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The Evening
17TH YEARNO. 5,220.
Tlio Prootdent's Appolntmonta To-day
A Colorado Man for tbo Nagasaki
Consulship Tho Publlo Debt State
ment Bolloltor-Qonoral Goodo to.
Enter Upon Ills Duties Monday.
Tho President to-day appointed :
J. Ernest Meikre of Colorado to bo Can
ml of Uuttcd States at Nagasaki, Japau.
Mr. Mclero will succeed Colouol A. P. Jones,
who tins Iiold tho position for n number of
years, llo Is well known In tuts city, hav
ing keen a clerk In tho Agricultural Da
liattrocnt. In 1855 lio was appointed to a
lieutenancy In tho Marino Corps by tho
lion. Lowls Rasa. In 1801 ho marriod a
daughter of Comruodoro Frank Buchanan,
then In rommaiidof tho Washington Navy
Yard. Tho wedding was attended by Presi
dent Lincoln, and was a momorablo social
event. When tho war broke out Moiro ro
signed and entered tho Confcdorato service
Ills political disabilities woro rcmovod In
3673. For sonio years past ho has boon
practicing medicine In Now York and Lead
vlllo, Colo.
Tho President to-day appointed tho fol
lowing poatraastors:
John 1). I.arkin, PIttsbnrg, Pa.; Daniel
Waid Connelly, Bcranton, Pa.; Joseph Mc
Kinney, Susquehanna, Pa.; James 1!. Hatch
lson, lltzloton. Pa.; Henry 8. Ho well,
Wntortown, Wis.; William Drown, Lako
Geneva, Wis.; E. II. Portor, Rowling Grcon,
Ky.; William Wcoks, Wauscon, 0.; Thomas
J. Scaronns, Wabash, Intl.; John It. Parshall,
Faribault, Minn.; Thomas H. Bayloss, Hopo,
Ark.; John U. Goldon, Mlnock, III.
Judgo Wm. M. Merrick called upon tho
President to-day.
lion. S. 8. Cox, tho now Mlnistor to Tur
key, ruado his farowcll call upon tho Presi
dent to-day.
Tho Secretary of tho Troasury has ap
pointed Kent U. Ilaydon of Omaha to bo a
national bank examiner, for duty la Kan
ens and Nebraska.
mii, terrall's appointment.
Thomaa M. Forrall, who baa bcon ap
pointed collector of Internal rovonuo for tbo
First District of Now Jersey, waa a Mombor
of tbo Forty-olghth Congress from that
Tni: president's callers.
Tbo President's callers to-day includod
Senators Van Wyck, Morgan and Call, Con
gressmen Bragg, Cobb, Curtin, Bynuui,
Waid, ITolman and Jones, Gonoral Rugglos
and Mr. William M. Gait.
Tho President has appolntod Sprulllo
Baden to bo assayor at Bolso City, Idaho,
vlco Norman H. Camp, suspondod. Goorgo
Ilaycs has been appointed Inspector of
(team vessels fur tho Fifth District, vice
Mark D. PJowcr, susponded.
Complaint has bcon raado to tho Socro
laryof tho Treasury that importers are
Introducing silks and ribbons of almost all
kinds under tho provision of tbo now
tariff net permitting tho importation of
bilk bat-bands at a duty of 20 por cent,
and thereby escaping tho duty of 50 per
tent, Imposed upon silks. Somo action
will Lo taken to put a stop to this prac
Thomas M. Forrall has bcon uppolntod
collector of Internal rovonuo for tbo First
Dictrlct of Now Jorsoy, vlco William P.
Tatcra, suspended. Tho appolntmonts of
Gcorgo B. Clark of Missouri and William
King of Georgia as Internal rovonuo agouti
went into effect yesterday. It Is roportod
that K. 0. Sykcs of Aberdeen, Miss., will bo
appointed collector of intornal rovonuo for
that district, vlco James Hill, whoso resig
nation will bo requested.
Tho Secretary of tho Treasury has ap
pointed Win. F. Bwltzler of Missouri as
chief clerk of tho Bureau of Statistics, vies
Joseph M. Whitnoy, removed. Colonel
Bwltzler has for many years boon editor of
tbo Statesman, at Columbia, Bio., and an
nblo leader of tho Domocratla party In that
State. As a legislator and friend of educa
tion ho has rendered Missouri much dis
tinguished service, and is also tho author of
a standard history of tho State
Tbcrowlllho an actlvo competition for
appolntmonta to tho throo Assistant Ap
pralsershlps at Now York vacated by ro
inovals. Tho Treasury authorities attach
great lmportanco to tho appolntmonts, as
they hopo to break up tho systora of under
valuation and to provent frauds on tho
lovciiuo by securing export and successful
appralsors. Tho salary Is $3,000 a yoar and
tho appointees will rcqulro oxton3lvo ox
perlcnco and knowledge of tho market
value at tho ports from which they aro ox
r' ported of morcbacdlso imported at Now
York. It is specially desirablo to sccuro an
expert apprairor to appralso Importations
of drugs, as it Is said that cxtousfvo frauds
and abuses havo grown up through an in
efficient dischargo of this duty,
Mr. Sprulllo Bradcn, who has bcon ap
pointed assayer of tho U. S. Assay OOlco
nt Boito City, Idaho, owes his appointment
to ox-Senator McDonald. A few years ago
Mr. Bradcn was tho snbjcct of an animated
discussion for several days In tbo U. S,
Benntc. Mr. Biaden had just graduated at
tbo head of tho class of apprentices In tho
British navy. Queen Victoria offered him
a position as a warrant olllcor In her naval
servlco. Tho offor was declined by Mr.
Bradcn becauso ho was an American and
could not, ho said, sorvo under any but
tho United States flag. Tho young man
was a protegol of Senator MoDonald, Tho
latter Introduced a bill In. tho Sonato mak
ing him an cnslgu In the United States
navy. Tho bill was opposed by all tbo
naval officers. It was thoroughly discussed
In tbo Senate Tho dobato attracted a
good doal of attention, It was defcatodby
a largo vote.
