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The Weekly mountain Democrat. [volume] (Placerville, El Dorado County, Calif.) 1861-1862, November 01, 1862, Image 4

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wt Aim iuiii min.
baa fcarbaa, hr ■» th.
HaVlwirtVj SSS mmr, mhI ikfcou
■a kH*« tba tuan'i •■■•.
kwM m ituliwnrt ■ aaar Klck
■Md aa lb. '
MUSl llj I 1 1 WaUa bl», bt» —mn4m la tb«
Xkar laifcaWai* tafaikar, ikiaa«k tajkood’a
fit; M ara(|M aa trMa of blood
Vkgart IM aa* aaar kiabaoad-aaar Bich»on<
. * aa tka iaaata.
a *i -. •
Ba aid, “ I aharfa lhaa, eoarada, tho friand in
Of tka far. far dwunt daar ooaa tkat I akall aaa no
Tbaach aaana ay Hpa ran nrhWpar thair daar and
wrll-knnon umn,
TbkaartP the icy ulearinf hum Birba-oad aa tba
" Boar my food award to my brotkar, and tka badf a
upm wkj brvtkt
To the youiif and grut Is M»Ur that I used U lov*
tba br»t {
firt Me lack (Ni my forehead fin tho OMtbor
Kil) tbai dfmuo*
Of kar aoMiar boy aaar lUokaiaod—aaar Uicbaeod
aa tka Jim**.
• Ok, I «aa.d tkat iaatkrr*a ana waaa krfdod rauod
ota row {
Tkat bar aralw kanda could Unftr oar sonant an
Bat I knoua tkat aha t. ynyiaf. whrra oar blraaad
• +>sm*r' ™.
•• And on ay tart, dear com redr, ck»« by those
not taw braid*-.
Of one ifeet wm the fairr#l of dl our villa|« on
were to bate been »rJde«l, but booth the
bridegroom cUim,
Amd ah* 1* l«r, that to*rt me, from Richmond on
tho Janies.
•'Ob! don tbr pole f»re haunt her, dear friend,
biwitv S?
Or it olio laughing, finging in carclett. girlish
f I ?
It no) be that the Is joyous, and lores but joyous
Ker dream* her lore lies bleeding near Richmond
on the James.
M And though 1 knew, deer comrade, thou'it mist
me for a while,
When their face*—ell that lor# thee—again on
thet shall mbile ;
Again tbou'lt be the foremost In all their youthful
But 1 shall lie near Richmond—near Richmond on
the James."
And hr from all that lored him that youthful sol*
diet steep*,
Cnknonn among the thousands of tho*e Lis coun*
try weep.;
But no higher heart, nor braver, than hi*, at sun
set's I cam*.
Was laid that e.e near Richmood—near Richmond
on the James.
The land is tiled with mourning: from ball and
cot, left lour,
We miss the well-known facts that used to greet
our own;
And long per wives and molhtrs ahall weep, and
tilled dame*.
To hear the uamof Richmond—of Richmond oo
the James.
Tbcie • a little mitrhirf maker,
That i# itralinf half our l> iti,
Sketching picture# on a dreamland.
Which arr tteter »een ill thi* ;
Da»hinf from uur lip* the pieanure
Of the present while we nf!i-
Tou may know the uiudhirf maker,
For hie uauie ia •• by and by."
Boiaaittinf hr onr hearth etone.
With hi# »l> , bewitching (lance,
Whupertag of the coming morrow,
A* the a* trial hour# advance ,
Loitering *mid uur calm n ilerti. na.
Hiding furoi# <>l beauty uifh—
He’# a rUMKiiii. deceitful feikiwr,
Thi# euchaiiliiif ** By and by."
Ton may know kim by hi* miming.
By hi# car. hr*#. a|Mirtive air,
B.' Ilia #ly. (d)lru#i\e presence,
ia at raying everywhere ;
By the tropliiee wbii h lie gathera.
Where hi* rhra'eri victim# lie—
A bold, determined fellow.
la thia conqueror, •* My and by."
When the calla by duty haunt ua.
And the preeeiit *eeui« to l*e
Allot time that e*er un>rt*U
Snatch from long eternity,
1 hi u a fairy hand »eem» |uiintif (
Picture* on a diataiit *ky.
For a ennnii g little artist
la thi# fairy, *• My and by "
•* By and b%.” the wind i* vinging,
** My and by,’ the heait replies.
But the phantom just t*efo*e u*,
Fre we gra»p it. ever fliea i
Liat not to the 'die charmer,
bcorn the very specious lie—
Onto in the fancy li'etli
Ihia deceiver; •* M) and by."
Tnz Dead Comes to Lire.—Some years
agon map without n tnmily orrelilivcs
lived in a county in Arkansas. ami was
jrossessrd of an t-sl.-ile wmtli live thousand
dollars. II'* went to Nee Oilcans, ami
wasabsent four v<-nrs without living heard
from. The Probate Judge granted letters
of administration on his i state. wound it
up. and distdinigid the administrator.
The mnn returned — had Keen to M-xirn
—when in the Court, the follow ing ilia
logoe took place;
Dead Man—If your honor please.I want
my eff'Cts returned to me, as you are I
am not dead.
Court—l know as a man that yon arc
alire and in Cmpt, hut as « Court I know
that you arc dead, for the records of the
Court say so, an l against their verity
there can be no arerment — so says Lord
Coke and a good many other books that I
nerer read.
Dead Man —Rut T want my property,
and it is no iliderenre whether your re
cords lie or not. I am alive, and have not
transferred ni v propel tv, ami to deptive
me of it without my consent is against
—the law.
Court —If yon intimate that the records
of this Court lie, the Court will send you
to jail.
Dead Man—'Vhat! Would ye send n
dead man to jail ?
Court—Sheriff 1 ,take this apparition out.
Them's I/m. — “I say, cap'n,” said a kern
eyed man, as he landed from the steamer
Potomac, at Natchez, “ I say, cap'n, this
ere ain’t all —I've left sulhiti or tiuther on
board; that’s a fact."
“ Them's all the plunder you brought
on board, anyhow."
*• We’ll see, now; I grant it's all 'cord
icsjf >ieHr ►-•!>*** bjtSJS, •Vnrre- el»».«t* Vt
brandv boxes, 'a portmony, two hams
(one part used), three ropes of inyuns and
one tea-kittle, lint you see, enprn, I'm
kinder duhorsnmv—I feel like ns if stub
in’s short. Though I've Counted them
nine time . ami never took nil eyesotf on
’em sense I come on board, I feel there's
Bonn thin’ w rong some where."
“ Well, stranger, time's up, so jest fetch
yer ole woman and hve children out of
the cahin, for we must he off."
“ Them's uni, by hnkey ! Them's inn!
I know-'d I'd lurgot siilliio or nutlier."
— -i - ■' — ■ ■ ■ --- ■
The New Pmuntopiir or the Spihit
Rappixo.— Il the following philoso|ihical
effusion don’t lay over the Latin of a cer
tain pedagogue described sby a novelist,
we will compare il 10 the classical descrip
tion of a thimble bv a fashionab.e young
ladv, who requested her lover to hand her
“ that truncated cone, convex upon ils
summit, and semi-perforated with simet
rical indentations."
The only true and legitimate manner of
accounting for the spirit raps.is the phys
iological defects of the im-inhran'-ous sys
tem. Tile ohliisviiess of the alslomiiial
indication cail-es the cartilagimuis com
pression to coagulate into the diaphragm,
and depresses the duodenum of the fan
dango. Now, if the raps were caused by
the rotation n| the electricity Ironi the cx
trvniilies, the tyuipantium would also re
▼nlve into spiritual zinctnm, and the ol
factory would foment and ireroinc identi
cal with the pigiiientum. Now this is
the case: in order to produce raps, the
spiritual rotemlum must h< elevated down
t» the spiritual spero. But, as I said he
fore, the inferior ligaments inu-t not sub
tend over the dignitarium sufficiently to
disorganize the stevielatum.
- .. ——
A LECiTkEK was dilating upon the pow
ers.. of the magnet, defying anv one to
shoot or name anything surpassing its
powees. A bearer demurred, and instan
ced a young lady who, w h< n young, used
to stM«l bias ibirleeo utiles every Sun-
Jm- *
TktflMWMI Sta.
The funeral service* were ended, end ax
the voiie of prefer ceased, tears were has
lily wiped limit wet cheek*, end long
drawn sighs relieved suppressed ami clto
king nobs, ax the " mourners" prepare !
