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17TH YEAR-NO.5,222,
"Win. F. Swltzlor of Missouri Sucoiod
Mr. Nlrnmo as Ohlof of tlio Duronu of
Statistics Tlio President's Callers
Offlce-SeekorB In Foroo Tho Bu
nremo Court Mr. Jordan's Boforms
Tbo Picsldont msclo the following ap
pointments this afternoon :
Stuart Taylqh, to bo Naval Ofllcor of
San Francisco.
. Wm. D. H. Hunter, to bo Gjllcctnr of
Internal llovcnuo for tho Sixth District of
All tlio tncmbora of tbo Cabinet -worn at
1i Cabinet nicotine to.day. Tho sosstoit
was brief nud Httlo business was transacted.
The Secretary of tbo Treasury has
'Changed tbo day fur tlio weekly purahaso
of silver for coinage Into standard dollars
from Thursday to Wednesday, Thursday
being Cabinet day.
ITon. 8. S. Cox expects to bold a con
ferenco wlti a delegation of bis constitu
ents to-day or to-morrow, at wlitoh tlnio
bo trill detormtno wlicther or not to ac
cept tho Turkish misjiou.
Tim president's callers.
Tbo rrosldont's callprs to-day Included
tho Vice-President, oonators Vest, Cockroll
and Gorman, accompaulod by delegations;
Congressmen Dynum, Springer, Murphy,
Frcdcilck, Weaver and Harbour, accom
panied by friends; tbo now Bolicltor-Qon-rral,
tho Now Hampshire delegation, beaded
by Flunk Jonos, and tbo JtlcUIitau dolo
gallon. crowds at Tnn wntTE HOUSE.
Tbo crowds of ofllco-scokors at tho White
House tbls morning woro groator porbaps
than ou any previous day of tbo Adminis
tration. From tho tluiotho Prosldont fin
ished bis breakfast until tho commonco
incut of tbo Cabinet meeting thoro woro
constantly at least twenty-flve or thirty
people waiting to bo received.
An Albany special says that Martin
Xlelchaiity, who Is at present clork of tho
Hoard of Aldermen, Is to bo appointed
Postmaster s Albany, to succeed Dr. Craig,
-whoso term expires on May 12. Mr. Dilo
Lanty Is not an applicant fur tbo placo,
but, Is pressed therefor by his friends. Ills
con married a daughtor of tho Secretary of
tho Treasury and has served In tbo Legis
lature ,Tbo salary of tho olllco la $3,505
and tho postmaster la rco.nl rod to flloa bond
off 150,000.
f Colonel Manyponny, who was Corneals
fdoncr of Indian Affairs uudor I'rosident
Buchauan, arrived In tho city last night
and will assist Itctl Cloud in pushing tho
-charges preferred against Agent McGllll
cttddy.i Ho Is thoroughly in earnest, and
promises to roako things lively In a few
cloys. Colonel Manypcnny Is visiting tho
Iudlau febool at Carltslo to-day, but will
TClurn hero to-moprow night and tako up
tbo sword ou bcbalf of tbo Indians.
Heretofore tho stalosinon from tbo into-
ilor of Now York bavo been couspicuous by
their absence from Washington, but this
niornlnff thoadvauco cuard nut In an an-
ptaranco at tho Arlington, aud proceeded
to call upon tbo President to seo about
-"them postofllccs." Tho delegation consists
of lion. R. P. Huntington, Ithinobeck, N.
Y.;J. B. Carpeutor, Washington; D. W.
Guernsey, Stanford; IT. D. Uufcnt, Doon;
Gcoigo Williams, Mlllorton; C. Swan,
rougbkcopslc. They will romaln in (ho
-city until to-morrow.
Tho Iowa Domocrats bavo so far recon
ciled tbelr differences as to ngroo up in tbo
following recommendations for places la
the civil list : Ti. G. Klune, twlco candidato
for Governor, for Fonslon Agout; D. O.
JFinch of Dos Moines for District Attornoy,
and Kdward Campbell of Fairfield for Mar
shal of tbo Southorn District; T. F.
Durapby of Sioux City for Attornoy, and
"William Desmond of Clinton for Marshal
-of tbo Northern District ; for Collectors
of Itovonuo William O. Thompson of Ot
tumwa; Ilyrou Webster of Marshalltown,
nud tho unannounced selection of Congress
man Hall.
Itev. Father I'belan, editor of tho Western
Watchman, tbo Catholic organ of St. Louis,
ifglstcrcd this morning at tho Rlggs. Father
Pbelau rendered conspicuous sorvlco to Mr.
Cleveland during tho campaign, and aftor
tho election tho prominent Democrats of
tho West presented tho prolato with a gold
-watch and chain. Later ho visited Mr.
Cleveland at Albany. Ex-Stato Senator
Fhtlan 1: now a candidato forappralsor of
tho port of St. Louis, and as ho is a brother
of Father Pholan, bis chanco3 for appoint
ment arc considered good.
Tho Anchor Lino of steombiats has for
many years carried tho mails botwoou
"Vlcksburg and St. Louis, but rccontly 6omo-l-cdy
has told tho l'ostolllco Department
that tbo lino was making too much monoy
out of tbo contracts. Tlio spoclflo Intima
tion is that tho threo contracts uocojsary
lictwicn thefio terminal points wcro con
trolled by tbo Anchor Lino, although os
tensibly let to threo dlll'eroiit pirtlos, and
Hut tho Anchor Lino was thoroforo In ro
crlptof $75,000 a year. To correct thes
luipusiions, Jonn a, ocuuuur, president or
tho Anchor Lino, and Captalu John N,
Boflngcr, aro now hero.
Tho board examining applicants for pro
motion in tho Rovcuuo Marino Sorvlco has
icportcd that tho following englneors have
punted examinations for promotion In tho
following order: For ohlof englnocrs First
Assistant Engltioors Charles A. Laws and
JaniesOgdcu; for first assistant ongiuooH
fcccond Assistant Engluccrs Charles F. Cof
fin, D, McFroncb, Charles W, Eeckwltb,
Oliver P. Kemlik, James Fitzpatrlck and
Charles W. Muuroe. Tho following named
candidates bavo passed lu tho nrdor named
foradmleslou to tho Engineer Corp: Phillip
Llttlp, Harry L. Boyd, Herbert W. 8pcar,
Iilchaid W. Champlaln, It. II. Hlgglus,
Wllmcr Church, Win. 0. Myers. James I.
llicroton, 0. N. Tumor, Denis F. Bowon,
Fltd, It. Falkcustcln, Lincoln Lonars,
Arthur G. Rose, U. W. llutlor, Georgo II.
J.lnhcr, Wm, Nuwblgglug, and Herbert W.
