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The Evening Critic
17TH YEAR NO. 5,21d.
U f
Anotlior Indiana Dologatlon In Walt
lntr Now Mombor of tho Naval Ad
vlaorjr Donrd Th Treasury Count
Mr. Kolloy at tho Stato Depart
ment Tho SUvor Colnago Ques
tion MUcollanoous aud Personal.
Tho count of tho Treasury cash will ho
carried on by a number of omployol do
tailed from tho clorlcal forces of tbo vari
ous offices and selected by tho Incoming
andonlgolng treasurers and tho 8ocrotary
respectively. Tho Treasury vaults will bo
opened to tho commission, and thoy will
ncsunio responsibility for tho contents and
retain custody until tho count Is coraplotcil.
Every move mndo will ho in tho prosonco
of representatives of each mombor of tho
commission. Tho counters trill ontor tho
vaults and mako tho count. On roturmng
tho cash to tho representatives of tho Treas
urer's ofllco It will bo again countod back
Into tbo vaults. Tho commission will not
borglvcn tho combinations of tho vaults,
but will keep a watch over thorn nnd will
liavo them scaled at night. Tho count
will includo an actual inspection of all
notes and securities and n calculation of tho
coin by weight;
Tbo Treasury commission of Inquiry has
virtually conclndod its investigations of tho
Internal Pevenno bureau nnd will next
tnlcoup tiio Sixth Auditor's olllco. Tho
commission has concluded to transfer from
overcrowded ofllcoa clorks to divisions In
which tho forco is Insufficient. Tho First
Comptroller bas determined upon n reor
ganization and simplification of tbo work
or nis bureau, and will rccommona a re
duction of tho number of bureaus from
ulno to five and of tho clerical forco.
Attorney-General Garland has requested
Solicitor Ucuortil Phillips to remain In
olllco during tho prosont torm of tho
United States Supromo Court, which will
not bo closed until May i, Judgo Phillips
resigned March 0, to ontor on tbo prac
tice of bis profession iu this city, but in
formed tbo Attornoy-Geuornl at tho tlmo
that ho would contlnuo to sorvo for n fow
wctks, eo as not to hurry or embarrass
tho President in tho selection of his sue-
Newspaper correspondents havo been in
dulging in codsldorablo commont upon
Vico-Prcsldent Hendricks' pertinacity In
applying for positions for his constituents.
A friend mentioned tho matter to tho Vice
President yesterday, whereupon tho latter
Remarked : "I thought wo woro fighting for
A cbango, and I want to seo tho Depart
ments opened nnd cleared ou,t, so that tho
light of Hcavon can sbiuo squarely Iu."
Congressman O'Neill of Missouri will ro
turn to Washington next Monday and en
deavor to havo his friend, Henry D. Cleve
land, appointed nppralsor of tho port of St.
Louis. There aro a largo number of appli
cants for this placo, among thorn boing ox
Stato Scnator.Fbclan, John F. Corkory, Mr.
Itnppey and otbors. Tbo Senators from
Missouri nro bcllovcd to favor tbo appoint-
ment of Corkery.
A number of Southorn Sonators and
Members are In communication with tbo
Pn sident and Secretary Mannlog In refer
crco to tho stand taken by tho Adminis
tration against tho sllvor coinage Tho
opposition of tho Administration commands
attention throughout tbo South and ro
cults In a moro general study of tho subject
. by Southern Congressmen than heretofore
Tho small amount available for tho main
tenance of tho navy during tho remaining
months of tho fiscal year will requtro ma
terial reduction of forco and economy in
other directions. Sccrotary Whitney Is in
consultation with tbo chiefs of naval
bureaus with a vlow to determining upon
thocourso to hu pursued during May and
Samuel Archbold lias been appointed a
civilian member of tho Naval Academy
Board. Mr. Archbold is a native of Mary-
land, served eighteen years In tho navy,
, and resigned to enter a firm of ship-build-1
crs at Chester and becarao ono of tho mo3t
I cxtenslvo iron sblp-butlders in tho coun
I try. Ho has beon rotlrcd for somo years.
, Tbo President has appointed Ilenrv P.
Kcrnochen of Louisiana to bo naval otllcor
i at New Orleans, and S. O. Schonk of Oregon
to bo appraiser of merchandise for tho Dis
trict of Willamotto, Oro. Ho also ap
pointed Charles Jannoy to bo postmastor at
Camdon, N. J., vlco W. T. Bailor, bus-
' pended.
Anionc tho President's callors to-day was
Rev. William A Maskor, rector of tbo Epis
copal Cburch at Last Saginaw, Mich. ITo
was accompanied by his father, Aaron
Masker, aged S3, a halo, hearty, old gontlo
man, who said tho principal pulnt of lntor
est to him in Washington was tho Presi
dent. Hon. A. M. Kolloy. Richmond, Vs., tho
I now Mlnlstor to Italy, registered this morn
Hog at tbo National. At 11 o'clock ho pro
Iccedcd to tbo Stato Dcpartmont and had a
llcngtby consultation with Secretary Bay
inrd. It is undorstood that Mr. Kolloy's
.''"nation has boon askod lor.
Tho Illinois Domocrats who havo beon
cocking McGarriglo's nppolntmont as Mar
shal of tho Chicago District aro confident
that thoy liavo carricu tnoir point, con
gressman Lawlcr'u visit to Washington was
mainly to accomplish this object, and ho
returned to Illinois confident of success.
Tho Prcsldont has declined tooxorclso
Executive clemency In tbo caso of Judge-
lAdvccato Gonoral Swalru. sontoncod by
Icourt-martial to twclvo years' suspension
prom duty on half pay. Tbo appeal was
based on a claim that a verdict was coorcoi
py'Exccutlvo Interference.
r - .
Tho Missourians aro tbrcatonod with
ivlslons over tho postofllce at St. Louis.
ho present postmastor, Kouney u. wells,
as els months to servo, but cbargos of In-
ninpotency aro boing propared. Colonol
olin u. t'rlcst ana rotor li. i'oy aro tuo
ost prominent applicants.
Wu. 0. Chase, tho editor of tho Bet, and
clork in tbo Ailjutant-Oonoral's olllco,
bis been displaced, Mr. Chaso recently at
kliitd somo notoriety by being confronted
fhllo on a visit to tbo White Houso by ono
'his own incendiary editorials, written
iritis tbo campaign.
At tho oud of tho prosont month tho
licfa of nil tbo bureaus In tho Interior
opartment will incko roports of tbo edi
tion of tho work In their offices to tho
:crotary, and will also raako roconiraon
itton os to tho forces necessary to perform
io work,
Tho making of changes In tbo fourth
ats postolllces goes on rapidly. About
xty-elght changes wcro mado to-day,
bout sixty woro made yestorday. Thoso
o olllces with small salarlos, but thoy aro
icatly sought nftor.
