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The Evening Critic.
17TH YEAR NO. 5,217.
Appointments by tho President To
dayMr, Kolloy Will Not go to Italy
Mr. BayariVu Health Tho Interna
tional Postal Convention Dologato
Crawford's Return No Buocossor
to Judrro Wyllo Yot Nnmod.
Judgo Rartloy of this city Introduced to
Ibo Presldont to-day William Mleklobam
slid Mrs. Mleklobam, a groat-grand son and
a gtnnd.daughtor of Thomas Jofforson.
General Atkins, Commissioner of Indian
Affairs, will leftto tho city noxt Monday
for Now York, whoro ho will Bupoivlio tho
opening of bids or famishing Indian sup
plies for tho noxt fiscal year. IIo will us
accompanied by tho committee appointed
(ho other day,
Tlio President's callers to-day Included
tho VIco-Prcsldent nnd frlonds, tho Socro
tnry of Stato nnd tho Secretary of tho Navy,
Senator McPborson, Cougrcssmon Ward,
Ilolman nnd Sprlngor, Ignatius Donnelly,
Judgo Wyllo, Kov. Dr. Bartlott and Hot.
Dr. Enndcrlatid.
LENqriiENiNo omen nouns.
General Ilazcn has ordorcd tho cxtou
sion of tho hours of work from 8:30 n. m.
(o C p. m. This arrangomont will only
continue, It is supposed, for a short time,
as It is only designed to bring up tbo
work now very much in arrears and so
euro a prompt performance of curront
It bus been reported that tbopurposoof
Secretary Endlcott'a visit to Boston has
been to pacify tho opposition occasioned by
recent appointments In Now England, which
led to eovcro criticism of tho Administra
tion. A friond of Secretary Endlcott Is
authority for an omphatlo donlal ot tho
report that ho has gono on any such mis
sion, and says tho Secretary's, visit is of a
purely personal nature
Tho executive commlttco of tho inaugu
ration celebration porformed its last oQlclal
act to-day in depositing at tho Treasury
Department $257.00 In payment for tho
llasB borrowed from tbo Navy Department
for tho decoiatlon of tho l'cnslou building
on tho night of tho Inauguration ball, and
which could not afterwards bo accounted
for. It is said that this is tho first timo on
record that tbo Navy Department has boon
reimbursed for flags lont and lost.
Tbo postal cards which will bo issued un
der tbo contract to be awarded July tho 1st
next will bo of a much hotter quality than
thoso now In nso. Third-Assistant I'03t-master-General
Hazen, who has beon on a
visit to tho paper manufactories la Now
York and tho Last, has selected a creamy
colored paper of oxtra strong quality up to
which tbo samples of all bidders mnstcomo,
and which must bo maintained In tho cards
furnished after tho contract is awardod.
Tho Attorney-General was asked at tho
conclusion of tho Cablnot mcotlng yestor
day whether tho selection of Judgo Wylio's
successor had yet beon considered. Ho ro
plicd that tho Prosidont and himself re
garded tho matter as ono of importauco,
nationally as woll as locally, and that a
cliolco would notbomadoln hasto. The sub
ject had nc yot beon considered, and Judgo
Wylio's lotUr of resignation bad not boon
sctcd upon. Tbo matter would bo ouo of
the first to claim his attention.
Among tho appointments of intornal rove
nuo collectors is that of ITamtlton Shepherd
for tho Sixth Virginia District, who Is to
succeed William E. Craig, suspended. Col
lector Craig, It will be remembered, recent
ly declined to rcBlgn wbon requested to do
eo by Commissioner Miller. Commissioner
Miller forwarded tho correspondence to tho
President with a recommendation that ho
bo suspended for causo. Tbo Prosldent
acted upon tho recommendation with a
readiness that Is causing other Intornal
rovonuo collectors to trcmblo.
Sometime. ago tho United States brought
suit against tho Brighton rancho of Ne
braska for tho unlawful occupancy of tho
public land. A survoy of tho land was
inado by tbo Government for tho purpose
of prosecuting. Afterwards tho rancho
pcoplo changed their fonccs and throw off
about 23,000 acres of land. Thoy now
claim that tho suit against thorn cannot
bold becauso of tho chango of foncos. Com
missioner Sparks decides that such a suit
can hold under tho act passed just betoro
tho adjournment to prevent tho unlawful
occupancy of tho publlo domain.
Minister Kclloy rallod upon tho Secre
tary of Stato soon after his arrival In this
city and declined tbo Italian mission. Up
to that timo the State Department had
been In doubt as to what action ho would
take, and as ho held his commission as
Minister to Eomo, his movomonts woro
watched with considerable curiosity. Tho
question as to whotbor Mr. Kelloy will bo
assigned to soma other post Is believed to
bo still open. Some persons claiming to
know Secretary Bayard's feelings on tho
subject say that Mr. Kolloy's rccont speech
atltlchmond rendered it Impossible that ho
should bo selected to reprosout this coun
try at any foreign court.
"I am very much surprised," Bald a
prominent Stato Department ofllclal, "to
see n diplomatist so prominent and orudtto
as ox-Governor Curtln quoted as saying
that American manufacturers could not
soil arms and ammunition to Eoglaud or
Russia after a declaration of war. This
ideals unfoundod. All through tho Franco
German war and all other recont wars
American manufacturers havo continued to
cell aims to cither or both of tho warring
nations. In timo of war belltgerants and
neutrals each bavo rights and responsi
bilities which nro established by law and
precedent. Tbo light of citizens of a
neutral nation to Bell arms to nations at
war has never been questioned. Tho per
tons so doing take cortaln risks and forfeit
rights to cortaln protection and Indemnity,
but the United States is In no way bound
to provout such shipmonts from hor
Third Assistant I'ostmastor-Goneral
Ilazcn has, at tho request of Postmastor
General Vilas, propared a most interesting
nnd careful statement in regard to tho re
sults during tho first year of tbo reduction
of letter postago fioui thrco to two conts.
The actual rovonuo for tho year ended Sep
tember 30, 1881 (the first year during which
tho reduced rato prevailed), was $12,181,
609, or $7,170,890 less than tho estimated
revenue upon a tbrce-cout rato, and tho
loss by tho reduction of tho rate to two
cents was $533,100 less than tho estimated
Ices. Thoimmcdiato falling off la tho Is
suo of postal cards was 18 (I por cent.,
amounting to 83,031,2d7 cards. Genoral
Ilazcn demonstrates that tho actual loss
growing out of the reduction was much loss
than theso figures show becauso of busl-
nees depression. In vlow of tho probabil
ity of an early rovlval of business pros
tcrlty It Is not unreasonable to expect In
tho near futuron very largo Incroasoin tho
receipts from letter postage, especially m
from July 1 noxt tbo unit of weight on
letters Is increased from half an ouhco loan
ounce, when wo shall havo in this country
literally tho "penny postago" of Groat
Britain, which, General llazon isconvlnccd,
will provo beneficial to tho Department as
a rovonuo measure.
