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The Evening Critic
17TH YBAE-NO. 5,223.
?'W?, I ' TN9TTjpP "v $r'
Tbo Now Postmaster nt Oulcnrro His
Predecessor Buspondod Undor Civil
Servlco Bulos Why Mr. Nlmmo Waa
Retired Tho President's Callora
Another Trial Trip of tho Dolphin.
Tlic rrcsldont to-day appointed tho fol
lowing postmasters:
S. Corning Judd, at .Chicago, 111., in
placo of F. W. Palmer, suspended.
Also, F. J, Stockcs, Macou, Miss.: A. L.
Mate, Walton, N. Y.i Mrs. M. 13. For
cuton, Kockwood, Oliloj C. G. Kro3s,
Lewlston, Idaho; If. 8. Herbert, Holla, Mo,,
G. A. Clark, Blootnsburgb.Pa.; W.M. Hun.
ncwcll. Kxotcr, N. n.; S. L. P. 8tono, Ur
bans, 0.; 0. It. Chapman. Hartford, Conn ;
W. D. MoMaatcr, Woodstock, Vt.j 0. F.
Bndcrly, Saugcrtlcs, N. Y.j N..J. 1'rlco,
Neosho, Mo.; Oliver Wolli, Marshflold,
Mo.j W. O. Lewis, Statosvlllo, N. 0.J
Frank A. Mitchell, Menominee, Mich.;
II. F. Hagor, Charleston, S. C;
J. L. Ilako, Rod O.llc, Iowa;
Patrick Cain. Fort Dndgo, Iowa; H. L.
Crittenden, Glcus Fall, N. Y.; M. P. Rydor,
Plalnsvllle, Conn.: L. D. Trcadway, Port
Henry, N. Y.; William Groosheck, Indo
pe nd 0000310.; P. 8. Falkorson, Loxlngton,
Mo.; 0. A. Foster, Bcllovuo, Iowa; W. P.
Carr, Sioux, Dak.
Mr. J mid, tho nowly-appolntod post
master at Chicago, Is a prominent Illinois
Democrat and lawyer and tho mombor
of tho National - Democratic. Commit too
from that Btato. Ho succoods Mr. Frod
W. Palmer, whoso term has not .vet oxplrod,
and whoso suspension Is based upon tho
civil sorvico law. Palmer was an actlvo
workor in tho last campaign, and a good doal
of complaint was mado at that tlrao that ho
allow tbo.clorks In his ofllco to leavo tliolr
work in ordor to participate in Blaine
parades. It was also charged that
Lo allowed tho clcika under him to bo as
rcsscd for political purposos In violation of
tho law.
the resident's callers.
Tho President's callers to-day inclndod
Senators Call, Butler and Pugh, Represen
tatives Gibson, Colo. Taulboo, ox-Comptroller
Lawronco, William Dickson, Charles
S. Mooro and Lawronco Gardnor of this
G. Pitman Smith, an attornoy of Now
Mexico, arrived last night and will Inau
gurate a war on Delegare Josoph's slate.
Ho doesn't bellevo that ono man should bo
permitted to namo all tho ofllcos In tho
Territory, and will endeavor to oxtond tho
The court of inquiry convened at tho
Navy Department to Invcstigato tho
charges against Paymastcr-Gonoral Smith
concluded the examination of that officer
to-dav without dovcloplng any now ficts.
Tho Fourth Auditor of tho Treasury was
called to identify papers.
A friend of tho President says that Mr.
Cleveland read with much Interest In tho
morning papers an account of how ho had
gone through a railroad accident and nar
rowly escaped assassination. "It wan the
first Intimation ho had received of olthor
sensational aplsodo. Although thoro really
was n breakdown of tho onglno and soma
delay, tho President did not notlco It and
was not Informed that it had occurred.
Ho did not hear tho pistol shots which
have been so vividly described, and ho was
under tho impression that his trip had
been without accident or Incident until ho
icad tho newspapers."
A Now York paper yostorday published
a statement that Prcsidont Cleveland is iu
constant fear of assassination, and that by
advice of his frlonds ho novcr walks in tho
streets or rldea in a conspicuous earriago or
in places whero his prcsonco 13 likely to at
tract attention or oxposo him to danger.
Colqncl Lamont says that this story is
utterly unfounded. Ho says tho President
has never supposed that ho was In moro
danger of assassination than an ordinary
citizen, and has novcr taken any precautions
or given tho subject any thought. In driv
ing out ho never selects his companion
with a view to his efficacy as a body-guard,
and in walking does not Bhun public or ox
posed places through any personal foar. A
few days ago ho walked through tho Monu
ment grounds and vicinity with Mr. Vilas,
and his drives havo always boon iu opon
vehicles and generally through tho suburbs.
Tho changes In tho Buroau of Statistics
announced yesterday will go into effect on
Juno 1, as Colonel Swltzlcr desires tho In
terval to famillarlzo himself with tho duties
of the office, and Mr. Nlmmo wishes to
complete somo work upou which ho Is now
engaged, Mr. Nlmmo states in regard to
his resignation that It was requested by
letter yesterday and that bo immediately
went In porson to Secretary Manning and
tendered it. Ho believes tho grounds for
tho request to havo boon bis partisanship
during tho campaign. Tho promotion of
Colonel Swltzlcr to tho head of tho buroau
Is presumably in accordauco with a plan
originally contemplated. Tho restoration
of Mr. Whltuoy as oblof clerk Is not only
an act of justlco, but. also, ono of expe
diency and a correction of ono of tho
greatest departures mado from the reform
policy of tho Administration. Mr. Whttnoy
has carried out tho most important work of
tho bureau for sovoral years and has boon
tho most efficient and energetic attache
Bis restoration is universally npprovod, as
Ills displacement was universally regrcttod,
rei-ohms in rniNTiNO notes.
A very important and oxtonslvo chango
in tho method of preparing and supplying
United States notes has been put luto ofToct
within tho present week, upon tho rccom
mcndatlon'of Treasurer Jordan, Indorsed by
Secretary Manning. Thn chaugo grows out
of a decision by Mr. Jordan that tho old
practice of printing, scaling and number
ing United States notes, in anticipation of
n demand for them, 'is Illegal, Ho holds
that a noto cannot bo legally complotod, so
that it becomes a legal tender, until thoro
Is legal authority for it to Issue Com
pleted notes In a vault at tho BuroRU of
Engraving and Printing would, if stolen,
becomo a liability of tho Govornmont,
while thero is no legal warrant for tholr
existence. Undor tho now ruling, no notes
will bo perfected and numbered until tholr
issuo Is legalized by tho redemption of
othors, Tho printing of notes will con
tlnuo as horotoforo, as far as tho first Im
pression is concornod, but no notes will bo
scaled and numbered until tho Treasurer
lias 111 ado a domain! for them to tako tho
Elaco of notes destroyed. This now systom
as already gono Into effect a ft or consulta
tion between the Treasuror and chlof of
tho bureau, and may result in material
changes kin tho methods and personnel of
yesterday's awointees.
