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The Evening Critic.
17TH YEAR NO. 5,208.
Mr. McSwoony Aftor a Position Tho
New Ohlof In the Sixth Auditor's
CHIlco Mr. Clo7olanct Invited to
tho Army of tho Potomao Reunion.
I. O. Stciizlo of Jlllnols Is being urged
for tlio Calcuttn mission.
Tho Secretary of Stato, accnmpanlod 1)7
Minister Foster, called upon tlio Prosldont
A conscionco contribution of $500 lias
licrn received at tlio Troasury Departmont
from Newark.
James W. Donnelly, clilof of tho Ac
countants' Division of tho Qoncral Laud
Ollcc, has resigned.
Lieutenant Alfred Roynolds has boon
ordered to ordnanco Instruction at tho
Washington Navy-Yard.
Colonel Hassler, appointment dork of
tho Interior Department, bos gono to 1'hll
adclphla on public business.
Tho remains of Mr. Edward Plerropont,
Into Chargo d'Aflalros at Homo, will be
burled In that city on tho 18th.
Mr. John Koyworth, a woll-known resi
dent of this city, Is urged by many frionds
for tbo position of Superintendent of Police
E.G. Ii&thbono, chiof of special examin
ers of tho I'onslon Bureau, will resign that
ofllco In a few days to ongago in private
It Is understood out in Cedar Rapid;,
Iowa, that Judgo Klnno of that Stato has
been tendered, but has uot yet accepted, tho
mission to Austria.
Wholcsalo changos, discharges and roai
slgnmcnts of duties aro to bo expected In
tho Bureau of Engraving and Printing, If
current rumors aro truo.
Tho Comptroller of tho Carroncy has
called on tho shareholders of tho Exchango
National Bank of Norfolk for tho piyraont
of assessments to tho full extent of tholr In
dividual liability.
Leonard Bralnerd, Inspector of hulls at
Albany, N. Y., and Frank Shepherd, his
clerk, liavo tondorcd their resignations to
tho Secretary of tho Treasury, In order to
ongago in prlvato business.
Tho Secretary of Stato has boon Informed
that a railroad congress to consider what
tmnrnvi.mi.nf. pan 1m miuln In fchn wnrlclnff
, and tho construction of railways will he
held at Brussels next August.
lion. Peter M. Dox of Alabama, who is
mentioned as a BucccBsor of Register Bruce,
Is a native of Now York and formorly ro
sided at Gonova in that Stato. Ho romeved
to Huutsvlllo, Ala., about thirty years
Dr. Miller of Omaha, a llfo-long friend of
tbo President, called at tho Wlilto House
to-day. Ofllco-scokors say that Dr. Millor
probably wants nothing from tho Adminis
tration, but could havo almost anything us
asked for.
Secretary Bsyard gavo a recoption at his
icsldcnco on Massachusetts nvontio last
nigbt. A largo asscmhlago of woll-knowu
ofiiclals and society pooplo woro in attend
ance. Tbo reception began at 10 o'clock and
continued until midnight.
An adjustment of tho differences between
tho Government and tho Union PaclQe
Railroad Company as ascertained by tho
Court of Claims on tho payment of $010,701
liy tho Union Pacific Railroad Company
will probably bo mado in a few days.
Postmaslcr-Gonoral Vilas has Issued a
general ordor regarding tho appointment
by examination of postal inspectors. Tho
ruminations will tako placo In Washing
ton, and tho applicants must pay their
own railroad fares and othor oxponsos.
Tho President has appointed tbo fol
lowing postmasters: James D. Corcoran,
Rome, N. Y.; Joromo La Duo, WostOoU,
N. Y.; Ezra Evans, Wost Choster, Pa.;
James Drury. Bristol, Pa.; Goorgo T. Gross,
Allcntonn, Pa.; David Overman, Marlon,
Tbo officers In cbarco of tho Construction
Department of tho Navy-Yard havo thor
oughly Inspecttd tbo monitor Sauguafor tho
purposo of estimating tho cost of putting
her In a 6cagoing condition, Tho Wyan
dotte was also inspected several days ago
for tho tamo purpose.
Tlio following porsons havo passed tho
Clvll-Scrvlco examination and boon select
ed for appointments to $1,000 clorkshlps lu
tho Surgoon-Genoral's otllco : Ernoit B.
Osborno of Now York, Charles Williams of
Kentucky, Paul B. Fllnzor of Kontucky,
Charles A. Frost of Massachusetts, and
Thomas A. Wilkin of Ohio.
Mayor Latrobe, Colonels Lovo, Ulmsn
and Lang, and Major Coleman of Biltiuioro,
waited upon tho President to-day to Invito
lilm to review tho Army of tho Potomac
demonstration In Baltimoro on May 7. Tho
President expressed his regrets that tho
prcs6Uro of business would probably pre
vent his acccptanco of tho Invitation.
Secretary Manning has appointed B.
Frank Abbott of Now Jorsoy, a brother of
Governor Abbott, to bo chief of division of
tho Sixth Auditor's ofllco, vice Mr. Wlddo
combo of Maryland, whoso resignation was
requested. It Is a disappointment to Civil
Bcrvlco reformers that this position was not
illlcd by promotion from a clerkship.
Tho Commissioner of Agrlculturo will
ls3uo a circular to-day on tbo roport that
cattlo can bo drivon North and South
through tho western section of Texas with
perfect safoty from existing cattlo dlsoasos.
Tbo circular will bo in tbo naturo of an
inquiry Into tho subject, and much valu
able Information will probably result
from It.
Tho following clorks having sorvod a
satisfactory probationary torm of six months
Iiayo rccolvcd permanout appointments In
the Treasury : Mr. C. M. Spoonor of Iowa,
Mr. P. II. Grlsham of Tennossoo, and Miss
Ada C. Miller of Ohio. Mr. William Wat
kins of Now Jcrsoy has been promoted from
$1,000 class to class 1 in tho First Comp
troller's ofllco.
A document signed by tho Mayor,
High Sheriff and tho members of
Parliament for Cork lias been received
by tbo President. It speaks of
tho dignified and courteous manuor In
which Mr. J. J. Piatt has performed tho
duties of U. S. Consul at that placo, and
asks that ho bo continued as tho reproscnta
tivo of tho United Stat03 thoro.
