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15TII YEAH STO. 4,223.
033 Ponna. Avo
Lot 1.
25 cts., Reduced from 75 eta.
Lot 2.
$1,10, Eeaucea from $1.40 & $1,50.
Lot 3.
S1.25, Reduced from $2.00.
Manyoflhcseaiovesarolhe best makes In tho
K-h, WANTED TUB I'UUUU i" n.s'yjn
JUS that Saks ft Co. and lllseninn Bros, have
no union tailors working lor them. By order ol
the Union. "I'8-''
r-. ...... .... riAifiMii ntf TiV.
Iimnicr or Coluuiua,
WAKltlNOTOif, September 5. 1892.
Taxpajcra are. hereby, notlllel that tlio
pamphlet containing tlio list or unpaid taxes for
liiejiar ending Juno 30, 1832. ami lor other as
scssments previously duo anl In nrreais, has
b en printed, and that a copy theropr will ue de
livered to any taxpavcr applying therefor at tho
onico of Hie Tax Collector, as provided by act or
. ....... .n.l fn-nti 1. 1TT.
AttcSti jdiiS F.COOK.
Collector of Taxes,
ftp2aw3.y . .
AWT and National Kindergarten, with prl
maty and ndvancodclasses (each child haa a llltlo
garden), opens Beptcmber in teachers' class Oc
tober 3. Positions secured tor graduates.
Vor circulars apply to tbo rrlnrlnals, MIW.
LOUIS. POLLOOli.fc) Eighth St.: MISS BU-ilK
POLLOCK, at tho 1 rccbol Institute, 1127 13th st.
sel ivv
B Istlng between Mrs. John V. Ellis and
Mr. Henry Eberbnch is this day dissolved by mu
tual consent. Jlr. Eberbach's Interest In tho 1 rm
ceasing and ho retiring. A 1 debts duo tho tlrm
will be paid to Mrs. JonnV.Ellls.amlal MP""."
having claims against tho firm mill present tho
same to the undersigned for $,,.
No. W7 Pennsylvania nvc.nuc.
I take great pleasuro In announcing to my
filcnds and customers and tbo pviMlo general y
that I run 0 secured tho services ol Mr. Charles 11.
liavly. formerly In the employ of my husband.
Hie lite John r. Ellis, esq., but for tliopast clcv en
jearswItliMr.ouoHutro.orBiltlmore. to man.
ago and superintend my business, which w 111 be
iSntlnucdattiiooldstand.No. 017 Pennsylvania
nvenue.under tho name and stylo of John I. 1-K
lls Tco. Wo shall sell as usual the celebrated
Weber and other pianos, Smith, American and
other organs, musical Instruments of nil kinds,
Miect music, music books and musical merchan
Ulse. Your patronasp nmUn lueneo respectfiilly
solicited. JOHN V. ELLIS &CO..
seii-f" DJ7 Pennsylvania avenue.
hereby notliled to meet nt the oOlco of said Com
nany to transact such bnsmess us may legally
&me before th.m, on MONDV.Y. September if,
at .o'clock a. m .8K. Per order cMgg.w&'udi
. nAnti,i nnlm with Pror. Ilodtrkln.
cor. Ninth and II sts. n. w. Teeth extracted with
or without anaesthetics. !HS2
At the ton est Trices, Is at SUITS
0!I3 Seventh St. u. w.
J-P"? .7T-.-.. .,
I wish to can me auenuon 01 u iuulvv .vi-1
Improved patent horso shoo.w th moveable toes
and heels, the best and most durable shop ever
Invented. This shoo can bo seen at the store ot
Bryan fcBro., on Penna. ave.. bet. 6th and 7th
Bts.n.w. All experts are requested to closely ex
amine this kmvnv, norsehoer. ,
myia can o street northwest.
We have received a largo supply or the original
lor summer use, and being lato In tho season oiler
them nt tho following prices'
Large sire, 3 burner, with cxtonslo IjJ
Clipper, 3 burner - J
lIrdiuni,3burnor - r
1'alry, 3 burner "
Irgo, 2 burucr, w 1th extension f
Cllniwr.3 burner, with externum 11
Mi dlum, 2 burner - l'l
ralry,2hurner i
l'alry, 1 burner
Pure burulug ttuld always on band. Retail Mc.
per gauou,
100,1 riiNNA. AVE.
nrvM tiih
U&flf uinia iipm l.l nml 1R. nnltlv
tee tho Ocean Uuien to be a clear. Havana lllieil
five-cent cigar, at the Calltorula cigar wore, 1011
renua. ave., opposlto Harvey's, H. Sickle solo
ngent lor this uotcd brand. Trado aupplled In
quantltlivs. JyiO
tST COll. 15 III Br. AND N. V. AVJJ. m
Perpetual Charter, Act ol Congress, January W,
18,17: Capital I.MU.00O, iy7
PUOrEbbort JOHN O. COLLISS. now loca
ted nt No, 700 second stroet northwest, will
ho hero for the summer, ond I10 oilers tho fat
men a splendid upportuulty to have their lleil;
reduced. He lias a peculiar method or physical
tralnlngwhlch will tendto reJuco llesh. uudat
the same time It do.'S not interfere wlih eating or
tho usual mode ol life. ProAjsor Collins will glvo
lessons In Indian club cxcrclslug, boxing and
wrestling: collar and elbow, ureok and lloman
fltyles aud Lauc&shtru fashion, catch as catch can;
terms moderate aud satisfaction guaranteed
VDv.r.. A run and Fevers. Bilious Covers
And other diseases mcldf nt to the season, take
llKOWWUNKO milftiw.uujuuniM duik, w-
cape them.
BBOWNINU S nriTEIta havebeonlu nse for
over tw elve years, and no person was ever known
to have chills or bilious fevers whllo using these
Ultters For sale by druggists and grocers ener
rnoriuETona and manupaoturbrs,
010 Peunsylvanla Avnnne,
ulttf 1185 NEW YOUK AVENUE.
A Neat Wrought Iron
ot one ball Inch Iron, put up complete at 80c. per
toot, Alsoall mlscollaueous Iron work,
nM. wirrnc a en .
r 40a Maine avenue soiulmest.
Before paying Special AssMsments call at No,
43S Seventh st. ii. w., ltoom 1. Consultation free,
OOlce hours 9 a, m. to 6 v. in. aud 7 n. m to 9 p. m
Tilli Dlil'AimiEN'l'S.
Ijir.UTEN'ANT I'EItRY (lAtlST lllj bcOU
ordered to tho 1'ntsnlc.
T11r.RU vcio 11(1 l.md patonU nml 1)3
rent Ion certificates issuod to-day.
Tun nntlonnt baiiknotca rceclvcil for ro
dominion to-day amounted to cSUU.UDO.
Government receipts to-day : Intdrni
rovcuuo. f 1 10,033.01 ilcustotn", fl,073,S J J. 15.
SrcKi.TAnv or War Lincoln did not
return to Washington to day ns wat oxpcto.l.
ArroiNTMKNT Crr.nu Butler, of tho
Tixnsuiy, has returned nud n as nt lila desk In
tlio Ufpnrtracnt to-day.
Tun lenvo of abonco Rrnntol Socond
Lieutenant llobert J. O. lnlnc, ElotontU In
finlry, Is extended ten da) s.
Tun lcavo of abscuco Rrautcd 1'ost Clitp
1.1111 (lcorgo A. England Is oxtonded two
moulha on eurgoon's (.ortiacato ot disability.
In the absence of Cblcf Clerk Tvrcedalo,
otlhoWnrnepartmcnt, Mr. Jay Btono, chlot
of tho Corresiiondenco Vl lslon, Is nclln & chlct
Tub extension of lcavo of absonco srantcd
I'oat Choplnlu Touesatut Meepllo Is tiirther ox
tended threo moullis, with permission to go
ijcyoml sen.
Lieutenant U, V. Sturdy lias boon or
dered to perform tho dtitlos of Superlntond
ontot tho Nautical Almanao onico during tho
nueenco oi iToiosor owcomu.
