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f 15TII YEAR--yQ. 4,222.
( U J
933 Ponna. Avo.,
Lot I.
26 ots., Reduced from 75 cts.
Lot 2.
$1,10, Eeaucea from $1.40 & $1,60,
Lot 3.
S1.25, Reduced from $2.00.
Many otlhescaloics nro the licit makes In tho
Hrnru IW fin, I.1ECTOI1 or TAXKS.
Wasuinotov, Septembers, 1S82
'laxpnters are hereby notlllel that tho
lanilihlct containing tho list of unpaid taxes for
tho year ending Juno 00, 1682. and lor other v
BCssmcnts pretlmisly duo anl In arrcais, lias
I ecn printed, and that a copy thereof it 111 lie do
llvercd to tins taxpayer applying therefor nt the
onlce or the Tax collector, as provided ly net of
Congress, approved March 3,15.1. mnr
Attest: JOHN F, COOk,
Collector of Taxes.
Bp52aw 3w . ,
-gonrEciAL notice
Thero 11 111 ho a special meethift of tho V. C T,
V, at Masonic Temple next Wednesday at 0 p m.
All lntr.rp.ti.il In thfa work invited to attend. Dull
ness ol Importance
JWV and rational Kindergarten, with prl
mart and advanced classes (each child has a little
garden), opens September 11, teachers class Oc
tolr 3. Position j secured for graduates
lnr circulars Bpply to tbo Principals, MIVJ
I OLLOGK, nt the 1 rcebel Institute, J127 13th lit.
sel 2tv
atainn partnership heretofore ex.
WW lstlng between Mrs John r. I Ills and
Mr. Ilenrj Lberbnch Is this day dissolved by mu
tual consenr.Mr.Knerbachs Interest In tho Arm
ceasing and ho retiring. All debts due tho llrni
will be paid to Mrs Johnl.KIlIs.nndall persons
having claims against the 11 rm will present the
tame to the undersigned for sMtlement
Mas JOHN 1. ELLI3,
No 037 Pennsylvania nt enue.
I tako groat pleasure In announcing to my
friends nnd customers and tho public Eoncrally
that I bat 0 secured the services ot Mr. Charles II
Bayly, formerly In tho employ of my husband,
the late- John 1 . Kills, esq , but for tho past eleven
scars tilth Mr OtloSutro of Baltimore, to titan
hue nnd superintend my business which will he
continued at tho old stand, M 0J7 Pennsylvania
avenue, under tho name and stylo of Johnl. Ki
lls .t Co. We shall sell as usual tho celebrated
Weber and other pianos, Smith, American and
other organs, musical Instruments of all kinds,
sheet music, muslo books and musical merchan
dise -i our patronage and Inlluenee respectfully
solicited. JOHN P. LLLI8 & CO .
BAKU DJ7Pennsyltanla avenue
,tiib corporators op tub "loomis
hereby nolliled to meet at the otllco of said Com
pnnyto transact such business as may legally
come before thini, 011 M0M1 IV, Heptemberll,
at o clock a. m , 1S82. l'er order of tho Corpora
tor. aujleotzandJ
gyDR. 8. d. munoabter,
Surgeon Dentist. Offlco with Trot. Tlodgkln,
cor. Ninth and II us. n. w. Teeth extracted with
or without anmsthetlcs. hi)
INQ aooin,
At the Low est Prices, Is at
J. Jl, SUIT'S,
023 Seventh st. n. w.
lavish to call the attention of all persons to my
Improved patent horse shoe, with moveable toes
and heels, the best and most durable shoe ever
Invented. Ihls shoe can be seen at the store 01
Bryau A Bro , on Penna. ave , bet. 6lh and 7th
stsTn.w. All experts are requested to closely ex
amine this Invention. .
T. W. MUKPnY, rtorsehoer.
myia Baa o street northwest.
JCW FJeClIONKlt, M , ,
70a Ninth street n. w. Parties and Weddings
erved at short notice. no7
Wo liaverccclvcd a large supply or tho original
lor summer use, and being lato In the season oiler
them at the following prlcis
Largo size, 3 burner, w lib extension .. . jJ5
clipper, 3 burner . " ,
Medlum.a burner . J
1 alrj , 3 burner . , J0,
Large, 2 burner, with extension . . ..it
Lllpner.Sburnir.wlthoitenilou , - . ..11
Medium, 2 burner -
latry,2hurnor .
Pure burning fluid always on band. Ilctall 20c.
per gallon,
yM 1001 TENNA. AVE
JM0 Slcklo Bros , 13 and 13, positively guaran
teo tho Ocean (luten to boa clear Havana lllled
m e-cent cigar, at tho California Cigar store, loll
Penna. ave , opposite Harvey's, . Slcklo solo
agent lor thU noted brand. 1 ratio supplied In
quantities. lyJO
X&T COlt. lSIHHl'.ANDN. Y. AVI. ,
Perpetual Charter, Act ot Congress, Jauuary 21,
1607. Capital IS) OH). ii.17
iitnPEa5on joiin c cofiLlNS now loci
ted ut lo. 70U Hccond street northwest, wilt
tie hero for the aummer, and ho otters the fat
lucnutvplertild opportunity to hayo their ileal.
itduced, lli haaa pecullur method of physical
tralnlnjf wliki will lend to reduce (tosh, undnt
iliaum. Ihnntt lines not lllterfurn with nntltitr nr
tho usual mode of lllo. . Professor Collins wlllglv e
lessons In Indian club exercising, boxing and
wrestling; collar nnd elbow, (Iretk and Itomau
Htylcs and Lancashire fashion, catch as tivtt h cant
terms moderate and satlstactlon gf arauteed.
ZM f.
Fevers. Afirno and Povorfl. Bilious ifeveri
and other ilisoanos Inrlilont to the season, take
HAUwmNUtt iirx'ijuuaauu you win surety s
cape them.
BltOWNINQ 8 BITTKna have been In nte for
over tw elve years, and no person was ever known
to bavo chills or billons fevers while using these
liitteis Vor sale by dinggUU and grocers enerj
BIO Pennsylvania Avenue.
ulltf 11 NEW YORK AVI1VUK.
A Neat Wrought Iron
of onehall Inch Iron, put up complete at 8O0. per
tool Alsoall nilscellanoous Iroo work,
tam 484 Maine avenue south we it,
The United Stales steamer Itoquols ar
rived at 1 anama Saturday,
Tun national banhuotci rccolvol for re
demption to day nmountod to f 213,030,
(lovriiNMENT receipts to-day Intertill
roccue, (1(10,011,201 customs, $V)(),50070.
Wm. 0. DURANTai todavictpnolntoil
iioilmnttir at West Troy, M. Y., and wm. A.
ilojd,at Mamaronecl., eamoBtato,
Mail messenircr service wis to day
ratRbllclieil (rem Trouttlllo, Bototourt County,
. a., nml tho railroad station near that place.
Advicks from tho rnclflc .Station an
notinco tho arrival nt rnyta, roru, o( tho
Pcneacnln. The Essox nrrhod at Valparaiso
Hon. John Havih, actlnjr Sooretary ot
Slate, lias Bono North (or a 1 days. Second
Assistant Secretary ot Stato Hunter will act as
Sectelnry during Mr. Dotis absonce.
I'ltESiDrNTiAL postmasters woro com.
missioned to-day as follows! Wm. M. Unburst,
nt St. Aupiistlne. 1 la.: John L. llrowno, at
Wnmege, Kan.i Edgar H. hooton, Hutnbolt,
I.jyUTFVAM J. V. Graydov lias bcoii
dotnchcil from llio New Itimpshlro and plnco I
on waiting orders! Mnstor Irani. W. abor
from tho navy yard, JIaro Island, and placod
on alck leave,
Coionfl N. A.TiiOMi"iOX, botlcr known
as Alec, has boon appolntod tonclorkshlp In
tho Claims Division o( tho Quartornnstor den.
oral a orflce. A better nppolntniont could
not havo been made.
