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WuhlnfUtu, 1A. C.
ceuunence on the first Monde* in November,
end continue until the end of March.
Thomas Miller, M. D., Professor of Anatomy
and Physiology.
William P. Johnston, M. I)., Protestor of Obstetrics
and the Diseases of Women and Children.
Joshua Riley, M. D., Professor of Materia Medics,
Therapeutics, and Hygiene.
John Fred. May, ML D., Professor of the Principles
and Practice of Surgery.
Grafton Tyler, M. D., Professor of Pathology and
Practice of Medicine.
Leonard D. Gale, M. D., Professor of Chemistry
and Pharmacy.
Robert Kinir Stone, M. D., Adjunct Professor of
Anatomy and Physiology.
, , James E. Morgan, ML D., Prosector and Demonstrator.
Clinical Lectures twice a week, on cases selected
from the Washington Infirmary. Operations performed
before the class.
Fee for a full Course of Lectures, #90. Demon
strator s ticket, 111. l*raduaii<Jii iee, *zo.
Good board ran be procured at from $2.60 to $3
per week.
Dean, 7th at., between E and'F ate.
July IU?2awtUtMuii.Nov
Colonization Rooms,
W A8H1NGT0N, July 6, 1849. '
THE UBEK1A PACKET will aail from Haitimore
for Monrovia and oilier porta in Liberia,
on the first day of August next. Emigrants who
design gutug in this vessel should be in Baltimore
a day or two before, and rcmort themselves at the
Colonization Office, Poet Office building-.
Letters for Liberia or the U.S. Squadron on that
coast, will be forwarded if sent in time, and post
paid, to this office, or to the Colonization Office,
We are in great need of funds to enable us to
send some emigrants in this expedition. We have
to pay this month, $2,42988, toward the expedition |
from New Orleans, in April; $1,600 00 toward the
one from the same place in January last; and
$1,600 00 toward the one from Savannah in May,
and our treasury is now empty.
We are therefore under the necessity of appealing
to our patrons for aid. Auxiliary societies, pastors
of churches, and the friends of the cause generally,
will confer a special favor by making us remittances
with the least possible delay.
W. McLAIN, Sec'y A. C. 8.
July 9
Booksellers, Pennsylvania avenue, near 9th street,
have iust received a fine lot of?
CatLolic Bibles, largeand small, iD rich bindings
and plain.
Catholic Prayer Books, in beautiful velvet and
Morocco bindings, and plain.
"Tales of the Sacraments."
Schmidt's Tales.
"Catholic Keepsake." And others, too many for
an advertisement. July 7
Washington, July 6, 1849.
SEALED PROPOSALS, endorsed "Proposals
U for Wood and Coal," will be received at this
office until 26th mat.
SO cord* of half-seaaoiied good oak wood, full
length of medium size, and 'free from limbs or
lap wood.
12 tona of red ash anthracite grate coal.
The above to be delivered at the Penitentiary
wharf. THOS. FITNAM, Warden.
July 7?edtJuly 25 (Intel. k Union.)
Pot Norfolk?Two trips a week.
^ X will, on Saturday, the 7th
instant, commence making two
trips a week to the above place?
leaving Washington every Wednesday ana Saturday,
at 9 o'clock, a. m.; returning, leave Norfolk
every Monday and Thursday, at 1 o'clock, p. m.
She will touch, going and returning, at Piney
Point, Old Point, Cone nver, and the uaual landings
on the Potomac.
Passage and fare to Norfolk, $5; passage and
fare to Piney Point, during the bathing season, $2.
July 7?dtf Captain.
* Nelson on Infidelity?Its Cause and Cure.
Philosophy of Religion, by Morrell.
Gardner's Memoirs of Christian Females.
A few copies for sale by
July 4 Bookstore near 9th street.
Iftsty of tke Bowk Publishing Houses in
Use United Mutes.
TAYLOR k MAURY, Booksellors and Stationers,
Pennsylvania Avenue, near9th street, having
formed connexions with the principal Book
establishments of the country, will supply all orders
for Religious, Miscellaneous, Law , Medical, Scientific,
ana School Books, in lots or single copies, at
the lowest publication prices. Schools, institutions,
and individuals intending to order foreign or American
books from the northern cities, can save trouble
and expense of heavy freight, kr., by leaving
tbeir orders with Taylor k Maury, in Washington
July 3
near Vth street.
' ROWLAND CASHEL." by Lever, 2d part.
edition. No. 1.
\JW swgKti^ i b*v * w
Marcta, or Tkr Rrclory <rur*t
July 2
Ohio Canal Booth for Hah-. Government.Stau ,
and other ?turka, and check# on ail the principal
l ilMH, Imuglit and aoid Col lection* made throughout
the I niled State#. Notea and draft* payable
in the Diatrict collected and remitted tor in cnerk*
on Nf? York, Bnatuti, Philadelphia, or Baltimore,
* at one quarter per cent., by
June ItwAw
SI'BM RIDER* to the Ajneriran Art Union for
ISAM < an obtain their engraving# by railing at
the book*tor* of
June 21 Near Ninth atreet.
NARRATlVEof the C. R. Eapeditkm to the Dear)
Sea and the Rirer Jordan, by Lieut W. F.
Lynch, I*. S. N , with mapa and numerotia illuatrationa
Ninevah and it* Remain*, witli an account of a
viait to the Chaldean Chrialiana of Kurdiatan, Ac.,
Ac., by A. H Iayard, Eaq
Hint* on Public Architecture, with view* and
plan* of the Smithaonian Institution, by Robt. Dale
Owen, Eaq
Minifie'a Tc*t Book of Geometrical Drawing, illuat
rated with M> ateel p la tea and 200 diagram*
Downing'* Landarape Gardening and Rural Arrbi
Five Yeara in China, from 1H42 to IMT.hy Lieut.
F. E Forixa, R N., 1 vol. Loodon.
For aalc by TAYLOR A MAlRV,
June 13 Bookaellera, ioytr 9th atreet.
with e* tract# from hia Corrcapondenre
and Mannar ripta, 3 vola., with portrait.
to., u... t. w.iii..,, f ri>.nnin. n n
with an introduction, 6 vol# , complete.
June SO Bookseller#, near 9th at.
HtmnoRK. ti.RittnRit, and di?TRKT
OK ( OLf MBit.
t> Strom Packet WASHINGTON,
Wood, Master, burthen 2JI00
?MiES0BaBharra4a. leave# Halumore, on Sat
uroay wveam*. at A, p. m.; irovea Oaonelawi every
lueaday; leave# Alexandria every Wednesday
moniw, at 7 ovlnrk, a. m.
For fmffht or paaaarr, apply to
A (rent# Peter Kerry, Georgetown.
Roae. Merrill k Co., Baltimore, Md.
June IS?land
TATLOH At SAt'RY, HookwUer., near 9th at.,
W aaionRton City,are receiving regularly from
the publishing hnuaea in the United State# ?(l pubI
icntiona-?which ?y aell in every . ?#. M puhli#her'a
low eat priree?
