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The Evening Critic
17TH YEAR NO. 5,21G.
! ,
Summary Ordors Holatlvo to Wires on
Public BulldtnsB Nothing Now la
tho Kolloy Caso Tho Weird Btatuo
of Garfield Ool. Lamont'o JSorlous
Illness Too St. Loula Appralsershlp.
Secretary Wbltnoy did notrotutn from
Kcw York to-day, and Is uot now ox
peeled beforo Thursday, whllo it Is not cor
inln that ho will return for sovoral days.
Dnring his absonco Commodore Walkor
will contlnuo to act, lmt Important Pan
aran dispatches and othor urgont mattors
will bo forwarded to tho Secretary.
Colonel Rockwell, Commissioner of Pub
lic Buildings nnd Grounds, has orderod tho
erection of adrlnking fountain In Washing
ton Cliclo in addition tothoothor Improve
ments. Tho gos-lamp3 aro being oroctod, tho
stono copings cut and tho paths laid out. It
Is proposed to remove tbo high fonco within
n few days and to liavo tho Improvements
of tho cliclo complotod as rapidly as pos
Governor T. M. Waller of Connecticut,
Contul-Qcncral to London, England, ar
rived at tho Arlington to-day, accompanied
by n party of frlondsconslstlng of Hon. S.
W.YoTk, Colonel N.E.Osborn, Nowllavou,
and W. W. Sklddy, Stamford, Conn. Tho
Consul-General Is hero to rccotvo final In
structions from tho Stato Dopartmont and
take his loavo of President Clovoland and
Secretary Bayard.
unaED ron an AUMTonsmr.
Mr. T. Strobo Farrow of tho South Caro
lina Sonnto Is bolng urged for ouo of tho
Treasury auditor ships. Ho Is tho gontlo
roan who, In rccontly prosontlng Prcsidont
Clovcland with tho resolutions of tho South
Carolina Legislature, indorsing clvll-servlco
reform, oxplatncd that clvil-sorvico roform
as understood in tho South meant that tho
ofllccs should bo filled by competent por
sons and mon of character who wore in ac
cord with tho pooplo.
A new field for rotronebmont and roform
has been discovered by Mr. Cannon, tho
Comptroller of tho Currency. Matorlal re
ductions in tbo numbor and compensation
of receivers appointed for national banks
aro belng'mado. In many Instances it Is
found that rccclvors contlnuo to draw sal
aries for an unnecessarily long period. In
fotuo of theso Instances sorvlcos aro bolng
dispensed with. In others tho work Is
turned over to bank oxaminors or othor
regular employes, and In other cases tho
receivers' salaries aro discontinued and n
per dlom allowanco made for sorvlco3
actually rendorcd. A very matorlal saviug
Is accomplished,
ThoPrcsldont Is roportod to bo vory much
disappointed at tho poor prospect of, roliaf
from tbo pressure of offlco-scokora. Ho has
refused again and again to consider casos
until tho applicants wont homo aud loft
him unembarrassed. By this policy ho has
driven away ono sot of ofilco-scekors after
another; but tho stream of arrivals doos not
diminish, and overy day at loast n dozon
States aro represented by delegations or in
dividuals. Tho Prcsidont at first thought
that ho could closo tho doors by rofuslng to
in alo any appointments until tho crowds
bad departod. IIo now begins to bollovo
that there is to bo no rollof as long as an
appointmont romalna to bo mado.
A circular order shortly to bo issuod by
tbo Secretary of the Treasury on tho sub
ject of carpeting for public buildings will,
it Is estimated at tho Department, result lu
a caving of SO por cent., amounting to thou
sands of dollars annually, while atthosamo
time resulting in increasing comfort, con
venience and neatness. Tho ordor proscribes
that in tho futuro all carpets for buildings
shall bo so cut as to occupy a spaco not com
paratively larger than that of tho floor runs
which aro now in such general uso in prl
vato establishments. Tho doublo advan
tago to bo gained by this will bo tho groat
caving In tho quantity of tho matorlal and
tho increase, of length of wear, in conso
quenco of tho facility with which tho car
pots can bo taken up at any timo for cleans
Tho reorganization of the First Comptrol
ler's ofilco has boon complotod, aud tho di
visions reduced In number from nlno to
five. Tho work on miscellaneous accounts
lias been added to tho Inlornal rovonuo
division, which is placed In chargo of Mr.
S. C. Clarko. Tho division of warrauts and
appropriations has been added to thorocord
of accounts, bonds, contracts and powors of
attorney. To tho division of loans and
Congressional accounts has boon added tho
accounts of tho United States Troasuror,
tho Public Printer, ofllcors of tho mint and
assay officers, and for transportation of
moneys aud securities. A now division was
crcnteXl, to includo forolgn intercourse, pub
lic lauds and District of Columbia and Ter
ritorial accounts. Mr. John Walker, a clork
of class 4, has bcon placed in chargo of tho
new division,
"Colonel Lamont's uamo must bo added
to a long list of serious sufiorors from tho
malarial atrdosphcro that drifts In at tho
eouthorn windows of tho Whlto IIouso,"
said an official to-day. "Ho Is a much
sicker man than is generally concodod.
Nobody expects htm to bo at work again
for a week or ton day?, and it will boa
much lougor period boforo ho ran rosumo
operations with his accustomed enorgy.
IIo Is almost completely broken down, and
will rcqulro rest and carolul troatmout to
recuperate. Tbo President has often said
that Colonol Lamont is tho only Indlspon
sablo man ho has over coon, and ho is
greatly embarrassed by his lllnoss, although
bis placo is filled by two ofilclont and
energetic gontlcmcn who havo borno tho
clerical burdens of thrco administrations."
"Tbo appralscrshlpof tho port of St.
Louis Is getting to bo an Interesting causo
of contest," said a Missourlan at Wlllard's
this morning. "Of courso it is a local office,
and ought to bo filled by a citizen of St.
Louis, but the Senators from Missouri havo
united on John F. Corkciy, who is tho su
perintendent of somo mines In tho south
ccetcru portion of tho Stato. Cougrcsmau
Glover, in whoso distiict tho ofilco is really
located, wants tho appointmont of his
young frlond, Clem. Ciovcling, while Con
gressman O'Neill arrived to-day tn fight for
Ills friend, Uenry D. Clovoland. But a man
who unquestionably stands high with tho
administration for that ofilco is W. E. Lou.
derdalo. ono of tho roost export bank clorks
in tho West. Loudordalo has had Inter
views with tho President, Sccrotary Man
ning and other;, nnd departed lait night for
New York."
