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. L-'f-' -?PJE --w --
vening Critic
15TH YEAR NO. 4,418.
( WSB& I
Monday, April 23.
Elegant White Suits
At Prices to Sit EveryMy.
Auierican, Fiuch, Eulisli, German,
New Establishment.
913 P Street Northwest,
Louis A. Dieter,
Who begs to lntrod nee himself In this city through
& public exhibit ot his many odd and peculiar de
signs In
SOTall and Ceilii Decoration,
Equal In Variety, lrlce ond Stylo of Ex
ecution to nny house la or South
of Now York.
Quaint French Patterns,
Dainty English Styles,
Leather Imitations,
In fact all grades of papers from the finest to the
moat Inexpensive.
Frosco Work and Interior Painting
Executed by Em mart & Quartloy.
9:3 F Street Northwest,
And 30 N. Howard Street, Baltimore.
Oor. Tenth and P Streets.
Not the Slightest Doubt of It. The Qual
ities are the Best for the Prices.
TbePrices the Lowest for tlie Qualities.
Good blue flannel suits at ?fl 50, worth f 10.
All wool liana el units at 9, worth (15
Host all wool llannel suits at 412, worth $20.
I lne yacht cloth salts at tu "worth $-J.
1 ineat Middlesex yacht cloth suits at $10 50, worth
All wool business Bolts at 3, worth fl2.
Good Butts at to. worth fib.
Bplendtd all wool cheviot and caaslmero suits, 20
different kinds, 10. north 18
Fine all wool diagonal suits at f 15, worth f 23,
Black cloth suits at fitf. worth .
1 lne black cloth suits, (D. 11 , Prince Albert coal)
625, worth 13.
Klf Kant fancy casalmcro suits at I2, worth $20.
fcjpleodldcasslmereand worstedsults at $15, worth
Black diagonal suits at 110, worth $18.
ltlaek diagonal coats and Tests, l'rluce Albert
style, at (18. worth Ui.
spring. ovcncoATd
nttoco 3,tl0,fl2andfl5. fully 3J per cent. less
than the prevailing prices.
Pants for Men and Boys An Immense assort
tuentat12.(2.G0,t3.C3u, (J, 65 and 8. fally eqaal
to any eold for double the price, working pants
atb7c,fl,il 23.
Suits for boys, 4 to 11 years, from 82 up.
Units for boys from 12 to 17, from $j up. 8 tries
the latest. Prices, the Lowest.
for teen and boys at f2, (2 50, f 3, $3 50. Groat Bar
gains. Our Motto: No Trouble to Show Goods
In every style and material, and guarantees per
fect lit. Children W&lals & Corsets u specially.
Sot Bale by Jr. BOUNKIDKfi a BOM,
mo um in in. uiit.
jreoiuk kvo. Mia uia si
K .t -- Ouj FlJ 00 oca p5".
1 m I H I dS So
.s 2 a t ti
3 o E .9 - p
First Edition.
GuvrBNMtNT receipts to day : Iutornal
rccnuo, $103,0 lo;, customs, $322,330.
The National banknotes received for
redemption to day amounted to $277,003.
TitLnn were Issued from thoPatont Oilliia
to-day, for tliu week ending April 21, 1831,
400 patents, 10 designs, 13 tralomirki, 11
labels and 3 reissues, of which 20 woro
issued to foreigners;
Passfd Assistant EvaiKnut L. W.
Rom.NEON has been ordered to tbo Tonnoi
see, and Passed Assistant Engineer J, I).
I'ord detached from tho Tuuucsseo and
placed ou waiting orders,
Amonq thoso who saw tho Prosldont to
day were Senators Wlndom, Cimoron, Mor
rill, and Halo, Commissioner faring, Gon
eral Rochester, Rcpresentativ os Strait,
Hammond and cx-Rcproscntativo Burrows.
Tub supplemental roport of tho Joan
nclto Board has been npproved by tho Sec
retary of tho Navy. Tho report states that
tho testimony given by tho remaining sur
vivors of tho ill-fated easel will not re
quire a modification In tho conclusions re
ported by tho board on l'obrnary 12, 1833,
Captain Jam A. Gnu n and Lieuten
ant Commander William II. Webb, U. S.
N., Hiving been detailed uy tho wavy De
partment, left yesterday morning ou routo
for Indiana with tho remains of Captain
Euhtod B. Taylor, who died hero Saturday
Bonis of tho now names of life saving
(station;, recently adopted in tho place of
figure", aro very odd. Tbo list includes
such titles as Turtlo Out, Kill Dovll Hills,
Chicaraicomtco, Big Klunakoct, Tno Heart
River Cahoou's Hollow, Shiunccoclc, Mo
cos, Lovcladlcs Island and Thunder Bay.
United States patents wero to-day
issued to tho following Washlngtonlans :
David Crowley, assignor of throo-fourths
interest to Edward W. Crccey and Ralph
Walsh, ilrocscapo; Joseph G. Ilestor, as
signor to Julius Lansburgh, pcn-holdor;
William X. Stevens, mcrchanical toy (ro
issuo); Edgar B. Stocking, making cell
cases, and Thomas Taylor, process of and
apparatus for treating cotton scul.
Senator, and Mrs. Harrison, of
Indiana, aro 1'Cglstcroil at tho Rlggo.
Rev. S. M. IIartsock, of this city,
attended tho preachers' mooting In Baltimore
Mrs. M. Cora Bland returned homo
rcsterdoj from an extended v lslt to Phlladel.
pbla ana Now ork.
Hon. Sam J. Rvndvll was in Balti
more) icstcrday, working up his Speakership
boom among the Maryland lloprosontattvos.
Hon. Thomas E. Franklin, formerly
attorney-general ot Pennsylvania, and one ot
tho most prominent lawyers In tho State, was
stricken with apoplexy last woek.
The marrlago of Miss Mamlo Hamil
ton, ot this city, and Mr. Joseph notion, ot
New ork, treasurer of tho Paclllo Matt
Btcamshlp Company, will bo solemnized at St.