School Hook* of erery ktad, Mitral Remit,. Vfi.re/
innarni and I Mr hook*. Juoontl, hook,, and eA#n;,
iMrrnho,. RihU, wad /*r?y#r Honk*, plotn and ndl*
Blank Book# of every aire and quality, Stationery,
Slate#, Copy Book#, h< June II
LIKE ok ROBEMPIERJMC, with extra/ u
from hi# unpublished correspondence, by G,
H. Lew#*.
THE P0TTLETON LEGACY, a nor norW. by
Albert Smith, author of "Christopher Tadpole," kr.,
I volume
Thia day received, lor aale by
J una 29 Bookaellera, nror 9th at
ok vahdtt and docks. j
Navy Auamt'h Orncs, Px.nuacola , i
JuMtW, 1849.
8KALKO PMOPOSALS in duplicate, for eat h j
, la*.-.- imi.U. iy ,? nduracd "Propneulalbraujjpliea
fur Navy Yard*, will he received at thi*office until '
ISoVlucA M., uii MojLMiay.tia Mth day of July 4
next, for luriuahing and dolivariu# at the Navy
Yard at Peuaat ola, at audi place or place* an may
be directed by the Commandant, free of expeoae to
the Government, the material* aud article* herein- <
after npeeified, vix : 1
Class No. 1.
Spe> ih< iitinii of the trranile to build the p.erma
neut wharf at the Pensacola Navy Yard.
Bill Jlj No. 1,
Include* all the Header under water from the
foot course to the surface uf the water, a ludght of
*24 feet, and extending 400 feet,
let course, 42 header* 11 feet long, 2 feet wide, and
inches thick
'2d do 44 headers 10 feet 6 inches long, 2 feet
wide, and '25 inches thick
3d do 42 headers 10 feet 0 inches long, 2 feet
wide, and 23 inches thick
4th do 44 headers 9 feet 9 inches long, '2 feet
wide, and *26 inches thick
6th do 4*2 headers 9 feet 3 inches long, 2 feet
wide, and 26 inches thick
6th do 44 headers 9 feet 0 inches long, '2 feet
wide, and 26 inches thick
7th do 4*2 headers 8 feet 6 inches long, 2 feet
wide, and 26 inches thick
8th do 44 headers 8 feet 3 inches long, 2 feet
wide, and 26 inches thick
9th do 42 headers 7 feet 8 inches long, 2 feet
wide, and 25 inches thick
10th do 44 headers 7 feet 3 inches long, 2 feet
wide, aud '25 inches thick
Uth do 4*2 headers 6 feet 9 inches long, *2 feat
wide, and 24} inches thick
l'2th do 44 headers 6 feet 6 inches long, '2 feet
wide, and 24 inches thick
In all, 516 blocks.
The above headers are only to be dressed on thle
beds and builds, which dressing is to extend 2 feet
6 inches inwards from each end of the stone. There
is no face work, but a draft of an inch must be run
round each end of the stone, showing full comer*
and square edges, wmcn must continue iuu to me
gauge within. The ends and middles of the stone
may be left as split from the quarry, being1 full dimensions,
but no allowance will be made for any
excess of size.
Bill Ay JVo. 2,
Includes all the front and back stretchers, closing
blocks, and counterfort encasement stone, from the
foot course to the surface of the water.
1st front. 468 stretchers 8 feet long, 2 feet wide
bed, 24 inches high.
2d front. 34 blocks 4 feet long, 2 feet wide bed, 24
inches high.
3d back. 480 stretchers 8 feet long, 18 inches wide
bed, 24 inches high.
4th counterforts. 308 stretchers 61 feet long, 18
inches wide bed, 24 incnes high.
The above stretchers are required to be dressed
only on the beds and builds, the face and back being
left as split from the quarry. That is, the top, bottom,
and the two ends of the stone are alone to be
dressed, with the exception of a fair draft of an inch
run round the face and back of each stone, so as to
show full courses and square edges. It will be perceived
that the back stretchers and counterfort stone
have but 18-inch beds, while the rise of the course
is 24 inches. It is the 18-inch beds and the builds
of these stone that are to be dressed.
Bill Ay JVo. 3,
la the balance of the foot course.
READERS.?134 lineal feet of header blocks, of
5 feet bed, and from 2 to 6 feet wide on the face.
This course is to be 2 feet thick for 2 feet in from the
face, thence the top bed is sloped inwards, at the
rate of one in si* for three feet, so that the inner
ends of these stone are but 18 inches thick. The
beds and builds of these stone are to be dressed, but
not the ends, except the draft before directed.
Bill B, JVo. 1,
Includes all the Headers of the rusticated rock
work above the water.
13th course. 42 headers 6 feet 6 inches, 2 feet wide
on the face, 18 inches high.
14th and 15th courses. 76 headers 6 feet long, 2 feet
wide on the face, 18 inches high.
These headers are to be dressed throughout their
whole length, on the top and bottom beds, and for
2 J feet in from the face of the builds. The face is to
be rusticated rock work, hereafter described.
Bill By JVo. 2,
Includes all the Stretches of the rusticated rock
work above the water, 13th, 14th, and I6lh courses,
! 120 stretchers, 8 feet long, 2 feet bed, 18 inches
beds and builds of these courses are to be
closely dressed; and the face, first class, rusticated
rock work.
Bill By No. 3.? Coping.
434 lineal feet coping, 6 feet wide on the bed, and
from 5 feet to 'Tfeet long, and 2 feet thick.
The coping is to be dressed on the top and face,
according to the specifications for the first class fine
cut work. The beds and builds are to be dressed
i truly, so as fo make close joints, with sharp arris
I edges and full corners. The back line of the top to
I be full aud square.
i\~o/ u
The fact and the top of the coping must be of the
usual description, of fint cut work. 8inooth and
true draft lines, two inches wide, must be run
I round each surface, which must be worked perfectly
out of wind ; within the draft lines the stone
j must be dressed to a true, even surface, without
depression of any kind, and finished by tooling- at
right angles to Che brds, and on the top of the coping
at right angles to the front line. The tooling
, tola- such as would be produced by a patent ham
mer of six blade* to an inch.
The arris edges of all joints of the work above the
surface of the water included in Bill B, Nus. 1,2,
' and 3, must be sharp, clean, and true, without
break, nick, or spalling of any kind. The front
' top line of the coping is to be rounded on the arris
edge, two inches on each face, or the quadrant of a
I circle of two inches radius.
The face of the stone included in Bills Nos. 1 and
2 is to be well exouted " Rustirated rock work,"
formed by fine cut draft lines, two inches wide, run
round tin- surface as above specified; said draft
lutes to be sunk to a depth of not less than half an
inek, or more than two inches, below the rough suri
face of the face of the stone, within said draft lines.
The rough surface of the face to be full, and rounding
from the draft lines, and in no casr hollow, or
' sunk below the limits.
Second Cla*? Work.
On the Hede and Butldi qf the fine tooted work
abort the water.?The arris shall be straight and
> true, forming a clow, and clean even joint. True
draft lines 4 in< lies wide must be run entirely round
, each bed, and the surface of the top and bottom
i beds worked perfectly out of wind, and parallel to
each other. The surface within the draft lines
must be dressed true to a straight edge, without
hollowing. No depression of any kind will be admitted
within 6 inches of the face arris or within
I the draft lines on the back and joints; and none
will be admitted cm the beds or builds exceeding 6
inches diameter and one inch in depth, nor closrr
together than one foot; and in no case where tbey ,
shall together exceed one-fourth of the area of the
Third CUum Work.