Bccrctary Bayard's attention was callod
Iday to a report from Richmond that
lloy will go to St. l'otoraburg instead of
mo. Tbo Secretary replied that ho could
to no information whatoyor ou tho sub-
bseph McDonald, chief clork of tbo
Wo-Advocato Gouoral'fl olllco of tho
y, has been displaced aud Tb.onia.3 Burko
Eromolcd from ft $1,000 clerkship to suoccod
Im. Mr. Burko was formerly chief clerk
and was reduced to mako room for McDon
ald's appointment. McDonald's removal is
forcauso, his habits being said to bo tho
causo of complaint.
Tho following employes of tho Depart
ment of tbo Interior liavo boon dotallod to
proceed to New York city to assist In tho
annual opening of bids fur supplies for tho
Indian Service, In that city, on May 5:
Captain Ilasslcr, appointment dork, and
Messrs. Woo;, Sowartl, Bcckwltb nnd Slalor,
nnd Miss Cook of tbo Indian Olllco.
Postmaster-General Vilas, overwhelmed
by tho flood of applications for positions as
postofllco Inspectors, to-day Issued a circular
stating that Indiscriminate applications
will not ho considered. Only those who
liavo recommendations showing n probabil
ity of their appointment after oxaminalion
will ho allowed to present themselves.
The Secretary of tho Treasury has desig
nated Mr. Daskam Chief of tho Fuhlfo
Moneys Division ; Mr. Wyman has desig
nated Mr. John Casscla of this city nnd Mr.
Jordan lias designated Mr. Henry A. Smith
of New York to rcpresont thorn respectively
in counting tho cash in tho treasury.
Sccrclary Whltnoy lias recotved official
information of tbo seizure of Colon by tbo
marines, and has issued orders to Koir-Ad-mlrsl
Jonctt. Ho declines to mako their
conlcntB public.
minor nml I'rrsiniinl.
William II, liobb, special Indian ngont,
has resigned.
Lieutenant Jonctt, Tenth Cavalry, has
been dismissed from tho army.
Iltram L. Child, tbo Hecolvorof Public
Money at Bodlo, Cal.,has resinned.
Tbo President took his first drlvo behind
tho now seal-brown horses yestorday after
noon. Mr. Nichols, law clork of tho Po3tofllco
Department, has temporarily succumbed to
Commissioner Miller of tho Internal
Revcnuo Buicau Is confined to his room by
Tho commlttco appointed to Inspect tho
Dolphin bavo complotcd their labors aud
will mako a roport at onco.
Tho President has appointed Mathow
O'Brien as tuporvlslng inspector of etoani
vessels for tho Tenth District.
James U. Wardlc, fourth-class clerk In
tho old Census Olllco, has been put in charge
of tho completion of tbo unfinished census
Mr. Phcenls, formerly of tho Chicago
Trilune, bas been appointed a special agont
of tbo Treasury Department, for duty In
Congressman John B. Cosgrovo of Mis
souri arrived iu tho city this morning nod
will tako somo Interest in tho disposition
of tho offices in his section.
Tho consolidation of tbo ulno divisions of
tho l'lrst Comptroller s ofllco Into fivo has
I ten approved. For tho present, at least,
tho changes iqvolvo no redaction of forco.
Tbo open-air Marino Band concerts will
begin next Saturday afternoon. Tho stand
will ho erected at tbo customary placo In
tbo grounds, south of tho Kxocutlvo Man
sion. Senator Voorhces has called upon tho
President and rocommondod tho appoint
ment of Senator Wlllard of Indiana, a sou
of ex-Governor Wlllard, as Consul-Gonoral
at Paris.
Senator Vest and John I. Martin of Mis
tout! yestorday visited Secretory Lamar
and urged tho appointment of John D. Mill
ball of Colorado as Indlau agout at tho San
Carlos Agency.
Ex-Congressman Whitthorno has roturncd
to tbo city. Ho declines to mako any state
ment for publication concerning tho pur
pose of his visit or tho status of his quarrol
with Governor Portor.
Part of tho Maryland exhibits at Now
Orleans is to form tho nucleus of a Stato
museum at Annapolis. Tbo olllcors of tho
National Musoum tried to got this exhibit
to form a part of Its attractions.
Tho Secretary of tho Troasury has ap
pointed Gcorgo P. Tlnglo of Montaun, nnd
Charles Ryan of Indiana special agouts for
the Seal Islands In Alaska, vlco II. A. (Hid
den and J. H. Moulton, suspended.
Tbo President has signed tho commis
sions of tho recently appointed tntornal
revenue collcctois. Tho caso of Craig, thu
Virginia collector who rcfusod to roslgu,
has been rcforrod to tho Prcsldont.
C. 0. Rockwell, a citizen of southoast
Missouri, camo in from Congressman Clar
dy's District this morning and expects to
get his commission for something or othor
as toon as ho presents his application.
Sccrotary Manning has roissuod tho rules
governing sick leaves etc., In tho Troasury
Department, Issued by Secretary Folgor.
Tho wording of tho ordor is changed but
no alteration is maao in Its provision.
Captain Doylo of St. Louts is an appli
cant for tho Consulship at Nlco, Franco,
which was recently rcfusod by Boyd Win
chester of Kentucky. Captain Doylo Is a
linguist and scholar, and is qutto wealthy,
Tito Hiiisiilllceiit Incomes Homo or
Turns llecolve.
There's Judgo Hoar. I eupposo ho must
have an Incorao trom Ills logal praetlco that
amounts to at least 425,000 a year, oasy. IIo
Is somewhat or an old logy In tho matter ot
charging, ue is a very nguc cnargor. inaoou,
no is too old fashioned altogether tor his own
food. Ho Is probably as oblo a Jurist as over
Ived In Massachusetts, yes, or In Now Ecg
land, and Is by all odds the ablest man at tho
bar now. I tell you that his charges aro so
moderate that many corporations go to nlm
tor opinions whon thoy don't really noed
them. Judgo Hoar's opinions aro not ''choap"
In any other way, though, and you can pin
your faltn to them ovory time.
Judge William llussoll ot lloston also IMJs
fonuno friendly to lilm. I don't know
whether or not good luck ever threw her
iroverblal old slipper at tho Judgo, but I
guess eho hits blm with about $30,000 ovory
year. He can buy now shoes tnateid ot tbo
''old sllppcre."