Secretary Whitney pronouncos wholly un
true tho nowspaper story that hn wont on to
Now York to confer with loading Demo
crats rclativo to tho distribution of patron
ogc. Ills solo purposowas to look after af
fairs at tho navy-yard and wind np the
business of his law office.
Tho Picsidont has appointed John S.
Williams of Indiana to bo Third Auditor of
tbo Treasury, vico Auditor Kolghtly, re
signed. Mr. Williams is an earnest and
life-long Domocral. IIo Is a brothor of
General Gcorgo B. Williams, woll known as
an internal rovonuc ofllclal of this country
and Japan. Mr. Williams had tho support
of tho VIco-Prosldont and nearly all tlio In
diana Democrats,
Hamilton II. Shepherd, who has boon
appointed Collector of Intornal Kovonuo
for the Sixth Virginia District, lu placo of
Wm. E. Craig, susponded, is a rosldont of
Warrcnton. At tho last session of tho Leg
islature Mr. Shopherd was a candldato for
Secretary of tho Commonwealth, but was
defeated on a closo voto by Judgo II. W.
I'lournoy. In tho lato Presidential cam
paign Mr. Shepherd was secretary of tho
Virginia Dcmocratio Committee.
A report has been published recently that
Secretary Bayard Is a chronic Invalid, and
by ndvico of his physician novor dovotoi
moro than thrco or four hours n day to offi
cial work. Inquiry at tho Stato Depart
ment elicited tbo information that Secretary
Bayard is in robust health and is ono of tho
hardest and fastest workers in the Cablnot.
After disposing of his mall at homo, he
arrives at tho Btato Department at 10
o'clock and rarely leaves bis ofllco beforoO
p. m. During tho buslnoss bours of tho day
ho Is constantly employed with official busi
ThoPrcaldont mado tho following diplo
matic appointments to-day: Charlos L.
Scott of Alabama, Mlnistor Rosldont aud
Consul-Goncral to Venezuela; Warren Orcou
of Kentucky, Consnl-Gcnorai at Kanagawa,
Japan; Johu E. Bacon of South Carolina,
Charge d'Aflalros to Paraguay and Uruguay.
To be Consuls : Berthold Grooncbaum of
California, at Apia; Albort Locnlng of Now
York, at Dromon; Joseph B. Hughes of
Ohio, at Birmingham, England; John II.
Putnam of Ohio, at Honolulu; Victor A.
Sartorl of Pennsylvania, at Leghorn, and
Robert E. Withers of Virginia, at Hong
Tlio Prcsidont has written n Iettor to
General Lawton saying that tho opinion of
tho ttorncy-Gcncral upon tho General's
alleged disability "under tho Fourteenth
Amendment to tho Constitution was so
completely satisfactory, and romoved so
entirely from my mind all doubts as to
your eligibility, that upon reading it I at
onco decided to nsk you to accopt tho posi
tion." Tho Prcsidont adds that hoha3 boon
Informed by tho Secretary of Stato that
General Lawton has positively doclluod tho
Russian mission. "I," ho Bays, "sincoroly re
gret this determination tn your part, so un
selfishly formed and patriotically expressed;
and, whllo I must reluctantly accept It as
an announcement of your dollborato doslro
and personal wish, I can but fool that tho
country la greatly tho loser by it."
Judge Wyllo paid a call of a few moments
upon tbo President this afternoon. At its
conclusion ho told a Critic reporter that
he had callcd'on a personal errand at tho re
quest of a friend, and no rcforouco had
been mado to tho judgeship. Judgo Wyllo
(aid that he had recoived no reply to hla
letter of resignation, and no intimation as
to how soon his successor would bo ap
pointed or who ho will bo. "I havo
refrained," ho said, "from making
any recommendation or suggestion on tho
subject and havo declined to oxprcss an
opinion as to whotbor it would bo best to
select a man from tho District of Columbia
or elsowhoro. My Inferonco would bo that
the matter will bo acted upon promptly,
but I bavo no information to that offect.
To-morrow will bo my lost day In court,
but a vacancy for sovoral days would not
do any harm, and this Is all that I know
about tho matter."
Tho Secretary of tho Navy returned
fiom New York to-day. Ho- spsnt tbo
greater portion of tbo morning with tbo
i'lcsldcnt ana secretary ol Htaio. Uo re
ceived a dispatch this morning from Roar
Admiral Jouott Btatlng that tho marlnos
havo returned from Asplnwall to
Panama aud that ho expects t effect
a peaceful settlement of tho difficulties. It
is understood that further orders will bo Is
sued after consultation with tho Socrotary
ofStato. Sccrotary Whltnoy said to-day
that ho was not fully iuformod as to tho
reasons why tho mailuos had boon with
drawn. Tho United States forcos had
no right to interfere in tho Govornraont of
Panama, and woro bound to recognize tho
authority of tbo insurgents, whom thoy
found in undisputed possession. Tho Sec
retary said that Admiral Jouett was cer
tainly right iu stopping tho oroctlon of
barricades, and was probably right in with
drawing upon tho promiso of tho insurgoats
to prcscrvo tho peace.
After yesterday's Cabinet mooting tho
following appolntmouts of collectors of in
trrnal rovonuo were announced : Cornelius
Voorhls, for tho Fourth District of Missouri,
vico David A. Stowart, resigned; Johu
Whltcakor, for tho district of Oregon, vice
John C. Cartwrlght, susponded; D. Frank
Bradley for tho district of South Carolina,
vicoEllory M, Bray ton, susponded; Hainblo
ton Shcpperd for tho Sixth District or Vir
ginia, vico Wm. E. Craig, suspendod. John
Ifolsou was also appolntod as cotloctor
of enstoms for Oregon. Theso appoint
ments wcro mado upon tho recommenda
tion of tbo Commissioner of Intornal
Itovcnuo and in accordance with tho
request of tho Dcmocratio Congressional
delegations of tho States lntorcstcd. Shop
perd's appointment was also requostod by
all tbo Virginia Democratic Mombors, and
tbo Missouri Senators and Mombors unltod
In asking for Voorhls' appointment. Drayton
had tho indorsement of the South Carolina
Senators. Whltcakor was Indorsod by ox
Senator Slater, aud was tho first Govornor
of Oregon.
