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risk. AoUrt* I'KSSS AKD TItIBWsE, V
Utcss & tribune, js
• • ■ era, ar
THE CAN.I D.l'S NEWS. imj)£>rl
The news by the fUi;amer Cauadn, which r
we publish elsewhere, embrace* the important that is
intelligence ih;»t Franco is about putting in ereryi
a fovw of 700,000 to 800,000 men, ence
incimiing 100,000 to watch tho Germanic piano
Staler on tho Ilhhu*; that Austria ia phu-ing
an nrmy of observation on tho Russian fron- Wlt * l €
tier; that Prussia remains neutral, though
puttitig her army in a condition to protect the
jntegritj'of G^rm-ODy; tliat tho Catholic Arch- g rcat j
bishop of Vienna bus issued n pastoral letter ia the
denouncing the crime* of Sardinia and the comin;
ftmbitiott «-.* X:ii'!'l- k , :i: that the dilatory move- stance
ments of ue Au.siri.tTis in Piedmont have pro-
baSly Iwen owing t-o the iiatural and artificial
iuundatioJii of the country; that they have
probably retired to tho left bank of the Po; ,
mid tliat the Austrian Commander, Gyulfii, is
to be immi'diateh- sujierseded. rentio
THE cnops. onircl
We arc -> present, this moruing, a latere sweroi
number of letler.s from uiiTereut portions of the ,
• „ posed
West, pvlrg a most cheering account of the ,< yy
prosj»ecis <-f :!ic growing crop. A glance at Daily
the map will 'hose who are not familiar been s
with the g • -;;r:r !iy of the West, that they re- But it
fer to a wi<i" < of country, all lying north Star:
of th? 1- < f Lnnis. Oar advices from 4
Sduthcrn IV.'.-.u '.-. are equally encouraging, in^uir
In a week or t*.vo the harvest will have Grilfei
, , a , **b at
luily eonuoeiK-.-'i there, and we hope soon WttS r
to .'inuou:i> '- thai the crop is safely path- erly e
0r..-1. 0.-i- of the editors of the
Pr.KSS ANi» T.iiiiL NK visited Madison, WLseon- foul p
sin. wa\ all along the line of the St.
Paul and Fond du Lac and tlie Milwaukee and to mi
Mississippi Roads the wheat looked finelr.
1 r ' whom
Most of it was spring, of whiuh a very wide time,
breadth has been sown in this section. Pre- no I ,n
, , ments
parations lor corn. :aso, appeared to be ven,' CO me
extensive. Acootiuts generally from Wificon* of u!
cmsin agree that the prospects were never
better for an abundant crop. ]j ut
Wc need not speculate upon these facts or it has
their i»caring upon the prosperity of tbo West, force*
especially if present expectations are realised catiot
Our merchants and business men will doubt- J ust 3
less realize the importance of giving thom c
~ . , . . letter
a wide circulation, hxtra copies in wrappers wou j (
can be hadnt tho counting-room. No. 31 Clark
stroct - fen a
1/ouis Napoleon tlie Propagandist of says
Europe—Opculneof tbe Great Drama j a ,
«tUo As'. UDdo:
IFr:im tLfMo* Yoriclltml'L] SCCOB
The oddre>« of Louis Napoleon to the French toucli
Legislature places him in the lirst position us a " fori
revolutionary propagandist in Kurope. It is has a
trui', bis wordb reler only to Italy, but they will to rm
gi» tiirough every county of continental Koropc nlaiu
lis the slogan of the nationalities in their war know
ngaitM the dynasties. -tat
■'Austria must rule up to the Alps, or Italv prait
must be tree to the shores of the Adriatic/' oeliei
»a\> be. " I boldly avow my sympathies for a more
people whose history is mingled with our own. go.
and who groan u der foretell oppression."— most
Snch language as this from tne lips of a man at prod
the head of mx hundred thousand armed men, and
and absolute controller of the vast energies of foolh
France, must have scut an electric thrill through
Italy, ::nd fallen unnn the ears of every Euro- Oa»
pe.m dynasty like the tocsin of war. "she
Already," before they were uttered, Tus- unca
cuny, Alodena, I'arma and il&ssu have the 1.
fallen from the Austrian scepterc and ahnor.t iotrc
under tlie very guns of I'iacenza andAnccut iactf
cst.ib!i-bed tho popular rule, llefore this time Fa
th«»y must h::ve swept through the Papal States, roun
leaving the Pope nothing but the hollow wm- to ar
blance of power, aud on to the gates of Naples, prov
currying dread to the bourbon* of the Two I inv
Sicilies, if indeed they have not already fled be- tweh
for.? them. * respi
Following these words, France has drawn the than
sword, and no «ine can believe that the war of by 11
the rulers, or the aspirations of the people, will
be coutiued to Italy and the Italians. The events apa
of ls4 v , when thc*p°pular heart had no leader J>roi.
umong the nations to support it, tell us what we nuni
may now look for from one end of Knrope to inlri
the'otlier. It will be said that Louis Napoleon its 1
is not since) c; that lie does not meau to liberate claii
any people: that he is really actuated by a blind »eer
ambttiuii of conquest : that he only steks to Iwi
found his- own dynasty upon the cheated hopes ool*
of men. It little mutters whether be is sincere earl
or not. His words will apply the torch to the wor
slumbering mine of Europe's" hopes for political fed
regeneration, and rouse the oppressed masses pur
everywhere. Already they are in motion. Who- for'
ercr applies his car *lo the ground will hear the frcq
tread ot coming millions. Austria has heard it, like
aud bus thrown herself into the tight, calling tern
upon tlie conservative bands to bring their bay- bor
onets and follow her lead. The Bourbons of T
Spain have heard it. and ask the Cortes to give 4, b<
them a hundred thousand more bayonets at con
home "to protect the neutrality ofthecountry chii
durinc the coming war iu Italy." The conser- six
rative interests of Knglaiid have beard it, and Uai
hastened to the polls to the self-preser* bef
ration policy ot Lord Derby. The house of tial
Urandcnberg has heard it, and has placed the vei
corvt d< anhr> of Prussia on a war footing. age
There are but signs of the times —the initia- act]
tory events of the grand drama that is just be- a f
ginning to beaded on the stage of Europe. Hut Set
they foreshadow the plot that is to be devel- Set
oped, and the events that are to pass before me
our cvt> aud before the eyes of nil men. Muz- the
ziui, RosMith, Ulanc, and all the senseless the
plotters and mountebanks who have been en- cfl'i
dcavuriugfor ten years to rouse Italy, Hungary in
and France, are swept away bv the imperial and brs
imperious words of Louis Napoleon. He has pal
started on his march as a liberator, and *'c<
he must continue <>n or be trodden down 1
by the millions behind him. Tlie events So
that will uuroll in Italy, will spread llti
iu Germany and Hungary, and reacton Frauce, Co]
Spain and the whole of Kurope. The treaties de
of Vienna will be torn to shreds, atid their uu-
fulGlled promise* of eonstitutiouul governments W
to the nations will now be carried out. The of
cheating assurauccs of ISI.I and the mockeries
of ISmU uud 1 "vjjv have opened the eyes of the an
world, uud the national-ties can no more be dii
aroused by deceptive oflV rs to light against their pa
owu cause and ucfend the dynasties that bare m
soloug oppressed tlieni aud liept them down by it
three millions of bayonets interlaced across the tii
face of Kurope. From 2d of May Louis Na- pi
jioleon has entered upon his new career as the ot
tirebratid for the worn out thrones of Europe; is,
and France, not weakened by a prelude of an- A
archy and bloodshed, but girded in all her le
strength, hu« changed front and now leads the cr
natioualties of Europe in the struggle forinde- hi
pendence. di
4 Tlio Bankruptcy of Atmtrla.
iCoiTcjiouriiticeuf tlie N. Y. Tritiunc.] K
Viejwa, April, 30,1FW. tj
The extraordinary financial measures adopted V
by the Imperial Government will scarcely sur
prise people who are at all acquainted with the tl
traditions of Austriau finance. One decree re- p
fecinds the resolution of August CO, lSf»s, by o
which the National l>ank was obliged p
to resume cash payments. Now the exchange a
of bullion for uotes having, ever hince the com- c
inenccmept of been trameled bv po manr i
rlautnLf as to become almost impracticable, this t
new decree only does away with a hypocritical i
sham. The second measure is some- }
what clumsy, but none the less characteristic of t
the state of the Imperial Exchequer. A five 1
per cent, loau of two hundred millions of florins i
(*uxv nKt,«w"" is announced, but it is simulta- ] '
neously avowed that " under existing circum- i
stances," tne raisi -g of such a loan is quite out
of the question. What, ttien, is tlie gist of the «
operation? The Austrian Hank is ordered to
advauce the jrovoument a sum of 150,353,353
florins, for which adronee the (Joveanment pawns
to the Bank two hundred millions of florins in 5
per cent bonds, which at Rome distant period
are to be sold to the general public. To enable
the Bank to nvake the desired advances, the
State empowers it to issue new inconvertible
five florin notes to the amount of the sum ad
vanced. The old one florin notes arc covered by
the pawned public estates; these new notes are
covered by what? Uy bonds representing an
imaginary loan. The Austrian financiers seem
to anticipate tha*. in consequence of the sus
pension of cash payments backed bv this new
uftue of about 1 ;'►<>,(M.ouo in notes* there will
spring up some ugly and growing discrepan
cy between the paper and the silver money
which it jireteuds to represent. Conse
quently, al! import. export ana transport duties
are for the future to be exclusively paid in hard
caah—the State refusing to be p&ia in its own
paper. Auother measure is announced, which
you may coßßtder s declaration of partial bank
ruptcy. If. in future, any one shall present au
Austrian State bond to receive the quarterly in
terest due upon the same, be will have to under
go a£ubstractiou of five per cent, of the nomi
nal amount. .This tax upon the State creditors
extends to the foreign creditor as well as to the
Austrian subject. Instead of 10 florins there
will be paid florins SOkreutiers only. This,
however, seems but a preliminary step, which,
it is generally believed, will soon be followed
by a suspension of all payment of interest on
Austrian State paper, at least of all payment in
•ilvec. "
Galeva Chicago Union* Railroad.—The
following arc the earnings of this road for the
•;hto 15th May:
_ ISI3. IB®.
Pwlfbt .«2?.:t3j3 tl7£OUf •MUBO.eTDtCfaM.
Faaeiifcn ic.its.7o &SM.I7 do
MaU*ac.. 1.12Z..U) 900.00 33&J00 Ao
Total .HUOCT-iS #14,670.30 Decmse.
Editors Preu Tribuu»: —let t
For some time past, the subject and merits of now c
the Hill Air Light has been before your read
era, and with the just prominence o matters'* j onj » f
important demanded. If the iuvention has chemi
been reached which shall offer and maintain all red lo
that is claimed for this light, the public will x
everywhere give their verdict and their adhcr- them
ence which for the inventor is still better; to a Tlien,
plan ofillumination at once so simple, beautiful
and desirable, from its cheapness as compared
with gas, and its illuminating qualities us com
pared with any Ulumiuator whutcrcr. V""
Not only in your columns, but by all, has the w j lert
Hill Air Light been pronounced among the Jo ijikj
great inventions of the age. It is nothing new lishib;
ia the history of inventions, that some one
coming after, aided by some fortuitous circum- ra geo
stance of position, or by some accommodating close,
views of moral obligations, should strive to step ?od H
in and bear away the palm. The Grffin Air wj'/"
Li-jht comes under one of these two heads. It jjy j|j
hat been ambitiously advertised in Chicago and out, ii
and elsewhere, and its claims gonndingly put b
forth, Btriving to keep pace with Mr. Hill's in- compi
vention in public attention and favor. The auy b
GrilTen claims have been easily met aud an- umph
swered, and the transparency of the attempted ness t
fraud —can it be termed anything else V—ei.* It .1
posed and refuted. dence
" "Who is Prof. (Jriflen ?" The Hudson (N. Y.) the II
Daily Star seems to know who he is, and it has to fa<
been stated through your own columns before. Light
But it may be worthwhile to quote from the cjiisti
Star: • eight
" Our surprise at the sudden apparitiou of a our ei
4 Gritlen Air Light' was very natural, and the cable,
inquiry as naturally followed—Who is 4 J'rof. ~j e .
GrifTenl 1 ' We were not long in ascertaining j ;
what indeed we had already surmised, that (t tion,;
was no other thun Mr. Jonathan GrilTen, form- *Th<
erly employed by Prof. Hill as a carpenter or £ jr
machinist. * We'mentioned the fact to a few
friends, and they said immediately. Ah, there is 03
foul play. We thought so too ; for it was well comp
known that Mr. Grilicn was no chemist, had no f 0
laboratory, and could not be personally qualitied -, 1
to manipulate, much less originate, a process ''
like that of Prof. Hill's. As lor the geut. with Other
whom Mr. Gritien became associated about this Aft
time, it was equally well known that he made b arc .
no pretensions whatever to scientific acquire
ments —so where sould the new ' Air Light' Tama
come from, unless bom of some stray fragments real i
of a legitimate process, clandestiuefy obtained, fl j ms
as tbe servant* of Guttenburg and" X'aust ob
tained and divulged the art of printing." hone
Hut there is something more to be said, aud usc
it lias beon said, reluctantly, and only «because eome
forced upon him. In a loug and able communi
cation over his own bignature in the newspaper
just referred to, of the date of May 12th, Prof, i
Hill comes out in his own behalf. The whole
letter is of vulue and weight upon the point and
would be read with interest. A few extracts <j;un
cover the main points as concerning this Grif- team
fen and bis so-called Air Light. Tho writer t!
sa. vs: .... tiv'e't
lam averse to a public vindication even of my not j
undoubted rights; (this J believe is only the tilth
second article I have penned for a newspaper quuii
touching this subject;) but there i* a time when couti
" forbearance ceases to be a virtue." That time hope
has arrived with me ; aud I would not be just (lain;
to myself or to my associates if 1 failed to speak, out t
iilaiulv and unequivocally, *' that which Ido and i
Either the agents or principals of a certain
praitira! '• Air L'uthf" have most outrugeou.-h
belied my enterprise, and have strung out their
more than serpent slime from Hudson to Ghiea- (
go. Of the truth of this assertion I have the
most unquestionable proof, which I am ready to
produce whenever it may be found necessary; intr 1
und I am as well prepared to show up ceitain
foolish, fuuny and fraudulent mao:uverd of the.-e
gassy fillibusters in respect to certain "f thU A
0 a'nd D." And the fair probability is that a .
