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The tax-payers of Cook County will bear in pearan
mind that this is tha last day for paying .State p^of.
ud County Toxm. On Holiday ncit, tlic mile
for dclinnocnt laics will talc iilace. Jloarr in any
*„ t , J'enins
frill be saved by paying up to-day. jj mc
FAIK. it coul
■Wo nodoTSUnd tUat tUo Superintendent of alicnoli
the United States Agricultural Fair lias given
orders for enlarging tbo fair grounds. Infer- br
matiou oomes to him daily that great interest ,
is felt all orer tho country, nnd that the show on its |
of horses, cattle, slieep and swino will bo vorj- To »;
line, and tlio number so largo that it trill re
quire nearly one Oumsani stalls for their ex- be, ani
liibition. We hop. our local mechanics and
artisans win bestir themsdves, so as not to lie f o n o w
liehind otliers of similar pursuits, vrho will bj.j^t
most certainly bo here to compcto f'>r tlie urliile 1
society's prizes.
Nlnncsola BepuWlcan ConTcnlion. if ((
. eluded
Nomination of Alex. Bamiay for Cot- charle
eruor. t | |e p a
"Wc hear that the Minnesota State RepubK
ran Convention, which met at St. Paul en tlie t-lie En
nominated Alkxaxpkii Ramsey for Gov- to the
ornor. by acclamation. Through tho mistake jj ave j
ol our correspondent on tho epot, wo are with- evenin
. . . , . establi
out further advices. portioi
——— like a
Vlut <he Democracy Say* felt th:
Ths IteppntiCAS Pxanr a.vi> its I'aesinEK- lute so
tial CaxniDATKS.—The Republican politiciuiis less
are sanguine of the success of their Proidcu- tive.
tial ticket in ISCO, and when, at this nrelimmcry Wcl
stage of the campaign, we find Southern Demo- 0 f thu
cratic Conventions pafeninc resolutions in antjci- the ch
patiou of " a BKck Republican thfre campa
must bo some good reasons for this couudei'ce - girervi
on the one side and this despondenct* o:i the uever
other. But if the Democracy, between gtepbj
and Douglas, are threatened with a sectional to the
dissolution of the party at Charleston, this di- may b
verse materials of the "llepublican camp haog so his tri
loosely together, that it will reauire the grt atctt Austri
skill, and some of the hardest concession* lowed
among the various cliques and leaders, to iiisure preset
their success. . Lombi
The Chariton platform will be the point of able h
danger to the democracy; but the candidates expect
will be the great trouble with the Republicans, bands.
The most conspicuous aspirants for tbis dis- couqu
tinction are ex Gov. Seward, of New 1 ois; of the
Gov. Ranks, of Massachusetts; and Gov. Cha-e, indepi
of Ohio. Seward expects the nomination—his of her
friends demand it in his behalf as his, from fallen
crcrr consideration of right, justice and exj»e- must t
diency. They are also working systemat:cat»y The
to gain the Convention which is to decide the golem
question: and they may be able thus to extort by m,
bis nomination. Let them do it, and the Ke- T*iiey
publican party will soon be reduced to a m!i« r- verv c
able minority iu every State west of Vcrm«»nt; prcbe
for the name- of Sewwd as the Republican can- cliOc 1
didate will c&rry or or to the Democracy the Lords
bulk ,of the free trade Van Buren Democrou lane, i
who' supported Fremont, th® bulk _of the Fill- to'tak
more American*, and all the Old Line \\ h»g.«, sword
from Massachusetts to Minnesota. • . of ho:
Rut, if gorerncd by the wise considerations of i 8 n ov
expediency, the Seward party in the Republican when
Convention consent to drop him, upon whom the w
will their choice fall—Ranks pr Chase? Bank* army
is an able man, a popular man, and a statesman cd.
possessed qf. a very high order of adminisira- launcl
tive talents and qualities. 11c would, perhaps, tua,ai
as the Republican candidate, attract to his sup- deacci
port a larger proportion of the floating Demo- Urokt
cratic, American and old line whig element-', y e t b(
fn»m lloston to Pittsburgh, than any other man will b
within reach of the Republican party. We
Rut if the American antecedents of Ranks Heve
would be most apt to conciliate the Atner- tohei
icau balance of power in New &ngla:m, u-Lict
Jfcw York, New Jersey end Penusylva- H e hs
nia, the record of Chase as an oppo- proba
sent of Kative American restrictions, would his si
take tlie precedence, in view of the heavy Ger- |,j m>
Tnun Republican element upon which the vote nf twees
Ohio, Michigan, Ac., depends. The late two come:
years' Massachusetts naturalization act, in tin* flict, j
connection will, perhaps,be remembered against j Dg j t
Ranks bv the Western delegates in the Repub- while
lican Convention; and so. in the wav ol a com
promise between Seward, Ranks and Chase, the
Convention may be driven to that Democratic
expedient of a candidate wh Jse very obscurity "dispa
will be his highest recommdueation. is lie
XJpon one point we are entirely convinced. dcfgt
Let Seward be put forth as a Republican candi- iU}d ,
daU for 16C0, and that party will come out of the tlie ]
battle frittered away to a mere abolition factoon. the £
His " irrcpressihle conflict " with si very in th»s f or t|
slave States will reduce him at once u.i oa
narrow margin of ao abolition candidate. Th
ard was the lieaw burdeu upon the back o. o p| D ;
General Scott that broke him down, and bew- gpea
wd was the shadow behind the chair that fnght- wbic
cned the opposition Fillmore conservat ires from arnJ i
the support of Fremont. Rut still, from the ac- me t
tive engineering of the numerous caucus and f ort
convention managers of the Republican par'y j, e j t
in the interest of Seward, they may contrive to The
pack the Convention so as to secure their roan. t he
They appear to be so confident of success, irom tioni
the weakness and demoralizations of the democ- the
racy, a* to think that tho Republican normna- j> rfi
tion will be equivalent to an election, and tuat t ij el
floating vote of the North can seek no otuei the j
refuge than the Republican party. by v
We apprehend, however, that, in the course t j, c ,
of the important interval to the republican nom
inating Convention of 16tW, the managing poll-
Ucians of that party will discorer that they will fjrr
not be allowc l to walk over tlie course; that
Seward is not their man, but that the floating
opposition vole of the North opposed to Sew- r o p
anl holds the balance of power. In the mean
time, the veiy name of Seward is as much of
an obstruction to theconsolidation of tne >ortn
crn opposition forces as are the conflicting nig
cer doctrines of Wise and Douglas to the liar- Fi
mony of the Democratic party. >ay, more. f oni
While the name of Seward is the great draw,
backwbich prevents a fusion of the onpositiou , v i t |
forces, it is the great bobgobhn which keeps tho priF
Northern and Southern Democracy wittiin liaii- t i, e
ing distance of each other.—3. / • Jitrald. opii
foreign news. a "i
Details 'by the Steamship Africa. ti«
i rr c
Tlie Armistice. m.
~ the
[From the Loudon Ni-ws. July 9.]
There never was a question on which national
will was more deep and tixed than the question jj n
of the future fate of Italy. There never was aQ
one, therefore, on which u more emphatically j
behooved statesmen to coutess exphciUy tbe
faith that is in them, after the bitter aud morti- tat
fvini* experience we have bad of theconsequen-
ces of acuding half-hearted and pretzel beaded ftti
men to represent us in European Congresses. or
Wc are tu no humor to see the honor, influence
and dignity of the nation jeopardized again or fIQ
cboosiug out some cunning but bi-amleas inan p e
to be iu representative abroad, we want to see su
Italy free as speedily and as completely as pos-
slble. . . .. • . )1
The man wbobasno opimoa on tins point, or.
who aflecting to have it, abnnkafrom.publicly p(
committingbtmself to it, as a p-jbhc -man may *
be verv able, very useful and very honest man,
' but iu'this matter of Italian emancipation, he Sl
■ must stand aside, for be Is not trustworthy in
tbe particular business in band. For our part,
we should infinitely prefer to see the settlement
of the great controversy left to the Deople oj *j
Italy themselves. Tbey. and tbey alone, can
judge rightly what form or forms of .rule ought f,
to subsist in their country ufler the foreiguer t |
has been cast out. ... jo
To talk of tbe French Emperors right todis- &
pose of .Lombard v because he has driven the
Austriaiis beyouo its conQues, and of Austria's „
right to insist ou the retention of Venetia be» fj
cSae iu town, arc Hill garrisoned A>y her f
troops, is to deifr anew tlie brute ricbt of mere c
DOMCMion by force, agaiii.t »Uich war as a
war of firincinle, avowedly began. If mill- j
I»tt occupation be a leguimute aancllon, when
opuoscd to tbe indisputable wiU or the people
Siose country ia Urns occupied, thon the entry
of the frftichanny into Italy two month, ago, ,
Kt of brigandage, and a TOl.t.ou ,
r.li ,|7» uKairef and sanction of public law. ,
of all the uagc* an w w , mnt
the part of France,
momentous in T 5 . - oppressed na
f„"ro wbererer their liberating alh«
and explicit
br Napoleon 111., ere he crossed tie Ticmo, are
etiUfreah in the remembrance of all turopc.
