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' edited sit
published uv
* GIDEONjdt Co.
For the Duily paper, per annum . . . #10 (X)
For the Tri-weekly, " 6 1)0
For three copied of the Tri-weekly . . 16 00
Single subscription for one year . . . #8 00
Six copies, (or one year 10 00
Sixteen copu-e, for one year 20 00
Twenty-five copies, for one year, (when
ordered at one and the sainc time) . . - 26 00
No paper will be sent until the money is received.
Navy Supplies under the Bureau of Tarda
Iand Docks.
Navy A cent's OrrtcK,
Memphis, Tennessee, May 30, 1849.
v OEALED PROPOSALS in duplicate, for each
O class separately endorsed "Proposals for supplies
for navy yards," will be received at this office
until 12 o'clock, m., on the 29th dav of June next,
I fpr furnishing and delivering at tne navy yard at
Memphis, Tennessee, at such place or places as
may be direcied by the commandant, free of expense
to the Government, the materials and articles
Hereinafter to be specified, viz:
I Class Mb. I.?Bricks.
422,400 best quality paving bricks
364,100 " hard burnt do
Class Mo. 2.?Stone.
754 perches stone for foundations, in pieces from
6 (o 18 inches thick, not less than 16 inches wide,
and from 2 to 4 feet long. The pieces must be
well shaped, and may be sand or limestone, or
210 perches stone in rectangular blocks, 3 to 5
feet long, 6 inches thick, and 18 inches wide.
Class Mo. 3.?Lumber.
120 pieces cypress or pine, 23 feet long, 3J x 12
inche* .
120 pieces cypress or pine, 22 feet long, 3? x 12
120 pieces cypress or pine, 12 feet long, 3| X 12
1,100 pieces cypress or pine, 35 feet long, 10 X 10
for piling
1,000 pieces cypress or pine, 35 feet long, 6 x 12
for piling
200 pieces round timber for piles, 50 feet long,
12 inches diameter in the middle
1 300 pieces round timber'for piles, 40 feet long,
12 inches diameter in the middle
500 pieces round timber for piles, 35 feet long,
12 inches diameter in the middle
20,300 feet 1 inch cypress or pine boards, forsheet^
450 feet 1 j inch cypress or pine plank
i 50 cedar posts, 8 x 8 inches, 8 feet long
45 pieces cedar plank, 9 feet long, I}x9 inches
B90 pieces cedar plank, 9 feet long, 2| x 5 44
Class No. 4?Limb and Ckmbnt.
12,660 bushels of unslacked lime
350 barrels of hydraulic cement
Clou No. 5.?Sand.
31,280 bushels of sand
Class No. 6-?Iron, Stbbl, and Nails.
65 pounds bar iron, 3 inches by ? inch
1,100 '? " 2J 44 by] 41
2,500 " '? 2 " by i "
1 1,120 44 44 li 44 by H 44
195 44 44 ? 44 by J 44
100 44 6d cut nails
200 44 8d 44
300 44 lOd 44
200 44 20d 44
112 sash weights, weighing 7 pounds each
8 doz best 1$ inch axle window pulleys
12 44 1J 44 wood screws, No. 12
Class No 6?Miscellaneous.
' 200 pounds cast steel, 1 inch square
100 44 I inch round iron
300 44 i 44 44
300 44 J 44 44
i 80 0 44 1 44 44
500 44 horse-shoe 44
Clou No. 7.?Copper.
42 sheets of copper 30 x 60 inches, weighing 11
pounds eacn
Class No. 8.?Paints, Oil, and Glass.
450 pounds of Spanish whiting
3,900 44 pure white lead
176 gallons of linseed oil
8 44 of spirits turpentine
' 59 pounds of litharge
8 44 of lampblack
O KnYPs r?f winHnw ?Inbii 10 T 1ft uirhM
3 " beat quality crown glass, 11 x '30 inches
CUu No. 9.?Hard*are, Misckllambocs.
1) dozen 14 inch flat files
1 do 14 do half round files
| do 12 do flat smooth files
| do 10 do flat smooth files
1 do 12 do half round smooth files
Ido 12 do square files
do 10 do three square do
1 do 6 do do do
4 do 5 do hand-saw do
3 do 41 do do do
2 do 12 do mill saw do
2 do 14 do do do
, J do 12 do rat-tail do
1 blacksmith's vice (solid box) weighing 80
10 pounds borax
30 do home-shoe nails
200 do nig lend
100 do Mock tin
1 ream No. 2 sand paper
1 do No 3 do
50 pounds white chalk
100 do glue
10 dozen mason's lings
30 gallons lard oil
60 do spirit gas
Clam No. 10.?Stationkxt, Muckllanzocs.
10 reams best quality ruled letter paper
( v 10 " " foolscap paper, ruled
2 quires Atlas drawing paper
500 quill*, No. 90
4 *roa* beat metallic pen*
1 dozen pint bottle* black ink
i dozen bottle* French carmine red ink
pound* red aealinr-wax
1 dozen paper* black sand
2 ** blank book*. No 9, 8vo.
] " piece* India rubber
12 " i?lai k lend-pencil*, a**orted nnml>er*
Cln*% AV 11.?Hat, Miac*u.AMEoi>*
25 ton* Hay
CUs? .Vn. 12.?Miicr.Li.AUKi>v?.
16,000 pound* of chopped rye
500 buehela of .orn
500 " oat*
7,000 pound* of *heaf oat*
8 bnahel* O. A. aalt
9 barrel* tar, each barrH to contain 31 palIon*
('last .Vo 13. MltCKLLAMBOU*.
2,000 buahal* of lieat hituminou* coal.