Mr. Ward, tho sculptor omployod to do-r-gu
and oxecuto tho statuo of Garfield to
lio erected in the clrclo at tho foot of tho
Capitol grounds on tho west front, has
completed his designs aud submitted tliotu
to tho committee. Tho statue roprosonts
tbo martyred Prcsidont in tho act of deliv
ering his inaugural address. It was decldod
that ho should bo ropresontod in civilian
dress and that" tho statuo should faco tho
IIouso of Representatives. Tbo position
Is described as easy and dignified and af
fording ono of tho most striking figures in
tho sculnturo of tbo city, Tho designs also
Include drawings of scenes from Garfield's
Ufa to ornament tho different faces of tho
pedestal. Tho most Important stages and
events of bis lifo from boyhood until his as
tasslnatlon will bo depleted, Theso draw
ings will bo submitted to tho committee
appointed to tako chargo of tho matter, and
Mrs. Garfield will also probably bo con
sulted. After tho final approval of tho
plans tbo sculptor will proceed at onco
With tho work
An employe of tho Po3tofilco Depart
ment estimates that there aro about COO
letters received dally at tbo Department
in refcrouco to appointments. About 100
offices aro Included In tho dally avcrago
list of applications, and applications for
about 15,000 different office havo bcon re
ceived since March 4. Tbo applications
aro indorsed and filed about as rapidly as
Sir John MacDonald, tho Canadian Pro
ruler, stated In tho IIouso at Ottawa, that
communications havo taken placo with tho
United States respecting tbo uso, by Ameri
can fishermen, of tho waters of tho Do
minion aftor tho expiration of tho fishery
articles of tho treaty of Washington and for
tho negotiation of freer trado relations bo
twecu Canada and tbo United Stttns. IIo
enld, bowovor, that bo was not In a position
to diicloso their nature
A. M. Ktiloy of Richmond, Va., tho now
Minister to Italy, returned to Washington
this morning and registered at tho Ebbitt.
At noon ho held a conferonco with Secretary
Bayard. General Eppa Ilunton also ar
rived this morning, and it is helloved ho Is
here In tbo Interest of Mr. Kciloy, whoso
namo bos been suggested for tho Russian
Mission. Mr. Kelloy'a family aro in Now
York and ready to sail to-morrow should no
dllfeicut arrangements bo mado.
TEOLONOINO duty in wasiiinoton.
Chief Engineer II. L. Snydor has been
ordered to contlnuo on his prosont duty as
Superintendent of tho Stato, War and Navy
Department building until May 1, 1SS0.
Assistant Naval Constructor Bowlos will
contlnuo to dlschargo his duties with the
Naval Advisory Board until May 1, 1633.
Commander Picking has been ordorod to
contlnuo on tho Llght-Houso Board and
Profetsors Nowcomb, Hall, Harknc33, East
man, Soloy and Frlsby on thoir prosont
duties until May 1,1838.
The applicants for Territorial appoint
ments, aro becoming weary and impatlont
over what thoy consldor an unnecessary de
lay in "turning tbo rascals out." Thoy aro
fearful, too, that tho Prcsidont hasdopartcd
somewhat from tho spirit and letter of both
tbo Republican and Democratic platforms
by filling tbo Supremo bench of New Mex
ico with non'resldentsof tho Territory, and
aro apprchcuslvo that ho will follow up
his commencement with similar action
In other Territories. Dclcgato Ouray and
Mr. Alnslco nro among thoso who havo de
parted under a shadow of disappointment.
Mr. Ouray wants to be Governor of Arlzonla.
Tho Acting Secretary of tho Navy his
received no furthor Information concerning
the evacuation of Panama by tho marinoi.
Somo officers assort that tho withdrawal
was in accordanco with a request from both
tbo Insurgents and tho Colombian authori
ties, and a mutual promiso that Panami
should not bo mado tbo scono of hostllltioi,
and that American interests should not bj
Jeopardized nor transit interfered with.
Tho Acting Secretary of tho Navy bollovoi
that if such was tho caso it would havo
bcon reported. Tho absence of further ini
formation or a request for furtbor ordors is
accepted as an indication that Admiral
Jouctt bellovcs tho safety of American citi
zens and proporty to bo amply provided
Tbo withdrawal of tho marlnos from
Panama at a critical timo is a snrprlso and
n puzzlo to tho naval authorities. Boar
Admiral Jouctt'a ordors aro almost entirely
discretionary, but naval officers aro at a
loss to understand tbo meaning and motlvos
of this movement. Tho only explanation
is that Rcar-Admlral Jouott may havo had
better means of knowing that tho Insurgent
forco was capable of protecting American
interests than ore known to tbo Navy De
partment. Somo ofllcors think that Ad
miral Jouott misinterpreted, Socrotary
Wbltnoy's ordors, In which it was Btatod
that intorferenco was deprecated. IIo may
havo accepted this as an Intimation that
tbo forco should withdraw from Panama
and ouly roturn when American iutoroste
imperatively demanded thoir iiro-onco. If
the insurgent chieftain Is capable of carry
ing out his promises and proventlngtroublo
In Panama, It la generally thought that
Jouett acted proporly, but his ability to do
so Is doubted and tho wisdom of Admiral
Jouctt's action seriously questioned.
The Critic a fow days ago called atten
tion to tho defacement of roofs of public
buildings, and tbo Tioasury building par
ticularly, by telegraph wiresnnd otherun
sightly objects. Secretary Manning Insti
tuted an inquiry into tho matter and to
day issued an order that all telegraph
and telephone wires and other objects de
facing and injuring tho roof of tbo Tro ti
ll ry bui.ldlng must boromoved by tho com
panies represented on or befaro July 1, or
will bo cut down. This action was deter
mined upon not only becauso tho appear
anco of tbo building is spoiled, but also on
account of tbo repairs of tho roof necessi
tated by tbo breaking of tho slato, and
othor" damsgo dono by tho llnotnon who
repair and tako care of tho wires. Most
of tho wires attached to tho Treasury roof
also cross tho roof of tho Exccutlvo Man
Dion, and their removal from tho Treasury
will relievo tho Whlto IIouso to somo ox
tent. Colonol Rockwoll, howovor, Is con
sidering tho advisability of issuing a sim
ilar order romovlng all obstructions and
wires from tbo Whlto Honso roof. This
oxamplo Is likely to bo followed In othor
cases, and will prove ono of tbo most ef
fectual blows yot almod at tho system of
overhead wires.
Minor itml l'orsounl.
Tho Grcoly rollof stcanior Alort is at
Congressman Springer Is prominently
mentioned for tho Russian mission.
