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|Iu4-TIm rrot?(itl?B of Porlluitnl.
i Tbio evoot took place on Thursday, August 18.
Tbe ceremony la deecribed as more gorgeous than
baa attended the prorogation for the two previous
year*. The peers were all altired in their full
rubes, and the bishops with peers' rubes outside
of their cauunicals, all uf which made as fine a
how as could be produced in any cuuntry, to say
nothing of those where barbarism remains iu all
its splendor. Firing of guns and flourishing ol
trumpets announced the drawing near of majisty,
which dually entered, preceded by heralds with
tabards, and the otflcersof the royal household carrying
staves) the Duke of Wellington held the
wwonl of state sticking up in the air; the Marquis
ol Winchester wus .burdened with tiie cap of maintenance,
and the Marquis of l^ansdowne bore the
weight ot the crown on a crimson cushion, and the
1 Lord Chancellor, with a mace borne before him, he
himself having enough to do to carry the seal ui
state. Her majesty wore a splendid dress of wiiitc
and gold tissue, with a superb stomacher, necklace
and tiara composed of mairioiids. Prince Albert
wore a held-marshal's uniform and tbe order of tbe
garter, with a band of crape around his left arm.
Every thing having been got ready, the Speaker
of the House of Commons, in his full robes, appeared
at the bar accompanied by many members
of the House, and made his speech, telling what
Parliament had done, and asking the royal assent
to the bill of supply. Her majesty having assented
I., Ihi. a rwl I.ilia it... I ....I I 'I.a 1I,.. ? .1.
vaiiced to the loot of the throne, and, kneeling, presented
Iter majesty with a copy of the royal speech,
which her majesty read in a clear distinct voice, as
"My lordi atulKinllemeii: I have the satisfaction
of being1 able to release you front the duties of a laborious
session. The assiduity and care with which
you have applied yourselves to the business which
required your attention, merit my cordial appro:
bat ion.
! "The act for the better government of my Australian
colonies will, I trust, improve the condition
of those rising communities. It will always
be gratifying to me to Itc able to extend the advantages
of representative institutions, which form
the glory imd happiness of my people, to colonies
I inhabited by men who are capable of exercising,
with benefit to themselves, the privileges of freedom.
"It has aflorded me great satisfaction to give my
assent to the act which you have passed for the improvement
of the merchant naval service of this
country. It is, I trust, calculated to promote the
welfare of every class connected with this essential
I branch of the national interest.
"The act for the gradual discontinuance of interments
within the limits of the metropolis is in conformity
with those enlightened views which have
for their object the improvement of the public,
health. 1 shall watch with interest the progress of
measures relating to this important subject.
"1 have given my cordial assent to the act for the
extension of the elective franchise in Ireland. 1
look to the most beneficial consequences from a
measure which has been framed with a view to give
to my people in Ireland a fair participation in the
benefits of our representative system.
"1 have observed, with the greatest interest and
satisfaction, the measures which have been adopted
with a view to the improvement of the administration
of justice in various departments, and 1 confidently
anticipate they will be productive of much
public convenience and advantage.
"Gentlemen of die lioutt qf Common*: The improvement
of the revenue, and the large reductions
which have been made in various branches of expenditure,
have tended to give to our financial
condition stability and sccuiily. I ain happy to
i.,,1 (1.., ...... l.?.? .....I 1...I i.. ..... ...I.
jects from some of the burdens of taxation, without
impairing the sufficiency of our resources to meet
the charges imposed upon them.
"My Lordi and Gentlemen ; 1 am encouraged to
hope that the treaty lietwecn Germany and Denmark,
which lias been concluded at Merlin under
my mediation, may lead, at no distunt period, to
the restoration of peace ill the north of Europe. No
endeavor shall be wanting on my part to secure
the attainment of this great blessing.
"1 continue to maintain the most friendly relations
with foreign powers, and 1 trust that uothiug
may occur to disturb the general peace."1
have every reason to be thankful for the loyalty
and attachment of my people ; and while I ain
studious to preserve and to improve our institutions,
1 rely upon the goodness of Almighty God to
favor my ellorts and to guide the destinies of this
The Lord Chancellor, kneeling, then received
the copy of the speech from her majesty and her
majesty's commands on the subject of the prorogation.
Then rising and turning to the House, lie
said : "My lords and gentlemen, it is her majesty's
will and pleasure that parliament be prorogued till
the 16th of October next; and the parliament is,
accordingly, prorogued till the lath of October."
The Queen then rose and quitted the House, being
attended as ou her entrance.
Endofthe Gobham Case.?On Sunday, the 11th,
the Rev. G. C. Gorhani was inducted to the living
ofHrampford Speke.
1 mecxtatiok of Wine i hom Canada.?A vessel
has arrived in the Thames from Montreal, having
a large quantity of casks of wine, the produce of
southern Europe, on hoard, consigned, as part of
her cargo, to order. There have la-en some recent
arrivals of such wines from the Doited States, but
this is the first arrival of the kind from the Ifritish
possessions in North America.
Tiie Governob of India.? For some time past
an inquiry baa tieen going on regarding the conduct
of our Governor at Cry Ion (Lord Farrington)
during the native outbreak which occurred in that
island in 1n48. It was assorted and very generally
iK'lieverl that his course was marked by incapacity,
and by the cruelly which commonly arroiupanic* t
fneblcnca*. Rut hia ariatocriitic connexion* at
home cxrrciacd an influence whit h greatly checked
inquiry, and it waa doubtful if the mailer would
ever be fairly met. A accrct committee, however,
waa appointed, and it it now bet ome evident that
they have diacharged their duty with tolerable impartiality,
an announcement having juat liern
made that, in conaequcnce of their report, Lord
Farrington haa been recalled, with hia principal
adviaera. SirG. Andcraon, who waa Governor at
Mauriliua, haa been appointed to fill hia place.
Th? Habvk*t.?The reporla to-day are altogether
more favorable than tlmee of the laat ten daya,
and the impreaaion ia daily gaining ground that
the diaeaae in the potato ia nearly confined to out?
aril appearance*, and that in fourcaaea out of five j
it willhe found that the blight haa not extended be- |
yond the etalk. According to the Limerick Chroutrlt,
the raina and briak wind of laat week recovered
many fielde of potatoea which the country people
feared were decaying under the blight, and it ia
now quite certain that the progrraa of the diaeaae in
thoae inatancea haa been arreated. From the county
of Mayo the rcporta are pretty much to the Amc
At the weekly meeting day of the Guardiana of
the North Dublin Cnioii, the inaalcr of the work
houae mentioned the gratifying fact, that out of
two acrra and a half of the Kemp rpecica which were
grown at Glaaanevin, be did not meet one with any
?ymptom of taint; and one of the board (Dr. Brady)
aaid, he had juat returned from the county of Tipperary
and the King'a and Quern'* countiia,
through which he had driven to the extent of thirty
inilra, and did not obaerve a aingie dieeaaed tulvr,
but the leavca were extrnaively affected From the
tooth riding of Tippcrary it la reported that there
haa been no extenaion of the blight, and in the dittrirta
aurroundtng Cionmrl the field* are quite free
Irom any appearance of decay, and the plant aerma
green and vigoroua.
1 p to the 31 at of July, IH60, no leaa than 1,0-t5
petition* have been prevented. the rnea amount of
cncumbrancea on which ia JC 12,400,3(91, and the an
mil rental ia iLblt't 470 The amount of ,n!H i..
tlir nnw dalr t* jC.V24.tft7, and eince (ha( about
JLl I J4,017; * Inlet an r normou* amount of property
it advertised for uIr for the month* of ()< lobrr and
November next. 1
Of Ireland, the London 7'tmri, of August lb, remark*:
"The aorial ?tat* exhibit* the name shocking feature*.
Eviction* en mkih are met by ocean ion* I a*
namination, and, while tliooaand* peri*h of hunger
and nakednra* on one aide, a lew landlord* and
their agent* hite the dual on the other."
