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**msuszr mm '
a. mw.
WtiftS*ii* fluhtor
O'er wj itmaal window mt,
• tkw PmOU'i •htes in daahing
on pinion* dent.
And thy iliUr'i hurt doth wonder
Whore ttv won don nf footsteps stray—
Dwt thoa now the ecUiuf splendor
Of the Monarch of the day t
Mm 4 if on It* fWrio* fixing.
Will It load thy heart to prayer—
Move thy hearts deep (but t to praising
Ond. who node our world eo fair ?
Hi bright springe hare come in gladness,
•Toothing beauty on the land
Whore the winter reigned in sadness,
Staee wo took thy parting hand.
Baa tko sun, whose beams are healing.
Nursed the life buds of thy soul—
Woo the flowers of thought and feeling
From the power of sin's control !
Bo whoso watchful eye beholds us
Here and there alone doth know.
*Tia long since word or missive told us,
Brother, of thy weal or woe.
Have the schemes thy young heart cherished,
When you sough*, those far distant lands
Ere thy noonday, fell and perished
Fruitless, on life's burning sands?
Lot the motto of thy boyhood :
“ Heaven designs all for the best,"
Cheer thee, 'mid the cares of manhood—
Point that to thy Savior's breast.
Now, ere sleep my frame encumbers,
Prayer to Heaven Will be addressed.
That these simple, heart felt numbers,
Bj power divine, to the be blessed.
Faa the love, di\inelr planted,
Till thy heart is all aglow ;
Memory's gales, with breath enchanted,
Sweetly o'er thy spirit blow.
IU matte prtroc* - £ui««g.
Brothers and sisters 'round thee come,
l.irtj fhmjr raJJing ;
* »* wanaenog \urt nwst.
Should we never hold communion
On the shores of fleeting tuue.
Father, grant a blest *e union
Where thy angel*’ voices chime.
Come to the wood*.
For the wild birds are singing ;
The sprays are all preen.
And the flowers are springing ,
Come where the birch
All its tasaeU are pluming,
And fresh looking cowslip.
By waters are blooming.
Come to the woods,
For the turtlesare whirring
By margins of pools.
And the insects are stirring ,
Come where the gray rocks
With mosses are darkening.
And the pleasure tuned ears
To new voices are hearkening.
Come to the woods,
There is health in the blowing
Of fresh scented breezes,
That sets cheeks to glow ing ;
Come where the tree boughs
Above you are bending,
And down to their coterts
The pure airs are bleuding.
Come to the woods—
Come and kneel on the mosses,
And see how the sun
Old fcarlh’s bosom glosses j
Come to the woods,
Its people are calling
And on the bare head
All their blessings arc falling.
Trip lifbuy over troutile.
Trip lightly over wrong :
We only make grief double
By dwelling on it long
Why clasp woet hand ik> tightly ?
Why tigli o’er blt»>i<oni» dead i
Why cling to form* unsightly i
Why not seek joy lutlead i
Trip lightly over furrow, —
Though Lbi» day may be dark,
The suit may *liine to-morrow,
And gaily eing Ibe lark ;
Fair hope ha* not departed.
Though rose*, may have tied :
Then never be downhearted,
But look for joy instead.
Gsttikt. on in i iik \Vom.n. —Thero are
many different ways o: getting on in the
world; it does not always mean making a
great deal of money,or being a great man,
lor people lo look up to with wonder.—
Leaving oil' a b d habit tor a good one,
is getting on in the world; to he clean
and tidy, instead of dirty and disorderly,
is getting on; to be careful ami saving,
instead of thoughtless and wasteful, is
getting on ; to be uelive and industrious,
instead of idle and lazy, is getting oil; to
be kind and forbearing, instead ol ill-na
lured and quarrelsome, is gelling on ; to
work as diligently in the master's absence
as in Ins presence, is getting on; in short,
when we see any one properly attentive
to his duties, persevering through such
difficulties to gain such knowledge as
shall be of use to himself and others, ol
fcringa good example to hi> relatives and
acquaintances, we may be sure be is get
ting on in the world. Money is a very
useful article in its way, but it is possible
to gel mi with small means, lor it is a mis
take to suppose that we must wait lor a
good deal of money before we can do any
thing. Perseverance is oilen belter than
a full purse. There arc wore helps to
wards getting on than is commonly sup
posed; many people lag behind or miss
them altogether, because they do not see
- the simple and abundant means which
surround them on all sides; and so it hap
pens that these means are aids which can
not be bought fur money. T'liuse who
wish to get ou in the world must have a
clock of perseverance and of hopeful con
fidence, a willindpss to learn, and a dis
position not easiTy cast down by difficul
ties and disappointments.
—— ■ewcw*- - -- -■
Tub Effect or Pasook.—In the garri
son town of Woolwich, a few years ago, a
soldier was about to be broogbt before tbe
commanding officer ol tile regiment fur
some misdemeanor. The officer entering
the soldier's name said, “ Mere is ——,
again. Wnatcan we do with him ? lie
has gone through almost every ordeal."—
The sergeant major, apologized fur intru
ding and said, “ There is one thing that
has never been-done with him yet. sir.”
41 What is that, sergeant major?" “Well,
sir, he has never yet been forgiven."—
44 forgiven 1" said the Colouel; 44 here is
his case entered.” 44 Yes, but the man is
not befurh you yet, and you can cancel
iL” After the colonel had reflected a few
minutes, he ordered the man to be bro't
before him, when he was asked what be
bad to say relative to the charges against
him. 44 Nothing, sir," was the reply,
44 only that I am sorry for what I have
done." Alter making some suitible re
marks, tbe colonel said, ‘‘Well, we are
resolved to forgive you." The soldier was
struck with astonishment; the tears start
ed from his eyes ; he wept. The colonel,
with the adjutant and others present, felt
deeply when they saw the man si hum
bled. Tile soldier (banked Ibe colei- f..r
his kindness, and retim I. Tbe nariumi
bad the soldier under hi- o .tic- lm tu
years and u-balf alter t:i jc i n v.-i- dm
ring that time was Ill t i-geui mg':i
against him, or la ill l-on t witn ium —
Mercy liiunpoe i I K• In ssconq icredl
The man lintisii Workman.
That Lixe Njsvku was Effaced —A
bridrgio im ri.q'i-sied his wife to accmn
panv him into the garden a day or two
after the wadding, lie then threw a line
ovar the ioaf of their cottage. Giving
his wife one end of it, he retreated to the
other side, and exclaimed, “Pull the
line 1” See pulled it, at his request,as far
ns she could, lie cried, 44 Pull it over. 1 "
44 I can’t," she replied. And in vain were
all the efforts of llm bride to pull over the
line, so long as the husband held on to the
other end. But when he came rouml.and
they both pulled at one end, it came over
with ease. 44 There, 44 said lie, 44 you see
how hard and ineffectual was vour labor
when we pulled in opposition to each
other; but bow easy and pleasant it is
when we both pull together. If we op
poso each other it will he hard work; if
we act together it will be pleasant to live.
Let us, therefore, always pull together. 44
44 Can'T change a dollar bill, eh* We'll
I’m glad of that. I’ve bad thirty-six
drinks on it in three days; and ft may
stand a good deal of wear and tear yet.”
_ A irwai.t cnrrqwpondcnt 44 divulge* the
fact" that to have loved is lu bitvu iouksd
Into tbwdottr of heaven.
RgvoLmo* m Prajc hnnnr. —Tht
New York Freeman's Journal, in the
course of a review of political event*, and
the great change taking place in the po
litic*! sentiment of the people of the At
lantic States, concludes as follows :
We might note other great changes in
the tone of the Black Republic n press.