SfS™ he declared, was not to conanw,
but to emancipate; not to carve out I y
afresh, to suit dynastic of power, or
b«t to wrest the
nsurping and, oppressive fo** l^
and to leave it free. From that
victor of Magenta and Solfermo, will not be be-
but brilliant cam-,
cow momentarily suspended, a« already
bis moral influence wiil be sull jgreatcr |
I?sieday that be leads back bia victonoos 1c
or tbe reproach of having betrayed
?!£ uMat cause that brave men crer drew the
■rin A« for the real or supposed ba
lu'rflie' wtitiaUons ssid to be abont to be
* a ,«!i to which the ArmisUcc just con
' » cno ' ,ce °"* r
I we know, that nnh»« they admit
! * <_2Tr«r ■TfnU renunciation by Anstoa pf all
pSf or i—ferencc
direct or indirect, precentor reversionary, be
yond the Alps, their discussions will be but a Cout
waste of tune, for tbey can never lead to any j
thing but failure and a renewal of deadly strife. v , ,
It in nochoppingGerman logic about uie com- .
parative advantages of the line of the Mincio or
tbe line of the Adigc; of difference between The
roval and imperial sovreignity and domination, Frano
of an arch-ducal puppet set up to keep up ap- mistict
pcarances and keep p old Anti-Italian snprem-, of an i
acy under another name. The voice of the peo- way at
pie of England, of tbeir Press, and let us hope lieved,
of their Parliament, will unmistakably be raised ible, 1
against all complicity so far as we are concerned Uad to
in any re-distribution of the all but liberated that hi
J'eninsula. pendei
Time was when the offer of partial conces- the Ad
sions by the Court of Vienna might have pre- him th
vented the active interposition of France.though bent u
it could never hare satisfied «r silenced the in- if Aus
alienable claims of the Italian people, but that hardy,
time bas passed never to return. The gyves .Venio
ore already loosed, tlie bars of the prison bouse stable
are broken, the captive nationality of Italy terrihl
walks erect and firm, though stDl bearing marks .Lussin
of fresh wounds, and not ytt venturing to sleep Zugin.
on its blood-stained arms. ized, t
To say that all shall be undona, or half un- of the
done, by secret contract between emperors snd brink
another Vienna Congress, is idle. It cannot disaffe
be, and for one reason, among others, because Still
liberal representatives of the people of Eogluud, make'
in tha House of Commons will not, we trust, preset:
follow the unworthy counsel given to tbe peers dcclar
bv Lord Rrougham and others, of observing a all his
pbilo Austrian silence on the great questiofi, has be
while there is time to appeal to tbe public opin- sfons 1
ion of Christendom against any new parfflion avail,
of Northern Italy. the Ec
[From the Loudra TlmA July fl.] for bii
If this armistice is but a truce, like that con-
eluded ten years ago, between Radetzky aud ' coojgjj
Charles Albert, theu it is a fatal concession on reodci
the part of Francis Joseph, for It will enable nQ les9
bis enemy to repair his strength. We will hope, armed
however, that, in consenting to*this armistice, j cr c
the Emperor of Au»tria has made up bis uiiud Q f
to the necessary conditions of peace. ewe
The nature of these conditions cannot hut -jj'
have presented tbemsclbcs to fchim. On the exc b a
evening of the day or Sulferino, all hope of re- j OQg ft .
establi>hinc the authority of Austria over any
portion of Lombardy muat have passed aaay Tbere
like a dream io the morning, lie must have eau { D ,
felt that the moment was coine either for ab*o
lute submission, or for another obstinate, hope- still'it
less fight, lie has chosen the former alteruu- ntinnr
tive. He has submitted.
Well, whut will be the terms? The progress «be nr
of this contest bas doue much to disclose to uh _
the character of the man who bas brought this i
campaign to so fpeedv a termination, lie never \„nol
swerved from his formed design, but be is ' ' ,
I never elated by success, and is content to march j 0 hn
1 step by step, and by short and certain advances Govei
to the objects be b*s proposed to himself, lie
may be expected to be moderate in the hour of f orcc .
his triumph, but however moderate he may be
Austria can scarcely expect more than to be al- J?
lowed to enjoy what ohe has for the moment seren
preserved. _
Lombardy is gone, aud the fortresses which en
able her to dominate over Lombardv canoot be . •
expected to remain unconditionally io her cxo « r
hands. Venice is n«it yet a part of the French U g tt
couqucst, and she may stipulate that tbe Queen .
of the Adriatic may be allowed to remain in un . .
independent character, under the most popular no i: c ,
of her Archdukes. however, has *• .»
fallen beueath the sword, ana the conqueror n (
must dispose of it according to his will. It is
Tbe House of Lords was about this evening, «•
solemnlv to debate the propriety of interfering «
bj' mccfiatiou between the warring Powers. ,
have themselves saved us the humane, hut
verv deliberate ente^J»ri^M , . The just and com- j n rr tl
prcbensirc terms which 1/ord Stratford de Rad
clilfc was iirepared to advocate in the House of .. ..
Lords, will not long be at the suggestion of Eng- ore t c
lane, Germany or Russia. Austria has cho.-cn j! ~
to'take the sivord, and by the fortunes of the r w
sword she must abide. Any rccommencemeut conje
of hostilities is out of lbc<juestion. Her enemy f « j
is now in the position which she herseir hi'lit,
when seven days sufficed for Radctzkv to finish
the war. Refore this truce is ended, the Frem-h
arm}* will be thoroughly refreshed and reinforc
ed. A fleet o! gun-boats will be ready for -n
launching upon the Lake that surrounds Man- . r l
tua,and tlie great army will be ready to make its
descent upou the hbores of Northern Italy. " l " t :
Rroken and dispirited as Austria now is, she ia J" ™
yet better able to fight at.this moment than r>hc
will be at any future time. ,
We believe, therefore, in peace, and we be- "P .
lieve that the path to peace will be made 6mouth " a:r . t
to her, for the Emperor lias won the advantage
which, for the moment, he proposes to himself. .. ~
He has climbed this day's journey, and he i* "■"*
probably inclined to halt, ami rest and recruit
ilia strength, and measure the altitude before
him. If this should be so, and if this war he
tween France and Austria is ended, Kmnve r
comes, tremendous in power, out of tbe con- " a *
fiict, and Europe will look on with still increas- ®
ing interest, much meditating upon the future,
while she rests upon her arms.
. Ttcws op the pßEsca jocrxals. are <
The Paris MoniUur, in t;ub}ishiug the oQicial
'dispatch, appends the following remarks: "It H^rc
is necessary that the public should not misun
derstand the extent ot the armistice. It is lim
ited merely to a relaxation of hostilities between
the belligerent armies which, though leaving t
the field open for negotiations, do not enable us u
for the present to see bow tbe war may be tor- '
ir-matea." , lra r
The Patrie says: It is good to put public cros
opinion upon its guard acaiust every surprise. .
Speaking of the approaching negotiations with V
which the public will be occupied during the
arroi?ticc. the ratru calls to mind the program- . g
me traced by the Emperor before his departure .
for tbe army, which pointed out that Italy must
be independent from the Alps to the Adriatic.
The campaign in Italy has given to ibis projret
the sanction of victoty, therefore, if negoti.i- jj nj j
tions take place, thev cau only have as a basis
tbe complete independence of Italy. The
Prtu* explains the note of tbe Jlontttvr, and
the ofGcial communication, as intended to put D j c j
the people on tbeir guard against being led away
by visions of peace. Ail oT her papers express
- the same opinion.
Important Agreement betvcoa Xossnth ard £
Looiß.sepole9n. gol
■ ma
[Froni Ibo Londuu TUces or Jolr 6Ul]
From a perfectly reliable financial channel, in* *
♦ formation has unexpectedly been obtained, to- « 1
dav of the intentions of tbe Emperor Napoleon ag:
1 with regard to Hungary. They will excite *ur
-0 prise, hutthecharacterof the parties from whom t
l * tbe account is derived, and the nature of tbeir guj
opportunities for obtaining details upon the sub- .
ject, are such as to leave no opening for incrc- w
bas bv this time had an interview '
with the French Emperor at head-quarters, and 8111
, the circumstances by which their meeting were fee
preceded are thus related:
Col. Kiss, who is residing ia Pans, and who ]
married a French lady of fortune, conducted all da
the preliminarv steps. Overtures were made t«> » T
him which he bad to communicate to Kossuth. '■
and be bas, therefore, of late, been constantly sU
to and fro between tbe two countries for some
m time, and found it impossible to bring about any
understanding. In
Kossuth required guarantees of the good
le faitb of tbe Emperor, which his Majesty tocsi
tatcd to give, and it was at last resolved at Pa- P*
to send Kossuth a message, that a detennin
ed atiou bad been formed to raise Hungary, with
!S - or withont his aid. Kossuth replied that, in tbst th
ct! case, he would issue an address to the Hungari
u-r annation, warning them not to believe tbe Em- c
au peroPs assurances. This proved decisive.
ieu suthwas invited to Paris, and left.London.for
that city two days before' the departure of bis
Majesty for tbe army. *-= - - f
or He was received at tbe Tulllenes by tbe Em- U
r ™»ror, and certain definite conditions were u
. agreed upon. Thev were: •
uj, first, That the Emperor should pre Kossuth
h« cuc b a corpt and arms, and ammunition
* D to any extent required. i : • * •»
lrt » Second, That the Emperor should issue first a c
cnl . proclamation to thelinngurian nations, and that
o1 this should be followed bv one from Kossuth. 1
xin Third, That in case o'f Hungary rising and c
gbt frocinc herself from Austria, France should be c
uer tbe first officially to rccoguixe the independence t
of that country, and should then, obtain*.the «
same recognition from her allies,
the Fourth, That the Emperor should allow Hun- f
ia's cary without interfercucc on bis part, to choose
be ' fier o'wn way and form of government, and to <
bcr wlccl f or ber sovereign any ,>crson she may j
ierc deem most desirable. , ,
18 a Fifth That the formation of the Hungarian ,
nili- Lesnou'should commence immediately, and
1160 Lastly, As a token of agreement to .the fore- ■
°P lc coins the Emperor Kapoleon ahoaM place three
nlr r millions of francs at Kossuth's disposal, the
n go. maoacement of which (Kossuth having declined
' lloU to acwpt it), has been placed under a Hungarian
«».Tl Committee now acting at Genoa.
