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The Evening Critic.
17TH YEAR NO. 5,215.
Tho President's Callers To-day Col.
Lamont'a Contlnuod Illness Navft
VcbsoIs In Aslntlo Watoro With
drawal of Troops From Panama
Tho Ton-Cent Spoolal Lottor-Stamp.
Tlia question of reducing tho annual
Icavo of thirty days allowed to Govern
ment employes lias boon ngltatod In por
haps nil of tbo Dopartmonts. No final de
cision has boon roachoil, but Fo3tniastor
General Vilas is reported to bo tho only
rncmljcr of tho Cablnot favoring a reduc
tion of tho tlmo. Tho Treasury Commission,
after giving tho subject vory thorough con
sideration, concludod that tho thirty days'
Icavo Is not oxcosslvo, and that tho Intorosts
of tho service would not ho promotod by re
ducing It. Tbcy bollovo that tho nbsontoo
Ism from which tbo Government sudors Is
that growing ont of tho looso enforcement
of the rules governing sick leaves. Thoy
will recommend no racasnro3 calculated to
compel attondanco at tho ofllco of clorks
who aro Incapacitated by sickness, but will
urgo moro stringent rules to provont mis
representations on this subject, and to pro
hibit unnecessary absences from work, Tbo
now rules will probably decrcaso tho dis
cretion allowed hoadi of offices in regulat
ing tbo leaves of omployos. Gross abuses
aro (aid to have bocn pcrpotratcd In many
of tho offices, and now regulations on this
subject may bo oxpected In othor Depart
ments. Ono of tho recent dovolopmonts of tho
retrenchment and reform policy bat man
ifested Itself In opposition to tho depart
mental flowor-beds. Tbo Troasury grounds
'and somo of tbo other reservations undor
tho control of tho supcrintondonts of build
ings havo long bocn ornamontoi by (lower
beds. Recently tho' question has boon
raised as to whethor horticulture Is a legit
imate branch of tbo public business, and
whether flowcr-gardonlng Is proporly
chargeablo to an appropriation for tho
maintenance of a public building. Tho
economists protest against tho flowers, hut
thosowho have favored thorn say that tho
Ticasury gardening docs not cost tho Gov
ernment $200 a year, and adds materially
' to tho beauty of tho Troasury grounds
and of tbo city. Those who bollovo tho
trifling sum to be well cxpondod on this
work appear to havo prevailed, as tho do
partmontal flower-patches appear brighter
and rather moro oxtonslvo than over bo
fore Thcro Is ft question In regard to drop
letter postago which Postmastor-Gonoral
Vilas will soon bo called upon to docldo.
Tho last postoffico appropriation bill pro
vides that tho Postmastor-Gonoral may,
when ho docms it ndvisablo or oxpodlont,
Issuo a special stamp for uso in local do
livery. The valuo of this stamp Is to bo
ten cents. When placed upon a lottor, In
addition to tho present rato (two cents),
this stamp will ontltlo tbo lottor to Imrno
dlato dolivory nl ovcry ofllco whoro thofreo
delivery syBtcm is established, or in any
city, town or villago containing as mauy as
4,000 Inhabitants. Tho district nicssongor
companies aro not anxlons to sco tho Postmaster-General
"deem It advisablo" to put
this special Etamp into uso. It is, howovor,
pretty well settled that it will ho put Into
use. But It will bo somo months yot beforo
wo will havo the special stamp. It Is un
derstood that It will begin to perform its
duties about tho 1st of October next.
Tho Secretary of Btato has rccolvod Infor
mation that tho Amorican troops havo
been withdrawn from Panama and lefc tho
city in tho hands of tho Insurgents, who
aro erecting barricades, etc Tho city Is do
Eorlbcd as being in a stato of intonso or
cltemcnt and all classes appealing to tho
United States forces for protoctiou. On
Saturday Rcar-Admlral Jouott roportod
to tho Secretary that the Unitod Statos
troops had ontcrcd tho town, romovod bar
ricades, etc., and Secretary Whitnoy re
piled that future action would havo to bo
discretionary and controllod by circum
stances, bnt that Intorforcnco was doprccatod
wherever po3slblo to avoid It. No now
ordors havo boon Issued by tho Department
to-day, but may bo sent by Secrotary Whit
noy from New York.
Provcntivo measures against cholora aro
being adopted throughout tho country, as
recommended by tho National Board of
Health, In many of tho largor cities sani
tary organizations aro supplementing tho
efforts of health officers and Inspectors, and
aro held in readiness in caso of an outbreak
of disease The board has rccommondod
regulations to boonforccd on vosscls arriv
ing from foreign ports, and upon vos3ols
carrying passengers and frolght from port
to port along our coast and on tho rlvors of
tbo interior.
Mr. Mulhoran of tho Illinois Legislature
ono of tho Democrats who has rofusod to
voto for Morrison, arrived In this city yes
terday. Mr. Mnlhoran donlcu that his visit
has any political significance Humor has
It that Mulhoran proposes to voto for Morri
son If Morrison In turn will holp to soeuro
tho nppolntmont of McGarrlglo as marshal
of Chicago.
Humors have .been current for tho last
two days that Congressman Morrison has
so far been successful sluco his arrival In
Washington as to concillato tbo "boltors"
and sccuro tbo solid Domocratlo voto on tho
next ballot for tho Sonatorshln at Spring
Held. When questioned on, this subject
Colonol Morrison replied tbat ho know of
nothing to chango tho situation slnco tho
last ballot was taken.
Extensive corrcspondonco has passed bo
tween Secrotary Bayard and tho Colom
bian Minister In rcferonco to tho closing
of Colombian ports. Secrotary Bayard says
that tho United States must regard as ut
terly nugatory proclamations closing ports
which tho Unitod States of Colombia do not
possess, under color of a naval forco which
is not oven protonded to bo compotont to
constitute a blockade-.
General NTP, Banks of Massachusetts Is
In tho city for a short stay ou official busi
ness. In his capacity as Marshal of Massa
chusetts ho Is arranging for tho assignment
of rooms In tho new Boston court-houso.
Ho says that ho knows of ono or two ap
plicants for his position, but is not making
or permitting bis friends to mako any ef
forts for his retontlon,
Gcorgo B, Clark, ox-Stato Auditor of
Missouri, will arrived in Washington to
night, and will to-morrow tako tho oath of
ofllco as rovenuo agont for tbo West. IIo
Is a thorough accountant, a sharp, shrowd
man, and cry papular In his Stato. Mr.