" showing up" and a *' summing up " may come,
uncalled for and unwished tor by the parties of i Lnkt
the black flag. With this, to "me, unpleasant . seco
iutroduction, ! will proceed to give you a few c
Fact 1. It is vuivosally ki-oir/, in this com- j: (
munity that I am the inventor of the J ir-Llnh>;
to argue this point would be like attempting to ** s< l'
prove that you are tbe editors of the Jj-i.ly .Star, the *
1 invented this light three years ago, after about the !
twelve years hard study. Its history, in this j aw . i
respect, was placed before your readers more
than two years since, in an able artielf. written ' ccll
by lion. ,5. S. Gould. The VMh day of June.
1-if.S the United Stutes tatentOlllce granted use * 1
u pateut. This paper is broad and utnplc, *'> men
pronounced by eminent legal authority. We j nrJ {
lunibly believe iu itsj»owerto protect usagaiu*t .
infringement; at all events, we shall soou tr.-t tlie
its legal potency. I cannot speak fully of my o'c«
claim, historically, to ibis invention, without ) OV i
seeming egotism, and will leave this for others. j
1 will add only tliut the uan who originated the *
onlv existing "piracy on inv rights, was. iu my
earlv struggle alter a mechanical applianee jo T
work my process, employed in my laboratory, tIIMI
fed at mv table, paid out of my purse, and the Au>
purses of my associates, gave us a full receipt (jjni
for his wages when he left, {which I now hold J
frequently owned afterwards that I treated him
like a gentleman, and, to cut short a long sen- " uV
teuce, rfrjit, part of the time, in tbe aforesaid la- and
boratory, amomj nnjiheini'-ah!
f This same nan, who now stalks abroad in his 1'
i 4 * borrowed plumes," proved himself wholly in- j n f,
t competent to construct a good working mu
cliiue; he was dismissed <»n that account, as
six competent witnesses, men then forming our o'cl
i Gas Company, will testify. Now he parades o'c
before the world the same machine, suhstan- •
f tially, we paid him to build, as a " woudei ful in
c veution;" as "the greatest invention of the * ur
age;" us "giving the most brilliant light he is om
acquainted with," and us capable of supplying
a family by beiug wound " once in ten i»a*ys.'' 1
t See his H'okon, i'niraoo and Jln-lou Haudiiiil*. C( j
See them for the above faet>; see them asspeci- ,
e mens of the tremendous business capacity of l>
:- the revered Profssors eliii-f compeer, « ho, by 0..
s the way, spent many weeks last summer iu sot
i- clforts tt» induce me to give him an interest
v in my enterprise ; see them as proof of the
"d brazen, unblushing impudence with which a sin
s patent pirate may put forth a claim which is pei
d "'conceived in sin and brought forth in iniquity." \y
n It may be said that this n.an has a patent.
ji So he has, two of them, stii kas tkrv are. His m '
d fluid "A - O and D" patent I have a full re
i', copy of, with the accompanying correspon
ds dence. Gentle reader, why do you suppose
i- is H left out? I will tell* you* some time. Mt
ts What do you suppose is "A C and D" made ,j 1(
ie of (miseruble maKing. Why. the very
,'s tarn* itiQredimtg the renowned Profe^xir>'*jt C()
ie among! Poor fellow! rejected wholly in his th
>e direct attempts to patent hot lime water, h>* f 0 ;
ir patches up au absurd and entirely worthless >
re method of working these ingredients, and palms
>y it off upon the I'ateut otliee. I unhesita a,]
!ie tinglv say that the hot lime water process is> a th
a. piece of chemical tom-foolery; and I say, tn >re- jj
lie over, that be is not nt'w.j hi* patent at a!''; ih:.t
»; is, if bv his patent it is Want to include "f:t,'d
n- fluid A is a hocus-pocus and worth
er less method of itiixiiKj up coal-tar, wood tar. 1
he crude turpentine, Ac. It is this, merely. For I
le- his very funny method of treating these ingre- p;
dients, (kuotvu, jiuhlidy, fun vtnrs *inn' to
part and paredoj my inijrtdientf, and tctUk'.oirn
to him) with lime and pent up carbonic acid gas,
was rfjscttd by the Patent office. On the eon-
trary, tie is using JltnzoU, with or without a
led touch of Rosin nnptha.
ur- In connection with this I will say, further.
the that lam wing my patent, working it* daily with
re- perfect success. 1 will back up either or both t
by of these assertions by a forfeiture of j,
:e*d providing the parties referred to will do the
igc same on the opposite, and providing that the
im- cash shall be deposited and the terms held by J
inv and subject to the decision of twelve competent .
.bfs men, and providing the piratical fluid J<hull be
ical subjected to as thorough a test :is mine has
me- gone through. 1 will agree to make, in pres- i
cof ence of tbe twelve jurymen, one thousand gal-
Dvc lons of my Nubian oil—l will agree to produce
rins it at 40 cents per gullon—l will agree that it 1
ilta- will work well, yielding more light than the
am- aforesaid Benzoic process of J.V below zero of .
out Farenbeit thermometer, aud that without con
the densing—l will agree that said Nubian oil will 1
ito wort vp to the amount of DJ9 gallons in the
,353 1000 gallons, with my present facilities iu '2-i
wns hours—and tbe m+n 'who represented that I
in 5 never made two gallons shall do the same. The
riod party who fails shall forfeit tbe fo.oOo, and the
able jury shall pay over the amount to tho Jlnd*on
the Oiyhan A*yhtm.
tiblo For the present 1 dismiss this branch of my
ad- subject, and leave the public to judge whether
dby 1 bave made a fair proposition.
} are Fact 2d. The frttwipU involved in my Nubian
gan oil process is an important one. It is two fold,
»eem viz,
gus- 1. The method, pointed out in my specifics
new tion, of so acting, chemically, upon the cheap
will and hitherto comparative!v worthless hvdro car
■pan- bons, as to produce a valuable commercial li»
oney quid. This, or it* t<]*tiral<ht t is what I claim.
>nse- The rulings of the Supreme Court are that a
uties patentee should I* proWJed ui <7?; It ha* rtaUy
bard tnrenifd, providing he can prove priority. On
t own this doctrine I am content to rest mv
vhicb claim. I do not claim to have discovered
bank- tar, or pitch, or crude turpentine, or osp
nt an haltum, or naptha, or benzole; but 1 ao
•ly in- claim to have ifccovcred that these substances,
tnder- in various proportions, may be so acted upon,
nomi- chemicallv, as to produce a liqnid of great
ditors value. Whoever does this by my method or
to the iU equivalent, infrinces upon my patent. The
there man who steals or filches his idea* from anoth- I
This, er, and then imposes upon the Patent Ofiice a
Rrhich, resemblance of it as verbatim as he can beg
through, is & pirate at heart. If such a person
est on plants one foot upon the process of the man he
ent in has attempted to wronir, the Supreme Court of
the United States would promptly give him bis
_ deserts.
.—The 2. Another principle involved in said Nubian
for the. oil process, is that of producing a liqnid in
which the hydrogen and carbon are ia such a
state that the byarogen.gives up to the affinity
teaaM. ot oxtgen, and the carbon to the affinity of the
Sn F® 8 fonned, also pure hydrogen, and to car-
buretted hydrogen—lor my patent embraces
[xcriw, this broad range.
Fact 3d. Jha:t f idly dtmonttrattd all Jever Fh
claimed for the proeetn. Let the getters up of were
pretended processes do what lam doiug daily i> an d
—let them make «rallons per day a* 1 uin
now doing—let them commit the workiug of ' u 'l s
their processes to anlain un-chemical farmer, fire i
and let him work it lor several weeks, as I have cocttt
done, let them prove the good quality of their , r.
chemical, as lam now doing in over two bund- i3n,J «
red localities, let them sell barrel after barrel of borsC
their alphabetical " fluids" as lam selling my a ten
Xuliisn oil, at sixty cents per gallou, and let j ar j v
them do nil this with a process of their own. *
Thin, and not till then, will I re.-poct them; " ie 1
then, und not until theu will the public respect recti}
them. ihing
Fact4th. I will state further, that Jam now .
rvht.iinj mv larye a////, at the ra'c of'.)<>■'} aaVon* or lvt
per day. Wc are also fitting up, in .Jersey City, cd to
a mammoth establishment, at a heavy cost, i
where we expect to manufacture from l.ooyto sonie
lo o<uj per day. In Ht. Louis, Mo., we are estab
lisbibg another on an equally extensive scale. L v » a
Such facts a«th"se outfit to satisfy the public with
that the slanders above referred to are too out- firo-u
rageous to be tolerated. One more fact, and I
close. We nuw have in operation in New York
and Brooklyn a vwhin* for tJoicina air which knee
is pronounced by all who have seen it the >•< tight.
I/hi* ultra. Another, now building in Hudson, «. ua »
uy Mr. Hover, the engiueer, bids fair to cany I
out, in a very simple manner, the rpriny jmter. oang
What remains to be added to this full and coacl
comprehensive statement by Prof. Hill? Can 11
tiuy better evidence be demanded as to the trl- cor,lT
lunphunt success of his invention and the base- senti
ness of the parasitical claim of this ("JriJleo. man
It.might be indeed an accumulation of cvi- *- ru c
dence to give I the statement of the publishers of nor !
the Hudson £tar above referred to, which adds
to fa'TU that have become historical as to Hill's nxild
Light: "Wo have now had the Air Light in fat m
constant practical use at this ofiice for about lno 1
eight mouths, and we can say that it operates to crou:
our entire satisfaction; and it is perfectly practi- J*>" *
cable, reliable, safe and very economical, while on tl
the light is of the most beautiful descrip- urj d i
tion, and of extraordinary illuminating power, the v
•The heating llame we have used successfully by tl
fur baking, melting glass, metals, etc. While Ju
we canuot speak with perfect accuracy of the
comparative cost of the light, tve do not hesitate
to put it at one quarter th< cott of <">il «/■/*, al cxeil
the iirirej'tr I,ouo feet of the latter iu this city. used
Others have made it much cheaper." ( S(> r
After this, what becomes of the impudent and ciati
bare-faced assertions of (rrijfeu which so far as £ lue
l valuaUu exist only by infringement upon the I ,ur t
real inventor, and fail to equal that which it m
aiuis to copy, for the simple reason that bis dis- Q' iei
honesty outrun bis intelligence, be could not bU, ° :
use the fruits of his knavery, after having be
come possessed of them. Lex.
liigh Water at ITColtne-«Tlic Pant iu the
Dauffcr - exct
ITron tliei!oVmc linti-puM-iit. 1 .
For some time the water of the Mississippi * ire
has been rapidly on the rise, and for a week the:
past it has threatened the destruction of the aU y
dam at this point. During this time, all of the
teams and men that could be employed to uu- p
vantage, have been at work, almost night and
dav, to save it. It l:as been raised from four to * son
live feet, with dirt and stones, but the danger is imp
not yet parsed. The water is up to the bridge sUC ]
at tins end, and bids fair soon to make an ac
quaintance v.ith our streets. The water st.li
continues to rise, though but slowly, and it is tim<
hoped that it is near its height. No serious ;* 0 ;i (
damage has been done yet. aside from washing j
out the Hume under spencer 11. Yi'lute's luilt
and damaging the machinery. ol 1
"the city.
