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fountain gemocrat.
•• w. otLwrccfl. ora ns» joiijurro*. «•. a. j ,»srarv . rnirr»:».
Blank Affidai *, l'iuirrtakin;* and Writ* of Atta-h
■*nt. under the kfh ua, for talc at thu Ulhov , also.
Blank Declaration» of llumotead.
JO»E P 11 LA\ E ,
Democratic County Central ( ommlitrr.
Th« mrmbert of the Democratic Counts tVntralCom
■mice are *arnrMly rcq'icsU d to inn-t. at the office of
the Mountain DrMocRAT, on TIirUSDAY, Aiwmi
23d, at 2 o'clock, P. M. liut-im-ss of inijfjrtuncc. r» -
quinnf prompt action, njJI be hrnuffht before »hr fon:
Milter. A ferrerai attendance ia urgently r*- ,u .-ted.
D- \V. GKLWICK9, Chairman.
CuAilta Meredith, Secretar}.
New Aukanoemknt. —On and aftir Wed
nesday next, the Mount - in Democrat aviti be
issued semi weekly. It «ill be a largo and
handsome paper, whose appearance will re
flect no discredit on our city or county, and
we shall endeavor to fill it with instructive
and entertaining miscellaneous and political
reading, as well as to make it a truthful citron
icier of the most important events of the day.
The liberal patronage heretofore extended to
UF, leaves no loom to doubt that wc shall be
sustained in onr new enterprise, liberally and
cordially, by the ever generous citizens of Pia
remile and El Dorado county. It will be
published on Wednesday and Saturday mor
Conncspovn with tue Demociut. —Wo sin
rerelj’ trust that onr fin-nds in every locality
in-the county will give tu an account ofUht
prospects of the party, ns well as furnish us
with all matters relating- to the organization
of Democratic Clubs, Ac. We are just enter
ing upon an (\ iting coldest, ar.d hope our
friends «ih see the piopriely of furnishing us
with whatever transpires in their immediate
localities. We desire to keep our readers
posted, and to expose the schemes and correct
the misrepresentations of oar wily and un
scrupulous foes. They have emissaries in
every precinct, hired to spread false reports
and to villify prominent Democrats. These
hirelings must he • spotetl, and the most effect
ual way to expose them and put a stop to their
brar n iTnootry, i-, to publish them in the
Democcat. Seed us facts, and they shall ap
pear, no matter whom it may olfend. That
responsibility well assume.
Repcblicax Convention.— William Tones,
Chairman of the Republican Cminty Central
Committee, Ins issued a call for a county con
vention to be held in this place on the Itlih
of September. The primary meetings are to
he held on the Sth of September. . The con
vention will be composed of one hundred and
sixty delegates. The Republicans arc hope
ful and active, arc thoroughly organized, and
will nominate a full ticket and support it, not
as hereto'-r •. fuse w ith the Ar.ti-I,c-’nmnton
ites. It is useless In ili s. d«e the fuel, sine
the rm tun ir ili •!' cerati. • tnirv tin ir
noni «rs have h en greatly im. reused, and
men will not now decline to run on their tick
et. If unsuccessful, which they will bo, they
will demand their reward from Old Abe, in
the event of his election, which they regard
as certain.
Tnc Opra \ Tiion’t;. Four members of the
English Opera Troupe, headed by Miss Rosalie
Durand as prima donna, gave two concerts a!
O'Donnell’s Theater, in the early part of this
week, to very sparve sudietiei-s. Same por
tions of their entertainment were certainly
excellent ; but, taken ns a whole, rur citizens
were SOmew bat disappointed, owing, in a great
measure, to the overweening system of puf
fery resorted to by the press of Sacramento
and the Bay City. They expected too much.
The Enthusiasm e<‘k IlHErui'HtooE.—From
our Atlantic exchanges, received on We hus
day, wo have the must glorious news in reLr
enee to our nominees. The Democracy every
where arc wild with delight, and tilling the air
with loud hurrahs fonour gallant ticket, Even
in New England, the hot-bed of Republican
ism, the true Democracy and the conservative
men of other parlies, are rallying under the
Breckinridge banner. There is not sufficient
opposition in the South to make the contest
Fkom the Summit. —Friend McCoy has been
furni.-diing the melting denizens of Flaccrvillo
with snow from the summit of the Sidra Ne
vada?, during the week. Though not equal
to the crystal blocks of Sly Park ice that friend
Teddy has heretofore been wont to furnish us,
yet is it a fair substitute therefor. lie has
our thanks for a copious supply during the
Hon. 11. C. llahkis. of Kentucky, who was
lately a member of the Douglas Executive-
Committee, repudiates squallerism and comes
out for Breekinii Ige and Lane. The “second
sober thought'’ i-. beginning to operate, and
before the election the “Old (inani" will once !
more present an unbroken front to the enemy. ,
One Sideiu — Tilt rq po-ition party of Ala
bama, in convention ass-unblul at Montgomery ,
on the 2d of July, repudiated the nominations
of Bell and Everett, and declared their pur
pose to support Breckinridge and Lane. Other
Southern States will follow the example set
them by Alabama.
Fuank Mele, on account of ill health, will
offer the Olilo Hotel, with all its furniture and
fixtures, at public aucti rn to-day, at 10 o’clock.
This is an excellent opportunity for any one
desiring to enter into the hotel business.
Commenced. —The erection of a firn proof
store lias been commenced on Stony Point,
opposite Odd Fellows Hall, l.olliy A Noe are
the builders, for Joanna Santana.
L. Elkus, iu order to make room for hi
fall supply, will begin to-day to dispose of hi
entire stock of spring and summer goods ai
cost Rare bargains may be anticipated.
Lest* Natck.k.— Wc were shown yester
day, at Black’s saloon, a chicken, two weeks
old, having four distinct legs. The curious
ran have a look at it gratis.
Tommy, of the “Greyhound,” will accept
our thanks for the cooling “remembrancer’
placed upon our tabic on Thursday last
Until the Blark Republican party had fath
ered its present strength, its leaders endeav
ored to convince the Union-loving masses that
they had no intent to interfere with the insti
, tution (.f slavery a* it at pi.unt esist-. but
that they desired, merely, t pn vei l itsexten
sion. Jhey even wet»l >•> tar. in some in
i stances, a.-> to denounce .Muditnud-ts as hold,
had men. They di.-iainied all a-- -latnn
| with, or interest in the movements of Oani
son, i’lii.ins, Gcrmt Smith, ami zealots of
that class. But now a feeling of security and
approa -i.ing triumph begins to pirvadc the
Black Republican numi of the eonnlrr—what
a change is perceptible! Slight, if any. •■(Tot
is nmv made to conceal the teal object of the
Black Republican organization. Almost openly
. they avow a determination to abolish slavery
at any cost to the peace of the country, or to
the rights of their Southern brethren From
every «piarter proofs come n. us, of jl| L . co»,
rectmss of-th(-i*views. Fromaiit Black Re
i, . •
puiincan press, from Black Republican orators,
and from the Black Republican pulpits through
out the land. To these latter, more than all
other instrumentalities, is due the fury of fanat
ic isin, which exists on the subject of slavery,
for yeast past, in the Kastern cities, men of
talent, solemnly consecrated to (he service of
that great and gco.l Being whoso nfflcc it was
to inculcati- ■' peace on earth and good will
among men," have been prostituting the pow
ers conferred upon them by a benilicent Cre
ator, to stir tip strife, and premia- f.atirnal
discord. Sabbath after Sjh'bath, instead of
P> inling out to their auditors the* rou«l to sal
vation, and enforcing those moral precepts cal
culated to make their ft-lloev-bcings bitter in
this world, and fit them for enjoyment of the
next,--these renegade ministers •.( the gospel
of Christ, have stiiven to indarno the violent
passions of hatred and malice in the breast
pof Ittvir hcV; e is, to wa fi! s n..i— «.f their own
race anti blood, who dilfer frotn them on the
question of African slave ry. Nor has Califor
nia been exempted from the baneful indm-nce
of the presence of one of these traitors to lu
ti «d ami his country, within her ow n bo-ib-rs.