In take leave of the curpxc.
a. It wax an old man trim lay there, rnhed
foi* the grkve. More than three score
vearx hail whitened thoxe luck*, an I fut--
rnwed that brow, ami made these stiff'
limhw weary Ilf life's jmimev, and a'l the
more willing in lie down and n-*t where
weariness ix n» more suffered, and intirni
itiex are no longer a burden.
The aged have hut few to weep for
thrill when thev die. Tin- iimxl uf those
who would have llioiirued 'heir loss, have
gone to the grave before them ; harps that
would have sighed sad harmonies arc
shattered ami cute; and the f> w that re
main are looking cradlewnrd rather than
griveward.—to life's opening, rather than
to life's closing goal; are Isiutul to, and
living in tile generation rising, more than
tile generation it- parting.
Youth and lieaiity have many admirers
while living —have many niournerx when
■lying; ami many tearful oms lietul over
their coffined day—many sad hearts pil
low i'i their funeral Inin. But age has
lew admirers, f. w mourners.
This was an old itian, and the circle of
had tliemseives passed the middle of life,
anil4Mn> hud children id their own lucare
tor and be cared lor liv them, were there.
Besides these, ami a lew friend.* u ho liad
seen ami visited him while lie was sick,
ami )»«sibly had known him for u few
tears, mere were mine nthetx to shed a
tear, exeept his old wile. it inf of ((ilk
small company, the old wife seemed to lie
the only Itemi-iiiouitier. It is respectful
for frienda to he sad for a few niiiiueiits,
till the service is pcil'oinied and the In-arse
is out of sight It is veiy proper and
suitable lor children alto have outgrown
the fervency and affect inns of youth, to
shell tears wtien an aged parent says fare
well, atnl lies down to quiet a'ombers.—
Some tcarets, some recollection of the
past, Koine transitory grief, and the pangs
are over. Not always so. Bui often,
now little true, genuine heart-sorrow
there is I
The old wife arose w ith diinculty from
her seat, and went to the coffin to look
tier last look — to take Iter last farewell.—
Through the fast falling tears she gazed
long and loudly down into that pale, un
conscious face. What did she see there ?
Olliers saw nothing hut die rigid tenures
id tile dead; she saw more! In every
wrinkle id that brow she read the history
of y.ais. Fioiu youth to manhood, from
maiinood to old age; in joy and sorrow,
in sickness ami health—it was ail there :
when those chiloren, who had now out
,r >wn the sympathies of childhood, were
iilants lying on tier bosom, ntui every
year since then,—there it was! Tooth
ers, those dull, uiute monitors were unin
telligible : to tier they were tile alphabet
of tile heart, familiar as hou.-Ohnld words!
And then the future! “ Wliat will be
come of me? Wnat shall I do now ?"—
She did not say so—she did not say any
thing—but site ielt it. The prospect id
toe old wile is clouded. Tue Itoitie circle
is broken, never to be reunited; the vis
ions ol the hearthstone are scattered for
ever. Up to tliut hour there was a home,
m which the heart always tnriu-ii with
linidiic s. But that magic ix sundered;
the keystone of that sacred arch Ins iail
in, and now- home is no wheie this side
id lieavcti! What sh II tile old wife do
now ? (in amt live with her children ? be
a pensioner upon their kindness, w here
she may be more of a bill den than a bices
mg, so, at least, site thinks. Or shall sue
puttier up the scattered fiag nelits uf that
hioken aicli, make them her temple,and
her shrine, sit down in In r chill solitude
beside its expinng tires, ami die ? What
shall sit.- do now ?
They gently crowde I her away from
the dead, and llie undertaker came for
ward with the ciiniu lni in his hand. It
is all tijhl an ; proper—id cours- —it ui'isl
lie done; but to the heirt-iuoiiri-c , it
bliugsa kind ofshudder,a thin! of agony,
a* when the headsman cmiies lorwa.il
with his ax ! 'I lie undertaker stood lor a
moment, with a decent ptopii.-ty, not
wishing to manifest rude haste, but evi
dently desirous of being as expediti ms as
possible. Just a* lie was admit to close
tile cnHiii, I tie old W ifi; turned back, and
stooping down, inipiinted n e Inn.', a-t
kiss upon the cold lips of tier dead bus*
baud, then staggered to her seat, buried
tier face in tier hands, and the closing
coffin hid him from her sight forever!
Tnalkiss! fund token ol utiVclion, and
of sorrow, .'toil memory, and farewell! I
have seen many kiss their dead — many
such seals of love upon day-cold lips,—
hut in ver did I see one so purely sail, so
simply heni t touching and hopeless ns
tout! Ur, if it had hone, it was that
winch looks beyond coffins and charncl
nouses, and damp, dark tombs, to tile joy s
of the home above. You would kiss tile
cold check of iniaucy ; — there is poetry;
it is ht-amy hushed; —there is romance
there; for the failed dower is s'ill bcauti
fiiirtn childhood’the hearr yields to the
stroke of sorrow- ; but recoils again, elas
tic with faltil, buoyant with hope. But
here was no benny, no poetry, no ru
malice. The heart of the old wife was
like the weary swimmer, whose strength
lias often raised him abovc*thc stormy
waves, but now exhausted, sinks amidst
the surges.
Why should the old love the old, or kiss
the cold unloving lips? Ad! why not?
lines affection grow old ? Does the true
heart feel the infirmity of years? Does
it grow cold wlicn the step heroines un
stisdy, ami the hands hang down ? Who
shall siiyr that the iieart of the old wile
was nnc’as young and warm as in Chose
early and brighter days, when lie wooed
and. won hei ? The temple of her earthly
hopes has fallen; a d what was there
left lor her Iml to sit down in desponden
cy, among its luiie'y ruins, and weep and
die ? Ur, 1u tlie spit it of a better hope,
await the daw ning of another d ty, when
a hand divine shall gatln-r its sacred dust,
and rebuild for immurta ity, its broken
May the old wife’s kiss, that linke 1 the
living with the dead, lie the token nf a
holier lie. that shall hind their spiiitsin
that b t er land, where tears are wiped
from all faces, ami tile days uf tiieir
mourning are ended !
Tkoct Fisikno. — A practic I joker resi
ding ill a pleasant Country village, fuel a
visit, some time si .ce, from Professor
Wingate. The professor is a keen trout
fisherman, and seeing a pond at some dis
tance limn the house, lie inquired—
‘•Can you Hsfi for trout in that pond?'*
“ O, yes,” s-iid K . “ as well as nut."
"Possible!—where's your rod?”
“ I have untie; lilt no fisherman. But
if you want to try, we'll go over 10 S —
ami get tackle, and you limy try your
hand at it.”
The next morning early, the professor
drove over to the pond, ami whipped it
around to windward and leeward, and fi
nally waded in up to his waist, and threw
hiiT flies mO't seietili.ieally, hut never
raised a fill. At length, when the sun
became rather oppressive, he turned to
It., w ho la v under a tree, solacing himself
wit It a hook and cigar, ami exclaimed ;
" I don’t believe there is a trout in vour
" 1 don't know that there is," replied
“ Why, you told me there was.”
“ Oh, no," said R., leisurely turning
and lighting another cigar, "you asked
tne if you could fish for trout here, and I
said you could as well as not. I've seen
folks do it olten, hut I never knew of one
being caagbt hart."
JKrfetral anti Surgical.
Sueramento *treet, hdotc Montgomery, opposite
Pacific Moil Sift whip (Vi Ltfict,
Stin FmncUco.
Efttablished in 1854, for the Permanent
Cure of all Private and Chronic Dis
ease* and the Suppression of Quack
Attendant and Resident Physician,
Ln»e In the Hungarian Ki-vo’utionnry War, Chie
Fhysicfou to the •4'*Ui Kcgine.it of llonvt-ds, Cbic
Nuigcoti !•• tile Milit.try Hospital of Pe>th, llungoiy*
late Lecturer on Diseases ol Women ami Chihli en, 1
ami II morary Member of tile Philadelphia College
of .Medicine.
ir i*.. rticular attention pnhl to the treatment of
dii-ea-es peculiar to Wurncu auA Children. -03
Officb Ili'i’k.- — Fvwui y«.x till P r. m. commu
nications strictly couflde'iiial Permanent cure
guaranteed, or uo pay. CuiiiultaiioiiR, by letter or
otherwise, tree.
Address, DR. L. J. CZAPKAY,
fc-au Fraucisco-
Of all diseases. the gre*t first cause
Npriugs from negteci ol Nature's lava.
Suffer not! When a Cure i« Guaranteed
in au 3ago> ot Seciet Diseases.
