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Dull) •«■rio,
D. I. Utfd.
W. I» Tfcw
MMr CMtnl Cmimlllm.
I. I I Til
ttMtM,M4KpaWlf<hdlVBUCI, TITV'S,
at HMthrWMMi Boar Linus, of Dl
i—Os uetlon,
Jbmènà, TkattlM Caawluo* adfaara
amßitas sat pfaw aa lha Ohatnaaa usr Morata*.
Ova Tick*?.—At the head of our edi-
IdU cdwM «ill be found the ticket
r«nuif»«B by the Democracy of El Dora
db Coßßty hat SatorAy, The men on it
an oUT and prominent residente of our
some of them bare Oiled
pdblib positions fafchfeNy, satisfactorily
and creditably. The time for aelfon is at
hand. Our friends must arouse them
selrea to meet the enemy in a face to face
contest Let our Democratic brethren go
to work at once and in earnest, and we will
elect oor «bolo ticket This is not the
fina lobe idle or lukewarm. Our oppo
nente are ectWc, vigilant and unscrupu
lean. Let us surpass them in seel and
enlhoslamv and « victory will reward our
eflbrte. Let Aa "CM Guard" rally wider
their grand old banner and received to
upboM it against ell opprabkm, come
from whet oeurea it may. There's magic
the beer of trial, will flock to (he stand
--1 —.# Valicai Tk^wiinMiMr
•TCI Of Inf iftuowi tfviDwnvy.
Tsi Domai ialiti titilli Convention ad
journed tilt the Md of inly next, without
making nominations. We have neither
Urna nor «poco for comment this week.
A Caxbioatb. —We are pleased to
leant that J. C. Brown, Esq., of Colonia,
an “impressible" Republican, will be
presented by hie friends before the Re
publics» State Convention for nomina
timi for L lente non t Governor. If any
man in B Dorado county is entitled to
the aofpnrt of the Republics ns and is
worthy of position, J. C. Brown is that
man. Ho raised the standard of Repub
licanism!» this county when that faction
waa in a> fopdas nrfoortty ; when men
wora afMd or nsbometf to avow their Re
publicanism ; whan RopuUkanism was
odious to the people ; whan it waa dan
gerauo lo adorante ite doctrines. He
spent kte time, bio means, hie intelleet for
iteauaeara- With In flexible fidelity he
beo-albera# In the BepuMfcsn party, not
for efltoe, but becauoc be sincerely be
liereoinMa principles, and his claims,
thsrshrs, should not be lightly consid
«od. Ha la an aid resident of our county,
is popular, waa oomianlsd two years ago
by Ibo fopabiNM ter tba Stats Senate,
bai trai teraed to dariias on account of
States, which required Ms presence. M
bn nsefoo the nomination he will
strengthen the Republican ticket im
Bteoratyr lb B Dorado ooonty.
Tramar nr ftfWßiit Missili Page,
Ckarfo and Chan, Kaotucbtens by birth,
IQtoatoana by sisptbn, veto driven out
of foa latter Stelo for expressing dfftap
prabmtoaof Uawfaft war policy- They
wort forasi to leave on abort notice, aban
doning thair «rapa, bane sa, and even a
perlina af their baggage. An old reaidant
of La Ml ooonty (Mr. Kenton), a nativo
af Kontocky, waa ordered to leave upon
flfoaan minniis noHoa. Ha was mm #ld
b*v kni Mac# fosso for twenty-seven
yaorag it# avite# arlasgolknded'praperty.
Ilia ofoaee eras Ant to vsa bom fn a
slava State. He vaa a Strang Union m*n,
but totogn Santtornor by birth hia Union
fomrafsdn if
To Orrr RasAoass.—Our city readers
wffl And to-day, In tba space usually de
voted Is local mailers of “The City end
County," foe atoning praeosdhigs of the
old Bused of dflflsnmu, the initiatory do
ings of the new Baerd, (ho valedictory
and IBl tetani adducala of Mayor Wade,
and the npneta of foe various city oflloers
far fos flees! year Just dosed. A careful
parassi of these important documents will
well Mospenaote for Aa loss of the goalee»
of our " Local" editor.
TWbTovstv at Diabobu.—The citizens
of Diamosi Springs have modo ample
aramameuts for the suitable celebration
el Aa approaching National Anniversary.
TW ammanisi nooal to the occasion will
to had; and (to day's enjoyment will
dona wfcb a grand display of fireworks
and a hod, at Washington Hall. A gen
end toriteiflon to pay#» Ip ah, to* been ex
tra lad by the Committee of Arrange-
**4* Tata.— The proceed Inge of the
Damoeratk CoMtf Coerenti oo will be
foenAwNrlntW- Tbe rMoiutioai
adapted haaa the itog of the true metal,
Mi me fMpHtMy elk oar Demoere tic
Wood* H atnMjr rad tad calmly con
•Uftlhm. They are eertalaljr noobjec
doaaWo to bB who prefaea to be Demo
amia Ai appooad to kepabhcamam.
Agal»»e my, read theta.
ikMm 6hr.—We are otapiM to
IfWlmaka. of artfeleo prepared
4^^Da MW laor*r.om*.
«taJMw ywtiAp Otty
They ere of inlereat to
aad eapeearei Deaaaaad wee a attira of
rof*md,4w*, aged «hoot 47 yearn.
Urlai IU C armar ltM«
or nri «nr unowr iswoop al monca,
n m crrr or rucnriiMt, Tvr«D*r,
nn it, m.
Tuesday, J op* 11lb f IMI, win long be
Joyful/ reorambered by the citisene of
Pfccertille, for on that day «• a laid Ibe
corner-rione, wilh imposing ceremonies,
of Che Methodist Episcopal Church by the
Masonic Fraternity—an edifice reared by
man, dedicated to God. “ With sulemni
ties suited to (he occasion, with prayers
lir Almighty God for Ilia blessing/' the
comer-stone was laid. “ Springing from
a broad foundation, rising Itigli in massive
solidity and unadorned grandeur, we
trust it may remain as long as Heaven
permits (be works of man to last, a fit
emblem of the gratitude of those who
have contributed ter ha building. Let it
rise!—let it rise till it meet the aim in his
coming ; let the earliest light of the morn
ing gild it, and parting day linger and
, play on its summit”
At two o'clock P. M.. El Dorado Com- j
mandcry, No. 4, of Knights Templar, met I
at lha Hall of Neptune Engine Company,
and soon after formed In procession and
marched in front of Masonic Hall, where '
they halted. The processfon having been
formed on Main street In Ironl of Masonic :
Hall, by the Chief Marshal, moved hi the i
following order ;
El Dorado Commander/, No. 4, of Knights
As the escort for (he da/.
Sir 11. Borowak/, Commander,
Accompanied be Sir L. W. Kumar/, Grand
Hand of Music.
Members of 1. 1 f/oradb bodge and fisilors.
Rovai Arch Masons.
Officers of Ko/al Arch Chapter.
Officer* of El Dorado l-mlgo.
