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firis& ©tiliwte,
"■ | pnsonc
" " ' " I C. .
TOESDAT, JUXK 2S. 1859. lipon t
i —" " " " j lated, x
THE smON-PrBE ARTICLE. 0 f the
We trust tliat Republicans yield prompt 1 f r j en( j s
obedience to all the requirements of the fun- I . £
damental law of this Feaend Union: at the j j ulcr f e
same time, we liojkj that not one among them, I p oll j tcl
—not even tlie weakest brother of them all — I jj er
will permit liimself to be bamboodedand hum- 1
bugged by Mr. Douglas" stereotyped, i>arrut- I mo(jUt
like cry iu luvor of Pojiubir Sovereigtijy, ' I what
jtel only to the Omstitution oj the Vniitd j
Sinks" It is a llepublican maxim that tbe I
people arc always sovereign. It is the foun- | wllicli
dation oT the Republican creed: and though I forco
Kepublicaus have held and do now hold to I j oininj
the opinion that Congress may make all need- I courti
ful rules and regulations for the go\-ernment I VTOn „
of the Territories, they would to a man, accept I
Popular Sovereignty, pure and simple, I liko t
guidance of these inchoate Suites—in other | u j ar c
words, they would be willing for Congress to I jj S g ra
delegate to the people of the Territories all I ti
the i»owcr whicli it possesses over them.— I
They would do tbie, have offered to do this, I Q f tl)£
for the purpose of taking the Slavery qwestioii j thQu! .
out of Congress. But what they will be eon- I t s icv ■
tent with must be Popular Sovereignty aud | nal j o ,
nothing else.- The Bnimmagon article which I nn ro;
in dug tip out of the Xebraska Bill and the |
Cincinnati Platfonu will not suit their turn. |
Mr. Kellogg, of Illinois, embodied their menu- 1
ing in liia Bill at the last session of Congress. J *^ aJ(
in which.it was provided that the Territorial |
Judges, Governors. Secretaries. Marshals, aud J
;dl other officers should be elected by the j
j>eople over whom thoy were to rule: and that 1
Congress should put its untpiestioned power I '^ ete
in abeyance in favor of popular rights. That I
is Popular Sovereiguty- Its supremacy I
in Territorial affairs would give the j>cnple I
power to prohibit Slaveiy or any institution I er(
recognized by the Common Lsw or the Consti- I i)arn
tution, without let or hindrance from any I
source whatsoever; would take the Slau-iy I
• question, so far us the Territories are concerned. I cliar
• ■ut of Congress, and hand it over to the peo- I r ,
j.le themselves for them lo dis;v?se of as they I
should see li."- Tliat's lic]»ublic:ui Popular I
Sovereignty—the pure meud, with a clear ;md I
always recognizable ring! What Democrat I ]e
can find fault with it? "VHiat Democrat (ind- 1 cU(
irjg that iu the next Xatioual Re{»ttblican Plat- I j
form, coupled with the strongest jiossible I tt)U(
jruaninu*s that it is not a part of Republican I c ; el)
Jiojhj or policy to interfere with Slavery in the I j ( . lr
Suites where it exists under protection of the I \
li>cal law, can jirevent himself from throwing I i; c
up his hat and joining our ranks—a r; .-riiii I mai
Jbr the Presidential tight? I c () t:
Coinjwire that tbrm of Popular Sovereignty
with that upheld with inauy reservations by I j tn j
, ' Judge Douglas—"Popular Sovereignty. sul>- | r( , u
s. jeet »mly to the Constitution of the United I n>lt
Jsiatcs"—and see the difference between th'- I j )ci
?.wo. .Tudge Douglas moans this aud nom«»ro: I ( . Vl ,
••! am in favor ol Popular Sovereignty just a- I j a
-far as Judge Taney and his part : sau associ- I j jn]
4, ateson the Suj»reme Bench will permit me I poi]
-lo be. The;* have decided iu the Dred Scott I oIJI
'•case, tiuit Slaven* may go into all the Tern- I j. ec
••t<«riej:, and that neither the people nor the I ma
Vgislatures of those Territories, nor the 1
••Congress at "Wasliington. can prevent it. I U(
'•Their decision 1 have affirmed again and I j ia ,
"again in my publ c speeches. My form of I j JQ(
' l S«)v«'reiguty imiounts to nothusg but this: I
••After Slavery' is in a Territory th« Legisla- I j lo ,
•• ture thereof ma)* refuse or neglect i<* give it I eV)
u protection. That 1 name 'unfriendlylegisla- I j,« r
-tiouj' and that's allmy new-fangled }triucipk I w j
"atnttunts to/' I
Tliat's not at all consonant to Republican I
liotious. It will not square v\ith any Platlotrn I
which the Republican?) will erect. They hold I
and if we are not mistaken thev will put I
it in their creed as the great Republican Com- I P°
l»romise Measure: I h»
l> "We, too. believe in Popular Sovereignty 1 l'-' 1
subjot;t only to the Coustituiiou of the Unitod I
Staios. "SVe further believe that the decision I
<)! the Supreme Court in that Dred Scott ease. I «'•
i»y which Popular Sovereignty is denied, is in I r |'
violation of the Constitution—that it is atbreed I ti«
and wicked amendment of that sacred ijjsiru* 1
ment, and that it must be expunged. Wo be- I fu
lieve that Jtidire Tancv has made a partisan I !"
1 in
tlecigiou not warranted by the firmer decisions I |„
«il' his Court, nor bv the framcrs and original I to
I Tl
interpreters of the fundamental law; and be- I t(l
cause it denies Popular Sovereignty—denies I A
thejrightof the ]>CKiple to übolish Slavery when I
its support becomes burdensome to conscience I io
or a drag the public prosj^rity—wo mean I
t.) have it reversed as soon as iu the course of I f,-
«'Voiits that reVersid is jMjssible. For that w<- I a '
have united as a party, and for that we labor. I j- {]
All y»ii who believe in Popular Sovereignty, I c.
eoiuo up aud help us !" I
That'rt Pojmlar Sovereignty according to the I V
<'oustitutiou of the United States, before the I
Taney amendment was ineoriiorated thorein. I w
.If Judge Douglas really wants Popular Sov- I
vrcigutv to be the rule for tlie government of 1
the Territories, let him abandon all his dodges. I "
lielp us to put old Judge Taney ofi' the Bein h. | j.
restore the old reading of the Constitution. | d
cMiae ever to our side and be a Popular Sov- |
oreigtity man without any Democratic subter- I >
logos orequivoeations. I
That ho will not do this thing—thai ho can- I
not be kicked or coaxed into the support of our I
form of Popular Sovereignty—his record is 1
} >roof. • W hen his Nebraska bill was under di>- I t
<'i:ssi(m, Mr. Chase moved sundry amendments I j
. thereto, which permitted the exercise of Popu- I :
lar Sovereignty in its widest and most extend- I '
cd sense: but while Mr. Douglas* colleague. 1
C.«n. Shield'p.«upported the Chase amendments. '
voting to allow the people of Nebraska and
Kansas to choose their own officer* and guv- 1
cru themselves. Mr. Douglas voted all the
while steadily against them. Until he re
nounces his old heresies and comes over to our
ranks, repents of his treasons to the Popular
Sovereignty cause, let us have 110 more of his
.mssoi'ltl JUSTICE.
The St. Louis Republican has a telegraphic
correspondent, who gloats over the fact that
Dr. Doy, of Kansas, has been c nvicted at St.
Joseph of the crime uf ncgro-siealiug. and
sentenced to tlie extremest penalty of the law.
To prow that this trial anl conviction are dis
graceful to Missouri jurisprudence, we have
«»nly to recapitulate the facts of the cose:
J. A Negro, belonging to a Missouri plan
ter, had been in the habit of crossing the river
with a permit from lus master, sometimes for
li<s own and sometimes for bis master's pur
poses. A day or two before Doy'a jirrest. he
crossed with his owner's pass to attend a
merry-n aking in Kansas.
2. When across, lie conceived the notion—
j»i Democratic eyes a very criminal notion—
that liberty was as good a thing for blacks ns
whites, and that, beiug now loose, lie would
fly to some spot where that liberty ir : ght be
3. Dr. Doy ran a public conveyance from
Lawrence to llolton, in Calhoun County, Kan- j
has, outside of Missouri jurisdiction. Some
Flave-hunters, m pursuit of tlie runaway, over- 1
took iheDoctor's wagon on one of its trips, and
Jinduig the absconding chattel therein, pro
ceeded, without warraut or process of law. to
arrest him, and Dr. Doy «uid son, who were
with the wagon at that time.
4. Doy, his eon, and the Negro, t'ais
kidnapped on Kansas fcoil. by men playing the
part of highwaymeu. were hurried ofT. under
threats of instant death, to the Missouri line»
arid as soon ns they reached Platte City were
thrust into jail, where the two first were with
difficulty protected from the ravening aud
)»loody appetite of a mob, most of whom never
owned so much of a nigger ns 8 toe-nail. This
jail was but a sraull improvement on the Black
Hule of Calcutta, but the Doys, inuoceut as
our Trader* have already dis™>YfTOd, were
«'<«iii)M<ll«*d to endure its horror*.
."i. At a Jormer trial, the younger Doy was
but the unreasoning prejudice in
case of the lather did not permit a like result
in him. The jury, however, had honest men
enough among its members to prevent a con
viction. They agreed to disagree, and the
prisoner was nmanded to jail. Til©
C. At this lost trial, also at St. Joseph,
upon the naked testimony that we have re- Doug
latcd, a verdict of grnlty was found, in Epite
of the most determined exertions of Doy'a sepc
friends; nud unless tlie Governor of the State, |
who is a drunken blackguard and loafer, stall
interfere in liis behalf, lie will be scut to the *,
penitentiary for, years, mornii
Here is the ease—the whole of it—plainly (j o ver
and fairly stated. "We need make no com- 0 r the
monU. It it* eloquont without a word. But ef the
I what may we not say in reprobation or that the l)t
abatement of puUie junlii'c which lias marked thaw t
this trial from lirst to last—that lawlessness
wliich arrests a man on a Kansas highroad, by * *
foreo of arm?, aud hustles him off to ;m nd- rty
joining Stale for trial—that impolcucy of the y OT
court, which could not protect n prisoner so j„ f ro
wrongfully arrested aud so illegally charged— both 1
that peijnred jury, wliich, iu the face of facts tiuns,
liko these we have stated, yielded to a pop- riost
ular clamor, and condemned to prolonged and cltlzcl
disgraceful imprisonment an innocent man?
The trial the court, the jury, tlie clamor of the f tfa{
I mob, the verdict, and the sentence, are worthy cf q {
lof that border population which poured out its t cm<)
I thousands to subjugate Kaunas. Elsewhere Th
I they would be hooted down by popular iudig- c d:
I nation, which nothing could resist! 7s there Kect<
I nn remedy for legal tyranny like this: l ,or1 »
I en l*i
I The reign of Sham Democracy hna made ar ,
I Minnesota perhaps the most luckless commou- mitt*.
I wealth iu the American Cnion, after Virginia.
I Her people, swindled beyond precedent in the T4 . llt j
I loau of their credit to moonshine railroads and Tb
I ... * ~ with
I broken down currency mills, have no;v the una j_
I satisfaction of learning that they were coin l I'r
I pletelv divested of all political rights at their
I tir>t State election, and that their lirst Gover- in tl;
I nor. and probably their fir*t Legislature, their nent
I tirst Senators and Representatives iu Congress Hon
I were foisted upon them by a villainy hardly
I paralleled in the history or free government j )o \,
I h will be remembered that after ihe election attei
' I of 1857. the Republican of the Siato
I charged upon tlie federal oflicc-T tnd the lead- J deni
' I ing members of the opposite party a series of I
' 1 high bttudeU frauds iu the voting of the Indian | j.ij,,'
I tribes, and the forging of returns fivm Pcrnbi* I Stal
1 I na and several other wilderness precincts. I
I I These statements were supported by such cvi- I den
* I pence as made thorn generally believed, but I
" I hitherto there has Itecn no testimony from the I J:'™
L ' I conclave wliere the frauds were hatched, sufll- I
II I cient to bring the evidence to the point of 1 "jj-jj
c ' I demonstration. 1
0 I We priut in another cobimu a reported pub- I
~ I lie conversation between Kx-Governor Gor- I ceh
ll I man and several citizens of ChatlieM. Miune- j j*
Isota, in which the villainy perorated in the I
pc-anvass of 1557, is fully ropfessed. Gorman i v °t
- I implicates Senator Jtic, Gt)ven*or Pibb'y, .Sec* j f"j|
*" I reuirr Chase and {< iu the forgeries of j bal
I n.-turns by which the Suite was secured to the 1
I Democracy —forgeries which should subje. t I nal
'' I every man wlm ootmn-nanccd «»r panivinuled j
lr I ia them to h;itd labor >»i i'.vc- penitentiary. I tiv
J * I Doubtless the »«.■»>'Ui of Honor among thieves. I ;l c
ll> I coupled with the shame attaching to such an j \
u I outrage, was deemed a guarantee of perjietti.'d I tin
I secresy among the actors ihewsclv*- 2 ?. M'hat I n, j
:t ' I may have been Gorman.'* reasons lor turning I foi
ie I Stated evidence against his *'p*ils" wo do not I " ,l
' L I know to a certainty, but it is supposed that. | thi
1 having been cheated out of his eVrc of the I
I booty resulting from their joint crime against 1 cu
*" I the people, l«e :* liou* determined to pull the |
;1 " I house down about the ears of the whole tnuig. j
II I even at the risk of breaking his own bones. |
a " I From the tenor of his revelations We judge he j
I will have abundant success in both branches j jn
I <»f the enterprise. • „ | c 'i'
