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■ •, ii*i.
D—iiwinr Stats Coxrmmaa.—Tb*
Purillr Stmts Omtaral Committee met
is Snerameato os Tuesday. Wa learn
tbst awry county was rapreaantad. A
Osmmittss, co notaring of Thomas H. Wil
iams, J. T. Thompson and & T. Wilkins
was appointed to express the sense ef the
fnmmltfas apes the lose of its late Chair
bus and Secretary—Humphrey Griffith
sad W. J. Hootsn. The Committee is
aaed a call for a State Conrentioo, for the
psrpnee of making Dominations for State
oOosa and members of Congress, and for
tbs transaction of other business, to meet
ia Sacramento oa Tuesday, the 14th day
of July next. " All parsons shall be en
titled to vote at the primary election who
are oppoaad to tbo principles of tbe Re
publican party, and the war policy of the
present Administration.” The Commit-
Mi Aaed the representation in the State
Conrantion tbe aame as that in the Con
tention of IMS. Tbo organisation of
Democratic Clubs throughout the State
is also recommended. In our next we
wUl publish the proceedings.
“ National MmsrasLt.”—Our citisens
bare bad tha pleasure this week of listen
ing to one of the ablest minstrel troupes
which have ever visited this city. Yes
terday evening, they gave a benefit to the
Charitable Fund of the Fire Department,
and will appear again to-night when we
expect that the house will be thronged,
as tbe enxiety to hear the flute and violin
solos of Messrs. Brown and Edmonds,
and the prayer to 11 Uncle Abe” by Mr.
Bray, will attract all those who have not
beard them. Although the company is
of recent organisation, the principal mem
bers are not entirely unknown to the pub
lic. Max Zorer, Walter Bray, Geo. Ed
monds, J. H. O'Neil, Ned Hamilton, and
J. C. Brown, we believe, have been be
fore tbe people of this State previous to
ths organization of tbe “National Min
strels.” A great many have supposed
that ths era of “ burnt cork" bad passed
•way, but a visit to these performers will
satisfy any person that there is talent and
genius enough left to still entrance tbe
admirer* of music and lovers of fun.
The beautiful ballad singing of Mr. Barn
well and the inimitable prayer of Walter
Bray are prominent feature* in their per
formances. In (act their ability and da
sire to pleass their hearers cannot but be
appreciated wherever they may go, and
w* anticipate hearing of their unbounded
success. They play in Georgetown to
morrow night
Batlit’s Exchange. —It will plesse the
traveling public to lemrn that Bayley, a
fiunous landlord, has purchased and will
hereafter keep Morse's Exchange, a fine
stand, 83 miles from this city on the Ogil
by’s road. Bayley is too well known and
popular to need any puff at our hands.
New Goods.— Persona who are in search
of something new and nice in the way of
dry goods would do well, before making
their purchases, to call upon Mr. S. Bam
berger, who is now in receipt of a large
new stock of seasonable goods. lie does
not pretend to give them eway but will
sell them so low that purchasers cannot
but be ntiaBed, not only with the goods,
but the prices. See his advertisement in
another place, in to-day’s paper, and re
member to call upon him when you want
to get the worth or your money.
SxaxxADE. —The Band—an excellent
one—connected with the National Min
strels serenaded the Democrat office on
Wednesday, for which they have our
Wi asm under obligations to Wells,
Fargo ft Co., Bradshaw ft Co., and R. S.
Hernandes for papers during the week.
Jens Ball.— Cedarville is a beautiful
tittle village, nestling in the heart of the
mountains. Socially and politically its
residents are sound. On Friday, the 17th
of next month, they will give a grand
ball, to which they invite their friends.
ArrmoMS, Neptune* !—Remember,
Neptunea, that your regular monthly
meeting comes off next Thursday, 14th
insti, at 8 o'clock r. m. A full and prompt
attendance is requested.
Election.— The Mayor has ordered an elec
tion in tbe Third Ward to-day for an Alder
man, to 811 tbe vacancy occaaioned by Jam el
Bruaie failing to quality.
Beanes, forget not'Shat the third annual pie
ale of Young America Engine Company No. S,
cornea off at Krabner’a Gardena on Thursday
next. Tbe members of tbe Compaay art ma
king nnoaual preparations for tbe accommoda
tion of their friends and gueate. Good apeak
ora bare been invited and wilt deliver addrea
eae. We may aafelv promise a merry time to
ell wtoo visit the picnic grounds, as Three’s ere
noted hr their genial hospitality.