The Fraternity thus formed, under
command of Sir M. Boron sky, marched ,
through Main street, and upon arriving at !
tiie site of the new church, the head of
the procession halted. The lines were '
opened to the right and left, under the j
direction of the Marsha), and the Wor
shipful Master, followed by the officers
; and Ibe remainder of the procession in
! Inversed order, passed through to the
rawed platform creeled near the north
east corner of Hie lot, upon which seats
bad been prepared for the officers and in -
vrted guests. The Worshipful Master!
was aesled in front of the center of the
platform, surrounded by the officers and
guests. Upon a table before him were
placed by their several bearers the Holy 1
Writings, the Booh of Constitutions, the j
Golden Vessel of Corn, the two Stiver j
Vessels, containing Wine and Oil, the
three large Lights, the five Orders of;
Architecture, and the Working Tools. '
The Knights Templar were stationed in
front of the platform, but some distance
from it, and the members of the various
Lodges, Chapters and Councils were ar
ranged in a semicircle in its front. A 1
Urge number of ladies occupied seats on
the right of the platform, which had been
fitted up especially for them, and a crowd
of gentlemen stood in the rear of the pro
cession. The whole presented a pleasing
All having been properly arranged, the
band played an exquisite piece of music,
and then a feeling and appropriate prayer
was offered up by the Rev. J. D. Blain,
of Sacramento. An ode by the choir was
sung, and then the Worshipful Master,
Bro. Ike S. Titus, having been invited to
commence the ceremonies by the Pastor
of the church, Rev. Mr. Bland, arose and
addressed those present as follows :
Reverend Pastor, Trustees and members
of tha Methodist Episcopal Church of the
city of PfccervHla ; the Fraternity of Free
and Accepted Masons have gathered here
to-day, by tout Invitation, for the pur
pose of celebrating the laying of the
foundation 1 stone of s Christian temple,
in which will be taught those iiuble vir
tues exemplified in the life and conciaci
of our Saviour.
Tbs brotherhood everywhere through
out this county greet the pious members
of this congregation wilh a God speed in
thU noble undvrtoMig of erecting a
Christian edifice upon the western Verge
of the Sierras, in which will be expound
ed and propagated the most excellent te
nets of God's holy religion.
Ths erection of this Church, as an evi
dence of your devotion to the principles
of Cbiistianily, justly entitles ynu to the
highest commendation of all Christian de
rmi imiatftms throughout the Slate. It
will stand as aw oodaring monument,
tranamitting to posterity a history ol the
seal and enterprise of the members of the
Method kit Eptanpai Church of this city.-
Hie a source of heartfelt piotature to all
the Craft assembled here to pavtfoipnte
with you in the inauguration of this glo
rious work. You do well to build thie
Christian temple, to which the wayward
sinner shall turn with confidence slid find
repentance anti repose; to whifcb the
w *urj pilgrim shall bend his steps for
sustaining prayer, and drink deep from
the ever tiring fouut of Ood'a holy won!
and to which the distressed widow and
helpless orphan may cror repair, wilh the
certainty of finding comfort and consola
tion in theirr hour of need.
I May symmetry and order rest upon
1 each line and curve, and strength and
1 beauty characterise each arch and pillar
from base to cap-atoues; and may the
grandeur of ita proportions attract the
admiration and gladden the heart of every
lover of order and progress.
The W<<rshipful Master then addressing
the Senior Warden, said :
Brother Senior Warden ; It has been
the custom among the fraternity of Free
and Accepted Masons, from time imme
morial, I» assemble for the purpose of
laying the foundation stones of public
buildings, when required so to do by
those haring authority. El Dorado Lodge
No. 88, Free and Accepted Masons, bar- 1
mg been invited by the Pastor, Trustees j
and members of the Motbodiat Episcopal !
Church of this chy to lay Ibe corner
atone of this Holy Tensile, to be dedicated
to the Supreme Architect of the Uni
▼erse, it has, by my order, been here con
vened, and it is my will and pleasure that
it do now assist me in the performance of
that pleasing duly. This i you wil com- Ì
manicate to the Junior Warden, and he
to the craft, that ther, and all others pres
ent, may bo duly notified thereof.
The Senior Warden communicated the
«da» to Ibe Junior Warden, ao fcNowa :
Brwlhar Junior Worden : It Is the will
Pj— « iof our Worshipful Master
lodgr Mo» 2ft, Free and
,*T . Masons, of this city, do new
fha foundation •stone of
this Oh riattasi adifieo. This you will
tho brathroiv that d*y,
duo and ttsuly aoliowod hhs order
The Junior Warden repeated lbs ordhr
Is tbs assembly, ss follows:
t Bn S U %/ !t £*«7«Uod pleasure of
Issue S. litas, Worshipful Master of El
Dando Lodge No. 88, of Fntasnd Ac
cepted Masons, that the Lodge do now
proceed wilh the ceremony of laying the
corner aleno of this Holy Temple» Of
this you wIH take due notice, sod govern
yourselves accordingly.
A stirring piece of music by the hand fol
lowed the announcement, after which the
Worshipful Master, addressing (he Treas
urer, said:
Brother Treasurer: It has over hern 1
the custom of the Craft, upon occasion»
like the preaent, to deposit wiildn a cavity
In the stone placed st the north-east cor
ner of the edifice, certain memorials of
theperisd at which It was erected ; so that •
if, in the lapse of ages, the fury of the
elements, the violence of man, nr the alow ■
but certain ravages of lime should lav
bare ita f xindalions, an enduring record
mar be found by succeeding generations, i
to hear testimony to the untiring, unend
ing industry of the Free and Accepted
Masons. Has such a deposit now Men
prepared t
The Treasurer responded—
It has. Worshipful Master, and the va
rious articles of which it is coni poso» I are !
safely enclosed within the eskhetnow he- !
fore yon.
The Worshipful Master (hen said to the
Secretary :
BMthcr Secretary : Yurt will read the
record of the contents ol Ibe casket.
Whereupon the Secretary read the fol
lowing 1 |
roxTtvfs of r.tasrf.
A cop/ of tlie Unir Bible ;
A copy of the Christian Adeorot* and Jour
nal ;
A copy of Ibe California Christian Adtueala )
A copy Of the Central Californian ;
A copy of rtc Mot afai» Dsuocbat)
The names of subscribers In the church;
The name* of Ibe Church Trusters ;
The nume» of the miniatela of the Church ; |
Roll of members of El Donde bodge Nu. ;
24, F. snd A. il.)
Constitution and by-Una of (Jar same ;
Constitution and by-Uns of til. Jjmea Chap
ter, Xu. 14, R. A. M.;
Constitution and by-Uns of El Dorado Com
mander/ of Knights TeoipUr, No. 4 ;
Constitution and by-lawa of Ibe Hebrew Be
nevolent Society;
Cop/ of the Constitution and by-laws of the
Placerrille Fire Department ;
Roll of members of Neptune Engine Co.,
So. gj
Cop/ of constitution snd by-taws of tba
same ;
Cup/ of Ibe Uw* and regulations of Ih* li
brar/ belonging to Neptune Engine Co. Xu. 3;
LUt of officera and standing committees of
El Dorado Lodge, No. St, f and A. M., fir
the year 1441 ;
List of officera and atsndlng committees of
St. Jamea Chapter, No. 14, It. A. M., lor the
/ear >B4l )
Proceedings of Ibe Grand Ctmplrr of R. A
M„ of the Slate of California, for IS4I ;
Wat of city officers ;
Proceedings of the St. W. (V.iml Lodge t«f
f. and A. St. for 186t7;
Constitution and regulation*of thy M. W.