Simultaneously with tbe adoption of this ar
"ICC» ran cement. Kossuth received instructions to rc-
V Da * turn to England, and agitate for the maintenance
-T t . of a strict neutrality—a task which the public
" bci are aware be faithfully Having delvy
, cred several public speeches in this country. Tie
ccrcd then left for Italy, and the latest intelligence
>, are w to bim is that, accompanied by Col.
rop®* Kiss aod Maior iWelmassy, be was on his way
to tbe Frenoh beauquarters.
Italy in conclusion, it is only necessary to remark
® T that two or three days after tbe conditions with
nsula Kossuth were agreed to. Count Walewski gave.
yoke» jt is understood, to Lord Cowley tbe mostposi
*» live assurance Uiat it ii not tbe intention oi the
Emperor to make use of any revolutionary ele
ment—which appear to bave been totally at va
■ cam- : riancc with the preceding facts.
(ready j t QO t the business of iookers-on to attempt
Teatcr explain the
lo . s that the commitments of the Emperor are' be
tt'a °f |it*ved to be clear and unqualified, and that it is
trayed thongbt likely will uowi»e«denied!n any e«-
ew the ggotiai degree cither by Count Walewski orany
other personage.
St. Loos, July 22,-TheSant* of the
f admit ill, has arrived at Independence. Thjlpdi^s
apf all previously reported' on the roate have di*p
fiprence I peared. Tbeir FbertO>out« is «nkp®wp.
Oplnlon«f«Llberak F«"
Count Pulsky, who represents the radical asce
Liberals and Revolutionists; writes to the New Sleep
York Trlhtint as follows: xnorni
Lo*pox, Friday July E, 1529. {wo 8t
The telegraphic message of the Emperor tf near
France to the Empress, which announces on or*
uiiolice, is here, of coarse, interpreted as ti sign P ersol
of ao approaching peace.'- But just in the same instat
way as 1 predicted in January, what nobody be- gondii
Jiercd, that the war io Italy bad bccomeirrosist- .«
ible, 1 now again main lain, tkat t),< trace trill not
Uad to ftare. Napoleon has solemnly declared orer 1
that he must continue the war unttl the inde- tie tin
pendence of Italy is secured from the-Alp* to drows
the Adriatic, and I kuow from persons who saw .
bim three days before the truce, that he is still elapst
bent upon complete feupremacy. Accordingly, scare*
if Austria should even consent to abandon .Loin* his n«
hardy, he will insist upon her withdrawal Zrum
.Venice, and this concession cannot yet be pal- Th £
stable to Francis Joseph, though he bas been early
terribly frightened by French occupation of yfceg
.Lussin and Cbesso, next door to Fiume and
Zngin. It is true the Austrian army fs deinnral- tu^ e
ized, that the Emperor went to Novi on aecouut adjoii
of the disastrous retreat, that Hungary is on the gtory
brink of insurrection, and Bohemia and Tvrol
disaffected. fl t oori
Still he can't make peace unless be should three
makeup his mind not only to dismiss all bis work
present Ministers, but himself. His a y j
declaring war in liungafy in lb4B and '4V, and b
oil his system of government since that time, a ? e E
hos been a terrible mistake. To make corices- flagrs
atons to the Italians, would not now be
arail, but would excite all the malcontents of _
the Empire to the boldest steps, and would -sarii uotei
for him the contempt of Germany. The .&us- io mt
trian army is not yet sufficiently beaten, and. the Th'
. enthusiasm of the German officers has not; yet .
cooled down to that extent as to make the sur
render of Venice necessary; and Napolcou, mere
unless defeated or forced by an European parts
armed mediation, will not make peace un- t
dcr conditious excluding the independence ..
of Italy beyond the Jiincio. Such being the "Iy i
ewe, wc may safely infer that the present truce score
will not lead to anymore serious results Ibanao y 0
exchange of prisoners. The Hungarian battal- ,*p
ions at A£ui, iu Piedmont, have been considers- ~
< bly increased in numbers by the last battles, fully
There are now four thousand men under arms, Norn
I equipped and officered in the same way as in .
Ifc49, gathering around the Hungarian flag. f .
Still it is not probable they will soon hare an form
opportunity to take the field. _ Tbey arc only abou
organmng under tho eyes of Kossuth, who at Geor
the present moment is in Turin, after having
made a trip to Parma and Valleggio where he 1
had interviews with the Prince and Emperor damn
Napoleon. The diplomatists watch his more* broki
meats with most intense attention, and Lord
John Russell has already warned the French
Government not to ally itself with these revolu- ,most.
tionair movements, lest Prussia should he SIOO,
forced to declare war. Prussia, however, lias uppe
no great eagerness to inrade France.
The battles of Mageuta and Soifcrino were a unoc
severe warning to them, since thev knew that tent,
in tactics, force and organization tlie Prussian an< j 5
army is inferior to the Austrian, while it Gvnc- ~ ,
rals, Wrangal, Ronln and Williams, are still less
experienced than the unfortunate leaders of the by T.
Austrian army, defeated iu every encounter rente
with the French. The Prussian government v| c fc
has tried to buy a journal here to represent the
policy of Germany in England, but seeing that 1
the English press cannot be bought, they think rical
now of establishing an organ' lor themselves. whic
It is scarcely necessary to say the attempt will <p o
end in a failure. # . ..
Hanover is very jealous of Prussia, and fears belln
that she may be swallowed by her more power- som«
ful neighbor. The Prince of Prussia, surrey- trunl
ing the extent of his dominions, cannot fail to ...
tiud'that they hare two organic defects, in fact ims '
that this territory, compared with the political their
pretensions of his government, is at any rate i oo fc<
not large enough, and that it is likewise wanting -
in breadth. In fact, that unless Hanover be- 01
comes a portiou of Prussia, she cannot maiu- tit*?
talu her position as an European power. will j
From WatlilDgiou. look
[Special LUyalck to the N.Y. Tribune.l by n
"VVa&iusctos, July SO, 1£53.
The nomination of Buchanan by the I'itis- * 1
burgh J'utt, one of his favorite organs, imme- fore
diately on his reaching Bedford, shows it a peri<
movement that was preconcerted, and coufirms
previous indications here which were well t
Known in political circles. This step was not the
expected so soou, and has been precipitated by of gi
particular causes. It virtually notifies Cobb The
and the Cabinet aspirants to withdraw. . .
Attorney General Black has giren an opiniou *
that the conditions which Toucev sought to in- publ
scrt in the coal contract for the bureau or Con- dilic
btructiou were not authorized by the terms of _.u
the advertisement, and hence cannot be iucor-
E orated. So that device to break the contract " a »
as failed. ----- trac
Slidell is expected here hourly. lie disclaims
mouefctly, by private letters, desiring the Presi- .
dency, hut would serve his country in an est- e*
gency. llis personal relations with Buchauau p&te
are considerably cooled, like all bis old friends, will
There arc twelre cases in Prussia involving c j m
the question of the rights of adopted citizens b ...
abroad. w .
Another Boad.
A well-advised railway correspondent writes
that he has adrices from Logansport to the
purport that the Toledo, Logansport and Bur- of i
{moiou lUilroad Compauy commenced laying m ot
track at the New Albany and Salem Railroad
crossing, on the 10th inst. About 3,000 tons of
their iron has already arrived from England, ol 1
and is being rapidly forwarded westward, and par
they have bills of lading for the balance cou
tracted for. Tbcy contemplate -making a con- „ ,
section with the Peoria and Oquawka road, at A
the State line, by the lSth.of October. Our witl
; correspondent thinks that, in view of the large ban
L crop of wheat already secured in Illinois, this ...
' line, when open, will probablv hare a very
' large Ireight busioess to Toledo, as there is a us.
| saving by this route of nearly 1,000 miles, over j
. bhinments made from Illinois by water commu
nication via Chicago.—A*. 1". Timet, 21«£. *ta
r —— —■ Wc
The Recorder's Court commences its tec
next session on the first Monday in August. .
-- er«
3 A few more of the elegant "blue and eT(
gold " coyies of I). B. Cook A Co.'s Directory ge ,
may be had at their bookstore.