The moneyed interests of New York lind,
here and there an expression through
them, to the elfect that the reorganization
of the old Democratic party, on its own
old principles, is to be hailed with satis
faction. Yes, Black Republicans are
found ready to abandon their politics,
when tln-y see that their property is fast
going to the devil in consequence of those
politics! All these things indicate the
prodigious change that is goii g on in
putdic opinion. This change must, of
necessity, goon. It will, from time to
time, grow stronger and stronger.
It is nearly eighteen months ago that
we said, on the first shapings of this Ad
ministration, that the Republican party
could no more manage our Federal Gov
ernment than a monkey can run a loco
motive on a railroad. That the best
could happen, would he that, on getting
frightened, by an indisciimimite snatch
ing ami pulling of all the cords and wires,
it might stop it. It was but a few
months afterwards we were Compelled to
add : The Republican party cannot man
age this war! Neither nf these asser
tions require yrcofV • -o.n-
We have, at present, to make another
declaration. The Republican parfjt.can
not end this war. To end this war,
without ruin to the country, beyond the
permanent disasters now incurred, there
mu-t he a change nf Administration and
ol men. Any change of measures, or
anything deserving the name of measures
nr Administration, is impossible with the
men Abraham Lincoln has ahuut him ns
bis advisers. The Daily Times and other
radical papers have called out to depose
Lincoln, or for him to resign. We do
not call for this, though we believe, a
Congress laitluul to the Constitution
might impeach him. As matters stand,
we call oidy fur a change of advisers.
The overwhelming sentiment of the coun
try is preparing to call for the same. It
it a political necessity, and may soon he
a “ military necessity.”
A Goon Stoky.—The Rev. Mr. Rogers,
of New York city, tells a good story ol u
pious sister connected with his church in
New Jersey, where he was statiuned two
years ago. The good sister had a way of
expressing herself in church, when any -
tiling suited her, by shouting at the lop
of her voice, “ Glory to God, 1 ’ “ Hallelu
jah !” etc., etc. Once she attended a
Presbyterian church, and the deacon
gave her a seat near the pulpit. The
minister commenced, and grew more elo
quent ns he proceeded. At last he said
something that made the sister “feel
good," and she shouted, “Glory to
God!” to the great astonishment of the
congicgalion, us well as the minister.
The deacon approached her, and told
tier that such actions were not allowcu
there. Rut she took no notice of him or
what he said, but was all attention to
whut the “ man of God” was proclaim
ing ; and as he proceeded he waxed
warmer, and the sislor gave another
shout at the top of her voice, “Glory,
glory to God !” which disconcerted the
minister, and he looked after the deacon,
who came and told the sister that if she
did not stop lie would remove her from
the house. He took his seat beside her,
and the divine continued for a short time,
when another “ Glory to God! Hallelu
jah !" from the pious sister started all in
their seats. The worthy deacon took
hold of her to put her out, hut she
straightened herself out and would not
budge; so he culled the other deacon to
nis assistance, and they made u chair of
their arms, and set the sister thereon, ami
started lor the door. When about hall
way -up the middle aisle, she threw up
tier tw ins and shouted, " Glory to God !
— I am more honorable than my Master,
lie w as carried hv one ass, while I have
two.” It is needless to say that Un
worthy deacons dropped their load, and
likewise dropped into their seats.
-4 «•»»
Lincoln's Aun.ms Piioclamation.—
This foolish prneiaui.atioii will he the
deathblow to tliera iieai abolition faction.
This is, however, small consolation to
those who fear that it will tie a farther
mortul stab to all hopes of re-constitut'ng
the Union. That it is unconstitutional,
lawless, barbarous and dishonest, does
not need to he said. That it is empty
stage-thunder so lar as any practical ef
fect is concerned, is true likewise. But,
already, it is turning to gall and hitter
ness every lingering sentiment in favor of
union with the North, in Kentucky, and
in all ttie Border States. It is worth, to
the rebel cause, two hundred thousand
men. Its effect at the North w ill he one
ol the wide-spread demoralization of
forces, and division of parties. As a doc
ument of State it is beneath either discus
sion nr even simple contempt.
Xevertliele s, perhaps it is as well that
it is out. It had to come. Abolitionists
had to trv its utmost before it could he
made to feel its imputency in this agnnv
of a gieat country.—[N. Y. Freeman’s
** W iifkb are you going f” said a young
geuitjk-tnnn to an elderly one in a white
cravat, whom he overtook a few miles
from Chicago.
“ I'm going to heaven, my son ; I have
been on my way for eighteen years.”
“ Well, good bye, old fellow ; if you
have been traveling towards heaven
eighteen years and got no nearer to it
than Chicago, I'll take another route.”
Tue Deseret News slates that a cotton
mill has been built at Parowan in that
Territory, and that some of the machinery
has been put up and is now running. A
considerable quantity of cotton is now
raised i« Southern Utah, and it is for its
manufacture into cloth that this factory
lias been eroeted.
A Gkbek Maiokn being asked what for
tune she would bring her husband, re
plied : “ I will bring him what gold can
'd jonvlnse—a heart unspotted and vir
tue w ithout a stain—which is all that
lex-- nded to me from my parents.”
.. Nut lung ago. a youth, older in wit
than in years, after being catechised con
cerning the power of naturo, replied:
“ Now, I think there's one thing nature
can't do.” “What is it, tny child*”
“ She can't make Bill Jones' mouth any
bigger without settin' his ears back."
‘Comb, sonny, get up,’ said an indulgent
father to liisson the other morning. ‘Re
member the early bird catches the worms ’
•What do I rare for worms!’ replied the
young hopeful, ‘mother won't let me go
a tishing.’
Mombt in your purse will credit you ;
wisdom in your head will adorn you; both
in your necessity will serve you.
WtiKM we have practised good actions
awhile, their performance becomes easy;
when they become easy, we begin to take
pleasure in them ; when they please us,
we do them frequently ; and by frequency
they grow into a habit.
Ir yon have a scolding wife, trust to
time—old age may bring you the blessing
of deafness.
At sixteen a woman prefers the best
dancer in »h rn uu ; at 'wo-and-twenty.
the heat laik.T, at thirty, the richest
jErliirai auto Surgical.
DR. L. J. fZAPKtf'S
I \ST I l'( T K ,
Sacramento str*, t, . M,., .pjtosiU
Pacific J laii St. t.V i t i 'o'.\ (^Yce,
.S.I/* /''ilMi (4CO.
Established in 1854, for the Permanent
Cure ol all Private and Chrome Dis
eases and the Suppression 01 Quack
Attendant and Resident Physician,
L. J. CZAPKAY, M. D. #
Late In the Hungarian Revolutionary War, Chie f
Physician to the ft'lli Regiment uf llnnveds, Chie 1
Sturgeon to the Military Hospital of Pesth, Hungary*
late Lecturer on Diseases of Women and Children,
and Honorary Member of the Philadelphia College
of Medicine.
x*r Particular attention paid to the treatment of
diseases peculiar to Women and Children. SFl
Ofhus Hours.—From 9 m till 9 p. m. Commit*
nicatlona strictly confidential. Permanent cure
guaranteed, or no pay. Consultations, by letter or
otherwise, free.
Address, DR. It. J. CZAPKAY,
8an Francisco.
Of all diseases, the great first cause
Springs from neglect of Nature's laws.
Suffer not! When a Cure is Guaranteed
in all Stages of Secret Diseases.