Mr. Crawford, lato superintendent of tho
Foreign Mall Division of tho Postoltlco Do
jiaitniont, has just returned to this coun
try from Lisbon, Portugal, whcio ho wont
us ono of tho delogatcs on tho part of tho
United Statos to tho International Postal
Convention, Judgo Otto, also of this city,
another delegate, did not return with Mr.
Crawford. Ho will mako qulto a tour
through Europo boforo coming back. Tlio
Postal Convention did not mako many
changes in existing regulations, and
those mado wcro without great Importauco.
Tlio efforts of our delegates woro diroctod
chiefly to preventing certain propositions
from being adopted, Ono of theso was tho
tchemo to do away with tho tiansit chargo
for international mall matter. Tho Unltod
States and Great Britain fought this and
defeated it. Auothor proposod chango was
tho reduction of International registration
to five cents. As our domcstlo registration
fee Is ton conts, such a roductlon would
mllltalo against us. Tlio proposed ro
ductlon was defeated, Mr, Crawford
had a rather peculiar oxporienco.
IIo wont away from horo as super
intendent of tho Foreign Mall Divi
sion. Whon ho arrived Jn Paris from Lis
bon on tho 1st instant ho plckod up a copy
of tho JVew York Herald. Tho first thing
that bo saw In it was tho announcement
that Mr, Nicholas Bell had beou appointed
to succeed him.
Bllnnr mill Ventolin!.
Frank A, Anmn has been commissioned
postmaster at Hyattsville, Md.
Tho President invites a raombor of tho
Cablnot or nomo other lnttmato friend to
dlno with him dally.
It Is said that tlio Piosldent has doeldod
lo materially decrcaso his hours of labor
after moving to tho Soldlors' Homo cot
tngo. Captain E. W. Gould Is bolng strongly
urged for appointment ns Supervising Inspector-General
of Steam Vcsiols to succcod
General Duniont.
Gcucral 0. S. Williams of Wisconsin, au
ox-membor of tho Homo, has resigned tho
position of register of tho land oillco at
Watortown, Dak.
W. H. Faulkner has been appointed a
special agent to conduct the No. Porcoi In
dians from Indian Territory to Idaho and
Wyoming Territories.
Tho Sccrotary of tbo Navy has received
Information that tho crow of tho Iroquois
performed heroio ecrvlco In suppressing a
conflagration at Aukland, Now Zealand,
General Sheridan, accompanlod by Colo
nel Gregory, of bis staff, will loavo tbo
city ou Friday for a briof tour of inspec
tion among tho military posts of tho Wost.
Howard B. Abbott of Virginia, a clork of
class four, In tho General Land Oillco, and
Gcorgo S. Emery of Vermont, a clerk of
class two, hi tho pension oillco, havo re
signed. Genoral Chonoweth, tho nowly-appolutod
First Auditor of tbo Treasury, visitod tho
Department to-day aud paid his respects
to tho Secretary. IIo will assumo his now
duties on May 1,
Charges havo beon proferrod by tho
Journeymen Stonccuttors Association
against Architect Clark of tho Capitol. Mr.
Sydney A. Jonas has been appointed to
hear tho complaints.
Tbo Secretary of tbo Troajury has re
fused to Intcrfcro to permit tho roshlp
niont to Colon of n cargo of cartridges
Eclzcd at Panama by Comniandor Kano
and shipped, to Now York.
Ex-Mayor Robert LIddoll of Pittsburg
opposes tho candidacy of Mr. John B. Lar
kin forpostmastor at that placo. In Blot
ter to Postmastor-Gcneral Vilas ho calls
Mr. Lark In a well-drcssod loafor and a po
litical Judas Iscariot, and says that ho Is a
man who would apply for tho position of
rat-catcher If thcro was such an oillco.
Tho recent decision of tho Second Comp
troller that officers of tbo array who hold
biovot rank in tho army during tho Mexi
can war nro entitled to three months
extra pay, stipulates that tho officers
aro only entitled to this componsation
on condition that thoy woro asslgnod
to and porformed duty during tho Mexican
war under tho brovct rank.
Iu accordance with a doclslou of Comp
troller Durham, Horns to tho amount of
$9,000 havo beon disallowed In the account
of William Mnlrhcsd, chief supervisor of
elections in Jersey City. Tho prlncloal
Items disallowed woro ono of about $7,500
for transcribing the records of registration
and another of $1,500 for oxpensos at
tending tho examination of voters and
Arrangements aro bolng mado for tho de
struction of tbo platos from which the Dis
trict of Columbia 3.G3 bonds woro prlntod.
Tho plates will bo turned over to tho Bu
reau nf Engraving and Printing nnd de
stroyed by a commlttco of which Colond
Tichcnor, Auditor of tho District; Mr. J.
F. Olmstead of tho Ilauk Noto Company,
nnd Mr. Dcnhnm of tho oillco nf tho Com
missioner of tho Sinking Fuud of this Dis
trict will bo members.
Genoral Black, Commissioner of Pen
sions, eays that, to fill tbo position of ex
amining surgeon, porsonal integrity, at
liost fivo years' activo professional practico
and dlllgcnconro requisites, a preference
being also oxprcssed formon who have boon
in tho military Borvlco. Gcucral Black
also says that tho business of tho Pension
Ofllco has been greatly accelerated during
the present month, and that a largor num
ber of pension certificates bavo been Issued
than over beforo.
Tho Cincinnati Commeicial-Gtaffe statos
that Mr. Aaron B. Cleveland, second cousin
of President Cleveland, has beon appointed
n whisky gaugcr iu tho Sixth Internal
Rovenuo District of Ohio. Mr. Clovolaud
was a Republican until last fall, wbon ho
voted the Democratic ticket. A fnw yoars
ngo ho was tho Republican candldato for
county treaauror iu Clormont County. Tho
Commercial-Gazetlc further says Mr. Cleve
land attended tho inauguration as tbo spe
cial guest of tho Prosidont, whom ho had
not teen sinco tliolr boyhood days, aud was
tho recipient of much nttontlon at tho
Whlto Uouso by tho Chief Magistrate and
his maiden sister.
The Commissioner of Pensions has direct
ed tho suspension at tho Philadelphia
agency of 102 pousions, which havo beou
drawn, although tho ponsioncrs aro doad.
In somo cases tlio persons In wh030 names
tho pensions wcro drawn havo boon doad
sinio 1671. Ho has also directed tho suspen
sion at the sanio agency of pousions to sovou
widows who remarried iu 1&31, but who
havo continued to draw pensions over since.
General Black has requested tho Attorney
General to direct that proceedings bo insti
tuted agalust tho ponsion agents who made
tho paymonts and their bondsmen to ro
covor Iho money thus unlawfully paid out.