JSP The penury case connected with the tip
Washington Guard fracas on the 4th, comes up inf
it again this P. M. wt
ggy The People's Fountain, with drinking
ir cups attached, adjoins the northeastern entrance ta -
to the public square. on
pf Yesterday was the perfection of a mid- re
summmer's day with a cool, delicious breeie na
re from the lake prevailing throughout. sh
io jgf Coroner James held an inquest jester-
ill (] a y 0 n the victim of an itinerant brickbat at .
jl' Lyons, injured there on the 4th inst., as before
lv stated by us.
n*e' —~ " ni
jy Michael Brennan, a drayman residing on tfc
Indiana street, yesterday bad his legbroken by u
falling before the wheel pf his .vehicle, which
» a . passed over it. u
:"j* pa?" Noma i Hyde have Leslie's, Maagarine, w
i»t the Knickerbocker, Household Words and Go- w
"• «ley for August. New supply of the *' Hastadon tl
ConsteDation" just received. • • 1*
|^ r - £37" Assignee* Sale at auction by' Gilbert & n
U,s Sampson, of Mineral Water. Manufacturing Es- 8
in- tablishment, Horses, Wagons, etc., this *
ien xnoroing at 10 o'clock. See advertisement in
another column. .. , . v
lon 'pT One James Maratla, formerly of this I
*t a city, and. said to bare been a " spotter?' to the c
hat j.olice, which avocation, to be sure, scarcely <
J* ad calls for and isJittle improved by high moral
Ibe excellence, has been sent to the workhouse in i
", ce f>t. Louis as a 44 vagrom." ' .
the « -- ■■' '
«3pWe learn that in the south-west out- J
IBD * iktrts of the city,, near Brighton, an unusual i
fto collection of owls, a kind of convention in fact, i
aiay is iu progress. A sports that vicinity i
shot eighteen' of these birds of Minerva on i
Tuesday, afternoon last. What does the gath
ore- cring portend* Will the AudoW Club inves-
Ijree tigatc?
the. ■ •
ined - fay A series of petty cases are in progress
iriuu Leforc Jastice De WoliE, in which Smith 4Du
i ar- iloolins are the plaintiffs against alleged recus
-0 rc- aot aobscribers to the Directory recently issued
b j firm. The defendanU several of them
it\w. allege that their subscriptions and advertise
y,iie ments were procured by the express and direct
!*? c . e assertion of the canvassers that the Directory
| ™ was D. B. Cooke's. ' Since it has proved "on the
contrary, quite the reverse" tbey
mark t-ikincthe work. They are still pending.
1 with ■
G*™. EoactJit EcaM*!— Discovery of the defect
iFtbe in the "Grand penumbra! Prognosticating in
y ele- atrumenta." • The citixeos of Chicago have pro
at va- laidj noticed that it invariably gives hot for
: t cold, and " vice versa." This is caused by one
o°Say estrawbeei in the instrument giricg a "reverse ;
re be- " motion." It wfll take several days to remedy
kt * 6 tUt defect, meanwhile extremely warm weather*
or any may be expected a portion of the thne. Fur
ther information may be had at the Drugstore
of Stebblns i Crampton, 13C Clark st, center
. _ ofiUdisoo. ,
lor the j Xce cold soda and superb syrup* eon
-1 staotly on hand, with elegairt duirs
» . forUm
Fie* ox State Simrr—Sbociixo Distcbe
i*c* or tbe Biluiix's NiP—He Ooeth to We
Sleep Ac»i>\—About three o'clock yeslerdaj Ctaefl
moroing » fire broke out in the re»r part of the Ms fu
Wo Btory wooden tenement So. 271 Slate »treet, »oni
near V»n Bnren. It Brat diEcorcred br entj-f
persoßS passing in the street, «nd an alarm wa« the «c
instantly giren. The Dames spread rapid!?, who 1
sending op » brtlliant li s ht, but tlie bellman on f Dn * I:
the Court llousc having in bis nap just turned m tu<
orer with his face to the north, it was some lit- ' he ™
tie time before the hubbub below reached his ,lrn -
drowsy cars. Full ten or fifteen minutes "hit?
elapsed before he struck the bell, and then Hawk
scarce a score of ttrokes, turning in to finish amon
bis nap.
i was a
The Fire Department were on tlie ground as Qf
early as was consistent with the ralaablc ser
rices of the iodiridual nforesald. In the mean*
time the flames had extended to the premises marr
adjoining, No. 276 next south, being a three
story frame strocture, occupied on the lower w^e »j
floor as a store, and also to the end of the frame
three story block next north, and were well at q otc
work before a pint of water was thrown. Had na j t _
a high wind prevailed at the time, mnch dam- s j nce
age most bare been done in a wide spread con- c
flagration. Indeed, at one time the large three r<
sto*y wooden building known as tbe Eastern j n^e jj
Hotel* on thfi corner of Van Buren street, was
in much peril. t tbcm
The Depattment tinder Chief Engineer iltr- Mme
' ris worked nobly and got tbe fire under in an Q ar j
incredibly short apace of time. The upper i
I and tbe roof of the block next north considers- j
i bly damaged. The Eastern Hotel was only f
I scorched; throt
So. 2CS to 272, a block of four houses, owned
by G. W. Snow, slighUy damaged by fire, is upoQ
fully covered by insuraucc in tbe and
Norwich Companies. In No. 272, Mrs. Delano t
kept a shirt depot down stairs. Her stock and j Q j cn
furniture was got out, but damaged by water, abou
about SIOO, on which there was no insurance. from
George Day and family occupied one of the tip- dian
per stories. Furniture all saved, but slightly fieen
damaged by water. No. 274, where the fire
broke out, was occupied below as a fruit and ci
gar store by Ellas Loebee, whose stock vraas Tuea
.mostly got out, but damaged by water about agaJ
SIOO, on which there was no insurance. The of
upper floor, as stated, was untenanted; 274 i was . ;
unoccupied and injured to about tbe same cx- (
tent. The building belonged to ILB. Stevens, - a fu
and is insured in the Fanners' Union forsl,3oo.
No. 275 was occupied below as a dry goods store c j-
by T. Parsons k Co. The upper apartment was thfi
rented by F. Harrington, stage manager of Mc- remi
Vicker's Tbcatre, as a residence. Tbe furniture an(J
was all saved, but Mr. H. loses a valuable theat-
rical library worth S2OO, and other articles, on
which there was no insumnce. jy» e
To return to the case of that Court House
bellman, that individual would be invaluable to
some Anodyne Cordial man to show ofl" bis nos» e^cn
trum. For the sake of citizens, who through
this elevated Rip Van Winkle, may be burned in
their beds, let him be brought down from the
lookout and put into that weak second floor
of the Court House vestibule, where toutid J
tletftrt are needed. We trust Mayor Haines Stbi
will give that post to Mr. Capen, who may thus font
look out for hot solars by day, and Jira, as hot, C oul
by night. mca
American Railway Review.—We have be.
fore us the first number of the above named
periodical, published weekly at No. 19 Nassau
street, New York, by and under the auspices of
the "American Railway Bureau," anassociation
of gentlemen connected with railroad interests.
Tbe principal object of tbe " Bureau" is to col
lect from reliable sources, both private aad
public, all information tending to show tbe con
dition, management, history and prospects of
rll the railroads in the United States and Cana
daj also the conditions of the superstructure,
track and equipments, the character of their
freight and passenger traffic. Attention will be
given to the engineering art, manufactures and
patents as connected with railroads. The paper
will be useful to both mechanical and civil en- * lw
gineers. A record of all locomotive engineers
will be kept at the " Bureau," with recommend-
ations as to fidelity, ability and temperance, Jol:
that may be given by companies employing them the
The %t Bureau" propose, with the cooperation f° r
of railroad companies, to offer prizes to the
most faithful and economical locomotive engi- fen
. ncers, giviog enconragement to avaluable class Te j;
of men in the railroad service, and of great im- *
portauce to the traveling public. We especially rod
call the attention to the special objects of tbe 7 M
"American Railway Bureau," in connection anc
■ with nulwaya, stock and bondholders, brokers, Btri
bankers and insurance companies, Ac., as ex- ®°
; hibited in their prospectus in the number before 1 " c
1 ufc ■ . , . d«
Nabbow Escap*.—A most singular ctrcum. cQr
stance took place a night or two since in the rQ£
West Division. A lady, the wife of W. M. q
Egatt, residing on Owen street, had, the day we
previous, submitted to the extraction of three gto
5 teeth. There was nothing unusual in the ope- frQ
ration or its apparent results, and only a mod
erate flow of blood. The next morning, how
-1 ever, about two A. M., she was awakened by a
r sense of sufiocatioo, and found her mouth and m£
throat filled with hlood > which had also flowed
e upon her chest and shoulders, and upon the
p infant in ber arms. In great alarm,medical aid
was summoned, the woman being much ex-
hausted and the flow of blood still profuse.
5 Upon tbe arrival of the physician, he ascer
:C tained that tbe blood came from the cavity of
one of the extracted teeth, and checked it '
1- readily with pledgets of lint. The lady had a £
:e narrow escape from bleeding to death. As it was,
she is left very weak by the loss sustained. Ik
• all similar cases, in the absence of a doctor, tho
r * blood can be checked by pledgets of lint forced
Bt into the cavity—a fact worth remembering. .
re w
Tas *kw Gov*a>**crr Harbor Ligbt.—The m
new Government light now nightly on duty at Gi
m the mouth of our river, has often been referred S<
V to by us in tbe course of its construction. Its
cll dimensions, now that it is completed, may in- th
terest our readers. The time occupied in the p
ie, work, under the charge of Col. Graham, and .
,o- well employed, attests the care with which ®
m the foundations of the structure were
laid. Tbey are of tbe most durable and
massive character. Upon these rises the super- g
structure, trom a base thirty-eight feet in diam- j r
*?'" eter, an iron pile light-house, in the clear ninety Q
J . tS feet high above the water. Tbe base of the
m dome is eighty-two feet above the surface of the
water. Tbe entire cost of tbe structure was
bis $40,000. Tbe light may be seen for a distance
Hie of thirty miles from a mast bea4, and from the
ely deck thirteen miles, I
:in est.—lt gives us pleasure to notice, that a semi- (
narv for young ladies is to be opened at Lake (
>nt- Forest in September, by Rev. Dr. Dickinson
ual and daughters. The daughters of Dr. Dickin- ,
act, son have been educated in the best Eastern in- j
lity stitutions, they have had considerable experi- ,
on ence in teaching, and being young ladies of su- .
ith- perlor ability, their seminary will at once com
res- maud the confidence and the patronage of the
western public. No better location can possi
bly be found for such an institution than Lake
ress Forest, and we have no doubt that it will
Da achieve apertnanent and wide-spread popularity
cus- usefulness. For particulars we refer to
raed their advertisement in another column, and call
hem t ij e attention ol parents and guardians to the
tise- recommendations of Rer. Dr. Kirk,of Boston,.
irect |^ r> D r . Patterson, of this dty.