All the tUme included in fhtle A, Woe. I, 2, and .1,
or all that need below the eurfact ef the water, will be
of thu deemptum
The corners and edges of each stone must be full
to the lines. A fair, straight draft, two inches
wide, must be run round the top and bottom beds ;
which must a Ian be taken truly out of wind, and
made parallel to each other, and of the thickness
stated m the bill. Within the draft lines the surface
of the stretcher beds must be pointed down and
finished with a common axe, so as to present a full.
C ? *" 11 , I f ""Jgil imii mi ? , V ' m "WHIKIU * ' ?R '
For two M of lh? Mi at the middle of each front
and bar k atretrher, and the driaai d portione of the
bed* of each header ruoet he worked more cloeely,
and no dapri?ion will be therein admitted exceeding
three inch? in diameter and half an inch in
'ieptk, and not more than two auch depreaaiona in
I thai portion of the anrfare ; <?n the remainder of the
hrdr and build* the ante allowance, in thia reaped,
will be made aa in the aecond < lam work.
A fair draft of an inch ia to be run round the front
| and back of earh atretcher, and round both end*of
ea< k header, an aa to ?Aow /uU rorweri and a/uorr
I edge*.
The builde or joint* muat he dremed square to the
face line* and to the beda of the atone No alack
jointf will in any caae he admitted.
TTifc^ork will be laid in alternate header and
atreU her couraea, both beneath and above tbe water;
the face of the atone being left rough will form
I regular ruatirated rock work aahlar,except the roping,
which will ha full dreaaed aahlar
<JuaJity of the Stone.
All llie atone embraced in Uie foregoing Hill* muat
he of the heat and moat durable dearrintion of Granite
<,r Nienite, and of theae two the latter will rri!
reive a decided preference ; and in every caar the
"ton. having the i*a*t ftrtdapar in ita compoaition,
and leinr therefore leaa liableUidiamtefration, will
be peter red.
hpe* iioetai .,f the atone propoacd to be furniahed, |
properly labelled, ahould accompany the bid*, atating
the preriar UjcaUon of the quarry. The atone
muat in all < arc* be auch aa will withatand the waah
of tbe tear
1 ' ' *j
All the atone embraced m Bill* B, Noa. 1, It* um! |
I, must be uniform in color trad appearance, euirely
free front sap, ataiua, cracks, flaws, and pyrtes
of iron.
The atone embraced iu tl*r Hill* A, Noa. 1, 2, and
I, may vary in color and appearance, tin- Quality
iteing otherwise unexceptionable; they must I tefree
froin aap, cracka, flaws, and the aulphate of iron,
u above.
Order of Delivery.
The delivery of the atone ahould commence at the
Navy Yard, Penaaoola, in ninety daya from Ute
closing of the contract; and within sixty daya
thereafter one-twelfth part of the number of atone
in Billa A, Noa. 1 and 2, should be delivered, com
meueing in the order of the courses as expressed in
those Lulls; one-fourth part of the stone, fur the first
four courses respectively, should by that time be
delivered. The delivery of those two bills should
be continued at the rate of not less tlian one-twelfth
part of each bill per month, following the above
order in regard to the courses ; that is, one-fourth
part of the courses of stone, from 6 to 8 inclusive,
and next from 9 to 12.
The delivery of the above bills must be eoucluded
on or before the 1st of July, 1850.
Of the remaining bills, one-fourth part of each
sire specified in the bill will be required to be delivered
ou or before the first day of July, 1850, and
the remainder on or before the first day of January,
The Navy Department reserves the right of increasing
the quantity of stone of the respective sizes,
specified in the foregoing bills, seventy-five per
cent., to be delivered m such reasonable time after
the date last named above as may be agreed upon.
LEWIS.?The stone must be drilled to receive a
lewis of such shape and size us the engineer may
PATTERNS, gauges, and drawings, with such
other information as may be necessary, will be furnished
to the contractors by the engineer in charge
of the work.
DISCHARGING VESSEL8.?Vessels will be discharged
in the order in which their arrival at the
yard shall be reported, unless otherwise directed.
Cranes, machinery, and such other assistance as
may be necessary will be furnished by the Government,
as far as the means of the Navy Yard will
Persons offering proposals will please state separately
the price per cubic foot for each description
of stone mentioned in the several bills, to be paid
for by the n*tt dimensions dressed. They will
also state the prices respsctively for which they will
deliver the several descriptions of stone named in
the bills, undressed, but fairly quarried, and to be
paid for by the nett dimensions to which they will
dress according to the bills.
Schedule of other Materials for the Permanent
Wharf Const-notion of Railway,
Repairs of Dredging Machine, Sec.
Class No. 2?Materials for Concrete.
300 cubic yards of small fragments of any good
bard stone, not exceeding j lb. each in weight, intermixed
with pieces of various sixes, down to that
of a bean. To be clean and free from earth.
Proposals will also be received for furnishing any
proportion of the above quantity, in sound and
clean shells, or in similar sized fragments of hard
burnt bricks.
The delivery to be at the rate of 167 cubic yards
per month, unless otherwise directed.
Class No. 3?Bricks.
'20,000 hard burnt bricks, of the best quality and
uniform sizes.
Class No. 4?Cement.
3,600 barrels of the best hydraulic cement, made
in Roeendale, New York, or fully equal in quality
to the best cement prepared there.
To be delivered at the rate of 300 barrels per
month, unless otherwise directed, and to be subjected
to such tests as may be deemed necessary.
Class No. 5.?Bar Iron, Steel and Spikes.