"This has nothing to da with my adminis
tration," said Pension Agont Norris of
Philadelphia last night. "Tho clork, Law
ronre, who pocketed theso doad mon's
claims, is now in tho penitentiary, I
helped to collect tho evldonco in tho caso
against him, Uo simply corralcd tho ovi
denco of tho deaths, forged tho vouchors
and collected tho money. I directed that
theso names bo dropped from tho rolls a
long timo ago, and thoy woro dropped."
030,000 lor IulurlM.
Junius Simmons has sued f.eailltiKham &
Co,, llvcry-slablo kecpors, for $30,000 dam
ages for Injuries roroived lu being run ovor
by ono of tho defendant's cabs ou May 10
Tlio Yoiiiii; JlmmobreiiUorii' Coin.
In tho caso of MIcklo Walsh and Froddy
Josepbs, taken to tho Court iu Gouoral
Term on a dofect in tho Indictment, tho de
cision was to-day rosorved by tho court.
A New Trlnl ANlieil.
Tbo contcstors of tho Admiral Pawoll
will, who wcro defeated in tho Circuit Court
Monday, havo filed a petition for a now
Tlio llcfct IlrrnNeil Woiinm lu I'.uropp.
Tlio Queon ot Portugal Is supposod to bo tho
best dressed woman tn L'urope. Tho stUo
nieut that she novor wears n dress twlco Is an
exaggeration. What aro evidently reterrod to
aro dresses worn ou public occasions, TMa la
In accordaaco Willi court etiquette. It may
not bo generally known that tlio Quean ot
Portugal baa all Iter morning drosses mado In
London, and a morning oostumo Just ilntshod
lor her Majesty Is lu bluo and Drown, a plain
skirt In brown brocade in a floral design, tho
outline or tho pattern being In pale bluo. Over
tho skirt Is draped a pointed tunla ot brown
cloth, with blacK draperies ot tho eamo. Tho
bodice ot brown clom Is shaped somewhat
like an officer's shell jacket, with lltllo gilt
buttons all round tbo oil go. Wbere tbe lacxot
is out away In front a loose vest Front ot palo
blue ellk Is rorealed, a sash ot tbo eamo bolng
ran i like a scarf drapery passing undor tbo
b ot tbo Jacket behind, tied In two loops.
-Ltardlfl Mali,
A Profound Sensation Created Mili
tary Itovlow at Aldersliot A Noutral
Longuo Roportecl Betwoon Oormany,
Franco and Austria Italy and Tur
key Invited to Join tbo Alllanco.
London, April 20. A gloomy fooling
pro vails bero this morning, thobollof being
general that thocommoncomcut of open hos
tilities between England and Itussla is now
only a matter of a few days. Tho stock mar
ket Is weak and prices havo declined almost
uninterruptedly Ibis morning. Tho whole
list Is lower, but tbo greatest dopros3lou Is
In Russian bonds. Consols nro fractionally
Lord Edmund FItzmaurico, Undor Sec
retary of Slato for Foreign Affairs, an
nounced In tho Uouso of Commous to-day
that tho Kovornmont had received doQnlto
nnd rcllablo information to tho effect that
tho Russians woro now lu full ndvauco on
Herat. He also announced that tho roport
of tho occupation of Maruchuk had beon
confirmed. Tho nnnounccinonts croatod a
profound sensation, and much blttornoss
was expressed by tho mombors.
Tho Duko of Cambridge, coramandor-in-chief
of tbo army, Inspected tho troops who
havo been ordered out for acttvo sorvico in
caso of war at Aldcrshot to-day. Tho mon
woro In tho best of spirits, and tbolr flno
appcaranco called forth many remarks of
admiration from tho onlookors. Tho Duko
In a few words complimented tho soldlors,
and oxprcssed tho bono that In tho event of
war they would acquit themselves as nobly
as their predecessors did in tho Crimea.
Dispatches from Borlln say that activo
negotiations aro going on between tho
governments of Germany, Franco and
Austria looking to thoformatlon of a noutral
league by thoso powors in caso of n war be
tween England and Itussla. Italy and Tur
key havo been Invited tojoln,but It Isstatod
that nclthor of the lattor powers havo glvon
decided replies.
TUo Imiiortniico of JHarncliiiIc.
London, April 29. During tho moot
ing At Rawul PIndo tho Amoor told Carl
Duffsrin that though ho regarded tho occu
pation of Pcnjdoh as of lltllo consoqueuce,
yet ho attacbod tho greatest Importauco
lo tho rotension of Maruchuk, which is half
way botweon Pcnjdoh and Cala Murghab.
Onco tbo Russians gain that point thoy will
bo oblo to threaten ISalka and cut ou' com
munlaction with Cabul. Tbo latest Russian
ndvanco thcroforo Is expected to bring tho
pending question to a crisis. Tho curront
belief Is that Russia Is really proparlng for
war much moro rapidly than sho appears,
tbo Russian papers bllng warned to secrecy.
It Is reported that tho Khan of Bokhara
earnestly warned tho Ameer not to noglcct
Cabul and Balkh whllo taking steps to pro
tect norat, as tbo Russlau army was mass
ing In Turkcslan near Samarcaud with the
intention of marching on Balkh and pro
claiming Ayoub Khan as Ameer, whllo tho
Afghan army was cngagod at Uorat, His
letter to tho Ameer concludes: "I know for
certain that the Russians inlond not to
march beyond Uorat, but will cut off yonr
lino of retreat to Cabul aud England's lino
oi rotrcar, to uanaanar.
Tlio Gnmo or tlm llnsslnu Author!.
London, April 29. St. Petorsburg ad
vices stato that dcsplto tho fact that most
of tbo rumors provalont aro warlike, tho
authorities ovldoutly wish tho Idea oncour
oged that peace Is still probable
Vftaael Owners I'vnrrul of War.
London, April 29. Two hundrod aud
so ven ty vessels havo applied to tho British
Consul at Odessa for charters for tho Black
Sea poits, being anxious to omploy tho last
pauso beforo war breaks out for freighting
Russian grain to Eugland, Though tho
localization of tho war appears doubtful,
yet Italy seems inclined to maintain a
strict neutrality.
Ulmlfilouh'H Speech lint n lrriicc.
Paris, Airll 29. Tho Journals of this
city all loutain editorial articles on Mr.
Gladstone's speech In tbo Uouso on Mon
day last, and nro almost unanimous lu s ty
ing that tho Frontier's remarks can only bo
regarded as a preface to tho actual com
mencement of hostilities botweon England
and Russia.
WolMdcy lo Ilctiiru to iliiglniiil.