Naval Cadot W.'.C. Callaghan has resigned
from tbo Naval Academy at Aunapolts.
Tho First Comptroller has decldod that
tho earnings of Now York draymen aro not
Tbo Marino Hospital Buroau la luformod
that cholera Is prevailing in Calcutta to au
alarming extent.
Tho Secrotarv of tbo Treasury has ap
pointed E. T. Hunt to bo shipping com
missioner at Ponsacola.
Secretary Endlcott will roturn from Bos
ton to-morrow evening. Chief Clork Twoo
dalo Is acting Sccrotary iluiiiig his absouco.
Tho First Comptroller has declined to ro
vcrBO tbo decision of tbo Commissioner of
Internal Rovonuo as to tho allowanco on
tobacco stamps.
Pleico U, Stagg has been appointed a
copyist and Wm. J Hughes a telegrapher
in tho Attornoy-Gcnoral's ofilco undor
clvil-scrvlco rules.
Tbo President is said to havo docldod to
eolcct a California man as Minister to
China. Mr. Frank McCoppIn Is said to load
tbo list ot applicants.
Indian Agent McGllllcuddy, accompanied
by a delegation of Indians from tho Pino
Ridgo Agency, called upon tho Prcsidont
and paid thoir respects.
It Is eaid that ox-Attornoy-Geuoral
Brewster will wrlto out a full account ot
his connection with tho Star-Eiulo trials
and prosecutions growing out of thorn aud
publish it lu pampblot form for gonoral
The Poslofilco Department lias issuod pro
posals for furnishing postal-cards to tho
Government for tbo four years front tho 1st
of July noxt.
I'astmaster-Gcnoral Vilas to-day ap
pointed about eighty postmastors of tho
fourth class. About sixty moro will bo
appointed to-morrow.
General R, C, Drum and wife bavo gono
lo New York to attond tho woddlng of
Mr. Morgan, recently appointed Consul
General to Melbourne, Australia.
Lieutenant Charlos A, Foster has boou
ordered to examination for promotion.
Civil Engineer Monocal has bcon ordered
to contlnuo on present duty for thrco years.
Tbo Comptroller of tho Currency to-day
declared dividends of fivo por cent, In favor
of tbo creditors of tho Marino National
Bank of Now York nnd tbol'aclflo National
Bank of Boston,
Tho appointment of James F. McCIollan
as Survoyor-Gonoral of Florida Is to suc
ceed tho ltov. W. W. Hicks, formerly of
this city, who was nominated for that po
sition by.Prcsldont Arthur.
Six hundred tcachors, trust003 and
school superintendents of Virginia havo
signed a petition asking for tho rotoutlon
of General Jehu Eaton as Commissioner of
Education of tho United Statos.
Major Gcorgo A. M. Stanberry, United
States Army, will sail from Now York to
morrow as a delegato from tho United
States to tho sanitary conforonco which
is to bo held at Romo tho ICth proximo.
Mr. J. B. Balrd of Atlanta, Ga., was last
night appointed to bo chief of tho Dead
Letter Division of tho Postofilco Depart
ment, in placo of Mr. Dallas, resigned. Mr.
Balrd will enter upon his duties noxt
Assistant Secretary Falrchiid yostorday
beard arguments as to tbo mannor of paying
tbo drawback on duty paid on material ou
tcring Into tbo manufscturo of bags in
which grain and other domostlo products
aio Imported.
A loard of ofllcors of tho Rovonuo Marino
Service, consisting of Captains G. R. Sllcor,
G. W. Mooro and Rnssell Glover, mot at
tho Treasury Dopartmont yestorday for tho
examination of applicants for promotion In
the various grades of tho sorvlco.
By direction of tho Secrotaryof War,
Licutonaut E. P. Crowdor will assnmo tho
chair of professor of military scionco iu tho
Stato Univorslty of Missouri, relieving
Lieutenant Hoyden, who Is directed to ro
Join his regiment at Fort Lcavonworth.
A Mr. Barclay called at tho Stato Depart
ment and exhibited somo documonts bo
longing to bis grandfather. Among thorn
was tho first commission of a forolgn min
ister appointed under this Government,
signed by President Washington and
Thomas Jefferson.
Bids for fitting up comploto ono bath
room In tho Bouthwcst corner of tho now
Pension building havo boon openod from
tho following Washington firms : C. F,
Eckloff. $108.00; James F. Brlen, $133 01;
James Rogan. $203.00; John Mitchell, $100;
John Lyon, $327.03.
Dr. J. B. Hamilton, Rurgcon-goncral of
tho Marino Hospital Sorvlco, lias gono to
Now Orleans to attond tho convention of
tbo Amcilcrn Medical Association a3 a
dclcgato from tho Medical Socloty of tho
District. Surgeon John Godfrey has boon
designated to rcprcsont tho Marino Hos
pital Sorvlco in tho convention,
Tho command of tho Despatch con
tinues to causo a contest botwecn tho friends
of Lieutenants Emory and Rcodor, respect
ively. Lieutenant Rccdor's frlonds claim
that bo should not havo boon detached,
and that If ho is not to bo rostorod thoy
want to havo tho Despatch put out of com
miction. Judgo Upton, Second Comptroller of tho
Trcasmy, has mado a ruling that ofllcors of
tbo army who hold brovot rank at tho timo
of sorvlco in tho Moxican war aro entitled
to thrco months' oxtra pay allowod by Con
gress for Buck scrvico, according to tho
brevet rank held by thorn at tho closo of
thoir Borvlco.
Among tho President's callers yostorday
wa3 a llttlo nowsboy, 12 yoars old, who in
formed tho Prcsidont that ho thought ho
could do moro for his widowod mothor as a
messenger in ono of tho Departments than
by colling newspapors. Tho Prcsidont gavo
tbo llttlo fellow a noto to Socrotary Man
ning requesting his appointment.
Ciller Itonmo'H lleporton nil Claim)
for IlrmvlmchH on Taxeu I'alil.
Mr. Wm. Occar Roomo, chlof of Spocial
Assessment Dlvlsslon, having complotod
tho audit for tho claims lor drawbacks has
nado tho following report to tho Euglnoor
Commissioner :
Total amount ot credits allowod, payable In
drawback certificates, $052, 157.1h.
Drawback certificates Issued, 1)10,005 03.
Awaiting satisfactory proot ot ownership,
Drawback certificates rodcomed :
In payment ot epoclal assossmonts, ?175,
703 80,
In payment ot general taxes, $323,723.15.
Total redemption, $700,018 OJ.