It i* to be provided in the contract, and to be di*tinctly
understood, that the Government rearrve*
the right to inereaae or diminish the quantities of
article* contracted for to the amount of fifty per
cent., a* the want* of the aervice may require; and
whether the quantitie* required be more or lea* than
thoae apecified, the price* *h*ll remain the *amr
All the article* mo*l be of the brtf rjuiUly, delivered
in good order, and nubject to eoch inspection
at the yard of delivery aa the bureau nWy direct,
and lie in nil roapect* miiefactory to the command
ant thereof. For further description of material*
and sample*, apply to the commandant of the navy
% The de.liverie* of all the building mat* rial*, excepting
miacellaneou* article* ana pile*, may be
commenced forthwith, and muat bin commenced
within ?ixty day* after the date of the contract, and
( , be continued from time to time aa, in the opinion of
the commandant of the yard, the want* of the nervier
may require,and muat all lie completed within
aix month* after aaid date. But no payment will
he made until July I, 184ft.
riaane* headed " Miacellaneou*," to lie delivered
aa required during the fiacel year. On theee, the 30
? 9 per cent, retained may, at the option of the bureau,
be paid riuarterlv, on the ]at of January, April,
July, ana Oc.udier. When deliveriee have been
aatiidactory, the balance (80 f?er cent.) will lie paid
by the Navy Agent, within thirty day* after the
preaenlation of hill* in triplicate, pro|>crly vouched
and approved.
A rigid adherence to th? contract will lie required.
Hiddera, therefore, are e*|,ec.ially cautioned not to
offer under an impre**inu that an extenaion ot time
will be granted or permitted.
1 t
Appioved sureties in one-haif of .the amount of
the contract will be required, and 20 per cent, as j
additional aecurity deducted from each payment,
until the contract shall have been completed or can- j
celled. The suretiea must sign the contract sb
sureties, and make affidavit that they, in the aggrc- i
gate, are worth, over and above their debts anulia- j
bilitiea, the full amount of the contract.
Each offer must be signed by the person or persons
making it, and hia or their residence, as well
as the guarantors, naming the town and State, must
be distinctly stated.
Persons whose offers shall be accepted, will be
notified by letter through the post office, which notice
shall be considered sufficient; and if they do not
enter into contract accordingly for the supplies
specified, within fifteen days from the date of notice
of the acceptance of their bid, a contract will be
made with some other person or persons, and the
guarantors to said defaulting bidder will be held responsible
for excess of price, if any, over the accepted
Form or orrsn.
To the Navy Agent at , I
of , in the State of , hereby offer
to furnish under your advertisement dated ,
and subject to all the requirements of the same, all
the articles embraced in class No , viz: for
(here insert the articles and prices carried out,)
amounting to, (write the aggregate in words.)
The undersigned, of , and , of
, in the State of , as guarantors,
hereby undertake that the above named will,
if his offer be accepted, enter into contract, as before
; 1 :.L .L-TT-r^.J 1 n J
rwjuircu, wim me uxuccu owiea, wimin niieen a ays
after the date of notice, through the post office, of
the acceptance of his bid, as before mentioned.
1 certify the above named, , and ,
are known tome to be good and responsible guarantors
in this case. GEO. W. SMITH,
June 12?lawtJnne29 Navy Agent.
Navy Department, May 28, 1849
n received at the Office of the Secretary of the
Navy, until 3 o'clock, p. m., the 28th day of June
next, for furnishing all tne Stationery and executing
all the Printing and Binding that may be required
by the Navy Department and its several Bureaus
for the year commencing the 1st of July, 1849, and
ending on the 30th June, 1850.
All the articles furnished, and work executed,
must be of the best quality, delivered without delay
when ordered, and to the satisfaction of the head of
the office for which they are required. If it be required,
each bidder for stationery must furnish with
hisproposal a sample of each article bid for.
To ensure uniformity in the proposals, blank
forma will be furnished to those disposed to bid;
and no bid will be considered not fully conforming
to the advertisement, and in which each and every
article is not bid for, and in which more than one
price is named for any one article.
Bond, in sufficient amount, with two or more
approved sureties for the faithful execution of the
contract, will be required of the person or persons
contracting. The authorized name or names of the
sureties that will be given, as also satisfactory testimonials
to fulfil a contract, must accompany the
bid, otherwise it will not be considered. *
The Department reserves to itself the right of
i wi ucuiig o gicaici i/i ICM ijuaiiuiy ui caui aiiu every
I article contracted for, aa the public service may rel
Should any article be required not enumerated in
the contract, it is to be furnished at the lowest
market price, according to its quality.
Ifrtftng Paper of linen stock.
3 reams folio post, blue or white, ruled, per
10 reams Owen dk liurlbut's superior blue-laid
foolscap, weighing not less than 16 pounds
per ream, or of any other manufacture of
equal quality, per ream
10 reams Southworth's extra superfine foolscap,
wove, blue or white, ruled, weighing not
less than 16 pounds |ier ream, or ofany other
manufacture of equal quality, per ream
10 reams Southworth a Congress extra superfine
quarto post paper, blue or white, ruled,
weighing not lees than 9 pounds per ream,
or of any oiher manufacture of equal quality,
per ream
20 reams Jessup's first class quarto post, wove
or Uud, blue or white, ruled, weighing 9
pounds per ream, or of any other manufacture
of equal quality, per ream
30 reams Planter, Smith <& Co'a extra superfine
blue wove quarto post, ruled, weighing 8J ;
pounds per ream, per ream
30 reams beat yellow or buff enveloping paper,
fiat, per ream
10 reams best white enveloping paper, smooth
surface, flat, 20 by 25 inches, per ream
5 reams noie paper, gilt-edged, per ream
20 reams copying or tissue paper, quarto post,
per ream
10 reams copying or tissue paper, cap, per ream
5 reams best French quarlo post pa[>er, ruled,
per ream
150 sheets best tracing paper, 40 by 27 inches, per
3 reams blotting paper, royal, p?r ream
150 sheets best drawing paper, from medium to
antiquarian, per sheet
500 sheets of parchment, best prepared, 14 by 18, I
per sneci
50 dozen cards steel pens, (the Depurtmen t to
hsve the liberty ol selcctingfrom all the dif- |
ferent kinds manufactured, English or Ame- |
ncan, in the market,) 12 on a card, per dozen
100 cards Perry's pena, assorted, per csud
1 gross Damascus pens, in botfes, with one
dozen holders, per gross
4 gross of any of Jos. Gillott'a pens (in boxes)
the Deportment may select, per gross
6 cards engineer's pens, per card
4 do lithographic pens do
4 dozen quart bottles Maynard A Noyes'a black
a ink, per dozen
4 dozen quart bottles Hoover's black ink, per
1 dozen quart bottles blue ink, per dozen
3 dozen quart bottles best Lonaon copying ink,
Arnold's or Terry's, per dozen
3 dozen gilfbottles Arnold's red ink, per doz.
