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The Evening Critic.
17TH YEAR NO. 5,221.
' I'T-y " i, t f2 '
Too Navy Minus u Soorotory A Now
Influx of OfUco-SoekorB Tho Presi
dent OutMr. Bayard's Return Who
is to be Govornment Prlntor? Tho
Emlth Court of Inquiry Minor Notos
cncitBTAnr iiayahh's nETi'nN.
Secretary Bayard has returned from For
tieses Monroo aud was at Ills olllco to-day.
A. M. Kciloy qualified at tlio Stato Do-j-nrtmeut
this afternoon as Mlnlstor to
Colonel Lsmont has sufficiently recov
ered til ho nt his desk to-day, disposing of
eurreut official business.
During tho absonco of Secretary Eudlcntt
Mr. John Twccdalo, chief clerk of tho War
Department, is acting as Sccrotary.
Tho contract for tho Ironwork of tho
Washington Monument stairways has boon
awaidcd to tho Snccd Co. It on Works of
Loulsvlllo, Ky,
The Court of Claims was engaged this
afternoon In hearing Dual arguments In tho
cases of tho Chorokco Indians against tbo
Government, Involving tho possession of
about '-!,wu,uuu.
Colonel L. J. Dupro of Austin, Tax.,
Washington correspondent fur Toxas and
Tonnessco Journals, bat boon tendered tho
position of scs'stnnt sccrotary of tho U. S.
Legation at Japan,
Tho elevator of tbo Washington Monu
ment is not running and has not boso for
somo daj-8, tho engines not bolng In run
ning order. Visitors will not bo permit od
to ascend tho monument for somo days, and
during tbo work on tho stairways tho run
ning ot tho elovatnr will coutinuo to bo
nioro or less Interfered with.
Becrotary Whitney left tho city this
morning without signing n doilgnatlon
for Commodoro Walker to act during his ab
sence. Owing to this oversight tho nivy
is without any person in Washington au
thorized to act as Secretary. This has
scaicoly ever happonod boforo and no om
barrassment is llkoly to result.
It is generally botlovcd among tho Tor-
I tortal citizens now hero that Govornor
Wniren of Wyoming, President Arthur's
last npnoln tec, will not bo disturbed, and
his competitor, Mr. Post, has glveu up all
hopo of securing a change. J. B. Adams of
Rawlins said last night that ou account of
n friction of local and public lutorcsts In
tho Terrllorles, ho bollovcd President
Cleveland had not found It practicable to
adhere c'osoly to tbo Territorial plunk In
tho platform, and that tho citizens of tho
States would still bo admitted.
Tho candidates for Government Printer
nro renewing tbolr applications to tbo
President, and pretond to havo Information
that a change Is imminent. Hon. John
Ecbloy of Indiana and It. P. Yorkston of
Bt. Louis are again brought out by their
friends. The belief is qulto general, how
ever, that Mr. Hounds will not bo dls
tntbed, or if disturbed, that a Buffalo, X.
Y,, man will rccolvo tho appointment. It
is understood that tbo President Is reserv
ing tho oflleo of Government Printer for
Lis own city, which has thus far nolthcr
tttked nor received any recognition.
Senators Dawes and Iugalls of tho San
atoria! Subcommittee appointed to investi
gate tbo leasing system which prevails in
Iho Indian Territory, will loavo this woek
for tho West to onter on tho performance
ol tholr duties. Their report Is directed to
conialn otthor a rtcoraiio idatlon of legisla
tion making the leasing system logltimato
or prohibiting It altogether. This subcom
mittee should not be confounded with tho
con. mission which President Clovoland Is au
thoilzcd to nnoolnt to visit tho Clicrokoes,
Creeks and Semlno'cs, and aicortaln their
lights and opinions respecting tho loasos.
Tbst commission will not bo appointed un
til tho first of July, when tho appropria
tion theiofor becomes available.
When tbo Secoud Artillery leaves Wash
ington barracks and Fort Mollenry an
Juno 1 the euttro regiment will procoed to
Atlanta, Ga,, whero It will go Into a sum
mer encampment, to remain until tho last
of September, or, possibly, October. Tho
contemplated transfer has occasioned so
much unfavorahlo commoutthat n roporter
nsLcd Geperal Drum to day whether there
liany possibility of a revocation of theorder.
General Dium replied that It would not bo
possible to rovoko tho order, as such a
uquiso would bo prejudiihl todleclpilnoand
in violation of precedent. Tho details of
tlio transfer remain to bo executed by an
cider from General Hancock. Too reason
for making tho change at this timo Is that
tho appropriation for tho purposo would or
Iiiro ou July 1, aud the amount for next
jear Is not suluciont to permit tho transfer
to bo made.
A haidsoino portrait of Hon. Robert T.
Lincoln is about to bo added to tho col
lection of oil paintings of secretaries In tho
olllco of tbo Secretary of War. Tho col
lection is tho only complete series of oil
paintings of secretaries in oxlstencc. Tho
Slate Department has a complete collection
of crayon portraits aud photographs, and
tho Ticasury and Navy Departments havo
oil portraits of a few of tho ox-Secretaries.
Tbo collection of portraits of Attorneys
Genorsl Is very incomplete, as Is tho col
lection of Secretaries of tho Interior. Tho
Iiortratt of Lincoln will complete tho mi
ll ok en succession of portraits of Secretaries
of War from tho foundatlou of too Govern
ment to tho present Administration. Tho
collection also embraces members of tho old
litaul of War and persons prnmluont In tho
military history of tho colonies, Tho por
traits aro mainly by woll-kuowu artists,
nnd, aro of a high order ol merit. The
statement has been publicly mado that Jetr
' Davls''prlralt bus beou removed from tho
collection, but, as a matter of fact, It occu
pies one of tho most conspicuous places, aud
is ono of the II nest portraits,
The appolntmont of a Marshal of tho Dis
trict Is as far as ovei from being deoidod,
as far as can bo learned. Tboro aro a num
ber of applicants, but only threo or four
who aro strongly indorsed. The papers
were riled directly with tho President lu
each Instance, aud havo rocelved his per
sonal consideration. On Saturday ho sent
them to tho Attoruey-uoueral to bo In
;...j ...a t.. .; ..t fi, i.wn.
"'.': V.. '"TZ?mX , o7M.:.n .rUmotlon for n rehearing In tho Virginia
IUIIMB -I'll MU UAI'IIYaj w,.,...w., - -
oxnrMslJU or 0nl
which ol' tho annlle, nil 8eeiued to bo tho
cbolciWfoA' .rahjfiffiSihlngton, whosJ
jd3-,n&"'tVMCouBult. It Is said
; varan'ormluo tun ques
dJ ..'rKT lircscnled, and tho
Mi upon thv !i'0tldlsposod to mako
luiucy ucno?V. itio matter. It is
ircouiriAnflfiii!W)n..V i,UB r,iit- .1-
Vlalined that i,0 ml",f ti10 Tji.itlct of
Wdo.1 not IOKO0Ji,o ' ' " xl hf
Columbia In tils ecu"-" :-: . -"-
frleudsof M-Jor Thomas V. Morgan claim
that ho lead Iho list, and that tho PrcaU
dent tan best wutult thii wishes of tho
lieoplo by appolutlng lilin. Tho supporters
of other local aspirants for fco position cou
eedo that they havo not succedwl iu get
ling Iho slightest indication of tho Prosl-dt-iil'a
The febsmco of tbo I'naliW and soma
numbers of the Cabinet liiy sorved to
concintiato tho crowds aluofllees of Boo
relatles Manning and Bayard and tho Attorney-General,
whero tbo number of cillors
was unprecodentedty largo.