Grand I-odge of F. and A. M. of California ;
Proceeding* of the Serenili Annual Commit
nicalhmof the K W. Grand laalge of the I
0, O. F., forl8«;
Oration by I*. 0. M. John If orar, subject—
" Introducimi* of Odd-FeHoWship into the
United Stale* } f
Ceremonies of dedication of the Oddfellow*
llafi, Sun Francisco, April 261 h, 18.i9j
Proceeding* of the sixth animal session of
R. W. Grand Encampment of I. O. (>. F -of the
State of California ;
Constitution and by-law* of Eel* Encamp
ment, No. ù, of Diamond Spring*;
Constitution and bv-Uwi of Morning Star
Lodge, No. *O. I. 0. O. F ;
Constitution and b/-Uw>uf Franklin Lodge,
No. 74, 1.0. O. F.;
Proceedings of the Grand Grave of the
United Ancient Order of Druid* of the United
State* of America ;
Constitution sod by-Uw* of Cali Torn is Grove
No, I, of the United Ancient Order of Druid* ;
Roll of officers and member* of CouUdenee
Engine Co., No. I ;
A bUnk certificate of membership of lb*
PUeerviHe Fire Deperitomi ;
The order of cere monte* fir laying Ibe cor
ner stone of this Church ;
Constitution sad by-Uw* of llipo Hook and
Ladder Co., sod a roll call of Hie asme ;
The names of architect and contractor ;
Sacramento Union and supplement;
Constitution snd by Uw* of Upper Placer
rillc Division, No. 86, S. of T.
After the reading, the Worshipful Uss
ier said—
Brother Treasurer > You will now deposit
the casket in the cavity beneath the cor
ner-stone ; and may lite Great Architect
of the Universe, in His wisdom, grant
that ages upon ages shall past away ere H
ngafn be seen of men.
The Treasurer then took the casket, a
tin box, eleven inches in length, seven
inches in width, and five indies in depth,
made and presented for the occasion by
Bro. I. 11. Nash,of this city, and descend
ing to the corner, placed h hi the cavity
which had been prepared In the lower
stone —the choir, during the performance
of the some, singing an appropriate ode.
The PrMvtpal Architect of the budding,-
Bro. Norris, then distributed the Working
Tools among the Officers—giving the
Trowel to the Worshipful Master, the
Square to (he Deputy Master, the Level
to the Senior Warden, and the Plumb to
the Junior Warden ; when all descended'
lo fhe sfotte arid placed themselves nrotind
it as follows: The Worshipful Master at
the East, the Deputy Master at the North,
the Senior Warden at the Wi-sf. and the
Junior Warden at the South. The Wor
shipful Master, (assisted by some work
men present,) spread the cement apon the
lower stone, and directed the upper one
to be lowered to its place ; which, at the
signal givtn, waa lowered at three separate
intervals, the Grand Honors being given
by all the assembled brethren at each
stoppage of the stone. When It was ad
justed in its place, the Worshipful Master ,
pointed the cement about its edges, and
! then addressing the Deputy Master, said :
i Brother Deputy Master, what is the
i jewel of your office t
I Deputy Matter— The Square, Worship
ful Master.
Wenbnfui Matter— Then you will ap
ply the Square to those portions of the
stone which should be squami.
The Deputy Master applied the Square
to. the various corners of the stone, sod
I have obeyed your order. Worship fai 1
Master, and find that in that respect the
craftsmen have done their duty.
Worthip/ul Matter —Brother Senior
Warden, what hi thelewrl ofyesiroffice T
Heater Wardea— The Level, Worship
fill Master.
Wenkif/al Matter— You wfll then an
alba Invai la the atone, and see If It be
In a manner ereditati» to our Ancient
The Senior Warden applied An level
to the surfaceef the athaejiaiT neprsidit:
Ikm ebayad yor order, WoraMpAd
Master, and And that the stona baa bean
well Wealed by the craftsmen.
WereKipfal Matter Brother Junior
Warden, whet la the jewel ef year eOea I
/safer Wardta—Tha Plumb, Worship
ful Master.
WortKipful Hotter— You will apply
the Plumb to tlw alane, than, an* lee If it
has been properly adjusted.
The Junior Warden tried the sereni
•ides of the stona with the Plumb, and
I have obeyed year order, Worshipful
Master, and find that the work of the
craftsmen in that respect has been skill
fully performed.
The Worshipful Master then again ap
proached the stone and, giving it three
blows with his Gavel, said >
The craftsmen having faithfully and
skillfblly performed their doty, I declare
this loiiiulalHNi stone to be well formed,
true, and trusty. May the edifica which is
to rest upon it ever be devoted to the uses
of those whose mission it is to teach and
disseminate the sacred truths if God’s most
holy religion, to practice ui CJ uingandun
ostentai lous piety and to inculcata fratern
ity and good will among men; and may it be
completed by the craftsmen in peace, low,
and harmony—they permitting no con
tention among tbciaselvea except that
noble and fraternal one, as to who best
can work and best agree,
Tbe Worshipful Master then directed
the distribution of the. Vessels of Corn,
Itine and Oil, respectively, to the Deputy
Master and the Senior and Junior Ward
The Deputy Master poured the corn
upon the stone, saying S
May the Grand Architect of the Uni
verse strengthen and sustain the crafts
men while engaged in this important
work ; ami may lie ever bountifully
vouchsafe the Corn of nourishment to all
employed In honest and useful toil.
The Senior Warden then poured Ihc
wine upon the atone, saying I
May Ihc Oreat Giver of all good enable
the craftsmen hi due time to complete
this beautiful Christian Temple; and,
■luring their intervals from labor, may
they constantly be blessed with that re
freshment of which Mils Wine Is emMeiu
at teal.
The Junior Warden next poured the
oil upon the stone, saying ;
May the blessings of Heaven descend
upon this and all good works ; and may
our loved Fraternity long exist to pour
forth the Oil of joy upon (he hearts of
(he Widowed, the fklherlcss, and lite dis
The Worshipful Master then said:
May the All-Bounteous Author of Cre
ation lend aid to those who have conceived
and thus far carried on this goodly enu-r
--prl-c ; may He protect the workmen em
ployed upon (his building from every ac
■ sh ut, and long preserve it for thebe-
Ai-llci-nt uses which it is destined In sub
serve , and may He grant to Us all an
ever bnmilfM so.-plt of the Corn of
Soitrhihment, the Wine of Refreshment,
and the Oil of Joy.