Day or Kxt:ri"Tio.v. —Christian Jacobi, who " < " r
was arreted at P.iue Island last fall, for murder
ing his wife at Pittsburgh, Pa., will be hanged
to-div in that citv. . '
-• m f
This morning, at f*; o'clock, Messrs. Gil- W el
bert L Sampson sell at their salesroom. No. st . n
| Lake street, a large assortment of v.ell kept cou
second band and new furniture, pianos,carpets, are
crockery, and other goods. ten
For tue Far Noutu-West.—.lames W. Kvans, " ,>0
I*«<]..loft yesterday morning for .St. Paul to join tha
the expedition from thence to the Ked lliver of t.m
the North. lie goes armed ami equipped as the * IC
law directs, for the purpose of adding to the col- St.
lection of the Atidnonn Clnb of this vity. ot
Ckickkt.—The Prairie Cricket Chih will com
metjee the season's play as usual on the —4tn
inst.. (Queen's IJirthdavj on their grounds near ,Sv<
tlie Hull's Head. Wicket* to be pitched at !•
o'clock precisely, v. hen sides will be chosen. Al' c
levers of the game are iuvitcd to attend. A
bund Will be iti attetidancc. w ''
- cal
Harper's Weekly, for this week, con- t ; 1(
tains portraits of Francis Joseph, Kniperor of aIJ
Austria, and Victor Kmtnanuel, King of Sar- t ] )(
diuia; also lull details of the late exciting war
news. McNally Si Co.. Hearborn street j OJ
have it; also (Jodey, Arthur, Leslie's Gazette S) . (
and Peterson for June. m ,
i FxintJirioN roit tiik Cusi-hukv. —Mr. Failing
informs us that the Panorama of the Arctic Ke
' pious will be exhibited this afternoon at four 1 '
i- o'clock, and on Saturday atU'rnoou at three ,u
4 o'clock, for the benefit of the children. The
price of admission i< only ten rents, and at th.s P
* tariff we expect to see the h;;U tilled with Utile til
s ones.
r ]l|
' Tns;NTiriß«> RY his Fhilnos. —We are inform
ed by Coroner .lames that he has r. ceived a let-
ter from Joel N. from Auburn. P.
v- ().. Fond du Lac Co.. Wis., declaring himself a
3 son of the unfortunate mau killed on the C. A.
I St. L. 11. It. track near the city a week or two
a since, believed to have been identified from ]>•..-
s per* in his possession, and now continued as J. n !
W. Mc.Schooler. The son will remove the n-
mains of his ill-fated pavent to Wisconsin tor 11
II re-interment.
Tiik N«:w City —Wc learn from
Messrs. D. H. Cooke Ai Co. that the canvass ft»r j.«
■'* their new fortheiuning City directory has beeti j|
concluded, amt that since May Ist, thus givr.-.g
is the residences and business changes as made up
for the year. The work is now ia press. All
" s who have made recent changes in residence
and business or contemplate smb. should set (
a themselves right on the rceonl by calling at jj
l '" Messrs. I). H. Cooke & Co.'s bookstore. j
•J Ciumival Docket I'.S. l)i>rmcT Coit.t.—The
following cases have been disposed of: 1
nj l In the case of Alonzo Heuiington, iudieted for J
passing a counterfeit half aufl quaiter, tho jury
found a verdict of not guilty.
™ Wm. Martin, indicted for passing counterfeit t
» U 1 United Stales coin, wus fouud guilty. 1
a nermion Collar, a boy, passing counterfeit «
gold coin. Dot guilty. 1
ith Wm. Peck, iudK'ted jointly with Monroe C. i
>th Kidder, for manufacturing gold coin, was found
ft ;
he ;sT'The lumber osfice of Carter «k Brother,
by Kingsbury street, corner of ludiana,was entered
by burglars on Thursday night.
i;is The window fastener was removed by reach
es- ing in through a broken pane of glass. Nothing
• :i '" was stolen and no damage done, save the defac
(' ing of a few envelopes. The loss is estimated
the at twenty-five cents. The proprietors are hap
' pv to receive the public, and regret that they
ailj happened to be absent on the above-mentioned
the occasion.
it *j I.jiuy CovMEucnt. GiiaM'xtus. —The final ex
7lJe aminatiou of the senior class in the Ladies' De
the partment of Sloau's Central Commercial Col
l*on ln j :e j,i nce in the large hall of the Col
tnv lege, this evening, the 20th inst., commencing
ther at half past seven p. i!.
This will be the first class of ladies who have !
foid received a thorough commercial education in
the West, if not in the United States.
fica- The public, and particularly the ladies of Chi
ilCaP cago are invited to attend,
lain!" *^ nK ADISON P TI t KET Ifnnsi: Railwat.—The
iat a Horse Railroad on West Madison street is rapij
tally ly progressing. It will be finished to Ilalstead
On street by to-day. On East Madison street, we
•ered notice matters are progressing with an alacrity
asp- really creditable, considering the confirmed
I ao habits of "How rot to do it," under which the [
jnon' improvements of that thoroughfare have thus
great for summered and wintered. The rails of the
>d or Railway Company are put in, and the McAdam
nos izin C maler ' a l ** being poured in about them,
lice a Thb Health OmcEc'« Comtlaint Books.—
crson We have received the subjoined note from the
an he Health-officer:
iirt of Will you be kind enough to inform your read
im bis ers or contributor who that the
Health Officer kecDs a Complaint Look, at the
übian ofiice of the Captaiu of Police, at the Court
lid in House; also, one at the Armory, and one at
inch a each ci the Police Stations on'theWest and
iflinity North Divisions, which he dailr visits. All
of the complatnu made in these books 'are promptly
to car- and cheerfully attended to, besides scores of
braces others, every day.
L. J. Abbott, Health Officer.
Fi-er! Fr-sa!—Yesterday afternoon, as we
were standing on the corner of Lasalle and
Uamlolph street, the Lomj John dashed by at C.i
full speed—wo refer, of course, to the steam
lire engine bearing the disadvantage of that v,'hic'
cognomen—and away it went towards the been
bridge -at the full speed of its four fine, fat cauii
hordes. At Us tail rattled the hose carriage as ;
a tender to the larger craft, but not particu
larly tender to the puny pebbles that constitute my
the' Randolph street paving stones. Then di-
recti} there was an excitement, evidently some- Sj>rii
thing to pay, it might turn out to be a policj
or two, if payiog insurance companies happen- .
cd to be interested in the case. the i
A large, fat man at our side went through in tb
some remarkable antics and contortions direct-
Iv, aud wo watched bitn with one eye, wUilo ever
with the other wc selected our beat reliable Emp
fire-und-horrible-accident No. 1 Faber. l»y
that time fat man bad his pants concealed, . JL ."
knt-e-high, in his boot-tops, his hat "on very j strut
tight/' a belt, produced from bia cavernous U1
fuat tails, about his waist,- a terrapin shaped
adge on his breast, and these preparations Xort
concluded, wc flatter ourselves that we and
fat man made good time to the bridge.
committed the apparent egotism in the last
sentence as giving the order of arrival, fat cuw
mail subsiding into a walk at the rise to that
Structure. "We dont say he was out of breath, rubl
nor add that we were ready for one straight pric
heat of a mile, but suggest the reason that tbe bon
mild eye of tbe attendant policeman beamed on
fat man, who, out of Tcspcct to his bulk, and
the weak backs of our Chicago bridges, gen
crously forbore to trot on the bridge-plnnks. tion
Bv this time the Lonn John was at a dead halt cag<
on the corner of Randolph and Caual street,
and the big bell bad been ringing some minute?, jj. k
the watchmafi perhaps disturbed in his siesta
by the noise in the streets.
j Just as fat-man had succeeded in getting him-
; self distractedly run into by a hose company,
and was the centre of a perfect ten dt joi? of «i nifl
cxeitcd remarks characterized by expressions
used alike by very good and very bad people, <d^i
(so great is tbe torce of combination and asso
ciation even in language,) another steam en- Cur
gine came in view and then another, uutil that •
purt of Randolph street became a mass tneet
imr of steamers, and the Enterprise, Inland
(Juteu, loifj John, and Atlantic pufied and 1);
buioked away in company like a coterie of fat Tii"
Uollanders of the times of Hard Koppig
In the meantime it transpired that there was
no fit e, and all the rumpus and recklessness in
the use of rosin and kindling wood, ami the
exertions of fat man, and ourselves, and the
Fire Department must be classed with those of
the reader of these paragraphs, a sell as far as t-..-
anr lire was concerned. It was a false alavm. 9.0
Fairbanks .Scales.—ln all business transac- '9']
ttons requiring the use of scales, it is of great s ~
importance to both buyer and seller that only S-jj
such should be ttsed as are rtllihlc; otherwise,
vexatious discrepancies iu weights, and often- 4 A
times serious losses and litigations, are sure to n 0
follow. It is everywhere acknowledged, ami i l - 1
that after the most extensive use in all branches
of business for more than thirty year.-:, and the
most thorough and varied tests, thai i-airbanks
scales are unequalled by <?.- y and j t; others in ~
correctness, convenience aau durability: and J
wore their capacity rated a* high it; prot' -r- -
tion to their actual s-lze t;t:d t'rengih, they j
would be muchlei-? in }•' «•'« than any others.
So strongly, and j;t>ily tuo, is public opinion c " r
in favor of these that other makers, as Tj
well as their local and traveling reprc
sent their scales a* Fairbanks, or hie thom in Lh
construction ami quality, when in ruiitly they f 1
are no more like tlu'm. though similar in ox- J
ternal ayj><&rancf, than a poor watch is like a
one. As almost every oue is interested
that only correct scales .should be used, we J
t.iink we do the public a service iti advi>im: | 1-.
them that the gtnuine Fdlrl>a)ik/ made i
St. Johnsbury, Vt., and only there, may be had H
of Fairbanks k Crecnleaf, G."» Lake street, or any
of their authorized agents.
Mi:s. llostwick's I'tTiLs—TtiEjit For.rncoM-
ts\i SoutKE. —We have been made aware, and to
bv our own preseuce thereat, very agreeably, of ll '.
the fact that the young lady pupils of Mrs.
U-istwick have at intervals during the past
winter, met at her residence, in a private must
cal soiree, ou each occasion the attendance of
the necessarily limited number of invited guests r
attesting most unmistakably to the merits of
the pupils, reflecting the talent and skill of their I>
aecoiiipli>hed instructress. The range of select
ions has comprised the gems of the opera r
scores, and the rao«t difficult passages have been
uniformly rendered in a manner evincing two
gratifying facts, that we have native talent iu ft
Chicago of no common order, and further, that
r t'le residence of Mrs. liostwiek in Chicago is
timelv for the training of this talent.
We learn that it is the proposition of the J|
s p-jpils themselves, to give the closing soiree of
the list a more general and public character, r
and comprise iu the entertaiument of tbe even
ing. as they can readily do, a more extended |!
ranire of musical attractions, thns to attest to *
Mrs. Uostwick by what must be a substantial ?
token, their appreciation and realization of her
:i labors and genius. The evening has been fixed
fir Thursday, .Tune "Jd, at Metropolitan Hall. 2
0 " -- . £
Yorvn Mkn's Christian Association - .—We f
f ap]»end the li«t of the Board of Officers of the
Young Men's Christian Association, chosen at t
, r their late annual'election and before partially
Liven: ?
ruEsiDENT—Cyrus Centlcy.
* l I7«v'Pr<*Ui(i,t#—Henry Howland, John V. f
,r Farwell. Robert Howe, J. E. I'arsons, Alex.
n Raine, R. J. Rtindcll. ]
■r- Htcordiu j Sici'itarj/—A. C. Lcckie. 'l
P (>rrt*ponii.'?i>j S-< r<!<fp.—ll. 1). l'cnfield. (
R*nW*ar and Librarian.—L.E.Alexander.
v A. S. Buuton, E. Dunlop. I. P.
(>t Crifiin, A. W. Carr, R. M. Guillford, S. R. Wil- ]
a ' limns, L. E. Whitcomb, J. W. Farlian, (Jeorgp J
U. Kcklev, J. M. Spalford, S. M. Randolph, Wm.
,e Atchison, jr., Lvtnan Bridges, Geo. Stewart; C.
L. Hutchins, J. F. Aldrich, J. A. I'arsons, Wm.
;, r M. Luff, 11. R. Walker, J. W. Stanley, A. L.
iv W. 11. Rand. .I.J. Spalding.
The association enters upon its second year,
cit under the most favorable auspices, and we be
lieve is destined to accomplish much good in
c it our city. Its anniversary will be held in a few
weeks, and promises to be an interesting occa-
C. sicu.
n( * The Flower Qvkkn—A Corrbctiox.— Edg.
Press and Trti'unt: In your kindly notice this
er, morning, of tbe preparations for the perform
*ed ance of the Flower Queen Operetta, an inadver
tance occurs which I beg to correct. The per
ch- formers (except the recluse) are all yonng la
ing dies and misses, as the plot of the piece re
ac- quires, instead of an admixture of boys voices,
ti-d us is the case with most other cxbibitiousof the
ap- kind. Due notice will be given in your adver
:iev tising column of the time of the performance,
ned The decorations of the stage are already in a
state of forwardness. It is intended to make
cx . these a marked feature, we haviug sent across
]) 0 . the lake to the pineries of Michigan for our trees
o j. and shrubbery. Mr. Williams has this part of
Col- the arrangements under his especial charge,
•ing having produced the entire work a number of
times with great success in New York City,
lave * prompting Mr. Geo. F. Root, tbe author of it,
n to say that it was the best performance he ever
saw. Respectfully Yours,
. % W*. Tu-lixghast.