License Gsaetso.—The Board of Bnpervi
eera, at their recent aeeeion, granted a license
to John Baker to keep a toll bridge acrose tbe
Middle Fork of tbe Coenmnea river at Buiaa’a
Bridge, for one year.
DeraetaAtno fiannam Ccebeect— At
tbe recant session af tbe Board of Supervisors
of this county, tbe following signifleant order
was passed: "Ordered that the County Tree*
titer be end be is beraby authorised to sell for
aiztv-flve cents w Uia dollar, tbe twelve hun
dred sad silty four dollars of Coiled Slates
Legal Tender notes received by bin in pay
ment tor fines imposed la criminal eases, as
per statement on file."
Bct e Dasha way Washing Machine if you
want to please tbe ladies.
imium rw«r.
It to • tort, both significant and sug
geativa, and on* which imrna tha calm
and aria— oonaidoratioa of tha Amari
aan peapta, aapaciiHy at this ticca of ohr
oatioo'a peril, that all tha wiseat, purest
and most patriotic moo of our country,
without a single exception, with remark
able unanimity, denounced the Abolition
party—that party which controls the Ad
ministration and shapes its policy.—
Statesman distinguished for their urbani
ty, who were seldom provoked even to
•peak harshly of their personal enemies,
always mentioned the Abolition party
with aoorn nod detestation. Its advo
cates and representatives were shunned
aa beings afflicted with leproosy. Jeffer
eon, Madison, Clay, Webster, Wright,
Jackson, Douglas snd a host of other
eminent snd patriotic men warned their
country mao to beware of the Abolition
party, declared that its Men were fa
natics end traitors, and predicted that if
it ever triumphed it would dissolve the
Union. They knew the leaders of the
Abolition party, their aims and purposes,
and had their advice and admonitions
been heeded we would have escaped the
terrible calamity which now shrouds our
country in mourning. In an evil hour
u brainless idiots” and traitors achieved
a victory, and dearly have the American
people paid for their folly. But they
have it in their power to retrieve their er
ror ; they can do ao by reatoripg the
Democratic party to power—that party
to wbicb the Union is indebted for all its
prosperity, greatness and glory—that
party which acquired all our territory,
including California—that party which
successively carried on wars and con
cluded peace honorably.
This dangerous snd treasonable Aboli
tion party must be put down, and it will
be, if the people follow the teachings of
Jefferson, Jackson, Clay, Webster and
Douglas, sod treat as traitors of their race
and country every advocate of Abolition
ism. The Abolition party is as treasona
ble to-day—and far more dangerous, be
cause in power, with money and place at
its disposal—as it was in the days when
the distinguished and patriotic statesmen
we have mentioned above, condemned it
The people hare tried it and hare reason
to deplore its success. It has achieved
nothing but disgrace. With a few excep
tions its leaders have swindled the Gov
ernment It has bankrupted the country
and increased the taxes a thousand-fold.
It has created an enormous national debt
and started a ruinous banking system.—
It has lavished upon its favorites, agents,
supporters and representatives millions of
dollars, the bard earnings of the people.
It has bought hundreds of Hessian editors
to advocate its negro policy and slander
the Democratic party, and employed an
army of spies to watch and “ bear false
witness against their neighbors.” To
show its contempt for free government,
for the teachings of the fathers of the Re
public, for the principles of the Declsra
lion of Independence, it prohibits the
freedom of speech, arrests and imprisons
citizens without cause or warrant, places
the military above the civil authority, en
courages mob violence, cheers the trea
sonable sentiments of Phillips, Garrison,
Clay k Co., appoints notorious swindlers
snd traitors to office, worships snd deifies
old John Brown, and denounces as traitors
all who dare question the wisdom of its
policy. It impudently proclaims that it
is “disloyal” to stand up for “ the Union
as it was and the Constitution as it is
disloyal to advocate the principles pro
mulgated by Jefferson and sustained and
enforced by Jackson; disloyal to deprecate
tbe continuance of a fratricidal war ; dis
loyal to deny that negroes are as good and
entitled to all the privileges snd rights of
white men. Such a party, infamous in
character snd treasonable in purpose,must
soon become odious to tbe A merican peo
ple. All true Americans, all who love tbe
Union, respect the Constitution ahd ren
der obedience to tbe laws, execrate it and
its policy snd its corrupt and swindling
agents. Said the venerable Crittenden of
Kentucky, at the close of his last speech
in Congress:
I am for carrying on the war provided
tbe Abolition policy be withdrawn. I am
sworn to support the Constitution, but I
am not sworn to support the Abolition
party. I have never sworn to that, and I
will never do honor to its policy.