In the person of the Rev. T. S'aiT King, of
San Francisco, wo it ml one of these radical
and intemperate missionaries of fanaticism,
i Why do we so assert ? For this reason. On
I the occasion fif the Uie ftttmvcrsjtrv nf thn
Hri ti-sli \\ est I ml?.a i -infilici i**n % lie partici
pated in the jubilation nf his sooty peers and
admiuis, snd in an address delivered then,
u>td the following seditious and unpatriotic
langmgc :
“ The gi<x H (A**t fP. r nf »hc ! i-* hjndr- dv« a*s w
D'*t when Adams and .lelteis »r « » re Ji«ed Will, the
spini t.f libri iv, nor when our Heroes nut in Dota
di. Iphin It* the Ile I.» r a 1 1* • n *t Imlt nemiei.e.* ;
hi I tiiiit day wlu n the ■. t i»Ji nit.*«n 1 1 :«ij .a n.tiJi- «ns
of money t-n the tal k* of tl,.- M mse of Pomm -ns, in
ret ei enee fur a principle tiiat had In en only taught
he ft oc u s an ah'tract truth.’’
'J his is a fair iihistntinn of the for vitv of
Black Republican madness. A palpable proof
of the lack of all patriotism, in the Black Re
publican heart. One of their most gifted,
spiritual and politica! leader?» I#• •.d■ \” dt dares,
that the release from bondage of a million of
degraded nsgrtw, hy uhi h release liny have
been precipitated into a still deeper gulf of
degradali. »n and im inedi iblc .viar» hy, is » f
mure moment and value* to ti» • hu.i.i •*.
than the enfranchisement of the many miilioi;.,
of tchtU men,—accomplished hy the Declara
tion of American Independence.
Kntortaing such views, who can hesitate to
believe that the Black Republican?» will essay
the emancipation of the negroes of the .South
at a.l hazards— il they once become invested
.with that numerical or political power likely
to in. viro - liceo.» y
Or.e oin»*r evidence r*f thi- being their ulti
mate intent, and wc arc done. F rom an ex
change we make the appended extract, repb tc
with significant facts and illustration :
“ I. ine >!n \\.\n the ch -ice • f ’ey f. r Pre-liient,
and H is w.-!l k’j ovM that he i- 1 1 • • I. - id tn.m
of Abolitionism, and the f"!!**u i g *p* • li, r« <a i?i|\
ddivereii io New V"ik Ova Mr. I'uhi-< i: . a fi ict.d of
(ire» le», shows what art* Ihe real intention» of the
Republican imi tv :
• Tb"ia* can be no hw for slat err, n<*l.itv f -rib
bery, for murder. for ; iracy, * * * *■
What ean wc say* Wliv, up e.an *»av. ‘School j*
out : letv« rraxt hp-Tnvnf Ttrr h » „ f ,. j, ;:t
is time tor action !’ ll* adì i-i dun appeal to i.irns ;
fh.it ••.cry man should leu weapon» „|,.J become
l.iinilinr with their use, 11-w lift!.* * .wer, said he,
would if take to whin; the necks of «laveh Idei s'
The slaves ali undo stand wbnf Ins been d »m* in ih •
.I'-hn Brown until r. I saw a tubili ve from Florida;
ho said they understood a J| ab<* .t it; it only needs
tiiw help »f "hires to hick up Ilo* slaves ir. iLc r
tdl-Tts, utli •bev would altikv fur fncd-- l4i<
• Wlml cay bv d‘»nv* C-dl fljv ” jO,OCO J. Wb‘ld
ers the devils they afe; seek their deslni- tii n. Tall
voiir meetings and convention»*; say f-» them, ‘Give
liberty to the slave ; boy weapons and learn to use
th**ni. and be ready to help «hem to freedom.’ Mr.
Pi me arose and -uiil he li »d advocated this p. si»j..n
f-r the ten yaw. Mr. Pmnuni said. *!• t il.mi
bo j.. read\ to join the mifroes, and the slave
power will soon come to an end.’
Another jjreiitlctnun thought it best tvi proceed -
cauti* 'isly, in order to do their work all the more
etlci'tively. Here we (piote again :
‘There must be a first stop, and the Republican
party are trying to take that step. That will be
tfoincthiii)'. and m tie r ght direct: »u.’ ” ,
Such manifcfciUiiion.s as these, unveil tin* *
trulli, and must, before it is too laic, exhibit
to the gaze of the American people, the dan
Serous principles on which they stand, and
the teirihlo abyss of ruin and national woo
into which they will be plunged, whenever
Black Republican counsels shall prevail in the
Administration of the Government.
Tur. CiiAiucTEit op Bupt-KiMuni.i:. Frank
Tiiford, in his late apeech in San Francisco,
afte»* a lengthy (letali of tin.* incidents in the
life «if John (*. Breckinridge, thus sums tip ’
the argument in reply to Mclb.itgaFs assertion
that Breckinridge is a negative man;
On ad (jUf'ti .n.» bearing ditectly on the inl*-n*hls
of tin* Fat itic f’oiist, Mr. {{reckinridge v •t.,*d with i
I lie t’alifoi ma His reei-rd in Congress 1
iminiftfHtrt his devotion to the welfare of our State,
and assurance that, if elected, he would deem the ‘
(••nnpletion of the Alfuntic and Pacific Railroad the l
erowning glorv of his adinmistration. The rest of .
Mr. Breckiniidge’> oncer i' well known to the
country. ll*‘ has been railed »i man of nejnlive
tl.aruder, without any (d the «piahlh*»* reoniaite for
i leader. With the record of his history 1 confront
the Hccusor, and contradict the accusation. Review
his career, and f- r ynuriutlves (h-coie wf.ethers» man
! will.out ability, nniy f Inrf \ nine yearn of age, eould
•btain tie* position which Mr. Breckinridge now oc*
vtipus. You I*nd htni, when a mere youth, in com- 1
I maud *.f a regiment, li«>m N’era ( i n/, t*. the (*• fy of
Mcxic'i — la I**!!'a mcinh(-r of the hcgisl.iinte of his
native Slate —l*»r fonrvi irs the a* know leader
of the lieinocratic party in flic Ibnisv of Represen- 1
tativeM— in 1 -.a» nominat' d, without expectation or
'"licitatimi on his own pin t, Vice President of the
Culled Maleg—only a few weeks ago placed in the
Senate by the almost unanimous voice of Kentucky
—now nominated, by a National party, to thehi'jh
est position in the power of a people to bestow.