100 swan quills, beat quality, per 100
1000 quills No. SO, opaque or clarified, per 100
100 crow or Brandt quills do
75 dozen red tape, No. 15 to No.^!l5, per dozen
6 do ailk taste, do
4 do penknives, 4 blades, Rodgrrs and 8on's
l?ost, per dozen
4 do erasers, ivory handles, in cases, Rod- |
gent snd Son's manufacture, per dozen
3 do pair of shears and scissors, per pair
3 do ivory folders, 9 inches per dozen
2 do Canrington's parallel rulers, do
2 do sand-boxes, cocoa wood do
2 do wafer- stands, do do
2 do pounce boxes, do do
1 do do ixory, do
2 do wafer-stamps, ivory handles, do
10 do black lead pencils, Faber's beat gradu- j
a ted, per dozen
4 do beat American drawing penc.ila, gradu- !
sled, per dozen
4 do Cohen'a red lead pencils, per dozen
2 do sable brushes, sssorled, do
2 do camel's hair brushes, aas'd, do
4 do cut glass inkstands, 3| inches square.
plain or pillared, per dozen
2 do sticks best India ink, per stick
30 [KMinds l?est superfine scarlet sealing-wax, per
90 do wrond quality ararlet aaaling-wax, per
15 do neat quality wnfera, per pound
10 do gum arabic, do
3 do potior*, do
10 do heat cotton twine, do
10 do boar flax twin*, do
1000 large office wafer* for Department aanla, per
13 paper weight* of braaa, rompoaition, or lead,
per weight
60 quarts black sand, in papers, per dozen paper*
4 pounds India rubber, prepared, per pound
3000 copies of Navy Register, in brevier type,
about 150 pages, on folio post 8vo, mostly
rule and figure work, with blue printed covers,
folding, stitching, and |wper included,
per copy for 150 pages, and per page for the
excess over 150 pages
40 copies of Navy Register, same matter overrun
into quarto form
10 copies Navy Register, quarto form, interleaved,
fuint lined, and half bound, with
spring backs and marginal indices
Circulars, paper included.
75 reams quarto post writing papei, 1, 2, 3, or 4
pages, per quire
50 reams foolscap writing paper, 1, 2, 3, or 4
pages, per quire
Blanks, Paper, faint and red lining included.
30 reams Jemi, folio post, foolscap, or quarto
post, per quire
Book-work, exclusive of paper, viz:
Composition, per 1,000 enis
Prcaswork per token
10 volumes of newspapers, daily, per yearly
volume ?
10 volumes Mluiewspapers, weekly, tri or semiweekly,^^
yearly volume
50 volumes of* books, 12 mo., 8vo., 4to., or folio,
full bound in calf, sheep, or Russia,per vol.
150 volumes of books, half bound in Russia, per
Blank books for records, Ac., similar in form
to those now in use, which may be examined,
to be of the best linen paper, per book
1200 manuscript letters, to be half-bound, as per
pattern, per volume
150 guard-books, foolscap or quarto post size,
with indices and lettered backs, per book
Faint and red lining, foolscap and quarto post,
per ream
June 14?law3w
Stationery and Printing.
Department of the Interior,
May 30, 1849.
O EPARATE PROPOSALS for furnishing the
Q stationery, and for executing the printing of
this Department, during the fiscal year ending June
30, 1850, will be received until 3 o'clock p. m., on
the 29ih day of June next. Those unaocompanied
by satisfactory testimonials of ability to fulfil a contract
will not be considered.
All the articles of stationery must be of the very
best quality?samples of the principal articles of
which, such as paper, quills, metallic pens, lead
pencils, knives, ink, Ac., must accompany the bids,
put up in classes as per schedule ; and tne Department
reserves the right to retain such samples, and
nav for the same at the nricea stated in the offer.
or to return them, at ita option. No bid will be
considered where the articles accompanying it are
not of the kind and quality required lor the Department.
Each proposal must signed by the individual
or firm making it, and must specify a price, and but
one price, for each and every article contained in the
schedule. Should any articles be required not
enumerated, they are to be furnished at the lowest
market prices, according to quality. Blank forms
for proposals will be furnished at the Department
to persons applying for them ; and as without uniformity
therein the Department would find it difficult
to make a decision, none will be taken into consideration
unless substantially agreeing therewith.
The printing must be executed with new and
perfect type, and on the best paper used for the different
descriptions required. The paper for the
printing will be furnished by the contractor; the
Department, or the office ordering it, to designate
the kind of paper and type, whether script or
otherwise, ana the number to go on a sheet, when
the matter or article will admit of more than one.
Each class will be bid for and decided upon separately,
and all other things being equal, it will be
assigned to the lowest bidder. W here more than
one class is assigned to a bidder, they may all be
embraced in one contract ; and each balder, who
may have one or more classes assigned to him, shall
take all such classes, or forfeit his right to any portion
of the contract.
All the articles to be furnished and work to be
executed must be of the best quality, and delivered
without delay when ordered, and to the satisfaction
of the head of the office for which they are required.
The Department reserves to iuelf the right of
ordering a greater or lean quantity of each and every
article contracted for, ua the public service may require.