Clark is familiar with his now duties, aud
will undoubtedly mako a good officor.
Bear-Admiral Davis has roportod tho
movements of United Statos vossels In
Aoiatlo waters. Ho Bays that nearly nil tho
English, Russian and Trench war ships,
bavlng been withdrawn from treaty ports,
tho disposition of tho Chtnoso toward
foreigners remains unchangod.
Colonel Laruont's condition doos not Ira-
Iirove, and it Is now stated that ho will not
io at his ofllco lor a wook, Ho Is suffering
from malaria and prostration resulting
lrom overwork, His friends fear that his
Illness Is serious.
I) Tho resignations of tho following havo
beon rccolvcd and accepted : D, 0, Belnako
of Pennsylvania, a first assistant examiner
In tho Patent Ofllco; Gcorgo F, Wakofleld,
an assistant topographer at $1,000 por an
num In tho Geological Survoy; M. L, Lit
lloflold, a first-class clerk in tho Adjutant
General's Ofllco; Miss Jano 0. GtlfllUn of
Illinois, a $1,000 clerk in tbo Pension Ofllco,
and Francis A. Field, a dork of tbo second
class In tho Pension Bureau.
Tho count of tho Troasury cash began
this morning, tho silver dollars being
counted first. Messrs. Durham, Cassolls and
Smith, tho cominlttco to mako tho count,
wcro assisted by Mr, Hill of tho Regis
trar's office. A forco of laborers wore de
tailed to perform tho work of carrying tho
bags onto tho scales, whero thoy woro
wolghod, Occasionally a bag was oponcd
and Its contents counted, Thcro aro nlno
thousand bags ofsllver, roprosonttug$!),O00,
000 nnd weighing about 270 tons, to bo
handled, and tho count of tho silver vault
nlono will consnrao sovoral days. Tho in
coming nnd outgoing Treasurers aro In at
tendance, and Mr. Whitnoy represents tho
Treasurer's ofllco In chargo of tho vault.
' Minor nuil Personal.
AlpbonsoM. Bullockof Virginia has boon
appointed a shipping commissioner nt Nor
folk, Vn.
It Is asserted that a largo batch of diplo
matic appointments havo bocn agreed upon
and will bo mado promptly.
'0. C. Morrow, oxecuttvo clerk of tho
Senate, will Icavo for tho West this even
ing to bo absent sovcral months.
Tho President and Secretary Manning
took a long drlvo togothor yestorday aftor
noon behind tbo nowsoal-brown horses.
Secretary Whitnoy wont to Now York
Saturday evening and will remain until to
morrow. Commodoro Wnlkor Is acting
durlug his absonco.
Tho last count of tho Treasury cash was
mado In April, 1883, when Mr. Wyman was
reappointed Treasurer upon tho retirement
of Treasurer Gllflllan.
Tho Becrotary of tho Troasury has ap
pointed Gcorgo II. Parker of Iowa aud Lo
gan) Phonlx of Illinois as special agents of
tho Ticasury Department.
Harry Clark, deputy survoyor of Wash
ington Territory, Is In tho olty,and is inter
esting himself In tho removal of tho Surveyor-General
of tbat Torrltory,
It Is stated on good authority that a gen
tleman from Secretary Manning's homo will
succeed Captain Barrel! as Unlet of tuo
Bureau of Engraving and Printing.
Tho board appointed to oxamlno tho
Dolphin has returned to tho city. No re
port will be mado until aftor anotbor trial
trip, for which arrangomonts aro bolng
Work on tho construction of tho west
and central wings of tho Stato, War and
Navy Department building Is progressing
rapidly under tho superlntondonco of Col
onel Cssoy.
Commissioner Coleman of tho Depart
ment of Agrlcultdro loft last night for Bos
ton, whero ho will Bolvo tho knotty orob
blem of removing tho quarantlno station.
Ho will return noxt Saturday.
Lccnru Phonlx, tho Chicago Journalist
who was recently appointed spoclal agont
of tho Treasury Department for tbo Btato
of Illinois, arrived at tho Ebhttt this morn
ing, and qualified this afternoon.
General Honry J. Hunt, rctlrod, will as
sume command of tho Soldiers' Homo on
May 15, and Captain Robert Catlln, retired,
will becomo deputy governor. Surgeon 0.
C. Byrno will rcliovo Assistant Burgoon
Calvin DoWltt.
Tho proposition to Bend Mr. A. M. Kciloy
to Rnssla Instead of Italy has beou con
sidered by tho Presldont and Socretary of
Stato. Although no positive statement can
bo obtained, it is bollovcd that this actlou
will bo taken.
Tho Secretary of tho Treasury ha3 Issnod
a circular declaring tho Immediate Trans
portation act to apply to tho baggago of re
turning tour!sts,and permitting tho baggago
to bo forwarded to Its destination without
detention at Now, York.
Commodoro Walkor, noting Socratary of
tho Navy, has recolvcd a dispatch from
Rear Admiral Jouett, stating that tho
marines wcro withdrawn from Panama ou
a promise that Amorican Intorosts will bo
protected and that no barricades will bo
erected In tho city.
It Is said that Secrotary Whltnoy'a visit
to Now York Is for tho purposo of sup
plementing Secretary Manning's offorts to
harmonize tho factions and bring about an
arrangemont as to tho distribution of
patronago that will satisfy all parties. Ono
of tho rumors Is that Secrotary Whitnoy
hopes to bo tho noxt Republican cindldato
for Governor.
IIh Duration n Staled by tlio Coin
inUHlou lie IIoIitN.
Tho commission of Judge Edmonds as a
District Commlaslonorls slgnod by Presi
dent Arthur and Secrotary of Stato Frcllng
huyson. It says that ho Is appointed a
commissioner for three years from tho dato
of tho document, March 3, 1883, so that by
tho terms of his commission bo will hold
until March 3, 1880. Mr. Edmonds was
scon by The Crime this morning, and does
not seem to attach much importance to
tbo current gossip about tho matter. Tho
only question that Is raised against his
tenure of ofllco Is that somo mistako3 or
Irregularities havo occurred In tho (last.