Dr. William D, II. lluutor, appointed
collector of- Internal revonuo for tho In
dianapolis district, Is a uatlvo of Indiana,
but for a number of years resided in Moxlco,
Majj " V, mayor of that city and was a
pron2tlnt member of tho Twenty-third
General Astembly of tho Statoof Missouri
In tho years of lfiGI-'Gfi, In 1871 tho Doctor
returned to Indiana, and has filled piomi
uont official positions In tho Stato and In
tho organization of tho Democratic party,
Ifo was editor of the Latcri-ncctiug lleijlsltr,
and in tho last Presidential election was ono
of tho Democratic oloctors.at-largo. It Is
understood that this appointment was es
pecially advocated by Judge Ilolman, Sena
tor Voorliccs nid Vice-President Houdrlcks
concurring. Stuart Taylor, who was ap
pointed naval officer of customs at San
Francisco, Is a native of Now York, hut a
resident of California for ten years, Ho li
about forty-two yoars of ago and a lawyer
by profession, but is not In actlvo practice.
Ho belongs to tho Field faction in Califor
nia politics, but his application was in
dorsed by tho Henley wing of tho party as
well aa by Justlco Field, Hots a brother-In-law
of Pierro Lorlllaril of Now York,
Colonel William F. Swltzlcr, who succoods
Mr. Nlmmo as chief of tho Bureau of Statis
tics, Is a Missourlan by birth, and a llfo
long resident of that State. Uo Is a promi
nent Journalist, politician and orator, and u
man of unnsual literary attainments. Colo
nel Swltzlcr is neatly sixty years of ago,
and has devoted a great portion of his llfo
to tho study of subjects which will now
provoof vnluo tolilm in his now work. Ho
was indorsed by all factions of tho Missouri
Democracy and tho two Seuators.
Gcorgo Vest, Jr., of thoStato Department
has been selected by Secretary Bayard to
visit tho United Statos Consulates of Eu
rope and ascertain their condition and
ncrdr. Ho will leavo to-morrow for Now
York and Ball for Liverpool Saturday on
tho Bilttnnlo. Senator Vest will accompany
his son to New York,
Tho delegation of District of Columbia
gentlemen who visited tho Whito Houso
to-day did so by appolntmont with tho
President, and woro very cordially ro
eclvrd. A goncral Intorchanso of Ideas,
rclativo to District affairs, but without
refcrenco to candidates, was had and tho
visit was both satisfactory and agreeable
Tho Secretary of tho Navy has notified
Captain Bolknap of tho board appointed to
examine tho Dolphin, that after consulta
tion with Mr. John Roach It has boon de
cided that another trial trip bo bold In six
days on tho Sound Instead of on tho tea, In
tbo picscnco of the naval advisory board
and under tho direction of tho spoclal ex
amining board. A six-hour run will bo
Mr. A. B. Dutton, to (succeed whom a,
law clerk of tbo Department of Justlco
Mr. N. T. N. Boblnson of Louisiana has
been appointed, died Monday night. Uo
bad not been at tho Denartmcnt slncooarlv
111 November, 18S3, A Bhort tlmo ago tho
Attornoy-Gonoral wroto to him asking
when bo would bo ablo to roiumo his duties.
Mrs. Dutton replied that her husband
would never bo ablo to work again. Tho
Department had treated bor husband very
kindly, sho said, and his resignation might
be expected on tho. 4th instant. It was
never received, becauso of tho fact that Mr.
Dutton was unablo to sign It. Mr. Dutton
was from Cincinnati. Uo was a brothor-In-law
of Governor Iloadly. Hoentorcd tho
Department of Justlco as chief clork in
itiiJ, under Mr. t'lorrcpont. xlo was aftor
ward mado law clork. Tho deceased was
about slxty-thrco years of ago. no was a
eraduato from Yalo Collcgo in tho sarao
class with Justice Woods of tbo Snpromo
Court, ox-Attornoy-Gineral Plerropont nnd
Judgo Evarts. Uo leaves n wlfo and a
daughter, tho latter about sixteen years of
Tho delay on tho part of tho Socrotary
of tho Interior iu approving tho rcom
mondatlous of Ccmmltslonor Wright In tho
matter of tho appointmout of special agonts
to collect information lu relation to labor
matters has led many to bellovo that tho
Secretary did not ludorso tbo plans formu
lated by tbo Commissioner for gathorlng
sucb information. To a Philadelphia, Prcu
correspondent jostorday Mr. Lamar said:
"There is uo trouble of any kind botweon
Mr. Wright and myself, olthor as to his
general policy or tho details of it. All that
has passed between us has boon lu a spirit
of conference and consultation. Thcro Is a
perfect accord of views botweon Mr. Wright
nnd myself." Tho list of namos ofgcntlo
meu whom Mr. Wright wished to appoint
br special agonts was sont to tho Socrotary
for his approval March 0. Mr. Lamar says
tho delay in approving the recommenda
tions Is owing to prcssuro of other business,
and that tho oppolntmonts will bo mado
In a day or two. no said that thb question
of tho politics of tho gentlemen named for
appointment has had nothing to do with
the delay. Nearly all of thorn, ho Bald, aro
Minor mill 1'criiniin.l.
Assistant Secretary Coon of tho Treasury
Is absent from tho city attending tho Grand
Army Bcunion in Baltimore
Minister Lowls, recently appointed to
Portugal; CoiiBul-Gonoral Warren Grcon,
who goos to Japan, aro in tho city.
Tho Wales court-martial will rcconvouo
to-morrow in view of tho advorso decision
on Dr. Wales' appeal to tho Supromo Court.
Tbo walls of tho west and central wings
of tho now Stato, War and Navy building
havo been complotcd up to tho top of tho
first story,
Tho Solicitor of tho Treasury has ap
piovcd the bond of Thomas C. Cronsbaw as
collector of internal rovonuo fur tho dis
trict of Georgia.
SInco Secretary Lamar has takon to horso
back riding a hitching post has boon placed
on tbe Sovonth-streot front of tho Intorlor
Department building.
An cut t us 8. Boornoteln of tho District
of Columbia has been transferred from
tho Pension Office to census work and
promotod to a clerkship of class threo.
Colonel Lyford of tho Ordnanco Depart
ment and ono of tho Commissioners to tho
Now Orleans Exposition, Is very ill at his
homo In Frankfort, Pa., and not expoatod
The wlfo and children of Mr. H. A. Co
laugh, formerly raptain of tho Treasury
watch, left tho city to-day to Join him in
Boston, vjhich Trill bo tholr futuro placo of
Bx-Senator Barnum accompanied a num
ber of friends of tho Administration from
Poughkccpsio, N. Y., to tho various De
partments and Introduced thoin to tho
members of tho Cabinet.