111 I A CONCEDED ltllillT SIItKESD- K!
in I EItED, I »«■
,|,l I It nowappears that lli* -1 JYvnch fiuvernment. [
ui I iu 1552, conceded lo the United States the I fct
iu- I pr>inl which Gen. Cass has so readily and pusil- |
I lanimously surrendered, in his famous Le Clere [ J{J
it v I letter. Here is a history of I "J
r( j I Francis Allibet t, h m»toc of the Department I
1 de Var, in the st>u*b of France, left there during [
011 I the drawing of the oorifcription in and 1 i? 1
so. I w *as actually drawn a> a conscript, and wa>, I "j 1
. 1 therefore, an tchiifU «/< la '■ofwijuiou. He at- I
1,1 1 rived at S'ew Orleans, made the usual appliea- j
•ed I tion for citizenship, and was dulv nsitundized iu I
1 I ' l * He was successful in biiMnef.s in I.otiisia- jti
I na, and in duly, InC, al'ler an .vbsence of nearly I :l '
he- I fourteen years, he returned to visit his family in I
:;m I '''- s » a, ive village, and under the vigilant police 1 v
I in France, he was arrested in twenty-four j
' ,IS I hours after his return. He immediately wrote I,*
nal I to Mr. Hoilge. the nearest American consul, j >i
. 1 The latt t, that he ?"!ghl the better attend j
' ,c * Ito the case, immediately requested that Mr. j u '
ies I Alliberi might be hrought to Marseilles, I
1 which reijuest was promptly acceded to by the I
1 I tJcnernl-inChief commanding the military divis- I
ice I ion. He was there brought before the 'J'rihu. I r
•an I (rUvrtt as an Jitroutnif. and condemned. | ' ! '
I Mr. AHibert was willing t«» pay four thousand I
' I fracs for a substitute, but Mr. Hodge would not I j. ;
We I allow him even t«» make tbe oiler, but obtained I j 1 ;
I a ixhearing of his case, appeared in pevson be- I j,"
,f,r - I fore the Trih>iuul dt Gvtrre. and pleaded the I
itv, I c.ise; and alter two trials and a deleutiou of six 1 J
-1 months, he was at'.im.vl*dged an American I j 1
I citizen, and orders came from the Minister of I "•
the I War at Paris, dir cting his release. Mr. Hodge j
the I K aV4 -'l l,w :l passport, which was vised by the J
I police, and with which he remained some weeks j
'in. I with his family, traveled through France, ami 1
•ov- I embarked at Havre on bis return to the L'nited I
I States, 1
tof I The correspondence on lile in the Department I J
r< S. I of State gives the full details of the case, and j i
, I Mr. Everett, the Secretary of State under Mr. 1
11 "• I Fillmore, on the .'ld of March, Mhe last I *
ion. I day he was in oflicc') wrote a complimentary j
• I Mterto Mr. llodge, in which he .-ays : 1 \
1 44 The Department was gratified to learn that I j
tor- I M. AHibert, whose arrest and imprisonment as | I
I an Jt.fiO'/Ht'i/, although a naturalized citizen of | '
I the L'nited States, as mentioned iu your com- I
I munications, has been leleased. This is un- I 1
our I doubtedly due to tie fi. m and decided stand 1 '
I maintained throughout the long controversy, in I •
'' tS I your official correspondence with the autfuui- j
di>- I ties on the subject. J ,
I "It is mnrh to be desired that this case may I
c,i * I be considered as a precedent,.us you intimate, I
.ipu- I and that hereafter naturalized citizens of the 1 ,
d. I l'nited States may visit France wiihont danger j
I of arrest for military service. In this event, aJ ,
r ,a '. hurtful source of irritation and unfriendly feel- j
'Jits. m J* r w 'll he 1
and will be observed that in th»s case the j
irov- l y - m Y nnt only owed military service according I
to the laws of France, but that he was actually I
> ro . dniwti as a couseript about the tirue of his de- I
»our partuTo from the country. His therefore as 1
vttlar strong a case as can possibly arise. Xcver- I
f his tbeless. by the Administration then in power— |
that of Milhird Fillmore—the rights conferred I
by American citizenship were resolutely main- !
tained. and the point was iinally conceded by I
iphic the French Government. The position of the I
that prescut Democratic Administration is. there- I
S;. fjre. a voluntary surrender to France of what I
, and she had formally abandoned. Sueh a surren- |
1 law. dor would be pusillanimous iu the lace of a I
e dis- resolute stand on the part of a foreipo govern- I
h avc ment: but the Knglish language luis no term I
: that will litlv characterise the course of tlie |
plan- Administration on this subject iu view of the I
f;wts above cited. I
I>S >r A Caudld Estimate. I
s jiur- The JCfiiiing fesi can't see the frankness 1
'St. he w hich iucotenipnnines lindin the Little Giaut'a I
letter, and remarks :
end a "There is a seeming boldness in it, as there
is in much he says anu does—but there is quite
. as much adroitness a* business, and appearing
0 to say a gre-t it reJly says nothing,
tion— Douglas knows perfectly well "that the Demo
eks ns craVlc party dares not at Charleston all
its previous declarations and symbols. He I
would knows, as the party knows, that the votes of a ;
gilt be few Northern States are still necessary to its I
success, and he knows that the leaders are too
cunning to hazard that success bv such an open
e from : »ud flagrant abandonment of their old stand
ard, as would disgust the public sentiment of
, Aau* the North. They will formally re-atllrin their
Some old platforms.which are expressed in tlie vaguest
' over- s most general terms—leaving different
' " parts ot tlie country to interpret them as
is, and thev have done heretofore, each its own way,
l i>n>- It will be perfectly easy for Mr. Douglas to al
! low his name to go before the Convention, a
Jiw. to »jr C at deal easier tnan it will be for him to get
0 were any considerable rote."
Attempted Suicide or an American
tgtVus Lady.
A letter from Rome to tbe London Titme con-
tains tbe following:
under The United States vessels Wabash and Mace
iri line» donian have left Cirita Vccchia for Naples. Be
fore leaving that place a very painful &ceue is
7 were related lo have occurred. A young girl asked a
re with sailor which was tie deepest part of the port,
, and immediately afterwards going towards it,
g anu t |, rew herself ia and disappeared. She wa»
1 never saved by those standing around. She appear*
to have been a young American residing in Pal
ui ertno, and had* fled with some man to Civita
e Black Vecchia. On arriving there her seducer, hav
ccut as ing shot her np in a hotel, abandoned her
Every assistance was given her by the author
, were ities, and the delegate sent lier on io Home by a
s|»cciul train. The arrival of a tram with three
p''t>«»ns onlv— the girl and her two conductors
w,,s -—put the whole diplomatic world in confusivn,
dice in who were anxious to know who was the inyste
. rions arrival, and enriosity was not satisfied
until the dispatch of the delegate detailing the
•at nn incidents of the affair was shows.
IOWA rOIJTH S. I'o-tmc
here ar
The Two State Conventions. th f^
ttlarm a
Douela#, Bncbanan and Taney Snub- chainn
bed bylbeDetoocaer. ogain3l
[Com»pocd«ice ol the Press and Trttnme.l flurry ,
Deb loVa, June S3, ISO, father <
The largest delegate convention that has ever brief,
assembled in lowa met at Sherman's Hall this £3 whe
morning, to place in nomination candidates for Regish
Governor, Lieut. Governor, and three Judges 0 f the
of the Supreme Court. The beautiful weather and ret
Cf the past week, the continued navigation of make t
the Des >U)iues Kiver to this point, and more
than these, the convocation of the Slate Convcn- ,i eu vot
tiou for thejtirst time in the ceutral part of the "etara'
State, have brought toitettier the larc"' abd
most complete teprefeenlatidn the Hepub.ican >vanto ,
party the State has ever had. A V
For the past week delegates have been coming form.'
in from the distant parts of the State, to attend wau^
both the Republican and Democratic Couvcn- j| r>
tions, till now even* hotel is crowded lo its ut- the en
most capacity, while the 44 spare beds "of the
citizens are no longer spared. j r j,
At 101 o'clock this morning the Convention to wai
was called to order by J. A. Kasson, Chairman had j
of the Central Committee, and Judae Baldwin,
cf Council Bluffs, was elected Chairman pro liealtl
tcm., amid much applause. him t
The following committees were then appoint
cd : Committee ou Credentials—Taylor, Drake, revolt
Rector, Smith, Todhunter, May. tiulick, Davcn- initK«
port, Bagg-, Ilildrtt!: and Mitchell; Committee
en Permanent Organization—Adams, Col. F. 11. ev jn C
Warren, Stone, Brainard, Jlci'herson, Beardsly, for rc
Warreu, Clark, Van Anda, I'attee, Scott \ Com- Tri
mittee 011 I'latform—Jer»me, Clark, ilaynard, Repu
Drummond, Henderson, Wilson, (ioodrell, Leek, him
Pitman, Stedmau, and Gibbon, wheu the Con- dama
ventiou adiouned til) o'clock r. m.
The Hall was packed—in fact wa* nearly filled Gil
with delegates, aud a larger crowd went away meet
unable to get in. Th
Prominent Democrats from all parts of the the fi
State are here, and watch the proceedings with here
an interest that it is impossible for them to feci " her
iu their own Convention. Anu»»»g the promi- Cil
. nent Republicans present I notice Hon. S. R. polic
Curtis, llv-n. da«. liavlan, llou. Wm. Vcndcver, previ
Jlon. J«s. Thorington, Hon. S. J. Kirkwood, It
Gov. Lowe, Hon. T. Da\;is, Judge Rankin, Judge bean
WiUon, and a host of others. The principal raitii
Democratic politicians of the State nrc also in The
1 attendance. mittt
/M - i*. jj. the Convention again met, when the 1 gfst
llou. T. Davis, of Dubu«iue, was chosen I'resi- j chee
• 1 dent, assisted by rlcven Vice-Presidents and a I the <
j- J batch of SecretaVies. On taking the cha«r the I Ihicl
| President thanked the Contention lor the com- I Douj
1 I ]»liment t'»us paid lo the northern part of the 1 all s
. I Stale. Col. Shcliadav moved that the Couveu- 1 % -At
i tion proceed to an informal ballot for Governor, I Sam
• I when the following letter was bunded the Pi esi- [ reso
- I dent, and rend : J TI
1 I ° I'luikT-ti!.'!!'./ti'ut j:r(-at «livvr<ity.r ciils t:i I Sqit;
c I vi.nr 1»h!v. :i»it tn l!n--iit'jixUtfyi'ur !i<-xt uimlULttc I t,o".v
I i'.irtla-«»lUa "f <«<»Vfni"r. ami n)VM.]f Uat thiTi'S I J
L I «latit'vr Uicliunnmiy «>f tn< *-rt:- I l v '^ ;
I tiTriii^'J<» j-ri-MTv»'Wtid ~ (!i t-lc- I was
,f | un lit-, I i-jrln my tunic I wer ,
I ncuiiLaii'in fir th<* Cl-'cf Executive uf tlx I • <•
I fctuto. It. I'. Luwe. 1 "» t
j S. J. Kirkwood was then nominated for Gov- I H ie
I ernor bv acclamation. The nomination was re- I i l , ,n
r- I ceived with three rousing cheers. I *
I The Convention then proceeded to nominate 1
1 a Lieut. Governor. On the Second ballot X. J. j
lC I Ru?ch, of Davenpott. was nominated by I
li j votes, when he was declared the unanimous | j 1 . 0 ' 1
I imminee of the Conventicm, and three cheers 1 ?.
•" I followed the unanimous "aye." On the lirst j .
of I ballot Rusch had lt'"» votes, Kdwards l":', and I H O .
I Hamilton liS. I k . l '
* l ' I The Convention'hen rro w cidod lo the tiotni- j "(n
--'.'t I nation of thrre Supreme Judges. On the lirst 1
>( j J ballot .Jmige Stockton was re-nominated, and j rc « l
I Gov. Lowe w;us also nominated, by the respec- I
v. I tive vote of ti77 and being necessary to I
, J ; i I a choice. They were then declared the uuaiii- 1 .
j inou?. nominees of the Convention. | .*
1,1 I The Convention their protteded to ballot for jj .