Tbo Supremo Court adjourned yesterday
until tbo commencing of tho now torm in
Novimbeniixt Vest, r lay altcruoon tbo
Supremo Court dicldid that tho act of 1832,
iclatlng to tlioToiiiicsscobonds.nudallsub
sequent acts contemplated socurlug only
tlio State or TmiiiLBsa and not any oulstdo
. boldote of State bonds, aud that repudiation
-whs not thought of at tbo tlmo of tho issue
of tho bonds or tho passage of tbo aots cre
ating tlio lieu, thus affirming tlio decree of
the lower court. The United 8tates Su-
p'liao Court jostoiday ufioruoou, In tho
RFO or ex surgeon ueueiai waios, murium
, ho decision of tho Supremo Court of tho
District of Culuinbia. which held that tho
border of tho Secretary of tho Navy does not
impose such restraint upon yyati-jas w can
fnrtho Icmio of a writ of habeas oorpus,
Jutlio Matthews yesterday delivorod an
minion In tho Virginia ooupou tax oiso of
itooto vs. Grecuhow, alllrming tbu JuJg
Vicnt of tho lowor court,
jostph Nimmo, Jr., chief of tho llarcau of
atlstlcs has been rcnuostci to rosigu anu
iu. I. swiuior oi Missouri nas uooa ap-
nted to succeed him. Mr. Josopli N.
lltuey, iccoutly displaced from tuo po-
Vu of chief clerk oi tna bureau, win uo
reappointed. Colonel Swllzcr was rocently
aprolntcd chief clerk.
frcrctnry MannlDg has slnco been con
vinced that Whltnoy should not liavo boon
displaced, and Hint Swltzlor Bhould bava
I ecu given tho position of oblcf of tho
bureau, Tbo superior position was suhjeo
to a partisan change, wbilo tho chief clork
hip should not havo boeu so regardod, Mr
Nlnimo's resignation was requested by lot
Icr to-day and immediately tendered, Mr
Whitney, whoso reappointment wilt bo
medo at once, Is ono of tho most olllciout
and experienced men In thoscrvico.
Tho Supremo Court having doulod tho
petition of Surgeon-General Wales for n
hnbens corpus, tho Wales court-martial will
commence! tbo work beforo them on Thurs
day next, In which dato an adournmont
was bad iowalt for tho decision of tbo
General Jackson of Georgia, tho now
Minister jo Mexico, arrivod In Washington
to-duy and paid his farewell vl-lt to tho
Sccietary of Stale. Ho will visit Now York
city on business aud spend a day at bis
home. In tho South, beforo leaving for his
post of duty.
Mr. E, W. Robertson of Louisiana has
lecn appolnttd Law Clork of tho Depart
ment of Jusllco, in placo of Mr. Diitton,
who has been sick aud unablo to attend
to tbo duties of tho placo for about a
year. Mr. Robertson was a member of tho
Forty-seventh Congress. ,
General Motgs, In bis report to tho Secre
tary of tho Iutcrlor o( work ou tho
new pension building during tho
month of April, says that owing
to too oxpiratiou oi leases oi uuiiuings
occupied by a portion of tho Pen
sion Office, torao of tho ofllcoi had
to bo moved Into tbo unfinished build
ing bcfoio tbo rooms wcro icady for occu
raymaster-Gonoral Smith to-day con
tinued bis testimony befuro tho court of
inquiry. Most of tho day's examination
was of a technical character, covering tho
decision of Jjidgo Lawrence, First Cpmp-t-oller,
that tho extension of tho Drown
contract so as to go over into tho fiscal
year following was Illegal. Various lottors
on tho subjict wcro read. Tho court ex
pects to tomplcto tho taking of testimony
tbls week.
Tbo Navy Department has received in
formation from Colon that tho Colombian
Government has declarod martial law
on tho Isthmus. Secretary Whit
ney to-day telegraphed Admiral
Jouctt that officers liavo- tailed irotn New
York to relievo tho officers of tho Iroquois,
and ordering him to send homo tho preseut
crow and officers of that, ship and half of
tbo marluo force, If deemed prudent.
Treasurer Jordan entered upon tho dis
charge of his duties with an understanding
that ho was In liavo actual as well theo
retical control of bis bureau. Itwasagrool
that removals or anpolutmonts woro not t)
bo madu without bis cuusont, and that u i
conccsiions were to bo modo to partisan do
tuands. Uo Informed tho Secretary that
bo would havo to conduct tho Treasurer's
olllco .as bo would a bink. That tho ro
si onslblo and technical naturo of tho work
required that tbo best book-koepors and
best accountants and best financiers should
bo sought rather than tho best Domocrats,
and that tlio oxpertenco ana aDiuty oi em
ployes should bo considered rather than tho
strcugtb of tbolr Indorsements or tho
length of petitions in tholr favor, Tho
now Treasurer appears to bavo takon tho
position with tho most practical ideas of
administrative reform, and Is rovlowing
thoroughly tbo workings of bis bureau
and making snch changes In dotaibras ho
believes to bo in tbo interest of tbo servico.
Uo Is well pleased with tho organization
of tho olllco, but thcro aro somo questions
pertaining to its relations with other bu
reaus, otc , which will rcqulro readjustment
and In which changes will soon bo mado.
Minor mill l'crsonnl,
Postmastor-Gonoral Vilas will this ovon
log add about ono hundred to tbo list of
fourth class postmasters.
Tho delegation to present tbo Mormon
addiess to President Clevoland started from
Salt Lako City yesterday,
Charles Dcnby, a prominent lawyer of
Kvansvillo, Ind Is urged by Iudianlans for
appointment to tho Russian mission, lofc
vacant by tho declination of Mr. Lawton.
Tho Treasury Commission Is holding nl
most daily sessions, and rapidly progressing
with a reorganization of tho business
methods of tho Internal Rovcuuo aud Sixth
Auditor's offices.
Tbo nnmo of Geuornl Goorgo P. Ihrlo of
San Francisco, Cal., has been p relented to
President Cleveland fi3 a compromise ciu
dldato for tho olllco of Collector of tho
Port of 8an Fraftclsco.
Tbo New Hampshire delegation that has
brcu vUItiug tbu various Departments on
I'ffice-secking missions say that no definite
Information has been obtained concerning
New Hampshiro appoiutments.
Mr. John Hi Pratt of tho Houso of Rep
resentatives postoffico, was knocked down
by a passing team at Ninth street and Penn
sj Ivnnla avenuo, about o'clock last even
ing. Tho driver refused to glvo his name
Hon, S. S. Cox is still in doubt as to
whitbor bo will or will not accopt tho
Turkish mission, Strong pressure fs brough
to hear upon him to remain in tho Houso,
and bo has not fully decided what course t
Tho commission of ibo ltaltlmoro post
master, Mr. Adrcon, oxplrcs to-day. Mary
land delegations havo beon urging various
candidates. An appotutment Is expected
very soon, but It Is not believed that a do
clsion has vet been rcachod.
Colonel Harrison Adrcon's term as post
master of Raltlmoro oxplros to-day, May
C. Colonel Adrcon has filed no application
for reappointment, though many strong
letters havo Uon eont to Washington in
tbo Interest of having bim retained,
F.x-Spiakcr Randall, Senator Gorman
and Chairman llarnum aro thrco of tho
pcutlemon who rccelvo tho most attontlon
and do tho least waiting lu corridors and
autc-iooms lu tbo Departments. Tnoy
wcro among tho Department visitors, to
day. During tho month of April last tbo Patont
Ofllco rectlvcd 3,100 now applications for
patents, tho fees upon which oggregatod
J1C0.O10. This Is tho largost Bum In feoa
yet received by tho Patont Ofllco, tho
nearest approach to It being in tho month
of March, 16S3, when tho foos footed up
Colonol Rockwoll, tho superintendent of
publiobulldlngBanil grounds, roports that
tbo spring work in tho parks Is progressing
satisfactorily and that tholr arraugomout
will bo unusually attractive and beautiful.
Many of tho laro flowering fruit trees aro
now In blossom.
A lino tllvcr watch will bo shipped to Rod
Cloud by somo of his Washington frlonda to
day as a testimonial. Ho was presented
with a watch by tho Sccrotary of tho Inte
rior ou bis first visit hero In ISO!), and It
was only toward tho oloso of bu lato visit
tl at bis fiiemli learned of tb hot that this
bud bioonio unreliable as a timer.