1 ton 0 cwt., 0 qrs. 0 lbs. of 6 by j inch, best American
bar iron
1 ton 18 cwt.,0 qrs. 0 lbs. of 5 by J inch, best
American bar iron
1 ton 6 cwt., 0 qrs. 0 lbs. of 4 j by 2 inch, best American
bar iron
1 ton 3 cwt.,0 qrs. Olbs. of 4 by J inch, best Ameican
bar iron
1 ton 2 cwt., 0 qrs. 0 lbs. of 4 by J inch best American
bar iron
1 ton 5 cwt., 0 qrs. 0 lbs. of 4 by 2 inch, best American
bar iron
1 ton 2 cwt., 0 qrs. 0 lbs. of 4 by * inch, best American
bar iron
I ton 5 cwt., 0 qrs. 0 lbs. of 4 by J inch, best American
bar iron
1 ton 15 cwt.,0 qrs. 0 lbs. of 3j by 1 inch, best
American bar iron
1 ton 5 cwt., 0 qrs. 0 lbs. of 3j by J inch, best American
bar iron
1 ton 5 cwt., 0 qrs. 0 lbs. of 3 by 3 inch, best American
bar iron
2 tuna 5 cwt., u qrs. u it*. ol J by t j men, beat American
bar iron
0 ton 5 cwt., 0 qra. 0 lbs. of 3 by 1 inch, beat American
bar iron
2 tona 5 cwt., 0 qra. 0 lbs. of 3 by > inch, dlst American
bar iron
1 ton 5 cwt., 0 qra. 0 lbs. of 3 by { inch, beat American
bar iron
0 ton 6 cwt, 0 qra. 0 Ihs. of 2 by 1 inch, best American
bar iron
0 ton 7 cwt., 0 qra. 0 lbs. of 2 by f inch, beet A me
ncan bar iron
0 ton 1 cwt., 0 qra. 0 lbs. of 1 J by j inch, best American
bar iron *
0 ton 6 cwt., 0 qra. 0 lbs. of 2 inches square, best
American bar iron
0 ton 8 cwt., 0 qra. 0 lbs. of 1J inches aquarc, beat
American bar iron
0 ton 10 cwt., 0 qra. 0 lbs. of 1 inch square, best
American bar iron
0 ton 6 cwt., 0 qra. 0 lbs. of J inches square, best
American bar iron
0 ton 5 cwt., 0 qra. 0 lbs. of J inches square, best
American liar iron
1 ton 0 cwt., 0 qra. 0 lbs. of f inches square, heat
American bar iron
13 tona 12 cwt., 0 qrs. 0 lbs. of bar iron
13 tons Ocwt., 0 qrs. 0 lbs. of 3^ inch diameter, best
American round iron
0 ton 8 cwt., 0 qrs. 0 lbs. of 2? inch diameter, best
American round iron
2 tona 0 cwt., 0 qrs. 0 lbs. of 2 inch diameter, best
American round iron
2 tona 0 cwt., 0 qrs. 0 lbs. of 1} inch diameter, best
American round iron
0 ton 3 cwt , 0 qrs. 0 lbs. of IJ inch diameter, best
American round iron
6 tons 10 ewt.,Oqra.O lbs. of inch diameter, best
American round iron
0 ton 7 cwt., 0 qra. 0 lbs. of 1J inch diameter, best
American round iron
1 too 10 cwt., 0 qrs. 0 lbs. 1 inch diameter, best
American round iron
2 tons 10 cwt., 0 qra. 0 lbs. of J inch diameter, best
American round iron
0 ton 6 cwt., 0 qrs. 0 lb*, of } inch diimrtrr, Imrt
American round iron
0 ton 8 cwt., 0 qra. 0 lbs. of J inch diameter, beet
Amcri< an round iron
0 ton I cwt., 0 qra. 0 lbs. of J inch diameter, beet
American round iron
0 ton 0 cwt., 1 qr. 0 lbe. of J inch diameter, beet
American round iron
0 ton Orwt., 1 qr. 0 lbe. of J inch diameter, beet
American round iron
1? tone 2 cwt., 1 qre. 0 lbe. of round iron
|M pinch bare, in the rough, of 6 feet long-, 1} inchee
equarr for I" inthea, thence rounded, tapering
to IJ inch, at the other end
24 pinch liare, in the rough, 4 feet long, 1J inch
re equare at one end for one foot, thence
rounded to one inch
60 eheete of ^-inc.h boiler iron, 6 feet long, 26 inchee
10 eheete of i-inch eheet iron
150 pound* of 1-Inch ortagon caet ateel
100 do 2-inch do do
100 do 1 J-inch equare do
50 do 2 ny l-inch ehear eteel
600 do 6-inch boat spike*.
Clara No. 6.?Railvmy Iron Cuttings and
About 20 tone, more or leee, of American railway
iron, a pattern, 3. inches high, 2 inches wide on
the top table, and tour inches on the bottom, in bare
not l?-se than 1H feet long, weighing about 6fi pounds
per lineal yard. To be perfectly welded and free
from a alee, (nuke, cinder holes, and other de
The bar* to be atraighl and cut aquare to the
S00 pound* of honk-headed railway apikaa, bent
rlity, 6 inrhea long. about I to the pound, pointed
rroaa ml la
The iron work of two turning raila for the rara of
a railway of 4 faat HJ inrhea gauge
Clash No. 6?MuceUaneou*.
Iron canting* for railway *nd other purpoaaa, na
the name may ba required during tha yaar, inrlud
ing tha canting of IH aheavca of IS by .1^ inchea to
Tha price par pound. to ba *t?ted.
Clash No. 7?Mitctllnnrov*.
10,000 pmuada of pig laad
700 faat of laa<< pipe. I j-inch diameter, (light
pipe,; made by Tnb*m k Brnthera, Phlla
SSlO pounda of ahaet copper
JO do auaHar
100 do block tin
Clam Na *?Mtsceituneoua.
9l),OOV yards of strong double-thread bagging, to be
26 iuches or more iu width; or proposals
fur 11
10,000 bags of uut lose than 26 inches in width and
a yard in length- The proposals wjU state
the price of each
From 100 to 400 pounds of strong sewing twine
2 dozen of Collins & Co.'s cast steel and wood
axes, from 6 to 6 pouuda weight each
4 dozen of A men's best short-handled shovels
1 do Ames's best long-handled shovels
1 do Ames's best spades
do Ames's broad hoes
1 grinding stone, 4 feet diameter, 5-inch face,
sharp even grit
1 grinding stone, 2 feet diameter, 4-inch face,
sharp grit, but finer quality
50 pounds of white lead, ground in oil
60 do red lead do do
100 d0 tallow
100 do packing yarn
2 coila of 6- inch Manilla rope, 300 fathoms
1 coil of 4-inch do do 100 do
2 coila of 3-inch do do 200 do
l ?-;i ?f,. i u ??? i inn A..
'2 coiU of '2-inch tarred hemp rope, 200 do
3 coil* of 12 thread ratline
3 coils of 9 do
1 coil of marline
1 coil of houseline
100 pounds of 1 jj-inch deep-sea lead line
10 pounds borax
Class No. 9?Miscellaneous.
} ream large size ruled paper, 12 by 18 iuches, '
faint lines, ruled ] inch apart, J. Whatman's
60 sheets double elephant drawing paper, 40 in. by
?6 in.
10 sheets antiquarian drawing paper, 27 in, by 19
24 sheets assorted sizes trace paper
6 small bottles carmine red ink
2 do blue ink
1 gross extra fine pointed steel pens, (Jos. Gillott's)
6 dosen hard lead pencils
6 dozen hast quality engineer's drawing pencils,
from two H to four H
1 dozen assorted sizes camel and sable hair
3 three-quire blank books, good paper and well
3 two-quire blank books, good paper and well
1 six-quire requisition book
2 dozen leather-bound memorandum books
3 four-bladcd penknives, with one eraser blade
1 dozen pieces India rubber
2 sponges, fine
1 piece fine tanned doeskin
4 lbs. srum arabic
3 folding rules, 2 feet long, with three joints
1 small Scotch hone or whetstone.
Class No. 10.
700 cedar sills for railway, 7 feet long, 6 by 8 in.
Class No. 11?Miscellaneous.
From 500 to 800 cords of sound pine light wood,
to be lauded in the yard close to the site of the Permanent
Wharf, at the rate of not less than 60 or
more than 100 cords per month, as may be required.
It is to be provided in the contracts, and to be
distinctly understood, that the Government reserves
the right to increase or diminish the quantities of
articles contracted for to the amount of 50 per cent.,
as the wants of the service may require, and whether
the quantities required be more or less than
those specified, the prices shall remain the same.
All tne articles must be of the best quality, delivered
in good order, and subject to such inspection
at the yard of delivery as the Bureau may direct,
and be in all respects satisfactory to the commandant
thereof. For further description of materials
and samples apply to the commandant of the navy
The deliveries of all the materials may be commenced
forthwith, and must be commenced within
sixty days after the date of the contract, and be
continued from time to time, as, in the opinion of
the commandant of the yard, the wants of the service
may require, and must all be completed by or
before the 30th of June, 1860, except where otherwise
specially provided.