Tho publlo dobt Btatoniont for tho month
of April was Issuod In tho old form fol
lowed by Trcasuror Wyraau, and also In
the now form sui'ECstod by Troasuror Jor
dan. According to tho old form of state
ment tho reduction In tbo publlo dobt dur
ing April amounted to $5,101,580, wblloin
tho now form tho amount of reduction Is
plactd at $1,837,339. This discrepancy,
amounting to $027,250, Is duo to tho fact
that in tbo now form two Itom3 accrued
nnd unpaid April lntorcst on Paclflo Bail
load bonds, amounting to $303,037.50, aud
tbcniuount of increase during tho month In
fractional and minor coins, aggregating
$320,510.11, aro fronted, tho first as liabili
ties and tho latter as assets, unavailabla far
debt reduction. In tho old form tbo avail
able cash In the Troasury Is shown to ho
$155,810,013, and In tho now form tho "noU
cash balanco on hand" is placed at $23,D'V7,tI
421. Tho dlfforonce horo Is accounted for
by adding to tho "not cash balanco" ro
ported In tho now form, $100,000,000 resorvo
held for tho redemption of Unltod Stato
notes, and treated aa a liability, and about
$32,000,000 fractional, silver and minor
coin, treated In tho new form as ossots "un
available for tho roductlon of tho debt."
Tho Treasury now holds $ 125,000,000 in
gold and about $110,000,000 In silver for
gold and silver certificates outstanding,
against $110,000,000 gold and $113,000,003
silver a month ago.
Mr. John Goodo of Virginia, tho nowly
appointed Solicitor-General, recolvcd hlf
commission to-day, and will ontor upon
bis now duties on Monday. Ho Is in the
Tho Secretary of War to-day accompanied
to tho White Homo and Introduced to tho
President tho Hon. Robert O. Wlnthrop of
Massachusetts, tho gentlomanwho had boon
selected to deliver tho memorial address at
tho completion of tho Washington Monu
ment. rosTorncE officials arrested.
GcoigoLathrop, assistant postmastor at
Alnsworth, Ind., was arrostcd to-day,
charged with rilling registered lotters.
Ho inado a full confession nnd restitution.
Charles T. Canby, a clerk In tbo Kast Taun
ton Mats, Postolllcc, was arrested to-day for
embezzling registered lettors.
Judgo Williams, tho now Third Auditor,
received tho employes of his now olllco to
day, tho presentations bolng niado by his
deputy. A report had been startod that
Auditor Williams would at onco dischargo
tho colored employes of his bureau. This
report bo contradicted, and told tho col
ored messengers that, llko all othor em
ployes, their retention would elepond upon
their efficiency.
Navol Constructor Gcorgo W. Much lias
been ordered to dnty at tho Navy Depart
ment from tho Maro Island Navy-Yard.
Lieutenant Commandor Tannor's orders do
taeblng him from tho command of tbo Al
batross havo been revoked.
Commander Day has been ordcrod to com
mand tho Mohlcau, which will sail for tho
Pacific Station.
Mr. James B. Larkin, who was to-day
appointed postmaster at Petersburg, was
very warmloy opposed for tbo plaeo. Tho
Mayor of Petersburg, It will bo romomborod,
wioto a letter to tho Postmastor-Gonoral, In
which bo said that Larkin was a well
dietscd dead beat and a man who would
tnko tbo position of rat-catcher, If such au
office wcro In cxlsttnco.
Tho Pcstofuco Department was notlflod
In September last of tbo postponement from
October 1, 1881, to February 3, 1835, of tho
meeting of tho International Postal Con
grrco at Lisbon, and tho delegates from
tbo United States to that body did
not consequently leave tho Unltod
States for Lisbon until January 0, last, and
immediately upon tho adjournment of the
Congress, on March 21 last, Mr. Crawford
started for homo, and at Paris on ronto
learned first of his removal on March 31,
Tho Sccietaryof tho Treasury has ap
pointed Theodore L. DoLand of the Loan
Division, O. N. T. Edgar of tho Buroau of
Engraving and Printing, Colouol TIchouor,
Auditor or tbo District; J. F. Olmstoad of
tho Columbian Bank Noto Company, and
Mr. Deuham of tho United States Treas
urer's office, a rourmlttco to suporvlso tho
transfer and destruction of tho plates used
In printing tbo 3.G5 bonds of tho District of
Columbia. Tho plates will bo sont to tho
Bureau of Engraving and Printing and
thcro destroyed.
Reductions of forco havo beon made at
nearly all tho mints and assay officii la
tho country. In obedlenco to Instruction
from tho Secretary of tho Treasury to cur
tail expenses whorovcr possible Besides
tbo dlsmUsals nt Philadelphia a largo ro
ductlon of forco has been mado at Carson,
City, Nov., wboro coinage operations havo
beon temporarily susponded. At tho sug
gestion of tho supcrlntondont of tbo San
Francisco Mint tbo forco employed there
has been put on half time. Minor changos
havo been mado at tho other mluts and ai
say offices.
Major-Gcnoral Hancock has roco-nmond-cd
to tbo President and Secretary of War
that, upon the retirement of Gonoral Au
gur, General Itomoyn B. Ayrcs, for several
years on duly lu this city. In command of
Washington Barracks, bo promotod to tbo
rank of brigadlor-gonoral. General Han
cock in bis letter refers to tho fact that tho
artillery arm of tho servlco has been un
fairly overlooked iu maklog promotions
from colonelcies, and rovlows General
Ayrcs remarkable record of gallant sor
vlco In every battlo In which tho Army of
iho Potomac participated .
The following named clcrkshavingaervcd
a satisfactory probationary term of six
months each, havo rocclvcd abnluto ap
pointments: Olllco of tho Commissioner of
Internal Hovonuo Miss Josslo F. Moon of
Missouri, $000-class; olllco of tho Sixth
Auditor Mr. O. A. O. B030II of
Pennsylvania, $1,000. Miss Mlnulo
Bagaly of Pennsylvania has boon
appointed translator Iu the Buroau of tho
Mint at a compensation of $1,200 por an
num. Tho following promotions havo beon
mado: Olllco of tho First Comptroller
Mr. Wm. Linton of D. 0., from class 3
to class I ; Mr. Allon Wood of
Georgia, from class 2 to class 3 ;
Mr.Edwnrd J. Itenlok of Georgia, iromclasi
ltoIclnss2; olllco of tbo Second Auditrr
Mr. John n.Wicktzerof Illinois, from class 1
to class 2; Mr. Fiauk H. Uoddor of Illi
nois, from $1,000 class to class 1.
FoymBstcr-Gcncral Smith said to-diy bo
fore tho court of Inquiry that whon tho
naval Btorehousos abroad wcro abollstiod by
tho Secrotary of tbo Navy tho stores ou
hand woro cither condemned aud sold, dis
tributed among vessels, or returned to tho
United States. No beef nor pork was re
turned to this country. In enlarging
Brown's contract thcro was no limit
fixed as to tbo tlmo whon tho stores
should bo delivered by htm. Brown's
letter asking for au enlargement of
bis contract was not submlttod to
tho Secrotary of tho Navy; nolthor wai
tho reply of tho wltnosa. Tho wituoss told
about the objection of Pay-Director Lookor
to pajlnga vouchor for $000.83. Thomat
tcr was mado subject to a decision by tho
First Comptroller, who decided that tho
voucher should not bo paid. Tho Second
Comptroller had, howovcr, declared tho
voucher to bo legal. There was a groat
deal of quest ionlug about tho vouchor.