Self-abuse, Sermon Debility. Strictures, tile eta,
if rare/, Diabetes, Diseases of the Kidneys and
Bladder, Mercurial Pheumatism , Scrofula,
Pains in the Bones and An ties. 1H senses of the
Lungs, Throtd . .Voss, and Eyes, Vtcers upon the
Body or Limbs, t 'oncers. Dropsy, Epileptic
Fits, St. Vitus' Dance, and all /diseases a rising
from a Derangement of the Sexual Organs.
Ol'Cli as Nervous Trembling. Loss of Memory,
O Loss of Power, lieonrcl WwaFv-e'
vision, with peculiar’ spots v**
eyes, loss of »ight, Wakefulness, dyspepsia, liver dis
viwe, eruption upon the face, pain in the hack and
head, female irregularities, and all improper dis
charges of both sexes. It matters not from what
cause the disease originated, however long standing
or obstinate the case, recovery is certain, mid in n
shorter time than a permanent cure can bo effected
by any other treatment, even after the disease has
battled the skill of eminent physicians and resisted
all their means of core. Tbt Li1Kai/.» JtffwrHktfl
are pleasant, without odor, entirely vegetable, caus
ing no sickness, and free from mercury or balsam.—
During fifteen years of practice, in Europe, the At
lantic States and California, I have rescued from the
jaws of death many thousands, who, in the las*, stages
of the above mentioned diseases, had been given up
to site by their physicians, which warrants me in
promising to the atllicted who may place themselves
under my care, a perfect and speedy cure. Private
diseases are the greatest enemies to health, as they
arc »l>e-4rst cause of Consumption, Scrofula, and
many other diseases, and should be a terror to the
human family. A permanent cure is scarcely ever
effected, a majority of the cases fn.'ling into the hands
of incompetent persons, who not only fail to cure
the disease, but ruin the constitution, tilling the sys
tem with mercury, which, with the disease, hastens
the sufferer into a rapid consumption.
But should the disease and the treatment not cause
death speedily, and the victim marries, the disease
is entailed upon the children, who ate born with fee
ble constitutions, and the current of life corrupted
by a virus which betrays itself in scrofula, tetter,
ulcers, corruptions, and other affections of the skin,
eyes, throat and lungs entailing upon them a brief
existence of suffering, and consigning them to an
early grave.
8ell-ahuse is another formidable enemy of health,
for nothing else in the dread catalogue of human
diseases causes so destructive a drain upon the sys
tem, drawing Its thousands of victims, through a few
years of suffering down to an untimely grave. It
destroys the nervous system, rapidly wastes away
the energies of life, ratios mental derangement,
prevents the proper development of the system, dis
qualifies for marriage, society, business, and all
earthly happiness, and leaves the sufferer wrecked
in body and mind, predisposed to consumption, and
a train of evils more to be dreaded than death itself.
With the fullest confidence. I assure the unfortunate
victims of self abuse, that a permanent and speedy
cure can be effected, and with the abandonment of
ruinous practices, my patient can be restored to ro
bust, vigorous health.
Irregularities, and all diseases of males and fe
males, treated on principles established by fifteen
years of practice, and sanctioned by thousands of
the most remarkable cures. Medicines, with full di
rections, sent to any part of the State, Oregon and
Washington Territory, by patient* communicating
their symptoms by letter. Business correspondence
strictly cor tident ial.
Address, L ,?. CZAPKAY. M !>.,
Medical Institute, Sacramento street. In low Mont
gomery, opposite Pacific Mail Steamship vVs O*
fice, San Francisco.
The following letter w’
-peak-, for itself, ro written by !• I* .
tllty Ilf the Philadelphia !*••!! •_* ' M
editors of the I* tl M • .! ! • •
S.m Fraud-:- .i « ,
To »),. : •
Gkn :.
kay. W
to the Fai-u.
regular gradual M
had served a- a Surge
• .al. in
d In the
' 1 !’ L. J. (’zap*
. mi • e wa-* made
•v affidavits and
»i :ii - D 1 t'zapkay was a
D ••• f’le iver-ity of Perth,
• n in the Hungarian army, and
regular prod it loner of medicine. On the
strength of these, the degree was granted. The ad
eundem degree, as its name implies, is conferred on
graduates only. and gives us new piivileges. Had
there been the slightest suspicion of Irregularity, the
application would have been refused. By inserting
this in your Journal, you will do an act of justice to
the College, and confer a favor on
Yours, tery respectfully, II. RAND,
Dean of the Faculty of the Philadelphia College of
Remarkable luilance of Medical
Relief.—11 clow we publish the certificates of three
of the sufferer* from the pangs of disease, who, hav
ing recovered their former health, and impelled by
gratitude, make known their cases and remedirl
agent, and their statements are authenticated by a
Notary Public. The demands of society imperiously
command their publicity, and we commend their pe
rusal to the attention of the afflicted :
Thankfulness is the Incentive to
CRRTincATB. —The undersigned, desirous of ac
quainting those who may be unfortunate enough to
he siini'arly afflicted, where a permanent relief of
their sufferings may be obtained, feels It his duty to
, thus publicly express his most sincere gratitude to
Dr. L. J. Csspkay lor the permanent recovery of his
health. Borne down by the distressing symptoms
incident to the vicious practices of uncontrollable
passion in youth : depressed in body and mind, una
ble to perform even the nm-u trifling duty imposed
on the daily avocations of life, I sought the advice
of many physicians, who at first regarded my disease
of trifling importance—but. atus ! after a few weeks,
and in several instances, months, of their treatment,
I found to my unutterable horror, that instead of re
lief, tlie symptom* became more alarming in their
torture ; and. being told by one that my disease, be
ing principally confined to the brain, medicine
would he of little consequence, I despaired of ever
regaining my health, strength and energy ; and as a
last resort, and with but a faint hope, called upon
Dr. Csapkay, who, after examining my case, pre
scribed some medicine which almost instantly reliev
ed me of the dull pain and dizziness in my head.—
i Encouraged by this result, I resolved to place myself
; immediately under his care, and by a strict obedience
I to all his directions and advice, my head became
! clear, my ideas collected, the constant pain in my
hack and groins, the weakness of my limbs, the ner
vous reaction of my whole body on the slightest
alarm or excitement; the misanthropy and evil
; forebodings; the self-distrust and want of confidence
in other*; the incapaoility to study and want of res-
I olution ; the frightful, exciting, and at times pleas
urable dreams at night, followed by involuntary dis
charges, have all disappeared; and In fact, in two
months after having consulted the Doctor, I felt as if
inspired by a new life—-that life which, but a short
time ago, I contemplated te end by my own hand.
With a view to guard the unfortunate from failing
into the snares of incompetent quacks. I deem It my
duty to offer this testimony to the merit and skill of
Dr. Czankay. and recommend him to ail who may
stand in need of medical advice, being assured by
my own experience, that once under his care, a rad
ical and permanent cure wJUJv effected.
State nf California. County of San Francisco —
Subscribed and sworn to before me, this lltb day of
April, a. n. 1556. (Signed)
John ftfinnLzrnx, (l. b.J
Notary Public.