Congressmen Morrison, Ward, Townshond
and Worthlngton of Illinois aro on tholr
way to Washington to ongago In tho
cramblo for the Stato oulcca. Congressman
Ward, who is now hero, bollovos that tho
entiro Domocratlo delegation will bo iu this
city boforo many days, aud that an Im
portant caucus will bo hold to dccldoupon
tbo best courso to pursuo in rolatlou to tho
Tho President has mado tho following
appointments : W. II. Brlnkcr of War
rcushurg, Mo., to bo Assoclato Jnstlco of
tho Supremo Court of tho Territory of Now
Moxlco;Thomas W. Scott of Virginia, to be.
United States Marshal for tho Eastorn Dls
trlct of Virginia, vice Hughes, reslgnol;
Harry W. llohson of Donvor, Col., to bo
United States Dlstrlot Attornoy for tho
District of Colorado, vice A. W. Drazeo, ro
moved. Iu tho Court of Commissioners of Ala
bama Claims yostmday, Hon. J, A, J,
Crcswell, counsel for tbo United States, an
nounced that frauds had been dlscovorol
in connection with a number of cases. It
some of theso arrests had boon mado In
Arizona, find one, George A, Job.ns.oD, Imi
been convicted and sonlonccd for complicity
In tho prosecution of fictitious claims. Ho
said that alleged frauds and misrepresenta
tions in other-cases wcro undor Investiga
tion.. Mr. Edward McSwoony, tho famous
Irish-American suspoct, who took tho
slump for Clovoland and Hendricks during
tho lato campaign, wants to bo appoiutod
Collector of tbo port of Han Francisco, but
tbo California Democrats, whllo willing
and desirous that ho should bo glvon Rome
Government position, do not think ho has
been long enough a resident of the Stato to
entitloblmto nsbaro lu tho strictly local
Tho Commissioner of tho Labor Bureau
lias scut to Hccrotary Lamar n list of
jeoplo whom bo rccommonds for nppolut
ment as special agonts to gather
labor statistics. Tho Socrotary has
not yet acted upon tho rccommondatlous.
Tho report tliathodoos not Intend to ap
point any special agents of this charactor is
said at tbo Interior Department to ho in
correct. Tho Secretary will probably act
In tho matter noxt week.
President Clovcland has Issuod a procla
mation revoking and declaring void tho ox
ccutlvo ordor ofPresldont Arthur of tho
27th of February, 1885, throwing open to
public settlcmonttho tract of country In tho
Territory of Dakota known as tho old Win
nebago Reservation and tboStoux, or Crow
Creek Reservation, Prcsidont Clovoland
warns all poisons now on tho lands undor
color of tho order of Fobruary 27, and all
persons about to entor upon such lands,
that they will not bo permitted to romalu
or enter upon such lands, and porsons al
ready thcro aro called upon to rotnovo
within sixty days from thodatoof tho proc
Slliiliicrn-ltcftltloui. CoimilH-Oeiiornl
ninl CoriHiilH Nnnieit To-ilny.
Tho President this afternoon appointed
tho following Mtulstors-Rostdcnt and Con
suls General :
Ex-GovEnNon Wit. Bloxiiam of
Florida, to Bolivia.
Baylmb W. Hakna of Indlaua to
Walker Ff.atin of Louisiana to Grccco.
Ho also appointed tho following:
Consuls James Murray of Now York at
St. Johns, N. B.; Boyd Winchostor of Ken
tucky at Nico; Charles 0. Kimball of Illi
nois at Stuttgart, Germany.
Conduct of tlio V ii I led Ntitien marines
lit Vniinmrt ami Aspluu nil,
Official reports by Commander Kano and
others woro rocolvcd at tho Navy Depart
ment to-day, describing tho courso pursued
by tho United States steamer Oalona and
by tho United States forces at tho Isthmus
ot Panama. Tho contents of tho roports
navo not been mauo public, but it is under
stood that they put Commandor Kano In a
very much mora favorablo light, showing
that ho rescued tho Now York vessel
Colon from capturo by tho tnsurgouts,
protected her and her crow and provontod
insult to tho flag, Tho report Is said to
show that when tho Colon was boardod by
Insurgonts tho Galena went to hor rescue
and restored tho vessol, nrms and storos to
tho possession of tbo owners and thoa took
tbo vessel to a place of safety.
IIIm Hellenic to Nell Clprl8lilmlu (he
Agricultural Department.
Since assuming chargo of tho Agricultural
Department tho now Commissioner has
learned that during his iibsonco In the West
last week a well-dressed, protoitbus
Individual, who is frequently scon in and
about tho hotels, has beon visiting the De
partment and making tho acquaintance of
both male and fomalo employes and Inti
mating to thorn that by roa3oh of his warm
personal acquaintance with tho Commis
sioner bo could sccuro them in office for a
stipulated sum, according to tho position
Somo of tho ladles ho invited to call up
on him at his rooms. Ycstorday tho Com
missioner learned of it for tbo first time,
and naturally enough to his groat indigna
tion. Steps havo alroady boon taken to
run tho rascal down.
Tho fraud in question Is known tn n num
ber of parties in Washington, and since tho
inauguration has been cutting a heavy
figure, Bomowbat to tho surprise of various
respcctablo people with whom ho cama in
contact. Ho Is also said to bo known In
Wheeling, W. Va whoro hoobtalnod goods
on crodlt and mado oft to tho sorrow of
relatives and others highly connected. Tho
namo of this ontcrprislug Individual Is. said
to bo Mltcholl.
Dclt'cntloiiH nt llio Whim House.
Ycstorday afternoon was ono of tho most
animated and eventful that has been wit
nessed at tho Whtto Houso during tbo now
Administration. Delegation aftor dologatloa
poured into tbo Ea3t Room and many strik
ing incidents occurred. Thocolorod bishops
andclorgymcn of tho A. M. E. Conforonce.
tho representatives of tho Knights of
Pythias, a largo Virginia' delegation and
tho ballet girls and other fomalo inombors
of Klralfy's "Sleba" troupo, shared the
President's attontion and hospitality within
tho spaco of ono short afternoon.
rrorcosor Ilalrd Not to lleslsu.
A morning paper stated to-day that Pro
fessor Sponcor F. Balrd, socrotary of tho
Smithsonian Institution, had rosignod that
position to accept nsclontlfla professorship
at Yolo College Profossor Balrd said to
The Ciiitio reportor to-day that thoro
was not a word of truth in tbo statomoit.
no has not rosignod nor does ho Intend to.
"I havo not beon offered a professor's chair
at Yale," ho said, "nor would I accept ono
If it wcro offered mo. I would not ovon
tako tho presidency of tbo college."
IilHtrlct Uovernmciit Noiov.