1'oter's Church to morrow afternoon at 3
Mn Damd Sheldon Bvrrv, of tbo
Detroit l'Obt' Tribune, who was recently mar
ried, has Just returned from an oxtondod tur
In the ortli and Last. It Is understood that
tho happy couprbhavo been the roclptontsot
many handsomo and valuablo prosonts.
Mr. P. J. Lvuritln, of Now York,
formerly nrchltect to tho Iuspoctor ot lljtld
logs and tho aichltoctot manyot tho princi
pal District and prlvato buildings In this city,
is paying n flying visit to Washington. Sir.
Laurltzen drow tho plans of tho modol schools,
station bousC3 and engine houses ot tho city
and his last work lioto was tho Imposing
building occupied by tho rircmon's Insurauco
Company. ,
To.dny's Hloclt Uuotatliius.
Tho following observations ot tho transla
tions In tho financial market to day, together
with tho opening and closing quotations, aro
furnished by tho banking houso of 11. D,
CooMc, Jr&. Co, 1120 F street,-Washington,
O, lpm. Xame. O, 2pm,
CO J; IO..
Cenra ...
Del & II. .
pret. ...
Ill Con ...
IlltW, .
t, Shore. .
MCen, ...
Mo Fa. ...
Mo K & T.
N west...
prof. ...
Oi, w..,.
501ft BOS,
87' 87
4W, 41t
Pa Mall...,
H Island..,
Iloadlnc ..
517b 55"
nrof. ....
Union Pa.,
W Union.,
82 ij
18 u
Dot Coal. .,
menu ..,
3 J
0 Con ,
Pa It 11,,.,
Its. A ,
11 IV,
12 U
20 V,
30 It,
12 W
a Jit
1 11. Mining 85
I,. Pitta.
i 21. in.
n. 8. 4s, coupon....
u.s,4s, registered.
U.S. 1 Sis, coupon..
U. 8. Cs, registered.
U.S.UsotlB81 ....
D.O 3G5S
11311 I'd
101 lild.
M'niliiiiKluii Nloclts.
Tho following are tho closing quotations ot
ino Washington btocg uxcnapgo to gay 1
d.o roDs. ma. Aift nn. stock, ma Aiva
Per Im. Os W.fcd st'k. 150 170
111, LOln..USUOV "bonds..
Perlm.7s Ool'ba .... 33
O,cur...ll0Vjl21ViN, Cap. h
Mt. Btk7s o street...
02,our...llO'A Mot 75 70
U ater st'k Anacostla 7Vi
7s, 1001,
currency . 130 133 nuE & ins
Water st'k 003.
7s. 10OJ,
curroncy . 130 Wash. City
50yr.fund Oasl't. Oo.
3U5S1D21 stock 17 48
currency . 10Di lOOTfe N. Union.. 18 10
20yrfund Ool'ba 8ti 0
Gpc.lBUO Met
curroncy.. Potomac... 10
20-yr fund Arllngt'n, . 133
(Is. 1602, Flremens -
coin 115V) UOVj Franklin..
SO yr fund .Corcoran,.
Os, 11)02, aor-Am'n.
coin 121 I
Tho Olllclnl TraiisfcrH, tis Ileconlcil
Messrs. Danenhowor L Son, real estato
brokers, 1220 J? stroot northwost, roport tho
following transfers In real estato lu tho Dis
trict to-doy, as complloa by thorn from tho ota
clal records la tho ofllco of tho Itojordor ot
Deeds 1
D. B. Collamer to A, W. Langdon, part lot 21,
equaro2J8, 1,050.
Mary c. Munro to E. F. Itlggs, loM 7. 8 and
12, squaro'JIO, J0.280O1. H
GuBtav Louon to II, o, Towlos, part lot 17,
enuaro 318, 7,000.
Llslo M. Freeman to Wra. Oohl, part lot 17,
squoro 117,$l,0O.
J.U. liryanto L'. D. ATbtte, trustee lot 7.
equaro 100, nominal.
Joseph Prathor to C. C. Martin, lot 17, squaro
65 J, , 020.
D. 1). Orolt to M. W. Vosburgb, lot 31, squaro
808, t2,BO0.
Only 13 Ccuts.
Dazar Dressmaker. Illustrating the latest
Btjles for ladles and children, at Oppen
beltnor'e, 628 Ninth street northwest.
Oilier Neivs by Tclpernili flencrnl
Croolt In I'nrMiilt of Ilnnllln In
1II1111M lflcnpo of )c.ierniloci from
11 ItllmifHotn Jnilriio UhiiiiI Kcu
tucks Murder, Ac
New York, April 2 1 A flro brokooit
early this morning in tho lamp room of
tho steamer Italy, of tho National line, at
tho foot of Houston street. An uhrni of
firo nasnt once soiin Jol and then lntcho
quickly battened down. In tho stoor.igo
hospital wero tno sick emigrant womon
who wero too 111 to bo romoved yesterday
wlicn tho steamer arrived. Tor tlio safety
of thcsogicat fears wero entertained, tho
sick wards being closo to whoro tho 11 ro
brokoout. Sccral sallor3 volunteered to
rcscuo them, and descending below dock
soon brought tho womeu on deck alive, but
in n etalo of semiconsciousness from tho
clTccts of tho smoke. They wero taken into
tho cabin, whoro they wcio carod for by tho
surgeon. In rescuing tho womon tho sail
ors discovered tho location of tho Utmo3
A liolo in tho flooring over tho spot was
cut, and water poured in and tho flames
vero quickly extinguished, Tho darnagt)
to tho ship between decks is ostlmated at
thrco thousand dollars, datnago to cargo by
water bellovcd to bo heavy as tho ship hav
ing arrived lato yesterday, nono of it was
Do IiCificiis mill tho Hnlinrn. Sen.
Paris, April 21 Count Tordlnand Do
Lcsscps, who has just returned from a lour
of examination of sho completed pre
liminary survcrjs of tho Sahara, lectured
last night on tho subject, "Projcctod Inland
Sea of Afiicn," Ho expressed tho hopo that
friendly feelings would con tlnuo between
Italy and Franco, and that tho colonies) of
tho two countries would proo to bo good
neighbors on tho African continent.