West Madisox Street— Macadamizing and
•The Sewekage.—Xturt. Editors: I understand that
ipid ie scwcr e?t Madison street has been
toad heretofore laid down as far as Halstead street,
or perhaps to Sangamon; and I learn from one
' of the Sewerace Commissioners that as socn as
thev learn of"the sale of their bonds in Xew
•med York (which information they expect every
1 the davi, thev will resume the work at once, and
thus extend tfiat sewer several blocks further; and
yet it appears from the papers that other parties
f the are hurrying forward tne Macadamizing of the
lam- street and the laying of a Railroad track in it,
m without any regard to the necessity of a short
delay, so that the sewer may be first put down.
ks.— It is*to be hoped that simply calling attention
\ v to the matter in this way, will be sufficient to
prevent the perpetration of this folly; and in
order thereto, may I ask the special attention
read- of the Mavor and City Superintendent to the
tite case. The property-holders, too, alone the
t the street and in its immediate vicinity would pro-
L'ourt bably forward their own interests by looking
nc at after this thing atone*. There uno time for
, and delay, A. 2-
uptly ST'GrorerA Baker'* new and unequalltd
■es of Family Sewing Machines, with Improved Hem
mers. IC»> Lako street, up stairs,
cer. my!s-2w. H. Alkxaxpeb, Agent,
fju: ti
Cactiox.—V.'e having ;i?cvrluined that r.nny &
pcr&oiis in the city, bavo s-'Ut, by porters and t* «v
others, clothes to be cle.ir.nl mul it-paired bv us, L*a-<l'
wliicli clotlier.s liavu never reached us, and liave ——
been imperfectly cleaned «l?ewliere. Thi* is to "IT
caution all persons so M'lJiliu;; clothes t<> us, ? '
acaiu>t thj tuking them to other purties 3 « "'
than tbo.ie to whom they arc .-C'.il.
myi-t-lw hearborn stret.
By general con«ejif, tlie uispUy of »
Spring and jjummer Mil'.rj---ry made yestcrdrtv
by Jlis? was pronounced imriral!e<i. u e>l
Tbe choice »tvk*< may b- duplieated, and ilur- _njj
ing the remainder of the wee!; ladies m:iy see r p
the most varied and beautiful collection <if" h::ti, I
in the parlori over.State street. nn >s^-,
Li'xar Oil Nut JJeai* Ykt.—The (Vpot, how- rp
ever, is removed to the jrreat Lamp and Oil
Emporium, litf Clark street. Aiid
£57" Thin v dilforent varieties of Lamps at r p
tbe" groat Lamp and Oil Kinporium, l'jt; Clark -L
street, Kero>ene Coal Oil only ! .'.'."i per gallon
—with little or no odor. iny;;<.'-0t
. ■ Ham
X*f" V/heoler Sc Wilson's Sewing Machines —
Northwestern ollice, I»'>r and l'-'J I.ake street. |-<
iJ. ('ittrrLvnr.N, -*•'
my 17 General Agent.
JJ2?" Lodging io"tn to lent, in a r nteol, pri
i vate family, :t\W. ]«aku :t. liefer- 0 j
I cuee exchanged.
i 3 . -x- -
I Water Yon: lUitDF-N*.—lf you want trood I
rubber hose fitted your rydrants ut a low
Ericc. call or n-nd to the Hublcr «'ort\ Si Kear- h nT ,
oru street, one dooruortiiot' Lake street. and
my 7-1 m j
J37" I. M. Singer !i C".'» iif.v nnl improved " oat
Family J-ewin*r~ Machines; also, Machines fur ri"
niauutacturini; heavy i>\ every de>erip- |
tion, constantly un hand at K\i i.ake street, ("hi- j ;
Cairo. A. \V. A'-vtit. L!.l.">-U:i-cL't'7 P-:
' -- |^y
See adveitisfiueut of Boudoir Sewing
Machines. l-'"> l.ak»* s«r. it. ju4-b!'»ij _ rr.
:a AK J: 11: v. 1
JnSt. -»!: V» * !,»). ?.!jv j,-
isth. t.v ti.v iii-.-. .1. tii.' i:. v. /. e. c. tflW
r»nn , dt'«. Mr. Ald'KliT i-. > o!' *'l a::'- Mi*s pu
iltLKN i:ii*r i.: i'l. IV.: .i I:
Ac". tlu- ftitiir i :i. ii -> - a."'. V . ('. Jii fl'lIIK,
fit IM..U, ami M_--. >!Aia t\. Dr. liciuy _ / _
Kitcul-j. f
r .
daughter of C«'«. M.'.'. « >a. "t Ui«. * c j,
■ P«<
\) 1 i". I) .
Da NVe<lr.f>l.j, tht-
TJmnm rv-.in Avm.r. M-. >.\KAU A. -
«U£ELUI.K. aIT. wi.-lu:; :, V:., >•?
i&" Jis.tciK-7. v .i:. -.t I v. ti y\v.» f. W
w-:.w.•-!■' -■ ■ i . ■*■ -■*■-■•■ T?- ~ •■' -rrft"* *&r—\^L
Arrival and Dersiiture of Trahitt 111
. p-
Tne%- !'Tr_uxs au vi . ( i;v;> r. tlatn- /u vp. "'
fi.-.ia.m. T.<-';:.:a. .v.tu. ii'
Miim. 7.'" a.tn. T.l'-a.ni.
Tv«) u.iii. li J~> i ';.n. 7.1 > 5 .ia.
9.00 a.m. s.is«..<a. *.V-i-.n. I'i:
V.iW ji.ai. i> i... t-.v... ?t.
•lit.l r,I . .1 /;■ .:;(■>% n„-l (>. j
9.!"> a.m. 7.'"-7.l'U.nu
ji.in. 7.icj - .Si. , , 7.H'j'.sa. w :
Ai.-Li •. j '•. .«.->]
S.ooa.m. i.l"p.n:.
v.wu.ui. ;• iu. t ' -J- ; •»». 0 .,
ii. VmSuni !:.■■■<■ 2 ■■■'i V.\ <»;••? t'i- • :
K.:*:v .j M;-;•
ll.eoiUii. lv.-Oi IV- 1 a.:r.. 7.1'. a.rr 1 .
! rrr.-. Lxi-c •-
Co Ivcnt.
r rO 15KNT—I'ianof, ut SJ L:iUo I
A 2.; in;. !• "•
r PO KKXT—L<;ts on i*'r:utk!i:i :ui<l
X Market vr rhl r.w.w t., ]«>» f. r
f.vf y-.ir*. Aj.-lv i., - \ VXYL .li«nNSV»N. •.
' c'tnierof Lr.ki' a:..l >t;.t«.' p
r JpO 111-NT- tlitnl
Lsk.-«tr«T!._ _ ft
r ro x.>. dark J,'
1 ffncl. v :. r ::w f-1- 'Vi: 1 '<c rr-v 1..w m a re- u '
. Bj/«»nsil.:»' J-: - 1. I: . rTAL.'JAN V.'IlEELtr..
; TO KKXT—Si:; Fine :ind
1 fv,"\ In.l *S.:r i 11.' M il.'iliitiiis 11'- 1
' | l-.rn Mn.-i. Aj.'- \ in t; (ir.."'.*rv Mtr»\ t<» NtI'VKL
i ! '
I rpo I.'KN'T—S-vcra! «w.l brick
I d-.Tcliln," w '* •. A'->. z r.irU-ty
at price* a; s■.:>* l<<•< '. A»'lf»'lT & KIMiMANt _
ii') I'lark ktfft. a;
TO I! KXT— W:iivll<.l l<t" :in.l Deck-.
Tl:e a?!'l I'.vk ;»• ''.a- f"'>' "T Sta?.; *tr.-cf
I torvr.t.or ttie W'uKt.'.'ir*-wUK»; v'■ L '■ !'•:» vi
C tlie premi-f. JAMK> JI. L>ALt.liiA.
1 _ _ _•
; I.'KXT—Or !.>1- ' 'i'lu tlinv e
V>n an<i Va'a i»>;r. a <<•••« Ii ;:r-. rd:. liy- u
- drai't v.-.iii-, ; .ii-i, a !urn. A; "ti I tie
' !j»yl4-lui.di?o
* r pO liENT—A nml r«>n
' JL vcii'.'i.t Vr.r.-.,' H. av>. .v, llir. -.'.v «.'-c,r. .>*- r.!,
»• - ".i: jj-te tti"
t'ur &.il: ou rc-sv-'uab:* tora;.«, A;,.y > it!i
W'i*lor feUcvt. ii.\T-i'vv-i.t *t
1 r PO KKXT—T!ii? liru'k tl\v«*l] tiiir,
» JL X<\ k • St'.- •. V :• /.t-.n .\*v t r j
with mailOf r*i wn'-.-r. a. 1 -n <-•• '• u» r.
A I'asli u-!'.as;t can n:.v.- tj. '• )i: •!>.• at i; -r ■■ l - -ait. Jt.-;u.ie
U of I>. f. KK.UjL"t<JN, Sj. n- i.'Lir.; stivt-:, uj
my9-liu.t __ _
A 'TK) KKNT—A }i*«.v Stort s :\u<l sim«c
1 wrv* r>: T' • s*. rr
ftT'.' LtiiiS y r-.-:- /at.-i!. .t'-. v.-..i t?«'?.•••! I" n>-
n t-anii,-. <•:. v.-rv rva? •!... '«• Ma.-. Al i'iv to F. «
e i { AKMEI.EK, a
r . r liKXT—A ptinj;
J_ Ea.-t h'-• a Ja- I-t of •Inn?, vi>aM t-1
» li:» liua cl"i: v':.t ' f - a >
1 oa tea'.'Mi!.:? t'.ri:.-. !i :.?*•<( it« '■ !• \ n vrh I
rt Divi.»l«>n. I'oavi aa-::t ?'• :i.«« av. t->:. '-..r- Si at- : 1
° and la inniiLtiiat.*\i< in t v <>r nar 1. .id\.£ < l'"-so «
■ r I.'KXT -Lu:iilht V:ir<]s.—Two
•d JL j"VK!l..:t«vysr^. a »!:- ''■> of V* <n»,
Unveil of I'i.rr .a I. i:d-»T str.vt. vi-' :• t
iri'in. ii'n .'. ::•••; u ,
p;M it-' -• ■>:<••• c-y.ii. rv.i.iy ,
p Tii * ir.ai.v;■ •• •• f_• i-- ■i. ■ f
to I-. T. nortniKisS. o-Aii-c -N... -:: i CUa'.oa
10 _ _ •
at rpo KKXT—TI*O lii siiU'iicc of the
ly JL ui.i s.-.—. '!..?«■' w\: :u-!i :ra-; t t
and Ravn'pf. •' •: T: r.-. i-:» r. n. . v '> i
tw.» Irfir'c rs. lil rarv. la :.a.i k Uacn on fr"
cL-aad w*:." i--- -'i at-'. -' KM.' i up.
K. C'. LAKM-:L». «.r.I .• ■'
x ' r pO RKXT.—TIu* in;i!ci>iirfn*<l lias
in ti.v M-".-..' i'-' -a I -.ir.t. ie\t
d.-nr a.'rttuif :!»«• M H..-:-. .V« •. a larp-
Hi>tix»<'n Kard'i';.!] i'.»r.'t iju.>.L-U3
DiUe-'. j. w. W.vr(.noi\ <".ar» Mrtat.
I>. r PO KEXT —On N«ith Side, a first-
JL ria?« tli-v" lr'-"< d'*"' N". i'l. r n.»r of
I'* Pine ant A 1 .-', tr-tia* ai-
Joining Mxe. r.vareriv r- > <;• '. V. iAS-.
" hncfc
m ]tu*h *tr«*-*t liritlire. lorn-f iv 1»" 4 ii'i-.i li.CAii
* I'fcMER. _
T'O IJKNT—Stores an.l unices.—
*- Uri'k?r«: a!«.<. L<in !!::
Mid lit) P-'art-'-m AP". aad lirt,'
l)eari~ra >trivl; -;", s'-to
31- 3J» riirk atuxU Ajp.y to C. lit-NaU. !i > I>L*»r:«.rE
' ftr-ft. -;i|]
'j„ r l"'0 ItEXT—A Desirable Summer
Rf<ldoaw un Mi.°..icin nvrm\ •»« Tfrvl '.m Mi.
of Niirth flri'vt, va-:it- • - :• ■ul-.-ii * >r Ci - -r {> t
tkvear. v ! ;li «>t ftitln \t '• i'.e.
"AI«». Spirt* N«». •'.* Ka' d l .; :: M ; Store and
itif tin t'ur»>tr«" t fr.r \r . r it-uu. Apt '•'•.a t fv ra'
ur!<■ Dr. liA\ tIN, N». t J»ai.jn.'ui «!r« it. t-'n:
■j g y lL' 11 A - *•
his r PO l'.KXT—Oil F:ivorali!e Terms.
X a fr«t-el.--* - i!e
lightfullc fit>t'J«.d ir. lh? \\_i'~t I'.vi-, ti .-a ::.v ln/ac<
rr. eround in i:: a .it-., la tu-.* vu.i 'tv
.S r i t'U'tr.ai.-. c .'.:a ; \«
'er- and <*"M Wat, r 1,-A -«. I'ry iMVr.-....» .v.-.
» iv< ry Svi» iv try.. •" A'o vat Ni>. Mar
la- strvtt, >.r lii.\,Ui 10 OA—ct;'.> c. r_.r >ta:*a\J
re . tlo'.pb ?:«• X: tLt^ r -'r
:es, rpO KKXT—l*"uh* Jioonis lor Of
♦»« L flee* and S ccpifj I.'V-r.i-, in t>e r--.r t.u',' i
in*. Xc«.yi «:r>.v:. A 1 \l\- K-L y.d rt.- r. •>'.>-
er- A". i" ihi.'v.-!. ia*.. i t c r - m at... i- ij.i.Ja-.i.
»u;ta!.> for a i*a-, .I r ■ •:?. • * ai.i »n' . -i*ard r :.i.
ice. Jt-. Tb«»o±:«-an>r.!: !arc\ar ! arr. Fr »a
n liiC Wide pari ><t >\HC HtmX. '.'a ,v CL'.f.'it U-t i" tta"
" fit* s"r. 1 •>'•?• t: : c->?.''ft: 11.