Dr. J.W. Baynohas takon out a permit
to erect a handsomo brick dwelling on
Second street, botweon Pennsylvania avo
mo and A strcot southoast, which will cost
Markctmastor Buoll has recommended
that a policomau bo dctallod for duty at tho
corner of Sovcnth strcot and tbo Avonuo to
look after tho cabmen and tho drinking
Tho United Slates Electrlo-Llght Com
pany has asked for a couforonco with tho
District Commissioners to talk ovor tho
question of oxtondlng tholr cables and
lights In tho city.
A delegation of citizens from Shoridau
avenuo waited ou tho Commissioners aud
asked that thoy personally Inspect tho
nvcnuo beforo thoy enforco tho ordor to ro
movo fonccs and sheds back 15 feet.
Permits to build havo beon Issuod to
Lansburgh & Bro. to orect a handsomo ad
dition to their oxtonslvo ostabllshmout.
Tho addition will bo erected on Eighth
street, aud will bo connected with tholr
Seventh strcot storos. It will bo 31x101
fcot, and will cost $0,C00. W. F. Elton,
to erect thrco dwelling botisos 'on O stroot,
between Fourth aud Fifth, to co3t $7,500.
ii i Wiii.
Just ono week from this evening "Pa
tloaca" will bo glvon at Albaugh's for tho
benefit of tho Georgetown Orchestra.
Evkry travollng.man should tako with
him a bottlo of Salvation Oil. Prlco 25
Read James n, Media's paint adv.
Roys' Spring Suits, Elsoman's, 7tlt and E.
An Important Opinion on tho Suuloot
from Mr. Goorgo Tloknor Curtis
Judgo Koltu of Virginia an Apparent
Favorlto District Mon Proforrod,
Tho question of a successor to Judgo
Wyllo is ono that Is greatly Intorestlng tho
pcoplo of tbo District of Columbia. Among
tbo lawyers Mat Intorcst is intense Tho
recent articles In Tun Critic on this
subject havo groatly Intensified tho In
terest. A Cnmu roportor, who wont tho
rounds, has found but vory fow lawyors
who havo not read and dlscussod thoso
article;. As a rulo thoy Indorso what Is said
In them, Thoy think that n mau of tho
greatest ability should succcod Judgo
Wyllo, even If to find such a man it should
bo necessary to go outsldo of tho District.
But they do not think that It is neces
sary to go outsldo ; thoy think that thoro
Is plenty of timber horo to select from. In
their talk about thoso who aro candidates
to succeed Judgo Wyllo it Is strango that
tlio lawyors, wbllo favoring this or that
man, cay nothing against any of tho othor
In fact, thoy speak highly of all who
havo boon raontlonod for tho placo. This
Is strango, but truo.
Thcro is nnothor rather curious feature
about tho matter. Tho youngor lawyers
all wish a man appointed who has a largo
practlco. If appointed, such a man would,
of courso. havo to ulvo tin that nractlco.
This would necessitate a distribution of
that practlco, with ovorybedy standing a
cbanco of getting somo of It,
For this reason Auditor Payno, who Is
ono of tho candidates, is not a favorlto
among tbo youngor members of tho bar.
Judgo Payne, bowovor, was tho first man
In tho field. Ho started out six months bo
foro there was any intimation that there
would bo a vacant Judgeship. Ho rocolvod
many signatures to his papor. no has on
that paper tho uimos of ono or two gontlo
men whoso friends aro urging them for tho
Judgeship. Thcro has beon a good doal of
curiosity among lawyers and othors to
know what position Judgo Wylio would
tako in regard to bis successor.
Judgo Wyllo said : " My successor
should bo a man thoroughly Identified
with tho District and thoroughly cogalzaut
of Its laws. I would not, for a moment,
think of suggesting to tho Prosldont tho
namo of anyono as my successor. But If
tbo Prcsidont should call upon mo aud
ask my advico, I should say: Appoint
Judgo Keith of Virginia."
Judgo Keith Is, by tho way, highly
spoken of by all lawyers. Thoro Is no
question as to his ability, but thoro Is a do
elded feeling that au equally able man
can bo found In tho District. Mr. C.
Maurlco Smith, liko Judgo Wyllo, is for
Judgo Keith, but not until It is demon
strated that no man fully equipped for tho
position can bo found in tho District of
Columbia. Mr. Gcorgo Tlokuor Curtis,
boworcr, squints suggostlvely to au out
sldo man. Ho said:
"I am a member of tho bar of tho Su
premo Court of tbo United Statos. My
rcsldonco Is in tho city of Now York. I
pass tho winters horo with tho purpoia of
practicing In tho Supremo Court of tho
United Statos and in matters ponding in tho
Departments which require tho services of
counsel. I havo uovcr practiced In the Su
premo Court ot tho District, but It Is a
very Important tribunal, with a jurisdiction
lu many respects corresponding to that of a
Circuit Court of tho United States.
" Whether tho judgesof this court ought to
bo selected from tho local bar or from tho
countiy at largo is a matter about which I
am perhaps uot qualified to, expro33 au
opinion. There Is ono consideration, bow
ovor, which porhaps ought to affect tho
judgment of tbo appointing power iu this
matter. Although tho Supremo Court for
tho District is lu ouo scuso a local court)
affecting tho rights and intcrosts of tho in
habitants and property-owners of tho Dis
trict, yet it is tho court of original jurisdic
tion into which any citizen of tho United
States or othor person must como who
wishes to seek. a judicial remedy against
any ofilcor of tho Government. For such
purposes proceedings must commonco In
this court to bo carried to tho Supromo
Court of tho United States.
"Tho Supromo Court for tho District
also has Important functions of an appel
late naturo to discharge iu matters of
patents for Inventions. For theso and a
great many other reasons It may
bo propor to mako a widor selection of
judges of this court. But thoro is no ono,
cither resident In tho District or out of tho
District, whom I particularly doslro to seo
mado tho successor of Judgo Wylio."
Mr. Eugeno Carusl was found in his of
llco. After gottlng through with u clloat
ho eatd :
"Thcro can bo no two opinions on tho
question. Tho jurisdiction of our courts do
ponds vory largoly upon tho laws of Mary
land prior to 1801. Tho proper adminis
tration of our laws, as thoy now stand, re
quires a man who is conversant with thorn.
