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The Evening Critic.
17TH YEAK NO. 5,212.
"What (a Thought of Tronemror Jordan's
Appointment Col. Lnmont'o Con
tinued Illness Evonlnsr Cabinet Con
feroncos Wunt Orotron Wants
What About tho Italian Mission.
Samuel J. Conoli of Tcuncssco, a clotk In
the reunion Offlco, lias roslgncd.
Miss Jono L. Gllflllan of Now York, a
clerk In tho Tonslon OQico, lias TCslKned.
Congressman Ward of Illinois Is In tho
city, looking after appointments In his
T nnta Mr-Mullen lias boon nnnolntod An-
pralscr at Now York, vlco A. 1. Kotchum,
Ilcar-Admlral Ed. Y. McCauloy has
been ordered to bold himself In readtnossto
command thoFaclfla Station.
Georgo V. Wakoflold of Illinois, an as
sistant lopogrnpbor In tho Goologlcal Bur
voy, has tondorod his resignation.
Georgo Banman of Missouri, printing
clerk of tho Uouso, Is eald to bo an appli
cant for local mall Inspector at St. Louis.
lion. Gcorgo H. Pondloton, Mutator to
Germany, hBS taken lcavo of tho Prosldont
and Secretary of Stato prior to his dopartaro
for Berlin.
Work was begun yesterday on tho 12
incli steel rifled gun In thoNavy-Yard. It
Is tbo largest and only gun of Its slzo
ordered to bo made
Mr. Cliarlos IT. Marshall of Now York
will bo appointed secretary of tho Unltod
States legation at Romo, vlco Edward
ricrrcpont, deceased.
It is now thought that ex-Governor
Thomas 0. Itoynolds will bo appolntod
Minister to Italy, and that Mr. Kolloy may
ultimately bo offorcd tho Spanish mission.
Tho President's callors to-day includod
Minister McLean, Senators Jouos and But
lor, Representatives roruoy, Campbell, Hol
rnan, Cox, Lawlor, Sprlngor and MUllkon.
5 'Tbo President has appointed Frank J.
Pratt tt bo Collector of Intornal Rovonno
for tbo Tenth Massachusetts District, and
Samuel Cooper for tho Tenth Texas Dis
trict. Secretary Whitney has directed tho
dlsmlsal ofthoforomen oftboMaro Island
Navy-Yard for coorcion among tho em
ployee in tho yard to compol them to voto
the Itcpubllcan ticket.
Rear-Admiral Jouctt has tolcgrapbod as
Ibllowa from Colon-: "Just from Panama.
Columbian troops havo cmbarkod from
Bucnarcntura for Panama. Somo doflnlto
settlement will bo reached soon."
Thcro Is no longer tho least doubt that It
has been decided that it would bo unwlso
to lend Mr. Kclloy to Bomo. It is bellovod
that he will arrlvo In this city vory soon
for a conforenco with Secretary Bayard.
A. A. Fotndoxtor, tho big basso from
Missouri, visited tho Postofllco Depart
ment this morning to sco about his appli
cation for appointment as local superin
tendent of tho Hallway Mail Sorvlco at St.
Thcro was an argument boforo Comrnls
tlorcr of tho Land ODlco Sparks yeitorday
rclntlvo to tho recent claims of fraud exist
ing in tbo land grants in Now Mexico and
Coloindo, known as tho Maxwell grants,
covering several thousand acres.
Tho following postmasters wore mado
today: Christian T. Georgia, at Union-
Hie, Conn.; Heubon A. Mitchell, at Opo
Ilka, Ala; George W. Statlor, at Mansfield,
O ; r.dward B. Do Bray, at Clyde, Kan.;
Benjamin F. Mackall, at Moorhoad, Minn.
LleutenautChaTlcsII. Judd, who was at
Atplnwall when that placo was burned re
cently, and who was condomnod by a modi-
cal fiurvoy ana sons to nuw iui. uy wm
mandcr Kane, has boon placed In St. Eliza
beth's Hospital for tholnsano, noar this city.
Snrgcon-Goncral Hamilton of tho Marino
Hospital Scrvlco, states that the Brazilian
vegetable cancer cure has boon distributed
to physicians rocontly and appllod to cases
of cancer, but that it has not yet boon do;
termlncd whotber tho cuie Is effectual or
In order to await tho decision of tho
United States Snpromo Court in tho pond
ing habeas corpus caso, which will not bo
delivered boforo a week from Monday, tho
Wales court-martial, which adjourned last
week to moot Trlday, tho 21th Instant,
will not convono until May 7.
Tho now Treasurer, Mr. Conrad N. Jor
dan of Now York, is in consultation with
tho officials of tho Treasurer's oflico and Is
familiarizing himself with his prospoctlvo
duties. Ho has glvoa thoassuranco that
removals for partisan considerations are
not to bo mado and has determined upon a
count of tho cash in tho Treasury on May 1.
Hon. Anthony M. Kolloy, Mlnistor to
Italy, was tondorcd a bauquet last night
at Richmond. It was attended by tho
leading citizens and olUclals of Virginia.
Mr, Kclloy mado a short reforonco to his
Bpcech of fifteen years ago against King
Emanuel's invasion of tho Papal Statos, In
which ho avowed tho correctness of his
etand at that tlmo.
Tho Prosldent to-day appointed Goorgo
B. Flfo of tho District of Columbia, Richard
Stockton of New Jorsoy, and MIddloton S.
Guest of Maryland as cadets at largo to tho
Naval Academy at Annapolis. This com.
plotes tho cumber of cadetsbips within tbo
gift of tho President, and no moro appoint
ments can be made by him until 1839, and
only during that year.
Tho Stato Department has rccolvcd a
communication from the Unltod States
consul at Marseilles, of dato of MarolT2(J,
giving tho particulars of tho suicide at that
placo on tho night boforo by William 1L
Brubaker of Richmond, Va. Ho committed
sulcido by taking a largo do30of laudanum,
and left no explanation of his act. Thcro
was found on his bod by his sldo a photo,
graph of a young lady, which, from its ro
eemblanco to htm, was supposed to havo
been intendod for his sister.