;d I the third <)udge, wheu C. Baldwin was nouii- j
, r I tinted by a vote of 272. 1
' ! Hon. S. J. Kirkw.ood was then loudly called 11, t
ig I for, and u]»on ajipearing was greeted with i-heer I \°
... J after cheer. Iu a brict he portrayed the I co |
I that devolved uoon the party, j ..
it. I thiinked the Convention for the high honor be- I f °
j lt , I stowed upon him, and, best of all, announced J
I that lie would stuuip the entire State during the j ]
lSt I coming campaign. I »»'
he | Tlie Ctimmitiee on Resolutions then reported j ~:°
J a Platform, v.hiclv was adopted without a dis- I
J seating voice. It is as follows; I J
I rV=.-cMnc nti o.nfi.Vrico in the intt'Ui;nic<* ami I
ICS I jntri<it:-iin>f th<r Aiiitrii-111 j>t<ijilc—an uuwavt'riiw fa'iUi Ui I =•"
I tliL';rd«'V«>ti<>u totlic vtin.al jrritiriiiU-s «>f lil»**rty. a» tlu-y I Co:
I ow fruiu the li»"u'>aTnl Jicarts «if tlr- futlicr» el tin- l»v- j
I tiiiMir. aiut Juvnk''!" 'li'_ IKavca »(>"» «<ur if- I
D* I fort? nrJr.ta 1 ! - them iu their I'lirity. wc cmnim'tul thi'iu 1 .
1 Uiu-J uinlLillv l« Jln-Miujutliy anil suj<jmrt *«f the UvjuiMi- I tiv
I cjii- of ]<j\ni a:ul<iftinO«ati"». I so
tit. I Tlat we I'litiTtain ;<n «'-iiful« nce in the I *"
I cinl:T!aliliiitriiiL^.-('tira:iie«i!ulhcUe|.ub , .ii-itiNati.iTiali , lut- I
•he | f.tnn »f .«ame, we e"Uiiat ti.l theia | tic
I aii' tv tnttie •ti*i.T J o>n.«i<lenitinii «»f the j'tt'liif. | i r .
'tl" I That the s Jin «*f V'TiTiy '»ie «i iiaW'ms 1
I >llJiTiMM;(t t«' "lT"e: i >sry t«i Mi|»lnirt tlie iriAerTUliftit tlllih r I I'l'
-fe ( the rule "T the .Atrl«ir;:7.«Mt Deia'-craev,i- iijenui|atit'lewith I hil
I a liu-t itleas "f a ?iiuji e. rt>i»-n:.ii"i!. i:.|»ut.lieuii tovcni- I ..
I iiiviil, ainltliat the of SaUonul lo mi-it I . .
~n f I mi, li ili'jiuiid,»howj,thelioi«. , !e.v> liuancial ilejrL-ueraeynf the Ini
. I rn* ii' Ailniiiii?tKiti<tii. , . I til;
mi; | That we cn'uli'inn tlio p'iDcl|>!o auvinatiii 1-y I j*
ind I Jiie !>. n.iK.r.ttii-|arty.r.fi;i. |.r«.Wiiti"Tii f ?laven iatlieT. i- 1 .
I ritoriei*. ai.it jtroi'iaiiii a> our Jirit'i lj-'e. li" *«* it tt f »V 1
a> ' | liU-rty t'Vtlie rre.»iih •or hvthe Fed»-ralC«iirt. I
ar- I I'., That wrrlaim f.ir citi/™', native ami uattiral- I ...
ta- I l/i-'l, liU rtv «.f i'-iii>ti«'ii''e. efjualiiv «>f ncUf. «n<l tin- free I
I i>. I c vereix-'-f the riclit of favor whatever let:'!*- |
~ n I lulive ai.ii ailitiiniftr.itive r. r.'riii Utav W- tut s>aiy tu pri.tcet IJ.
rila- I tlii-o.- rii.'htNaml irua: «l .<tain?t tJiuiriiifr.mst-twi-iit or ahuM\ (
Hi- | a ol w« ••)•(>.>»• afiy al>r:il».'e?ii"«it veliatevrr "T the riiTl.t «•!' |
' :* I !ntur*li/ati' li Tii'W Meund tiv law t-i fmiiTßiMr. aiulall I CI
,n 1 ilt-< ihi,i:::iUi'U tutwuti native ant natunilizeii «itken>, I
lice I v!:< tiicr I'V theaUirinluiejit ofa -"Slat*" or other. I
imr I «'i-e. Ami weci>rili.»slv a)>jir..ve<»f the utti-utaiienhy tl.t | Ul
. | KeT'i.hliiaii MateCeiitraH'. uituittiv iu n'tfinlto the arneiul- | to
' | nii'itt i 7->i«'«eil I'V tt»e 3ij>siclmsett> Letfi.-iuture ti» it< C"U- Igj
-111. | >tsttiti.-Ji, . |
• n.l 1 That tlie llejiuV.lcaii jurty vrjil f»»rcvor I 111
.. | th«- ileii.ati Icf the NiUtheni lK'iU"Cia« v for thef •HJi.ttiieiit of |p;
" r * { uSia\v<'«w!ef«»rtlve Tvrv»t»n«i. I ,1,
les, I /;»-Jr..L That vw l"ok »:th hormr iifi-n tlie reviral of I. ,
,1„. | The Have Trade, nml view vi'li abnn thr aimthv at.d the ] *>»
I a'"irtiu atlcin;-t«of the Ad'tiinlMfatioti am! Judi.iaiyiu I
rls " I :.rre»tiiii.'ard I'fhteiiitftu tilai and Jiis'lce th"se w)i-i l' ive I
7"'- I r e.nllv tn-en utility -f ojkii lt.,raill<«iH of th< >o tau> of I
1 ctr iniium - \e|iich dfelare it a j'traev. «t,«l rn M'tidin- Midi 1
I a> have arreted t- f'-a' "-- f " r trial wln're itiOi>llni tit I
ind I ua- rtil -Jid urqaVtal e«-itain ; awl wj.ile we I
liot I i"i>f l>v even" jti*t iin-:iii* ihe ref»' ' of those laws, we will I
, .J | tiju.N t-.t ir h.'rva.kv executed and I
, I . :if..re,-,1. ,-m ii thoiitli it invohe the cserilx* of the full j..
» M '* I iniw\r, f Uu- li.iV.Timieii'.. I
ihe I That »vare hi favor <-f craiitittp to actual M't- I
. I tiers MiiTaT-V of thev« l ''h- laad> tree of ,• IvarA": J
I Hi.dwe«]"liii«t utimui' tieillv coiuleiun the eour^-of th«- 1 n
call 1 l'ro slaver)- 1 K-»m»crsiey hi Coiitri -% in ..Mi'.stiii niid de- I
• of ] leather, in tlie I'tiiteil Mates .Viiate, the
I "liieh w:uh de?tii»eJ to M-c.irv frtv hoa.es for free j eoji'.e, |
r I whctlier of native <>rl'"rvL'ti I'irtlu ( p
tl'e I /,•, That tlie rteht* of citupnsare e<jual. atifl thry I .
'eks I art- eijuaUv e •tilledln]>roUvU»u;tf ai;<l at>nad, 1 l 1
I out re-'anl to li. tivity or duration ot «iom:eii; amltiiai tlie 1 0
. J I '.jtenVuvO of tlie Keilvr.it tioVenm>-nt ai* ex;>re~-vd in tlie 1
tted ] i:,te efflvia! O'lntiiiiiiic.a:-.!! <T J.eWi* i'x-. Sfentarv of I Jj
I S:ale, tii KiiaraiiUt: and »\vt«rtt>m « f I
.n.w I n»tu:aL/ed dlueti- on the ernut.-I of their to :i I C
I i»-'Wer. ii»a Ci»warilr at«ndii|pin«ift of the tnie and I
and J l->:ti II liithert-i oe-u;.ii-d !iyour»foven!meiit. J
Mr. I The following mi,,l i;ti--ns are >uhxlttedas I t
la>t I t:-to.srate |«ilicy: I
larv I That we n a. «'rt a> canllnal principle* <if lte- 1 .
* I of a ?tiiet ffotwjuy iu ruldie I 1!
I evjM-t.dlturi*. and the |irouit>t and faithful tie I
that | ii'iMie otfleer* tluir ofi.uLihc we the I d
,< as I l.«wa that the jin-.-ctit SUte offlixn-are . :itit!ed j..
<■ I at.d et;Vv thfireor.tlil'-ijce hi the eXi-eutlotiof theirofi! I
II nI I rial duties.' . I ?
■om- I J!-.■<•>■{. That while <ur State tav ha* Uen largely re- I
till- I « d.Oeit;«'less in IK>5 thr.n Ihe jireredinj Vear.aMi It —* I 1
» I tin tire»eiit than In Js.>',the iti'-re e.-ujity taxation i» I .
tanu I Vemndtii: bunteti,«oti.e :i- t" call imperatively f*r reform ] 1
y, ill | i-i the r\>i. ni "f t'ouuty Aihiiinijtnitivii. I t
lori- j Three cheers were given for the platform, ami I i
I each resolution as they were read, was received l 4
ma . T I with enthusiastic cheering. 1 •
late, I The greatest harmony prevailed, and in aI 1
the I convention of between 40'' and .'"0 members, |
"K I ''' j uml thev pressed with the throng of attendiug 1 ,
it, a J the best of order was observed dming I ,
le el- I the balloting", and the heartiest resjionses to I •
] eaelt act of the Convention, thus far, has been j
the I given, # . I 1
(<i j At ti o'clock the Convention adjourned to j
1 hold an evening session, I :
tally I The close of the mail compels me to bring I <
s dt ;. -his hasty sketch to a conclusion. S, S. |
re as I I
I icorreppncfirnce of the l'reji and Tribune.) I
'CT — | Db« Motsc. Juui 51, tSo?. I
irretl I Last night a large and enthusiastic rueetingof I
uain- ! 'l'? Kepublicans was held at Sherman's Hall. I
j l, v I Jno. A. Ka»on, Usij., Chairman of the old and J
f tlie I ww cn^ra ' Committee, presided, and Senator j
here- I :ir^an delivered the principal speech of the |
I evening. It was the best speech I have ever I
trren- | Thetinancial condition of the nation he detail
eof a I c>( j f ro ni the reports of the officials, and showed
•vera- I the profligacy of the Administration out of their
term I own mouths. He proved that not James llu
if tlie I chauan but the Democratic Party are responsi
of tlie 1 ble for the acts of this Administration.
I For more than an hour he scathed the Ad
j ministration for its financial luismnnagement,
I its rejectiou of the Homestead llill, its l'ro
liatiTs ! slavery policy and its approval of the Cuba
I swindle.
; there I Senator Harlan is one of the strong men—
rlring I - vofl ' f° rcrno6t iU ,e strong men of the
thing. I West. His speech has established him firmly in
Demo- 1 the hearts of this people, and lowa will lose a
j statesman's labors when be retires from the
is of a Senate. .
to its I Speeches were made by X. J. Rusch,nominee
ire too j f or i_ient. Governor, by C. C. Xoursc, Ksq.,
stand- I Hon. S. B. Curtis and others.
lent of I The greatest enthusiasm prevailed, and
n their I throughout the evening the ball was densely
Oerent 1 r ac^l w ith people. At the late hour of 11
em as | "'clock the meeting adjourned with three times
n way. j three cheers for the platform and the ticket,
?. ,n a '" I which were given with a will. S. S.
tion, a 1
. to get I I
I I'."om>p<iiiiletce of the I "rest anj Tribune.
I Dts Motscs, June St. ISM.
te con- 1 At h» o'clock this morning the untcrrified
I B ut^ al *' ,e a pitat to further tbe benevo
'f I enterprizc of rescuing the State from Re
cene is I publicauism. Judge Mason was called to the
iiskeda I chair, and the usual committees on credentials
arSsh' 1
he waa I T ention adjourned to -jr. m.
ipp«'ttis*J The Hi'pre.-enutives' Hall was filled with a
» CivU-* 1 musS emocra,s U,H ' Republicans—the fatter
, r jj av . I attracted by curiosity to witness the expected
r. I fight between the Douglas and lhiehanan Dem
author- I ocracv, led on by their resprriite l. adei -g from
li 'three I ' ,ll '' n, l Uf * a, "l l^'Vcupmt.
ioct.iih I At 2 oVloek the <'<m\entioii met, •"
ifusiwn, j Cu.-.tdv was elected President, f" j- j lt
SZS!;* CoaWßiioa and W mtm .
ing the j ers behave themselves.
J The first business of conseo nfioce Wej j the ap-
pointuienl of a Committee ou Resolutions, and ho deems
here arose the ominous sign of vrar. to state
Ben. M. Samuels moved the appointment of thorized
the Committee. The Administration took degree *
alarm and moved that Judge Mason be mode curacy, i
Chairman. The Douglasites declaimed loudly to aacerl
against the unwarrantable proposition, and hat- over he
ing precedent all in their favor, after a brief edby hi
flurry Mason declined and Samuels was made This c
father of the platform. But the victory was reasona
brief. Casady is as true to the powers that be claims t
£s when he received his first quarter'e salary as principl
Register of the Land Office here. A majority metcor(
of the Committee were of the Buchanan stripe, globe, I
and retired to make a platform on which to predict
make up the candidates, with trembling hones 0 f
of conciliation from both wings, lleaiiwhilc •
the Couvciitiou amused itself m the vain en- 1
deavor to evoke u speech from r.oiue of the pics, ai
••stars" on the old boards of Democracy. tliat to<
Col. Thompstn was called for, but said he did . .
not want to mike a speeeh at that time, he
wanted to wait for a platform. eclipse
A Voice —"Pitch rnto the Republican Plat- regard
form." * titic ca
Coloxeu—"l don't want to do that now; I .
waut to see whether we haye a betterlirst.
