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The Evening Critic
17TH YEAR NO. 5,210.
Colouol Lamont 111 From Ovorwork
To-night's Rocoptlon at tho Whlto
Houso A olvll-Servlco-Roform Pro
motion Don. Lawton's Docltnatlon.
rilvRto Secretary Lamont la still uuablo
to leavo bis apartments.
Cinra Aldrlch lias boon commissioned a.
postmastor at Vilas, Wis.
All elements of Ohio politics aro repre
sented In tho contest for tho marsiiaUhlp of
tho Southern Ohio District.
Tho indorsomont of Eopablicau ofllco
seekers by Democratic Sonators Is caualng
complaint and dissension In tho Democratic
Thcro teems to bo no doubt that Secre
tary Bayard will recommend tho appoint
ment of a successor to Mr. Williams as
Minlstor to Haytl.
Secretary Lamar has Issued a circular
giving Information lu regard to taking of
tho ecml-dcconnial census as provldod by
tho act of March 3,1879.
Tho President's horses, rccontly pur.
chased, will probably reach this city lata
, this afternoon, in tlmo to bo tostcd at tho
President's aftornoon drlvo.
Treasury Department employes havo al
ready contributed about $200 to tho Bar
tholdl pedestal fond. Thcro aro Bovorat
bmcaus and divisions yot to hoar from.
Tho president of Silvador ha3 desig
nated Sonor Feialta to rcprosont that re
public in Washington. Sonor Foralta Is
already accredited as Minister from Costa
n. T. Sperry, Government stamp agent
at Hartford, Conn., to-day roslgnod and W.
L. Laton has Icon appointed to tho va
cancy. Mr. Eaton Is a son of ox-Sonator
Bids wero opened in tho ofllco of tho
Supervising Architect of tho Troasury yes
terday for tho construction of nlno build
lops for uso of tho Marino Hoipltal Sorvico
at Baltlmoro. Thcro woro covoral biddors.
Tho circuit attorney of St. Louis has
written a lottor to tho British Minlstor de
tailing tho rccont tragody at St. Louis and
asking If tho British Govornmont will do
fray tho oxponscs of bringing Maxwell back
to this country,
Bear-Admiral Jonett has tolegraphod as
follows to tho Secretary of tho Navy:
"Swatara just arrived. Columbian Gonoral
Vila writes mo that ho will como to tho
Isthmus in a fow days and ro-ostabllaU con
stitutional govornmont.
Mr, Charles J. Montgomory, Alabama,
lias Icon appointed a national bank oxam
Iner, and is to bo assigned to tho southern
district, which consists of tho States of
Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi,
Louisiana and Arkansas.
Tho Manhattan Club of Now York will
glvo a dinner on Thursday ovonlng to tho
members of President Cleveland's Cablnot
and tho reccntly-oppointod Mlnistors to
other countrlcs,for which preparations havo
been making vory quietly.
Hon. John W. Fostor, Unltod State3 Min
ister to Spain, loft Washington for New
York city last night. Ho will sail noxt
Wednesday for Madrid, whoro ho will con
duct further negotiations In regard to our
commercial relations with Spain and tho
Spanish colonics.
Tho Young Men's Domocratlc Club of
Now York at its mooting last ovonlng
adopted a resolution congratulating Secre
tary Whitnoy, who is a mombor of tho
clnb, upon his appointment to a Cab I not
position and inviting him to a compli
mentary dinner to bo given at somo oarly
Tho ofllco furnlturo and rocords which
havo been in General Sutler's houso on
Canltol mil aro bolng romovod to tho
Capitol basomont. During tho last sosslou
tho houso was occupied temporarily for
committee-room purposos aud for tho
storage of a certain class of public docu
ments. It is stated that ox-Governor T. 0. Rey
nolds, who has just returned from South
America as a member of tho South Ameri
can Commission, will bo appointed Minis
ter to Spain to succeed Mr. Foster. Tho
latter will sail from Now York In a day or
two for Madrid, whoro ho will continue
treaty negotiations.
Licutonant Schuctzo has received from
tho State Department a handsomo gold
medal presented by tho President to
Vasilll Bobroweky, alias Vassllli Kool
glooit, or "Ono-cared Bill," tho native
who was instrumental In saving Engineer
Mplvillo and tho boat's crow after tho
wreck of tho Jcannotto.
Tho numbor of clorkshlp3 allowed to tho
District of Columbia and Marylaud undor
tho civll-sorvlco assignments havo boon
nioro than filled. Tho candidates who
havo already successfully passed oxamiua
tlon aro sufficient to fill all tho positions
to which Washington aud Maryland will bo
entitled for sovoral months.
Tbo President will occupy during tho
coming summer tho cottago rosorvod for
tho uso of Piesidonts at tho Soldiers'
Homo. Tho houso Is now bolng flttod up,
and tho President will movo in about tho
IGth of May. Miss Clovoland will, it Is
thought, go North during tho 6ummer and
willBtay in Northern Now York.
Tho promotion of Zobulon Lawronco to
bo chief of tbo Diplomatic Division of tho
First Comptroller's ofllco leads to tho fol
lowing designations for examination for
promotion : William Linton, from class
, thrco to class four : Allen Wood, from
class two to class thrco, and Edward I,
Renick, from class ono to class two.
President Clovoland has boon requested to
allow tho headquarters of tho United States
internal rovonno department for tho second.
district or Virginia to remain at rocorsourg.
A committeo was appointed yostorday to
bring to Washington tho resolutions adopted
by tho joint mcotlng of tho Petersburg
Tobacco Exchange and Chamber of Com
merce. W. E. Craig, Collector of Iutornal Rov
cnuo at Staunton, Va., received a dispatch
from tho Commissioner of Internal Rovonuo
yesterday requesting him to roslgn. Ife
replied at onco, Inquiring by what author
ity and for what reason his resignation was
requested. Craig Is understood to bo un
willing to resign except by direction of tho
lion, James 0. Brodhead of Missouri and
Mr, Somorvlllo P. Tuck, forinorly of Mary
land, bnt now of Now York, havo boon so
lected by Senator Bayard to collect ovl
denco in foreign countrlos lu roforonco to
French spoliation claims. Mr, Brodhoad
was a mombor of tho last IIouso. IIo was
n candidate for Attorney.Gonoial In Presi
dent Clovoland's Cabinet.
Communications havo been received at
como of tho South and Central American
legations from tho homo governments
highly commending tho course pursued by
Commander Kane of tho Galona, during
tho rccont troubles on tho Isthmus. Theso
Jotters say that Kano was placed In a most
embarrassing position and acted with cour
ago, Bkill aud patriotism.