Secretary Whitney has written to John
Roach, renewing his demand for anotbor
tilal trip of tho Dolphin.
A bunch of prominent Mlssourl&ns ar
rived to-day, anil wero somewhat chagrined
t finding tho Cabinet niltccri out of tho
city. Tho delegation Is composed of Con
gressman John T. Hoard, Colonel J, (I.
Pralbcr, member of tbo Domocratlo Na
tlonal Committee; Colonel John Kuapp o
the f. Lonit Republican, and John A. Scud
dcr, president f tho Anchor Lino. It Is
learned they aro hero principally to al I
Scliatois Vest aud Cnckreil in boosting ex
Governor Thomas C. iteynolds Into one of
tho vacant foreign missions, Tho ox-Governor
is still at tho Arlington, ongagod iu
preparing for Secretary Biyard his report
as a member of tlio South American Com
Tho examination of Pnymastor-Gcncral
Smith beforo tho Naval Court of Inquiry
was suspended to-day to permit tho exam
ination of Pay Inspoctor A. J. Clark on
duty at New York. Witness Idoutlfted
tolcgrams. letters, etc., takon from tho ro
cords of his olllco. Tbo papers Included re
fusals on tho part of witness to rcccivo pork
supplied by A. P. llrown on account of its
unsatisfactory condition. Othor papers
wero Contractor Brown's letters claiming
that nny supplies rejected must havo bceu
dclivorcd by mistake. Witness said that
tbo Paymaster-General and himself had
complained of tbo manner lu which Drown
fulfilled his cintract. Tho witness' testi
mony was mainly In rcferonco to details
pertaining to purchases 01 porn anu uoer in
tho Now York market. Paymaster-General
Smith's examination was resumed aud
continued all day.
Tho appointments under tho Troasnry
Department during tho last few days havo
occasioned bitter protests from clvll-scrvlco
reformers. Tho discharges of tho chief
clerk of tho Bureau of Statistics, tho chiefs
of division in tho Sixth Auditor s oQlco and
a special agent on duty at Bshtmoro, havo
allied to protests. In tbo case of tbo chief
clerk of tho Bureau of Statistics It Is alleged
thai the man displaced was ono of tbo most
efficient and useful in tbo Department and
that it is Imnosslblo for a political appolntco
to successfully perform tho duties. It was
tho first dismissal of tho chief clerk of a
Treasury bureau on partisan grounds aud
causes much unoislncss. among olllclalsof
this class, who relied upon being; retained
if their records wero good, Tho discharges
of chiefs of division In tho Sixth Auditor's
ofllco to make room for political appoint
ments, occasion complaint for tho reason
that Treasury chiefs of division have never
been political appolnteos undor Republican
administration. Tho chiefs of division,
over seventy In number, havo nearly all
rlson from low grade clerkships, and are
menof years of oxperlrno. Not a faw o'
them aro Democrats. President Clovolanl
had declared himself to bo opposed to ro
nioiasoftbls kind.
Bllnor mill l'ersoiiitl.
Major William B. Slack of tho Mirlno
Corps has been rotlrcd.
Tl o detail of officers for the Mohican has
been mado by Secrctury Whitney.
Secretary Bayard has gono to Fortress
Monroo and will return to morrow.
Mr. Wilson Blsscll. tho President's lato
law lartnor, is a guest at tho Whlto House,
and spent last evculng-wlth Mr. Clovoland,
Tbo President has awarded gold watches
to tho captains of fivo foreign vessels for
befriending American seamen in dlstross at
Sccrotary Whitney has appointed Mr.
Fletcher of Philadelphia toas3lst William
Calhoun in examining tho accounts of the
various bureaus of tho Navy Department.
StafnScuator Plunkotof Connecticut Is
stopping at tho Ebbltt House. Hocamoto
Washington yesterday to add ono mora to
tbo many applicants for tho colloctorshtp
of tho port of New Haven.
Mlssleslpplaus aro indorsed and will bo
p ojsed for appointment as follows: J. G.
Hamilton, Consul to Rio do Janeiro; J. L.
McKasklll, Consul to Glasgow; Coloucl W.
M, Ingo, Minister to Guatemala.
I lentonant Charles L. Phillips, Fourth
Artillery, has boon dotailcd as professor of
milltaiy sclcuco and tactics at tho Malno
State College of Agriculturo and Mechanic
Arts, Oiono, Mo., to take effect July 1.
Mr.J. Abbett, who was appointed to suc
ceed Mr. R. S. Widdlcombc, chief of the
Foreign Mall Division, Sixth Auditor's of
llco of tho Postofllco Department, entered
actively upon tho discharge of his duties
ou Saturday.
Tbero is said to ho a groat deal of oppo
sition among naval ofllcors to tho appoint
ment of J. Ernest Melio as Consul to Na
gasaki, Japan. Complaint is mado that
Metre, while intoxicated recently, insulted
Commodoro Truxton.
New Uampshiro and Michigan delega
tions wero consplclous iu the DoparCuiouts
to-day. Frank Jones of Now Uampshiro
led a sturdy band of patriots, aud tho en
tiro Michigan Domocratlo Congressional
delegation wero on hand. Both parties aro
looking after tho distribution of patronage
In their respective States.
John II, Oberly, chairman of tho Illinois
Central Domocratlo Committee, after qual
Ifylugasnn Indian Inspector on Saturday,
left for Fortress Monroo to go thonco to
Now York. His friends say that hols begin
ning his olllclal duties by luspeo.lng the
Indian children at Hampton and tho Tam
many chiefs in Now York.
Dr. Lo Plongcon of Now Orleans, who
desires tho post of Consul at Merlda, Yuca
tan, has been for n numborof yosrs en
gaged in an Investigation of tbo antiqui
ties of that country, and thinks It would
lo of advantngo to his researclios to have
the official position mentioned. Pecuni
arily tho consulship isofsmallcouscqtionco.
A. Hallor Gloss, recently appo'lutod Con
sul to Atbonti, Is reported to havo dcclinod,
ou thouround that tho subsequent appoint
ment of Walker J, Foam asConsul-Gonorul
to Roumanla, Servia and Greeco ronderod
his position n Bubordlnato and undoslrablo
ono devoid of diplotuatlo or reproseutativo
qualities. It is said that Gross aspired to
to surveyor of tho port of Philadelphia.