MuT>' V'jr."..- ' f"'. r0: " -i-'.v '.'.i U.-j
bull ling t» H. I . si KW AKT, "ft.. 11. A. •I.AItK.
"OSS Tbe porter will l< ia ojast-J-t attccoa.-e r.> >;;<<* tj.c
■ees ■■ - ~ 11 ■ 1 —
iof TO RENT—'NVert Chioacro—Cot-
X t.-ur? No.m r.rfct, cen-.trof Ualoa. F.r-t,
'^ c ' pfr m^nth.
rof OuajaM'ti ll,t ?-^' vo - i- A -
A Go-.i.'.c il.iuv- ut; Uu'.-'u woi
StT Stab>. Hrnt. #i.V.
. .* 40ilai fevt ou tt><t «sw. b«tween Pc-'plalnM
It, and Tnioastrcrt. H->' ! ,p * i,™-
*iTs f«t tvur of the last lucatioccd iot oa ITtioa ftrwt.
• Tcr *S.V) P«r foot per T~r- r(>n ?vT
Larre Lot corner Faailnt a: d J'ari avenae, F Park.
T. SSxl'l fe»'t. f.u-t a: -i frca:. Ap;V; t.. I> r . INOALS
or Kr. I'ft'K. I"-f !'<^ n . aft
anp rpo KKXT—TIu- Xew Marble
that x Front Stern rr
, een also Sutroa oa Soutb W-tcr ftrvtt. ,N«»s. a\ iM aatl j
•pet "AH of tbe aborc «;irr« atv fir Va«tr.r.<\ !
* wbclfaile orn-Ldl: ar»* up to en.'\ liS-h. with |
one dry to-Nfiai'iit*. aaJ a:." wi-i it* rvn: for one
««. Tiirio pr«Cpd and »'»rt;f% at tj.,.
n . as LLaVr r:nrl t'.-.-o-:!- -l.v v.. v '.-.; Wa'.a f.w.t
New ftPTvjfrr.m >(XI :■> >1 J.as.rl.r* t . deptj.
-prr Also—* IK av* eti ra-t ti«-c <.'f lifted strwt,
*1 IrtTwn LsVv SmU v t•
ana Also—s ili«aiv#. *:Ut sV.rw below. 03 Late rt n
and cora-'r of Hasted. , ,
rtioa Aat'lT tn thfi undfrtfr.fil. '-■** L" re fre't
c , ja knj 1J o'c-'-ck >• *- ' r l.' K. W. lil'L'KlSo
t the UA'd. IV> LaXc stw. 1 !, na'i" Marine Dank.
;n it, aot.VUn-cTbT S. S. If AYES.
h°rt mmm
it to 1 i Sea'od pr'r 0 * 1 ' 4 I "f.ti: r.-x.n of the
A tvh Inn., forthe r.rad.rc. ar.j «-
,a .cairrd to crmp'itto f li.-;c:rc arid MSs'j* pp: Raj.mad
Jtton from itj pr»>» v -nt icrztrx.*, at J'-jrW t., Kre. port.
5 thp -e n-.i'iirt-l to ti ? tao
♦I 1« of Jurf ar.dc(--t'.:'VTfth*?an,- oirrl.(-'„n.th- NT -f
llle Septrabt.-ncxU infrnaa:!' n c 't.cvfMriCl!t.< aw ar.t and
pro- I cbararter of th>* vri rlc t-> 'dus.i'. u-.y i«i l-y *p li
,Vin<» i catmn to KOIvKKT 11-MS. S. i-u;.:.. at i:.: t..>.
I'T..poo'B d t i,,. -v .'er-.:- -!. Afr-.
( J or nevsforUie '.iV:™"' nt li.u-i: W
B- * tf. A. THOMSON.
®riwiwt T. i>- liLM'KSiQNf.I At.arae>i,
T) E A X 5.—"200 Bushels Prime
jL> "White Beacj, for ?»£££,
Dt. No. 74
. • \
sCcti) Sltibrrtiscmcnts. j _
Z3T r, A lr«rti*iny W yj-.»r<V)r/.rt X)
jl <i4ithariit-l tv Thrift A'lrerti-inenU jur :).i' .»» I th* ].A J
Ltaditf; Pt'j—ri o/thr .VurrA. Ji <vjal be." I'y | f I:: :
T\7"ANTED —A Younsr to i
f T rtudv l)<'n!utiy. Oce wh-»!>cf kd 't-i. lus | I-'
ag'-nl Ecc'L-fi «r*i':catlu!i. sad wil! wL-h to nrr.Ja !I: 1 J
wars in order to bec.nie
Lmdccfj. Addreis Box TCI. giving nannf, rtfcrcncts. A•. V.,.
mj-20-lwx _ _
AYAXTE])— By a~7niil.Ho a-eil
T * man a situating in ar.y rf»; I'.'o >tUf':'i «j. !^; v
■\Vculd *Titeup or <-haree of a vet cT is ; \
J:e-pcr. Inst would not ohjesttu more active can !"»yn
Lie-t i'f city reference gh'ea. Adcrsai Lax iA. l'cit Ui *T >
niyCO- "ti |>
r pO KENT—Throe Rooms to vent \
A. at 140 Lake »trwt, J. M- j
.SI.VCJLi'. i < U, in>-£J : !vr-d'U j
TO KENT—¥>on Pianu to Kent i TP
f.ir ibrc? Will take day beard fur tl <-r i.:. j
■AddniHl'. O. It.)t 7d. .'nr ; j,-y:
r pO KENT—A Uwrflinsr Ho:im- to | S>'
_L rc::t vest rmrar—< ( ne half whit it Irft'tj't i -x
--veir»3i'.-. It c.intain-tiine i>r tt-n r <"!»', i-» 'entra'-.r aa-: , I
plea-aril, ia t!a- \\\*l plvj-i-r.. Jt, it t J.
with rSteni and hvdnL? w-*._-r. Apnly at N<«. frl im: >
Kandolpiistruct!«.■''l»R. MELLINGEK. tu-M.'-t-d 1- ,
X P£AL£tS I.S j JL.
Eoth Lo««o ar.d Prescevl. A la-c-* a!-*'.v- <a *—
hand, aud for salt in Ljr;:i.» and SLii»U iiuar.t.t;<-. I
TTNTTY CllUßairNoith Clik-.i- ! A
Trusttwj of t'Litr CJmrrh.
kindness of ttic Tiuett'e?' ot the Xcrtii IXa{t'-t <"!:ur.l Jt
hsTeoeecrrd tbe n?o- of tftdr church, nniho crrrrc'- L. •
and piarlora >trt«H«. and *lll hold ser\-ic.- thiTi-ia r.< it "*
Sa'ilatb, the £id t>f May st 4 o'clock p. u. The frit: ' f i »
I.i;- ra! Chri-tiauitv arj reapcctfully iaviitd tn I •
St-aLi frtx-. " vr.) Jv a _ . ■
JL St'MERS. ! "*
Jar.i dai'.r in receipt «f JPjtttr frum th> in---.t < :".t - : t'--' j 1
P.drlt .* in t!'.' UV?t. snd will fi>rit:>u:M«> hf-'»"T- , "
t-lv • cn«tuTitlv on band at 217 Ki:,z ! .c -"ri-it. Ai- dealers \
invltc-d to examine tuv stock on .onsipTJi-at. ; 1 : --
\\\ t\ hit ! ""
_ r-.yi->lm dCt' Kiiizic _ j "•
Hare Easiness Chanco. i r.
p»i—Fcr sdc. a small bat cnaipa«-t Kr. w e ry ir. a
town '.a tii',- S'aUv row dfdiu'a tf"«.>d i
p:utlv on tiia-.'. A:.ply, witii full addr.'.-i. t<> " I'-t' i 1
tar*.-i.f I'n.'r.< and Trioanc, | 1
C^OAL —Cheapest ami Coal, j c -,
\\Y are now Helling Cual vqa.i! t<» Erir or I'.rf ir '
f.:r fti-ar.j -r I'aa.Uv a.-... at (.•!."<) t«a or
rtrTr.n. _ , I 1
PnTclvi^rsl>v tbe jo ia 1 ' irtt a telnet',>-n < n a.- <"-•
priws. ThWoal a'ld fortv j--ro at. b-ao'-r than | j»
anvnthtT in Yard cu Market .-•.ri.-t.-t. u«.»..Wwa j p..
urdr's'o;"t at CUft'iin Hou<«, Xo. Lasalle »tr.<t, ... . _
: j }
* Never before Offered at
A S«*ws-» Macbino f.'rand tl'.c < r . A '
pract'ini F;iiiiiP. - Sewiiu Maci.iiie l<-r I'.i-iar^.
K-a'a r.kt.U NJv.diy siv !>(>:;ar Mar; .i.e. If '
V««n Vruvcd ar.d lTapruVw'. t'.'a- •, a«t v .even rr
in fht WbuU-saie i.nd 1U tall. | * .
♦iKFICKs—4*2I ISroadway, New York: 7""- >t~ I
rhllad-.'iph.»; 4'» Sixtli rtr«-*t, « ; 1'- **" s? 1j ■» h ; "1
?t. L«"iW, M-.; t7 Woodbilds-.' *tr.«.t. tk'rr.:u , \
EtcJ!i>lvo AiTi-Dcies are tiring cstaMj-b"'! in fr-.r/ |
t'." t:.e I'nlU'd Stat«-s. Applicants fur Aiv: • > .
* w i:i J. .>. liAIMLtIT. lUcativ. i'nac.j .d t
4il Isn'ad»'av. X. \. . ..I
'1 he a'h.w aro prcpart'd f'.l ri.'.'M.'TM a.. , v .
ordvr* f"t i ij
Alt JctUi.-. to ia?ure attention, niast coataii. p ! \i
■ _ ri/eilrad-tl !
" PEMOVAL.—The I'lnler^iH <1 j
; JLV ha« C'.mMncd I.U I'lii.tinj Ol!!c.. wit:. "ft:.«- ,j.
y » . nr.l 7-i . in', and rcn.-ved t:> No. '! -trrc*. j
v la-n- l:c xvill t,e clad t ' *cr 1;> cu-:ot;.»r< act fr.« nr.,-, aul
* " I;AXr ,_ j -
:■ Book and Job Prinlitig ]
I or trsr.T DE!cmrr! vv
r Promptly end Tastefully Exscntsi at ;he J
1 11
1 T!ie ar-lo'i of tw.i tlr--t-cl:ui*»..«taM;fiirn-'r.:« jivf* \?
ir f.icllita-s furi.ar t.u«ii.v« ti.aii u:e p. t.y a:.y ■ t:.«r i
:<i .-..'.ufrn w\--t of V'*v V"r». liavitij ful.v wvu, ii i
rr 'tn irr i>at io."we car. aU'i. l prompt.v ut i U.fr | '
" J'.iii > I- 1 the vvaat- «.j"o.ir an-rs. « jr..-. ti... II ji.l
L i-aar.-. Rank and Ir.>:u-_i.ee I'.lai.ks. Ralin-ad a.:d Mc.;;. 1 . .?t | *
d;::.\ c'i.nitiierei.dai)d Law diti". »!)■; iu .
f Everyihiug Pnot'd tint Anyb'dy "Watts. j
IT.ES3 AXl> TUIRL'XK C...aad V
tl WM.JJ.r.AN* I^
I "13IGIU0X. —Just lieouivi tl l.v tl>c I
1 stcaaierLady Elf Tin. l<»t i:.st. n> I'i,: Ir..na-id> 1•/ j J
11,•■ I'luaeiT Irnn *.'< mp.it.y, cume. near Ma r ip:»tti-.
k sutierli'r. This Irvt. laani'pialled f.«r f.mridrvjjar]'i*c :.
.. ' A. li. MEIIKEwA' «'i».
n yK"l.V.2l«" tJXn.tii U
rar'-onate S.»da. Tapli-co, RarTt'v, Ar^ri'-r.^-t.' r- •
"late, lip.tna. Mustard, (*"Xi-V <:• -latir." Oa'-Meal. j »
(Jruats. Irish Movi. IJirfotlre. S< lidi:led Milk. C'jr'- I>- j
r,. ir.s'.a-s Flavurlip ETtraa«, w;;ie'a arc -.f ttif ti !.'• r-t
y- articles, obtainaMe c.f
J. 11. REED Sc CO., !
Apothecaries ami l - lKa.i.- , .% Utat.d HO
i»- n.yU
, JL L.»T AI tiis Tim . ■
By John S. C. Abbott.
F ' With Steel Fori rait. Crown -?o, ciotl:.
T 111 Rl> KPIT IO S .
!•' Thcpft«'tii>a ar.d
.!', prtidra." European v«* r.n ad<Ut i*.i:al l:;tcri t;o her
'■: ia-ti'ry. always wonderful a-al etc.tin.-. Th'a ■cnluni*'
her carer from the ri>o cf the hou-c cf IIap?!'-v f> t!:c
of Francl' H i., prc?v.i*.r..i x.A tii«-
•/» varying fortunes of the Eni.drc.
i", .. i t 11;,. jta»t hUturr of Austria ia a s'k:! fu' raan
r.c-r. fuiTiMiit s every fjt't that U r<» tl." t ■a-ru
ndni-ni r.:on."«-JN. V. Evening I'n>t.