Self~nhu**, Xerrou* M»i ity, Strictnr #4, Gleet*,
G fieri, D'nd-rte*, l)i**a*t* ••/1k* Kidney 4 and
Bidder, Me CHri-,1 fthfUiHiltirW, Scriffuia,
J'oin* in the Rone* find A ni ter, lH*eti*e* of the
Lunge, TJtrmt. A 'or*, and Eye*, 1'Un * upon the
Body or Li nth*, i \incer% Drop*?/, Epileptic
from a Uernngement ofVu .v/>iui>rrp»rui.
OL’Cli as Nervous Trembling. toss of Memory,
lO Loss of Power. (Jen* rul M fakirs*. Dimness of
vision, with peculiar snots appearing before the
eyes, loss of dght. wakefulness. dyspepsia, liver dis
ease, eruption upon the face, pain in the back and
head, female irregularities, and all Improper dis
charges of both sexes. It matter* not from what
cause the disease originated, however long siamllng
. -7 «v . v •'v X a/H in a
shorter time than a permanent cure can be effected
by any t»tbrr treatment, even after the disease has
baffled tNJfMtill of eminent physicians aud resisted
all tlielr Means of cure. The medicines prescribed
are pleasant, without odor, entirely vegetable, caus
ing no sickness, and free from mercury or balsam.—
Dui ing fifteen years of practice, in Europe, the At
lantic States and Calitoruia. I hove rescued from the
jaw> of death many thousands, who,in the Ins' stages
ot tin- above mentioned diseases, had been given up
to die by their phvsiclau«, which warrants me in
pro oising to the afflicted who may place themselves
under my care, a perfect ntid speedy cure. Private
diseases are the greatest enemies to health, as they
are the first cause of Consumption, Scrofula, and
many other diseases, and should be a terror to the
human family. A permanent cure is scarce y ever
effected, u majority of the cases falling into the hand*
of incompetent persons, who not only fail to cure
The disease, but ruin the constitution, filling the sys
tem w th mercury, which, with the disease, hastens
the sufferer into a rap d consumption.
Hut should the disease and the treatment not cause
death speedily, and the victim marries, the disease
is entailed upon the children, who ate born with fee
ble constitutions, and the current of 1 fe corrupted
by a virus which betrays Itself in scrofula, letter,
ulcers, corruptions, and other affection* of the skin,
eyes, throat and lungs, entailing upon them a brief
existence of suffering, and cons.i r niug them to au
I early grave.
Self-ab i-e is another formidable enemy of f eal'h,
for nothing else in the dread catalogue of human
diseases cans .** so destructive a drain upon the *y«-
I tern, drawing it.- thousand- of victims, through a lew
• years «*f suffering down to au untimely grave. It
destroys the nervous system, rapidly wa»tes away
the et»crg s e« of life, can es mental derangement,
i prevents the proper development of the system.dis.
j qualifies for marriage, society, business, and all
earthly hnppine**, ami leaves the sufferer wrecked
I in body and mind, predisposed to consumption, ami
a train of evils more to he dreaded than death itsell.
; With the fullest confidence. I u«*ure 'lie unfortunate
I victims of self aim-"*, that a permanent and speedy
cure can be effected and with the abandontmnt of
ruinous practices, my patient can be restored to ro
j bust, vigorous health.
I Irregularities, aud all diseases of male* and fe
males, frvted o.i pri •ciples estaMl-lied by ft teen
' years of practice, and -auction'd by thousands of
the most remarkable cures. Medicines, with full di
1 rectum*. sent to any part of the State, Oregon and
i Wa-hiiigton Territory, by nntlents communicating
i their -vmp’om- l*y letter. Huaitiest correspondence
strictlv cot fidential.
Addiess, I, J. CZAPKAY. M. !>..
Medical Institute, Sicramenio street. In-low Mont
gomery. opposite Pacific Mail steamship Cos Of
fice, ban Francisco.
The following letter which emphatically
Speaks for It-elf. was written by the I»ean of the Fac
ulty of the Philadelphia College of Medicine, to the
editor- of the Pacific Medical aud Surgical Journal,
ban Fraucisco, for pubiicatiou :
PHILOtrLPIfTA, Jlin. 17th, 1S59.
To the Editors of the Pacific Medical and Surgcal
CiKXTLEWKWMy attention has hern call'd to an
article in 'he December number of your Journal, In
regard to the nd enndem degree granted by the
Philud* Iphia College of Medicine to Dr. L. J. Clap
kav. When 'In* application tor the degree was made
to the Faculty, ir w.is accompanied by affidavits and
testimonials to th.* effect that Dr Czapkay was a
regular graduate M D of the University of PetUh,
had -ei Vnl a- a Surg-un in the Hungarian army, and
was a regular practitioner of medicine. On the
strength of these, the degree was granted. The <id
eundeni degree, as irs name implies, is conferred on
graduates only and gives ns m-w ptivileg***. Ilad
there been the slightest suspicion of irregularity, tin*
application Would have been refused. By inserting
this in vour Journal, you will do an act o justice to
the College, and confer :• fsv<*r on
Yours, very respectfully, II. RIND.
Dertn of tile Faculty of the Philadelphia College of
ICemnrknble Instance of Medtcnl
Relief.—llclow we publish the certificates oi three
of tite -ulfcrers front the pang- of disease, 'ho, hav
ing recovered their fortn-r health. and impelled by
gratitude, make known their ca-es ami reinedi 1
agent, and their -tatements are authenticated b.v ;•
Notary Public. The demands of society imperiously
command their publicity, and we commend their pe
rusal to the attention ol the afflicted:
Thankfulness is the Incentive to
CtanrictTg.—The undersigned, desirous of ac
quaint’iig those wfm may be unforuinate enough to
l»e Himi'arlv afflicted, where a permanent rcl ef of
their sufferings m *y be obtained, feels it Ills duty to
thus pubbel. express liis most sincere gratitude to
Dr. I.. J. Cstpkav tortile permanent recovery of his
health llorne down by the distres-ing symptoms
• incident to the vicious practices of uncontrollable
passion in youth : depressed in body and mind, una
ble to perform even the most trifling duty imposed
i on the daily avocations of life, I sought Hie advice
■ of many physicians. who at first regarded my disease
of trifling importance—but. alas ! after a few weeks,
I and in several instances, months, of their treatment,
I found to my unutterable horror, that instead of re
i lief, the symptoms became more alarming in their
torture; ami. luring told by one that my disease, be
ing principally confined to the brain, medicine
would be of little consequence, I de-p.tired of ever
regaining my health,strength and energy ; and as a
last resort, and with but a faint hope, culled upon
Dr. Czapkay. who, after examining my case, pre
scribed soine medicine which almost instantly reliev
ed me of the dull pain and dizziness in my head.—
Kncourag-d by this re-ult, I resolved to place myself
immediately under his care, and by a strict obedience
to all ids directions and ad' ice, my bead became
clear, my ideas collected, the constant pain in my
hark ami groins, the weakness of my limbs, the nee
, voits reaction of niv whole body on the slightest
i alarm *»r excitement; the misanthropy and evil
forebodings; the self-distrust and want of confidence
in others; the inrapaoility to study aud want of res
olution ; the frightful, exciting, aud at tunes pleas
urable dreams at night, followed hv involuntary dis
changes, have all dlsap|»e.»red; and in fact, in two
months ah or having consulted the Doctor. I felt as if
] Inspired by a new life—that IPe which, out a
| time ago. 1 emit* tiiplated to end by my own hand
With a View to g mill the unfortunate from falling
Into the snare- of incompetent quacks. I deem if my
duty >»* rdlcS thir\i-.... merit at A-skill of
Dr. Ctuukay. and recommend him to ail who may
stand in tied of me Heal advice, being assured by
inv own experience, that on.-e under his care, a rad
ical and permanent cure will be effected.
State of Ca'ifornia, County of Sun Francisco.—
ffl’bs'-ribed ami sworn to before me, this 17th day of
! April, A. D. 1*>56. (Signed)
Jo UN MlfiOLKTilg, (L. M J
Notary l’ublic.