Who can arrest bis onward flight ? Like a young
•*:iglc. be will soar, with fearle»» eye and sparkling
jdiimage, to the proudest heights of glory, while
the shafts of calumny launched at him will fall
burmlesa to the earth. “That’s true.”
Dam auks Allowed. — The Board of Super
visors have allowed damages as follows: To
persons through w hose lands the Wisconsin
Bar and Sacramento road passes ; Mr. L. Rich
irdson, SIOO ; Wif har* V Keefer. $350 : I<aac
Mai thy. SSO
From all the indications which rudi us,
from «very direction, of the present position
of parties, it is evident that the Black Repub
licans are zealously end- nvuii'ig to play a trick
upon toe !>• annerisce and the- Dmigla.-ites.
flint friek t’<ui»i»t» in tiie ripetiti. ol of the
harsh noni» u-erl by tlic fiieinl» «■(' Mr. Itoti
irla- against the Democracy and the severe
retori» inaile by the latter. The lle-publii aits
fancy that they can incite the dominant par
ties to sue!) hostility agaim-t cadi oilier that
their nun ipiiet operations, in the way of se
ducing voters iute» their suppoit, w ill pass un
noticed. They ‘inllur hope that they will so
exasperate tiie foilowirs of Douglas, that, if
the Dmitrlasites find themselves likely to he
in a minority, in tins or other States, they w ill
rally to the support of Lincoln, rather than
aid the election of Breckinridge or Lane. It
intime for the attention of the opposition to
Black Republicanism to be attracted to this
manumvering of the ir adversaries. However
widely the adherents of the Illinois Senator
and the Democracy may differ, it is unques
tionably true that the great mass of noth par- j
tiis would infinitely prefer the triumph of
either to the success of Lincoln and his herds j
of negro-worship*)s. As men of sense, then, !
it is time that followers of Breckinridge and I
. 1
Douglas should c ase their internecine w arfare ,
against each other, an I direct their batteries j
towards the ranks of the Republicans. Kvery ]
day, in the present conduct of affairs, is widen (
ing the breach between the two divisions of I
the Democracy—and inuring t> the benefit i
and popular accretion of that horde of fanat
ics. who, fw the gratification of their.sectional
hatred, would trample the C"n»tituli-.*n into
the du»t.
- 1 - ■
Remivi Orr.—Th- Sacramento raion and
kindled print-, edited hy men of Abolition ;
ptoclieili-s, hy m-n who have never vo*edh ‘
Democratic tick'd, are gravely talking about
reading all the loyal Democrats who support
Breckinridge and Lane out of the party. —
Democrats who have never wavered in their
allegiance to parly, who have freely devoted
their energies, their lime and their means to
the success of the good old cause, without
pro-pi. tor de.-iro of reward, are coolly p-a !
out of the Democratic party hy men who
never entertained a Democratic feeling—never
uttered a Democratic sentiment—never voted
a Democratic tick'd. Bit a fu w month» ago
some of the leaders w ho aio pnw loudest for
Douglas were denouncing the Demo raiic par
ly. We pity the f dlowers of sm-li Dadei-.
Dur Democracy differs essentially from ih- ir-
U c r.ru no changeling, ready to desert prim i
pie fui a temporary triumph. The principles
i f the Democratic party arc the same now- a»
they were years ago. Me advocated them
tin n—we advocate them now. Oilers may
prove false to them, vvu shall not. We were
reared in the Democratic faith, have never ab
jured it, never shall. We follow no leader
who sacrifices principles for personal aggran
disement. Others may—it is their election,
nut ours.
- ~y
Cm- fiiamoE 11. Mmiiiow, a representative
from the First District in the Baltimore Con
v > ’un, d : I :•'• •ad'h'lnw v. If the other
Ki-nincky delegai »; nut he is out and out
for Brickintidgc and Lane. Col. Bra il,y, of
the same district, and Judge Williams, a dele
gate for the State, are al-o out for the Demo
cratic nominees. The Douglasites claimed
them, and boasted that they would cairy their
district for Douglas, but they have changed
their tune since the delegates have announced
themselves for Ureekintidge. A similar change
i- going on throughout the M ust and .South.
It i- not claimed hy any one that Douglas is
certain of carrying a single Slate ; Democrats
know this, and know, too, hy volli g f-.r him
they indirectly vote for Lincoln. This con
sideratimi alone induces many intelligent and
prominent I toiiglas men to change their course.
If their favorite had the slightest pm.-piet of
sure -s they w ould adhere to his fm tunes, but
knowing the In pilessness of ids prospects,
and unwiiiing toassist Lincoln, they are (lock
ing to the Breckinridge standard.
Tin- .Stimmi Annrvii.M. —One of tlic strong
est argument »r.ow-a-days offered hy the Blacks,
to convert the wavering, is the declaration
that Lincoln is hound to win. They insist
that nothing hut a miracle can prevent this,
now. They aver, mat «1.. y see *• the hand
writing on the •vail.” For the honor of the
American name, it is to he hoped ilia» no con
siderable number of voters can be influenced
by such contemptible suggestiuns. Be the
man, whomesoever lie may, who will yield bis
honest convictions of political duty to such
reason, and though tlic Democratic party were
seven limes defeated, in the name of that par
tv, we hid such an apology for a mini, to rush
at once into the arms of the negro-worshipers.
He and all his sympathizers and coadjutors,
arc until to lie disciples of Democratic trulli.
All such—
•* Lit inp ••liiill forfeit f.»ir renown.
And, doiiMy (Ivmp, Miall do un
T • the vii»* dii»!, from w!u*inv tilt*v sj»rut»£,
Unwept, unlioiiored, ant! unmit
Fai.i.inu into Line. —Kvery Old Line Demo
cralic paperi» California, uncontaininnted with
Republican proclivities, has liuisted the Breck
inridge ami Lane Hag. Wo were prepared to
see a few of them throw off the hypocritical
mask they have long worn uneasily. Kdited
by men Republican in feeling, they found a
favorable opportunity to appear in their true
colors ami declare their real sentiments, and
they embraced it with eagerness. For the
present liny are with Douglas, but after the
election they w ill he in the ranks of the Re
publicans, where tln-y properly belong. We
congratulate the Republicans on the accession
of such men to, their ranks, and hope to lie
spared the painful necessity of chronicling
their return t" the Democratic parly. M’e are
pleased at tin ir defection and would be sorry
to bear that they had repented ami begged to
be again admitted into tin: Democratic church.
■* »-
Look at the Rkcoki».— Mr. Hamlin, tlic
nominee of the Republicans for the \ ice Pres
idency, as a member of the House of Repre
sentatives, voted against tlic joint resolution
to annex Texas. He voted for tiio M’ilmot
Proviso, in 11? 17, and in 1850 against the Fu
gitive Slave law. He has always opposed, no
matter how fair and reasonable, every propo
sition that bad a tendency to advance the in
terests of tiie Smith, lie is an Abolitionist of
the Garrison school, and as much of a fanatic
on the slavery question as the « orsi of bis
By any contingency in the chapter of acci
dents, should the Douglnsitcs get control of
tin! next Legislature, it will he amusing to
notice the tnano-uveis of the three |n iix-ij<al
I ivo le. f>r the Vni tell States Senatorship, l.e
longing to that faction. (•( course, we mean
M> Inoltrai, Hoge ami Randolph. Doubtless
there will he other aspirants, aneli as tinlliilh,
Nugent and Denv.r, hut everyhodv knows
they havn’t the ghost of a rlnince for success.