Cairo, April 29. Gouoral Wolsoloy has
left for Suakiui.. It Is bellovod that ha will
mako arrangements for tho immcdlato
withdrawal of all tho British troops now in
Egypt. Ho Is expected to return within a
fortnight and sail at onco for Eugland,
At n Neene of rinyely,
St. PETERSnusa, April 29. M. Da Glcrs,
tho Russian Premier, and Sir Edward
Thornton, tho British Ambassador, both at
tended a soirco glvon by the Gcrmau Em
bassy last evening to tho representatives of
tho various powers hero,
Nows was received at tho Stato Depart
ment lato this afternoon to tbo effect that
negotiations for poaco are at an end and
war piactlcally declared.
I'rrni'rliUlou for a I,icly'a Ilycs.
General Hunt's father was ono ot tho home
liest men in Washington, no was a pbyslclan.
After be had practiced hit profession tor a
timo ho married a Miss llingold, ono ot the
handsomest young ladlos in all ot Maryland.
this story ot a marriage lias boon told me by
on old Washlngtonlan : "Ono time I was visit
log General Jackson's family when ho was an
occupant ot tho Whlto House. During ray stay
I was taken seriously 111, and tho Oonoral
called upon Dr. Hunt to attend mo. Wnen bo
eamo Into my roiru, where I was contlnod to
my bed, President Jackson came with him.
Tbe two thought I was oileop, and not wish
ing to disturb me, thoy est before tho tiro nan
began a conversation. I heard the Oonoral
sny t 'Hunt, how did you ovor happen to marry
Mlsa ItlDKold?"
"Til tell you,' said tho physician. 'Whoa
tho was altttndlng boarding-school hor oyes
wero Injured nnd oho was bllnjod. I was
called to prescribe for her. l'or some timo I
kept her eyes bandaged, and sho dually re
covered her sight, but sho did not sou mo.
About A year afterward wo chanced to bo to
gether at a reception. Una knew that I had
previously attended her, and that ovenlng sho
came to me, complalnea ot Buffering from n
eevrro cold, and asked mo to proscribe. I
took from my pocket a blank prescription anl
wrote : "Dr. Hunt) to bo token Immodlatoly,"
" 'She read It, and looked up laughing,
""'It's n bitter pill, doctor, 'sho said, "aud
must be well glided It I take It."
'"Our engagement followed, and soon aftor
our marriage occurred. I didn't have mucU
gold to el hi tbo medicine, but manajml to
make enough to keep her from starving.' "
PIttiburg Times.
General Neliiillolil'M Homo Lire.
Ambrose McNeill, tho well-known Chicago
artist, nt prosont In Milwaukee, roconily spont
several weeks nt tho residence of doaeral
Ecbotleld, the votoran soldier, who was lion
ized at tho mllmry ball, and had a good op
portunity ot Hud) Inc tlio (loneral'a domestlo
trails. "Mrs. Bchoflold," eald Mr. MeKalU
yceterdoy, "Is a very Intelloctual and com
pantooablo lady, ot slmplo habits and plain
tastes, and with a kindly disposition. Tho
General Is hospitable, naturally dlenlnoJ, aud
a great disciplinarian, but very considerate
tor tho happiness ot nil around him, Tlioro
nro rour children, but ono llyoi In Han Tran
Cisco. Tlio family is a truly lisppy ono. Qso.
eral Ucbofleld Is a friond and patron nt art, aud
Ik. In fact, very much ot an artist himself."
Gtncrnl Grant Feeling; Hotter nmt
Tlilntclna; of Work Again.
New York, April 20. Tho ulcoratoi
portions of General Grant's throat, front
which broken-down tlsstio ha boon
sloughed away, havo materially improvod.
Tho cancerous troublo, at the biso of tho
tongue, Is neithor lessened nor Is It at pres
ent nggrcssivo. It Is quiescont. Tho
weather of the past two days has boon as a
tonic to tho system nnd spirits of Qonarat
Grant. He has now so far Improvod physi
cally that his mind Is becoming ongazod
with tho blocking out of work upon his
book. Tho Goneral slopt well last night
and felt bettor than on Sunday, which was
at that timo tbo best day sinco tho Im
provement began.
Kxlonslvo l'rrimrntlonn for Celcbrnt
InK Ilia i;veut TIiIn Year.
Extcnslvo preparations nro bolng male
by tho Grand Army of tho Rcpubllo for
their annual memorial colobratlon on Doc
oration Day, tho 30th of noxt mouth, and
from present appearances tlio coromontoi
will bo moro generally iudulgod in than
In tho past. Sccrotary Lamar has written
a letter cordially approving cf subscriptions
being taken up in his Department for Dec
oration Day expenses, saying:
"you havo my full authority to prosont
subscription lists to tho porsons employed
In the Department, and to othcrsdoln;? busi
ness thcro or happening to bo there, for
such contrlbatlons as may bo willingly
It Is also undorstood that llko permission
will bo Issued by the heads of tho other De
partments. A meeting of tho Momorlal
Commlttco was hold lastovonlng at Grand
Army Hall, cornor of Ninth and D streets,
which was largely attended.
Tho principal business transacted was tho
appointment of committees to solcct orators,
poets and singorrj and to nrrango for bands
and decomtions. A now foaturo in tbo
preparations for tbo decorations for this day
lost year was the contribution of fiowors
gathered by school chlldron. Sovoral
wagon loads wcro gathorcd In this nianuor.
It was also decided to ask again tho co
operation of the school trusteos iu having
tho school chlldron to gath6r flowers. Tho
following Is tho list of commlttcos ap
pointed: Reception Department Commandor
Brooks, Scnlon Vice-Corn mandor Burko,
Junior Vico-Commandtr Wlsnor, Assistant
Adjutant-General Camorou, A. G. M. G.
Financo Comrades Faunce, Dowd,
Knockoy, Fleetwood, Whlto, nopklns,
Weaver nnd Urcll.
Decoiatlon and Grounds Ingram, Smith,
Thatcher, Arnold, Hitchcock.
Transportation Wlsnor, Lewis, Hastod.
Music Fltblan, Blakolock nnd Holland.
In chargo of Soldier's Homo J, U.
Jochum; Congressional Ccmotory J. M.
Plpor; Battle ComotoryN B. Prontlco, J.
W. Butcher; Oak Hill Comotory D. W.
Houghton; Isolated Graves John O'Ualloy;
Invitation Commandor Brooks; Press
Cameron, Uustcd aud Iugratn.
Tho noxt mcotlng will bo hold Monday,
May 11, and tho commlttco wcro urged to
hasten their work and mako a final roport
at tho noxt meeting.
--1 i
Bids ron Street Sweepinci. Tho Com
missioners received bids to-day for street
sweeping. Thcro wero only two bidders,
Meesre. J. S. Filbert and L. P. Wright. Tho
contract is to begin on July'l noxt. Tho
bids of Mr. Filbert woia 29f cents por 1,
000 yards for 1 year, but if glvon thu con
tract for U years ho will do It at 23), and If
ho Is allowed to do it for fi yoars, 2"j. Mr.