Classes headed "Miscellaneous" to be delivered as
required during the fiscal year. On these twenty
Kr cent, retained may, at the option of the Bureau,
paid quarterly on the 1st January, April, July,
ana October, where deliveries have been satisfactory.
The balance (eighty per cent.) will be paid
by the Navy Agent within thirty days after the
presentation of bills in triplicate, duly vouched and
A rigid adherence to the contract will be enforced;
bidders, therefore, are especially cautioned not to
offer under an impression that an extension of time
will ha glinted or permitted.
Approved sureties, in half the amount of the contract,
will be required, and twenty per cent, as
additional security, deducted from each payment,
until the contract shall have been completed or cancelled.
The sureties must sign the contract as
sureties, and make affidavit that they, in the aggregate,
are worth, over and above tneir debts and
fiAKilitiiM te\ iK<> full n mrwiin nf fKn rrmtrnrl
Each offer intuit be signed by the person or persons
making it, and his or their residence, as well
as the names and residence of the guarantors,
naming the town and State, must be distinctly
Persons whose offer shall be accepted will be notified
by letter through the post office, which notice
shall De considered sufficient; and it they do not
enter into contract within fifteen days from the
date of notice of the acceptance of their bids, a contract
will be made with some other person or persons,
and the guarantors to said defaulting bi<lder
will be held responsible for excess of price, if any,
over the accepted offer.
To the Navy Agent at : I, ,
of in the State of , hereby offer to
furniah, under your advertisement dated , and
subject to all tlie requirements of the same, all the
articles embraced in Class No. ?, via: for -? ,
(here insert the article and pricea carried out.)
amounting to , (write the aggregate in words.)
The undersigned, , of , and
, in the State of , as guarantors, hereby
undertake that the above named will, if his
i offer be accepted, enter into contract, as before required,
with the United Stan*. within fifteen days
. after the date of uotice through the post office of the !
acceptance of his bid as before mentioned.
(Signatures.) ,
I certify that the above-named and j
are known to me to lie good and responsible guarantors
in this case.
J/1 asaswis/./. t L*
The New Orleans Bulletin, Baltimore American,
Philadelphia Enquirer, New York Courier and
Enquirer, Boston Daily Advertiser, and Union,
Washington, will puhliah once a wee,k until the
30Ui day of July, 1A49.
July 12?ftt
Kirxnni Cooi Gioiol B 8ai?ixt.
Corner of Main and Second Streets,
Davmport. low*.
June 30?dtf
(late or ru>miDA,)
WILL attend to all kinds of business before Con'
greas and the Departments.
Hon. E. C. Cassia, Florida;
" R. Toowsa, Georgia;
" H. W. IIilliasd, Alahama;
" A. Bubt, South Carolina;
" R. C WutTHiar, Masaa< husetts;
" C. B Smith, Indiana;
" R L Ross, New York;
" John Yocmo, New York.
I June 16?if 1
F. W. RIMll K.
ATTORNEY at law and Arrnt for Claims
against the United States, (mice on Pennsylvania
avenue, near 16th street, Washington
June 13?ly
Auctioneers and Commission Merchants
IfanhtngUm rity.
J onr 19?3(RW1 m
Pa. Avrnnt, b*twM> ?lh u9 Ith
Jim* 13? tf
? orwrr of Pma. Atcbr* ?r4 l??li ?lmt,
Wahhinoton, D. C.
HBIRV A. WII.I.A RO. PrapHftnr.
June 19- tf
Pmnnylrtinui siunw, Mwn 14<A and IMA ifrreit.
j June 19?lj
Omoi or th rHoi icitos "or t h Tax a suit,
S8tl.?P PHOP??4?i will be received at this
office until the let day of September next, at
18 o'clock noon, for the purchase of the interest of
the United States, at law and ife equity, in the prv- ,
perty hewimftcr described, upon the terms and
conditions uientioiied below, to wit: i
No. 1. Lot No. 21,<iu eastern section of Washing'- ,
ton, District of Columbia.
No. 8. Lot No. 88, in eastern sect, of Washington
No. I. Lot No. 83, do do do
No. 4. Lot No. 84, do do do
No. 8. Lot No. 86, do do do
The five lots above named were sold on execution '
against Nathaniel aud Henry Ingraltain, by Tench
Ringgold, marshal, and by him conveyed to the
United States, December 29, 1831.
No. 6, Lot No. 1. in block 604. in Washington.
This lot was conveyed to the United Statue by I
Luther Rice, President, tic., of Columbia College,
October 13, 1828.
No. 7. Lot 10, in square 661, in Washington.
" 8. Lot 11, do 651, do
" 9. Lot 12, do 561, do
" 10. Lot 27, do 552, do
" 11. Lot 28, do 552, do
" 12. Lot 29, do 562, do
" 13. Lot 30, do 552, do
" 14. Lot 7, do 653, do
" 15. Lot 8, do 653, do
" 16. Lot 9, do 653, do
" 17. Lot 10, do 553, do
" 18. Lot 11, do 563, do
" 19. Lot 12, do 563, do
? 20. Lot 13, do 553, do
" 21. Lot 19, do 563, do
'? 22. Lot 20, do 653, do
" 23. Lot 13, do 564, do
" 24. Lot 14, do 654, do
" 25. Lot 16, do 564, do
" 2 . Lot 16, do 554, do
27. Lot 17, do 554, do
?? 28. Lot 1, do 299, do
" 29. Lot 2, do 299, do
? 30. Lot 3, do 299, do
" 31. Lot 4, do 299, do
" 32. Lot 6, do 299, do
" 33. Lot 6, do 299, do
" 34. Lot 7, do 299, do
? 35. Lot 17, do 299, do
?? 36. Lot 18, do 2.99, do
" 37. Lot 19, do 377, do
" 38. Lot 17, do 653, do
" 39. Lot 18, do 663, do
" 40. Lot 1, do 706, do
" 41. uot i, ao 4, ao
" 42. Part of square 743, 5,000 square feet, do
" 43. Part of lot 10, in square 686 do
The lands described under the numbers from 7 to
43, inclusive, were purchased by 8. Plcasanton,
agent of the Treasury, from Robert Y. Brent and
Jo. Pearson, executors and trustees of Robert Brent.
No. 44. Lot 1, in square 948, in Washington
No. 45. Lot 2, do 948, do
These two lots were conveyed to the United States
by Buller Cocke and Edmund Law, trustees, &c.?
of Lewis Deblois, an insolvent debtor, June 4,1821.
No. 46. Lot No. 1, in square 902, in Washington
No. 47. Lot No. 7, do 961, do
The two lots Nos. 46 and 47 were conveyed to the
United States, in 1818, by Charles L. Kaulkman.
1. Each bid must be for a separate number on the
schedule, &c., for cash: to be deposited at one of
the following places, to the credit of the Solicitor of
the Treasury, specifying on account of what particular
number in the schedule of property it is deposited,
to wit:
The United States Treasury at Washington, District
of Columbia; the Assistant Treasurer at Boston
and New York.
2. Each bid must be accompanied with a guaranty,
in the form given below; which must be certified
by a collector, naval officer, marshal, United
States district attorney, or postmaster, that the
guarantor is good, and the party making it is re
sponsible for the amount.