Tho President's pew at tho First rrosby.
tcrlan Church was vacant yesterday. Tho
President did not mako his appcaranco In
tbo publlo portion or (no JJxocutlvo aian
elon until lata In tho afternoon, when ho
went walking with tho l'ostmaster-Uenoral,
while Secretary Whitney wont driving
with Colonel Lament. Tho Prosldout's
walk yesterday included a stroll through
tho Monument grounds and was tho first
walk tho President has takou slnco his in
Ilcclston or tlio rinrciiio Court In
I he Tlrelulit lloml Unwed,
rPl.n Q.lnvAn.n f,.t tn.llttV llnntltll ftlft
"'" ""!" " ---- ----
. - . ,
bond csbq. Tho opinion, which was against
tho Stato, will tnoreroro stand,
Heriunuit to Guotl Teiunlnrs.
Tho commlttco ou church scrvlco of tho
Grand Lodge of Good Tomplars has ar
ranged for u scries ofsormons to bo preached
by tho sovcral pastors of tho city upon tbo
BUbject of temporanco, tho first In which
Ecrles was delivered last ovonlug in tho
Western Presbyterian Church by tho pas
tor, Itov. T, B. Wynkoop, to a largo con
gregatlon In which tho mcnibors of ths or
dor woro well represented. Tho sormon
was an Impressive dlscourso aud was lis
tened to with rapt attention. On nex
Sunday evening Ilev. T. O. Houso wll
preach at tbo Memorial M, H. Church, cor
ner of Eleventh aud II streets uorthoast at
tho Invitation of tho committeo.
A boon to suffering humanity SalratlonOlll
ritcavuly twentj-llvo cents a noltlu.
An Informal Recaption Given to His
Honor, Aftor Which Ho is Sontod at
tbo Left of tho Oblof Justice Judge
Merrick's Porsonnl Appearance.
Judge William M. Merrick of Maryland,
tho new Associate Justice of tho District
Snpicmo Bench, was sworn In this morn
ing and took his seat In tho Court in Gon
cral Term at tho City Hall. Tho court
room was crowded with mombors of tho
bar who wanted to bco tho now dlsponssr
of Jostlco beforo whom tbey will havo to
practlco. Tbero was a good deal of disap
pointment as to tho manner of swearing In
tho new Judge. It was oxpectod by many
that ho wouid havo bcon sworn in iu
the court-room, but such was not tho caso.
Tho operation occurred In tho prtvato con
sultation room, and the only porsons pres
ent wero Chief Justice Cartter, Justices
James and Morrlck and ono of tho assist
ant clerks of tho court. He took tho Iron
clad oath of olllco to tho surprlso of somo
who doubted that ho could swear that ho
"never voluntarily boro arms sgalnst tho
United States or voluntarily gavo aid,
touutennnco, couusol, or oncouragomont to
persons engaged In armed hostility thereto;
inaino novorsougni nor accopteu, nor at
tempt to exercise tho functions of any of-
n co wnsiovcr unuer tne authority or pro
tended authority in hostility to the Uultod
Slates," &c.
Besides thocath to support tho Consti
tution be took an oath "to ndmlnlstorjns
tlco without respect to porsons, and to do
equal rights to tho poor and tho rich, and
faithfully and Impartially dlschargo and
perform all duties Incumbent on him ac
coidlng to tho best ofhis ability and under
standing, agreeably to tho Constitution and
laws of tho United Statos."
Promptly nt 10 o'clock tho now Judgo
walked across tho court-room to tho bench
and took his scat at tho lofc hand of tbo
Chief Justice Durlug a delay of five min
utes tho timo was takon up by Judge
Merrick in an Informal reception. Quito a
numbor of lawyers, principally eldorly ouos,
paid tbctr respects to tho Judge by shaking
him by tho baud and speaking a fow words.
Judgo Merrick Is rather tall, sparo built
and stoops a little. Ho was dressed in a
neat-fitting suit of black broadcloth and
his faco was clean shaven. He has a soft,
pleasant face, which is nearly always
wreathed In smiles. His step is brisk and
his general appearauco belles his advanced
agoofG7. Thoro was a handsome bouquet
of flowers placed on his desk by somo ad
miring friend.
Nothing occurred In tho court-room out
of tho usual order of things oxcept tho
nana-siiaaiug mcntionou iinu no timo wa
lost In getting to business. "Motions ar
in order," slinplv remarked Justice Carter
and General 11. F. Butler and Colonel Wll
Ham A. Cook called cbo attention of tho
court to tho celebrated aiso cf Simuol
Strong ogalnst.tbo District.
Tlio ('nan of Nnmiinl Hlrouc Fixed fur
Hip hecoml Mundny lu Nplmlrr.
Tho Court in General Term to-day sot
tho case of Samuel Strong against tho Dis
trict of Columbia for trial tho socohd Mon
day lu September. This caso has occupied
tho attention of tbo courts for a groat
number of years. It .has been up several
tlrtea on exceptions, &c. This trial will
decldo tho caso so far as tbo District is
concerned If the award of tho board of
rcfeiccs Is. confirmed. Othorwlso It will
go back to tho Circuit Court for retrial.
Iu tho event of a confirmation of tbo
award tho District will tako tho caso to tho
Supremo Court of tho United Statoi.
A l'roirrniniiio I.uoltlnic to u Tor in I
lion of 111" Conleat.
Tho arrival of Judgo Lambert Trco of
Chicago this morning, caused quite a
commotion among tho Illinois pcoplo who
havo been hero sovcial weeks in consulta
tion over tho Senatorial deadlock. It was
not long beforo Colonol Morrison's frionds
held a final meeting and agreed upon a pro
giamme, which Is that Colonol Morrison Is
to bo given tho solid Democratic voto In tho
Legislature at tbo earliest possible moment.
When that Is douo, Morrison oi poets to
mako cood his promlso of securing ono or
two Republican votes which havo boon
promised him In tho event of his receiving
tbo entire Domocratlo voto.
If, on receiving tho unanimous voto of
bis party, tho expected accessions aro not
icalizcd, Colonel Morrison will Immedi
ately letiro from tho contest and a now
man bo entered. That man, It lsbellevod,
Is Judgo Lambort Trco. To carry out tho
programma agreed upon hero will roqulro
several days yet, as a vacancy Is to be filled
In tho Legislature by special election.
Thieves In Hie West Rml.
Tbopnllro aro Bomowhat oxorclsod over
n "tceond-story woikor," who has mado his
appearsneo In tho West Dnd. During
Saturday and Sunday nights threo of thoso
robberies wero committed. On Sunday
night tho houso of Senator Logan, No. 4
Iowa Circle, was robbed of somo Jowolry.
Tho cutrnnco was mado through n eocood
story back window. Tho bouso of Anthony
Gaegler, 1215 Eighth street, was ontorcd
about 0 o'cock last night In tbo ssmo man
ner and inonoy and Jewelry to tho valuo of
$3! wero stolon. Tho rcsldcneo of Morris
Itosln, 1237 Snvonth street, was entered by
way of a third-story window Saturdy
night, and watches and Jowolry to tho
vuluo of $100 woro carried off.