Commissioner Colman, in order to koop
his expenditures for salaries within the
remainder of tho appropriation for tho fis
cal year, has furloughed a numbor of em
ployes of tho Agricultural Buroau,
Tho mandato of tho United States Su
premo Court to onforco Its decisions In tho
Virginia bond cases is now in course of
preparation, and will probably bo sont to
Richmond during tho present week.
Rudolph Hampton of Oxford, Mies , has
been appolntod undor tho clvll-servlca
ruk3 to bo a clerk nt $1,200 In tho Sec
retary's offico, Department of tho Intorlor,
on tho uncompleted work of tho tenth
Threo Virginia dolcgattons, two from
Maryland, ono from Now Uampshiro, ono
from MIesouiI and ono from Michigan,
aro helping to make things pleasant for
tho President aud hoads of tho Depart
ments. Dr. Mortimer Rlcardo, tho' spoclal com
missioner from Venezuela to tho Now Or
leans Imposition, has roturnod to this city
for a brief sojourn. Uo has determined to
purchaso a houso iu tho West Bud nnd re
side hero permanently.
General Weaver of Kansas Is in tho city
as an agent for tho Oklahoma boomors to
Eccuro prompt action by tho Administra
tion on tho disputod questions. Ho has
Eccn Secretary Lamar and received tho as
Buranco that tho cattlomon in Oklahoma
will bo promptly ejected.
Colonol Lamont is now regularly at his
desk, but has by no means recovered his
health, and is strongly urgod by his physi
cian to leavo tho city for at loast a wook's
vacation. Two weeks of work, It Is foarod,
would bring on another attack moro sorlous
than that from which ho has Just recovered,
Whllo tho count of tho monoy In tbo
silver atorago vault of tho Treasury was In
progress, a has containing $1,000 in stand
ard silver dollars became unfastened and a
numbor of tho colus rolled out on tho lloor
of tho vault. On proving tho contents of
tho bag, it was fouud to bo $3 short, ft
Is believed, however, that tho missing
money will bo found undor somo of tho
bags with which tbo vault is filled, and
which aro vet to bo examined.
Hon. 8. S. Cox has Informed his friends
who nro endeavoring to porsuado lilm not
to go to Turkoy, that ho will givo thorn
n definite answer on Saturday. It Is be
lloved that Mr. Cox will unquestionably
go to his post of duty at an early dato.
His commission has been signed by tho
A new explanation for tho d.Iay In do
elding tho Paris Consul-Gonoralshlp Is fur
nished by n statement that tho revenue in
come from Franco Is $10,000,000 loss than
t should br, and that therefore! tho Consul
General should be n thorough business man,
who would rIvo attention to tho duties for
which tho Govornmont should pay,
Tho Secretary of tho Treasury has no
tified Messrs, Plllsbury of Massachusetts
and Chaco of Maine of tholr appolntmont
as collectors of lutornal rovonuo, aud ha,
requested them to mako nrrangoments for
tho transfor of tho offices. It is oxpnetod
that both of thoso officers will asjuruo their
new duties on tho 1st proximo,
Tho regimental headquarters, staff and
band nnd Light Battory 0 and Battorlos
K, L, A, I! and II of tho Third Artillery
will hereafter bo stationed at Washington
Barracks, D. Cj Major B. 0. Balnbrldgo and
Batteries D, G and I, at Fort McIIonry,
Md.; Battery B at Nowport Barracks, Ky.,
and Battery M at Fort Monroo, Va,
rion. John Goodo, tho recently-appointed
Sollcltor-Goncral of tho United States, has
taken tho -modified oath boforo tho Chlof
Justlco of tho Court of Claims and has on
ttrcd upon tho dlschargo of tho duties of
his now offlco. Ex-Sollcltor-Gcncral Phil
lips has decided to remain in Washington
and practlco boforo tbo Supromo Court.
Tho Commissioner of Agriculture will Is
suo a circular inviting delegates from tho
Stato agricultural colleges to moot horo
during tho summer to discuss the best
methods of promoting agricultural educa
tion. Tho feasibility of making tbo
farms attached to thoso colleges oxporimon
tal farms of tho Agricultural Buroau will be
John J. Uawos of Indiana, a clerk In tho
Special Examination Division of tho Pen
sion Ofllco, and Dr. GoorRO H. Mitchell of
New York, n mombor of tho Board of Medi
cal Examiners, havo been removed. Dr.
Mitcbell practiced mcdlclno beforo and after
tho hours for work at tho Department. Mr.
Uawcs claims that ho is protected by tho
civil servlco laws, and has written a lottor
to Secretary Lamar asking why ho was re
moved. Tho story has been started that an un
pleasantness has arisen botweon Admiral
Jouctt and Commander McCalla at Pan
ama. Commandor McCalla wont down In
cbargo of tho land forces on tbo Isthmus,
and it Is supposed a clash of authority has
occasioned somo sharp communications from
tho Rear-Admiral to Secrotary Whitney
regarding Commander McCalla's action,.
Tbo Secretary declines to glvoanyoftho
Sixth Auditor McConvlllo ls.credltod with
having had prepared a record of tbo sick
leaves of tbo three hundred and sovonty
two employes of bis olllco for sovcral
months past from which ho draws tho In
ference that tho sick leaves vary with tho
supposed necessity for making good records.
In times wbon changos nnd dismissals aro
to boftarcd It Is ossumod that thoro are fow
sick leaves and that thoy incrcaso in pro
portion as duties can bo negloctcd with Im
punity. Whon tho Second Artillery Is transferred
Colonel It. B. Ayrcs, regimental hcadquar
tors, staff and band and Battcrlos M and 0
will bo stationed at St. Francis Barracks,
St. Augustine, Fla.; Llentenant-Colonol L.
L. Langdon and Batteries Hand B, at Fort
Barrancas, Fla.; Major Charles B. Throck
morton and Battorics L and D, at Mount
Vernon Barracks, Ala.; Major F. L.
Gucnther nnd Light Battory A, nt Llttlo
Bock, Ark.; Major William Sinclair and
Batteries I and G, at Jackson Barracks, La.
Election of Ofllcom at tills atoruluc's
Tho American Fisheries Association was
called to order in tho lecturo-room at tho
National Museum this morning at 11:30
o'clock. Tho attendanco was qui to largo.
Uon. Theodore Lyman, President of tbo
society, In calling tho mooting to order, re
marked that tho exhibition of fish in tho
old Armory building was very Interesting
and should bo inspected, by tho socloty, and
that tho largo carp in tho carp-pound would
bo ftd at G o'clock this afternoon, which tho
society was invited to sco.