“ Union Leagues.” —We deem it our
duty to our party and country to warn
Democrats against any affiliation with
bodies of men, styling themselves ‘‘Union
Leagues." These Leagues are nothing
more than Abolition Societies under a
new name, —the old one having become
obnoxious to the people. Who are at the
bead of them V Leading Abolitionists—
the approvers of the negro emancipation
policy of the President. The Boston
Liberator, New York Tribune and Post,
every Abolition organ, Wendell Phillips,
Carl Schurtz and Fred. Douglass, recom
mend these societies. Is not that fact
enough to put Democrats on their guard ?
Can anything pure or national or law
abiding, come from such an impure
source? Democrats, show them your
Unionism is too pure, broad and healthy
to live in the same atmosphere with men
who justify mob violence and declare they
prefer their sectional platform “ to fifty
Unions!” The leading spirit of the par
ty in this county, the brain of the party,
Sam Ensminger, stated in bis speech,
last Saturday night, that men who joined
these Leagues roust never mention the
Federal Constitution again—that instru
ment “ having been played out.” Dem
ocrats are invited to affiliate with such
men, and for what purpose ? To destroy
the Democratic party, override the Con
stitution, violate the lavra, elevate the ne
groes and rob white inen of their liber
ties. A Democrat who joins such a League
is a traitor to his principles and country.
Tk« CwMriflta MU.
Thf* <m• pet rmum of Of Admin
iairttlH. Every Abolition traitor in Con
gress worked and voted for it, and they
are entitled to all the glory that nay result
from it In a very brief time, if we mis
take not the-sign* of the tines, they will
attempt to ahirk the responsibility. It ie
popular with the rich, the merchant
princes, lawyers, lecturers, ministers and
larg?"property holders, for whose exclu
sive benefit it was originated and pissed ;
but unpopular with the great mass of the
American people, especially the laboring
classes, whom it places in a degrading
position. The rich man pays what to him
is a trifling sum and escapes the draft,
the poor mao, with a family dependent
upon his labor for support, unable to raise
the money, is ruthlessly dragged from
bis wife and children and compelled to
join the army. These precious negro
worshipers have a higher regard for
wealth than a poor white man; —the lat
ter are entitled to no privileges, ro pro
tection ; not so the former. Laws must
be made especially for their comfort and
convenience. It is reported in the Eas
tern papers that the wealthy Abolition
ists of the Atlantic States made up a
‘-pony purse" and bribed a number of
their friends in Congress to vote for it,
and knowing how corruptible the whole
party is, we have full faith in the report.
We know that their organs in this State
can be, because they have been, bought,
and we doubt if their Congressmen are
less venal than their organs. The law is
believed to be clearly unconstitutional
and has been so pronounced by the most
eminent lawyers of the country; but
what care Abolition traitors for Constitu
ion and laws win n they stand in the way
of the policy of their party ? Have they
not “spit upon ” the one and infracted
the other time and again ? It is an insult
to the intelligence of tiie people for the
followers of Sumner, Gretly, Wade, Sew
ard, Phillips, Lovejoy and John Brown
to talk about making others obey the
laws. The shameless wretches have a!
ways been the first to violate them and
to defend, justify, encourage and partici
pate in mobs.
A cotemporary thus exposes some of
the outrageous features of this precious
bantling of the Abolition party :
“It ignores State assistance, State lines,
Stale laws, and State authority altogeth
er. It takes the militia out of the hands
of the Governors of the Slates, and places
it in the hands of the President of the
United States. It appoints a Provost
Marshal in every Congressional District,
and gives him, in many respects, the
same power to control the able bodieJ
men in the district, which a military com
mander possesses over the soldiers in his
department. It permits the President to
call into service, in two classes, the entire
militia of the country, at a moment's no
tice. If a person is drafted and fails to
appear at the rendezvous, he is treated as
a deserter. No company or regiment is
allowed to have any voice whatever in
the appointment of its officers. And no
Governor or other State officer is even
permitted to nominate an officer. The
men have no choice of regiments or
branches of service; nor can the men of
particular neighborhoods claim the privi
lege of serving together. The men of a
single State or town may be sent into
thirty or forty different regiments, and
half as many armies ; and thus State and
local communities will be prevented from
taking care of their own. From the draft
when it is made, there is just one escape.