Jfr. Crocker was called for. Je .requested cation
the enthusiastic ('i) Democracy not to stamp the conclu
floor through upon the head Auditor Catteu.
{Faint stamping.] .
Trimble was called on to speak. He wanted prescn
to wait for a platform, lie was fatigued ;
had just returned from the head waters of ftalt
River. He wanted a platform to repose upon. p. S
Col. Kllwood would make a speech, but ill se j ec j t
health prevented. Nothing else coidd induce . ,
him to decline the invitation of the Convention. logtca.
Mahouy here hinted that the proceedings laiges
lacked both wit and originality, and otiered a
resolution for the appointment of a Central Com- f .
inittee, which should meet the candidates} after
nomination anil plan the campaign. the av
Several patriotic speeches were made, all j ust «„
evinciug the pressing need ef the Democracy * WOj .j w
for re-organization. .
Trimble said he had suffered severely. The therel
Republicans had sent State agents around after ludee
him in his campaign, and they had materially j^ are
damaged his chances of Sttcce # s. He hoped the ' '
Democracy would get help for the candidates. cago,
| Uillaspie moved that the next Convention jnvari
meet at Dcs Moines. # same.
Thomas did not want it. The chairman of
. the State Committee had called this Convention yai 'J >
, here without authority, and he n anted it else- uud p
I wher«\ with
Cillaspie declared it was the Democratic %| o|l j
policv to meet at the capital, and so the motion *
, prevailed. . actioi
It was imw tive o'clock, and nothing was ami e
; heard from thf plalfvrm Committe«'. A com- ( j ar>
I Rjittee was >ent to inipiire after their Mieeess. nV^r
i The chairman appeared, and .stated the com- i lotir .
mittee were getting on harmoniously, and the f or aI
e 1 grist was nearly ground. The t'onveniion provi
. I cheered, and from mat, time till hall past six .j,. cr j:
a I the Convention whs tor.sed by an uneasy lever. rjl.,K
--e I Ihtchanan men insisted ou an indorsement.
. Douglas men exalted S<jualter Sovereignty, and
e I all swore bv the power of conciliation. ~
i- At <;! o'clock the committee appeared. C<>l. <-_<
I Samtte!'. mounted the rostrum and read the (Tl
i. I resolutions. on Si
| Thev indorsed the Cincinnati Platform, de- . f
} clared" tlie organized Territories entitled to ' *
:i I Squatter Sovereignty, declared there was no U'"' t
(*•' I power on earth to stop a Territorial legislature logic
i' I p;i£:->.x a -lave code, aud that ihe Democracy . )crc)
c- I was independent of the Supreme Court, and
a j were "not bound by their decisions. They are
x ( in favor of a revenue tariff— condemn Cass on
. I the right of naturalized foreigners to protection
l ,* I abroad —in favor of Cuba, a homestead law,
I Pacific Railroad. The are in favor of an eeo
, I mimical administration of the general govern-
i" j ment, and opposed to the slave, trade. Ifeside
I tliis, there is a batch of resolutions on Mate tnuv
1 police, condemning the prohibitory liquor la\v, (J ,
I the free school law, and opposed to all" wool. ciW
I Upon comparison of the resolutions, • I tind
i both Doiiirhts and IWtchanan snubbed, and no-
I thing btit the abandoned doctrine of Squatter
• I Sovereignty and the Cuba burglary approved.
ll : j To retain the adherence of the Irish, they
wt 1 resolved to abi>linh all liquor laws.
, I The Convention then proceeded to adopt the toa
'c* I resolutions as they were read, and they went
■ ! down with cheers and rhokingi * uc "
I After thai, a nmtioti was made by Gdlaspio, 2i« t,r
• or I that A. C. Dodge be the nominee for Governor wbu
''j I by acclamation.
I Dorr wanted to know how he stood on the
, t 1 platform ; he had a duty to perform, and would
J" | y o'e for no r.um unless be could get on the non- Edit
iu. I cotumittsd platform.
I fiilla>pie vouched for Dodge, amid hisses at thec
•,* I Dorr antl cries of "down," "down." An old ton
I gentleman hoped they would not hiss Dorr, as Uarv
. lit was disrespectful. iuarl
Dorr was satiMied with the indorsement ot La , !t
. I Dodge bv Nillaspie. and seconded his nomina- Ttc
I tion!" So Dodge was nominated.
L,s " I Uabbitt was nominated on the first ballot for
I Lieut. Governor, and Mason and W ilsou were
I nominated judges of the Supreme Court by
I acclamation, and Cole was nominated for the
same oflice on the tirst baljot, distancing his
hey I competitors, ,4 Jai'ius,'' tlie lion of Marion, aud
K y Raker, the great lowa tax paver. # 1
iHii I A resolution was offered, claiming an execti- j lCi
it'll* I tive appointment bv President IJuchanau ot (j 0
I some Demucratof lowa to some high position ]j t .
»l a t°- I"t Wellington, which was tabled, aud, bv nu
litia I tion, was to be left out of the proceedings, no |
I Ic>t Old Uuck ,-hotild take umbrage at the nu.e- k u
?.U-r I petidence of the lowa Democracy. Hut .lemmy j { [ (
liih I had better appoiut a man, for the Squatteraov
crn: I ereigus of lowa are rather 4, down on him, aud t | M
"the I his registers, and newsjiaper men, and po>t- e ] e
I masters, had a hard time io-«lay in keeping t.ie tin
I Democracy from prolaniti? the Administration SlJ ]
rriu, I with the touch of ungloved hands. tin
I To-night the unterrificd hold a grand pow- tul
'f? 1 ' 1 wow at Sherman Hall. . ai
The whole business of the Convention was ftj
•'wt 1 done iu ati hour after the platform was in. le}
t V'i' I Noiuiuaticois are ea>ily made where no one m;
ilall I expects the nominees lo be elected. 1 >hoi:ld f c .|
I mention that the Convention gave Tomiin>"it, •• 1
"ift ! one of the Democratic editors, leave to howl
i-ikl- I f.ir fifteen minutes, which he improved by de- ».|
>"* 1 daring that the support of his paper was m ,
!><.>»• I indi>pcnsahle to the success of the Democratic
ut i.f fl party. The result was a subscrit>ti«iu of .-everal j, t
, . | dullars, wliereat the editor chuckled cousideta
l\Z bly. l>:
v iu I as
t'*HV | jn
> "f I TIIB ntPt nUCAN XOSI3NEI->.
tit lit I [Oirresi'ici-kuce "f thv a*nt Triinitir.l \J
j luw.v J<aic tr*'*. «•
: ami | Mr. Kirkwood, the Kepublicim no:viinee for oi
rr " 11 I the office of tiovcrnor, is a resident of thi* city^
I and present State Senator from this Senatorial M
f*.»' j District. His nomination was unanimous, and a ,
l'"i. I is conceded by not only the entire Republican
" I,V ' I party, but a large portion of the Democratic j*
«ilo£ I party of this county to be highly creditable, not f,
j only to this county, but to the State of lowa. li
ry«*V j He will, bcyoud dispute, poll a heavy Demo*
mo a I cratic vote in this as well as in many other coun- * u
' antl J ties, lie is the representative Kepublican of r ,
k-das I this State. |
I Jlr. P.usch. the nominee for Lieut. Governor, | l ,
lis a citizen of Davenport, a German by birth, f
an<l a gentleman of excellent attainments and c
toO 1 I unimpeachable integrity. He also is a State 1
' I Senator, from the Davenport Senatorial Dis-
in. j trict. He has served the people of the State in \
if'rm I eminent and responsible capacity, aud thus
! gained the strong hold he has upon their cotifi- ;
». an, J I dence. Tlie office of l.ient. Governor cf this
j State is a'responsible position. He is not only <
in a I President of the Senate, but also President of j
bcM » I the Hoard of K.iueation. For this position Mr. j
I Kuseh is well qualified, and so will the people of ,
es to I lowa say at the polls. '
been J Of the Judges of the Supreme Court we can
j but express one sentiment; they are excellent
L I men, and eminently qualitied for the position,
bring I Gov. Lowe is the present Kxecutive of the State,
& lan able lawyer, an honest man, and a true Ke-
J publican, all of which the people of lowa know
him to be. Judge Stockton is one of the pres-
I cut Judges, and the fact of his re-nomination is
. I anijile proof of his superior qualifications fer
"if H I portion. Mr. Italdwiu is a citizen of Coun
• d I cil Hluffs, and luis the reputatiouof beiug a good
a " I lawver, and is well qualified for the position of
nator ] , ;
of the I Jlld^c -
J The entire ticket is a good one. an acceptable
I one to the Republicans of the State, and one
letail I command a majority of fifteen thou
i . sand of the votes of the State. C. N. 11.
;s llo*
jionsi- \v<-atlicr Prrdlcilonn ror llic Week.
IC Ad- l'rvr-1
rau-nl, As tliere is hanllv :«it snVijoct on ishich i!
l Pro- is so ca.-v and sa conmion lor Dion to mate
Cuba themsvkes ridiculous by professing 100 much,
or. indeed, even by professing anything, ns
men— thai of meteorology, it is prudent to say the
of the least, for those who would really lay claim
mly in to some little scientific knowledge of the sub
lose a ject, to exercise a duo degree of modesty and
ai the caution. It ia frow ihe pressure of ihtsfeeling,
and 10 avoid the appearance even of precipi
ominee iation, that the subscriber lias, for three years,
, Esq., abstained from making known, except to a few
intimate friends, a series of discourses of the
1, and highest moment to llie agricultural ami com
lenst'ly mercial interests of the world,
rof 11 From a slight and apparently nnimponont
times discovery iu optics, ilself an abstruse and intri
ticket cntc science— embracing many points vet un-
S. a. ' settled, and respecting which the scientilie men j
of Europe, including l.aplace himself, have re
corded themselves OS at variance—lie has been
led on step by step through every species of
I. ism. difficulty, social, scientific and pecuniary, lo
errified (he discovery, determination and classification
jnievo- of principles and laws in physical and astronomi
im Re- cal meteorology, if this distinction of terms
to the may be allowed, which arc not only funda
lentials mental; but final, thorcugh and conclusive,
be Coa- But he is fully conscious that it would argue
only a deplorable credulity on the part of any
with a community, in the present enlightened and
e latter thinking age, to accept his statements Dn his
tl .ected own or any other men's authority, or to g.vo
i I)em- credence 10 his claims, unsupported by tlie most
■s from convincing p''.'«l". This pr..„fhe now holds him
self ready l" supply and 1" c..rr,.l».rate by
d I'. M. whatever U»t> ll".- in.i»t incredulous ran •!."
l-.icli lit mand.
iu mm- Thia will come iu dus time.
amid such a Eiultiplicity of random end no
a tbe ap- credited predictions in regard to tha weather,
liO deems it due alike to the public and himself
to stato that he neither claims nor feels »u-
thorized to claim to predict weather with any X .
degree of minuteness, or with inrariable ac
curacy, till after a year's additional observation
to ascertain iti play in detail) and that when- Sumnie
orer he docs ohdertaie it, it will be atithentlcat- SUJj
ed by bis own signature.
This course will be regarded as no more than
reasonable and prudent on the part of one who
claims to hate discovered the great fundamental
principles which underlie and control the whole
meteorological system or machinery of tlio
globe, by which man will be enabled easily to
predict the now apparently capricious tluctua- _
tiun of the weather with tlio utmost certainty
•ami precision, for any locality between the tro- Jj
jiira, ami for any of time in advance; anil
that too ill the same manner that (he astrouoMicf
has long been accustomed to announce an BARA
eclipse. Iu fact the weather can no longer be RO
regarded as a matter of prophecy, but of scien
tific calculation; except, i*rhaps, until obser
rutiou and statiatica, so e»*entinl for the verifi
cation of all science, shall become ao full and BNTIH
conclusive as to leave little room fur the exer
cise of the judgment which, perhaps, for the -~ ~
present, must come somewhat into play. **' v
F. h. Capes*.
I s . S. It clAj be r.ddod that Cbfeaeo has been
selected as an important centre for muieoro
loirical objurations, ou account of its being the
i largest and most enterprising Northern city
1 whose merdian is about in quadrature with that
of Loudon, its longitude being about \\.—
the avcrag? longitude of the Mississippi being
1 lust 1»j , crone-quarter the circuit of the globe UAi
westward Tom London. Itsindical figures Kill,
• therefore, answer for all the Western States. " *
"* Indeed, tlu calculations and figures for Boston j
{ have, durilg the past week, been used for Chi- d, ca
' cago, withmt incomenience, and with almost
i invariable iccuracy, the lalitudt being about the
same. Thi ? e indicate: for Sunday, a. 1
[ early, interne solar action ou the even hours,
- utid probaUy fair; r. M. more inclined to foul,
with tende:ey to clouds and southerly wiud.