A lettor from Colonol Lamont, tho
President's privato secretary, was read by
tho secretary of tho socloty stating that tho
President would rccolvo tho socloty Iu tho
cast room of tho Kxccutlvo Mansion this
aflcrnoon at ono o'clock.
Tho report of tho Commlttooon Revising
tho Constitution was tbon read, giving tho
title and object of tho socloty, aftor which
Professor T. II. Bean, chairman of tho Com
mlttco to Report on tbo Nomination of Of
ficers for tho ensuing year, submitted tho
report of that committee, with tho follow
ing nominations, which woro duly cloctod:
President Coloucl Marshall McDonal,
Washington, D. O.
Vice-President Dr. William M. Uudeon,
nnrtford, Conn.
Treasuror E. G. Blackford.
Corresponding secretary W. V. Cox,
Bccordlng secretary Fred. Mathor, Cold
Spring Harbor,
Bxccuttvo Committee G. Brown Goode,
Washington, D. C; I'. L. May, Vormont,
Neb,; Roland Redmond, Now York; J. A,
Ilonshaw, Kentucky; Franc L, Clark,
Mlchlgrn; S. O. Worth, Raleigh, N. O.;
Gcorgo V.. Paige, Stanloy, N. J.
Tho following additional members woro
elected: Honorary mombors Hon. Sponcor
Walpole, Governor of tho Island of Man,
aud Hon, Getrgo B. Robinson, Now Jorsoy.
Actlvo mombors A. Howard Clark,' W. W.
Murphy, Major G. J. Lydockcr and Lieu
tenant Petltmoyor of tho Unltod Statos
Fish Commission steamer Fish-Hawk,
A letter dated Now Orleans, from R. Ed
ward Ilerr, a corresponding member of tho
socloty, was icad by tho Bocrotary, express
ing his regrets at not being prosont. A num
ber of pamphlets on fisheries accompanied
tho lottor, which woro contributed to tho
society. Tho prosldont announced that tho
Fish Commission stcamor, Fish Hawk,
had been placed at tho disposal of tho So
cloty, and would leavo Sixth street wharf
at noon to-morrow with thoso of tho socloty
aud their wives, who desire to go, for tho
Potomac shad batchorlcs.
Returning tho party will bo landod at
Fort Washington and lulttatod to an old
tlmo Potomac plank shad, and will reach
tho city again about t o'clock.
After tho reading of a numbor of papors
tho mooting was adjourned, and tho socloty
proceeded to tho Executive Mansion, whero
thoy wcro rocelvcd by tho Prosldont.
Bids for Pavements. Tho Commis
sioners to-day recoived bids for laying
graulto block pavornonts on Nine
teenth street, from K to L strcots; Four
teenth strcot, from Pennsylvania,
avenuo to V streot and Thlrsy-flrst stroot
from P to N streets. Tho contracts Involvo
tho laying of 8,765 yards of pavement,
Whito & Mohlcr wore tho lowest blddors.
Fourteenth street from tho Avenuo
to F stuot will ho handsomely improved by
moving out tho cuibs twelvu foot on each
eldo by placing parkings the width of tho
prcecnt sldowalks,
Take tho Baltimore & Potomac Railroad
to Baltimore, May (J and 7. Army of tho
Potomac Reunion, Faro, round trip, $1,50.
Sixteen regular trains. Special tiaius to
accommodate tho travel,
A New School Building. Bids will
bo opened lu tho Commissioners' offico to
morrow for tho now eight-room school
building on P strcot, Georgetown.
A Largo and Enthusiastic Hounlon
Oon. Grant's Ro-nlootlon aa Prosldont
Favorably Spokon of Gon. Portor'o
Vindication Urgod by tho Fifth Corps
Baltimore, May 0. A cloudless sky,
warm sunshine and balmy breezes grcot
tho Society of tho Army of tho Fotomao
this morning, tho opening day of tho third
reunion of tbo society hold lu n southorn
city, and tho sixteenth annual slnco tho
formation of tho socloty.
Tho first meeting was hold In tho south
parlor of. tbo Carrollton, boglnnlng at 0
o'clock, for tho purposo of receiving tho an
ual dues of tho members, Gouoral Horatio
C. King of Now York, secretary of tho or
ganization, received all monoys and distrib
uted tho badges to tho mombors. Tho
corridors of tho Carrollton prcsontod a
very animated appearance; tho grootings
between tbo veterans who had not scon
each other for a year, aud many who had
not attended a reunion for, sovoral years,
were hearty and Joyful.
Among tho throng wore scon tho figures
of General Martin T. McMabon of Now
York; General H. 0. King of Now York;
General Abner Doublcday, U.S. A.; Maor
Ben Pcrloy Pooro, Now ork; General 0.
'II. Barney, New Jcrsoy; Colonol Gcorgo B.
Feldcn, Jorsoy City; Gouoral Mlchaol W.
Day, General Ponroso, Captain L. E, Crauo
and a host of others equally prominent,
roRTEit's vindication uroed.
Tho Fifth Army Corns Society at tholr
meeting passed a resolution urging Con
gress to carry Into effect tho recommenda
tions of tho advisory board, so ns to Insure,
at an early dato, tho full vindication of It,
Una commandor, Gonoral Fitz John Porter.
Aftor tho business of tho gcuoral moot
ing was concluded, the different corps re
paired to their rcspcctlvoheadquartors, and
tho balance of thomornlug was occuplod in
tho election of corns officers, and tho read
ing of icporta of tho secretaries and treas
urers. A numbor of tho corps favor tho
rc-elcctlon of Gcnoral U.S. Grant as presi
dent of tbo society. A'commlttoc, consist
ing of Wm. II. Lovo, Goncral Agnus and'
W. E. W. Ross, loft Baltimore on tho 12:10
train to mcot tbo famous Duryoa Zouave
of Now York at Havre do Grace, and es
cort them to tho city.
Flrcnieii'H nrrl nt ilia Ilnliin of
Ilia Ilnriieil HruoUlyn II ill til lutes.