CArTAlN WmTt-Riur, of tho Itccrnltlno;
Eendczvous, on r utrcot, ts proparlnu to son 1
n so,uad ( 1 2 cavalry recruits to JolTeraoii
UnrincliS, 5Io, During August thorowcro mo
whlto nnd ten colored men enlisted at tho ren
dezvous, Major IIainfs' Totomao flats project
Is ready to bo submlttod to tho Bocrotarj o(
nr. which will ho donoassoon as ho rocolves
onicial notlllcatlon o( tho Attorney Oenornl s
recent decision concerning tho Kldwell mot
dotv claim.
The following National banks liavo boon
commissioned by Comptroller o( tho Ouribncy
Knoxi Tlrst National Bank, Soward, Nob,
capital jno,000, 8. 0. Langworthy president.
Columbia National Hank, Dayton, . T , capi
tal g&OgOOO, Lcn Ankony president.
Sncnr.TAEY Chandler Is ospectod to ar
rlvo hero about tho 10th. Thero Is a probabll
Ily that tho bocrotnry will mako n chango or
two not only in tho Depnttmont, but In tho
ay-nrd. In consoquenco thero aro many
nblo cenUomon Bhaklng In tholr boots, but tho
omclal EUlllotluo w ill strlko them.
The matter of proinottnpc Acting Col.
lector ct Customs Goodrich, nt Brownsville.
Tex , to tho position ot collector. In plnco ot
the present Incumbent who forsook his post
upon tho approach of yollow lover. Is held un
der ndvlsomcnt bj Hocrotnry rolgcr. It Is
probablo aoodtlch will bo promotod.
Adviceb to tho National Hoard of Iloilth
from oknhnmn, Japan, stato that for tho two
weeks ending August 10 thero wero fill now
cnscs'of cholera and III, doaths. Bllico tho
commencement of tho epidemic thero havo
been 2,10 1 coses and 1,3(12 deaths At Tokto
nnd oekara tliodlseaso Is equally Mrulcnt,
Tnn following additional appointments
Inthofrcoilollvoryscrvlco woro undo nt tho
Postonico Department to-dayi lor Chicago,
111 , twenty mo auxiliary carriers: Rockford,
ill , ono carrier and rho ajixllHrlcsi ruts
burg, 1 a , ono sub carrier mid llo auxlllarlosi
Ht. laul, Minn, three auxlllarlosi Oslikosh,
Is , ono carrlor.
Tun receipts of tho Tatont Ofllco durln;
llio month 01 August nmountod to $S7,010 15,
against fOO.S'iO.TO tor tliejsamo month last
jenr, showing an lncreaso of $17,703.15.
Tho recolpts from Janunrj 1, 18S2, to Au
gust til, Incliislto, woro !f(l"i,llJ 85, an In
croao of $103,03 J 8(1 oer tho rocclpu fot
tho corresponding porlod In 1831,
U. S. Hondi withdrawn from securities
or national banks by tho United states Troas
uror nnd surrendered to tho Socrotary of tho
Treasury (or exchango Into tlrroo por couts
amount to
Todile (dn,2IO,IO
Today r,i)2l,ua;i
Total fu.iovio!)
The "Ilcsulatloiis for Claims Orowlug
Out ot llio Illness nnd Burial o( tho Lato Presi
dent James A. darlleld," prepared bycomp
trollet Lawrence, havo been prlntod nnd aro
being Issuod b that odlclal. rho circular
contains "lorms ot account," "form of oath to
bo annexed to claim." and othor noetssary In
formation. Tho board of audit Is composed of
llrst Comptroller Lawronco, Socond Comp
troller Upton and Treasurer aiimilan.
The several Army marksmanship teams
nro practicing (or tho (all prize contests. Tho
prizes will bo dollvorod to winners by tho
General ot tho Army, Dh islon and Department
commanders when practicable. Cortlllcatos
are being prepared and will Boon bo forwarded
to those winners who havo not jot rocotvod
their prizes tor last J ear, but who will rocolvo
them as soon as they nro complotod by tho
lhlladclphlamlnt. Tho prizes ato all very
elnborato both lit quality an I llnlsn.
The Postmaster Ucneral has received
tho reports o( tho Postofflco Department Com
mission on tho Cincinnati nnd Louisville post
offices. In each onico matters wero found to
bo working satisfactorily Tho commission
recommoiul that tho collector bo roqulrod to
inoq his offlco out o( tho postofflco building at
Clncfnnntl. Appropriations (orsocurlng addi
tional clorlcnl asslstanco nro recommon lod as
(ollowsi For Cincinnati, il.UOl), Loulsvlllo,
(.V0- Tho Postmastor Oonural liasorderod
that theso recommendations bo carrlo 1 Into
Tun nllcgcd political outragoa that en
liven ovory campaign aro boginnliig to bios,
som, tho ilrst county heard (mm bolng Ills
glnsllle, Ln rn) ottu County, Mo. Tho Post
onico Departmcntwa3 to day lntorme I by rail
way postofflco omclala 01 tho Missouri laclllo
Ilailroad that tho post oiilcont Illgglnsvlllo
was doted and tho postmastor had disap
peared, having been driven to Kansas City tor
protoctlon from a party ot Demoeratlc roughs
who had attempted to mob his onico nnd him
seir. Tho postal ofllclals askod that tho De
partment liaio tho matter lncstlgatod, and
ascertain whothor tho offlco can bo tooponol
again with satety. An Investigation liai boon
ordored by tho Postmastcr-Uonoral,
Kear-Admiral Balcii, writing to tho
Navy Dopartmont (rom l'ayta, Porn, sajsi
" I atest advices (rom I Una nunounco that tho
Chilian UoYornmeut has ordorod tho arrest ot
tho 1 crtn lans who accompanlol Mr, iroscott
on his visit to Montoro at Ilunrar. . A, Oarel,
o( Onrcla, with sororal othors, havo boensont
to Chill, and oeneral Lynch has postod ado
rn co around Lima (orilvoorBlx morotaglto
thcmsoltts up at onco or they will ho floated
as Montnros, Mostof the Chilian troops havo
been withdrawn (rom tho Intetlor nnd nro now
centred in Lima nnd c-illao. Doloro loavlng
1 anaran I received on board (or passago to
Callao Wm. lerchal, n distressed American
seaman nnd lato master o( tho Bchonnor Laura,
whosocosohas already boon reportod to tho
In lliu Gpiirral I.nnil Olllco To.iliiy."
Tho following promotions woro nnnoitui-od
In tho Uenoral Land Ofllco to day,
II. W. Dabbltt, (rom (1,200 to (1,(10(1.
81,20(1 (o 81,100.
JolinA lllrth. W N 1 ullor,
Joliuft'dranthnm lohu Dunn,
llemus 1' 1 ostet, Lucy M strung,
Oscar NMiltncj, Joint U BUI1111,
1 dward ltenaud, Ooorco it Yt albrldgo,
Daniel Mccarty, l harles A lirotou,
Willis II (irlKsby. t 0011 like,
Oscar II llcniitng, 1 htlslophor Uoyle,
John c an Hook, 1 rank P MoDermott,
I hlllp lllchaidsoii, Charles a Norton,
Howurd 11 Abbott, mo, on II Jocko,
hamuelH Trowbridge, WaliorP Jones,
JohnLNest, 7acharlah rLborbach,
Aaron II htlson, ( hnrles Uavls,
Albert (I. Hall and II, 11, htllcs (rom $1130 to
John 11. lis nex and lohn K. alli (rom (7iU
to (1, 100.
Tho Itcpubllcans of thoSovotith l'cnnsyl
anla Congressional District jostcrday noml
nated I. N ans (or Congtossou tho nlnety
lourtU ballot.
nr noYAL nbDEnT inoeksoll,
Tlint If, (licC'nioof tlto l'roseeullon
In llio No-t'nlleil fJInr-Itoulo Cntcs
'llic ItniitesTnlti'H Vi Norlntlin mill
C'nlmul IngciMOlI Nlios llio Fatal
lnrlniicn llolncoii llio Allcculloim
In llio Iiitllctmcnt nml tho Tcitl-
liionj- 'MMint llio Indictment
IVrntKl llio 'Irstlniniiy Itnvclloil"
TI10 Iiidlclincilt Sliann In Ito n
1'iniKl nml n Cliont TI10 Mnllro of
llio 1'ruicciittuii.