The United Stntcs stcamor Powhatnn,
Captain Matthows, lert tho l"ortsmouth navy.
yaid jesterdny for Hampton lloads to wait
for tho arrival ot tho Nantucket.
Alexander Duval liaa been appointed
postmaster nt Hardwlcksvtllo, Nolxon County,
Vn.tvlcoll,D. Mosoloy, who wouldn't havolt
becaueo thcro wasn't enough money In It.
Benjamin r, Horton lias been awarded
tho contract for carrj Ing tlio mall rrom Clirls
tlanburg to Bedford l'urnace, Montgomery
County, Vn,, a dlstnncoottwonndn halt miles.
THE Ticsldcnt to-day unpointed tlio fol
lowing posimnsterst Charles W. Strylcor, nt
Hockvllle. Ind , lco John B. Dowd, resigned!
J. o.lieoll,ntLaurange, On., vlco II, Ball, re
signed. Presidential postmasters' commissions
wero Issucd;tcdny to Win. Jowoll, Jr., to bo
postmaster at Callstoga, calltorntn, and Maria
T.Hulllian, to bo postmlstross nt Starkvllle,
On account of tho rlcld nuarautlno regu
lations existing at Pcnsacola tho ltotonuo
Marino Btenmcr Crawford has been orderod to
Mobile, whero headquarters will bo estab
lished temporarily.
The First National Bank of Luddtng
ton, Mich., with a capital 01 jr.0,000, has boon
authorized to commence business. Tlio char
ter of tho l'lrst Natlonnl BanU ot LOtilsvlUo,
Ky has been extended.
The Attorncy-acnoral's 6fflco is under
going a thorough ronoiallng. Tlio dosks Imvo
been rcmotod, carpets takon up, etc. Tho
npaitmcnt will bo handsomely papored by Mr.
Clark, a Washington pnpor-haugor.
Acting Secretary 6r ran Treasury
rnjibcu has Instructed tho U. S, .Aailstant
Trcnsuror at Now York to redeem tho bondi
Included In tho 115th call without rebate ot
Interest whenover such bonds nro oncrod.
The rostofflco Department has ordered
the promotion ot thirteen subcarrlors to bo
auxiliaries, twcnly-ino auxiliaries to holiest.
class carrlorf, and cltrht auxiliaries to bo regit,
lar carriers, all In tho Brooklyn (N. V.) onico.
John KrLLER was originally appolntod
n postmaster at rishcr'a Hill, hhenandoali
County, Vn., by Congressman Paul lor his
lojalty to tho ltcadluster party. To-day, at
tho request or Senator Mahouo nnd Congress
man Paul, Keller was bounced for political
backslldlug, Paul will namo his successor.
U. S. noND3 withdrawn from securities of
Natlonnl Banks by tho Trcnsuror and surrdn
dcrcd to tho becrotary ot tlio Treasury tor ox
cliango Into 3 per conts.i
T6date M'-M'l",300
Today 7,lKHI,:no
Total , 550,15",()30
The Postmastcr-Ocuctal has authorized
a rooiganlzatlon ot thu froo dcllvory eystom ot
tills city bo that cacn regular letter carrlor
shall havo a louto ot his own. 1'ormorly two
carriers opcratod on ft singio routo. tuo ap
pointment ot eight additional auxiliary car
riers has been ordorod also, Thoy aro to net
ns eolloctois. Tho appointment of theso
Increases our total letter carrier foico to 0!)
The follow ing postmasters in Maryland
and Vliglnla wero commissioned to-day:
Maryland J. 11. Clark, Nowburg, Charles
county. Virginia J. N. fJrosir, Cnppahosle,
Olnucestcr County: J. W. liantel, locust Hill,
Middlesex County: D. W. House, Oreenwlch,
l'rlnco William county; Lucy U. Hopo,
Jackson, Louisa County: 8. N. Mustnln,
Chalk Level, I'lttsyhnnla County: M, Murphy,
1 lelds, Mccklcnburgh County.
Lieutenant W. II, Jaciues, U, S. N
has been dlrcctod by Commodore Upshur, Now
York Nn y-Yard, to hold himself In lcadluoas
to board iho steamer In which Oblct Engineer
Ocorgo W.Molvlllo Is returning to this coun
try for tho purpose of oxteudlug to him and
his party such asslstanco as thoy may re
quire. Lieutenant Jaques will also perform
eamo onices for I.loutonant It. M. Berry, who
Is to nrrtt 0 In tho samo stoamcr.
Tin: first detachment of tho astronomou
authorized by Congress to observe tho transit
or Venus tho Uth of Decombcr, will lotvo
hero to-morrow morning tor Ban l'ranclsco on
rouloror New Zealand. Tho party consists or
Mr. rdwlu Smith ot tho United States Coist
and Qeodedlo Survey In charuo: Professor 11.
S. 1'rltchott, astronoraor or Washington Uni
versity, ht. Louis, and Messrs. Augustus
Storey and Oustaro Tbollkuhl, ol Boston, plio
tographcis, Actino Secretary Trench listened to
an argument this morning upon thaquostlon
of who Is entitled to possession ot u ilr.itt
Issued under nu appropriation to onablo tho
Secretary or tho Treasury to pay to tho legal
lopioecntathosotacnoral Ocorgo E. Johnston
nn amount not oxceodlns tflO.lilu. Tho ad
ministrator claims possession ot tho draft ns
being tho reprcsotatlvo ot Johnston, w hllo Mr.
Warden, counsel tor Josonh W. McOorkle,
claims possession ot it in behalf or MeUoikle,
who wns counsel tor claimants In presenting
the claim In congiese, claiming n lion on It tor
Ids fees, Tho qucslton Is not J ot decided.
Ciulct OIIU't'lH at AiiimpDlll.
Tlio tollowlng-nnmod naval cadets aio ap
pointed cadet onieora ond cadet petty olllsois
nt tho Naval Acadomy: B. D. Urecno, jr., cadot
lieutenant commander; cinlot lieutenants, J,
It. Jackson, O. W. Street, H. Ueorgo, 1'. L.
tbnplni indet masters, J, 11. Birnard, T. H.
0'I.cary, 11. P. Agee, w. J. Nilsoni cadot en
signs, A. B. Keith, E. W. Dalrymple, J. A. Jack.
eon, T. II, 01gnllllnt,T. V. Tono; potty oflloers
ct tho met class, II, W, lkirkloy, It, C. Alexan
der, 0. O. Stout, T. A. Withorsiioon. P. T.
Brmly, It. ):. Thurston, 1:. B, Weeks, II.
C, Point, O. 1:. bwoellng, it, T. Trailer, H,
L, Mitchell, 1', It, Cohln) potty nnicers,
secoiKl class, 1'. E. Curtis, ". 1. Williams, A,
M. Becchoi.T, H.Lenry, J. K. Hoymour, O. II,
Hayes, II. McNulin, W. MeCroary, 0. W, Hazel
nut1, Vf. 11. Shoemukor, II, p, Jones, Jr., and J.
11. Uarrotl. Tho cadet oillcors and potty
oOlcers nro nslgnod to rank in which they are
named, Cadet Ureeno Is n son ot aommandor
B. Dnnu Orocue, tor several yo.11 a past seulor
aid to tho superintendent at tho Naval
Aendemy, and now on special duty In Wash
ington. Tho now cadot oillcers take chargo ot
tho battalion on tho reopening ot tlio Naval
Academy, October 1 ,
Writer Won't Ncrmnlilp.
C'ungi eesninn Urner, of tho Sixth Maryland
Ulstilct, was met this afternoon byn Oiiitiu
icporter, who said:
"You aro having a lively light up In jour
"Oh, ee," fold Mr. L'rner, "io arc having a
"Aroou hopeful ot success?" quorlodTiiL
"Well," said tho Btntesman, "tho eontosl, I
must niknowledge, Is going to bo a closo nno
Indeed, and at this lime It Is no man's light.