Then addressing the Chief Architect,
and directing the Moat working tools to
he placed in his hands, the Worshipful
Master said ;
Brother Principal Architect i Relying
Upon your skill in our noble art, I now
confide to you these implements of ( tjK-ra
live Masonry. May this undertaking be
speedily accomplished ; may there be no
envy, discord, or confriaion among (he
workmen } and may you perform the im
portant duties with which you have been
charged, nut only to the satisfaction ol
those who have entrusted you with their
fulfilment/ but in such manner as shall
secure (lie approbation of your own con
science, and redound to the honor of our
Ancient Craft,
Thw Worshipful Master and his officer!
then refiWiied to the platform and resumed
their seats, while the choir sang an ap
propriate hyirUr.
Rev. J. D. Blain,- of Sacramento, then
delivered a most beautiful, instructive and
entertaining address. He feelingly alluded
to the trials, difficulties and (Httniphs «I
the early members of the Church in thii
city ; and In glowing terms pictured th«
benefits and blessings conferred upon
mankind by Christianity. Generously
and justly and commendahly be referred
to the perseverance and liberality of the
congregation, and the seal and piety ofih
ministers. Although the audience war
large and promiscuous, the accommoda
tions not tbe best, and the sun rather un
comfortable, with no protection from iti
rays, yet tbe orator was listened to with
breathless attention. At tbe conclusion
of lite oration a collection was taken u;
fur the benefit of fhe Church ; after which
the choir sang a hymn, and the band
played ,r old Hundred." Theceremonici
were dosed with a benediction by thi
Rev. Mr. Bland, pastor of (he Church.
The procession was then re-formed in
fhc same order, marched to Upper Placer
♦file and buck t a (he flail of Jfeptmu
Bugine Company, to which fhey accora
psnied and aalutcd (be Knights Templar,
and then counter-marched and returned tc
Masonic Hall on Main street, where they
were dismissed. Everything waa sdrai
mirably conducted and passed off most
ph-asanily. The nest dress of the Knight*
Templar, their elegant banners, and lb«
perlVcf ofdcf (hey obnervetf, cspecMy at
tracted attention. Tbs procession wan
large and imposing snd the ceremonici
Were tmprwshm snd seiemn ' and (host
who w ifneased (hem #tl filer (o them iti
the long hereafter us something worthy Ic
he remembered/
- <-»«»■» -
Turners or Bxsrrxr. —At a regalai
meeting of Upper Flacerville Dtvhdon,
No, TO, 9. of TV, held at (hear hall os
Wednesday evening,- June &tb, 1801, the
following preamble and resolutions wen
unanimously adopted :
Wukrias. It has pleased (be Grevi Patriarci
■bore, In Ms wisdom sod merer, to remove
from nor midet, to that sphere where grief sod
sorrow ore never known, and where love nod
harmony she 11 reign (hrever, nor dearly beloved
brother, H. It. Carey, tberetor* be It
Retateti, That in the death of brother Ca
rey, oar Order has loet a true sad sealoos mem
ber, sad the oommoaity a useful sod industri’
nos oiliien, who adorned society by the prat
Woe of the principles of virine and morality,
Rfmlr*l, Tint we deeply sympathise with
l be relsliveo of Ike Umili in this great at
Kiri ion.
Zittir ni. That the thanks of (Iris Division
he lemfefwf to the Uhahaway Associatasi of
9sa Francisco, tor lbs noble generosity oh turn
BtmUei, Thai oopteo ef thsee militimi he
be warded te the relative» ef the deceased nod
Iha Baevetary of tbw Pashewsys, and atari be
pnhltohsd to tho Mirami Drawn and ft»-
Irai (Uiftnrins B. ft. Cess an, B, ft.
Masonic OxUna atww. —Our Ctssp
tuwn siigbbovs and brother# ara making
estensive prepnvntioos toy tbs» Mss mil
aslsbraritsn, tn tabs plsss on Msndsy,»tUi
instant No pains will be spared to ren
der tbe occasion Internsting; pleasant and
edifying, to the bigbaat degras. Tbe cci
obradoo will terminata with a grand ball,
in the evening, at the Union Hotel.
KtpaMltui fnatf CMtnllm
The Republics* Codaty Contention
avete la thli city to-dqy. From the in
lerrst manifested in thli vicinity, we in
fer that etcfy precinct In the county will
be represented, end that there will be a
hot contest for nominations. The Repub
licans hate good material for a ticket, and
will doubtless place in nomination their
ablest and strongest men. For the first
lime their prospects of electing their
Ik-hst in El Domile county is encouraging.
Disagreeable as lite fact may be, it is use
less to deny or disguise it The Demo
cratic party, once invincible, by treach
ery and defection and Jealousies in ita
own ranks, Is demoralized and " shorn of
ita lair proportions." Its name, its glori
ous antecedents, its triumphs fix! its pure
principles—national and hallowed by the
illustrious patriota and statesmen who
originated and advocated them—are still
ours. Thera ara "still left in the Demo
cratic party of California, men who look
to the groat principles of Thomas Jeffer
son, of James Madison, and of Andrew
Jackaon." Those who should be with ua
are against us, courting the smiles and so
liciting the support of the Republican
party. And for what * Fur a petty office !
But the lime will come, must come, when
(ho Democratic party, purified from lha
base material that clung to it when pow
erful and betrayed it When weak, will
again be In the ascendant, and that day
we ho|ie and beliefe ia not distant We
love that good old |>arty, and shall cling
to It With Ondcvlatlng fidelity and devo'
lion so long as (t has an organization. It
has pirmed through trials as gloomy as
Ilw present, and triumphed over alder
and more formidable opponents Ilian
(hose who now assali II ; and it will do
so again.
The Republicans are sanguine, but the
Democrats are m-Mhrr subdued nor dis
couraged, and unless the former present
an unexceptionable ticket, even aa par
lies now stand, we woukl have no (rara
of the result, though the odds, apparently,
are against us. Die most prominent can
didates. and the onca most likely to be
successful before the Convention to-day.
we have authority for staling,-are, S. Ena
mingcr, for Sheriff ; James M. Reynolds,
for Collector; John Rush, for County
Judge ; lì. D. Hall, for District Attorney;
O. Carpenter, far Clerk » Aleck Fra
afar, fur Assessor ,' sud Charles Parker
fur Superintendent of Public Schools.
We heard a number of oilier Republicans
framed in connection with the other of
flees, but llicir chances are not aa good as
those we have mentioned. With such a
ticket the Republican might capaci a
- ««••• ««••- -w
fTw rroapA—lowfef »*f (few Movtrfntv pvfearrW J
t>Koaurrows, Juno 10th, HKD,
Emma Dr.NocaAT} As was predicted,
the I’nloß Clubs are breaking to pieces.
*H far tira want of a union of sentiment
—illustrating the utter ravpaasibility of
sustaining a union of bearla, clubs or
States, without a union of feeling, or witli
a desire to compromise individual opin
ions to perpetuate that Union.