Minor niiet Personal.
Colonel Lamont has rccovoiod sufllctoitly
to take a daily drivo with tbo Prosldent.
Tho President oxpeots to movo out to tho
Soldiers' Homo cottago In about two wooks.
Mr. Grconbaum, tho new Consul at Hono
lulu, will leavo to-night for Sau FraucUco.
Tho Commissioner of Internal Rovonuo
has returned from West Virginia with his
Barnoy Caulflold of Dakota Is still work
ing vigorously for tho appointment as Gov
ernor of his Territory.
Mr. Nathan Smith of tbo Postofllco Do
rjartment has returned to tho cltv from a
business visit to Boston.
Mr. Gcorgo F. Itlvlnlus, a draughtsman
Iu tho office of tho Supervising Architect of
tbo Treasury, has icslgnod,
Tho entire construction forco of tho
Brooklyn Navy-Yard has beon discharged
by order of Secrotary Whitnoy.
Two counterfeit $1,000 7,30 bonds of tho
issue of 1601 were detected by tho exports
lu tbo Redemption Division of tlio Troas
ury, whero thoy bad bcon sont by n Chi
cago National Bank.
Tho Secrotary of tho Treasury has or
dered tbo removal of Special Agont H. E.
Chamhorlln, on duty at Baltimore
General Ihro, who was on General
Grant's staff during tbo war, Is pushing his
claims for-CoIlcctorof tbo Port of Sau Fran
cisco. General Jackson, tbo new Minister to
Mexico, Is iu tbo city aud will start for
Mexico as soon as bo has rccolvod his in
structions. Hon. Frank Jones and a delegation of
prominent Now Hampshlro Democrats aro
in tho city visiting tho Dopartmonts and
Wbito House
Wisconsin Democrats made n flno
showing to-day on tho register of tho lib
bltt. Thoy aro Interested In tho postoOlccs
and tho collcctorshlps.
Postmaster-General Vilas Is Incroailng
his record. Ho yostorday appolntod 100
lourtli class postmasters, and to-day will
appoint about 00 moro.
Tho contract for furnishing stono for the
new public building at Fort Wayno, Ind.,
has been awarded to Bath & Keller by tho
Secretary of the Treasury.
Hon. J. H. Oborly to-dsyelocldcd to ac
cept tho position of Indian Inspector and
qualified. Ho will havo gouoral super
vision of tho othor Inspectors.
The report that an intornal rovonuo of
ficial in Granvlllo County, N, 0., bad boon
burned to death by illicit dlstlllors, Is pro
nounced to bo entirely without foundation.
Tho Secretary of Stato has lustructod
Consul-General Beach to notify Ecuador
that this Government will domand tho ro
Icasa or speedy trial of Julio B. Santos of
Hon, Frank Jones of Now Hampshlro and
tho New Hampshlro delegation, whoso ar
rival was noted lu The Critic, mado a tour
of tbo Departments to-day. Thoy spont,
qulto n whllo In tho Postoffico Dopartmout.
A man of this city has boon an applicant
for a position iu tho Postofllco Dopartmont
for tho past twonty-flvo yoars. About ovory
year ho would recall his papers and put In
new ones. This was all under Bopublican
administrations. Sinco Mr. Cloveland
wss elected bo has withdrawn his papers,
but to-day ho camo back again. IIo has
changed bis tactics. Ho now wauts to boa
postoffico Inspector under Dcmocratla rulo.
Beprcscntatlva Etbol Barksdalo ot Missis
sippi bas arrived In tbo city. His doparturo
for Washington was horaldod by tbo state
ment that ho was coming on to sco that oh
Jcctlonahlo postmasters in bis Stato woro
removed right away. Ho was at tho Post
offico Department to day and talkod about
postoffico, but bo did not domand that any
body should bo yankod from thoir places
beforo tho necessary papors could bo mado
Thcro Is a strong movement among tho
Sonthorn aud Western Democrats to pro
cure tho displacement of Mr. Jameson, su
perintendent of tho Railway Mail Sorvico.
It Is charged ngalusUMr. Jameson that ho
bas too strongly favored tho Now York and
Chicago fast mall service, and Is effectually
resisting all efforts to cquallza theso facili
ties. Tho Southern malls, It is alleged, aro
far beyond tbo ago In delivery, and tho
Southern Democrats feel assured thoy can
not sccuro their rights until a new man is
placed at tho bead of tbo railway sorvico.
Mr. George A. Llltlcflcld, supcrlntondont
of tho publlo schools of Nowport, Mr, John
McWllllamsof Provldonco, chairman of tho
Ithodo Island Democratic Contral Commit
tco, and cx-Aldorman Lowis Brown of Now
port, recently called ou Frosldont Clovo
faud and formally invited him to attoud
tho annual meeting of tho American Insti
tute of Instruction, which moots thcro In
July. Tho delegation was lntroduco.1 by
Mr. Isaao Boll, jr., tho nowly-appolntod
Mlnistor to tho Netherlands, and was vory
courteously received. Mr. Littloflcld ox
plained tbo object and lmportanco of tho in
stitute, nnd urged tho Prcsldont to bo pres
ent nnd encourago the groat work. At first
tho President positively declined, butaftor
ward bo gavo tho comniltloo to understand
that ho might possibly attond tho mooting.
UUaoiirl null illiuoln at I.osiror.
HeailH About II.