Hiryiiilnn rinnnco).
Paris, April 21. Le Temps says that Sir
Auckland Calvin, tho head of tho Egyptian
Board of Control, has urged tho British
Go eminent to rcduco tho amount of tho
annual installments lo bo repaid out of
Egyptian funds for tho purpo303 of in
demnity. Ho thinks it would bo a wlso
policy by this or somo similar mcasuro to
relloo tho country so far as pos3sblo from
tbo heavy burdens of its financial dllll
cultlcs. Despcrnilocs lirenh. Jail.
Brainerd, Minn,, April 21 Burns,
Hanloy and Bonnet, throo of tho gang of
tho fivo despcradoos imprisoned hero, undo
their cscapo yesterday by cutting their way
through tho wooden walls of tho jail. Thoy
had been captured on Thursday last by a
shcriirs posso after a light, during wnicu
two other companions, Rco and McCluro,
had been shot and wounded.
Croolt After (ho licit Skins.
El Paso, Texas, April 21. General
Crook lias left Wilcox, Ari? , with his,
command accompanied by 300 cavalry aud
Indian scouts. Tho commaud is equipped
for sixty days and Gcnoral Crook oxpocts
to drive tho hostilo Indians, now commit
ting depredations throughout tho country,
into Mexico, and cither dispcrso or capture
Another Alleged rcnlmi Plot.
Dun in, April 21. A largo dctachmont
of troops has left for camp at Currogh, Kit
dare, where much alarm has boon caused by
tbo discovery of a reulan plot to blow tho
camp up. Tho dlscoory was a surprise,
and tho commander has issued orilcra tak
ing extra precautions and doubling tho
Tho Trlnl of Kcllcy.
Dublin, April 21 Tho trial of Timothy
Kclloy was continued to-day. Tho evidence
produced shovts that tho prisoner wa3 ab
sent from work on May Gth, tho day of tho
murdora at I'hanls Park. Tout fresh alibi
witnesses wero sworn.
Tho Vsnnl Kentucky Murder.
Prankiort, Ky., April 21. At a danco
near Alton, Anderson County, a difficulty
nroso between Charles Brown and Jerry
Eramcrsou about a woman. Emmorson
shot Brown in tho left temple, killing htm.
Emmcrson escaped.
Cold nt Cincinnati.
Cincinnati, 0 , April 21 Thoro was a
licay frost and light leo hero last night,
but tho damigo to fruit is not serious.
Delegate LcAYlug Chicago.
Chicago, III , April 21. Ono hundred
delegates to tho Philadelphia Convention
left hero thi3 morning.
When tho Star Route trial was rosumod this
morning before Justlco Wylle, Mr. Eer took up
and proceided with his ononlng argument.
Ho Btarted out with tho routo from Toquervllle
to Adalrvllle, cited papers anl ovldonco and
advanced bis theory as to what tho Govern
ment had proven. 1 rom this ho wont to other
routes, treating thom In tho Bamo manner,
and was on Tho Dalles and Dakor City routo
when recess time was reachod.
Aftei tho Intermission Mr. Kor resumol his
discussion ot tho routes and continued until
tho adjournment ot tho court, llooxpects tv
ooncludo to morrow.
A Perpetual Census.
New York Sun.
Cenoral Walker writes to a Boston newspa
per to Bay that fully nluo tenths ot tha work
on tho census of 1880 will bo finished by Uo
first of next July. Limits llxod In adrauTo
by tho Census Bureau, as regards both tlmo
and est endtture, ha 0 the remarkable qual
Ity ot recodlng about as rapidly as thoy nro
approached. Until tha machlno actually
ruusdoivu, uohumanbelug will bollevo that
lis wheels nro to stop grinding out figures
forriSfcOuntll tho tlmo comes to bogln on
figures for 1SOO.
Tho result ot a too ambitious scheme and
of too olaborato methods Is that many ot tho
statistics ot this census, whllo historically
.valuable, aro worth for tho purposes ot tho
present about as much as tbo tables In a
three year old almanac. Thoro aro soarcoly
any facts in tho census returns that aro 11 )l
Interesting, but that Is no reason tor collect
lne and nubllshlns them at tho national ox-
penso. 'Iho constitutional objoct ot tho ouu
moratton ovory ton yoars is simply to nuord
a oasis lor tno apportionment ut iiunrusuui
lives and taxes.
Tho figure crazed poeplo who hang about
the outskirts ot tholederal Covornmout aro
not content, It appears, oven with tho lati
tude allowod thom an 1 their hobblos In tho
census of 1880. Thoy will press upon Con
gross noxt winter a plan for tho creation ota
eort ot Etcrlastlng Census. Tho Idea Is to
consolldato tho present Census Bureau with
tho so callod Bureau of Statistics, and to Hoop
tbo machlno a going year In and yoar out.
iboschemotorau everlasting census pos
sesses at loast ono uno feature. It would
provldo continuous employment anl novor
cndlng salaries tor a small armyot moon
eyed mathematicians, who tiiul It diaisult to
earn their living under tho laws ot supply
and demand goternlug private enterprise.
Noltcil Iho Puzzle.
Wall blrcct Dally News.
Tho other nlghtamorchant In a vlllago la
Ohio was discovered in his store at an uu
usually lata hour, aud In reply to lniulrlos ho
"My confidential clerk Is missing."
"And what ot It I"
" w by, I m looking over tho books 1 but taoy
seem to bo all squaro."
" Havo you counted j our cash '
"Yes, and It Is correct to a dollar."
" Looked o or your bank book I '
"I havoi and It Is satisfactory. That's tho
troublo, you see, lies sklppod,and I can't
mako out what for."
" Been homo eluco noon J"
"Perhaps ho has eloped with your wife."
'Lands allvo I but It may bo so I It It Is,
then tho puzzle will no solrod."
Ho hurried home, and It was so, and ho felt a
great anxiety off his mind.