The payment of three hundred dollars re
lieves the person drafted. The man who
cannot raise this sum must go.”
As Absckditt. —The arbitrary and un
constitutional acts of the Administration
Abolition traitors justify under the sense
less plea of “ State necessity.” If State
necessity called for the destruction of the
Constitution they would destroy it—thus
making the creature greater than the cre
ator. Somebody forcibly asks, dtfl it
never strike the friends of the Adminis
tration how inconsistent it was to sup
port the Constitution by unconstitutional
mcaDS? —bow absurd the idea of its be
ing necessary to destrny the Constitution
in order to preserve it?
Abolition Ckcsade. —Mr. Gidley, ad
dressing a Democratic meeting in Lan
sing, Michigan, lately, stated that some
years ago he was standing in the streets
of Poughkeepsie, New York, in conversa
tion with Henry Clay. Mr. Clay re
marked to him :
“Mr. Gidley, before you go down to the
grave, if you live to the ordinary and al
lotted age of mankind, you will see a rev
olution in this country, caused by the
creation of sectional parties and a syste
matic and unholy crusade against the
rights of the Southern States."
Is not the Administration, by its negro
emancipation proclamation, pushing for
ward “ a systematic and unholy crusade
against the Southern States ?” Answer,
if you dare, minions of the Administra
tration ?
Extraordinary Appropriations. —The
amount of the appropriations made by
the last Congress were over twenty two
hundred millions of dollars ! What may
not a vain, weak President do with such
an immense sum at Hlfc disposal, backed
by an army of ambitious generals, an ob
sequious Congress, a venal press and a
band of sycophants and spies? If we
may judge the future from the past, the
liberties of the American people are tot
tering to their fall. A sectional party ad
ministers the Government and adminis
ters it solely for sectional purposes. All
who dare differ from that party and Rec
(ion are ruthlessly deprived of their
rights—rigbts-guarantied by the Consti
Progressive. —A full-blooded negro has
been elected village Trustee by the Abo
litionists of Potadam, New York, gays the
Albany Argus. The negro equality doc
trine is progressing.
Dows os it.— An immense wm mat*
ing ol Germans, heretofore Rspoblicane,
in Chicago,.lately, adopted* resolution
denouncing the provision in tbs oon script
bill allowing the payment of $800 to ex
empt men from the draft, aa placing that
sum of money " at par with the lift-blood
of thie poor man, who is unable to send a
substitute in the field ; and that eoeh a
privilege, granted to money, is anbveralve
of the fundamental principle of the Re
public, in which all must have equal
rights and equal duties." This abomina
ble act, pasted by cowardly Abolitionists,
says to the rich shoddy contractors and
“ lords of the loom” end other wealthy
aristocrats, give the a
trifling sum of money and you shall not
experience the hardships, privations and
dangers of a soldier's life; it says to poor
men, who cannot raise three hundred
dollars, give the Administration party —
the party that is working to paapariaa
and enslave you, your life. Phetpa and
Sargent voted for this bill, justly sntitled
“ a bill for the protection of the rich sad
the oppression of the poor."
“ Supporting tub Governmwt." —A
late examination reveals the disgraceful
fact thst on an average, for every Repub
lican member of the late Congress, ten of
his relatives are bolding fat offices under
the Administration I This is their way
of supporting the Government! They
can afford to eulogize the Administration
and slander and persecute and call on the
army to mob its opponents. Swindlers
and sycophants and traitors, well may
they dread tbe triumph of the Democratic
p» r ‘y-
A Warning. —The black-hearted Abo
lition traitors who own and control the
Sacramento Union and the still more vil
lainous vagabonds wbo follow their ex
ample, are endeavoring to inaugurate civil
war Tn this State. They could then riot
in jfobbery and assassination to tbeir
heart's content, Soch besotted insurrec
tifl(flsts forget tha teachings of history.
A distinguished .French historian moral
izing over the fall of one of these wretches,
says: “Tbe people punish their idols
for tiie crime of having seduced them.”
No truer sentiment ever fell from the lips
of man, and it would be well for the Union
and its imitators to remember and ponder
upon it.
How rns Monet Goes.—A fine new
ship, from a port in Maine, has been lying
idle in Boston harbor for a long time, un
der charter by the Government, at the
rate of $8,000 per month. The ship, it
is almost needless to remark, is the prop
erty of a loud-mouthed Abolition traitor,
a warm supporter of the Administration
nnd a slanderer of the Democratic party.
It is his interest to go for a “ vigorous
prosecution of the war.”