"Tho plaguo of plcuro-puoumonU Is not
appreciated in all its terrors in Missouri,"
Raid n Montana stock dcalor to-day at
Wlllard's. "Tho authorities of that Stato
aro acting llko children, and It would. sor v'o
them rlgh't If every Stato lu tho Union
quarantined against thorn. I notico In tho
morning papers that Govoruor Marmaduko
claims that ho bas suppressed plouro-pnou-monla
in Missouri by confining tho dlscaso
to Callaway County. This Is tho wildest
absurdity, for so long as ono affected animal
lives, tho dlscaso Is neither suppressed nor
confined. Tho stockmen of that Stato peti
tioned tbo Govornor to convono tbo Lsgis
turo and make an appropriation to ex
tirpato tho dlsoiso, but tho Govornor an
swers that tho Intcrcsta at stako are con
fined to so small u Bcctlon as not to warrant
snch a measure. This Is tbo height of
folly. Tbo census roport show3 thoro woro
2,000,000 cattlo In Missouri In 18S0, valued
at $50,000,000, and ovcry man who owns a
cow or a calf la directly Interested In hav
ing plcuro-pncumonia stamped out. Illi
nois stood Missouri's nonsonso as long as
sho dared, and then Governor Oglosby vory
properly quarantined. Tho St. Louis peo
ple now reply that tho Infected cattlo wero
Imported from Illinois, and tbo luforonco
is that they want Illinois to sbaro In tho
torrlblo consequences. Thoy charge again
that East St. Louis has bcon for yoars coll
ing diseased moat to Missouri, but thoy
neglect to stato bow many of tho boof-deal-crs
of East St. Louis aro MIssourlans who
crossed tho river to avoid taxation. But I
repeat, tho Missouri authorities aro acting
llko children, and thoy aro likely to find
themselves surrounded vory soon with a
stono wall of quarantine"
A. Slny-Diiy Parly.
At tho open meeting of Anchor Lodgo of
Good Templars last ulgbt tho Installation
waa conducted by tho olllcora of tho Grand
Lodgo, and after tbo ceremonies woro over
a flno literary and musical prozrammo was
rendered, and in addition a May-day, or
lloral party was given by tho ladlos of tho
lodge. This wassomothiug now aud provod
to bo a very pleasing feature of the ontor
talnuient, By voto Miss Jonnio Jamison
was elected JIay.quoon and was duly
crowned as such by Mr. A.N. CauQold,
who mado tho presentation speech, Llttlo
lilts Lula McCraekcn was sulcutod as first
maid of honor and sorved vory gracefully
throughout tho evening. Messrs. Dickin
son, McICeo, Tonney and BUyou, and
Misses Bear, HollowoU and McKou con
tributed to tbo musical, and Mosses. Mo
Kco and Johnson to tho literary pro
gramme Mr, Gcorgo P. Tonuoy conductod
tho auction salo of flowers at thocloso of
tho nicotine and was mado happy Iu
"knocking" thorn down to tho highest bid
dcr at good prices.
A New Uoiniinny.
A now olcctrlo light company contem
plates locatiug horo. Thoy havo appllod
to tho Commissioners for pormlsslon to lay
underground cablos on Sovonth 6troot, from
D to K streets. Thoir objoct Is not to light
tbo street, but to light tho stores with
their lamps. Thoy stato that thoy havo a
largo numbor of orders for lighting storoj,
and this lino Is only tho Initiatory stop to
tbo establishment of an oxtonstvo bualnoas,
A petition for dlvorco was Hied to-day
by Franklin Schayor from Cora, Scusyor,
A Contact Against Six Elootrlo Light
ing Companlos to Dotbrmlno tho Va
lidity of EdlHon's Patent Ilia Sucooss
In Gormany Mr. Evarts Confident.
New York, May 2. Tho Edison Eloo
trlo Light Company brought suit to-day In
tho United States Circuit Court of this
district agalnBt six Infringing companlos
supplying Incandescent oloctrfo light, and
against nlno users of tho lights of tho In
fringing companies. Tho six companlos
cued wcro the U. S. Elec
tric Lighting, U. S. Illuminating,
Consolidated, Hwan-Incandcscont, Horning
ton and Schuyler. Tho usors solcctod far a
test wcro tho Union Club, Mortimer citato,
and others.
Mr. Edison's patents havo bcon sustained
by tbo highest court of Germany, and Mr.
Evarts, his counsol, Is confidont of succou
About fifteen million dollars aro Involved
In tbo litigation as It stands and thoro
aro ten or a dozen distinct and soparato Is
tucs brought against each defendant.
Tlio Itlot nt Jnllol ANMunlwr Norton
SrRiNciFiKLi, III., May 2. Tho Gov
ernor bas Issued oidors for four companlos
of tho Fourth Regiment to bo c.illcd ont
and sent to Joliot at onco to quell tbo riot
thcro. Aeljutant-Goncral Vonco and Cap
tain Bell left at onco for Joliot, and ac
coutrements for tho companlos woro also
sent. Tho Govornor had bcon Importuned
all day by tho sheriff of Will County for
troops, as throats wcro bolng mado to burn
Joliot. It has been learned that tho com
panies ordered to Joliot aro from Lasollo,
Bloomlngton, Strcator and Ottawa.
(Ircnt Incitement at Joliot.
Ciiicacio, May 2. Tho following dis
patch has Just bcon received from Joliot:
"Twelvo hundred troops arrived horo at 8
o'clock. Twcnty-flvo hundrod strlkors
from all tho stono quarries In tho district,
armed with clubs and rovolvcrs, aro massing
at Lcmont, and declare that thoy will glvo
tbo troops battle Public oxcitomout Is
great and business is suspondod."
JL'rotectlue Iho Workers.
Ciiicaoo, May 2 12:20 p.m. Adljpatch
from Jollet Just received says: "Tho troops
havo been placed at tho quarries and men
will bo put In them to work this aftornoon,
being protected by tho troops, as tho strlkors
claim that they will not permit work to bo
(.rnillnic n Quiet I.lfo VuvlMlleil by
Mr. needier or Her lliislmiKt.
Once la a whllo tbo question Is hoird
"What has Lccomo of Mrs. Tilton?" Tho
llttlo womau, who was a fow yoars ago tho
most widely known American woman Iu
tbo world, lives with hor agod mother, Mrs.
Moiso, on Pacific strcot, In Brooklyn, In
comfort and quiet, saya a Now York corre
spondent of tho Nashville H'orM. Ever sinco
tho remarkable scandal trial sho bas lived
In tho samo way. At no tlmo haisho In
habited a garret, taken In lowing forallviog
orllvcd In any of tbo poor ways rumor fre
quently declared sho illd, Mrs. Morso, he'r
mother, Isthowifoof tho votcran Judge
Morse, ono of tho first presidents of tho
Union Ferry Company and now a retired
honored member of the samo wealthy cor
poration. Tho homo of Mrs. Tilton with hormothor
is ono of taste, rofluemont, and ologauce
Many of tbo pictures that woro mado
famous by tbo oft-repeated yarns iu tho
court-room of how Thcodoro, in his night
shirt, used to go aiound tho house rehaug
Ing them at all hours of tho night, ate to bo
seen on tbo walls of hor present brown-stono
homo, la tho boys' bed room Is n llfo-iizcd
photograph of their father, taken whou a
very young man, with his arms foldod, his
bead dropped upon his breast, his oyes
closed nnd bis poetical locks curling on tils
neck. Tho attitude and tho facial expres
sion say: "Look at mo aud do aught but
admtro mo If you can." lUro books aud
various art works embellish and boiulify
tbo home. Mrs. Tiltou Is still tho same
quiet, pious llttlo woman that sho always
was, only a shade or two sadder and much
older, bbo has a raro faculty of trying to
ho always cheerful and bollovos fully In
tho efficacy of prayor and that what "God
'wills Ho will," and his creatures must fol
low His law to bo saved hereafter. Her
hair Is snow white, hor figure a llttlo moro
robust and rounded, although still childish
in staturoaud form.