Ablush la modesty's headllghti but a good
many trains are run without headlights,
Thnt No Fornint Charges Wero Pro
lericil Agnlnvt llcotci mill Top.
Mm, or tho Tallapoosa, Thnt Iln
Known of.
On Sunday night In St. Augustine an
emouto occurrod that may result In the dis
missal from tho United States Navy of oalcers
Itcovisund Tappan of tbo U. S. steamship
Tallapoosa. As nearly ns wo can gnthor tno
facts Irom tho Bnuictsot Information at our
command, two officers of the Tallapoosa, bear
ing tbo nbovo names, went nshoto on Sunday
night, and In n stato ut seml-lntoxlatlon,
wero grossly discourteous t3 two lallos,
talking on or noar Iho Plaza. Xhe lilies
wero near relatives ot Messrs. I. Oanova
nnd Merey Irwin, ot St, Augustine,
rho first ot thoso was noar
enough to tho parties to hoar the offonslvo
remark. Ho Immediately challougel tho
officer to know what hojsald. Tho latter
repeated his remark, whoa Ganiva plucatly
pitched Into both ot thorn, anl but tor ln
lntcrfercnco of bystandora would havo gottou
tho best ot tho light. The officers retired to
their hotel, nnd shortly afterward Mr. Irwin
bearing of tha affair, ropahed thither, mil
personally Invited Ihemout for a second dif
ficulty. This cballongo they, ot coarse,
dccltnoH. 80 far as wo can learn, tmbtla
sentiment Is Bit strongly against tho ntwil
officers, nnd many goo I people ot Si. Vujus
tlno applauded tho action ot Oanova. 1110 af
fair created considerable oxcltomont for a
lime. Tbo officers wero up ou Monday boforo
Sccretarj Chandler and Commander Kollogg,
ot tho Tallapoosa, and no doclslon had been
reached on Mondny noon. It Is probable tho
ofilcors will ho either suspended or dismissed.
Later. Information ehows that Ofilcor lap
pan was not concerned In tho affair. Iloevos
was engaged In it. Tho second ootoer n nanio
Is not lu our possession. JasUonillte llaa'u.
A reporter of The Critic nskod Secre
tary Chandler this morning If lie was aware
of tho charges that had been madte against
tbo oiliccr3 referred to nho c Ho said that
whilont Jacksonaillo ho was Informolby
Commander Kellogg that thoro wai a
rumor to tho cllcct that Rcevesnnd Toppan
had insulted somo ladles, and hu Investi
gated tho matter. Tho oilicors woro
brought before him, and thoy dcnie.lth.it
thoy had insulted any ladles whatover,
and, In fact, said they had
not that day seen any lad!o3.
They did not deny that thoy had boon as
saulted by Canoaa; but said that it was
evidently ncaso of mistaken identity on
Canoaa's part, or olso it was a malicious
assault. Tho Secretary said that while at
Jacksonville ho was at all times accessible
to tho parties v ho were alleged to havo been
aggrieved, but that no direct charges wero
made to cither himself or Commander
Tho Dlaorco Mill Grinding.
Justice Cox yesterday turned out a hatch
of divorces from tbo mill In ono largo grist.
Aunio E. I.lbbcy from tbo bonds of matri
mony with Walter 11. Libboy. Hor
maiden namo was Annio E. Stono,and they
wero married nt homo in Prlnca Georgo
County. Va . May 23, 1803. Sho charged
hini'with being an habitual drunkard and
treating her cruelly. Rachel A. Ward, nco
Holland, was grantod dlvorco from Andrew
Ward. Thoy ncro married ou Novombor
27, 1873,'and ho deserted her Soptombor 17,
Dlvorco was decreed betneon Edmund
Carrick and Violet Carrlck. Thoy woro
married in Georgetown, D. C , April 1, 1803,
and lived together until September 19,
1873, when sho lcit him. In addition ho
complained that sho committed adultery
with Richard L. Carter at tho houso of
Mrs. Martin, corner of Thirteenth street
and Rhodo Island avenue.
Upon tho prayer of Annio Williams tho
nuptial tio between her and Georgo Will
iams is severed, and sho is permitted to re
sumo her maiden namo of Annio Matccr.
They wero married. January 12, 183J, aud,
ho deserted her thirteen months lator.
Tho last given a legal separation wa3
Mary Ann Hardcll from tho bonds of wod
lock with John W. Hardoll. Sho was a
widow named Mary Ann Tolks with thrco
children when in November 19, 1873. sho
married Hardell. Sho complained of re
peated acts of cruelty at his hands, which
resulted in her being compellod to loavo
Hi. Clnlr Luckctt lu Trouble.
St. Clair Luckctt, tho colored thief who
is turning white, was charged in tho Pollco
Court to day with breaking into tho storo
of Mrs. Uaulckc, on West street. Tho caso
hung upon a partial indcntlficatton of tho
man by a witness who had scon tho burglar
from a second story window nt midnight,
and who reported to tho pollco that ho
believed, but could not swear, that Luckett
was tho man. Judge Sucll said that I.uck
ett's face was against him a man vv Ith one
black car and ono whito one, and black,
whito and biovvu spots on his cheeks was
easily identified, nnd ho would hold tho
prisoner for tho Grand Jury, in default of
$1,000 bonds.
Luckett was then tried for breaking into
Mrs. Caroline Butler's houso, In George
town, Ono of tho witnesses testified that
sho had known I.uckctt ever slnco ho ''wis
all nigger."
Tbo caso wps continued for evidence for
tho defense
Judgo Snell subsequently decided that
the second caso against Luckett should bo
dismissed as tho evidence vv is insufficient.
Tho prisoner was lemandcd to Jail ou other
Tui. houso kept by Jcnnio Javeus, at
1223 C street northwest, was raidod last
night and tho propiiotress and Molllo
Moorc,an inmate,wcro locked up lu tho l'lfth
Precinct Station. A chnrgo of keeping a
bawdy-houso was preferred against Mlsj
Javeus, but tho prosecuting attornoy at
Polico Court to-day 110II0 prosoqulod the
case. Tho proprictrcs3 of tho house Wis
a friend of Georgo Mantz, now a fugitive
from justice, and tho object of tho raid was
to obtain somo letter or other cluo to tho
vvheuabouts of Mant. Nothing was found
that will assist tho polico in liudlii.,' this
notorious fugitive.