Ho must bring to tho dlscbargo of his
duties intelligence-and acceptability. The
common law practlco prevails moro largely
and moro genorally lu tho District of Co
lumbia than anywhoro olso. Lawyers
who havo boon accustomod to practlco
under tho codes of the sovoral Statos aro
every day subject to ombarrassmont in
questions of almost daily occurronco in our
District courts. Tho Jurisdiction of tho
Suprcmo.Court of tho District of Columbia
being exceptionally oxtonslvo, and embrac
ing tho trial and determination of casos in
cluding tho most Important principles of
law in ovcry department of Jurlsprudonco,
calls for tho highest order of professional
ability. Tberoforo, In my Judgment, It is
only propor to fill tho position of judgo in
tho Supremo Court of tho District of Co
lumbia by ono who has at least practiced a
considerable tlrao at tho District bar,"
Major A. C. Richards said : "This vacant
Judgeship scorns to bo about tbo only
thing that Is loft, and wo cortalnly ought
to havo It. By all means appoint a District
man to tho placo. In regard to a hotter
administration of laws In this District, I
would eay that tho only thing worthy of
reform is In tho Circuit Court. That court
is now about four hundred casos hohlud its
docket. Tho judges havo tho romely lu
their own hands. Thoy aro fully omponv
crcd, under existing laws, to orgaulzo a cir
cuit court number two. Thoy havo novor
seen fit to do this."
Mr. Mills Dean said:
"I think a thorough knowledge of tho
practlco provalont in this District, nud of
tho bar, an Indlsnonsabloroqulslto for a suc
cessor of Judgo Wyllo. As this can only bo
found among thoso who havo practiced
hero, I am In favor of giving tho appoint
ment to a local man. I havo uo fears that
tho Picaident will go outsldo of our bar to
flud a Judge, for us. That rulo has pro
vailed too long already."
Mr. W. B. Webb Is for a District man as
Judgo Wjllo's succossor, If It woro posslblo
to got a good man for that placo. Ho said ;
"No moro Important position in thojudl
clary of tho country Is thoro than tho posi
tion of a Judgo of tlio Supromo Court of tho
District of Columbia. As far back as I can
remember that court has had boforo It tho
most Important cases, nationally, that this
country or any other has ovor known.
Aside from this, tbo business of tbo court
requires in tho prosldlug Judiciary au ac
quaintance not only with tho local Hws
and legal practlco. but oftoh an intlnuto
acqualntanco with tho cltizeus of tho Dis
trict." Colonel Enoch Totten said : "Tlioodltor
lal lu Thursday's CniTia oxproased my
tcntlmontsas woll as If it had been wrltton
by mysolf. I should liko to soo such a dis
tinguished Jurist as Judgo Cooler of Michi
gan appointed on our bonch. Ulsomlnont
Judicial ability wonld honor any court.
Why, ono of tho ablest of tho Assoclato
Justices of tbo Supromo Court of tho Uulted
States recently said to mo that ho con
sidered tho position of Chief Justlco of
tho Supromo Court of tbo District of Col
umbia, with a properly organized bonch, to
bo noxt tn dignity and Importance to that
of Chlof Justlco of tho United Statos."
Mr. Charles S. Mooro, ono of tbo load
lng young members of tho bar, gossiped
with tho reporter about candidates and
tho subject in gonoral, Ho spoko very
highly of Judgo Keith and Mr. Payno, as
ho did of all tho other candidates who
havo entered tho field to succeed Judgo
Wyllo. Of Mr. Pnyno. tho Auditor of tho
Court, Mr. Mooro said that bo was gen
erally Indorsod by tho bar. Mr. Cliutghton,
ho said, was a gentloman who in ovcry
way would fill tho position acceptably.
Tbo youngor clement of tho bar was, ho
said, In favor of Mr. Leigh Roblnsou.
Mr. J. J. Johnson, who has also been
spokch of for tho ofllco, Is well appreciated
by both tho bar and tho citizens of tho Dis
trict. Mr. L. G. Ulncs, anothor candidato,
would plcaso both tho bar and tho pooplo.
"Ho Is a modest, unassuming gentloman,"
said Mr. Mooro. "Ho has pledged htmsolf
to Mr. Payne, but since tho vacancy oc
curred bo has boen surrounded by his
friends, who havo asked blm to bo n candi
date. Ho has invariably refused, but his
friends havo Insisted and will insist that
his namo shall bo prcsouted to tho Prosldont
In this connection."
Mr. Henry Wise Garnctt spoko of tho im
portance of tho position. Ho said: "I think
that n District man should bo appoiutod.
And I am In favor of a young man. Justlco
Miller of tho Supremo Court has said that
a Judgo goes on tho bcuch to loam. Tho
judgo, therefore, ought to boa youug man.
I am In favor of tho appointment of Mr.
Leigh Robinson. Ho Is In cvory way flttod
for tho position. Uo is about 10 years of
In discussing tho Judgeship tho quostlon
of politics by uo means figures prominently
In what tbo lawyers say. But thoro Is a
general iniprcsslou among mombers of tho
barof tho Democratic faith that thoy aro
reasonable in oxpcctlng tho appointment of
a Democrat. Heretofore able and compe
tent lawyers, who nro Democrats, havo
never aspired to a placo an tho judicial
bench of tho District, simply becauso of
their political faith. Thoy now tberoforo
think that a Democrat ought to bo recog
nized in tho ponding appointment.
Speaking of tbo work of tho court, noarly
ovcry lawyer with whom tho roportor con
versed expressed hlmsolf as being In favor
of the Inauguration of an official report of
tho court's doings. But thoy do not think
it likely that such a thing will bo accom
plished. They havo tried a numbor of
times to bring It about, but havo novor suc
ceeded. Tho difficulty is that tho Judges
themselves aro opposed to such a rocord.
Thoy already havo a great deal of work to
do. If official roports wcro mado, tho
Judges would havo much moro work to do,
or thoy would havo to bo moro caroful In
delivering tholr opinions.
Tlio A, M. K. Conference.
Tho fourth session of tbo A. M. E. 'Aon
Conference convoncd nt Galbratth Church
this morning at 10 o'clock, with Bishop
Hood In tho chair. Tho dovotlonal oxer
clses wcro conducted by Bishop Wayraan
of tho A. M. E. Chaptor. Bishops Wayman
and Ward wcro Introduced, aud after brief
appropriato romarks took seats Iu tho altsr.
A voto of thanks was tondorcd to tho
bishops. Representatives of various churches
addressed tho conference.
A few brief romarks woro mado by Dr.
PItzcr. Ho complimented tbo addro33 of
Professor Wllllani Howard Day to tho
President yesterday. A collection, amount
ing to $23.45, was takon to holp defray tho
expenses of tho church at Laurel, Md.