Mr. Tilton has uovcr stepped across that
threshold sinco tho trial. Certainly not
Mr. Bcccher. It would not bo woll for
cither ono to mako tho attempt. Tho two
sons, Carroll nud ltalih, aro young moa
now, both occupying good clerkships, and ,
live with their motbci, Carroll, tbo cider,
Is a Tilton In look and nature. Balph is a
mothor's boy, a fine, promising young
character. Tho two daughters aro both
married nnd both mottiors. Allco. tho
youueer, lives in Chicago, aud Mrs. Tilton
visited hor not long sinco. That Mrs.
Tilton was "forsaken by hor friends," as tho
newspapers would havo It i and 5 years ago,
Is not truo cither, Tho fact I:, thoro Is moro
Intellectual company ontortalncd In Mrs.
Til ton's homo Iu tbo courso of u yoar than
that of a dozen families "best famillos"
nil told. Nothing would bo pleasantcr to
Mrs. Tilton than to know that tho out3ldo
Vorld bad forgottoti hor. To a certain ox
tent It bas, but still she has a largo cliclo
of friends.
Jmleu Cox Complimented.
While tbo Circuit Court was In sesslou
tbls morning tho foreman of the rotirlng
Jury, representing his follow Jurors, pre
sented Judge Cox with tho haudsomest
floral trlbuto that has over bcou seen In tho
Court-Houso, as a mark of their appreciation
of his kind troatment of them. It lepra
tented the ccalcs of Justico. His Honor was
equal to tbo occasion, aud his witty re
marks caused boisterous outbursts of ap
plause Ho remarked that ho didn't nup.
poeo that It was intended to Infer that ho
was "scaly," but that ho had risen abovo
personal conrU era t Ions aud kept .Justico
Mnrlun CtiritH Nomination.
Tho President has ordered tho following
froraotions in tbo Marino Corps : Horatio
I. Lowry to bo quartormastor In tho Ma
rino Corps with tho. rauk of major, nnd
Llcutcnaut Richard S. Colluui to bo nsjlst
tant quartcrnmtor with tbo rauk of cap
Cbotles W. Mackoy, J. M, DIcKoy and W.
J. Welsh, Transitu, l'u., aro at tho Eobltt,
R. 0. Wlnthrop and daughter, FrancU
Blmw and wife, lloston, aro at tbo Arlington,
ltev. Godfrey T.lttlodale and doorge 0.
Herbert, London, Eng., aro at tbo Arlington.
-Jlenryl?. Wcggand wife, Walter J, Wegg
nnd Mies Wege, Boutbport, Eng aro at tbo
Mr. K. rixman, a prominent young lawyor
ot Now York, wbo bas been spending a tow
days lu Washington, leaves tor bis homo to
morrow. Ui-Secrotary Blalno will vacate or-Sscro-tary
Wlndom's bouse, on Bcott circle, oppo-
elto Senator Uameron'e, on July 1, After tbat
time this residence will bs occupied by Mr,
Wnlder, a retired manufacturer ot Bprlagaell,
Ohio, vino uao lQoaoeUt lomwo years,
How It Im Ilcceilvecl by aiemliors of
Iho District Unr.
Tbo appointment of Judgo William M.
Merrick of Maryland to tho Supromo Ilonch
of the District was tho universal toptoof con
versation at tbo Court-Houso this morning.
Tbo general sontlmont was that a District
lawyer should havo received tbo appoint
ment. Othorwlso tbo selection was pro
nounced nn excellent ono. Tho somowhat
advanced ogo of tho new Judgo was urgol
against him, but his qualifications for tho
position aro questioned by no one A fow
crltictso tho appointment ou tho ground
that It wan mado In n spirit of vindication
of Judgo Merrick, becauso ho was legislated
off tho bench, ou account of his political
views, In 1803.
A Critic reporter obtained a variety of
opinions on tho now appolutniont to tho
District Judiciary from tho mombors of tho
bar this morning,
Mr. J. J. Johnson, one of thodofoatod can
didates, salda bottor oppolntmont could not
havo been made. Ho said that Judgo Mor
rlrk Is a vory ablo and learned Judgo. "Ho
Is learned in tbo classics as woll as the law,"
ho added,
Colonel Enoch Totlon said simply: "I
bavo never heard tho ability of Judgo Mor
riik questioned."
"I havo a vory high opinion of Judgo
Merrick," said Mr. William 11. Webb. "Ho
Is a thorough gentleman and an oxcollont
Judgo. I think a' young man should havo
been appointed, howover, and allowod to
grow up on tbo boncb."
Robert Christy, esq., says that ltll ac
quaintance with Judgo Merrick begin In
1873, when thoy woio associated togothor
as counsol for tho memorialists In tho In
vestigation of tho lato Board of Publlo
Works, and tbat Judgo Morrlck posscssos
learning, oxpcrlenco and unquestionable
courago of conviction, and will undoubtedly
mako a most acceptable Judgo.
Mr. Campbell Carringtou thought that a
younger man, and by all moans a District
lawyer, should bavo been selected for (ho
fdaco. Ho said that Mr. Merrick was lojls
atcd off tbo bench under peculiar circum
stances, and that ho Is au ablo Jurist.
Mr.U. O. Claughton, who was spokon of
asacandldato for tho judgeship, remarked
tbat when ho heard of Mr. Merrick as a can
didate ho said that ho thought bo should
rccelvo tho appotutmont, If ho only held the
plaeo ono day. Ontsldo of a District ap-
E ointment, Mr. Merrick was his cholco. "A
otter appointment," ho said, "could not
have been mado."
Mr. Leigh Robinson, who represented tho
young members of thn bar, very decidedly
refused to express his views on tho appoint
ment. Judge Merrick was at tbo Courthouso
this afternoon and spent a few minutes in
tho clerk's olllco.