Osborne Bvsev, n colored hoy, was
cbaifccd in tho Tolico Court to-day w Ith ai
Enulting a colored girl named Mary Smith
Iho evidence showed that Basey was 0110
of a gaug ofbojs who played on nfth
street? between O and P northwest, and
throw somo bloody beef haslet3 upon tho
littlo girl nnd smeared hor clothing and
faco with blood, Judgo Snoll said that ho
knew of no misdemeanor that a boy could
bo guilty of which was moro aggravated
than this, and as ho kuow that the prison
er's mother would pay a lino for him ho
would not fix a fino, but commit the boy
for thirty days ns an example.
Corm-liusShe, charged with obtaining
$10 under falso protcuscs, by selling a cow
which bo represented to bo fresh, aud was
not, called several vvltncsaea for tho defenso
to-day In tho Pollco Court, nnd tho ca30
was held for tho Grand Jury, bonds being
fixed at $300.
William Alexander, colored, cUImol
that Mr. William Prear owed him somo
wages, and ho went to tho houso this morn
ing and raised a row, which resultol lu his
being sontenced to fifteen dajsfor dUor
dcrly conduct and fifteen day3 for assaulting
Mr, l'rcar.
Mr. Jlni'Ch'H ltequcil.
Ex-Congressman Murch has written a
letter to Assistant Scorotury New roquojt-
ing tho Government to employ counsol to
prosecute Supervising Architect Hill before
tho investigating committee Tho letter
has boon turned over to Secretary Polgor,
who will probably ask tho Attocuey-Gon-
eral to designate somo ono to act at counsel.
Our Clothlni;
combine style, comfort anl durability. Llso-
man Bros , tho most prominent clothiers aud
tailors, corner ot Sov euth nnd E.
Ono ot the most horrible suggestions over
made Is that tho Communists should supply
tho children ot royal families with. toy pistols.
econd Edition.
TilriU. S. S Tallapoosa arrived at Tort
Monroo nt midnight last night after en
countering sov c 10 gales for 30 hours.
The Lighthouse authorities havo dccldod
to cicct tho Pamlico Point lighthouse (noar
Baltimore), ono nnd a-lmlf miles oil' shore.
The Secretary of tho Intorlor has di
rected that tbo Otoo nnd Mlssourla Indian
lands in Nebraska bo sold May 30, at public
"The First National Bank of Morris,
Minn . has been authorized to boglu busi
ness by Comptroller Knox with a capital
of $30,000.
The Indian Ofllco is Informed that a
band of savngc3 nro acting in a suspicion
manner around San Carlos Agency, and tho
agent fears trouble.
Secretary Teller has ordered that
William Georgo, of Lako Providence, La ,
bo disbarred from practlco beforo tho In
terior Department.
Jvy Mvr.snUL, of this city, was tho
lowest bidder for tho Govornmont work
nt Hot Springs, Ark , his hid being $02,070
Thonet lowest was Arthur Plviiu, also
of thlsclty, who bid $71,023.
The uggrcgato of rovonuo stamps of tho
new valuo to tako tbo placo of thoio re
duced by recent act of Congress, will foot
up at least $70,000,000. Tho now valuo
stamps aro being shippod to collectors In
largo quantities every day.
" Try tho American Express Company's
money orders" was printed on a return
Internal Rovcnuo blank received at tbo
Postollico Department to-day. Tho atten
tion of Secretary Polgor has been called to
tho fact that this advertisement is being
printed on Government blanks.
A rule was served upon Treasurer Wy
man this morning to show cause whr a
writ of mandaniu3 should not bo issued to
.compel tho payment of certain monoy to
Halstead, administrator to Pulllam. Tho
matter was at onco brought to tuo atten
tion ot Secretary Tolgcr, who will havo it
referred to tho Attornoy-Gcncral for proper
A colored woman, named Charlotto
Bcaslcy, was fined $3 by Judgo Saoll re
cently for committing an assault, and a
young man named Clarcnco Dobson ad
vanced tho money for her. Yestorday
morning Dobson callod upon Miss Boasloy
to collect tho debt, and Charlotto saluted
him with a flat-iron and fired him out with
a rolling-pin. Charlotto was fined $3.
The internal rcvcntio authorities have
issued telegraphic Instructions to certain
collectors rclatlv 0 to tho rebate of tobacco
tax. Tho telegram cited that rcbato will
bo allowed ou tax paid on importod cigars
and Pcriquo tobacco. Peddlers of tobacco
may claim rcbato asdcalor3. All iuventorio3
will havo to bo prepared and labeled
beforo May 1 noxt, In order that
tho witnesses may oxamina and verify
them uron that dato. All labels must baar
tho names of tho owners. If a manufac
turer Is also a dealer, and has two clainH,
ono S3 ronnuficturcr and ono as dealer,
tbey cannot bo consolidated. If eithor
claim is less than $10 it caunot bo allowod.
Labels will bo required upou each factory
packago of snull and tobacco where tho
packugo exceeds ono pound in weight.
When sov eral packages aro placed in a box
a label must bo fixed to tho box.
Appropriation Cannot ISo Aullcl
Judgo Lawrenco has rendered a decision
in tho matter of tho uso of an appropriation-
to pay oxpeuses incurred before tho
pascago of tho act making it, tho case bo
ing that of Howaid University. Tho Judgo
holds that, as repairs wero nndo on build
ings of tho Howard University in
July and prior to August 7, 1832,
tho dato of tho appropriation, thoro
was no law authorizing theso repairs,
nor was' there any appropilttion
adequato to tho fulfilment of tho contracts
for such repairs when made. Without any
statute on tbo subject tho Unite 1 States
would not bo liablo lor oxpenscs ineurrol,
nnd in addition to this section 3732 of tho
Revised Statutes expressly declares that no
such contract should bo mado under tho
circumstances stated, Tho vouchers for
payment of expenses incurred prior to
August 7, 1832, will therefore bo di3 tllowod.