A CARD.—Prompted by an honest desire of
my heart, I wish to lay before the public a case
which deserves a high commendation, not only as an
act of scientific skill, but of humanity, also. About
I two years ago, I suddenly, and from causes unknown
to me. was seized with a fit of epilepsy, which, owing
to my inability to meet the expenses consequent up
, on a thorough medical treatment, and the discour
agement I met with on attempting it, soon became
such (as I was then led to believe) as to defy the skill
of a physician. I was frequently, while in pursuit of
mr ending, thrown down to the ground without the
slightest warning, and although insensible to the ag
onies, I yet despised the miseries of my life, and
sortn learned to look upon those who would render
assistance or shelter me from danger, us enemies who
sought to prolong the existence of my miseries —
While in this state, and having previous to my afflic
tion tasted the sweets of life, 1 once more was in
duced to attempt seeking aid of a physician, and, b.v
recommendation, called upon Dr. L. J. CzApkay. I
tohl him my circumstances and my inability to re
ward him for his services, regardless of winch, how
ever. he undertook my case, and with the blessing of
God I was once more restored to perfect health.—
Unable to reward him for the boon which I enjoy at
present, and yet conscious of toy indebtedness. 1
consider it due to myself and to all afflicted to make
the case public, in order flint those in • -ed "f medi
cal advi e m iv li <1 i physlcfai. in whom every eon
fldence .•mi he pi. • .!.
*; iui Yaalomiuu
Sr .' ' » i. I'oiit'.y i • > ,ii hV.inri
Sm> ! .i mo - vn. :» »■ bc f . •• l ie this 1st dny of
An; ■■ l',y er.iu A. lituXT,
Notary Public.
R» mili kiihl. Cure of t oii.iiinptlon.
—T ' - i that has been effected
in m> » . }• ; m. to unpnrt to those of my
fellow it, .p.iri lie suffering from like af
fliction, tic- source iif relief, with a short description
of my case. Several yeats ago. my health began to
fall. I was attacked bvgeneral weakness and debil
ity, which reduced me to the mere shadow of my
former self. At that stage I sought medical assist
ance, and expended large amounts, but without the
l**ast beneficial result. The fell destroyer Consump
tion, had already seized upon ray vitals. I was dai
ly drawing closer to the tomb; my physicians held
out no hope of recovery: my strength had wasted,
and I was in a state of almost utter prostration. I
was Informed by my physiciant* that they coald do
nothing for me except to smooth my path to the
grave, when most fortunately, I applied to Dr. L. J.
Csapkay, and am now a well and perfectly sound
man. It Is difficult for me to express the emotions
of deepest gratitude I experience when realising the
immeasurable service I have received at the hands
of Dr. Csapkay, and I feel rrjvced that it is ft! least
ffirtitral aoto Surgical,
In my power to tender this feeble recognition of hit
great skill and capacity. To the afflicted I would
•*ay. do not despair, for whatever may be the nature
of your ease. 1 am confident that yow will find relief
by applying to Dr. L. J Csapkay.
*• There is balm in Gilead, and there la a physician
there.** (l. *,} Hurt Wsmsliko.
Subscribed and sworn to before me, this Iftth day
of October, a. d. 1859. City and County of San
Francisco, in the State of Caliiornia.
[l. 8.) F. J. Thibaclt, Notary Public.
The undersigned is personally acquainted with
Henry Weesling, and knows that the circumstances
related in the foregoing certificate are true, lie saw
llenry Wessting during his illness, and bears willing
testimony to the fact of hU remarkable cure by Dr.
L. J. Csapkay. [l. s.l A. Rosknhrim.
Subscribed and sworn to before roe, this 17th day
of October, a. n. 1S">9.
[l. b.] F. J. Thibaclt, Notary Public.
Dr. L. J. Csapkay*s Private Medical and
Surgicu 1 Institute is on Sacramento street, below
Montgomery, opposite the Pacific Mail Steamship
Company’s Office, San Francisco. The Dr. offers
free consultations, and asks no remuneration unless
lie effects a cure. Office hours from 9 a. m. to 9r m.
Spermatorrhoea, or local weak ness, nervous
debility, low spirits, lassitude, weakness of the back
Incspability for study
au Apprehension, ioss of r..tdv:
aversion to society, love of solitude, timidity, self
distrust, dissiness, headache, involuntary discharg
es, pains in the side, affection of the eyes, pimples
on the face, sexunl and other Infirmities in men. are
cured without fail by the justly celebrated physician
and surgeon, L.J. Czapkay. His m» thod of curing
diseases is new and unknown to other*, hence his
great success. All consultations. l>y letter or other
wise, free. Address, L. J. Czapkay, M. D., San
Francisco, California.
The Greatest Discovery of the Age.—
Greiit Ble**ing to Mdnbiml — Inrun-frit but I'ntrnt.
—Dr. L. J. Czspkay’s Prophilactictii (self-disin
fecting agent), a sure preventive against Gonorrhoea
'., 1 '■'-'■'■resrf an un.iurpswsed fenfe^y
for all venereal, scrofulous, gangrenous and cancer
ous ufecry, feet hi d.!*rhafg tX9 frp/n the vagina, uterus
and urethra, and ull‘cutaneous eruptions and dis
eases. For sale at Dr. L. .1. Czapkay’* office. Sacra
mento street,below Montgomery.opposite the Pacific
Mail Steamship Company’s office. As inoculation is
a preventive against smallpox, ho is I»r. L. .1. Czap
Way’s Prophilacticum a preventive against syphilitic
and gonorrhoeal diseases. Harmless in itself, it
possesses the power of chemically destroying the
syphilitic virus, and tbrrrbj />/.*.. • . . j
debauchees from being infected by the most loath
some of all diseases. Let no young n*.au who ap
preciates health be without Dr. Czapkay’* Propnilac
tiemn. It is in very convenient packages, and will
be found coivenientto use, being u*«-d as a s..ap,—
Price, $5. For sale at Dr. L.J. Cr.apka.v’s Private
Medical and Surgical Institute. Sacramento treet.
below Montgomery, opposite Pacific %lnil Steamship
Company’s office.
J3F“ All orders must he addressed to L. J. Cxap
kay, M. D., San Francisco,California. aug 17
Urgal Sllibcrtisrmcnts.
STATE OF CALIFORNIA. County of El Dorado,
ss ; —In the District Court of th** Mcventh Judi
cial District.—Action brought in the District Court
of the Eleventh Judicial Distiict, and the complaint
filed in the County of El Dorado in the office of the
Clerk of said District Court in and for said county
and State.
The People of the State of California, to W. R.
IIAKRIS, Defendant, Greeting :
You are hereby required to appear in an action
brought against you by T. T. McSPADDEN. Plaintiff,
in the District Court of the Eleventh Judicial Dis
trict. in and for the County of El Dorado, and to an
swer the complaint filed therein on the goth day of
October, A. I). ISC-', within ten days (exclusive of the
day of s-rvice) after the service on you of this sum
mons—if served within this county ; if served out
of this county but within this Judicial District, with
in twenty days , or, if served out of <aid District,
then within forty days—or judgment by default will
be taken against you.
The said action is brought to recover judgmlht
against you for the sum of fv*i im. wi’h interest
thereon at the rate of two per cent. p*-r month until
paid, amount due said plaintiff upon a certain prom
issory note made by you and T .1 ll*dst..n to pla n
tiff on th** 24th day of September 1&F.1, for - »:.i sum
of $8<mi imi, bearing inter*-*! at the rate of two jut
cent pkr month *intil paid; also. f..r i d-. rev of
foreclosure and order ot salt-of . our interest ’p and
to a certain p;ei * or par-* I : I %» .. |*, r rv’s
Upper Kmcl, Si’Ma'cd • ; r |h • w ■ ■ - »•!. - Co«.»»:.nes
t'owpship. Com.tv o- Flit • - . fait*..: nia,
m*M*teaced ly i l .? H r * « • • nre the
■ . • • ' 1 • • -ippej»i and
• . ic«,uir. the
‘ ' s' •> -i v-hi tin said
••• •' »• i • « i! in the prayer of
* !• F M.vr* s. Jmlg.* «.f sai-I District
vi.-nlli Jud ; cia Ib-tri* t.