A CARD*—Prompted by an honest desire of
mv heart, 1 wish to lay before the public a case
which deserves a high commendation. u<>t only as an
i a**t of scientific skill, hut of I umanity. also. About
two year- ago. I -uddetily, and from causes unknown
to inv w in seized witli a fit of epilepsy, which, owing
to my inability to meet the expen-es consequent up
on thorough medical treatment, and the discour
age neut I met with on attempting It, soon beganm
such (as 1 w.i- then led to believe) as to def> the skill
, of a physician. I frequently, while in pursuit of
; my calling, throw i down to the ground without the
i slightest warning, and although Insensible to the ag
; onies. I vet despised the miseries of my life, and
soon learned to look upon those who would render
assistance or shelter me from danger, as enemies who
sought to prolong the existence of my miseries —
While in this -tale, aud having previous to m.v afflic
! tint) tasted Un* sweets of life. I once more was in
duced to attempt seeking aid of a physician, and. bv
recommendation, called Upon Dr. L. J Czapk iy. I
told him mv cir umstanees ami rny inability to re
ward him for his Services regardless of wliieh, how
ever, he undertook my case, and with the Messing of
(bid I was once more restored to |K*rfect health.—
Unable to reward him for the boon which l enjoy at
present, and yet conscious of my indebtedness, I
consider it due to my-elf and to all afflicted to make
the case public, in order that those in need of medi
cal advi e may find a physician in whom erery con
fidence can be placed.
[t.. ».] Mxrta Yabi.ox«kt.
Stale of California, County of Nan Francisco, s*.—
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 1st day of
August, A. D r-5fl. UlLBKKT A. (fKANT.
[L. *.] Notary Public.
Remarkable Cure of C onsumption.
—The almost miraculous cure that has been effected
in my c i*e. prompts me to impart to those of my
fellow creatures who imiy he suffering from like af
fliction, the sourer of relief, with a short description
of my ease. Several yeaia ago, my health began to
fail. I was attacked bv general weakness and debil
ity, Which reduced me to Hie mere shadow of my
firmer mIf. At that stage I sought medical assist
ance, and expended larg*- amounts, but without the
l»*a<t beneficial result. The fell destroyer Consump
tion. hud already Seized upon iny vitals. I Wat dai
ly drawing closer to the tomb; my physicians l.eld
out no hope of recovery: my strength liad wasted,
and I was in a state of almost uttrr prostration. I
w is iuformed by tny physicians that they could do
nothing for me except to smooth my path to the
grave, when most fortunately, I applied to Dr. L. J.
Cstpkav, and am now a well and perfectly sound
m in. It I-difficult for me to express the emotions
of devpesf graCFtnfe I experience when realizing the
immeasurable service I have received at the hands
ef 8g.i>a)Wy, and 1 fee l that It la at Idas*
fUrtural aob Surgical.
In my power fn tender this feeble recognition of his
great shill and tenuity T n the afflicted 1 woold
say. do not despair, for whatever may he the nature
of yodr ease, I am confident that you will find relief
by applying to Dr. L. J Csapkay.
“ There la balm iu Gilead, and there is a physician
there.” Il a.l IIkkrt Wkk-likg.
Subscribed and sworn to nefote me, tills 15tli day
of October, a. ». 1S39. City and County of Shut
Francisco, in the State of Cali nri.ia
[l. s.j F. J. Thibailt, Notary Public.
The undersigned is personally acquainted with
Henry Wessllng, and knows that the circuit stances
related In the foregoing certificate are true He saw
llcnry Wessling during Ids illne>s,*nnd bears willing
testimony to the fact of lib rentaikahle cutehy Itr.
L. J. Csapkay. [l. s J A IIockmimm.
Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 17th day
of October, a. d. 1859.
[l. s.j F. J. Thibaiilt, Notary Public.
Dr. I*. J. Csapkay’s Private Medical and
Stiigim Institute is on Sacramento street, l»elow
Montgomery, opposite the Pacific Mail Steamship
Company's Office. Sin Francisco. Tiie Ur. offers
free consultations, ami usks no remuneration unites
lie effects a cure. Office hours froui 9 A. M. to 9 P M.
Spermatorrboea> nr local weakness, nervous
debilitv. low lassitude, weakness of the hack
and limbs, indisposition and incapability for study
an labor, dullness of apprehension, loss of inetitorv,
sversion tosoewty. love of solitude, timidity, self
distrust, d'SSiness. headache, involuntary discliarg
es, pains in the side, affection ot the eyes, pimples
on the face, sexual and other Infirmities in men. are
cured without fail hv th- justly celebrated physician
and surgeon, I*. J. CxtPK »v. Ills in. thnd of curing
diseases is new and r*K!» »ws To orntcai*. hence Ids
great success. All consult at ions, hv letter or other
wise, free Address, L. J. Czit'lAT, M U-, San
Francisco. California.
— US. I,. J. PaoPMlLACTHTM (Stll-diSill
fecting agent), e sure preventive a g linst 4 in inrrhop*
an I Syphilitic discas-s. anil an unsurpassed remedy
for all venereal, scrofulous, gangrenous and cancer
ous ulcers, foetid discharges from the vagina, uterus
and urethra, and all cutaneous eruptions and dis
eases. For sale at Hr. I.. J. Ct ipkay's office. Faern
mento street, below Montgomery .opposite the Pacific
Mail Steamship Comptny's «!&«.» -. A* iAMulstlsii Is
a preventive against smallpox, so Is l»r. I, J. Ctap
kay's Prophilaeticum a preventive ; gtin-f svphilitic
and gonorrhoeal diseases. Ilarml-ss in it.-elf. it
possesses the power of chemically destroying the
syphilitic virus, and thereby saving thousands of
debauchees from being infected hy the most loath
some of all diseases. Let no young man who ap
preciates health be without Dr.Cz ipkay's Piopnilac
ticum. It is In very convenient packages, and a ill
be tound convenient to use. heutg used .i« a *«.*•» —
Price. $5. For sale at Dr I, .1 Cxupkny's Prv i»e
Medical and Surgical Institute Shi rar.iento treet,
below Montgomery, opposite Pacific Mail 8 tea tush p
Comnsnv's offii e.
&r- All orders mu«t he addressed to L J Ci*p
kay, M. I)., San Francisco,California. aug 17
5Lrgal Stobcitiscmcnts.
STATE OF CAI.IFORM \, County of FI Dorado.
ss.— In the District Court of the Fleventh Jiitli
dal District.— Action brought in the District Court
of the Eleventh ludicial District, and the coniplaint
filed in the County of FI Dorado in ihe office of the
Clerk of said District Court in ami for said couny
and Staf*.
The People of the State of California, to W. Ft.
HAKIMS, |»efe> d ml, Greeting :
You are her*by i*quir»d to appear in an action
brought against you hy T T. M«SPaDDEN\ 1*1 ii tiff,
in tin- District Court of the Eleventh Judh i <1 Hi-*-
trad, in and for the Conn y of El Dor nlo. and to an*
>w« r the complaint fit* d th» n in on the 2 th day of
October, A D 1*62, within ten dnvs (cxrlurive of the
day of s-rvice) alter the service on you of thi* Mun
itions—if served within this county; 1 served out
of this county but within this Judicial Diritic>, with
i in twenty days , or. it served ut of said D.strict,
then within for'y day.—or judgment by default will
betaken against you.
Tin- said action is brought to recover judgment
against you for the sum of $* Minn. with inti rest
thereon at the rate of two per cent, per month until
paid, amount due said plaintiff upon a eeitai.ii pro»n
i -s'iry note made hy you and T .1 ll-lston to pi.i n
tiff on the 24ih day of September I$»’.!, for said sum
of f&MlttO, bearing inteirst at the rate of two per
cent per month until paid; also, f.»r a d*. re*-of
f«»recl>sure and order of sale or ..our interest in and
1 to a certain prereor parcel of htiid,kn**w:, .»- Perry’s
Upper Kam li situated near llrownsville. Cosumms
I Township. County ol El Dorado. State of California,
mnrlgagtd by y.«u and T J II •l-toii to **•• ure the
payment of said note, - Htol if y *u iaii to appear and
answer the said complaint as ab**ve rt*«uired. the
said Plaint, ff will take judgment against you l.u said
sum, interest and costs, according to the prayer of
Said complaint.
Witness, linn II F Mrres,.Judge of said District
Court of the Meventh Judicia I)i-fri*-t.
!•— — , Atti sr nty hand, ami tiie -eat of s-iid Court,
I., s. j-io and f**r said Cout tv of EJ Dorado, hereto
—’affixed, at office in the C.»v of Placer vil!e,
this the 2utli day ot <>. t* her. a D 1>62
TIMM \S D. I’xTTKN, Clerk.
Hoik A Sl'*s, Att'jrs f*r Pl’ff.— «ct25-im
STATE OF CALIFORNIA. Comfy of El Dorado —
St*.—In the District C**urt of toe Kh-vcnth Judi
cial District.—lotion hrotglit in the District l\*u*t
of the Eleventh Judicial District, and the eonip).tint
filed in the county of El Dorad**, in the <flie **( the
clerk of said District Court in and f*»r enid count.*
and Mate.