Tho I.nto James C. Itclil'K Ilitnto.
Mary Hlgglns, of Trinco William County,
Va , to day filed a petition with tho Regis
ter in tho matter of tho estato of tho lato
James C. Rcid. Tho potitlou sots
forth that Mr. Roid died at tho
rcsldcnco of tho petitioner, noar
Brlstow Station, ou April 0, 1833; that ho
was not a resident and had been there ouly
eight days, and was thoro solely for tho
purposonud with tho hopo that a tempo
rary chango of location vv ould improvo his
health. For two years prior to lib doath
thu deceased wa3 a resident of this District.
Tbo pctloner has been advlsod aud ho
llovcs that Mr. Reld left a personal estate,
consisting of ono month's pension, somo
money in ono of tho banks hero and a
claim against tho United States Govern
ment fot commutation of mile ige, alto
gether estimated as worth tho sum of
!?300. Prior to his death Mr3 Reld
stated that ha had uo relatives living of
whom b8 know anv thing. Tho petitioner
further shows that at tho tlmo of his doath
tho deceased had no money, nnd it
becamo necessary that sho should
fear tho expense of thu burial
amounting to $100, which sho did Sho
asks that duo notico may bo given by pub
lication, and asks to bo appointed adminis
tratrix of tho estate.
Buildino rcrmits today Charles
White, erect brick resideuco ou Thirty
second tticct northwest, $2,800, Elwln 1)
Jones, erect buck houso on lourtcontu
street northwest, $300, J. H Punnor, orect
framo dwelling 011 Oraut street, Mt. PIe.il
ant, $700, Johu M Simuis, repair brick resi
dence at 1001 V street northwest, $100.
The Smith, West . Lyne3 Detect! vo
Agency, in Baltimore, telegraphed to Po
lico Uiadquartora this morning that tho
horso and buggy stolen from Mr. J. T. Col
lins, on tho corner of Fourteenth and L
streets, sovcral davs ago, wa3 in pooss!ou
of tho county magistrate at Elk RIdgo
Lauding, ou tho Baltimore & Ohio Rill
toad, 'll.o animal was captured from a
white man, who had taken It tothocouu
try for sale.
Alexandfr Pi.tersov, a colored man,
conducting a hotel at No 1717 II street
northwest, was charged in tho Pollco Court
to day, on complaint of Olllcei Norcum,
with keeping nn ill-governed aud disrepu
table house. Pourjoung colored ino'i tos
t'ficd to securing bedrooms in tho houso
for improper purposes, Peterson denied
cvcrnllowiug any improprieties to booar
rlcd 011 in his house. A lino of $30 was im
posed by tho Court and uu appeal noted.
HreuBter'H drab.
Omaha Dee
Bo far tbo Star-Itouto trials havo cost tho
Clovorumcnt &O22,O0O. Drowsier, tho Attornoy.
General, knows the depth ot tho pocket ot tho
client be Is Bcrvlng, Unclo Sam is rich, but
that Is no reason why ho Bhould bo swindled
by oxorbltant and useless lawyers' foes,
Tho Prisoner llcmlcr'N Account of
tho Allruy.
Tho caso of Andrew Bonder, charged
with assaulting nnd attempting to kill
Georgo W. Roth, was called In tho Polico
Court and continued indefinitely, as Roth
isuiiablo toupptar,
Mr. Campbell Carrlngton nskod that Bon-,
dcr's bonds bo fixed nt $1,000, but Mr.
Coylo said that ha was liiforinol that Roth
was In a very prei irious and dmgerous
condition, and ho would havo to rcfino
bonds until tbo Injured man's condition
wns moio definitely nseutiiiucd.
Tho story of tho affray was brlofly told
in The Critic last evening, but tho cir
cumstances as moro fully told by tho pris
oner nro that ho is a stonecutter working
on tho Navy-Yard and living on tho
Island. Yesterday ho camo up town to buy
a spado for uso in his garden and then went
into a saloon on tho south sldo of Pe.an
sylvaniaavenuo, near Ninth street, where
ho got into a gamo of bagalcllo nnd a theo
logical discussion. Tho debato became
spirited between himself and a young car
renter named Georgo W. Roth, who upheld
tho merits of dlQcrcut creeds, nnd finally
Bender went out nnd "walked into tho
street to wait for a car.
Young Roth camo out shortly afterward
and asked Bender if bo was tho man who
had had so d d much to say about religion
Bender acknowledged that ho had boon
in a dispute and Roth ronowed tho
discussion nnd n quarrel sprang up.
Tho men wero both slightly undor tho
lnlluenco of liquor, and promptly camo to
blows, Bender alleging that Roth kicked
him first, nnd Roth claiming that Bender
assaulted him. After a sovcro strugglu In
which both men tuslcd for possession of tho
spade, Bender raised it and struck Roth a
tremendous blow, severing nrtcrios on his
head and wrist, and iulllctlug very sovcro
Bender surrendered himself to somo citi
zens and medical aid was summoned for
Bender will claim self defenso and al
lcgo that Roth kicked him and tried to
striko him with tho spado, and would
havo brained htm if ho had not struck first.
Death or Mr. llciijaiulu Hovcrsou.
Mr. Benjamin Sovcrson, civil engineer,
well known in thi3 city, where ho had re
sided for somo thirty years, died on tho 20th
instant nt Mollno, I'la , aged about 70 years.
He was first engaged in this city in putting
tho iron roof on tho Capitol, under Uoneral
Meigs; was afterward employed by tho
city government in improving tho
canal, and was last cmplovcd in
designing tho iion roof on tho now
National Museum. Uo was an expert
civil engineer, moro especially in nil kinds
of Iron works and in livdraullcs, in which
latter work ho ha3 recently been omploycd
in tho wntcr-powor sawmills near Pcnsa
cola, Florida. Ho was a man of very
superior scientific ability, especially in me
chanics; was a gonoral writer for tho pross
on these subjects; was a .suceos3ful in
ventor, a very useful citizen, nndofunim
peacbablo Integrity. His many friends in
this city will bo pained to hoar of his de
mise, though ho had lived to tho allotted
term of thrco score J oars aud ten. Ecquies
cat mime I
Ilcccpllou to MIhh Henrietta Vinton
Dai In.