A gentleman who Is on torms of inti
macy with Mr. Carroll D. Wright, chlof of
tho Bureau of Labor Statistics, saysi
"Wbon Mr, Clevoland bocamo Prosldont,
Mr. Wright went to him and declared an
unwillingness to go on with tho duties of
tho cilice unless ho had assuranco that ho
should be allowed to uamo his successor
when tho oflico was turned over to a Dom
ocrat. 'Why, Mr. Wright,' Mr. Clovoland
Is eald to havo ropllcd, 'you are to bo your
own successor," anil Willi mat understand
lug Mr. Wright has continued to All tho
Tbo Illness of Colonol Lamont Is said to
cause tho Prcsldont somo uneasiness con
cerning his own health, as well as that of
Ills private, secretary. Colonol Lamont has
spent sovcral summers of arduous nud con-
V. Btnnt work with Mr. Cleveland and novor
beforo suffered from the strain, Tho Presi
dent is forced to boliovo that his prosont
rcsldonco is less healthy than that at Al
bany, or that tho Presidency Is a moro wear
Ing position that tho aovornorsblp of Now
York. Ho Is urged by his Irlonds to cur
tail bis hours of labor, to rosumo his dally
o walks, to which ho has attributed his good
health, and to hasten his removal to tho
Soldiors' Homo cottago.
Mr, Jordan, tho nowly-appolnted Troas
uror, was born in Now York exactly flfty
ilvc years ago yesterday, audhashad thirty
two years' oxporlouco In tho banking busi
ness. Ilcbcgan his career as a runner In
tho Hannibal Bank of Now York city, and
roso to tho grade of EO&oral baok-koe-por,
Subsequently ho received an appointment
as cashlor of tho First National Bauk of
rishklll Landing, Now York, and aftor
ward acted In tbo same capacity for tho
Louisiana National Bank of Now Orleans.
Ho became cashlor of tho Third National
Bank In Now York in 1801, and was soon
after elected a director of tho bank, In
1881 ho resigned tho oflico of cashlor, but
continued to act as a director aud holds
that oflico at present.
Gcorgo Buchanan Flfo of this city, who
was to-day appointed by tho Prcsldont to a
cadet ship at tho Naval Acadomy upon tho
recommendation of Rear-Admiral Rowon,
Is a ton of Assistant Surgeon Flfo of tho
navy, and a grandson of tho lato Pay
master Buchanan of the navy. Ills father's
brothors wcro both killed In tho war, ono
being a lieutenant in tho navy, and tho
other! a licutonant on General McClollan's
staff In tho nrmy. Ills groat-grainlfathora
served respectively In tho Revolution and
war of 1812.
When Mr. James M. Morgan, tho re
cently appointed Mlnistor to Molbourno,
called to sco tho President, bo wan plnmply
asked : "Aro you a .Democrat r" ami rur.
Morgan answorcd tho question as follows :
"I am, and always havo bcon." Then
ho wont on to say that ho
supported Tlldon In 187(1 and Hancock
In 1880, hut that ho waa absent In Moxico
engaged In work upon a railroad far somo
tlmo and taking no part In politics. His
sympathies woro all directed in tho last
campaign for tho support of tho Domocratlo
candidate. Mr, Morgan, during tho Forty
sixth Congro3S, was ono of tho cmployos of
tho Democrats in tbo Senato.
Tho Oregon Democrats havo Bottlod down
to ono position which thoy lntoud to nsk
President Cleveland to give them, and that
Is tho Government ngency at Alaska. Tho
salary attached Is $,1,000 por annum and tho
labor consists mainly In counting tho soals
and keeping tho HudsouBay Tur Company
from Blauehtorlne moro than 100.000 soals
a year. Governor Klncald said tho othor
day that Alaska needed an honest count,
and it is understood ho will havo a recom
mendation to mako. In tho moantlmo
Senator Dolph Is endeavoring to mako him
self unanimous on tho porson to bo ap
pointed. Several asplrauts from Oregon
have already rccolvcd information that tho
Senator has not yot decidod.
Tho Prcsldont Is said to havo arranged a
scries of evening conferences with tho mem
bers of his Cabinet, to bo spont In discuss
ing appointments and othor mattors under
tbclr respective Departments. Last night
bo held a long Intorview with tho Secre
tary of State, at which & number of lm
Sortant foreign appointments aro said to
avo been considered. At this conforenco
Secretary Bayard is roported to havo sub
mitted a statement of tho distribution thus
far mado among tho States and of tho quota
to which each would bo entitled on tho
basis of their total Domocratlo vote. Tho
futuro appointments aro bcllovcd to havo
been outlined, as far as geographical con
siderations will govern thorn. Tho Presi
dent will. It Is said, hold similar confer
ences with other, members of tlio Cabinet
on tuo remaining evenings or tho wook.
Tbo quarrel botwoon Governor Portor,
tho First Assistant Socrotary of Stato, and
ox-Congressman Whlttborno of Tonno33eo
culminated in what Governor Portor re
garded as challenge to a duol, and ro
futcd to consider or roply to. A newspaper
Intcrvlow recently charged Govornor Por
ter with causing discord among Tcnnossoo
Democrats by his action In the Stato bond
question. Governor Portor attributed tho
authoiship to Whlttborue, nndwroto a cud
denouncing him in vigorous stylo and as
sailing bis Integrity and veracity. When
Wbltthorno read this card ho nddrosscd a
communication to Govoruor Portor, aud de
livered It to General Gcorgo W. Gordon for
delivery. General Gordon delivered tho
nolo, which proved to bo an invitation
from Whlttborno for Portor to meot him
outsidoof tho United States for an adjust
ment of their ailllcullloi. Governor l'ortcr
asked General Gordon if ho knew tho con
tents of tbo note. Gcnoral Gordon ronllcd
that bo did, Governor Porter said that ho
would tbon simply return the challenge to
hlni, with a statomont that ho could con
sider no such communication from that
source, and that ho saw no roason to loavo
tbo United States tomcotany responsibil
ity for which ho was answorablo In Wash
ington. Whon this roply was mado known
to Wbltthorno, ho telegraphod to tho A'cuft
title Ameihan that ho had nppllcd tho t03t
to Governor Porter and vcrluod tho maxim
that tho traduccr and maliguor has not tho
manliness to moot tho responsibilities for
bis words. Govornor Portor also tolo
grnphed a statomont of what has occurrod
to tho J!femji7ifs Avalanche. '
Opinions differ widely in tbo Troasury
Department in regard to tho appointmont
of Mr. C. N. Jordan as Troasuror. Ono
prominent official spoko of it as an ndmlr
ablo selection. Mr. Jordan, ho said, had
proved his profound knowlodgo of financial
questions by suggesting solutions of tho
greatest nnanciai unucuuies arising in
Now York of lata years. During tho panio
of 1873 aud in tbo questions arising con
cerning tho clearing-house, his couusol is
said to havo always boon accoptcd
and has provod of groat valuo. An
other ofllcial said that tho selection
was a vory natural ono, Mr. Jordan
being prominent as a flnaaclor and as a
Democratic politician. Ono ofllclal said tho
Joidau appointmont was of Important po
litical significance It demonstrates moro
clearly than any previous action tho In
tention to mako an uncompromising war
on silver. Tho Jordan appointmont meant
concessions to tho National banks, an in
definite postponement of a bond-call, nnd
a determination to disregard sllvor lu es
timating tho condition of tho Troasury.