Tho Hon. Boyd Wlnchoslor of Louis
vlllc, Ly who was appolntod Consul to
Nlco last Saturday, has wrlttou a lotter to
Secretary Bayard, rospcctfullydoellnlng tho
appointment. It is understood that tho
email sum of $1,500 attached to the post li
rot sufficiently stimulating to tako Mr.
Winchester away from his law practico, aud
it is slated that tho appointment was so
cured through Mr. Wattorson.
Elaborato arrangements havo boon mado
at tho Whlto Houso for this ovonlug's ro
ceptlon to tho public. Tho East Room
and othor stato apartmonts havo been ef
fectively decorated. Tho recoptlon prom
ises to bo ono of unusual proportions and
will bo tbo Isst of tho season.
Tho delegation of Indian boys and girls
who called on tho Prcsidont yostorday aro
from Standing Rock Agency, Dakota, on
their way to tho Hampton School, Tho
children aro arrayed in their nativo cos
tumes, Tho boys aro named Look-in-tho
Lodgo, Young Eaglo, Four Swords, Brought
Plenty, Standing Crow and Good Voico.
Tho girls aro Red Eaglo, Louisa Long Girl,
Magglo Good Word, Josophlno McCarthy,
Alma Ramsey and Lucy Afraid of-tho-Sol-diors.
Sccrolary Endlcotfc Btatcs that tho War
Department has no authority to tako
further steps to clear Oklahoma of invad
ers until requested to do so by tho Hocro
tary of tho Interior. Tho responsibility for
ascertaining what trespasses aro mado and
for ejecting tho lnvadors rests solely with
tho Interior Department. Tho army can only
bo used when tho Interior' Department Is
unnblo to carry out tho ordors of tho I'rcsi
den and tho requirements of law.
A dispatch from Savannah, Ga., says that
General Lawton has declined tho Russian
mission. His action is based on a doslro to
relievo tho Administration from embarrass
ment incident to tho right which would al
most Inevitably occur ovor tho quostlon In
tho Senate next winter. Goncral Lawton's
declination is not in doferenco to any sug
gestion from tho Administration or any ono
else. It is said that General John B. Gordon
of Georgia may bo offorod tho post.
A rtn7cn Indian bovs and elrls on thoir
way to Hampton School yostorday callod
npon Secretary Lamar and Commissioner
Atkins. They afterward visited tho dpi
tol, tho National Musoum and tho now
Pension building and called upon tbo
President. They woro taken through tho
Whito Houso conservatory. Miss Clovo
land talked with them n little whllo. La3t
night they left for Hampton. Tho chil
dren did not wear tho Indian garb.
In reply to tho Georgia delegation,
headed by Senators Colquitt and Gordon,
who yesterday formally invited him to
visit Atlanta during tho Commercial Con
vention in May noxt, tho Prcsidont said
that ho wantod to accept their invitation,
but was uoablo to say Just at prosent
whether or not ho could lcavo Washington
at that tlmo. Ho said ho would lay tho
matter beforo tho Cabinet and glvo tho
committeo a deflnito answer on Wednesday.
Tho President has appointed Christian
M. Slobort of Now York to bo sccrolary of
tho Legation of tho United States at Chill.
Ho also appolntod tho following postmas
ters; Henry L. Konyon, at Northflold,
VI.; John L. Lindloy, Ansouis, Conn.;
Wti, B. Hall, Walllngford, Conn.j Jacob K.
CoHroth,Somorcot, Penn.; Delo3 L. BIrgo,
Coonerstowu, N. Y.; Francis M. House
holder, Noblesvillo, Ind.; Nolson Bruett,
Jcflorson, Wis.; Jamos S. Cathowood,
Hcopcston, 111.; and Gcorgo M. Houston,
Harrlconvllle, Mo.
Secretary Whitney yostorday appointed
tbo following court of Inquiry to Invostt
gato tho ofllco of Paymastcr.GoncralSmlth:
Captain Gcorgo Brown, prcsidont; Modlcal
Director Thomas L. Looker, Captain E. O.
Matthews and Paymaster Robort W. Allen,
Judgc-Advocato. Tho court will mcot at
noon Thursday noxt, aud will lnvosttgato
tho facts and circumstances connoeted with
certain contracts between Austin P. Brown
of this city and Paymastor-Gencral Smith,
for tho delivery of beef, pork and othor
supplies for tho navy.
Colonel Lamont, tho President's prlvato
secretary, Is suffering from tbo ousels of
overwork. Slnco tho commencement of tho
Administration ho has bocn n marvel to
tboso around him. nUoxamplo ofonorgy
and industry is ono which fow of tho Gov
ernment's servants caro to imitate Ho has
been at his desk evory day beforo 0 a. m.
and his working hours havo coutinuod be
yond midnight. His day being ontlroly de
voted to tho Prcsidont nnd to tho constaut
stream of callors, tho hours after dark havo
been spent in disposing of corrospondonco
requiring Ills porsonal attonttou. Oua of
Colonel Laniont's associates remarked to n
reporter that tho Colonol seemed to havo no
other mollvo than to perform tho work be
foro him; ho neither roads tho papers,
smokes, gossips, plays cards, goes to clubs
or places of amusement or indulges lu auy
dlvortlscmcut. His waking hours aro de
voted entirely to tho President's sorvico.
Colonol Lament's health has been vory
seriously impaired by ovorwork and ho Is
under tho caro of a physician, but doo3 not
expect to ncgloct his duties.
The Trlnl Aeroed Upon Ior tho litis
of Noxt Month.
Tho charges against Messrs. J. W. Drow
and W. II. Dcmpsoy of presenting falsa
vouchers to tho Navy Department wcro set
down for arraignment In the Criminal Court
this morning. Mr, Dompsoy was not ar
raigned on account of his couusol bolng ab
tent. Mr. Drew was prosent and pieadod
not guilty. Mr. Jell' Chandlor asked that
tho case go over for trial at tbo uext'torm
of tho court. Mr. Worthington objoctod.
Judgo MacArthur said ho did not thluk tho
caso should bo takcu up after tho 1UU of
May. Ho thought that would givo an op
portunity to try It within tho terra, Tho
caso wa3 tbcu set down for trial on that
All Uxuitiluntlou of tUItcucll.
Commissioner of Agrlcnlturo Colman
has bad A. W. Mitchell undor examina
tion to hear what ho had to say about tbo
assertion that Mltcholl had been under
taking for pay to sccuro appointments to
or retentions In tho Agricultural Depart
ment. Tho gardoner who had said that
Mitchell offered to sccuro promotion for
him for $50 rolteratod all tho statements
ho had beforo mado, and In Mitchell's
presence Commissioner Colman has hoard
of several new Instances of similar prom
ises mado, in which tho question of a monoy
consideration for places was doscrlbed, it
Is understood that tho samo man has of
fered to procuro a placo for a man who do
aired to get Into tho Interior Department,
and proof Is bolng looked for to sustain a
story that ho was willing to got an Indian
agency worth $10,000 for a man if ho
would pay $10,000 for tho place.