L " Mondav, 27ii, a. m. till 0 i*. m., Je*s intense solar j F p >e e
I action, and greater tendency to clouds; p. *•
s and evening figures fair, wind southerly. Tues- jy- E;
'• dar, tetideacv to f.»ul, modified and perhaps
overruled Lv intense solar action at the even
l ' hours. Kat.. if any, scanty, sparse and light
0 for another »rcek from U-"ith. Should the above 1 "\"l7
II prove incorn-ct, the charitable reader will please j yy
x lifccrihe it to judgment ami limited expe
rh'Htv in tin local pocnliarities til the climate, I gl
which, beiiii! Const-nt, will soon become fa
miliar. ' K L. I .
j ChU-tijo., -•'» j
:e (The above was handed to us about midnight
on Saturday—the lateness of theliour forbidding j 5 »
L> " its appearance in our next issue. Those who j - 1
Z will take the trouble to remember the meteoro
re legical phenomenon of Sunday and Monday will « 4 .
-j perceive that Mr. Capen's predictions were 1
re substantially correct,—Et>s. Pres.-* axd Titmr.vE] I
o- Kuaxklis Guwr, ill., June :i, IS3.D. j
'/* l'tv^aud Tribune: I in ,\V.
' W'uMt look 4 ; rjtLcr in owing I \utli;
l ,° to u want "f rj'"i. Cmi much frezcu by the frost ofihetlh j .
X -\ and sth; probably n<.t more than half croji. WiaUier too I ill
' , K','A :\'.A dry. <V.it» futuishitip. Early putatcc-s will be \ J
1 in.'.i.'i we have ra'*i ='-•<"■:». I
J. V. L."ix\* ic lib*. Ko>
e - W.WEBLET, 111.. Juav 21. ItCJ, j l'„Cy
1„. EOit.-.Ts Prfc* and Tribune: III*:
lit Crops in tlicsc part* arc finely. Nl.in-at |
tnedsome littk- witli m-t: but most « f the er«.;.s arc on- j Ajj
i t », siiltTcJ cut of lt> way. Fanutrj cxpevt W coaiaifiicc th«ir I (.v.tr
ior wliuit hi;rv«tnvit week* A. L. K. ine
he IOWA. - 1 •
jia Def«n>n,vriimc«lJcikCo„ JaasSLISSS. j l:Art
H\- Editors I'rc&s and Trlbuuc: j
Having uothbg in your coiurnns from tl'La a j J»yc
at the cvuntry lu rclatiun to the prowing 1 aru lnOutCu I>o>
uld J.) H-nO stiu On* t* l tlwt Ui" au abuudaut I
as | L ,rv.-it is quite cheering. Wheal and O.Ut* are I.»ukinc re- I
luarkaUy well. Corn, owing to tb« cl»oI wc-ith. rwo l;avv 1 u
of had, h backward, hut thvre t t:ie a er<>ptO nuiturv wlw
Qa " The from of the mi'inoraWe 4lli did r.o taatcriai injur)'- I
for ——' h r l"
|'! c Gov. Gorman Turns State's Evidence. |
md lFrom the ChatftM (Mimiw It-.-i>uLlican,£l?t.l j
We were much amused, a few days since, to | J« J
en- i lcar ;i miblic conversation between Kx-(io\'.
(Jorman, and several citizens of Chatlield, both |
i" n lJemocrat aud Kejmblican, relative to the recent
» IJ " disclosures of Jas. W. Lvnde. The Kx-Gover- llu
, '- s » nor, with creditable honesty, declared that he
u.e- knew frotn his own personal knowledge that the 1
tmy ]{jce men, headed by Henry M. Uice, himself, J
did two vears in decker's law-otlice, tix up 1
the plan* hv me«>H of which the canvass of the 1 Af
o>t- election in was made. The (.iovernor lur- l
t!,e tlier declared that it wasknown not only to hmi
lion j )U t to others in and around St. Paul, that 1
the first arrangement of JL M. nice with there- J
»ow- turns defeated'Sibley, but that this created such r«
a row in the camp of the Hreech Clou's, that 1
was » Uice backed down-and altered the plan and Sib
lev was elected bv the next arrangement by 4,1
ont " maioritv. *' Uatnn it," said the Governor, re
ould fei ring'to the Democrats present, " m all know
'■""t "this, ami yet these same tricky llreech-Clout
io\vl ♦* would set themselves un again, j
• de- ». f or i, ()n eat Democrats to rote for." Although
was one of llenrv M. Uice's best friends m thattieia *-J
" af ' c I was nresent'at this conversation, he did not dis- I
'eral j j, ulc these damaging charges of the Kx-ljover- jI?
leru " I nor against Mr. Uice, simply contenting himself
S. i >v ,meni»g aud shuttiug his eyes in well feigned ,
astonishment. If what the Kx-tJovonjor da ,d « f
lin the pres«'iice of bis Democratic brethren be fi
I true, and we have no reason to doubt a word, I j
Mr I.vndes charges ere all sustained, and are -
—well-k'nou n to be true by every prominent Dem
i for ocrat in the State.
l '*\ Gov Gorman testifies to that which wc knew i>
onai and charged long ago. It is, as he intimates,
:«nd jm undoubted fact, that the first forgeries from V?
lican "Cass, Todd and Pembina" did not afiord »ut
ficent votes to elect Sihlevlhit when the re
turns from Lake Superior were received and ~
N» ot I found so unexpectedly favorable to Uamsey, 11
lowa. I Uice was made responsible for the result up j
~.n lo - tliore bT the SibWv branch of the Moccasinil.s.
A li-ailm-' red face.l friend ot Uice, was thcre
:o"n- Ulinn heard to say, " well, this l.ake Superior
an of I return has kicked up such a fuss tli-lt to sate | ,
I Henrv lor Senator we'll uotv have to go to work I J
r „ nr and Ax it up differently." Then it was, that
, the famous " Sundav Caucus of the l)eroo-
Innh, cr .„ ic luaJeni, principallv if not wholly the
« and I chief Uice men. was held at the American j
stfite I House. There it was, that Secretary Chase J
stated the footing up of the returns as they
1 1 1S * | stood in his otlice, and that "something must
ate in be done or Uamsey was elected !"
I thus Then it was, that his brother, John >. Lliase,
_ was sent with bran new poll books tiom Uie
I r;»i.t,r ollice, into the upper country, to have
1 this I t he necssarv Swan Kiver an«l
onlv I Crow Wing"; which was all duly done accord
ant of ingt.uhe Sunday caucus programme, and the
•v« I new •* arrangement," through a barefaced dts
,n ' I tv-ard of their oaths bv Medary and Drown,
ipleof j was made to count Sibley into the Kxecutive
I Chair. ~
IhtU prior to his accepting this canvass as
L j">t and correct, another Democratic Caucus
•client j J W!ls at ,he office of the Minnesota and Ta- ,
sition. I cilic Kailroad Compant—Edward Uice Presi- ,
c Mfl< dent in the back room thereof. Mbley, Ned J
, Kiev. Gorman, Steele, Col. Uobertson, and oth
ie Ke- | t , r<i jj u u n atl j there discussed the adnsibihty, i
know j ritl'uT of taking advantage of the known forge- ]
, . )VC6 . ties just as thev >tood on the fraudulent record
• I or of submitting to Gov. Uamsey and the Ue
tIOUJS I publicans a proposition (or a fair investigation. ;
ns for 1 SibK'v at this caucus submitted his conscience
Conn- and action to the judgment of the assembled
„ i leader®. He would do whatever they >aid was
w * expedient for the interests of the party
tion of I a CC uied, that notwit'ustanding they all
knew the returns to be forgeries, vet as they
wlto "on the record," Sibley and the partv
V >hould "take advantage of them; he should
ul one I acee „ t the fraudulently-obtained oflice; and
i thou- j Uamsey and the Uepublicans might, if they
II 1 choose, contest the canvass "before the ?wpreme
I Court"—members of which, we believe, were
I a!«o present on the rascally occasion!—but are
OC *' I not certain. One of the leaders, when "con
| teMin" before the supreme Court was men
cck. I tioued" observed, sarcastically, that ' Ivamsey
I would have a good time of it before tuosc true
| Democratic judges'."
v; c i. I These arc the facts. Wo are prepared to sus-
V' I tain them in a court of justice. And we are
> make I , a j onc W | lU kuows so well these rascanties of
■ much, | the Moccasinites, as Gov. Gorman s opportum
ng, as ties have allowed him to do, has mounted the
1 witness stand.
>av the I ____
sty and 1 Ttc t»k= Btthod cr attlfrie ttt
feeling, j tint they iavr Mccitii
cf ,lie I Aciarc now rrcrareJto fun'sh lira " !>»=•'•
id com- I rtnrcbcs. Al»a» their ove*. o-r-tmc-
J tci* fr '!!■' pH.rirtplp. tingle rqcnis faa'.l*, j
iponont J nJILnOA i, c-AKS. j
ifie men I XVo refer tn w. \V.
1 and Car.,* & Bau<cf, i»rchUectA ef uu ot>.
lavi. re* I arFof ranicu - ;vrs tacaSf of th» at their
as been I o&c-j it 53 ivath Lassd.« j.
•ecics of | Chicago. OA. <t, t?&3— bST-ly
to lIUD S. N. o. SUCtAK —
.ification 1 ] l r>E~V>>*oLT>s. XLY A CO.
tronomi- nI H)S. WIUTK COFFEE
>f terms I o CQ^
r , iv': J " ')AA _ 1-USLS. KE-KOILED 310-
" 1 OUU BEYXOLP?. EI.Y t C<>.
tied and 1 —■ —— ; ~v T ^T
Son bis 17- BBLS. PHIMB miIKD AP
:to give MO rtEp-Vfiy lw. nEY>OU'-S A CO.
olds him- I O v/Vv 1-1 K»» ,, " r,! "*| ;E y3ioUis. EI.Y & '
- t \ t-ASKS KIiENCU I'iH'N KS,
,11 / vi_v .
I SLT & 10.
JDtfi ©DOtIS. I
It offcriug pvot bargaltu la
Summer Dreu CoodJ, NCW Bj
SUki Slid Grenadine®, covehts
Beregei and Iloi>e» 9 No. ]
Litni and Mnrilm, cuve'kt
Brilliants and PrlnU. r. il u
T. 33. CARTER. *££
peat pl»sui
13ft - - - Lake Street - • -_136 »• I>J{ I
cI-us i\ v ou'r ::
\\"e EuW off«r uur H.HIB
iuduccd Prlcpm I'OVCr
150 . . Lake Street . . 150
A. G-. Downs & Co.
— pii
|>BY «iOO»g.
Cooley, Farwell & Co.,
"VV abarili Avenue.
HAVE IN STOUE A t'HEsii sT«>cii oy
Staple and Fancy Woods, tviu
Clicap for CaHh aud Prompt Pay.
* An.! pros
fnillS) btr.'-t!:»
' «ur c*U:«l of ricar.-liiK KM OVirfs H the mast p<rf«t
ever attoiacil, icaviatf tLta
aso as eorr axo el.istjc as stw.
• J fyExfC"* 3 °t Cl«ar..-iing only//If* per ]■
s j Sinijkr cm be scca a:.d G'.uvcs left at Ti Jjl;r strct. aiill-i
} ws-lm-cllj't ORAVVA ™
L ' A\, r K HAVE .11"ST RECEIVED j^S
I atiior-B wlikL ue L.iti; »oi:ie
5 -1 FI'.KNCU ST.INTS. »l 1"-S <'« A
" 2 CASES 1-V«J fACIFIC LAW.NS..itto),-'-a.!-. —.
I Ab*,. .CiaUlta,SlawK l'.l.ick (Jl.'Vt's, li.
)• I villi a full >t«xk i.f
" Coltonadcs, Staple Dry Goods,
Which we continue to tell very low
• »E
--j^ j[lLL^ i:uY ' D]iEsS-3IAKIXG ~„p
U Pattern Emporium. aj»
I Tl.o -uWrN'ns w.-'ihl r'-l-- ; 'l'u!ly l:,r.!T;i t!ic t!at
I t'vi-y liavcjti.<t (>|m;iu'*L uiiit vIU cocstaiit.y a ;c:idin
I LL'waiid fXtcwivcJisfrtu.ci.t «.f .