To tho lilt of nearly ono hundred ap
plicants for tho Cousul-Gonemlihip at
Paris has been added tho name of Dr.
Kdward Warien. Dr. Warroit achieved
dlttliii'tlou In tho eorvleo of tho Khodtvo
of 1'gypt, and from him obtained tlio title
of lloy. Dr. Watrou is accredited to North
Caiollua, but has beon abroad for ssvorul
Tbo term of tho marshal at Oaloijo
"Long" Jouos, oxplred yostorday, Thoro
aio fourteen applicants for tho position, all
of whom aro either In this city thomsolvot
or represented by frleuds, aud tho contes
Is ono of tho most earnest that has procodol
any appointment under tho now.Admlul!
ration. Several of tho candidates claim to
bo. confident of success. An appointment
Is expicted at onco, although tho Prosldcnt
has not yet reached a conclusion.
Tbo count of tbo Treasury gold rosorvo
bos been commenced by n largo force,
wbllo tho count ou currontcash still con
tinues. Tho results thus far havo boon
entirely satisfactory, and thero Is ovory
indication that tho records havo. beon ac
curate. Tiensurer Jordan says that If it
is shown that tho accounts of tho vast
nartactlons of tbo Treasury havo boon
kept without an ermr, no higher tribute
could bo paid to the efficiency of tbo
Treasmcr'o olllco and tbo porfectlou of Its
Tho Court In Goncral Term has rofmed
tho application of tho uity of San Francisco
and Thniuns Knight for a mandamus
sgslnst N. MoFarlaud, Commissioner of tho
General Land Office, to compel tbo tssuo
of a patent for tho Pueblo lands of Sin
Francisco. Tho court also rofusod tho ap
plication of tho samo parties for au injunc
tion against the Commissioner, to estop tho
Issue of patent to fbo Pueblo lands to tho
poisons whom the Secretary of tho Intortor
and tho Conimlsslouor had decided to be
entitled to patent.
A largo number of applications for em
ployment In tho Brooklyn Navy-Yard havo
been filed with Sccrotary Whitney. Tim
mechanics and others havo beon Informed
by tho Secretary and by Captain Harmony,
who is looking after tho yards, that tho Sec
retary will not "makoany appolutmonts of
foreman, Ac, until after examination and
In accordanco with regulations." Whon
tlio board is appointed, which will bo soon.
thoso who aro ambitious can appear before
It; but, under no circumstances, will ap
pointments bo mado boforo tho 1st of July,
as thcro is so monoy to pay men, the
limited appropriations having run out.
Colonel Lamont says that ho has com
pletely recovered and is proparod for tho
rummer's work. Ills appoaranco, bowevor,
does not Indicato a completo restoration to
Tlio Fourteenth Aniiunl Jlcciluir of
tlio Society.
Tho first sosslon of tho fourteenth 'an
nual meeting of tho. American Fisheries
Society was held In the locturo-rooui at
tho National Museum this morning at 11
o'clock. Tho meeting will continuo thrco
The session this rnprnlng was dovotod en
tirely to tho business of tho society, tho
appointment of committees for tho coming
year aud tho election of now members.
Tbo attendance was qulto largo, aud com
prised some of tho leading fish culturlsts of
America and many others interested in tho
subcct of tho fisheries.
Tho mictlng was called to, order promptly
at 11 o'clock, ami at the roll-call tho fol
lowing members registered:
Wm. II. Butler. Jr.,Dftnitf, Mloh.i IT. W
ElKiITorJ, WHshlngloo, D. (!.! 1'raoK U. GltrK
Mlchtguni W. V. Ojx, Maine! W. U. Miy, Tte
raonr.Neo.i Frod. JfnUior.CiM tiprlug II ir
bor, N. Y.: Eiigenod. ill ecfct jr.J, New y,rt
Tlicodoro Lyman, llrnoklyn, Masa.t Tarlitoa
II. Ileal). Wnstilogtcn, D.O i Colonel Marshal
McllonnM, Washington. D, O.s O, Ucow.i
fioede, Washington, D. O.j lion. II. A,n?rbort;
Montcomory, Ala,
Tho opening" address was dollverod by
Hon, Theodoro Lyman, president of tho So
ciety. At Its conclusion tho appointment
of committees was taken up aud announced
by the president as rollpws:
Committeon revising tho constitution
Ficd Mather of tho Forest and Stream, N.
Y. ; W. V. Cox, Maine; F. U. Clark, Michi
gan. Committee to report on nomination
of ofllcers G, Ilrown Goodo. W. L. Mav, T.
11. Ferguson, D.O. Blackford, T. H. lloiu.
Tho following now members of tho asso
ciation wcro elected :
Thomas Leo, Potor Parkor, Jr., Frederick
R. Rycr, E. W. Humphreys, W. W. Ladd,
H. J. Rico, Jr., S. H. KouU'mau, J. Paul
Wilson, J. J. O'Connor, Frank L, Ellis,
Newton Simmons and a few others.
Aftor tbo election of tbo now members
a recess was taken until 2 o'clock. Upon
tho reassembling of tho society at tbo after
noon session tbo following papers woro read:
Tho Giant Clams ot I'll sot Bound, Professor
It. E. 0. Btoarusi Hibernation ot tlio Black
Ras?. James A. Ilonsliall, M. D.i Smelt Hatch
ing, t'red Mathor: Results ot Artificial Propa
gation and Planting ot Whlto Fish in the
Great Lake, Frank SJ. Clarki Tho Porpoise
Fishery ot Uapo Ilatteras, Frederick W. True:
Does Transplanting AlToct tho Food orQamo
Qualities ot Curtain 1'lsUos ?A. Nelson Olienny;
How to ltestoro our Trout Btroarn", J, a. Van
Idaho will build a capltol at a cost ot $3),
A professor ot natural history saya animals
frequently cry.
Now York barbers aro now callol upon to
clip poodles and shampoo pugs,
Outot every hundred toushs, roughs nod
gamblers to bo found In New Orleans, at loa-t
UO per cent, ball from Chicago.
tmperorsot China aro privileged to nnmo
their snecessors from among tbo mala mqai
b. rs ot tbelr own or a rolattyo's tanilly.
Orcen County. WlocorTslo, cheeso factories
expect to turn out n,000,uuo pouuds ot cheeso
oit 60O,0OU pounds ot butter thlsBCUiou.
Oily four years ago Minnesota bait but two
creamerlec, and now thero aro eighty. Tuo
product tor 1881 was SO,O0O,000 pounds.
Deodwoodrluka will horoafter bo open to
Buuday patruiis lor throe boura lu tho altir
noon. Washington has 180 chiirohr-B. with -10,031
members, ot this total momouralilp, now
ever, about 21,000 aro lu tho colored
Lieutenant 1'llppnr, tho first colored grad
uate ot West Point, went to Mexton attir hts
dlrgrace In Texas, aud Is uoiv u colonel In tU
Mrxtcou servico.
Cincinnati stands fourth among tho publish
ing centres ot tho country, lior annual pro
duct ot books and pipers amounting tn vatuo
to more than if.l.OOO.OOO.
It Is asserted that tho giraffe can so closoly
Imitate nature that I be most practice.! eye bas
tailed to distinguish tho animal from ono ot
thodead and blasted trees which abound lu
Keelr, of motor fatluro fame, has nt last dis
covered a now power, whtoh he Bays consists
ot ''luteratfnilo air" or "lumlnltoroua othor,"
and dynamite Is as a parlor match to It.