< •( the three political nags we have mentioned,
Randolph has the inside track at this time,
lie lias always supported Itonglss. while Mc-
Dougal and Huge (liekered, faltered, and linallv
f. H away from him, last year. Randolph was
ever the steadfast friend of Brc.-kimidge,
while Me. and Joe. feared and fought shy of
him, if they di i not hate him. Randolph has
no political record of sufficient importance to
he attacked, while Me. and Joe., though not
very long or very prominently in public life,
are vulnerable at scores of points—there are 1
daws in tie ir political reputation largo enough 1
for a rahl it to jump through without turning !
his hair. Randolph has “no friends to reward, i
no enemies to punish,” within the limits of'
his own fiction. Me. an I Joe. are old hacks '
of party, w ho are under all sorts of obligations 1
to all soils of men, and arc tilled w itli animos- j
ities and heart-burnings. Randolph is a man |
of brain», a credit to any parly. Me, lias lost, ]
or is gradually losing by disease, whatever |
portion of such interior decoration:; of the I
'Lull he may have nnee had, and Joe. never |
was more than a third rati Illinois politician. I
Finally. Randolph is a man of courage enough !
to he a leader, w hile of Me. and Joe. the Sac
ramento /!■ ' >ays, “ they are political w ealin-r- ;
vat.ca —turning to every brecz". They have
no* the courage to lead a party of political
dromedari s. They are no more lit to be placed
in lite fi I .111 rank than w ere tin- volunteers who
rat. fr-m the Lwiinns at the Tnr-krr; and left
poor Meredith to he murdered.'* I
On the w hole, theref. ic, of the three rivals,
if lue Dong’a»ifi-s win, we thick Randolph
bids fair to he several lengths ahead, in the '
race I r the Senatorial sweepstakes.
Bf.owivu Hot axp Com,—The opposition
p: > ss are driven to extremes to bolster up their 1
sinking cause. They are full of the silliest
.eoutradiothms -As tt c.t«r in prtnT wc iv ‘
the following from the Cincinnati /:
“ T it- pr.-v, eet I -w- Is that I.irc. 'n und lluinhn
«ill 1- vvididrawn le. ite I!-! o' ..ns. ..i iì lìieek
in:ijg ; .’.n.) 1,41.. siibsiituted in Un ir places.’*
In a*. other e umn it asserì-, that
“Tt -iisnnl«.f g-ir.r* n.trnn» n' c:- wM-Teni ta
le ■ Uf i teie;-..ian .. ii.a RrpnliUcar
I ri - -lisce , i, .I* >\ir--im S-.iii,e-ru ù,
li.-ods. Mill te w litote e. iti, Mr I*. teli-. ”
A ll.it ciinlraieli iii. 1 ite /. "/niffr de
ciaf > on the on.- hand that Br.vkitiri Ige and
Lane will he supported by the R,q uhlicans;
aid upon the oth.r. that the Republican», on
account of “ the extrem. Southern domar. is'
of flic party that nominated them, wi ’ " now
unite with Mr. Douglas” We know not how
it may he el-evvhere. Imi we do know- in this
county a ninni, er . t men who voter! the Anti-
Lecompt-.n ticket la-l y.-ar, are now anient
Ut.: vi ,v, —l dm I’ Male. Republican P- n
a! N- llanin*l-Ì!- -, wb-M- opini .in» the
liv pu-'o.aios e-vr ry w in-tv Indus.-, in a s; ,-..*h
in the Senate, made the I .', ,w;::g assetti-.r. in
relation to the- enforcement of the Fugitive-
Slave law It plainly indicates the delibera
tive intenti-vini of the Republican leaders, and
unmask» the by poetise of their pf t-ssi-n. of
love f r lite law# and tie- Constitution. They ;
woul 1 trample both under foot, and should!
they attain ] .-.ver would v.o'an tinnì with ut
hesitation Let not a sk. ò-t'.n faction in any
section of the land poi# n the well-spring of
public sei.tiiiient. Ih- sai 1
** l niit») «*r •!iw»i»ii in, if <»v«*:* Mia! !nw iifif|-*rlf»kcn
• ■ I ■ **nl *rc» «l Mfi.tn n ciii/cn • ! *nv wh.iu-vrr
'•-•I* r, •? .f ,w i. 11 *I•• »• t i ki'ii V» ! .• •■i-.f.ircvd,
;f I !•*. vir f- 1 it t • rury , n.u » t :iii*’.*«i to llit*
n t*| '"ir l.iw.-i tu t.| if-t » it ìmJ».
il u- i / •-, I m i,->t tfr.<•/,'. j.r. v,>,irir
at a!!, it v\• have m tiiidei a.”
- • » *•*» •
V* fir r;* a«* Inivi* hf»**i al It* to Irani, the Sfato
miti (' unti foiiiuiittiiw tlm-h-.i a* I Hows; Sialo
r«ifni«,iii. •*, 14 l**r anfl *j_'ti»r Mr»rkinn.lyo ;
Ml I>»»;*iid t, J f r I)ftti* iff,•fktQi'hlgo.
va it ihnvcri’t.
We are fired to h.-live tin- above a w illful
misrepresentation. We take il for granted
the editor of the 1/nnnrriit is nut an idiot.—
Conceding this, we must conclude that he
wrote the above knowing it to he false. The
proceedings of both Committ-es have been
published. In the Stale Committee, 2ti ware
for Breckinridge, 10 f..r Douglas. Niue out
of the twelve members of the Committee of
this c--mity were for Rrcckinridgc, one for
I)',ugia#, one òco-CùUiniittal, and otic has n--t
been heard from. The Sacramento Union re
iterates lite falsehood, knowing it to be Mieli.
Anueew 11. lli xrr.K, long the leader of the
old Whig party and their most eloquent and
influential Klector in the Charlestown (Va. i
district, has expressed his determination to
support Breckinridge and Lane. From pres
ent indications, the mother of Stales and
statesmen, will give an almost unanimous vote
for the Democratic candidates. Phc has never
faltered in her allegiance to the Democratic
party, and in tiiis contest she is ambitious to
give Breckinridge and Lane the largest Demo
cratic majority of any State in the Union.
She has hut few degenerate sons on her own
soil, whatever they may he when absent.
Let it not he forgotten that Abraham Lin
coln, when in Congress, mini oynlimt a hill
granting nut hnmlirrl ami » .1/7)/ am » of lami
to fruii of thr roluntiein who mrerd in the
Mrxifan mi r.' He thus sought to visititi#
wrath upon the patriotic men, young and old
who, at the call of their country, marched to
the battle-field. While they were suffering
innumerable hardships and privations in their
country’s cause, he was unwilling to reward
them for their services. He took the part of
Mexico against his own country, and hated
the men who volunteered in her defence. Is
such a man lit to be President 9
The Chicago iJnnoernt, Lincoln's organ in
Illinois, declares that Charles Stunner’s late
brutal and infamous manifesto, rc-cchocs sim
ply the opinion of the Republican candidate
for President—“ that Abraham Lincoln in
dorses every word and line of it.” Had he
the ability and opportunity he would give ut
terance to similar sentiments.