"If it is truo that silver is a disturbing
clement In tbo affairs of tho country and
that Its prcssuro iscausing financial trouble,
tbo determined stand mado against sllvor
by tho Administration ought to Insure
confidence nnd ovorcomo the trouble," Still
another ofllclal said, "Tbo Jordan appoint
ment will causo troublo in somo directions.
CIvil-eorvIco reformers regard Jordan as an
opponent of their prlnclplos. Tho antl
Tlldon men will attack tho appointment
as a surrondor to tbo Sago of Groystouo,
and tbo antl-sllvor men will bowl.''
Tlio Court of Inqnlry nu I'nyninHter
Ucnernl Smith's Cain.
Tho court of inquiry appolntod by Sec
retary Whitney to investigate tho chargos
against Paymaster-General Smith mot at
tho Navy Dopartmont to-day. Tho charges
lnvolvo contracts for pork and boof fur
nished tho navy. It Is allcgod that Mr.
Austin P. Brown of this city was awardod
such contracts, and was nllowod by Pay-master-General
Smith to fill those contracts
whenever tbo market prlco of boof and
pork fell sufficiently bolow tho prlco at
which tho contracts wcro glvon as to allow
Mr. Brown to mako vory healthy profits.
Tho court consists of tho following officers :
Captain Gcorgo Brown, president; Captain
Edward 0. Matthows and Pay Director
Looker, with Paymastor Allon as Judge
Advocate raymastor-Goncral Smith was prosont
without counsel aud In cltlzon's dross. Tho
members of court and Mr, Johu W. Audor
sou, clerk nnd ofllclal roporter, woro sworn.
Paymaster-General Smith said that ho had
no objection to any mombor of tho court.
Tho Judgo-Advocato announced that ho
was not prcparod to go on with tho inquiry
to-day. Tbo court thereupon adjournod
until 11 o'clock to-morrow.
salvation OIL is guaranteed to ba bottor
limn all othor llnlraunts, It novcr disappoints,
Twenty-five cents,
Somo of Mr. Drowator'B Pooullar
Molhoda Disclosed by tbo Testi
mony of Ex-Dlstrlot Marshal Honry
Why tho Lattor Was Suspondod,
When tho Criminal Court mot this morn
ing nnd rcsumod tho Dickson trial, Mr
Wells offered to put in as ovldcnco tho
record of tho Pollco Court holding Mr.
Dickson for tho action of tho grand Jury,
to Justify his action toward Mr. Dickson
nud show that boactod with no projudlco
lu tho matter. Judgo MacArthur said that
l( occurred to him that tho romarks of
counsel had no connection with tho cass
they had Leon mlslol by their ardor.
Ho thought It tbo duty of tho Court to
admonish tho counsol. Thcrcf has boon
great manifestation of fcoling In tho caso,
nnd he would bo pained to Imposo tho au
thority of tho Court on counsol.
MB. wells hurt.
Mr. Wells roferred to tho attack of Mr.
Smith on him and asked permission to put
in ovldcnco certain papers that Mr. Smith
charged him with suppressing. Ho said ho
had no communication with Bowen boforo
tho trial at tho rollco Court, and thoro ho
bad been put undqr ball as a wltnoss bo
causo bo had fled from placo to placo boforo
ho could bo secured as a witness.
mr. smith's remarks.
Mr. Smith got up and said with sovoro
sarcasm : "I havo tho most profound rospcet
for tho honesty of Brothor Wells. I don't
think for a momont that ho would mako
any statomont In court that could .not bo
fortified In somo way. What I havo said is
what I havo wltnessos hero to provo. I
think it Is a part of this caso to show Mr.
Wells' conduct to Mr. Dickson."
Mr. Smith said that tho Government was
trying to suppress tho most Important feat
ures of their llnoof inquiry, and ho thought
It his duty tohls client to bring out mo
whole matter.
Judgo MacArthur hero Interposed and re
marked that tho caso bad dlvorgod from tho
lcgltimato lino of Inquiry.
'Tbo Attornoy-Geucral of tho Unltod
States has been Impeached of a most Infam
ous offense. It is a somowbat serious mat
ter to draw in such collateral matters In
which tho officer so seriously accused can
not bo tried."
His Houor said furthor: "Perhaps tho
Conrt Is moro to blamo than both of you to
gether for permitting It to go Into tho caso."
Mr. Dickson said bo proposod to show
that during tho progros3 of tho trial At-tornoy-Gcnoral
Browstor sent him an In
vitation to call on him. Tbo mattor was
ruled out. Boforo leaving tho stand Mr.
Dickson remarked : "I ask tho pardon of
tho court for any excess of feeling that I
may have shown on tho stand." His
Honor replied : "Somoallowanco must bo
mado for a person in your situation."
ExOTarshal of tho District Charlos E.
Henry of Ohio was called to tho stand.
His statement caused qultoa sensation in
tbo court-room. Tbo Government objoctod
to tho wltnoss' stating tho substanco of
two Interviews that Browstor Cameron hal
with bim.
Tho court ruled that tho conversa
tion could bo dotallcd,
Tho witness then statod that Browstor
Cameron came to his oflico a day or two be
foro tho Jury was impannolod in tho Star-
Homo caso. air. uamcron earn tuo Attorney-General
was vory anxious about tho
caso, aud had suggostcd that tho regular
f and would booxhausted, that as a pub
ic man his official life depended upon tho
conviction of tbo defendants In this caso,
nnd that bo wanted to havo a jury that
would bo satisfactory to tho Government
in this caso.
Cameron bad a list of camc3 that ho said
would mako good talesmon, and offered
them to tho wltnoss.
Tho witness continued : "I suggested tuo
impropriety of engaging lu such buslnoss.
Mr. Cameron thon said theso dofendants (or
rather, as ho referred to thorn onco or twice,
theso blankcty-blank) should not oscano.
Tho Attornoy-Gonoral would pay $23,009
out of his own pocket rathor than havo
them cscapo."
"At this Juncture I becamo oxcitod and
Indignant and refused, remarking that if
it became necessary to soloct talosmon I
would select good rcputablo citizens aud
the Government would havo to dopond Jon
tho ovldonco for a vordict. Mr. Cameron
loft and renewed tho conversation after
ward. Tho day lollowlng, during tho
Impannollng of tho Jury, I"
Tho Govornmont objected and abruptly
cut off tho witness.