Dnrlng tho progros; or tho Hearing la tho
Star Itouto trials ln tho Criminal Court, before
Juetlco Yi)llo, tho chamber lias boon repeat
cdl) crowded with spectators, but it romatuo t
tor Colonel Hob Ingersollto draw tho largest
and most Intelligent audience. Now and then
a lady has appeared In tho courtroom; but
this morning It Is sato to say that thorowcro
loo ot tbo (air sox who helped to mako up tho
Although court did not coin cue until 10
o'clock, ns carl ns t pooplo began to gather tn
tho room, nnd when tho court did opon tlto
(hnmbcrwns packed with pooplo an I num
bers outsldo woro ttnablo to gain admission.
Tho ability and cloquonco o(
Colonel Iilccrsoll
Is widely known, and tho doslro to hear him
was uour moro strongly shown than this
morning. It was claimed that ho w as a power
botoro tho Jury, audit bocamo ovldont botoro
ho had spoken long that hit Btrongth In this
respect was not ovorratod. Ho rocotvod tho
closest attention (rom tho Juiy.andlhonudl
once, Tho counsel (or tho defendants woro prompt
tn their attondauco ln court, and ln tholr
places botoro Ills Honor arrived.
rho court was opened at 10 05 o'clock. Tho
lury riled into tho box, but tho Government
counsel wero lato, as usual.
Ills Honor lnqulrod who was tho special
counsolfor tho lato Becond Assistant Post-mostcr-Oencral,
Mr. Wilson said that Colonel Totton, Mr.
Chandler and hlmsoK were.
His Honor said that In tho courso ot tho trial
thoro was glvon In cldonco n roport sout to
Congrect) by Iho rostmastor-Oenoral In togard
10 tlto dotlcloncy ln tho Star llouto sorvlco.
V Itli that roport was another (rom tho Second
Assistant Postmaster Oonoral. Ho wanted to
know 1( that was offerod tn ovldcnco.
Mr. Wilson was not euro nbont it, but
thought that tho Government did not otter It.
Mr. Chandler said that It was offered and
ruled out.
His Honor snld that ho had a curiosity to soo
tho report ot the becond Assistant Postmastor
Qencrnl, and lequcstcd tho Dopartmont to
furnish lilm with n copy. That ha 1 boon ilono,
but ho did not recollect thnt It hat bocnot
(ctcdln cWdcnco.
Mr. Wilson asked permission to soo thoro
port, which was granted, and ho then said ho
thought that they might roach an understand
ing about It at recess time,
Colonel In-Torsol! Tlicn Ilcirnn HI
Ho sail let us understand each other at tho
threshold. Ho was as muchopposod to official
dishonesty ns any man, Tho man who was
untrtio to his omclal oath ought to bo pun
ished. Ho was not cndoavorlng tooxcusoor
pnlllatoony dlshonosty otn Uovornmont offi
cial. Ho would go (urthor and say that ho
would not defend any man known to havo
been guilty otdofraudlng tho public treasury.
Thoy had been told an hundred tlmos that this
countr) had boon demoralized and that It was
JNcccsunr) to Nncrlllco Homebody
to lead to tho road to honesty. Tho lato war
was not n demoralization, It was a reforma
tion. Tho effect of that war was good, and
only good. When thoy broLo tho shacklos
from men, women and clilldron, It dl 1 not de
moralize V, lion thoy stoppod stealing babes
they did not bocomo corrupt. They woro a
greater and grander people, Thnt war re
pealed etatutos that hnd boon mado by thett.
1 hoy had boon told other things tn order that
tbo lury might Und oxcuso for n crJlct ot
guilty 1 that this country was dtstlngitlsltod
for cotruptlon, Ho denlod It. Thero was
something elso for which this country was dls
HuKUl3l.cd. It's credit was absolutely perfect
It's promlso was puro gold. Ho ha I heard
that rot before. It was
It M111 llio HtocK ol 1'ior.y Oiilltinry
Wasllbccauso wo wero dlstingulsha 1 for
corruption that ono million nt emigrants
found homes lieto last year? Vtas ttbocauso
wo woro known rascals that tho word
America brought light Into ovory hut anl
hnmlot In tho unlrorsnl wotld rho proporty
ot tho United States was to day valuo 1 at fitly
thousand million dollars. Was that an cvl
ilonco ot destruction, ot corruption ? Ho do
med that Ids country was corrupt, and not or
would ho put 11 stain upon It by any such
statement, or try to win n caso In court by such
an assertion.
Tho counsellor tho Oovornment, Mr. Mer
rick, was tho tlrst that ho had ot or hoard pay
a tributo and compllmout to corruption. It
was tho dream, ot evory foreign la to como to
America; not because it was corrupt, but be
causoltwastho I.iintl or Tree School-! iuiiI I'rco'l'eo.
They had 0110 King Itorenud that was tho
law . It stood supreme, and It tho ury In this
caso believed tho defendants guilty beyond a
rcasonablo doubt, they must convict. Ilodld
not bcllcto with tho counsel (or thoOovorn.
mont that the (ate o( tho (lotorninont depend
ed upon tho verdict In this case. ISo matter
what that might bo tho country would stan 1.
Hut bo (ar ns his clients woro coneeruo I wife,
family, home, nnd moro still roputitton do.
pended upon this terdlct. Ho wanted tho Jury
to understand that, nnd tho only morcy thoy
asked was
Au Honest Verdict
ln accordance with the testimony and tho law
a t crdlct thitt would bathe truo transcript ot
onch Juror's mind, loar, prejudice, malice
bribe a thousand whero gold bribes ono.
Uobollctcd thnt otory Jurj man wished to
git 0 an honest verdict and preservo his own
manhood, and thotu wero not words basa
enough to.doicrlbo a man who would give
dishonest verdict. Thoy should not bo gov-'
erncd L) tho trluion or troth ot the case, but
tho (nets.
Ho then touchod upon tho duty ot a lawyer,
and said that no matter upon whh.li side ha
was engaged, It was his duty to mako tho testi
mony clear.
It thero was any doubt about It, thou It
should bo cleared up. It w as not necessary to
abuse anybody. Thoro was no logic In abuse,
and when a law) er calls u defendant a thiol or
robber, ho stopi beyond tlto lino ot his duty
and what ho bolloved tho lino o( tho case. Ho
should not dial In personalities. Thoy wero
beneath him. Ho should not deal In oplthets.
ISobod) could bo convinced la that way worth
being convinced. Ha should go ovoi the tosll
mouy onco moro and apologize to tho Juty (or
so doing.
Thero must not only bo a conspiracy, but an
ot enact. Ho held that otoryot 01 tact must
bo provod as alleged. No mattor how ftlto
lous tho description or whothor Important or
not, it must bo proven exactly ns chargod. Ho
called tho attention of tlto courttoanumbor
ot authorities ui-on this point.
At this point Ills Honor Interrupted tlto
couusol and sal I that ho did not think thoro
was any doubt about tho correctness ot tho
position ho assumed.
"Idont want nny doubt about It," ropllod
Colonel ingcrsoll.
"lltttolsiione, so (at as I am lOiicornott,"
answered tho Judge.
Tho attorney snld that tho position ho took
1 of erred to tho Indictment tor tonsplracyax
well as the overt nets, nud cited a uumbet ut
authorities to sustain his views on this
Ho said that thoro was no doubt any longor
about tho law that whoro tho) sot out In tho
lud lament that tho Ui fondants did certain
things In furtherance ot the conspiracy
'llio ('o eminent Must l'rota II 11s
Now ho would pass to tho dust und ashes ut
thoiat.es thoomtacts. Ilrst they charge t
Hint they llled (also nnd fraudulent petitions
on tho extra route (rom Koarncy to Kent on
July 10, 187l, nnd tlto testimony showod that
petitions woro Mod Apillil, 187S. Thoy sal I
that a (also oath wos tiled July 10, 1870, an I
tho proof shotted It to havo boon April .),
1H78. It did not matter whothor tho oath was
good or bad, It failed as nu ovort net.