Brooklyn, N. Y., May 0. Largo crowds
surround tho ruins of tho buildings burnod
yestorday, in tho rear of C5 Atlantic street,
and watch tho men In their work of dig
ging and searching, in tho hopes of dis
covering tho charred remains of somo un
fortnnato. Tho tired firemen and tho gang
of laborers employed In tho search worked
slowly but systematically. Tho policemen,
who still stand guard to keep tho curious
back, woro besieged with numorou. In
quiries for missing onos by relatives and
friends. They wore directed in kind tonos
to inquire at tbe coionor'a olllco or
station-bouso, but many of thorn still lin
gered around tho ruins in hopo3
that somo traco of a dead ono
might bo found. Fathors, mothers,
wives or brothers of somo of tho missing,
with anxious, care-worn, conntonancc.,
stood around gazing in blank dospalr on
tho still steaming ruins. Tho ruins thorn
selves presented a scone almost as ghastly
as desolate. Tbo firomon who worked
down among tho debris iu tho Interior of
tho building said thoy could srnoll tho
sickonlng odor of burning human flesh,
and occasionally whon tbo wind blow
toward tho crowds on tho stroots tho hor
rible smell could bo distinctly do
tccttd, At tho hospital, whore the
Injured woro carried yostorday, It
was Btatcd that all tho pationts were doing
woll with tho oxcopllon of old Mrs. Haas
nnd fireman Fay. Their condition Is ox
trcmoly critical. Uptol o'clock the only
additional body found in tho ruins was that
of Edward Butlor, of No. 5 Atlantio avo
nbo, who was s:on to go down with the
One or tbo Comttii; IniliiHtrloH of tho
Frank Ncsblt, chief clork of tho Depart
ment of Agriculture, said to-day that of
SCO lottors received yostorday by him, at
least ono-fourth were applications for silk
cocoons, mulborry leaves and information
nbout silk culture. "My idea is," said Mr.
Ncsblt, "that this Industry is destined to
spring up among our farm-women all ovor
tho country, nnd givo thorn that profltablo
employment which thoy lost years ago by
tho introduction of labor-saving machinery.
Tlmo was when thoy could woavo aud spin
and churn, but now thoy are virtually out
of employment, and I boliovo that silk cul
ture Is going to bo vory proper and profit
able as well as pleasant. Tho tea-culture
business Is n success only so far as growing
tho plants is concerned. I understand that
one tea farm In North Carolina Is in splen
did condition, but in this country wo can
not begin to euro tea as thoy euro it in
China or Japan, not only becauso wo have
no cheap labor, but becauso tho elements do
not seem propitious. Silk culture Is tho
coming industry of tho farm houso." Mr.
Nesbit said thero Is yet a small supply of
cocoons at tho Department.
Ilou- tlio Mutter fa Vlenrtl from a
l'rotectlonlat Htiiiiilpolnt.
"You will not bo surprisod at tho Hank
movement in tho Buroau of Statistics,"
said a Randall man at Wlllard's to-day,
"whon you learn that Mr. Randall and Soc
rotary Manning had a consultation Monday
evonlug. Tho removal of Mr. Whltnoy as
chlof clork did not alarm the civil-service
reformers half so much as it did tbo pro
tectionists. Tho bureau is managed al
most entirely by tho chief clork, and Mr.
Randall immediately saw tho dangor of ap
pointing to that office a Missourlan who, if
not a froo-trador lilmsolf, might bo con
trolled by bis solid delegation of Carllslo
frco-tradors. Undor Mr. Whltnoy tho fig
ures of tho buroau havo run right along to
our satisfaction regardless of Mr. Nlmmo,
anu wnn air. wuitnoy still tbcro tho fig
ures will contluuo to stand by us uudor
Swltzlcr. Do you sco?"
Tiio VlrRlnln Coupon Cmoh.
Mandates in tho Virginia coupon cases
will bo Issued to-day to Mr. Royali, counsol
for tho creditors. Thoy will rcclto tho Judg
ments of tho lower courts and of tho Su
promo Court of tho Unltod Statos and direct
tho lowor courts to proceed in conformity
with tho opinion of tho United Statos
Supremo Court.
No CllllNe Tor A lu nil.
Health OlUcor Townshond statos In re
gard to tho alleged filth In tbo Groat Falls
dam of tho water-works, that thero Is uo
canto for alarm. As to tho overflow of the
canal into tho river ho says that Instead of
bolng abovo tho dam, it is bolow it to tho
best of his information,
-Major tllll, editor ot tho Boottsvlllo, Va.,
voutttr, Is at tbo Metropolitan,
Alfred Hossack ot Now York Is lu tho cliy
to palm a portrait ot tbe President (or Wm. It
ltobertB, United mates Minister to Utilll,
-Hon. E. John Kilts ot Louisiana will do
liver tbo address boforo ttio eraduailng class
ot tho National University Law Hotiool a
ford's Opera-llouso Juno 5.
Tlio Content Ilclivrrn tlio Nntlmmls
mill Metrnnolltnim Toilny.
National vs. Metropolitan today, at 1:20
Thoro are a great many patrons of Capi
tol Patk who would llko to sco Gsrus com
pelled to keep In tho pitcher's box whou
delivering n ball. Yesterday thoro wor
several hundred porsons sitting oppostto
first baso, and oven In tho grand stand, wh
will bear witness that Gagus stepped out o
tho box nearly ovory tlmo ho pitched
Tbcso pcoplo expressed their disapprobation
by calling to blm to koop lo tho box. On
of tho directors of tho Nationals cainodown
and addressed a remark to tho crowd that
ho probably would not havo mado uso of If
ho had reflected. A Washington crowd is
tho fairest and will put up with moro than
will n crowd in most any other city. When
pcoplo aro supporting a club by their
patronago thoy havo a right to criticise,
within reason, tho action of that club, or of
any of Its members. Tin; Critic has tho
names of a lot of gentlomou who would
mako affidavit, if nt cessary, that Gagus re
peatedly stopped out whou delivering 11 ball
yesterday. It Is to bo hoped that this will
bo stopped.
Tho directors of thn Nationals hold a
meeting to-night to consldor a numbor of
Important matters.
Deiby caught a good gamo yestorday for
tho Norfolks. Honry's pitching was qulto
wild at times.
Barr and Fulmer wcro reserved for to
day, and ono of tho largost crowds of tho
Beaton will asscmblo to witness them assist
In defeating tho "Mots." Tho gamo won't
bo such a walkovor as tho last ono was for
tho homo nlno. Tho "Mots" havo boou
strengthened and are playing better ball.
To-day is tho last day tho "Mots" havo to
pay their lino, and tbo air is full of It. On
tbo strcot corners tho query Is not "What
aro tho prospects of war?" but "Will tho
'Mcts' pay tholr lino ?" Tho small boy does
uot caro whether Baron Do Staal has given
a gnarantco that Russia would not advance
on Herat, but bo Is deeply Intorcstod and
can givo you tho chances to a nlcoty of tho
Nationals going Into tbo American Asso
ciation. If tbo Nationals stay In tho Eastorn As
sociation thoy can afford to give about
half their batting averago to some loss for
tnnato club, and then lead tho country.
Tho weather Is vory frigid whon Morrlscy
doca not get In threo safe hits In a gamo.
White Is Improving constantly. IIo is a
vory promising young player in ovory re
spect. His batting is good, and his throw
ing Is second to nono.