Ooriiaeates outstanding, 8111,177.02,
Total, $1)10,005.03.
tight per cent. certlUcatos ot lndobtodnossi
Amount outstanding oxeluslvo ot accrual
intoresr, $280 85.
Unpaid assessments exclusive ot accrue-!
Interest plodgod tor their redemption $101,
2S2.41. Lieu certificates bold by third parties.
Amount ot Hon corttllcatos outstanding $115,
300.53. Unpaid spocial assessments plodgod tor
ttinir redemption as revlsod $114,050 in.
Fayablo In drawback certificates $0 211,03,
Colonel J, a, McLaughlin and Charles Moth
wrestled botoro a talr-slzod audience at tbo
Academy ot Music at Fort Wayno, Ind., last
night. Mothwas doclarod the winner ot threo
out ot tho llvo (alls, McLaughlin grow angry
and got Into a dispute with Moth upon tho
stage atter tho match, and they noarly camo
to blows.
Fifteen hundred ot tho miners omployod ot
Irwin Station, on tho Pennsylvania Railroad,
havo rofusod to roturn to work at the re
duction in price for mining. Instead ot suc
cumbing to tho defeats around them they aro
Inrutlnc now life Into tho campaign.
Nothing dellnlto lino yet boon ascertained
as to tho causo ot last night's lira In tho im
munson h Bona' brick building, No. 03 Third
avenue, Pittsburg. At n '30 o'elnck this morn
ing the lifeless body ot Nolson Wood, roronian
of cugluo company No. 7, was discovered on
tbo second floor ot tho building, almost cov
ered with debris. Ills body was horrinty
crutlicd, having boen caught under falling
Illnlrli't Uovflriiimmt NotoH.
O, r. Smith was eranted a permit t oroct a
dwelling on Nnw Hampshire avenue, noar I
etroor, to coat $3,200,
Tho National Hotel Company was grantod a
permit to-day to makn gnneral repairs on tho
hotel to tho axtent ot $7,000,
Charles V, Walson took out a permit to nreot
twodwolllnsson Twelltn street, between a
and I streets southeast, to cost $1,050.
Tto Commissioners rocelvod btda ti-day for
tho erection of tho wortthousa for women, uu
rter tho $20 000 appropriation. Columbus
Thomas was tho lowest blddor, His Did was
Inspector ot utilldlogs Enttvlslo has con
demned threo frame dwellings belonging to
Mrs, Annie Mornn In Cecil alley, West Wash
ington, and notified tho owner to tako them
down In thirty days. Ha lias also notified
Messrs, Wescott & Wltcox to tako down n shod
in roar ot (US Iwonty-utth street la flttoen
llENny II. llui f, tho young man who was
arrested in Now York for forgery, was brought
to this city at an early hour this mornlug.
It affords Instant relief and spoedy cure to
all sufferers from rhoumatlsm-salvatlon 0111
Twcnty.nvo coots,
A Spoecb of Groat Power and Effoot
Tho Duty or England Mado Plain
Rumors of Anothor Dattlo Botwoon
tho Russian and Afghan Troops.
London, April 28. Mr. Gladstone has
seldom, If over, spoken with groator forco
and effect than ho did iu tbo Uouso of
Commons yestorday. It Is tho genera1
opinion that tbo Govornment will Insist
.upon satisfaction from Russia for tho PcnJ-
dch affair. Tho news of anothor battle,
though not as yot confirmed, has greatly
Increased tho daugcr of war, Tho Times
toys that tbo rumor Is probably tbo first
oozlng-out of nows which lias b:3:i sup
pressed officially,
Tho speech ol Mr. Gladstouo was chcorod
to tho echo during tbo delivery and at its
closo. Ho was also enthusiastically cheorod
when leaving tho Homo of Commons, after
the speech. Ho stated, toward tho con
clusion of his remarks, that tho covonant
with Russia of March 10 was ono which
England hoped nnd bollovod would bo re
cognized as ono of tho most sacred over
mado between two great nations, and If
any doviatlon occurred tboro should bo
Jealous rivalry botween tho two nations to
sift to tbo bottom all that romalncd in
suspense. A bloody engagement occurrod
on March 30, showing that ouo or both
failed to fulfil tho covonant. England con
sidered it tho duty of both countries to
ascertain how tho calamity occurred. Tho
credit of $53,000,000 wa3 then voted by
tho Ilouec.
the itusionrjD nATTf.n.
At pro'ent only tho iiufqiciiftence Itclge
and tbo Daity Xcwt bavo received nows of
tho bittlo. It Is presumed that a body of
Russians followed a body- of rotroatlng Af
ghans whllo scouting in tho country for
tho purposo of collecting Information, and
perhaps pushed toCramon-I-Bcd, thus com
ing In contact with tho Afghan troops on
tho direct routo to Herat, or a similar
movement may have boon mado from Zcul
fikar or Ak-Robat. At prosont tboro Is
nothing to show whero tho conflict oc
Tho declaration of war Is not oxpoctod
to follow directly upon a rupturo of diplo
matic relations botweon Baron do Staal
and Sir Edward Thornton, and Russia
would probably order Goucral KomarofT to
advanco on Herat, England moanwhilo oc
cupying Quotta and Candahar. Tho ict
that tho Russian transport which passed
through tbo Suoz Canal and was tbon or
doled back is still waiting at tho ontranco
of tho canal causes somo anxiety.
Grain freights to tho north of England
from the Sea of Azov wcro last week 20
shillings nnd aro now 33 shillings. Tho
firtt charter for coal to bo sent to Cronstadt
was mado at West nartlopoal yestorday nt
0 shillings (1 ponco por ton, which is noarly
2 shillings nbovo last year's rates. Russian
importers aro anxious to got coal early
iu tho Baltic. All British merchantmen
havo bcon insured agajnst war risks.
During tho last few days it has boon re
ported that tho wholo Russian coast of tho
Baltic has been strongly fortified, and that
tho approach at any point is dangorous
owing to tho prcscuco of torpodoos and so)
In tbo House of Commons to-day tbo
Govcrnmont was lntorrogatod concerning
tho report of a collision botwoon tho Rus
sians and Afghans, in which it was said tho
former wore routed with heavy loss. Mr.
Gladstono replying stated that ho had not
been advised of any ouch fight.
Tbo reports, bowovor, havo created In
dcscrlbablo oxcitomont, and tbo opinion is
unanimous that if such a battle a3 roportod
has fcally taken placo tbo question whothor
tbcro is to bo peace or war has bcon decided
In favoring war.
In tbo cvontofa crushing Russian vic
tory, which is looked for as a mittor of
couibc, tho Biltish will probably roocenpy
Candubar, and block tbo ouly practicable
roads into India.