Much excitement exists at ttochostir, N. V.,
over the discovery that tho iruuBoleum. ot
General . 0. Marsbail has Deeu iletaced by
vandals, who chipped tho name from tho In
scription. "do you play ths piano, my Httlo girl l" sold
a gcuileman to a little mtss. "yetu, sir."
"And can you play any other Instrument?"
"Not yet, thlrs butlexpoetti ploytlw harp
wnon i go 10 ueavon.- iuosi u winner,
Henry Irving says the st amer which carried
lilm buck to Euglond "acted admirably," Wo
Icier Horn this that tho VJfeel limped whon It
wiiUof, and i-nlil "itawnry" when It meant
'Henry," INew York Uraphl?.
A number ot dead llsh Imvob-en washed up
on the Peach near Long Urauou. Tlio theory
that their doathwas caused ny Tennyson's
pcoro, which caino over too cabloa low days
ego, eoems plautlhlo, Norrlstowu ItoroU.
A young mairled man ot Plltsutirgh has
died Irotn over exertion at a skuttng-rtiik. It
thoponrrolloir had reserved hts euergleatu
push tho baby cart hn.wouM have neon alive
to-day. Very row ouug manledmeu know
Just what to do.
A recent basball report says that "lones
waa doubled up nn Ilelll;' grounder," To
IhouuproIeKsloual render lilts would seomti
Indicate that cholera has reached the buuOilt
uurr-.s, mid tho unprotesiflouul rondor uopoa
that It has,
A check was preettuted yesterday at ono nt
the b.inkb lu this city that waadruwu 10,11.'.
Tbo bolder had laid It ksI.Ih and In Urn tor
giiltan It. until now II Is Uliy threo yar old.
Tho check, ot course, was not good, for tht po
tato ot the peitou who drew It was closed long
ago.- Illartlord Unuraiit,
Leaf-culling bees cut cylindrical and spher
ical patctroa nut of inae leaves and anal up
tnelr iita to t.iolcct Hie young. Tho iimin
te en make their liouaea tiom email grains of
Blind nnU clay, attaching ttieiu bo solidly to
Kails that n naminer and clitnel must bo ueoj
tobienU them oft,
A Ueilln book-publisher, In consideration nt
ttiu neitr-fluhtednetid n prevalent among til
race, Is pilii'leg his books In dark bluo lettora
on lale-gre-en imnt-r. It other publlsheo
would gu and do likewise, ho nontetids that lu
agcneiatlonorsoUermaus will tuft grout de
gree bo able to lay aside their spectacles,
H. P. Stearns aud nllVi Montreal, Oauada,
ato at the lllggs.
Notes From Ivy City Tho StakoB at
tbo Baltimore Mooting Proposed
Bonding of tho Now Rowlnrr Club
Contosts on tho Schuylkill Tlio Gamo
With tho Metropolitans To-morrow.
A good deal of Interest centres in tho
Hello Meado Staltes for threo-yoar-olds, to
bo lun to-dsy at Nashville, a milo aud a
quarter dash, Tho probabto starters are Lord
Coleridge, liecd, Editor, Celjus ani Henry
Ilrowu. It. 0. Pato's Editor will probably
win, with Lotd Colorldgo and Itcod
closo up.
Tbo Lexington mooting also begins to.
day, eoi-lllcting with tho threo last days of
tho Nashvlllo meeting. Thcro aro now
1,0100 two bundled horses nt Loxlngton,
aud a tattling good meeting is oxpoctcd.
Tho first stake raco will bo run to-day; It la
tho Distillers' Stakes for all agos, $,0 en
trance, with $1,000 addod, ono aud ono
quarter miles. Slocum and Horry's br, b,
John Henry, who aro ouloiod, will m t
tun, as they aro still at Nashvlllo. Ed. Car
tlgan should win this raco, with olthor
Modesty or Bwtuey. Ferg Kylo should bo
closo up at tbo finish, as should alsi
Young's b. c. Troubadour and Jayues im
ported br.c. Tho Admiral.
Tbo Newmarket, England, spring moot
ing alio begins to-day.
Tbo taccs at Lexington will bo watchod
very carefully, as most of tho horsos en
tend at Loiiisvillo will run bore. El,
Conlgau's stablo is particularly strong this
Tbo entries for tbo stako racos horo and
In Baltimore aro very nearly alike in num
ber. At Baltimore tboro uro two stako
races for S-vcar-ulds : tho Clabaugh Me
morial, with six ontrlcs, one-half mile, and
tho Patapsco Stakes, flvo furlongs, with
fourteen entries. At our mcotlng thero aro
also two races for tbo youngstors, tho Youth
ful, ono-half mile, slxtocn ontrie, and tbo
Brentwood, flvo furlongs, with sixteen on
irics. At out meeting thoro aro two races
for 3-year-olds ; tho Analostan, ono tullo,
with twenty ontrlcs, and tbo Army aud
Navy, ono milo and an eighth, with four
teen entries. Baltlmora has four sUkcsof
that kind, tho Homebred, ono milo, with
twenty entries ; tho Vernal, ouo mile,
twctity-slx ontrlos ; tho Chesapeake, milo
and a quarter, for fillies, eighteen ontrlos ;
PicakucB. ono milo and a half, twonty-
nlno entries. For all ages, lUltimoro has
two stakes; tho Itancross Handicap, ono
milo and a furlorg, thirty-six outrles, and
tbo Peyton Handicap, ouo mile aud a quar
ter, thirty-two entries. At Ivy City thoro
will bo threo such scakes ; tho National
Handicap, ono milo and an eighth, thirty
entiles ; Wlllard's Hotel, ono mile, thirty
flvo entries, and tho Diplomatic Stako,
odo milo and a half, cloven ontrlos. It will
bo seen by tbo abovo, that Baltimore has
odo more stako raco. Tho addod monov in
tho Baltimoro stakes amounts to $1,00,1,
wbllo tho sevcu stakes of tho National
Jockey Club havo $3,100 In added moooy.
Tho latter havo thirteen purse races with
$0,700 hung up, wbllo tho Maryland Club
bavo twelve such racos for $11,100,
In tho first raco nt Nashvlllo yostordsy
Undo Dan, tho favorite, was set bicWor
fouling the others, aud tbo raco given to
Prima Donna, Juliet second. Pools sold:
Undo Dan, $50; Partbano, $; Prima
Donna, $18; Juliet, $1. For tho Morchant
Stakes, ono and ouo-clghth miles, Billy
Gllmoro, tho favorite, won oaslly. For tho
mile-heat raco, tbo favorlto, Boulovard,
won, Old Slocuai, who only brought $jln
thu-auctlon pools, second. For tho fourth
rate, three-quarters of amlle, Tabithu, who
sold nowhero In tho pools, beat tho favor
ite, Erobnj, out by a noso.
Tho 730 train on tho B. & 0. does not
stonnowat Ivv Citr. It has discontinued
Just at n timo when it is wanted tho most.
Tho trains that; do stop now aro tho tl:10
and tho 8:30.
Tbo running horses from tho stablo of
II. W. Waldon of Maryland arrived at tho
Baltimoro & Potomao freight depot this,
afternoon and woro Immediately removed
to tbo stablo at Ivy City. Thoro woro
ultio (mostly 2-year-olds) boautlos In tho
gtotip. Tho horses of William Jennlng,
with old Farewell at tho head, will arrive
fiom Plmllco to-morrow.