A Dublin letter to tlx Timri, dated August 13th,
"Thouaand* upon thouaand* of our population
are looking arroa* the wide water* of the Atlantic
in expectation of the promised remittance to hear
their charge* to the land of hope. Every country
poet ofth e in Ireland i* la-act on market day* wltli
anxiou* inquiries lor 'lettar* from America,' and it
i* really a*toni*hing how many of those who go
there are enabled to *end to tlieir friend* the mean*
of emigrating."
(irrniinv and the Northern (Mate*.
Tit* soil vx a nit congbebr at carkcl.
Rrrlin, August 12.? Nothing i? yet known
Ahtch i an enable the public to judge of the mea tire*
likely to lie adopted definitively by the t'a??el
V << It,.,. I. 1
for believing that thr projections of thr I'mwimi
jTovcrnrnrnt may bf rnlurctl into two c?lr(fiiri(* of
augmentation mid diminution, a* follow*:
I. Diminution upon the most essential article* of
subsistence, such as jrrain, husk seeds, (peas, fcr.,)
butter, rice, iind < alile, including lrn" swine.
II. Alxdition upon nil raw materials required for
manufa< tures, providing the ooratnounl inter?*'*
of native producers, or fiscal consideration*, do
not militate against the abolition.
III. Considerable diminution of a larjre pnriioti
of the transit and rsport duties, and reduction of
river tolla on conventional water*, (Rhine, Elbe,
tipper Danube, Aic.)
IV. Augmentation upon yarns, twist, TOVC or
spun silks, in the following proportions;
1. Linen yarns respectively, from 6s. (Id. and 12s i
to 12s. and 18a.
2. Unbleached and doubled thread cotton twists,
from 9to 19a.
3. Wove or spun ailk from la. 6d. to 9?., and
from 94 to 30s.
4. Worsted yawm, from la. 6d. to 12a.
6. Through the medium of a new system of classification
to raise the duties upon the finest articles
manufactured from flax, cotton, ailk and wool, from
?9 to ?11 to., from ?6 10a. to ?11 5a , from
?lti 10a. to ?22 10a. respectively.
Then, in order to prevent this augmentation becoming
prejudicial to manufacturers, from the inevitable
augmentation of the prices of goods manufactured
by them from yarna, If is proposed to
offer a drawback upon exports to the amount of
9s. per cwt. This drawback is not, huwevrr, to Ik*
paid in money, but in certificates, which certificates
will t>c taken as set-ofls agfiinst the sums
to he paid importers of the half-manufactured
Tits Papal States.
The Spanish Ambassador at Rome had made serious
representations to the ecclesiastical court for
having- so suddenly conceded llic dispensation required
for the marriage of Count Montcniolin will)
liia couain; but tiiat Cardinal Orioli answered that
the utTair wan not submitted at all to the court, but
was aetlled in a private interview between his holiih'ks
and the Countess of Spaur.
The chapter of the order of Dominican Friars
having assembled to select their general, hia holiuess
unexpectedly stopped the proceedings, and
by his own authority, contrary to the statutes of
the order, named Father Jcandcl, a French Dominican,
now living in France. It is believed his
holiness intends remodeling the constitutions of
the religious orders, and to do away with the system
of elections us tieing too democratic.
The Germans and Danes.
The war in Scbles wig is still going on, hut the
parties seem mutually aware of each other's
strength, and are consequently not prepared to
risk any thing by rashnesA. In an attempted ttconnoUnence
ol the Schlep wig Iiolstein lines, the
Danes have been driven buck with some little loss,
but there lias been nothing in the shape of a regular
action. The explosion in (he arsenal laboratory
iu Hcndshurg appeurs to have created much depression
on the side of the. Germans, the damage
and loss of life having proved greater than wns at
first believed. More than one hundred persons
were killed. Any thing like a pence between the
two parlies is wholly out of the quc3tion without
foreign interference. One rumor has been that
Knglaud and Ituspia have sent commissioners both
to Copenhagen and Kiel, to endeavor to bring
alrout an arrangement tlmt shall at all events stop
the lighting.
This, however, must be carried out rapidly, if it
is to be effected at all, 6ince the excitement 111 Germany
is increasing daily, and (here is a strong
feeling against the views and intentions niamltsled
in the recent protocols agreed to in Ixindon hy
representatives of the various European powers.
Already the Russian minister has published a
string of reasons for the nou-concurrcnr.c of his
government in those protocols; and although they
arc as complicated and obscure as any thing which
has hitherto appeared on the question, they are sufficient
to show that on neither side can a satisfactory
arrangement he arrived at until the system of
special pleading on behalf of kingly claims is
abandoned,and the wholcaffair considered with the
simple intention of finding out what arc the just
and natural requirements of tfie populations that
arc interested in it.
Foreign Items.
Opening or the Post OrricE on Sunday.?The
report of the Commissioners has been presented to
the House of Commons. They advise a single delivery
and receipt of letters and newspapers on
Sunday, that arrangements may be made to enable
postmasters and their assistants to attend divine
worsiiip on alternate Sundays, aud report that
in very small rural districts no extension of the
time for the receipt and delivery of letters and
newspapers, beyond that formerly permitted, is
required. The latest of the many thousand complaints
that have been made upon the subject of
the recent alterations w ill be found in our parliamentary
report of Wednesday night. Lord Campbell
explained to the Peers the amount of inconvenience
that had bceu suffered hy the judge-s on circuit
in consequence of the suppression of all communication
lor twentv-four hours in every week.
He and hi* colleagues had applied to the Postinaxter
General for an exception in the case of the
judges, but the application was. of course, refused.
The post olfice returns for 1*49, just presented
to the House of Commons, embrace?1, the number
of letters delivered in the United Kingdom; 2,
the revenue; 3, the cost of management; 4, the
payments to railways; and 5, the number and
amount of money orders. We have prepared the
follow ing table of these particulars in a condensed
form, showing the annual progress which has been
made frotn the date uf the old system:
Net revenue,after
Estimated No. paying^cost of
Year. of letter*. inangcincnt.
1*39 82,47U,596 ?1,633,764
1*40 16S,7 6N ,241 ,S<?0,7-tf?
2*41 196,600,191 661,249
1*42 2<H,434,151 600.641
1*43 220.450,30* 610,217
1*44 212.091,6*5 719,957
1*45 271,410,793 7 61,9*2
1*46 299,5*6,763 *25,112
1*47 322,146,244 9*4,496
191* 32* ,*29,1*5 740,429
1*49. 337,065,*67 *40,7*7
Money orders issued.
Cost of man- , ,
Year. agriucnt. Number. Amount.
1*39 ?756,999 1*6,921 ?313,124
1 *40 *5*,677 5*7,797 960,975
1*11 93*,16* 1,552,*45 3,127,507
1*41 977,504 2,111,9*0 4,337,177
1*43 9*0,650 2,501,623 5,1I2.*40
1*44 9-.,r>,110 2,*96,*03 6,695,395
1*45 1,125,594 3,176,126 6,413,361
1*46 1,13*,746 3,515,079 7,071.056
1*47 1,196,620 4,031,1*5 7,903,177
1*4* 1,403,250 4,263.651 *,151,294
1*49 1,324,562 4,21*,*91 *,152,643
With regard to the column headed net revenue,
it must be mentioned that the apparent tailing oil
in 1*4.* and 1*49 arises Iroin ?196,0*6 having Tarn
disbursed in 1*4* for the conveyance of mails by
railway in previous years. Coupled with these account*
wc have a statement of the expense of the
Money-order otitic for 1*49. The total ex muse for
the I uitrd Kingdom was ?70,24*, and as the
mount of commission received was ?70,670, the
cost ol this department was ?322 less than it* receipts.
Death or tin Vic* Ciiam cllos or Ekgland.?The
llighl Hon. Sir Lancelot Mbstlwcll,
Vice Chancellor of England, expired yesterday
morning at his residence, the Bam Kirns, Putney.