Good General. —A Washington letter
says the general impression is that Gen.
Hunter is a tip-top military humbug, be
is always fighting with his officera but
never with the enemy.
-4-W» » — —
Democratic Gains.— The recent town
elections in Maine show overwhelming
Democratic gains. In only one town has
there been a change for the worse, that is
towards Abolitionism. In all others the
Democrats have either carried their local
tickets or largely, increased their vote as
compared with former years. The reac
tion is going on splendidly for the Demo
cratic party, but the hirelings of the Ad
ministration, the Blaves of money and
power, the Union, Bulletin and Alta, dare
not notice the election returns. It would
displease their masters to do so.
Tree to the Letter.— Pennsylvania,
the glorious old Keystone of the Union,
has redeemed herself by repudiating the
fanatic who lately represented her in the
United States Senate, and placing in his
stesd a statesman and patriot Hon.
Charles R. Buckalew, her new Senator,
writes of the restoration of the Demo
cratic party to power as follows. -No
other party has such a splendid history t
and it will live in fadeless lustre long
after the mercenary wretches who now
villify it are forgotten :
“ Then this party, with an old hiatory
identified with the glories of the country,
binding it to sympathy and affection in
every quarter, with no selfish, local or
fanatical passions to weaken or mislead
it jewith a generous, even-handed, impar
tial, time tried creed, conformed to the
Constitution, and springing naturally
from its principles—this party, thus qual
ified to speak to the whole fend, and to
be heard with afTection and reverence,
can and will command these wild waves
of human passions to be still, and reject
ing alike the fanaticism of Boston and of
Charleston, will rebind these great States
together in enduring bonds of interest
and sympathy.”
Social Ball.— The proprietors of the
Junction Store, (on the Georgetown road,)
have issued invitations to a ball at their
house on next Thursday evening, Hay
14th. They have a large and splendid
ball room and have engaged fine music
for the evening.
Fatal Accident. — A correspondent at
Georgetown, writing under date of the
8th inst., says: “ A sad accident occurred
yesterday at Georgia Slide, about a mile
from this place, resulting in the death of
Barney Hughes, hy the caving of a bank
while at work in bis claim.
Stabbing ArrAiu. — We learn from the
Aurora Times that on Thursday night of
last week a difficulty occurred in that
town, between Mart Carrol and R. Deer
doff, in which the former was stabbed
with s dirk knife in four several places in
the shoulder and side. The wound in
the side is dangerous and may prove fatal
Ir yon don’t want a washing machine this
week go and see some of vour neighbor* nse
one, and nett Monday you'll order on# lure.
Aa luminii fcw— Amuu
10 nt Pwn Ton.—Om of the great
eat ormtora tod moot Ikmi tod wHgbt
•nod otataamen tint mr rated his rate
in Um British Parliament, Chtritt Jams*
Fox, a poo one ooceeion in Parliament,
when be was opposing the war with
France, was startled by doctrines from
British Tories, snob ss we hear from the
meaner and more despotic American To
ries—the Abolitionists of oar day. Tbs
came rile end. ■ Lrv**, ;■£! \
to power, and are willing to sell their
birthright for a bauble. Traitors to their
country and race, they respect nothing
but wealth and power. Sold the great
orator, in a burst of indignant eloquence:
“ Say at once that a free Constitution
is no longer suitable to ua; say at once,
in s manly manner, that upon an ample
review of the state of the world, a free
Constitution is not fit for you; conduct
yourself at once as the Senators of Den
mark; lay doam your freedom and ac
knowledge and accept of despotism. But
do not mock the understandings and feel- ‘
ings of mankind, by tetling the »*id that
you are Ires, by tolling me, that if, for the
purpose of expressing mr sense of the
public administration of this country, of
the calamities which this war has occa
sioned, I state a grievance or make any
declaration of mr sentiments in a manner
that may be thought seditious, I am to be
wibiected to penalties hitherto uoknown
to the law.”
Amt Raso lotions.— Why bare the or
gana of the Abolitionists so suddenly
ceased publishing resolutions adopted by
the army, denunciatory of the Copper
head Democracy and laudatory of the
Administration f Because the people
cannot be deceired by such transparent
humbugs. A Colonel of a Connecticut
Regiment, exercising the right of an
American citizen, had the audacity to
rote against resolution approring the ne
gro proclamation, and he was peremtori
ly dismissed. Had be been a private
soldier be would bare been severely pun
ished for insubordination. Capt. Star
bridge, in the 34th Michigan Regiment,
lately sent in his resignation, assigning
ss a reason that he could not conscien
tiously approve the President's policy.