I Ati'lcvorylbiiiijln t!ie ililliiivrf A
iter t . vm . n fp.!» »n«t Ni-w V» 1: Jv
*Hiel.UMiv>'sli.iviii-'N-ii i-i.riflnuotl a b»«di of
" I lMiu.rct'xx-1.1-nlO'U'Mter:! 4 .r.-a.lw:»y, NfW
I Yurk. will f-irui-h at tVhr.leaal-:ami Rt-'ail, t very lliin^'i:c*r |-j
j ill l-attt rn.- r-r ar.,l CbUdrcL'j car at all '
) I rarticuiaraittritiim paid to
dhess making,
*-f } Jsy experienced i".»r«'.-iLS a:ul »ati>fatti.)u warranuil. 13
■ , I
I Our roods arc ail new ainl »lrsraLle. anil will be sjl.lat «
re ' I i,ri(v-ix",ria*"i"il'' ,- :i>aiiv in tin-city. . Vlll
um jl 'o. U.IT F« m:alyviiLybkJcn.;.'.oy.
rt. I X 5
IA. St)
cc * 171....Ki'iu0va1....171
lot". I
ror- I lluvo reiuovcil tlicir Establishment to \
£ ~Xo. 171 take Street,
I*-'^'J (Ouc uoi-r west of \V. U. Ilwi ACo. I . j
't",e AoJai«ti-wv"'S ) '-'' wth,;ir " f ll:c *
inn- |
that t: « t .
iS Foreign and Domestic Wry Goods,
that I Hj-it Jui.-. cvvr Iwii cxiiil-it'.'il in q c
"o'l'm I V.'c wW'l iMrticilarly rtc'tiiuitiul -.ur etocfc tf
now | f
'l oll t of the Liti'st !:nj
? a j"' Summer Dress Goods of all Descriptions,
ticl<i 1 tHAWLS, mantillas Ein;Kt)ll>Ei:iE>, I ACE.-. J_
J anil a UrA* -f
>vcr- i?rcucb, Enj:llt»l»and AmerlcauPrlutM
nscif j and Domestic Woods.
XU0«l I in ISONNETS. KIKI'.iiNS ai:.i MII.I.INKKY t;o<>l»S
said «f tlu-uiti-IMvK. wtf«n ..IT«t rre.it fv ii ,V\
. I trial wi:l «»»ti-f> i.»">pt
" 'a-n.!i.,u.. ii:EEH5!.\s, uiwdkinda >■»■•
*or«, i.r.-v 1.l Lake > ritt.
I are -- - ' V
)em- TBIJI
:ncw No. 78 Lake Street, Cliicago. .
utes, I —— . ly
from I Werwpcstfaily a»ktJa- attct.tU/n <>t' t>»e La.l.w of t l.:c.ig*
k silt- | aaiuf tliC IVa'-ori n.l tlit Vif
L > ro- I t« our Ccw aiiu cii"ive aniva'rf • i"
4 : ! Dress and Mantilla Trimmings, ' '
Ijticcs am I White Goods, (
Olores ani OxontlctJ,
.j At Tl'liolcxalc and Retail.
m'thi' A. OKAYED, \W.r^\
I „ x 75 Strtit, t i
•- llld gy Orders n-ei'ivi: oar si-r-cl-U an.
iV'lhc D^ v ' cu ' rrKU ' S IMI'UOVED
,I<,is " Skirt Supporter,
rown, '
cutivu Jjj ac Article cf Great Utility, which ?hou!ii tw
'aliens TbUSuppnrtef Ukea the weight r.f the 'kirt np- n the <
ni 1a- nhoiiWc *■<. till- t>fcp.T vliuo. a:i,i
Prcsi- Uonati. of Hut c.'Mlt.mciit an-1 il..wnwanl; prt-Mire. u l-xh
• \»»d iv bv the m««4 aWc rt.r-u ;a:is sial to W vu'i-e
. f *ii iinioh w.«aUne«i an.l j iviiuttiru rt»*ath ann.n-I« n.;U.-s,
il oth* i; y takiiii tlic "l from rtr the *t aiath *
bilitv, v.pon theshonliktsniefcenal-lfil Wttcrto "tarci i-iwvtgyl T
t'-KTvby evtvxiul the cl«r>t ai«i breath more fmlv». Th:-s »•
lori»e- ~r iTy person kuows, uti\ia®ar>* to the fuJ ctijoy
record V)Cil \ <»r health. 1
be He- riicn- :.IV few ladies who hare worn the.r e.i.tbe* f«p
l.v the wtu.have not r-ahml the faint, an l often .
ration. f •,, tri .„j t *,j:ftdinc. and aiw of L'.-u;>c o.ru-e.iu. ut
Cicncc then-to. Thcu vrby cct from others take crt It w
i.uhlo'l cVTTKr. .<c -.rALKEn, LcT.tr, Mm. I
ICV a u {Stjeeessor to C. T. Atk!B»H,)
S 'they -V«r. 78 J<ake Street, ChieafOy
l»artv \7ho;eaai6 »a 4 P.«tail Apia'. f« tie saU of the *We <
Should ar!3cW-a
: and
>f they 3=imrattonal.
, -v.ro 4u li OKA IXfi TI T XIT E
JUt lire A -+**-
s men- • . , ,
iam«ev Erected an J funrrtwl at a <f *ver nsty tbo«^dd».-
J, * \ i? I.'rateil at ALKOKA, Kar.c «*ui;ty. forty
ijC true uiile* fr°ta CUcas''. , .
The iiwtitutiop ontko e.ink of tl.e hoi Kivcr nrcr <viks
to «ti«- the v-itv an,l a rircc of oivpr-iflel couc.rv, ar.u is
,!. k k vflii'..eutiv b-autiful ati.l healthfuln situaUou. li* Uul.-
Wc art j C4 » fin...i»fi»- ' jna.li of tl:n.ts;s:.>s >;o'-e.»r.«l in the t-C;t
titles Ot ? tvlc«-f «ork«i;in.hiii. arnlinfloe architc^tara!
lArtnni- as t« fcffor.l a
lOrtuni o „ n . llett of Libor. an-l injure the crcaWl exi-cllen
tea the cy injtrujtiuii.aiidtliefirtaieJ ec«n>^
nivtothe t '.u'li. It has every t lc<iraMc .onveajfaee in
Kitchen. Laucil-T. Batu-Koom*. ltcadia« : K«x»m. iLabora
tf>r\- Rooms for Kecltitii.ti*, I'aioUnjr. ilusic, Oruao.enta s
UCV Literary societies Ac, Ac. Evfrr arrapireiueat tlat much
L' £»v/i atirnifl theWst Eastern In.«tUuuoas
rould SUSCM and Western capital and enterprise frr..vlrte,
tlie pnVic has b«vQ nude for the prugteaa, health aad cocuert cf iti-
The Common tscLifU BtAsenxa wll reeei'q special
1 AND attention. >otbta2 will aiiwed to sop<r?«lc thera.
Two GiLiOUATOro Cocbbi*. or and a <3aasical,
? are provided for t-oth la-lie* and pentlenien. Tl*re i* a
<;,>TT ir.r PRtTAEATUKT CoCME. Ip'/IViV Ac|u.etnic). a.ai
- .. , iy» at iwlal tljowughaeM in LatJU Uree< a-.d. .'Uthe
for I>wc.. * the C'omvocial Cork** is extenjve asd
, Ck>r«>tJVC- thorough as that of oar brat ilercaati.e COUrftfCs, '"Jut
and haUi, Al«tr M. D-.
will <ive weekly lectures*. illu»trat»iJ Willi a a
Anatrmv. luid liyciene. Lennrrt oa
tural Cbitnlstrv. Ge»il«*tfT, lx'tany, »fcc.. b> 1). »ll^er,
'asedacu A. M, t-i the Hiicfii surrey.
. aaec atu jjodim llxx«ic*6i» are taught br per"»s
_ . v and write them duenrly—Jfce Gcniwii by a native. (
Wb3Cj©cX l ln Drr trrnrxT or Mrsic—rral anrt lu.«truai. nul—
a full and tliorough course la arraoswl. ia the tharre «f an
f at tidr able rrofej.«or. dv#t*.-aM to qualify pupils f<»r t«iwali.f.
I>aa«isc, racniao and c'asjutxaTJis are Is tie tani.s
4 CO. wf ja k ev« a <nparimeat It l» our purpose to furnish thoronsh
-- hutrjetko, and at n <?±*polo-j ivtvbt tf.e r*Kn n J tn*
rAK "'xhc'term cntnmenctsJreptcralvr Ist. ISM. ForCircalari
{ & CO. containing lull infonuaxP n address ibe prtntirA tj.
FFEE QU£ " EAI; ' «; " b^ r .iAMiN iucksey rwdni
4 Hev. Ltvt Svcrgtajy. Jelfr.m-«'3.9
[ 4 \." X> caiis or
•T-M-p Mercantile Colleges.
v * LootedalChlcafo.>e« Icrk.^ll^^,-h^Alb^r-Bol
\ & CO. fit,, and Detn»i!. ,jocd thrdJih the
7Z TTT entire "Clain of l'ryart. AMratten s Jittctt*
D AP- tile Collece** and ** Itcil't Commercial todege, CC, '* K^s*
VA CO doctfd as one iwtJtnTion.vn.ler the nameard »ry.«' 01 bKV
» ■ JJST. HELL A >Ti:.vri;j>;.
iISIXS fir Md
INKS iVoY'S lllCll SCIIOO]..—TI."
I_> r.. \» f« rin wile SIONI'AV, Ar r.l ZiM,
v»■ a. tAWYLII. A. M.. <*ill. cotiU:.'> t » t - „-/
'■ ■■— twentr-sve pupila i"to his it his *!• , ,a ~
r„ s t Tf TSi street, acdie visUi s.ae to apply Ist adniSßC®
IHM it. Uisy *r« (ktermined to do wtll Ijs 'htaiielw. Fortit
advaacecier.t of tic:« idsUltcd oa
.T 4 to. lietcicten.
gafgs 1
—0? TUC—
NlaeteeniU Ceatary. Lo
New Bank Lock witbont any Key pea
or Key-Hole.
No. 1 lifts 447,801,600 Chans«».
Tb<- fytlawteg TTaafca t*£ Basque* tir« pOThiKd th» AT W !
COVEKT LOCK: Thctestan.
SlTtkicti Lcm Truit C«s>as7.
1.11. Barch ± 00,
• H. A. Tucfecr fTin "\
F.CruderAdoAn. 'I U >
1.. E. Ai«SAnilvt & Co. _L
J. M. AUalt. . . 1
V!« Ui',*LrA.k ta »!«»• *o\ikl tik* 1
pl.iaj.ure ia It to auj- eric *"*.ll to sec
'■ I'ItATT & WOKCEsixtt, As'Uis, ttwittj
>'i>. li»7 s .ut:, Wat. r strcft. Si
j. lMm dVa V"*r W. W. liA'"V>N. New We hnvf
_AN|)_ til'Ck 1.0-' i
Fire and Bcrglar Proof Bank Safes, ci.
Wouk tiV.
6<<.rsu> *-TU 9>w«o C».
Covert's Permutation Bank Lock,
"ViTcireJiOw prtparrato iarl'.L Ur.h-ri,
an t C<j'ir.ty •*, I'u'irinct: Oftcea, .i.ucucfi, ~ ~ ~
with ties'* celtl.ratiil m very shrrt n«.t;ce. Y'| 1
>t.Uh Wv„:
jflVln. <'.V,T KciV.W. KA< '>X.Na.v r.a.
S'J 2'«-" tjie ci;v :i::il Matt.
\\V i.i-.c q:,ww,| S ;;!h tVar-TsT.-.-. f, an! StJtj."
f.cn "T' if Sulci lu O:.o Hcs.uicii li.u b O' ULs
C-iiiiUer . ,
Ttc ba!an« wers rraJe ty tad W'ti
zicnTf.cs jurrznr.xr jiAZrn*,
At!'! T>rof r,t„« vrclutly the
btr.'-t hi tin* U'.tfi ;!,»•■><* f.ict-*. n>» »n.vi •;
, flu'uU {<urcL%s*r nt any ijakf without K
) stock prices. tt.e "D C
t Of tke World,
J.avf onSt-rrrt <» Srf 11-rv'r. l Snf--. con:;-f«'?ae w®"
cur flit.-, tj It* uLitcly, Ir.crL. rc
CSiiHS"t fail t.'?-::t v..u.
2 PttATT S: WOUfF>TEH, Ascut#. Mann:,
JUjMy 1,7 >vutu
• Si Safes and Locks,
SOLD '-'.Y -
f i;. j . wooi.b, s: v, a ,
• At Fairbanks Scale Depot, -y"
No. « CLi'-V 1 . 1-- I J
= Mi
Klines anD iLNjuors.
j* __
SI »E VENOGE & CO., Epcruay, France.
Us*J*t tit
A porf.fth* I nro nr.it «-!:u> nt 1 mn-l'T-.tc i-r'c-. ;. t - vi
a«'.ii.{ri('iv a.1..;-tt •! t«> n.p..i.y t- nium
t-1 f*r;iMi>!.i-tt fjvi-ri> ir> tl.i- f-: V-v ', 4aa ,
t.-tlii,- n;.-t rp-ni tit.- j.r. 5.r.,-t..r;«• f Tw*-
tlu- ll..vrar.l U.-tcl, >t.II M A\ >t. :u
V-! tr-?t.i:uu A.*t«»r 11..i1m-..l v mV 11.,u*-, ;u;il-1 tlo
• !c:nin»-l , urcL.i" , «l Lu.!nj< x^rr:i* i:i t.-»l
Uv tic j'ritKlpu! iliulvra tl.r tlii ct' J.try. Wla
E. V. HALGIIWOtT, Sole Importer,
VJ-*. iv2-luv Urt-xtwav uuJ Cr.' .N'cw Y.-rk 31
<3 DISTILLEUY. — :?»