When. Major Morgan was appointed to
fill nn unexpired term thcro was doubt ex
pressed as to whether or not ho should bo
appointed to a full torm. Tho quostlou
was referred to tho Attornoy-General and
that official decided that tho nppolntmont
should bo for a full term, and in tho se
lection of Judgo Edmonds tho Presldont
was governed by this decision, Whoroupon
Mr. Edmonds naturally thinks that such
an official preccdont as an opinion of tho
Attornoy-Gcnoral, followed by an acuqulos
ccuco in tbat opinion by a succeeding
administration, is a sufficient guaranty of
his tenure of ofllco undor his present com
The HtntrwuyH to bo Completed nuil
More Klectrlo I.lirtilH IMit lu.
Bids will bo opened at Colonol Cisoy's
ofllco at u'oon on Thursday for complotlng
tho Iron stairways lu tho Washington Monu
ment, of which only tbo skeleton aro now
in position. Tho work Includes tho groator
portion of tho Btalrway for tho entire
height of tho Monument as well as othor
Iron work,
Tho contractors for Illuminating tho
shaft aro pushing tho work a3 rapidly as
possible with a Wow to having tho oloctrlo
plant in working order to facllltato tho
performance of tho stop-building and other
operations In tho Monumont. Two oloc
trlo arc-lamps aie placed at each landing
during tho greater poition of tbo ascent
and ono at each of tbo otbor landings. Tho
only light afforded for work In tho Monu
ment is from theso lamps. Tho plant Is now
qui to completed, but tbo Monumont was
experimentally lighted somo tlmo ago,
.Tnnics E. Hpcar.
Tho funeral of tho lato Jamos E. Spoar,
who died Saturday night from pnoumonla,
will not tako nlacouutil tho arrival of Ills
brothor from Massachusetts. Mr, Spear
was a well known journalist. Ho was for
a number of yoars tbo leading writer ou tho
Cmci'minlf I.nuiUrcr. He has bcon In tho
city for about throo years as tho editorial
corrcspondont of tho A'cio York IFoiM. Ho
was born at Shutcsburg, Mass., in 1815, and
graduated from Amherst lu 180(1.
ooirect styles, correct prices at A, Bits it Co.'a
Tho Lato Attornoy-Qonoral on the
Witness Stand This Mornlnff Sov
oral Anlmatod Eplsodos In tlio Crim
inal Court-Room Tho Dofonso Sub
mit tlio Caso Without Argumont.
Tho Criminal Court-room was crowdod
to-day. Tbo expectation that ox-Attornoy-Goncral
Browstor would appoar as a wit
ness brought out all tho lawyors who had
not business clsowhoro, and many who are
not lawyers. Tho ox-Attornoy-Gonoral on
tho stand did not act as if ho know what
was competent ovldonco aud what was not.
This, by tho way, Is a characteristic of all
lawyers who aro mado wltnossos. Thoy
prefer to arguo ovon In tho witnoss-box.
The ox-Attornoy-Gonoral woro a dark suit
of clothes. Tho traditional furry whtto
beaver was In his hand. His shirt was
lufficd and bis wrists were also frlllod.
His shoes had lavender tips. Ho was self
possessed, and only at times throw ompha
sis Into what ho said.
When tho Criminal Court convonod this
morning In tho Dickson trial, ox-Attor-ncy-Gcncral
B. F. Brewster oceuplod a seat
at tho District Attornoy's tahlo, Tho court
room was packed in anticipation of a lively
session. Judgo MacArthur catd that bo
foro proceeding with tbo caso ho wished to
perform on act of Justlco to District Attor
ney Worthlngton, Ho said that his remark
of lo3t Saturday holding Mr. Worthlngton
responsible for bringing personalities into
tho caso was a mistake Ho wanted to bo
understood now as saying that ho did not
hold Mr. Worthlngton responsible but tho
prosecution. Mr. Worthlngton did not in
stitute tho prosecution, but Inherited It aud
had to conduct It.
"I think that Mr. Worthlngton Is tho
last man In our bar who would do an un
professional or unmanly act. I think ho
will compare vory favorably with any of
his predecessors."
Ex-Attornoy-Gonoral Browstor wascallod
to tho stand. District Attorney Worthlng
ton asked tho witness concornlng a conver
sation between himself and tho wltnoss P.
A. Kennedy. Mr. Smith objected to tho
question. Judgo MacArthur overrulod tho
objection. Mr. Browstor then answered tbo
question, no said that somo tlmo during
tho first Star-Ronto trial Konnody and
Nlckorson wcro in his rooms. Konnody
told tho witness that Dickson Intondod to
tako a brlbo and ho was going to talk with
Dickson about him. Tho wltnoss was vory
indlgnaut. Ho said that such a thing was
a scandal. It would bo an outrage upon
Justlco. Ho would not stand It, ho slid. It
was not to bo stood,
Mr. .Smith "I object. Tho wltnoss Is
making an argumont. Ho is not a wltnoss.
Ho Is simply presenting an argument In
defonso of his corrupt agonts."
Mr. Browstor, continuing, said that ho
told Kennedy to havo nothing to do with
"theso pcoplo," meaning Dickson and
others. If ho had anything to do with
them ho (Brewster) would report blm to tbo
court. Tho witness repeated that ho was
very indignant.
Ho remomborcd having a conversation
with Marshal Honrv abdut Bolcctlng talos
mou for tho trial. "But I novor said to
him" (this In loud tono) "that upon tho
conviction of tho dofondants doponded tho
success of administration of tho Department
of Justice."
Mr. Smith broko In Impationtly :
"Is tho witness awaro of tho fact that an
objection to his argumontsbas boon mado)"
"I was not awaro of if," was tho reply of
Mr. Browstor.
"Well, yon know It now," said Mr.
"I submit to tbo Court tbat I am not to
bo troatcd in this manner. I was not
brought hero under oath to ho Insultod."
Mr. Smith "All of this matter was
brought lioro without any asking of tho do
fenro. It was brought Into this court by
tbo denso stupidity of tho prosecution."
Mr. Worthlngton "I do not think that
this should bo pormittcd. I do not think
that tbo counsel should bo allowed to uso
such expressions."
"This witness comes bcro with inallco In
his heart against tho defoudant. Ha has
maligned that defondant and nil tho wit
nesses for tho dofenso. Ho bas douo It per
sonally and In tho public prints," oxclalmod
Mr. Smltb.
"I protest," cried Mr, Browstor. "Am I
to bo told that I came hero with mallco?
As a member of tho bar I protest."
"I will not further object to tho witness
going ou," Mr. Smith said, addressing tho
Court. "Let him mako his argumont. But
with tbo understanding that I can fully
cross-oxamlno him."