. - — “ m.v hand, ami the seal of said Court,
! . for said County of FI Dorado, hereto
— .iftixod, :it office in the City *»f Placerviile,
.l>;» tiie 2m h day oi October, a. D 1*62
Hl’mk Si Suns, Att’ys f..r Pl’ff.—oct25-3m
STATE OF CALIFORNIA. County of F.l Dorado..
SS.—In the District Court of the Fh vt-ntii Judi
cial District. — \ction brought in the Di-trict Court
of the Eleventh Judicial District, and the complaint
filed in the county of El Dorado, in the office of the
clerk of said District Court in and for said count*
and State.
The People of the State of California, to HENRY
ROSWARN, defendant, greeting :
You are hereby required to appear in an action
brought against you by William Roberts. Plaintiff,
in th»- District Court of the Eleventh Judicial District,
in and for the County of El Dorado, and to answer the
complaint filed therein on the £5th day of August A.
D.1862, within ten days, (exclusive of the day of ser
vice.) after the service on you of this summons—if
served within tills county ; if served out of this coun
ty, but within this Judicial District, within twenty
days; or, if served out of said District, then within
forty days—or judgment by default will be taken
against you.
The said action is brought to recover judgment
against you for the sum of two hundred and ten dol
lars, with interest thereon from the SSth day of July
A. D. 1^62,—amount due Plaintiff on a certain prom
issory note made by you in favor of Plaintiff on the
2*th day of April A. D. 1*62, and payable three
months after date, for the sum of two hundred anj
ten dollars ; and if you fail to appear and answer
the said complaint as above required, the said Plain
tiff will take judgmentfcigainst you for said sum and
interest and costs, according to the prayer of said
Witness, Hon R. F. Myres, Judge of said District
Court of the Eleventh Jud : cial District.
/ — t Attest my hand and the seal of said Court.
-: L. s. -in and for said county of El Dorado. hereto
' .— 'affixed, at office in the City of Placerviile,
this the 25th day of August A. I). 1862.
A. C. 8farlf Pl’ff’s Att’y.—aug:kt»:Jrn
TO all whom it may concern.—Know ye that, on
the 20th day of November, A. I>. 1862, at ten
o’clock A. M. of that day. or as soon thereafter as I
can l»e heard—I. LUCINDA RICHMOND, wife of
John W. Richmond, of Clarksville.White Oak Town
ship, County of El Dorado, State of California, will
make application to the District Court of the E’ev
enth Judicial District, at the District Corn l room at
Placerviile in said El Dorado.County, for an order
of said Court, to be permitted In carry on business
in my own name and on my own account, as a Sole
Trader, in accordance with an act of the Legisla
ture entitled “ An Act amendatory of and supple
•mental to an Act entitled an Act to authorize mar
ried women to transact business in their own names
as Sole Traders,” passed April twelfth, eighteen
hundred and fifty-two, approved April 8th 1862.
And I further declare that it is my intention to
apnly for an order of said Court, permitting me to
carry on the businesHof hotel-keeping, store-keeping,
ranching, stock-raising, mining, teaming, and tra
ding generally.
October 2nd, 1862.—fd
STATE OF CALIFORNIA. County of El Vornfn —
In the District Court of the 11th Judicial I>i>trict
in and for faed County — Francis B. \ a.
Creditors. —In the matter of the petition of Francis
It. Cragin, an Insolvent Debtor.
Pursuant to an order on file herein, made by the
Hon. B. V. Myres, Judge of the Court aforesaid, no
tice is hereby given to all the creditors of said insol
vent debtor, Francis B. Cragin, to he and appear be
fore the Court aforesaid, at the court house of -aid
county in the City of Placerviile, on the 17th day of
November, a. D. 1862, at the hour of tea o’clock a. m.
of said day. to show cause, if any they can, why the
prayer of said Insolvent Debtor should not he grant
ed, and an assignment of his estate be made, and he
he discharged from his debts and liabilities in pursu
ance of the Statute in such case made and provided.
And, in the meantime, it is ordered that nil judicial
proceedings against said insolvent debtor he s’ayed'
i i Witness my ’-an I and the seal of said
j L. s. >Court hereto affixed at office in the City of
—• Placerviile, th!« 7th rtav or Ocfoher. A' D
1862. THOS. R PATTEN. Clerk,
By Or.orv SqrtRpy, Deputy.
Cross A Marshall, Att’ys for Petitioner. td*
STATE OF CALIFORNI A. County of El Dorado.—
District Court 11>h .hid cml i — J p. Tur
ner. ITff. -vs. S Hubbard, Idgir Hubbard and W.
Denniso!,, |>>
All persons holding or cl liinuitf any Lien or Liens,
for the eo- *tru. tom. repair. lurni-hing. in whole
"i : i f • the toll<<a’!iig described property, to
* >> Tha* ertain property shunted in the County
and Sta» ■ .I'oresaid, about one-half mile below the
vdl 'g - Kieiichtown, upon the road running to
!*••' kt.oan as the Empire Quartz Mill, facing
— i hw iidon said road, being, in the main building,
2d led by 4i) feet Jong, with au additional building
about 12 feet by 4n,—the same being a mill, including
machinery for quartz crushing ar d mining, embra
cing ten stamps, and being the only s earn quarts
mill upon the waters of French Cree —are hereby
notified that said Plaintiff bits brought suit against
said Defendants in the District Court, 11th Judicial
District, for El Dorado County, to recover the sum
of $279 00 and interes’ from May Ifiih A. D. 1862,
and to foreclose a Mechanic's Lien upon said prop
erty, and a decree ordering the sale of a*id property
and the application of the proceeds to the payment
of the same, and for costs of suit. And all persons
interested in the enforcement of said Lien or claim
ing any benefit thereof, are notlfiad to present their
claims within ten days from the complete publica
tion hereof, and in cose of failure so to do, or within
such further time as may be allcwed by the Court or
Judge, the party so failing shall forfeit his Lien,
i » Witness mjr hand and the seal of said
J L. b. J-Court hereto affixed, at office In the City of
f *• J Placerviile, this 27th day of October, A. D.
1862. THOMAS B. PA1TEN, Clerk.
Blanchard A Miredith, Pl’ff’s Att’ys.
Deeds, mortgages and declara
tions of Homectcodt, for sale at fhluoffteq.
•• Her* ah*ll (to Pin* tto People'a rights melotain,
Inawptl by Influence and no hr I tod by gain. '
JS*** DBtt0 °*
Newspaper, Book and Job
(•Iona Street, Herts »f the Bridge,
The Proprleiora ofthe Mornrai* Democrat Printing
Establishment, e schewing all egotism, announce with
confidence that they have the
Best and Greatest Facilities
For the prompt, correct and careful execution of all
the various descriptions of
To be found anywhere North of Satf •
which facta they are prepared to prove by occular
demonstration to all who may desire anything in
their line, from
A Poster to a Visiting Card!
Being fully convinced of the fact that the prices
for Printing, like all other sfckspakv things in Cali
fornia, have greatly decreased within the past vear.
we have accordingly bought and put into operation
aii the latest and most desirable
Known In the business; and are thus enabled to
compete with ever San Francisco —thereby com
pletely nullifying the hitherto good argument that
** Money could he saved by sending below for print
ing.” Our stock of
Is always of the best quality, selected with due re
gard to the wants of our Immediate neighborhood ;
and, being in constant communication w.th our
Agent in San Francisco, anything new, or of N"Tkl
l'EMiox, introduced there, can be speedily transmitted
to us.