The event was hourly expected froin Friday alternoon,
when the symptoms ot the parnlytu atlxi k,
under which he labored for the last month, became
painfully alarming. The death of so good and so
ablo a man will he greatly lamented. He presided
over a branch of the court of chancery since the
year 1*27, and secured the entire respect of the
profession by the general soundness and invariable
impartiality ol Ins judgment, by the regularity
of Ins attendance in his court, aud his untiring
ssaiduity in the disposal of his business. Sir lancelot
Shad w. II was the son ?l a l*rri*ter well known
in bis day in the courts ol law. lie was Imrn in the
year 1779, and was educated at.St. John's College,
1'ainbfidgr. at which university he look his degree
as seventh wrangler and junior medalist. II. ,ub
equently obtained a fellowship, ami in 1*<i3 was
called to the liar at Ijncoln's-inn. In 1*21 he sir
Appointed a king's counsr I, and in 1*26 lie obtained
a seat in Parliament tor the borough ol Kipun. A*
already stated. Sir lam riot was made wo chancellor
in 1*27. In I*.! be 6 iinr one oi the lords
commissioners ol the great seal, and he again held
that oilier in the present year. He died in the
seventy first year ol In* age, leaving several chtl
dren. Under the ar t of 6th Victoria, chap. 5, the
*urera*or 01 inf vii r . nam ? 11 .r ut h.nuliii'1 \< ill rr
reive a diminished aalary; it being enartod by the
J7th clause that no aurn olficer should hrtiirforward
receive more than ?4,000 a year, or a retiring
prntion of largrr amount than ?3,.'i00 a year.
Mr. Page Wood i? mentioned aa likely to au< red
the late jtjr Lancelot Shadwrll, it being nnderaliNxl
that the attorney general will not ari ept theoflii e.
(IPnM| Chronicl*.
"CtmiitAl" tViaiMA*.?The Roman Cat Mi
laity of lxmdon have presented an addrraa of congratulation
to their late Arrhhiahop, on hi? intended
elevation to the rank of Cardinal. A aab*< ription
ia alao being raired to defray the expenditure whii h
thia "elevation" will eauae. The Karl of Arundel
and Surrey, and Mr. Shell, M P .appear to take a
prominent part in the movement. It ia aaid in the
addrcaa by wiiieh hia lordehip waa deeply affected"?that
" the wonderful progrr** and development
of our holy religion in tlicse kingdom*,
which prove tbemrelvea to br. the work of the right
hand of the Moat High, manileatly require the goi
dance of the in?ad pei fit t combination of talent, en
ergy, and public confidence, which the church ran
roaaniand. Ttiat we, yo irfellow Catholx a, ahould
recogntae (hiarombinatton in your lordehip, provea
only what ia well know n to a(l the Catholic world.
Hut it ia your lordahip'a peculiar happiness to have
r x tor ted, hy your writinga, and pirn.lmifr in
lite, a aimilar tribute from the great ma/a of the
Proteatant world."
Paooat?a or thr Fbcbholo Lawn MorcMr.Ni
The lirpt>rtfr remark* that it ia not mm h more
than two yeara amee the flrat freehold land roeiety
waa eatahliahrd upon the preaent Improved and
reputable plan, arid now there arn nearly fifty in
full force in varioua parta of the country, having
no leaa than I4,?H| meinlrera. They have, issued
30,476 aharea. Thirty one. eftatea have hern puri
haaed and allotted, the number of allotnienta bring
3,19.1, and the vote* created 3,199, whilst the
^ ?
pries of the shares has varied in the different societies
from ?19 10a. to ?40. The number of voice
actually created " la aa yet but a drop io the ocean
towanle the political emancipation of (he masses
by the aid of their own induetryt but before Ave
yean have paaaed away the above number will be
augmented to not much less than 60,000? a power
of uo insignificant nature, and which may t>e
wielded with iuunenao weight, either fur good or
I for evil."
Jcnnv Lino's BaoTHai.?It will be interesting
to mauy of our readers to hear, that laat week John
Liud, mariner, of Stockholm, sou of flan* LJtid,
schoolmaster, and brother of Jenny Lind, the
"Swedish Nightingale," was married in the register
office in this town to Miss Mary Geefof Pillgwcnly.
John bad not acen Ilia sister for many
years, until he accidentally met with her the other
day at Liverpool, on her professional visit to that
place Jenny presented him with a handful of
pocket-money, but John, like his other two brothers,
is able and willing to work for bis brend, and
if his Mister were to oiler him an annuity to ejtemp!
him from lalvir he would not accept of it. tfespokt
in the most affectionate terms of his sister, stating
that siie had auppoited her fulher and mother aince
she was sixteen yeurB of age.? BndgtaaUr Tim**.
Loan Brougham Rccobhicr of Ia>ndon.?Our
readers will learn without surpriae, but not without
a certain flutter of exnectalion and excitement.
that there in every reason to believe the corporation
of London intend* to promote to the office of recorder,
now vacant, Lord Brougham. In the ca*c
of any other than the noble and learned lord the
announcement might be received with incredulity;
hot on hi* part the tilling of two euch seemingly
irreconcilable character* at once, a* a peer of the
realm, an I an officer of the Lmdoa miinicip ility,
i* not a whit more startling than hi* grave proposal
to become a Frenchman, and continue to be an
Englishman nevertheless?Daily .V?ir*.
Memoirs ok the late Siu It. Peel.?The late
Sir Robert Peel lias, at ( (tiding to the Daily AVtrs,
' left full and specific direction* in hi* will for the
i early publication of his political memoirs and baa
! ordered that the protila arising from the publication
; shall be given to Some public institution for (heeduration
of the working classes. He lias confided (lie
task to Lord Million Hnd Mr. Cardwell. Their
duty will, bowevef, "he comparatively light,
(hough delicate, from the admirable and orderly
state in which Sir Robert ha* left all hi* papers."
India rublter is now so cheap and common, that
the following reference to it in the Monthly Heview
for February, 1772, sent to " Xote* and <Jueries"
by a correspondent, make* u* smile: "I have
seen," say* Dr. Priestley, "a substance, exccl|
lently adapted t#lhe purpose of wiping from paper
the marks of a black lead-pencil. It must, therefore,
be of singular use to those who practise draivI
infg. It i* sold by Mr. Nairnc, mathematical ini
Btrument maker, opposite the Royal Exchange,
j He sells a cubical piece, of about half an inch, lor
three ihillings; and, he says, it will lost several
l orretjtoudtnct oj the touimcrcxal Advertiser.
Pahis, August 15, 1850.
The great men of Paris have all disappeared at
the adjournment of the Assembly, as suddenly u
Egyptian locusts before a strong east wind. For
three months we shall have no "log-rolling," no
legislative mines and counter-mines, no intrigues
in the house for portf lios at the Elysee, no laws
passed in haste to he repented of at leisure. The
members of the Assembly are now at home attending
to their vineyards or farms, brushing the dust
oil the papers in their law offices, and receiving the
felicitations of the members of their respective parties;
or at the springs recovering their health; or
at Wiesbaden plotting the restoration of the ancient
royalty. At the last regular eitting of the Assembly,
fifteen or twenty laws, Including one destroy.
ing the lilrerty of the press in the colonies, and another
accepting the budget of receipts for 1851, were
voted. The hurry and confusion were the same as
! may be seen in our own Congress at the close of a
session, ltuinocsof all kinds were in circulation.
.Some said that a presidential message, announcing
the long expected coup <l' itat, would be pent in;
others That General Changamicr was about to be
removed; others that the Mountain had organized
an ineurreetion, which would break forth in all its
i fury on the last day of the session. Hut the crisis
I lias been passed, and we arc all alive and well.
Before noticing the President's trip to the east of
France, I must devote a paragraph to a couple
I of dinners given by him to the officers and subofficers
of (he garrison of Paris, in consequence of
! ttie failure to establish a camp at Versailles. The
opposition of General Changamicr made the project
fall tbroUL'b.
The idea of banqueting the officers in the garden
of the KlyscSe was thru hit upon. At the coiuuirucemont
of the tiret, the President and General
Changarnicr were present. Hut they soon retired.
The former re-appeared after the cloth had hern
removed. Krport say* he made himself very
agreeable to his guests. A second banquet ol a
i similar character took place on Saturday.