However," continued Mr. Urnor, "I do not In
tend to innkon scramble fur the place, I Intend
to abide by tho action ot my friends, an 1 will
let them conduct my cam nss,"
Willi 11 Mugninreiit Triliule to Wo-iiicii-rrevioHsl.v,
lionet cr, lie
ComiilctcN tlio Work Commenced
Tcstcritny, mill I.ciivcm Xol n Shred
of tlin ImUctmcnf Tlio Wholo t'nin
roiiuitcil '011 " Vncimm" Tlie At.
lenipt of Ilia l'rosceutioii to Tor
rort7o tlio Jury Tito I'crjitrcr,
xialsli,i:ireclu:illy I'nlerl7iil Tlio
Iiiinnislstcticlri or Ills Testimony
Nlionn ll All Tlmt H10 Dcfemo
Atll In nn Honest Verdict I'oilllilett
on tlio lililcnce
AtHi30 o'clock this morning every clnlr
trco to tho public was takon and nil tho avail
abloepaco occupied in tho Orlmlnnl Court
room, and loug betoro tho court couvonod tho
nl lca were pacitod aud many wero unablo to
gain admission. Tho ladlds woro out In lull
foice, thcro being a much lirgor representa
tion than ycstci day, and sooner than not got
places, eomelot them occupied thoootteos In tho
dock. It was very evident that all tho crowd
lug nnd pushing was promptod by but ono do
elie, nnd that was
To Hcnr Colonel lllirorsnll.
Ills argument ot yesterday Is concedod lo havo
Ijccii ono Jlint could not bo surpassod nnd Ins
rarely been equalled, and he has bcou compli
mented upon all sides tor tho ability and
torco Ulsplavcd. Tho mombers ot tho bar
without exception pronounco It a brilliant
effort and ono ot tho most masterly over niado
ton jury,
1'urtlicr It Is said that ho has so completely
and thoroughly torn tlio Indictment to pieces
that tho Attorncy-aenoral will llud trouble In
patchlnglt sufficiently to hold to tho closo ot
his address, It Is believed that Colonel In
ccrsoll has put upovon tor Mr. Browstor nn
unansw crablo argument.
Tho counsel for tho defense wero In Court
early and tho Jury in tho box cm time, and tlio
special prosecutors eamo last as usual.
Ills Honor was behind time, nnd It was ton
minutes alter 10 o'clock betoro ovcrythtng was
In readlnoeB for tho argument to procood.
Colonel Ingorsollsald that It appearod rrom
tho ovldcnco In tho case, that 01 Mr. Jamos,
that Mr. S. W. Dorsey mndo a statement to tho
Attorney (loneral and Postmaster ci onoril bo
loro tho one mudo by Mr. ltordcll, nnd the wit
ness James testllled that ho rend it, but
did not know what becarao ot It. Ho did not
Intend to say what was In that xtaiomont.
"It IUIkIiI Ifnvo Ilccu n Cofifcsiloii
lor all tho Court know." said tlio Judgo.
" II It had been a coutcsslon they would havo
had It here," quickly answorod Colonel lugor
soli. " Undoubtedly," replied His Honor.
"It was sufficient to show to this Jury that
tho Btntemcnt was not prodticod, and I can
arguoto amoral certainty if that statement
had been contlrmod by proor it would Iinvo
been pioduced In tho case," said Colonel In
gcrsoll, "But that Is arguing on
Viicuum JVutliiuiii"
replied tlio Court.
"Then lam only stating tho foundation ot
this prosecution v acuuni," shot back colonel
Tho counsellor thou procoedod toarguo tlio
counts delicti, and Insisted that thoro must bo
apurposoto commit crlrao betoro ItcDiild bo
dono. Tho next point was that coucurrouco ot
action established conspliocy. It 0110 ot theso
partlos mado a bid, tho Department and tho
man had to net together until tho contract
closed, and that being so, it did not follow that
thoro was any Impropor understanding bo
tweeu tho partlos, and Hint concurrence In ac
tion showed nothing.
Tlio l'crjurcr Pulverized.
Tho next ov Idenco that ho nlluded to vra3
that of Walsh. Ho should not say much, Mr It
had been examined and ground to powdor.
When nn thing really happens anything
clso thnt ov or liappeuod will lit It. Every fact
In this world would lit overy other tact, but
A I.to Would ITt -Vothltis In TliN
World Hut Another I.le
mndo for It. bomotlmos It would Joltt truth,
and thcro would bo 11 ha 1 Joint, He round
somo Inconsistencies In It,
Bankers and brokeis, ns a rule, did not loan
money without taking ft note, aud tho less
money they havo tlio more soeurlty thoy
wanted, Bankers nud brokors did not loan
money on notes without Interest. Thoy did
not loan on notes pnyablo on domand, for thoy
wero not negotiable. Ho would not loan J12,
000 on ono uoto nud not being paid loan 13,
OOll to tho samo party. A man did not bring
suit nnd neglect to tell tho coricct Indebted
ness, It Was Not Mkcly
that Mr. Brady would make n confession to
n man Hint ho wanted to get In his power.
It Mr. Brady w as getting uo per cent, rrom nil
uicso conttacts. 110 111a not ueoa 10 uorrow
money. This wholo thing was boiled down to
tho statement that n- rich man borrowed
monby without necessity and a poor man
loaned monoy without soeurlty.
It was an linprobablo thing, and ho did not
bellovo that any person would glvocrodtt to it.
All that ho had said In regard to Walsh ap
pllod to licrdell. It was ndmtttod that there
was nothing 111 his confession that could bind
any ot tho defendants but llerdcll hlmseir,
nml ho wanted to know wlioro ho confossod
himself In. Ho must havo confessed that
ho was
Utility AccorillntT 111 tho Inilictuicut
set forth and In no pthor w ay, Tho schomo ot
tho indictment must bo established 01 the caso
tell, Unless tho Jury bellevod from tno ovl
dcnco that this schemo was tho schomo ot tho
Indictment they must nud overy dcrondant not
Tho noxt chargo was extravagance, now did
they know
A llilne was Kxtrntniriiut
unless thoy know tho prlco ot it. Thoy must
show that these routes could hav 0 boon carrlod
for less money betoio they charged extrava
gance, ana what v. ltncss had sworn that ho
would carry tho mall on any one of thoso routos
for less thnn It was carried. Whon ft man took
ono ol theso contracts lio toolc tho chaueos lu
this wild, unbrokon country. Thoy ought to
bo there In Iho winter vvhcu tho wind came
down In ono broad sweep of 1,000 or 0,01111
Tlio Jury must nlso iccollect that
Coiiri'chs I.stiiulishcil Theso IIoulcs
and tho Second Assistant Postmastei-aenoral
had to put tho scrvlco on, and that tho oxpodl
Hon was uiged and petitioned for, indersod
and iccummeuded by Senators, Cougrossmtin,
(loneral Sherman, Judges and hundreds and
hundreds or good aud reputable citizens.
Ho believed In iho causing ot tho mall tho
diffusion of light; nnd ho believed that tho
miner was ns much entitled to Lis dally mall
as the Sccrotnry of tho Interior or tho mer
chant ot tho East,
On tho subject ot productiveness ha had lit
Uoto soy, nnd wanted to kuow how' tho prose
cution would mnko out with their pay on that
Very few offenses wero comralttod lu public.
But cilmo must bo proved. There was no ovl
dcnco horo ot tho direct proof ot this kind.
btitconvlcllou was asked from tho orraet ot
circumstances. Tho ovldouco must bo such ns
to cvcludo overy roasonnblo hypothesis ex
cept tho guilt ot iho detortdants, nud
InroiiNlstcnt Willi Their Innoeoiiee.
llo wauled tho Jury to apply that rulo iu to
S. W. Dorsey and John W. Doisey. Ho would
bo guilty lo change tho rulo and lot tho Jury
llndavcidlctotgullty If thoy had a doubt as
10 the mcoconco ot tno defendants, and oven
operating that way they could not nud tho
Doieeys guilty. Suspicion was nn Intellootual
dyo that colors everything It comes lu contact
with. When a man was charged with crlmo It
wns heralded throughout tho papers. Wny
did tin y put It In tho papers ? Put somothlng
Eood lu nbout Mr. Smith nnd nobody would
uy It but Mr. Smith. Put somothlng ba 1 In
nbout him nnd the pi ess will havo to bv run
night nnd day to nccomtuodato the demands ot
his neighbors.