Tho District Attornoy said that ho had
no moro questions to ask tho witness.
Mr. Smith In cross-examination askod
Mr. Browstor If ho had not omploycd thirty
two detectives dctoctlvos known as Pink
crton's men to shadow Mr. Dickson.
"I submit that this should not bo. I ask
that tho witness bo protected," protested
Mr. Worthlngton. Mr. Browstor, looking
sharply at Mr, Smith, said :
"1 need no protection."
Mr. Smith, sotto voco "You wllljjoforo
you got through."
Tho Court to Mr. Browstor "I hopo you
will cngago In no colloquy with counsel. It
is Irrclovant."
Mr. Brewster "Ho Is having a colloquy
with mo."
Mr. Smith asked Mr. Browstor If ho did
not havo a stonographor hid behlud a screen
when ho had his intorvlow with ox-Marshal
"I did not," was tho answer. "Thoro was
no screen in tho office. Tho stonographor
was within six foot of us both and In full
Mr. Smith "Ho was not undor tho ta
hlo?" Mr. Browstor "Ho was not."
Mr. Smith remarked that tbo prosecu
tion was getting about what It wanted, but
ho supposed that tho dofonso's tinio would
Tho Court good naturodly "'Sou will
ask for all you aro entitled to."
"Tho Court has paid many compliments
to tho prosecution." said Mr, Smith,
"You will como In for compliments at
tho propor tlmo," rospondod tbo Court.
Mr, Smith called Mr. Browstor's atten
tion to an artlcloin The Giutio of June '-',
1883, containing uu interviow about a state
ment mado by tho Attornoy-General.
"You know," asked Mr. Smltb, "that
thoro Js such a Journal, an oxcollontjonrnal,
by tho way, as tho Washington Cuitic?"
"Yes, I havo heard of such a paper, and
havo scon ono or two copies of It."
In answor to questions of Mr. Smith Mr,
Brewster said that in an Intorvlow with
ox-Marshal Honry ho had told that gentle
man of reports which had reached him
that Mr. Honry was disposed to havo tho
jury mado up in behalf of tho dofonso, If
the talcsniou woro so chosen ho bad told
Mr, Henry that ho would bo punished,
"Where was tho stenographer ou lint oc
casion?" inquired Mr, Smith.
"Ho was in tlio room."
"Whero Is ho now?"
"Ho Is still employed by tbo Department.
Ho Is on duty now In tho West. I wish ho
woro here."
"So do I," exclaimed Mr. Smith.
Mr. Smith asked Mr. Browstor about
Mr. Worthlngton objected. Ho said it
waa not rolovant mattor.
Mr. Browstor was anxious to talk about
Bowcn. Ho said that ho did not havo
much of an opinion of Bowen.
"But you gavo him an appointment un
der tho Department of Justlco," broke in
Mr. Smith.
"Ho was appointed by tho goncral agont
of tho Department, Mr. Camoron. His ap
pointment was mado upon tho recommenda
tion of Mr, Lincoln, who was thon Secrotary
of War."
Mr. Browstor was thenoxcusod, neither
sldo wishing to further question hlru,
Mr. Nlckorson of Philadelphia was tho
noxt witness. Ho said that ho was con
nected In legal business with Mr. Browstor.
Ho corroborated Mr. Browstor's testimony
about tho lattor's indignation and sharp
rcbuko when ho beard of tho proposed tam
pering with Mr. Dickson.
Mr. Kcr, nt his own request, went en tho
stand again nnd mado somo Immaterial cor
rections in his testimony of tho othor day.
Ho also said tbat tho nowspipcrs had
printed a statcmont about him that was
wholly untrue Ho would sty
Mr. Worthlngtou "Tho witness must
make his explanation lu tho newspapers."
A recess of fifteen minutes to allow a con
ference between Mr, Worthlngton and Mr,
Wells was had.
Upon reconvening Mr. Wells bogan his
argument to tbo Jury, remarking that ho
regretted that anything had boon said In
tbo presenco of tho caso to indicato that
anything was on trial oxcept tbo reading of
tho papor boforo tho Star-Ronto Jury by
Mr. Dickson. Ho claimed that they startod
out with tho ouo concession that tho paper
was read, and It should not havo boon road.
It is Immaterial whothor tho jury was In
fluenced In its verdict. It mado no differ
ence whether tho attempt was mado by ono
sido or tho other. Tho crimo was as In
famous ono way as tho othor.
Mr. Wells claimed that Mr. Dickson pro
pa red tho paper not to chow It to Judgo
Wyllo, hut to nso It as ho did. Mr. Wells,
whilo reforring to tho testimony of Judgo
Wylie, was asked by Mr. Smith to stito tho
ovldenco fairly. Sir. Wells objected to tho
Court against being Interrupted by counsel,
and said tbat bo was interrupted by Mr.
Smith becauso bo was not stating tho caso
In harmony with tho counsolsviows.
"Well, stato It in harmony with tho
truth," retorted Mr. Smith. Tho Court
cautioned mr. Smith against furthor Inter
ruption. Mr. Smith caused a llttlo stir In
tbo court-room by saying whon Air. Wolls
finished : "Wo havo decided to submit
this caso to tho Court nndjjury without ar
gument. I wish to remark," Mr. Smith
continued, sarcastically, "that I disclaim
asking a vordlec against Mr. Browstor
Biowstcr Cameron.
Judgo MacArthur said tho material mat
tor of this inquiry is whether tho do
fendant attempted to corrupt tbo Jury.
We should dlsnbuso our minds ot all tho
Issued ot thoso trials except as It Is connected
with this caso. Tno orrenso charged in tho In
dictment Is tbat tbo paper was road. Tats is
admitted. Tho Tact tbat It was read lu tho
bearing ot tbo wholo jury Is also admitted.
Whether It Is read, corruptly Is
tbo quostlou to bo decided. There
Is no doubt that Mr. Dickson's act la
conversing wl'b tbls man Bowen was a gross
mistake and reprobenslblo plecoot business.
It docs not appear from tbo testimony tbat tbo
Jury was admonished against conversing with
outsldo parties. From tho length or tuo trial
tbo Instructions must bavo boon given
or implied. "I do ttitnlr," said tho
Court, "tbat Bowen did try to corrupt Ulm.'