Wright bids 28, 231 and 28 cents.
Purchase or Macuines Contem
plated. Tho Commissioners aro looking
into tho advisability of buying machines
and doing the sweeping themselves. Mr.
Filbert, who has sovcial patent sweeping
machines, offers to ecII them to tho District
for $7.r)0 each.
Danoerous Building's. Building In
spector Eutwislo has issued a number of
orders to tako down woodou buildings and
repair other buildings that are dangerous.
Uo stated lo a Critic reporter that tho now
building regulations glvo htm control uf
wooden buildings now that are dilapidated
beyond one-half of their original valuo. Uo
has condemned a largo uumbor of buildings,
nnd oidcrcd tome of thorn to bo taken down
uud tbo remainder to be repaired. Walter
A. Snfllh is notified to tako down house 021
Eighth street iu 30 days. Samuel Normont
Is notified to tako down hou-o No. '.Uil
Eighth sticct in 30 days. Charlos Shrovos
is notified to tako down 2310 Sovontb
street extended In 30 days. Henry Hop
burn is notified to strengthen tho back
building of 915 Marylaud avonuo in 15
days. Frank Browning is uotifiod that tbo
back building of 121 A strcot uorthoast Is
dangerous, and will havo to como down lu
30 duys. Thomas E. Waggcmau, ngont, has
been notified to tako down tho back build
ing of 910 Delaware avenuo In 15 days.
Finuk Tlbbctt bus been notified that tho
openings In party wall between houses 1018
and 1020 Fourteenth strcot being Much
walls, will havo to bo changed to 9-lnch
walls. C. Cattleman has beou notified to
repair tbo icar wall of 715 Seventh strcot In
15 days. F. T. Browning 13 notified to re
pair tho rear wall of 713 Seventh sheet In
10 days.
Permits to Build. Pormlts to build
havo been grantod to C. F. Reed to erect a
storo and dwelling on Eleventh stroot,
between Q and R stroets, which will cost
$1,000; Misses R. and M. Gariott, to erect
dwtlllngs on Tenth strcot, botweon D and
'E streets southwest, $3,000; Thomas T.
Ken ne, to erect a dwelling on Third stroot,
between D strcot and Virginia avonuo
eouthwest, $1,000.
WhuIh IIIh rrnucrly.
Charles II. Ashcr has filed n potltlon in
tlio Piobato t'ourt for tho proporty of his
father, John Ashcr, deceasod. Tho prop
erty consists of $1,300 In money, and is lu
the possession of Genoral P, U, Shotldau.
Hon. John Keenan, Now York, Is at tho
0. i:. Gladstone, London, r.og., is at tho
ltov. 0. If. Tinner, Vort George, rii,, is at
tbo Kbbiit.
l'ronk E.Grlswold and wife, Albany, N, Y
are at tho Arlington,
Ex-Marshal Honrv lett last uleht for his
home at Cleveland, Ohio.
l'lerco Dorgan ot Idaho, a woalthy mtuo
operator, Is tho guostot Mr, Hugh Wullaco,
ltobr. Mcnae, Northampton, Eig an 151,
O, Treebody, London, Eng., aro at tho Eoattt
Theo. Wright, a. A.arlscom and Howard
rusey. all promlnnt I'blladolphlaus, aro at
Iho Itigge,
-non, J hn I Martin ot St. Liuls 'eft for
tho Wen this nttoruoon. llojwai at Norfolk
yoterJny nnd mado thorough inspection ot
tho llutslan corvette,
William M. Merrick of Uarylanl, an ap
pit, ant to succeed Judge Wyllo ou our Uls
irl t bench, was born on Boptom'jor 1, 1818,
cocBrquontly hn will be (17 yoars ol I In Sop
tombiT next. Helslialtnrotborot II m. Rich
ard T, Merrick of this city.
A large parly of oxourelonlsta from Phila
delphia reelslered to-day at tlm nigo. Thu
rany conHste of John II, Dy nnd wife, Oeorgo
H. Webster nnd wife, u. W. Closo and wtlo,
Wm. Albertaon, nlto aud daugutor, J, Kay
l.lt'lo and wile, Joseph Johnson and wit.',
Mlsa Vnglc, w, u. Crammer nnd wife, W. It,
Han, Mies Itobluson. Thomas Ualr, Uamuol L,
Bmedley, 1'. Milton Tllton und wlto,
Eewark L. BcorT, rolorod was aoqulttisd ot
a charge of ombcjzkineiit In tio Criminal
CouttlLls morning,
rnymrtfiler-deiicrnl Nmltli Doscrlbosi
tlio aletlioil Kmiiioyetlt
Beforo tho Naval Court of Inquiry to
day Paymaster-General Smith doscrlbod
tho manner of advertising for supplier. Tho
advertisements aro preparod In tho office of
tho Secretary of tho Navy, but nro basod
en memoranda furnished by tlio several
bureaus. According to tho wltnoss' rocol
lection tho first contract mado with tho
bureau was that of Novombor 11, 1832.
Tho wltnoss was asked If Mr. Brown was
n regular dcalor within tho moaning of tho
law in tho articles which ho contracted to
supply. Ho said that was a matter of con
struction which was not dotormincil by
Iho buicau but by tbo Secretary of tho
For many years Mr. Brown and many
other merchants wcro accepted as regular
dealers in many miscellaneous nrtlclos of
supply, which thoy wcro not allowed to
furnish. Sinco tho contracts In question
wcro made, Socrctary Chandler had mado a
decision under which Brawn and many
otbers wcio ruled out. Brown had ap
pealed from tho decision of tho Paymaster
General to tho Secretary, but tho latter
had sustained his Paymaster-General, and
Brown bad not been admitted as a doalor
In n lortaln class of supplies lo furnish
which ho bad horetoforo beon a bidder.
Tho witness said that when it was evi
dent that a bidder was offering articles at a
prcpostorously low flguro it was customary
though ho was tho lowest bidder not to
glvo him tho contract, but to somo othor
dealer whoso bid was evidently tho most
advantageous to tbo Government. Tho
witness said that tho contract for tho mat
tresses bad beon awarded to II. G. Oitcr
moor & Co., though A. P. Drown was tho
lowest bidder. The prlcos offorod by Brown
wcro regarded fictitious. Ostormoor & Co,
aro tho only manufacturers of tho mat
ticss that was required. Brown had novor,
bs tho witness knew of, furnlshod mat
trosscs. Tho contract for 100,000 pounds of sugar
was given to J. R. Michaels at 0 5-10. A.