Three of our boat clubs hold meetings to
night, namely: Columbia, Potomao and
Washington. It is expected that both th
Colnmblas and Potomacs will appoint thol
members of the Joint Potomac rogattacom
Tho Woshlnctons havo boon onablod to
mako arrangements with tho famous woodon
boat builder of Boston for tho dollvory of
ono of bis boats within ten days. Thoy
meet to-night at C20 Ninth street north
west. It is known that Ryan will pull stroko,
Sweeny bow, and linker Iu tho waist of tho
penlor crow of tho Washington Club. Tho
fourth man ha, not yot been settled upou.
Sweeny's slnglo shell will bo hero noxt Sat
urday. Tho managers of tho Gaudanr-Unsmor
Combination bavo declared tlio St. Louis
races off, becauso they could not get monoy
enough out of tho railroads. Tho crowd
leavo for New Orleans next wcok.
Rowing men aro taking advantage of tho
lino weather, aud a number of tho mombors
of tbo different clubs are taking nightly
spins ou tho river.
Tho regatta which was nnnouncod to
toko placo on Crovo Cocur Lake, noar St.
Louis, has been declared off, on account of
tbo railroad company not being ablo to
furnish cars enough to carry tho crowd.
Tho mstchos which havo been arrangod
for Gaudcaur will bo rowod cither at
Mollvo or Pnllman, 111. Hosmcr, McKay,
Parknr and Gaudcaur will leavo horo 011
tho lCth for Now Orleans, whero thoy
will participator tho World's regatta.
W. II. Hay word complains that tlio street
lamps aro not regularly lighted from
Soventh to Twelfth and from U strcot to
Maryland avonuo nnrthoast.
Expense ov the Conference. Mr. R.
Ross Perry, chairman of tho fluanco com
mittco of tbo National Conforonco of Chari
ties and Corrections, has notiflod tho Dist
rict Commissioners that It will tako $1,
SOO to dofray tho oxponsos of tho meet
ing which will bo held hero Juno 1, noxt,
and each member of tho commlttco invit
ing tho confcrcnco to mcot hero has boon
accessed $10. Tho Commissioners are also
requested to remit $10 each.
Fisu Received. Inspector of Marino
Products Harris reports for tho month of
April tho following receipts of fish at tho
fish wharf: Herring, C,S0 1,213 bunchos;
shad, 55,155; tailors, 5,030; striped bus,
8,00!) ; bunches of eels, whito and yellow
perch, catfish and mullets, 25,533; stur
geons, i ; chubs, 113 ; ojstcre, 1-1,320 bushels.
Leaves for Firemen. Tho Commis
sioners havo decided to grant tho mombors
of tbo soveral . firo companies a leavo of
abcnco for ten days during tbo summer.
Fires During ArRiL. Chlof Crouln of
tho Flro Department reports that thoro
were twenty alarms of firo during tho
month of April. Tho cstlmatod loss was
$3,350, and tho insuranco was $21,550.
Health Officer's Report. Tho re
port of Health Olllcor Townshond for last
week Bhowa a rnatorlal docroaso In tho num
bor of deaths from pneumonia. Tbo total
mortality for tho weok ending May 2, 1833,
was 01. Of this number 42 were whito and
19 colored, Tho death-rato per 1,000 por
annum was 10.71 for tho whito, 30.77 for tho
colored, nnd 23.G0 for tho total population,
Tho principal causes of death woro: Con
sumption, 12; pneumonia, 8; bronchitis, 3;
scarlet fever, 3.
A pertinent letter. Tho Commis
sioners havo written to Superintendent
Cook of tho colored schools that thoy destro
to bo furnished with a statomcot of tho sor
vlccs as tcachor by Miss Lawronco, now
Bald to bo connected with tho Fish Jublloo
Singers, and rennost a roply to tho follow
ing questions : For what period was Miss
Lawionco tcachor ? What was hor compen
sation ? Was Bho over roprcsontod by a sub
stitute, and for what period,
. . ,
Tlio ComlltloiiH on Which It Will lie
Commissioner West was asked by a
Cbitio reporter this afternoon If it was
truo tbat tho Commissioners contomplatod
or were anxious to sell tho Franklin school
building to tho Government. Uo said tho
Commissioners thought that if thoy could
get a purchaser for tho property at a reason
ablo figure tho proceeds would erect sovoral
eight-room tchool buildings which would
atcommodato moro pupils und bo more con
venient and bettor In many respects. "You
ice," said he, "that wo havo got school
building down to a sclonco, now."
"The ventilating and boating Is vory
nearly pcrftct, It has been demonstrated
tbat you can go luto one of our now schools
at,d tako u simple of air and analtzo It, and
It ntll bo found to bo about as pure as tho
air on tho streets. Tbo vontilatton
of this bulldlug. whllo It would bo
sufllttont for a Government ofllco Is not
Just tho thing for a school-houso where
each loom contains f!0 scholars. J I'll Is build
ing cost 183,000 and contains 10 rooms.
Wo now erect 8 room school. houses for
about $25,000. Expeilenco teaches that
email schools are the best and cheapest.
flrnernl (Irnnl JlolirTiil or Compter-
liiL' III., Iinolt H'llliln 11 Wrel.
New York, May (1. Gonoral Grant ha,
dono much toward completing his hook
(luting the past fow days and oxpects to
finlth It within a week. Tho tltlo of tho
book Is "Tho Personal Memoirs of U. 8.
Giant." It tells tho story or his Ufa from
childhood down to tho grand rovlow.and Is
replete with Interesting sketches and anec
dotes of Lincoln and otticr great mon with
whom General Grant cniuo In contact Iu
civil and military llfo. Tho General
woiktd on his hook for sovcral hours yes
teiday and wroto twclvo pages of tbo man
uscript himself. Ho has written to his
publishers denouncing tho stntoincut, re
cently published as coming from Washing
ton, that whllo General Grant was furnish
ing tho material and Idea, for his now book
tho real author was General 11 idoau. Uo
says that tho work of composition Is en
tirely bis own nnd that no ono has ever
mado uso of his notes In tho manner stated.
Arriilciiniriil of Youni; CliiverliiH for
tho Sllinlor orsilKN illiullxoii.
Richmond, Va., May 0. Iu tho caso of
T. J. Cluverlus, charged with tho murder
of Fannla Lilian Madison 011 tho night of
March 13'latt, tho defendant, whon called
lu tho Hustings Court yesterday, pleaded
uot guilty. Only lour Jurors woro secured
during the afternoon, and after ordering
200 additional talesmen tho court adjourned
until 11 o'clock till, morning.
Tho young man when brought Into
court was vory nervous and evidently stood
in fear nf mob violence, Tho fact that his
father nnd mother havo not visited him
sinco his arrest causes much comment.