The President started on his trip last Monday,
accompanied by aliout forty or fifty persons, and
several fine horses, twelve of which lie received last
week as a present from hngland. The court papers
announce that "the President had invited Monsieur
; le Cornpt dc Moutnlrinlrert, the famous Catholic
leader, to form part of his suite, hut that the c ount
had left the evening before for Dijon, to assist in the
' pieparations for receiving the illustrious traveller."
After reading the different accounts of the trip,
; and miking proper allowances for party riagycr'
a lions oil both sales, I think that so iar as the peo
pie are ronccrued, the President, supposing liim
ambitions of a crown, has no re ason to t?e rricoura:r'd.
Hut few finve shouted " Pitv I'Km/rrtur
The officials of all grades shout "Piw It Xar*i
Irmi or ' I'tne It f'rtudrtil the soldiers, " I'll*
It I'rrridmtand the people gene rally, " f err It
Jit [with r;usHis reception i? not a whit more flattering
or his march more triumphal than those of
Ismis Philippe or Charles X, or even ol Louis
XV I, in the enrly |>arlof In* reign.
The President ha* hern much harassed by the
scarcely urnoncraled conspiracy ol llie Legitimist*
against him, ami by the design of the pretender,
llenri V, link* of Bordeaux an<l Count ol Ch?in|
tiord, to hold hi* little court at Wiesbaden. Ill*
very certain that he ha* remonstrated with Austria
ami Pruaaia againat the breach of enmity committed
by them in encouraging the Wicslaideii reunion.
The - fix la I'hapt/U liazrttt announce* a*
1 one consequence of hi* remonstrances, that the
Prussian government ha* alieolutely forbidden the
holding ol a legitimist Congress in it* dominions.
Ami tlic Duke ol Nassau, in u busc territory i* found
the little town of Wicabadeu, ha* become alarmed,
and ha* intimated hi* wish that the Cougreaa shall
terminate it* deliberation* in three days. A* it
met on the tenth, it i* protably dissolved la-fore
tin*. What it lis* done ha* not yet transpired.
, The most important resolution* will of course he
' kept secret.
The proiort of uniting the two branches ha*,
I doubtlr**, l?ecn one of the principal topics of diei
(Mission. Home of the Orleanist leader*, M. Du
bat el, Count Montalivcl, and the Duke of Dahnaj
tia, have been present. M Cm rot would not go
111 n inunn n, out n irnni pretty < main mat tie
ilicl the Duke of Bordeaux at some point between
Berlin and Cologne. II llir royalist parties ehouM
unite thrir lorn*, vbrA ti nol poOaNr, the rone-'
quenre will lie to drive Ixuis Napoleon into the
urma of the Republican paity. There will then t?e
, the highest probability of out getting along quietly
to Itt.'ii, in li party bring afraid to take tin responsibility
of a violent atla< k on the ranting state of
Ka< li party is forming sei ret societies in Paris
and the provinces. The lionapai list* call theirs
I the "llMA iff lhctmlxT," and operate almost public|
ly. They arc not molested by tin police, and have
already enrolled a large number of members.
Many of thrin receive pay fnuii llie funds of the
society for proselyting. The Republicans charge
tliia soi icty with organizing ibc rntbusiaern at tlie
reception of the President at the prim i|?l points i f
Ins route The legitimists organize under the
name ot " l>roil \atumrl" Many of these am le
tics have been broken up by the police, but as yet
the members have been treated with great moderation.
At present there are symptoms of an awakening
energy on the part of the Government. Yesterday,
M. Van i I lot, a prominent legitimist and
Catholic, received an order to appear before the
. s un.iniiiir msiTiat rslr tsi li-alifv III rrllltnil (it ft
acret society ol w hich be i# a member. The brain In
of the d? iiiorratir. or gaiitzalion, the "Kepubhcaii
Union," are broken up a* aoon a* discovered, ami
the members arrVwtnl m insurgents. Yet their object,
a* appear* nom the paper* seized, I* only to
protitt the actual form of iroverntnent from being
overturned h y the royalist*. Besides I hear, there
are doubtless aocialiat an>l communist societies
without number. The policy of compression ha*
brought Trance aeam to tin* aisle Her citizen*
unroiin ioualy walk over pita ami hideous cavern*.
A committee of *ev?nty-five memher* of the op '
poaitkin remain in I'an* (luring- the ailjourninenl,
to watch the rourae of events. The vigilance com- I
mntee appointed by the Assembly ha* met once or
twice. All it* member* were not present. It ha* j
reaolved that it* proceeding* *hall he secret. Tlii* .
i* no great matter, for there i? no immediate danger
of a roup H'ftat All par tie* ?eent to hare ad I
journed their attempta tor a few month*.
Dbawiho Cabic*tib**?The great moral ?*tiriat,
Hogarth, wa# once drawing iif a room where
many ol hi* friend* were aaaetnhlerl, and among
them a young lady. A* abe *t<iod by Hogarth ahe
ezpri aaed a wiah to draw caricature*.
Ala* ' young lady," aaid Hogarth, " It i* not a
faculty to tie envied. Take my advice, and never
draw aricatores?by the long practif f of it I have
lost the enjoyment of beauty. I never are a face
toil distorted ? I never have the satisfaction to lie
hold the human fare divine."
We mav suppose that nieh language from Hogarth
would come with great rfirct. Ilia manner
wa* very rarncal, and the confession is well deserving
of remembrance.
Baltimobi, Sept. 1.
The steamer Atlantic arrived at New York at U
o'clock to-day.
Jenny Lino arrived in her in good health; also,
132 other passengers.
Cotton declined I during- three day*. Sales of
9,600 bales. Flour declined six pence. Corn dull.
Wheat declined one shilling-. Consols and American
stocks unchanged.
Fha.nis.?Napoleon's speech at Lyons caused
much sensation and general satisfaction. Napoleon
adriottncea his determination to remain at the
head of affairs if public opinion favors him.
The weather in England and Ireland lias heen
There have been some overflows of the streams la
Accounts from Schleswig represent a suspension
of Acid operations by both armies.
No other political news of the slightest moment.
B/.ltimohc, Sept. 1.
The Hleamer (Jsprey, for Charleston, was run
into lust n<ght off Cape ilciilopcfj, by the liark
Delaware; her wheclhouse win broken, anil she
wan otherwise injured, and was towed tiack lo
Philadelphia this morning for repair*; will I* detained
a week.
Local Matters.
Till Saiibath.?Yesterday was another rainy
1 Sabbath, and another quiet Sabbath in Washing1
ton. Three weclc* have now paMed iinre the fire
on K street. On that night thcrt were first a false
alarm and a riot, then were evidently set on fire
| (he workshops consumed, and then a brutal murder
was committed. We have had no fire, and, we
I believe, not even an alarm since! How many fires
and how many alarm* should wc have, had wc no
rowdies, no rowdyism in connexion with the engines?
Missionary Meeting.?We again call attentionto
the meeting lo t>e, held this evening at the -Uh
Presbyterian church.
The Siiootino Accident.?The lad Meson, who
was on Thursday lust shot hy a gun in the hand*
of a son of Colonel W. P. Young, appear* to hate
sustained less injury than was then supposed. ilia
left arm is still sore and slightly swollen, end occasion*
the only inconvenience he experiences. He
will no doubt be perfectly well in a few days.
A Figiit?the First and the Last or it.?
Two gentlemen, named Laliold and Bridges, were
011 Saturday afternoon last nabbed by officers Ennia
and Bushcr, and taken licfore Justice Beck, who
indicated hit desire that they should be tried before
the criminal' court upon the charge preferred
against tbcin, which wc believe was for disturbing
the peace. Mr. Bridges gave security in the sum
of w 'XWI 1/11* hi. -j ........ w. ... .. K..I M_ V ?I
bond called for #266, was less fortunate, and had
to inarch in a solemn procession of two to the
county jail.