Hon. Frederick Douglass invited a few
friends last evening to his rcsidenco in
Uuiontovvn to meet Miss Honrlctti Vinton
Davis, tho young colored lady who is to
mako her debut in dramatic recitals on
Wednesday oventug, 23th iustaut, at
Miss Davis recited very cfleLtivcly scenes
from "Romeo and Juliet,' "A3 You Llko
It," "Brier Rose" (a poem of great dramatic
power by Bjornson), "Awfully Lovely Phil
osophy' and "Dancing at tho Flat Creok
Quarters." Mr. Douglass, than whom there
13110 better judge, mado a speech of con
gratulation, and predicted a successful
future for Miss Davis
Mis Marguorito E. Saxton, tho precep
tress of Miss Davis,upon a request from Mr.
Dtfuglass, gavo a sccuo from "Macbeth,"
and recited ' Drifting " Miss Saxton is so
well and favorably known that (ho np
pcaranca of her pupil will bo ono of tho
events of tho season.
Police Changes To-ilny,
Tho Commissioners to day held nn exe
cutive bCssion,at which polico business was
Pollco Olllcer Rhodes, of tho Second Pre
cinct, and ono of tho mo,t efficient men on
tho force, was recently removed for a tech
nical violation of tho manuual, was re
stored upon tho facts being properly pre
sented Sergeant Swindells, acting lieutenant at
Georgetown, was promoted to a lieutenancy,
vico Adolphus Eckloll.
Acting Sergeant SiO'ell wa3 promoted to
to Sergeant, vico Swindell, piomotod. Tho
changes to tako effect May 1.
Martin Couboy was appointed mossongor
at Polico Headquarters, vico John P Rico
Tho Cabinet fleeting.
At tho Cabinet meeting this aftornoou
mi accumulation of routluo business
of no pbblic importance was con
sidered. Tho Civil-Servieo rules wero
merely referred to, hut will probably
bo considered at the next meeting.
Mr. IIiitcIiluKouN Comlltlon.
Thoro is no clmngo in Sir. Hutchinson's
condition this afternoon.
righting Tuo Air.
Cincinnvti, April 21. Tho Methodists
havo adopted a serious of resolutions con
demning tho proposed great dramatic fes
tival as encouraging a class of aaiusomonts
which did no moral nor mental good. Thoy
had invited tho Presbyterian clergy to
join with them In tho protect, but tho lat
ter havo failed to do so, although thoy havo
not directly refused.
ATcxas Murilcrcr Hung.
Frankliv, Tews, April 21 Wyatt
Banks w as hanged hero yesterday afternoon
for the murder of Jailor Add Wjser on May
23, 1SS2. Walto and two other prisoners,
IMnicl Compton and Wyatt Banks, tho last
named colored, plotted tho murder. Wulto
was hanged a mouth ago aud Compton was
Gcutcnccd for life
An Apt Scholar.
Tho editor ot tho London Sportsman, who re
cently visited thlscouutrv. Booms to havo ac
commodated himself to tho ways of tho Uo
public with remarkablo swootness and con
tcnr,as the following oxtract from an tutor
view with blm on his return to London aufil
clently demonstrates
"Did ou mako many spoochos whon you
were In America?" tho asked him.
"es, 'was tho roply. "1 was frequently
callod on to respond."
"And what did you say for tho most part?"
"Thank jou. I don't mind It Ido "
I.ooltN That Way.
Wall Street Dally News
"I've bin down to York on blznoss," ho was
oxplalnlng to a fellow passenger on tin Erlo
train, "and I'm greatly dlsapplatod."
"Wall, tho hull kentr has alius bin talklu'
about how monoy Is mado and lo3t lu Wall
Btieet, andl Ihoughtrdgo down nnl try ora
a pull or two."
"nd you list? '
"No, I didn't loso or gain I wont lnt a
dozon places aud aske 1 'em what the) d soil
outtur, and I wont Into a 1! man other iln""S
and asked 'cm to trot oat their gams, au I dj
you know that Idllntovon git Uinoliancoto
win or loso ten coins on a wheol ot fortun1)!
I kinder 'spec Vi all stroot ts a hnmbug."
At Uulon Bethel Historio aud Lttorary
Association this evening, tho paper is by
Mrs. M A. S. Carey.cntitlcd "A Foiv Practi
cal Thoughts for tho Consideration of the
Colored Citizens."
A Kaingp lillliirliil mi Our .I'llln-lln
Pi t lu tho Eli rllu 'nazctto' In
Nplrcil lij IIN-I'iiIho Charges Jluilo
Af.nlnHt IJIiiNttrrinrgriit.
Biriin, April 21 Tho Aorta Gumma
Gazette to day, In an aitlclo which tho cor
respondent of thu United Press says thoro
Is reason to beliovo was directly inspired
by Pilnco Bismarck, makes a verysavago
attack ujon tho policy of tho Unltod Statea
Gov eminent In protecting tho Interests of
tho American hog rilscr3. Tho OimIWj
article goes beyond tho ordinary limits of
journalism, and accuses tho United Htatos
of attempting to Imltato tho conduct of
England In forcing opium Into China.
'Iho writer asserts that tho recent pro
hibition of tho importation of Ajncrlcau
pork into Germany was nn economic sani
tary imastuo which tho German govern
ment vv as com t clled to tako for tho purpose
of protecting her subjects from pbyslc.ll
dlsenso nnd degeneration much worsa than
tho inforccd Introduction ot opium cutallod
uton tbo Chinese.
Iho (mtzette also makes nn attack unou
tho United States Minister- at Berlin, Mr.