Mtrsrs. Muncko and Fogardus of tho
Ariel Boat Club of Biltimoro woro In tho
city yesterday, and together with Captain
Stiuemctz aud othor Columbia members
visited that boat-houso. Mr. Muncko says
the Allcls aro flourishing this soasou ; they
bavo taken lu somo fifteen uow members
and Intend sending at least ono crow to tho
Potomao regatta. ,
It Is posslhlo that tbo Washington Club
will follow tho example so successfully set
by tho Columbia Club, aud Issue flrst mort
gage bonds. Ouo of tbo membors said yes
terday that if It was dono ho would take
$."00. Tbo subject will bo considered at tho
meeting Wednesday night. If It is dono
tho club will bavo a baudsomo boat-houso
of its own this season. Tho shell uniform
of tho now club will probably bs pure
whitu-knit rowing shirts and truuks, with
bluo caps and stockings, No member will
bo allowed to leavo tho houso lu a shell
suit without stockings.
Tho Columblns aro getting all their
shells Into condition fur actlvo servico,
aud tboso oarsmen who havo bad tho
baseball crazo bavo been doctored, and ato
now In a condition to row. Nuto, Wado,
Kondiup and Klutncr will probibly bs
tho main stays of tho club as usual. Most
of tho rowing for tho noxt two mouths
will bo In tbo eight, ns the boys aro uux
lnus to win tbo Sharplcss cup again. Too
Crescont and University crows will not bo
as confident as thoy woro last year, when
tho former, instead of being first, was a bad
Tho Pntomacs havo two good olght-oarod
shdls. It is not known whether thoy will
do any rowing ontsido of tho District bo
foro tho Potomao regatta or not.
Tho Schuylkill Navy Board hold a regu
lar mcotlng at tbo. Colonnade Ilotol, Phila
delphia, last evening, at which arraugo
merits woro complotod for tho reception of
tbo sovcral crows which havo boon Invited
and aro oxpeoted to compete in tho olght
oared shell rnco for tho Sharploss Cup on
July 0. Tho raco will bo run over tho Na
tional course, ouo milo and a half from
Columbia Brldgo to tbo railroad bridge
Picllminary airangomouts wore also mado
for tho Schuylkill Navy rogatta, to tako
placo on Juno 27,
Gamo lo-day betweon tho Nationals aud
Nuitulks, -1:20 p.m.
Tbu Metropolitans aro anxious to gain
time, nud tho American Association wants
to In lug their matter to a crisis at once.
H is uideistnud on good authority that tho
managers uf the "Meta" will pay tbo $01
film under protest mid appeal to tho Joint
Arbitration Committee. This would glvo
t be hi. what they want, to wit, moio tlmo to
iro how they will draw. It Is tho general
ltupiFMion In tbu best linfurined biseball
clit'Wa llmt the Joint Atbltiatlon Commit
mlttre will never meet again. Tho rela
tions between tho lesguo and tho Aiuorloiu
An-oclutiou aro to strained that It Is nut at
all piuhablo that thoy will eoiuo tnguthor,
at any rate, befoio fall. Tho league has
Igt.oud tho request of tho American Asso
ciation for a Joint committee to consider
tho action of tho league iq reinstating tbu
blacklisted players. Iu view of all this,
Tim Citmu predicts that tho American
Association will notrecnlvu tho$00 uudor
piott'sti but will demand Its unconditional
PKjinenl, and if this is not dono, tho
Metropolitans will probably bo dropped
Immediately and tho Nationals substituted,
Tbo Nationals occupy tho position of tho
''boys" in tbo fabls of tbo frogs. I'ts death
In tho "Mots," but fun for tho National).
Tho weakness of tho Brooklyn pltcWs
was again demonstrated yestoruay, wucn
tbo Athletics mado 111 baso hits lu their
game with tho fornior.
Games jcslcnlayi Lesguo Boston 2,
Philadelphia 0, at Philadelphia; Now York
8, Providence C, at Now York; Detroit 10,
Builalo i, at Detroit; Chicago 7, St, Louts
2, at St. I. mils. American Association
Alhletlo 0, Biooklyn fi, at Brooklyn; Biltl
moio 10, Metropolitan 7, at Biltimoro; Oin.
elnnail 3, Pittsburg 0, at Pittsburg. 1'. lit
em Leaf uo Newark I, Jersey City 2, at
Nuwaik; Virginia 11, Norfolk 3, at Well
mond; Lancaster 8, Trenton !, at Trontoii,
Tlio Bostou-Phlladolphla gamo was In
tetilely exciting. For olght Innings
neither sldo scored, but In tho ninth, Hil
ton, by heavy batting, secured two runs.
Tho gamo was between tho pitchers. Ovor
8,000 people wltnessod tho Now York
Provldenco gamo. Considerable fault was
found at Baltimoro with Valentino's urn
piling. Iu tho Lancaster-Trenton gamo
Warner, catcher of tbo Troutons, was se
vnely Injured by n foul bound, and Is
probably dls.ibtitl for tho season.
Tho Nationals will play tho Metropoli
tan;, Wednesday, MnyO, and a good gtnio
may bo expected. Everyboly should go
and sru it. Bsrr aud Fulmar, tho star bat
tery, will bo In tho box for the homo club.
Game called at -1:30.
To-morrow Is tho last day for the "Mots"
to pay tholr fine, and If tho Nationals ceil
down thcro again, especially as their nlna
has been much strengthened, It will bo an.
other nail. Tbo grounds to-morrow won't
lu largo enough to hold tho people
llioI'reNldviit'xXnrrosi INciiiefrolii
1'ihliilN mill OiinIiIiiic I'eiillllCN.
Tho pi og rani tuo on tbo Gettysburg battle
field was carried out yistcrday. Speeches
of wolcoiuo and lospooso wcro mado aud
tho Prisldrnt was. shown over tbo fluid
On tho return trip of tho Presidential party
thcro wcro oven larger crowds at tho sta
tions than thcro wcro whon tho train wont
tblough In tho morning. Tho train pulled
out amid great chcors. Tho President aud
Vice-President wero compelled to show
themselves. When tbo train stopped at
Emory Grovo to change engines, about 8
o'clock, it was qulto dirk, but a Httlo army
of young women boarded tho train to got a
sight of tho PrcBldont. They spoedlly
filled tho front platform of tho President's
car and that of tho car adjoining. Tho
leader, an actlvo young girl of fiuo
physique, grasped tho knob of tho door
and was about to tako her party Into tho
President's car whon tho portor ou tho
platform Interfered. Said tho young lady,
"But wo must see tbo President," aud alio
seemed as rcsoluto as tho portor. Train
Dispatcher Hull of tho Westorn Maryland
liallroad caino tn tbo roscuo aud advised
tho ladles to get ofT aud go to tho rear of
tho car, 'as tho President was tboro. Tlio
young ladles speedily got oil" and tho train
at onco started, leaving thorn all safoly at
the station.
When tbo train was noar Mount llopo
Station, Md., about 8 p. in., thrco pistol
shots wcro beard in rapid succession as from
a revolver, aud tbo flash of tbo weapon was
sion within two or thrco feet of tbo movlug
tialn. Somo outhusiast had dovlsod tbls
method of celebrating tho passago of tbo
President, and tho demonstration was
ouly intended as a saluto. It created somo
amusement, and gavo rlso to Bomo Jocular
comment among tbo passengers. Whon tho
train reached tbis city nn absurd story was
started, to tbo effect that tho President bad
beon fired upon. It created somo httlo ex
citement. WHAT A WITNr.S3 SVYS.