3. On receiving a certificate of deposits, signed
by one of the depositaries above mentioned, a quit*
claim deed, conveying all the right, title, interest,
and claim of the United States to the property described
in the bid, and paid for, will be executed
and acknowledged by the Solicitor of the Treasury,
free of all charge to the purchaser. Such conveyance
will be sent free of expense, to any post office
in the United States, aa may be requested".
4. No bid will be accepted unless it shall be satisfactory
to the Solicitor, whether there shall be one
or more bids for the property.
5. Before bidding, all persons are requested to
make themselves acquainted with the situation,
value, and title of the property they intend to bid for,
so as to rely upon their own judgment in bidding.
6. After the last day for receiving them, the bid*
will be opened in the presence of such officers of th4
Department as shall be able to attend, and will be
examined and passed upon. Notice will be riven
promptly to each person whose bid is accepted, but
to no others.
7. The name of the bidder should, in all oases,
be written at length, and in a legible hand. Th*
bidder should give the name of the post office to
which communications for him are to he sent.
8. Bids must be sealed, and marked on the outside
in these words: "Scaled bids fob U. S. Paofebtt,"
and addressed to the "Solicitor of th*
Treasury, Washington, D. C."
9. Form of bid, guaranty, aud certificate :
I, , residing at , in the county of ,
I State of , hereby offer the United States the
sura of dollars in cash, for their right, title,
interest, and claim in the property described in ths
> printed advertisement to the Stmcitor of the Trea'
miry, dated June 37th, 1849, upon the terms and
conditions therein mentioned ; and I hereby, in con,
aide ration of the premises, agree, in case my bid
therefor shall be accepted by said Solicitor, to deposite
that sum in iawfnl money, in one of the depositories
mentioned in said advertisement within
sixty days after my bid shall be accepted and notice
thereof sent to me by mail; and, in caae of forfeiture
he may resell at my expense, or accept the
bid of any lower bidder who will pay for the name,
and I agree to pay all loss in consequence of my
failure to perform my bid.
Dated , , 1849.
For value received, 1 guaranty to the United
1 States the performance of the above undertaking
by the signer thereof, in case his bid be accepted.
Dated , , )M49.
I certify that the above guarantor is responsible
r? ,i 1 .L_ -1 v,;,i
, iui uac auiu iijoiiuuiicu iu wrc v
10. Bida not performed on the part of the bidder,
according to the term* apecified in the above condition*,
may, at the option of the Solicitor, be de.
clared null and void ; or he may, if he ahall rh'ioae
to do ao, rraell the property, and require audi bidder
to pay the difference between the mm actually
rrailaod therefor and the price offerod in hia lad.
11. In all caaee where fraud ahall have been practiced
agaitwt the United Statea, the Solicitor may,
before executing the conveyance, declare the bid
invalid, and of no effect.
June 30? 9d9c8w Solicitor of the Treaaury.
THE above place will be open for the accommodation
of viaiters on the lat of June. Thia delightful
watering place ia at the mouth of the Potomac
river, and iu full view of the Cheaapeake. Hay.
A ( onatant and regular aea-breeze, beautiful ahadrtreea,
and the great aafety of aurf bathing, there
being no under-current,) combine to make thia one
of the moat pleaaant and healthy reaorta to be found.
It ia ei 11in ted on the beach, but a few yarda from the
water, with every convenience for bathing free of
charge, where will be found obliging and competent
The Table will be aupplied with all the lururiea
of the aeaaon, both from (lie market* and the water.
An excellent Band of Munc ia engaged for the
xeaaon, and a variety of amuaetnent* furniahed for
gtleat* free of charge.
Per day $ 1 fit)
Per week ? 00
Per month - - - - - 30 00
The proprietor* Are now ready to make arrangement*
with fainilie* for the *ea*on.
The ateamer Oreola, Capt. Jame* Mitrhell, leave*
Waahington every Thursday at 9 o'rlork A. M.,
and Sunday* at T o'rlork A. M., for the Pavilion;
returning, leave* the Pavilion on Saturday* at 3
A. M. for Waahington, and Sunday* at H P. M. lor
The *teamer Columbia leave* Baltimore on Saturday*
at 5 P. M., arriving at the Point at 6 A. M.
on Sunday*; returning, leave* Waahington every
Wednesday for Baltimore at 6 A. M., arriving at
the Point ame evening at A P. M.
Due rmtire will be grven of the other boat* when
they are plared on the route.
June |A-2awtSepl Proprietor*
(trorrrf. Flnar. and Peed Starr.
THE *ub*rriber ha* now on hand n large amortmen
t of good* carefully dfflcd, which he of- 1
fern low.
All who dmire really good art id , are requmted
to call. The higheatprice paid for country produce,
Pa. avenue, near the Adelphi.
June 13?It
Term* redarrd IronUvtlle Weekly -Tonmat. .
FOR one copy, one year, paid at the time of aubarribinf,
or at or nefbre the commencement of <
the year $2 .10 1
For one copy paid after the time of aub rribing,
or after the beginning ,,f the
year, and within six month* therefrom 3 00
For one copy paid after six mmitii* . 3 AO
For club* of one or more, paid in advance,
each 00
W* aak our Whig friend* to aid in proruring
cluha for the Weekly Journal, It i* now, Ibr the 1
matter It contain*, one of the chaapwt paper* in 1
June 96 flKrni. t
" - -? ?'?
Km 9<)rk ^Dfrtwcnuntfl.
EdtUd kjr Lcwlf U?yi?rd Olmrk.
TIHU) *? pruuounoed, by the pic** of A'oerica and
X -England, 'the best magnxine iu America.' If
has nearly reached iu ddm/tmrlh volume, and in
iU list of upward qfa hundred cuiitnl/utvr* arc found
the names of every distinguished writer, male and
female, in America, with several equally prominent
of Great Britain, Turkey, Hweden, etc. A new
volume, containing- a superb engraving, a porfrail
<d the editor engraved by Chensy, from a painting
by Eluott, will commence on the tint day of July,
184#. The following notic esol the Kmckkhbockeh
are from the American aud English press, and from
American and British writers o? distinction.
'The Knickmbockbb.?Tim Ust number ol this
venerable and widely-popular periodical appears
upon entirely new and beautiful type, in all iU de
part m<nt?; and in its rich and diversified contents,
continues to vindicate its reputation as the most
agreeable and entertaining Magazine published in
the United States. When we first started the old
'New Yorker,' our friend Clash had preceded us
as Editor of the Knickerbocker about a twelvemonth:
it lias now reached an age greatly beyond
that of any American Monthly; a fact which liter <
ally 'speaks volumes' in praise of the manner in
which the work has been conducted. No number
of the K. has ever been issued under Clash's super J
vision that did not bear indubitable evidence of edit
lorial care, and anxious thought, and well-directed
labor unstamped upon its pages. We have known
no monthly, of this country or Europe, so thoroughly
edited, in the strictest sense of tne term.'?IVew
York Daily Tribune.
'Mathematicians tell us of certain curves called
asymptotes, whose peculiarity is always to approach
each other, and yet, even when infinitely extended,
never to intersect. The Knickeruockeh, which
has reached an age for a Magazine much greater
than a hundred years for a man, and only to be at-i
taiued by a more marvellous miracle, bus perpetually
approached the highest possible point of interest
and excellence; and yet it seems to have an excel.
ttor, for each number seems better than that which
went before. How it is done our friend Clark may
understand?but it is a sealed mystery to us. There
is no publication in the United States that has so attractive
or popular a feature as the Editor's table of
the Knickerbocker.'? jV?u> York Courier and Enquirer.