Pcoplo from tholr neighborhood say that
both aro overwhelmed with grief ovor tho
No cafo which has occurred In Virginia
In thn past quarter of a ccutury has at
tiacted so much Interest as this mysterious
murder. Ever stneo tho moment It bocamo
apparent that the young governess met her
death by foul means tho caso has awakened
tbo deepest Interest in tbo minds of tho
public. Thousands of pcoplo hero havo vis
ited tho reservoir whore the unhappy girl's
dead body was found oil March 11. SInco
tho 6ceno enacted thero on tbat cold and
dismal Friday night many changos havo
been made iu tho surroundings of tho placo.
Tho Jury will examine tho spot. It Is
probable that they will bo sent through tho
grounds at night, when thoy will have a
better opportunity of realizing tho utlor
loneliness and drcarinoss of tho placo.
Tho ttial will bo ono of tho most In
teresting known here for 25 yoars. So far
as known tho prosecution lack two or
ihico links In tho chain of'clrcumstan
1I11I cvldenco (0 mako It complete Tho
most Important link tbat is wautingls to
onncct Cluveilus with tho spot whoro
he girl's dead body was found In tbo
water. A watch-key found near tho spot
an bo shown to havo boon in tho posses
ion of tho prisoner a year ago, but
ho defenso will attcmnt to io-
but this by showing that tho dead
woman bad a similar key in hor possession
on tho day of her death. Tho wholo caso
s suiroundcd with mystery and legal tech
nicalities. Ono of tho most important
witnesses on tho trial will bo Dr. W. II.
Taylor, coroner of this city. This gentle
man, slioitly after tho finding of tho girl's
body lu tho rcsorvolr, mado a thorough
post-mortem examination. It has Just
transpired tbat not many days aftor tbo
post-mortem Dr. Taylor wroto in a report
er's notebook his views of tho caso, and
took tho ground tbat Miss MadUon had
committed suicide.
i:n it or tlio Hlrllio mill I'micriil or
Ilia Urnil Hli-llicm.
I.r.Mo.NT, III., May C All Is qulot horo
to-day and tho storm seems to havo spout
Its fury. Tho funeral of Andrew Steltzcr
and Jacob Kujana, tbe victims of tho mi
litia, occurred at 10 o'clock this morning
from tho Polish Roman Catholic Church of
St. Barill. Tho parish priest givo tho
congregation sound ndvlco against rioting
and disobedience of tho civil authorities.
Tho priests havo convinced tho strikers
that further resistance is not only useless,
but criminal, and tho mon havo promisod
to go back to work, somo of thorn this aftor
noon and tho remainder to-morrow morn
ing. Tho Inquest was resumed at 10 o'clock
this morning. Tho corouor subpocnaod
Colonel Bennett, Lieutenant, St. Clair, and
tbo soldiers who woro woundod to appoar
as witnesses, but Colonol Bonnctt sent back
word that tho officers and soldiers wcro un
der military law nnd ho would not pormit
tliem to testify.
Oiiturcnlt of the IiiiIIiiun Near Fort
, liiVppelle.
WiNNirna, Man., May 0. Tho File
Hill Indians, about ton miles from Fort
Qu'Appcllo, havo broken looso, and are plun
dering settlers. Colonel O'Brlon with a
foiceof cavalry and infantry has gono In
puisuit. Tbo Indians moved ovorythtng
from tho reserves. Tho Touchwood Hil
Indians havo also gono off tho reserve, bn
havo promised to return in a fow days.
Arrlnl of Miijor Ntuwart'NSconlN.
Winnipeg, Max., May 0. A dispatch
from Medicine Hat says Mor Stewart's
mounted scouts arrived thoro .Monday nlxlit
from Foit McLcod, having established u
lino of outposts betweon tho placu. A
friendly halfbreod arrived In Mcdlclno Hat
from tho forks of tho Red Dcor River yes
teiday und told Stewart that a largo num
ber of halfbrccds and Indians wero moving
couth, and had reached that point. Intel
ligence had also been iccoived from Fort
Asslnabolno that n largo body of Indians
wore moving north of Cypress Hills, about
10 miles couth of tbo Hat. Somo alarm was
occasioned by theso movomonts.
SIcKoo lliiiililu lH-viiiren That Jon
quill miller Doc Xot Own It.
Portland, On ,,May 0. MeKco Rankin,
who with his company is playing hero, was
interviewed regarding a dispatch announc
ing tho decrco of tbo Now York Supromo
Court enjoining him from playing "19" and
allowing tho plaintiff, Joaquin Miller,
certain damages. Rankin claims that Mil
ler has no Interest wbatovcr in tho play;
that ho wroto only ono speech, which sub
sequently was cut out bodily when Miller
became unreasouahlo iu his demands for
more money. Rankin thinks thoro must
ho somo mlstako about tho dispatch. Whon
asked if ho would contlnuo to play "10,"
Rankin replied: "Why ofcourso I will. I
don't one any man a dollar. I'm uot ablo
to pay nnd will play "IO" lnsplto of all tho
Millers In tho world."
Don't disgust everybody by hawking, blow
ing and Bplutne, hut uso Dr. Base's Uatarrh
llemtdy, and ho cured.
Take tho Baltimore &-Potomao Railroad
to Baltimore, May 0 and 7, Army of tho
Potomao Itounlon, Faro, round trip, $1.20,
Sixteen regular trains. Special trains to
uccoiumodato tho travel.
WI111 1 Thoy llo In lloaloti.
In notion, on tbo 1st day ot May, all tbo nteo
llttlA tsundnv-ecnool children aro robed In
spotless white and sent with teachers to tbo
woods to Gather tho tint Cowers ot spring aud
tbo seeds ot early consumption, N, O, rica
yuue. ltrkiitti from tlio Corner.
"What Is It, my friends," crlod tho tsmper
anea lecturer, daring ferociously around him,
"What Is It that causes men to desert the tiro
Hair, breaks up happy homes and brlnss end
lets misery to all tho human race! What Is
"Bkatlu'rlnfc," respondod tho small boy lu
the comer. Tho Itamuler.
DIttor Comments by tho Tory Pros In
London Tho Kins of Denmark Wlll
Iee to bo nn Arbiter Hopes Ex
pressed Thnt tho Wholo Commission
Will not bo Ordorod Back, to England
London, May 0. It Is assorted aud gen
erally btllovt-d tthat Mr. Gladstone's an
nouncement lu the Houso of Commous yes
Iculoy that Sir Peter Lumsdon had been
recalled to udvlso and confer with tho
Government is a tubtcrfugc, and that Sir
Peter, becoming thoroughly disgusted with
tho turn nflalrs has taken with regard to
tho Kusso-Afrfhan frontier dispute nod tbo
vacillating ond weak policy of tho Govern
ment, tendered his icslguation aud per
emptorily refund all overtures to contlnuo
lunger in office.