Thoro Is o doubt tbat n nuinbor or men wero
put on to watch and follow tbo Jury, and It
Iboy woro not omployod to corrupt tho Jury
tboy mistook tbo object ot their employment
and wcro carried into tbo body ot criminal
actions. It you nnd that ho read the paper
wllhti corrupt ruotlvo you will And hlmgullty,
bnt many ovont, botoro you can bring In a
verdict ot guilty, you will bavo to am blm
guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.
Tho chargo was considered favorahlo to
tho defendant. Tbo Jury returned at 2.30
Tho Jury roturucd at 3 o'clock with a
verdict of "not guilty." Whon tho fore
man mado tho announcement thcro wa3an
attempt at applause, which was quickly
suppressed by tbo bailiffs. Mr. Dickson
was discharged, and hand-shaking was in
order for somo minutes lator.
A Knit AsnliiNt Mr. Iirowittor.
Mr. Wm. Dickson, through his counsol,
C.M.Smith and Thomas U. Mlllor, has
tiled n suit for libel against ox-Attorney-General
B. U. Browstor, claiming $50,000
damaecs, for having stated lu an intor
vlow In tho Philadelphia Press of tho 23d
Instant that ho (Mr. Dickson) sold tho
btur-itouto trial.
A Decision Aicnluat Numiicl Nlrouc,
Tbo Court In General Torm tondored a
decision of soma importanro in tho cele
brated caso of Bamucl Btrong against tho
District. Tho decision was on motion of
tbo plaintiff to strlko out tho District's
exceptions to tho award of tho bond of
arbitrators, giving Mr. Strong about a quar
ter of a millions of dollars. Tho plaintiff
claimed that tho exceptions worn not fllcd
In time, and also that thoy wore to Ron
oral. Tho court hold otherwise, and over
ruled tho motions of tho plaintiff. Colonel
Cook fllcd exceptions to tho opinion of tho
For vliuliro Wylle's l'ltico.
A delegation of mombors of tho District
bar, Including Messrs. John Soldon, Samuol
Maddux, Wm. A. Cloidon, T. A. Lambert
aud Henry Wtso Garuott, callod upon tho
President and tho Attoruoy-Goncral to-day
to recommend tbo selection of Mr. Leigh
Robinson of the Washington bar, formerly
partner of tho lato R. K. Elliot, as Judgo
Wyllo's successor on tho Supremo Boneh of
tho District. Tho delegation was courte
ously received and tholr recommendations
listened to, but no intlmatlou whs given as
to how soon an appointment would bo
mado, or whothor It would bo a local mau
or otherwise
Tlio Nmlth Court or Inquiry.
Tho Court of Inquiry In tho caso of Pay-mastor-Gcncral
Bmlth of tho Navy mot at
11 o'clock this morning. Tho day was
taken up with a technical examination of
Mr, Smith. Tho questions rclatod to tho
advertisements for supplies undor Mr.
Smith's Jurisdiction, and tbo contracts
awarded by him. Special rcferonco was
given to tho contracts awarded to Mr. Aus
tin P. Brown. Mr. Smith Idontlflod tho
advertisements and conflrmod tho fact of
all awards that havo boon mado. Thli con
stituted tho days doings of tho court.
District Uovernmout Notosf.
Tbo Chlot Englnoor ot tbo 1'lro Department,
In a communication to tho District Commit
blonors, 1ms called their attoutlon to tho roe
ommondatlon ot Assistant Uniefs Ooorgo H pllt
man and Charles Morlllat to tbo necessity ot
locating tour cisterns nnd a ilro-alarm sta
tion at Mt, 1'Ieasaut una ot tour cisterns at
Tho Superintendent ot tho Homo Industrial
school on tbo Oeorgotown Ilolghts, through
Chlot Euglnnor Martin Oronln, recommends a
better water supply lor tho school by build
ing a dam across tlio branch at that point,
Tho present supply ot wator In caso or a tiro
would be exhausted by ono engine lu less than
twenty minutes.
A Temporary Atlvanco in Stocks, Bu1;
the Situation Still Critical aud Com
plicated by a Roport Tliat tho Czar
Is Going- to Moscow to Mako For
mal Doclarallon of Iloatllltlos.
London, April 27. Rumors from St. To
tcrsburg of a fresh conflict between tho
Russians and tbo Afghans aro causing
great uneasiness In Loudon nnd on tbo
continent, news of tbo Ponjdeh battlo hav
ing been preceded by a similar rumor. It
Is generally bollovcd also that RuBsia
keeps back news. Tlio nows that tho Car
Js going to Moscow is considered ominous,
as a similar visit immediately preceded tho
Russo-Turkish war. Press commout on tho
t ublio feeling in all thoEuropoan capitals
is moro despondent. Tho llarstn ZcHiing
says: "Tho difficulties on tho Berlin Bourso
grow moro and moro distinct as tho oud of
tho month approaches.
"Tho difficulty Is as much angmoutcil by
tho coming liquidation of accounts as tbo
political outlook. Uoldors of Russians will
bo forced to closo accounts and failures nio
likely to occur. It Is stated somo Russian
officers residing In Vienna havo boon
ordered to return to tholr reglmonts.
"Professor Vamborg has arrived In Lon
don. Ho thinks that 6,000 Afghan troops
around Herat will sufllco to prevent Us
capture by tho Russians, as tho distance
from Askabad, tho terminus of tho railway
to Herat, Is 150 miles, and, being without
military roads, is thoroforo impassahlo for a
largo. Russian army. Tho population of
Herat Is about 15,000, of whom 12,000 aro
of Persian descent nnd speaking tho Por
slan tonguo. Thoy aro not vory frlondly
to tbo Afghans."
Tho Stamlaul says: "Turkey cannot If
sho tries closo tbo Dardanelles against our'
ileot. Wo only ask hor not to try any
such rash experiment."
Tho riiiifj says: "In tho opinion of tho
most experienced observers there Is still a
chanco for peace; nevertheless tho olomonts
which aro working for war are plainly
moro potent and complox than has boon
generally suspected In England."
Tho moro pactfio tono of tho St. Peters
burg dispatches received during tho past
twenty-four hours Is reflected In a greatly
improved feeling hero. Tho announce
ment In tho lato advicos from St. Peters
burg that tho Russian Government had
consented to tho nppolntmont of a com
mission to Inquire Into tho Kashk RIvor
affair Is gcnorally vlowod as most encour
aging, and many of thoso who horotoforo
bavo regarded tho situation as critical, aro
now of tho belief that a peaceful sottlo
mtntof tho dlsputo botweon England and
Russia will yot bo arrlvod at.