The Commlttco on Temporanco, through
Eldor 1'earsall, reported, and aftor a longtby
and earnest discussion, a motion was
adopted to amend by instructing tho min
isters to form tompcranco societies In tho
At Galbratth Chapel to-morrow Bishop
Hood will proach at 11 o'clock and Bishop
Mooro at 3 o'clock. Servicos will bo hold at
all tho other colored churchc3 In tho Dis
trict. llolilierleN Kcporteil-
Hamilton nuntor, an lnmato of tho Sol
diers' Homo, has reported to tho poltco
tbat on tho night of tho Gth Instant bo was
knocked down in a houso that ho was visit
ing, near tho Homo, and was robbod of
$180. Tbo polico oxpect to arrest tho
offendor to-day.
D. W. Gotwals of 023 Ninth stroot roports
that a quantity of carpontors' tools woro
stolen from his shed ou Thursday uight
Frank Wright reports that his storo, No.
2223 Fourteenth Btrcot, was outcrol and
robbed of $9.25 worth of provisions last
AVI II or luo J.uto 1'rnuclH T,ul7,
Tho Register has received au oxompllfiod
copy of tho will of Francis A. Luti. Ho
leaves premises 227 Second strcot in trust
fur his grauddaughter, Mamlo S. Davis;
premises Nos. -105 and 407 Pennsylvania
avenuo to I A. Lutz, jr.; to Samuel S. Lutz
a farm In Loudoun County and a houso ou
High strcot; Georgetown, and $3,000 in
bonds ; to Mrs. Clement W. Howard prom
ises 491 Pennsylvania avonno; to Mrs. John
A. Lutz $.r,00; to 0. W. noward $3,000, to
bo paid within ono yoar.
I'rosrtsa of llio Census.
Major Dyo states that tho polico pro
gicsscd considerably with tho cousus
enumeration ycstorday. Ho estimates that
It will tako them about throo woeks to com
pleto It. Tho Major statos that to socuro
an accurato enumeration, aftor tho city Is
taken by blocks, othor mon will go ovor
tho city by streets and tho results com
pared. 1'iiucriilH lu llnltlmore.
Tho funeral of the lato Rev. Dr. Goorgo
Leeds took placo in Baltimoro yostenlay
afternoon, Bishop Parot officiating. Tbo
funeral of tho lato Vicar-Gonoral Dough
city of tbo Baltimore dioceso took place
yesterday from tho cathedral In that olty.
Archbishop Gibbons delivered tho culojy.
Tenincrnnca a!eellui;i.
A temporanco meeting will bo hold at
Jonadab Hall, 1G30 Fourtoenth street
northwest, to-morrow nftornoon at 3.30,
Meetings havo been hold at this place
cvory Sunday for somo tlnio und havo beon
well attended.
At Gurloy Chapol, Sovonth stroot and
Boundary, a temporanco meeting will be
bold at 7:30 p. m, to-moirow. Coniddor
abla Intel est has boon manifested in tho
meetings held at this plaoo.
- Ex-Congressman run. Thompson says that
ho will engugo lu tlio practice ot law la this
Representative Bamuol J, rtandall Is rip
Idly recovering ana will bo out noxt Monday,
llo to-day received callers tor tbo llrst time,
Mr. Wilson 8. Utssoll, the tormcr law part
ner ot the 1'rtBldent. who nan hnnn vialilns at
tlio White Houso tor a wooK, lias lett for MV
Win, Ilrewer, editor ot tho Montgonyirv
Vounty Autocall, awl a prominent Maryland
lawyer, dlod at ltockvlllo. and his tuner', will
talto place to-morrow, ' ,.
Ills Condition Moro Ilopoful and tho
Outlook Favorablo for Ills Ro
covory A Mloroscopla Diagnosis
of tho Caso and What It Rovoals.
New Yonu, April IS. Gonoral Grant's
condition to-day is vory good. Ho passod
an excellent night. At 8 o'clock this morn
ing bo was standing at tho library window.
Ono of'tlio roportora standing on tho oppo
sldo of tbo stroct, happening to look in tho
direction, saw tho Gonoral. Ho called tho
attention of his companions to tho fact,
Thoy looked up and bowod to tho old horo,
who acknowledged thocompllraont by giv
ing thorn a pleasant smllo aud a military
Tho General's faco looked vory tlilu,
Harrison, tbo nurso, raised the window of
tho Gcnoral'sslooping room, nud, by pan
tomlmo, endeavored to show tbat tho (Ion
cral was feeling very woll. Ho hold up
bis two fingers and mado motions as If
driving a horso, which moant that tho
General would go riding at 2 o'clock this
Tim Doctors lToiiernl.
New York, April 18. Senator Chafleo
said of Gen. Grant this morning: "1 to Is do.
lng well and is steadily galutug tn strength.
Ills throat Is healing, and tho dlseaso
is now held lu check by tho doctors, who
aro very hopeful of tho ultlmato recovery
of tbo patient. Thoro aro similar cases on
record whoro a completo euro has been ef
fected, and tho outlook Is exceedingly
Dr. Douglas concluded that tho Gonoral
could not drlvo this afternoon. Ho said
tho air was too chilly, but If Improvement
continues bo hoped to get him out soon.
Tim i'Iivriciakb' rmoNoais.
Gcncral.Grant's physicians oxpross pri
vately great confldonco In tholr diagnosis.
They say tbo history of tlio progress of tho
enso has been carefully compiled as it has
proceeded, and whon it, is mado public
thcro will not bo an unprejudiced person
who will read it intelligently who will not
bo satisfied tbat their conclusions of tho
character of tbo dlseaso thoy had to con
tend with wcro correct.
They admit that it is a cancer with somo
peculiarities, tho phases and particulars of
which they think It would not bo prudonr,
atprcsont, to givo to tbo public.
On the broad fact, howovor, that thoy
have had to deal In General Grant's caso
with a cancer, thero has novor been, nud
thcro Is not now, anything but tho most
unanimous opinion amoug tho four physi
cians in charge
Dr. Gcorgo It. Elliott, tho specialist who
mado a microscopic examination of tho tis
sue taken from tho throat of tho Gonoral,
has said in relation to this controversy:
Tho (act that tho diagnosis rovoalol tbo dls
easo to havo been epltliollema was not due
wholly to tbo microscopic examination ot tbo
diseased tissue. The general aspect, nature
and course ot tho dlseaso had to bo Mkoalnto
consideration. All theso things wero looUol
at beforo tho diagnosis was mado. Tbo possi
bilities tbat the dlseaso was ot anothor kind
wero nlso welshed. Asroatdoal ot criticism
has been directed toward the pbyslclins whi
bavo had the case lu band, but to mymlnd
they bavo been very conservative lu tnolr
treatment ot ibo disease. It IslmposMtilofor
thoso who havo not watched tao onso through
out to bo correctly Informed aoout It.