A dispatch from Copenhagen statos that
tho King of Denmark has dotlnltely agreed
to act arbitrator on tho question. Js to
which poucr Is responsible for tho violation
of tho convention ol March 1 7 botwoon Bog
land and ItuiMa, by which both powors
agreed to refrain from any azgrostivo acts
pending the settlement of tho Russo-Afghan
frontier question.
oni: op sin rr.TER's sTArr.
Lieutenant Stephon, ono of Sir Potor
Lumedcn's Man", has arrived at Tltlls, and
Is expected to arrlvo iu London ou tho 13th
An Iinnortiliit rroccileilt.
Vienna, May 0. Tho Mcue Frcic Pi east
this luoinlng Bays that the arbitration bo
tuccu Kngland and Russia establishes an
Important precedent for tho futuro.
London Tnllt To-ilny.
London, May C Tho recall of Sir
l'ctcr Lumsdcu has created a gonoral feol
Ing of uneasiness, ns It Is cxpoctod to havo
an advorso lufluouco on tho patriotism of
tho natives in India, who will consider his
retail further concession to Russia. Tho
Simula) iliaja: "Womustcouut It a ploco
of gond luck If tho wholo commission Is not
recalled." No nows Is obtalnablo of tho ap
pointment of an arbitrator. Bismarck has
had a long interview with tho Kuiporor
which Is supposed to havo concornod tbo
Afghan question. This gavo rlso to tho ru
mor tbat both England and Itusila bad
asked L'mpcror William to arbitrate for
them. Tbo conservative papers think tho
delay In Indicating an arbitrator fore
shadows tho difficulty of obtaining tho con
sent of any Buropeau Stato to arbitrate.
Despite tho Eoml-olllclal denial of tbo pre
vious rumors, rumors arn now current
that tho Buipcrors of Russia, Germany
and Austria will meet this year.
Tliu Ilerut I'ootilo Julillniit.
London, May 0. Tlio Inhabitants of
Herat aio said to bo Jubilant ovor tho flat
tering itceptlon given to tho Ameer at
Rawul l'lnell.
Itlinhlim Nobility Oimciil Their Van- .
tnictMfor Niiiiiiner JteNltteuceii. ,
St. PtiTJsnsiiunci, May 0. A numbor of
tbo Russian nobility who had loased coun
try residences nf Oranienbtum, opposite
Cronstadt, Intending to occupy them with
their families duilng noxt summer, havo
gl cu them up and canceled tholr contracts,
A Jtiut lilplonint,
VlRNNA, May 0. It is roportcd horo that
Count Tolstoi, Russian Minister of tho In
terior, Is ailllctcd with melancholia, and Is
In a condition vorging upon madness.
flolil Discovered Noiir Sunkltii,
London, May C An Australian mining
export, who has boon examining tho traces
of gold at Tarabuk, reports from Suakim
tbat there Is undoubtedly gold thero. It Is
not In suflklcnt quantities to pay for ex
tracting it. Tho legion is, however, vory
rich in copper deposits, particularly iu tho
hilly portions.
HoiiorHto silnlnter Lowell.
London, May 0. Tho corporation of
Wiuctstor to-day presented retiring Unltod
Slates Minister Mr. James Russell Lowoll
with a haudsomely bound, illuminated ad
drtbs as a souvenir and mark of their pro
found appreciation of hU literary sorvlcea.
Mr. Lowell In replying thankod tho corpora
tion for tho beautiful gift and tbe kindly
sentiments contained In tho address, Sec
rctaiy Hopping arid Second Secretary Mr.
Henry Whito of tbo Amorlcau Legation
were prcEcut at tbocoromoulcs.
A Iteiiortnl Mutiny.
Cronstadt, May 0. It is currontly j-e-I'Oittd
hero that during tho temporary ah
BOLto of tho captain of tho Russian monitor
General Admiral, stationed at Malta, a mu
tiny broko out among tho crow on account
of tbo cruel treatment of tho second olllcor
towaid bis subordinates. Twenty sailors
have In const-qucuco been heavily Ironed.
Mrlcl Ik'onnmy Urged.
CAlciHTA.MayG, Tho Fiuauco Depart
ment bus addressed the other departments
of 1 ho Government, urging upon them tbo
Importance of observing strict economy in
tho administration of nil branches of tbo
Bor Ire.
1'rcller'H Dliirite-rer Arrtil Yenter
iluj In K'i y.ritlaixl.
St. Louis, May 0. Chief of Pollco liar
ligan received tho following cablegram an
nouncing tho arrest of tho murderer of
Prellor at S o'clock this morning
Auckland, New Zkalanp, Mar 11. Slaiwell
vsaartceieil yesterday and will givo trouble,
lie has counsel, fend olllcor with requisition
and ewe rn deposition on nrst steamer. A1-M1-0
Hie fciato Department and cahlo when the
olilcer satis. oamulf,
Consul at Auckland,
Tlio Catholic Unit orally.
Baltimore, May C Archbishops Will
iams of Boston, Blder of Cincinnati, and
Conlgan of Now Yoik, nnd lllsbop Spauld
Ing of Peoria, will arrive hero to-night.
Thoy, with Archbishop Gibbons, constltuto
a commlttco named lu tho plenary council
of November last to consider tho matter of
establishing a National American Catholio
Unlveislty. Offers havo boon mado which,
in addition to tho sum proffered by Miss
Caldwell of New York, will swell tho
nucleus of tho endowment fund to over
51,000,000. .
A Hbaae-pparo memorial window, subscribed
for by American visitors, was unveiled at
tiirattord-upon-Avon yesterday,
Tbo Boutnern llaptlst Convention met at Au
gusta, Oa., to-day. Dr. J, L. It. (Jurry, Oon
ernl Agent ot the l'cabody Educational Fund,
will preach tbo annual sermon this evening,
Charles Mitchell was beforo the Police Court
In Chicago yesterday charged with being a
ncraut. no said that he was nnophowot
Henator Mitchell ot 1'ennsylranla, and was
given -18 hours to got out ot the city.
The Commissioners ot the Sinking l'und ot
Virginia will not purchase any bonds thts
month, beouuso tny do not think It prudent
10 risk any deficiency In tho mate's treasury.
They do not tear any embarrassment from
coupon, but think It tight to bo prepared tor
the unexpected,
To-lmj'n Temperature.
The Glgsal Office furnlabM tho following
syne pels or tbe neather:
Leeat meteorological report for May (i,
lfegS- Thermometor readings nt 3 a, m.,02',0;
7 ft, m., 0'2 Oi 11 n. 111., 7.0.
llepoit lor May 0, IBbBi Mean tempera
turf, 0.1 tii maximum, 70.Ot minimum,
42c.8 mean relative humidity, 08.7 por cent,
rcr Thunday tllufctly colder, partly cloudy
weather, with local rain;, la Indicated tjr tho
Mlddlo Atlantio States.

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