Trie l'resltleul'- ApiioliilmeuU.
Tho Prcsidont this afternoon npnojntod
tho following collectors of internal reve
nue: Edmund W.Uooker, tor the district ot Ala
Damn i Ebon 1'. rillsbury, tor the tlrst district
cl Massachusetts; Aim, Troup, for trio district
or Connecticut! and Cntirles H, Ohase, tor tho
district ot Maine. .
lie also appolntod Orlando W. Towers to be
Associate Justlco ol tho Suprotne Court ol tna
Territory ol Utah.
A Now Atliloilo Atmoclnllon.
An athletic association has been formed
hcie, tho object of which Is to hold out-of-door
games nnd ultimately lias in view the
giving of exhibitions in somo ono of tho
parks in this city lu which contosts will
bo held and prizes awarded to tho win
ners. All dosirous of becoming mombors
will report at tho noxt meeting lu the
Y, M. 0. A, gymnasium,
. -
l'nsiiliii; l'orgctl Choclm.
Tho pollco havo been notlued, ot two cases
In which forged cheese were passed on
business men. Uonry Holl ot SIS
ronusylvanla a von no reports that a
bogus cheat was passed on lm by a young
man torn suit of clotiios. Wal.or it Davis ot
Eleventh street and Maryland avenuo south
west reports that a similar check has been
passed on them also by a young rain,
Roformrj nnd Ohanrros In tho Attorney
actional's Ofllco Slnco Mr. Brew
ster's Exit That Would Bring- Tears
to tho Eyes of 03car Wlldo.
There Is not as much stylo about the De
partment of Justlco as thcro used to bo, but
Just as much work Is dono thcro. Tho ap-
pe aranco of tho ofllco of tho Attornoy-Gon-cral
Is now In strong contrast to what it
onco was. Oscar Wlldo, should ho pay a
visit to tho Attorney-General now, would
not feel as much at homo ni ho would havo
felt in paying a visit to Mr. Garland's pro
deccesor. Ho would not now find much of tho
(rathctlo lurking around tho promises. His
feet would not fall upon costly rags ; his
eyes would not rest upon bric-a-brac ar
ranged profurcly in that carolos3 stylo In
which tho tcstheto delights. No dainty
statuettes nor figures lu brono of a largo
Blzo would greet his admiring gazo. Ho
would not find tho Attorney-Ucnoral seated
beforo a dc3k that was a thing of beauty
and a Joy forovor. Nor would tho mantol
bo found decorated with a rich, glaring and
costly lambrequin.
Tho Attorney-General would bo found to
bo a handsomer man than tho ono who wa3
thcro before, but ho would not havo such a
pretty shirt with rufltcs on its bosom and
around tho wrists. Tho lamps now thoro
would not cause Mr. Wlldo to throw himself
in a staincd-glassattitudo and remain thoro
in ccstacy tor about tbreo minutes and two
seconds by tho watch. Mr. Wlldo would
miss all these tilings and many moro. What
ho would find would bo an olllco furnlshod
plainly, but In oxcollont tasto. Thoro Is
no flummery there, but thoro is a room woll
appointed In ovcry respect.
And seated nt his desk, In plain ovcry
day attire, is Mr. Garland, no is always
busy and docs just as much work as if ho
had frills to his shirt and artistla antiques
in ovcry plgcon-bolo and on ovory projoo
tion. If Mr. Wlldo felt llko rostlng his ayo
on somothlng that would aid him In get
ting out of himself ho might hunt around
in tho corners of tho building. Ho might
find bric-a-brac In dark crannios and rich
upholstory in closots. If ho outorod a small
sldo room suddenly ho would bo startled
ut a flgnro that would suddenly como
within his rango of vision. It would bo a
statuo of Heury tho Fifth. This statuo was
tho lato Attornoy-Goneral's particular ptldo
nnd Elory it has rallies.
When Mr. Garland said "tako that thing
away," when ho first camo into his olllce,
tho statuo was hustled Into that room. Ou
tho wholo Mr. Wiido would havo a vory
unsatisfactory visit to tho Attornoy-Goneral's
quartors as thoy now aro. But ns
everybody clso would bo pleased with their
present appearance It Is probably just as
well. If by any chance Mr. Browstor should
mako a visit to tho olllco in which ho for
merly rovcllcd ho would be visited by a
scries of told shlvors running up and down
his back. Tho reporter is roliably lnformod
that ho might weep at tho vandal work
that has been going on.
Aiiuunl McciIiik of tho American
Hnrslcul Assoclntloii.
Tho nnmiai meeting of tho Amorlcin Sur
gical Association wa3 begun at tho Army
Medical Museum In this city this morning,
Tho meeting consists of a sorlos of eight
sessions, Irom tho -1st to tho 21th inst. in
clusive, a morning and aftornoon scs3lon
being held each day.
A cordial invitation toboprcsont at tho
sessions had been issued by tho association
to tho medical profession, aud tho attond
anco at tho oponlng session this morning
was qutto largo.
Tho session was called to order promptly
at 11 o'clock by tbo president of tho asso
ciation, Dr. W. T. Brlggs or Nashvlllo,
Tcnn. Tho secretary, Dr. J. R. Wolst,
called tho roll, and the following members
of tho association responded to thoir names :
Drs. W. T. Brlggs. Nashvlllo, Tenn.t Dr. J,
It. West, Itlchmoud, Va.: Dr. Ohas. T, Par-os,
Chicago, III. i Dr. N. V. Dandrldge, Cincinnati,
U.i Dr. J. EwlUB Moarc, rhlladolpUIa, l'n-1
Dr. F. S. Conner, Cincinnati, O.i Dr. J. II.
Drlnton, Philadelphia, ra.; Dr. David l'rtnco,
Jacksonville, r la. J)r, J, B, Ullltnss, Wash
ington. D. O.i Dr. Moses Ounn, Oulcauo, III.)
Dr. H. Maris, Milwaukee, Wls.t Dr. W. V. Poctr,
Davenport, Iowa; Dr, 11. A. Watson, Jersey
City, N. J.; Dr. 8. W. a roes, Philadelphia, Pa.i
Dr. M. Lenn, Milwaukee, Wis.
After tho usual preliminary rotttino of
business tho president read his addrou, lu
which ho congratulated tho association
upon its advancement during tho year,
Bpcalcing eloquently ana icoungiy ot tno
lato surgeon, Dr. Gross, jr., of Philadelphia,
Pa,, tho founder of tho association, who
died lu that city slnco tho last meeting.