A representative of Iho United Fresi to
day succeeded lu finding a gentleman, who
saw tbo flashes from tho pistol. Uo
said when interrogated on tho sub
ject: "Thoro aro but very fuw
persons, I think, who heard tho shots,
hut tbo gentleman with whom I was sitting
and mjEolfsaiv tbo flashes. Wo wero iu
next to tho rear car, which was tbo Presi
dent's car. After two shots had been
fired, my friend, who was armed, reached
back to bis hip-pocket for tho
purposo of returning tho fire, so suro
was ho that tho shots wcro aimed nt our
train, but beforo ho could uso bl. weapon
wo bad left tbo man mid pistol behind,'1
Iu answer to Author Interrogatories, tho
witness of lho ahootlug said: "I havo
no decided impression about It. All I cau
say is that I saw tho flash of tho third shot
vury distinctly and could plainly distinguish
that tho man held a pistol iu his
band. As to whether ho was firing a saluto,
shooting at a mark, or mcaut mUchlcf to
tho Piesideutor somo ono ou tho special
train, uf course I cannot say."
Heller TIiiiii VVIit'ue.
1 Dear mo," sho said, as sho lldgeted nround
In thotoat, "but, I wlsti I bad a lltilo moro
ncrvo. Yesterday I drew $200 from tho bank
to put Into wheat, but when I thought ot wheat
going way up and somebody elso losing, nn 1
ot wheat going way down and my monoy
vanlthlng away, I couldn't bavo the courage
to place an order."
"And you took tho money back?"
Oh, no, not I used It to buy me a poodle,
Tho poodlomarkut Is very Urm, wltn no din
ger nt a break ahead, nnd ma Bays I showod
great Unanclal eeusB. Aro you long or Blurt
of lKiodlcs?" Wall Btroot Nows.
A lIlHiiirlc llorao.
Tho horse that General Grant rolo lists
Vlcksburg at tho surronder ot llmt city, aud
wbtch bas been usod for many years at the
National Cemetery there, bas lust beon sold,
'i liu new owner legolug to dlsposj of tuo his
toric nnlmnl to enmo musoum or men iKrlo.
INatehez Democrat.
Tho overago maplo-sugar crop ot Vermont
Is about 12,000,000 pouuds. Tula year tuo
crop will exceed tbo averago, ant m ly reach
15,(100,00(1 ot pounds. It Is worth to too
tarmeraeit tho Btato more than SI.HH),00U,
and IS harvested betoru tho aeasin of I'l lut
ing begins. Vermont produces ubout one
third ot ibo annual maplo-sugar crop ot tho
o uuiry. iTroy Times.
Tbo eld ttrlo Bwedo moueauotalro clove will
sell bo worn, and In it gtcat measure supplaut
Bilk gtovee. For dress occasions tho Bwedo
gl.o In light ton shades wilt bo worn almost
exclusively. It is ru'hor strango that In tho
dosdot summer kid Bhould bo protoranlo to
to silk. Well, tbo BwodlsU kid Is light aul
coil and moro dressy tnun Bilk, Tuo most
popularcolor la a subdued mouse color. Sow
York Mall.
Thero are moS'iultoos In Alaska, A reoeut
t aviler In that part eayai "I camped tnraomo
d ys on tho Keual lttver, uear Lako Bkoloka,
ot which It is tho outlet, and pt all tho poison
one, persistent, Insatiable poets that ovor live!
I louud there in tho form ot raosautt ios aud
black tile. Tho muwiullooa roseutolti thoso
we bore tast, but, to correspond with every
thing else Iu thnt laud nt wouders, they am
built ou a much grander scale, Thoy havo a
pioboecls that I will wager could drill, siw
ami chop n nolo through tbo hide ot Jumbo In
(IBs unto than tbu most expert mid utile
toilled JelBry inusqulto onuld tap tho outtcln
tit three-muni Iik-o1 1 baby. Too m iiuaut the
Alrtkaniuwiilto lights on you you begin to
lleh aud awrll. Ills bite on mo wits ao poison
ous that alltr mi llmt hour's experience wlto
lilm I was taken to camp 111, uud tor two days
I wiid unablo to get atoiind, Tho lullan who
wob with urn buruoleiiinonattvo herb which
bud n nuticei t odor, ami nuolntod mo wltn
6i me Unlet oil. 'tho sinus kept tho nios
qtiltocB nway ftom mo and the oil roaioved tlio
pulton. Tho natives do not eoora tomttid
ItifBH pefitri.
Ibo Jeiseyltes Hnd porpoise fishing o
proUtabla that It la likely lu tiroomo ou of this
chief Inrtuetrleaou tho Jersey coast. At ttrst
Hit- llti were caught tor thoaklu and blubber
alum-, tlio caroamea being thrown away or
merely uted us tertlllzi'ie, l'rom tliu iiluoti-r
In ejlrnued averyUuooll, wnilo tbnuklu
uihkia a eu pel lor quality nt leather. It has
lab ly been nseei tat nwl that tho flesh Is savoty
tmhutseloand popular as an nrilclaof fond,
Last tall a small boy at Whltu Plains, N V,
bd his tniB lllled with oats by Bomo boys
Hltli whom libwashkylurklug tn ft barn, lie
Hciutelied and cleaned out, m ho thought, alt
ot Ibo liorsK-fiHNl. ood went home, Ab jut six
eABHgli was taken with it severe pilii tn
bin ear. Ills had kwelled up aud h was In
gieat agony. AU remedies failed and hts
mi tber to"k Mm tn a New York doctor, mm
removed two kernels ot oats that had sprouted
end taken rott lu his oar.
Ilivi Craiitati of 1-rnlileli tho Una In for
Ilia Netilmicin.
I.HK.iON, May 5. Tho Standard this
morning, commenting on tho turn affairs
has taken regarding the Angto-Itusslan dls
pulo over tho Afghan frontier question,
says: "Although Mr. Gladstnno and Earl
Oianvlllo took groat pains toofflclally dotiy
tbo Cmli nl AVii' dispatch, published In our
Istuoof April IS, stating that ths English
Government bad offered toccdo Penjdch to
Itussta as a basis for tho settlement of tho
frontier dispute, tboro cau bo no doubt
now that tbo present nrrangomont for con
sidering tho question was only agreed to by
Ilussla on England's contenting to ltussla's
acquirement of that pIsco."
Hrmliiiir Ariiiw in tlio Anierr.
London, May G. Earl Dutforln is Bond
ing forward as rapidly us posslhlo to tbo
Ameer nf Afghanistan 10,000 Martini
Henry rifles, 10,000 rifles uf tho Enfield
pattern. .'10,000,000 cartridges aud 17
Noidcufcldt guns.
AlnriiiMl mi Mr. (Ilnflnlmip'n Policy.
I.iindon, May5. Tho nattvosof Punjaub
ato icportid to bo In a slato of alarm ovor
what they regard as Mr. Gladstone's truck
ling policy toward Kussla.
I'rnlectliiir llerinnnj'n Itiloronl.
Bkiu.i.v, May fi During1 tbo debato In
tbo lleichslag yostorday ou tho Incrcasol
duties bill, Pilucu Blsmnick urged tbo
adoption of tbo Government's proposal for
a graduated tax instead of tbo plan brought
forward by tho National Liberals of a fixed
duty. Uo stated that bo bad lu vlow tbo
protection of tho agricultural Interest and
added that unices tho bill should bo
amended as suggested, It would be rejected
by tbo Federal Council.