Nudilenly t'nrnljrzpri.
Governor I. L. Glbbs, of 032 I slroot,
wbllo sitting In tbo Criminal Court-loom
to-day was stricken with vertigo and fell
hiavlly to tho floor, striking on his head,
Uo was driven to his homo in tho pollco
ambulanco whero It was found that ho was
partially paralyzed In his' right eldo.
General Oraiil'M Onmlllloii.
Nwv York, May 1. Goueral Grant
passed a fairly good night and aroso this
morning rcfroshed and strong. Altor par
taking of somo nourishment bo resumed
work on his book.
Colonel William I', Shaffer or How York Is
at tlio Arlington.
G ooi go it. Feck, Topeka, Kan., returnoJ
from New York to-day.
Mrs. Governor Porter, wire of the Assistant
Secretary ot Slate, arrived last night from tlio
Hceretary'u home in Tennessee,
Judgo Charles W, TankerMey, formerly ot
Arkansas fuJ Inter ot Urnver, Uolo,, ts hero
from New York, where ho has Just located as
senernl manager ot the Commercial Credit
Hon, John T. Ileanlnf HeJalla, Mo,i Gover
nor John lispo tt ol Oaklanu, oal, i Hon. Jerry
11. Murphy ot Inwai Hon. II. O. OirKton ut
Port Huron, Michigan, ami lion. Alphonso
Man Ol umu Hrn ai mu j.uum.
Mrs, Alex. It. Shepherd and family arrived
In llilseliy Huturday nUht fmm Mexico, lis
Governor BUepliorct will follow them lu about
u month, and the wholu party will remain
until tali. Mr. bhepneid la now working ton
ot llio richest Oliver ruluea In Mexico.
Ilev. Henry Ward needier and wife,
Urooklyn, nre at milliard's
-It. W, Alston, Atlanta, aa, Is lu tho city,
Hon. J. II, Murphy ot Iowa Is ut tho Rlggs.
Senator Iluwley arrived from Uarlford Ust
lilyht, hi d Is M the HIKES.
II O.B. Hiistand an I wife, United State
a my, am M the Ebbltt,
HalvationOIuIb the beet llnlmnt In th
iraittttiir both man aud beast, l'rlct) twenty
Uvu tenia,
X DlalltiKiilnlieil I'nrly I.envo Wnsti.
union lor Hie Ilaltlc-flronml.
Tho special train for Gettysburg, havlnr
onloardtho Presidential party, mombors
of tho Loyal Legion and about 200 oxcur
stonlsts, left tbo Beltlmoro & Potornao Rail
road Station this morning at 8 o'olock. It
was fivo ordinary cars and two haudsomo
Pullman hotel cars tho President and St.
Tbo coramttto In cbargo of tho excursion
wero Governor Curtln, Generals Rosccrans,
blocum and Hunt, and J, U,8lIno,bIslorIaa
of tho First Army Corps.
This Is tho first trip mada by tho Presi
dent slnco ho has been In tho Whlto Houso,
and it Is ruuforcd that bo enjoined on tho
commlttco that ho desired, as far as possi
ble, to remain unobserved.
Tho Presidential party consisted of Secre
taries L'ndlcott and Whitney and Postmaster-General
Vilas, Commissioner Black, As
sistant Secretary Coon, several members of
tho diplomatic corps, Genorals Itosecraus,
Ordway and Ilazeu, and Hon. Van U.
Manning, Hon, W. M. Springer and Hon.
Martin Maglnnls. Thoy woro taken In
cbargo by tbo commlttco and ushered Into
tho "St. Nicholas,'' tho other hotel car be
ing used by the members of tho Loyal
Secretary Lamar was expected to bo a
member of tbo party, but was unablo to
reach tbo Blallou lu time, arriving thoro
Just as tho train steamed out at tho othor
end (it tho building. Although chagrined
bo fat down to wait philosophically until
tho next traiu lift, which was at 6.30
Among tho passengers In tbooxcurston
cars was a numb:r of tho mombors of tho
Grand Army of the Potomac, who will ro
malu oi or with a number nf tho excursion
ists and inspect tho battle-field to-morrow,
leaving ou a special train, wtiicti will brlug
tbrm to Battlmoro iu timo to attend tho re
union In that city.
Considerable alarm was occasioned nhaut
noon by tho report that an accident had be
fallen the excursion train. On Investiga
tion, bowovor.lt was learned that Just after
tbo train lore Hanover, l'onna., tho onglno
broko down. This causod delay until
another engine could bo secured.
Tho following dispatch from Gettysburg
announces tho arrival of tbo party:
OETTYenuno, I'A, May I. Thn Frost lent
and party nrrlvod riero at lifts a. m. A
meal crowd waB prosxnr. A national eatuta
was fired, Governor Paulson and a ingress
man Bweps met tho party. As tho President
stepped oft tho train the croWd cneorad and
tbe President dofred his hat. The party drove
to tlio National Cemetery, and Governor Pitil
enn mado an address ut welcome, onl Miior
Maglnnea responded for tbo camp. Tbe party
tbon drove over tbe balileneld.
Tho train will leavo Gottysburg at 0
o'clock, reaching Washington at 0.30
Tlio United rnllrf Antnontxe the
AlintilKuiiiRieel Ansocltttlon.
riTTSiiuita, Penn., May 1. Tho United
Nailers of America havo thrown down tho
gsgoof hattlo to tho Amalgamated Associa
tion of Iron and Steel Workers, tho Issue
being tho steel nail, aud Ind Icatlons aro that
there must be a fight botweon tho two
bodies. It was not thought that tho diffi
culties which woro predicted at tho timo
tho nailers of tho Ohio Valloy began to sur
tender their charters In tho Almalgamatcd
Association would ariso so soon, It bolng ex
pected that tho wages and torms domandod
by both would bo allko, for at least a year.
Tbo scalo sent out by tho nailers, howovor,
shows that tho strugglo must como at once.
It Is scml-ofilclally announced that ovory
mill in tbo Ohio Valley, district will sign
tho nailers' scale, which places tho price for
cutting iiou or steel nails on tho bmio
hatis, and that the heaters amLrellerj.wlll
aHo present a scslo of tholr own, thrusting
ssldo tbo scalo submitted by tho Amalga
mated Association last wcok, which pro
vided that tho price for cutting steel nails
shall bo twenty per cont. greater than for
cutting Iron nails. A dlflVrcnco of this
uaturo In tbo scalos would shut Pittsburg
out of tho nail trado entirely. Assertions
aro undo by tho Amalgamated Association
that this action of tho nallors in placing
steel and Iron togolhor has for its objoct the
securing of tho signaturo of their scalo and
leaving tho Amalgamated with n fight on
their bands. A strike, If ono occurs, will
bo confined to this city alono.
Ttriitli or 31 r. Viimlerblll.