Iu both financial and commorctal circles
the tone Is much improved this morning.
On tho Stock Excbango consols are firm
and fractionally higher. .Russian bonis
havo advanced 2 per cent, and EgyptUn
securities 1 per cont. Tho wholo list Is
strongor than for sovoral days past, whllo
tbo dealings aro characterized by a in iro
settled tono.
Moro Itnmorg of War.
London, April 27. Following- directly
on tbo heels of tbo pacific dlspatchos fnru
Bt. Potcrsburg published this morning
comes a dispatch from that capital rocolved
hero this afternoon, stating that It Is cir
icntly reported In official and other clrclos
tbat tho Czar will Icavo for Moscow nt once,
and that immediately on his arrival In that
city bo will Issuo an imperial manifesto,
cutting oil' diplomatic relations with Eng
land and formally declaring war against
that power.
The Knlscr Not to Arbitrate
BnnMN, April 27. Thorumor which wai
in circulation in Paris, London and Berlin
on Saturday, that tho Emperor had boon
ashed to nrbltrato between Russia and Eng
land, Is without foundation.
Wild Speculation lu Ilntsla.
St. PETERsnuna, April 27. Wheat Is
Arm at 170 shillings for May deliveries and
1E0 for Octobor. Thoso prlcos aro 20 por
cent, higher than thoso of six wooks ago.
Russian paper roubles aro quotod at 2.13
fiancs. Tho Bourso for tho past wcok has
been tho sccno of tho wildest speculation,
and notwithstanding tho heavy fall in Rus
sian securities tho feeling Is provalont
among fluanclcts tbat Russia will not ho
compelled to fight for what alio wants iu
Central Aiia; In short, that England will
not fight.
. BIsmnrcK Inlrlsulntr.
London, April 27. A dispatch from Con
stantinople published this nfcornoou statos
that tho strongest ovldonco of intriguing
on tho part of Priuco Bismarck with tho
palaco officials has bcon dlscovorod In that
city. It Is said that tho Gorman Cuaurol
lor Is strongly urging tbat Turkoy sldo
witb Russia In tho ovont of au outbreak of
hostilities hotween that country and Eng
land. A Nmnl Ilcuioiihtratlou OH' Aluxim
drln. Paris, April 27. Tho French lleot has
been ordered to rcdozvous off Plrtuus, a
seaport of Greece It Is bollovod this ac
tion has been takon with a viow to making
a naval demonstration off Aloxandrla In
tho event of tho Egyptian Govornmeut re
fusing to mako tho amends domaudod by
Franco for tho suppression of tho ItoipHorc
i:ciiliic tliu I) ran.
Stockholm, April 27. Thousands of
emigrants aro flocking daily from tho Fin
land Coast and ombarking for America and
olsewbero to avoid being draftod Into tho
army iu event of war. Agriculture In Goth
land is at a standstill, tho farmors oxpoct
Ing to bo compollod to perform military
scrvico to prcscrvo tho neutrality of Swo-
An Attack by tliu Heboid Ji'eur
Suakim, April 27. Tho rebels In and
around Otao commenced a heavy flro on
tbo advanco column of tho British last
ovcnlng and kopt it up long Into night.
They wero out of range, howovor, and vory
few shots foil within tho British lino. Only
thrco soldiers wcro wounded.
Hnbiunrliio l'.leclrlo Utility.
Chonstadt, April 27. Successful trials
ofEubmarlnoclcctrlo light wcro mado horo
Tlio NloiNou-Hclinefer Gunie.
Nlw York, April 27. Jacob Bchaofor
practiced, in Bexton's rooms last night and
his friends mado bets that ho would beat
Bloseon on Thursday night. Al Smith has
bet $1,000 Iu u lump that Slos30u will win.
Both players aro confldont that thoy will
win. Blosson averaged 10 lu a GOO point
gamo yesterday,
IhoHtorui DeatU 1. 1st.
Dallah, Texas, April 27. Tho storm
death list is swolllug, and by tho tlmo all
tho precincts aro fully roportod tho loss of
llfo will undoubtedly bo equal to any wind
and water disaster experienced In Toxas
during tbo presont genorntlou.
A srcctFio tor all bud lly pain Is Salvation
oil. it cures all pain Instantly and costs but
83 CO Hts a bo'.tlo,
Note or Intercut to I.overn of tlio
Our, Jlnt nuil Turf,
Gamo to-day at l:iri, Nationals vs. Now
If tbo National Baseball Club managors
contlnno to chango their niuens advortlsed,
nt tho last moment, The Critic will dls
contlnno prognosticating. Tho nlno on
Saturday was tho weakest tho club has had
out this reason, and, of course, totally tin
ahlo to copo mcccssfully with tbo Now
Yorkers. Powell, contrary to godoral ex
pectation, was hit as hard as was Wlso. In
fact, it is doubtful If Birr could havo
slopped tho big batters after thoy got to
Evcrs manifested tho sarao trait in tho
gamoBaturday that ho dovolopod last sea
son, to wit: If a ball comes Just to suit lilni,
well and good; If not, thon ho sulks.
Mooro did not even atlompt to run aftor
striking out twleo Saturday, though tho
third stiiko was mlssod In both casos. A
player who falls to mako an effort undor
tho samo clrcumstaucos should bo repri
manded, Morrisoy'a weak point Is on groundors,
and for that reason ho should practlco on
such balls.
If tbo National's outfiold would run In
on grounders, thoy would bo ahlo to Hold
balls In as quickly as do tho Now Yorks,
who aro model fleldcrsln this rcspoct.
Ono of tbo Sunday papers said that young
Roilly was to play scsond bso, boesuso
Knowlcs' work thoro had not proven satis
factory. This Is nn lnjustlco to Knowlcs,
who has played a brilliant gamo at second.
Thenbovo criticisms aro wrlttou only in
n kindly spirit, and becauso thoy aro all
needed by tlio parties mentionod, All pralao,
liko "all work," is apt to mako not a "dull
boy," but a careless ball-tosscr, aud tho
boys havo had too much Indiscriminate
pralso lately.
A spirit of emulation has solzod upon tho
colored brokers on Boylcs' Hotol, and tho
black bulls and bears thoro aro as energetic
as their whlto brethren insido tho grounds.