Ho also recommended to tho association
more liberality in admitting mombors, and
urged them to rccognlzo an claims ot sur
geons entitling them to recognition by tho
Tho nddrcS3 was nulto long and tho read
ing took up considerable tlmo. After It
had boon road tbo association wout into
oxecutivo Beeslon, which lasted until uoarly
1 o'clock, when nrccoss was taken.
Urou tho reconvening of tho association
at tho afternoon sosslou, nt 2 o'clock, Dr.
John B. Roberts of Philadelphia dollvored
the first Iccturo of thocourso, ontitled "Tho
Hold aud limitation of tho oporativo
surgciy of tho human brain," which
was followed by a discussion partic
ipated in by Fellows Huntor McGuiro,
Moses Gunn, J. C. Hutchinson and D. W.
THo following Is tho programmo for tho
remaining sessions of tho mcotlng:
Weduosday. Beeslon at H a. m. "Nephrec
tomy: Its Indications and Contraindications,"
by Hnmuel W, Cross, M. D PMUdolptiti, l'a.i
"Nephrolithotomy,"' by L.McLino Tiffany, M.
D., Baltimore, tolloiro J by discussion on botn
'ihursday, BesBlon at 10 a.m. "The Heal
ing ot ArterleB In Man nnd Animals alter Llga
turo,"by J. Collins Warron, M. I)., llJStou,
followed by discuss Inn; 'Etiology ot Tetanus,"
by P. S. Connor, M. v., Cincinnati, tollowod by
Alternoon session at 2 p. in. "in Expert,
nlenmi and Clinical Study ot Air Uitbollsm,"
by N. Bonn, M. V., MllwauKoe, followed ur
i:ccutlvo session at 1 p, m, Annual dinner
at 8 p. m. at Wormley's.
l'riday.-SesslonatlOa. m. "Tho Immndl
ato euro ot l'lstula In Ano," by Btophen Hmlth,
M.D, New York, tollowod by discussion: "A
caso ot Cholocyetotoray," by 0, T. Parties, M
D., Ohlcaco, tollowod by discussion,
Alternoon session at 2 p. m, "S:mo IMlnts
In the Burgery ot tho llyportroptilod l'roi
tate," by J. v. H. Oouley, M, D New York, tol
lowod by discussion: 'Phosphorus Necrosis
ot tho Jaws," by J, wlng Moars, 11, D,, Phila
delphia, tollowod by discussion: attar which
an executive session will bo held which will bo
tollowod by adjournment,
District MclPBittfH Aniiolntoil.
Tho District Commissioners, at tho re
quest of tho local committee, appolntod tho
following delegates to tho twelfth annual
convention of tho National Couforenoo of
Charities and Correction which mcots at
Wlllard Hall Juno i next t
Hod. Arthur MacArthur, nt, Itev. Wm. Parot,
Itey. Byron Sunderland, W. W. 0 Mdlnij, M.
1) i Froteesor P.. M.Oallauaet, 0. 11, Purvis, SI.
D.i Mrs, l.aura A. Hpencor, Miss Clara, lluioii,
Oeorgo W. Adams, A, H, Pratt, B. S. Umery, it.
It. Perry, Hon, Wm. 11, Bucll, Oonoral John B,
Crocker and Y. n. Stoutonburgh.
Foil wounds, whether Incised or owtusod,
Balvatlon Oil la tho boat remedy, Ptloj 5
Bead James H. McQlU. paint ad y,
Notcsof Ycslcrdiij'nGniuo, tlioGnme
To.dny, nml OtlicrHportltiir Nuteti,
Tbogamo to-day will decide wliothor tho
"Mela" or Nationals outer tho Amorican
Tho Bostons wcro dono up in beautiful
ttylo yesterday. For tho first two tunings
It looked as though tho homo nlno would
bobcaton.but thoy Bottled down to busi
ness after tho third and played a fluo gamo.
Gagus surprised avoryono by his pitching.
Instead of two, tho Nationals havo roally
four good pitchers.
How did Knowlcs' sccond-baso playing
suit you y estorday? If anyono In tho audi
enco has teen any better sccond-baso play
ing on tbo Nationals' grounds than Knowlos
did yesterday ho can can got a season
ticket at this ofllco by paying for It. It i3
lucky that Knowlcs was changod to second,
for at first baso ho was only fair, whllo
whero ho is ho can't bo beaten.
When it was certain that tho Nationals
would win yesterday, Bob Hewctt said In a
very modest way. "Well, wo do tho host wo
can, you know." Ills complacent smilo
told, howovcr, that tho "best" suited him
pretty thoroughly. .
Ycstorday was ladles' day, and tho fair
box was well represented in thogrand stand.
Less smoking was dono thoro by tho gontlo
men than at any gamo this soason. Tho
management vfonld do woll to mako ovory
day "ladles' day." Tho prcsenco of tho
ladles lends n brlghtor charm to tho occa
sion and exerts a wholcsomo restraint.
Morriesoy Is making a good ropulatlon as
a eafo battor. In fact, ovcry man on tbo
nlno Is hitting tho ball, aud Mooro promiios
to bo tho samo terror to pitchers that he was
last tcasou.
Tho Bostons Indulged in moro kicking
during tho second and third innings than
any othor club that has bcon hero this
season. Big BnQlngton did. not llko to bo
hit. They woro partially right, as it did
look from tbo grand stand that Gagus
stepped out of tho box ovory onco In a
Tho Metropolitans arrived in tho city this
morning and aro iu oxcollent trim. Tho
manager, Mr. J. H. Grlflbrd, ptomiscd a re
porter of Tin: CniTit to show tho people a
good game. Tbo assignment of tho Metro
politan nlno for tbo gamo this aftcrnoou
was as follows: William Holbort, c; Bdward
Baglcy, p.; John Nolson, s. a,; Davo Orr, lb.;
John Troy, 2b,; Charles Kelp, lib.; S. Brady,
r. f.; Edward Kennedy, 1. f.; James Koso
man,c. f.
The gamo to-day with tho Metropolitans
will bo tho most exciting of any playod this
season ou account of tho great stako for
which thoy aro supposed to bo playing.
According to tho records of tho two clubs
for tho present season tho Nationals should
havo no trouble in winning, but basebUI,
llko whlto man, is "mighty onsartln."
Tho first regular meeting of tho now
rowing nnd athletic club will bo hold
Thursday ovening next at 8 p.m., at Frank
Waid's new building, 031 D street north
west. Ward Is warmly intorcstod in tho
formation of tho now club.
Tho Calumbias bad out sovoral crows last
night. It Is too early to say wliothor or not
they will Bend a crow to Frcdoricksburg on
July 4 noxt.
John Kennedy has received nn offer to
put tho Fredericksburg four into shapo for
tho Virginia regatta. It is not settled
whether ho will accept or not.