Tito Union Club met, I presame for
the laat lime ; at least many of its mrra
hers, on Saturday evening last—some dt'
siroua of a Union in the true sense of the
term—withdrew. With such a conglom
erate, heterogeneous membership, who
could have thought for a moment of farm
ing a party! A Union parly, without a
platform of principles t A Club, made
up of aspirants far placa and power, who
have ever faded In regularly organized
parlies I A parly made op of all shades,
from the Abolitionist deep dyed in lha
wool, to rank secessionists, each with his
pockets tilled with resolutions peculiar to
his own views—enough to make a plat
form for four parlies and bava timber of
crcry sort!—each anxious to make a
speech on hia favorite plan, and astonished
to find hia brothers so stupid aa to not
fall in with him and save the Union t
Union should be the motto with every
patriot, but it should be a national Union
—a Union of equal rights—a Union with
out any quarreling as to where a man is
from or what bin profession k, A sec
tions! Union will lead to sectional strife,
and sooner or later sever erffr once glorious
t/mon mrdcsbty, or lead ua into a war of
extermination, hatred and anarchy.
The people here are quite pleased with
the Democratic ticket No one hes found
fault, and all say it is the best ticket ever
nominated in El Dorado county. The
Convention acted wisely in making nomi
nations and adopting resolutions, thereby
throwing their banner tfftbe breeze ; the
glorious old banner under which Demo
crats hare rallied, faaghl and conquered
hi times past/ and under which thli pros
perous country of otth has been nurtured
until it has grown the wonder of an ad
miring world !—that jtweied banner un
der which the people must fighi fanati
cism and re-nniCe these dfatrecTed States,
as a band of bred**», or see (hem sun
dered forever by the Black Republican
Uttphg dynasty. ROVER.
M.u.inoi'9 Faukhoou.—The following
malicious sensation item we extract from
the San Francisco Mirror, a feeble and
unscrupulous Republican organ :
* Fjrmuntvr mi IHuritwnu.it.—The
Piacere file Dkuovuat having made light
of the assassination of Colonel Ellsworth,
most of the business houses of that place
hare withdrawn their patronage from the
paper, and a disposition ia man (hated to
mob the office. The Mayor la actively
employed In keeping down the excite
This infamous slanderer desirea to cro
ata the impress km that the people ef Da
cervi! le aro mahacrata, vista tors of lav
and destroyers of property. They are
not. They are peaceable and law abiding.
It ia false that "moat of tho burine*
», _*V —IA A - > m. - -
«owe» w rotore* cnrflr pscnM|| Ml
IhrDkaóckV, ft la felaa **fha( a dispo
sition was manffeatad to mob the office.”
It ia false that "the Mayer was actively
employed in heaping dova tfw uadle
nrant," A couple ef kwvsn fedUeed an
-the etyasl waann low am»,
Mft,«dfea hradgsOarm ware M»hl
at far (hair felly ani denounced by ear
respectable citisene.
Tna poetry of oar Grimly «fot sown
pendent will appear ia aur neat No
room for comeaunicatitao Ibis weak.
Hi» Wo«L—“Mas Marnar, tba Wtarar of
Rarelo% Ay tba safer nf • AdaMjW*," n*
Mill <* tba FloaV and
Life/ *la tba liilwnf a aaar motf/f recenße ►
sued tf Harper Bfebers. ft»a «py of db lab
wa ara Indebted loflr. A. Dama* V flati Fra»-
ciuco* par poßlenraaf llrrwndca A AÌblaraipt
of oar dir. If “ Sitar Marner ” Interrila or
half au much aa diti " Adam Bede," by the
aaaie author, are aitali consider on rari rea wall
repaid for lima cotiaiinird in ila perusal. Speak
ing of hooka—rem nda ua that Maaara. Her
naadai A Anderton are at Uiia moment in re
delpl of loaaicea of at the raoeat aaw worhn
issued from the preaa, on both rider of the wa
fer—together with a well-relerted mock of ar
ticier in their Una of trade, which they tell ua
they are prepared to dirpoae of at greatly re
daead prices. Their taiabllahnaal la on the
i’laxa, opposite the l*nat Offlee.
- - aera»
Xaw Stable.—A. H. Reid, determined to
keep pare with the requirements af bis basi
nera, baa enmmewerd the erection of a Mnne
edillre, which, when completed will be dtt a (A
(Seal, with a frontage on Mala at reel of IO x St
feel. The building ia to be aa nearly llre-proof
as malarial can make it,—that affording ample
protection to hia own and bis patrons' slock.
Take a Walk behind darle Taanay'aaM "Rndod
Temi," sad Inspect the premierà, you who are
hnerrated la borre-leali.
AerarciATro.—By good antlanrilr, we learn
that the Orerie ml Trlrgtapli expedition, ap
preciating Iks neri letter Of the carlona article»
nf saddlery, bar nera, eie-, manufactured by
nnr townsman, A. A. Van Vnnrkiea, made raa
dry axlenaiec purchases at hia establishment.
In preference to buying in ths cities below,
this U quite a flattering compliment In Alec,
and one richlr deacrred--at we are talirllrd
(hat, in point nf rreallmec of material nr work
manahip, the anidra ol hia manufacture can
tini be excelled.
Ilaanaaaw'a return in Upper Itarcrrille in
aan crear. The people of that Incallir, appre
ciating the eonrrnienec of haring an ealab
liehmenl in Ihrir midst where all thrir require
ments in the literary and stationery tray may
be fit By met, pnlmnite Bradshaw (literally, aa
a ywt-/ pro >/*o for thr obligation he has laid
them nndrr In opening this branch of bis popu
lar establishment.
Tua Mtlionanx —piuehaaed by the ladies nf
the Episcopi) Society-arrired in nnr rile on
Thinaday last. It ia an rlegaatlr-Rni.hrd,
roarwond-cased, Are orlare Inalrnmenl, (man
ufaeliirrd by Mason A Hamblin, of Boston,'
and, when touched by a skillful band, emits
most drUehma annoda. The mehtdcun will be
used In the serrire to-morma .
—«• e e -
Smoot Kb «ut* «no*.—Thursday and Friday
nf ibis week were derotrd in the examination
of the pupils attending Ihe Public School under
the charge of Mr. f'yrns Banletl and Mira l.e
one Irrinr. The pupils in both drpartinrnia,
we are informed, acquitted Ihrmaclrrs with
great credit—thus directly complimenting llinr
faithful and capable instructors.
’- - a -
El Dosano Piatir Smoot.—The stamina
lion of this IH.put.ir sell».), under the manage
ment of Nathan Johnson, Kaq., will take place
on the 10th, folk and Slat inali., at which time
a raricty of prhea 'some of them rrry «alita
blr'i will be awaided aa tlie marks id merit.
The friends of education arc invited tubo pres
ent on tbe occasion,
(ueaurauK.uT. Mraars. Wilcox A Brown's
new building, on Broad street, l'p|M-r Piacer
i ville, ia neatly completed. It ia, we belirre.
the largest Ore-proof in the county. The front
is nf brick and the rear walla nf stone and cw
' nirnt. It is Ml*' feel, divided into four storsi.
- a—sac
' Accurate#.—Yesterday, übile Mr. W.Jsbine,
tiring near Spnttiah f lat, was in lb* act ol
cleaning his gun—u itti nomispiciua of ua being
loaded —lt was siiddrnlr discharged, dririag
the ramrod through the maids nf hi* band, and
coming «it near tba elbow, lottici ipg an ugly
looking wound.