'We regard it as the very best work of its kind in
the Union.'?St. Album's ( Va.) Journal.
'Its contents are as invariably good as its appear
ance is punctual.'?William Cullen Bryant, ?n
the New York Evening Poet.
'Its article* are worthy of Blackwood's palmiest
days. The Editor't Table is in Mr. Clark's happiest
vein; varied and racy in a remarkable degree.!
?New York Commercial Advertiser.
'Tub Knickerbocker seems to increase in attraction
as it advances in age. It exhibits a monthly
variety of contributions unsurpassed in number or
ability.'?National Intelligencer.
'Tux Knickerbocker is one of the most valuable
magazines of the day, and outstrips all competition
in tn? higher walks of lierature.'?Albany Argue.
"The Editor's Table alone is worth the price ol
the work. It is not a periodical to be lightly glanced
over and thrown by, but it forms a library book to
save and re-read. A set of the Knickerbocker,
bound up in volumes, on the shelves of one of our
popular libraries, is more consulted (so the librarian
has often told us) than any other similar work.'?
Boston Daily Tranecrift.
President Everett, of Harford College, late
Minieterto En gland.?'I peruse the Knickerbocker
with high gratification. It seems to me to be of an
order of merit quite above the average of the periodicals
of this class, English or American.'
Hon. J. K. Paulding, lute Secretary qf the Navy.?
'The manner in which the Knickerbocker is conducted,
and the great merit of its contributors, place
it in the highest rank of periodicals.'
Poor. Long yellow, Cambridge Univereity.?'The
Knickerbocker stands high in this quarter. It is
superior to most of the English magazines, and well
deserves its large list of subscribers."
Hon. Robert M. Charlton, Georgia.?'The
Knickerbocker is a work which requires no puffing;
and 1 shall always feel that 1 am conferring a
favor on those to whom I recommend it.'
The London Examines.?'This very clever Magazine
is the pleasantest periodical in the United
States. Its articles, which are numerous and short,
various and interesting,are well worthy of imitation
bv our Mairacines on this side of the Atlantic.'
London Morning Chronicle.?'Judging- from
the number! before ua, we are inclined to consider
this the beet of all the American literary periodicals.
Its contents are highly interesting, instructive, and
Thi London Litkrary Gazette.?'The taste
and talent which the Knickerbocker displays are
highly creditable to American writers, and very
agreeable for English readers.'
London Metropolitan Monthly Maoaeine.?
'We have read several numbers of this talented pe<
nodical, and rejoiced in them. They would da
credit to any country or to any state of civilization
to which humanity has yet arrived.*
London Athinsuh.?'From a very clever
Monthly Magasine, 'The Knickerbocker.' of New
York, we copy the following spirited story,' etc.
Sir Edward Bclwbr Lytton.?'The Knjckbr.
bocker is the best American periodical I have yet
seen. I take pleasure in enclosing you an article
which was penned expressly for your work.'
Charles Dickens, esq.?'1 read the Knicker ockeb
with very great pleasure: it is indeed a
most varioiw and entertaining periodical. It affords
m<- pleasure to contribute to the pages of a work
which numbers among its regular correspondents
such writers as Mr. Ibvinq.'
Rev. Dr. Dick Scotland.?'I have read a good
many of the articles in the few numbers of the
Knickebbockbb which yon sent me, and find them
to possess great merit. Some of its papers, it is
true, were too light for my serious turn of mind;
yet the whole appears well calculated to gratify the
tastes of the mass of readers.'
Capt. F. Maebyatt.?'You make an excellent
Magazine?spirited, various, aud original. I hope
my ' 3f?ona*tne' will reflect no discredit upon tne
good company in which it will find itself.'
Agents wanted fbr the Knickerbocker
Enterprising, active agents are wanted in every
town and city in the United Slates, to procure sub
* rilxTn k>r tpc Jtmckerht* kor. To competent, at
tivc persons, with satisfactory reference*, the moat
liberal term* will be allowed. Apply, poat paid, to
SAMUEL HUESTON, 139 Nassau street.
ttnat IndartBMnt to Hatwrrtbr for the
rout viau roa tin doll a ma.
Tbr undersigned will give the Volume* of the
Knirkerbocker for Uie tftri 1847, '48, '49, and '60,
to all prraona wbo will remit to him ten Hollar i, in
fundacurr'-nt in thia city, poat paid.
Tama? $5 per annum in advance. All remittance*
muwt be made to
SAMUEL HUE8T0N, Publisher,
1S9 Naasau atreet, New York.
OTP-Hack Volume* or Number* aupplicd, and a
complete wet for aale. July 7
The attention of the public is invited
to thiw valuable improvement. Experiment*
th? paet vear on buata, both in Salt and r'rtth
water, a* alao for land purpoaea, have fully tested
it* superior qualities a* a atcam generator, and the
great ?a\irigof fuel, weight and apace occupied,
over any boiler now in u?e.
Tliear Boilers cm be seen In operation at
Meawr*. HECKER* BRO'S, Flour Mills, SOI Cherry
HOOPER k BRO 'S, 333 Pearl street.
mott k AYRE8. Foundry, fia.t 26th
atreet, N. H.
" A. W. METCALF. 63 and 66 Centre atreet.
" D. D. BADGER It CO., 44 and 46 Duane
N. B. STARBUCK'S Foundry, Troy, New
?'? SMITH k CUBLETT, Baltimore.
READING DEPOT. R.-adimr. Pa.
And on board steamboats JONAS C flfcARTT and
EDWARD PAYRON, foot of Liberty street, N. Y.,
and towlvnt JOHN P. WHITNEY, New Orleans.
For furtiier information apply to
15 South William street, New York.
June 2ft?tf
IA9 Braadway. Raw Vark.
THE undersigned will furnish at factory prices
to gentlemen of the Armj or Navy, and others,
all artu lea manufactured from MeiolUr Rubbtr, un
rler the Goodyear Patents, which arc warranted to
tand in any < lunate. He is also sole agent in this
country for the celebrated house of Mcliilush It Co.,
of England; all goods manufactured by them will
be furnished to order. W. WARD,
Goodyear Rubber Emporium, 15# Broadway.
June ?Im
MACK RIVERS, by H. D. Thoreau, 1 vol.
iuction to the study of Rhetoric an<l Belles Letters, !
jy E. A. Ansley, A. M.
Just recei\? <f. Fur sale at
June 16 Hooketore, near #th street.
P. H. HOOK 4i CO..
WHOLESALE and retail dealers in Car petit*,
Floor Oil Cloths, Mattings, Rugs, Curtain
Material*, Sheeting, Blankets, ami House Furnish
ng Goods generally
Penn av., between 7th and klh street*. Washing i
on, D. W- June 16 |
? - ?
i FOR JULY, 1849.
$52 000!
#18,000! #11,000!
%Tl>w Drawn BaltoU!
Fur the beuefit uf Mutiouumlm Academy,
Claw G, for 1843,
To be drawn at Alexandria, Va., on Saturday, the
28th uf July, 1849.
78 number lottery?16 drawn ballot*!
Mart ffixtt than blanks!