Thou they chat god that on July 10,1870,
llrnd) mado nuordor on this route and tho
testimony show od that It was mado by 1 ronch.
'Ihls was n misdescription, Ret lew niton od
thnt there was not n purtlclo ot testimony In
On totito Ko. !18,1!15 they wero chargod with
making a (also cath In Juni, N7l,und tho
tostlmony showod that It was lllo 1 Aptll 18,
Itwasdirlhct nllo(,ed that thoUotoinmont
was dcfrnudidby Iho llllng c t it subcontract.
Ho wanted to know how oven the Ingenuity ot
malice could think ot defraud tne tho (lot em
inent In Buclwtwny. it thoj could show now
that rciul I bo dono, ho w ould abandon It,
Thooul) thing Icfton this routo was tuootdot
putting on an ngeut, for which tho Government
paid (30, and nobody found out that It did not
pay except tho postmaster, who neror sol 1 a
stamp. That was tho testtmon), and not find
ing an) thing else, they Indulged tn tho tormi
thief, tobber and pickpocket.
Ho then took up routo 11,110. Hero It was
charged that (also potltlons were II lod on July
8, 1870. and It turned out that the chargo was
true, with two exceptions, 1 Irst, that tho potl
tlons woro not filed nt that time, and sec ml,
that thoy wero not (also, nn 1 that Is all thoro
was in the truth ot that charge.
Tho chargo was that whllo (JenTH llraly
was asked (or IS hours oh this routo ho gave
!)J. Thoio was no chargo that he pall too
much (or It, and bonoull show thathodll
not. Thcrewos notajuryon earth unless oar
rounded b) prejudice and
lre4lilcil Oicr by lornormico
would find a verdict ot guilty upon the testi
mony offered In this routo. On routo No, II,
lr Miner, lterdell L Co, wore chargo 1 with
filing talso potltlons nnd Mr, llllss had nl
milled that they wero nil genuine, the oath
true, nnd tho only ct Ideuco that tho ordor was
n fraud that It was mado 111 compliance with
theso genuluo petitions.
Then in this cao thero was another order
claimed to hat 0 been mado by Hrady an 1 tho
tesilmon) shotted It to have boon nialohy
Trench. They further chargo I that In this
caso an order was mado to tako ort tit o trips
and that was pronounced n fraud. Subse
quently an order was mado putting tho trips
back, nnd that was pronounced n trau 1. It
seems that It was pretty hard to satisfy tho
Qotcrnmont In this caso.
On routo No. 111,115 It was allegod that
fraud was commttted ln llllng tho subcontract
ot J, L. Handorson. Ho claimed thnt It shoul 1
never liato boon In tho caso nnd hal no rela
tion to It nnd had been coplod (rom tho Ilrst in
dictment through mlstako.
On routo No. 38,10(1 thoy wero chargod with
llllng a (also oath Juuo 12, 18711, nnd tho tns
tlmony was that it was tiled May (1, 1870.
That was a fatal variance, nnd whether tho
oath was good or bad It vitiate 1 the verity of
tho charge. Ho did not caro whothor tho
oath was good or bad so far as tho caso went,
but did so far as his clients wero coucoruod.
On routo No. 111,1 M a falso oath was allege I
to have been lied Juno 12, 1870, nnd the tes
timony shotted It to hnto boon Vprlt 11, 1870
That In ltecltdestrojod the correctness ot tho
On routo 10,217 l'i ck, Dorsoy and lterdell
wero chnrged with llllng talso petitions on
July (1, 1870; and In the faco o( that tho (lev
ernment prosecuting officers came ln an 1 ad
mitted that they woro allgouulno, nnd Ills
Uouoi sal I that ho should regard all or tho
Editions as genuine, unless somo point w as to
0 mado to tho contrary. To this Mr. llllss an.
swered that no issuowas to bo inaJolu that
On routo No. ri8,13.t It was charged that on
July 8, 1870, fal"o potltlons wero Ills 1, Hut in
this enso Mr. IJllss said that ho would not offer
them. Why was this? ho askod. Docausotho
petitions wero honest and true, and Mr. Bliss
did not want to continue longer doing what
tho Couit told him ho was doing
rroilnir llio llcrenilinila'' Cnic.
If tho petitions had been false thoy would
lint 0 been ot no at all It was allegod that they
wero tiled July 8, 1370, anl tho tostlmony
showed It to havo been May (1, 1870.
On routo No. 38,110 (also potltlons woro
charged with having been llled, nit 1 in opon
court they wero admitted to bo truo. That was
tho dlffcrcnco between reports and tacts, bo
tween public rumor and truth. Itwas chargod
that In this routo tho ordor was mado on tho
U II ot Ma) , 1870, and tho ovl lonco Bhowod
that thero was not such an ordot ma lo on that
day, but It was mado on tho lltli of May, n tlmo
prior to when tho alleged conspiracy was
lormed, Hero again It was charged that falso
oaths wero tiled, but not proton, nor was
thero ono word ot tostlmony about it.
On routo No, 118,11.1 (also petitions woro
charged, but, ln addition, lelteis from Uenoral
Sherman ami othors wero Mod. Uo did not
know what tho Jury would do, but ho woull
takotrcolyot tho opinion of Oeneral Shormait
and it was worth a good deal moro than
Tlio (lues nCliil'l l'roicctitlon
01 tbatot an attorney who is paid torgltltig It.
On routo No. 38,132 tho chargo was that ono
month's extra pay had boon allowod. rho
Court would sco b) rctercuco to the law that
tho contractor was t Milled to this pay, nnd tho
Department was compelled to glvo it. It tho
becond Assistant Postmastor Ooncral had dono
differently ho. would hnto -.lolatod the law,
and hero ho was put on trial for not violating
tho law.
Oniouto No. 3"or, It was chargod that a
talso oath was llled on July 10, 187'), an 1 tho
testimony shored that Itwas llled May 11.
This was a totnl variance. Another thing, It
had not been shown that tho oath was falso.
"What did tho Indictment sny?' nskel Iho
"llio Indictment says," answered tho coun
sel, "July 10, 1870, and tho tostlmony May
1 1, 187U. This was not the petition they woro
li oklng fot. They havo cvldoully got hold ot
tho wrong one,"
Colonel Ingcrsoll, continuing, said that ho
was going to tho strict lottcr ot tho Indlctmont
mid hold tho Oovornment to tho low, Thoy
could not como Into this court with
Nix or Novell Corel or Petitions,
throw Ihem at a man and Bay "jour guilty."
That was what thoy had bocu trying to do ill
this case.
On louto No. .15,015 It was said that Uenetal
Brady mado a fraudulent order, and the testi
mony showed that tho ordor was mado by
1 ronch. 1 also petitions w ero alleged, but not
On routo No. '1(1,101 a falso oath was allegod
to bavo beon Med July 12, 1870, and tbo testi
mony showed that tho oath was tiled Not em
bor 2 J, 1878, and boBtdos tho oath was not at
tacked or Impeached, lalse petitions woro
alleged arid admlttod to bo truo. It was (ur
thor sot out that llrady ma 10 n fraudulent
ordor. Tho testimony showed that 1 ronch
mado the ordor. It did not mako any differ
onco whether tho order was fraudulent or not,
On routo No, d 1,1(10 It was alleged that
(also petitions wero Mod on July 10, IKSO,
and tho tostlmony showed that thoy wero Me I
long bctoro that tlino on May 7, 1871). Thoso
petitions wevo not attacked as to tholr genu
lnoncss, arid thoso that wero thoy admltte I
that tho Dopartmont nevcrnctod upon.
Itouto 38,lr0 was operated by Sanderson,
nnd tho evldonco shows 1 that ho received
otery cent o( the pay. Thoy ioul I not havo
any Interest In tho louto nnd no ordor ma le In
It .could benefit his cilont. His suhoontract
was Uled Jnlyl, 1878, nnd from that tlmo
Snndorson liad full control ot it.