Tne venerablo Sidney Harriett, tha Nestor ot
Ihle bar, used to make over UOO.OOO it yoar,
hough it was not Uorlved from hlspuroly law
practice. I should say that at least halt ot It
came out ot what ho formed his parol pro
fessional business, and tbe balance trom his
Investments, mostly In railroading. Ho Is
pretlywealtby, probably worth 1,WO,000 to
Feleg W.Ohandler uso.t to havo a goi J-slzed
law practice, too, rrobablynvoraglngovor fr0,
000 a year. no Is not so active In tuo profes
sion, tor bo must to about eighty years old
now. mill, I Urfow that eomsot tbo leading
lawyers herraboutsconsult lilm upon Import
ant legal matters. Ills eon, Parker C. Ohand
ler, does a pretty good business, ranging from
W5.C00 to ao.oou a year. He doesiTt go Into
couttmucb, but you Know that thosi who ar
called "ofilco lawyers," aro tho ones that
matio tbo most in consultations, advice, etc.
'ilieu there's UcorgoO. Shattuck, who used
to boChondlcr's partner, I guess ho must do
a law business ot t2S,t)0u a year, bosldos
making n good many extra dollars la rail
rondK. Ho is fairly rich now, and has an ex
cellent income.-lUoston (Hobo.
i i
Mrs. ex-aovernor Bhophord aud family,
nnd Mr. John M, Young, Mrs. Bhnnherd's
brother, wilt arrlvo la how l'orlt ou Wednes
day next by steamer. They will oirao to
Washington and romalu until May IS, nnd
then go to the Now Jorsoy coast tor tho sum.
mcr. Tho Governor is expected In Now York
between tho 1st and 15th ot July.
The Usly Iu Art.
Now that tho Washington Monument has
been struck by lightning three times without
falling down, tho coiK-uud'bull stories about
lis settling out of lino and threatening to
topplo over may ns well bs given up. A
monument so ugly as to outface ropeatod
thunderbolts can be rellod on to stand tin tn
thofaos ot anything short ot a Houth Amerlcau
Hlo Record on tho Bonoh and Connec
tion With tho Surratt Case Specula
tions as to Ills Successor Mr.
Morrlck of Maryland Mentioned.
Jnstlco Andrew Wyllo of tho District Su
premo Court sent Co tho Prosldont this room
ing his formal uotlco of retirement from tho
bench. Ho has changed his mind as to tho
datoon which ho wishes to rctlro. It wai
Msdcslro to bo rcllovcd beforo tho noxt
1 a '' '
lbbj, uuu u. tun lubub important c.outs
In bis history as a Judgo was his connection
with tho habeas corpus in tbo caso of Mrs,
Tbo Judgo showed great moral courago
in this matter, for which tho country has
honored lilm. When Washington was iu a
ft rment of excitement over tbo as3assinatlon
of tbo Prcsldont, ho Issued a writ of habeas
corpus, on tho petition of Mrs. Surrttt,
directed to Major-General Hancock of tho
army. Mrs. Surratt s counsel waltod ou
tho Judgo at his houso after midnight and
asked for tho writ. It was furnlshod them,
rctuAahlo tho next day at 10 o'clock, Tiio
next day tho writ was returned without
tho body of Mrs. Snrratt. Tho answer of
Msjor-Ucncral Hancock was accompaniod
by an order of President Ami row Johnson
suspending tho writ. Judgo Wyllo was
shocked at tbo conduct of tbo Prosldont In
suspending tho maudato of tho court, nnd
was not slow to denounco tho action Iu
strong torms.
In a conversation with somo lawyors re
cently tho Judgo said that ho roallzod tho
position ho put himself In by Issuing tho
writ. Ho said that tbo next morning bo
foro ho bad gotten out of bed thero was a
vigorous ringing of his door bell, and his
body servant Informed blm that tboro was
n sergeant of tho army and a crowd of
soldiers down stairs who wanted to seo
him. Ho expected to bo dragged oil" to tho
old Capitol Prison, hut ho dros3od and wont
down. Thoy wcro not on tho orraud ho
suspected, but simply wanted to got a com
rade out of Jail, as thoy woro going to lcavo
this part of tbo country. Tbo comrado was
rolcascd. His Honor also trlod tho late
Star-Routo casos.
judoe wylie'b succEssort.
Tho question of a successor to Jutlga
Wyllo Is now moro discussed than It has
ever been slnco tho fact that Judgo Wyllo
would retire becamo known. Thoquostlou
will not be definitely settled for somo days.
Tho talk is quite general, howovor, that
Hon. William M. Merrick of Maryland will
bo Judgo Wyllo's successor. Mr. Morrlck Is
an undo of tho Hon. R. T. Merrick of this
city. Ho was on tho bench horo ou tho
old court. Ho Is about O.i yoarsof ago, nnd
for that reason many pcoplo thiuk that ho
will not bo selected.
Tho Attornoy-floncral was to-day asked
by Tin: Cnrna reporter about tho matter
nnd ho said : "I can only tell you this.
Tho pcoplo 'who say that ho has beon se
lected know 0oro about It than I do. I do
not oven know as yet that Judgo Wyllo bas
officially given uotlco that ho doslros to ro
tire from tho bench. I do not think that
any selection has becu oven Indefinitely
Tbo rcportor subsequently met tho Hon.
Richard T. Morrlck and asked blm if It
wcro prohablo that his kinsman would bo
"I havo ovory reason to supposo so," was
tho reply, "All my Information is in that
direction, aud anothor thing when Judgo
Carttcr rotlros I thiuk Mr. Morrlck will bo
mado Chlof Justlco, and that Auditor
Poyno will bo appointed Assoclato Justlco."
"You really think that will happon?'
"I certainly supposo so," ropeatod Mr.
Merrick with asmllo, "aud I havo no Infor
mation to tho contrary. It is tho right
thing to do and Prcsldont Cleveland gonor
ally docs tho right thing"
Judgo Wyllo called at tbo Wblto Houso
shortly after 1 o'clock this afternoon, bar
ing previously called upon tho Attornoy
.General and notified him of his willingness
to rctlro. Judgo Wyllo was shown Into tbo
library and received by tho Prosldont, ro
inaining a few moments. After leaving tho
room JudgoWyllo said that ho had submitted
a letter to tho President, informing him of
hlsdcslro tojystlro as soon as it is con
venient to tbo President to reliovo him.
Ilosaidthnt he had a ploasant intorvlow,
but received no Intimation ns to who would
succeed him. Judgo Wylio's lottor will
not bo mado public until tho Prcsldont has
mado a formal roply.
A delegation of prominent lawyors callod
upon tho Prosldont yostorday and recom
mended tho appointment of Colonol J. G.