<«-♦. la il,
Thomas Hells,
13 Burins Slip, Cor. WaMT it, Kew Tori,
'° l Cauipliiiie, Alcohol & Tiirpciiliuo,
a:.-.', s; ! l';aVr i= »•!.!
; K. T«. rilr!u.K-.ll>. <••?» T». dJI
and iintib Makers' J'.tili, >n'|' \ »'•, 1 «r, a.l
0., ain. Ur.-.Jy. *** J
--«ril Tu '- 1
t0 \V TTlhiufkldt A co., -:j
* st.vxL'F.vj ruuEi:?' f'or. 'J.
filc 51 - - Noutli Water Street - - 51
ef ATcrt^,)
lwn! •.*» (f Ift
ALtoiioL, rviiE fruivrs aso whiskies*. >b
KlSj A!-*» Mwifirtnr.-rt <T '
Oomeitlc I>lquor«, ISurulns Fluid,
UEALEitSIN Hi'lllWl'sK."- ANl> V,
Ttnnf. 4-"^U
TLO nm!.T>:jTi.< liiv.' SOLE Ai;Kl'lS
1 If»l>S f«r tJ4C i:» :«rti.i. ! ia«
it Clianipaaiit' IViiirs
rrtt * of J (JoKR<» A* <'«».. :.t "
- "*" Jl.iriif. Krtt'-t'j'. Wi' ; Vl.»tr NS:: >.r t» '•••>-' i
;g'o. Tl'« "IT.ULE- Win. U.f ruf'-ij
tx-tf. ajul Ls t" WJuiJ..rt; f.iv. -r—.>.> w,.». .»•■>
'•rir** "U intlif Ar.fri'M:! :iur'». l.
"'" S •) i.o -Kl-ltls- i-aliwr:;' :,,.' ' » .r-«-
» Vifu'. < "'.' T. -w 1 .., iv4M-vi ? • Uv« W y-.v. »
Fn'oiL GK.\rL> . I THE *3
nff(! ciU'irEfT SELECTIONS.
lioKU<> AC«I„ u'fl t!:< lr'le«. rtiiiriAt:.'!! t-> furTi.-.i «IN r»> "
wl.iili fl.ui; iiwl ..f o.t:-;iii.»r N wf I.e.
that :itri:d wHI fully ».«U...L-a a.l wc tJ.-; .»r
% itc MXcfilcJK-v of tliv.-Hj W;s«.'«.
» nni).\D s-rr.F.ET. yui'.k.
T!:f3hcTfc Winticanalw-V' Iv- !. ,1 :it ;
J. E. S. FULLER «.V fo.'«,
)DS. s
' X. HEAD.
- pianos, jßusif, (gif.
rED Gold Medal Grand and Square
»X! 95 - Clark Street, - 95
?. wliich
frnViV* Tli' v *c l'Ur.--* Viw Veen t!;>- KIM
ivvt. nrvi %vith t!.t Now 1 .-*•
r. Tlka, Uclii.iiuJi'l liu:tiii..)r«*. ..
j ctijoy. lUtv-.n.! tl.«- tw..«M ut tlw
K> Fvr.\S^Ltu e t..u.U:A. .
.J}f* flip- Tli>' a.->r jr*ri*.tun j:» t»J-» - l>v I .v* t- -t
«.loftvn attheAnwmTin lju-tii«it.%« n-'ijU m n;
ru-cni.-iit Tlu- iir>t rrc:i,r.i .1 Ut.vi.l_V -.Ul* fir the 1
•rt it Vc att'.-c Man'.-.w.vl tT-.-t.tntc. l-.uUttv r.-. t- '-.
Tni- {.riii'iltil.il f-Ttfcf u-'t 1 iJii" fr" 1 ?";' tbt Amv
1* Mim rlean ln-TitCrvstol I'ub«v, N'cw* V« rk,
' " Tlie Aral j.rcttiiiw (A tioUl for Uw lwif»
l'iar... al the Maryland In-t it ut i-. Uilriu.on,'. K...
Th' v fir-i premium at tiie M-i-'c fir, ivrn-it.
The Hr-1 prcmi'::ii at the MiU-Fair. is ..
» Arn n »sthc jTi-lcc*trero tho fif-t n.;:«-.-a_ " * \- p
.e ecu. :rv,»uuliaa Wui.ilA3c:i,OotL9d-alk. \\ t, i.v.
1 Wherever useJ. "Wc tbailcn?c any one to fon.ishn*
tlic r.aino iT a p ..f a M<nn*:ty Vji*- »lv««
• dc«not rn-fer it t<> my ;,r *
Jni nmlctl f. r tliroc years. it Ne" ierK r ai-U ry >,
A- Ji thus .-anus W«tcru purch-wrj both freight atui txa.-in t T.
g-S.S'S.'s ROOT & CJDY,
ind d*l- ic£l W CLARK ST., CUICAGO.
forty- —~
ircr'ft'iks T_T 31. IIIGGIXS, 45 Lake-st.,
SfV." AJL* Chlcu».Bl,
1* 1 '.uu- _nr.it.ra nr—
-1 th<- K-tt j.jjjhic i Braaburyo Piano Fortes,
* MoMC
e'"r°vS' S "'"' PIANOS TO BENT.
<zf cf stu- H t l,« yrt* ri!<t t™ old I'Un«> In .JchOTt. f.;r rfnr.
U 34. li. m-r<ctfaily or.n»uiCc.-» to the puLac. \—±l he
has TT'»de aTTAr.tffc.er.t* \»;th f hew thrvf tiii-t J
tb *p«±U reliahic hrttiswm the East (In the
<« thera. Kone*. asO. the fur . tte
Olaaiical, tu tlia State, fcrthe «!e6r
n*re i* a tides of Mfrvhatlf" l ,K* trf i »
nie). aiai- wt onifT , f „ r the suj-erirmy of Uchtp a»» l ivrv.birc.
ill. ..lathe- i'hiao Eones can tw £lver. a; Ij La*e a-tit. in ,hr -ar-e
:ijre and j ron r r ,, n t plocS. Jialj tn'. |
;yj: ! wbh!cj 1 P'jr.hv-.' a PiMo
IT* ! lleheaj.wiliai>J it ui tliclraJvaMHu tocaUat
r?f*!S vh« Xo 12' < >iith Cbrk »e.*ot»d Soar, Wi*h
-uoientAi— P!annse«n»ta"tiy on has.l rcr.t. Tusinc and Ki
-1111 wStog SStothe he* ttuxw. paiU fur wcLd-haaJ
jtTetinds * s p jjjg tome rears experirtice tn th
sm ssttgsas^wSSff
>r Circtxhn '
rtrtJdeat, |jA fi J
09 •• • Soutli Clark S*., ... 39
siSSKS Shett frr th;
fS, l '-'tVi l'*,™ V
-•"i'eßV- ItMtnlf yt.»goi.UiCUrt?trwt.
:ATT(,X. VI „ ril .„ r n ■r""'. *k. ►.!' h-"!
nr- v, a. »:t tl.r ll»rt«w n.".
~ I ll<" M> ' T l ,; ml 1 ; Tr.k ~-l .•
Uoots lutt Stocs.
Low Rents! Low Prices! p
181 Lake Street,
Hariac !U-L«urt the OLD STAND at about cna-third of
the former Rcat, ire tew offering
The best and cheapest Stock of Boot* and Shoe* evwoffared R
: Chlug*. Call and examine. .myXmHl2l4 "I rtcaomi
and Shoes. 11
"I bavt pn
W*W'-uVlea'.Ht*:ktt<'nti<>nf>f City IVa!.'«, ,
t«»crsU'.kor Ctfeb and ib"** oow ou kind adapted to
Spring and Summer Trade.l
TTe hnvf ih* ftr* **tWe of made In New England **A ataplo
of <*L!>!••. Kip. r.ii.'.T* w l
Pump Kip 'focM.-f mullet ami Mr t
jjrlir.% «.'»!stfUi il.ulc Double Iwls, aad half D«ubU bolo Conum B
fl«* French C*lf IkxrtJ. o«nt'*<.*alf,
Cl.>t)i «r»l LuUJisf 2>U re* and both pi get Very t*r
H<vM alien. J'rench KM Slipper* and llu* Ti
Viw w*h h<et«. Flae " f J 1 "? -Ihtartih
fi.r ('hjiilfiri. and a complete r* -rttnetit*
i L V. MUk< u. ' of • in r.
s>wed C*it boat aa«J tr.JLiJ l-*t? Hooto ud tfiikio*. **' »± frl.-nd
cf whitb we offer at I'.w pricea to bw If*?**. or W prompt » lKS«dt
ovawlio'- J? <>ncrv.W. .„. _ I K -
P. S.—'ttVare A;m.< ff CHASE. McKINNEY A CO.
for the v*le of MitOicU'* Paten Metaiic'Tipped Shoes
myl-doi-dlrl apl3-!y-i
<fc BROWN, OTi
Wi-Iti reiEOctfuliy c.il! 'S« attention ofUio Trule
laiLes HOST
At lln-lr ::rw p'-tr.J,
V.th Sr.crc-A--<1 f.tttlltl-*-* .i - nr.J nr<t- Sold I
Sprit-;: r.f:u..Uvi.ru^ly
f.. th-- <-f the c-'-i.try, v.c -Tr firc:tler HOS^
U 'a ilr!*.: 'a.*«'ft!urr.t of Cu-t-ai V>\ r\ c.-.n.-t.uM.y .Th !
-f:w. ->r..l C,'".;*' "'if Molt J, *e caa TyriQa
t&dWILI. *<::t :JVtXLL UWSI
proive -13.1 «.xl !i-f >re
?lILL£K d: BIIOWN, t
y M...... .....LiUe >tr>a. Ji HOSI
at-J' CJT'i im
Wholesale and Retail. HO y
, c McDOUGALL, FKXTON & CO., Hog ,
Tc 190 Lukenii., Cor. AVcll»,
I. Manu'i * -f V. ar-l LVUr.rTi
Ovt -.d IV-, ( irvuv. A'.. Ac.; HOS
alv. In« and m.<h 3 ..;
Da::.! .i'!..: - .?:--. ... . . Hare, f
er>t.> ..ur w-rx. I:i -if
rcu.i »v ur.,nuA ui th.- c!tv
f..r «i-:n- aii-t **l M-lr.-i, ..f :U .u.;l V eut^
pv'f. 1. W«.rtl..»!i an v "'h> r r-r .!;»• ».i.i, .k i
r>.-k».'U * c ii.i Oil i."t !>.ivc t j v- lV nkit.'ifuiln'iT of y tf--
1 SK-I"»V«i.\I.L.VKNToN *«''»•. „ {-57.
s; ic<TJ.!i vly _ Uci U»kc
Q O P V K ll T O E.—
~ Mitchell's Patent Metallic Tips .
M'holcsalc Dealers io
A'f t' i.wrvr* rf l'iti-nt int"
%Ju "U W:- . Mi::.—.i: Hfl
r:c-. ~f fxdii-ivo t"'vn . r t.> >«».■•• »i JJy
ot .I widi r l
r«,«f Towu i 1 *••*-. t.ty ui-d :'jf l!.e M-tccf n#|
WIU l:v?, la Cfi.r.ci.li.a w;l!i ctlivr gfuc.-al jtvrck.
r, AComoifite aaa FaJl Assortmsnt ot
Anil will :»!»•• tS . 1 Mctalli'" Tijrt to thf .Kn.ar*.!j
, ~f inii'iiifiii-iimri in •t-.rtcaat v rvi '" u-r»- : w.y
I |,v »l.i- -ii«l {:< i> u;^«.c
lall.c , ,
.\'l t3UiU late:;*J! *u**•*
Sl'.i; A'"C' TdiiSpJ ti' Lw '■*> " •>*
s " OOMETIIIX (r \EV. - !!! ou
HC, slctallic-Tippcd Boot and Shoe. ° u
IV i'.i-r n u-.'.l *vur »>nt wt tl.v '>•<•
t'ip:.«»t ci r : -tru-r,-i ?!;•'" in t"-;:r ♦!* % .n..i th-.f it
la- t.iri.irt.' l-c i'-' ta übvulc .-i*
>h«c tlU2:uity.
A VRull c;n*r i>
t • f tv V— t ..T
;t. tlK«-.T-rt.-.'f tl.n i««»t
crVi» ?' iruj-t t:.' :?■•• I't.il t" k' k «-r v»*.•:*» it ..-.if.