Advices from Auckland glvo some of tho
particulars of tho Ilanlan-Hcach race. It
was for J 2,500 and the championship of tbo
world. Both men wcro In splendid condi
tion. Beach won easily. In n fow seconds
from tho start bo was half a leugth ahead
of Uanlan. At Putney ho was n length
ahead. Hanlan seemed to labor hoavlly.
Beach was fresh. Ho increased Ills lead and
won as ho liked, coming In six longths
Tbe Anuiinl llcutlni; or ilio NnttounI
A in do my of Sciences.
Tho annual mcotlng of tho National
Academy of Sciences was opened in tho
lecture-ronm nt tho National Musoum to
day. This morning's session was dovotod
to executivo business. Tho first open sos
slon began at U o'clock this aftornoon, Tho
mcotlng will bo held for four days. Interest
ing ropers will bo read, which tho public
aro Invited to hear.
Tho following Is a list of tho papers on
tcrcd to bo read at this session:
Methods ot measuring tho cuble capacity ot
Cranio, by Dr. J. B. Ullllncs and Dr. Matthowc,
D. B. N.i on winged Insects from a Paloontolo
deal point ot view, by B. II. Bcudderot Cam
bridge, Maes,; on tbe Byncarldre, a hitherto
undeecrlbcd group ot Extinct Malacosirucous
Crustacea, by A. B. Packard ot Providence,
t. I,: on tho QampsonycIilJro: an unle
scribed ramlly ot l'ossll Schlzopod Cms
tacea, by A. H. Packard or Provldouco, It. I,;
on tlio Anthracarldmi a ramtlv ol Carbontfor.
ous Macurous Decapod Crusticen, alllel o
tbe -ryontdro, by A. B. Packard ot 1'rovl lone,
It. I.tcn tho Coral Hoofs of tho Bindwlcb Isl
ands, by Alexander Agasslz; on theOrl.la ot
tbo l'auna and Dora ot tho Sand
wich Islands, by Alexander A.asalzi on
tho Classification ot Natural Silicate?,
by T. Btorry Hunt ot Montreal, Oan.i on tho
Cauto ot tho Progressiva Movement ot Areas
ct Low l'rossure, by Protessor Eltai LoomH ot
Yalo Collcgo: on the Itatlo ot tbo Metre to tho
Yard, by Ueneral c. U. Oomstock, V. 8. A.i
nn account ot certain Btars observed by PUra
steed, supposed to bavo disappeared, by Pro
fessor C. II. r. Peters, Hamilton College, X.
Y.: on tho Hubmailuo ecology ot the Ap
proaches to New York, by J, E. Ullgard and A,
A blo.ranhlcal notlco of tho lato Dr. J. J.
Woodward, U. 8. A., will bo road by Dr. J.
S. Billings.
i i. m i .-.-!-
rropOHCi! Celebration ;of tho Sixty
thlril AiuilvcrHiir3".
Plans aro being mado In nearly all tho
cities of tho country for an appropriate
celebration on Monday noxt of tho sixty
third nnulvorsary of Gonoral Grant's birth.
In tho ovent of his continued convales
cence celebrations of a joyous character will
bo held lu many localities, aud thoro Is a
general disposition among cltizons of Wash
ington to tako action looking to a local ob
servance, of tho day, Thoro is no city In
which Gcnoral Grant la bottor or moro gen
erally known, nnd no city in which tho pro
posed demonstration would bo moro appro
prlalo. No dofinlto plans havo as yot boon
made, but It is believed that promlnont
cltizons will tako tbo necessary stops to ac
complish this objoot. Public mooting,
with appropriate oxcrclses, will bo held
elsewhere, nnd Washington should not be
behind her sister cities in such it move
ment. Held lor tho Oriiuit Jury.
Judge Snoll this aftornoon held Maiga
rot ltlioy nnd Mary Plgnot for tho action of
tho graudjnryfor soiling Imitation but
ter. Tho defendants aro not regularly
licensed butter dcalors. Thoy buy tho
stuff from commission merchants and retail
it as fresh country buttor. Profe-uor Taylor
swoio that tho subitanco submitted to him
for aualyzntion proved to ho btiUoriuo.
Special Ofllcer McKay testified to purchas
ing tho samples examined by tho chomist
from tho defendants. This Is tho first oaso
that has ovor boou prosecutod so far aj tho
Pollco Court is concerned.
Children's Sprlug Bulls, Kleomau's, So
cnth and R streets. i
It; tho Tolloa Court to-day Jatusi W?Ku
worth was lined jao for shooting wtiuftm 11.
nnntinn mint Ham l.- ..!. -..- r.ml'
w.vj Huv.uvi uvg mm m yuvivt 11
Groat Britain Askod to Aid In tho Cap
ture of Prollor's Murdoror Intorast
Manlfostod by Minlstor West Prep
aration of tho Extradition Papers.
Tho Government has begun to tako an
actlvo interest In tho St. Louis Sou thorn
Hotel tragedy. Throughout yostorday and
to-day tho Dopartmont of Stale was busily
engaged on such international preliminaries
as will bo necessary to sccuro tho capturo of
Walter Lennox Maxwell and bring him to
Justlco for tho cruol murdor of Charlol
Arthur Proller. Ycstorday Socrotary Biy
ard prepared a formal application upon tho
British Govornmont, which was presontod
to Minister West this aftornoon, for Eng
land to join In tho pursuit of Maxwell to
tho fullest oxtont of Its consular and police
Extradition treaties exist betweon
Hawaii, Groat Britain and tho Unitod
Btatcs, which covor tho Sandwich Islands.
Unfortunately, howovor, thoro is no treaty
with Samoa, whero it Is feared Maxwoil
may disembark and oludo nrrcst, but it Is
believed lu tho Stato Dopartmont that tho
Government could mako tho arrest thcro
without any treaty. It was hopod In Mis
souri that Great Britain would tako sulll
ctcnt Intcrost In tho mattor to assumo nt
least n portion of tho heavy oxpenso Inci
dent to Maxwoll's pursuit and capturo, or
that tho Genoral Government of this coun
try could bo asked to sharo In that outlay,
but It appeals that all oxtradltlon trcatlos
rcqulro tho country making application for
oxtradltlon of fugitives from justlco to moot
all tbo attendant expense, and It Is tho
custom of tho Stato Department hero to
causo theso expenditures to bo met by tho
Statodoslrlug tho fugltlvo's return.
Thcrcforo Missouri will bo called upon
to carry tho load, which must bo exceed
ingly heavy when It Is understood that
ono cablegram from St. Louis to Now
Zealand amounted to $130. Tho Amorican
consuls nt Honolulu, Auckland and all
other points along tho lino of Maxwoll's
flight wcro ycstorday notified by tho De
partment of Stato to uso ovory nvallablo
means for tho capturo of Maxwell, nnd
wcro further instructed tn communlcato
promptly with tho authorities at all ac
cessible points.