(Sir l'llcr I.uuiNili'ii Itccullfil,
London, May fi. In tho Houso of
Commons Ibis afternoon, Mr. Glad
stone announced that Sir Potor
Lumsdcn and Colonel Stewart of
tho British-Afghan frontier commission
hod btun ordortd homo and that thoy
wcro directed to start at occo. Tho
announcement has created an enormous
sensation In both political and military
circles. Sir Petor's recall Is looked
upon as tho price paid by tho
Iltltlsh fur tho acceptanco of arbitration
by Hursla. Many oxprcss tbo belief
that by this action Mr. Gladstono has sub
jected England to a fresh humiliation.
"i:t" IlnrrlKiurn IMiiiix.
NjcwYortK, May 5. Ed Harrlgan says
that ho Intends to keep his company to
gether and fill tho engagements mado by
Harilgan & Hart on tho road. After that
bo would return to Now York and try to
got atbeatroof bis own. Uo wants to pro
duce plays liko "Lights o' London," Il
lustrating life iu New York. Uo thinks ho
has tceuicd Hlchard Qulltor, tbocomeujau,
now playing In Philadelphia, to tako Tony
II art'a placo. Hart denied last night that
bo had formed a partnership with Johnny
Wild. Ho has not completed bis plaus fur
the future.
AViirlenii-ii Slrlmliiitlly CurelOH't.
NhW Youk, May 5. Caroloss workmen,
engaged lu making repairs on tbo houso
171 Eldrldgo street yesterday, allowed a
largo cornico to fall Into tbo street. Several
children playing thcro woro struck by tho
falling mass. Josopli Kopnuhowilz, 0 years
old, aL(l Theodoro Neumlllcr, aged 7, re
ceived fatal Injuries. AnnaScbnapsky was
so badly hurt that sho will probably dlo.
Tbu tiollco anested six of tbo workmen.
T1ii C3fil-Nton Ctiiyorfilty.
Oalvcston, Tnx., May fi. Tlio Galves
ton City Council met iu special session yes
terday for tbo purposo of adjudicating tho
Mayoralty question. It was Anally re
solved that the council request both contest
ants to withdraw, and tho council would
tlicu order a now election. To tbis both
havo egrcod. It Is generally thought that
a thitd candidato will spring tip iu a day
or two,
Cinrriil Grnut'N Worll.
New York, May C Gouoral Grant'a
two hours' work on his book yesterday
brought tho record up to tho return of tbo
Army of tbo Potomac to Washington, Col
onel Grant said his father was not so woll
as tbo day beforo. Tho swelling continued
iu bis throat, but there was no iucrcaso iu
Nkw'LYork, May fi. Gonoral Grant
passed another good ulnht aud to-day did
Bomo work ou his book. Colonel Frod
states that his father isicellug qulto cheer
ful. IttliilMtvr Jnrvl lit Diinuer.
IlAr.nciii, N. C MayC A special train
on which worn Mr. T. J, Jarvin, Minister
to Brazil, and a number of friends, going
tu Monhcad, ran Into somo co,s uear
Illvcidale, Saturday night, killing several
of tho animals and shaking up tho passon
geiB, uono of whom woro Injured, however.
Kicrilnry llnnncilillili Condemned.
London, May fi. At a meeting of Irish
mombcrs-of Parliament to-day, tho conduct
of lit. Hon. Henry Campbcll-Bannermau,
Chief Secretary for Ireland, In opposing tbo
Dublin University vote mcasute, was con
demned as a violation of pledges.
Vlhltlnif ClrtlyNliure'N I'lulil.
GinTYKiiuno, Pa., May C Tho vctorans
who remained hero until to-day visited tho
battlefield this morning for tho purposo of
locating tbo position of tbo regiments and
divisions during tho fatuous ongagomout,
and of confiiruing tho posilluus already
Ifnnnrx from llio ItiihNlmiN.
Ni.w York, May C Commander Chand
cr oi Ibo Biooklyn Navy-Yard visltod tho
Illusion corvette Stroluk yesterday, undivns
giertid by a saluto of cloven guns. Gen
eral Hancock is expected to visit Captain
fckrj-dlotT lo-day.
yelcrmiN, AMnnlioii t
Tbo members of tho Army of tho Poto
inso aro especially urged to attend tho
business meeting to-morrow night. They
ate also requested to bo at railroad station
to-morrow morning In tlmo for tho 7,:W
or 80 tialn.
Tim Women' Td-nh AhmocIhIIiiu,
Tho Womcu's Proas Association will moot
at thoiesldcnco of Mrs. Drlggs ("Olivia")
on Capitol Hill, on Thursday evening.
a. --
Mr. Arlliur'M Alleireil I'liince.
airs. James It not tbo tl an oof thoex-l'roal-denr,
as certain Bpecttlailvo correspondents
limn given our, says a writer In the VhilaM
Ihia Vrttt. It Is Bald, Index 1, tbat no lady Is
likely to llll that placo. Tnern Is simply a
warm attachment betweon hersolt and Mrs.
McLlroy. Bhela a pretty bruuotto widow, a
sister ut Lieut. T. 11. M. Mason, who Is now
en duty at tho Isthmus. Mr. Jackson ot New
York City wbnlsto wed Miss Mary MoUroy,
vhlted her at Albany tnls week. Ho Is a young
man ot perhaps 'JO, ot unusual persona)
beauty, and devoted to his profession, the law.
Jllfa Mci trey never would permit htm to
come to her at Washington, ns alio bad a eby
nveml.a to 'making n show othlm" In bor
conspicuous position as ouo ot tho White
Houso family.
-11, r. Mooro, V, B. X. lint tho HObltt.
W. It, Bwrdberg, U. B. A., and wife, Ban
Francisco, uio at ibo Xbbttt,
-linn. Kppn lluuton ar lvad In tho olty from
Virginia to-day.
-Hoo, Osoige V. Hlotiardton and Jamoi
FroDcle, Low. II, Mass., aro at tho Ulggs,
- nialr P. Taylor, Ut. A und wife, ( Ut
csgo, are at tho Arllugtin,
P 11. It. Jackson nnd wife, Chicago, rogl--tiled
to day at tbo Arlington.
lion, r. P.O. Lewi , Minister to Portugil,
Is at thelloti'tt,
-L. '., I.eltor, esq., nnv lu Chloagn, will ro.
tut nm a week or so. Ills family Imvegono to
eleneva Lake,
Caitmii James 1), Hads has Just returned
tftWeei.li'gtnu Ironi a short visit to tuo James
lttver Improvement.
-Hs-PontmatiterOeueral Tynor an I 0. II,
Walntr, InWy First Amlttaut Peputy (loni
mlklloner el Pemdou, have entered tuto a
poiiueitblp to practice law lu this city,
Tho Flro-Flenel Rasing- nt Othor Places
An Opora-HoUBo and Business
Block In Indlanu Dostroyeel Uoavy
Loescs In Montana Work of Sup
posed Incendlarloo In Connecticut.
Niw York, May fi. Wbllo workmen
wcro engaged in shoring up a girder in tho
bascrarntof building In rear of No. 51 At
lantic Avenue, Brooklyn, this morning, ono
of tbo needles used In Jacking up tho bnams
gavo way, causing tbo outlro building ti
collapse On the second floor was i soap
uiauufactory, in which woro tho furnacoi
for beating tbo cauldrons. Tho building
tcok fito Immcndlatcly and a terrible pinlo
ensued among tbo inmntcs.