On touto Ne. 10,11,1 tho llllng ota (also oath
was charged 011 Juno l.l, 1870, and tho tostl
mony showed It to havo beon May 7, 1870;
and fur (her, It was not provou that tho oath
was false. It was alleged that tho petitions
wc 1 0 false, 5 et they w oro not attacked, but ad
mitted tn bo genuine. Tho Government
chnrged that llrady made two fraudulent or
ders in this case, but (ailed to put cither In
Mr. vulcox, a Ootoinmont witness, got up
potltlons on routo 10,1 10, and ho U stilled th it
tho signatures wero gonutnoiiud ho did noth
ing but what was honest and right, nnd 1 et It
had been alleged that those petltlo is woro
(alee. Lt cry man had
Tho lllclit to Oct Up Petitions,
talk about tho malls to whom and when ho
pleased. Ho had tho light to attend to his
uwnbuetniss and get whooterho please Ito
assist him. 1 very man hod tho right to pui
tlonforsthoolhouscs nud othor public bcuo
llts, and ho w ho argued otherwise argued au
All tho petitions sot out in tho Indictment,
except two, had been admlttod or proven to bo
genuine, nud Iho lnttor had been shown not to
havo been acted uikju by tho Department,
leu ot tho oaths claimed to hat 0 boon (also
wtrouuatlatkodas to verity.
Ho then passed to tho payments mado by
the defendants, and. taking up each routo
seriatim, shotted tho miscalculations and
mlsstnttmentot llgures by tho Oovernniont
ns set forth ln thu allegations nnd pto lucod
b) tho proof, and clalmod thnt
'llio urliinco tVns l'ntnl to llir lit.
In speaking ot Turner ho said that all that
had beon (ound ngulnst him was ono mlstako
mado b) him, which was correct! d and tho
Clot ernment had not lost n cent by It. 1 ot tho
(lotorumont had draggod him (rom his homo,
and after all thelt orfoits to proto something
against him and (ailing ho was dismissed with
an Insult.
Itwas alleged generally In tho Indictment
that on tho routes of John w . Dorsey (or the
llseal ) car ondlng Juno 30, 1880, ho was pall
$121, VJ1, whllo all tho testimony showed that
thero was 1 aid (02,8dl.lll, and o( the amount
J. W. Doiseywas paid (10J. Tho otMouco
showed that Miner recoltol no mono), nud
thnt It was paid to assignees, I.tery step
showed that
'llio Indictment si its n HIhIiiUo or
and what tho Indlctmont weatod tho testl
monyiatoled. Tho dates In the indlctmont
wciufaleo, and tvhj I Hecauso they ha I to de
tclto thoQiandJury. it would not do to loll
them that theso paitlos conspired on tbo 2 It
ot May, 1870, and llled tho petitions lit Aptll,
1870. lurthot,
It mm to Ilciolto IlioCunrl,
bccnusoltthoy had told tho truth tho Court
would hat e Informed thorn that they ooul 1 not
proceed In thntwa). Did tho) expocttorun
ihls tnso on llils indlctmont J No; but they
could kcop It lit court long enough to allow
Ihom to attack and malign Iho characters ot
these defendants; long tnough to tout their
t enom nnd spleen on good and honost moit
and Justify la part tho commencement ot this
Infamous perst cutlou.
At this point tho rocoss was takou.
oouttuuod oa Third l'ajo.
Tint! Aftllntcs llio Mlml of llio At or
nro .'o eminent Umnloy o Wheth
er ll In Heller lo Nlmid Willi Jny
llnlilicll or lo I'nll Willi Ocorcc
nllllnincnrlli.ls' llio (liiestlon llio
Opinions or a Number or Drimrl.
inenl OlerltM nlio 1I0 JNol flu lo Cinn
Kliiy or Iiiiluliro In "tlillini, nml
Terrnp," mid Thus I'lml riiom.
soli cs " I'nulilo" Help tile I'urly
Whlrli lilies Tlicin llrciul.
A reporter of Tun Critic, w 1th n copy ot tho
Nowlork 7iim containing nn allegod lntor
vlow with an $1,800 clork In tho Treasury De
partment on tho subject of political assess
ments, captured n $1,100 clork ot thosamo
Department mil nskod him If he hal road
what Ids brother clerk at Capo May sal t In tho
alleged 77m intorvlow.
Ho soldi "csl hato roal that Interflow
anddon'tbollotolt was a clork. 1 think tho
Ulmei got up a bogus Intort low."
"What do you Bay as to this assosstunt busi
ness!" 'I no Not Call II nn Assessment,
nor do a majority ot tho clcrs look on It In
that light. Thero nro perhaps not man) ot us
who would go tound an 1 hunt upn man to pay
him (20, or $10 or $10, ns tho caso may bo,
but WO think lt alt right that wo should be
called cm to contribute tor tho purposes ot tho
campaign. Most ot us know something ot nil.
Itlcs, nnd know that to organlzoaud Instruct n
parly costs money, nnd that lt Is bocnuso tho
Republican party was organized and tho poo
plo Instructed in tho necessity tor Us success
that wo aro horo to-day drawing (rom $75 to
$200 per month, regularl), (rom thoOorein
mont, for work which prltnto parties, whon
thoy havo it to do, pa) only from $2(1 to $75 n
month, nnd exact motohours ot labor, ft e, as
a rule, think lt right nnd proper that
Wo (Should Contribute
to contlnuo tho party ln potvor which onabl03
us to provldo for oursoltos and famlllos. whon
wo hat 0 them, and wo do it choorf ullj ."
"llut supposo n man through sickness or ac
cident, bad luck ot any kind, Is tinablo to
"If lio states tho facts andshovs that It
would hoanluJ.tr) to him to pay, ho Is not
pressed, and I not or Know a man to be thought
nny less ot ordlsmlssod (or not doing so tin
Uor thoso circumstances."
"Did 5011 noon stntcmont ota lonnsshan
Ian who had to borrow $J0 to pay tho Con
gressional Commlttoo and was thou callo 1 on
to pay his Stato commlttoo $J0, nud that ho
toll tho commlttoo ho was ttnablo to moot tho
call, but wnsadtlsod b) parties lit pott or that
ho had hotter pay as It would bo dangerous to
"108, 1 saw it; ana it has
Shaken -M.s rnllli
ln onoot tho statements In tho Dlblo I moan
tho 0110 which sa) s Auanlas Is doa 1,"
" 1 oil mo something about tho c ipo itay fol
low nnd tho usual rulo ns to paymont,"
"Vt ell, hero la an $1,800 clork, win goes to
Capo Mn) and stays thore, sn), ton days; that
will cost him $7 n halt month's salar) , l'lio
commllteo only asks him for "Mil-loss than
ono halt tho amount ho expends on his pleas
ure trip. That man gets
81,S(( lor I.lctcn Months' Work
for, under tho rules, ho Is mtltlol to thirty
do) s furlough, with pay, each )oar, nud ho ts
etijo)lugaparto( Hint tlmont a costly water
ing place, whllo ho Is drawing $, per day pay
(or work ho Is supposod to bo doing. Now,
supposo that (or any reason that man should
bo ulsmlssod (and 1 think ho ought to be (or
not pa) log), ho would hurry hack to Wash
ington and go to ono of the ofllco brokers hero
nnd pay him (200 to get his place back) os,
to get In nt $1,200 becauso tho prohibllltlos
nto ho could not cten got tho halt o( that sum
ntany buslnoss, nud, ot course,
'Iho ClcrltH Thai so to Capo 3Iity
never hato an j money over at the end of tho
year. As o rulo tho $1,203 clerks who nro
mat rled savo n llttlo mouoy ot ct y ) oar. Wash
ington is a cluap place to llvo in. I rent n
comfortablo houso for $J0 a month; I llto
roasonnbly wolton$ 10 formy table. I pay a
sonant $s, nnd on an nvorago (5 for fuol, al
lowing ( for Incldontnl oxponos, anl, as a
(1,200 clot k, l hnvo $ n a. month, $ l'i) a j oar,
fot clothing tor m) self, wife and threo chil
dren. It did not cost mo more than halt that,
aud wo wero nil dotontly drosso I, so at $1,203
a year I Bated over $200 otery year. At
$1, too I savo ot er $ J50. Now I nm frank
enough to sny
I tonlil :ot Malto Oter 8900 a Year
at m) business, it 1 was tn loso my place, an I
et I stand w oil ns a clork aud do my work sat
isfactorily. ou can bio how willingly I should
pny$J8for being in n position whoro 1 can
protldo most comtortnbly tor my family anl
lay by something foi a rain) day. Most of tho
cloiks think and act as I do. Hut a majority
o( tho clerks nro unnuurlod, and thoy geuor
all) spond lliolr monoy tn saloons or tor
cigars, excursions, ihcntro ttckots, otc , nn 1
tho money they pay Is Just so much loss to
thoio who expend It. '
A fllir llepnitnioiil Clerk's Vlmt.