1 splendid prize of #62,000
I prize of - . 18,000
1 do .... H,000
1 <lo .... 8,000
1 do .... 6,000
1 do - - - 4,000
1 do .... 3,000
i 1 do - - - - 2,696
10 prize* of .... 1,600
10 do .... 1,100
10 do 600
fee. &c. Ac.
Ticket* $ 16? Halve* R7 60?Quarters ?3 76
Eighths $1 871.
Certificate* of package* of 26 Whole ticket* #170 00
Do do of 26 Half do 86 00
Do do of 26 Quarter do 42 60
Do do of 26 Eighth do 21 26
Order* for Ticket* and Share* and Certificate* of
Package* in the above Splendid Lotteries will receive
the moat prompt attention, and an official ac count
of each drawing *ent, immediately after it i*
over, to all who order from u*.
Address J. & C. MAURY, Agents,
June 14 Alexandria, Va.
| Pa. Avenue, between Tib and t?th streets,
HAVE now in store and are constantly receiving
from manufacturers and importers addi|
tiona to the following description of goods, vis:
I House furnishing articles of every variety, such
| a* Carpeting*, Rugs, Floor Oil Cloths, Canton and
: Spanish Mattings, Curtain Materials and Fixtures,
: Lace Curtains, Embroidered Muslin Curtains, MarI
seillcs Counterpanes, Furniture Chintz, Linen Sheet!
ings, Pillow Case Linens, Towellings, Table Da
! masks, Tabic Cloths, Damask napkins, Hirers isye,
, Scotch and Russia Diapers, Cloth, Worsted, and
j Cotton Table and Piano Covers, tic., he.
> French and India Silks of the latest styles
Black Gros de Rhine* und Satin de Chine for ve'
French BaregeB, Tissures, and Grenadines
French, Scotch, and American Lawns and Ginghams.
, ' Plaid, Striped and Plain Swiss Muslins
Lace Capes, French worked Collars and Culls
Splendidly Embroidered and Plain Canton Crape
1 j Shawls
I Needle worked and Bordered Shear Lawn Hand|
kerc hiefs
i Silk, Cotton and Raw Silk Hosiery of every deI
Kid, Silk and Lisle Thread Gloves, of every de'
| scription
Black Net Mits, Thread Laces, Black Silk Laces
i ; Bobbin Edgings, he., he.
French, English, and American Cloths ?f every
| color, from the most celebrated makers
French Doeskins and Cassimeres of the finest
1 j quality
Silk, Satin, and Marseilles Vestings, a great va'
) rietv
1 i Silk, Merino,and Cotton Under Vests and Drawers
Silk and Linen C&inbric Handkerchiefs, Fancy
Linen Shirtings and Drawers, Linens, lie.
Together with a complete assortment of goods of
' every description in our line, to which we invite the
attention of purchasers before purchasing elsewhere,
as inducements will be offered.
P. H. HOOE It Co
June 13 [Union
/"MVJL NOTICE.?The steamer C0y
Iffm . ! / " LUMB1A, Captain James Harper,
will leave Commerce street
wharf, in Baltimore, on Saturday,
March 3d, at four o'clock in the afternoon, for
Washington, Alexandria and Georgetown; and returning,
will leave Washington at 6 o'clock and
Alexandria at 7 o'clock in the morningof the following
Wednesday. Thereafter, she will leave
Baltimore on every succeeding Saturday afternoon,
and Washington and Alexandria on every succeeding
Wednesday morning, at the hours before men>
tioned, during the season.
For passage and freight, apply to the Captain on
board, or to the several agents: C. Worthington,
Baltimore; Mr. Riley, Washington; Messrs. Pickrell,
Georgetown; and Messrs. Wheat, Alexandria.
A report having been extensively circulated that
the steamer Columbia had been condemned by the
Inspector of Steamboat Hulls for the port of Washington,
the annexed certificates are published in
refutation thereof:
Having been called upon by you to examine the
hull of the steamer Columbia, whilst on the railway
in Baltimore, on the 23d ultimo, and having performed
that duty, I feel no hesitancy in saying that
the hull of that boat is in good condition, and trustworthy
for the carriage of freight and passengers
between this place and Baltimore. The injury done
to the stcrnpnst having now been repaired,! consider
Iter to DC as good as many steamboats of five
years of age.
I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servast,
Inspector of Steamboats.
Washiwotow, February 17, 1849.
To William Guntiin. Esc.. Presidentof the Wash
ington, Alexandria., and Georgetown Steam Packet
Baltimore, February 20, 1S49.
We, the undersigned, shipwrights of Baltimore,
lisve had the steamer Columbia upon our railway,
and, at the r?*]uest of the owneri and agent, have
examined her throughout and made all necessary
repaira. Wc now, without heaitation, pronounce
her to be in very good order for the transportation
of freight and passenger* between Baltimore and
June ft- - 3tawfiw
SOl'THKY'fl Commonplace Book, 1 volant.
London, IM9.?Sotithey'a Commonplace Book
?choice passages moral, religious, political, philosophical,
historical, poetical, and miscellaneous.?
Edited by his sou-in law. For Mile by
J une 2* Booksellers, near 9th street.
illustrated with maps and engravings,
1 large volume.
Rusk's Illustrations of the Holy Scriptures, 1 large
volume, with many plates.
Simpson's Key to the Bible, with maps and illustrations,
London, 1 volume.
Straus's Ijfe of Jesus, London, 3 volumes, 8vo.
For sale low at s TAYLOR Jt MAURY'S
J une 26 Bookstore, near 9th st.
Comprising in one volume Rassclas, Vicar of
Wakefield, Exiles of Siberia, Paul and Virginia,
Gulliver's Travels, Stcrne'a Sentimental Journey,
Castle of Otranto, Sc.. Sc., Sc.
WAVRRLY ANECDOTES, illustrating popular
characters, scenes, and incidents. in the Novels and
Romances of Sir Walter Scott, 1 vol., London.
June 21 a Booksellers, near 9th ml
I Vt, edited by Joaeph I-eidy, M. D., 9 rob. octavo,
with over five hundred illuatrationa.
Hbcokd Ni'mrkb or DAVID COPPERFIELD.
by Dirkcna, (Box,) thb (by received for ml? by
June 19 Bookaellera, near 9th at.
| ' ? ? .
of rvrry atyle and aise.
Plain bound cheap Prayer Hooka and Biblea, of
every variety.
Family Bible* of the largeat aiae, f 1.2ft to $80.00
each, and intermediate prices,
A large lot juat received and for aale at loweal
Northern pracea, at
June Bookatore, near 9th atreet.
JOHN H. BTTTHMANN, Pennaylvanb Avenue,
aouth aide, between 4} and 8th atreeta, ha* re
reived a further aiipply of auperior C-ognac and
Pale Brandy, Port Wuie, and l/indon Brown Stout.
Abo expected, by arhooner AauNOTON, a few
more dozen of the old "Alpha" Cognac vintage of
1815, and a few dosen of the "Q" do.
June 13 3t _ _
OLD laaitna Bridge An hbtorical novel, by
O. H. Rod well. .
by Cha*. J. Peteraon.
Author of Sam Slick.
CHOLERA, it* Nature, Symptom*, and Treatroent,
compiled from the pageant the "lxmaoM Lancet.
Thia day received: for aale at
Bookatore. near Sth atreei.

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