Continuing, ho stated, In roply to quos
tlons of counsol In regard to alleged officers
of tho Attornoy-Gonoral. that Cimoron
said that tbo "Old Man" would protoct
him (witness) If ho saw him (tho At
tornoy-Gonoral) through tho trial,
As to bis suspension from oflico by ordor
of tho President, Captain Honry lopllod
that tho Attornoy-Gonoral charged that ho
(witness) was an obstruction In tho admin
istration of justice In tho prosecution of tho
Star-Routo cases.
Witness mado a published statomont
denying the chargo and domandlng an In
vestigation. Ho stated that sovcral of tho
published interviews with him woro bogus.
Tho Govornmont attomptod to mako capi
tal out of tho fact that tbo wltnoss had not
Immediately roported tho statomonts of
Cameron to tho Court. Tho wltnoss statod
that bo wroto a lettor to Senator Kollogg
detailing tho facts, and also asked Sir,
Springer when his committee was in S03
sion for an opportunity to bo hoard as a
witness during tho investigation of tho Dj
partment of Justice
On being furthor qnostlonod, ho said :
"Hero was a great dopartmont of tho Gov
ernment on ono sldo, whllo I was single
handed and alono. I waited pationtly until
1 could appear beforo tho propor body and
under oath. Mr. Sprlngor'a roply to my
request to bo hcaid was, 'Wo will conio to
that by and by.' But thoy novor caruo to
It," continued tho wltnoss.
In further discussing Cimoron'a conduct
ho eald ; "His conduct changed him from a
suspicious to a vlclous.clmmctor,
i fn o viMntia plinrnnrnr."
The next witness called by tho dofonso
was Pcrclval Konncdy. Ho Bald ho bocamo
acquainted with Brewster Cainorou in 1332,
whllo ho (Kennedy) was a clerk In tho In
terior. ...
Mr. Smith ask od tho wltnoss whothor ho
had any conversation with Cainorou regard
ing his (tho witness') following, shadowing
or Interviewing Mr. Dickson whllo bo was
foreman of tho Star-Routo Jury. Tho ques
tion was objected to.
Ho was thon asked if ho had uot bcon In
structed by Camoron to find out Mr, Dick
son's opinion of tho caso.
"I was," replied tho wltnoss.
Tbo answer occasioned a gonoral stir in
tho court-room,
"I was asked by him to find out as near
as posslblo what Mr. Dickson's opinion was
on tho case. I roported to Attornoy-Gonoral
Browstor what had bcon told to me, and tho
AUoinoy-Geucral fotbld such action Tory
emphatically. I had tnado a previous state
ment to Mr. Cameron.
"Thb Attorncy-Gonoral called Mr, Nich
olson of his oflico to hear tho statomont.
Mr. Cameron camo in and hoard tho lattor
part of it."
"Why did you mako that statomont?'
Inquired Mr. Bmlth. "Because I thought
If 1 did not I would loso my situation," an
awercd tho witness.
Tbo cross-examination of Mr, Kennedy
was deferred until to-morrow,
Mr, Gcorgo W. Drlvor was oxamlnod at
somo langtu concerning tbo visits of
Bowen, Cameron and Hoovor to his girdou.
Tho examination provokod a good deal of
mirth. Judgo MacArthur Bald ho didn't
want tho trial turned into a varloty show.
The counsol would conduct tho caso so as to
prevent theso Interruptions.
Colonel Gcorgo B, Corkhill. ox-Dlstrlct
Attorney, was tho noxt wltnoss callod.
Ho testified that during his offi
cial capacity as District Attornoy
ho received a letter from tho Attornoy
General ordering him to investigate
tho bribery caso against Mr. Dickson, and
to submit to tho Attornoy-Gonoral all tho
papers in his possession pertaining to tho
caso. Ho afterward rccolvcd a tolegram
fiom tho Attornoy-Gonoral, who was out
of tho city, to stop tho investigations.
"Did Mr. Wolls, tho Attornoy-Gonoral
and Mr. Kor call npon you and say that if
you did cot got an indlctmont against Mr.
Dickson your official head would go off?'1
was asked.
"Tbo grand Jury Ignored tho first Indict
ment," was tho reply.
A Hcoro or.Novcu to l'onr, nntl Gen
eral Noted of tlio Nine.
Tho gamo yesterday was won too oaslly
to bo very interesting. Tho BufTaloos won
putplaycd at overy point.
Tho directors of tho National Club aro
very anxious to play Mnnagor Barnlo's Bal
timore cino. Whon Mr. Apploton, presi
dent of tho Metropolitans, was in Baltlmoro
lately ho asked B.arnlo wby ho did not nr
rango somo games with tho Nationals.
Barnlo's reply was that ho had no tlmo.
Prcsldont Apploton accused him of bolng
afraid. Barnlo Indignantly denied It, and
said that thoro could bo no question as to
tho ability of his nlno to defeat tbo Na
tionals. Mr. Apploton roplled that thoro
was so much question In his mind that ho
was willing to wagor $1,000 that tho Na
tionals could beat tho Baltlmoros. Barnlo
would not back his opinion, so thoro tho
matter rested.
Tbo only twn men o tho Metropolitans
whom tho Nationals would waut undorany
circumstances are Rosoman and Orr. If tho
Nationals bad tho lattor they would put
him on first baso and lot Baker act as changa
catcher. Phil Is ono of tho boat catchers to
bo found, and thouah ho oiiocara somotlmos
as though tho worK bomuu tno uat nurc
him, yet ho never complains about it.
Instead of tbo National's management
crowding Fulnior, tho fact Is ho wants to
catch, aud had sooner do so than layoff.
Ho eald tbo othor day that ho was tho
best judge of what ho was ablo to staud,
and when ho asked to bo roltovcd It would
bo tlmo chough to lay him off. Ho Is as
gamo as a catcbor can be.
Gagus Is tbo hardest to catch of any of
tho National pitchers. His delivery Is very
Tho National nlno Is undor porfect on
tiol, yot tho restraint is such that tbo nlno
do not feel it. Not a single man on tho
team Is "crooking his elbow," and tho ro
suit is clear heads and steady norves.
Few pcoplo know that Hoovoi's batting
averago on tho Philadelphia Ioaguo nlno
last y.car, In ten games, was 311,
Tlio veteran Morrill of tho Bostons, whon
ho was here, said that It was a sharno
such a nlno as tbo Nationals should not bo
In ono of tho two leading associations, and
that ho wished to goodnoss thoy wcro lu
tbo league
Wise was rathor wild in his dollvcry
yesterday, but tbo gonorally sharp Holding
of tbo nlno kept tho visitors from scoring.