Having thus enumerated our facilities and deter
mination to do all classes of work s«» that fault can
s<»t be found with prices or execution, w* w .11 now
reiterate that
rnoiutAMMEs as it cinrrLARS,
nil. 1. UFA OS. Ell KOI n T Ell. 1. S
B< tX A SO B<> TTL E 1. . 1 EELS,
< Ell TlFit A TES OF > To* A*.
BASE rl/Et ES, EEC Birrs, A
In any desired colors or style, will be printed by u?
Than former prices, ami in the same stylo that hnt
always been the commanding feature cf printing
emanating from the office of the
{3T Those who have hitherto patronized us ar«
satisfied that what we have above announced is
strictly correct; those who have not yet patrouised
us, need only make one trial to be convinced. Wt
are both practical printers. and are fully capable ot
fulfilling to the letter all we promise here.
* Proprietors.
Pi.ackrvillk, January i, lb62.
A Democratic and Conservative News*
paper in the City of New York.
To Restore the Union and Maintain
F- r several years the Democratic and Corwervativ*
sentiment of the Nation ha.- beep, keenly alive to the
necessity of being faithfully and ubly represented bj
a first-class Newspaper, published in the City of New
York, adapted to |*opul;»r circulation, and wielding
a wholesome influence throughout the Union. Tin
great wetuf has been, and is. a paper which shall
•ustain the same relation to Democratic and Con
Mcrvative principles as does the New York Trihnnt
to Abolitionism and all kinds of Radicalism-—a pa
per conducted with talent and prudence, with cor
rect appreciation of the true principles of our Gov
eminent and fidelity to them ; in all respects a
class newspaper, and yet afforded at a price bring
i g it within the reach of the mas.-es ot the Penplt
throughout the country.
The undersigned, from their connection with th.
Albany ATLAS A ARGUS—one of the oldest and
best known Democratic papers in the Union—have
been constantly urged, during the last three or four
years, to respond to this demand, b.v establishing a
first-class Weekly Newspaper in the City of New
York, adapted to general circulation. We yield to
the wishes of our political friends, and have there
fore transferred the publication of the WKKKLY
ATLAS A ARGUS to the City of New York, where
it will hereafter be issued under the name of
It Is published in quarto form, of the size of the
leading New Ymk Weeklies; and we promise that in
Its News, Kditoriul, Literary, Miscellaneous and Ag
ricultural Departments, in itaMarket Reports, and in
sr/ao* oe at’least eqa*ei fti any
paper published in that city. While devoting to it
our own editorial services, it has ai*o the benefit ot
«t*c entire nub constant supervision of Mr.
Elor Comsmk k, for several years one of the editors
of the New York Journal of t' rnmerre, a gentle
man of recognised editorial ability and experience*
The editors will therefore be
Calvert Comstock, William Caasidy,
Elon Comstock.
with ample additional spec! I assistance in the seve
ral departments of the paper.
Next to a vigorous support of the Federal Govern
ment In its present peril—the first great duty of ev
ery patriotic citizen—the leading purpose and design
of the Editors will he to advocate Democratic and
Conservative doctrines, and to engraft them upon
the policy and administration of the Governments—
State and National. At the same time they will
•trive U> furnish their rentiers the best possible gene
ral newspaper. The latest intelligence—foreign and
domestic—will always appear In the columns of their
paper; and its Commercial Department will embrace
the fullest and most reliable information, including
correct and ample reports of the Money, Produce
and Uattb- Markets at New York and other leading
points -if commercial transactions Great care will
also lie b•■slowed upon the literary character of the
paper, an i such original and selected articles, no
tices of new publications, Ac., will be given, as will
be likely to interest the reader. Por the benefit of
that large class engaged in cultivating the soil, we
shall give prominence to Agricultural subjects, devo
ting to them original articles (editorials and commu
nications), and curefully selected matter front the
leadingjournals of the country.
The Editors may be allowed to express the hope
that the knowledge which the public have of their
editorial experience affords th** best guarantee of
their Intention to make the New York Weekly
Argun the most useful and complete general news
paper in the Union. It has already a large and val
uable subscription list, which they trust will be rap
idly augmented, until the paper shall reach every
Postofflce, and find Its way into every neighborhood.
The Sett York Weekly Argus is published in
quarto form, each number containing eight pages, or
forty-eight columns, printed on new and handsome
type, In the best style. It will be furnished to sub
scribers on the following terms, payable always in
Single inscriptions per annum $ 2 00
Three copies one year fi 00
Right do do 10 00
Additional copies, each 1 20
Twenty copies, to one address 20 00
To any person sending a club of 10, we will send
the Albany Daily Atlas A Argus, one year, gratis. 1
Subscriptions may commence with any number.
Letters, whether containing remittances or otherwise,
should be addressed to the undersigned, Oomsr of
B> eer+way and Park Place, opposite City JTau
Park, Sew York.
ON Til Marie COAST.
pont orricB. corbtt.
Areata Humboldt
Anaheim ..Ui Anjftlr*
Albion Jl .Mendocino
Anderson Valley Mendocino
Antioch Contra Costa
Alameda Alameda
Alvarado Alameda
Alvlso Santa Clara
Agua Frio Mariposa
Alamo Contra Costa
Alleghany Sierra
Alpha Nevada
American Ranch Sha*ta
Angel's Calaveras
Auburn Placer
Antelope Yolo
Huckeport Humboldt
Bodega Sonoma
Bloomfield Sonoma
Brooklyn Alameda
Belmont San Mateo
Bangor Hutte
Helot a .. Han Joaquin
Bear Valley Mariposa
Benicia Solano
Bid well's Bar Butte
Big Bar Trinity
Big Oak Flat Tuolumne
Big Valley Napa
Iturwood San Joaquin
ifA. Jeye.. Yolo
Brush Creek Butte
Burnt Ranch Trinity
Butte Valley Butte
Butte Mills Butte
Crescent City De* Norte
Cloverdde Bonotua
Clairsville Mendocino
Calpella Mendocino
Centerville Alameda
Cache Creek Yolo
Callahan's Ranch Siskiyou
Campo Seco Calaveras
Campton vilte . Y uha
Canon City Trinity
Clarksville El Dorado
t £7kuAvr&e;.. .♦ Yefr
Cherokee Butte
Chico 4». ......w k Iluttc
Central House ...Butte
Chinese Camp Tuolumne
Cold Springs El Dorado
Column El Dorado
Colorado Mariposa
Columbia. Tuolumne
* ColUSi
D*i V <<iTi Lrtt* *Vr« J
«••“iinmes Sacramento
% tyote * Nspa
C •* , onfro"d Shasta
Cottage Grove Klamath
Dougherty Station Alameda
Danville Contra Costa
Damascus Placer
Denverton Solano
Diamond Springs W Dorado
Don Pedro's Bar Tuolumne
Dowr.ievtlle k Sierra
Douglas City.... Trinity
Du roc El Dorado
Dutch Flat Placer
Drytown Amador
F.lk Camp Klamath
Eel River Humboldt
Eureka Humboldt
Klderton Shasta
El Dorado El Dorado
Elk Grove Sacramento
Empire Ranch Yuba
Eight-Mile Corner San Joaquin
Etna Mills Siskiyou
Fertnlale .Humboldt
Ferry Point Del Norte
Fresno Fresno
French Corrall Net ada
Fremont Ynla
French Gulch Shasta
Fiddletown Amador
F«dsom Sacramento
Fbrbestnwn Butte
Lewiston ...Trinity
Lisbon Placer
Little York.... Nevada
Long Bar Yuba
I<ower Uie Napa
Lynn's Valley Tulare
Liberty San Joaquin
Lock ford San Joaquin
Longv ille Plumas
Martin's Ferry Klamath
Monte Ixt* Angeles
Mendocino Mendocino
Milpitas Santa Clara
Mission San Jose Santa Clara 1
McCartysville Santa Clara
Mayfield Santa Clara
Monterey Monterey
Mountain View Santa Clara
Maiietta San Joaquin
Meadow Valley Plumas
Merced Fall* Merced
Mariposa Mariposa
Martinez Contra Orta
Marysville Yuba
Maxwell’s Creek Mariposa
Michigan Bar Sacramento
Michigan Bluff* Placer
Millerton Fresno
Mill Valley Calaveras
Minersville Trinitv
Mokelumne Hill Calavera’s
Monroeville , Colust
Messicville Trinity
Milleville Shasta
Montezuma Tuolumne
Moores Ranch Tehama
Moore’*,Flat . Nevada
Mormon Island . .Sacramento
Mount Otthir Marty*.**
Mon* # r% ftxzch Calaveras
Mokelumne City San Joaquin
Mountain Spring* Placer
Mountain Wells Nevada
Mosquito Calaveras
Murphy's Calaveras
Xatividad Monterey
New Almaden Santa Clara
Napa..... Napa
Nealsburgh Placer
Nevada Nevada
Newtown Kl Dorado
Nicolaus Sutter
North Bloomfield Nevada
North Branch ’.Calaveras
North 8an Juan Nevada
North Columbia '!Nevada
Oakland Alameda
Orr s Ranch San Joaquin
Omega Nevada
Onisbo.... Sacramento
° rov ,i ,e Bull.