Ptc Nic at Oak Forest.—The Sabbath and
Mission Schools of the First Baptist Church
m and the Chicago avenue Hiasion School, will
unite with their friends in a grand pie nic at
efect Oak Forest on Tuesday next, the 26th. The
igin- cars will atari from the Rock Island Deppt at
• pro. ot o'clock, A.M. As there are some six or seven
it for hundred children belonging to the various M'u
• one sion Schools to be provided for, donations of
verse provisions are solicited from those interested in
medv the Mission enterprise. Tickets out aad re- '
•MihtT' turn, 60c.—to be had at W.B.Keen's book-
Pur- store, 14S Lake street
Store y Meteorological observations taken by J.
»r»er H. Reed k Co., apothecaries, 144 and 146 Lake
street, July SSd, 1859.
• eo °" " tlmafrtg, B—Mtg. •
peith «f Sk»<bee*n«r. Bet
We learn that the celebrated Pottawattamie byteri
Chieftain Shau-bee-nar, at bis residence ou evcnii
bis farm near Morris, in Grundy county, on phaa
Monday evening, tbe lUlb aged about ser- tery o
enty-fire years. Thus baa passed away one of Welt
tbe actors in tbe earlier history of oar State, the ot
who has been prominently identified with our and o
annals, few of bis race wore so, and still fewer choici
in tbe name manner with him, as throughout Ebem
tbe more troublous times of the early settlements Jamt
firmly and uuwaveripfly the friend of the ning,
whites. He did good service in tbe Black 1
Hawk war, and by hii position and influence Avq
among bis nation often gave his white friends
sterling service. He came from a line of king*. . f(
was a nephew of Tecuc*eb, and was by the sida *
of that renowned when befell on the
hard fought field of tbe Thames- hand
Shan.bec.nay, was br birth an Ojibway, but
marrying among the Pcttawattoraie, according
to Indian custom be identified biouclf with bis
wife's people. la recognition of his services
1 and position, be has received from the Federal
Government since the'year U2i>, the an
nnity of two hundred drllars, and some years
since he purchased twenty acres of about
five miles south-east ofjXorris, as above, where anott
he resided until his dklk/ He was a man of Frani
intelligence artd sagacily, and * warm friend of this j
some of the earlier setters. His intimacy with Hoyc
them, and the esteem in which he was held by ey, ai
some of our older residents—J. H. Hiuzie, hsq., Wet
Gordon S. Hubbard and others—has resulted in
not infrequent visits to this city bj the old swec
chieftain during f ears P* 31 - 3lany or our
city readers will itmembcr to have gazed upon f
the stalwart fonr of the old man as he strode de j.
through our streets, his face beaming and aglow curci
with the curious interest with which he looked tfce f
upon our bustling city life. He was above the
rices which hare, too generally, put tbe finish. Mj
ing touch to the ruin of his race. Man
intemperate, andthere was a dignity and gravity ed ai
about him whic'a seemed to sever him widely atire
from tbe poor, degraded remoants of tbe In- g T
dian tribes of this section, not unfrequently stre{
sees in our city, selling their simple wares. &cr (
The intelligence of bis decease iu the ricinity
where he resided, was received with regret. Ou
Tuesday last the bells of Morris were tolled
as a mark of respect, and at the last obsequies
of the departed Chief, thus gathered to his peo
ple, a large concourse of citizens were present,
and among them tbe Fire Department of Morris
iu full dress. that
When we consider the close of fl life like that buy
of this old warrior, and reflect bow interesting P
the period of tbe post that life covers, we are war)
reminded how poor and meagre are the shreds Ketl
.andpatches that we*call history,compared to
that locked up and lost forever —unwritten re- 4 c
cords. Could a biographer put on paper the Fan
life of Shau-beenay, how rich and valuable Cba
were the of life in the Northwest, from
the period of his early youth down along the
eventful years that saw a nation pass away, jg
their simpler and ruder life replaced in the is ai
marvellous growth of the cities and common
wealths of this region. tiojj
■ Tea
Another Material Foil Loessi.no the
Streets—Scmuit Gravel.—Years ago well in. T
formed men—even among our own people,
could scarcely believe that Chicago had the 0 f p
means within her reach to become & well built, will
substantial city. We well remember when it
was supposed that onr streets and sidewalks f
would have to be planked for all time to come, soh
and that dingv colored brick was the best mate- jocl
rial we could get for our largest buildings. At
great expense the Board of Supervisors deter- «jw<
mined to briug the stooc with which tho Court bon
House is built from Loekport, New York; Tbe 50^
discovery of the Athens marble soon after re- yj 0
moved all doubt on this point, and it is now equ
universally conceded that Chicago has the ot 1
cheapest and the finest marble of any city in '
the country, and that years she will 3
become one of the most beautiful cities in the this
When the. permanent improvement of our
streets became a. necessity, it was curious to
see what a variety of material was found to P"
dress them in the best possible manner. The Tii
Joliet and Chicago Railroad has opened up to 1
the city one of tbe cheapest and best materials
for dressing streets that has fallen under our p r(
observation—we mean tbe Summit gravel of- I
fered to our citizens, as will be seen by an nd
, vertisement by George Barnett k Co. gOI
Iu order to be satisfied upon that subject, we x
rode over to Beach street, on the West side, bej
yesterday afternoon, to examine this material m j
\ and judge ourselves as to its value. Beach
street has been dressed with it for several *
! months, and all who wish can there satisfy
5 themselves as to its qualities. Though the c j,
street has been used mainly for heavy teams, it gr<
does not" rut" in the least, and the gravel be- **
- comes smooth and, in fact, nearly as hard as a _ e
" rock. Ms
The gravel is quite fine, bat on examining it A{
r we find that it consists mainly of small lime
-6 stone pebbles and pure sand. So free is it
from dirt, tkat it scarcely soils the band in ex
amining it, and the street shows that it packs }
perfectly. It has been used to great advantage
* in paving the streets with the Nicholson pave
, ment, and we arc satisfied that its excellent 3J<
qualities and tbe very low price at winch it can
! be afforded, will briug it into very general use*
Summit is only thirteen miles from the city, di
'' rectly on the line of tbe Joliet and Chicago Itail
'* road, and so bandy is the gravel bed, that pi
» Messrs. Barnett k Co. can furnish this excellent W
! material at the low price of fifty cents per *
1 square yard. This, if we mistake not, is only
* five cents more than is charged for ordinary
clay or street dirt. We advise our eitizens re- A
" siding upon streets to be improved, to examine
the Summit gravel for themselves, and they will
become entirely satitfiea that it is one of the to
best, and certainly tbe cheapest material in the 01
10 market Further information can be hod of
at George Barnett k Co., at their office, No. 132
k! South Clark street. C
ts "" " Si
I jy- Intelligence has been received here that
D " the notorious Charles Prendergast, sent to the
10 Penitentiary at Joliet from this city, for bur- ■
glarr. has been again as skillful in breaking out
as be has ever been an adept in breaking w. JJc
is a young man of about twenty-four years of s
age, * thorongh-paced scamp, and tbe very Jack 0
!r " Sheppard of lb# Northwest. He has been twice c
in * in the Wanpun Penitentiarr, or Wisconsin; c
once be broke out, and on being reincarcerated 5
found means to apparently reduce his health to a
bo low an ebb that he was released to die, which
83 be didn't do.
ice ■ - -
pp We are informed by Col. Wm. Jobnson, c
President of the Andubon Club, that the mem-
bers of that organization will make arrange- 1
3E / ments for a trial of improved rifles to come oIT
during the National Fair in September. A vain- j
Jte able prize to be given to the person producing
500 the weapon which will throw a ball the greatest
distance, and put the largest number of balls
to* into the (krget within a given time. The trial
eri* *2l of great interest to all sportsmen and
8Q * military men.
om- 1 "
the psr*The remains of the unfortunate young
t aai- man Bacon/drowned from the tng Salvor, while
ake on a pleasore excursionjon the 4th,were brought
will to this city yesterday from Waukegan, near
rit«- which place they were recovered. They have
rto been sent to Otsego County, X. Y., for inter
eall ment among relatives.
tbe fiT A aad accident has happened to August
ton,. Vogcl, vinegar maker, resident on State street,
his domestic relations having been turned into
vinegar, by the elopement of his wife Katrina,
arch taking with her three children and S4OO in cash.
\rtll Sharper that than aquafortis,
ic'at pf- Yesterday morning a horse was tilled at
The Randolph street, by the rtar-ty process. He
&t at w&9 being backed, got angry, stood up on his
crcn 'mid legs, then accidentally laid down "back-
Mi*- V ards" with bis head in tndi riolent contact
us of ith the plank* tluU be died in a few minutes,
.edin . .. —- ;
pf A man rejoicing m the general name of
' Smith, has been held to bail ou a charge of lar
. £!ny as bailee, on complaint of a Mr. Tiffany,
for whom be has been collecting, aad whose
by J. it U said h* li«* wnnmpriaiL^d.