He was immediately put in irons and
sent under guard to Fort Lafayette!
Lincoln and his minions tolerate no oppo.
sition to the negro policy.
Treasonable Organization. —A late
Washington letter alludes to the Western
Abolition *• 8. B.” organisation, which
has its auxiliaries in California under the
name of “ Union League,” as follows:
‘‘The story Bnds credence to some ex
tent hire that there exists in Illinois snd
other Western States, a secret associa
tion, styled the Spartan Band, organized
for the purpose of setting up a military
despot : sm throughout the country. The
organization provides for the appointment
of a colonel in each county, who is to
nominate, subject to the approval of the
principal chiefs of the district, captains,
who are to muster in and initiate privates.”
Placeitills. Mat 4th, 1843.
Board net pursuant to adjournment. 11a;
or Truer presiding.
Present—Aldermen Donahue, Stewart,Coop
er, Wilcox, Zeiss, Spenerr and Crocker.
Absent—Aldermen Blair and Baraa.
Mmutea of last meeting wars read and ap
The Finance Committee reported the follow
ing bills which were, on motion, allowed,
os tbs school resn:
Cyrus Bartlett $74 15
Hiss Leona Irvine $40 50
Total $114 65
OS TBS eaXSBAL peso.
B. 8. Hernandez $)3 00
D. Klmendocf $1 00
$14 00
AM. Donahue moved that an elect** be or
dered fir tbs Third Ward of one Aldsraies to
dll the vacancv occasioned bv James Bruaic
failing to naaliiy; also, that C. W. Mount joy
and tt L. Munson be appointed Inspectors of
election and that the 8l Louia House be fixed
as the place for holding said election.
Aid. Cooper moved to amend by striking
oet “ Hi. Louis House" and rnaertiog •• Cns
man's Furniture Slurs."
Division nailed for and amendment adopted.
Motion as amended adapted.
On motion, the bond of the City Marshal was
fixed at $4,000, and the bood of tbe City As
seaaor sad Clerk at $>.000.
Moved that tbe Clark be authorised to order
500 copies of the “ Act to re-incorporate the
city of Placerrille.” from tbe Slate Printer at
the proposed rates. Carried.
Aid. Cooper mured that we proceed to tbe
elect inn of City Treasurer. Lost.
On motion tbe Council adjourned to meet on
Monday the 11th inat., aufW o'clock p. s.
City Clerk.
la Georgetown, May Id, by John L. GriBth
OK) . BAirn Balm roam to Viboimia Vailicsa.'
“ What is there in thle ealo of lifo
More fit than etatr of nun and wife f
Where peace and loee and joy combine,
To bloat the marriage boad divine."
THE tft nr tv
— or—
Will ha held
On Thursday, May 14th. 1863,
At Krmhner'a Ranch. 1)4 mill
we«t of PUeervlUe.on the Placet
rills and Mod Springs turnpike.
The members of lbs Company will meet at the Er
glne House, at eight o'clock, a. n., in full unlfon
rroceaalon will b$ formed it nine o'clock, pn
eieely, in front of the Engine House, on 8acrainenl
street, and march to Upper Placerrille, thence to tt
xround, where ample arrangements art made ft
tbe so laymen l of all that may attend.
' Tbe Cltlsena' Brass and String Band ha* been ei
gaged for the occasion.
A cordial inrtiatiea is extended to tbe varfot
fire companies of the city, the friends of the coo
peoy, and the eitisene generally.
Addreaaeewill be delivered by Hon. H. A. Baml
tea, sod other distinguished epeakero.
Oommlfang of Arrangements.
W H Cooper, A. C. Henry.
?• Thou. Hogteu,
Joseph Baylor, 8. L McParlend,
A. Warren, W. Thatcher,
W. W. Stewart, C. K. Ohuhbuck,
Ju. L. Weymouth.
[Late Morse's)
*• ®»P*«y Prnprlotn
(Of Bay ley'• Ranch, E Dorado Co.)
S3 mi lea from Pace,
“V 1 ** Ofifaj’, Rood, soar the Junetlo
of Ihs aj Dorado Coualy Road and the 0gt
the travt£^teS^ , S?,^S t y’ r *’ '***•" “
Heto gtbertigrrofntl f *g«g
a Ml!»Mtt«ay •! May UK.
tod by i _
bio from dato to Tboa. .
r *r iMssw'S"'«■
S!a«ttJW .«%*.«M *•*» *• ■ /' ,«ft »f
•—r*-Ww - "wSTTowSTSo.