Payne, Auditor of tho Supromo Court of
tho District, to succeed Judgo Wyllo.
They prcsonted n potitlon signed by
eighty-two practicing lawyers of tho city
asking that tho appointmont bo mado.
Tho President said that tbo nauio of Co
lonel Payno had already been favorably
mentioned to him; and that ns soon as ho
received Judgo Wyllo's formal resignation
ho would glvo tho mattor careful attontlon,
I.nwycr Crcccy After III Focm,
Mr. Charles L. Crcccy has filod a hill Iu
equity against John P. D. Caton, adminis
trator for Emanuel B. Caton, praying for an
Injunction against tho administrator pro
vcntiugblmfronvcolloctlugSlG from tho
U. S. Treasury. Thi3 Is ono of tbo pollco
men's 20-per cent, claims, for which Con
gress recently mado an appropriation, Mr.
Crcccy claims CO per osnt. of tho claim for
services rendered In prosecuting tho claim.
Ho states that ho has worked at thoso
claims for fourteen years. Tho appropria
tion bv Conirrcss was $1(1.800. of wblcb Mr,
Crcccy as attorney gets nearly half. A fow
ofhls clients objected to paying tho BO per
cent, chaigcd by him, hut most of thorn
paid it, as thoy never expected to got any
thing from Congress.
Tiio nmlth Court or Inquiry.
Tho Court of Inquiry In tho caso of Pay-roaster-Gcuoral
Smith mot nt tho Navy De
partment to-day, but ndjournod without
transacting any business of public lutornst.
Tho taking of testimony will couimouco at
11 o'clock uoxt Monday morning,
1'lrnt Allium! Hull.
Tbo first animal hall ot tho Irish Na
tional Lcaguo of this city, under tho au
spices of the ladles' branch, will bo given
at Masonlo Tcmplo noxt Monday ovonlng.
Tho ptocceds will bo dovoted to tbo Parlia
mentary fundj
Anotlior Ilculer Iu Uleuinnreiirliio.
Special Officer McKay this morning
charged Samuel Titus, a Vltginla farmer,
with selling olcomargarlno for butter. Tho
caso was sent (0 tho grand jury aud tho
farmer was put under 100 bonds,
A TnlU Willi Iuillnn Aucnt McQilll
Agent McGlllicuddy, who arrived in tha
city yesterday with a delegation of Indians
from Pino Rldgo Agency in Dakota, was
seen by n CltlTIo roportcr to-day.
"Tho Indians who camo with mo," ho re
plied to an inquiry, "aro two olllcors of tho
Indian pollco and an hereditary chlof
known as Young-Man-Afraid-of-Uls-Horses,
but whoso uarao is literally ren
dered Young-Man.of-Whoso-IIorscs-Thoy-Aro-Afrald.
Tho Indians como to testify
iu my behalf In tho charges proforrod
against me, and nlso to mako certain ro
quests for tho Indians of Pino Rldgo.
"They want to bavo four moro day
schools established in tbo agency, and thoy
also ask for tho appointment of a deputy
mrvryor. Tho Indians aro each entitled
to a tract of land and aro now beginning
tn appreciate tho value of tho privilogo
nnd deslro to avail themselves of It. Thoy
cannot mnko good their claims simply bo
rnuto they cannot eccuro a survoy of tho
land. Tho Indians of Pino Rldgo agency
oro peaceable and progressive Thoy aro
mot Influenced by tho lialfbrecil outbreaks
In Manitoba, and thero Is no danger that
hey will cross tbo border fo Jolu tho in
.urgent!. "Thcio Is moro danger from tho Black
fect and other Indians of Montana. Tho
lawless element among tbeso tribes 13 likely
(o cross tho border and apparently nlroady
beginning to do so. Tho Indian troubles in
Canada dispose of ono pleco ot foolish senti
ment that has always been hold up beforo
our eyes. Whenever Indian troubles havo
occurred in this country wo havo boon told
that It was ail tho fault of tho Government
and been referred to tho peaceful nud con
tented condition of tho Canadian Indians.
Recent occurrences havo proved that in
Canada, ns well as in tho Unitod States,
troublo begins when whites begin to miu
glo among tho Indians and the lands In
ert aso in value,
"Tbo charges against mo nro tho samo
old story. Tbcy grow mainly out of tho
unwillingness of Rod Cloud to allow his
glory as n war chief to depart. As the pco
plo becomo moro civilized thoy attach less
importance to tbo war chief, and ho losos
'power. For this reason ho resists all of
foils for tholr advancement."
Tlie Nrtnily or l.iuigNter, the aiur
ilorer, Iu lto Aacortnlucit.
Tho President this aftornoou grautod a
rcsplto of two weeks to tho condomnod
murderer Langstor, awaiting oxocutlon In
tbo District jail, Tboro has been for a
long tlmo an application pending for a
pardon or rcsplto, on tho ground tha".
Langstcr's Insanity can bo established.
Recently renewed oUbrts bavo boon mado
by counsel to sccuro a rcsplto.
This morning tho Attornoy-Genoral on
dorccd tho application with a recommenda
tion that a rcsplto bo granted aud tho ques
tion of Langster's sanity settled beyond
question. Tho Prcsldont endorsed tho pa
per with an order for a rcsplto of two
weeks. Steps will bo taken to ascertain
Langstcr's mental conditiou.
Jolin t. niifuoH-ctli Aniioluteil l'lrst
Auditor or the Treasury.
Tho President has appointed Mr. John Q.
Chcnowoth as First Auditor of tho Troas
ury Dcpartmont to succeed Judge Rey
nolds, whoso rostgnatlou bas bocn accepted
to lako effect May first. Mr. Chcnowoth is
a prominent lawyer, politician and orator
of Texas, forty-five years of ago and of
hnndtomo appearance. Ho was born in
Kentucky, but has long been a resident of
Toxns. Ho served with distinction in tho
Confederate Army. Mr. Chcnowoth has
been n successful lawyer, nnd attained po
litical promlncnco by stubborn roslstanco
of tho encroachment of monopolies. Ho
has served In tho Texas Legislature and
as chairman of tho Stato Commlttco on In
ternal Impiovcmeuts, aud has boon re
garded as a formtdablo candldato for tho
Governorship of Toxas.
llin Hcnilllcudily llciirlnir.
Agent McGlllicuddy with his friends and
advlccrsand Red Cloud with his frionds and
advisers wcro before tho Commissioner of
Indian AU'alrs to-day. Secretary Lamar
was also present for a short tlmo. Tho
existing differences, charges and counter
charges wcro gono over.