Tbe Colombu and Execlsiur Base Ball
; Clnbs will pl«y a,matcb on_ the mcket grouud
' > at Bull'a Head, oai >Ted»«»4iylaaxi Joly 3< tb
- ttja at4o'clock,P.M. - -
... • . 4,;. • V.7 *2l ;»ws*'
Bcliciocs Ijctclligbncc.—The Calvary Pres
byterian Church was organized on Tuesday
evening, tbe 20th inst., ot the Protestant Or- OT
ph:xn Asylum in South Chicago, by the Presby-
tery of(X. S.) Presbyterian Church in Chicago.
We learn that some thirty members united in TTM
the organitation, by letters from other churches
and on profession of faith. The Church made Gania
choice of the following persons as their Eldera: -
Ebenezcr Jenkins, Bennet B. Chambers and
JamesOtis. The Rcr. Mr. Grares, late of Cor
ning, >*ew York, is the pastor of the Church. Garu*
A WinxtsG to Bors—Ccrrza's A-xatomt.— {ffyj,
A young lad named John Mahler about six ..
o'clock last evening on Buffalo street, took a
painful lesson 5n Cutter's Anatomy. Wbile at aaA*
pUy with a hay-cutter on inadvertent turn of • 0
the machine severed all the fiogers of his left
band, leaving him only inch-long stumps. A
charitable Samaritan passing by pitied tbe lad., \\
picked up the fingers and took these improper cjgfc
f.-actions and suffering integer to a neighboririg -
Sirgeon. Tbe warning boys should acc.pt- yl
With hav.cutters the mottoshould be Hands, off,
lest it may prove finger* off.
Smiths seem m a bad way. Still
another of that comprehensive family, : one
Francis if., is in custody and to Le examined abon
this afternoon before U. S. Commissioner P. A
Hojne, on s charge of paasing counterfeit mon- aj
ey, at Galesbnrg. He says fie did so Innocently. 341
We trust it may so appear. Ia
J3F*Tbe Great Western Band discoursed
| sweet music with charming effect on the Lake _sh
Shore Park, near the foot of Harrison street,
last evening, aud that to a very numerous and X 1
delighted auditory. Cannot the treat be so-
cured for a recurrence again and often during £££
the season of balmy evenings!
Marshall'sLectckb o* Hrsbt Clat.—Mr. tbe:
Marshall's lecture on nenry Clay justly attract- J*
ed an audience which if not large, was apprcci- TJ
alive, at Metropolitan Hall last evening.
Street Pheaciiisg.—On Thursday eveaiog
street religious exercises were held on tbe cor
ner of Adams and Franklin street, Bcv. 31ea»rs.
Stewart, Teed and Maddy participating in excr- A<
ciscs, the audieoce eing earnest and attentive.
Bct tre Best.—Massers Patent Ice Cream -«
• Freezer is the only that combines the jy
first principle of rapid freezing with tbe beatiug '
that ensures smootli and light cream, therefore Jt
buy none until you have seen Master's, as itn- '
proved for ISSO, at Vanschaack's, 47 State |
street, general dealer in' bousekefptfr's hard- JL
ware, tin ware, Ac., sign of the Golden Tea
Kettle. jy24satJcwed3w
Aqrival op New Goods. —Geo. W, Stevens J[
k Co., 77 Lake street, are in receipt of Magenta c
Fans per last steamer. Necklaces and Ladies*
Chatelaines of Etruscan styles of setting. Indi
vidual Saltz of fine silver with morocco case.
A tastr article for a wedding present. Jjt2
Kg" The head quarters for Skirt Supporter* j}
is at A. Graves', 78 Lake st. jyllfdlw
PT No. 47 State street will be easily dis- ££
tinguished by the sign of the Mammoth Golden tut
Tea Kettle. jylG-iw J>
To Close the Seasos.—ln order to make Q
extensive alterations aud enlargements in her
store, and also to make room for a large stock
of fall goods. Miss M. IL Marsh, Usb State street,
will mark down her whole stock of summer
millinery, and affix sucb prices as shall effect its
immediate sale. Ali $$ to #lO bats will be soM y.
at from $5 to *6.50. AU $4 to bats will be "
sold at from to <4.50. Straws, bloomers, *
jockeys and children's bats will be sold at tbe D "f
.New York cost. KicU ribbous will be reduced T
one third in pi ice.
Two shilling Kibbons for 15 cents; 20 cent Ktb- T
bons for 1-f cents ; nil six shilling Kuches for
50 cents; full band made Uuches, 37a very 1
neat three row Rusche, 12ic. All six shiiliog we
(lowers forSO cents, and all o'ber goods reduced offl
equally. A large lot of Lace Veils will be sold J:
at verv low prices. Linen Cambric Handker- -w
- and Gloves, will, be cleared out I
at cost. . A
To every l*dy who has millinery to purchase,
this sale offers unusual inducements. Noti6e
the number, Sod State between Jackson «
and Van Buren. jyll-2w
Wueeleu k Wilcox's Sewixg iUcinxss.—We n*
prefer them for family use.—X. Y. Tribune,
' They are tbe farorites for families.—A* Y.
> They are without & rival. —Scuni\fic Ameri
-1 wn * - t.
They maintain the pre-eminence.—A. 1. Ez- pi
For hemming, f tiling, tucling and gathering
no statement is necessary, as their reputatiou
for successfully doing this work, has been for *•
some time established.
- All tbe latest improvements, originated by the
best talent in the Union, are involved in this E<
( machine. Gsobge K. Cuittexdex, Gen'l Agt.,
iv7-lmo 16* and 169 Lake street. *
1 ; ci
I StXGEtt's New " A" late in
vention is designed to obviate Vvery difficulty
that has heretofore arisen in all Sewing Ma- b)
* chines. It ~hem»,fdlt y tuck* and gather/. The
t great demand for them already felt in this mar
ket, is a guarantee that they mutt supercede all
other machines in usej now on exhibition, to
* gctber with all tbe different styles of Singer's K
Machines, at 66 Lake Street. A- W. Harris,
t Agent. jeSl-2mo >C l
g pteieMogla the ocetiog bouse of the 1A CbriiUaa (D!i- J,
clple) Church, on Monru« rtrvrt tMtweea Abenl«ea »ud
C Backer smeto, >Vcat S:<se. tils Saturday erctdsg at S o*clock
inJoaSuftiaf *tlo!iA.M.u>lßP. M ( lit Elder W. T.
it Jloow from Frankfort, Ky. Suyett this e*ealnc "Tbt g
D Type aad tUAatl-Trpe." Scat* free.
.. —Dr. Fwtcr of tbe Xorth Werfera Unlrtnlty will pnach
In the Wabwb Avean* Melfcodte Charch to-taorro*—
'* morning wwl ereolng—osoalhoorof scrriss.
Pirlne Mfrice ia beld la tbe First £ngO<h Lstheraa
it Cbarch, situated on Muoroe ilfttt. Lctweea Clark aad
it Veils (pot the corner of CUrk), every tfabbatb. at 10)f A. C
T >L acd TV P. M. Salbath Seboolats3< P.M. SeaUfire.
The public are cordUH/ la riled to attend.
_ —SerrtcwwtU be beld every Sanday aflernoon n Unity
Charti, corner of Ohio and Deardom rtrecU, commendn*
-* at o'clock. Seat* tree. The Sunday School will com- 1
ie meoce at o'clock. J
II —R<-v. PirtcrStryker, pulor of the Broome street Be-
ic formed Dutch Church ofXew York wfll preach la Um Sec* t
, e end Reformed Dutch Cbweb of this dty, (Bev. J. 31. Fer- «
lis") eeraer of Monroe aad rtreeU, Side,
0 to-momiv at l&H A. aad alio at 4V. M.
Cirt ilaaio*^—J>U An«t*riu4 iProtestaat£pbcopa2) Free
Church, corner Indiana aad Fraaklla rtreet- dlrlae cervke (
Sunday erealaf ht a quarter to 8 o'clock.
—Chrlit Church, South Cbkazo—eenteea ea Sunday
ie next, at iQKo'cloct. A. M, and 4H •'clock P. M. ,
ut M AliIX IKD. .
Oatb<9itliln<, by the Re<r. R. W. G CO. W. ■
of STii>TB3>UCR<JB. of this city, aad MAItY L, daughter ,
r i. or Jared Oapr, of Wlaaetk*. ]
M U>e KVcimoad no«*,:irtltut..by th-Rer. Dr. J. ,
ce C. Burmuela. I'lllLtrUs I'HILLIPS. of >ew Yonc
Ctty.aad eSuCJI 3. WOoDIIXitS, of Chicago.
D » lathi* dty.«B thesl»t by Rer. tTm. H. Speaeer,
Od Jlr/JaOim J HAMaadi£l« M.-VVAK.NEK,
both of tooorolaglon. Lil.
to I——^——
la thii dty, on erenlne. >bt Lut_ at 7 o'clock.
>n, of Or««ut«ty aad
daagntcr of Alex. 11. aad MerrUl. agedtveaty*
t»o mootb*.
S m t Tn.TT,™
rial Near LonlsvUle, Ky.
, a Y—Stallloa Suke—B Mile Htalj—S3CD Entrance
tna # w forfeit—prorVled s or more itan, S*Xl
TTTESDAY—Ft*e to aQ Vim aad Getdlsg»—iLle Beats
be#t tbi** U> Pur*.
j Q c WEDNESDAY—Free for llare* and that bare
~, acTtrtrot'ed for mon**—Mile U«au» beft
bile three la Bv»_9So Pone.