Tma ffrm nr Priur'Ptroa ia still drifting
in Inward Hie neat little KJua kept by Black,
yclept the “ Court House Exchange.” Though
thr locality la set dow n on lb* city chart as
I *• Stony Point,'' gi-ntlcmrn maiinrrs Deed not
be apprehensire of breakers when making the
ofllng in the neighborhood of Black's "snug
- -
Kaiir, of the San PratsMsco Exchange, ftenr
Ihe Moonljoy House, ha* recently gialle some
eery important additions to his establishment,
and ia enw prepared Informali his patrons with
choice liquor*, cigars, etc. ; together with Aral
class ladings—and all at mndrrate rales,
- a a las . -
fumi In Messrs. Hrksie A Bunnell, nf the
new Bowling Saloon, next In the fiymoasinni,
for a bountiful supply nf rigara, etc.
Tat Faniin Pouednisanf Musas Yrll Du
pree nr, the ion-cream man, Is hereby duly ac
knowledged. May Ma ** cote**” aeree desert
; Mtkmtftiufckll»
takaadi hi tl DmU Conaiy larfiaa katdiap »
I Tanakara* ImUiiif 4 CoanMHi la tka City ml
nasarrHlt, enaMtanatar •> ika Am day at Mr. tut
rcnllnulac Urn* day». Tin- riarda** irta «Mutai af
lactam aad diacnaduaa a|a>a Iha aatoaat at Pablie
Arknala aad tka bait iJHria ml ■— Min AB par
•on» Inirraatad In iha non ml Cdaealiaa ara laiM
to attend. By order of 11. «. HERRICK,
Jais «art. «« r*Mle Mmol. hr B Dared* C*.
Twa TrrtUla Itala tara Tfry lai.
pori «al aaareaa la ratal km la ORHTADORAW HAIR
DTK. IWlnlal Utaaa drclalaaa la fraaa tka pan ay
Dr. Ckßtaa. aha hat ta «anal la IMa aaaalry aa aa
I Aaattyde Ckaaaial,arf drcUrrrlkaOya taka aha»-
>at«<f fra» tra» dilatirtaaa layr «dilata. Kite «and
ha caitad Ika ißßtlll cardio». Tkaarnmd firtkt
Da WtlirW ,3P*a tkaaaaaAa vko aaa tka Dya
tra aaaataaaata nßaali«i|lt,at«ra aHatkara,
ta ika aiRaUM aaUwitaaaa al Ilia Minto and Wanna
«Impana, aad Ika rapMßy af ID «Baal. Iklalalka
pabHe Tardici. Tka ill l Maiali vklak nati Matt
Ikate Tardiate aiajr ha «ara al Ika aaUbllakmal « 4
érlatadWra, Ita. I Aalar Ifaaar, Hr* Tartu (Rid
.Varthrkarr, a*d .f*Drd Itf aS Wntkaam
CSYSTADORA, A Aitar Raaaa.Xav Tatk.
GKO. W. SHELL, Afral.
: Jais I3t Waaktaytoa at., (aa Fiaaaiaaa.
I PrMaataal Dfliitßal Ohankr-Dk
: rlaa aarriaa will ka kaM trarr band ay Maral**, at
Kona*, kaffiaaltc al II tkbak Ear.
. Mr. raliaa «IH a Datala. Ail ara iarilad to at
! laaß. i|A
Da. J. A. W. Laadbaii, Daatlat—
ODaa, aaaaar at Mala and Cakaaa ttrrata, (ay
«tolto trrulH Cary Hata, «Manna» taa Mala
atraal—naaid mal raaptattaUy aaafaar to U«
anaaaraa* palma*. aad Ika patita faaaaaßy, tka*
ka baa aatarfad kit Uaatal OdDa.Uiaaamaadiaaa
aad aaaaaaiaat apart meal», raadariat lacraaaad
Damila* to parDrto fcto «aaaanlal «paratene. ta
ail tka ‘-| — a-.-m— g.— « — ■
I Dal Paatlatry. It* atari will ka wallas to Iha
aatirhtllaa *t «0. |TCIh attaadad «natali
haata. _ g , aayll-Da
Tka Ffcyadalf la adkaat bkuaaADr
waal af aaeeiM la kia trralaiaat, wkaa IkndtaappnDt
aaralla Ike raearary at Iha Mafcla to ka Mated la
tka admia lai aria( taper* nidiata «a. Datari «Mia.
apotkaaary, la paylac parile alar adtaaMaa to «ta
wpaaadlat pbpdrtaa»' pmirlpDiaa «ad toaaty
r«tlpii.h«M wiDtlaai efaatoaltoll M>|. Dakar*
•bua, Madlaal Daß, la appaltili afaal ta aatt
at «MStadtaa ShMM MadMaaa.
cuun k
ft uuo«
I *
ItU In
tnltuu »» urtali
liot-front Fire-proof Building, Main at..
Mnrr ptrfrrtttl their trtanfi m. hi' lot trantaellhK
• Central WHOM *ALK ««II aa • IUCTAIi
tuAxa*, and have now In Aura a latte
and veil aikaM alack a I
Dn«a, Medici we«.OWinleeU. Pttftaitit.
Fancy Article#, Pnintr.OUn, Window
tfltai, Oardta Raeda (,eo««h of In*»),
Fura Minora, (hr Mrdlrinnl
Pnrpuaa,) Aloohol, Oemphene, Acida,
And a ewmydefr aamWannl «I all Cnwda rtrf hand
In wrll rapplled Pen, llnaara, which they «HI
aril, In lar|h nr aranti aaa wilt Ira, al
Ait tna
(Tar narrrtlllr and trend. Trrrllart,)
rot AM. Tilt LtApttO
Of the iltr. »ui| ht?f j««k rtfeifhl a fall Mtfljr of
•Il IMI, *kkk tlofrr tl
At a small advance an Pan Pranclscw pfkee. Oflke
new irlkln for which ikry lisa* Wfd appointed
A|ttili, art
scoi ill’ii .Canaparida ami fcllllnfii,
llabrr«ham’« llmilarlit KMilr,
Bowler's HliriiiiMlldSi Medici*#*
Wihml'i Mfllr Rntirralltf,
Halt’s Mnkaai for Ihr Utfs
finkrr'd Pain Panacea, ami
Ultlr C allea ya Bark.
Of thr «14 !*T ANOABD FAMILY BEMKOI»*. Ikey
Hare Ike A|rntj for
Gnyrr lt’a Trilew iWt k ami ripartila.
IVlsiar’s (ItUvu «f Uil4 Cl.inj,
Jayne'* Mr-iti<M»»r«,
Hull’* f»ars «partila.
Ayrr«* Chert y Pectoral,
Um«-fr*itwrt M^lirkft,
OtiOdal'# ('l*oUa>fur.
T«>anwfi*f'a «arasparlßa.
Hark* Pain Biller.