P. Brown was tbo lowest blddor at 9). Tho
witness did not recollect why Brown had
not received tho contract. It was probably
becauso bo wlthdrow his bid.
A Mini TTho Waiilx to Nell Out Ills
I'osliil-L'nnl Invention.
Tho following pccular claim was ro
eclved by Postmastor-Gonoral Vllai to-day,
from Jcrsoy City, N. J.: "I, M. K. Myccuth,
am tho Inventor and solo owner nf tho
model now used by tho pooploof the Unltod
States and sold at tho postaflicos. Tho
model Is called 'United States Postal-Card.'
It has a plcturo of my faco engraved ou tho
post-card medol. I got It up for uso of
tho buslncss-mon of tho United Statos, but
for the accommodation of tho general pub
llo I allow It to bo manufactured by tho
United States Government and sold at tho
United States postolllccs. I havo boon very .1
liberal with tbo uovcrnmcut, ami am a
pretty good fellow, as tho saying goes. You
might llko to mako somo mora -cash than
your salary to go on the road, bo
I want a settlement nnd Borne of thoso
little JokctB called golden dimes. And
now comis tuo qucsuou a wsui to seo you
about this postal-card matter. I will soil
tbo model of Ibo United States postal-cord,
from which thousands aro now manufac
tured and eold to tbo people I will sell
out for $200,000 In Govorumont bonds or
cash. To own it Is a money mini, Let mo
hear from you by roturn mall. You was
out when I was in Washington, and I can
not coino on again jnst yet, but will sell or
must havo somo arrangomont mado with
tlio Government. You know I own all
abovo tho cost of manufacture, but want
to glvo you a chanco to mako money. I
have something now, fur I want to adopt a
two-cent postal, nnd ono good turn do
serves another. Thcro Is monoy to bo
made and wo can all uso It. I am solo
owner of all tho Inventions for ono-ceut,
two-cent and thrco-cont postago stamps. I
want to sconnd bear you, for I own tho
Inventions for all Europe in postal-cards."
Accompanying this loiter woro a num
ber of small plcturos clipped from old
magazines. Ouo of theso wat labelled -as
follows: "Child's plcluro of M. K. My
cocth, born tn tbo United States: am now
3(1 years; I will try and run for Prosidont
of tho United States four years from now,
God willing."
Mrlropollllill Clnli HntlorN.
Tho following appears In tho Washington
corrcspondcnco of tho AYii' York ll'urid:
"A contest is going on In tho fushtonablo
circles of tho Metropolitan Club horo.
When tho club was first organized an at
tempt was mado to guard against gambling.
Tho laws In tho District are vory strict on
that subject. Nearly ovory club which has
been formed hero In tho past has beon in
volved in somo scandal through tho gam
bling of its members. Tho Amorlcus
Club hero last season was raided by tho
police, it retorted aitor tho raid with
tho chargo that thoro was no moro
gambling within ItJ walls than
In tho Metropolitan Club. It claimed that
tho gambling in tho lattor resort was of
such a character as to warrant Its being
raided also by tho police. It further
charged that tho members of tho latter club
enjoyed immunity only because tboy had
moro Influence. Thcro has been vory high
play nt poker in tho Metropolitan Club this
year, which has been kept up this spring.
Tho conservative members of tho club aro
trying to havo poker abolished In tho club,
and havo prepared a potltlon for circulation
iu tho club. In this petition they allege
tho ncrcsslty for abolishing tho gamo of
poker in tbo club upon tho ground of possi
ble scandal, which would cloud Its name.
Tho petition has already from fifteen to
twenty signatures."
Hireling; of III!) Noddy or tlio Army
of Iho l'oloiiiue.
The meeting of this socloty will occur at
Baltimore on tho Oth and 7th of May.
Tho Baltimoro & Ohio Railroad, ovor
allvo to tho wants of tbo public, havo ar
ranged to soil tickets for this occasion ou
tbo (ith and 7th, good to return until tho
7th. Incluslvo. Amoug tbo organizations
which bavo signified their Intention of
attending this meeting at Baltimoro aro tho
following : Washington Cadet Corps, under
command of Major C. A. Fleetwood; Capital
City Guards, commandod by Captain
Thomas S. Kelly, and Morton and Sumner
Posts of tlio G. A. It. Theso organic ition
will leavo hero ou Thursday, May 7. at
noun, via Baltimoro & Ohio Railroad. Faro
for tho round trip jl.GQ.
lllrilh' J'llL-lit lo Ncunrlt.
Ono hundred and ton homing plgoons
belonging to tho Nowark Club woro re
leased in Washington at twenty mlnutos to
eight yesterday morning. Tho sky wai
rather cloudy, and consequently tho timo
mado was slur. Tho first bird to arrlvo at
tho owners coop in Nowark bolongod to
Gcorgo S, Bond, but tho first carrlod to tho
rendezvous was a silvered bird owned by
Mr. A. A. Allen. Ic was stipulated that
tho bird first carried to tho cornor of Broad
and Market Btrects should bo adjudgol
winner. Mr. Allen's boy mado tho bust
Breed by running bohind a wagou with ono
baud on the tailpoard and tho other
clutching tho bird. Uo arrived at tho
designated corner at Hi. 21m. p. in., making
tho timo fivo hours and forty-ouo mlnutos
for 10(1) mllo3. Mr. Bond's bird was ono
nilnuto later and ono of A, P. Baldwin's
birds eamo to hand lh. 3Sm, William
Bennett's bird was fourth at lh. 10m,
Salvation oil, the great paln-curo. Is sold
by ail druBRtits and dealers la WOdlctM at -5
Tho Ilalfbroods Planning Furtuor Ms
chlof nnd Inspired With Froslt
Confldonco by tho Result of
tbo Rocont Military Engasomont
With tho Dominion Troops.
"WlNNirEo, Man., April 29. Thoro Is no
nows from General Middloton, tho wires bo
lng down, but a (lu' Appcllo dispatch says tho
halfbrccds and Indians aro concortlng u
plan of attack, Thcro aro 500 balfbrood
thcro who want to rob nnd plunder. Tholr
sympathies nro with Riol nnd tbolr friond)
nro fighting with tho rebels. Tho rosult of
tbo recent engagement In tho north In
spires them with contempt for tlio military
and with faith and confldonco In Riol. Til)
Indians havo been disaffected for soma
timo on account of harsh troatmoot by thoso
in nuthority over them, and It Is known
thnt they aro secretly preparing for a ris
ing. Tbo situation Is considered very grave,
surrounded as Qtt'AppolIo Is by twenty Iu
dlan reserves. Arms aro bolng distributed
to (ho settlors, but when tho rising occurs
It is feared tho settlers will bo In kad posi
tions. Thcro aro two battalions of troops at
(Ju'Appcllo, and ovory precaution Is bolng
taken to meet an cmergeucy. Colonel
Otter's column at Battloford Is scouring tho
country for Indians, und expects a fight at
any time. It Is expected that tho troopi
will mako u descent upon Poundmakor's
rcscrvo iu a day pr two.