Tho hearing was with closed doors. It
commenced at 0:30 o'clock this morning
and lasted until lato this aftornoou.
Tciuuernuce nicotine.
A gospol tcuiporanco mooting will bo hold
atJonadab Hull, 1030 Fourtcouth strcot
northwest, Sunday afternoon at 3 30
o'clock. Good spoakors will addross tho
meeting. Good music has been a foaturo of
tbeso meetings.
Tho Dashaway Club hold a mooting at
Tlinm's Hall at 8 p. m. to-morrow. Promi
nent speakers nnd good music.
Tho Allium! r.cilvcs.
Tho Treasury Commission havo statod to
tho Sccrotary that thoy do not thiuk
It will bo woll to shorten tho
annual lcavo of thirty days. Thoy think
thero should bo stricter rules about sick
Tim IilchHou Trlul.
The DIckspu trial was adjournod In tho
Criminal Court yesterday until Monday to
givo Mr. Brewster a chanco to speak for
himself if ho chooses to do so.
CIcrbH Appointed.
Tho following named clerks having served
a satisfactory probationary term of six
months, each, havo rccclvod nbseluto ap
pointments t
Office ot tbo comptroller ot tho Currency
William W. Weald ot Delaware, fOOO,
umco ot tho Blxth Auditor It, J, !'. Alloa ot
West Virginia, $1,000,
omco ot iho rtrst Auditor Charles 0, Tylor
Ot New York, 1,200.
OClco ot tbo l'lrst Comptroller Z. M. Lair
rerceot Mississippi, promoted trom class X to
chief ot division.
Tbo following appotntmonts to $1,030
clerkships in tho War Dcpartmont havo
been mado on probation.
Urwln W. Iiowen ot Now York, to tho Adju-tant-aeneral's
onicoi Wm. II. Uustou ot Iowa
Isadoro II. Ulnes ot Illinois, Arthur 11. Worm
torn ot Connecticut, Honry T, a judder ot Wis
consin and Win. A, t'rantz ot West Virginia,
In tho Burgeon-aeneral's ofllco.
M. L. Llttlellolil has resigned a llrst-Uass
cldlisblp tn tho AdJutanMIonoral'a onion.
Bsmuol Jones has been promoted trom class
cun to claes three, Judgo Advocate Uenoral's
Vlrlorlii'H Wooden Hod.
Tho queen always sloops In a woolen bsl of
a particular shape, and mado up In a special
way, and wbenovor Her Majesty goes to a
etrango placo a bed and Its f urulturo aro ills,
patchod trom Wlndsbr for her uso. Two woto
tent oft trom tho workshop ot tho castlolast
week, tho ono tor tbo (jueon'a cabin tn the
Victoria nnd Albert, and tho other has gone to
Alx-lcs-llalue. Thero Is already ono of Her
Majesty's beds at Uarmstadts It was nout out
whon eho went tb;ro last yoar. Loudjn
- .
Tbo commissioners to-day granted tho Wost
oru Union Tologrnun Company a permit to
mako changed In tho construction ot tholr
lines, wiilcn puis moro wires underground
nnd reduces tbo pots linos in tho city eight
and cno-halt miles,
Salvation oil Is a genuine preparation for
tho cure ot all pain, Nothing lttto It. rrico
25 cents a bottle.
Martin v. Tupper, tho English poet, isagaln
Jn financial distress,
Ills Forces to bo Under tho Command
of Gonoral Gourko Many Troopa
Moving Toward tho Blade Boa
Tho English Cahtnot Callod Hast
ily to Session This Morning;,
St. riiTEnsnunci, April 25., Tho Czir
has issued an lmporlal ukaso sanctioning
tho Immediate raising nnd organizing ot a
largo forco of Turcoman militia by Gon
oral Komarofflu command of tho Russian
forces on tho Afghan frontlor.
A l'lnn Io lie Prcimrnl.
Wahsaw, April 25. Gonoral Olourko
Governor-General of Poland, has boon or
dered by tho Czar to prepare a plan for a
campaign tn Afghanistan. It is holtovod
hero that In caso.of war ho will havo su
premo command of tho Russian forces.
Iulluoucflortlie Wnr I'arly In Ililssln.
St. rr-Tnitsnuno, April 23. Gonoral
ObrutcchcH's increasing liilluonco with tho
Czar Is causing remark, Ohrntschou" Is a
man of tho Bkohclotr typo. Ho Is only 12
years old, and urges that tho fighting bo
forced. Ho said publicly yestorday that
Lumsdon's retreat had distroyod England's
prestlgo in Afghanistan, and that both tho
Afghans and Persians woro secretly prepar
ing to help Russia tbo moment alio strike)
tho first blow.
Troon ainrelilne Nniitli.
Moscow. April 25. Largo bodies of troops
dally pass horo for tho south. Great quanti
ties of provisions nnd ammunition aro be
ing cent to Taganrog for tho Black Sea
strongholds. The Cosiacks of tho Don,
Koban and Terek liavo been onlorol to
stand ready to march. Tnirty-flvo thou
sand troops havo boon concentrated noir
Askabad, Tho war tooling predominates
IJio rznr Tlilukn Wur Inovltnlilo.
New York, April 23. A Berlin dispitch
states that tbo Emperor William on Wed
nesday received a letter from tho Czsr
stating that tho war soemed to him Inevi
table. Tho Emperor Is said to bo much
depressed by this Information.
IIioIIiibIIsii C'nliluot In . Session.
London, April 23. Tho Cabinet Minis
ters were hurriedly and somowhat unex
pectedly summoned to a meeting this morn
ing, and aro still iu session.
London, April 23. Tbo Cabinet held
a council to-day lasting throo hours and
n-half. It Is rumorod that tbo courso to
bo pursned by tho Mluistry in tho
Houso of Commons on Monday, whon tho
debato ou tho votoof crodit comes up,
was decided on. but nothlns rteQnlto
concerning tho decision roachcil, has
tiansplrcd. Reports from St. Petersburg state
that Russia is largely augmenting tho
numocr ot tho subaltern olllcors in all her
regiments and that other preparations for
war aro progressing with incroased vigor.
Tho War Vessel nt Norfolk.
NonroLK, Va., A prll 23. An olllcor of tho
British man-of-war Garnot said yostorday
that when tbo British and Russian vessels
camo Into port hero war was dally oxpectod,
and tho men on bath Bhlps looked for an
engagement. If war should bo dcclarod,
tbe ship leaving first would bo allowed
twenty-four hours' start. Tho othor ship
would then follow, and when ntno mllos
from sboro on tho high seas, tho engage
ment would probably taka placo.