* Bonds, with approved security, to be given by
the person or persona contracting; and in case of a
failure to supply the articles, or to perform the
work, the contractor and his sureties shall be liable
for the forfeiture specified in such bond, as liquidated
The subjoined lists specify,as nearly as now can
be done, the amount, quality, and description of
each of the kinds of articles and work that will he
I' being impracticable to give a precise description
of the nature and quality of the various
kinas of printing, bidders are referred to the samples
in the different offices for specimens of the general
descriptions required.
Writing paper, made of linen, laid or wove,
white or blue.
Class No. 1.
' 75 reams folio post, satin or plain finish, faint
lined, and trimmed, to weigh not less
than 17 pounds per ream
100 do foolscap, hand-made, faint lined and
trimmed, to weigh not less than 12
pounds per ream
50 do foolscap, machine, faint-lined and
trimmed, to weigh not leas that 12
pounds per ream
15 do foolscap, plain, hand-made, faintlined
and trimmed, to weigh not leas
than 12 pounds per ream
10 do fonlacap, plain, machine, fainelined
and trimmed, to weigh not leas than
12 pounds per ream
18 do foolscap, blue-laid, hand-made, faintlined,
garden pattern, commonly
known as despatch or consular paper,
to wneh not less than 16 nounds rier
250 do qtuirto post, hand-made, plain, faint'
lined three aide*, per ream
120 do quarto poat, machine, plain, faintlined
three aide*, per ream
fiO do quarto poat, hand-made, plain, faintlined
four aide*, per ream
10 do quarto po*t, machine, faint-lined four
aidea, per ream
40 do quarto po?t French, faint-lined three
aidea, per ream
15 do note |?*per, gilt per ream
5 do do plain do
Clahi No. 2.
3 do royal jxiper (pr book*
? do medium paper for hook*
40 do copying uo do
120 do envelope pajrer, yellow or buff, royal,
per ream
fiO do envelope paper, flat cap, white or
blue, per ream
10 do large brown envelope, per ream
20 do blotting pa jier, royal, per ream
25 doren patent blotting paper
>Ml0|,<uua,U?uMB<. rvaoor aitli.iiiariflll ru?l aKool
" i n uinw '"fS ^f^-1 > *" " "*
25 do do do double elephant, per
50 do do do elephant, per sheet
50 do tracing do largest size, French,
per aheet
24 do drawing do royal per sheet
5,000 binders' hoards, 61 by 10J inches, per 1000
CLASS No. 3.
450 dozen cards Perry'? Wat metallic pens, per
dozen cards
250 do cards of all other manufacture in use,
per dozen carda
40 gross metallic pens, per gross
15,000 quills, No. 80, per thousand
10 aozen ever-pointed pencils, silver, per dozen
i 10 do ever-pointed silver desk-pencils, with
rosewood handles, per dozen
40 gross of leads, for ever-pointed pencils, assorted
sizes, per gross
75 dozen Conlee's best black lead pencils, graduated
100 do Monroe's, or other manufactured do
10 do red lead pencils, per dozen
3 do drawing pencils, assorted
Class No. 4.
20 dozen folders, ivory, 9-inch, per dozen
600 do red linen tape, assorted do
60 do silk taste, assorted colors and widths,
in hanks, per dozen
2 do pounce boxes, of ivory, per dozen
10 do do cocoa, do
12 do Band boxes, do do
10 do do tin do
15 do wafer stands, or boxes, cocoa, per
25 do erasers, Rodger* dt Son's, ivory~handle,
per dozen, genuine
i 3d do nenknives. kodirena&. Son's. 4 lilndps.
huckhorn handles, per dozen, genuine
10 do penknives, Abbott's, American, fourblade,
buekhorn handles, per dozen,
esk-knives, Rodgers A Son's, one
blade, ivory handles, per dozen, genuine
6 do wafer-stamps, ivory handles, per dozen
5 do wafer-stamps, lignumvitae handles,
per dozen
4 do office shears, 11 inches, per dozen
Class No. 5.
12 dozen inkstands, cut glass, recently invented
fountain, movable tops, per dozen
4 do inkstands, cast iron, large, double
2 do do do do single
4 do French pump China inkstands
15 gallons ink, black, Maynard A Noyes's, per
600 bottles ink, black, Maynard A Noyes's, in
bottles, per nuart
10 quarts ink, rea, per quart
75 bottles ink, black, Cooper A Phillips's, or equal,
per quart bottle
30 do ink, blue, Stephens's, per quart bottle
300 do ink, red, Arnold's, or equal, in J-pint
bottles, per bottle
120 do carmine ink, small size, French, or equal
500 do ink, copying, Terry's, in J-pint bottles,
per bottle
Class No. 6.
80,000 wafers, large red, for office seals, per thousand
100 pounds wafers, common size, red, per pound
150 do sealing-wax, best extra superfine,
scarlet, per pound
30 do sealing-wax, superfine, per pound
15 do uo black, do
40 do India rubber, prepared, do
5 do do uimrenared. do
300 quarts black sand, per quart
Class No 7.
150 ounces pounce, per ounce
1 dozen India ink, best, per dozen
2 do camel's hair pencils, per dozen, assorted
2 do sable pencils, per dozen, assorted
1 do Osborn's best water colors, per dozen
400 pounds twine, linen, per pound
100 do twine, cotton, do
50,000 pocket envelopes, of white or yellow )taper,
of the following sizes, viz: 8} by 3| inches,
per hundred
30,000 pocket envelopes, letter size
6 dozen risers, mahogany, round or flat, per
2 dozen lignumvitae, round, per dozen
8 do elastic penholders, Alden's, per dozen
1 do tortoise shell, per dozen
5 pounds sponge, best, per pound
10 do gum arabic, best, do
The printing of all kinds, including paper, which
may be required to be executed for the use of the
Department of the Interior, or any of the offices
thereof, whether the same be circulars, instructions,
warrants, forms, returns, blanks, solid matter or
not, leaded, rule work, or rule and figure work, faint
ruling or lining, and red ruling or lining, or by
whatever name, title, or description the same shall
be known to, or usually designated by, ths office requiring
it, and inducing also folding, stitching,
pasting, die., on die following descriptions of paper,
| to wit:
ACo. of ihtelt
On quarto post, 1 |>age on a sheet, per 100
sheets - 75 000
2 do do 30,500
3 do do 5,000
4 do do 3,000
On foolscap, I do do 8,500
2 do do 60,000
3 do do 2,200
4 do do 1,800
On folio post, 1 do do 8,600
u do do /,xuu
3 do do 2,(WO
4 do do 2,000
On every other description of paper, not
designated^ above, but to be ?o by the office
| ordering it, whether circular*, instructions,
warrant*, form*, return*, Ac., a* specified
1 in the fir*t paragraph, for?