Tho Secretary of Stato has suggestod tint
tbo cfilccra at St. Louis prepare immedi
ately a formal application for tho oxtradl
tlon of Maxwell, both fiom tbo British Gov
ernment and tho Hawaiian Islands, and
that theso papers bo sent hero for prompt
uso. At tho British Legation tho greatest
interest Is manifested In tho caso, and Min
ister West has assured Hon. John M.
Glover, Mombor of Congross from St. Louis,
that Great Britain would old In tho pursuit
and capturo. Mr. Glover last night tolo
graghed Chief L. Uarrigan that ho had per
sonally advanced tho roonoy necessary to
tho preliminary details horo and had suc
cessfully ovcicomo all diplomatic obstacles
and red tape.
Tho Congressman stated this morning
that ho bcllovod tho otlicors wcro on tho
right trail, and that Maxwell would bo cap
tured. Now that tho responsibility for tho
expenso has been definitely settled, tha
pcoplo of St. Louis will to-day socuro tho
necessary means by subscription.
Tlio Testimony of IVItnesteM Con
cvrnliii; Ilio Allceeil Ilrllte.
Tho DIckcon trial was resumed In tho
Criminal Court this morning, Judgo Mic
Arthur presiding. Tho attoudanco lu tho
court-room Was largo nnd of a moro thin
utual Intelligent charactor, Ex-Marshal
Henry, who will bo callod ns a witness, was
tinseut, Tbo first witness callod was
Matthew McNclIy, a shoo dealer in l'.ist
Washington. Ho was a member of tho first
Star-Routo jury. His examination was
conducted by Mr. Wells.
"Thojury left tho court-room," ho bsgan,
"about 11 o'clock In tbo afternoon. Tho
first thing that wo did when wo got to tho
jury-room was to tako a voto ou tha ques
tion whether all tho defendants woro guilty
of conspiracy. Tho noxt voto was as to the
overt nets of tho respective defendants."
In rcfcrctico to tbo attempt to bribo Mr.
Dickson with 125,000, ho said that ho first
heard of tho mattor on Four-and-a-half
street, opposlto Mr. Dickson's olllco a few
days beforo the termination of tbo trial.
"I mado very little of tho report, how
ever," continued tbo witness, "and re
marked to Mr. Dickson jestingly, 'Dickson,
that's $2,000 for each of tha jurymen and
$3,000 for yourself.' I didn't tako much
stock lu tho rumor. At anothor conversa
tion Mr. Dickson expressed somo doubt
about tho offer being for tho purpose of brib
ing blm, but to find bow ho stood on tho
cato. Tho noxt tlmo tho 8tibccl wa3 al
luded to was In tho jury-room."
Tho witness continued : "When I said
that I did not tako any stock lu tha mattor
I meant that I did not bollovo Browstor
Cameron was authorized to mako any such
offer. I thought Bowon's actlou was gotten
up to entrap Cameron."
G. W. Cox, anothor mombor of tho jury,
said thcro was only ono mombor who votod
against tho reading of tho paper when a
ballot was taken on tho question.
Henry A. Olcott. another Star-Routo
juryman, staled that Mr. Dickson's action
had no lufluonco on his verdict.
Hugh T. Murry, another mombor of tbo
Jury, was called, but tcstlfiod to nothing
Mr. Wells, on being Interrupted In bli
remarks, exclaimed : "I hopo that I will
bo treated decently. It Isonough to bo at
tacked when I am away," ho continued, ro
fcrrlng to tho remarks of Mr. Smith yes
terday. "I am sorry you wcro not prcsont yester
day,'' retorted Mr. Smith.
"You acted so," rotortod Mr, Wulls.
Henry P. Godwin, a reporter of tho Slav,
was called by tbo Govornmont with refer
ence to an Interview ho had with Mr. Dick
son on tho ovonlng tbo jury was discharged.
Ho stated that ho got got tho Impression
from Mr. Dicksou that tlio nttompt of
Bowcu to bribo him lu tho interest of
tbo Government had its weight in work
ing tho acquittal of tho defendants. Ho
also stated at tho tlmo that ho w,i3 going
to lay tho facts of tho nttompt to briba hint
beforo tho District Attorney tho noxt day.
Brewster Cameron, who was formerly
general agent of tho Dopartmont of Jus
tlco, on being called, denied that ho ho-ird
Bowcn mako any such proposition to Mr.
Dickson, ns had bcou described, no also
denied that ho authorized Bowon to bribo
Mr. Dickson. Bowon reported to him
that Dicksou demanded $25,000 for a ver
dict. On cross-examination by Mr. Smith ho
staled that Bowcn reported to him that Mr.
Dickson badbeonapproached by thodefenso.
Tho reason why wltnosi did not go to soo
Mr. Dickson was because ho had no coutl
denco in him on general principles.
This caused a emilo In tho court-room,
Tbo Court eald ho had a mind to strlko
out this testimony from tho reeoul as It
bad no connection with tlio caso.
Tho witness sworo that ho did not em
ploy Ld, Taylor to interview a juror in
this case.
Mr, Smith hero road a lottor written by
the witness to Taylor in relation to piy,
Cameron said that Taylor wai In tho om
ploy of Inspector Woodward,
Opening; or (ho Content tr tho
:i.nlo Admlrnl rowell'M Will.
A caso of moro than ordinary lmportanco
camo on for trial beforo tho Circuit Court
this afternoon. Tho suit in quostlon in
volves tho validity of tho will of tho lato
Admiral Levin M. Powell of tho .navy.
There aro two Important questions to bo de
termined by tho suit tho disposition of
about $180,000 in proporly, and also
whether tho endowmont of a froo naval
preparatory school by tho admiral will bo
allowed to stand.
Tho school in quoatlon is for tho prepara
tion of young men who aro not able toodu
cato themselves for tho Naval Acadomy
and tho liovcuuo Marino Service. Tills
school, which is tho only Institution of tha
kind, ii to bo conducted at tho Columbian
University in this city.
Tha plaintiff In tho caso Is Sarah C.
Colemcanll and tho defendants Charlo3 B.
DrakonndWm.il. Webb, uominatod oxo
cutors of tho Admiral.
Mr. K. 11. McKay, a famous wlll-tostcr
from Kentucky, who has contested twonty.
sovon wills with phenomenal success; Mr.
J. J. Johnson nnd Mr. W. S. Abort appoarod
for tho plaintiff.
Mr. McKay stated that tho ovldcnco
would show that tho tcttatordicd at 81 or
83 years of age. Ho said tho w III was mado
In October, 1.81.