Barr proved himself a first-class umptro
yesterday. His decisions woro promptly
glvrn aud his judgmont on balls and
strikes excellent.
Tbo gamo to-day will bo a groat ono,
and tho Natlouals will win It by a closo
Games clsowhoro: Baltlmoro 8, Metro
politan -I, at Baltlmoro; AthlotloU, Brook
lyn 3, at Philadelphia; Loulsvlllo 11, Pitts
burg 0, at Loulsvlllo ; Philadelphia 1, Vir
ginia 2, at Richmond.
Tho Clovoland Baseball Club, n mombor
of tho Western Loaguo.bogan thocbamplon
ship ecason with thoTolodocsin Clovoland
last Sunday, ino lw anu uruor poopio
had tho catcher of tho club, M. F, Walkor,
arrested yostcrday. His will bo tho tost
Tho Potomacs bad out tho first olght of
tho season last evening. They rowod to
Holtzman's and return.
Tbo first regular mooting of tho now boat
club will bo held at Frank Ward's, 031 D
strcot northwest, at 8 p, m. to-night.
Swcenoy and Baker took a long row,
double, last nlgut.
Retirement or ANslslnnt Attorney
Ucncrul Jlct'nmmou.
Mr. Joseph K. McCammon, Assistant Attorney-General
for tho Intorlor Dopartmont,
resigned yesterday to take effect May 21. Ho
was appointed from Pennsylvania, in
October, 1871, as special couusol for tho
Government before tho Court of Claims aud
remained In this position until May, 1S30,
when at tbo request of Attornoy-Gonoral
Stovens and Secretary Schurz, Prcsldont
Hayes appointed him an Assistant At-torncy-Gonoial
and ho was Immediately
detailed as law advisor of tbo Intorlor De
partment. Mr. McCammon retires for tho
purposo of engaging in private buslnoss.
It is understood ho will practice- law In
In his letter of resignation, Mr. McCam
mon reminds tho Socrotary that ho In
formed him of his rcadlnoss to roslgn ou
tho day that Mr. Lamar took possession of
tbo Department, but at tho earnest rcquost
of tbo latter, which was very much appre
ciated, ho bad withhold his resignation un
til his prlvato Interests would not pormit
him to defer it any longer. Tho following
is Secretary Lamar's lettor In response ;
Yours o( this dato Inclosing your resigna
tion as an Assistant Attorney-Uenoral, to tabo
effect ou tno 21tb prox,, lias Just boon re
ceived, anil will bo iorwarilod at onco to tho
Attoinor-acnoral. Itlianlfyou tor wltbhold-
Ing nt my request your resignation, until tlio
present timet and whilst I rocrot tho termina
tion ot our omclal rotations, it glvoa mo pleas
ure to testify not only to tbo ofllclont aid
which you have rendered mo In your office,
but tbo bolp I havo derlvod from you in miny
Important matters outsldo ot your own es
pecial Bphoro of fluty.
r.ov. Dr. ltlerdon ot Now York roglstorod
at ibe Arlington this morning.
Senator Gorman Las returned to the city
from a southern trip, greatly improvod in
Mr. and Mrs. John Twining arrived from
Melbourne, Australia, to-Uuv, and roglstorod
at tho Itlggs. They will visit friends la this
el y
Vice-President Hendricks lMt last night
for New York, to attond tbo bauquot ot tbo
Manhattan Olub to night. Ho will roina'a In
that city tor a day or two and then return to
tbo Capital. Later he will go to Atlanta to
attend tho Commercial Contention,
Tbo Placo of tho Ooourronco tlio
Walk Usually Takon by tho
Duko of Edinburgh Whon Going;
to Mako Ills Morning; Rnport.
London, April 23. Much constornatlon
was caused throughout tho city this morn
ing by a report that tho Admiralty oflico
had been blown up.
Investigation provod tho roport to bo
much oxaggoralcd. A packago containing
a nuantltv of dynamtto is Bupposod to
havo bcon placed against tho wall of tho
building directly uudor tho Solicitor's offico
and sot off by a slow fuso nnd other con
trivances. Tho building was badly shaken,
whllo nil tho windows woro shattorod,
In Mr. Swalnson's oflico not a wholo
pnno of glass remalnod. Ho and hisclorks
wcro dashed to tho floor by tho concussion,
Mr. Swalnson was seriously hurt. Tho
othors oscaped with slight Injuries. Tho
explosion was board for a long distanco,
and pcoplo rnshod to tbo vicinity of tho
Admiralty building, oxpoctlng to find it in
rnins. A stioog forco of pollco and mili
tary is cow on guard nnd no ono is allowed
to approach tho building. Tho authorities
aro vigorously investigating with tho hopo
of obtaining a cino to tho perpotrators.
Tho officials ato in a qnandary, and soom
to bo unablo to account for tho explosion.
Thoy now confess that thoy do not know
whothor It was cansod by dynamlto, gun
powdor or gas. Immediately aftor tho ox-
floslon tho pollco set to work to discover
Is causo. All entrances to tho building
wcro instantly closed, and no ono was per
mitted to pass In or out. Tho natno and
address of overy porson lu tho structure nt
tho tlmo of tho explosion woro thon takon
as thoy left tho building.'
Tho pollco Incline to tho belief that tbo
explosion was tho work of somo of tbo
samo gang of dynamiters who caused tbo
oxploslon in tho Towor and Parliament
buildings In January last. Tbo physicians
called to attend Mr. Swalnson say that ho
is suffering from concussion of tho brain,
nnd that bis injuries will probably provo
Tho greatest excitcmont provalls In aud
around tho building. Tho officials aro
thoroughly demoralized. At tbo tlmo of
tho explosion tho sun was shining brightly
and tbo business of tho day was fairly un
der way. It Is considered miraculous that
eo few persons wcro injurod, as long linos
of pcoplo woro constantly passing In and
out. Miss Mary Anderson was broakfast
Ing with Mr. Gladstone's family when tho
explosion occurred, and nil prcsont woro
much alarmed by the dotonation, fearing
that somo tcirlblo ulsastor had occurred.
Tlio I.ntCHt ncvolciiinioiilH.
London, April 23. Tho latest develop
ments In regard to tho oxploslon point to
tho hcllcf that It was tho result of a deep
laid plot of tbo dynamlts fiends. Sovcral
porsons havo already called ou tho pollco
nud informed thorn that two strangers
wcro observed rcconnoltorlng tbo building
yesterday. Two officials also tcstifiod that
they saw two mon this morning approach
tho building from tbo llorso Guard parado
grounds carrying n tin can which thoy
piactd in a recess in tbb main passage to
the bnilding, Whon asked why thoy did
not tako them Into custody thc30 officers
stated that thoy bcllovcd them to ba work
men and attached but llttlo Importance to
their movements.