*' Tl.r. >npp'.'..— a '.era'.wr.i. v'. V.- a fur u of Ir.-
>tiu.tlvc. cntrrtdi.rnci.t. an i is m*»t timely in :t> up;-jar-
" As llic <tin d:<pct« tn tni-t* and fv« nf d-ifs j
-•;< tbi* t!ir»w up' n th-* darS plac« *. aad V.n.rup
' •> t>. vlv .v tl.e reiiJ.-'e of UiU tsinisac i:i!p.;c.*—
'r" . ,\uti.i::al Merchant.
.'•V Th'< bnok 1* <»nc of a s. ,r ic« «'f lliST.»r.rr> i<r T.'tc Mcx-
AH. UIE.S or CoNTistST.vi, Eutorfi. It will Ik foil.-wcJ
soon bv
S The Empire oi' Kn«Mii,
After which will appear I'rn.«<.ia. I:.v'y. France. ?r-.i". etc»
aieh To'.umc complete La Itself, bat all of unit', mt ftvlc and
* of
a 4. 55.-e.VD
:*w Life of Frf.p. U'illiaii Von
Ms.'. Gt-r.cn! in t!:e Arr.y (T Us r.-v,latl r.. i?y
FRIEPRICH KAPI\ Wi:ha:i I-.triduc::c:. !y «;il".
«'ap C'l. tli, t'..7i. I
' , :T PabllsUcrpi, 46 Walker Street, N. Y.
■i t jL Tioy— IX TUECITV Of CJIICA'. V.
_ f -j_ ixconfoiiiiD rrnBCABT. l s :-7.
ra (jfjte. VI .t P'O Su JMhi-dUt (.'Jiurea Hlocif.
v "i: TbS receive* i-f dr.c dollar, aad op
ward.-, fr><ni all c!s.«sj< < f i*rvic«, iLcludl::^
minors and IfZarricd Women«
r- and it.tcrc?taJ the rite cf '■Lx pcr -.xnt. t.* r ai.-.u-a.
- Pividcada payable the fir*t uf y Ju.y.
II jt *.^V.nTT. Kl?.ii», R.Oglea, n. >. IP.-'t -.L,
AY.!><>le. Ccnrad L. !. J.-hn S. R-^.i.
E.s. Wlliums, <). R. W. I.ulL Altx.«".< 'Matrr,
- 1 '- .tohaC.iU.ati, R. W. Rayn- nd. Ja:edG-V.
«> 'Nitbia l». K.u VT.
. Off re opendailrdtirirc thcu«tad hour* of v > , i«ir.fv,aa-!oa
( ) I- aad tatiirday evenirar?.
JOii-N C. 11AIN£>. WbH
y. I>. Kcideb. Cashier. l-' r
11-:!:I 1 -:!: r PO LADIES.—New Arrival of
- t y» _l_ Znl Ready-Made
. fmm tIW; Nlcht Pre<*es trimmC'l. H.i'i;
•* Skirts. Ac- equailr ch**ap. The 2:«» c. -n; ri-ea
soi3"oft!ichaodaomest pattern? ercr »il<r«-l in xhl- city.
. ilFci. AYILSON lyi Lake street.
V>t- 1
X •
?x ' Manufacturers of Btarch, Oswego, H. Y.
alae* offer to the trade.
6>W Coxes Pcrv Starch. I
l(xO " Pure K*tSni*d Starch.
Park. Sih) " Trepjirwd Cora M
ALS gyj •" SUvcf-iilwii "
Star. S. IICTCntNS. A^rrt.
'We JE33H OAHIiB7.
* of SOAI'S. Xcwhargh. Y.. offers the
1 trade, at hU Agency, SU and 21J South Water street,
with ;.■*) " Alagiin! Ikter?ire ••
r one ism) " Aiisutaa CLeudcal "
Al?o. tbo celebrated Saacho I'aaza Car and T.ulet
<w "- t - HUTCHING. Apr:it.
n DESKS!!-We have facilities t.r no
V. rlbfr tonvo in Ch'.caao for ad t'aid- * f <js.>.v
t\r?" D. «t\ drtdiTtied for the ri'.y trade. Als.- maaulHctun? and
oonMaat y on tua<l a x<so:taieiu of I»r«-—iis«c
r c Barcau-s Bareaa Wa.shatia*!?, Tab'.ca, &c., 4c.. to vhkh
_l* *-c call the attrtitlon of couutrr Driers. EVERY AR
= D. £ F. H.W^OX,
> rcjlMy-d322 Ko. 147 W«&t Lake tim-t.
"i«. /Cleveland & ASPELL,
diroad V_y COMMISSI - v xxiccirASTt.
No. 74....5tate Street....No. T \
NT cf
t and Prompt personal attention ri*rn to tbe Sale of all k'.r.d* of
k p ij. Country Produce.
j. n. ctcr?:L*yn. imvli-lv-dJI-j c. j. a-pgi^..
\ ("OSS! MOSS!!
•neyj. JI DUNHAM'S PREPARED Put up tx,-
■ pTcssly for T(ilioL«tertra. Caniace takers and Saddlers' fn>
m l»rn acd small foraaloin quantitier to <u.r,
[lll 10 atldwpricea. Orders from the city and cnuntry so'iclted.
R. i>. DUNHAM 5e CO., Coiam'-jsion Merchasita,
r $6 aad 1J Lcrec, Su Louil.
iaet. thll-lj-ciSl
BOAHDIXIi. —Pleasant. A|.art- l
n..-r.v, wi*h ri :Vr a
ft::.';- In :i di-'.V »r ! i.f; w!'.i i ;
two cir at'u.o I'-Jjt oSlcc. For i\
«'"• -- u
BU.M:1)1N(;. —A ..vmU-iium ami
wi fi'.. r t v.'.i *',?.;'» £• r.t'ccieD. ii«R '« ird and
r' t.-v,>< N l '- L-uIV... «'r -■•. i
BOAHDIXCt. —A I-Vu- l>n;tnlprs iv
' a •r,.r T Mr"d:»:ed r<>rr:fjrtaMv f. ur
L.:-i -'.C3 ■■■..i k I.f U.- r . t < "i.'o, .\'urt:i .■» n V~,,
i L "j. Kl.ic c.ylvUu
X>OAHPIX(7. —A Goutlcmrvn :uul j]
y U vr.. .-ia ac-otr.n-...! J :« 1 w!r!i
t • :.r"
1.-! .-ivr. ? ir-1 »r .-r:.. T*a *«r Cr«« c^a
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BOARPINO. —in a ft
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"OOAUPlNG.—(u'Vitieinen can ol>- tr i
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].-.v:.*v.- *"u; v M ilf s'nxt. A!*J. a fc*" Oav . lriJcrs
u.ylT-T?* I
"p)O.MiT>lXn.—Private IJtianlinjr ?!
_l_? !r. s ! .r." t f r«two
I, • *.-iT>• t:11. wh-r*- :}.<••■ cur. K - <■ : "• *il *
; jLHantrfr. «
! VVAM'I':i)—To Ex.-han-e for w
; ?T LusUt. Lath sr.J
' 5t tie Tea's". AiiJn»4s R.. L\ s a.yi;.iii
. "Y\""ANTkP —A vavr? oi»v, V MtunUv h
j T * f r.'ir. t.. • .'.».••• in 'ht- h••: I
! va*. ir ■ 1 tu: x. .r.-.r«a» T
i j-:.." I-, x o:
j "YY*".\Nlhi) —A l)i>iral>'o lusi
' T* i'r In S »«tr'i Div.V.-n >1
j v I'.ir-.. ur.--? a ; oi- *
j AN TED—b7 of "
j <•- • ti.nu:.!,..- *A-iirtoa .1. 1t.." ji.-i.
j \\7ANTKI)—I»y a Vounir
j » • v.-'. > ».r». In thi* I'rv 3-«ir»-
, cry a .-:' u.it: .1 ,u> <'vric«,r -r.
l c -is- I *|'/ •' '.TJIJC. J n-■ .U I'ojt Utlii/c Iv I
iw AXTEP—lmmctliniciv a noo^l
| ti..n v '<r th'rtv-t\>. b ir>r »•;! n. A "1
I'.y f -Tct.t. -:r 15J tv-jl OSi.o.
j J
I "W"AXTMP —A ll'W z»od iM.ai-TT
j 9* cr< a :*.:str.v <r.vr.! T*cfr. M.;.!:~.r. u:. ! M
" rL>-: ui.il.--.:i I.: .c.i tii. ..-! 1: itro:i The u
v x.n.»•. 1' u. Vi-xC- IT.
la tit ...r ul. f.rsi.sl.i:u, w fc l. Ct.-uLuteJ I>t ixiin ai»l v. If*.
1\"-\NTI-:D—For a li-v.- »u.t>tli>v
v. - n .;r t;." n.;.,, : t . Ai—n,; ,-r tlr-t <■:' f
e.t.u r • ~-r .-cui:: > u-\ iiv a >cu».i '.*u- I
I Aoir.-- K--S Jl I'l-at oic*. ti. t if."
j V\~ANTKP —An Em*rjji'tip
( y» , r«'«- in;in •. .tai-v tl.e i't •'f/ui;-. n,:!:
| - 1 "". ''" 'i't- i i'V _ -" i:.-i '■
| Itc-l .\w • t f.-r \Von.t;V»'-. .\i. £ t
I M So. 4'..' m. i..u.U- .is I
i "^^'ANTi'.D. —A Farm with |
i 1.;. ,l.rj I r.-,w.:; 4 x.jus ;,t Lalic'Vii.-X A<i ;1
j -\\V '
I jfor
poi: SALK C'IIKAP—A 0.-0.l "
JL' Kv-ilr ir.T-I-. li-irut.-. 1: :
POI! SALK—A I-'ranic li.ini I^\
X I-n-If 11.' ; f?t r:,irr«r. r.-.r tc ,r« .
ti 'W. A M". :» f■ ■< t.,r .Si .- >l. .
1l ;.:.rc -i •..Ujk...-. 1. >tn a. u.\ 1 ■ x
j 17 O Ii SALE—\"cr\- Cluap.—A ,
j L' 4 S:ir.>v,.r,V. -:. m« 1
V 1\ O. .. "*■ n:; 1". ?
I L <'i.n»r.\i:t-v .t, i".i s 1 :! frat rctla.cil ;>r «<bv \
V»'JllT.Niii .V KiMUALL.I'7 Kluzlf Mmt. uUu
I SALE—Steam Kii£»in«» tor
• j JL >a.e.—A nrc f..i:r H .:•* rnwer" * »:i-l
. | i, : e ai AJI.-V9l v*'. u. j:a.\u,
a-, It
[roll SAI.K Oli To"I.KAsi;.-H
I. «'t.i.'i.f th-Nv.r Hhck n*i
A; |..\
aj lj t:.vs I'll. D;;.\l.\AKr). *: C'.xri St-. .».
SALE.—A J-adics Sitjfcrior
jl' r ll.r-f. lla-10 •. 11-^
j i'j—"'- 1 ' w "-*: AilJri-«s i\ it !
i S.\I.K—Two I-'iae Ctim-ti-rv
X. Lrs r - h i - r • * . i.-t. a- 'r..» ■ ■•■■'r i
i.-a' \.: ioni'.Tkr";.!'. Iti T;;ro at «->iitl.wr-t • .-r:,,-r i
• Mi >: a--.ir l'-vi iIS i'.V.
SALE—A Xv\v ami S::j
A. r'.isr !;>>> v.-f». .J f .';r r.n:r. l ct'ra-.'r TO ! ir« I' ,'io
r.r ~ an. Iv.,ii;i -,> •! r.t.:, t. w ,. tin-w-t t\ r . a-li.
ii; »•-.»;« mI. 1 piin U'i i"a:.-U t j«nj-cr. it wo- 1.1 ;.<• i-i
--! 1 ;'..ra:..e j-r ru. w Luu.;.,r. L■■■• at A
K-s. I- limit»Jre. ■.<" o;i.-r yj-,J jJubm }-r'|.c.tv
j IJ-n 1...1 1
J7OU SAI.K—A Xriv iJrick
A' l!c<ii'. yr i-n <>rc- f t'' nw.-.-i-t l„ t!.e ;*li
I-.. -..i.rli-f i'i-ii a!.-, j.l tin*
•.k.ar.i, t..a.uv. U,u i.e v<> i v*rv iticap ;. .n
»r. j; t.A«■;'•>" l 1 L-'t --0 I'. O. aH-v-it •--: a
ij'Oi! SAi-K—l OtlVr I'ur sa'.t ;ny
lli.i;-.' r.Ti-1 L"t !Ykiri«» r*. \ --Tr.
st( ••••: L-l i.i'.vJ.-s l . i.. i;h- .» r.iMt ' .>-i—t .r.- rnirii". V- n •.«•
urn thr'—- >r.ir«. A. i». Kit 11. U<>u.' !< \'r H- if
u-*:.u Ji <• t;-t »c'» il-L.;. • aj-i—
--■' SAi.K OU TO
c -' r --' c -• ' tL "' '•"••••» T»-:i w;:i. >r-
Jfi- *. r»l>i>- u >ni. \V,.tt'r" U'.iri.-.. Ai . - t..
l.r.l.AM' .S; -MtXllU.•. Wjirr-l. a;ii-u"2
SALE -A Xt*v»- Stiam S:iw
1. vi:! c:.r;;-rirr • '• »r; < f T'.v,*: >it t , A
IVii: ?.;i'.-i '- '-i yft'i- r.';!. L. • -.v
I i,u-'i r.-«. ! ' h'..r tun! cr'j •irt'ai.irJaj"'? v t- J. W.* r.I'M
j", l'l!i:r.V. J!.i>«ai..;t (. i.'.fiv .. i;; myl? :<■;*
SALK—Valualili' Water I'oiv-
J. rr. Avw Iwfßi'v»*»;T:T*.,—'T'.r ri 1 -,-r- ~*r r 't
v '" !U>n at/e i>t:ii 1! ..•. ttct. -t<.r*r«. at !..»•-; •:!. :a
•1 t.> .v.tl.Wnf-.iot Wat«;r Wli*. 1, 2 f v ., » ; ;J ., _ i -_ . • - r ,
j'uV • r M". . V. ; ...h<>-i l"'V"
th«i!;.r!..::: . L-- .i\A;:. <t 1 iLi.'ir.