Another Rumor Denied.
Bnni,iN,.AprIl 23. Tho rumor published
by tho A'nd'oiiol Zeltimg ye'tordav that tha
CVnr had written a lottor to tho Emporor of
Germany, stating that tho chances for poaco
had diminished, Is somi-ofilcially denied
this morning.
J.iiiusilcu the Ciiiiho.
Vienna, April 28. The Governor of
Odessa declared to tho Odessa correspond
ent of tho TaijhlaU yestorday, "Lumsdon
was tho real causo of tho canfllet In tbo
Kushk. Russia does not desire moro con
quests, but cannot submit to Englands im
poitinonco. Russia is quito propared for
war. England will not bo able to subduo
ns with Boven millions and a half pounds
Tbo EubMhIi nt tlio Bermnilns.
New Your, April C3.-"Tho English
oro actively engaged In war proparatloos
at Bermuda," said n gentleman yostorday
who bad returned from that Island. "Tho
Yoikshlroand Lancashire toglmonts, froih
from tho Soudan, aro tbcro, and tho gar
rison is thus swelled to over 1.2C0 mon.
Tbcro Is eorao reason for tbo activity thoy
aro showing, for all tho timo I was thoro
(hero was a Russian man-of-war cruising
oulsldo tho harbor."
ITI1II0 Knulnutl IXcaltntcn ltnssiii
Bfnltcs Her Forward Movements.
London, April S3. Tho dispatching of
Mr. Aloxandor Condlo Stophon, of Sir Poto
Lumsdon's party, to London with report 1
that might bo far moro promptly trans
mitted by mall or tolcgrapb, is moroly an
other ruso to gain timo, Mr. Stephen it
notamombor of tho International Bound
ary Commlssiou, which really consists of
only two men Gonoral Kclonol, represent
ing Russia, aud Sir Potor Lumsden, repre
senting Great Britain, Tho latter has with
him a civil staff, comprising Colonel Pat
rick Stewart, Major Napier, Mr. Stophon
aud Captain Barrow and a military escort
commanded by Colonol J. Wost Rldgoway.
Mr. Stephen is a young atttcho of tho For
eign OUlco, and was appointed from tbo
post of second secrotary of legatlou at
Teheran tn a position' under Gonorat Lums
den for his knowlcdgo of tho Russian,
Turkish and Persian languages galnod by
his ccrvico lu tho British legations at St.
Petersburg, Constantinople, Phlllppopolls
and Teheran.
Mr. Stephen's prcsont errand Is that of a
messenger neither moro nor loss but tho
Govcrnmont would bo vory glad to bavo
tbo publlo bcliovo that ho is coming to Lon
don for an Important consultation, and
that until this consultation Is hold it would
bo rash to move
From tho very beginning of tbo Afghan
muddlo It 1ms bcon noticed that Mr. Glad
stone has always bad somo vory good rat
ion at hand why England should wait. For
many months it was becauso Gonoral
Zolcnoibad not yet met Sir Potor Lums Ion.
Tho Russians advanced In forco froai
Sarakhs Into tbo dlsputod territory, and
Engllsbmou grow Impatient, but tboy woro
told that nothing could be decided until
aftor tho durbar botwoon tho Amocr and
Earl Duflcilu, Before tho durbar was ex
cluded, General Komaroff slow somo hud
dreds of England's Afghan allies and slewed
Peiijdch. Tho British became furious, but
wcro told to wait until tho official roports
woro received. When KomarofT ropartod
that tho Afghans wcro tho nggrossora his
government loaded blm with honors and
tbo British Government said: "Let us wait
and sco what Sir Potcr Lumsden ssys about
It." Sir Peter Lumsden said flatly that
KomarotTs report was a pick of llos, and
tho people again becamo vory hot In tho
Mr. Gladstono tbon proposed that an in
ternational commission of oxperts should
sift the contradictory roports, atid that
England should, of courso, await tha result.
Thomlxcd commission was agreed to by Rus
sia, although wltliout;tho:sllghtcst hint that
sbo would consldor herself bound to abldo
by Its decision, and this proloctod debating
club on tbo frontier was given tho pious
ing tlllo of nil arbitration of tho Ponjdoli
afialr. In tbo moan timo Russia holds
Pcnjdcb, Zulflkar, and a dozon othor points
in tho disputed zouo, and is uudlsguisodly
reaching out for Herat. Tho British pub
lic must bo lulled again, nnd it 13 told to
wait until a budding diplomat can bring a
dispatcii box 5,000 miles from Sir Potor
Lumsden to Earl Granvllio.
Au Iutornnl Itevcnno Collector Suotl
for DnninKGK.
Grafton, W. Va,, April 23. Suit hai
Just been entered In tbo Circuit Court of
Taylor County against S. P. McCormlok,
Collector of Internal Rovonuo for this
State, for $10,000 damagoo for dofamatlon
of character by S. W. Piorco, son of a deal
Union soldier, who has eorved In tho Col
lector's ofilco for a long numbor of yoars,
but who has bren tnrncd out by McCor
rnlck. Piorco sorved under Gonoral Brown,
ox.Govcrnor Ptorpont, and Gonoral Duval,
and In all this timo novor had a chargo
mado against liim. McCormick mado a
chargo of intompcranco against Piorco,
whom ho found filling a position of gangor
on bis accession to tho oUIco of Collector.
Tbo Dopartmont nt Washington sont on a
special agont to oxamtno tho caso, and ho
In ills report completely oxonoratcd Piorco.
McCormick then mado a socond kick, said
bo was bottor qualified to Judgo than a
special agont, and wroto to Piorco that ho
must go; that ho was personally obnoxious
to blm, and that ho (McCormick) could
transact no business with him. At last
McCoimlck was so persistent that Piorco
had to leave. Ho at onco wont to work
collecting ovldcncofor a suit. McCormick
is tbo Collector that Prcsidont Clovoland
attempted to turu out by nominating John
McGraw of Grafton for tho position, but
tbo Senato refused to confirm tho nomina
A lleclnlou AlIV-ulliic tlm Jurisdic
tion Oier M,000,000 Acrett.
Tort Smith, Am;., April S3. An
opinion of moro than ordinary Importance
was rendorcd yostorday aftornoon by Judgo
I. 0. Parkor of tho Fedoral Court for tbo
Wcstorn District of Arkansas, in which la
Involved not only tho Jurisdiction of tho
court, but tbo titlo to tho disputed Okla
homa lauds known as tho Chcrokoo strip.