Workmen havo bcon rocontly omployod
arounft tbo building making repairs nnd
assisting eouio survoyors who woro taking
measurement In nnd around tho grounds.
Tho officers Bay thoy can fully Identify tho
Many of tho rooms in tbo building were
totally wrecked. Thcro was only ono ox
ploslon. Tho chief of tho Scotland Yard detectives
and tbo Admiralty officials aro now hold
ing a consultation. Mr. Swalnson, tho In
jured man, Is tho Solicitor of tbo Admiralty.
Tlio Diiho of Ktllnbnreh's Itesort
London, April 23. Tho passago In which
tho oxploslon occurred Is tho ono usually
used by tho Duko of Edinburgh. Whon uot
at suit is tho duty of His Royal Highness
to roport himself at tho Admiralty overy
morning, nnd bo generally walks over at a
rantd naco alono whon in town, and ontors
by tho hall now tho bcouo of tho wreck.
Tho tlmo solcctcd for tho oxploslon at tho
Admiralty, if it was really tho result
of design, was tho hour at which most
of tho Loids of tho Admiralty woro
arriving or might bo oxpoctod to arrlvo in
preparation for tbo morning board mooting,
the business of tho lords bolug vory hoivy
and urgent in conscquonco of ho oxtonsivo
war preparations oidorcd by tho govern
ment, and tho largo number of ironclads to
bo mado ready for commission.
Tho lords board-room Is only a fow
yards distant from tho spot whero tho ox
ploslon took plnco, and adjoining tho
Eublio offices communicating intornally
ut a fow paces from tbo cntrauco
where tho cans woro deposited In tho wost
wing is tho official losldouro of the First
Lord of tho Admiralty. Tho passago by
which tho suspected dynamiters outcrcd tbo
building is in full vlow of tho Prlmo Min
ister's prlvato rooms at No. 10 Downing
street, not fifty yards bolow tho scono of
tho explosion.
A sentry of tho gnards was pacing In
front of tho guards' barracks. Tbo oast
wing of tho Horso Guards, occupied by tho
troops furnishing guard at tho main gato
way to St. James' Park, adjoins tho W03t
wing of tho Admiralty, and within a fow
yards of tho oxploslon, dlvtdod only
by a stono wall and n tolr of
offices, wcro tho horses' stables and
quarters of tho troops. Thoro woro
polico on duty In tho park In tbo rear of
tho Admiralty, and lu tuo roar oi Mr.
Gladstono'8, and In tho court-way in front
of tho Admiralty at tho groat gatos, four
or flvo doorkeepers at tho main cntranco,
an office-keeper at tbo oud of tho hall closo
to Mr. Swalnson's office, and also ono at tho
foot of tho stalrcaso leading to
tbo offices of tho Admiral on
duty nnd tho principal eocrotarlcs.
Ouo of tliu Attorneys In a" est or is
llmiilHoino I.mv Too.
ConcrcsBmau GlovorofSt. Louis loft this
morning for Now York city, whoro ho will
collect tho fco of $15,000 now duo tho'law
firm of Glover & Shoploy forborvlcos ton
dorcd In compromising tbo gioat law Butt
ofCommodoro Garrison nnd others against
Jay Gould, which rosultod In tho payment
of half a million dollars by Jay Gould to the
second mortgage bondholders of tho Mis
Bouri Paclflo Railroad. Tho compromlso
effected dismisses tho Mario-Garrison suit
In which Roscoo Conkllngwas chief couu
eel. Mr. Glovoroxpccts to roturn horo to
morrow and render whatovor asslstauco
may hcreaftor bo nccossary In connoctlon
with tho pursuit and capture of Walter II.
Lennox Maxwell, tho murdoror of 0, Ar
thur rrdlcr.
Ailniu l'orvimnsli In Court.
Mr. Adam Foropaugn was charged In the
Police Court tbls morning with violating tbo
new law tor tbo protection of oMUron
lu employing a 0 yoar-old boy namod Emburk
Mebemel as an acrobat. Mr. roropaugU was
put uuder tlOO bonds.
Grrnl Destruction or Mfo and l'roii
erly In Uiuinnn nml Taxis.
Gainesville, Tex,, April 23. About 3
o'clock yesterday morning cltlzons woro
awakened by cries for help, by tho shrill
sound of tho alarm whistles and tho roar
of rushing waters. Rain had boon falling
In torrents all night and Pecan Crook had
risen to an alarming oxtont. Many fami
lies in tho vicinity of tho crcok woro
awakened to find thomsclvcs surrouudod
by water and many houses woroovorthrown
and washed down tho stream, Uolp was
promptly nt band. Ropes wcro thrown
out and overy posslblo means used to as
sist tbo sufferers, but tbo lntenso darknoss
tendered It almost imposslblo. Somo per
sons had takon rrfugo In tho trees and tho
air was filled with tho shrieks of women
and children.
Mothots with their babes In tholr arms
remained clinging to limbs of troos for
hours, until roscucd almost doad, Whon
day broke tho banks for n great distanco
wcro strewn with debris of all description.
Tbo sccno on Kim Creek, west of tho city.
was equally distressing. Sovcral families
had Iccn caught by tho wator and woro
lodged in troos, and woro in danger of
being drowned. Men, womon and childron
wcro discovered, somo swinging nnd somo
clinging to trees. Rafts and boats woro
launched, but wcro broken to pieces or
sunk by tho forco of tho curront.
In ono lnstanco a negro succeeded in got
ting a woman nud two childron into a boat,
when it upsot and tbo frantic mother saw
her childron sink to rlso no moro. Aftor
six hours' labor tho rescuers succocdcd in
saving tho majotity of tho sufferers. It is
Imposslblo to ustlmnto tho damago dono to
property. Many families abovo and below
hero aro in great distress, nnd many lives
arc reported lost. Rescuing parties loft
hero, but havo not vet roturned. Old resi
dents eay tho flood Is tbo most disastrous
over known In this part nf tho Stato. Tho
wator Is two fcot higher than It was twenty
flvo years ago, whon thcro wasa flood which
caused great loss of Ufa and property. All
tbo bridges In tho city aro washed away,
aud tho cast portion of tho town was en
tirely cutoff from tho buslnoss soctlon. Tho
rain continued all day yesterday, and tho
rivers havo rison rapidly.
Tlio Ntorm rYcnr Dnltns.