IM-C-- N;\t :'r'iA I "'ky.^-rVl::-TS.Vi;T<Vn
_(General 3Sqticcs.
( . ,"t A( \ Hl'iV.'Alii). —Stray. .1 ur
O f ' • V-* '' M' '•>' -\r 0-1 .U • la-*.
I n 'if- ' v. 'i ; V : . •' J.
1 TL''.'KK.:. N. s Ij J: j; M'.iVvn; I.l'
| T OST !—,Ta>. 3L-Que>ton's Cht-rk
JL/ 1.1i.1V.-:. A' I 't. -th- ■r
at . E. l'av:.,ci.t ti tin- sam- l.;w N-rn
* V.'; !:;.«• :V i •
K,r. ra r.. lit '.v w>i iiit 'ti <r»<t. _ « nyi: tx
11. VJ '""ra! A ,- f' >:r.*ar... will i*!ifn
rr'jairi'.; >. c S'i.* t«> J*>• -t:• ■ »r
:ir. itiuriv t.' *!.-• c..-rvit : j 1; i-jrnvLtli'f J,
ip . i ato. •- -i -r*'\ To- r,-
r.-T.-- c: v -.li- r-i c..'» » t-i • n;. ».-;tv an 1 L-nrr.t*
Aut r. t1 •• :.j at it...-ru So. 1. !„«•}.*.'» Uu: I;-..'.
:i:ii! 4-iSit'hl, »tr«,-vt. «>r j bji
'' r PO PKINTERS.—For sale 011 tv.-o
_l r,c x: in tL.i >L.te, wurrh t.C'^
►y !* ».r?i;.t._ :< in • vrrv ;..rr:.iii,ir. :tn-i iucviV' a N... ai' •
t -i.tlv : a:i'l ;'i r,r-1 ral< »>r"!-.-r. Ar;'lv tn<ra.M.-.-%s
C. H. Ai['.-t;t. fit l'.;i.' ra
oa »tr>-tt. fl.i -a; «. 1
to' \vhom rr may uiv
r I rrav. Tlif tjr.-l.'T- ; _-r;~!. r>f >V An
. i'.-mh. tt.i. >.lia: ' K i'.. i'i t:ie J.'.ilc r r
Ol ca:l«. uu t riiuy. May snt., isuj. at the i.f 1' --VJ. ci a. |
t'.'vil.'. f -at *. aa.fw'fcii 1. tc:na:n it: my h.vn'.s u-k.-'...-.'U.:. '
T»»t li'«v--c. wVtrl.*:!l t-e h^'-I/ Ai!
*• . vati (it ,\ KLE> V. DYKII.
ull> vt
TbU .-a'-' -- po«tp«->oeJ to tke jitin'-a-.* cf.Tune, IK.>. «arr.i?
" hv.rardi''.\[t:.V. DVL* A-vr"e.
r., TTM^LOV^IENT—SSO per .Month
Ti A>'l» ALL r\'?r>"SE> PAII*.—Ai liczt ii wa-.t
eJ ia e\ ery tr*a ai:-l county in the I'r.ited Mat« t.< r:>m»
lin a rc;;"."^.-- , ii-' at.-'t ca.-v t./ wi.ic.'j lie atotr ;m
--t:« raav if c.'-t.ii'iiv 1-Vr farther p_ri:.-uijr.i
1)1:. S. HKNUY *WAHXEIV. cf UroaAway x>\
Twelfth *trccL». XeW Yur* *aty. ot.i- p--t.t^«
itarc?. *pll^incT.%S
Jn a nleasan; :i&J dfijtii.hbstf.wa I't Northern nir.iv« <-f
--f-r» fir m:«> the et.'irv :t:t-f-.*l > f *ii.S Th- - i<
■vv'.. ft; w.'u Vrr-vj. l'v|< th<»
ticrC-sarr f-r pr"«ct:t:: z th; S'ewspapc.-a! !
, e TLe i'*-*r b 'n r v 'i: , i i, h-w » U.%;e
' t-u;Acvvr.i <: .-i ar.-t
For ti-rw an-l ntlifr (articultr*. ;idilr-« PRIXTER,
IfcixS'JT, P. O- or .i Laag.i in. (ieti'/ra! Ail-
TcnL'inj Ap-'Uts RaaJciph %irret. .ciyT-.'!ai^Jlj?
j„ - . ■ ■ , —— —■ ■ "
."\_ The «ytothi>M that are 1.-wktrz
.Pi attW art'.c'.u of P"Ut<v-:j. f.-rt:iM? u»- fV.r <r«u .l ila
»,« wcUl-'Ciila: Mailicri <'«.'* wiwt, where caa l««*
y. * T-rk C. v H 11.-;-
an.! \\*hite Kfr !t'fr«ar.a.J«jrtnv l.lciii. TSie aixnt- iN.tnti*-'f .r
salt? in <j':a:.tlticj to su.: pur-Hai<rr» t.y C. U". Tu\\
4 1. TJT'IT.PER.—I»T WiLLt»M I'. E.«rr*-is»* n?!
!v ,Ta«. H. M>t-» 'kt- \. Ttio >i-?t-w»ot on the-U' Ercr>'-
tntiTl. Or.-ia-g; 71 irr.< v..li:n.'. I'n.;e #■;. ><-t.t n:a;',
fcvc cf p-'-'u.-e. t»» i;<->'<*»•!i.»r<-tn 1 v.««<r-.
A'M"' •* LJAKr.it i «iOL»VVI.N. 1' ii.!',*£)L-r*.
Tr.Vn' <- i'r t: , S»vur«. N<*
myl-i-lii<- ,;^> J
Kf>"» I-«t-ur» Raii&iu) '*o*paxt. Sew Tort,
t Mac -J. '.
| Th* aninial RCftlr-eof th» stnckhoMfr. of this company,
tx? 1 far t-e efvctioa of TMrtwti I>iredora fur the rear,
j-or- «"J1 be b*'' n tl.e of tl e cocjp-ny. In tbe city of »_'U
«u.t, ca*ro. Su;.j 0: l liaoii, un FrUar, tht t?nti d&r of Jus*
d. next. Ti)* P"U w'ul K* opc&ed at 11 o'tluck a. m. tzd
, cloMtl U l i o di>cb u.
ill. HENRY TARN AM. President,
> TBfS-td-dl« KSA.NCIS 11. XyWS, &«ctcUrr.
1)1'.. KASKS AKCTIC V 0 Y A(j I'. S
For One Week, j r
r:i"v«r.;'t ur ».:• V. ,r« ■ \ : >. 1 I n
'•v Hrr yu-*':. V- t.'Tj, ll_- n..v .i Hi 1
!Vn.*«'or.^rt,::..-I U.-.>. I'r.. . . uv.-. - ,
Lad*' Frankim. at t:,,; f.alirrv ~f l.lii.trat • !l V.' • A
>«rv<t, I. n a:. • v ;• >•■■■ i.:. A" .r'.-A.n. i : T:
E'it.-j on crt.t— t}:r ?.1 V .• .-:v
l-.tai. 1. I*. aiLl.\'j - C.-c-: .. •/.
Dr. Kane's World renowned J
T)- , *h"r Krj"- 1 ! a-..' !•.: >- : -*• - * "a ■
t Fr*i>l L< cu- :?•• 1 . ' .■• ,-f.t Ac.:. t«
c»u Arti*t. L#... ».a... • r..~-
ii'il t-k.-ri »>n t;.v
rx :'.ca • ' A-'.i- >t: v.-" 1 •
wi.'xJi »-»• I'r. Kj: i-'? h k. • ,
: U'-.t I'. - " Vh::.v.™ tT:j e < ..,v -'ir.. : tf '■
\t. Kn—:"> Y.' :•:n..•:\ T"*" " "••••5 ' ' ' *i< . *
tw.ni:i:ul Em'V.'im-j* P- _• " ;> r«,: '« •v. L. • f'
Ut T V.. R.i . 1 . .ci. .1 » : : i
Tbu:*Uav Fr.dxv 4 «A x..: s-i'.r. t
.l a:
ff" TivAi ts 2Z c+r.:!«. <"h!!•;-cri I*-
ra-r.iU'.r :'r. A"''a *'
'.v I'r. >ir. i., *. !
!\>r t.il?H.vl' TU-S v o'.-. vl-" i
i- I.N —An v.*!.';! i ; scUu'T
:i r:; ■-=.t 1 f
<■{ 51ny next. ia I>ur>;L > wf L»«v it'.-;; |
As Jlio'i!r»t itu»n>rtr'< !-ri--t .jr!! rrtlve ft :rr« «r •
tJic utv. fur V.w »:r_il2cal.i'ti vt t:»f ;iu1i.«c.:....! j. . •
n.cn:'-f X;.o I'-v.: ;» .:.v.u- u • . .-r.il : u
•' r; -■ un^*f .-:r i.> u .
li.:ft!r*U.-ci»». T!..' ;rw il.< . f ti:> - w'"..' ::r. !'»+::,<■ ;
:h i !v.: a- t:io • ' ?'. .• r ir k - A:*« '.; i :t.m **.
I .-c r. v\!:':'.
T: !.,• i f A.i:i.>--; r.---.- •<*:-. > . _
:it •.; . ■ ■ |
of up. Tii'ti'fiwvut'*. 1U- »'■ t"-' ' '■ ■■■:■■■.' x. **'-'•
r v .:.J wit-a
J..—('L'-lilrvn ur. "or v. ~r« r. !• ; V,
unli'-* ' I'ljr. , i ''
I'w-. I'.irj-. ;? *■: :<• > •* a.
.ic '.i.f <r j: .1 r> 1i;r..'.l if t! .- 'v: r ;> •«; :..r. :i
ttio i« ! *. V\ '
S. t.'. ••?■»»* v < >f ■ '■
thi* <•(•') t» tf tl.<- IV.»:"!.! ur.'S . ' • . 41
A vUf > ' t!:o I'x.'ii: ;T.. :i •• :• ? V-1.
T!i ' > , >.f tli.' ;. :> : : i. : •..>
iiO.NDAV. UMVtb tost.
AS.:;\. 111,
>\ii. r.vii.a.
»'.T T *' t *•. -
L. W. VOLK.Cunvr. ■ U..
m—ia— 11 »
auntou scilrs.
.i- sAMrsu;-.
1' i a ii c s I
T!;:- ki::i>av. i:-v ' :r.r
•"). T*» • LI. J.
C.v- rt i'!a:.ci Furti'. Marrui.to! ir; :y t
M.. r v.■
:: s.\sn> '.T, _ 3
New Furniture and Silver-Plated Ware |
0:1 TliTKr-DAV ar-i i'Uli'A V Xk « J'-j
• ••c.uv-i.T*:.; \.' -Jf. - -'IT I.A - J,--" a
V..J iJk-'f ■!■!«• A'-'rtr.iU.t '.-! <■! i •« K'ir
•i-t!:.. in ;..iT .f I* u-u u..: H.rr « ! . I'-: • : .... . .
K'» W.*>z ».K M.-. ■'• ','* l -i • * ■» i' . • >* -
*. fc-.J-t'-i* 1 !' .±r. .I' .i ' '. j i
''.i-vo-! >1 i; ki'i-,-, W". :;r <• . . • I
-r M-. M
r rj" i'jV .r > 4 a m : ui v..:': t• y! "
' i
X) 1:.-'. 'i-'J olLl-LUt i >Aili'>*">A. A".: ' or«.
rir?t-Cias3 Seco-d Hand T f zrzi:zrc,
HoixsL'kco]>iii'j: Goods
«>:> Tiir::>:>A\ Hiii'.w *:>• u
i:v.,r.t •••■ .• '..•. •* t • • -•
ht.r!..i;ir. ur-1 :«■ •vi : , - '• •
::j. i'tl'- »[)•■>« .
N •. 1..,-- ••n.i:. > j - . •' >
i ... r . K ' • ! :
« rc/clifry. ''j ;:.* <«. i»> . I'j .■■!• • ' - t I '. r
<'i'p !«. • i , ~:u i'n u :i i . •.■ t.
lnj uILt».'IUT A . f.
aT ;u"i'Ti:i:s & to.,
Regulai* SaJurilay Snip.
On SATI"RPAY. M-iy ii. «• j . ..
_N". :* ijf:;.>»:% «r:\7.T...
pun sale at Mvnos
IX\" ICttN, DKN.IIAN it < «.,
i- I.im >• •*.n-1.
«">n FIUPAY. II 'V .Mil. ot l.» .«. v.. «♦
iv.f ■ f 1. : •-. :: , v ». .. « i . >: »r i
I r<>ri; i'jj it'i :».»•*! i - ''■» i • vvi 'i ,\ *:u
uiiJ uiit 'irv-.-iN w.ili rj.iuVtlii.; .-".e:n .