1 page on a sheet, per 100
heet* ... - 2,700
2 do do 20000
3 do do 2,100
4 do do 1,250
State the price per page for ever* additional
page on any of the above over four
page*, estimating at 1,000 page*.
On parchment, to lie furnished by the
Dermrtment, per 100 ... - 65,000
ftlnnk form*, or any other description of printing
required broadmde on any of the above paper, each
broadaide to be counted a* one page.
It i* expressly to be understood that no extra
charge of any description will be allowed. The
price* bid for printing must cover and include all
contingencies ami extraa.
The Department reserves the right to have any
description of printing, which may properly he
called "book or pamphlet work, executes by
special contract.
The bidders for printing will accompany their
bida with samples of quality of the different kinds
of paper they propose to furnish.
June 14?2nwt 29th.
OCD London Bridge?An historical novel, by i
< tl U.?tu-r.|1
by Cbu. J. Peleraon.
Author of Sain Stick.
CHOLERA, it* Nature, Symptom*, and TreatI
mcnt. compiled from the pagwof the "London Lanret."
Thia day received: for aale at
Rookatore, near 9th atreet.
j auppHed with White Rocky Mountain Beaver Hata,
(without mixture.) Rlue Napped and Plain Blue
and White and Black Hata, of great elegance and
i atyle, in (iniahand ahapc Alaoa full and complete
naxortmerit of Gentlemen'* Wardrobe and Toilet
f' -ooda; via. "Yoke Neck" Shirta, Under Shirt*, and
)i?wcra, in Silk. Merino, Cotton, and Gause, in
great variety, and at low price* for firat finality
good*. Alao a few very auperior Hammock*. for
tlmae ?-h(i intend viaiting watering placea. All of
which will be aold at fair price* for caah.
Great Hat and Gent* Outfitting Establishment,
No. I. Brown'a Hotel,
June 13?6tif
n; 11 r t moo tifiTin'
v? iiibAni/ o ii"i iiii.
Corner of Pmn. AVenn# *?4 14th itrutt,
HRNRT A. WILURD. Proprietor.
( June 1)?tf
t ?
Proposal* for American Water-rotted
Navy Depabtmxmt,
Bureau of Construction, Equipment, ami Repair.
March 1, 1849.
ONDER the joint resolution of Congress, approved
May 9, 1848, entitled* a "Resolution
respecting contracts for hemp for the use of the
American navy," sealed proposals will be received
at this bureau, or the United States hemp agencies
at Louisville, Kentucky, or St. Louis, Missouri,
(to be fowarded by them unopened to this bureau,)
for delivering under contract, at either of the aaid
hemp agencies, for a term not exceeding five years,
the beet quality of American Water-rotted hemp, in
quantities of five tons and upwards, the ton to consist
of 2,240 pounds. No bid will be considered at
a higher rate than two hundred and forty-one dollars
per ton. The proposals to be opened on the
6th of August next. The department will then determine
whether the contracts shall be awarded.
No delivery will be required sooner than the 1st
day of January, 1850.
The said hemp must be equal in quality to the
best foreign hemp; and in all cases of equality of
bid, the contract will be given to the hemp grower.
The quantity required annually will be about 500
The said hemp must be thoroughly dressed,
cleaned, free from shives, and must not lose more
than sixteen per cent, of tow and waste when
hatchelled to the satisfaction of the inspectors ready
for spinning. Its strength must be such that a rope
of one and three-fourths of an inch in circumference,
made from twenty-one yarns, as prepared and tested
by the inspectors, or byKheir direction, will bear
at least 4,200 pounds, and its length, color, and other
properties must be entirely satisfactory to the inspectors,
or the chief of this bureau, or it will not
be received; it will be inspected ana tested at the
respective places of delivery.
The respective United States hemp agents to certify
bills for the hemp which may pews inspection
and be received by them, according to the contracts
which may be entered into; ninety per cent, of
which bills to be payable within thirty days after
their presentation to such navy agents as may be
agreed upon and named in the contracts.
Persons offering must state the price, in words
and figures, (clearly and legibly,) asked per ton of
2,240 pounds, when delivered, inspects, tested,
approved, ana reccivea Dy tne saia nemp agent., onu
payable, as above specified.
Every offer must be accompanied, as directed in
the act of Congress making appropriations for the
naval service, approved 10th August, 1846, by a
written guaranty, signed by one or more responsible
persons, (to be certified by Borne official personage,)
to the effect that he or they undertake that
the bidder or bidders will, if his or their bid be accepted,
enter into an obligation within fifteen days
after the contract is submitted for signature, with
good and sufficient sureties to furnish the supplies
proposed. No proposal will be considered unless
accompanied by such guaranty.