The People of the Ftate of California, to HENRY
ROSWaKN*. defendant, greetinj :
Y»»u are hereby requir* d to appear in an action
brought against you b.v William K*ih»-rls. piaint'ff.
in tiie D strict Court ol tlte Eleventh Judicial Di-tri. t.
ill and for the County of El Dorado,and to answer the
compl tint filed therein on the £5tfi day of August A.
D 1*62. within ten days, (ex. lti-.ve of the day of ser
vie*.) after the service mu you ol this eumniont* —:f
served wHiln tld« eounfv ; i' served out o' thi** coun
ty. Init wiiliin this Judicial Ib-'ri t, within twenty
d«y*; or. if s»rved out of *«aid District, then within
f* riv days—or judgment by dc'aull will be taken
against v*u
The siid action is brought to recover judgment
again-t y*»n for the sum ol two hundred ami ten d«d
'ars. with interest thereon fr**m the 2Sth day of July
A. D. 1*02.—amount dm- Plaintiff on a eertaiu prom
issory note made hy yon in favor ol Plaintiff on the
26th day of April A. D 1S62. and payable three
months afttr date, lor the sum of two hundred an.1
ten dollars ; and if you fail ft* *ip;»-ar and answer
the said complaint as above r* qu'red. th»* said Plain
tiff will take yon tor said sum and
inteiest and coins, accoidingto the prayer of said
Witness, lion R. F*. M.vres, Judge of said District
Court of the Eleventh .ludvinl District.
, —. Attest my hand and the seal of said Court,
-J l s. J- 'n and for said county oi El Dorado, hereto
t — affixed, at office in the City of Placerville,
this the 25lh day of August A D. W>2.
TllllM AS It. I* AT TEN, Clerk.
A. C. Skarlb Prff’stfitt'y.—aug%*3iu
STATE OF CALIFORNIA. County of El Dorado.
_ —Si.—Justice's Court. Placerville Township.
The People of the State of California, to Mary
Xtida, Greeting.
You are hereby summoned t« appear before me a
my office in Placerville Township, of the r-uinty of
El Dorado, on the 26th day of July. a. n. 1*62, at 1i>
o'clock a. M . to answer unto the complaint ot John
Fountain, who sues to re* over the sum ot forty one
25-10Mdollars, balance of an account for goods. Ac .
sold hy Plff'a wife to you.—when judgment will l*e
taken against vou for *he said amount, together with
coats, if you fail to appear and answer.
To the Sheriff or any Constable of said County-
Greeting : Make legal service and return hereof
Given under my hand, this idihdav of Julv 1862.
Justice of the Peace in and for said Township.
STATE OF CALIFORNIA, County of El Dorado.
— I? appearing to my satisfaction, by the affidavit of
PI'ff. that said Defend .nt upon whom the service is
to iie m."d in thi-* cause i« not a resident of this
State, hut mow resales in Virginia City, in tiie Terri
tory of Nevada, and it appearing lhai a cause of ac
. 1 Is ordered that
service tie made br roe fhio»i*'iiii*'« «#r urr tumm.,,,,
hereto.attached in the Mountain Democrat, a weekly
newspaper printed and published in said county, at
l.-asi once a week for tiie space of three mouths,
when stp*h service will be deemed complete ; and
that a cop* of the summons be forthwith deposited
In *he postoffie* directed to her s>id place of resi
lience; ami this case is rnntinu- d to the Sth day of
November. 1S62. at llie hour of 10 A. M.
This 26th day of July, 1S62.
joiin nnui,
AUg2m8 Justice of ll*e Peace.
TO all wtiom it may concern —Know ve that, on
the 2«*tl« day of November, A. I). 1>6». at ten
o'clock A M of that day. or as soon thereafter as I
can t»e heard—I. LUCINDA RICHMOND, wife of
John W. Richmond, of Clarksville,White Oak Town
ship, County of El Dorado, Htate *<f UtHfornis. will
make applicatii u to the District Cou.t of the E ev
enth Judicial District, at the District C*out ro.ou at
Placerville in said El Itont'!" f**r an order
of said Court, to be permitted to r arrv on tMsiii*-*s
in my own name and on my own acco’iut. as a Sole
Trader, in accordance wit.i an act of the L-iri-la
turc entitleil •* An Act amendatory of and supple
mental to an A-t entitled an Act to author'ce mar
ried women to transact business in tlo ir own names
as Sole Traders,” pissed April twelfth, eighteen
hundred and flf-y two. approved April Sth 1862.
And I further declare that: it i* my intention to
apol.v for an order of said Court, permitting me to
carry on the business of hotel keeping, store-keep 1 ng.
ranching, stock-rals ug, mining, teaming, ami tra
ding generally.
October 2nd, lS62.-td
STATE OF CALIFORNIA. County of El Dorado -
In Ihe District Court o*' the llth Judicial District
in ami for sa d County — Francis K. Cragiu vs. Ills
Creditors- —In t'.e matter of the petition of Frauds
B. Cragin, an Insolvent Debtor.
Pursuant to an ord<»r on file herein, made hy the
Hon. B. F. M.vres. Judge of t’ e Court aforesaid, no
tice is hereby given to all Ihe creditors of said insol
vent debtor, Francis II Cragiu, to be and appear be
fore the Court aforesaid, at the court house of said
county In the City «>f Placerville, on the |7th day «»f
November, a. n. 1S62. at the hour of t*-n o'clock a. m.
of said day. to show cause, if anv riiev can, why tiie
prayer ■‘f said Insolvent D -bror should not be grant
ed, and an assignment of hisestsb- b* ma*le. and he •
be discharged :ro:u Ills d- bis and liab lit es in p*irsii- |
ance of the Statute in such case made and pr**v d d. !
And, in the meantime, it is ordered that all ju-Dcial j
proceedings against s lid insolvent debtor be s ayed* i
)-*— Witness my ban * and the seal of said 1
L h V Court hereto affixed at office in the City of
’ Placerville, this 7th dav of October, A D.
1862. TII08 B FATTEN. Clerk,
Bv Ogdw* fiQffiam, Depu'y.
Canm k Marshall, Ali’ys for Petithmer. td #
Deeds, mortgages and declara
tie as sf Hststatlssds. Air sate at Uda effl—- «'
•• ■«rs atoll tto rasas tto i rtffcta bmJbUIs,
Csawad bj tatoaoca ss4 aatoftoi by gsla.'*
- s Vt faN DE *o e ,
Newspaper, Book and Job
Slmt) f»rlt •( (He RrMge,
The Proprie ors of the Mourraia Democrat Printing
Establishment, eschewing all egotism, annuui.ee villi
confidence that they have ihe
Beat and Greatest Facilities
For the prompt, correct and careful execution of all
To be found anywhere North of San Francisco—
which facts they are prepared to prove by occular
demonstration to all who tnuj desire anjlV \\g In
their line, from
A Poster to a Yhiiiug Card!
Deing fu’ly convinced of the fact that the price*
for Printing, like ail other KNCkmaut things in Cali
ifornia, have greatly decreased within tiie past vear,
we hare accordingly bought and put into operation
all lha latest aud most debirnblc
Known in the business: and are thus enabled to
compete with svui San Francisco—thereby com
pletely nullifying the hitherto good argument that
“ Money could be saved by sending below for print
ing.” Our stock of
Is always of the best quality, selected with due re-
Curd to the wants of our Immediate neighborhood ;
and, being in constant communication w th our
Agent in San Francisco, anything st;w, or uPjcovkl
dxniun, introduced there,can be speedily transmitted
to us.
Having thus enumerated our fneilities and deter
mination to do all classes of work so that fault on
not be found with prices or execution we will now
reiterate that
postt:ns asd hasp dills,
IX 1 1TA T1VXS A XI) TH 'AY.' TVs’.
Ell. HIE A I)S, FREW ll T EH. I.S
In any desired colors or style, will be printed by us
Than former prices, anu in the same style that has
always been the commanding feature of piiuting
emanating from the office of the
tar Those who have hitherto patronised us are
sat -lied that what we have above annoum ed is
strictly correct; those who have not yd patronised
us, necil only make one trial to be convinced Me
are both Pit series i. printers, and are fully capable of
fulfilling to the letter all wc pronibt here.
Plackrvillr, January «,
A Democratic and Conservative News
paper in the City of New York.