Dallas, Tex., April 23. Torrlflo rain
storms and tornadoos oxtended ovor Toxas
Tuesday night and yestorday. Telegraph
lines aro prostrated nnd details aro hard to
obtain. Many buildings wcro wholly or
partly demolished in Dallas. Tho loss horo
will bo over $20,000. Tho Trinity Hlvor Is
rising rapidly. Many houses at Pralrlo
River woro blown down nnd tholr occu
pants moro or less Injured. Mamio Saw
yer, 14 years old, wns killed.
DlHitiitroiift l'lnod In Kntixnq.
Parsonb, Kan., April 23. A hoavy rain
set In bcio about 10 o'clock Tuesday and
continued unabated untit midnight. Thir
teen Inches of wator foil. It was thoheavl
est rnlu slnco 1878. Tho wholo surround
ing country Is a vast ahcot of wator. Tbo
Lnbcllo Itlvcr, usually a small stroam, Is
now thrco-quartcrs of a milo wldo. Four
wagon bridges and thrco railroad bridges,
located on this stream, nro either swopt
away or rondcrod unsafe Traffic on tho
Missouri, Kansas & Texas ltttiway is
wholly suspondod for 100 miles both ways
from Parsons.
i:nElntnl Jllust ArKiionloiliio
Kintrnllty or.i,r:tmiiiHtiui,
Vienna, April 23. Information which
has been lccolvcd herefrom St. Potorsburg
political circles creates a great soasttion.
It Is to tho effect that tho only condition on
which pcaco can bo assured is that Ihigland
shall acknowledge tbo comploto neutrality
of Afghanistan and tho oxtluctlon of Eng
lish influcnco on tbo Ameer's country. In
this tasooiilyj Ills said, Is a peaceful un
derstanding between England and Russia
posslblo. This demand ou tbo part of Russia
has been communicated as on ultimatum to
The highest mlUtary circles In Russia aro
bringing great prcssuro to boar on tho Gov
ernment to dcclaro war. They Bay that tho
chances of victory for Russia wero novor so
favorablo as at present. Russia, It is fur
ther said, Is only waiting tbo momont whon
tho Voign shall bo frcoof Ico, as this rlvor
Is essential for tho transportation of hor
troops. As soon as tho river is opon Rus
Bla wiil cast asldo furthor attempts at dip
lomatic negotiations.
It Is said horo, In diplomatic clrclos, that
England is endeavoring to nogotiato with
tbo Porto about tbo passago of tho Darda
nelles for her war ships. Tho Continontal
Powers, however, insist on maintaining tho
neutrality of tbo straits.
flenf rnt Oram's Condition.
New York, April 23. On account of tho
cxtrcmo heat last night General Grant did
not Bleep qulto as well as usual, but man
aged to got about six hours' rost.
Ho would rison nnd dressed at 7 o'clock,
but Dr. Douglass advisod him to romaln
In bed and rost. Ho did so, and botweon
soven and half-past olght gained nearly an
hour of sleep. Ho then arose rofro3hcd.
Tho Gcncriil Tn!ien n Drive.
New York, April 23. Goncral Grant,
his wife, Mis. Sartorts and Mrs. F. D. Grant
went out driving nt 12 o'clock. Tho broozo
was chilly, and tho Gonoral woro about his
neck and shoulders a whlto shawl.
Tlio HUlrnilsli In tlio Nortliurct.
(Ju'Ari'Ei.LE, Man., April 23. A skir
mish took placo yesterday botweon Middle
ton's scouts and a small party of rebels.
Tho latter fired first and tho scouts ro
turned tho flro, but no ono was wounded on
cither Bide. Tho half-broods look sholtor
in tbo woods.
U'lint Ciumcd rrellcr'N Dentil.
St. Lotus, April 23. Tho oxport who
has analyzed tbo coutonts of Prollor's
stomach will report to-day that Prollor's
death was caused by inhaling chloroform,
Iho huriricnl Association.
Tho Bcsslon of tho American Surgical
Association convened at 10 o'clock this
morning. Too attendanco of tbo medical
profusion was cot so largo as yesterday.
A largo number of modlcal studentatako'
advanlago of thoso moetlngs, and aro
picsent at each cession, with papor and
pcucll In band, on which thoy tako down
tbo piinclpal and most instructive parts in
tbo rending. After tho usual prollmlnary
piocccdlngs Dr. Collins Warron of Boston
proceeded to read his papor on "Tho Hotl
ing of Arteries luMan aud Aulmals Aftor
Ligature." A discussion ot too paper iui
lowed, which was participated in by Fol
lows N. Scnn of Milwaukee, and Dr. Ouun
of Chicago. , t , ,.
"Somo j'omis in tuo ournvijr i u
nypertrophlcd Postrato" was road by Dr.
J. W. S. Gouley of Now York. !
In thonf ornoon tho paper, "An Experi
mental and Clinical Study of Air Eoibol
Ism," was read by Dr. N. Bonn. Aftor tbo
rending the session adjourned. Tbo annual
dinner of tho association will bo hold at
Wormley's Hotel, at 8 o'clock this ovonlug.
Tlio Nov Nntlnnnl.
The nulldlng Inspector to-day Issued a pnr
mlt to Mr. W. W. ltaploy to erect bis now Na
tional Tbeatro llulldlug. Tbo cost ot tho
structure Is put down at $110,000.
Tbo architects aro Mossrs. Mullott and Mo
i:ipatrlck& Bona. Tho building will bo ouo
hundred anil ten foet front by ono hundred
aud Ufty-nlno feet. Tho front portion ot tho
building, which will bo used tor oraoos, will
bo nvostorloa hlgb, and will bo provided with
elevators and stairways. . . .
The theatro will contain a now foaturo In
tho matter olwaltlDa-rooms. tor uaioi,
An Eng-arromont Probablo on tho Flrat
Doclnratton of War Tho Garnott
Follows tho Strylax Prom tbo Wost
Indtos An Expoctod Naval Duol
lu Sight of tho City of Norfolk.
Thcro Is of courso considerable oxcltomont
in naval circles over tho lmpondlng conflict
between Russia and England, Evan tho
moro conservative nro coming to tho strong
bollof that war is inovltablo, and tho wagor
has bcon mado without takors that hostili
ties will bo precipitated within a weok.
However this may bo, tho Interest In, local
affairs has bcon greatly increased locally by
tho presenco at Hampton Roads of a Ras
B'nu corvctto and a British man-of-war,
which, according to tho best advices, havo
been louowmg tacn other over and auout
tho high Bcaa for somo tlmo past, and only
waiting a declaration of war to fight a grand
naval duol.