And nnr hundred I ImH uf Pilk. Pia «fees. Olatmewts
| ami l.intinrnle—all recek • d «lirret fr<h#w ike Proprie
• lor». h>r » kajft oohl al Ihr Miners* Drap Alar*
•irraiiiril m
Pure, Ffcth and Genuina.
j . •
VARNISH, 011*8,
Eiae White, Llnserd OH. Palai Hnsahee, tlrwwnd
and Mined Palais, filar. Patty. OaM Leaf, Branse.
«le. All tolti al th* low rat price*, for rash, at Ike
j -
A fity lift, nf.l; of .11 .lac., hr «.It .a.tulljr
Oosatry Stolen and Phyafekfia
win MmtMW «Mplrie, and ow ehriwaleprlre.
hai nula aha., lima at Ir* rlaa. Paw Pranctara
Ta Inaafc *V hw.n WHOI.KPAI.K Pll r tt, nt
ORDKtP aha.Ul he eccenipaw*. 4 w„h CASH, nnd h*
1 sillrrssid
SUmt.- On* kWf. nmr.h
(hr nwwnwrnl af rrrnrh, Rap-Hh and Aarrlmn
Perfumery, Fancy Articles,
mpaCuMh. Unir Dye. and IH. U Ihr nh rac
ed nnd «mentire rrrt apanrd In ItarrcrlDr. nnd
«HI ha mid hp Ihr dawn ■« .Inph pwjÉnyr, irrh.
■met reduced prkra.
(hr aiawawto BtrAßWttT «W affli fr
•dw mm dnw ni lew lan, nnd Mr iwaarn nay
aaMjrUpwpashn.lnf Oh» PMtcairtlOm
Stadf h 1 Adteielaly Caawaaniady
or rcat axd «klbct ummta.
w. hare a hll » atari nitnf afanih. nar kerned Ve.
nnd CTa—hnh htWy lairadweed h Iha pcartlrt af
Mad! the. In I Ida tpanaml Mr (hatfr* «HI hr
Cnahr Oil, MnchhaOU. Ur4dMLht*rni(Nl. Heatn
hh 08, Thnnm'OH, rtdnr «■. «th« BHOAOUm
OH, .<«.
r*r aaW ratal! taHy h« hp
FUrle, Awth, Mpharh «ad Mart*. Arida.TMhr
MhOKatha, Math adytar, tadk, *—infii.
lath atra. «ahhUtrrr. Tarlarle Arid. OHrh Arid',
I tanna, WMaa and Chhweyt.
.rw cnui ift '*• » f'
Mete S
fiwn|ifo s |3no.
■* *•
*?Ì!Ì „ *■*,, M>t n
0»T * SSnvbb,
'■(■•Mill «»toMtr>. „
• rimti BwHmtmo.
Bjr «rrangrmrni, inaile hr „rir ~r
Banner, while In Knr»|>r, with ' h *
ii i 1 ' ,n a mori
CXa t
J?-'«relelir.ted Manufin lurer. .mi D.J'h'r.TT
flkuß<n In rrrel|il, l>jr each .learner, of
. atna at '
Tha It oat Col»t>rat«U Manufacturer.
W M*«<' Branee wad Genera.
Alan, af the Rlrheat Kllrrn. Newell Riffa. ami n ..
rrwM Ike eetehraiad Kniperlnm. of the Attorni.
Pi.ire ami Rnrefie. ml *
A. ee Imperi dlrrrttf from Wannhetnrrra we fa
nel par P™*'» •« •«""l ami third dealer. ...
renarifnemlr are dhfa in aell at Irei prim than an.
other dealer, la Baf r. menti.. Call and e.amln u
all w« aak. ’**
AM. HMD* Of Ji:\Vhl.KV Repaired and J|„„
far lured. -ana'
tiiAMiv«i>krrri\o. hn.mrii,,, , B .i
"•« ki Ike man .Ugnai and workmanlike
iff afeNlfnl atikmae. manne,,
WXohM most Caro full/ Xtejkuirexl
jCrirtWif ailrntfou pnld Ut thU branch of
iHUtNrM. #f
tpT WflOrßXlfOMrkeelekraled Pnekrl Knl>^
alo a r" on hand. WAWTuoWT * nKKVf*, ”
IbM» Hnrfe. fin. Mr, J *tr»-et. Parraim-nto,
JalMa «prurito *. 0. Mill, t CV. lianl.
mwtnm.H ioh.no their
friend, a nil the ladle. „„| n. n .
Itemeli of Pl.tcrrille.ini rfa(.
>nlir generallr, Ih.l the» till
eee ei «hr nM «tnnf, .no
now on knmi a cwmplele . trotini, nt of fine
lAdiaC and Gentlemen'. Gold Bino,
Indie** finest**. Breast «n*. Rar Ring*. Rtr .
All of vlilrh they oSrr for falcai the lucra rati «.'for
A lei. KI.VVYP Of OM«lfOI(*l * JKWRMIY ami Dm
•fehtMl Warn. m«nNr«rlniwl al Ila »Wl«-«t te u(irr
PT WATCHES lUpalmUnJ l(iguUt,,| bV
anperi»-n»-rd «rorkmsn.
HIM.IARU DALL* Turned and Run* in. I l*i«to|#
repaired. V J. A VO.,
jrliV Tell il*of lo feligfiiau»' Muck. Mali. »i.
Placer ville assay office.
GOI.I* IH’AT reeehed f«r Melting and
log, and retar ned In from 1 lot hours
Opinati Warranted.
All Hart discounted «I *an Fran* lire Trier*.
Jel.V.tm T. J. ARVIIIhOJf ft < «».
HATCHED jewclkv,
IKS ——
At tA# iHAft J»M*lrn A<f«j/«//aAM/wf m Vl,te*f.
tUU, »a /#»»/-•«*’* /,7,h/ ( Mr* I » #f.
Tllfe fl BHriHlirff rr.prnfolljf
yAk noonrcD In Mr fri» ad«. and the- nilarno ..f
EV* llarefTiUr and Urlati f. a« m r»H>. that k-
CllJßil'H Pun ID at«»re a »plralM a-»urtuient of
All of «lilrh hr «ilfrr* «t the hn»r«t price* fui cakfc.
California Jewelry made lo order.
TVatrhr* ami Jewelry repaired and warranted.
Norbarge for regulating WaU-lir».