Ilntlinnn Declnrew Tlint Nihilism
In ItnsiHln in Nprcnillucr.
New York, April 23. James Roilpsth
wrltos that bo rccontiy had an intorvlow
somo distinco from this city wit!) Hart
man, tho Nihilist, in which bo showod
Hartman tho dispatch from Vlonna pub
lished a fow days ago stating that Nihilism
is dying out In Russia, nartman said this,
was untrue Ho know from his prl
vato advices that Nihilism was spreading,
but It is truo that littlo Is being dono openly.
Tbo present policy of tho Terrorists Is n
quiescent ouo. Tho Czar is oagor for war,
hoping thereby to divert tho attontlon of
tbo pcoplo from nihilistic views. It Is
truo that attention will bo dlvortod but
not sympathy. Tbo Nihilists will pos
itively not tako any action against tho
Government whilo tho war lasts. They
feel confident that the Czar's Government
will ruin itself by tbo war and will como
out of It crushed aud bankrupt. Nihilism
therefore reserves Its powor. After tho war
It may strike If so, that will probably ho
its final and dccislvo blow.
ThoWhlta Lot Concert,
Tho President has not requested tbo Sec
retary of tho Navy to ordor tho commence
ment of tho summer series of Marino Hand
concerts and no official directions havo beon
given. In deferonco to precedent howovor,
tbo concerts will begin ou tho first Satur
day in May.
Frederick Freedman, a saloon-kcopor, was
tlntd JO, and In deruultot bonds, ninety days
on tho farm, for being drunk and profane.
Mnthew Bmolhers, colored, lined 5 for
sllcBlng n pair ot shears In a mulo la Union
town yesterday.
John Hutchinson, a blacksmith, bogged tor
money on tbo street last night to buy whisky,
rersonal bonds.
Bovon aoorgetown darkles woro dlsmlssod
for engaging in an affray yestorday.
Josoph Tord and nonry Winn, two colored
boys, woro charged with houso-broaktug.
Grand Jury.
William Jackson, alias ,,litackstrap,"pleaded
guilty to bouse-broaktng. Crand Jury.
Isaiah Lowls. a colored "capper" at l'ollco
Court, was charged with threats ot personal
vtolenco on U. M, Hewlett, a colored lawyer,
rersonal Donds.
The gas-lamps will bo lighted at midnight
and extinguished at 1:15 a. m.
Till', pupils of tbo Ulgn School gave a very
successful exhibition last evening. Military
drills and literary and musical exercises were
excellently rendered,
Tin: rotomao steamboat Company, by J.
Boutbgato Lommon, attorney, ontored suit
yesterday In the Haltlmore dty Court against
tbo Harlan k Holllngsworth Company ot
Wilmington, Del,, alleging dcfcctlvo construc
tion ot the steamor excelsior.
Tim Woman's National Tress Association
boldavory pleasant meeting on Thursday
evening at the parlors of Mrs. Huth A, Donul
son. Among tho guests ot tho ladlos was Mrs,
Laura do Torco Gordon, who gavo an Intoroat
InK account ot women's Journalism ou tho l'a
clilo Coast.
A I'luo I'rnuriiiuiiie.
A fine programme has been arranged for
tbo second grand musical and literary on
tcitaliimcnt of tho "Concordia Young Peo
ple's Association," to bo given at Abncr's
Monday evening.
ttccp'g 1'urnlnhlnir Unmix.
Tbo attention of gcntlomon dosirlng tho
best of uudcrwoar to bo found lu any
mailtct Is called to tho announcement in
another column of Mr. Ollvor P. Bur
detto, 437 Seventh street northwest,
who is eolo agont iu tho District
of Columbia for tbo colohratod
goods of tho Keep Manufacturing Company.
Tbo stock in hand consists of shirts,
drawers, cellars, cuffs, neckwear and simi
lar goods iu great variety, suited to tho
opening season, aud of quality that cannot
b0 excelled,
Topics of Iho Turf nml Notes) or Iho
Dlniuoiiil field.
Tho Dalys, W. C. and M. J., havo arrlvod
at Balttmoro with tholr string of runnors,
numbering twcnty-lbrco.
Governor Bowlo was asked to donate old
Crlckmoro, to bo rallied at tho lato Confod
crato bazar, hold nt Balttmoro. Tho Gov
ernor refuted, very properly.
At Slater's Turf Club, in Baltlmoro.Favor
Is tho favoritn for tbo Kentucky derby,
with Icaao Murphy aud Freeman as second
aud third choice
Joo Cotton, wlnnor of tbo Memphis
Derby this week will undoubtedly havo
many friends for tbo Kentucky Derby.
Washlngtonians who rcmombor tho clovor
running of tho youngster, Ton Stono, as a
2-year-old hero last fall, liavo n high regard
for his chances for tho Kentucky Dorby.
Itaao Murphy, tho colored "Jock," won
tho Pcabody Hotel handicap in clover stylo
ou Swiucy at Nashville, biatlng Berg
Kyle, Bob Miles and others. Tho raco
looked like Kylo's until tho last furlong.
Tiio track ot JororuoPark Is to ho changed
eo Hint It will probably cut through "Plc
Nio IIIll," going almost n straight run to
the half-milo post. Thoso who witnessed
Iho killing of Modesty and tho upsottlng of
Ihreo others last fall nt this polut, will
readily apprecialo thochaugo3.
Rataplan Is morn vicious this year than
over before, Ellraboth has wintered fiuoly.
All of Commodore Kltson's horses aro look
ing well.
Sncdekcr'a St. Saviour is tbo talk of Now
York city. They say that ho is In magnifi
cent condition. General Monroo, tho old
vttctan, Is lika a two-year-old, this spring.
Geauo has never run at Jerome, and
thero aro nlonty who say that his long
strldo will placo him at a disadvantage
there. His owner offered to lay $1,000 to
$1,000 with Davo Johnson last wcok that
ho would win tho Withers, but Johuson de
clined. Jimmy Roe, who trained tho Dwyors
horses so long for victory, now has at his
own stablo, War Eaglo, Strickland, Little
Mlnch, Cricket aud Rockott. Littlo Mtuoh
has developed a splint, but Roa says as soon
us this is rcmovod ho will bo asgood asover.
King Lion, who Is to run horo noxt
month, was given a mllo in 1:13 at Pros
pect Park last week. Tbo first of last sea
son, King Lion was considered one of tho
very fastest sovcu-oights horses In tho country-Tyrant
arrived at Jcronio Park, from
San Frnnclsco last Tuesday. Ho has uovor
run In a raco, and yot has ben backed down
to 8 to 1 for tho Withers. This Is a short
price for an unknown.