Nfw York, May -1. Sirs. Francos A.
Vanderhllt, tho widow of tho lato Commo
doro Vanderbllt, died at 0 o'olock this
morning, at her residence, No, 10 Washing
Ion Place, She had bcon ill for tho last few
days with pneumonia.
Milt Ilroimtit ii Itrcovcr U.
IlnuilN I,ft In Trim!.
August and Henry F. Schcenborn havo
filed a bill In equity for discovory and gen
eral relief against Mary A, Scbeeuborn.
Tbo plaintiffs allcgo that when tho de
ceased, Win.K, Schoenborn, wont to Luropo
in 1682, bo loft an amount in U, S. bonds,
and after his death in Luropo Mrs. Schoen
born, his widow, fallod to account
for tho bonds which woro In her posesslon.
They allcgo that ho mado disposi
tion of his cstato in a certain
memorandum books nnd which thoy claim
is now In tho possession of tho widow.
Plaintiffs allcgo that tho bonds wore hid
In a teller, from which Mrs. Sdiocnbnu
look them.
Siimiiir'M I.nat liny In Iho Nennte.
A frleud or humanity, bis policy was peace,
and tbe eelilemeut ot disputes between na
tions by arbitration Instead ot by war was
ono ot his loudest dreams. Possessed of such
benignant soutlmants, on December !2, 187t2
be Introduced a bill which be requested t
have "read In full fur Information." I eliall
glvo It heret tor to carry It to tbe desk was
ono ot my first acts as a page. It was as fol
lows i
"A bill to reculato tho ArmvJt'Olittr&n&lha
reslmentat colors nt tho Uultod Hcates,
"Vi hereof, the national amity and kooJ will
nmong lcllow-cttlz-nB can bo assured ouly
thrmiiihohllvlouot past dlOrencts, aud tt ts
contrary lo the usage ot clvlllzod nations to
porpetuate tho moniorynf civil wari therefore,
"Be It enacted by the ttanato mu1 Uiuse ot
rtepresentatlvce ot tho United St ites ot America
In Congress assembled, That tho namss ot
battles with (cllnw.citlzena ahnll not bo con
tinued In tho Anna IttoMtr or pi iced ou too
rculmeuiiil colors ot the Untied Htatse."
'Iho bill was ordered lo bo prlatod, nnd that
was tbe end ot Its pilgrimage In congress. It
never became a law. Uut It was rllscussed
elsenhorol Thn Legislature ot Massachu
setts heard ot it wlib deepest Indlsnattoo.
Tho act nt Henator Bumnor was stigmatized
as "un attempt to degrade the lose I oldlory
ot thn Union and tholr graud ncblevomontsi''
and a resolution ot censuro was Introduced
nnd paeeod by thn legislature ot tho btate
Vihlch had mado blm Its Senator.
The resolution ot censure was an Injustice,
whlcti would havo provoked Borne meu lo
wrath. Hut with Mr, Balmier It occasioned not
anger, but grief, lie hud served his Htate for
moro than twenty years, and It had stoo 1
proudly by him In all liWerrorts. That It
should now, alter his long and faithful career,
misinterpret bis motlver, and soem t) brand
him with reproach, was perhaps tho saddest
blow be had ever sustained, Ills manner be
trayed how It boro upon his mind. Yot when
Deiember again appeared the Boimior was
again found nt Ms Boat on Iho openlnc day,
thla timo to Intro' tc his lamous Civil ltlghts
bill-the. tint blllo' tbu Besslou. uur,astno
days slipped by, bll face was loes frequently
reen In ibe Henate. December, January, I'eb-
ruary passed bis visit were lew and brier,
un ine aiitn or niarcn, nnwever, uo was in
iilletjOAnc.. I remembor It well I hlnot
Been him tor quite A while, and lie cf4tab
tn liln dotk, I liioilsht he looked moriKiwr
tul than usual, and I asked utter his health.
Aa he whittled a pen, ho smlllugly chatted
Willi me, nnd stated that ho bad como to the
Bviinto to hear pleasant news. Un had scarcely
made the remark, when Henator lloutwell, his
colliague, arose and sent up to the clerk's
desk lo bo read a resolution ot the Mtssacbu
situs Legislature. As tbe cleric proceeded, all
eyra turned upou Henator Bumnor, who was
escerly llrtcnlug. it was a rosoliitlou rescind
ing Ihevcte nt cenahrel Within a few mo
inenla alter tbe reading, tho Henator left tne
iham her, and, as I parted from blm at the
door, bn shook hands kindly, and ealdi
"Oood-byl" . .
Thofo wero bis laid words tn mo. The next
day be was deadl-t"Among tbo Lawmakers,"
by Edmund Alton, In Bt. Nicholas tor May,
Tbo Colestlnla Determined That tho
Others Shall Gain No Advantarro
Tho Russia-Afghan Frontier Norro
Hot Ion b to ho Contlmiotl in London.
London, May I. A dispatch from Shang
hai Bays tho dtsputo botweon tho (Jhlneso
and Itusslan governments over tho Man
cboorian fioutlor question is assuming
alarming proportions. Tho Chinese com
missioner appointed to moot tho Russian
commissioner for tho purposo of settling tho
disputes arising out of tho frontier quostlon
nnd definitely fixing on a dividing lino bo
tween Russian and Cblncso possessions lu
Asia, has been awaiting tho arrival of tho
Russian commissioner for Boveral weeks,
butasyct tbnt ifilclal has not put In nil ap
pearance. Tho Chlnoso officials aro ludlg
nant at this, and openly accuse Russia of
acting in bad faith. They assert that the
saino tactics pursued by Russia In dealing
with the English with regard to tho Russo
Afghan frnntlor aro being repeatod, Tho
Chinese Government will insist on Ha
claims with regard to tho frontier Hue and
Is fully determined to enforce them.
l-rouiler MrKOtlnlltniH Ii hn Ileiiotvoil
I.ONDONj May 4. In the House of Lords
this afternoon Earl Granvlllo, Sccrotary for
Foreign Affairs, said that Lugland and Rus
sia had reached an agroement whereby ne
gotiations concerning tho Afghan frontier
question would bo renowed. Earl Granvlllo
further stated that tho coming negotiations
would bo carried on In London, and that all
preliminary details had bceu arranged In
vltw of an eaily mcetingof tho commission.
The Invenlora' Inhibition Openi-il.
London. May 4. Tho International In
ventors' Exhibition was formally opened by
tho Piineo nf Wales to-day. His Royal
Highness in a very happy address heartily
welcomed all tho fnrolgn oxhlbltors,aud ex
pressed tho bopo that the cntorpriso would
meet with tho success which should cer
tainly follow tholndcfatigablo labors of Its
promoters. Amoug tbo notables prasont
wero thcPriticcss of Wales and tho Duko nnd
Duchess of Edinburgh. Tho wcathor was
lino nnd an onormous crowd assisted at tbo
orcnlng exercises. Tbo muslo was fur
hl.bcd by Stisuss' famous bands.