Believing that this declaration will como
within a fow days, qulto a nuuibor of gon
ticmen started for Norfolk this inorninf,
with tho Intention of remaining in that
vicinity until tho battlo comes off. It will
bo a spcctaclo well worth witnessing, if
tboy can get near enough to sco it.
Tho Russian corvette Is a magnificent
picco of naval architecture, and sails undor
tho natuo of Strylax, Captain N. Skslgaloff.
Sho is manned by ltO mon. The British
man-of-war Garnet is said to bo a porfect
vessel of Its kind, nud Is under command of
Captain Henry Hand, with 250 mou and
twclvo guns. It appears from Information
received in Washington that tho Garnor,
acting under ordors, followod tho Strylox
from tho West Indies, nnd Is only waiting
nn opportunity to fight. It is bellovod,
aiso, that tho vessels will remain long;
enough at Hampton Roads to roeolvo In
formation of a declaration of war, thon clear
from American waters nnd open tiro within
thrco miles of Norfolk, making perhaps tho
first naval engagement of tho oxpoctod con
flict, nnd affording an inspiring scono for
tho matlncs nt tho Navy-Y.ird.
Tho Strylax and Garnet aro nt anchor
abouta quartcrof a mllo apart, watching
each other's movements with norvous
anxiety. Tho probabilities are, tbcrcforo,
Hint this country may got tho first
gllinpso of tho great strifo that Is now
hourly expected to bo inaugurated. Tho
receiving-ship Now Hampshire is on tho
frlcndliostof torms with tho visitors, but
It is fair to nrcsurao tho marlnos would ba
perfectly willing to tako a fow lessons In
naval engagements nt tho safe distanco pro
vided for by law.
It appears that tho Garnet was In tlio
harbor of Vera Cruz, April 8, and alio ar
rived in tho harbor of Havana on April 10,
whero bIio found tbo Strylax lying at
anchor. Both vessels at onco took in coal
and other supplies.
Thcro was considerable anxioty folt
among tho pcoplo In Havana, who looknl
for war botwocn England nnd Russia to bo
declared at an v moment, and somo oxoroasod
tho opinion that thoro would bo a fight
botwecu tbo two vessels after thoy left tho
harbor. Tboy both sallod from Havana,
April 11, tho Strylax leaving about two
hours behind tho Garnot, and the noxt
heard from them was their arrival at Nor
folk. Tboy aro pretty cvonly matched as
icgardssie, power nnd armamonts.
7 he BfcsTS In Wv Yorlt.
Nlw York, April 23. It Is thought
hero that tho conjunction of tbo Russian
and English vessels nt Norfolk can
hardly bo ncctdontal. Their commanders
howevo, tako tho pains to show
personal good feeling, and tboy dtnod
together at Havana. Captain SkclgalofT
of tho Strylax Is tho officer who,
during tho Riisso-Tuikish war, wont Into
tbo Danube with a torpedo-boat and blow
up two Turkish men-of-war.
Tlio Boomers DispcrNO to Awnlt (lis
l'rcsldcm'N Action.
Arkansas City, Kan,, April 23. Tha
Boomers, after hearing Captain Conch's ro
port of his mission to Washington, grum
bled a good deal at his advlcs to dlsperso,
but finally adopted tho roport, which Wis
to tho effect that tho Prosldont had prom
ised to drlvo tho cattlomcn off tho territory
and to eco that negotiations wcro opened
with tho Indians for tho purposo of secur
ing tho laud for homestead ecttloment, as
provided by act of Congress. Tho following
resolutions wero adopted : .
Jtnolitd, That In order to aid tbo National
AfiminlatrMlnn to carrv out tho ntorosald
measures In good faith and to solvo lbs prob
Iom ot soltlcmont ot OManoma as soon as
practicable, wo deem It advisable to watt tor a
rcacocablo tlmo tbo contemplated action,
lletohtd, That the headquarters ot tho olio
ny shall remain at Arkansas City until a more
sultablo placo bo securod by the officers ot tbo
Immediately aftor tho meeting prepara
tions for removal began, and it is thought
that within forty-eight hours at loait two
thirds of tho colonists will havo departed.
They accept tho situation qulotly, but say
they will bo ready to again tako tho flold
whenovor Captain Couch calls upon thoji.
I'lnccn nulldliiKHToliiIlTlloslroyod,
nt n Loss or MOO, 000.
PlTTBiiURO, PA., April 23. At 1 o'clock
this morning a flro was dlscovorod la
Thoma's Murphy's saloon, Sharpsburg. At
1:30 excited tolophouo messages woro wlrol
to tho Pittsburg and Allegheny firo depart
ments to "como quickly, for God's sako, If
tho town is to bo Bavcd." Tho buildings in
tbo vicinity of tho saloon bolng framo tao
flro spread with tremendous rapidity, and
it was but a short tlmo beforo tho block
bounded by Main, Clay and Tonth stroots
presented a mass of flro. Tho inhabitants
of tho town aro aroused and crowding tho
stiects. . , ,
Tho firemen finally succccdod In gaining
control of tho flames. About fifteen bnllrt
lugs wcro totally destroyed and twouty
flvo or moro badly damaged. Many of
the houses wcro occupied by inoro than ono
family. Tho loss will roach and probably
exceed $100,000.
Tbo winning horses In tbo Memphis (Tenn.)
races yestorday wero Joo Ootton, Undo 1) in,
lcllon l'lay ana Ascolt.
l'.x.rollceman Conroy, who shot l'otor Ka
nan eomn tlmo ago, was sentonced yesterday
In Now Yorlc to lmptlsonmout tor ltfo.
A man and a woman were found unconscious
yesterday morning In their room In a hotel la
Cohoes, N. Y, Tbey bad blown out tbo gas.
The Ohio Legislature has passed au act re
quiring all Judicial cxocullous In tbat State to
uuu placo within tho walls ot a psultontlary.
Capialn Ooucn has returned to Arkansas
City, and on his advice, It is understood, tlio
Oklahoma raiders havo dotermlnod to dlsperso
temporarily. ,
ror Friday niphtly cooler, partly Clauds;
weather and Leal showors aro indicate toe
Ibe Middle Atlantic btatea.
Tu-Diiy's Toinperntnrcs.
Tho Blgnnl Offlco turntshos tba following
Bviiopefsof thowoatben
'weal meteorological roport for April 2d,
1880 Tbormomotor readings at J a. m., uv.li
7 . m. 01S.i 11 a. m RO'.O,
lioport ror April S22, 1835 Moan tempera
ture, i!0".8i maximum, 8OMI1 mlulmum,
01 ,li Imeaa relative humidity, 57.0 por. coat.
1 1
' ' wwageag' TH'SiT.

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