Tccumsch who is quoted at 10 to 1 In tho
Withers noons, is to run ncro at tuo spring
meeting. Ltttlcfiold thinks oxcoodingly
well of him, and somo cstimato of his
ability may bo formed by his running horo.
Keep your oyo ou him.
Decoy Duck, who will also run horo uoxt
mouth, has been placed In tho Now York
books lor tho suburban handicap to tho
amount of over fifty thousand dollars,at
adds of forty and flrty to ono against her.
Somo of the Now York bookmakers havo
taken alarm and closed their books against
Tho horses for the National Jockey Ulub's
spring mooting at Ivy City, commcuclug
May 12, aro dally arriving at Adams Ex
press Co.'s freight depot, corner Sixth aud
Virginia avenuo southwest. Almost every
Incoming freight train has somo of tho
flyers on hoard.
Tho Knight of Ellousllo has again gono
As The Cbitio predicted, tho Now
Yorks won yesterday iu good stylo. A
strategic pitcher liko Barr is moro cll'ictlvo
against such heavy battors us tbo New
Yorkers than a swif. ouo llkoGagus. Pow
ell would havo stood n hotter show than
Gagus. Barr pitches to-day, and, from Tub
Ciiitic'h standpoint, tho chances aru a lit
tlo in favor of tbo homo nlno's winning.
Thero seems a disposition to slnr Powell's
playing. Ho has not been batting as strong
as some, but certainly as well as Gagus,
and, lu tbo opinion of most of tbo spec
tators, bo Is a better pitcher. His Holding
at light has beon good, and, at times,
brilliant. If ho was released his loss would
ho felt.
Tha boys utterly failed to do anything
with Kccfo. Ho always has puzlod any
nine wo bavo over had hero, and ranks,
without doubt, Al as a pitcher.
Baseball stock Is a pretty good Invest
ment just now in Washington, and many
men who would not havo glvou a dollar
to establish tho Nationals, now itch to
get hold of somo of tho stock.
A largo nudlonco assembled nt tho E-strcct
skating-rink last evening to witness tho
two-mllo race for a gold and silver moJal aud
commutation ticket. Tho contestants wcro
Messrs. James Robinson, J, T. Pugsley, L.
F. Allen and M. 0. Hargravcs. Tho gold
medal was awarded to Mr. Robinsou, tlmo
G minutes; silver medal to Mr. Pugsloy,
tlmo G minutes G seconds, and the commu
tation ticket to Mr. Allen, tlmo G minutes
1G seconds.
The Cbitio has rccotvod tho following
in regard to tho rccont game of polo be
tween tho Stars nnd Nationals:
to the EniTon op the OniTiO! I notlco an
nrtlclo in your paper rolattvo to a game ot
fn lo betweon the stars and Nationals, in wtilcu
t was stated that tho game rosulted lu a vic
tory for tho Nationals. I beg leavo to orroct,
througli tbo columns of your valuable paper,
tho misstatement. The Stars, of which I havo
tbo honor to bo captain, played tho regular
rules, and, wnonevor a clear aud pilpatilo
foul cccurieil, claimed tho same, Tho Na
tionals, on tho contrary, wHbod to play ina
como regardless of any rules wnatover. Too
referee, Mr. Lancaster, who for throo years
was an active membor ot tho renowed l'rovt
denco team, allowed tho fouls claimed, and
decided that tho gatno resulted In a tie, tho
score being 1 to I. It seems to me that It tho
Nationals would send ror tho Loaguo rules
tbcy would thou uuderstand moro fully the
many points to a game, and that It Is not al
ways necessary for tho ball to bo struck
through the coal to consilium a goal, as, ac
cording to all ruling and prooodonce, turoo
fouls, other than when tha ball loavos tha sur
face, constitutes a gool for tho oppostug team.
Captain ot Stars,
Illrl'H ItfhclH Nurriiuiiileir!
WINNIrM, MON., April 23. -Qeuoral Mil
dloton's hat was plorced by a bullet an 1 Dan
tain Wlso'anorso was utllod under him In
yesterday's light with tho haltbrotds nad In
dians near Hatoucho. Whon thu list messen
ppf urt Mm flrnnn fnur soldiers ha I boon kill
ed nnd about thirty wounded. Tbe rebels had
been driven into n raune, and woro sur
rounded, Their situation was hopeless,
rinuili In Illlllll.
TnicnlK, April 25. Advleos by mall from
Sir l'eter Lumeden at Tlrpiil stats that tho re
cent heavy iwols havo Interrupted all oim
munlcatlou wltn India, but tho weather la now
Uuo. blr Peter's party nro all In good hoalth.
The tolegrnph lino between Meshed and Tir
pul Is still proton.
HUH at Cairo.
ouno, April 2.r. Up to noon tj-day tno
lVuib chargo d'Atfalroe had not left his post
Tn Null Tor Ilurono.
KEWlomt, April 2.1. Mr. Yantorbllt will
sail tor LltorpoU on May 2.
Without an equal is Balvatlon Oil. Tho
greatest cur-' on earth tor pain, I'rloo only -3
cents abotilo,
Cardinal Qulbort, tho Archbishop of l'arls, Is
A mountain': soap has been dtsoovorop In
l'erry Count r, Ohli,
l'tlteburg has shlppod twonty-uvo smoky
(joauilos to a dime inusou m. tn Cincinnati,
Ills Dlsoaso Supposod to bo Approach
lnrr a Fatal Stngo, But It Is Thought
That IIo May Survlvo tho Summer
Tho Cancer Evldontiy Spreading:.
Nbw York, April 23. "Tho dlsoaso In my
father's throat Is spreading all tho tlmo,"
says Jcsso Grant. This is also tho belief of
Ihootbormcmbcrsof tho family and of all
tho attending physicians. Thoro was nogro.it
cbango In tho General's condition yostor
day, but it was thought ho was a littlo
wcukcr. Tho doctors say, prlvatoiy, almost
ivcry day that tho cauccr Is steadily ap
pleaching a fatal stage. It bas not been ur
rcitcd by tho recent general tmprovomout
In tbo system.
Ono of tho doctors said, a fow days alnco,
that tho cauccr must provo fatal within
two months, unless it acts contrary to what
has been medical experience nnd observa
tion for centuries. They do not onoourago
tho plans which aro talked of for taking
Iho General Into tho country. Dr. DougUs
called at tho houso nt 10 o'clock last nUht,
Intending to roturn homo, but after uxtm
lulni; tho patient's throat, dismissed his
carriago and remained all night. Tho (ten
crnl showed fallguo during tbo evening
and sorno npptchons!on was foltnt tho la
tiring hour for his comfort, though none for
his safety during tho night.
now he parsed the niciht.