In speaking moro particularly of tho Im
provement of General Grant, in rezar.l to
hlsnpparont Incrcasoof vitality, ono of his
physicians said yesterday :
"Tbo treatment wo havo pursued to
build up tho strongth of tho General has
been successful, and wo nro glad of It, but
wo havo not tho slightest doubt that tho
cancer is pursuing its deadly progress at
the eamo time As tho phases of this caso
present themselves, thcro .will bo many
vicissitudes, in all probability, and th03O
which wo fear tho most aro hemorrhaga or
SJTC.rmit'n DIseiiHC Not Inciirntile.
New Yonic, April 18. Dr. Fordyco
Barker said ycstorday tbat Gonoral U rant's
dlseaso Is epithelioma a variety of cancor,
but only local In Its effects. Thoro havo
been cases of recovery from this dlsoase, ho
said, but thoy aio fow. About 15 aro on
New Yonic. April 18. Goneral Grant
fell into a quiet sloop Immediately aftor 10
o'clock aud slept woll until 2 a. in., when
ho nwoko and took nourlshmont. Uo
coon fell asleep ngalu. llo awoko at 5
o'clock and nourishment was again glvon
him. Ho tbon slopt lightly until 1 o'clock,
when ho awoko fully. Uo took his coffeo
and dressed and Is now moving genorally
about tho rooms. His pulso and tompora
turooto normal. J. U. Doikilass, M. D.
llio fSnloof Oleoiiiiirirnrlno for Print
This morning Oillcor Broon nrrostod Mar
garet Riley and Mary PJguot, two poor
country women, ou a warrant sworn out by
Special Officer McKay of tho Centra
Market, charging them with selling oleo
margarine, representing It to bo bnttor.
Tho arrest was Induced by tho rccont letter
of Markctmastor Buell to tho District
Commissioners, complaining of tho allogod
frauds perpetrated upon tho public. Tho
cases woro brought to tho attention or
Judgo Sncll this morning.
Tho ovldonco showed that tho women
bought tho oleomargarino from tho buttor
merchants on Louisiana avonuo, batween
Ninth and Tenth Btrcets, and mado up Iu
prints, which they carried to their stands
at tho market and sold for country buttor.
Tho Judgo in disposing of tho caso said
that great outrages woro holng porpetratod
on tho pooplo by tho butter merchants.
"I would be glad to prosecute ovory
merchant dealing In oleomargarino," his
Honor remarked. "Tho dofendants nro two
poor women, whoso stock is uot worth
moro than $10. Aro thoy tho propor sub
jects to discipline, and mako subject to tho
Ho thought not. Heavy dealings aro
going on nmoug tho morchants lu oloomarga
riuo which ho hoped would bo Invostlgatod
energetically and would bo followed by a
vlgoious pros(CutIon, Tho personal bonds
of tho two women wero taken not to re
peat tho oU'enso.
Xliroun l'roni Her Horde.
About 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon Miss
Lettfo Bond was riding In from Rock Crook
with Mr. Charles E. Barber, a patent attor
noy of this city. Her saddlo stirrup broko,
ami smo was violently thrown to tho grouuu
and frightfully bruised. Tno nocldont oc
curred opposlto tho residence of Mr. A. L,
Barber, nud as tho young lady was in a
dead falut alio was taken Into tbo houso,
whoro Mrs. Barber and Mrs. Iingdon did
all that could bo dono to mako ber comfort
able. I" about an hour sho scomod to sur
vive, and sbo was soon abla to rldo to Mrs.
Watson's, on Twelfth stroot, whoro tho Is
slopping for a fow days.
l'ino l'roitorty (Sold.
Tho largo rosldenco situated at tho eornor
of Third and E strcots has boen convoyed
by Albert A, Piko, ot a!., trusteos, to Houso
of tho Temple of tho "A. aud A, Scottish
Illto." m
Sprlug Suits to Older, El!cman's,7thitudE,
Tlio rrospcclH of rVnlltryliic;
Merlin Trcnly.
London, April 18. A dispatch from
Constantinople says that tho Porto has been
officially notified through tho roprosonta
tlvcs of Germany aud Austria In that city
that their respective countrlos will con
sider tho Berlin treaty annulled. If tho
Turkish Government allows either Eng
lish or Russian war ships In thoovout of n
wnr between thoso countrlos to pass
through tbo Bosphrous.
Tho dispatch has caused a decided sensa
tion, and tho action of tho powers named
Isgoncrally vlowed as dccldodly unfriendly
to England. Much Irritation has beon
caused Iu official circles by tho uows, and
both powers nro roundly donouueed for
their Intermeddling.
Appointed nn Auditor tn Uot IIlui
(Hit or the Way.
Dallab, Tex., April 18. J. Q. Chono
wctb, cx-mombor of tho Legislature, was
yesterday notified from Washington of hts
appointment as Auditor of tho Uultol
States Treasury. Mr. Chonowoth lives at
Bonham. His appolntmont is regarded as
a movo by Sonator Maxoy and Congress
man Culbertson to got blm out of tho way
as a possible candidato foreithor of tholr
places two years honco. Tno appointment
mrptlscd Mr. Chonowoth. IIo loaves for
Washington on Monday.
Secretary Manning dcnlos tho roport
that J, (J. Chthowotli of Texas has boon
appointed to ono of tho Treasury auditor
ships. Ho cays that tho only auditor yot
appointed Is Mr. McConvlllo, as Sixth
PrOHiicclH Tor l'rncfl Ueuarnlly Con
ceded tn He Ilrlulitcr.
Ottawa, Ont., April 18. Nows of a pa
cific naturo was rccolvcd ycstorday by tho
Government from tbo Northwest. It isbo
llovcd by many tbat If tbo robtls do no5
opposo tho march of General Mlddloton's
forces to-day or to-morrow thoro will ho no
fighting. Indian raids seem to havo ceased
within a fow days, and it is presumed that
tbo Government commission has satisfied
tho demands of tho half-broods iu a meas
ure. Thoy aro reported as having Issued
210 scrip settlement claims at Qu'Appollo.
It Is a matter of common roport that Mr.
Royal caused money to bo conveyed to Rlol
whllo at Wlunlpeg.