A. A. Sargent, and accuses him of having
done all in his power to iudtico his Govern
ment lo rctallato upon Germany by pro
hibiting tbo importation into tho United
States of all German products possible to
procure elsewhere, until by reason of tho
consequent loss of trado and rovcnuo tho
German Government should bo compelled
to succumb and withdraw all opposition to
tho freo introduction into Germany of all
American hogs and hog products.
Iho paper insinuates that .Minister Sir
pent has been doing this secretly and pro
feses to hav 0 been entirely Ignorant of tho
presence in Berlin of such a powerful oncniy
of German interests until tho discovery was
mado upon tho arrival of certain American
journals containing tho Minister's advices
to his Government.
Tho Gazette coming to specifications statos
that tho German Commercial-Journal, Hand'
le Zctlunn, published in Now York city, in
its issuo of March 10, 1833ipublishcd an ar
ticlo signed by Minister Sargent, In which
ho boldly advocates such a system of retali
ation by tbo United Statc3 unoriiOormany
until tho latter abllshcd tho proliivWon laW3
ngalnst American pork a3 wouldtually
nnuount to reprisals, and which w Id, If
v in, ir
30l -aoV
' "A
eueecasiui, iuicu tiucricitu iricuiu o 'J'l
ucrman consumers ol pork by procisei;
Bamo kind ot argument 03 that
caused tho opium war.
Tho correspondent of tho United Prns.3
was assured, at tho olhco of tho American
Minister, thnt Mr. Sargent had never
written any such article as that attributed
to him, and that tho only production upou
tho subcct to which his namo would havo
been appended, must havo bcou his la?t
report to tho American Stato Departmont,
which was mailed from Berlin on January
1 last.
Ibis item, ns claimed, contained nothing
concerning retaliation, but was solely a re
port mado up mainly of oxtracts of edi
torials in tho German press going to show
that there wa3 no basis for any restrictions
upon tho importation into Germany of
American poik on tho ground of its infec
tion with trichina?, and that tho best In
formed German editors bellovcd that tho
entire mov etnent against American pork was
purely selfish and contributed by thoso
dealers in German pork whowcrocompollod
to cell native product much lower n ith than
without American competition.
loril Griuivlllc'M Itiply to Secretary
New York, April 21. Lord Granvlllo's
reply to Secretary Frcllnghuysen's noto 011
tho modification of tho Clayton-Rulwor
Treaty is published. Tho discussion origi
nally aroso under Mr. Ill lino's secretary
ship. Tho reply of England s Foreign
Secretary is a carclully-drawu aud ablo
document, and bears dato December 20,
1882 Tho strongest part of tho note Is
probably tho reply to tho accusations
against Great Britain In tho Honduras
matter, and hero ho quotes bodily tho noto
of John M Claylon, tlio then Secretary of
State, dated July 1, lb30, and tho Bulwer
noto of tho samo dato as ontiroly justifying
tho policy of Her Majesty's Government.
In a general way ho claims that there has
been no treaty violation or ovasionbytho
British Government, and that tho treaty
has never been invalidated and that there is
no necessity for renew ing any of Its provis
ions There might, however, bo advantages
in defining by agreement tho distance from
each end of tho proposed Panama Canal
within which no hostilities should bo per
mitted by belligerents, In order to main
tain tho entire freedom of tho canal, al
though any arrangement would bo at pres
ent premature, when tho condition of tho
canal enterprio is considered. Her Majos
tj's Government, however, desires to ami
cably scttlo all tho points raised.
Alan I Poor Yorlck.
Pati-rson, N. J., April 21. Tho grand
jury to day haa beforo it tho caso3 of con
tractors who havo been removing groit
quantities of sand from the old PrOsbto
rlan Church Cemetery, nnd who havo douo
tho work In such a careless w ly as to ex
poso tho coffins nnd bones of tho dead.
Thoso who llvo in tho neighborhood say
that tho children havo gotton so used to
seeing these bones and watching tho semi
exhumations that the) havo no feeling lu
tho mattci, and havo been seen playing
football in tho strcot wilh a human skull
for a football
To 11 ml Demi.
LAMMORr, Dak., April 21. Thobolio3
of Charles and Fred Ward, prominent real
estate dealers aud founders of tho ton u of
Bartlctt, were round murdered on the uut
sklits yesterday. No clue.
Chicago, Arrll 21. Tho Wardiaro tho
ncphows of Charles II. Farwell, tho
merchant princoof this city.
Cnit'VGO, April21. Tho Ward brothors,
found murdered at Creel City, D. T , wero
tho eons of Dr. E. P. Ward, of this city.
Tho lattcr's family was prostrated this
morning on receiving a dispatch containing
tno sail intelligence. 1 110 young men wero
botli natives of Chicago, and residents hero
till a few months ago
Dlnz doing Homo-Jui Himlil Han
Long tonrerciiro Vlilli Itlm.
Ntw York, April 21 Ex President
Diaz nnd parly leave or York to-morrow
morning, at 0 o'clock and go by way of
Buffalo and Toledo for bt Louis byspooial
train, on very fast time Theuco thoy go
to New Orleans lu tho train thoy mod la
coming ineluding tho Hotel Dlai dining
car, 'lbcy sail from Now Orleans for Vera
Cruz on April 29
Jny liould spent last evening with Signor
Ilia talklug over financial uud railroad
matters and Mexico's prospects,
that Apostato Priest.
Cuicao, III., April 21 Of thoRov.
Bernard Kelloy, whoso secession from tho
Romau,Catholic to tho Independent Catho
lic Chuich was reported in tbcsodlspatchei
S csterday, Bishop Marty, of Dikota, says
Lu was last fall Eitspendod by tho Bishop of
Cleveland for drunkenness; that ho thou
entered thoFianciscau Monastery at Tcuto
polis, HI , asa penitent, aud noxtvvasglvoa
admission in Dakota from sympathy, where
ho agalu took to drluk, aud was ordered to
kuvo tho diocese.
fcjri inWi ,ji
jMFafltfHJMar,VOtf-i"iw., ml -wuiT 3ri

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