
see If It was discharging frooly. In tho even
ing tho usual procoBS ot washing aud drosslng
tho wound was gone through, and tho Presi
dent was again placed in an easy position and
loft nlono with Mrs. Edson or Colonel Itockwoll,
Dr. Boynton or General Swalm, to take anothor
nap. It was noticeable that after each dress
ing ho foil aBloop, which proved that tho oper
ation was atlresomoono.
11 ml Symptoms.
On August 13 bad symptoms again bogan
to manifest themselves, tho pulse becoming
moro frequent and causing a groat doal of
alarm. About this time, also, discreditable
Jealousies began to spring up among tho doc
tors as to tho Fresldont's treatment, aud it was
freely asserted by outsiders that tho physician
In chargo did not know how to conduct tho
August 11 and 15 somo improvement was
reported; but on tho 10th thero was a do
cldcdly bad turn. Tho President had had a
bad Inlght, and at 3:30 a. m. ho awoke with a
slight nausea. Tho patient grow woakor during
tbo morning, and thero was an expression of
great anxiety on tho faco of every ono who left
tho sick chamber. At 7:30 a. m. tho pulso
had reached 130. Dr. Bliss announced that
tho situation was gravor than It had boon
at any tlmo slnco tho shooting.
Tho next day thero vtas again achangofor
tho better. Tho only nourlshmcn i that had
been administered tor a tow days was by In
jection through tho bowols, but that could not
always bo retalnod. On tho 17th, howovor,
tho stomach retained tho food.
I'lilillc Confidence NliilUcn.
On tho 20th tho surgeons first mado public
tho fact that they had lnscrtod a floxlblo drain
ago tubo In tho wound to tho depth of twolvo
and a halt Indies. Knowledgo of this fact
showing tho rcmarkablo oxtentot what was
then supposod to bo tho wound shook publlo
conlldonco In a favorablo result, for up to that
tlmo It had boon supposed that tho lower part
ot tho wound had healed, leaving a suppurat
ing channel thrco or tour Inches long, commu
nicating with an Incision mado at tho first
operation to relievo a pus cavity.
On tho 23d of August It was reportod that
tho President was delirious nt times, but this
fact did not soem to oxclto groat alarm atnoug
tho doctors.
Operation on Hie l'nrotid Oliuitl.
Thero was a swolllng ot tho parotid gland,
which had troubled tho Prosldont for somo
days, and on August 2 Inn luclslou was mado
Justin front of tho lower point of tho oar. A
Slight secretion of pus was discovered, and
when It was removed tho President felt much
rclloved. About this tlmo tho question ot re
moving tho President to othor quartors was
discussed. Tho tioldlors Home, Mentor, Long
llianch, a sea voyago on tho Tallapoosa, wero
all suggested, but It was not yet deemed tho
proper or Bate tlmo to mako a change
Ot Counsel Pioeccutlnv Uiuteau,
August 25, Iho reports wore ogalu of tho
most dlseouraglng character, and tno condi
tion of tho President was so erltlesl that all
thoughts ot his removal from tha While Houso
were, tor tho tlmo being, abandoned. Tho
next day tho situation was so crltl al that tho
diietors themselves announced that tho Presi
dent n as 'still alive, but that Is all,"
tit urdsy, August 27, was a most gloomy day,
1 liilta and Dr. lloyutou, who had kept up
tupt now despaired. Tho city was again ex
ctli d to tho highest pitch. The Departments
wero almost deserted. Private busluess outer-
on tho Scaffold.
prizes woro for tho tlmo nbandonod. Tho
anxiety tor nows was so great that printing
presses were kept running nearly all tlio tlmo.
THE Cnino lssuod 11 vo oxtraa boforo 1 o'clock
that afternoon nnd two or throo moro In tho
Sunday, August 28, thero was
A ClinnKO For tho Ilctter,
and hopo was ngaln rovlvod. In fact so groat
was the chango that Tun CuiTia's socond ox
tra of that day contalnod tho following :
Gultcau'sUrothor-ln-law and Counsel,
"Tho news from tho Wblto Houso this morn
ing sheds an unexpected gleam of hope upon
tho situation as compared with tho avorago
of the past four days. To such ah oxtont
has tho patient rallied that, in tbo absonco
of any apparent pathological reason, dovout
peoplo may seo tho advent ot Mrs. Gar
lleld'B mlraclo ot faith In the astonishing lm-
firovemeut noted during tho last twonty-four
i ours."