It was in tho caso of Connell Rotors, In
dicted In tbo Federal Court at Wichita,
Kan,, for burning some of tho shanties of
tho Oklahoma Boomors at Rockfalis at the
timo ot Payno's last romoval and arrest by
the Marshal of tbo District. An order fjr
removal of defendant to tbo Wichita Coirt
for trial was askod, but Rogors filed a p ti
tion for a writ of haboas corpus on tho
ground that tho Kansas Court had no juris
diction. In lis opinion tbo court holds that tho
territory in which tbo ofibnso was com
mitted Is In tho Chcrokco Nation, and tha
the Federal Court at Wichita has nojurlsdlc
tion In tbo case, tbo land having boen
patented to tbo Chorokccs on December 31,
1S33, by tbo Govcrnmont. This not only
settles tho caso at bar, but also tho title to
8,000,000 acres of valuablo land,
I,Oh l'roin tlie Floods.
Dallas, Tex., April 23. Roports from
tbo surrounding country aro coming In,
giving details of great I033 of proporty and
cattlo by tho recent Hoods. Mauy hair
breadth escapes aro recorded. At a point
twolvo miles north of Dallas twenty mon,
womon and children, surrounded by tho
raging water, wero forced to tako rofugo on
tho roofs, whero thoy remained oxposod
without food for over thirty hours boforo
thoy wcro rcscuod. At anothor point a
family named Rankc3 wcro suddonly sur
rounded mid compelled to tako rofiif 0 ou
tbo top rail of a pen, whero tboy woro dis
covered and rojeued in a bath-tub by a
young farmer, all tho boats having been
washed dowu tbo Trinity. John Spark
inau lost twenty -fivo horses.
Tlio Medical Kill to rH lu Ncmlon.
New Oeleans, April 23,-Tho Association
of American Medical Editors met yestorday,
with Prcsidont 11. O, Marcy of Boston In
tbo chair. Dr. John E. Shoemaker of
Philadelphia was vlco-prosldont, II, O.
Walker of Detroit secretary, and 150 mom
bcrs woro also present. Addresses woro read
by Dr. Marcy and Dr. F. E. Daniels of
Texas. Tha paper of Dr. Billings of Bos
ton was postponed, Tbo following ofllcors
wcro elected for tbo onsuing yoar: II. 0.
Walker of Detroit, prosldent; F. S. Simms,
Memphis, vice-president; F. E. Daniels of
Austin, Tex., sccrotary. Tho association
adjourned to mcot at a timo and placo do
elded upon by tho American Mod leal Asso
ciation. X I.ndy CliiirKeil With Arxon.
Cincinnati, 0., April 23. Mrs. Hawloy,
tho lady who discovorod tho fire in tbo
Palaco Hotol 1 o'clock Saturday mornlug,
was arrested last ovening on a chargo of
arson, Dotcctivos bavo been at work on tho
caso and claim to bavo fouud damaging
ovldonco against Mrs. Hawloy. Hor room
was on tho second floor. Yostorday dotcct
Ives visited her room and fouud n torn
plcco of newspaper which fitted plocos of
tho paper saturated with oil found undor
tho doors of tho othor rooms on tho floor.
Tho plcco was wrapped around a fragment
of a black comb which tho ofllcors claim cin
bo proved to bo u part of ono owned by
Mrs. Hawloy.
Trench Iiilliieiicn nt ffuinmtt,
New York, April 2S A special from
Panama cays: "Frondi lnfluonte is su
premo boro. Tho French peoplo living at
Panama boast that the protest from Paris
caused tho American troops to loavo tho
city. An Ameilcan bark which was cap
tured by tho rebels has been rotakon by tho
Alllanco and sent to Colon with Rots aud
sixty insurgents on board."
The Virginia Coupon tirttlon.
Richmond, Vv., April 23. Govornor
Cameron has 110 Idea of convoking tho Goa
cinl Assembly in extra session as has been
reported. Thoro Is no money iu tho
treasury to pay the expousos. Tbo docislon
of tho Supremo Court iu tbo coupon casai
has not been certified to tbo court boro yot,
mid no coupons ato being offered so far for
To-Dny'H Temperature.
Tho signal urUco furnishes tho following
eynopsle ot tho weather
l.ool meteorological report for April 2S,
1880 Thermometer readings at :i a. m., 0 S'.T,'
7 a. m., 8 1 7s 11 a. m O.V.O.
lteport for April 27, 1833: Mean tompera
ture, 03' ft 1 maximum, 70". Oi minimum,
no,,U moan relatlvo humidity, 55.0 per cent,
I'or Wodnosday, fair woathor Is Indicated for
tha Mlddlo Atlantlo Btatoe, preceded by light
rains to-slght, with slight chauges la timpoc
Verdict In the Contest Over I ho I.nto
Admiral l'oircll'n Will.
Tho protracted contost ovor tbo will of
tho lato Admiral Powoll terminated to-day
In a verdict of tbo Jury In tho Circuit
Court sustaining tho will, This is ono of
tbo most Important will contests that has
ever been tried in our courts. Besides tbo
largo Biuount of property involvod abcut
$160,000 thoro is another mattor of im
portance settled. Tbo lattor Is tho oslib
llsbmontof tho ouly Institution of Its kind
in this country a free preparatory naval
school under "Tbo Admiral Powoll Endow,
niont,' at Columbian University. Tho ob
ject of this Institution, as stated In tho Ad
miral's will, Is to furnish an opportunity
for young men of limited means lo fit
themselves to enter tho United Btatos
Naval Academy or tho Rovonuo Marino
Sorvlco as masters and niatoj. Tbo caveat
ors lo tho will wcro Sarah C. Cosmoull nnd
others against Charles D. Drako and W. 11.
Webb, executors under tho will, Tlio suit
brought ont, as usual In such cases, a lot of
testimony ol a porsoual and scandalous
naturo to sustain tho chargo that tho Ad
miral was not of sound mind nnd that un
duo influenco was used upon blm,
I'njninslf r.Heiiornl Nmltli Totltlc
llrforo llm Court of Inquiry.
I'nyinastcr-flcncral Smith wa3 to-day bo
foio tho court of Inquiry Into tho charges
against him. A largo numbor of letters ro
tating to tho contract of Austin P. Brown,
for furnishing beef, pork, presorvod boof,
vinegar and candles to tho Buroau of Pro
visions and Clothing to bo dollvored In
Now York wero read. Tho payments mado
to Mr. A. P. Brown tindor tho con
tract at different times wcro givou. Tha
letters also show that Mr. Brown'A con
tiact for beef and pork was oxtonded and
also modified.