\V3i. A. * c-.»..
T T AI"CTIO.NEi:u> AMI A;'r'lAl>K*i.
t6 t'F. tur-.r.y stkzzt.
(Neat tiw V:\-
lJrua>^».iv J nce.«»u *.! _j\
W*. A. aCTTCM. f»My k'M! *. t>. * » V
C O.TI M ISSloTlnEßrn ANt 3,
>«i. *H PtAKi'.'Ci.s
A;Kli'i>a,f«. ;?*>!■ •>■..' -.il- .«•.
itlonrg au"Q oaTi)an^;
! 810.000
t.iiiV. :.r Ml PiT!. A; • V :.r s r. 't . ..,
a:.J M:i itn-vU-. J.< -.rv. • r.liti
: vkw" yoi:k KXciiAXGi; ri> ; -
!.> «ai.z.-TL<* L-tf-.-t ir -
tioiti, Hamtn-n A' I ncurrrst .TToKty.
AL'.'.'IVV ?. KY.W.S »t.
FSrst-cliw flif R.»;i! E-'..?''s::>J r'ai .N.-,*v« wvtcd
apy-'c _ n. f. L"»wn:ni-..
i Jl sEcrnrrins.
; $'2,000 of Rtal i:»:ate StrtirWta Zl'mt'd.
* c■; ' ii I.■» a:-! '• v.
n. r. AVA ii:»nil. <•;. •. ,T*-\
_nrl?.:tt _ Il.irihlin! J. I'. O:.
! ATOXEV TO I.OAX.—\\'i-
f X 1 n Rc.i! E-tat-: r.M. .vx
ti,. t.« iw >
VV. !»'.-«•. '!•;! -".--fr, N *. <
1 HAil, CHAMIiKU* A • • ■..
n.yT-y •! l •'..'ct, - .
MONK\~ro LOAN—On X (jlvs ;
rjr:r.l-£ fr-n
i Secured t>y REAL ESTATE in ri* -.niv.
r . UKN.I. V. <i r iM'.;V A- ' 0..
n No.ii .' t.*
1 \rOXEY ADVAXCKI) on V.'are
■ It A h'.'iae ly L"NL»Ei;\Vi»ul> Jt •• i„ ir u.
*• l>nfla.A(Tr'tirire\an.! >'■>«.«:>»:>>
*5 <l:»v «f
~ f.ir aiv-vif.i ::i si;"v'?v <.f >»«•'•» Y'l
Ite \idiiiiy o* Yuri, wa T»i<-i-iT-i■: • <ir
- | E.U-i;Y ' "sir..
0 _apHlr cMS .. o:rvf,
Is ctei:lix<; kxciiaxhe— Hr.isis
on the (*:*•■" I." ' 1 * il
t . . G 133S ggHtrp.
k. Y. sua as i-oap sy 'n?.
<«•«:< ofa'l tinds f-r sa\- I^xrly
myli-y Vi>oM - .u v.rrri.
tu IGO South Water aireet*
S Moll, Cargo, Fire and Life Risks,
R Taiea on ?i7ora'-> Terms,
.ill rVntTLL aad CARGO RISKS takfi to LIVZr.roOL.
AH L*»m promttlv and paid here, rah? i.-i.'-jQ
f -J Cash Assets, $175,000,
7 ! T. C. VAN ni«C>, Azent.
5o««h Eutcorner ot Water «w.» I'.arw -f-M.
tplo-ly W5 n* STa'RS.
' Klas»eto Electric .Tlachiiie
For BiWlo'.mtlt uJ KIBII it IL. HOHCEO?ATUIO
gj ra.Mtsucr.
■yiS-7 No. 1(3 CLA.RK STKEK
Tl«&So«*n< Li {.«•» '• «r AjT«tUbg Lm U»C*dT
Pu« Ajrx> r ;
\ u .t Squire. (1 i a.-»■. ra- ! ni»-tJon >
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cmab«*r3y.ta-''ou.*.Ui .: It - aj.
irm\ TmulfUl AdTertiinaietU to la if
CT*A!I Chastff* Chire-»1 W —.U sqa*r«.
lATM Of *nv»RTX5a w k **LT MW AS3
4 l.'X> p-r S I'jw, 'i,- K f.ir f!r<l rt. >V».
•• •• tur ••.-vtii -'iiP-'
OU'i'ii X I) S 11 O E S .
Low Urals! Low Trices !
PEAK SO N & ii A A ,
IS t I,alw Strict,
a T v.- :: al :: a :> :: tai l.
( T:; i.-.: •-» i..-. -vl
Sioot> and SjJsovs.
W'f »r.-u - ! r-i : ;;;.» . * ... Ji •*
t« v-r i. . .. ai'W cu ;.,a ; «
spring tiud Summer Tnuti*.
v.'." .....f,- ; ....Y :-'rA
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V, . '•» r. -V V-- '■ «•." r a :f.
(. rw ■ . .a
a:;.! ....
i. iu • I'l i. i.. K !'u«-
l • -*: v. .' 'I. 'i V. .Vf
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" u " ",■ u!;.-?.
P. >,_W- A ••• .•/ ; ?E. MJ'XM LKO.
• ' •- -U-; M- •—v i. i.; ■,,.5..h.
jIL LE U si: CM'~\ "j
Vt i«'a.u r«*: o ' •' »',"ei.;!vrj
to thtlr
boo t s I-; "s ai os
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-i- ; ;r-. • .•
OOT S AX 1) ~ s'II UHi.
n'holcnulr tn:d Heiail.
10'J Lake-*!., Cor. Wvil*,
M.'.-./.i . r' V-..: .i ,
' 1 '- ; r. ri:'.. «)\* I.' I' C..J..V
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'A' • ••• ... 1:. t:.» v.r." -. of »•. >.. » 1 nr
"M • '«• _«••■ •• • • ••' • '« • . ir
f .'i;.:- . j;,
k.:...', :.l r ; .... . I •• t;
a«-: ... .... - v ~r „ JIW
3 U.i.' - < ' \ i\ ■ rv
Mi- f-, x. • • •>..
■*7.l ~»v-• '.s' »-;'j
0 ol* PK 1: To E.—
Jlitcliciri flelaliic Tips
bc o :sa_-.j shoes.
V.'hclosal? D.-'aicrs in
800 TS AND SiiOKS,
C!) LAM) STItKET, <IJK \Cl>.
A** t^r'•t^: u Wl.M ..f I'r.i. •.• ?'>•,> n.-i . r it.#
f• I' ''.*•! i'f ..1 t T '1 T:• • I- .r"
.: ■*■ ' • r t.» v • ,l
' a:- S*. • ♦ » •- 1.; ... (
4**.. a - ... C. in.!, 1;. a...,: . v .».
\VAU->'.-.'oi.ru & wti.i.s
"•V!'r. i --•» :. ... „:L' r s« ...-r»i ft.-ck.
A ;-s i'a.l .Vsto: a: cJ
virrro UOOTS.VM> S:J- r*.
•:-T . * -»• * *:. i' -J :. r., ♦ * ~-i- » *., •; ~ j
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,ri t' f J*i Tml •»•.! •«.
A.;:.' ...1. '.u >U:,I w .1' - <•.
r. «l-' ir
sj o.M!■:Tinxc. r x EV. I;:
.Hi'talllr-Tipppi! liuot aail Siicc.
Ar • k* .• Ti fc;.; . H •«. t.j
• V>, % ».•<» 1 ' I:h!
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1.• 1..- • »r; •.• !.i- 14;.• 1. II - w r*i# t_«
-f< ■» t'.. .. »• \ .... M'r
t;.< i,. 1 ; t a~ •*
t ..V i- 'f> -.,1 ti.f f -..0«- '.»••-
•l«r »:• -k »- ;• » •,■ i * . . w - ■
'A * | p i;' * .■* t; it
ar.: c ,:i i'r .■:.»• I'f "7. II I'i : .\ '• r
!tii ,'*n 'V.r -**r r•- % • •. » r. •. :' • .T. -. ' •j.
:i v •<.: »•<••- . r
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V '< ' l'; *•! V| • «
' » ..!•.» » ■ : f I- >r t .. I-' ft, 1 \ 1
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\M:s':oHra x w rxL3,
:::«.Te A|J»' t.- f-X .(h i>\« Mlf
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i.M >■ 1 • t* »r v. • u;... j-t-n«d
d.iliCbi.tt- :
.. HA -i.. KTNV'T
•»! \,v.- T M.. I.
N. TV—. j, 1 ;<»
M • ■>». fc S ■■ ' »?i. '.l '..»r » i.j»
i»E. , .!0vai..~-:-:v.::.'.-. &
* A <« . \V>.' '<r '■" ii ■' • . "r.'*-'- .'! '
i if.', vc . A •!•., .. 11 1 .i. ri..;fi.. ~1
. L~ u~ >n;^".:vin^*rcl
i • p..«.7»'l t" (..% »■<* •• '. •- v. '•> tr *
Flour, t«r*li» 7 ."Ui'nl and I'uud
A% 1 !« t.*rt ; i-,-4-*.: •. i"» a 0-- <*r\ •" :• ri'^
•. r. !.-r* * Si.ai''' ■ *.«'■ • 'v. • - - • «« — ;» tff
pro. ».t y •'•■ it. -v» tUi I':! Vi .vrill.-iilr.r f.
'I tl« t>-i*l _ _ '-v ♦'«.
|^E3IO\"AL. — Yiiiiv:;t, llinuod it
sfa: iif.vfror* asnl W'J •>?,.> ;:i
. Stoves. Hollow Ware. Kir.,
,J 1Ijt«c:;i r.'.ln.ili 'm',: r.v-l.
'ZVI Lake and South Water Mm.
* i 1 \r. .. - . • : . 1 ::mr
F..ru.*n. .Mnife.r *' !.:»-■ n. -.1
1 u-; ..1 •» •>, ». au*
gir '.t I «.
. i. "•ai..{ :;?w .ir • r" . !•> ca.. aj J
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1 pEMOVI'.i).—K:>y it Co. re-
X\- n. I '. »! th-:r \I v';in.-rv "•* 1 t frv;» Si 'i?h *V-. , »p t<>
'. l.'.j • ' •* -*U •» 1 f" M* • * '■■■
_ /V
I>E>iO\ AL.—Mr-. I'.ntiA'.rtncy
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V-.'TT « ,: T J..'!«!. •'.
Mr-. k.,'■!•.!.•. it , r:'n«fiirl* ir>4 • •••!' • m
t • •...«■• :i. *.' '> •t.l. w •
wi.i.su- »'• Mil' «•• '•» l. r
«vf. f:.!';!'!, i£~ • \ i;.'rv i ; ••• . . •rt
r-.ti-". r. o. U< s *>• «i. 1
r y>h.7Jf>VAl..—M'.'.nv &.
l't' <v. h'i»»vi''«vi"| fr"" N". M Hi'v N«.
j;.u: ■; - few u-n Wnl '.he
E M OVAL i):p.r:Trfntvpc.s
Lv i il«iT' .«VK.\i'H* a- ! IMRTRArr* *
.j -.. i rr ; .-..*e T. *I. ;•.» *ri
"i . 1.
I,rvt >. li. I ,\|., It I. .k.- >• A* 1.14
\. 'V ! n :» j • . 'i r". r tiie
. r-vc-J. no, U cvajp;<icu. WUICJ wi;: l-t al-u; U»d
" u.- •• -r M-.v.
„ »'b< Rcat. t.i
A. li'M.SS.
ta a-CMm 52 .U.-tr j;;
1 ) KM* >VAL. Afonor>l lii*t»t!iors
- ll La*c rcuuvoi'. to No. 2 fJU't str-» t, c».ivr »' -mitii
jr. ayt;.
Ilavs toth»ir Nc*r Slors,
2570. —O Lake Street,
(Nf.irthe Ten:r*l D«fit:j
CUt C»l OOy 11* ZI .Y 013)
TTt,r# Lhey will, "witia :njr*ia».d eoattn*
~ j Shoe Finding Business.
\ T.f'r "!•' <ri.-t- i rt.»r« a:i i:i wut ft i'Jiv*.;* th<"!r
I'll**. :oay {«■;* 'IV .» flrd:u Urtlt «uu>» : .sli;?v:i t,< n- of
J, ' til- I ia tje V» cA coi..^r.»Ui^
5j . bpart
1 OaiSo-a L aOiar, Oak UppaT,
° j Fre-.ch Kip, Cordxmn.
E , America:- K?. Su&»et lining*,
! im*:K.*an C--.11 P-n'i
\ Tre r.ch OZZ Tro: ch Vorotcj,
), j B-aloai tTppc-rs, 7ra-ciasd Aaifnr.ai Kit,
[ CcUr>d
j Friiich lu Cr:mpinp3£ chbe»
j Ixta aad B-xtt T-oes,
IjT.v. • »i: p:irs paid for Uld« «o<t < aif SVla*
' s r riiE piicexix ixsnuvxci
X f:JM"ANV. ui !-. C.tv Ci.il- ><■■. v.t.w X..
fc-ulc 'Vriroi i.
c A'Jtiari:,-d r.i; K-V.Vk* | IVd ia s,-ci;:<d. iIT.VfIU
M - .T. F. A. 'tilth. .7.-\im A.
r.l". H'U.. f. A.
APTIVkT P;-.i T> '.VuLh-a CITT, G.U.
10 ■g^S^.&f-Kaass
« C 'ir FlnTiUflJj*,aBd:iU»aa

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