General Grant did not got settlod for
tho night until about 1 o'clock this
morning. IIo recolvod fivo minims of mor
phino and after 1 o'clock ho slept at inter
vals. Tho soro at tho bxso of
tho tonguo appeared angry last
night, and tho restlessness may havo beon
tho result. Between six nnd eight o'clock
this morning tbo patient slept most of tho
time and when ho nweko and his throat
was examined thero wore moro favorablo
Indications than yesterday.
Wbou Dr. Douglass left at 8.30 a. m. ha
said tho General had passod a vory qulot
night, though his slcop was somowhat
broken. So far as tho physical condition
of General Grant is concerned, he might
with safely bo rcmovod to tbo mountain
or sensiilo to-morrow, but no chango wilt
bo mado until tho (list of July.
That tho General will survlvo tha sum
mer is tho belief of thoso in position to
judgo of tha probabilities. Ho will, it is
thought, pass tha summer without ro
lapse, but tho recurrence of cold weather
will, perhaps, eflcct a chango that It is not
desirable to anticipate at this tlmo of Im
proved conditions. Dr. Douglass will re
turn to tho houso nt 0 p. m.
Prompt Anion 'I'nltcu by Com
inninler SfcL'nlln.
Hew York, April 23. A Panama spo
clal says that after taking possession of tbo
American proporty that bad been menaced
by the rebels, Commander McCalla Issued a
proclamation taking chargo of tho town.
Alzpuru and threo of his staff wore ar
rested. This greatly oxcltcd tho robels and tbcy
threatened to burn tho town If Alzpuru
was not released. The Fronch Consul Issuol
a violent protest against tho action
of tbo Americans. Iu tbo ovening It
was found necessary to clear tbo plszt by a
gatllinggun. Ono rcbol was klllel and
tbrcowouuded. At 10 p. m. order was ro
stoicd. Attempt lo I'irn it II.ilH.
C1WINKATI, O , Aprti25. About. ISo'cliotc
this morutDg a lady occupying apartments on
me stroud lloor of tho l'alaco Hotel dlicovetsd
lire in nor room nnd gavann alarm. Upon In
vestigation It was found that p&por, saturated,
with IceroBCne, had bocn placed under all tho
doors ot rooms on tho second door.
'Ilio Itujul I'nrly I.vlive lielrntt.
Drr.VAbT, April 23. The l'rlnco and Trlncon
nt Wales nnd patty loft this mornln? for
Huron's Court. Their departure wt wit
meted by largo crowd?, who enthusiast, ul
cheered tbe royal couple.
Morn Hutu In Toxiim.
inLLAs, tlx April 25. Alter lilhoun ot
clear weather, anotbor heavy storm auddonl?
brcko upon this section at 10 o'clock last
night, mid the rain Is still pouring doim la
Thero Is no doubt that tho Apaehos aro a?ata
on tho warpath lu tho blorra Madre Sliun
tains. Tbo autopsy on tho bodyot KatoSmulsey.
known as the 1'ort l'laln taster, shows that
death was caused by consumption. Tboro
was nothing to indicate unusual abstlnoaos
from food.
A rrrsbytertan church bas been orgaulzol
at Howling Urcen, Va.
Tbo Concord Church, ono ot the old3t
Methodist churches In Montgomery County,
Mil., is to bo torn down and rebuilt.
Mr. W. F. 0. Oregory, a former Mayor ot
I'etersburc and a loading lawyer, bas beoint .
a minister In tho Presbyterian Church.
Itev. Alex. 1'roudUtot Uermantown, l'a., has
accepted n call to tha Socond Presbyterian
Church ot haltlmore and will bo Installed
A union camp meeting Is to bo bold at Irvlni;
Park, near Annapolis Junctlon.on tho H. ft O.
ltatlroad, coinmonclug August 7 and cloilag
August 25.
The Southern Uaptlet Convention will meat
In Atlanta, (la., May (I. Tho convention ser
mon will bo preached by Itev. T. M. L. Curry
ot Virginia.
Itev. J. I.'. Cooker, pastor of the Bacon I
Prrsb)tcrlan Cburch. Staunton, Va hasaetll
to tho copaetorato ot tno l'lnn Presbyterian
Cburch, Charleston, W. Va,
Herinon Presbyterian Church, which ts a lit
tle moro than a mllo from Cibm John UrUgs,
bus Bccurcd tho sorvlcos ot Uev, Ur. Simpson,
as stated supply cvory othor Suuday tor six
NiicctMM'nl Treatment ori'iieumonli
Tho following statement ot a well-known
resident ot this city may havo value now,
where such mortality le prevalent from pneu
monia i
"Nlnoyenrsngolbadpnoumoula. My physi
cian covered my Iuoks, trout nnd back, with
cotton-batting, sprinkled with spirits o( tur
pentine enough in lrrltato tho surf ics with
out blistering, This was kept til place by a
soft flannel over all. I think I took no medi
cine, but milk, chicken tea and beet toawer
constantly eupplled. Still I grow weaker.
Another pbjstclanwns called for consultation,
who was considered tho mostvskllltul In tha
trealmontot lung diseases of any physician In
tho city whcrol then was. I was told after
ward that ho said "it was u Doautlful case,
clear scute pneumonia." He ordered two
grains ot calomel. It It did not oporato in
Iiiir hours I was lo tako two moro grains. Due
It did operate ns ho desired and from that
moment I began to mend. Later! asked blm
why ho bad given mo calomel wheu It was tho
lung tbat ailed. Ho said "Tha calomel at
tacked ynur liver and that dlvortod ton ene
mies at your lung and gave It a chanco to
heal. Iu that ease warintn, an Irritated sur
face, abundant nourishment nnd two grains ot
calomel were effective means for a patient
wlio, In throo days, was rmlucu 1 to utt.r b J1
ly weakness, neeompanted by mental illghtl
liess whtch so often nenmnantes til dlsoaso
and ends in Insanity." inston Tian.arlpt
To.Dnv'H Temperature.
The Signal Uflleo furnishes tho following
eyiK.psle of tho weather
Ucal meteorotoglcol roport for April 25,
1s-8S Tbermonietor readings at 3 a. m., OU .Jj
7n. in., 01' O.i lln. m.,70 '.'.'.
Hepon lor April 21, 1835. Mean tompsra
tine, 0H.2i maximum, 81.Ot minimum,
5rs,!li mean relative humidity, 74 0 per cent.t
total precipitation, Inappreciable,
rer Sunday, colder and fair weather lslndl.
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