"Tho proofs will fnrthor show," ho con
tinued, "that tho property descoudod from
tho mother's, or tho Thrustou sido of tho
houBo. Sldnoy Tbruston, tbo mother of
tho Admiral, was disinherited by tho will
ot her father. Admiral Powell hlmsolf at
tacked this will. Tho grandfather's will
was set asldo In Kentucky in this suit, and
tho cstato in controversy Is tho property
now lu dispute
"When tho Admiral died ho had no
children. After tho death of his wife tho
Admiral grow gloomy, nnd for somo tlmo
beforo ho died ho becamo absolutely blind,
was partially lubccllo. After tho death
of Mrs. Powell tlio frugal tablo of tho
Admiral was changod to ono abounding in
such things as canvas-back duck, partridge
nnd diamond-backed terrapin aud wlnoaud
"Tho proof would show," counsel con
tinued, "that Mrs. Stewart had bodily pos
session of him."
Colonol Bnoch Tottca said that it was
certainly a mclancholuy circumstauco that
tbo charges should bo mado agalust tho
Admiral becauso thoy speak through tho
mouth of their ceunsol. Ho would show
that tho mind of tho Admiral was sound
and vigorous until a vory short tlmo be
foro ho died, Ho was a man uso 1 to com
mand his own houso aa bo did his ship.
If tbo opposing counsol should produce a
previous will, It will bo ecou that Mrs.
Stewart lost by tho second will. Tho Court
then began to hiar testimony. Tho will
was then proven.
II. K. Webb sworo that ho was ono of tho
witnesses. IIo sworo that Admiral I'owoll
was of sound mind when ho signed the
will, no raised hlmsolf In bed by ropes.
Tbo two other witnesses to tbo will testi
fied to tho samo effect. Mr. P. B. Snydor
testified to tho effect that Mr. Stewart had
rower of attorney to act for Admiral Powolt
in banking affairs.
Ucncrnl Ornut HUH Improvlm!.
New Youic, April SI. Gonoral Grant
awoko this morning greatly rcfrcshol.
His cough seems to havo loft
him, nnd his sloop was
fieaccful and uninterrupted. Dr. Djug
as said tho drlvo which tho Gon
oral took ycstorday had benefitted
him eo much that ho will go out
again to-day at S o'clock. That tho dis
tinguished patient is rapidly gaining
ground can bo noted from his going up and
down stairs unassisted.
Ilio Qonrriil'i Drive.
New Youk, April 21. General Grtut
took a twenty minutes' drlvo up Fifth avo
nuo yesterday aftcrnoou. IIo was accom
panied by U. S. Grantjr., and Dr. Douglass.
Harrison, his valet, sat in tho box with his
family coachman. Tho drlvo was straight
up tho nvcnuo from Sixty-sixth stroot to
Mount St. Vincent, noar tho upper end of
Central Park, and back by tho samo route.
Thoy did not outer tho park.
Gcnoral Grant's appcuranco was disap
pointing to thoso who had lnferrod from tho
reports of his improving condition that n
great physical gain had also takon placo.
To thorn ho looked llko a vory sick man
yet, and tho effects of his long lllnoss woro
plainly apparent In bis fuco, his body aud
his carriage. His short board has chuiKod
from a steel-gray to a snowy whlto. Tho
broad fuco of years is now long-drawn-out
and thin, and has nono of tho ruddy color
that onco characterized it.
Wlint rirect It Will Havo on lliu
NclionlH nml Oilier IiistltuttouN.
Richmond, Va., April 21. Tho doclsion
of tho Supremo Court in tho coupon cases
will play sad havoc, not only with tho
Stato finances, but also with tho public
schools aud all tho publlo institutions of
tbo Stato. Under an act passod by tho last
Legislature tbo Boatd of Sinking Fund
Commissioners havo recently purchased
Riddlcbcrgor bonds to tho amount of $1,
700,000, for which thoy pay in cash $900,
000. This icavos in tho troasury nbout
$300,000, which will soon bo absorbod by
incoming coupons under tho decision, nnd
of which thcro aro outstanding and pist
duo $2,C00,0O0 of tho consol bondi of 1871.
Under tbeso circumstances tho condition of
tho Stato will bo donlorablc, and as soon as
tho full text of tlio decision is known
thcro will bo intouso political and financial
excitement all over Virginia. It Is appar
ent now that tho wholo question of tho
debt will bo reopened, politically aud other
wise, and tt is not itnprobablo that Gov
ernor Cameron will bo compelled to im
mediately reconveno tho Leglslatuio.
Tlio I'ullceiiivn'H I'ercouliiKo.
Justlco of tho Pcaro Charles Walter lU3
decided tho caso of 0. R. Crcccy vs. A, It,
Alien, administratrix o( tho cstato of Da
vid J. Cunningham, a decoasod policeman,
Mr. Crcccy acted as attorney in getting tho
claim through, aud, although there was no
agreement as to a fco, tho cvldonco of tho
tlmo and labor Involved and oxponsa in
curred iu tho prosecution of tho claim jus
tified a fco of f0 per cent, of tho amount
recovered. Judgment was given for tho
till' to Urotmt tlreou.
Miss Ryan, tho daughter of an indus
trious mechanic living near Twenty-fifth
and I sheets northwest, and John 1M
wards, a young stono cutter, havo boon In
lovo for along time. Tho parents of tho
young lady objected to Kdwards. Tho
othor day Miss Ryau visited Bajtlmoro.
Mr. Edwards also wont ovor thoro. Yostor
day a lotter was rccolvod from tlio young
lady announcing that sho had been mar
ried to Mr, Bd wards.
rirlnir HlH Ovt n Store.
William i:. Ilartman, tho Marylandor nr
resled yesterday tor arson In Mary
land, nas delivered to tho Maryland
authorities to-day. IIo was charged
with burning bis own (torn, no bad $1,001) In
suranco ou stock and $2,000 on buildings. Tno
people ot tho town say ho had not more
than sl,ooi)worth'ot stock honco the Indict'
Mr. L.B. Ilrumldl has returned homo con
valescent attorn sevora illness lu New York.
Miss Van Vechten, who bos toon the guns
ol Miss Olovelaud at the Whlto House, lelt lor
homo yesterday.
Mr, Richard Richardson, odltor and pri-
MlilAVAf Ihn )! iiiiiw I l.i 1 1 tAivi fa In
IbD ctr, tho BUttt of pr, jjajtjr,
Mr. Gladetono Asks a Crodltof Flftoon
Million Pounds and Is Votod Elovon
Millions Tho Entlro Army and
Navy to bo Put on a War Footing-.
London, April 21. In tho Hoato of
Commons this afternoon Mr. Gladstono
tald that tho situation Is sufficiently gravo
to warrant tho putting of tho ontlro army
nnd navy on n war footing.