Bonds, with two approved sureties in one-half
the estimated amount of the respective contracts,
will be required, and ten per centum in addition will
be withheld from the amount of each payment to
be male, as collateral security for the due and fluthful
performance of the respective contracts, which
will on no account be paid until the contracts ore
complied with in all respects according to their
Offers must be made in strict conformity with the
terms of this advertisement. The persons offering
must state by which navy agent they wish their bills
paid, if their offer is accepted, and by which hemp or
navy agency they wish to have contracts and bonds
sent for their signature; and if they should not be
executed within fifteen days after they are received
by the agents, the Department will consider itself
at liberty to accept other offers in plaee of those
thus neglected. June 16?lawtGthAjg
Pension and Bounty Land Agency,
Office removed to \bth etreet, opposite the Treasury
GEORGE M. PHILLIPS, Notary Public, Commissioner
of Deeds, and formerly of the Treasury
Deportment, attends to the prosecution and
Executive Department* of the Government. Hi*
uttentiun w more particularly directed to the presentation
and proHecution of CLAIMS FOR PENSIONS,
Revolutionary, Invalid, Navy, Half-pay or Widow'a;
Pre-emption and other Lam! Claims;
Revolutionary Services?for Commutation, Halfpay,
or Bounty Lends;
Bounty Land* and Pensions for services in the late
War with Mexico;
Contract* with the different Departments for Supplies,
Settlement of the accounts of disbursing and other
officers of the Government;
Collection of unclaimed dividends on the funded
debt of the United States.
Being in possession of a large number of Rolls of
the Army of the Revolution, he is enabled to produce
the "proqj of trvice" of a large proportion ol those
engaged in that struggle, and for which they or
their widows are entitled to pensions from the
United States.
As Notary Public, the undersigned is prepared to
furnish legalised copies of Documents or Records,
j Charges will be moderate, varying according to
the nature of the business transacted. Letters, lo
receive attention, should be postage paid, and may
be addressed GEORGE M. PHILLIPS,
Hoi iVo. 68, WatJungton ciiy.
He lias the pleasure of referring clsimants and
others to the following gentlemen:
Msj. Gen. Winfield Scott, U. S. Army.
Brig. General Nathan Towson, Paymaster General
U. S. A.
' " George Gibson, Commissary General
U S. A
Hon. A. K. Pane, Second Comptroller of the Treasury.
" Walter Forward, late Secretary of the Treaaury.
" Simon Cameron, Cnited States Senate.
" Patrick G. Goode, Sidney, Ohio.
" Alexander Harper, Zaneaville, Ohio.
" Willis Green, Green, Kentucky.
" Garrett Davis, Paris, "
" Bailie Peyton, New Orleans.
" John W. Davia, Speaker of the House of Reps.
" James G. Hampton, New Jersey.
" H. W. Thnmpaxi, Terre Haute, Indiana.
" E. M. Hunting-ton, Indiana.
Edmund Deberry, I^wrenceville, N. C.
" D. 8. Kaifffinan, Texas.
" M. P. Gentry, Tennessee.
" Andrew Stewart, Pennsylvania.
" James Irvin, "
?? Richard Brodhead, "
" Tiuman Smith, Litchfield, Connecticut.
" 8. F. Vinton, Ohio.
B G. Thibodeaux, Louisiana.
" Calvin Blythe, Philadelphia.
" Wm. B. Reed, "
" C. B. Smitlt, Indiana.
?? Joshua A. Spencer, Utica, New York.
" Robert Nmitn, Alton, Illinois.
" William Sawyer, Ohio.
Meiwra. Gales & Seaton. Washington city.
Joseph H. Bradley, Esq.,
K< v. Win. .Mi I<11111,
" Wm. T. Sprole, Wwt Point.
James Knox, Now York.
" James O. Hamner, Baltimore.
Messrs. A. E. Sangston At Co., Baltimore.
D. Lrchc At Son, Baltimore.
Dr. W. L. Atlee, Philadelphia.
Rrv. Georre Diiffirld, Detroit.
Bialiop MrCoskrry "
Rrv. J. P. Durbin, D. D., Philadelphia.
S. Brady, Esq., Wheeling, Virginia.
A. M. Phillips At Son, " "
Rrv. E. H. Cumpaton, Lynchburg, Va.
Rev. Richard Craighead, Meadvillo, Penn.
J. D, Drfrecs, Esq., Indianapolis.
JlllH 1^ lllf
ttONTINVBS to offer liiit services a? Profeaaor
/ and Translator of the FRENCH, SPANISH,
ITALIAN and LAT1N language*. Rough pronunciation
soon improved, tM ban pronun< Intion err- 1
tait^^rorrei'ted, under hia inatruction
Ixvmoii* arc given in schools and private familiea
on very moderate terms; and ladira who aing Italian,
French or Spaniah songs, ahould aend aooo for him
if deairing hie services.
Residence, Mr. Fugitt'a, Indiana avenue, near
City Hall. June 1ft? ly
b NOTICE?The steamer C0JT
tifll /* LUMB1A, Captain James Harper,
will leave Commerce street
wharf, in Baltimore, on Saturday,
March 3d, at four o'clock in the afternoon, for
Washington, Alexandria and Georgetown; ana returning,
will leave Washington at 6 o'clock and
Alexandria at 7 o'clock in the morning of the following
Wednesday. Thereafter, she will'leave
Baltimore on every succeeding Saturday afternoon,
and Washington and Alexandria on every succeeding
Wednesday morning, at the hours before mentioned,
during the season.
For passage and freight, apply to the Captain on
board, or to the several agents: C. Wortnington,
Baltimore; Mr. Riley, Washington; Messrs. Pickrell,
Georgetown; and Messrs. Wheat, Alexandria.
A report having been extensively circulated that
the steamer Columbia had been condemned by the
Inspector of Steamboat Hulls for the port of Washington,
the annexed certificates are published in
refutation thereof:
Having been called upon by you to examine the
hull of the steamer Columbia, whilst on the railway
in Baltimore, on the 23d ultimo, and having per
formed that duty, 1 tcel no hesitancy in saying- that
the hull of that ooat ia in good condition, and trustworthy
for the carriage of freight and passengers
between this place and Baltimore. The injury done
to the stcrnpost having now been repaired, i consider
her to be as good as many steamboats of five
years of age.
I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,
Inspector of Steamboats.
Washinoton, February 17, 1849.
To William Gunton, Esq., President of the Washington,
Alexandria, and Georgetown Steam Packet
Baltimoeb, February 20,1849.
W?i, the undersigned, shipwrights of Baltimore,
have had the steamer Columbia upon our railway,
and, at the request of the owners and agent, have
examined her throughout and made all necessary
repairs. We now, without hesitation, pronounce
her tp be in very good order for the transportation
of freight and passengers between Baltimore and
June 13?3taw6w
to ijrvnurroRS.