-Jaad UV tm-u.vtf»n;..» ««♦»/'• • fwUe»j Un..w..'. ». .<<
uvl ••%;■.■■»»•■:..•»• I;, '.t- I't tUI. I» «.iy. 11.^.iu >.■•» i-t
i,-u v --.v. v.-iir-' -c'.r. -t t.JK it J;.?
wi: :*.tr ; i.-;c i;a r ; :-. .-vris.« I cvrry < .»-
Ui.- f' .nl' it i.-'iM 1"-•«'■' lr s ''-'ct ;i1 - t it. -i* tl>^
•> c..ri«t •' 1 .■••-. ■■»:■•• 1' -r« f.iir jv.-m.'-' .-f l»un
% V» •••: ai.'t.'-i-.tlv ctfl.-uti-. We fcate •:*
»t. ..t i:«-ri !•: *»v.h-si.:it v..x> M<-I m.«"'
t-i'.v t... I.tir.'lv t'.-r riiiMrvn .nt.J thc«».«
-tcil >w it ;» mi-.liTjtc- .♦t.ilontw.T, 1 J :** 1' '
ivilr.V ♦'TV Tr- w'll • .f.r,- u r lw" t" th.vr {•*,« >•!
- | jhr .-11 »?v>. raßiiuj a saving of ni-arly two-tl. til» .a t.s?
' cxp>
HIV V.-T -T :t:«3> "f th* l sn-1
Ei. of Town « c-ufctj*
**; v th.-r~ M tJiP •jr.i!erxi;n r tJ
... "••• :i * 4, '' i '^aX?r"v- ? MxsKt * o>«
*»'■ "I'll! .<i W.j« r ..tl/i M w.
N. !\-T'.:-I-.r. r*'" :•» - • l
C»»AL U|?.,u in.rt' .-.larly cn«-.-
v ,, n . t.a.»l-lv
ufs jQaitstngs.
Al. 1. 1' Al' k its.
/{anrfolph Strut - - • M
s:.»; t>> ti.vir ir,;. Ttvl .t-Ol • f W-i
... . «:jr« I'-ib-:*
tiLNEHAI. l»E»'on'A"n»»NS
!i t!:i v (- 'ic-i-iAv:.* w-:'. '.jf.--- d-.:.*.. <.!>
* '"i'trr. I .' I'.tlMV.i;.
i A<\
'^y _ A ]. ij i' Ai" KJ:.
li vi 70 - - T.ATCS STREET -- 70
..... , r „. XKW" PATTKII-N'S.
\vikv> Xever Before in ibis Market.
* ,T jcft ascirreo asi> ru* ham
KEI", At VL-1-y Low Price-.
so. 70 LAKE STIII.KT >O. 70
n'ilidow Shades.
~ " of kveiiy i»Escr.irriojf.
[Uiirc K. G. L. F.VXOX,
70 - - Lake-st. - - 70
I / iii . SOUTH CLAUK STREET. ♦ 524.
lUv« r'** ir. M«k a r.rwan-1 f;>*l :i*-«»nnicnt of
CHEAP r.tPKR hangings.
rrt rari'apjr H.ir.K-era and U-.-n.nl c7tO fin*
Splendid Array of Riclx
tbc A mo- rAKLOr. ASK !!ALL DECUKATW:;S.
■.A (Jnv.l
J t r.-ccivM car usual lariie aoil spleaild 4a<trtmfnt
:.'iui't, itv. *' ai: tiie Wa i; nns stylea of
... of rcspoctf'j'.ly ln*lte the attcatbn cf
'ill- " out cwtonwn an«! k«P*« that c-nten plaM
f>. Wuf- re-fani!#hlDfft!'tlr houses wltU Wall Pa'cr and
Shades to our ar.tl comp'ete xwrtscnt <*l
W« ire alwaj"* prewired W exfTJte
, Paper Hanging
ICAGO. laalltfce T*rloii« styles la a manner un.urpa»ed b» as?
— house la U;e States, oo the fa*or»lle ten*.
llvO-«t Public Cburchea, offlwtti ?»i*mi
*' by contract or otlt«r*iae in a superior »tyle, and all our
wcrk warraoted to j:ve perfect satiafaOif u or uocey>-lfl be
I It* t.J:. of la Plain an J DecoruliTß, Paper Ta etiu
UisCal BtoK Dcnler?<! and Transmit Window ShaJe. and
inacn are Chicago.
!ci?*furtfce JjL
T Th« n-dofl-r.R havirjr !«w»d the ahove H«tt«e. rp.
'nrt'fcfel* «pcctfallva:m«>tine« tntlieir friend*and ti.e public pcceral-
Sft l>% tut tiiff)- will te r«aJy to «c«te vteto
: >-!> o 0 of about the 25tit ln»t.
p pr . Tbead*art:icvof LAKE SItOHE RETREAT. a«
' aauwnwr lUi- rt. are
euoinis, i?- J i uKoM *^S;
. R „ t hatl be 1" mate It 3
JElt, 1
.. 30 U.e,p Üblic U blic *,«
!..tr.=irnl.\ ;2'. c foii'uil* W'otOT cmntrT. lßWi
h- c«.uv? i\,vS iSa : tTi6»
. i:j K-jr. . Siii am Jri»r* all tend t" mvm™evl It u
t v. m m i. Wtot WfMera s«o?ie to ait rtfi w
ml giSSiStS»6S&.»n» +*• »!««.»«-
«t'e™" wiv from !h« hal ■!«»< of tl»e dir. wlll consult
f- 1 "- T' Znr £ a. *e'.l" * rA »>' oUnf ,"" J
■rtgtrwt. Z.S![Sc<c. ,t one. ren H% h °oiL?Ti.R°
i". • . r r..„;..i.... L-1-. 1!...'' n !-■ I. i-l:" '■■
. t . •2 • Vui' K.nd. tij Buy lCral. -t
-ii-u Zcia ruu-in* aortbwest ftos tlio tat«rt4ctiea or
buatise ur. "Vot'i "4 street thiooii Bowmaa»Ul». or by
t tS» lcrwrst. tVf vUwvikt*Rail*odlaChUteaJf^Stat.oD.
ktreit. p ( i r jurthw paK-cnlan >w?iM at tilt »fflce
iIJ-lm-45H pany. So. So Coik strett. UT*IT-a»d
JftrtiMncs, Sit.
Brown's Broncbial Troches.
Brown's Bronchial Troches.
Bronchial Troches.
Bronchial Troches. •
M Pre*em!auU; tie £nt asd Utt.**
. " 1 rccoomeud th«lr um to
"Ihavt pruvvd th«>u exieliiuit f«r
rev. u. sr. warren, ii*»Tos.
"Great benwAt Lu Affi'cll.nu of the Ut-.n- LLil Organs.
DU. J. F. W. LASS. W>r«>N.
•*A ilrapl# am) elepai.t cnmMnatV»n W Ac." a
Dlt. «. F. HHiELoW, H'^ruN.
"Contain so Opium or injunoui."
»* Very bt-nrfliiiil si» cVar ru u'Uct t •
•p<s*k though •'sffwfiuj fnut
REV. S. J. P. ANDEHSON. >f. I.O'Jl".
**lb»rUly uiille in Xiie c> »itiiCCvUl , .t«>.'*
••A frl.-nd harlnz tr*>-<l many r«-tiWU-H for ♦
Ifrc-«dt, fouuJ reiief froju thf TfUdir'."
—m.l.T> BT
i CO.,
apl3-!y-c>?l No.
A»U ty BOLLES. SillTII A CO.. U>Xak« »tre»-*.
\ HOSTETTER'S stomach bttteks,
• t-y K. T. WATKIN> k CO..*! - s t.>tc
i- Sold t-T J. H. lirsn h CO., :w.i l« I-'":.' -V t.
I. SoMby HAVEN. FAUUHL A v'O.. 77 W".»r- * .-tn-t.
Scul by J. E. •«. FI'LLKR A '•■>.. :*7 W»t.-r
SwMly HOCEEE, INN IS .b .-trv'.
! SjU by L. READ AO". 1»2 L.l.e «•
I* Id l«y O. F. Kl'LLEll X O'.
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ilcr a- Nmtt*,
5a27-ejT-«r» nin>ri U'-.i. V\
For all Patent Medicines
For all Patent Medicines,
—«> AT
iai JLttke Street. *
s - 131 Italic Street.
! I ! Ou Lake, near corner of Clark street.
Ou Lake, near corner of Clark street.
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to uii> vots noisK of r.Ei> nriis >
ISD Tsc Uuteher's I'eaJ Sbot,
Use Diitchor's Dead Shot.
? tot BOLLES, SMITH & CO.,
licnoto i
\ (4 S. (•» | MjMke Street.
tf.ad£. Worn by Emperors.
"* trtmcnt What? Why a Boaaliiul Head o£ Hair.
Beratf*! it Is the onuuent "f"'' I '" r
p«j enrr-**!. Kv.ul".-r, t'->"t*i!i tlic r- '•• ■ *•.»•, ,
, br.'}.t!v«inthe^l..wiii-' cla'vk. tl.<-■•:•"«• i«-'' r,K "I*9
ttcotlan cf thvUctli l^tli..^- f V-arX :f thfh'* ul i.^l k r. U' i- v. wr
-cten plate In-. »-r 1 1.»- h-iir U- aivl ' wil!
t "'*•"* than half her
UiV i tw ,> ~f turn- t:m.i. a wcirk. '•iU ' Swin - , d
Thaiber*: Y u«k. April lt'th. li'-0.
io! b«asy Dt Ww»o: fl-ir
in*. the I .uu nmler for tii«* etitire ...v. of ii.y
* the UnUeilMate* it »u* rapidly JvfOm:n* «r»>. l-U "V-n
all our tk. ainiiicat'..ti <>f Vour " Hair
ereditooHyltial hue. 1 conM-r your "V:' :r7
wctuierfuliavestloß. T ,itu ftfitac:.» , J»a.« wt 1. a.-, a^acab.e.
» •• DrreJi a-«* 'ict."
y. Te»etia« 1 Wrt»H
o. j. «
weeks' tnal. it tua perfomed tkrt woiidr^uuff^ -*t
tn" all the prav hairs to a dark l-r»*wi»,ai the-an.i tin.« . ( iju.
rn V T UfylnjaDd tl.ickcnin«the lutr. 1 of
rLL * KLSr t#Rtflv< to ?ersMn,, CH A W?BAVM:!»KW.
bdr hair. tw JulJf
H«tt«e. rp. Poor. •. J. 1T«i»?-tr«tl» do I
lie poctrai- your Hair K^tor.aivea<»l*i».M^
lererjaw. u-lr.i ynur Hair M»rativ iiiv u r sra
whisken. which wcrealr««>»t *hite. have gn > - r " w a
■t. SkT»J Uow f«l confldvnt Mat a few mot.-
__. _ w4tt ji ifri* ihem to tb*»tr uaturU ci* of. It rT..c^to
fREAT. a« doadruff and uTM'lco*«iit Stchlns.
ilu all other |-ur. two rear« tzn my hair eo . rumml
Sfully rtl*er» tillina off wvd Uirntre crav; I was f.ut t*wmin* " and
tabU buC.i- tiai txie-l U»'ni.-u.»t<. tio I "7,, .^,-
iniM?«ment *w»r in Januiiry A ,f«w applicat n.« .*»t
.ft. nothing ened niy hair tlxmly. it Ugao to ill "P- po* V" 1 ;
urnmer R«- tsreed back to its ronrerc«;...r, O'lack.) At this tjne .t a
luily resOi'Twi to it»ort£<cal color, health, »b<l a9P«"*afl«»
,r bnartl tnr ua I eheerMly nrconutirr.d iu u#o to aIL WllP «
■ Richmond fhtewo. lU/Mayl.lV-T. J. D. ROES
k CO-. The Rrttomtlr* U put up V 2 |
-i rrtrt***- l*rre. me«ilum. and small; the hold"* a piau »£d
— retails for one dollar per bottle; the meiUim ho.ds at .ea«
1 T Ti* twenty percent, more In proportioni*han thosmall.
U w i-<> ftittwodollanperN-ttle: tbelante bol.lsa'iuaii.t.rt>
cent, mer* In and retail* for t!»« dollar?,
neat. I h»T« o. J. NVvXID A CM., I'lovrtctwr*. 312 Urcmdway.
ire. made a Tor*. (Inthe*reat New W ire KaJifli Estatlubmcu
to inee\ the »ad jii Market St. Loul*. Mo. .
U it la now And «o!d by all good and Fancy Ooods WtMex
f lorality of ay»3m
Would iini'inr. to tb- of Chlcw «wl r '^ :ri^ T
*> <r-m .N> « "r!n»» «•» »'»T ■»" l :f ™°"
• SiSTfSn -ul"<l »■! MotdaTJ) livm > o iloc. ». ».
3ESTEIt. to f. *•» f'-T all of the
" XKars 7hro«l*Ht**rr % t.lvtr) ?'***!• Com•
55555 plaint•, Mrf alt thru tic
!lU- •:•■• *<■:■ ! Jj-t Ji'v'*''' 1 - > l ' "" ' ' % ' '
:ca-\ -r "e®iT(le=»-»c«t"lt<<l - ai - 1 toubf, isd tfc-'v v.-l''
sdea Station. 'nrHp-msuV" '.OO s*i<« itttti. tentt ofWvh:r«-
tcSS sute Wirt. B.VII •"4

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