■ Dorado, May tad,
TtlutMrii B»4 This l-hc Ua <*«-
namaat of tb. ijtlaa, chaa*. of diot, wouada
j,, tnlm aad oraptiaaa, to wblob merry ool
'uattor l* U»4U. Uoro on BO raaediaa ao *ofo.
eoarmiant mod man ao HOLLOWAT* PILLS
mad OINTMENT, thanaffcly tamtad la *fca Crt
mad luUma aaepalfaa. Caly » aaatm par
raanly practical Wapitis Machlno *» l_
to the public. They ait! amah moTTtilnf.
the finest Horn to the c oararat aoolaa fabric! alth
oot injury All oho burr than la uoa proooui cc
them thr labor atrinf machine of the afa.
Manufactured by N J Pmraona, Mac a l or Poop,
Placerr.lltL Alao, CLOT It ICS WUNGIKS of Ta
rtoum mimem for mala. amaya.
Par Sato ioa for cash, by
Pman Broker,
Mala amt, nacorrtlle.
may* D. NIWBAl'U, A font.
Qua*e. Noodle a, Oiler, Serew-Drirer*
Clamp, Machine-Oil and
Printed .Directions I
FOR $20 OO !
Family Sewing Machine
Hu been declared, by all who have worked on il.
equal to any Sewing Machine ever oEcred to the
public. It :a
And it!» varraetrd to do EVERY RIND of fanfy
Sewing, on £ilk, Ldi.cu, \tu«.lrn or Colton Good* Il
usrt any filed thread from the »pool; any one can
undersuud and work it with eaae.
Full Inttructiona Oirtn
— AID —
By pvrmlmlon. thv ondervigned rwpect+oHy r+ftr*
to lb* following Udie* who have parebooed tod not
have the Machine* to um.
STEWART A SHEAR, General Agent* lor th«
Pactftc co*M, No. 8 Montgomery A, Baa Pranclaco.
I Agent for D Dorado Coaaty, Placerrllla.
Mrs T. Wflor* .PlacorriOe.
“ Jxmtt Johnson “
- W II Dooabue -
“CM. Vo»barf -
" A. B. Shove. “
•* Geo. Gillie “
“ Add# Alderaoa - “
“ June* Dunbar “
“ Wm Irahncr Krakoer'a Baocb.
“ J. W. Jacbooo JJ Dorado.
This le to certify that the enderrigned bare weed
the Sr* England Family Sr winy Machine for on#
year with entire tatislactioo, and prefer It to any
other Sr wing Machine in uae We bare worked it
constantly daring the year with eat lu getilng out of
order. We heartily recommend it to the uwbHr.
Place rrille, May td, 1868. mayBmft
Watchmaker a ad Jeweler)
(itthou) erm or j. w. nsur.)
having ta
.old stand of Mr. SKELET, on th-
I Plaaa, (adjoining O'Donnell's Thea
ter,) respect folly annoancesto the
public that he is prepared to repair or regulate
Watches and
OF ferry description. At abort notice, and In the
ben .1J it.
Diamond Work, Enameling, Chasing.
GILDING and IILTRK1NU done in the beat etyie of
the art and at the ihorteat notice.
•*« Wort I one promptly and delirered at the
time ■ pec idled. -
Mr. CULLEN u agent far the eale of tho
The simplest, cheapest sod bast Sewing Machine now
in use.
ALSO, GrESHITHISG, In general.
[This department will he under the .upereia*
ion of FRANK BECKEABT, for
'merly of Coloma. All job* done promptly
and at reasonable prices. mayt
STATE or CALIFORNIA, County cf El Dorado.—
Notice is hereby gieen that the undersigned,
Administrator of the Estate of ANTOINE LANGE,
Drree*ed. will, pureuaot to aa order of the Hon.
Probate Court In and for said County, offer (or sale
at public auction,on
Monday, tha 26th Day of May,
A. D. 1MB, at the hour of II o'doch M.. of said day
at Bocramento Store, in Logtown, Mud Springs
Township, in mid county, nil the right, title end In
term of said Deceased la and te the following de
scribed real properly lying and being In the County
and Slate aforesaid, and more particularly described
aa follows, to ult.
kasen as tha “ Sacramento Sts—,” ccntaL.iug eom i
one acre of land, bounded north by Dettredlng Ra
Tine, west by the read, south by Douglass's lot, and
east ks Sleigel's.