To Restore the Union and Maintain
I F< r years the Democratic and Conservative
sentiment of the Nation har been keeiil> alive >o the
• necessity of being faithfully and ably represented by
a first-class Nrw.-papt-r, publ.shed in the City of New
; York, adapted to popular circulation, and wielding
a wholesome influence throughout Ibe Union. The
great want has l>een. and is. a paper which shall
: sustain the tame relation to Democratic and •%ui
•creative principle* a* «l*»ea the New York T>’V>une
to Abolitionism and all kind- of ttsdtc ilisnt—a pa
per conducted with talent aim |*rudnc». with cor
rect appn clatmii of me true principles of our f»i»v
croon tit and fidelity to them ; hi all respects a fir-t-
in w-*p-i|K-r. and >et allor led at a price bring
i g it within ttu* reach of tiie masses ot the People
throughout the country.
The under igm d. front tl.eir <onnectiun wi h Hie
Albany ATI.AJ* k A It* • US—one «•! the oldest and
hc«t known l>e..MHTaiic papers in tin- Union—have
been co, slantly urged, durti g the last three or four
years, to re-pond to this demand, by estuid.siting a
first-* Ls* Weekly Newgpap r in the City ot New
York, adapted t« general circulation. We ytt-hl to
the wi:be- ol our politic tl friends, and Itav.- tbere
■ fore transfened the publication of the WEEKLY
■ ATI.AS k Alibi'S t«» the City of New York, wheie
it will liereaft- r lie issued under the name of
, It Is published In quarto form, of the .-die of the
leading New Yu k Weeklies; and wc promise that iu
! Its News, Editorial. Idlerary. Miscellaneous and tc
pculUirui Ueuarduent-. in its Market IU V'»cci aJtll* Q
an tff«rrrr-(»ni<i •• -Xi** • 2*f*
paper published in that city. While deVotil.g to it
our own editorial services, it has also the ben- fit of
the entire time and constant supervision of Mr.
Eton Comstoce, for several years one of the editor-*
of the New York Journal of C mtnrrc*. a gentle
man of recogirxed editorial ability aud experience.
The editors will therefore be
Calvert Com&toc-k, William Cassidy,
Elon Comstock.
with ample additional sjieci 1 assistance in the seve
ral d* pirtiiients of the pip r.
N« x to a vigorot s support of the Federal Govern
melt- in its present peril —tie*flr-i great duty of ev
ery patriotic citizen—the leailii g |mii|h> c and design
ot the Editors will tie to advocate Democratic and
Conservative doctrines, and to engraft them upon
the pm icy and administration of the Governments—
Stale and National. At the same lime they will
strive to furnish their readers the best possible gene
ral newspup r The latent intelligence —foreign and
domes'ic— will always ap|*ear in i lie columns of their
paper; and its Commercial l>. pertinent wi I embrace
the fullest and most reliable information, including
correct and ample reports of the Motley, Produce
ami Cattle Maiketsal New York and other leinhng
points of commerch 1 transactions Great care will
also be b*stnwed upon the l.lerary character of the
piper, an I such original ami selected article!, no
tices of in w public.*Holts, Ac., will be given, as will
be likely to Interest the reader Fur the benefit of
that large class engaged in cultivating the soil, we
shall give prominence to Agricultural subjects.tievo
ting to tItem original articles (editorials and commu
nications), and carefully selected matter from the
leading journals of the country
The Editors ntay he allowed to expr fss the hope
that the knowledge which the public have of their
editorial experience affords the best tru irantee of
their int ntioii to make the jVne York Weekly
Argu* tin* nm«t useful and complete general news
paper In 'he Union It has already a large an I val
uable subscription list, which they trust will be rap
idly augmented, until the paper shall reach cverr
Postoffice, aud fitid its way into every neighborhood.
The AVtr York Weekly Argo* is published in
quarto form, each number containing eight pig -s. or
forty-eight columns, printed on new an l handsome
type. In the best style. It will be furuislu-d to sub
scribers on the following terms, payable always in
Single subscriptions per annum $ 2 00
Three copies one year ft UU
Eight do do 10 00
Additional copies, each 1 20
Twenty copies, to one address 2«J 00
To any person sending a c’ttb of 10. we will send
the Albany Daily Atli* Argn *. one year, gratis.
Anhseripftnns may commence with any number.
Letter*, whether containing remittance* or otherwise,
shoo'd be addressed to th»* undersigned, Cnrttsr of
B'dtiwa y and Park Place, opposite City Hall
Park , JTmo York.
fehlfi Proprietors
on t«i nc Ittt coni.
CALI r OlB Nli.
ro*rr orrica.
Areata ..Ilambold!
Anaheim ..!«»•> Anjrrlfi
Albion Mend.-ono
Anderson Valley Mfadoclno
Antioch CirtilM fo-ta
Alameda Alameda
Alvarado Alamtda
Alviv* Santa Clara
Axuii Frio Murrpw*
Alamo Contra * ••»>*
Alleghany Surra
Alpha Nevada
American Ranch Hraala
Angel’s ... Calaveras
Aubnrn Placer
Antelope Yolo
Itucksport Ilumholdt
Itodega Sonoma
I'lttMinfleld Sonoma
Itronklv !■ Alameda
Belmont Pan Mateo
Danger Ilulta
Ik lot a Pan Joaquin
Hear Valley Mariposa
HtrAvvv ... ,
Did well'* liar oatte
Dig Bar Trinity
lltg Oak Flat Tuolnmne
Dig Valley Napa
Iturwmwl Pan Joaquin
ltuckvyc Yolo
Brush Creek Butte
liurtit Uniieh Trinity
Itutte Valley «... Hutto
Unite Mills liutte
Crescent City 0»' Norte
Cloverd tie N'ttoiim
ille Mendocino
Calpella Mendocino
Cctitt rville Alameda
Cat lie Cr* ek • • V«do
C.illahauN Kancli Siskiyou
Campo pern Cslavera
Canon +*J trimly
Clarksville El Dorado
Ct...*(valor. /?.«.» ■-'i'-Jkx
Crdarville M Dorado
Cherokee Itutte
Chico Huite
Central House • .Butte
Chinese Camp Tmduinne
Colt! Spring* V» Dot ado
t.Vlom* El Dorado
Colorado.. Marip* *a
Columbia Tuu'iiuine
Coin**. Colusl
C: •>*. liar Cm la Vi ns
i .•■*inn ,i en hueiamento
• * iy«*« Napa
»' .a.i d Pliama
C.t»r»»ve • Klamath
lh*nf «erty station . . Alameda
Dativdh- Contia Costa
Damascus Ilaeer
Denvertnii Solano
Diainond Spring* El Dorado
Don Pedro's Bar Tuoluiniie
Downitville Sierra
DouyUtCity Trinity
Du rye El Doiadu
Dutch Hat Placer
Drrtown Amador
Elk Camp Klamath
Eel River Ili.inhohlt
Eureka Hum- old!
I.Merton Shasta
Kl Dorado El Dorado
Elk Urov** Sacramento
Empire Kan<*h Yuba
Eijrht-M le Corner Pan Joaquin
Kina Mill* Siskiyou
Kerndale Humboldt
l.o* Angeles Ua Angeles
Little Lake
Lak«-v4i« ... . .Sonoma
Lexington Clara
l.af«yetie Contra Costa
La Grange tuneltu#
La Porte P'eria
Lancha liana Aimol'ir
Lr ich'a Store Fre»no
Lewigton Trinity
Lisbon Placer
Little York Nevada
Long Bar Yuha
Lower Lake N ipa
Lynn’a Valley Tulare
liberty Pan Joaquin
lau'kh-rd San Joaquin
Longville Pluimii
Marlin’ii Kerry Klamath
Monte Lo« Angeles
Meudoeitio t z . Mendocino
Milpitas ... Santa Clara
Mis«ion Pan Jo«e Panti Clara
McCarty *v Hi; tiara
M.ijfl. Id Santa Clara
>|.inn-rev Mont. n y
Mount m. Vi, w Santa *T.ra
'• Pan JoaquHi
M* ol • Valley Plu h»,
M r« ed Kalla... . . Melted
Mar'powi ...Mariposa
Martinez Contra fort*
Mary«ville Vuha
Maxw I's Creek MaripoS:*
M>< hiem Bar Paciameiito
Michigan Bluffs Placer
Millerton ... Fresno
Mill Valley ....Calaveras
Minersvitle Ti initjr
Mokelumne llill Calaveras
Monroev-lle Colusi
MeasU-ville Trinity
Milleville Shasta
Mont.zumu Tuolumne
Moore s Ranch Tehama
Flat .Nevada
• . ‘
Mould Ooldr Mariposa
Modhlain Ranch Calaveras
Mnke'uiiiiie City Pun Joaquin
Mountain Springs Placer
Mountain Wells Nevada
Mosquito Calaveras
Murphy’s Calaveras
Nat i vi.lad Monterey
New Almaden ....Paula Clara
Napt Nap.i
Neai-hurgh Placer
Nevada Nevada
Newtown Kl Dorado
Nicolaus Putter
North Bloomfield Nevada
North Branch Cuhiveras
North Pan Juan Nevada
North Columbia NVnda
Oakland Alameda
Orr 1 !* Raneii .... ban Joaquin
Oineira Nevada
Onihbo. Sacramento
Onion Valley.... Pluiuas
OpMrville Plater
Oroville Itutte
Oro Fino Siskiyou
Orleans Klamath
Oregon House Yuha
Ousley’s Bar Yuha
Pacific Ilumholdt
Punt:* Arenas Mendocino
Petaluma Sonoma
Paelieeo Contra Coda
Pescadora Santa Crus
Placervdle : El Dorado
Prairie Yolo
Patterson Nevada
Pe'er-hurg Tulare
Pea Vine liutte
Pilot Hill * Kl Dorado
Princeton Colusi
Pine drove Amador
Poland San Joaquin
Poverty Bur Calaveras
Plmn Valley ... .Sierra
Plumas Yuba
Qiartz Valley 8 : *kiv«iu
Q«i"cy Plumas
Redwood City San Mateo
Ratrlf«ii*ke placer
«•*•! Bluffs Shasta
Red Dog Nevada
R - bland , Sacramento
Rich Oulrh Calaveras
R'° Rtff" Itutte
R"» VMa Solano
R .ck Creek Tehama
Rockville Solano
Rough and Ready Nevada
Round Tent Nevada
Reynolds’ Ferry Calaveras
South Fork Ilumholdt
San Bernardino 8«*n Bernardino
San Dh-go San Diego
San Gabriel Ln* Angeles
San Luts Obispo San Luis Obi po
8anU Clara. .Ainta Clara
Santa Barbara Santa Barbara
San Rafael Mafic
Santa Rum
Ponutna .