Thnllrlllah BjuliJrctH In Oilnasn.
VllNNA, May -1. It is roportod hero
that tho Italian consul has boon Instructed
to asturoo tbo protection of all British sub
jects lu Odessa in tho event of war between
Russia and England,
Iieuth ol mi 31. I.
London, May 1. Jamos Chslno, Cinscr
vnllvc memberof Parliament for tbo county
of Antrim, Ireland, slnco 1674, died to-day
at tho ago of forty -four.
I'reiinrlne for Vnr.
St. FETEnsiiunci, May 4. Tho com
mandant at Vladivostok has been ordered
tosendnway nil femalo residents of tha
T.osirll lo II ltiWMiuelcil,
London. May 4. Arrangements havo
been mado for a grand publlo banqnot to
Minister Lowell prior to his departure for
I.oulac Michel RpfiiaeN n I'anlon.
PAttls, May 1. Loulso Michel has re
futed to accept a pardon oxcopt as a partici
pant in general amnesty.
Tiro I'Jremeii CriiNlieil lo liemli lull
o. llnrnlrii; Bnllilliiir.
Chicago, May L At 11:10 last night
fiimes were teen issuing from tho rear win
dows of tho third Btory of No. 101 South
Water sticct, and an alarm was turned In.
'Iho firo secured a good start beforo It was
discolored, aud was breaking from tho roof
and windows beforo cuglncs appeared. Tno
building Nos. 101, 1G3 and 10o ts a four
story brick structure aud good food for
flames. It was occupied by commission
houses solely. Tbo firo originated from an
unknown cause In a largo nuautlty of baled
hay In John Lally's compartment. Tho
smoko was iutonsu and tbo (lainos traveled
A good fight in tho alley drovo tho firo to
tbo front, whero It was met by a-half
dozen steamers sent there by a eccoud
alarm, which was turned in at 11:1.",. Tno
further progress of tho firo was provontod
by tho firemen gaining entrance through
tho windows, and tho adjoining buildings
wero taved. Early In the 111 o ton or twnlvo
firemen took up a position ou tho third floor
of No. 1G3 to extinguish tho orahera that
dropped. Tho heavy weight on tho foutth
floor oiertaxed tho floor, which gave way
directly over tho heads of tho firemen.
They lound themselves engulfed lu a mass
of debris.
When all tho Injured men hsd been ox
trlcatcd it was dlscovored that two
wero missing. Fifty men at onco clam
bored up tho ladders and with books and
picks dragged away tbo debris until their
two tomrudos wero found. Both woro
dead. Tho weight that bad homo them
down had crushed their lives out. Tbey
wero taken to a drng Btoro whoru a phy
sician left no doubt as to their being dead.
Tho lostcs on tho buildings will reach $32,
ScrtANTON. Pi:nn., May 1, Eirly this
morning a firo broko out in tbo cngltio
room of tho lull department of tho Lacka
wanna Iron and Coal Company's steol mill.
Tho Uames spread rapidly. Tbo ongino
housoandrall mill wero totally destroyed,
together with valunblo machinery. Tno
lots to building and machinery Is about
JJj.COO, partly Insured.
A l'n in I ly Iliirui'il lo Itentli.
SyitACtlBF, X. Y., May 1. By tho burn
ing of tho dwelling of John A. Logan at
Waterloo, early yestorday mornlug, Mr.
Ijjpan, his wife and sou lost their lives and
other members of the family wero probably
fatally turned. It is supposed that all
wero asleep. Mrs. Logan aud tho young
est son weio up-stalrs and woro overtaken
by tbo smoko beforo thoy could get out.
Ihrco daughters, who slept down stairs,
cleared. Beforo tho lira department ar
rived the houso was nearly destroyed, Tho
body of Mrs. Logsn was found lylug partly
out of a second-story window burned to a
crlip. In tho second story was found tho
dead body of Mr, Logan with his youngest
child in his arm 8. Tho eldest daughter
was so badly burned that thoro Is small
hope of her recovery. Tho causa of the firo
Is unknown
nincovrry of a Lurto I.eail Deposit.
St. Paul, Minn., I lay 1. Tho latest
important mining dlicVvory Is reported
from Chonoy, Washington Territory, whoro
great excitement has boon caused by tbo
finding of nn Imnicnso deposit nf carbonato
of lead rich in silver within threo miles of
that place. Men aro flocking thcio by hun
dreds aud claims nro staked out for miles
along the ledge, which Is twelvo feet wide
on tho surface. Meu from Colorado pro
nounce It equal to tbo Leadvlllo prospect.
HunUny Hull I'lnyluir.
Cieveland, May 1. Tho caso against
VUAitor Walker of tho Cleveland Baseball
Club for playing In Sunday's gamo was
disposed of In tho Pollco Court this morn
ing. Judgo Hulchlns sustained tho do
niurter of defense that tho information was
defedlivo, Tho Court added that ho did
not sold that persons could not bo success
fullduiostculed. but simply that it could
not 'Jo douo ou the Information drawn,
iilritl OvriiiHiiy DeiiiHlotoil.
BtKSLAU, May 4. A violent thunder
stnrli devastated Cential Germany ou Fri
day Tbo dsmago inflicted was very groat,
tarllcularly In Thurgla, tho provlnco o
Saxjny, and tn tbo valley of all tbo Hart
allilillplnn'n Nicnnier Hllim Off
I tin Nniid-llnr.
Winnkpfcj, Man, May 4. A dispatch
basjust bcon received from tbo West an
nouncing that a rlso of tbo water In tho
Saskatchewan has enabled tho slosmor
Xorthcoto to movo off tho sand-bar and sho
Is expected to reach Clark's Crossing by
noon to-day. Tho Govornor-Gonoral's body
guaid aro also expected to reach Clark'
Crossing to-night. Tho telegraph lino is
still down west of Humboldt, and nothing
can como through. Major Walsh has boeu
visiting tho halfbrccds, near Fort Qti'Ap
fcllc, and has ovcry confidence thoy will
prove loyal. Many of them havo frionds
and relatives In Kiel's camp and Bay If it
wero In their power they would Induce
them tn withdraw. Indian Agent Mc
Donald has gono to Touchwood, whoro tho
Indians havo lift tholr resorvo and will
try (o got them hack. Thcro Is a report
that tho Indians havo gono North, but It is
not confirmed, Tho remains of Private
Ferguson, Ninth Rifles, killed at Fish
Creek, arrived at Fort tjn Appcllo yoitcrday
and will bo embalmed and brought to Wlnno
peg. Lieutenant Swlucford's body Is ox
peeled to arrlvo thcro to-day and will bo
similarly treated.
tin rVcwH from Urn, aililillnton.
WlNNKiT.n, Man., May 1 Tho wires
being down from, tbo Beat of war, great un
easiness prevails. It Is thought that Gon
cial Middlcton mado an advauco on tho
rebels yistcidsy, nnd that an ongagomont
has taken placo. Tho supplies must havo
reached blm by this timo, and It Is known
that when tbey did arrlvo ho would ad-
vatco. ,
Chlenito DrlrcllviH t'onllileiit Tlin.1
llii-y Iluvn u Ulen.