District Colui.— ln pursuance of an order
of Judge Myers, made at the solicitation of
members of the bar, the August term of the
District Court for this county, will be ad
journed until the first Monday of P^ptcmber
Democracy Stili. Lives.—There was never
a greater delusion propagated than |)iat the
present position of the National Democratic
party is indicative of diaaolutlon or decay
With its opponents, “the wish is father to
I the thought." It is not dead. It ttoes not
even sleep. It is full of enthusiasm, of life, of
vigor. A party founded upon iniiniitahlv
principles like those upori which rests the
Democratic organization, can never die. Those
principles have received the indorsement of
the w isest and purest statesmen and patriots
of our country, and the masses are wedded to
them. The personal di sa (lections of 1848—its
splits and secessions. led to no permanent
injury to the party, hut, on the contrary,
strengthened its hoods for the overwhelming
victory of 1 8Ò2, and preserved it in solid col
umn for the successful field of 1 Sòl!. Defeat
purifies it—estranges from it the vascillaling
and unprincipled, the timid and aspiring, who
join a party solely for spoils. So long ns intel
ligence and patriotism control the action and
animate the hearts of the people, so long will
the. Democratic party flourish in undiinmed
Coivo to take THE Stump.— The Sacramén
to /?<< says our gallant young Senator, Hon.
M. S. Latham, has pledged himself to stump |
the State for Breckinridge. He opens the
campaign to-night in Sacramento. He is one
of the nm.-t powerful and effective stump i
speakers in the State—irresistible before a j
mountain audience, and willbiing hack to the ■
true faith hundreds who have been led astray
hy d .signing demagogues and ambitious as
pirants. The people know, admire and have
confidence in the unimpeachable integrity
and uncompromising Democracy of Milton S.
New ,l.f'wei.kv Estahi ishmes'.—From a card
i:i Olir advertising columns, it will he seen
that W.SeiJy T of LV.mna, and
Culh-n, of this city, have opened n Jew dry
estati fshinent on M on str- ct, above the Thea
ter. They hare now in store a good assort
ment of gold ami silver watches, jewelry,
clocks, etc. Both of In esc gentlemen are prac
tical jewelers, and arc well known throughout
this county as most accomplished workmen
in the vaiious blanches of their art. They
will keep a general assortment of everything
111 Tlrtr llli'e, Hi.el will i.so manufacture any"
arliclc at short notice, in the best sly!-.-, and
-■ii the in- -t reas-naVc terms.
Ratification Mt.i ting.—The real unadul
li rated National Democracy—the bone and
sinew—the incorruptible and uneltangt-aMe—
bold a ratificali n uieeiii g lu-nigbt in Sacra
no: to. The melting W 111 he addies-ed by the
popular ard eloquent Latham, Senator Benja
min. and other distinguished speakers. It is
statuì that C -i Slii. Id—gallant soldier’
will be present. Ihe ft finds of Itnckinri-ige
and Lane will make such a demonstration as
w ill carry cin-leMialioii into tin ranks of tin*
■ppositioii, and induce the unvoting to take
silos with the true D in icracy.
Panni (.'carte ('■>. The Pacific t/mrtz
''ompany are again running their null, which
had been idle for some lime past in const--
■ jiiciicc of il.e ('■•uipai.y not !■• jog able (■• find
’■■lying rock in tilt-li had. Now, we under
■"at'l. tin crushing ( \ce< ciingly rich
I•■ 1,, lately si! uck in their main loni.il, and
al.■■, n( | t ar« to be inexhaustible. We w isti
them hi k. and will be glad to announce that
stock in the company stands at the old ligure.
The stockholders are enterprising and amiable
gentlemen, and I.uic the best wishes of our
••tit ili.- community for their success.
Pinrfffcn..— Messi s. t'ulhy A Noe, who
hat ■: ■' •ntracted w itli V pinne Ungine Co., No
", to ere t f,r them a fireproof Kngine House
on liie site i,f their M 1 brume opposite the
Dem-ichat office, have torn -low n the old build
ing and commenced excavating fur the foun
dation of (tie new one. Tne tew house is to
he 21 XSO feet; two stories high, —the first
story 11 and tin second hi feet in height. It
is ( ) In- built of brick, w ith a cut-stone front.
Pii. i, ifl.OW.
Aim vims I.inci.n when in Congress voted
against a resolution of thanks l*i t ,,, r officers
and soldiers in the Mexican war. Tilt- p- - pie
afterwards elected two of those offici Ts to the
Presidency, lieiierals Taylor and Pierce,—
thus showing that they didn't agree with
" < fid Ahi "in that matter. The people c>f
his own District also elected an officer of the
war to take liis place in Congress, thus re
buking him fur his disgraceful vote.
Personal.—Judge Baldwin, an eminent
■jurist, profound scholar, brilliant writer and
(legnili gentleman, dropped in to see us on
1 Thursday and Friday. The judicial ermine
■ has fallen on the shoulders of one qualified bv
1 study and ability to wear it with dignity and
grace. He tills the position worthily, and to
the entire satisfaction of the people of C alifor
nia. He was accompanied by the H'>n. Win.
M. Lent, w ho is largely interested in Washoe
H um os Them. —The Y retta Union, a Dong
i las paper, says that the Broderickiles last
, year dubbed themselves Douglas Democrats,
; but their hypocrisy was so strong that they
cniild decieve but few. What say the Doug
| las papers to this *• Mattering notice," from an
' ally w Idoli lias r< ccntly been converted to
j tin ir faith, asks the Marysville Exyrm. Hypo
crites, w ere you ? Well, this is the crowd the
Union prefers to associate with.
The Little Rock Adrertiwr says, since the
| nomination of Breckinridge we have not seen
I the first man, and we have talked with hum
dreds, who lias said that be should not vote
; the Breckinridge ticket. There is a strong
| feeling among the conservative men of the
Slate for him, and he will receive almost the
I united vote from that portion of the cururnu
i Nil)'-
| *Buf,(k ash Lane in Los Angeles.—The
1 Los Angeles Shir says: In our own county
I we do not hear of a single neighborhood or
precinct that is doubtful ; every locality is for
1 Breckinridge ; already are organizations being
' perfected that w ill insure success. Thu Sout
h ern counties will cast an almost unanimous
I vote fur Breckinridge.
| Freight from Virginia City.—On Wed
■ nespay hist Laudecker & Co., of this city, re
ceived from Virginia City and forwarded to
| Alsop & Co., Sun Francisco, silver ore from
the Mexican lend, the freight of which
amounted to fifteen hundred dollars.
Home Again. —Ex-Mayor Geo. F. Jones and
family returned to our city on Wednesday
last, from a protracted visit in the Atlantic
Stales. They are in excellent hearth and
were cordially welcomed home by numerous
County Indebtedness.— We learn from the
report of the County Treasurer, made on the
I 4th instant, that at that date there were out-
I standing county warrants to the amount of
1 #99,027 47.