An African bcarcornorcd tho markot In tho
first Inning ou Saturday and cloarod fifty
Tbo altendancoof ladlos has greatly in
creased tho past wcok, tho west oud of tho
grand stand has been set apart for them,
nnd gentlemen aro rcqucstod not to smoko
horse note.
By a typographical error In this column
on Saturday last, King Lion was given a
mllo In tho extraordinary tlmo of 1:15,
whon it should havo been 1:50.
Volo, who recently ran a milo at Loxlng-
ton. In 1:173, Is a candidato for tho Kon-
tucky Derby.
Tho Kentucky Dorby always attracts a
great deal of attention lrom horsomon all
over tbo country. Tbo current odds aro 1
to 1 against Favor, 0 to 1 against Froomau,
8 to 1 against Bootblack and Ten Stouo, 0
to 1 against Joo Cotton, and from 10 to 50
to 1 against tho others.
Horsemen in tho East aro vory much In
terested In tho coming meeting at Ivy City,
as It Is tho first of tho Eastorn mcotlngs,
and their first chance to judga of tho form
ot tbo circuit horses. A. largo delegation
will bo hero from Now York, Philadelphia,
and other places.
KIntncr says no mattor how good tho
senior fonr of tho now club will be, Che
Columblas aro going to swcop tho river
tho coming season.
Thcro is much curiosity to know who
will constltuto tho senior four of tho now
club, tbo Washington. No trainer has
yet been selected, but Mr. John Kouucdy
will probably bo mado an offer at tho
next meeting, and tho soloction of crows,
in tbat event, will bo left to his experi
ence. Though It may not bo first, tho
now club cortainly will not bo last, ut tho
end of tho season.
Charlie Davis loaves tho city In a fow
days, to ho absont during tho stimmor.
Tho Columblas will feel his loss, as thcro
aro few men In this locality who possoss
all tho lcquisitcs of an oarsman to such a
degrco as docs Davis.
Smithson has not been asked to Join tho
now club.
A subscription has bcon startod with
$500 to ralso a purso to bo rowod for by
Ilanlan and Beach on tho Thames, Eng
land. Mr. Peter Duryoa has offered $0,000'tobo
rowed for by Beach, Uaulan, Ross and all
others who will pay $250 to como In, on
tho Lacbtno courso. It Is likely that tbo
coming season will bo a lively ono In pro
fessional rowing circles.
Tho executive commltteo of tho Na
tional Association of Amateur Otrstuoti
has got Itself Into a dilemma In Laing's
case. Tho oxecuttvo commltteo felt con
vinced tbat Laing had boon ongigod In
crooked work and askod tho Ciuadlau
Association to iuvestigato. This It has
'douo, and has whitewashed Laing. -Tho
American Association is now ohllgod to
tako tho verdict of Its slstor association.
Mumford, dosplto his disqualification as
an amateur, persists lu bis declaration to
row In tho coming Now Orleans amateur
Tlio New I'lslierles Treaty.
Ottawa, April 27. BIr Ambroso Shoi ar
rived horo Saturday, and during tho day
had interviews with Sir John MacDjnald
and Hon. Mr. McLean respecting tho sub
ject of reciprocity with tho United State).
it nppcars tbat tho Amorican uovornmout
intimated toSir Ambroso whllo at Washing
ton that a separate treaty with Newfound
land will not bo contemplated, and tbat any
negotiations begun must includo Canada as
woll as tho Island
Tlio irnlirnx Doclt-Ynril Iliiiy.
Halifax, April 27. Tho dock-yard au
thorities horo aro busy building torpedo
boats. Moro men aro employed than havo
been at work In tho yard for half a century.
Aliolntmciils To-ilny.
Mr. James F, McClellau of Marianna,
ria., has been appointed by tho Presldont
as Survcyor-Gonoral of Florida.
Tbo Presldont has appointed Major Stern
burg Surgeon U, S. A., "as a dolegato to tbo
coufcrcnco at Romo noxt month to discuss
means for preventing tho spread of cholera,
Mr. T. M. Baldwlu has beon doslgnatod
by Commissioner Sparks to act as chief of
tho division of accounts, Gcnoral laud
Ofllco, to succeed Mr. J. W. Donnelly, re
signed. BInco his appointment lu tho
Land Ofllco In 1870, Mr. Baldwin bas
mado himself universally popular among
bis superiors and colleagues, and his ap
pointment as chief of that division gives
general satisfaction to thorn all.
Inscription ou tlio Tliomiis Ntiittir.
Colonel Rockwell, Commissioner of Pah
lie Bulldlntrs aud Grouuds, has issuod an
order to havo an inscription cut upon tho
stntuo of General Thomas, lu this olty, as
requested by tho Society of tho Army of
tho Cumberland at its last aunual mooting.
Tho Inscription on tho wost faco will bo tho
officor Major-Genoral Georgo H. Thomas
and tbo dato of his doath March 23, 1870,
at Bau Francisco. On tho east faco tho In
scription will be, "Eroctoi by his comrades
of the Society of tho Army of tbo Cumber
land." Mr. II, B, Abbott, assistant chief of tho
Division of Accounts, Gouoral Land Office,
tendered his resignation tbls morning,
cutaway suits t A. sans Jc Oo.'s, " '
89B SUlW ftUiUHlH&Ov.'fl
Flags Dlcplayod nnd Other Tokons of
Respect to tho Old Commander A
Saluto of Slxty-throo Guns Flrod
at tho Capital of Kansas.
SrRiNoriian, III., April 27. About
twenty mombors wcro present In tho
House tbls morning. Mr. Rogors of Jack
eon offered a resolution stating that this
Is tho Olid nnnlvorsary of tho birth of Gon
cral Grant, tbo most honored and deserving
patriot of tho country, and ordorlng tho
ling to bo raised on tho domo in honor
thereof. Mr. Graham moved to amond so
as to mako tho resolution read "ono of
tho most honored nnd deserving patriots,"
aud tho resolution passed unanimously.
Chicago, April 27. Flags aro flying in
many parts of tho city to-day In honor of
tho 03d birthday of General Grant. Tho
Jiroposcd demonstration this evening has
ccn potponcd In ennscquenco of tho In
ability of Senator Conkllng, Henry Wattor
son nnd other invltod guests to attond.
ToracA, Kan,, April 27. In necordsneo
with an Executive ordor issued by tho Gov
ernor to tbo Adjnlant-Gcnoral, flags woro
arranged this morning over tbo Capitol and
othor public buildings and a saluto of sixty
guns was fired In tho Stato-Honso grouuds.