{■ion; P«lu*
Pmtth's Rauch «.
mm licaiM*ff»
Ihlli Ufrlilu
fun I'aWu..
Pan Juan....
%in Join-
Fant.i Crus
Pan Anti>nin ..
fMiimi ’ •
H. Helena. «...
ft. IsrUii*
Salmon Kalis
9a> rainrnto... .. . ..
Pan AmlruHS
Han Francisco........
Sellon'* Ranch
Staples' Hunch
Strawberry Valley
Plinw’s Flat
Sawyer’* Bnr
Strcre-f )i;»v>»r
Sweet la nil’s
8ci*«* Valley
Fuelling's Hunch
Scott shurg
Scott’* Hirer
Suuun City
Starr House
Sutter Crei k
Table ItlutT
Ton ilea.. .
Table Rock
Tide a*
NffcAis . . .
Trinity r e»*ti*r.
11iiiin|i«nti'<i Flat
ThW'i Va'ley...
1’ncle S:im
........... Alaiowta
Contra Costa
Monti r**
Saiit.i Clara
Simla Crnt
San Malio
Santa Crut
Mont* rey
,... SactMioentu
Kl lbirailo
San Francisco
, Yuba
FI Dorado
Sun J • aquin
. Placer
... Tuolumne
San Joaquin
F Dorado
San Diego
San in* go
... Sierra
| Tuiarr
,. V. - 'A-.*
\ utia
.. . ... Trini y
S* pa
I’l per Clear take.
V illieltn
V rg tiia
V i«nIi*i
VI. la
Warner’s Hand...
W n.t.|«:«|e
Walnut Urove ...
West Point
W hi*ky Creek
Wi-odl »tid
Woods* Kerty
W rail’s Store ....
Yankee Hill
Yankee Jim's ....
Yr« ka
Yuba City
...... Napa
,.... Solano
. Calaveras
. .. 1*1 jo * r
... amado.-
. Si.n Diego
... Son..mm
San Mateo
Sa« r?iOiento
Call we* aa
... .Sail Joaquin
Hu te
..... . Santa Cru!
11a. rr
FI l»or.«do
rt»*T nrrtcB. coistt.
C;»* \ ‘a M'lN * sit *on
C'jtPaon City Carson
f»en**n C«r«*.n
F..ri Pl.iit tdiill..... Cal ami
1. ike Valiev C »Hun
StHrrlVv ....
Virginia City Caramj
r<H*r orrice. c*-rxTT
Albany I.inn
Amity Yu». l iil
A j |il«gat»* Jack«oii
A*lthtt-i| Mills J.i< k«i*n
A* , '*ii.» Clat»<<;>
Aurora Mills Matt* n
Helpu«s' . Mar i
1H ...nnugt. n I’* k
Bridgepoi t . Folk
IIhk k* ille \\ .i*h.i g:.*n
lb. m n«o tile ... I.tnn
It tit* rv.lle M it :.»n
C , 'nmj «rg Mai i n
<*«•»-•!* Cl.*!•*•!»
C-n r.il I o n
Cimtnn.in F* K
C. o .ill % . . . . ... It. if M
Cotlag* (Stole I„it f>
t *i *•* k
H lllea \Y i»( o
l * »*'•** 1’ U
It .nville Cl i. kin.;*
It..*!.».,; * i k-. i
l» •' »*.n Y -rt Ml
l» * \V
1 1.iii*iiiil | lit! |, m
1* oj tr«* Cm . C *e
Kib r.oi Cu t I'M
M l. I* V
F»"« H *!k
F’tgene Cit\ I. .* e
K tullel.l . \| »• :*.n
Fiunkin |..tu r
Ft reili'in . |. u p
F •»■*•*! tome W.1%1 •* It
(*.*le* *'I’t*.. . |l • 11 j» l.( % h
(Slid Tiding* . .Cl.ik re I*
(iiaml Ftuirie I.'itie
(trami Hondo ik
llaft i*t*urg | .mu
IIilUioirn . \V.i»r* n
l'>d,*pcnd**"ce F*dk
.l:ii k*o*nvilh» J . k« n
Jet liv *| till* It. Hint)
Kellogg's I'llipeua
K it hi ville Josej.l. i -
King's Valley H-i" u
Mi tvere Y-u i.ill
l.;il«iirts'i> Mills Finn
Laurel Ib-ugl
I .aw n Arbor. Hoik
li**lMn>.ii I.t;.a
Lel;iJ>d J i kvn
1 .ex11*gl*>ii.. ‘ 4*!ais'*i#
Libertv Bent* n
Long T"iu F ir.e
Lnckitnntte H**!k
M Iwitukie. Clackin.is
McMinimlle Yamhill
M Kenrte’a U,r>.-
Mount IF . d Y in.lull
Mount Senti |htllgln»e
Monttiottih H* Ik
Montvswnnta W.t«ht**n
Mnddv ... ....YutnhiU
M \ n le Ct »*ek IhiiigiusS
N«e*l\ Cl.irkniilA
Noitli C*i»r..nrille I) •ugl.i«a
N-.rtb V iinbtll Vurtihili
O ikland It oigFi-s
0 eg* *11 Cltv Clack III.IS
(Fceiil* M'lHiMiinali
0»u ego Clack ihMit
I'ottl uid Multt»«*mah
P.irkersnlle Marion
JVorirt I.tnn
nix Jackson
Hlestssnr If ill I^uie
Fort Crfo d Currv
Plum Valley p,,lk
Handulpli..’ Co«-*e
Kaiiier Coluinbiu
Hock F lint Jackson
Hick real Folk
Hmu-burg il.uifflass
Hound Frairie Douglass
Salem Marion
i,n, L* Cluck in is
Salt Cretk. ... Volk
Aunraia out Marion
S« otfsbtirg # Umpqua
Slate Creek Josephine
Spencer I*ne
Spring VulleV Yamhill
Steilucooin Fietce
St. Marion
St. Helen's Columbia
Stair's Foini I ten ton
Sublimilv Mat ion
Suisluti I.ane
Sirucnse Marion
Umpqua Cm Um|Hp.a
Vail* uites Folk
\Villiainsb..rg j.. W | hide
WajiMtoo Wustiton
Wiliumeitc pork Lane
Willamette Yamhill
Waldo Josephine
W illHinina Yamhill
Winchester Douglass
ilben Douglass
\ oncalla Umpqua
cM’HTf ap ton?
nwnirT ronrr~H«i> h~V * ■
r*ttet». Clfrt. IU-guw r Term* ct>n>m«tiov <>• Uic ■wonit'
Wotj<t,?» rif »>i.m«t7 b&4 May, and third Mondays ef Aumi
and V*r«rr*ber
COUNTY COl RT—Hr* Jgfne« JctiipoB Judge; Thomas ft
Patten. Clerk—!>«*M« its retntar Tern?* <m the Brst Mondays
of January. May aad September.