Killed ly OnonrillHOivn Men.
New Ohleans, April 18. A report
reaches hero from Guatemala by prlvato
sources tbat tho death of Gonoral II irrlos,
lato Prcsidont of Guatemala, was brought
about by the Intrigues of Dr. Kildlvar, Pros
ldont of San Salvador, and that ho was
killed by ono of his own soldiers. It Is
said that a considerable cabal had boen
worked up in Guatemala against Utrrlor,
with tbo aid of funds furnlshol by Dr.
XalJlvar, and that a roward was offerod
secretly for tho killing of Birrios. Tho
proors that a conplracy to this end existed
arc said tobo overwhelming, and toho forth
coming for publication at an early day.
Heellnrr of llio llnnelinll I.nagne.
Nlw Youk, April 18. A meeting of tho
National Baseball League will bo hold herd
to-day, nt which a decision will bo mado on
Mr. H. V. Lucas' application for rolnstito
ment of tbo players who jumped leaguo
contracts a year ago, In order to join his
Union Association Club.
Icr-IIonacH Struck liy I.lelituluET.
Indianapolis, Ind., April 18. Ton lco
houses wcro struck by lightning last ovon
lng and burned, and a largo quantity of lco
was destroyed. Tho buildings belonged to
Garner & Co. and wcro Insured. Loss about
No lmtrrl sviili Jlniilf mm.
Ciiioaoo, April 18. Adcllna Pattl was
seen behind tho scones of tho opera-houss
last night aud said tbat tho reports that sho
had had a quarrel with Colonol Mapkftou
wcro false
Sir. i'relliiKliiiiNvn Nut Nn Woll.
Nr.WAitK, N. J April 18. Kx-Sccrotuy
Frcllnghuyson was not so well yesterday as
tho day beforo. Ho rolapscd Into stupor
and refused nourishment.
Au Attractive Place.
"Tho Losokam," No. 1323 F stroot, oppo
slto tho Ebbitt Houso, Is a cafo of which
Washington can feel proud. Its furnish
ings aro of the most elegant description,
tho waiters attentlvo aud its cuislno ox
ccllcnt. For aftcr-thoatro lunchos and sup
pers tho placo Is admirably adapted. Mr.
Losckam, tbo proprietor, Is also proprietor
of tho celebrated "Clarendon" nt Saratoga
I.nrL'u ContriirlH Aivnided.
Tho District Commissioners havo award
ed como oxtonslvo contracts for furnishing
granite blocks to be usod In laying pavo
ments tho coming season. Tho Now York
& Mnlno Granlto aud Paving Company was
awarded tho contract to furnish 100,033
blocks at $39.00 por 1,000, and to furnish
the sauio numbor at $10.00 per 1,000. John
Booth was given tho contract to furnish
100,000 at $10.50 per 1,000, and tho Virginia
Granlto Company to furnish 100,000 at $11
por 1,000.
Criminal Court rVown.
Eliza Smalls, a colorod servant girl, was
beforo Judgo MacArthur this morning for
sontenco ou a charge of grand larceny of
property from Lucy Davis. 8ho was sen
tenced to tho Albany Pcnltontlary for ono
Thomas n. McDonald and Frank Starr,
two whlto men, woro convicted of picking
pockotson tho Avonuoon Inauguration day.
They got two years each.
James If, Johnson, a young colorod man,
was sentenced to Jail for six months for
houso-brcaklng in robbing tho stable of
Mlchaol O'Hare.
llio Dreii-I)cinsey Uciiiiirrem.
Tho arguments in tho domurrors to tho
indictments against Messrs. J. Vf. Drewnnd
William H. Dcmpscy, iu tho navy fraud
voucher cases, woro resumed this morning.
District Attorney Worthingtou concluded
his argument In defenso of tho Indlctmonts,
and ho was fallowed by Mr. Shcllabargor
for tho defendants.
CJIove Content Tn-N'lslit.
A glovo contest to a finish will tako placo
at tbo Tbcatro Comlque this ovonlug ho
twecu E. G, Johnson from Harry Hill',
Now V oik, and Ed. Prlco from John Clark's,
To frostbites, chilblains, and tho bites
of poisonous Insects Salvation Oil gives Im
mediate relief. Twenty-flvo cents.
Aitoi'T 1 o'cloclt ugPtnorulng the llvor ot
house No. itllil u street caught nro nud was
extlnguithed by Officer llatloy without turning
In an alarm.
Di Tn-nvr. Cox to-day arrested Oenova, atlas
Ella Wilson, tor robbing her employer, Mrs.
Mariha WhoelocH, ot lulu Eleventh stroot ot
The will ot tho lata Wm, llurabry was tllei
with tho itegister to-day for proban. The
testator leaves his ontlro estate to his wife,
Lucy liunibry, with the condition that It sho
marries, ber husband shall bavo uo control
over the ostato. At her death tbo property
shall bo equally divided botweon hlJ grand
daughter, llmma liunibry, ant his wlfo's
daughter, Willy Wat-on, Wm. Ueclrott Is
nominated as executor,
A summon ltrenss has boon Issue J to
nenry Allen and Margaret Walsoo,
Spring Pants to ordor, Elsoraau's, Sot
cuth and E strcots,
Posslblo Attempt to Swlndlo a Lira
Insurnnoo Company Tho Story of a
New York Man Who Occuplod a
Room at tho Hotol Adjoining; Prollor's
St. Louis, April 18. Tho Southorn Hotel
mystery Is, If anything, Increasing In dons
Hy. Somo of tho dotccttves and many of
tho nowspapor mon who havo followed tho
caso, havo formulated tho tboory that It Is
n hugo conspiracy, and that tho body In tho
morguo Is not Prollor's, but a cornso fixod
up for tho occasion, It has novor boen posi
tively indentlfied ; In fact, It cannot be, be
causo so badly decomposed. Tho coroner,
after tho first examination, said tbo Imiy
had been dead at least two wcoks, aud this
would corroborate tho bollof tbat It was
brought from Boston.
To support tho conspiracy theory It Is
Intimated that Prcllor may havo boon
short in his accounts, and being asensltlvo,
reunions man, laid tho matter boforo Max
well, nnd a ecbemo may havo beon formu
lated. Dispatches from Boston show that
Maxwell was looking for a corpse thoro.
His trail Is ttrown with clows which soom
purposely left, and ovon tho trunk con
taining tho body has his Initials on It.