CllICAtio, May 4. Tho Pittsburg trunk
horror Is still furnishing tho pollco with
considerable work, endless speculation and
seemingly impenetrable mystery, Thoy
havo established to a certaluty tbo fact
that tho body was Flllppo Cartisso, who
left his homo, 75 Tlldon avonuu, last
Thursday morulng at I) o'clock, aud nro
forced to bollovo that ho was murdered
and his body placed In tho trunk and
shipped to Pittsburg within two hours
thereafter. Thcro havo bcon uo furthor ar
rests, but tbo trubk which contained tho
body will bo hero from Pittsburg to-day,
and with that and tho foreign money
order found in thopockot of tbe deceased,
detectives hope to run down tho guilty
parties. Russo Is still undor survolilnnco,
and ho contradicts himself so much about
Caiueto tho pollco nro confirmed In tho
opinion that ho knows moro than ho tells.
The Ntrlklnic Umirrjmcii lnlct Yes
lenlny. Joliet, I i.i.., May 1. Thoro was no
demonstration of any kind mado by tho
Ktlkersjcstcrday and quiet reigns about
tho nuarrles and In tbo cilv. Sheriff Rolti.
al lo clock jestcrday morning, roloascd all
tho prisoners cspturtd Friday but four,
They wero conducted to tho city limits nnd
told to Iravo tho county at onco. No
second Injunction was necessary, aud tho
men started a breakneck paco toward
Lemont. Tho four men retained nro bo
llovcd to havo bocn tho ringleaders and
were taken to tho county Jail and placed In
separate cells. Thoy wll bo takou boforo
ajustlco to-day for a preliminary hearing.
The Htrlke Thought to bo-i:nlpil.
CllICAtio, May I. Tho situation Is un
changed at Joliet, Lock port and Lemont,
tho scenes of tho quarrymeu's striko. It Is
thought many of tho men will return to
work this afternoon or to-morrow. Sheriff
Hancbctto of this county went to Lemont
this morning to prevent disturbances.
Tbo general Impression Booms to bo, haw
over, that tho strike Is at au end, and if
tho men resuming work nro not interfered
with this afternoon, tho militia will bo
A rolllMlon Willi Iho Troops.
Chicago, May 1. News Is reported to
havo been received at the sheriffs olllco at
11:30 that a collision bad taken placo be
tween tho strikors and tho militia at Le
mont. Tho troops fired, killing two mon,
whoso names uro not given. At au early
hour this morning somo two hundred of tho
strikers mado a circuit of tho boarding
homes nnu compelled too mon whom tbey
suppntcd would resume work to fall In lino.
At 11 o'clock not less than 2,000 men wero
In and around tbo Lemont quarries. About
tlio tamo hour two companies of militia
from Joliet arrived, and tbo encounttr oc
curred toon nl'ler. Thn oxcltoraent horo
consequent upon tho reported oacouutor is
at fever heat.
Trouble mill IlllnolN JIlnrrH Fciirrit.
C01.LINSVILI.1:, ill., May 1. Tho strik
ing coal miners, who nearly all lefc hero on
Satuiday, aro expected back to-day, COO
stiong, from Bellovlllo. Although tholr
leaders say they will not uso vlolouce, a
strong forro of doputy sheriffs and deputy
city marshals weio sworn iu last night
to protect the men going to work, Tho
major yesterday issued n ' proclamation
warning strikors not to Interfere with mon
or property. It is thought that trouble Is
tlmcst certain,
Bfotiil rrooliN I'nuirlil.
Nasiivii.t,!', Tlnn., May 1. Tho two
meu giving their names as Wilton and
Williams who wero arrested at the race
track, Saturday, for passing counterfeit
money, turn out to bo noted crooks. In
their vhIIks was found n largo amount nf
eounteifelt $10 bills. One of tbo meu was
connected with a robbery iu Italy, was
caught, but escaped by confessing, wbllo
his aceompllco committed suicide. They
tclegranhtil yistrrday to a friend iu Now
Yoik that thoy ncro lu tioublo aud asked
for aid,
'ion llrnrnjKl hy Hull.
rKTEitfnurid, Va May 1. Tho hall
storm which pasted over this tostion Fri
day afternoon prevailed In many mhor to
talities apd extended into North Carolina.
All tho growing crops wero destroyed aud
tlio farmers will ho rompcllcd to plant
ugalu. Hall full to tho depth of tnolvo
Inches, and a whirlwind prevailed along
tho centre of tbo storm, blowing down
barns, fences and sheds. In somo places lu
Euuey County tbo hall fell to tho depth of
eighteen Inches, and In eomo spots drifted
to tbo depth of four feet.
Olie I.YNH ItOIIUll.
llAnnousnimo, Kw, May I. Joo Craln,
a rollccrnan, last night killed Jake Donchl,
a negro. Bonchl was drunk aud dtsor
dcily and boasted that ho could not bo ar
rested. Craln arrested him and started to
Jail with him. When thoy reached a point
on Main street Donchl sworo ho would
dlo rather than go to Jail, and Jerking away
from Craln struck him and Jumping back
ran lila hand Into his pocket as If to draw a
pistol. Craln was too quick and shot
Donchl through tbo heart.
Tyiiliolil Fever In Wllkesunrro.
Wil.ur.siiAitrtK, Pa., May 1. Four deaths
octurrtd at Plymouth yesterday. Tho phy
sicians report a number of now oasos and
expect an Increase, In tho death-rate this
week. It has been discovered that in
many cases where tho patient Is convales
cent a relapso occurs which often proves
fatal. Dr. Davis, n prominent loading phy
Bklsnofthls city, pronouucea tbo dlsoaso
irgular typhoid fovor and says that It
allies from tho water drunk by tho Inhabit
ants, A 8100,000 l'n 1 1 il re.
Tnrmr. Hautk, Ind., May 1. rhillp
Rchless, a clothier, asslgucd Saturday. He
aho owned and operated a hat storo and
overall factory hero and a clothing Btoro at
Independence, Kan, Liabilities, $100,000;
assets, $00,000.
Notes of tho Saturday Gamoa Tho
Work of tho Nowarka Talk la
Hovslnff ClrcloB Welcomo Glvon tho
Now Club by tho Boating Mon.
No gsmo In-day.