THE SUBSCRIBERS offer their services to persons
wishing to obtain patents in the United
States or in foreign countries, and will prepare specifications
and drawings, and take all necessary
steps to secure a patent.
From their lone* experience as practical mechanics,
added to a thorough knowledge of the Patent
Law and acquaintance with the details connected
with the business of the Patent Office, they trust
they will be able to give satisfaction to their employers,
both in the clearness and precision of their
specifications, and in the promptness and ability
with which they transact all business entrusted to
Persons residing at a distance may procure ail
necessary inforqnation, have their business transacted,
and obtain a patent, by writing to the subscribers,
without incurring the expense of a personal
attendance at Washington.
Models can be sent with perfect safety by the expresses.
Rough sketches and descriptions can be sent by
For evidence of their competence and integrity,
they would respectfully refer to all those for whom
they have transacted business.
Letters must be postpaid. Office on F street, opposite
the Patent Office. P. H. WATSON,
June 13?lmw E. S. REN WICK.
New Style Silt Cornice* and Window
I HAVE just received from the North a large and
splendid assortment of Gilt Window Cornices,
Window Shades, and a new style of Picture Cord
and Tassels.
I also keep on band a large assortment of American
and French Paper Hangings, Fire Board Prints.
Columns, Feather Bed*, Hair and Husk Mattraases.
I make to order, at the shortest notice, Bed and
Window Curtains, Carpets and Cushion**, and every
tiling in the Upholstering- line furnished complete
on the best terms. JNO. ALEXANDER,
Penn. av., bet. 12th and 13th sts.
June 13?3taw2w
To thm Public.
C WOOD WARD respectfully invites the attcn
tion of his old customers and the public gene- {
rally, to hie large and well selected stock of Hardware,
Fancy Goods, lie. 1 have just received a
splendid assortment of Bathing Tuns, fcc., as fol|
loWs: Ilip Baths, Zinc and Tin, Boston Baths,
Large Bathing Tubs with heaters. Hand Shower
Baths, Niagara Jet Shower Baths, Jtc., lie.
I have also just received a lot of very fine Refrigerators,
Ice Cream Freezer*, Water Coolcis.Clocks,
Buckets, Bird Cages, Britannia Water Pitchers,
Basket Carriages and Chsirs, Rocking Horr s and
Propellers, Iron and Brick Furnaces of all kinds
and sites, and a great variety of House Furnishing
Articles, Safes, and every other article usually
found in the Hardwire Line.
And in case you should forget, I will just say that
I have a few more Stoves and Grates of the same
sort left, and shall continue to keep them on hand
as usual.
Thankful for past patronage, I shall be happy to
wait upon and show my goods to any one who will
i favor m<- with a call. llnvingnl>ougbt goods very
, low, I am determined to sell na low or lower than ,
can be bought in tiie city elsewhere.
c. woodward.
Ps. A v., between 10th and 11th stroet*. I
June IS?6teod
A Spanish Newspaper printed In New York. I
THIS valuable paper i? handsomely printed twice I
a week on a large double royal sheet, in the j
quarto fbrrr^ in the moat approved modern Spanish ;
orthography, and, having reached the ninth month
of ita publication, may be mud to be placed on a durable
Waia. It ia ably conducted by Honor A. X.
Sam M a a tim, and employ* a regular correspondent
at Qie Court of Madrid, besides having correspondents
in all the countries of Spanish America.
Officers of the American Ooyernment, Diplomatic
Representatives, and others, will find the Cronica
a valuable compendium of Spanish and Spanish
American news, politics, and interests. It is sent
by mail, pottage fret, (the postage being pre-paid
by the editor without i-ost to the hubarribers,) to all
parts of the United States at the following rates, tn.
aruibty tn advanet:
For one year #10 00
For si* months 5 ftO
For three months 2 75
Persons wishing to subscribe will apply to
Smith's Row, Eleventh street, near F.
June 13?3t
JOHN M. DONN A HRO. have on hand a general
assortment of house furnishing roods, embracing
almost every article used in housekeeping,
vi*: A general assortmentof mahogany and painted
furniture; Mining the rest?
A handsome white Chamber Set, ?triped with
Chair* of almost every description;
Bedsteads, Beds, Mattr'-aaea and CoU;
Wardrobe*. Wnabatand* and Clocks;
Looking Glaaaea, Gilt and Mahogany Frame*;
Girandole*, Vaaea. Solar Lamp*and Hal) Lantern*;
Kt he rial lamp*, and the fixture* for alteringcominon
oil lamp* to bum the fluid;
Step Rod*. Window Cornice Moulding*and Band*;
Waiter*, japanned and plated;
A generalaaaortincntofcutand pre**ed Glassware; i
China. Stone and Crockery Ware?a guod and
general assortment; I
Tin and Japanned Ware for chamber and kitchen
Tube, Buckets, Boxes and Basket*, in great variety,
Hand Pump*, with chain* attached, made in th
beat manner; i
Cooking Utenaiia, of nearly every description;
Wood Horses and Sawn, and Clothe* and Towel i
Haaket Carriages, Patent Water Cooler*;
Bird ('age*, Ac., Ac.
Peraon* furnishing will find the moat extensive
assortment of good* at our Store, and, without reflection
upon others, a* CHEAP a* at any other eataldmhmeut,
here or elsewhere, when all things are ,
J. M. DONN A HMO., j
Next door to Dyer'* auction, i
Between UHhand 11th *ta., Pa. av.
June 13?3teodif
mil rum rtv* mi avenue,
Advertisement* will be inserted iu The Hkhiui
at the usual rate* of the other papers published in
A deduction will be inade to those who advertise
by the year.
FOR JULY, 1849.
20 PRIZES OF 04,000 are $80,000?
For the benefit of Monongalia Academy,
Class No. 84, for 1849.