ItenioUitc West Virginia' Cnpltnl.
Wheeling, W. Va April 29. Tho work
of embarking tho proporty of tbo Btato, pre
liminary to removing tho scat of govern
ment to Charleston, was begun yestorday,
nnd will bo continued until Friday, at tho
clcso of business, ou which day this coasos
to bo tho Stato capital. Tho Stato author
ities havo been located hero ton yoars,
occupying frco of cost a haudsomo capltol
building erected for tho Stato by tho city.
In 169 a voto of tlio pooplo was, had on tho
question of removing tho capital, and
Charleston received n majority of tho votos
cast. In 1870 tho Stato began building a
cajiltol building nt Charleston, which Is not
yet completed. Thoro has been soma talk
hero of enjoining tho government from re
moving, but tho matter Is thought to havo
been dropped. Tho prosont State-nouso
will now bo used as a city hall,
Tlio Amerlcnn Sleilleul Annoclnlloii.
New Orleans, April 25. Tho Ameri
can Medical Association met In annual aoi
slon hern ycsteiday. Tho names of about
fivo hundred doctors woro registered
nnd thrco hundred more aro oxooctad to
arrive to-day, Tho session was opened with
prayer by Rev. Dr. Palmer, followed by tho
Introduction to tho convention of the pres
ident, Honry F. Campboll of Angusta, Qa.
Dr. Samuel Logan of this city delivered art
address of wclcomo, which was fullowol by
the annual address of tbo prcsidont. A
number of papers woro read by members
fiom different parts of tho country, nnd re
ports cf special committers wcro made, Tho
feature of tho night session was tho discus
slon of reports of commlttcos.
An Oitcm.IIoiiNo Destroyed.
Raiiway, N. J., April 29, Tho opera
house, Fiocmau's carrlago factory and
other buildings woro destroyed by 11 ro ac
I o'clock this morning. Most of tho prop
erty would bavo beon saved but for tho
bunting of tbo water mains, which pro
vented tho fircnion from doing offectiva
work. Tho principal losses are tho opora
bouse, Eccncry, pianos, etc., belonging to
tbo cstato of Gordon, tho printing-pros)
manufacturer, about $10,000; John Fry
man's building and machinery, $20,030,
and carriages, $10,000. About $10,000 worth
of finished stock was saved. Johu Helm's
dwelling was burned ; loss, $3,500. Tooro is
lusuiaLco on all tbo losses.
A liniililfiil Victory.
San Francisco, April 29. Tho scull
ing aco between Laybcrccrof l'lttsbiirit
and Austin Stovcnsou of Vailejo cama off
ycsteiday after twopostponomonts. Stoven
son wou by 13 lengths. No timo wai
taken. Tho general verdict Is that tho
raco was sold. LavborRcr was tho favorltn
and thcro seemed no doubt that ho could
havo won.
Tho Nnllinu ol tho Ntrelok.
Nonrof.K, Ya., April 29. Tho Russian
corvette Strelok quietly left tho harbor at
II o'clock last night. Her destination ii
unknown. Tho British man-of-war Gamo.
is still lu Hamptun Roads. The genoral be
lief hero Is that tho corvetto Is trying tJ
steal away from tho Englishman.
A FIttlil Over IIIvIhIiiu I.I nor.
1ULTI5IOIU-, MD., April 29. Whllo Mr.
Lamar, a wealthy planter ot l'rtnco George's
C unity, was Bitting with his wife and chlMou
tliolr portico on Tuosday, another planter
named Morris rode up and tired a revolver,
indicting n serious and perhaps fatal wound.
There was a teud between them about soma
division llnce
Tho I.lndoll Hotel, at Bt. Louis, Mo., wai
damaged by lire yestorday to tho amount nt
about t OO.UOO. Tho Uimos did not oitonil
abovo the parlor lloor, and rurtunatoly the
houeo was cleared of Its guests without acci
dent. A box containing (10,000 In unsigned bank
notes of tho lianco Mexlcatio, atorod In the
cuetom-bouso at Paso del Nort, was broken
oi eu and robbed of all but a fi,OU0 package
yesterday. Tlireo custim-houso oniolals nro
under arrest on suspicion, Stps have rjoou
taken to notify nil sectlous ot tbe Stato ot Out
huhua ot the roboory.
The llotiihcre O'jiitlin affair has been sottlod
through the Intermediary otll:es ot Uuglnnd
upon iho following bases i Egypt apologizes
to M. Tolland lor, 1 ho Trench Charge d'AH aires i
tho ofllco ot tbo lloijtlwre Jiaiinun will bo ro
opened and Iho journal allowed toroippoar
forthwith, nnd Franco Abandons her dotnand.
for the recall ot Iho omclolswno forcibly en
tered the Votihori ofilce, In vlow of Egyptti
Tho Bfexlcoii Allttilon.
Tbo announcement that General Jackson
had declined tho mission to Mexico croatod
gnat surpilso In that city, A special to tho
A'e if Yorl Uei alii says:
"The decision must be n sudden one, tor
communications recelvol here trotuQonoral
Jackson had epeclUtd the l&tb ot May astha
timo nt his departure from the United States.
Mr. Philip II. Morgan, the Vattea Btates Mln
liler for Iho last six yoars, who was super
ceded by Oonoral Jackson, received his letters
ot recall soma ttrao before, but has not pre
sented them to President Diaz. It Is under
stood at the I'orelgn Department that tho de
lay Is by request ot the State Department at
Washington, In order that thoro may not be an
Interval during which the United Btat-i
should bo without diplomatic representation.
'1 bts, ot course, was vory deslrablo In vlow oC
thuBtialned relations betwoon this oountr
nud tiuatemaln, anaot tho pendency nt Inela
latlon In tho Mexican Congress touching tmt
reciprocity treaty,"
To-lBy' Temperature.
Tbo signal omco furntsbes the following
synopsis ot tho woatheri
Local meteorological roport for April 20,
1885 Thennomoter readings at 3 a.m., 11,3;
7 . m., l'J- Hi 11 n. m., R3'.0.
Report ror April 28, ass's! Mean tempera
ture, S5.8i maximum, 72.Oi minimum,
4H-2i mean relative humidity, 02.7 per com,
tutal precipitation, 0.01 Inch.
ror Thursday, warmer, fatr woathoc U In
dicated toe the UlddlQ AltoU? RtMvJi
, .ijY.V
, jttrtBft.
wi j

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