There had arisen a difference between these personages
in the bargain and sale of an umbrella,
comprehending not only a levy, but a point of
fact and a principle of honor. In the heat of the
controversy, and in the presence of the umbrageous
umbrella, I^abolil took umbrage at some remark
made by llridges.and gave him a crack over
the pate; whereat Bridges, hoping to terrify his
assailant, who is a Jew, bristled up at him in a
manner which seemed to say that he was for going
the whole hog, and pelted away as though he
would make mincemeat of him. Labold now directed
all his talents and energies to the purpose of
saving his bacon, which he would no doubt have
done, had not the limbs of the law smoked them
lioth, and resolved on tolerating no such gammon.
Considerable resistance, and somewhat violent
too, was made to the officers; but these men could
not be convinced that they had taken the wrong
sow by the car.
A delegation of Manomane Indians are now in
this city, at King's hotel. They arc, we believe,
under the superintendence of Mr. Win. II. Bruce,
Indian agent, and are also accompanied by the following
named gentlemen, via. Wm. Powell,
L?mtcd Stale* Interpreter ; John B. Jacobs; Charles
A. Grignon; Rev. M. Bond well, Teacher, Superintendent
of Schools, lee.; A. CaldwcU; Francis
IJesnoyer; GeorgeCoweu.
The name Manomane signifies Wild Rice. The
names of the Indians, with the signification of some ,
of tliein, are as follows: Oah-Kosh, The Brave;
Kec she-new, the Bird tliat llies fast; Corrow; Waukc-ihe-un,
Crooked Nos< ; Sag-e -lo-kr; Sho no nce;
Shan-wan no pe-ness. South Bird ; Chs qui-tura, a
s >und, or echo; L* Motte.
On the 1st instant, after a short il'nrrs, GKOR
G1 ANN A SKSNFORI), aged e.gtit months, young
est daughter of John II. and besa? S Ss?iross.
The friends and at qua in tames of the Istuily are
requested to attend her funeral this (Monday)
afternoon, at three o'clock, from her pareuU' ie?idcuce,
C near Fourteenth street, without further
notice. 11
"Loved one, we've aeen thee lowly laid,
Within the lonely tomb;
The la?t ?a>i tribute now i* paid,
Thy journey now i? done.
"That hearl, affect ion'? home while here,
Now real* beneath the ami;
Hut thy puro apiril, bright and free,
Immortal dwell* with God.
"No more thy little prattling' tongue
Shall greet our wilting ear*;
No more thv gentle, anuling lace
Shall palliate our care*.
"lint on that bright, that glorioue hope,
That ttoon to mortal* given.
Though aorrua-ing here we mourn thy loaf,
We'll meet thee bright in heaven '
Departure of the Rev. U. K. I>?< la for thv
i M VM
rit||R Snni annual Meeting of lh> l>adiea' and
A Union Home Miaaionai y N? It ttsi ? ill Iw held
on t hie (Monday) evening, at a quarter to eigtit
o'clock, in the Kourlii Pre*t>ylerian Church, Ninth
A<l<lrr*aea may be expected from the Rev. J. O
Holler, I'aalor of St. Paul'* Lutheran Chun h of ihi*
city, and the Rev. G. K. I)a?ia, ol Ohio, Mieaionary
of the two Sociotiea.
The Choir of the church will be in attendance.
The friend* of Home Mieaiona, and th* public
generally, are invited to attend. Sept 2
Steamer Thninaa <?ll)er'a Week.
r* THK ?(>|ei?did new atenmer
' ^ v-iS" THOMAS COLLVF.R will de
JlHb part at the followin? hour*. A
< ?mcn rnnnn wvin mr n"n 111 ??n-Tiiictrm
Hnal'i br?, ll| ocmi; boat and C'>arh, I"} rrnta
Prrmni going in the boat, and not leaving it, 6J
renta each ? a y.
J/rave Alexandria, 7J, 1, M'J a. m ; I, 2J, 4, 6J,
p. in.
I,eave Waahinglon, *j, 9,, II}. tL m.; I J, )J, 4J,
61, p. m.
Npt 2? 1 w JOB CORSON, Captaiq.
flCp-The Thotnaa Collyrr w-ill make bar trip# to
Mount Vernon nrat week One notice will be given
rpiiK ooviRvnKrr official rkoik1
TICK for into, giving the aanx and aala
ry of ctery public ufli< er in the nay of the United
Ntatna, and the baa lion of liia oliice: with a I iet of
all the poet ofTV ca in the <<>unlry. Price ||]. For
aalc in \Vaabingtnn city by
Sep 2 llonkeellera, near Sth atreet.
'PIIK l,l)R(OKT11.i l1R.*Tt DIM OF Til K
1 Town, by an Opera-Coer, nilh Illualratiuna;
I vol.
The International, for September.
The Empire City; or, New 1 ork Ry Niyhl and
Day; vol. 4.
The .Nightingale, or Jenny Lind Songater, No.
2, pre e |'2J centa. FRANCK TAYLOR
From the Partatan Model lately Rerelred.
I HA V E now ready a compb te aaaortment of the
. new Kali Kaahwn Hata, which foe atyle, licauty,
and htatre are unaurpaaa^d.
Faaliionable Matter, Weat of Hrown'a
Aug 31 Hotel, City of Waahington.
will, on Saturday, An goat 31, introduce Wm.'
II Hcebe A Co.'a Fall Faahion for Hata.
Aug 31 3tif
Corrected to August, ISM.
For aalc by TAYLOR k MAIRV,
\?cr Ml ll..-,W.,-ller. <>.k -1
n ? , ,
Miowinf the umount ut hit cr*dU in the l\tutury, wit
and in th* Mint and llranchtt, by relurnt recti red t
draftt hart been iuutd, but were then unpaid, and tht
alto, the umuuml qffuture irantftrt to and from depot
Treaaury of United State*, Washing-ton, District of
Assistant Treasurer, Boston, Maestii-huwtta
Assistant Treaaurer, New York, New York
Assistant Treasurer, Philadelphia, PrnnaylvHtriu.
Assistant Treuaurcr, Charleston, South Carolina
Assistant Treasurer, New Orleans, Ismisiunu
Assistant Tli'twurer, Si. lamia, Missouri
Depoaitory at Buffalo, New York
Depository at Baltimore, Maryland
Depoaitory ut Richmond, Virginia
Depository ul Norfolk, Virginia
Depository ut Wilmington, North Carolina. .
Depository at Savannah, Georgia
Depository at M'lluli , Alabama
Dcposiloiy at Nashville, Tennessee
Depository nt Cincinnati, Ohio
Depository at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Depository at Cincinnati, (Collins,)
Depository at Little Buck, Arkansas
Depository at JcfTer?ouville, Indiana
Dcposiuiry at Chic'ujfo, Illinois
Depository at Detroit, .Michigan . '
Depository at Tallahassee, Florida
Suspense account # ' ?90t 7-1
Mint of the U. S., Philadelphia, Perm.
Branch mint of the U. States, Charlotte,
North Carolina
Branch mint of the U. S., Dftliloncga, On.
Branch mint of tin; United States, New
Orleans, Louisiana
#1,90-1 71
Deduct suspense account
Nett amount subject to draft .
Theakcreb's Oi'i'icx, Ang. 29, 1S50.
Sept '2?ltif (Inn I. A: Union
A It 111 V A IS IT Tlllf. HOTKt.B- J
WllUrd'a Hotel,
Corntr of Penmylvania Avenue and 14/A itreet.
M de Cramer, Russia J Page and lady, Phila 1
II B Bertaut, NY Mr L Heed, N C
N Lopez, do H Mcintosh, N Y
T W Coleman, Va LGuy, Phi la
W 1) Winter, La J T Doswt 11, N O
L / Gonzalez, Pcnsaco'a W M Sutton, Richmond
Maj Keyaer, do P W Gray and lady,
Mr and Mrs Caminack, Texas
N Orleans Mr Bannelos, Spanish
Miss Camm&ck and scr- Legation
vant, do VV Sewall, N Y
E Randolph, Ga E J Morrison, Belfast
Brown's Hotel,
Penneylvania Avenue between bth and Tth etreete.