Bad nows sold belter than good, which ac.
counted for so much ot It being found lu tho
papers, Tho ctfoit had been nndo by tlio
To TcriorUo tho Jury.
It wns plnlnly Intonded by Mr Ker that If
they tailed to com let, It was nu ov Idenco that
they had been bribed. Ho (Mr. Ingorsoll) did
notlndorsothubtatcmont that ft Jury should
glvo a verdict for Iho npplauso ot ths United
States whether light 01 not.
Ho would rather know that ho was honest
llinu havo tlio npplnuso ot tho wholo vvoild
olhctM Ise. Tliey had been told lliat tho p io
plo weio expecting it verdict ot conviction,
and thnt thoy ought not M bo illsipiHiliitod,
'1 lint was dono to terroilzo iho Jury. Mt. Mir.
lick had Mild Hint tho Jury was Hying this
case, 'Hint was
Another Alteuitl In Terrorize
It was dono to try tho Jurors audseolt thoy
had tho pluck to stand out against the tlueats
ot Iho piosecullon. It was tlio objeet to lot
tho men not on oath dec! lo thu cua Instead or
tho men who wote. Tho nisa who hid not
heard tho caso Instead ot those who ha 1, This
was all dono to frighten the Jurors. Mr. Mcr
licit: was blav 0 enough to hopo that
IVot n Jin or Ilml Hem llrlbcil.
Tbo counsel hoped that thoy would find a
v erdict according to Iho testimony, not accord
ing to tho artlcios In tho nowspapcrs, no mat
ter who It hit, nnd saro their consciences a
He. Tho articles wero not published in sup.
port or tho ov Idenco In tho case, but to Influ
ence Iho Jury. It tho ovldcnco convicted them,
Ihcn tho jury must so nnd, nnd they ha I no
right to consider tho consequonces, but whon
they wero asked to llnd a fatso vordlct tlion
thoy must think ot
The Itrnrt-i They Would Ilrenlt,
hearths mnko desolate, wives moro than
widows, children moro than orphans. These
things they must consider whon asked to glvo
afalco veidtct.
An I.lnticnt Tribute to Women.
This proeocyitlon havo tramplod upon tho
holiest ot human ties, nud havo oven made
light ot It boeauso n wlto in this trial had sit
by her husband's side. Thoro Is a painting In
tho Louvre a palming ot desolation, or do
spalr nnd love. It represents tho night of tho
Crucifixion, Tlio world Is wrapped In shadow.
Tho stars nro dead, nnd yet In tho darkness Is
eccun kneeling rorm. It Is Mary Magdalene,
with loving lips nnd Hands,
1'resncd Afinlnit tho Iliceillusr I'cct
. or Christ.
Tho skies woro never dark enough, nor star
less tnoughi tho storm was never llercu
enough, nor wild enough; tho quick bolts ot
Heaven wero nover lurid enough, nnd tho at.
rows of slander never now thick enough to
drlro n noblo woman from nor husband's side.
alu so it is 111 an 01 numau spoecn
Tlio Holiest Word Is Woiiinu,
The only meicy that they nskod In this caso
was tho mercy or an honest verdict. lie ap
pealed to thorn tor John W.Dorsoy an 1 s. W.
Dorsey, tor tho testimony showod that they
wero honest men. Ho had examined orery
chargo mado lu tho Indictment nnd overy ono
outsldo ot It, nud ho had shown them that not
ono was sustained by testimony as to his
- "I havo Bpolccn now, gentlemen, tho list
wonls thnt will bo spokon In nubile tor my
clients. Tho last words that will bo heard In
tbolr raver until 1 hosr Horn tho lips ot this
foreman iho two
r.lo-iuciit Words, 'Not Utility,'
nud now. thanking thc'Court for many acts ot
iicrsounl kindness, nncf you, gontlcmou of tho
ury, for 3 our nlmost InUnlto patlonce, I leav 0
my clients with nit they have, with all thoy
lov e, w 1th all who lovo them In your hands."
During tho rolcrcnco of Colonel Ingersoll to
tho devotion or women
Slimy nn I.yo Wns Wet With Tcnrs,
not a tew belonging to tho mnlo sex. His clos
ing words wero llstenod to wltliastlcnconl
most painful, and nt tho end the bailiffs found
It dinicult to suppress tlio npplauso.
Mr. Brewster said that ho had understood
Colonel Ingersoll would occupy tho morning,
nud, ns a consequonce, ho had not brought his
papers with liliu, but would be realy to go on
nil o'clock. Ho would sneak during tho ntter
neon nnd probably occupy an Hour tn tho
Tho court then took a recess until 1 p. m.
Aiiimnl Ileport or Commissioner
Mr. Stoutcnburgh, Commissioner and In
tendent ct the Washington Asylum, submitted
his annual report to tho District Commission
ers today. Ho states that ho was somewhat
restricted by tho etato ot artalrs at tho Asj lttm
In Juno when ho assumed control and tho ox
liaustion ot tho appropriation.
Tho report mentions tho completion ot tho
new ward forcolored mnlo paupers, which Ins
added greatly to their health and happiness.
An cxpendlturo ot MOO would nt up a stmt
lar ward in which colored bo) s now incarcer
ated at tho workhonso could bo accommodated
and Instructed If a public Bchool toachor would
bo dotallod for tho purpose Tho nocosslty tor
keeping tho lys apart rrom older off ondors
becomes moro and moro apparent.
During tho year tho prisoners havo mado a
londtiomtlio barnyard to I'.-street road, mil
from tho Icehouse to tho fruit road, tho total
lengths being 1,070 tect.
At tho smallpox .hospital 42 patients wore
admitted during the year.
Tho religious servlcesat tho Asylum havo
boen conductod by Kov, Mr. Van Dorau nnd
daughtcis, ralhors ot bt. Peter's parish, nnd
gentlemen ot tho Young Men's Chtlstlnn Asso
Tho statistics nccompanylng tho ropirt show
that at tho workhouse, on July 1, 1BS1, thoro
vvoro l'Jl persons: during tho year '.LUIS
moro wero admitted, maklnt ft total ot !i,l72
accommodated: i!,O0I porsons wera dis
charged, 31) escaped, and 1 died, Thoro are
now 131 persons lutho workhonso. Tholln
mates wero 6S7 whlto males, "07 whlto
females, 87i! colored males, andlBJ colorod
Of tho prisoners, 833 wero commuted tor
rngraucy, 710 for disorderly conduct, 'J 1(1 lor
pruinmiy uuu siiuuicr nuiuuurs lor iwuuiy
lour other orronses.
At tho almshouso thcio wero 11 1 persons at
1110 opening oi mos oar, anci jtic, worosuuso
qucntly admitted, making a. total 01311 per
sons accommodated. 01 this number V!U1
wero discharged and 0 died, lonv lug a presont
population of 101,
Over GOO conins wero glvou for tho burial ot
Indigent persons and 571 Interments made in
tho potteis' llchl.
Tho report ot Dr. John I, Dyer, tho visiting
phjetclau, accompanies Mr. stoutenburgh's
report, nnd gives tho medical statistics ot both
branches of tho asylum for tho year with tho
surgical operations perrormod, etc.
A Itcecntioii for Melville.