Fncravinc on Wood dune iwrUrr
ie ivSe r.r. n.\RSj».j
KNOW %l.f, URN Mr theor present*, that I,
TFItfSM IrfCDflT, uf fhr rite of PlDrrrrMlr.
in thr r«wiit of KI iHrrorl*. wifr %4 tiUi.
dire, hrfrhe iiiak*' dcelarailon that. fr*a» oiul «Mr
thi« «late. I lii'rnd In c iff) *»n and traiira* t hii(nr*«
lit me uwn nanrr. an«l on me «wn fnant.
trad* r. in irmnlaiNv etti, lire ppret-Ma* of aa Art
eiritted ** An Art In a*iih«rr »*• ntarrird *<>uwm to
iraiiMrì l»u»‘iifM tn ih*-ir «*wn oainc a«i»lr trad«^ r%,‘*
■rarro««d April UrKV
Tltaf *aut baanm will M that of rnnrhtfig. rab<
lug r»f *Wk, dealing tu c roie. »hte handnuig Hi
wine* and nt* er iWjitoro. noi Inijing and «e’lingtevn
I.«t*. and *nkinf tmpfo*«-menf« on •« h loen hrt«,
and that the bu*ir»r-«« will hetranaarted t« the Coati
tv and Hatr afiintakl. And I d*i furlhr-r <torr*
that the amount Inverted In «aid larartneoa duet nI
eeeewd the «u n of flvr llimuaiiil »l«dUra.
||| vlinrrr whrfruf. I InVi lo re Unto •« t on hand
and seal, thi* elrvtftil* «foe «f in»»-. A I» IV|
TIIWA (ill HICK. IL al
m: or mmitMA.i
I’.tMi <•» H fWiUfri f*"
Thir i« *w rertife that Mr f«»rrenlnf «lerlaraiien wa#
. - . »n«.le. r 4 nf« «I biu] »ifid r| btlnrr mr. Ib*f
J». * fflhdot uf June. I|i Nil, a< Vilnru mf
• *,% ' liin.l ami Notarial A«-!>l the die «'••! »e«r
gfmtD wntivft. M K fllK IRRIK.'
jel.Vlw* Notary IWk.
ST \TF Of r AtlflMtN'f I. roiinlf of ST I» »rad«r -
Kft*« aU Hew If lhe*r IVeaeuia. that 1. Ml V
fVAKTMIH. wile of 4*o«lt*n d* %rtr»** fi-wltin tn »h»*
Cow» 7 *f n Dwendo. Hate ef California, .h* Her eh, V
pwMiaK. deviare awd Milr known that It law»» iwien
iWwi la carré on h»»«ii»raa tn w; "•« n»in», in *ai*f
r«wnte of fi Ifot-ade aa a fh.le Trader, under the
l»roelaiawa of aa AH of the hegtalaiore of the I*»ate
of California, entitled ** An Act tv aulhor’m married
Womr-n la imnaaH hu«ln*.. In (heir own name a*
Me Trodefa/* ffewegot AfH* fflh. IKH. And I for*
- «her deciwrr that aotd hvrtnms vtA ft» dealing In
general mere hand Sr. herplng pufdtr hvuac and
ranchine. *nd that I «rill he Indivldnaflr re«pnn«?Me.
in my own name, for all dette «-« ninu-ted hy me > n
acronnl of nM lai*iae«*. ami that <be aiiMnint nf
«-■pit al originali v lnvr*tr«| Mtcreln did h»d iirrril
■ flee TkamaJ DwellaC*
E Si.ru my hand and -ml fl.ia fdih daf of Juac,
1. a*. I*4l. MAHY r> AttTot< »*.]
STATI Of CAIeINVCNI A. Canute af fA Ifofod* -
On Sigle IE day af Jane. A. I». I'd*. faro>»naMy a|<
peefed before me, A A C*or-an. a T..ta ry INtWlc L
•ndftf *aidConn»y.fMßY l»'AHTf»||i. wlfo »f <:«»
itgn d'AHwlo, la nekiufn lobe Ihr prraon deorrihn
In and tk* riernlrd the f«*r»lgoli<g Uerlaratim
who affeMiShMf to me. on rxawioation. oefmra»*
■ paH fi(Hn« AM eifhmt the l«ear<ng al her ha*h » »»d
Iha I aim et rented the aame freely and mlnaleri p
far the Ware and purnoar» ihrerlu menllourd. with
, nnt War or rampnl»lua. or am lue ladnenoe of he
hnoband, and that *bc dd not nl*b la retraci lb
j . Wltnea* my bend and ?C otaria! Seal, Ue
L s. >day and year above «Hum.
Notai y fkMlr.
BY YIHTt’K af aa KieenHan u me 4>re«-i»d. Ir
oned oal of the Cart «.I ft If. Mclullre. a J***-
thr nf the Tram la and for tl*e T«»*rti*hi|« of P*»oer
ville, ConnSy of IQ Dorado, aad Art» af Californio/
I upon a Judgment renderei therein an die «Toth day
I or May. A. D. |dd|. In fatoK of Henry demon*, on-f
ofalnel Thomas Item, for the *am of duty su
dollars debit and seventeen :»u|ta» dollaro e»fts of
ml*, «ogfttber «Uh aceralng corta, f hire MintujMm
and prided, and «W rapnae for sale at |w»Nh-aaHiot»*,
. *•** WolMKlt HW CUf af Tloorr ville, In
TronT erlkikrri OSce,
Oo tha SUi 4*f o 4 July. A. t>. IMI.
Al lite hour ef t eVlorb. P. M . .11 ilw right, tlilr.
’ I nl.ye el ami gl elm ef thr .knrr n.mnl 4t-lrn4.iW.lit
.... ill
an* to ike Mlwwlug kemM pmfwrif. If leg enif
hrlug la ike Tawuklp «f PlacrrnUr. CotiWf en.l
PUIa «fatemi*. U wll : Th.t nrt.l. Ilouto »nd
ekwaie to the OHf el Plugi ngla, aw Ike we* .Mr of
Unitogli Anwar, coaamrartog ei a rrdar *.kf ««
the garaer ef mid lot : running Ifcrnrc
ihf fan la • maikrriy dim.too. itm.gr fad Ml'
gre fan, Orare la * anrikerriy dtrrrHen gflf fgn.
Ihr nr» In a* ea.lrrlf dlirtiton #»r Irg f.-n, n..rg
or fata. It Ihr place of hgflnnlri. ; lognhrr will,
■tt «km penale» to mid knaer .ad brf.
tilree aaUet ef hand, lid, Uth d.f »( Jnn«. Idi.
A. MUOXTON. Con,uh|g.
JeHdd In «ini far mkf T.mWrhlp.
nut RTKAV-mp
■ Commander.
Will leave Folsom Street Wharf, on
At feVlark, «. ■., puarlaallr.
■ill ke eoerrjrd km F«wua« la
Aa* from AtpkMnK to New York kg Utf
AJtlwntio Mkd Faoiflo BUiimhlP Qo.
rOBBKH fe BABCUCK. Ageato,
pis Car. iMnwgaH» UIM*» •<*-
A. A. VAN V«
wimwmo, nil i
Hetee flhacta aad Ulank-^^ng
***■**'■ rM«
Tagwtor a larga «a*
Dw FltoJVoof nook,
Ondi Bathing tad, Sharing S*l«sa !
pOMpowi Vigiliti» BDkir Tonto tJCS
Far Reatorlag, Preeerrlog.n* Dee»lH>lßg
Newt «ear le Ike «arie twMaw, Male *.,Plmwrrmr.
pi fato» A. TANTO Al
* co,
Orootrtaa, Pweidtas, liqnon,,
Al Ike OU AUa*.
SIGH OF “Ho. ».“•
AJf Older, aewmpUf «Ultori 10, «ad geode de»
tiHto free ofch.rgr.
idi Jm

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