Tho extension was for ninety days with
out Invalidating tha contract, with tho
stipulation that If beef and pork woro
wanted boforo tbo ninety days that Mr.
Browu would bo compelled to furnish
them. Soveral lettors showed that Mr.
Brown was pressed to furnish hcof and
pork. Ho was compollcd to do It at what
ho complained a serious loss to him soil.
Telegrams read also showed that Paymaster-General
Smith ordered tha purchase of
pork to bo charged to tho account of A. P.
Blown when tho latter was dorollct. This
was the caso particularly when tho Ton
ncssco was fitting out at Now York. Thoro
wcro a number of Instances whero Mr.
Brown was sharply admonished by Mr.
Smith for not delivering pork whon callod
upon for it.
Tlio Coroner's Jury Kola Alfred
Colllna ns tha Clullty Jinn.
An Inquest was hold at tbo Eighth
Precinct Statlon-Uousa at 1 o'clock to-day
over tho body of Alexander Bettors, tho
old colored man who was murdorod by
Alfred Collins, his step-son, duriug au
altercation between thorn at an old shanty,
below Glcsboro, on Saturday night last.
Tho Jury was composed as follows:
William H. Thompson, John Massoy, John
Dickson, Johu 11. Pcakc, John H. Garges
and B. L. Simpson,
Tboparrlcido Ian bright looking young
man, about Oft. 7 in. tall, SI yoars of ago,
bright skin; ho has a high forohoad and
largo bluo oyes. Ho was neatly drosscd.
His sppcaranco is uot that of a murdorcr.
When told of bis father's death ho shed
tears, and said that ho was sorry that tbo
fight had terminated eo seriously. IIo bad,
ho said, no intention of hurting his father.
Ho was drunk and did not know what ho
was doing. Ills reputation, bowovor, is
not good. Ho was arrested last summor
for striking a boy on tho head with a black
Jack, and fined $20 in tho Polfco Court.
Tho following witnesses woro callod and
their testimony proved conclusively that
tho prisoner, whllo undor tho Influenco of
drink, bad, in a quarrol, brokon his stop
father's head with a plank : Mrs. Bettors,
tho lecoascd's wlfo; Samuol Betters, hor
son ;' Elizabeth Betters, hor daughter ; Ser
geant McCatbran, Dr. Tyler and Ofllcor
Tbo caso was glvon to tho Jury who re
turned tbo following vordict :
'Ihat tho said Aloxandor Bettors camo f his
death about IU o'clock a, m. on tho '-!7ch day
ot Aptll, 1885, at l'rovldouco Hospital, city ot
Wnrnington, D.C., from Injuries of tho noad
Inflicted with n club or somo blunt Instru
ment held In the hands ot Alfred Collins.
Sir. lMinoinIs Hnya Thru They C'ouio
from I.nck of Appropriation.
Commissioner Edmonds stated toa CniTio
reporter to-day, In relation to tho complaint
of Avcnuo and Sovonth-stroot merchants
and citizens about tho Infrequoncy of tho
strcot sweepings, that thoro will bo no
moro complaint aftor July 1 noxt. Tlio
appropriation for tbo noxt fisc.1l year is
increased $5,000, making an appropriation
of $15,000 for stroot Bwooping and $10,003
for sweeping alloys. IIo statod that tho
complaint grow ont of tho auproprlatlon
for this work remaining tbo samo for
soveral years, whllo thoro was a stoady
Increase In tho area of paved streets to bo
A Ilulllaii tiavH Neot-Freo.
Louis Wayman, tbo negro ruffian who
soveral years ago kicked tho lato Police
Officer Thompson in tho oyo, causing him
to becomo blind, was charged in tho Pollco
Court this morning with assault and bat
tery with Intent to kill byshootlngCharlos
Murphy, another colored man. Tlio shoot
ing took placo in a saloon kept by Samuel
Wandcll, at tbo cornor of Fourteenth and
E streets northwest, last night. Tho ball
entered Murphy's loft arm, passed through
it aud lodged in tho wall. Sam Huff, tbo
bartender, testified that tho two mou on
tcrcd tbo saloon between (t and 7 o'clock last
evening, and, after drinking awhllo both
mon becamo cngogod In a dispute, whloh
Involved an old feud that had long boon
standing botwecn thorn. Wayman wont
behind tho bar, picked up a pistol lying on
tbo shelf and fired tho shot. Murphy testi
fied that ho did not seo who shot him. IIo
did not think Wnyman would shoot blm
Intentionally. IIo did not want to proio
cuto tbo case, as ho thought tho shooting
was accidental. Judgo Shell said hu would
havo to dismiss tho caso, and accordingly
did so.
An AllrnclUellatHlillNlimont,
Messrs. Wm. Knabo & Company havo
opened, at 817 Market Space, an establish
ment for tho sale in this city of their
Justly eolcbrated plano3. Tho now do
partuio has met with great suecovs. It Is
almost unnecessary to Bay that tho sucoess
Is fully wai ranted, not only by tho oxcol-
lenco of tho instruments there ou silo, but
by tho com Icons nnd ofllclout manner lu
which It Is conducted, Tho Knabo is
well kuown to bo ono of tho most
popular pianos In tho District. And
tbo purchasers of It now have in this city
tuo same incuitics as aro onjnvod in litltl
moio and Now York of diallug directly
with tho manufacturers.
-Oharlos IS, Oram, Ayreshlre, Scotland, is at
tho Arlington.
James n, Daylerof tho United Statos Coast
Uutvoy Is lu tho ell.
Davenport Wboelsr and wife, Now Hayou,
Conn., aro at the Arlington.
Hon. Casey Young returned to tho city thtl
rnwicE pna Ksttwica at tug luggs, .
Gossip or YoQtordny'B Garao-A Flno
Athloto Fast Sprint Running; Tlio
"Mota" FInod bytho American Asso
ciation No wb From tlio Flstlo Arona.
Tho trick played yostorday by tho Now
Yorkers was au old ono, and has often boon
played, but tho idea of tho (rack club of
tbo Icaguo bolng afraid to play tbo Nation
als on even terms speaks well for tho cstl
mato In which tho latter aro bold. With
bolh nines batting tho tamo ball, and Batr
pitching for tho homo club, wo cm beat tho
New Yorks a majority of gamoi It ii
probablo that considerable blltcrnoss will
bo engendored by this llttlo cplsodo which
may complicate tho mattor or tho admis
sion of tho Nationals into tbo Amcricin As
sedation, Mr. Applcton, who was pro3ont
nt the gamoyesterday, rcnudlatnd all knowl
cdgo of tho trick nttompted by 0 Rouko,
and is down ou any such unsport3maulika
Tbo American Association, much to tho
disappointment of overy ono horc, took no
action yesterday upou tho admission of the
Nationals. Tho "Mcts" aro drawing unex
pectedly well.