Tho American of this morning comoll
racnts tho appointment of William M. Mor
rlck, as Associate Justico of tho Supromo
Court of tho District of Columbia, in tbo
warmest terms. It ssjb of him : "After
tho court of which bo was a member was
legislated out of existence during tho war,
bo came to Maryland and resumed with
great success tho practico of tho law. Ha
terved In tho Legislature of tho Stato and
scried two terms in Congress, nud was a
member of tbo convention that framed tho
pieecnt Constitution. In his political career
his ideals hnvo always boon thoso of tho
statesman, rather thnu of tho politician.
His mind Is clear and logical, his logal
learning profound and accurato, and ho will
tcrvo with distinction In tho court of tho
TboSuusays: "Tho Trcildcnt has mado
a most judicious selection, and ono that
cannot fall to glvo general satisfaction.
JudgrMorrlrk will go hick to tbo honoh
which bo left twonty years sinco In tho
samo vigorous condition of mind nnd bodv,
and with all tho raro qualities which fit
him to adorn tho bench ripened by timo
nnd experience Thcro wlil now bo two
Morylandera nu tho District bouch Judges
Hagncr nnd Merrick."
A Null for 8100,001) Airnlnst Iho
WtmhluKtoii Unhllchl Cninimny.
Mr. James Crutchctt, through his attor
ney, Mr. J. A. Smith, entered suit in equity
for $100,000 against the Washing
ton Gaslight Company for Infringe
ment on a patent. Tho plaintiff
claims that ho secured lottors-patoat in
this city to manufacturo Illuminating gas
from pulvorlcd coal and other csrbouaco
mis substances. Notwithstanding tho
plaintiff's invention, tho defendants havo
Infringed his lights. Plaintiff sots out
In bis bill tbat tbo defendants havo Intro
duced other procosses In tho manufacturo
of gas, but they aro tho samo principles that
aro embodied In his letters-patent.
Inspector RESiew;:n, Mr. John N.
Dixon, ono of tho oldest Impostors In tho
Health Department, has rcslgnod. Ho will
ho succeeded by Mr. Ed. H. Hums.
Propertv ExRMPTr.n. Tho Commis
sioners havo exempted tho school lot on
Capitol Hill belonging to St. Potor's Church.
Atatino a Great Nuisance. Tho po
llco havo just finished making a list of the
gas and water fixtures that oxtond abovo
tho surface of tho sidewalk. Tho work was
dono at tho Instanco of tho Commissioners,
who contcmplato having thorn sunk lovol
with tbo surfaco of tbo stdowalk. Tho
number of theso obstructions Is about 7,000.
They aro a great nuisance, and ovory ono Is
a stumbling block and rcsponslblo for a groat
deal of profanity.
Building Inspector's Report. Tho
monthly roport of Building Inspector En
twlslo for April, show3 that 237 now build
ings wcro erected, and 1I3 repalrod. This
Is an lucrcaso of 65 new buildings
over tbo corresponding mouth of last yoir.
Mr. Eulwlslo stato: tbat tho buildings
this year aro smaller than last year aud tho
total valuo will not execod that of last
April, although tho numbor is so much
larger. Ho thinks tbat tho domand for
largo houses will bo groatoi a llttlo lator in
tho season.
Pkrmits to Build. Pormlts to build
wcro Issued to-day to B. W. Carpontor to
erect bcvcu dwelling-houses on Sovonth
street, between A and North Carolina avo
uuo southeast, to cost $10,000; Mrs.
Emma V. Duttou, one dwelling on
Ninth strcee, between Wand French stroots,
to cost $2.000 ; Charles E. Bancs, erect
twelve dwellings ou Morldlau Hill, $7,503;
8. T. Brown, erect a dwelling on Wost, ha
tween High and Congress streets, Goorgo
town, $l,r.0O.
Pound Fees. Tho Health Olllcor has
turned over to tho Collector $25,50, which
bo collected as pound fees for April.
The Gas Nuisance. Profossor Bilnl
bas written another letter to tho Commis
sioners suggesting that the Health Olllcor
or somo other cfllcisl of tbo District secure
a sample of tlio liquid that passos from the
gas works to tho river, so tbat it may bo
examined as to its detriment of tbo Potu
mac fllshcrlcs.
Collector'h Receipts, The rocolpts of
tbo Collector's olllco for April was $i'J,
113,50. Tnc n. a o. r. r. rrxcrji.
Mr. L. 0, Gllck has asked tho Commis
sioners to modify tho permit of tbo Balti
more & Ohio Railroad Company to erect a
fonco along their tracks ou First atroot, bo
tweon I and K streets, so that it will not
lulcifero with his business,
Clcn. flrnnt JtcMlcs ami Amirnliou
Ivo After l'entcrilnjr'n l.nlinr,
New YonK, May 2. Last night was the
woist night Goncral Orant has passed fjr
two weeks. It was a quiet night, but ho
slept only at short Intervals until 0 o'clock
tbls morning, at which hour bo foil Into a
sleep that continued until 8 o'clock
About 10 o'clock last night Gen.
crnl Grant Bottled down, as was
supposed, for tho night. Ho bolloved Dr.
Douglass had loft tbo home This was not
so, nud when about 11 o'clock bo hoard tbo
Doctor's volco In tho hall, bo summonod
him to tho sick room, Tho Gen
eral seemed norvous nud approhonslvo,
nnd ho requested tho Doctor not to
Icavo tho bouso until morning. Tho
Doctor said whon lielefttbat tho llonoral's
restless night might havo been owing to
cerebral cxnltatlon during tho past two
days. Tho weather, too, may bavo con
tributed to tho restlessness of tho patlout.
Tho throat and general physical conditions
wcro not such as to causo uncaslnosi. Tho
weekly consultation will bo hold to-morrow.
nil Willi Plenty of Ammunition
ami I'ronilsoM orilc-e nlorrcmcnU.
Winnipeg, Man., May 2. A courlor nr
rlvcM last night from Fish Crcok, tho scono
of tho recent battlo. IIo boro dlspatchoj
to Indians thoro to Join tborovolt. Ono of
these, written by Gabriel Damont, Kiel's
secretary, to Chiof l'lapot, was forwarded
hero to somo hnlfbrced sympathizers, anil
routalns interesting details of Kiel's In
tentions. It snyu ho la gottlng plenty of
ammunition, In spite of Mlddloton 'a scouts,
and has enough to last for several ongago
ments. Ho has now over GOO mon, and
has promises of support from sovoral Influ
ential Indian chiefs. Dumont promises
good positions to tho balfbrccds In tho now
government, If Riel Is successful. Ho
boasts that Riel won a great victory In
tbo last engagement, and cannot bo over
como by any forco tbo Dominion can sond
against him,
A 1'nvornuln I'eclliiKTownril Knlnrir
111)! tho United Ntnl en' ItlBhtg.