Meeting a clerk ln tho War Department tho
teporter called his attention to tho llnw In
ten low, and nskod him what ha thought ot It.
"Oh, bosul to such silly nousonse. I will
wager n month's salary that It tho Interview
Is gonuluo tho man Intort lotto I is olthera
crank or a chronlo gtowlcr. It is painfully
distressing to obserto tho wriggling ot soma
ot thoso clt 11 service icformers; they are, as
a rule, frauds."
"Do tho clerks, as a rulo, respon I to tho call
of Iho Congressional Conimlttto with tholr two
percent. '
"The) do, Thoro aro a groat many Demo
crats lu tho scleral Departments, homo ot
them, to ttso n common phrnso, kick against
pa) Ing 1 ) ot a good many ot thorn pay w llliout
a murmur. Ilowotct, lt lsbut Just to them to
say that It is not natural thoy shoul 1 boox
txcted to run and hanker nttor an oppor
tunity to contrlbuto mono) todo(oat thelt own
'llio fl routers unci llrimilileis.
"What class ot clerks is lt thatdolhonnst
"Vtoll, theto nto two or throo classos
There Is ono class who, lt turned out of tho
employment of thoOoternmont to-day, would
start 0 or go to tho workhouse. Thoy nro a
class that ioul I not mako a living nt nny
ether business to sat 0 their lit es. Thoy aro
tho worst growlors I know ot.
Then (hero Is nsotot cmplojesln tho 1)0
pattmentswhoaro appointed (rom tho South,
iheso men do moro grumbling lit ono day
thannnyothcr setot employes In Washing,
ton. The) Boom to think that tho party nn I
tho Oot ernment mo under obligations to them
tor claiming to bo
'Noil the rn It opiihl leans.'
Wh), they will toll you thai they aro undor no
particular obligation to the radical party tor
tho position they hold. 'Why, benator Joo
Urowu, of (icorgla, appointed mo,' Bats ono.
'Scuator Lamat appointed mo,' sa)sauothor,
nnd 'Sonator Cockrell uppolutod mo,' says au
other, nnd so on through the list of Uourbou
Sonatcrst and '(Mi),' sn) theso nppolntnos,
should wogtto ot out shekels to sond it black
He publican toCoM-rissT"
'taupposothcy.do not, hato you any laiowl
cdgaorlnfotmatlou that ono has et or lost his
or her position tor not paying their assess
mont, so called?"
"No, not a single Instnnco ot tho kin I has
et et como undor my knowledge or obsortatton.
Thero are, as ) on know, In et cry community
thoso who llvo b) grumbling nnd giittllng
Theio at oln tho Doptrtments Just such poinous
These persons would, II tlioro hal not et been
such a thing as iwlltleal contrlbutt ins thought
of, howl worse than ad rovoot hungry wolros
nt tho party becauso thoy hal no opriirtuntty
to express thelt grntltudo by subscribing lib.
ernll) ot their means to fttrthrr tho objects ot
the parly."
A l'OKlollIeo 4'leik's Molts.
Tho lopotter mean lerod Into tho l'ojtdllljo
Department and (01111 1 another clork who
agreed to sa) a (ew words. Hosaldi "I havo
not paid an) contribution yot, though I woul 1
willingly da so it I could; but 1 oxplalno I to
lliu commllteo that I was In debt whenlro
celled ray appointment somo mouths ago nu I
was proinptl) toll lhatit was all right. Now,
sco how I am situated. I tt as doing but little,
not making enough to pay my expenses. I
lint e been hoto ln ofllco about a 5 oat got my
100 otery month nnd nm nearly nut of debt
llto comtortably, and botoro noxt e eitlon will
not only bo able, but will ho anxious, 10 pay,
not tw 0 per cent , but lit e, if uecessar) ,
To Keep tho 1'iirly in I'otter
which puts mo here,"
"Hate )ou seen an lutertlott published ln
thoNowiork linui purporting to bo with n
Treasury clerk, who wasnt Capo Ma), a tow
days ngo ? '
"I hato soon tho alleged Interview mil 1 will
say that II It ts truo that a clerk In nny Depart
ment ot tho Government did or doos lak such
balderdash, ho ought 10 be discharged. Hticl.
nman is not entitled ton position lit any Do.
partment ot tho Ootornmont. I nm frank to
say that I nm opposod to rotnlnlng men In
position who nro unwilling to contrlbuto ot
tholr salary to maintain tho supremacy ot tho
part) that put them In position."
A Ttittj Department Opinion.
Mooting n paitlcularl) bright nnd (ictlto
clerk ln Iho Navy Department, who always
takes at least twenty ot his thirty days' loavo
to go home and work tor his party, tho re
porter said to htmi
"V, hnldo ) ou think ot nssessnientst"
Ills answer wan "They nro right. Wo ply
cucoetcrytwo years'.! per cent, ou our sal
arlcs thatls, 1 percent, per annum as nnln
surance. I will git 0 2 per cent, per annum to
bolnsuted my position, with chanco to rho
for Iho next ten )ears. Tho assessments nro
all right! etery ono ought to pay without n
wird, Ily the way, I woul (suggest tu Mr. Jay
Hubbell that there nro threo men who ought t
recclt e ono o( his most pressing circulars. I
Illfss, Merrick mill Her.
llllss I ns been getting, sny, (01 a ) car or more,
(lliopcrilay, say $ IU,(MK) His little outrl
button would bo about $750, which would bo
equal to that received (rom tw enti six $1,103
clerks. Metrlek has had thejnmo figure
nlout six months. So his nalary Is about
$18,000, nnd his contribution would be, say,
i 10, equal tn a dozen clorks at $1,103 per
annum. Iter has. had halt as much as Mer
rick, and should bo requested lo 'como down'
tilth $175."
"les, but Merrick aud Ker nro bolh I01 ling
lights In tho Domocrntlo Church, Ion don t
expect Jay Hubbell to call on Democrats, do
you! '
"rho dot 11 j ciu Bay, Suppose thoy aro Dom
ctats, .
They (let '1 heir Money from 11 Itciitth.
llcnn Administration
nnd ought to, with all tho other Dcmocints In
llscmplo), bo moto than willing to pay tho
two icrcent, lot lt is n windfall lo them
they did not expect. No ono ought to bo cm
ployed by a Republican administration who Is
not willing to 1 ay to koep lt in power."
"It Is sold tho effect ot political nssossmonts
upon tho emploje.s of tho Departments has
beon so sotcio ns to bo fell b) business men
ot nil classes throughout tho city. What havo
you to say to that ?"
"That Is all bosh I Thero are, unfortunately,
rnmoemp'ocswhoaro glad of nn oxcuso ti
keep from pa) lng their debts, nud so they
mnko pa) lug this
An l.xcnsc lor Aot Paying Their
Honest Debts.
Tho money ot this class goos to bar rooms, bil
liard saloons, clgnr storos and other placos of
less repute. ThoBo men never pay their as.