. . THUBSDAY—Free for ail Uarea aad Ge.dhigv-3
gbt Heaia-fWPurw.
iMr FRIDAY—Free for all Hart» aad Geldings that haT«MT*t
ie*r trotted better than £.90 la tmhllo-lllle Bous
Ave beathmlillK-lilOltrie.
ter- besttuec la ttr<u_4*oO eatrascr, iufbifeit
—r«o or more to makea race—provided wt»
i*ttt» jSAO
DAY— PadßC Marea aad Qeldlao, beat thre« la
TUSt Mile Parae.
AD the abof* races tn ham*. _
« ei i Uomatzoalsxoa Wedaealay vfH hare the ptinkge of
into for FrfcLty'a Pane wtlhout refereace to time made
o&thalday. In all purses entrance JO per ceuUeicepi lor
m ftocxooldtA, vhkh 6e 7>< per eest. Eaca to eom
v oenee Monday, September lSia, aad cootlaaethroegh tae
ssn. week.
' stake#u>d«»etheßoth August. .
laeaae ef a walk urtx tor poxwea oarr one half will be
j . ajvea. W. E. MILToZf.
fd at gt d 751 Staw-to ; eecretajy.
?. c T?AMILY BAKERY.—W. E. An- I
1 his Jp drw w«M| a l the ittestisa of CunClei la that
vidaltTof the South IW b« to'he
So. 903 State <1 net, where be faaa coaUnuaJy on band. &e»h
es. from the oven, aad of the best malcral aad fall weight.
every variety of Bread. Utacken aad Cake*. •
ne of BUarticlaof Bread wffl aot be fooad earpaeed ia this
tfty, aafilo&g exaertetrt wvnata him la the expeeUtpa
f lar- tfeatheaaaaltbUpatioaitotheaaparticotaij.
- Call and «e. jyiftlw^so
XX baring chlldmi 3<ortT*d of a
mothf*! care will ftad a rood bom« lor tarn with O.
- Ball tak^»
' sSwyler Colftr, Soath Bead, aad
. • For further pMcalan, laqulra at SSI WabaA areaat;
[ Jy»l»djl7
jSTeto SUrtjttUgemtnts. *
CTC.II. SCRirEX % J2r*l x a Dr+rb>r*-t
4» aiJiwiari to rmrii* AitcrtUmuait for tAi* ami nft tk*
jMsdin r<rp*t» * y>mk Wt/tf. Jal-biiWy j 0(
T^OtTND —Caine into the enclosure
I.- ef the n«arthe CHr r«nrtery. a vc«:ns Til
Garden. J<orth Well«>uvet.
.1 IIESRT J. AXGEIX. who left Fruit H.I 1 .
rrorWeoce. B.
j If thlaaaoald me«ttb«eye i>f Mr. AageQ.by cULu »t t!i« Ar
I Garden Cltr lloiue within the next three or four ua*» be THE
eaa receive ftfc]*dolLni at the as&6 of a frtvod. Aor P*r- wUli
aoo kaowlagb.«whereabuu • wflj be»uluh;y rewaidcJ fry Hall.
kaefag laformatloa at tbe above hotel. d«i L
XJ k MA* WTTH A SMALL CATTTAI FoT the Slack srfrv
aai*. »lxturca on«o> ta«be«UrHeertea la lhecUv.<t«4a<
a rnod caab trade, aad la a good neighborhood. WUI be ■- ,
ao!dchttpCarpattea»haadJfooi approved paper, at the
present owner wahe* tago W«U. AddraaA.l* C-.
Stu Port ogee.
WANTED —Agents to sell a itso- r T
ful and artMe. Aa active man with a J
eipital of "FlVi caa be cwoenl ed ai «1
etreK Boom No. I Earlkataeeured 4r»f.
W ANTED—A smart, energetic I
H man to take tbe General Agency la thla St*e for PW
Greeley's Patent Supeader.
The cbeapetf and beat la the wartd. TTaOkeaQ other\ X
U perfectlr aitipted to the wacta of Ladle*. No man. tt ]
maaorehUd eaoitkt be wttbeot tbeto, ao mt will wl:nt 35)
they urt *tx* uwd theta. It cannot ailiie from tbe
■boulder of the bbjrer. aad fT
toockQag ooe ctnp whrn from toil M frer. I
AppCcatlnn jaay be made for a few dare at tbe Vstt«r«3 Ke&
Shw bon 1 lilt 4 otlock r.ic Ba»mNo. «a. *iu
D. J. GUtil^EY.
I al«o with to sen Town. Cou&tyor State RleUs far {lm>
maaufaeiare of UretieVa Patent Ebstie Slack aad Centre I
PanU. llf IhN lmpn>reaeut tbe worta «<f
Paat«*n> xnach eabaaced- while tbe coat b not. .
Shop riguta for nle la tThlcago. jySS twx
. 1 wiTlSellorlUutupoaawtxamudatiMtermt the fine 'I
new Brfck Strun Flirarinr Mill known n " VALLKi I
CITY MILLS.' four Dwrlllne ir>io>«4 and 3 Jiore H«>- m ji,,.
e»nnee>e<! with same. tn PlM*at>t V allev. cUM mIU-* v „
above Da-en port. Jowa. on the Mlaflarfppl Riwr. Thb h5
mill hutarve runs of roae*,aad all the cu hlA«rr |n<ou4- -j—
--p'ce raanltu onler. wins opadtv to make lit) barrel* "f
flour per day. There ban abundant aupply wbtnt In ."w"
tbe ImmedUte selrhborhood. I
■■ ■ ' , ' l — l ■ - • wi
rem Parza, for »al«s at manufacturers'prtees
BT J. P. 4 E. A. ULACiw k CO. La:
IS*o. 216.....J£Jd*1© Street *o. 21G r\
Mill address, ** llrl>U.l. Kendall C'vuaty. 'II. 1
qr-tVh pU.I Ut Haft. Jyt3-«m-dS4T
LO.VN—At Ten per S
Notea wasted.
Jcss-f B. F. ppyyiyo A CO.. Clark street.
AT ALT FOR SALE.—About 2800
X»X ' Bu-iteLi Prime Mai' f'ir «?e at Fu!ton Elevator. m.u
jT»gw d 331 No. 346 North Water »tf*t. To^
X ccl'ent Buekwbcat for sale THE.\P. Iniulra OH
of J. E. YOL'>G. office of N. T. ilenlH. >'o. 1> |i
Clara atreet. Ctlcaga. ji
Containing all the Priadpol Songs aad Choreas Per
formed by "OrdwsT'a Aaa«9oao ro<i nil _
PtAaoFoark. Elegantly printeOa&d bound. Price. SI I
Published by Oliver Diboa & Cj., Boswx X
JLI tba'ourtwocertlScaieaof depnalt aafollowa;
No. 7.1 Jan. 3d. l«9. for #525. and ,
No. Mar 24th, 1-ia, for 9100. - J
payable eich In American -iuld to the onicr of Jane Andi-r- "T
Mm. have been lu*L, and all aereou are notified n»t to |-
tlate tbe aame aa payment thexeoa has been stopp a. JL
We have Photographic Vlew» of one of the hand*>m£)t
laadJcape girdeni and resldeacea lo c>»
Boekfcrd, XUi-ois. J
The place li immediately on the bluff* of the rltcr, beau- l-
UAiliy laid out, graded aad adorned. ~j|
Tcegrouud* are perhape uaequakd for satunl and artl* vQI
fldal beauties, aod the dwelling la of the tuo*t mvdtm ftjii*. A<J
There arealableiaad other out»buildlnga coaaected wl,h w
the p-aee, which are all la complete order. I
Tbe whole eUabliahment ia one which will tarnish tn a , (r
Cxmllydtalrlax tt a country realdenee with dty adraatagw. Va
The property mutt he Mid for cash wlthla a week and j 0
' we will be to give all the la&innatlon we caa at eu r qi
[ office, S. H. KBRFiX>T A CO, »u
I Jya»lm-dajo No. 81 Dearborn ■
; j) B. COOKE & CO., 1
* ITo. 11l tiki Street, ?!
1 New Vols. Law Reports. »
Vol*. 10 aad IL (Taoaer.) £ach. #4.00 J
: ii. t«
YoL a. (Cooley.) #3XO Ot
111. il '
VoU. ij, O, ». Each
[ IV.
▼o!. 4. 03tb N. T. WJd
• V '
VoL Set $5.80 5?
i vi. >
Vol. «.... ISJO
f VII. «
e YoL s ts-M
»- x - 5!
t, U. «
PHILLIPS* EVIDENCE. 3 Tola. New Edition...|ti.W d
G-r Goods, 1
_ Alcohol* Poiasb« Acids, Borax,
PCItE Sl'Eltil
® naeblnery and iftare tills,
*• Large *oek la atore, which we offer low. -
J« XI. BE£D it CO.,
iT miolnale aad Retail DroggiaU. I*4 A lit Lake-rt. -
I7INE ARTS.—Mr. J. C. Wolf; J
X Landscape and Portrait Painter, wbhes to Inform t
Udle«andgroticroeawbowt»hU>>»tnbUclaaeln>kelcMn< 1
■*" aod palming fnjm nature, to meet at hb ruome. No. 21 aed
K* jjDf. Hamlit'a cuildlng. Maahlagiun rtnti. aeur cUrt.
08 TUESDAY, the ttth ltut. JyP-£U
X Tiox—ix tiie crrr or cmcjcv.
i»coaro«*TiD rilirilT. 1637.
OSee, 1M AIM Washington Methodbt Church Block.