W Shriller, NY G L Lyman, S C
J B Lamar, Ga J F M McElroy, Phila
J W BcMMM, N C J Walker, S C
D Lewis, do J W Kelly, Ga
M Isbell, Va J H Magruder, Bait
T Fiak, Phila J Stevens, Va
J E Richardson, West T Hunt, Washington
Indies B B Sampson, N Y
W Beck, do R Profilet, Natchez
W Wstkins, Md G McFarley, Miss
O B Wight, Bait A Ryun, N O
W F Berry, Md G Hoffand lady, Phila
D Taylor, Washington F Dodham, do
National Hotel,
Corner of Penneylvania Avenue and bth tlreet.
Dr H R Walton, Annap- C Littell, Va
nlis L B Harrison,Cincin'i
J Walton, jr, do A M Payne, Miss
J M Harris, Bait L II Knight, Va
IVF Murdock, do R Green, 1st
S Churchill, Utica J A Miller Si lady, N O
N H Thomas, Mobile R Tweed, do
J Booth, do A R Taft and lady, S C
J Mitchell, Dallas R Contee, P G county
J Wright, S C Mr Croswell, N Y
M Bull, Orange county D S Goodloe, Lexington
Mrs Nancrede, do T Martin, Tenn
Min* Nanrredr. ' child- It II Simms. NO r
ren, and servant, do C?pt Lewi* 1
GAM Turner, Md G Giflbrd, N Y
K P Wade, do W Wright, Savannah '
11 11 Bran, do L Manauip, Bait
Dr R II Stewart, Va H W Daw, S C
11 W Davia, Rait E It Neely, Ya
M 1. Brown, 8 C R 11 Stuart, do
J Eiseininaa, do
I'nlted Stairs Hotel,
/Vtiruylt'ania ,4eenur, hrtwrrn 3d and 4} street*
P E Parker, Tcnn It Horn, 111
R VV Hall, do W Vallcar, Fla
\V Brook*, do J Wlldbaker, Ala
J H?-all, Ga J W Downing, Fla
G Burt, Fla I) Mr Nat r, SC
R Tanner, La J Mo**, do
E S Tanner, do Mr* and Miaa Mom, do
S G Cnmptou, do H Mom, do
A G Compton, do M I) Van Loan, do
G Taylor, Mia*
Garish)-'* Hotel,
Cortirr of Pmntflvanm Arrnur and 3d ilrtit.
N P Smith and lady, Md S Pratt, ? C
Mr* Hyde, do J M W ampler, U8 (' S
Mr* Mean*. Bait S A J ?n<-*, lady At child,
EJ Buck master, S C Georgia
Rev J P Lee, do Mia* Burton, do
G McLaughlin, Ga R M Fuller, SC
E W Fragric, Ala Miaa J Quarles, do
L G Corbitc, do S H Ryan*, do
\ McAllister, do T J Faiaon, .N (
J W Stoke*, do Q W France, Va
J R Murchiaon, N C J H Penney, N Y
GovC J McDonald,lady, T B Burton, Va
and aervant, Ga C Rl Deringcr, Phila
U T Roman, do
Irving Hotel,
Comer of /'rimij'rnni* Avtnut and 12 Ik ft reef.
S M ()* i ii, jr, Washing- S (, Cai li r, Hut
ton, D C II Cox, do
W tV B,own, N Y W Hritrga, N Bedford
II Steven*, Wi* W J Manor, do
W Magrn*, Phila J H King, Ala
Kawyrr, N Y I) II Duvall, Hit
ii item, uo n a r no
rnopotAUi i'ok uthoorapiiimo. r
O: ricx SriKKTARr or tnc Schat* I'. 8., > a
Aiirunt C, l*.ro. J
^F.M.F.I) PROPOSAIJI will I- rr.r .,1 by the A
t? Kcrretary of the Senate until Turn 'ay, the 3d n
of September next, at 10 o'clock, a m . for lithojrapninp
three Map* and arventy five hkctrhea for fi
i',r S. r.a*< I thr t'rmr.l Slatra Tin M.ipa ami
Sketche* may I* arm at lite Secretary'* <:.
Auf W- ltd if
I '(lit IIIM \ ? I I e aitualed
.T on the corner of Sixth and G rtrreta eaat A
atable and c arria|rr houar on (lie lot, and a pump '
of e?< ellrnl *?U r near Term* ?200. Inquire of
Mr. Wilnrr.paper- hanger, Niulti etrret, near Penn
aylvania avenue. A up 30?St
t(OH rturoHAiA tu riittiRiu vttiii- r
The United Stalea Mail SteamaMp (
Com pan y'aahip G F.OKGIA.oo Wi d
hBHb neaday, Sept en,'..
p. ni., from the pier foot of ANarren atrret, North f
river, with the Government mail* and paawnjfrra i
for San Franciaco and intermediate porta ^
The connexion at Panama will he rare fully kept /
tip, #<. a* to prevent any detention hryond the uaual
atay in port.
The hooka are now open, and paaaape t an lie *eeured
at the following rate*
State-room lierlh jjlikl (|
wtanoee uertn, (irvini saloon. no (|
SlwrufT brrlh, fuunil liwl fc wptralf (?hl? Ml ii
Mute-room berth. $300
Slerrnife hfflh, found bed k ?fp*r?lr table IM)
Stntr room Slander. Sierrag*
To Charleston or Savannah $io $20 $10 *
To Havana 70 65 26
To New Orleans 75 Ml 26
f right lo Chagrr*, 70 cents per cubic foot, pre- 4
Freight to Havana, 26 cent* per cubic foot. U
Consignees to receive their good* at ahip'a tackle cimmediately
aftrr her arrival at Havana a
To secure freight '<r passage, apply at the office of a
the company, 77 Weal atrcet. i orner of Warren U
atreet, to M. O. ROKF.KTH a
SeeciAl Noti< e i? given to shipper* by this line, d
that the company have prepared a hrninf bill of ?
lading- adapted to their business, which will be "
furnished to ahippera on application at the com
pany'a c>fli< e, and with which they are requested to "
provide Uwm*elvea, aa no other form will tie signed *
by the agent* of the company All bill* of lading M
iiiuil be signed before the ailing- of the ve**el.
a a
y t Rt. t il a i, m k n ? nicMiNArv run n
1YA Young Ladies, on 1th street, opposite the u
weet wing of the Patent Ofh. r, will lie re-opened S
for the admission of pupil* on Monday neat, the H
of September. I,
For term* apply at the Seminary Aug'*? d3t p
PH. HOOK A CO.. W lioleaale and retail deal
er* in Carpeting, Floor Oilcloth*. Matting*,
Hog*,Curtain Material*, Sheeting, Blanket*, and
liouer furnishing good* generally /
Penn*ylvania a venue .between 7 th aad Sth street*, a
Washington, D. C. ui
Aug 20 tf [Union ]
"' ' "I 1 "' " "" ' I'll
h Assistant Treasurers und designated Depositors! s,
o Muiuiay, 20th August, 1350, the <imoupt fur which
amount then remaining subject to draft Showing,
ituriss, as ordered by the Secretary of the Treasury. 1
Amount on <lt- Draft* beroto- i Amount subject
porfitr. fere drawn but to draft,
not yrt paid,
though payable j
#210,272-44 #27,217 01 | #183,054 83
2,841,526 'J3 76,999 22 | 2.764,527 76
6,470,010 84 162,731 50 6,317.306 34
1,093,914 37 1,531 93 : 1,092,392 44
152.641 23 7,0-6 63 145,554 60
255,819 04 165,004 77 90,813 27
W tu.ilo OJ 1 00 , OU1
2 1,66a '24 223 35 21,4 41 *9
52,617 41 878 (XI 51,739 41
16,856 97 556 98 16,299 99
12,439 16 7,813 90 4,625 26
6,214 45 26 33 6.189 12
31,226 55 2,372 7 5 28,953 9(1
11,592 00 9,9(19 77 1,693 23
13,930 40 862 (X) 13,069 40
115,993 40 2,465 53 I 113,417 87
288 92 26 83 262 09
3,301 37 32 (HI 3,269 37
24,096 96 3,332 37 , 20,753 59
106,278 29 6,559 40 100,719 69
17,043 19 3,214 49 13,924 71
29,617 67 15,029 02 14,599 65
4,157 92 2,039 35 2,119 57
1,904 74
2,311,150 <K? i 2,341,150 00
32,(XX) (X) 32,(XX) (XI
26,950 (XI - 26,850 00
350,000 00 350,000 (X)
$14,502,136 78 | $563,036 09 | $13,341,006 43
1,904 7 4
#13.939,11X1 69
K.. ..