Bessmcnts. Tho merchants loso nothing. Tho
mono) tho cl rks git 0 for political purposes is
carefully laid nwny for that puriiose. That
money ucter would hato gono to tho mer
chants." Another 1'oslal Clerk's Mount! Sense.
Meeting amlddlongcd cletk belonging to
tho Postofflco Department, Tnc CrtiTio In
quired lt ho had boon called upon torn contri
bution to tho I.opubllcan National Commllteo.
"Vest I havo boon asked to contribute as
"What h-ejo you dono about It?"
"Donol I'to dono Just what I'to always
done paid It up like n llttlo man."
"What do jouttlniabout it?"
"Just what l'vo always thought about lt. I
think Its lerfectly proper and legitimate I'to
been contributing to tho campaign expenses
of tho republican pari) ever slnco lt has boon
a party, and I expect to contlnuo git lng as
long as I think Its policy is tho host tor tho
icoplonnd forthouoternmont. Nor do I ox
pect that I will borotaluod lit my position, or
promoted to a better ono, mcroly becauso ito
pntdmy assessments, laying dooa not iu
suro retention or promotion.
Nor Does Itoii-l'ayineilt Lend In or
Can so Ilemotiil.
I Know that a different opinion protnlls out
Bide, but It Is an erroneous Idea. All tho re
motnls mado (10m my bureau since I havo
boon In It hato been mado becauso ot laziness
or Incompetency, nnd all Iho romotlons ml lo
wero thoroughl) earned b) those who received
them. Men hate paid nssossmonts ono week
nndhntobecn remotod tho tory next week!
and clerks hato bluntl) refused tops) ono
wcok, and hnto been promotod tho weok fol
lowing, laylngot not paving docs not artoct
a man In tho least In our buioau. It I hnvo
not paid In tho past I should not into (olt tho
least uuoaslucss on that account'
"W hat do )eu think o( tho proprtotyotmsn
ln onico contributing to part) funds ?'
"I think it Is 1 crtoctly legitimate and prop.
er. Iho (unds nro used,nlmostintlrcl),(ir
1 rlntlng nnd distributing documents;
Dlh'.t'iiiiiintlni; lnToi minion Amoiii;
the l'conlo
in regatd to the great Issues to be decided by
them, and 1 soo nothing wrong lu thnt. Ltery
ono admits that a prltnto citizen can do all ho
can, with ported propriety, to Inlluenee his
fellow citizens to toto ns he doos either by
tongue, pen or money, and why may I not do
thosamo? Hato I not tho same rights I pos
sessed beforo I cntorod tho Dopaitinont ?"
"Do ) ou think that moue y is used by either
ot tho National Committees Republican anl
Democratic (or tho purposoo( corrupting tho
elections 1 "
" I nm ns strong a ltopubllcan as any man
who wears shoes, and 1 do not believe that
either commllteo makes nn illegal or lllogltl
mato ttso o( Its (unds, I know that tho Repub
llcnn commllteo .Iocs not, and I Mine that tho
Democratic committee doos not, 1(1 thought
that our commllteo did, I woull not git 0 a
cent, ofllco or no offlco."
A great many men expressed tho samo senti
ments, so that the crtrria roportcr holloves
that tho clerks, ns a rule, pay 2 por conr. very
willingly to enable them to earn tho othor in
per cent. by soven hours'work out of oter)
twenty tour In comtortablj furulhel rooms
warm ln winter and cool in summer whon
they might othorwlso bo trumping tho streets
and looking hungrily Into thewludowsot tho
samnttci o( fact tho reporter lieliotos tho
titll service reformers ol tho (loorgowlltlam
curtls school belong to that class of beings
which tho boys (ound nnd prosontod to tho
professor of natural history. They pasted tho
wlugsctn butterfly and the legs ot n grass.
hopicr to llio body o( a boolloanl shotted It
to tho piottssorasndlscover). Ho sail; "On,
110, gontlemoni that bug belongs to tho order
ot 'humbugs.'"
Tlio (Unrllclil Sloiinmciit I'mid.
Tho nrrangouents tor tho exposition at tho
Cayltol In aid ot tho (larlleld Monument fund
nro being rapidly lerfoctel. rho Uoarl ot
Commissioners tor tho Stato ot Massachusetts
mot last evening at tho Lbbltt Houso nnd or
gnulzod by tho election ot Solomon L. l'aum 0
ns chairman nnd A. 0. llojil. A catofii! plan
tins projected for Bocurldgn proper roprcson
tatlruftom tho State, and tho board was en
thuslastlo lu a dotcrmluatton to reudor nil
posslblo aid to tho undertaking. Tho rooms of
tho board w ero Hilled during tho ot onlug with
t lsltors nnd from appoarancos tho undortak
lng Is likely to prove n popular one. The Roar 1
ot Dlroctors will moot this ovoulng In the lie I
larlorottho Lbbltt Thero will also bo a
meeting ot tho Illinois Hoard this ovonlng. To
morow thoPensylvanlaCommlttco will moot,
also tho Ohio Hoard (or orranlzatton nnd on
Thursday ovonlng thogontlomon roprcsontlng
tho Stato ot Michigan. i
lonllilciieo Mini Arrested.
Detectlto Acton this aftornoon arrostod a
man who has been obtaining largo amounts ot
morchaudlsodom merchants, claiming to bo
authorized to order goo Is (or tho Dospatch.
Ho bad In his possession a largo number ot
checks, (erged orders, tic. Ho Is thought to bo
ono ot tho most succesBful conlldonco men now
nt large.
Tili IE Walker, n colored woman, foil
In a tit this afternoon nt tho eornet ot 1 welftli
and 1' sheets noithwost, bho wns properly
attended 10 at Hendorechott s drug store.
It is probablo that tlio contract for hying
sidewalks on thu north silo ot Pcnnsyltaula
in onuo, between ilrst anl 1 Iftoeuth etroou,
will bo awarded by tho Commissioners at n
hoard meetlnc to morrow. Tho doslto o( tho
Commissioners Is to tost tho tnrlous now kinds
ot lavements nud at tho namo tlmo to mako
this ono nt tho most beautiful promoua lo, on
tho continent, nud It Is 1 ronblo that sot oral
klndx ot pat ement will bo trio I and tho llftoeu
squares paicd In equal distances ot grauo
llthtc, asphalt, coneicte, artlUclal stone, ote
At tho Lebiuon County, l'onnsyhaula,
Republican contention j estcrda) himuol 1
Han was Indorsed tor Congriss He has al
rwly secured tho Dauphin eonforoes, nu I )es
tcrda) aellon secure his nomination as th
Republican candidate In this alio fuuteoiuh
Tho nnmo mot mentioned now for tho
I.leuteuantOoteruotshlp In Massachusetts Is
that ot OIU ei Ames. SpeakerSojosttas plieol
In tho Held for tho position alter his talluro to
mako nny headway for the mat plnco nil tho
ticket, but ho Bcema doomed to moot with dis
appointment hotn also. Nothing will battalia
Itel) ktiown, howotor, about tho rost ot tho
ticket until tho canvas.) lor thoQotornorahlp
s settled,
In n llrnml Labor Demonstration
In JNeit York Willi! llio Demon.
Hlrnllon Menus A Hold Ntlicint, or
llio llodiiolns lo Lento Itrlllsli
Iron-I tails on II rj I.anil Turkish
Troops Tor l'trj pt-lIhcr Tele-
(trophic INciin rrom All Ito I llio
IIoiiikI lllolie.
Nlm Ionic, bept. 15. Tlio parade ot working
men to da), under tho auspices ot tho Contral
Labor Union, was ono of tho largest procos
slons oter seen In Now York, ft cry branch
of latxr was represented, Including piano
makers, Jewelers, shoomakers, clgarmakors,
longshoromon, clothlngcullcrs, tramomaV-OM
nnd bricklayers from Now ork, Hrooklyu,
Jorsey CII), Nownrk, Connecticut anl othoc
Places. Tho number ot men lu lino
IVis Isllmnteil nt 20,000.
Tho rpccs.lon moted at 10 o'clock un
Uroadwrir nnd was witnessed by thoussnls.