Colon, May 2. Tho Amorlcan marlnos
will return homo on May 5. Prcsldont
Nunez has ordered part of tho Colombian
troops hero to Carthngona, whero It Is said
bard fighting bas taken plaeo with tho
rebels who blockado tho port. Thcro Is
also a report that Gonoral Vila, who was
ou his way hero from Cartliagcna, was
captured by tho rebels. A convention is
to bo called hero as soon as tbo country Is
quiet to definitely arrange affairs on tbo
isthmus. Tho goncral feeling Is favorahlo
to enlarging tbo rights of tho Unitod
State", but to resist Intorferenco by any
other power in tbo affairs of tho Isthmus
at any time
A ClrcilH AclrcHN' l'rlirlitfnl Fall.
Trenton, May 2. Thoro was a thrill
ing spectacle nt O'Brien's Circus bore Thurs
day night. Iu tho prcsonco of flvo
thousand, pcoplo Mllo Allco Li
Favro essayed her daring feats on mtd-alr
rings, tblrty-flvo foot abovo tho ground.
Sho bad performed successfully tills after
noon. To-night, however, as sho throw
herself, head down, to swing by tho foot,
tho ropes holding tho rings gavo way aud
a shriek from tho falling woman sont
a shudder through tho crowd. Sho fell
uealnst tho sido of tho ring and
when picked up thrco ribs and her noA
wcro found to bo broken, and tbo physicians
eay that sho has sustained Intornal injuries
that may result fatally. She was taken to
her hotel.
TrncKllii; iho Train ltoblierN.
Indianapolis, Ind., May 2. An Amer
ican Express official says that tho loss by tho
robbery on tho Louisville, Now Albany &
Chicago Railway, near Bloomlngton, will
not exceed $1,000. Tho company is sparing
no pains to track tho assassin aud robbor.
At last accounts, Davis, tbo express mes
senger, was Btill alive, but thcro was llttlo
hopo of bis surviving. Thcro is llttlo doubt
tbat Wcbor, tbo baggago master, will ro
cover. Thcro Is a standing order tbat no
express messenger shall slcop whllo on duty,
under rennlty of immcdlato dismissal, and
tho evidence shows that Davis was break
ing this lulo when attacked.
Will Pay lu Full.
Boston, Mass., May 2. Tho papors boro
bavo stated that Henry Herman, a
largo boot nnd shoo dealer of Chicago,
who failed for $75,000 In 1871, nnd who
settled for fifty cents ou tho dollars,
bad just paid an additional 25 per cent,
to his creditors and bad promisod
to pay at somo futuro tlmo tho
remaining 25 per cent. This story
Is to-day corrected by tho stato
merit that Mr. Herman, instead of
paying half and piomlsing tho rest,
paid iho 50 por cent, lu full, and bis honor
ablo action is warmly praised by Djjton
Ilrniiirraud'H Career.
Fall River, Mas3., May 2, Honorlus
Bcaugrand, Mayor of Montreal, whoso
election Is now to bo contested, rosided in
this city for sovoral years, coming hero
from Mexico whero ho had bcon in military
scrvico in 1871. Ho romalncd boro about
5 years, part of tho tlmo publish
ing a French news papor. IIo
was naturalized durlug bis roildoico
here, and also becamo a mombor of a Ma
sonic lodgo. Tho Iawyors hero think that
bis naturalization will not disqualify him.
Naval StoiciuciilH.
Newport, R. I., May 2. United Statoj
tug Tryana, under command of Llouton-atit-Coniniaudcr
Washburn Maynard, re
turned to tho torpedo station last night
from Norfolk, Va., whero sho wont for tho
purpose of taking a supply of gun cotton
and dynamlto, tho latter being Intondod
for tbo naval proving grounds at Annapo
lis. Tbo gun cotton was for tho Ponsacola,
Captalu Dcwoy, now being fitted out at
Norfolk. The Pcnsacola will bo tho flag
ship of tbo European squadron nnd will fly
tbo flag of Rcar-Adrairal S. R. Franklin.
Anolhrr Triinli .if jittery.
Pittsuup.o, PA., May 2. Tbo Coronor's
jury in tho caso of tho man found dead In
a tiunk nt tho railway depot yesterday,
beard tbo testimony of physicians that
tberowas no mark of vlolcnco on the body,
but that tho stato of tho lungs Indlcstod
suffocation, Tlio jury then returned n ver
dict of "Strangulation by porsons un
known." .
A I'leclnir .illiilHiur.
Afhtaiiula, Ohio, Ma' 2. Eov. Dr.
Levi Boycr, who baa been very succosiful
as an Episcopalian missionary at Ashtabula
Harbor, has fled becauso of tbo appearance
thcio of Lllllo Stewart, who claimed that
sho was his descrtod wife Boyor's family
aro still hero. Tho affair causes u great
ThoMlilillelnu Cimo Postponed.
Tho Criminal Court convenod this morn
ing at 11 o'clock to hoar tho demurred to
tho indictments for embezzlement agnlnit
Messrs. D. W. aud S. E. Mlddloton of tho
defunct Middlcton bank. Mr. Dividgs ap
peared for tbo accused and was ready to pre
sent bis argumonts against the indlctmonts,
but tho District Attorney was not rovly
and the argument wont over for ono wook.
The will of Ellon Wood wan filed to-day.
Deceased leavos hor property to her child-rcu.
Tho Tenodoa Ordered From Halifax
to Bormuda A Bettlomont of tho
Controversy by Arbitration Repu
diated by tho Russian Nowspapors,
London, May 2. Tho Admiralty's ar
rangements provides for tho Immcdlato
dispatch of 15,000 troops If needed. Tho
Government bas ordered tho.govorinrs of
naval stations on tbo Mediterranean to sond
reports of what stores aro needed, and thoy
will bo supplied Immediately. Additional
help Is still bolng taken on at tbo arsonats.
Russian papors repudiate tho idea of sub
mitting tho Pcnjdoh affair to an Inquiry or
of referring tho dlsputo to arbitration. Tho
London Zlamlanl saya:
"Whether tho reply of Russia bo pa ;iflo
or not, it must bo borne in mind tbat tbo
atiugglo of Russia nnd England for suprera
acy In Asia has begun. Tbo Oriental
buvokcen eyes nnd Judgo a groat deu by
appearances. Tho strugglo Is not ono of
fronllors or fine poluts, but of interna
tional morality. It Is competition for lu
fluenco, credit and prcstlgo, and tho side
that tacilflccs its prcstlgo throwj awjy
wantonly tho weapon that In Aslat'c war
fare Is found to bo of keenest edgo aud of
most trusly tempor."