A. M. f). ('
XK.HI3.4UV, D. C.
1'iiu kiqii i l i luii, luruicny nriuwu, aiiu huh
favorably remembered under the above name, i
wad re opened for the youth of Washington city <
and ltd vicinity, on the jd of October, 18IS. i
The course of education in the Seminary embraces
two departments?the Classical and the
The Mercantile department comprises the Eng- i
lieh and French languages, Geography, History, i
Book keeping-, Algebra, Mathematics, Chemistry,
and English llhetoric. Especial attention is paid i
to the English branches of education. The Professor
of the English Department has three or four
able assistant teachers.
The Classical department, besides the above
specified subjects, comprehends the Latin and
Greek languages, Poetry, llhetoric, the higher
brunches of Mathematics, Logic, Natural and Mural
Besides the Classical and Mercantile, there is in
the Seminary a Preparatory department which includes
Heading, Writing, the elements of Arithmetic,
Grammar, and History, the object of which
is to qualify the pupils lor the higher departments.
No one is admitted under tbc age of six or seven
The Seminary is supplied with able and experienced
teachers from tiie Georgetown College. The
number of students in aetual attendance exceeds
two hundred.
Per quarter, of twelve weeks, in advance, for
The Classical department git! 60
rhe Mercantile department 10 00 <
The Preparatory department 6 IMJ I
To be obsiri'tU by the Sliuhntt of the ll'aehington
Seminary, 1), c.
As no order can subsist, nor proficiency l>e made
n studios without certain fixed regulations, the Di
eclorn of tlie Washington Seminary, D. C., have
.bought propsr to adopt thr following rule*:
I. Every student niugt come to school clean and
tccent in hi* apparel. The are of tol>acco is slricty
4. All must trcnt their companion* a? become*
persons of [Hilitc education. Any thing, therefore,
contrary to a decent behaviour, all wrestling, laying
hand* on each other, espo tally in school-room*
am i within door* generally, all improper language,
all disorderly conduct in going to, or returning
from school, arc strictly forbidden.
3. The school-r< Kims are to be eonsidercd, at all
time*, Hat red to silence and study; no play, nor di*- i
order of any kind will be tolerated therein. All
cutting of benches, or ollicrw i*c injuring any of the
furniture or walls of the hou?e, or w riting upon
them, is prohibited. The oflcnder will lie held re ponsibie
fur the damages done.
I. When the hell gives tlie signal for school all
filay must ceew, and every one must promptly rrlatr
to his school. Strict obedience ami suhiuisaion '
o the officers anil teachers of the Seminary will be, !
it alt tinut, insisted upon; without this no progress
-an lie made in studies.
i. In case of absence from s< boot for a day, or
-tart of a day, a note front the parents, or guardian#
s ill be required art ounting for the absence. PunrnsI
ami timely attendant e at c -.hool is rspn ialiy
xaried from al ; tbere.'ore lia'.ituaJ absentees will (
tot be kept in the S- miliary.
b. Should the various means adopted in this Indilution
not suffice for correcting habits ot indocnce,
disobedience, swearing, improper convcrsaion,
kc., disiiiissiisn from the Seminary must ami
sill lie resorted to, lest the example of the hail <
ilwiuld liet ome injurious to the well disposed and
sell conducted students.
HSt'is or rrenv.
Every student is required to study at home 1
rout b till 7 a. in., ant! from & till b p. in. Parrnta
mil guardian* are rc*(>uctfiiliy requestctl to see |
hi? important regulation complied with. There ,
vill he study at the Seminary from H till "J a.m., '
mil fioin I, till IJ p. in., at u hirh all not living at 1
00 great a distance from the N miliary art rt i
[Ulred to be present. <_
Tuesday and Thtirsdsy afternoons are tlay* o( (
ecieation, instead of Satnrilay, when there will he
rbool as ordinarily.
On Sundays at 1 a. in. there will be catechism
nd instructions, at which every Catlmhc stuilcnt ! r
hum nr proem.
'Hie hours of (uilion are from 1 till 12 a. m., and I
roin 11 till 4 p. in. JOHN h BLOX, I
Aug 30?<131 l'ntufrnt ' '
? ?? - - I i
.ITTKI.U'I LlVllli A(1K. MO. 34<J 14 eta. (
1. Montaigne and Kuicraon.?AVw York Ri- '
2. Klftrhfr *n<l Millon.-/.nrfiri' Companion.
3. Cotldor I ? putridly Mrinnr I
4. Maurice Tieruey,Ch. VI. VIII ? lluhltnfn? '
truly Mngaxtn*. I
b. ih( Kuharmonir. Orpn. - .Vomwl A El inf. |
Poamv Chriatmxx day in the burli; wonla for i
Smobt Abtk lii : Almut a Parrot?Danjfer of
drain Ship* Drptlu of Kvnpran Krai tle? ue at
liajrara? A Hutw? Iron Vi-aealeof War Lxhihi- '
ion of 1151?Death of Mr. Jaiiira Smith Peace '
Jonpreaa -Ixinnrtioc- florae-balloon?Hume on '
Lim riot. j '
" W aatnifOTOir, 21th December, IMS. J J
"Of all thr Pern'lira I iaurniii devoted to Lite- 1 ,
store and Science whirh abound in Kuropr and in
na country, this ha* appeared to me to be thr inoet
arful. It rontaina, indeed, the exposition only of f
te current literature of thr Knyiish la menace, hut :
lis, hy it* lininrnae extent ami Comprehension,
irludea a portraiture of the human mind in thr 1
Ill: eapansi'in m inr pri ?' :il Hfr
?J Q ADAMS." j]
Published weekly Hi dollar* a year, by
E I.I PTELL, It Co ., H -tun
And sold by JoaarM Nhilliwotos, corner 4 J at
nd Prnn. irrnuc. Au(. fl?dtrwkwlw
iJT inay desire, fur an orra?ton, *?? have at their
shies th? i boieeat Winr* and l.jqiwri, in perf? t *
mtditiofi, and at moderate prices, at the aamc time t
uliinp to avoid lite purchase of an nrifinAl park- I
gr of each mtt, ran have a superior selection fir u
ihle, of any munkr of hottlra, of varioo* tVinrs r
nd Ij'pNira, parked and delivered at their real- h
raeci, (/ree qffmgkl.) by "Adaina' F.a proas," ii
ti *ny_day required, by addressing n Ulrfnphir '
irttngf In me IV day prrriont
The assortment of c?en a single dor.rn will I* 1
iadr by the undersigned from liia a/iM Hh?m?h p?
ml a npttrkling ('BAMriiiit and M -rt.i.a,
f win. h b< ha? an unequalled stin k.
I intiBA, and P?>aT, that ? ani.ot be aurpaseed; in- ai
loding some earpiisite Ammh/lntln and Manxan
'a Snrrry an.J ll'hitr furl t'i *arT. (Msooa.)
Ivat.i ndy, 8avriisa, and other Frrn h and t?ertan
Win* a, superior t?i any ato k in the I nited
Also, medium and finest Maavmaa, and other
iepwra and H atasa Stoaaa, all ol my own im- r<
irtaliona direct. tr
A.blreaa JACOB SNIDER, in.. ol
IVine Mcri hont, Philadelphia
Aug 27?dlmif
1USRUCAK'k ( RI'It! <i\ it ? i i PROP07
sr ty, < inplele, 7 a ..Is l>.>und in 3; third vol t.
ine just published, for sale by 0
Wtr Norfolk! Ptusy Point, tud Old Point,
Pora Matluccd.
will, on the 10th of July, torn
HHHnN mence making two tripa week
lu the above pia, r?, leaving Washington every We*int-sday
and Saturday at ? o'clock, a. in. Keluri
iny, lute Norfolk every Monday and Thursday at
4 o'clock, p. in.; touching. going and returmug.at
Pincy Point, Old Point, Cone Hiver, and the uaual
landing* un the Potomac.