_ Recovering.— We are gratified to state that
Ex-Lieut. Governor Anderson is recovering,
although he still '..offers severely from his
| The Post Eipriss.—Mr. Finney, the cour
| icons nod energetic ngeet at the Pony Ex
press, has announced » change in the tariff
!of charges. Hereafter letter» weighing not
j more than a qnarter of an ounce, will only be
I charged two dollar» and a half—a reduction of
'one-half the oiigmal tariff. This will give,
I every citizen an opportunity to correspond i
with his friends in the Atlantic States, and j
wc hope that the liberality of the proprietors j
of liie Pony Express will be handsomely re
sponded to. It is an enterprise worthy the
j most liberal encouragement, and (ho cilizena I
I of Placet ville should forward lettera by it every ;
The Nevada Dimociiatic Cnrsrv Commit
tee. —This body met in Nevada on Saturday
last. They stood twelve for Breckinridge and
Lane, and six for Douglas. The Douglasites, ,
following the example of Joe iloge, bolted.—
The Central Committee of Placer county met
on the 10th inst., and the Douglasites being
in the minority, also bolted. They have dqne
so iti every county in the State n li£rc"lhcv
were in the minority, and yet they have the •
insolence to accuse others with bolting !
• o
I have always hated slavery, I think, as I
much as any Abolitionist. —A hr Lincoln.
Instead of breaking up the Union, we intend '
to ttTtenflhen and to lengthen it.— l. C. Brick- 1
inruhje. ,
Leery sentence of Helper’s book finds a
response in tin- hearts of al! lute Republicans.
— t/. Jl. tfi'ltllnpr.
The Pori la ml a leading Dmitri** fm
|-vr. of Mr.
Hi’coptanc*, snv* :
•* S*uiidir PonMiMitioiml in ♦•!»?« w- rr n<*'.fr ,
»itfi*r* tl. .I;ick'»«»n Itime li, if «•••»! nm-itijg *s«. .
••»!«♦ ft ivr mud no nirwzrr < r butter U*gn.igc ns n
Suit ngl.K Confittiti Mil r*;i"H u, m.’
St iiiu:n Dpatii Hubert Deii'inorc. reported
t.i lisvr- died rf sin.stroke, at .h- M-nr'ain
thutagr» uu Salirdav last. sos t-wf. on» -
/■Oft n,nr!, 11, exainiiiatiulU to bave tome te> his
death by the rupture of a blood vessel—the
tight pulmonary rein. He was a native of
Scotland, snd thirty five years of age.
Bosun or Kyi ai.izatiox. —The Boanl of
Supervisors will meet as a Boar! for the
Equalization <>f taxes, on the first Monday of
September —having on Tuesday last adjonrr e I
well to take due- notice and govern them.sevcs
IVv M Biutisti vw A C of'be IV.<t Office
N* ws Dep t, have our thanks for a bundle of
Atlantic new *paiu:- and magazines 'I hey
keep constai tly oil hands large a'Sort tie.:. I ed
goods in their line and sell etti cheap
Comwaiii*—The new bridge across Hang
town Creek, nn Celoma street, is completed.
It is a substantial structure and wi.l last fu
Tur Calaveras ( 1 1 ■ ■■,■ n. lAng> Ir» .s'Vtr,
Mid Sarda Barbara b’u.v'V have all raised tlo
Breckinridge and Lane flag.
At .la--Ik•'■r. \n » ! r < t* , Sf'j,
Bk« v r II» "MV*, .1 th. Wt’i t • ,r f ig. .
Kar'» or Mmj»T m r:.»nr, Anfait S:;i. I*»0 flrurr
11 ii* ! -i 'kl £ta(* I i rattan * *f»* r»f th** «W»-#t .* ♦*
k>wn it h*-f Jj-k' ■ »< <i ,j :
r Mil ii . al . at It It i.V, hi %;.i 4«1 i» fir * .
il ti. th* era'* • y » ~»*.*»• .| t:. •••«:
Ctrl hi# «I. »rJ.. Hnipr llu*Uaid*a» a t allir i f hr ■
land v.d. a f t« r a r t .i.r . 4r, ~ » 4 * n . -m .
lo th* I M. »*»•.. a».*! t» i< f. r a . • : •.n • r *.*•»•• •. 1
« tth* K.r ' umpir; in t • N >vti.
*5 lie in llutr«|»«cil) hr calm fair, lur * kIU * r*t t*\ *
(’.ialrcta of the Indian und vi< th* vitf .r f
a i \ rianimar. In otln 1 rr#pr*ts hr* a» an a *«n
pi » • r.»- • : in r'liat. and # man «*t i»<»» V-rart a* .
ir.rr*.*. Hr »n nf at hr nr lit t■■ ti.*- 1 h • -n I*-...in
ari j n•* 1 i.t*. in t.ht pr. parat:<>r. rf i■ •t « r. *1 ,»
I*. iJ 1 apt t». a mti'for !*dff*r J
CWniDATF.S FOK Oil'll K.
| \m nM'rini nt« v»:f| hr p**hii»h, <J nndrr thi. 1 .»■
*;.« meeting of Ine I ouw-btion, fu r s.'» tarli. pay
aUt in ad» ano I
For the Aurnibl)-.
Wi are authorized t * armour.ee .lO|| N FR \M l.l* a*
a ( 'audidate iui llir As.m.uU. -ufijrr I to the derm. r -f
tl.e I »# mo.-rat; t.ui t\ (Vru ei.ti--n
>1 Muoiale Xollff.-Thrrf %% ft 11 lie a Mref-
Thf Member* of I lir llrhrrw Itrnrtnlrnl
-.f ihr i jiy nf Placer».lie, are req«.c»te*l in nit * :
Ht »’■ •• M tv r.f A. Kahn, on Tuesday enn.uir. Augu.l-I
.11 T o’clock. All men.Kef- ;,re req.j*-.t, d t.. Jiff.-r <1 Mi J..J.
•llivr of in pr.rfnnr** w.ll be biuughl b* 'ore tbt
lly order of A. KAHN, IV»i.|. m
A. Nionuv Ovatta ry. aug!** 1
Notice toCoiatracVorM.—Mealed Proposal»
f<»r hid» Hill hr received fui the rou»tru -i|nn of a Turn
pi k** I(>»ad, between thr city *.f |*U«-rr% i!lr and the tua n
of K 1 Ik radn. It> the Piar. mIU- Turnpike l.nn any. al
thr office of Write, Kargo Ik To.. la the City of Piar, r
till**, to hr onrned nn the first day of Fepten.her, a. n.
IMftl—said Company reserving Ihr right t« reject all
hid«. Pian- and fc|>er locations In be aeen at thr store
of Henry A By*-, at Plarerv i||«. Thr hid* for the Hoad
to hr by the rod. By order of the Director*,
aulì id A. C* HENRY, President,
ferramento t’niun publish I. d , and rend bill to this
Office for collect!* n.J
Religione Notire.—Rer. Mr. Van Alatyne
.h ! nivrrsslist ( lergvn..»!', «ili preach, at the Court
Il olire, tomorrow (bunday, 19th inst-ì» at 11 o'clock, a.
m., and at 3 o’clock, 1. M. aulì
Notice to Contrartora.-Mealed Proposal»
will hr rrrt ired, up to the t>fth of for the
building of a CMeni »t the Junction »*f Pacific and Hen
ham «irretì. Plan and specification to he «reti at ♦!»•• «tore
of Lnrejr A Hogaett. JAMEB McBKTH,
aulH-U Chairman Fire and Water Commilue.
Kor Male—Taco Fine Slate-Red Billiard
Tablkm. Inquire of [aulSJ J. WHITE, i'lacervdla.