"Whatevermay be tho truth in thl3rospoct
there can bo no dlsputo that tho rally sluco
yesterday morning has been general ai to tho
system and spoclllc as to tho lmtnedlato In
Jury Tho return ot tho enso ot taste, tho
steady restoration of normal appotlto, tho In
creasing firmness of tho pulso this morning
all point to a restoration ot vital enorgy as
gratifying as it was unexpected.
"Wo will not hero discuss tho roasons there
may bo for f urthor mlsglvlug. Mou havo boon
known to rally permanently from crises as
desperate as that through which tbo Presldeut
Iuih just passed, nnd whllo there scorns to be a
fair prctoxt for hopo, lotus not blemish it
by any blending with fear. Thoro has been
a surfeit of fear since Wednesday, and now let
us enjoy to the fullest such hopo as tho pre
vailing favorablo reaction holds out."
Tho following editorial in Tin: Cninoot the
same date will show, perhaps, bettor thau any
thing else tho Intensity of
The reeling nt Unit Tlmo :
"THE OliiTia of yostorday was Issued la tho
continuous publication during twelve hours
running from 10 o'clock in tho morning until
10 at night. The total iiumbor ot all editions
was about 12,000, and thero socmod to be no
limit to tho domand. Thero was no subjoct ot
thought or comment that could gain tho slight
est public attention except tho events at and
about tho Whlto House, and this fooling was
so lnteneo that tho whole community might bo
compared to ono family watching at tho hod
sido of-a dying relative.
Gulteau's Ulster.
"Hopo ever and anon flickered feebly lu.
prcasis more sangmno man tuo avorago, nut
the prevalent feeling wasonootqulot roslgna
Hon to tho luovltablo which could not but bo
deemed near. The news this morning sorvod
only to confirm this sad impression. Tho
hopo that tho President might soltothoono
chance In a million and rally, gradutlly gavo
place to tho moro melancholy wish that his
dissolution might bo painless and his con
sciousness maintained to tho end. Beyond
this Iho publlo thought and talked of nothing.
The nows as tho day advanced allerJeJ no re
lief to tho publlo mind. Tho only word that
carao from tho elck-room was 'slowly sink
ing,' and tho only margin left on which to
hang an inquiry was whether ho would llvo
through the day. This Btato ot things may
last for twonty-four or ovon forty-eight
hours yet, but that will bo alls unless, ludool,
thero should bo advent ot a chango boyoud tho
skill of mcdlclno to prognosticate, or tho
Tvwcr ot iiumau scieuco tu pruuueu. -Giiltcmi
nt Till Time.
Un to this time tho papers said very 1
about tho Infamous wretch who was tho cat Si
ot all this turmoil nud trouble. Tho pool
wnu lil'l'aieuuy ujijiuiii mj biiui, ii.a. ta
wretch was securo within tho walls of tho Istl
They knew that he would moot h propl
punishment at tho proper time. Tholr gre.J
anxiety Just now waster iho recovery ot tt
rrcsiuout. nut it win uuot mtureei torepri
uucoiiero tno following from the cbitic
"(IiiIU'hii lii Jnll.
" This afternoon Gultoau was visited by Dis
trict Attorney Oorkhlll, who had quits uu In
tervlei" Ith him.
"Tlifli'uiTIo representattro chanood In at
the JainustasOulouel Oorkhlll nud ltoglstor
nt Wills Itamsdell wero leaving together. In
rcspuube to the inquiry as to tho objoct ot hid
v isit aud lu results, tho District Atturnoy said
that ho merely called to soo Gultoau.
'"How Is hot"
f ".'In first-class condition,' answered Colonel
Oorkhlll, 'and very qulot. Ho has gnued
about ten pounds In weight since his Incar
ceration, and Is in excellent condition,'
"Is it true that he passes his time lu rolling
tho lllblot'
" 'Yes. lie was deep In It when I outered his
cell, and began again when I left-'
" 'Do you think that he believes tho President
0 bo deadt"
u'No( bo knowp, or can ruom atthoProsl
donl's condition Just about ai well as thoso
outMdoof Jul!
"Tun cnuxr next hold n long Interview
with General Crochor, ihownnlon ot tho Jill,
Tho General paid, In roforenco to Quito.au, that
he was ono ot the qulctost prlaonora ovor in
his chargo; ho ft re mod very philosophical and
took In ills situation with caao and satisfac
tion! bo passed Ills tlmo writing and roadlnjr,
Ids solo contpAulon In the latter lino being tha
"Tho Ktorlci About OmIIomii,
published In the press of the country, as to his
nctlons, manner, and speech during his im
prisonment, tho warden says, have been col
ored rrom tho Inner consciousness ot sensa
tional correspondents.
"Doenlio over refer to tho Prosldont V In
quired TiinCnrnc.