Passage to Pniey Point, jjt2 00.
Passage and fare to Norfolk, S5 00.
jYew York, Alexandria, (ieorgrtown and
Washington Hurktti.
Schooner Pampero Molt Siinonson, Master.
" Volant Morrice Oslmrn, "
" Townseml Jones, 8. W. Dayton, "
" Molt Bedell John Bedell, '?
" Ann D ,...lien. Bedell, "
" Le Roy Win. Powell, <
wnc ol (lie above packet* leuve new Yurie and
Georgetown weekly.
Freight from New York ten cent* per barrel}
two cint* per loot meaaurcinent.
No. 104, Wall *treet, N Y.
CAZENOVE it CO., Alexandria, Va.
PETER HEKttY, Georgetown, D. C.
Aug 20
".Maryland preferred."
For rule by CHUBB it SCHENCK.
Aug 29?1 w
Through Passage to California.
L THE pnblic will la- gratified to learn
that the United State* Mail Steam pliip
Company arc enabled to announce
that their arrangement* are now complete
for sending passenger* through from New York to
San Francisco and back.
In the tirat attempt* of thi* company to meet the
want* of travel to California, by providing ahipa on
the Pacific, in connexion with their ahipa trom New
York to Chagrcs, they were prevailed upon, at the
urgent solicitaiion of the great number then dextrous
to go out, to sell ticket* for through passage*
from Panama in advance, for their chips (hen going
round. Tin* was done from a desire to aecom
modate those who could procure passage* in no
ulbcr quarter, and by which, whatever might bo
the detention, they would reach San Francisco
sooner than hy any other line. Uniorseen dittiI'ultics,
and the prevalence of fever at Kio Janeiro
at the time, prevented their ship* from reaching
Panama as soon a* was anticipated, and caused detention
at the Isthmus, which wae increased by the
iiiipiiiH iuc ui IIIC in guuig lurwtru,
against tin: advice of the company, at an earlier
dav than the ships could possibly reach Panama.
These interruptions are now all removed- Three
of the four ships of the company, intended for the
Pacific service, have arrived at Panama, and several
of thetn have performed tripa to San Francisco
and back; so that the company are now able to
give the public the assurance thut the voyage
through from New York to San Francisco will b?
performed with regularity and despatch.
The Pacific Line, from Panauia to San Francisco,
cousin's of the
REPUBLIC, Captain Hudson,
COLUMBUS, Captain Peck,
ISTHMUS, Captain Hitchcock,
ANTELOPE, Captain Ackley.
Their Atlantic and Gulf Line, from New York
to Chagres, of the
GEORGIA, Captain Porter, LT. S. N.
OHIO, Captain Sclienck, U. S. N.
FALCON, Captain Hartslein, U. S. Pi.
The connection between tbe two lines will be
carefully and regularly kept up, so that no delay
beyond the usual stay of the ship in port at Panama
will arise.
Their large size, well-known speed, and superior
accommodations of their New York and Chagres
line, and the speed and accommodations of the
ships of their Pacific line, offer tbe most certain,
rapid and pleasant through passage to Calif >rnia.
corner Warren and West streets, N. Y.
Bank ok Washington mock.
For sale by CHUBB & SCI1ENC1C.
Aug 29? I w
CfMIK neat quarter of the Preparatory Department
JL ot Columbian College, oti tbe corner of Fourteenth
and N streets, will commence on Monday,
September 2 Term* as usual. Ajrjiheantt are referred
to Dr. liaeon, Presidcut of the College, or to
any of the Professors; or to Mr. J. Tilson, on 11
street, between Tenth and Eleventh; as the under
signed will lie uhscnt trom the city until August 31.
Aug 14?'2awtf L. RICHARDS, Pria iptl
from the springs, Greenbrier, Virginia; for
sale by the barrel or half barrel, trallon or bottle.
by J. f. CALLAN,
August 3?dtf Sole agent for this District.
^JTOCK, Money, and Exchange Broker. Office
3 on Pennsylvania avenue, eight doors west of
Irnwn'a Hotel, Washington city.
I ncurrrnt notea bought and aold at beat rates.
Stacks bought and aold.
Notes and drafts collected,
duly 23- Iy
f ^ OOK W ASTED. A good cook can hear of a
0 situation by applying at the Republic office.
aver's "cherry pectoral,"
roa thi evil or
Coughs, Col <ls y Hoarseness, Bronchilisy
Whooping Coughy Croup, Asthma, and
| N offering to the community this justly crle1
bratcd remedy for diseases of the throat and
tings, it is not our wish to trifle with the livea or
icallh of the afflicted, but fran kly to lay lie lore I
linn the opinions of distinguished men, and aotne
>f the evidences of its success, from w hich they
an judge for themselves. Wc aiu< errly pledge
iuiselves to inake no wild assertions or false statenents
of itsefficacy, nor will we holdout any hope
o suffering humanity which fat (a will not warant.
Many proofs are here given, and we solicit an
nqiiiry from the public into all we publish, feeling
aaurcd tliey will And them perfectly reliable, and
be medicine worthy their best confidence and paronage.
'rofcsaor Cle a vela J?d, of Roinl/nn College, Maine,
vritn ?
"I havs witnessed the ?ffe< ta of your 'Chbbbt
VIVMl I- "/ .-I !
nende, and it giver me *ai mU.tion Altaic in its
?vor that no medicine I have am known haa
irovcd ao eminently aueceaaful in curing diaraaea
<( the throat and lunga."
Hrr. Dr. O-oOOO wrtUi
"That he ronaidera ' Pat tobai" the beat
nedicme for pulmonary iftrlioM ever firm to
lie public," ami atatea that "lua daughter, after
wing obliged to keep the room lour montha
vitfi a severe settled rough, accompanied by ra:ang
of blood, night aweate, and the atlenilant symp>ina
of consumption, Co nunc need the use of the
fxraiv PtrToaaL,' and had completely reccv
'Vmn />r Jovm, on eminent practitioner of mtiii
nnr in jllaboma, wrll known ikrwgfcoiit Ike Stat*
MosTvoatar, (Ala.,) Oct. 4, IH49.
T>r. J. C. Avra - .Sir I have uacd your admira
ile compound eatenaively in my practice, and And
t to aurpaan by far any olhrr remedy we have f>e
nriiig diaenae uporv|he lunga.
Your obedient a< rvant,
Hear the Patient.
i iitbo state* iiot?l, )
Sabatooa >fbii?<.a. July A, 1*-t? )
Da J. C. A van Sir: I have been art lie ted with
painful nffr, lion of the lunga, and all tlx aympiinia
of arllled conaiiinplion for more than a year,
could find I1<> uiedi. ine that wouhl reach iny < aa?
intil I commenced the uar of Your " Cherry Perto
a I," which (r?vr rne gradual relief, and I have
ren ateadily gaining my atrength, till my beal'h
i we 11 nigh restored.
While ueing your medicine I had the grati,
atnin of > uring with It iny reverend friend. Mr.
'rtunan, of Sunipter dialrict, who had been auarto
led f.mn hia parorhial dutiea by a aevere atta. k
I have pkeaaure in certifying theae facta to you,
id am, air, youra, rrapertfully.
of South Carolina.
ram an Orrrteer in Ihr Hamilton Millt, in thi? City.
I/OWtLL. August 10, 1S4S.
Da. J. C. Avaa : I have been cured of the woret
>ugh I ever had in iny life bv your "Cherry Pee rat."
and never fail, when I have an opportunity,
r recommending it toothera.
Youra, rea(ie< tlully, S. D. EMERSON.
Prepared by .1. C. AVER, Ixiwrll, Maae.
Sol ! in Washington, D C., by T. D k W. II.
ilm.iti; Georgetown, Dr Linthicum; Aleaandria,
ook A Peel; Richmond. Purcell. Ladd k C?., and
<uf giata generally Fyl2 <11 vtrla w* W?Jyll

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