Many finnners and mottoes were displayed.
At Union Fqunro tho procession was recoltod
b) llov. Dr.McQIynn, John Hwlnton and othoc
prominent citizens.
Amoiier. llio Inscriptions Dlsilit)cil
on banners wero tho following;
"No land, no mono, no monopoly!"
"Dr wuwlth tonoment houso systoml"
"Tbo Uovernment must Issuo nil moaoyl"
"I abor pa) s alt taxosl
"Tbo truo romedy Is organization and tho
ballot I"
"Don't forget the pennl codo on eloctlia day I"
"Lnlior built this llopubllc and labor must
rulo It I"
"Down with contract convict labor I"
"Cheo tho stores' at (I p.m. I
Tho dcmoiistiotlon ends tonight with a
monster picnic nt 1 Im l'nrk, (ot which 5l',ou
tickets hat 0 beon Issuo 1 nn 1 many establish
mcntaclcBedtodO) to onnblo tho men to Jjiu
lu tho parade,
To-dn) s demonstration Is ofllclaly declared
to hato tbo object of Inspiring tho working
peoplo with n friendly tooling toward ono
nnoihersothatby coucort ot action thoy may
ntsoraofulurodnyho disenthralled (rom tho
)Oko o( capital.
ToTnp IhcNller ('mini mill I.cnrotho
llrlllsh ('iinhonts Hitch nml Drt.
Slu", i-cpt. 13. Scouts Just In (rom along tho
lino ct Iho canal report tho country at points
nboto this place nnd below Ismatlla mil Port
hald to bo swarming with llodoulus fully
nrnitdnud cquliped. It Is bcllct cd that thoy
Intend to throw obstructions acioss tbo canal
aud then tap lt nt tarlous points, thereby
causing navigation to bo out ot tho quostlou,
Itlsfeaied that should thoy succocl In stop
ping Iho How ot water to nny great extenttho
gunboats; now stationed In tho canal will bo
grounded and tender them useless.
'Iho Military Contention NIltiicmI.
At,r.x tNDiu.t, boi t. 5. A telegram from con
Mautlnoplo sn)s that tbo dratt et tho Military
Convention has been Blguod, nnd that ,00()
Turkish troops will at onco embark for 1 gypt.
hadu Tnsha, tho Uultan s representative,
has arrived here.
Tho nntlvo who murdered Messrs. Richard
son and Dobson has boon convlctod, and win
be hanged,
I'or homo Olllcc-Seekcrs lo Nlndy
Why .loHhnii itlooil Cut Ills
AISTIK, Tex , Bept. 0. At a primary mooting
yestctday In tho town ot WarflolJ, Joshua
Mood, an lllltorato farmer, was proposed as
nomltieo for school commissioner. Mood
nroso nnd nskod what salary was attached to
tho ofllce, nnd being told none, ho dcclarod ho
dldn t want
".-.o NlLh Honors,"
and claimed ho was entitled to tho ofllso ot
shoilff orma)or, by roasonot his long rest
dtncoln tho count). Howas llnatly satlstlod
by bolng iiomtMtod as lax eolloctor, but oa
being notified that ho would bo compelled t
furnish tonds, wrntout ou a drunk, an I thou
cut his throat with n razor. Ho will probably
American hoc In! Science Association.
Stuvrocn, n , boi t. fi Tho Ameitcau
Social bclenco Association hold oxorclse3 this
morning in honor tf Charles Darwlu. Ad
ilicsses woro mado by larko Oodwln, Pro
lessor Vnj land, Protos.or banborn nnd Mrs.
rmlly Talbot, o( Uoslou Irofossor Harris
submlttod n paiier on "iho Mental Develop
ment ot Chlldten ' nn 1 Miss A. C. 1 letcher rea 1
nn if say on "Iho Utilization of American In
dians. '
Murdered In I'rctenl a Marrluirc.
KAM?isCiTi,Bop,5 James Mills was shot
nnd killed b) 1 rank Ltans last night. M11U
was about to marry a sister ot Ltans who is
tho daughter 01 n wealthy farmer, ltans ob
jected to tho alliance, claiming that Mills was
not high uplonough In tho world to claim his
elstei nud that ho would not pormlt tholr
union. Tho murderer oscaped.
All (inlet in Dublin.
Dtni.iN, Kept. r All is quiet hero this
morning. Lnri Spencer, the Lord Lleutonant,
has promised that ho will at once Instltuto au
Inquiry Into tho conduct and character of tho
coustnbular), audnlll rolustato thoso found
worthy. ,
Turin Commission,
tiNCitvvrr, Kept. 5. Tho Tariff Commis
sion to day heard .lames M. Glenn, L. C. I.00
tei nud David A. White, who urgo 1 a contain
unco ot tho presont tariff affecting grocery
Interests nnd tecommciided tho adoption ot
tho lolarlscopo ns tho Government test of
Train Wrecked.
lInitisncnci,rthopt.B. Awrockoccurrol
ou tho 1 onnsylt aula Ilailroad at an oarly hour
this morning, near this city, resulting lu tbo
demolition ot twenty not on cars, bot oral men
wero slightly Injured, nnd nil travel was
Strut k hy Lightning-.
C'ltMiLOTTi, Mien , bept. is. The rosIJonco
ot Dr. Donlson tins struck by lightning last
night and tho wholo family ot set en woro In
jured, Tho houso and contents wero totally
mined. Loss, -,0 0(Mi no insurance.
Dronni ,1
how, N. i , Sept 5 Dr, I'rodorick a.
Wllkos, 0 dentist ot New iork. was drownod
lu Unci la I.nko whllo outsailing, Ho wns a
meinbei ot tho bot 01UI1 ltoglment and rosldo t
ut No 17 Lat betcntocnth street.
A llnslmml in I. nek.
UiiLADraiilt, Bept.r,. nnlo Franz, agod
.0, committed sulcldo by cutting hor throat
tvlth a razor, becauso hor husband could not
earn onough to support her In comfort.
rnlnl D-iiininlto 12xkloslon.
hurt hit Hxr., i,d , Bept. 5-t llllam Honry.
a fnrnu r, and his son, wero torrlblt laceratod
by au explosion ot ilynamlto cartridges. Tho
termer s Injuries aro fatal,
ltatlshcrs Arrested.
Alton, Ills . bept. fi. Robert Mouoy and
Mike Vthalcn hato been arrested tor out
raging Catharlno inltz. Three other cou
ledernlts nro still nt large.
1'rleo ol Sprint; Wheal.
Cuicaoo, bept. 15. Tho arbitration commit,
teo ot tho Produce Lxchango this morning
iixcd tho Bottlement prlco for July spring
wheat at $l.do.
Moteinentsor l'reslilent Arthur.
N'l'TtroitT, bept. 5, Tho Prosllent Is 0
pected to leat 0 on tho Desitatch this afternoon
tot Nantucket.
Adlott I'cter 1'iicls.
Tho National Board ot Health has locolved.
Iho following dispatch
"I'ensicoi.a, li t , btpt. l.-Ono now, caso
tciKUtedlo-daj 1 ho tun cases roportod yos
tctday as ctltleally 111 died last night.
"bVC) Hoard ot Hoallh."
burgeon tieiioinl Hamilton, ot tho Marino
II spltal bcrtlco, lias recoltod tho following
tch gram from lltowustlllo, Tox.i "Ono Initio..
ed und fi it)' six eases re porlod for two days,
and teudcailis.Thooommlttoo has twoHpattlstt
dictots on toute. Tho hospital has ttvouty
lattcntst ampiofor sUtj.but Mexicans wont
kO Into hospital. Modlclnos nto sttpplto I nil
tot er patients trcotrom hospital dlspous iry.
Cordon on Ait ago und titer is offoctual. M
enilgtonts (rom Mexico and norolug os(r-m
licte. Light mild cases nt Point Isabel ant
t no death ) 1 stctda) . home dlsoaso lu eastern
rauchesonthorltei. Mi'intil.bitigeoii
Whon wafer Is scarco It scares the coa

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