Thoio wcro at tho tlmo 2T0 persons in
tbo building, Including many girls em
ployed on the upper floor. Tho west wing
of Iho buildii g fronting on Atlahtloavcnuo
went down entirely, aud it la supposed that
many persons woio carried down In tho
ruins. Tho flames communicated to thorc
mnliidtr uf tho structure which was stand
ing, and soon tho wbolo building was it)
A firo alarm was sounded, after much
delay. This brought tbo first couttngont
of firemen, but they woro unablo tn oopo
with tho flames which wcro now mount
ing high ntiovo the building aud pourjng
from tbo different windows, A second and
llilid alarm aud finally a gonoral ono
was Bouidcd, and soon tbo strcots In tbo
vicinity actually swarmed with firo ap
jaratuscs of all kluds, wbllo tho dromon
quickly inn up ladders aud soon had a
Bioro of streams playing ou tho burning
When tbo wing of tho collapsed building
fell It crushed Into tho tenement homos
CI and fifi Atlantic nvouuo. Mm. Hon
riitlo Haas, C8 years of age, ami
her daughter Emma, aged 30 years, woro In
tho near room of tho second floor of the
houso No. fjfi, and wero burled under tbo
ruins. Foreman Duff, of ouglno I, aud
his men soon succeeded in digging
tl cm out. Tbey wcro both badly lntirod.
Mis. Haas died whllo being removed to
the bo'pltal, and but Httlo bopo Is onter
talued lor tho recovery of hor daughter. Sub
sequently, while tho rnon of Englno 4
were engaged in throwing streams on tns
flumes h wall gavo way, burying Fireman
Bcn.nitl, Stark and Begun. They woro bur
riidly extricated by tlicirconipauious. Tnoy
were both badly Injured arouod tho body
aidfuffeicd severe scalp wounds. Hti
men wero taken to tho hospital. Fireman,
Doughcity of tbo samo company was
struck on tho bead by a falling brick anl
seriously lijurcd.
iriiM-ii I.Ivpn llrpnrtvil I. ml.
Brooklyn, N. Y., May C It Is uow ro.
ported that fifteen porsons lost tbelr Ilvoi.
'1 be chief of tho Firo Department says ho
is almost cortain that thoro aro from 15 ti
Sfi bodies In tho ruins,
Tho sccno around tho placo is
harrowing and tbo pollcs ara
kept buy lu restraining relatives and
frit mis of persons behoved to havo lost
their lives liom breaking through the linos"
and impeding tho work of tho flromon.
Au Operii.Ilmixo lit Aatirn.
VlNctN.su", Ikd., May 5. Ono of tlo
best blocks In tho business quarters of Yin
ecrjnes Is In ashes. The firo Is thought to
havo originated In a work-bouso iu tbo reir
nf (Incns Opcru-Uouso, uud many behove
it to have beon nf incendiary oiigfn. The
alarm was icuudjd at 0 o'clock, an hour ut
which many people ban retired, and tho
streets were comparativcly'deserted.
Major Shouso, in rcsponso to urgent ap
peals, telegraphed to Evansvllle and Tarro
Hautofor engines and hoso. The lassos
nmount to about $7fi,000, tho heaviest hiss
being on tho opem-houso $20,033. Tho
rnnln cilices of tho Baltimoro & Ohio nud
Western Uuion Telegraph companies were
burned out. John Holmes, a coopor, assist
ing tho firemen, entered the opora-houso,
and when ho reached tho third floor was
overcome by smoke and was rosoued with
1 ltcnvj rim lit llraiiroril, i:oim.
Ni,w Haven, Conn., May G. A ttlo
pbene messaco from Branford nt S.15 a. in.
reports n destructtvo firo in piogress at that
hour. It began In tho dry-good and gro
cery storo of Gates & Co., which building is
alintstdcstioycd. Other buildings adjoining
aic lu great danger, Tbo damsgo will be
quite heavy.
BitANioitn, Conn., May fi. Tho dry
gcods and grocery storo of W. E. Gatos &
Co. was totally destroyed by firo oarly tbls
morning. The proprietors, who were sleep
ing iu a room in an upper story, barely es
caped being sulTccatcd. Loss, $10,000; In
surance ou stock, $5,000.
A 200,000 I'iro in Blontniiii.
Milib City, Mont., May C A lira
broke out beru last nlgbtat 10.30 o'c'ock in
the lear of Brandtrbcrg YanGakins' meat
market ord packing-house. Tho flames
dcitrojcd tho establishment, togotber with
a lingo number of stores. Tho burned
buildings wcro pretty well Insured. It Is
thought tli ut an Incendiary started tbo
fire. Tho loss will reach at least $200,000.
Tlio Iriinlilu Willi Uio Unurryinon.
Lemont, III.. May G. Deputy Sheriffs
Splcip, Harper, NoUun and Fuslck arrived
at 12.20 this morning. Thoy will uttompt
to arust tho ringleaders to-day, Sheriff
Ilanehct is expected hero to dav, Another
wounded Striker Is dead. Tho town is
still quiet.
1'rpr Nprf nillnir At Niinliini.
SuaiJim, May fi. Entorio fovcr is spread
ing among tho Hoops.
Arrangements aro belue perfected for boll.
Irg the niiuual meeting nt ihB Civil KimlUH? rs
Aereclallmi of iho lulled Blntte at Deer Park
this tunimor.
Notes r.Hon br Jimea It. Keeno ot New
York in settlement with bis creditors otter tits
lalliire two yeaia ago, rautured on Monday,
bu t werp not paid. No inw tl ng of the hold ero
oi the nolet wan held or allied,
i:. A. Iloyd and CHorgo II, llnyd, glass lm
ntiitpreot Nov, York who lm ut-eu nu iris!
tor luilurH tn pay duty on largo quantities ut
gla-s Inipmiid ny tlnm, wcro yitttrduy con
lctrd. Benteuce wus neervod.
1". M.Ohoate, oasbli-rot the First National
llaiAct Utiropolls, 111 , and n prominent cltl.
zeu, wuBScnt in Jail yesterday uud llheiHl (MO
for contempt of mm t lor persistently retutng
to rtveal pvitatn facts as ti wltue In n oaau
win rein a relative was on trial for killing yj.
w.Trumlis last tall.
Thodeatbla announced ot M. AugusteUu.
mont, tho newopnpur king, who was ttin
rounder, edltor-ln ebli f or manager ut each ot
the following Parlalau papers. Lo Propuga
tiur, l.'tntatetto, I.'P.chu du Oommeree, till
liluv, La ltepublluue, Lu Courier do Pari,
L'Orlnlon Nailonnle, L'Eveuoinent, LoTlgaro,
Le Lameiue and Lu Telegraph.
Bfoitly nfir '2 o'alork ynterday morolog
ibeliouseot Dr.Hicddard oi Austin, Tvxaa, wm
euietM by some uukoowu person, who obloro
lorm. d to sleeping doctor, and attar Menu
PI II e turtittpr wtin cal mi, net Br to the
bouM, I'oriuliKlsly a policeman discovered
lli tUo tn llm to sav.) Htoddard teom bslsf
moi.tiI, and ibo or aiartmout auoceei(4
In MtlntuHlilng ui name after Mn.OOil
norih ot lumiiuio and plctuita had boeu
Tii.IIiij'h ivimicriilurcti.
The Klgnul onice furnishes tho following
synopsis uf the weather:
Local meteorological report for May fi,
IbB&i Thermometer readings at flu, m., KP.O;
7. m.,01''8i 11 a. ni., (I8.3.
lleiwil for May 1, lBBSi Mean tempera,
tun, S3,lt maximum, (1(1. 1 1 minimum,
.1U,0 mean relative humidity, oso per com.
l'or the Middle Atlantlo States, partly cloudy
vtmlitr aud locul rains, soulborly wtuds,
tllgbt tUo lu temperature, loner b&rometor,
- i

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