Notice toContractora.-Mealed Proponiti»
will t»r received, up to the 20th of this month, for the
buildinr of a Cinterò at the junction of Bedford Avenue
and Washington street. Plana and Speriticatiuiu to hr
•ecu at the «lore of Lacey k llogsett.
aulì 2t Chairman Fire and Water Committee.
K 1 Dorado County Agrlrnltnral Society.
N'ITK K Diplomas award' d at the first Fair of tin «N* v.
will he ready for (««uance on Tuesday. Aug. Hit,
iat my Office in Plaeervlllc. A A VAN* (iUF.UIEH,
Late Secretary El Dorado Co. Ag. Society,
, Placrrville, Aug. 11th, 1860. aulì ‘it
1 Plocervlllr and Ht. Juaeph T«)»gr*pli
! CoMl*aNY.—The annual < lectio* ul ufticaa* will ns held
! at the Court House, W Ibia City, Monday Evening, 3d
, of September, 1160 F. A. R«B, Ptcndent.
M. H. Elstnhi, Secretary. aulì il
; Dr. J. A. W. Liaaibary, Dent Ut. — Olile e,
- opposite Can Howse, («p «taira.) entrance from Cotona
( street—hep* leave to anoennre to the citizens of Piacer
vi Be and vicinity that he ha» permanently located hiro-
M*lf in the above piare. F.ncoeragrd by the Hheral pa*
tronage be-towed, hope» fur a continuance of the same
Alt work entrusted lo Ms c:*rt will he punctually exe
eutrd, in and workmanlike inanaer. aulì
G.P. Morrill, Drugalst r lus jnst rcoelvetl
u fresh supply of Drugs, Medicines, Oil-. Paints, and Win
d -w (iKss,—milking his a «sort meat, if possible, moro c-*m.
plete than ev»-r, «II of which are warranted to he pure, and
«old, M win .lesile w rurali, nt extremely low prices.—
Briishe», Combs, BoapH. Hair Oifs. Toilet iMwder and Lu
hln’n (p-nivine Perfumery, just received. Ateo, on hand,
Solution of Citrate Magnesia, a mild cathartic and oura
for headache, (highly recommended by physicians gener
ally,) made fresh from day to day. Physicians* Prescrip
tions compounded at all tiroes from the purest medicine#.
Notice !• Hereby Oftwen, that the Celoma
Street Bridge,across Hatiftown Creek, will be closed for
all travel of teams and carnages, from Monday, July 23d,
on account of t|ie rebuilding of the saree.
Chairman of Committee on Street*.
Plaeervlllc, July 21st, 1860.-,lf
1, O. O. P.— Zeta Encampment, Ns. 5 r
holds regular Meetings on the evening* of the 2d and 4th
Tuesday» of each month, nt (kid Fellows* Rail. Ptncerville.
Patriarchs in good standing are invited to attend.
ny26-ly JOHN A. MOCU, Scribe.
Pettit * Choate have Jail received a fall
stock of Drugs, Paints, Perfumery, Fancy Goods and
Toilet Articles, which they are silling at greatly re
duced prices.
They have on consignment a few of fc*W|| I
son’s celebrated Family Sewing Machines, which they
offer at Fan fu iris CO prirts with tht addition of
I First Annual Ball of Young America
FrtoiPß CoMraMT, No.* 3—The Fi4h Annual Ball of
Young America Engine Company, No. 3. of the Cltvof
I Placervillc, will be given at the Cany Ilota*, on the
I cviiiii.g of the lOlb of September, iB6O.
Tbo#. Ifogxftt, J. w. Edward*, Wm. McCormick,
p. W. I.cvan. Wni. Johnson, «F. ||. Fisher
W. 11. M'-rul,
Thoa. 11. Wade, iMacrrviile
Will. JiUlCk, ••
‘ Pat. l.vnch, “
John K. Kunklcr. "
F. 11. Ihrnixii, •*
Alex. Hunter, ••
Jam»» iNilt-y, "
David John», **
I. s. Titus, '•
S W. Sanderson, **
A. I. Henry, *•
Dan Gelwirk*, **
O. I.* C. Fairchild, ••
A. A. Van Voorbiea, 44
K. |J. Cary, ••
doe- Whitt*.
The.'. I*. Tiacy ••
John 11 unii*, "
J. C . K. il. y,
I. Seteriher,
J. 1.. Weymouth, **
O. A C randall. * 4
Geo. Mutinljo), **
O. llarvi), “
Ifnnlrtt, Place Mille
J. !?ahti«»n, ••
J. M. Anderson, *•
Kubt. I!i<'ll. t'ol.iina.
i:. wii !'»» . I 1 fiorado
J. M. Arnold, Green. Val’y
f'has. Mr* l«ve, Flddlet'n.
J. Bird, Uihtdoiml Springs
8 Gage, Gruel y Plat.
W. II Low.H.
Solon 6. Mctarlm,
W, I*. Thompson,
J.i» M Broun,
N <5, Thompson,
• j. X. Joh,
John ll.ill.
Jeremiah Coleman,
James Coiemau,
J'd,n McCone,
Peter lirannan.
a. n. Tyr»ti.
Geo. Vinrvard,
J. M. Spencer
Jos. Dots.
Johnson, C Bartlett, Joseph Todd.
Stephen Alversun, J H r '«
nook M.\NAO»;a> ;
John F.. Kunkh r, Ih''». HogMtt, W. M. Cary,
Win. McCormick, "• H. Mead.
KT The t uinpana u i I appear an ( itiirns* Dress
M naie by A. A. Sanders' Hand, of Sacramento.
Ticket», FIVE IIOLLAKS. at»g li-td
I'. A. O. D.—C nil for nln Hrove, No* 1, I. A,
(t. I»., every Mondai l.v,t.ti>c. at Odd Fellows*
Hall, on >*nnv p -.nt. in the CiM >f I*;» entile. Ali
Brethren in c**..| «landing ar»- r,.rdixllv it.vited to at
tend. Pol ls VAN <• FISTI.FIELI», N. A
GK.oBtiK M*SS. V. a.
Tliftonoli IbfCLnr, StrrUri. je!6
The Phyalc lan la often hlainrd for uant
of Slol'*»r Ili fui In ;itn.i J.t. *!•< |. U.» po,l*;*,»«l>l io |( »
recovery of the »*ck l« to >• ti.uidtu tl,r Ad.ninieti »I. p
tr.pure n.Mpcinea. R b* it W*,i:e. »(••** etat>. » pavu.g
p trucidar attention I• Hu •• ■ i.pt.i;. •!.- <i’ \ - .»• «•* pie
•rriptio: •ar •! f»*i.i!y ier »*,* ;n ■ ,i(. f US, Iwlihti 1
r ir:tr IP b r T wi-r. m. • TUT*. , pjii.tid ago.t
r >r i'.i m* of ttu gt nu ».*■ I*. ;• nt M* dn-ines.