Thcro wero sovcral surprises In tho base
ball world Saturday, which again demon
ttratcd tho uncertainty of tho national
game. Tho four weakest clubs In tho
American Association, to wit, the Pittsburg,
Louisville, Daltlmoro and Metropolitan,
bent tho four strongest, St. Louis, C'luclu
nail, Athletic and Brooklyn,
Tho "Mots" havo to pay tholr iluo by
next Wednesday night, aud thcro aro somo
IlgllLU peoplo hero In Washington, not In
cluding tho small boys, who earnestly hopo
their money will glvoout. If It bad not
havo been for tbo fracas a wick ago with
tho New Yorks, Iho Nationals would now
bo In tho I American Association. It has
been charged that Mr. Apploton know tho
la'lwns to be changed, and stood lu with
Ibo players. The C'niTio has In Its possos
bIoii proof posltlvo that Mr. Applcton had
nothing to do with it In auy way, sbapu or
manner. Not only that, but that If it had
nothtcn for hltn, they would novor havo
been detected, This mav seem strange.
but when tho. right time coinoaTiir. Cuitio
Intends publishing what It knows. Tho
storm of criticism that dcrceudod on Mr.
Applcton's luad, when ho was entirely in
nocent, naturally mado him a llttlo soro,
at d In no particular hurry to accommodate)
his critics. Ho Is au honorable, high-toned
gentleman, nnd If at tho timo tho Na
tionals bad refused to play O'Rouko and
Kicfr, Mr. Appleton, thoro Is no doubt,
would havo tent both homo In disgrace.
Harkncss, tho Brooklyu's pltchor, wai
largely rcspnnslblo for tbe bad beating his
club received ut tha hands of tho "Mats''
mi Saturday. Tho Mots only mado ono
moro bsio hit nnd ono less Holding error,
yet tho ECorowas 8 to - in their favor.
Harkncss was crcdltod with four wild
pitches and gavo threo men their bases on
balls. Their pitchers aro tho Brooklyn's
weak spot.
Mr. Ilcckcr, who constitutes tho Louis
ville's nine, is pitching great ball this so
ton. Uo beat tho Clucluiiatlson Saturday
aid ILoSt. Louis, Sunday.
Thcro wero fi.000 pcoplo present In Brook
lyn, at tho Brooklyn-Metropolitan gamo
i-ntutday, aud the "Mets" recolvod their lit
tle H'ij guarantee.
Few peoplo rcallzo tho cost of running a
batcball club. Each and every day costs
Ibo National mnnagment about $100 as tho"
blno is now constituted. Tho hlghnH aal
my received by any man Is paid to Far
mer who Ects .
Tho Ncwnrks of tho Eastern Liagno oc
casionally don trifloof work with tho hit
themselves. Iu the gamo Saturday with,
the Jersey Citys they mado threo two-huo
hits, two thrio-baso hits and a homo ruu.
We are waiting for 'cm.
Tbo Bostons succeeded In making ono
baro hit off of Welch Saturday. Wo thought
wa taught the Bostons how to bat when
they wero hero.
Tho St. Louis had a Boyle Saturday, and
tho Chlcncocs got outo that Boylu to the
tune of sixteen baso hits.
At tho Analostau meeting Saturday
night tho applications nf six now metnbors
wero plated ou file. Mr. Hugh Sweeney
stked to withdraw his application as ho
bad Joined tho now club. A number of tho
rowing men expressed regret that Mr.
Sweeney bad (Itemed not to como Into tha
Analostans, cs the club was anxious to got
In rowing material. Tbo subject of tho
Potomac regatta was not touched upou nnd
uo commlttco on behalf of tho club was ap
pointed. Tboso amateur slnglo-scullors who in
let d lowing In tbo New Orleans regatta
wculd do weil to romember that by rowing
scalnst Muinfurd they forever disqualify
tlxmselusas amateurs, Mr. Muinfurd, It
seems, proposes to run rowing matters
pietty much as ho pleases.
In conversation with Mr. Gibson and
Captain Btlncmctz thoy oxpressod them
selves as much pleased at tho organization
of tbo Washington Rowing Club. Thoy
thought It would add much to tbo Interost
of tho coining Potomac regatta, aud wished
tho new club every success.
Tho four-oared sholl ordorod for tho now
club Is a paper and will bo supplied with
all the latest Improvements In slides, out
riggers anil oars. Tbo next four to bo
ordered will bo a cedar boat, probably from
Ruddltk's shops.
Mr. II. D. Mclntlre, tho ablo secretary of
tbo Jeckty Club, has Joined tho Washing
tons, tlr, Mclntlre Is much Interested In
ull (polls and will bo u great help to tbo
new club.
Sevual gentlemen laughed tho othor
nlgbt to 8(0 two members of Ibo CanooClub
puibliig u very heuvy tar with a very light
(ante on It fiom their boat-loft to their
flcat. 1 bo rauoo could not have wolghed
over fifty rounds, and could havo boon car
ried by tun men with tbo utmost case,
while tho car weighed sovcral hundiod.
The Annlestan landing will bo Just west
of the ir last Mason's landing.
Bob Holtzman has got his Uoatlng palaco
Iu leiftet older up tha river.
llr. IIurcliiirit'N l.iiHt Nermoii.
Nmv York, May 4. Rev. Dr. Burcbard,
who icslgncd, to tako effect May 1, preached
his last sermon in tho Murray Hill Presby
terian Church yesterday. Ho said his res
ignation wnsduo entirely to his ago and not '
to any division In his congregation. Tho
church, ho said, Is located on tho lino of
two diverse populations ono a Protestant
population of culture and Intelligence,
which Is naturally drawn to tho Fifth ave
nuo cbuiches, aud Iho other a large foroign
element, principally Irish and German,
which naturally worships at tho Cathollo
aid Jewish churches. Asa conscquouco
his church had a limited field to draw upon
and required tho ministrations of a younger
man, He completed yeBtorday his forty
sixth year of work In tho ministry,
A llnzznril 1'rolrkNrx I'niivcrMoii.
Lancaster, Pa., May 1. Ike Buzzard,
ono of tho notorious family, who is in
prison, professed conversion nta prison ser
vice yesterday afternoon and mado a speech
from his cell.
A fivestory, double brick tenoment liousr,
attnarirat Avenue, New York, was burnnd
bunduy morning. Beven people wero suffo
cated. In accordance with tho act of 1871) Charles
ton became on Huturday tho oapltilot Woat,
Virginia, and all tho Biato archive and Gov
ernment property woro removed from Wheel
ing to that Qliy.
Itlehard A.'Arrlngdale. formerlr ot Talnot
County, Md., was accidentally shot and killed
at Chihuahua, Mexico, on Friday last Ha has n
ilBlrr aud two brother living lo Queen, Anna's
County and a brother In Tjtwt O hi my.
To. Do j ' Toiiiiieriitureii.
Tbo Blgnal OClco furnishes tbe following
synopsis of tho weather
lcal meteorological report for May 4,
1SS5 Thermometer rearitnga at Ha. m lH'.tt j
7 a, iu., -IUVJi 11 a. in., nil'.n.
Itepoii for May a, 1B85. Mean tempara
tun, 52" fii maximum, ftO'O.tl. minimum,
42M1 tnoau relative humidity, tit (1 per cent,
Tor Tuesday, fair weather Is Indicated tor
tbe Bouth Atlautlo Stan, Willi slight changes
lu trie peinture, and fair weather, followed hy
iih1 lulus, lu the northern portion ot Hie,
Mtddlo Atlantic blatcl,

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