It now ldoks as though Chlct Enginoor
Ocorgo W, Melville, lato ot tholtl-ratod Jean
uette, will moot with a rccoptlon on hlsar
rival Hi tho United States as enthusiastic aud
demonstrative as tho hoarty woleomo homo
extended to Lieutenant Danenbowor and
party. Tho Common Council ot Now York
city, atter passing resolutions commendatory
ot Chief Englhocr Slelvlllo's heroic efforts,
last night, appolntod acommlttoo torecctvo
nnd woleomo him on his arrival. In addition
to that action tho following was adopted :
"Jlecoliett, That as a tokun ot our apprecia
tion or his bravery,humanlty aud self sacrltlce,
n coinmttloo ot threo bo appolntod torocelvo
him on his arrival and to tender him tho tiso
ot tho Governor's ltoom lor n public rocoptlon
at such time as ho may deslguate."
In Philadelphia yesterday n meeting ot citi
zens was held In the Mayor's onico to nrrango
(or 11 public reception to Unglnoor Molvlllo
also. His Honor, tho Mayor, prostdod. Among
llioso proscDt werD flcnerul John 1', Ilartrauft,
Charles H, Cramp and oxOoveruor Pollock,
Speeches wero made, and ntior appointing n
commlttco ot nrrnngemonts tho meeting nd
Join ned. This comralltoo Is composed or ov or
a liumlied ot tho lending citizens, nnd com.
prises Iho names of Mayor King, John Welsh,
(icoigo W. Chllds, Colonel A. K.McUlure, ox.
Governors Hartinntt and Pollock, Postmister
Iluldekopcr. ex-Mayora Htokley, Honry and
Vans and Clayton McMlclmel,
Iteiiart or the Nenleror Wcinlits nud
Mr, James Small, iho District sealer or
w eights aud inensures, has submitted his nu
llum rerort, Tho total foes woro $1,71(1.3 .
bcvcral weights and measures wero con
demned during tho year ns being below tho
authorized standard. Tho present laws nro,
tho report states, necessarily adapted to things
as tlu y wore years ago, and aro almost useless
now, and should clthor bo completely ronnl.
elect or repealed and otheis possod. Tho pros.
ont laws provide for tho measurement lustea 1
of tho weighing or coal, corn, meal, boans, Ac,
Dry nn nsitro has boon almost outlrol) huc
ceodedby weighing, aud tho lntter system Is
uulvcisally preterrod, Tlio scales and weight
used in tbo District lmvo greatly liuprovodot
Into cars, and nro tho best to be round lu tho
lliilfed btates. A standard ot weight to tho
bushel Is lecommeiidod to conform with that
adopted In tho principal commercial cities.
Ho Until! Ifliu.
Ceitntn members ot tho Metropolitan Club,
ot this city, hav 0 bOoncuJorlng n hearty laugh
for sov oral tin) s at tho oxponse ot 0110 or their
inembeis. The gentleman lu question lives at
a laehlonablo boaidlng house, where, among
tho staff ot servants employed, Is a rather
fresh jouugioloied man, whoso duty It is to
sit lu Iho vestibule nnd soe that 111 Impropor
chnineters enter tho hoitso, Tlio other day as
Mr, Blank lounged with easy gra '0 lu Its
lortals, lu, stopped tor n moment while tlu
udoicd man dusted his clothes, During this
opeiatlou H10 latter remarked 1
"Don't joti romomber me, saht'
"No," wns Iho somowlint astonished toply.
'Il'Buri tunny," said tho daiky, with n
lingo otdlsnppulntnient tin his voice "'poais
lo mo 1 ceo s on ov cry ulgtit las' vviuiet."
"Whcie, prnyr"
Tlio man paused Just long enough to allow
scveinl Indies tngetwlthlu heniliu distance,
and then tcmarkod in n semi conil lontlal
"I used to open wluo nt " (moutlonltiz ft
pi eminent house south ot the avenue).
1'olls IT i I Afler Hob IiisrcrsoII'N
Ilrlllliiut r.mirl Tho Attorney-don-criil
Apologizes Tor Ills Appeur
nneo in the Case How Ho Cmno
to l,o There I'l nlso or Illlss and
Slerrlch, of Course, nnd Uuiicccn
Niir3 nnd Ifmiilleil for Abuse or
tho DcfcmlnntH.
Although thcro was an intermission of ono
hour nnd nhnlf still most of tho nudlenco re
mained In tho chamber, especially Iho remain
portion ot It, As tho tlmo drow nigh for the
court to reconveno tho room llllej up nud
again becamo packed.
Tho Attnrucy-fJcucrn!
entered Hie courtroom at la t in, haling lutho
mcnntlmo been homo nnd change 1 his coat.
Shortly nlterwnrd Mr. Bliss eamo In. Mr.
Brewster arranged his bxiks nud ptporsnnd
commenced speaking n tow mlnutos ntter 1
Uo said that It was now about oue yoar since
ho had beourotnlned lutho case. When llrst
nAkcd, It was his Impiesslon that ho could not
enter Into It, but ho dually detormliied that ho
would tako chargo ot tho caso It upon Investi
gation It wns such n onoas warranted prosecu
tion. Ho then reviewed the progress In tho
caso from tho llmoot tho nilng or iho Infor
mation. Ho enld that It sconnd to htni that It
was an Investigation that should havo been
courted by tho defendants. Thoy eatd that
they wanted to bo tried by adraad andTra
verso Jury, nnd they would dctond themselves,
It had reached a petit jury nnd they had a
trial nml ho wished tho jury to say whether
tho defendants had given
Tlio Wholo Truth or Xol.
How had this indictment been mot ? Uy
earplug, nnd up to tho closing nddress
thcro had boen nothing out attacks upon tho
Indictment by technicalities. They had not
nppenred beforo tho Jury llko lunocont man
and told nil they know.
Ho was In tho caso ami beforo tho Jury to seo
fair play, Iho Uovernmont did not want to
see any innocent man com tctod. It they woro
not guilty, then iho Jury should nay so, but It
guilty, then tho lury should return n verdict
against them. Tho people lookod to tho Jurors
to do their duty and oxpectod that thoy would.
IIo was said to havo
Lowered Himself
by nppcarlng betoro nn Interior tribunal nn 1
no uenicu inni ic was so. - court that trio I
tho nssnssln ot tho President or thu Unltod
States was not an Intel lor tribunal, rrom tho
tlmo (forly-llvo jenrs ago) that ho becamoa
member of tho profession ho felt it his duty to
appear whero Justlco was admlnlstored nnl
his services woro demanded. It tho counsel
read their law-books thoy would llnl that
ticsnr Itoilury, Attoruoy-Ucncriil ol
the United .Slates,
had appealed In this court betoio the present
organization when tho Judgo sat asn commu
ting magistrate. (He cited sov era! other cases to
show thnt there wero set eral procodonts for his
His place was thoro becauso ho wished to seo
Justice dono, nud w ould seo it douo or
Surrender Ills Ofllcc.
Tho reason was that ho startod tho caso, and
knew nil about It trom beginning to ond, nud
invited all Into it except Mr. Bliss. Ho was
determined that there should be none ot tint
loul clement In It called politics. It should
bo prosecuted ptolonojmbhco.
Ho Sloppod loug enough to
Polish Sir. Illlss Oir
with nattering w ords for tho mannor in which
ho had porlormcd his Ben Ice, and thon went
back to onco moro explain w liy ho was prosont
participating In tho case. It took nearly three
iiunrtcis or nn hour tor htm to got through
this explanation to his Batlslactloii.
Tlio J ury had boen told, ho said, that ho did
not know tho case. Night by utglit and day oy
day ho had traveled with this caso anl kuow
nil nbeut It.
Ho had ngrccd Willi Mr. Merrick as to tho
action taken lu regard to Mr. Turnor, but
when ho saw him sitting with tho otliers, aid
Ing them, ho felt that his coudttct was out
rageous and
Itesrotted Thnt 11 Concession
had been mado In his cose. Ho agrood with
what Colonel Ingersoll said, that if the de
fendants wero Innocent they should bo ac
quitted, but It guilty, then convict them.