COURT OF HKSAJONS-H»o. Jama JahgMa, Praidigg
Judge; tie**. W. Smut and Hiram Falk. Juwir*.s,
and Thomas B. Pauen. Clerk-hol-l. its rngular Tarm.on the
firs* Mondays of March. July and Xotrmher.
PtitMTlJ COURT— H«*i James Johnson. Jodge: TVinaf'
B Patten t lerk—holds regular Terms uu the fourth Monday'
of eueh month.
Bitkin t*r SrPriVTBt.IHk-eoo.l,,. of George W. Rtsa.
T ia' *“’* *• l*i«n«*e:—T».r»»* H. Pattiu. Clerk
bold regular inerting* on the first Monday of each month.
* »-•* Wife.
THE M k 11> lor Rii mmemft.Niii anA
for all part' of tin* Stale, close every duy at iVy
nffire m V o'clock. I’ M. "• *
Thf mails fur ftir Atlantic Plate*. gad Europe,
floor a* tht* «‘ffl •• cm/ day at IT o'clock W.
The Mail* for Or ••Ron and Washington Territory
clo«e ev-rv day at 9 o'clock I* M.
Thf. Mad* for t;rtir.lv flat *;|n*e at this »Sc
every WcdretuU.v. nton/u'? m\ 6 o'clock.
Thr Mnllafor Vctriown clone at ft o'clock, A.M.
on Monday*. Wednesday* and Friday*.
The inaila for Cedarvillr and Indian Dipping*
clos*- a* 6 o'clock A. M.. -very Monday and Frida/.
The Mail' foi Cold Spring* and Coloma clover?
cry d* v. t Sunday. eptrd ) at :l o'clock.
The Kelsey. Spanish rl.it, and Georgetown Mai.
clo*» Tu-adayg. Thursday* and Saturdays at Ak
o'clock IV M
The Mail* for C.*r«on Vul.ev and Salt Lake Cil
clo*r every ii*v •*» 12 o'clock M.
OFFICE HOI KS-r r ..f« «% o’clock, A M.tllH
M . and from 1 till 6, I*. M.. ; Sunday* executed.
On Sundays—From 9 utilillO. A. M. and'
H Until 4 IV M P. M. W II RotMiKR*, IV M.
Senator*- (not elected this /ear)—A. St C. Denver,
. Il.*rv. v. •
SI einher* •• the A*»enddr—Seneca bean, J. Frasier,
J II Ih-imU II <i Parker
County Judge James Johnaoa
|)i*tr"*t Attorney John llume
Sheriff Ah x. Hunter
Com ’> C’t rk Th.xna* H Patten
County Coll. for J k| Reynolds
County Itecn.*1* r .Stephen U iHctta
C*»untk Treasurer J I.. Perking
C.oim v C.. o McDonald
Public kditiittift'rw’nr W K. Gaylord
County So* y* v..r Hugh lUrkn
Sup. riot* tnl* nt C».ij.oi..n S* load* .. M A. I.ynde
C'jun / Coroner, W Kichetroth
iHisrrllanrous 'aDDrrtistnjj.
A O E TsT T ,
8 tft ra tkCtM'o.
OKT'FllS Yr the pur* ha«e o f Merchandise »ad
ai tide* *>r every deecripliou are mdaiUrd ty the
uti 1-Ts.triM •!.
A residence in tV« ciiv o # oyer ten year*, and am
*•??» reft* e iu tlie t*«i*ine** of nearly the same length
./ u >» . .'.t:»ft>d--mt auffie’ent !<•. warrant the con*
ft • - ..f |»er«o!i4 iu ili. . ..iintry who occasionally
re.| re to u»wwe purrl.a*' a '.fir, thr. ugh the agency
' ■■ r* I • *'•! •■ party: *»r who u.av be looku.g for a
peroi-.n tit aj.-ut in Sku Francs c. To either thr
i Iv.-rt «rr ofl.-r* h»* *ervi.-rs. a«*ur<ng all who intrust
»m-m ♦ *.'H* |li«i ini r3 .<< *.» *•• **e spared Ut eae
u»- the r ».••in...*. ..n« *4 l*tactoi.|jr
k' !-r* ftPivi t»c . . opiti.ed wah the eftsb or
Tl.‘.*r . ... i.{* iiif.tr entirernit'g the under*
s T - 1 *r- r. ' -r i • ■» !<•
w . r C*»l- «»4> 4 Co . dan Fra:ciaco;
.! II k'«*c)» .» t’o .
<’ I.» »t y l»r 'g.' *t, •*
1 ft. p. *«. dul..,
I-. I* Uf.w i.
K t*. tnp*i* t A r.«.. *•
J kntli -' * 4 t'o t*•» » *• ;
k* t. il-’w -l. 4 J tr.nare. Publishers of the
M ■iirin l**u - a . r P'a**erv ill r.
N It - * 1 r» ' AI fc ». , Pianoforte.
h -n* !**•■.? nr M . ’ n • Wit-l.rs Icwelry. rfc ,n.tl
lie attended t«» hy comp •- •.« judges.
d l*itn hasing Agent.
*r”» Ik **•!• trt -rr «tre. t ipsta'r*.
c > «nr>si!»* 'lajain *» *»j*ei * i! »u*e, l*.4ti t ran. ac<•.
*t f
\ 11
L \
( t VHfiCiF M ro\[»f h Insurance Agent. «*(!*-'•
f 1 % ranee in 'he f .h-n .* Wt ,| k 110*0 and re
st. «Mi- I .. iranee <* >n par # s
M.-tV-r* Fire Insurance y*.t — kv»*t*
Pfi<u...s I injratu e !'•*— Assets iVi"U«
t tv Fir»- Insurance Co. — A»*tds *«0i#
Me*r*tfsr>l>t.sn F<rr In*uran< e f*»—Assets JSC.'Mt
ALL LOP>F-'* "i • he abt.ee Ctonp-aU'eS paid iu Son
K.anuaco 1 M.MI.DI.kTLl.Y up- n adjustment.
Se» t!A Agent.
P.iper Ruler and Blank Book Hiker
51T Clay and .Ml Commercial *ts , In-tween Mi nt
foiib ry and S<tna*»iuc strecU,
Winding »-f evtry description neatly e»ecu
te-l. Blank iloouv ICufed and lkiund to any desired
pattern jUhXlyl
a? a
PARTUS Visiting 5*rramento. ahnttld be«r lo mind
that the only place tu buy a
Is at the eaten five Kstahlishment of
Correr of eecnnd and J atreeta ;
Where may alwaya he found the largest variety of
Ii tli- ?*tate. which he guarantees to aril LOW Kit
than any other th>u»r in thr City. Call b»ft-T<i) ®r
Qlaiier and Paper-Hanger.
ClRRMfiRf, R..r>nrr.. Re-
Ac.. P..ililr.l *1 pticn to tull (hetlmei.
Just R.-crirt-.l »nd for e;ilr. CIIKAP HR CASH,
10,000 Feet of* Window Glass
All sites, from bJilO to 3<>x40. AI»o, PUTTY, ftnd i»l
kinds «>f
Smalt*. Tur|H.nline, lit usht-a, Uilt Moulding, Gold
Leaf. Itroiiit-, gr.
g# 1 Order a from the country, for work or m*
tenal,promptly attended to.
W. L. IS ARP! E.
mar29 Main gt., near 8tony Point, Plftccrvillc.
C’lly Sexton and Undertaker.
[eep* oon«tftn*ly on hand and roakri to
ie* of COFFINS Will hI-o furnlah Fune
earse. Carriages, etc. Graves dug—and
rtfl|ui»lte fur Funerala furnished at the
lice, aud on the moat reasonable te*tn*«
\. VRUDKU also manufacturet and keeps aiwaya
oil hand all kinds anil aise* of
Window Sash, Doors, Blinds, Beditwd^
Tables, Kitchen Safes, Wardrobes,
Or any article in Furniture. Carpenter or Undertak
er's department—all of which he warrants to oe
made of the beat material* and workmanship
actory and Wareroom. next door • bo * e I J l * e
3tory. above Stony Point,
S. Elsasser, Fawn-Brok«r,
[SucqogiQ? to J*. Blainbai*,)
HRMOVRD hla pliiM ofhMinwutl.th**"*
i.iillv occupkrt Hr V r *. Mini
ire. where h« will wr, on tk» W***-,*
roker as heretofore.
at this office.

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