Mn.Wlnklon.an eaperlenred \nrae and
I • Male I’i.yl.a» a .>m»i:...g e>i up fui i n.idi, u le» tn
II ( »* • ‘ C • .v!v * i V* * t* ■ p. M■ •« * t'u*l. ’ P I e
? iicii'iuf u.r mms nd' / at. c.llnmination - mil si «v
.'.I pan., i.nd »- • ire !<• i• g ' V*' lb' b..w» I, D-fu r»l .:p' u
:» vffi.'r •. it aid fiii'i t -• ». Mr., i».», uml Mid imi
: ■ Atlb I- )oi.r iiifntils Pi fU• «•> sak in ad cast* [ 'em
a.jv. rt rio .* it. ano*.!.* r colunm. n.js ly
VJ* new jewelry
tie 11.* I'ii.a, Main ,t., I'.ianiilr.
j v*. *rrt » v.
si:ci.i:a &. (i i.m:v
N’hV «'ll Pl* * *i« i* i lers f 'f I ìa-er» j!> a* - . ! ti
eniti « *'it r. .•*. a’ ! • /»‘t »t«wk •f W \ iniKS
.... M'H! \ \M» « Al ll* »KM A-
Mll'l. -M.H 1.l ID •v. i r.|. t.i*» t into v . Moiintsina.
uu.cà* Hr oil, 1 At pilli» tu suit ll.r tilois. li-i i*•!..
\ ' »rtir !••» a*. cu r.Htfi! :• njn-ri'ed.
W .*< • • » .v !• ; a Mduiia it r».
V; a . t* .f JI.W I I UT n.ad* I iio.r, u»*h
«I i.juUl». '
\ a » ; fDI \M Vl> WORK, I NC,Ka
\ I Mi u. tl I.NAM I I 1 Mi •» •». . r.n
\V,* li.» ,*• t *. » j t '-. .i ». . t- :•?• r •• rs
'M l KV \ i ( 1.1.1 N.
, w r a 1 jovc t.,» l..<atii,i>it dii’.wi,
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Corner J i»r.d Bt.-run.l S.rt e'.s. Strumento.
I, t!.< V-: ■ .. ,: ! . ' U-. 1 ' fk
I»-. • v*t»'e 1* . '•••ft* • • • S.hT *k sVf.
I •.* '•( rv . r • .t ■* - • -.-a -v
II» f. . -*tv* “f •**' !Ke ♦ •' •'»>»* »' M,4. ,n 4
W !.,»»• just »ee- . d ' >*»•«. te*
»• f nt 1 P iij.n- a Hat». ■ 4 • ' rv J . i j , •!. I. ».il
he !{. * ■i • • r* ’■ 1 * f (•*
• t;n*rv M* • , • • !• w-!’ I•r* •• *.♦ a ••vt , ah ••
h*.- e. » . r v » ■ * * - .
l*e ’ . • Mtl ll»n T ' t
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t * ani ?*r. vat'd *n H .**
LAV.,IT 4 . I IN?
iimn. til Tin. im\i;i> t.r » yt AM/Aiif?»
a*» 'a. .r pio, «rt» n t-.f r, . r I.S rat { ani Vt
\r«* r. j :*ir\. ,r \ 1* 1 ... d t •be ra;ae*
H\ rhtnflle Rn.ri
U it»».» irv hand.-».l th* vv 1 the County
t \ ». < .mil, ii, ,i d ( r•i ■’ • \ tier. If afh aed at
- ■* ■ ..*; • I itv f Pia er«. . ••.!• 1 • , t-*'
: A •; \ I» i-u-. \\ y \ .i \n ; \y. \. < u**
B. " : ; •S' ..» D« ; .:tj
1 .t, 11th an.! 21-t of each Month. /\
i iist ». iM'ini’
S O \ OKA,
r.otv COMMAXr>LK
" -. 1 1.a., r i»"tr. Vtt.irf. S »ti f rat.ci.co. cn
At 9 oVpwk. a M.. | 1 H’CI ialia .
r.gi-i• h ill tu coi.»* »i 1 fr in I'a; iu,a ! » Asi li.
"4.1 I v the
And from Aspinnallt \.h rk tv the
Atlantic and Pnc fle Steamship Cimpsnr,
FORHKS « lIABrorK. Agent*. '
aulH Corner >*rramentu ai.d 1., ide,durlf sta.
VOTIrt I- lIERKMV GIVEN, tUt th. u-.dfr.i,n.tf
h ili ap ly to the II- n. B-iord of Huji, rn-or# of ll
|h>rad<>t tiiinty, at their regni. ,r in *», pi, rr.l-er
nt at. or .«• anon theroafirr a* *h.f a-,in. **,tn he h,*nrd fur
a renewai of l.ieei.«r to keep * ltd) |;ri ige arroa. We
ber I reek, on the road leadn g from Plaiemlle to Pia
in-.nd Spring*. (aulMj MoItUHJ, \ CEMKR.
Éjl II I. HKAf.Tf! renders it absolutely necessary
f.. f r Hie undersigned to relinquish all active rm
IH pl 'Vimr.l. thiTeftre, be has determined tootfrr
Together Hitl, nil the
At Prill.K Atri Kin, at 10 o’clock, A. M..
On Saturday, August 18th, 1880,
To the highest bidder f.»r CAMf. In th« J»«t of Fur
nitore i» a firge M of single and duutlc PILI* MAT
IIKHSEM, all io-arlv new.
1 he OHIO Hi »TKI. is located in tbe k» art of tbc bu
siness cornu.umtv of Piaci rv ill,, ,|d aa» always cum -
nianded an cxcelUnt run of pasrouage. ll ia situated
on Main street, nearly the (.’ary House, and
Well*. Fargo & Cu.\ V*l ,J vs. Ottice.
If the Hotel i- not «4i a* private sale prior to the Ibth
of August, it will ih* *• lai, on reasonable term».
OP (H*
wax t factf rivo company,.
j»4TRTr sr.Anisi:ss caps.
The unbkrsb.nkb having bken appointed*
Agent» in tin* Mate for the sale of these CELEBRA
TKI> CaM, have noie on hand and will receive by every
steamer vaiali Assorted Invoices, which we offer to the
trade in lots to suit at a small advance upon the
These Caps arc manufactured from the finest grades of
five ve W ■ ■ I. woven on the eros» -fiber *>ystein into a eery
biauiiful and most desirable fabric. The
Ar# so widely known, haw been so thoroughly tested, and
*•» universally admitted to be superior to any other Caps,
that we fui tiny stand »af«*ly enough on their own ac
knowledged merits, ami nut need #ny additional com*
niendatioo. In adtlisiuii to the standard colors—
Indigo Blue. Black Mixed, Brown Mixed, bled Mixed and
Claret Mixed.
We ore now receiving a beam»fnl variety of Lighter fhadst,
especially adapted for Bpring and hammer waar.
The demand for thrae Caps in New York city and
throughout the Atlantic Slate»», haa been entirely unpre
cedented, the Broadway Fashionable Rét.'dhm In Broad
way have hardly baen nhia to obtain a so «cleat supply
from day to day, and (hey are recognized by aJJ as elegant
iu form, exceedingly durable, and entirely wbl^p-proof.
Until reccnUy the Factory has been unable to manufac
ture aa fast ns the order# were received, but having re
cently had*large addition# completed, will soon be able U»
supply (be demand promptly. All orders by mall, or on
application at our office, will receive prompt attention.
upul-tf ?p Agents for Manufaeinrera.
JUbT received * splendid assortment of
Books and Stationery. Cutlery
Yanker Notion*, and New Sheet
Mu"t / ' Tor r al*- icd’i** •! prices- Jew*

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