Tho institution ot tho mall dellveiy was 0110
otthogieatestotclvlll:atlon,nullt must bo
protected. What would bo said ot tho men
given tho money to conluct this buslnoss
nutting It in their nockols lnedltlon was
coirect, but not wlioro thcro woro no letters.
Let Ihem linvo their weekly or monthly mall,
but not at tho rato ot J5(),0tHI a yoar,
Could theso men say that theso routos wero
expedited honosily ami with an honest Inten
tion 7 The law speellled how this service
Bbould bo rcndoied and how bids wero to bo
Invited, This was dono In Justice to all par
ties. By tho method that Mr. Brady adopted
this law was trampled undor toot It was satd
that Mr. Brady know nothing ot thlsdocop.
Hon. Was he deceived? Woro not tho sub
contracts put on record nnd did not Mr. Brady
know how much monoy went to thorn 7
Tbo Attorney General then treated tho Court
and Jury ton dissertation on tho law, and Un
lehlng that said that this was a
l'roscciition ror Conspiracy.
That was a peculiar otronse. It roaulrod
skill, logic and nicety to set It forth In un in.
dlctment. To com let a man of conspiracy was
a very different thing to do.
Judges thcmselv os got lestless ns tho case
progresses, aud cannot seo tho proor, but tho
law) or know s and ho goes on, nnd tho accused,
ns it conios, knows Its force nnd urges his
couneel to light It. But
It Outliers ns It icons,
until It becomes as clear and whlto as snow,
bolnthlscnse. It wont on until tho Court
wokoupto tho fact and told tho Jury that
thcro wns something tor them to pass upon,
nnd ho would not ontertatn tho demurrer ot
tho defense to tho ovldence.
Mon did notcomblno together methodically
nud dcllberato tor a purpose, but they ha I
nn organizer, a hoad mnn. who lall tho plans.
Thoro wns not ono conspiracy In a ltuudrod
thousand thnt tho mon woro caught together.
But In this Instnnco tho proiocutlou wero
rortunnto in catching them nil at Dorsoy's
house. Ho tad never had such a torluuato
experience In nil his practice.
Ho then returned to tho lawroiulrln; tho
contracts for this sorrlco to bo mado, nud
claimed that It had been tinnipled under root.
Ho thought It was lomnrknblo that of nil tno
old experience mon who rollowod tho mall ear-
lymg uot ono was inciuuou 111 1111s inuictment
except Vnlle,
Ho maintained that whctl tho Court decided
In this caso lh.it thoro was sunielunt to go to
tho Jury that tho burden nt proof roll upau tho
other sldo to show their Innocence.
Who Wero Theso DcrduitiintH?
Men who understood mall-earrylug aud fol
lowed It? Hero was John W. Dorsey, n tin
smith, trom Vermont. Whnt did ho know
about 1)10 ionics lutho far Wostt ho It was
with tho rest ot them. Who was S. W.Doisoy!
Originally, ho was ft hotiso-palutor, thon he
went Into isjlltles and becamo n bouator. How
eamo ho to call John W, Dorsey hero, his
brother-in-law, Peck, nnd Miner How did
llerdcll happen 10 bo horet
lllheso wore nil mittcis tor tho It' considera
tion. Wero they strangers to each other acci
dentally hero! No, they woro got bora by bio
phcu V. Dorsey nnl tor this purpose. It
needed mnuy men nud may bids to accomplish
Ho then w cut on to argue that Mr. S. W. Dor
sey got his Information ns 11 member ot the
beuate Commlttco on PostnM-os.
When this case opened Iho counsel tor Mr.
Dorsey had promised toproducoall the bioks
nnd papers nnd show overy transaction. Tho
lllal had gono through with and Iho books
had not been rortlusimlng, '1 hey dlt buslnoss
onupon gravevnrd principles, and thobwks
rrilovvn Anion. Ih" lle.ul Jli'n.
At this point ho n tor red to tho t let that somo
or tho dc fondnuts laugh ntho Jokos ot tbo
counsel nud It seemed to annoy him coosldor
nbly to think that llonornl Brady should In
dulge In this enjoyment, Probably ho thought
Hint tho defendant should carry a lunoral
look nrouml the courtroom.
Mr. Biouster then Jumped to tho law, vv here
ho found n llttlo suior fouling.
llo had been paddling nrotind In tho slums
ot iho caso for nearly two hours nnd Hi only
thing ho suiceeded In doing was lu making
statements which theto wero no testimony to
Without iiiiKludlng hlsiemirks up in this
point, nt II o'clock tho Court adjoittuul until
to morion.
IUMLlHNUpormlts for now hoiuoi vvoro
Issued to day in John White, nt I.lghtli and 1
stteele, t'ilHHh 1), p. Guifr. l.lghlh nnd A
streets uoillieust, t'',0 1(1, and tour dwellings
on l.lghlh and A slieets, SOi W. T. Till
ill up, Kingman Court, $1,1,0 ): 1', MUvilo
1110 sixth street, t-l.MH). The Idling,
house, (HHi Ninth street, will lie enl- 'go I ni 1
lemodeled nt a cost ot ..i,ouu,
DAnnoun renominated
Congress liy Ai't'liitiiiillou lu
Special Dispatch to Tit,: Kviniso CntTtr.
ALEXAMIIIIIA, VA., Sopt.O, 183.!.
Tho city Is filled with delegates to tlio Dem
ocratic Congressional convention ot tho
l.lghth District, which met at Armory Hall at
111 o'clock to day. Tho district Is composod ot
eleven counties. About 100 delcgatos nro
present, together with a largo numb r ot lea I
lug members ot tho party. Among thoso hero
ato General William 11, l'ayno nnd Clonel
Thomns Smith, ot Warrontoni Marshall Mc
Curmlck, ot llnppnhauuock: Jamos Barbour
and James W. Orccn, ot Culpepcn Julge
Lovcll, of Warren: Dr. Terrell, nt Ounqoi
Stidgo lfohcrteou, ot Charlottesville Mijor
Hunter nnd Holmes Conrad, of Winchester,
nml roster, ot Loudoun,
Tho convention was railed to order at VI
o'clock by Captain It. Kemper and Major James
W. loster or Loudon was mado permanont
chairman, and Edgar Snowdon permatifut sec
lelary, with assistant. 0. I). Gray ot Cul
pepcr placed tho namo ot John o. Harbour be
toro tho convention lu n speech ot somo length
In which ho snld tho record ot tho distin
guished gentleman could bo pointed to with
pildo by ivcry Democrat In tho district.
Judgo Charles E, Btunrt, ot Alnxnnder;
Major H. E. l'ovtou, or Loudoun: Goorgo
Mason nnd T. D. ltlchnrdsou, ol l'alrtax; Mir.
shnll Mccormick, Clark nnd others niilo
specchos seconding tho nomination.
Colonel Harbour was doclarcd tho candidate
by ft rising vole, nmld cheers nud waving ot
hats nud handkorehlcrs.
A commlttco wns npiwlutcd, with Q. I). Gray,
to Inform Colonel Barbour ot his nomination,
nnd to rscrrt him to tho hall. Atter recess
Colonel Harbour accepted tho nomination Inn
speech declaring himself In favor of a Judi
cious tariff. Tho convention aljournod sluo
die, niter which, In responso to calls, enthusi
astic speeches weio mado by General William
11. Pnyue, ot Warrcnton, and others.
l'ro,ccls or u Largo At tendauco this
Tho reports from Iho different schools so far
warrant tho belief that there will boa larger
attendance ot whlto scholars this year than In
any previous yoar slnco tho public schools
havo been established lu tho District.
At tlio Jefferson School Building tor Monday
and Tuesday 13.1 tickets', havo boon lssuod to
now scholars and 283 tor tho samo tlmo nt tho
l'ranklln School. In no previous year has
euch n largo number ot tlckots In do short a
tlmo been lssuod to now scholars.
isodcnnlto results havo been reported from
tho other districts, but It Is supposed that tlio
lucreaso In them will bo equally as large.