" r . oFlno Siskiyou
® rltan »- Klamath
Oregon House Yuba
Ousley’s Bar Yu!,.
Pacific Humboldt
Punta Arenas Mendocino
P» che '° Contra Costa
Pescadora Santa Crus
Placerville : Kl Dorado
Patterson Nevada
Petersburg Tulsre
Pea Vine
M‘» El Dorado
Princeton Oolutii
Pine Grove Amador
Poland... Ban Joaquin
E? Ter ir .®» r Calaveras
Wum Valley Sierrs
Plumas Yuba
QuarU Valley Siskiyou
Qulney... Plumas
Redwood City Male0
£^ t, ‘’‘ n ( ? ke Placer
5*5 «'"«■ Shasta
Sf*. 00 *- Nevada
R chland Sacramento
R ob, Gulch Calaveras
* Butte
Rockville. Solano
Rough and Ready Nevada
5 0Und 1 . T f D i Nevada
Reynol.ls'Perry Calaveraa
South Pork.. Humboldt
o n ®* rn * r d ,n o San Bernardino
Snn Diego
San Gabriel Log Angeles
■one..... ...Mendocino
San Luk Obispo Saa Luis Obl.po
—Santa Clara
Santa Barbara
8tnU Ru»a Sonoma
Hon on i* Sonoma
Stony Point Sonoma
Smith’* Ranch. Sonoma
San Leandro. Alameda
Han Lorento Alameda
San Pablo Contra Coata
Salmas ... Mwntere v
San Juan Monlerov
Han Jnee Hantn Clara
Santa Cru« Santa Cru*
ScarsvHie San Mateo
Soqui-I Santa Cru*
Han Antoni«r Monterey
Sheldon Sacramento
St. Helena Napa
Ht. l<ouls Sierra
Salmon Falls El Dorado
Sacramento Sacramento
SalsburvN Sacramento
San Andreas Calaveraa
San Francisco San Francisco
Helton's Ranch .... ..Yuba
Spanish Flat Kl Dorado
Staples' Ranch San Jeaquin
Shasta Shasta
Strawberry Valley Yuba
Shaw’s Flat Tuolumne
Sawyer’s Itar Klamath
Sevastopol Napa
Secret Ravine Placer
Sweetland'a Nevada
Sciad Valley Siskiyou
Snellinyr's Ranch Merced
Snrinfffleld Tuolumne
Stockton -
Sonora Tuolumne
Scottsburf Fresno
Scott’s River Siskiyon
Suisun City Solano
Starr House F Dorado
Sutter Creek Amador
Table Muff .Humboldt
Temecula Fan Dietro
Trinidad Klamath
Temescal San Dlrgn
Tom ales Marin
Table Rock ... Sierra
Tule Tulare
Tehama Tehama
Tlmhuctoo Yuba
Y noi/f TcinUy
Center ....Trinity
Thompson's Flat Butte
e Ws/ rr
XJkiah ....Mendocino
Uncle Sam Ni|»*
Unlonville. ——
Ch ar Lake Nap •
Vacaville Solano
Vallictto Calavera*
Vallejo Solano
Vtrpwia Placer ’
Visalia Tulare
Volcano Amad*>.
Viola Sacramento
Warner’s Ranch S*u Dirjru
Windsor Sonoma
Wood side San Mateo
W alnut tirove Sacramento
Western...... 1
'West Point Calaveras
W eaverville Trinity
Whisky Creek Shasta
Woodland Voio
Woods’ Ferry San Joaquin
Wyandotte Butte
W yntt’s Store . Mariposa
Watsonville Santa Cru*
Yankee Hill ..BuUe
Slate Creek Josephine
Spencer Lane
Spring Valley Vamhill
Steilaconm Pierce
Si. lamia Marion
' St. Helen’s Columbia
Starr’s Point lienton
Sublimity Marion
Stiislau Lane
Syracuse.. Marlon
l. mpqua City Umpqua
Valfontes Polk
W illismsburg Josephine
Wapatoo Washton
Willamette Fork Lane
Willamette Vamhill
Waldo Josephine
Willamina Yamhill
Winchester Douglass
Wilben Douglass
oncalla Umpqua
post nrricE. cocsrr.
Acadia Saumish
Maker’s Thurston
Meaver Thurston
Horspnrt ..Lewis
Brirceport Chehalis
Cansemah Clackamas
Castle Rock .Lewis
Cathlamet W ankiahtim
Chehalis Point Chehalis
Cherbourg Clalam
Cednrville..... Chehalis
Claquato Lewis
Cowlitz Lewis
Coal Bank Thurston
Ebey’s Landing, Island
Fisher's Landing Clark
Franklin.... Pierce
Fort Colrille Walla Walla
Fort Stevens Thurston
Willnpa Chehalis
Grand Mound Thurston
Highlsnd Lewis
Hood’s River Clackamas
Lake River C'ark
Miami Prairie
“ ,,n ,celln Cqwiitz'
NJ*f offiCt.
Oy*mfm; t
Pacific City
Port Dincovtry
l'«»rt I.mllovr
Port Madiaoti
Port Townurnd
Port Orchard
Port William
SannderV Prairie
Hail Juan
Scatter Creek
8k<>ktiiii Chuck
Hpanaw av
W a-liui'ftl
.. ..Jefl'craon
.. .Skamania
. ..Whatcom
Kitaop «.
Walla Walla
... Whatcom
... .Thuraton
DISTRICT ClU RT-Ho* “p Judge, fko**, R
P»tl«*u. Cltrk. Regular Term* conartec m the ricaai*
Mcailavx.r February aud May. and third Monday, of Am,7
an-tNov«ul—. '
Cue XTY rUl B7—H<m Jrnmm Jrt ia«oo. Judge ; n
Patten. Clerk— hold* Ita regular Term* aa lb* SmMMwi
of Januarj. May aud September. 1
COCRT OP RRHMIOKR-Hoa. Jamei Johaaoa. PiaaMlaa*
Judge; (Jeo. W. Stoat and Hlrara Palk. A aw late Jatticea
and Thoaiaa R. Patten. Clerk—holds ila regular Tarmaaa tw
ftr«t Monday* of Merrh. July aad November.