-M V 4Ah,A.D.U^ dml ” Wr “ CT
dotting, Brg «ooUf, Etc.
Another New Arrival
Spring and Summer Clothing
_ — CoMMlBf af
Tina Blaok. dloth li*ht and
nalaiid Oottonada
Vahrat, BtU, Kanalllaa and
Alao,_apJii Aaaortaant^ofBOk.BaaTar.
•»?* Wii
— raio poa —
fcT'Thanhfal la my palraaa tmSnmi knn, I
nwpwetfail/ art a eontiaaaaca a» tha aaaaa, aad wW
■pare do ebrt to aaerii their i
I* »AI
Hast deer to Pert
AT ns —
H*V NO porehaeed the latcnal ef Hr.
Id tte eetahliefcaieae, reap
co'illnaance of the liberal patre
thr old llrm. He mprcttallj l
that h* l.«e Jut recrlred a large lareiee of ■
•eaeooable (nod*, which nake> hie deck of
One ef the Bent in the Mount nine, coweftH
pert, of
Fine Rick Cloth end n—crtod
Caeetmere Mt*; Cnesineem DuMneee Os tie,
end Vitte t fli
Hels of every style. ■
Boots of s 1 qualities. *t»w
Benkert’s. Godfrey’s, Wing**,UnderwoodV
Union, Metropolitan*. Be.;
Mission Mill* Blankets. nil color*:
Under nad Over iMtirts; liras
Also, A Splendid AenoTlmAAt
Gents’ Furnishing Goods!
Doris tnd Jones’ White end Renew
Merino Undershirts and lirtvm;
Cravats. TVs. Collars. Handle
Kid. fMk.Tlirrjk«l. Burk nod Wolton OlsTts;
Merino, Woolen and Cotton f
etc . of every description.
Together with n large variety of other nrtirtae. Iso
namemut t* me»•»»..»*. all of whieh ho will asR nt
the LOWOT CA-II HATES. He will nttde by Up
motto. Quick sale* and nmnll profttt.
He eoheiis nn evaaitretion of hie stock and prison,
guaranteeing to nil who pure knee of kin the sneel
m;* factory results.
Of the Improved Pattern, atwapa oa I
At of which will bt add t*tj LOW I
■ar** P. SILBEBMAjnr.
Has jvst «rcnvro the uunrin
Spring and Summer Clothing
Iim kroagkl to Lhi. markfl. which h« iSn at SS
cceJingtj low prices.
Tins BUck Frock Costa ;
Cssslmere Buiidcu Costs;
Blue Flannel Suits;
Black Doe'kin Bants; .
Silk. Velvet and Marseilles Vasts,
Bankart’s Boots and Shoes;
Spring Style Silk and Cass. Hats;
Dsvis and Jones* Shirts;
And a general aaeortswat at
Trunks. Valises. Carpet Baca, eto., ala.
Of all atm, eoaataatlj sa head.
Geatleiaea are in riled to give ms a sell hsMwa
par chasing, as 1 hart as SMsrtMSnt of poods ftwM
which Um tail, of Iks Most favtdlsss T* M Sa
ks suited.
raia sea
County Warrants sad Odd But
X- S.—Ms* Goods rocsirsd svsry Wash.
Mala street, under Masouk Han.
Haa received
a haon incorr ASQoxncaHT
Fancy and Staple Dry Goott
Of Iks Latest Styles and of Every Ttrsrilpllse
~ AISO, —
All of which vlU ks said
Ths Ladles era lewttad te Call
Kxuaalae nay Mask.
“« 18 Mala sC, asartks nsaa.
HAVE now In atom Um mN nsnmialn mH*.
ment ul newly imported
0T Ever offered for sals la fLAOTkflUX J0k
Every department vttt toe Ibud MI STENT (M
Which ws arc determined to sell at vary lav arissss
Our assortment of ths feUavtag gtsle seaast
ks surpassed ia any market: 1
French Marines;
Bich Printed Cashmeree;
Frenoh Prints;
Merrimack and other AmsrteMk CM*
All-wool Plaids and P lainoa I
Foulard Palaina; *
Cotton and Wool Detains, now atylG>
Travoling-Dress Poods;
Black and Colored Silks;
Cloaks; isroone and saawisI
A large assortment of Thnatlngg aa|
Carpets and Oilcloths;
Pants’ Furnishing Poods, ate.
Mr* Ladles am rtspeetfsUy lovhsd te sag sad
Mamins nn enfuis

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