Thn Cntiltirt llnnllly Siininioueil.
London, May 2. Tbo morubers of tbo
Cnblnct wcro hastily summoned to u eon
ferenco this evening, which la still I ses
sion. All abo members are prosont. T o
meeting Is said to havo beon called to
consider Importont telegrms rocolved
this afternoon, both from Sir Potor
Lumsden, tho British Commissioner, and
Sir Edward Thornton, tho British Ambas
sador to St. FoUrsbtire. Tho outcomo of
tho confcrcnco Is anxiously awaited, as it
Is feared affairs hnvo again takou a serious
Ordered in Ilrriiiiuln.
Halifax, N. S , May 2. It Is slated that
tho British wat-iblpTcncdos, in this har
bor, has received orders to sail nt onco for
Bermuda with scaled orders for Admiral
Commcrcll.now thoro with his flagship, tho
Northampton. Thoro aro throo war-ships
boro bosielo tho Toncdos, namely : tho Bull
frog, 1'antomo and Alert.
A CoiiKiniilitlrit Purchase.
Panama, May 2. It Is auortod tbat
tho Chilian man-of-war Fsnenlda, now
boro, will bo purchased by England In casa
bf war and tbat she will fight tho Russian
gULboat Dygatt, which Is In the vlo'.nlty.
Nnlt Annliist Moutrenl'ti Mayor.
Montreal, May 2. Suit has been
biougbt by tho pcoplo to nnnul tho election
ofM.Honoro Bcaugrand, as Mayor of tho
city, on tho grounds of brlbory and non
citizenship. Tho latter chargo Is based on
allegations that though Bcaugrand was
born in Canada be becamo a naturalized
citizen of tbo United States where ho wai
a journalist in tbo servlco of the Now York
fun, Boston Herald, Chicago TiniM aud
other papers. Ho Is at present proprietor
nnd editor of the La Patrie, of tbls city.
Eminent counsol have been ongaged oa
both sides.
Onhlniiulit ty (ho riilcnrro llsr.rn.
CmcAfio, May 2. Consols opened at 00,
and pcaco news supplied tho bears with tho
ucccfcary weapons this morning, aud thoy
proceeded to hammer the mar
ket qullo vigorously. Inborcnt strongtli
eooii developed Itself, howover,
aud tho onslaught was without disastrous
effect, although seven out of ten In tho
crowd bad orders to sell. Juno wheat was
off ono cent; could not bo forced lower aud
icon recovered slightly, while corn dronpoi
in tho samo proportion nud then rcmalnol
stubborn nt 481(11, lSJc. Pork was stoaly
but dull at $11.50.
Tlio JupniieHo Quarter on Fire.
London, May 2 Tauuakor's Japinoso
village, which has bcon ou exhibition hern
for como time, caught fire this mornlngand
Is now burning, with ovcry prospect of bo
lng entirely destroyed. Tho vlllago con
slslcd of flvo streets of houses and shops,
constiuctcd nnd peopled by Jnpaneio, who
dally pursued their vocations as though In
thiir own country.
A lteittictlou .Vuuouiirrd.
Baltimore, Md., May 2, Tho Ameri
can District Telegraph Compauy of this
city nnnouuco to-day that a goncral reduc
tion of tbo salaries of all employes will bo
mado on May 15, giving as a reason for tho
necessity oftucb. action tho "ruinous com-
fotltlon between tho Western Union and
laltimoro & Ohio companies."
Irrnfli at n Prnynr-Heellnir.
Yorkville.S. 0., May 2. Whllo serv
ices woro iu progress In a Btptlst church
near hero a fow nights ago, Matthow Rjld
and John Workman called oat Aaron
Bryant, with whom thoy bad previously
quarreled, and shot him dead, his lody
falllngacrosj tho church steps. Reldescapod,
but Workman is In jail.
Four YttirN for 3Inri!er.
PlTTsnuna, May 2. Carrie Johnson, a
mulatto clrl 22 years of ago, who was yei
tcrday found guilty of murdering hor
lover, Groigo Waltors, In October last, wa
to-day sentenced to four years Imprison!
ment In tho Western ponltcutiary.
A nisnlileil Nlrnnmhlii.
Liverpool, May 2. Tho Gulon, lini
steamer Abysslula, which loft Queonstown
for Now York April 27, l.ut was compelled
to put back becauso of an accident to her
machinery, arrived at this port to-day.
F.nrllHiuitUrH In Aimlrln,
Vienna, May 2. Reports fi im raxnv
parts ot Austria and tho Alps state that,
shocks of earthquakes moro or lots s, vro
bavo provallcd during tho past twonty -fj.u
At cx-1'rcslilont At tbur's house It was si stol
lastnlebt that bo bad not docldd t gi)
Europe with ox-Attornoy-Oeneral lirawstsr, as
repoited Ina Philadelphia dispatch.
Tlio business failures of tho last seven days
number for tbo United States 180, aud for
Canada II), nr n total ot 208 as compared with,
a total ot 210 last week, nnd 223 tbo woelr,
previous to tbo last. Tbero Is a docrosoo tn
every section ot the country except tho South
and In Now York city, whero the numbers aro
tomenbat la excess ot previous nooks.
Tho euglne ot a passenger train on tho
Heading k Columbia Railroad loavlng Head
ing fl'a.), loft tbo track at Columbia and wont
down a twenty-toot embankment. John Houct,
Uromau, was crushed to death: Henry Wright
tell, brakeman, had his leg lorn on, and two
other employes wero severely InJuMi. iu
engine, baggago-ear aud oiio ovaou wu
To-Dnj'H T!iiierittur-.
Tbo Blgnsl UClco Mi niellos tlio I!hvtu
ejnupele of Ihe weather
Local meteoroloRtcal roport foe Mir a,
lt-arii Thermometer rea'llnirs at a a. m., 17 .81
7. m.,4l)''.Ui 11 a. m.. Mr. 3.
Iteiwtt for May 1, lb85 Moan te-npsra-turf,
t,7 .1) maxtmuru, UV.IIi minimum;
47 .til mean relative humidity, "00 por cent,,
total precipitation) O.oil inch.
For Humlay Fair weather Is Indicated for
all districts east ot tbo MIsstaMppl Ultra ,
with nearly stationary temporaturo tor dts
irl"'.s u the Atlantic Ooast,

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