PRORATE CnrRT-Hoa Jamea Johnaoa. Judge Thorn..’
R . Clerk—kolda regular Term, on the fourth Menda*
of rarh month.
HOARD t»P SCPFRV1SOR8—eonaiata of George W. Rnt '
E ?! St rout and Z. Pierre;-Thomaa H. Patten. CVrV'
hold regular meitlng* o», the flrat Monday of each month
PUctrrlllt Post OUct<
THE MAIL# (or 8ncr.menln.Pan Er.i.clico ani*
X'>' tr crj <ta r «»thi,‘
rh >1 tmh.t.V. A
The mall# f«.r the Atlantic Plate*, and Europe
ei |J*U -dL*e evrrv dap at tl o’clock M.
The Mall* Tor Oregon and Washington Territory
clour ev*rv dajr at 9 o’clock P M.
The MaM* for Grisaly Flat clone at this oBc
every Wednesday. morning at 6 o’clock.
The Mailafor Newtown close at A o’clock, A.IT
or Monday*. Wednesday*, and Friday*.
The tw«U for Cedarville and Indian Dipping*'
• h»*. h» 6 o’clock A. M.. -very Monriay and Friday
The Mail* far Cold Spring* and Colnma closee*
err da*, t Sunday* ri« cpteii ) at 3 ’clock
The Kelsey. Sp«ni*h 7l.it. and flenrgrtawn Maf
close Tm-mlav*. Thursday* »a«i Fwtarday* M ti,
o’clock P. M.
The Mail* for C:ir«on Vnf.t * and Salt Lake CR
cl«»«e ever* day st 12 o'clock M.
OFFICE HOI KS-From * o’clock, A M.,tflU
M.; and from 1 till 8. P. M.. i Sundays executed.
On Sunday*—From 9 uutil 10. A. M.. and*
« until 4 P M P M W. II RODGFR8, P. M
Senators—(not elected this year)—A. Ik. C. Dcnrer,
liar** y.
Member* o» the Assembly—Seneea Doan, J. Frasier
J II Dcnnl*. II fi Parker.
County Judge Jame# John***
District Attorney John Hunts
Sheriff .. Alex. Ilunte*
Com ty Clerk Thomas B. Psttr*
County C.dhctor J. M. Reynolds
C»»ni,t* Recorder Stephen Willetts
County Tnasurrr J. L. Perkins
County \-*c. . r firo McDonald
•'•‘hi . A'l»u1f!t*tra' r W. I! Gaylord
County Sur v. y..r Mnffh Barker
nd« it tV.niun n S« l.ools. ... M A Lynda
futility Coroner W. RlcbeWnab
*" ' 1 i
fttisrcllanrous 3&bfrttsmg.
at* r«
i v!! I * I ns ’or t1»e puri-ha#** of Herctiandise aad
\ J »x r ry letcivtuioii are Solicited by ih*
A i '•*..;-nce in »M« r ;*j f ovtr ten year*, ard a*
*-lp rtenre Ilf the t»il«t|>e*« of It-a* ‘jf t»ir unr U rgth
' t r ..-. ar*' cmva.>U r« *i .-i»t to warrant thecou%
fl •• «.( » t the ••untry who • •'*ra*‘onailjr
rr.p trr »*• make |itiffln»' , s line, through the xgrucj
*•; \ o U'«ir. natty . r a i .ay *ve |...»kir g for *
• ;* i t agent inhan T* either lh*
, |\.-rt«o r off, r« h:» *ervie. *,a**uriug aH who u.tru*|
• •r!»r«' !n that no eT n ft »*e spared to n*<
•»!*• •' ■ i • iimiio. ,f.« »a'i»t* t..rTl*
\ i* - • »• • • panted with the cash a#
.ft •i.e
I .... >! ..* • n?..r- corn*erUr Ar.Jrr*
siguetl. • r• ref* » red to
i' . I « ■■■• t,a A «’•» .San Fra: (.usco;
.1 H (’•■;•!, ; A Co .
t Lh> vh *. Dr I2g.*t. ••
V t’e ih M«v A Co ,
It . I* i:.*i. fc n.
U. *« l»* lugmfer AC*.. "
.1 \r.lfa o» A !’*• . I’ni »i» Office ?v r»mtni* :
V'd i '» '*»*• ‘ * A J muary. I'ubltsl.ers of the
M ' *; v D* vh i,»T. Placer elite.
S M •». i *. *. i Ala* tuner*. Pmr»of.*rte«. Mele-
I*' « * g M irhin* •*. U' it. 1,. • Jewelry. etc.,wUI
f -e u*t’ t.ded i«j by • imjieteip judge#
Coniiniasir.n .ind Purchailng Agent.
f 'S9 Wash!' pt< r. street up stair*.
O;.|>osite rc'» Optra llou*», San Frannaco.
/ * FORGE M CONDEE Insnrarce Agent. aCerw
' M Insurance in '.he folhowing wdl known and re -
«P**r * hi* - V'lSiiranre f*o»npan‘r* •
Ii4ftl4.nl i’lff Insurance O*—Assets
IMue.i t Insurance l’o— A<«rAa
, City Fire Insurance Co.—Assam RxAfiOO
Metro|N.!itan E re Insurance CW— Assets Jkl.Dft#
AM. MWES in the above Cesmpaoies paid in S*t»
Francisco IMMEDIATELY upa* ad)uatmmt
sept Iff Agent
Piper Ruler and Blank Book Raker
•MI Clay and M4 Commercial sts., between
gonrery and San some streets,
t*r Binding of every description neatly fffr»
ted; Blank Books Ruled and Bound to any desire4
pattern. juntlyf
■I J
PARTI KB visiting Sacramento, should bear in mind
that the only idn* r to buy a
It nt the extensive Establishment of
Corner of Second and J streets;
Where may always be found the largest variety
In th<* Stnte. which he gnsrsntees to sell LOW’EB
than any other House in the City. Call before | *r
’. . .KtnVne hi# stoeg. septh
W. 1*. MARPLE,
Olttsier and Pap«r-IIan*er.
C1AKKIA4.IA. B.i.n«.r.,Fl.f.,TraD,parrneiM,B*.-
galiai kr ., P.iintnl at priori to ault the Unci.
Just Rrrriveil anil for Sale, CHEAP P9R CASH,
10,000 Feet of Window Glass^
AlUiie*, from Salt) to3o«40. AI»o,PUTTY,asd »'•'
kinds of
Small., Tiirpontioo, Bruahn, Hilt Uouldlnf,OoMi
Leaf. Bronar, a".
US Order, from the ooantry, for work or ma
terial,promptly attoadrd to.
mar29 Main at., near Stonj Point, PlaeorrtU*. -
City Sexton and Undertaker.-
Keeps constantly on hand and makes to*
order Jill sites of C0FFIN8. Will also furnish Fw»a*
mis with Hearse. Carriages, etc. Graves dug
everything requisite for Funerals furnished at the
shortest notice, and os tin as*#4 fmssashis tarasa*
A. TEDDER also manufactures and keeps alwa/N
on hand all kinds and sixes of
Window Sash, Doors# Blinds# Bedstead#*
Tables, Kitchen Safes, Wardrobes,
Or any article in Furniture. Carpenter or Undertak
er's department—all of which he warrant* to »•
made of the best materials and workmanship*
Manufactory and Wareroom, neat dow?
“lst* * bove 8,o »» ,w vgs&r
***■> P«wn-Br»ker,
teisog fa, «U StaiAberg.) >
. twr*(ofwe.
lmti ,oa O*
J j at omtt.

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