Tho number o: applicants nt tho Jefferson aud
rranklln schools for Tuesday wero as numer
ous ns on Monday, and this morning tho same
ilcslro for now tlckots seemed to prevail.
All ct tho colored schools ot Georgetown nnd
Washington havo been placod under ono su
perintendent, with only two division prlncl
I nls. This year, tor tho first tlmo, tho prac
tice of Issuing tickets has boon adopted In tho
colored schools, nnd tho superintendent nn.
pears well ploasod with tho Innovation, llo
says so far as he can learn In a general way
tho applications tor tlckots nmoug tho colorod
children has boen brisk.
Hereafter tho scholais will bo oxamlncd but
onco In tvvolvo months, Instead ol twlcooslu
cars gono by.
Tho work ot making tho stairways and halls
In tho Sumner school uroproot is rapidly pro
gressing, but tho building will not bo roady
tor uso until Octobor. The term will com-n-occo
on Monday in halls hired ror tho pur
pose. Principal Thomson, of tho Joffcrson School,
save that tho work of refurnishing tho build
Ing wilt not bo entirely comploto betoro
November, but that somo of Iho rooms will bo
ready ror uso betoro October 1. Iu ho mean
time, churches, halls aud other places havo
been leased and tho pupils taught nu half
time, with tho exception ot tho eighth grado
loruoys, which win potaugm on mil time lu
llinlpr1, TInll.
Becker's Hall.
The Chinese Once More.
A special ngent ot tho Treasury has male
Inquiry ot the Department whother n China
man traveling from ono point to another In
this country through n foreign country on ft
throu;h ticket, Is entitled to ontcr tho terri
tory of Iho United States without producing
tbo ccillllcato required by Iawot Chinese Book
ing to land f torn a vessel at ono of our ports.
No actual cao ot tho kind has been prosouted
nnd Acting Secretary rrcueh declines to do
cldo tho question until ft caso actually arises.
Section 1". ot tbo act relating to Chinese, pro
v Ides thnt "no Chinese person Bhnll bo permit
ted to enter tho United States by land without
producing to tho proper onicer ot tho customs
tho ccrtlllcato In that act required ot Chlnoso
persons Booking to land rrom n vessel." which
mustboclther a cortlllcnto or Montlllcatlon,
such as Is given lo Chlnoso laborers residing
In the United Slates nt tho tlmo ot tho passago
ot tho act, nud who may destro to letttrn, or n
ccrltrtcatoLy tho fhlncso Government that ho
is not a laborer, and thcreloro entitled to enter
tbo United states, 11 Is not easy to determlno
what, If any, duties aro lmposod upon tho
Treasury Department with rogard to China
men coming Into tho Unltod States by laud.
Tho statement that tho Acting Secretary ot
tho Treasury had decided to loavo all such
questions to tho discretion ol customs onicors
Is erroneous, It being tho duty ot tho Depart
inent to dccldo such questions actually arising
iu tho eourso ot business. Tho duty ot re
moving Chinamen found lu this couutry, nud
not entitled to romalu, derolv es, by tho act ot
Congress, upon tho President or tho Unltod
States, after procood Ings boforo somo omcor or
n United Btates court, nnd not upon (he Treas
ury Department.
Whether tho right ot Chinamen to pass rrom
ono poit ot tlio Unltod States to anothor,
iluough n foreign territory, can bo determine 1
by tho Treasury Department, will bo decldod
when pioporly prosentod.
ISniohiu-r Prohibited.
Colonel Wm. P. Woods, tho well-known pro!
prletor Ot an extensive planing mill, otc, at
Pour rind n half httoet aud Mai y land nvo
nuc, was chaigod In tho Pollco Court to-day
with pounding Mr. Prank T.ackay, a mechanic,
who eamo Into his establishment tho other
day Willi a cigar In his mouth, despite the fact
that signs woro displayed on oveiy door In
timating that smoking was not poruillted on
tho pieniltcs.
The clgnr was not lighted, but Culnncl Woods
did not observe this fact nnd ordeto I Mr.
Lnckoytoputoutolthor hlmsoltortho clgnr,
but when f ho Colonel dlscov ered that the cl
gnr was not lighted, ho had got suniclently
mad to put His v lsltor out an j how, on 1 thu
mere presenco ot a cigar among his shavlugs
nnd lumber piles was provocation enough tor
him, When Mr. Lackey was lilt ho conceived
tho Idea that a steam hammer -ha I struck him
nnd ho was Btlll underfills delusion whon ho
appeared In tho Pollco court to day with his
rnco and head n sad mixture ot scratches
and court-plaster. , ,
Colonel woods substantially admitted tho
assault, and said ho always tried tollckniou
who enmo Into his plnco n lib cigars.
Tho court fined the Colonel .", andanap
penl wns noted. , .
It Is suggestod that such men ns colonel
Woods should bo employod to outorco tho
rules ngnlust smoking on tho Aventto cars,
(.'. A. 11. unit the Oriole.
Tho members ot tho different posts ot tho
(train! Army ot tho llepubllo of Ualtlmoro have
decided to parade on tlio Military Day ot tho
Uilelo. Colonel Graham Dukehnrt, dopirt
ment commander, In a communication with
tho military commlttoo stated that ho would
havo botwoou 800 and 1,000 men In lino.
Thoso otuurcltlzons who woro present at the
encampment or tho Grand Army last Juue
when held In Baltimore, can romeiiihor what a
lino nppeaianco tho commnnd made, aud It
ran bo nssurod without doubt that their ills
play next weok will equal that ot last Juno,
'iho tl. A. 11. members, to a groat oxtont, nro
"old soldier bo)8" and know wnatmarotitus
Is. Tho commlsteo of par.ulo has and Is iloln;
overs thing In their power to mako tho ntr Hr n
success, nnd with such help as tho (Iran I
Army glvo there can bo uo doubts but that
thclt efforts will be. crowno I
by success, Tho soclotles besldos tho Grand
Armv w hu hav o decided tn p trtlclpato aro tho
sce'tet, bouellclnl nud Cathollo unlghthooli
ot tho city nnd Mate, which will add at lon-t
",11(10 moro to tho lUt ot meu In lino. It I
nototttn Hint such a display, both inlllt n .
nnd civic, tukos plnee, and all otuui cltu u
vvliondmlrosuch should avail ttnuisilvis oi
Iho oppoiluutly mid witness this enn, ns -ucii
n lluu dlsplav does not occur otn u
To the no who wish to vlovv tin pirnlouu
Mllltniy Hay, remember Hint tho 11. s. o., ilia
pioneer louto, will inn special last mains ot
i,ln,.ni( -nn.!iof. U llnltllUOrO at llltt n lid Of
Bhoit inteimlsslous to cany nil who wish to
go, Traveling on Hie U. . O, Isnplemuio.
Its double steel lull avoids tho daugois mil
delays ot switching, n gteat auiioymv o to tlio
Have ling public.
Tlio II. A O. will sell round trip tickets to the
rclebratlounta reduction ot one-halt Iho leg
ulnrinle, orouolaroto lialilinoie iiulioturu,
liy All tlio Means lu Their t'o-rer
The Omul Cut nml the Country
ITnnded Aral, I'n Army Well Armed
iiikI In (.noil Condition Ilamlctln
Mm rimmed liy Illiiek Troops
Arnlil Declared n Itehcl.
IsMUUA, Sept. 0. It Is now roportol that
Arabl lmsl!8,000troops ot Tel cbltoblrall well
armed and In good condition. Ho has llko
wlso largo forces at QhoubraGhlza nml Man
kalian, whero ho Is constructing formlJnblo
earthworks, Arabl has 0,000 men nt Cairo
and soveral thousand encampod outsldo closo
to tho pyramids, Damlclta Is garilsouol by a
regiment or black Hoops nnd largo numbers
of Iho samo troop, nro w Ithln rea"h In case ot
l'rom Dnmlolta lo Slnniissoah. a dlstauco ot
tvTcnty.fi vo miles, tho enemy nro known to bo
In larger numbers nml dlspiaymuch activity,
rears nro entertained that tho onemycontom.