"Tho Uret tlmo hohasorer
Itcfcrreil to President canrllelil
replied General Crocker, 'wan about ton days
ngo, on tho occasion ot tho letter from his sis-
Gultcau'0 Last Lawyor.
ter. Ho has slnco Bpokon ot tho Prosldont
once or IwIcp, and on each occasion expressed
his hopo of his rocovory. Ho, however, has
novcrovlnccd tho slightest concern as to tho
mngnltuCont hlstcrrlblo crime
" ot course he has never lmpltoated any ona
else as an accomplice?'
'Hy no means; on tho contrary,ho has boon
on all occasions specifically emphatic In as
suring us that he, Individually and alono,
conceived and perpetrated tho crime. Ho
seems to bo a llttlo valnot having dono bo,
and Jealous of any Insinuation that ho had
auy co-consplrators in tho deed.
'Docs ho not evidence pursued tho Inter
viewer, 'any fear ot tho death penalty?'
IIodocs not scorn to npprohond It. Ho
never referred to it oven when thero wero tho
beet of roasons for blm to think that tho Pros!
dent was dead when tho guards wero doublod
about Iho jail. Ho Is lawyer enough to know
that upon tho President's recovery ho can only
bo ectit to tho penitentiary, nnd ho fe els con
fident that tlio authorities of tho Government
will keep blm stcuro from mob violence.
'Has ho over ovlnced fright? '
,,lOnco very percopllbly; on tho occasion
that I refer to when tho guards wero doublod.
He was exceedingly agitated nud nervous, ap
prebensHo without doubt that tho President
hnd died and an attack upon tho jatl was im
minent. It was somo tlmo before bo qutotod
downt slnco then ho has beon perfoctly calm
and self assured
" mow Is ho with his koepors? "
"Very docile, and on the wholo desirous
evidently to plcaso them. He thinks It to hln
advantage to do soand avoids giving offense
1'rora thoabovolt will bo Beon that ovonat
that tlmo there was a
91clhoil In Mnltcnn'fi Itlmlnci.,
He wanted to conciliate his guards and did
not want tho Prosldont to die. All tho Indica
tions are that if he could havo dono so at that
Tho Would-bo Avenger.
tlmo ho would havo saved Oarlleld's lto.
When dcAth did finally ensue ho assumed a
spirit of bravado which ho really did not feol,
hoping theroby to exclto some sympathy ami
savo his worthless neck.
August 21) hopo continued In tho nscoudant.
It was announced that tho corner had boon
turned and that
Dciitli'H Klindow Was Vnitlsuliifr.
On this day a measurement was mado ot tho
President's limbs tor tho purposo ot ascor
talnlng how much flesh ho had lost, and It
was announcod that his weight did not then
exceed 130 pounds. Tho Prosldont hlnisolf
was very cheerful.
The Itemovnl to Lous Ilrancli.
Tho favorablo symptoms continuing, It was
determined to romovo tho Prosldent to Long
Dranch, whoro bo could have tho boueflt of
the sea air.
The removal was cfToctod on tho Oth day of
September. Tho train left tho Daltlmoro Is
Potomac Depot at 0 :22 a. in. At 0 o'clock tho
party that wns to accompany tho President
left the Whlto Houso, Everything that human
Ingenuity could Buggcst was dono to ac
complish tho removal from tho Whllo Houso to
tho depot Willi as llttlo Inconvenience as possi
ble. Miortly after midnight of tho 5th, and
alter the street-cars on Pennsylvania avonuo
hail stopped running, a large foree ot workmen
was employed to v 'iistruet a temporary track
across the Avenue to within u-r. r loetof tho
north curb. This was accomplished in time,
and the train was backed 'n Ir la the mean
time tho pollen fureo wus. iiii-i-nl..utror duty
cm Pennsylvania uvonue. Bquads woro sta
tioned at all tho crossings to prevent tho
slightest anuoyunco or Interruption.
bhorlly after 5 o'clock on the morning ot tho
Oth loads of sawdust woro haulod to tho streot
rallroad cromlngb at Seventh street, Ninth
street and Fourteenth streot, aud the loads
wero dumped and packod there laordor that
till Jars lu crossing tho tracks might bo obvl.
Mason's Wlfo and Child.
atcd. The result ot all these precautions wai
that Iho President had a comparatively easy
and comfortable Journey from tho White
Houso to tho depot. Tho vchtclo used In tho
transportation was ono ot tho heaviest aud
most commodious ot tho Adams Expross wag.
Tho oxpress was drawn by two horses, which
walked ever tho entire route. Two drivers
wero scaled tho box and two men walked
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