Another saluto will bo flrod this aftornoon.
A McrtliiR In IIIn Ilunnr nl ftio Met
ropolitan II. K. Otinroll.
There will bo a meeting at tho Metro
jiolltan M. E. Chnrch to-night to celcbrata
tho anniversary of Goncral Grant's birth
day. Tho Metropolitan Is tho church
which Gcuornl Grant attended whllo ha
wis n' resident of this city. Tho Presi
dent and his Cabinet, tho Diplomatic
Corps, Sonators and Members of tho House,
officors of tho army and navy and marino
corps and officers of tho various Depart
ments havo bcon invited to bo proient,
and will entor by tbo door on Four-and-a-balf
street. A special Invitation has bcon
extended to members of tho Loyal Loglon,
who will cntor by tho main door on O
street. Senator Mandorson wilt prcsido.
Tho mcotlng will bo opened by a prayor
from tbo Rov. Dr. Bartlctt. A number of
speeches will bo mado. Thoso who will ad
dress thoaudlonco are tho following: Hon.
Ben Bnttcrworth, Goncral Grccu B. Raum,
General S. S. Burdott, Hon. Samuol Bhol
labargor nnd Senator Dolph.
Tho invitation to tho Diplomatic Corps
reads as follows: "Tho honor of your
presenco is solicited at tho colobratlon of
tho sixty-third nnnlvorsary of tho birth of
Gcnrial U.S.Grant. .Metropolitan Church,
8 p. m. Scats resorved,"
Omernl Grnm Illicit Allvotcd by tlio
Bltuiy i:xirHnIotiN of Sympathy.
Tbo Now York corrcspondont ot tho
Philadelphia Times yestorday had nn intor
vlow with Gcnoral Grant. Gcnoral Grant
"It Is a great consolation now to know
that tho pcoplo aro so kind. Tho publlo
only know of but a fraction of tbo expres
sions of sympathy which I havo roceivod.
Theso como from frlonds without referenco
to politics or to tho feeling which might ho
supposed to havo grown out of tho Uto
war. I rccclvo a hundred letters In a mail
and several malls a day In fact, many
moro letters than Fred can answer."
"Tho mon of tbo South," ho contlnuod,
"wcro fighting for a principle which they
thought was right and which wo did not,
but 1 always looked upon them as citizens
of our common country and I bollovo when
ever It was in my power I troatod thorn as
such. I novor liked to think of thorn ovou
as prisoners of war and preferred to oncour
ago them to go to tholr homos undor pa
rolo. I can say that I novcr ovon In tho
midst of duty had any othor feeling than
tbat which ono citizen should fuel toward
Speaking of his disease ho said that ho
did not belicvo tho relief was pormanont,
and wbcu tho suffering was so intonso ton.
Cays sgu, ho only wished for ono great re
lief to all human pain. Ho remarked that
when ho was takon ill ho wolghod V)'S
Jounds and now ho had run down to 140.
teforilng to tbo summer, the General said
that ho had no plans to make, but that tho
general subject was now being considered,
and what would bo tho final result he did
not know. Iu reverting once mora to tho
kindness of tho pcoplo, almost without ex
ception, tbo Gcnoral mentioned particularly
that President Clovcland bad sont his
marshal to Inquire aftor his hoalth.
Sllllutr For Ills IleiHl.
Nr.w York, April 27. A wook ago last
Thuisday, at tho request of Colonol Frod
Grant, Profossor RupertSchmld, tho Munich
sculptor, called at Gonoral Grant's rosldouco
to sccuro n portrait bust of tho General.
Slnco then ho has had four sittings, and
now tho v, ork needs only a fow finishing
touches. It is of llfo size, ono-quartcr
length. A military cloak is draped about
tho shoulders, nnd tho wholo rests upon a
design of crossed cannon surmounted by an
caglo with outstretched wings. I'rofossur
Schmtd expects to complcto tho bust at ouo
moro sitting
Tneuly rVuux In I'erll.
Montreal, April 27. Approhonslon U
felt for tho safety of tho nuns Iu tho con
vent on Nuns' Island, ahovo Victoria
Bridge. About twenty nuns rosldo thoro
and there Is no communication during tho
time tho Ico in tho river Is breaking up.
Tho hland Is completely submerged and
tho water appears to bo up to tbo second
story of tbo convent building. Tho rush
ing torrent and hugo blocks of floating ico
prevent communication, and the Slstors of
tbo congregation to which tho nuns oolong
fear that disaster has befallen thorn.
Lnst eenlns tbo police arrested (loorga IT.
MucH, a negro who murdered l'rank l'arker,
proprietor or a billiard saloon at Great Hand,
Kan., yesterday morning,
John C. McOrath ot Chicago disappeared
April U. Yt dterday his body was tound In tho
river. No marks ot violence wore lound, ana
uonoy In his pockets remained uutouchod.
Tbo causo ot bis death Is a mystery.
On Saturday atternoon, at Mount Voruou.
Mo., John A, Tennis, a morcnant, shot an 1
killed Ueorgo Mcore, a tarmor. la talllnj,
Mooro drew bis revolver and shot Tonuu
through tho heart, Killing htm Instantly.
Tbo Qould System Hospital In Fort Worth
was burned yesterday. Loss, $30,0Q0i Insur
ance, $125,000. The water works collapsed re
cently, and tho building was at tho mercy nt
the names. Tho thirty-two patterns were rot
cued with dlniculty, and were sent toSodalU
last night, Soven tlremen wero Injured.
To-ilny'd Temperature.
Tho Blgnal UOlce furnishes tho (oltowlcs
synopsis ol tho woatheri
Local meteorological roport for April B7,
lb85i Thermometer readings at aa.ru., oa .0;
7.m6ScJ.! 11a. m0H'.l. .
noport for April ao, 1885i Mean tompara
tme, HIM! maximum, 71.7t minimum,
nil" .71 mean relative humidity, 03,7 P"C cont.i
total rrocl1 ."tlonjiO.ill Inches.
rorTuosday, talr weather Is Indlcatod for?
the districts ou tho Atlantic coast, with slight
changes in temperature.
HalvAtion OH, Is at once prompt and ca
llable as apala-cuie, I'lkc only 23 coats. &
'A 'l
. '!!
".; ii
m mmmivnwi'
! aA.MX.

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