Plato nn attack upon tho canal, and Vvolsoloy'M
advance lias been delayed on this account. II
Is known that Arabl has on his staff ono
Italian aud four Germans, nil ablo ofllcors.
A roll I Declared n Itehcl.
Tho Sultan's proclamation to tho Egyptians
bns ben Issued. It diclares Arabl Pasha ft
cbol tor disobeying tho-orderaot tho nhedlvo
nrd ot Dervlsch Pasliannd thereby provoking
tho Intervention ot r.uglaml, It states that
tho decoration coutorred upon Arabl Pasha
was bestowed nt tho Instnnco ot Dorvlsch
l'nshn, iuconsomtoneo of Arabl Pasha's pro
testations or fidelity, lu conclusion tho proc
lamation exhorts oil l'gyptlans to obey tho
An Attempt to Destroy Alexandria
by IT re.
Al.cx VNUiti i, Sept. (I. A largo tiro broko out
In Iho heart ot tho city last night, nwakenlng
tho citizens nnd causing great consternation.
The garrison was summoned to tho sceno and
after much exertion tho nrcmen succoedod in
extinguishing Iho names, when It was ascer
tained that tlio nntlv es had cutorod Into a plot
lo destroy tho city.
An Egyptian, who Is suspected nt complicity
In tho attempt, has boen arrested nnd will bo
summarily dealt with. Dm Ing tho oxctto
ment It w ns roportcd that Arabl's troops wero
on tho outskirts nml that a goncral massaero
was Imminent. It 1, happily, proved untrue
and older Is now restated.
Arabl'M DIcllioil c,r War Lire.
Ar.r-XAi.nnn, Sept. o. It Is reportod that
Arabl has flooded tho entlro country abovo
Zagozlg by culling tlio canal.
3fcits or Arnlil Hard to Oct.
LoxnoN. Sept. O. Tho dolay In tho opora
Hons In Egypt Is attributed to tho Impossi
bility or securing reliable Information
or Arabl's whereabouts nnd numbers.
Wolsclcy's attempts lu this direction havo all
failed owing to tho Impossibility ot tho British
troops to act as spies on account ot tholraasy
detection by tho nntlvos. Deserters from
Arabl's urmynto snld to bo moro Bomblnnces
or humanity, who woro driven out or tho
igvptlnncanipnt tho mlntot tho bayonet as
Impeding Arabl's movomonts, nnd no re
Unuco Is placod on their veracity.
The Sixth Mur.v laud District.
Special Dispatch to Tin: I.v mvo Cuitic.
llOCKMLLC, Mu., Sopt.ll, On the '.'llth lust.
Montgomery County will v oto at prlmarlos tor
a Democratic candldalo tor Congross tor this
(tho Sixth) district. Tho other counties will
do likewise. Thcro can bo no doubt but that
Iho Sago ot Slier Springs, In this county, Hon.
Montgomery lllalr, will carry this county
nlmost unanimously.
l'rom tho best-Informed politicians 01 tho
Democratic party hero It Is sato to predict that
Mr. lllalr will bo tho nomlneo of tho nomoc
racy for Congicss In this l)lstrl;t. It Is equally
safe to ay that tho Domocrats nro doing nil
they can to defeat Mr. Hutchinson tor tho llo -publican
nomination, believing him tho hard
est man lu the district tor them to defeat.
Indian Depredations Thrcnteiiod.
IICLIKI, Mox., Sept. (I. l'lltoon hunlrol
Plegaus havo lcit tho agency and demand lu
creaso ot rations. Depredations ato threat
ened. Dorxir, Citv, lew., bopt. 0. ThoChovonnos
nnd Arrapnhoes havo broken onto! tho reset
ration nt l'.eno. Thoro Is no military nt Port
Dodge. Cattle men aro arming.
--- -
Clurliinnli's Orrnt Imposition.
Cincinnati, Sept. o Tno grand pageant on
tho street In honor of tho opening ot tho Ex
position was tho gieatest sight over wltnossod
III the West. Tho streets vvoio Jammed with
spectators. It Is CBtlmatod that thoro woro
over 100,000 spectators. Tho wholo lino was
built up with tomporary plnttorms for seats.
A French Critic Mobbed.
PARIS, Sept. 0. Mover, tho odltor ot tho iJ
roe, was attacked Inst night by tho patriotic
lenguo nt the Odsou Thentro tor rooout criti
cisms in his paper laudatory of tho geni
nrmes nnd considorod deprecatory by tho
lrench. Ho wns rescued by tho geudarniss
nnd escaped unharmed.
IVch l'liKliinil l'alr.
Boston, Sept. (I. 1 ho second annual rait ot
tho New I nglaud Manufacturers' and Mo.
chanlcs' Instltuto was oponod by tlio (lov ornor
to-day. Tno thousand porsousmo prosont.
Wns This Driver; Drunk?
ctsm:. vtl sopt. (l. This otornlng Margaret
Shows, aged b was run over by nllra ouglno
nnd badly lnjurod. Annlo llossei, agol 5, was
run over uy tno samo engiuo una Kiuea.
. Imprudent William.
Dccliv, bopt. (I. Emperor William, cju
Hary to tho advlco ot his phjslclans, Ins gnus
to Breslau to attend tho auyimn maneuv res.
llclcnsctl and Itcarresled.
DrNV EB, Cor.., Serf. 0, Bob King, n Paclflo
Ci nst Cracksman, Just relensed after 17 years'
Imprisonment, was rearrested this morning.
Itnnluir .Hatch Arrautrcd.
KrwYoni., Sept.G. rillott, tho ox champion
ot Lnglnnd, nnd tlcorgo Galzell nro matched
lo row three mIKs on Hushing Hay tor f VI ).
Indians ITro n I'rnlilc.
IfrtrNA, Mux., Sept. (I. Tho Indiana lnvo
llred iho conteo legion prulrlo and tho wnolo
coumiylsublnzo, Settlers nro removing cat
tle and Hying In nil directions.
CiiiCM.o, Sept. 0. James Welch, aged 10,
was bitten by n pet dog two months ago aul
died lu horrible agony yesterday.
V LLAt, Trw, Sept. 0. Sam r. I vera shot nn 1
Wiled ids brother In aqtiarrel over n division
ot property. i
I'irsldciit Arlhtirnnd l'nrly.
WOOIl'S IIOLL, MASS., SOpt. 0. TllO lTOsldOllt
nnd pniiy havo arilvod heio lu tho steamer
Thentro Iliirucd.
London, Sept, 0. Tho Philharmonic Thoalro
nt Islington wns binned, its destruction Is
Illovvii Into l.tcrulty.
ATIAMV, ov., bept. (I.-Hy tho explosion or
a lioller at Snow this morning ttueo mon wero
Lome lu h lento.
CnicAno, bept. (1. - The Marquis ot Lorno
nnd party havo arrived here,
An l.x.sinjor Di-ad.
Boston, sept, o. Ex-Moyor Otis Norcross Is
dead, agod 7L
More Allcjscd HrokcrM.
I phrltim Nash, 1'raidc Miller and James E.
Bulloc .clerks lutho bookblndory nt tho Gov
i rument i rlntlug onico, will probably plea l
lu tho Pollco Court lnu tow days ton chargo
ol being unlleonsed brokers, warrants having
been Issued ngnlust (hem,
Tun Commissioners nt their mooting to
day Issued tho following ordors ot Import
nucef 'That tho bids tor paving portions
ol Seventh street extended aud Llovonln
street will bo rejected! bids oponod tor build
ing ft new bildgo across tho James OreoK .ca
nal and that tho iuivli.it o( Peunsy vaula ave
nuo on Iho north lde nvi anted to P. Malouoy
1 and 11, L, Craw ford,
) I
f f
I 'a
., i-i.

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