A voto of credit of 15,000,000 was asked
by tho govornmont. A voto of 11,000,009
was passod. Thoro was anothor Cabinet
coufcrcuco this aftornoon. Tho sub
ject under consideration was tho
proposed ceding to Russia of cer
tain strategic points, Including PonJ
deb. No action was reached, but hostility
wan expressed to tho coding of points that
might possibly open tho way to an advanco
by Russia on Herat.
Tho gcnoral expression of opinion now
Is that a war with Russia can hardly bo
averted. Tho war talk, though not a or
cited as it was eight or ton days ago, Ii
much moro earnest than it was thou
Hindi Flint for Ilio i'rliico.
London, April 21. Tho Prlnco and
Princess of Wales arrived in Dublin yester
day from Klllarnoy. Thoy roturnod by
qullo n different routo from that by which
they went to tlio South, nud had no occasion
to go near Cork or Mallow. They wont by
rail from Klllarnoy to Tralce, embarked at
Tralro Bay on a steamer which to k thorn
up tho River Shannon to Limerick, and
proceeded thonco by rail almost straight
across tbo Island to Dublin. Thcro wero
many evidences of discontent exhibited in
County Kerry. During tbo short railway
Journey from Klllarnoy to Traloo tho royal
party was frequently hooted, nnd black
llaga wcro displayed at many places along
that lino and on tho banks of the Shannon.
Tho Nationalists aro preparing for a hot
nnd hostllo reception of tno I'rlnco when bo
arrives nt Londonderry, In tlio oxt etna
north of tho Island, next Saturday. This
Leaguers, however, aro not going to havo
things ali thoir own way, fortho" Prontlco
Roys of '80'' havo got thoir blood np too.
This is an organization to commomorato
tho famous sicgo of 105 days sustained by
Loutlondorry In 1SC3, and which was ren
dered posslblo by tho bold act of a fow ap
prentice boys who overpowered tho guard
aud raised tho drnwbrldgo which would
havo given Lord Antrim's Catholic troop?
an entranco to tho town. Tbo "'Prontlco
Boys" aro all Orangemen, and thoy havo
vowed to break tbo heads of anybody and
everybody who offers to Insult tho Prlnco
and Princess.
Knvlnc to Ilio lrnnilnn novernninut.
BK.m.lN, April 21. Tho Prusslau Gov
ernment proposes to convert Its fivo and
four per cent, consols into two per cents.
It is estimated that tho convotsioo will
annually savo tho govcrnmout 5,033,000
Exhibition ornrrmnti I'rotlnc'M.
Berlin, April 21. It Is proposod to hold
the first general exhibition of tbo produo s
of Germany In Berlin somo tlmo In IBS 3.
Austria will bo tho only foreign nation ron
rttcntcd by exhibits.
A IteliuIniiH A)ioliitment.
Rome, April 21. Rev. Richard Pbelin
has teen appointed coadjutor to the Bishop
Important Aclliiu ol (lie Wlnno-
Imuo nml Crow Creels Settlers.
PlEUir, D. T April 21. A largo and
enthusiastic meeting of tho settlers on tha
Winnebago and Crow Creek reservation was
held last night. An organization was per
fected, with power to organize associations
throughout tho reservation and ralso funds
to bring tho matter into tho courts and
test tho validity of tbo President's pro
clamation closing tho reservation. A
great numbor of tho Bottlers aio dotlrmlt.od
to resist to tho very last. Tho sjmpaty of
tho pcoplo Is for tho settlors, and.
aid Is tendered them to start for
their homes. Huudrcds nf thooi soo
ruin staring them In tho faco and they
still hao hopes that they will not bo
driven from their homes, and tha; tbo
Government will mako provision whereby
tbo rights nf tho settlors as well as of tha
Indians will bo protected.
A MHiinilfrxlniMllui; Wlilch u Viae
CnUNiil l'romiitly C'orruetn.
Richmond, Va., April 21. Thoro Is
nothing now known horo as to tho proba
ble reception of A. M. Koiloy aa Minister
to tho Court of King HumlRrt In Italy.
A complimentary banquet will be tendered
Mr. Kcilcy to-morrow ovonlng by tho citi
zens of Richmond. By amlstakoand with
out hli knowledge, tho uanio of tho Italian
Ylcc.Consul horo was attached to the com
mitteo of invitation to tho Koiloy bannuot
cud ro published in tho papers horo to-day.
Tho Vice-consul received n tolegraro, from
Baron Favn, asking him if it whs truo that
ho had joined in tho tender of a banquet to
Mr. Kclloy. Tho Vice-Consul replied im
mediately, stating that it was not, and that
his name had not only boon publlshol in
that councctlou without consulting with,
him, but that ho did not intend to partici
pate in any manner in tho banquet.
Itilinrteit Ciinturo or rortlItt nnd
MnNHncro ofllH DnrrlHon.
Clarke's Crossincj, N, W. T., April 21
A dispatch received from Battleford
that messenger has Just ret
Tort Pitt and reports th I ' t
has fallen Into tbo nan of
tho Cico Indians, who havo be n 'Ki'rrjlni
It ever tiuco tho Frog Lako ma'iarto Two
policemen aro known to have bocu killed,
and It Is feared the wholo garrison bat bosn
massacred. An Indian tells tho mossongor
that tho Cioes had gono down tho rlvor,
butthis is not crcdltod. The commander
at Fort Pitt was Polieo Inspector FrancU
JcO'cry Dickens, third sou of CharlM
Dickens, tho novollsL
1 lio "Mm" on Urnut'H Trouble.
Nr.w York, Arrll 21. Tho Sun odt
toilally declares that Gouoral Grant's horn
orrhsgo was caused byn soro which hat
now disappeared ; that ho has not had
cancer; that his doctors now admit it, and.
that Douglas nnd Shrady havo got a good
deal of fico advertising and aro sharp fel
lows. Trngeily nt n Home Knee.'
Little Rook, Ark., April 21. At x
bono raco near Ford, Indian Tcriltnry, i
fow days ago, Frank Copoland and Frank
WaUon quarreled, and thon shot ouch other,
For Wednesday In the Middle Atlantic Btatol
sll.luly warmer, (air weather, tollowod by
local rains during tho attornoon or evening.
l'o-l)iiy'M -'cuinernturcs.
Tho Blgnal OOlco furnishes tho totloffluj
synopsis ot the weather:
Local meteorological report tor April 21,
18133 1 Thermometer readings at a a, m 50 ,U;
7 a. m., Bl.7i 11 a. m., OiP.o.
Report tor April 20, 188ft i Mean tempera
ture, cr.Ot maximum, MO'.fti minimum,
uViOi menu wintiw UtuaMtty, Ui.o rot coat.

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