Tho gnmo yestorday was a model exhibi
tion and well repaid tho largo audleuca
for a visit to Capitol Park. If It had not
been for tho long "chlu" over tho ball rung
in by O'Rourko thoro would havo boon
timo to bavo played tlio game out. Thoro
would havo bcon a decided advantago to
tho New Yorkers in giving tho Nationals
one ball to bat and having anothor thom
selvcs, but tho balls that aro usod at tho
Capitol Park this season are about tbo
worst specimens ovor soon on n basoball
field, anyway. Bytho timo two innings
aro played tho ball becomes llko a bag Of
mush, If it bos not ripped open ou
li rely.
At tbo closo or tbo gamo yesterday tho
usual cushion shower commoncod, whon
tbo polico put ft stop to It by arresting two
of tho participants. It Is hard to soo on Ju6
whatgiounds not tho National such ar
rests could bo mado. It was Innocont sport
and always created n good deal of amuse
ment. Some, who bad hats spoilt, If any
tbcro bavo been, probably could uot sou
any fun in it, but to tlio most of the specta
tors and participants It mado up for a gool
many bad plays during tho gamo,
liollly did not arrivo In time fur tho
gamo yestorday, and Paul Hinos took hU
placo on tho nlno, playing first baso lu a
manner to cover blmsolf with glory.
Barr pitched a beautiful gamo. Tbo
visitors bad tbo hardest, kind of a timo
finding tbo ball, and when thoy did, the
fielding was so sharp it availed tbem noth
ing. Mr. Apploton, president of tho "Mots"
and half owner in tbo Now Yorks, has heen
an Interested spectator of tho last four
games. IIo says tho "Mots" aro drawing
better this season than ho oxpectod.
Moirisoy bandied a grounder yesterday
iu a stylo that showed a marked Improve
ment lu that part of bis Holding,
Harry West of the rost is a basoball on
thuslast, and raroly misses a gamo whon ho
can got away from tho dally tre&l-mlll.
Tho boys say that Stoddard is a candldato
for tho position of Public Printer.
No moro games until Friday. It was
boped tbo Nationals would play thoir first
American Association gamo to-day with tha
Tho Cincinnati aro tha coming cham
pions of tho American Association.
At tho mcoting of tho American, Associa
tion, held at Pittsburg yostorday, Uo fool
ing manifested against tho Metropolitans
was very strong. Many delegates bellwa
iu expelling tho Metropolitan Club ana
declaring its playors lnollglblo to play
clsowhcro. It Is well known that tho
Mcts and tho Now York Lesguo Club aro
controlled by tho ono sot of officials.
They stood by tbo loaguo and wont back
on tho association, of which tho Mcts aro
champions. Further than that, thoy weak
ened tbo association team by transferring
Estcrbrook aud Kcofo to tbo League Club,
and this, tho delegates say, was an out-and-out
slap In tho faco. If tho Mots
should lo forced out, it Is certain that
tlio Nationals of Washington will tako
their place. There aro thoso who claim ti
know, who intimato that tbo dlroctors of
tho Metropolitan Club would even favor
such a move, and point to the fact that Mr.
Applcton, ono of the directors of tbo Mo.ro-
Eollton Exhibition Company, roccntly
ought $."00 worth of tho stock ot tho Na
tional Club. It is asserted that at tho
regular meeting held Iu Now York a deal
ofthis kind was arranged. It Is also said
that tho Motropolltan Club has been on tho
market for sovoral weeks past. Tho oxlte
roent in basoball circles Is vory groat. A
motion to ask tho club to resign from 1J10 as
sociation was passed, but afterward recon
sidered and 11 resolution adopted Imposing
a fine of $500 ou tho club for violation or
tho constitution and expelling Jamos Mu
trio from tho association for assisting in tho
transfer of tho players named. It is doubt
ful ir tho club's managers will coosont to
pay this flno. While Mutrio was plotting
to rob tbo Nationals of tbo gamo yostorday
tho resolution expelling him was passed by
tho American Association in Pittsburg.
A tine ATilLirrE.
Mr. William Muldoou, who dors tbo
statuto act with tho Thatcher Minstrol Co.,
Is well known all ovor tho country 03 ono
of tho best all-round athletes in Amorica,
and is especially clover as a Qrosco-Romaa
wrestler. Two weeks ago Matsada, tho
Jap, and Abs, tho big Gorman, wrestlod
In Now York for two hours, each, gaining
ono fall. Matsada refused to wrostlo lougor
and Aba was given tho match. Many of
those present woro dlsgustod, and several
of Muldoon's frlonds said that ho could
throw either ono at Grrcco-llonian stylo,
fivo times In an hour, Matsada's frlonds
took up tbo challonge, and tho match was
mado for Muldoon without his knowledgo.
Ho was Informed of it by his Woods last
week and that tho date set was'May D.
Tbo matrh was uot of Muldoon's seek Ing,
but sluto his friends havo mado it ho will
not back out. Those who have scon tho
Jap perform can readily sco what a handi
cap Muldoon cutorswltb, but If any man
in tho country can do it ho cau. lie Is a
vcry'quict, unassuming gentleman, and not
tbo terror Ills deeds of strength would In
dicate, aud his now frlonds hore wish blm
II. M. Johnson of Now York boat Goorga
Smith of Pittsbnrg In tho 125 yards rutt
ing race at Chester Park, Cincinnati, yes
terday, by six feet. Time, 11 3-5 seconds,
bratiug tho lccord. Tbo match was foe
$00 nsldoand tbo championship of America.
Jobnfcou was warmly congratulated. It wa
said that an unknown has offered to miti't,
him for from$l,000 toSo.ouo in six wooiw.
the risTic ahens,.
Dominlck F. McCiflroy, who will mcot
Denny Rollohcr, tho Philadelphia hoavy
weight, in Clarondon Hall, will not talk
about Sullivan. "Whon I am champlou,
ho says, "I may talk of other pooplo at
Sullivan doos. 1 do not know what I shall
do in tho future I am waiting for a deci
sion In tbo Sullivan-Ryan matter. I bo
llovo Mr. Ryan intonds to fight Mr. Sul
livan on tho lovcl. Aftor tho rosult It
known I will say moro about niysotf. To
motrow I box at the) cntQrtalaoioat aa
Clarendon. IIrU,"
. tfi
t i

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