To be drawn at Alexandria, Va., on Saturday, the
7th of July, 1849.
1 prize of $40,000
20 prizes of - 4,000
10 do .... ],693
10 do .... 1,300
Ac. Ac. Ac.
Tickets only $ 10?Halves $5?Quartern $3 50.
Certificates of packages of 25 Whole tickets $190 00
Do do of 26 Half do 65 00
Do do of 25 Quarter do 32 60
3 PRIZES OF $26,000 ARE $78,000!
3 prizes of $10,000 are $30,000!
30 prizes of $ 1,000!
For the benefit of Monongalia Academy,
Class No. 87, for 1849,
To be drawn at Alexandria, Va., on Saturday, the
14th of July, 1849.
1 prize of $26,000
1 do .... 36,000
1 do - - - - 26,000
3 prizes of - 10,000
3 do .... 5,000
3 do .... 3,182
30 do .... 1,000
178 do ... . 500
Ac. Ac. Ac.
Tickets $10?Halves $5? Quarters $2 60.
Certificates of packages of 26 Whole tickets$140 00
Do do of 26 Half do 70 00
Do do of 26 Quarter do 36 00
CAPITAL, $36,000!
$18,000! $10,000!
For the benefit of Monongalia Academy,
Cl&fle No. 90, for 1849, TP
To be drawn at Alexandria, Va., on Saturday, the
21st of July, 1849.
75 number lottery, 13 drawn ballots.
1 splendid prize of - - $ 35,000
1 prize of 18,000
1 do .... 10,000
1 do - - - 8,000
1 do - - , - 5,000
1 do .... 4,000
1 do .... 2,256
20 prizes of .... 1,200
20 do 800
20 do .... 400
Tickets $ 10?Halves ft6?Quarters ?2 50.
Certificates of pac kages ot26 Whole tickets ft 130 00 *
Do do of 25 Half do 66 00
Do do of 25 Quarter do 32 60
$52 0001
018,000! $11,000!
Sixteen Drawn Ballot?/
For the benefit of Monongalia Academy,
Class G, for 1849,
To be drawn at Alexandria, Va., on Saturday, the
28th of July, 1849.
78 number lottery?16 drawn ballots*
More prixet than blanke!
1 splendid prize of - $52,000
1 prise of 18,000
1 do .... nf000
1 do .... 8,000
1 do .... 6,000
1 do .... 4,000
1 Co .... 3,000
1 do .... 2,696
10 prizes of .... 1,600
10 do .... 1,100
10 do - 500
itc. See. lie.
Tickets $ 16? Halves $7 50?Quarters 93 75
Eighths 91 871.
Certificate* of packages of 26 Whole tickets 9170 00
Do do of 26 Half do 85 00
Do do of 36 Quarter do 43 60
Do do of 26 Eighth do 21 '26
Orders for Tickets aud Shares and Certificates of
Packages In the above Splendid Lotteries will recite
the most prompt attention, and an official account
of each drawing sent, immediately after it is
over, to all who order front us.
Address J. It C. MAURY, Agent*,
June 14* Alexandria, Va.
Notice to holder* of claim* againtt Mexico, provided
for by the fifth article of the unratified convention ef
November 20, 1843.
npHL Hoard of Commissioners to adjust claims
X aguinat Mexico, appointed under act of Congress
of 3d March, 184$, have adopted the following'
order, to wit:
" It appearing to the Board that memorial in
several of the cases provided for in the fifth articla
of the unratified convention of November 20,1843,
between the government of the United States and of
Mexico, to wit, claims which were considered by
the commissioners under the treaty of Uth April,
1839, and referred to the umpire, and which were
not decided by him, have not been filed agreeably
to the orders heretofore established, and it being
represented that further time is necessary, therefore
it is
" Ordered, That the time for filing such memorials
be extended to the fir?t Monday of November next:
and all memorials and arguments relating to said
claims arc required to be filer! on or before said
Orricx or saip Commission,
Washington, June 7, 1849.
WM. CAREY JONES. Secretary.
June 14?dlOt
P. H. HOOK 4k CO.,
Pa. At?bm, between Ttb and Mk streets.
HAVE now in store and are constantly receiving
from manufacturers and importers additions
to the following description of goods, vis:
House furnishing articles of every variety, such
us Carpeting*, Rugs, Floor Oil Clotns, Canton and
Spat nut i Mattings, Curtain Materials and Fixtures,
Lace Curtains, Embroidered Muslin Curtains, Marseilles
Counterpanes, Furniture Chintz. Linen Sheet
ing?, Pillow Caw Linens, Towelling*. Table Dainaak*,
Table Cloths, Damaak Napkin*. Bird'a Eye.
Scotch and Russia Diaper*. Cloth, Worsted, and
Cotton Table and Piano Cover*, lie., kc.
and India Silk* of the latest style*
Bla< k Gro* de Rhine* and Satin de Chine for rente*
French Barege*. Tiamre*. and Grenadines
French, Scotch, and American Lawns and Gingham*.
Plaid, 8triped and Plain Swiaa Muslin*
Lace Cape*. French worked Collar* and Cuffli
Splendidly Embroidered and Plain Canton Crape
Needle worked and Bordered Shear Lawn Hand
Silk, Cotton and Raw 8ilk Hosiery of every dene
rip tion
Kid, Silk and Lisle Thread Glove*, of every description
Black Net Mlta, Thread Lace*, Black Silk Laces
Bobbin Edgings, kc., kc.
French, English, and American Cloths of every
color, from the moat celebrated makers
French Doeskin* and Caasimerea of the finest
Silk, Satin, and Marwillrs Vesting*, a great variety
Silk, Merino.and Cotton Under Ve*taand Drawer*
Mlk ill).I I.III. n < amOri. Handkerchief*. Fancy
Linen Shirting* and Drawers, Linens, An.
Together with a complete assortment of gooda of
every description in our line, to which we invite the
attention of purchaser* before purchasing elsewhere,
as inducement* will he offered.
P. II. HOOK * Co,
June 13 [Union

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