Prcllor disappeared the day boforo Maxwell
did, aud no effort has been mado to traco
Tbo polico hold to tho theory that Max
well was a crank, and thus account for bis
lack of caution. TJioro has boon u theory
advanced tbat It may bo an attempt 1 1
twlndlp a llfo insnranco company. Iu ftet,
nearly ovcry ono has a tboory of his own.
Tho mutilation of tho corpse is unac
counted for; nlso. Us being strippod of
clothing. A Sail Francisco dispatch says a
Captain Robinson of Boston is on tho
steamer with Maxwoll. Who Is he? Ono
of Maxwell's trunks Is held at Port Huron
for customs duty. It has been ordorod to
be opened. Tho inquest in tho caso opons
to-day, but no now developments aro ox
pectcd. A Dfnii III tlio A'ext Itnom.
New Youk, April 18. William K. Ross,
who occupied tho room in the Southorn
Hotel, in St. Louis, adjoining that In
which C. A. Prollor was murdered, on the
day of tbo commission of tlio crlmo, Is en
gaged in tho hard waro trado, and hat au
ofllco nt No. 07 Chambers strcot. To a
'Tiibiinc reporter who saw him at his homo
in union, N.J., last nlglit, ho gave his
recollection of tho Incidents of that day In
tho hotel.
"I spent Eastor Sunday," bo said, "In 8t.
Louis, at tho Southorn Hotel. Tho after
noon I passed in my room, with only a door
betwecu mo and tho tcrrlblo tragedy, which
I afterward learned was taking placo in tho
noxt apartment. As I was not at Hist ab
solutely cortitin of my proximity to tho
scene of tho murder, and as I really saw
nothing and heard llttlo that had any bear
ing ou tho caso, I bavo not informed tho
authorities of tho fact. I wont to my room
about 2 o'clock on that Sunday after
noon to do eomo writing. At 3:30, as near
as l can remember, l urcw tho writing
table up to tho window, within about sis
fcot ot tho door leading-Into tho next
room, and began writing, Soon after thero
was u lew, moaning sound from tho noxt
room, together with tho sound of water
rushing into a bowl outofn faucot; not vio
lently, but with a steady How that would
not catiso it to fill up and run over. I
stopped to listen at first, but concluding
that ono of my neighbors was ill, I again
became nhsoibcd In my writing. I
mentioned tho matter to tho bell-boy
onro or twice, as ho csmo to my room,
but ho said bo gucssod thero was nothing
tho matter, I am not cuough of a physician
to know whetbor tho sounds wcro thnso
which n coreon partially undor tho influ
ence of chloroform would make, but they
seemed to mo liko tho groans of ouo suffer
ing somo dull, continuous palu."
"Did tho water run continuously, at
though Intended to drown the moans, or
was tho sound broken, as if garmonts wero
being soaked or washed?" asked tho ro
portor. "As I recollect, it ran along without any
break or change wbatovor until G o'clock,
when I went to dinner with n friend, to
whom I mentioned tbo fact tbat somo ono
seemed to bo sick In tho noxt room. I left
tho hotel at 7 o'clock aud took tho 7-3
train fur Chicago."
Wurliluic For Blnxweirn Capture.
St. Louis April 18. Chief of Polico Har
rigan Is working energetically to socuro tho
capturo of Maxwell nud his return to St.
Louis. Ills telegram to tho American cou
sul at Auckland gavo an accurato discre
tion of tho fugitive. It contained 133 words
and will cost $100. Tho chiof has secarod
tho co-operation of Congressman O'Neal,
who will lay tho matter beforo the au
thorities in Washington. Uo is also en
deavoring to sccuro tbo support ami Influ
ence of tho British Consul. Jt Is probablo
that a special grand jury will bo called
and Maxwell indicted beforo an Inquost is
held upon his victim's remains. Tho coro
ner is making strong efforts to bring tho
corpso of Preller back to a onditiou by
which tho features cau bo rccognl able V
raoustacho has been borrowed aa'i ;astod
upon tbo upper lip of tho corpio The
coroner is trying to bring tho fa.-o back to
its normal color -and condition and bo
placed tho moustache upon it to-day to
mako It look as much as posslblo liko
J. Taylor, au old Englishman, who know
Prcllor in tho old country, and who road of
his death whllo at Louisville, came to St.
Louis and visited tho morguo. Ho pro
nounced tho features thoso of Preller, aud
said bo was positlvo that ho could not bo
mistaken In tbo Identification. This Is tbo
first time Prcllcr's body has been positively
Charles Dobblrs, the reporter n tho UuffiUo
I'jprttt who wan caught in the falling walls
ot iho l.ii r" building, has beon rescued uq
hurt. Charles Differ, In Jail In Dayton, O., tor rob
bery, committed eulelde In bis eell yesterday.
Ills rather, a physician, also killed Uimselt ia
mo penitentiary tiro years aso while under
sentence tor rebbsry, and bis grandtatber
killed hlmtelt while lu prison at Marseilles,
Trance, for murder. Thetatnorot Charles te
said to bavo killed his mother and throe men
In Trance.
The steamer Colon, from Aeplnwall, which
nrrlied at New York yeslorday, bad ou board
Lieutenant Charles II. Juda ot tbo United
States navy, who was out ot bis mind. At the
barpo oruce the Llnutonant manased tn evado
bis Irlonde, and getting Into v. coup rode to a
hotel, where his strauKo actions led to bts ar
rest. He was taken to the Brooklyn Navy
Yard, Mr. Trank Bchlesstnger, tbo silk merchant
or now lorn, me cousin ur young rroiur, wuo
was murdered In n, Ht. Louts hotel, lias re
ceived an answer fr,,?n Trellwr'e father to a
message sont tho 1 ittnr Intoruiluc blm or uis
eon's death, Mr. Hohlossluser sal t ha woul 1
await Instructions by ler rmiu Eoglsnd,
and when received lie w.mlit tirward thooi to
Mr. James Taylor, a friend of the dosd man.
who had the body lu chirse. Th body will
undoubtedly bo shipped to Iceland,
Tor Bundny slightly warmor, fair woathor Is
Indicated tor the Middle AtUutlo States.
Tn-ltni'M Temperatures1.
Tho Signal unieo furnishes the following
synopsis of tho weathori
Lrcal meteorological roport for April 18,
1885t Thermometer readings at U a.m.-1QM:
7 a. m , 15 7i 11 a. m., r.3J.l,
lleport for April 17, 1885 1 Moan tempera,
ture, lOADi maximum, 53.4i minimum,
ua ,0j ineau relative humidity, '10,3 por coin,
) -i

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