TMj Institution reeelvre Depoalta of
by FIVE CE3IT9) j
sad upwarda, ftom aO clawea of peraoaa, ladad^ig
XSinors asd BlutM Voxubi
and aUowa Interest at the rate of tlx per teat, per aannjn.
ihrkJenda payable oa tbe flnt Monday of Jan'y azsd July.
~ Taeiriii:
johoH. Klmie. Wm. B-Ogden, 0.8. Hubberd.
ter c£o?w! Dolt Conrad L.t»s3il, Joha S. Reed,
E. S. Wllllama. O. R.W. Lull. Ak*. C. Coven&y,
J JohaU.lialaea, B. W.Kaymood. JaredOage,
on Nathaaß.KJdder.
Office open daQy during the usual howa of buriaea,sadoQ
c _
tnion Caahler. mytf-y
esA&ooASa rraavAoss.
sty- ——
B "Westlake's Patent Stove Furnace,
m ram w+mjut+b mu.v».
Supertot Sabbed
eats Slsq of the Geliea Tea Kittle.
f I ERS for Better DUha, Platen TetetableDbbca,
ss <fc MITCHELL,
Mfeit Propdeonof the
"™ fcltos sain E^irmas,
>e la , >
made Conaigaisenta aolidtad of Floor. Gain, Pork,
>t for Ae^Ac^Ae.
mbe TJRIJJTING of every description
X itPwittiWbiß.J»b OOer.
uy. * ~ wjL H.RAND.
An- TSAMPHLETS got up in the neat
-1 that X est manner, at the Press and Tnbaae Job Office.
jyg WM.H.IbLNP.
'elzhL Vy bn. Ac. Ac., atahort actlce. ai Pxms
-1 craamea. Ae.. la one or many eoian, u Press aod
dgQ Trttwae Job
■d of a XJ CbMs-aad a 0 UMbef Dook Priat-'
Irs. O. Mt.
!tS_- ■ : WM-B.BASP.
jfn P ■ wiLO-aup,
amusements. _
CooU Beiretklaz, Iftvlgontlac I
Asncable! Oq
vm im x 2*^s)
Ormnd Vic*2?ie aad Flmsot* Brcursioa
TO ravmL LAEB*
Arrange went* hav,» be*a completed that wLI nvia» thh Lo'ir
TllE I'ie->'lc«»f tbe S«a.>oo, amnnc other attrscr.>rfu Kitr
wUlbe Voa , at'llJ:C - «:nw."ital stu4c.l}oa)lfie.cnckrt, Pve Chai
ilall,and«thrrmui r jr.icie*. The train wtaileave the Carp
do Lacdctr>*.p'«-i ■,:■ at ei^h'-oVlock, Fu B
Tkfcrt«llAl.K A PuLLAR, whlcl.cxn be oStaloed <* Ke
.T. A. NlCnuLl-S. Su.4 Trnfle: DA^
ART GAL.I-El*.V. 1 Jke»lrrrt: H. B.OWkX. We 4 Laie I*l
atrrct, or;*. l*uua furs, aad on the can. Jyi9 d«IS iw ts*e
a——————— .j*
SO liCTlt. J
0 REXT— Room No. G Mctho- „
diit Charch ll'-oek. Apply to A
W.M. U. RAaKELL * CO-108 !.<>< .4. Beds
r PO KENT—Dwellinj; on Wa *
1 3oith »H-.So f8» Mohican street, fnnoitl/oeeW' imt
pled by O. W Dole. Po;«aka (Itc& Auhl U. laquJV
ofB.CAUI'EXrt.K. ira>«fartitre
r FO KENT—Several good bricV
.L <Jwe!Unf» with Alan, a variety of tenenata
at prima trum «33! ta m ABBOTT A KC(OMA?i«
SO> Clark atr>—t. apiac7To*o
RENT—A Rood two. story
JL Dw,*!Un.\ and Tcm. Xo, 77 Hunta aUveC Tbe h<m«e jj
(nnUlesun to,-tun, V new!v» (Alstnt ami la rood order. ~ —
Rentli/w. An.JvXo. g Dearborn
altetfaefoaCOJitX. J. li. RICE. <g /I
TO RENT—Honse No. 34 WasJi-
InirtoD •tfiet.o nt>Us abonat twenfv rrotns, atd U J
well a-.civ located fbr a IkkviQ 'C tfouM.
teaaats need arply. H. li.
WILLIAMS. No. 4 Pardee's Bulkllac; center of S-uth If.
Hater and Wells Jtrv*t. jyjJflßSlm il|J
r PO R KNT—Union Part Residence,
J» eonriAinrfoft two ud a>half tfoey Gothic Frame O
Uouae, with f U««u»* and Stable, very U»w-~4l*u pee to tJ
year—< wbhin two blocks ot tha hom railroad.) louulrc .if Am
DK. southwest cvnier of MadUon anu Clark st<e
TO RENT—A New Honse, jnst A
ftnlahed. ouLluAitStm*. It kas U rooms, bvlric* ai.
both-noir, par trr. clothe nsMea. and alx> plenty of
odea room; U wvll xip|4lcd with water, and the hoa>w Is a
every wav wt!l Cnt<i!i.-»!. It will be let to «eood tentst for «hl
•Aalayear. Api»y to C. J. HULL, comer of Like at*l in*
Laddie. J jyl«d?v«lat Vit,
'■po RENT—A New Two Stoiv Si
X DWELLING HOUSE. With a lar*e dry cell r.altV
atedlaaxnive lu«t of CleavervU'e. aetir 'be La*e
Soore.snd within "v • Uiinotce wai* of the Dep« t, lie
rtnted very low to u £v»-d Waast. IfdoalmLaud t->e r» f- w
eivncea are »utl>fv '«n-. tLc reut cut t* tsvil by the l«<ard uf |J
UUjoWßcr. Aud e«e CUcac» P O. JyvdTMlni J
i TET—lhv 'uf.'pud spaciousbslldlnc known as t k .e pro
DE >OTO hu.>;:. i: Galena. Illinois la new fu- tett. At I
eltherforoaeoraUnnof yrora. Tbe l>e Soto House U one dat
of the b«st l!»*e! Uii..
numlaacxtenalv* under an txpefleacrd man*- Ap
Sr. It U fur i:i Cr»t clm style, aad to aow undents Wi
gathorru«{b ie(n;r I'uitl aof experience and rt-*pCL*l- t*r.
biiiiy, fi nlj-r ii.ntcutirs wll be cluerfuliy an toi
sweml uf il>« u»ler«i<ned.
AppiicaUvaa wt:l be nctiveO until thfi 10th ef August I
lly order of the I)lrc»U>r«, ~w
Jy*l d.-M TC. A. SMALL. Secretary. I
F3U SALE—Stock and fixtun-a °*f
uf a Confrctl.it.iTT a-d Ice Cream Saloon. Apply at
Xo. 175 South Clar't*-r>.%t. 1
T?OK BALE—Schooner Ellen "Will-
A. Ut»UaU>wp(U«. Apply to the subtcr ber at Cntu.
tncrria) Bank. Raclco. J.W.ilOtinE. *
JyKddo* Iw SaJ
T?Oli SALE —We have a lew 1
X? COMPLETE FILES of the D*n.r Pas** aso -w
Tmnt fr.'tnJm arjr 1»t. 135». to July l»t. IS5«>. f..r *ie 1
li.qulreattncCmu;tlij<:R>A»m.slClar> atreet. Jyy<w i
I A fp-c t >Lll»IXO SEAT COVERED Ill'i.GY.
aLlantedfor <me «t two twmrf.ftJr aaleorezchance fbr a Uslit rfT
C»veta bmay. J. 11. KtEl> A
ft.! ' JrildSMK
A old aade3tib;>!»fl i!ru* Una. with a 'aiae eountrv %
trade, dirfrti^rt > utTre f.«>m bualneas, olfir for file UN-fr 1
vntlre stock of l>ni and Medlclnea npoa reaaoaable term*.
Addrtsa box Xo I'. U. JylS lm*
I?OR SALE—Houses and Lots on
kllcbkan avenue. W*«i<t Randolph rtu-et, Fanjult r
»tr*«t, Wt»t JacUob abtet. Des I'lalaes stmt, and We»t ei
Van Huren strctt
TO r<~Ucui«a on Wabash avenue tnd West PAn- f
dolph rtmt Terms wit £>vorable. Apply to U. >*. I
QUI MB Y A CiU No. & Walker's Bnlldln«. U Dearborn A
>trwt •
|?ARJI FOR SALE.—Cheapest in c
JL THE STAT£«-S3> arto*. tea doUara per acre. W
rich prairie, with rider U-d. twenty miles south of Cl»ca*t>, 41
by carria<e tfud. Jtuaicil fit the thorn Creek road. ni«r *-
Tuornton Matlon. on tbe MluatsCential 11. R.: I# P&rtljr m
fenced, ha* a food rout on b*b aSdea. and I. elo*elv »kr
rounded by cutuft»t«t Cwi-f. l*art <u*h, baUoce oa *l»ort
tlnte. If dwJmL A|»>ly to P>«t Uffloe Bos li*t. or at .N<>.
SUO Rawlolph street, otwaoor west of MetropotiUu H.»tel. ~
JyMmdt&l MRS. A. M. MITCHELL. -m
The IToom and Harn on tbe soutlieaat &,rt)«-r of ('Un*
ton an>t West Washington »t»rts. Rouse has ten mms
with c(o«eL<, . and Is supplied w»h *'atar. lT-
Lcsm "f ktouikl for t«*<> vimn with prtvliese. of n-newal.
Uround rent only *l2 pwr jc*r. Analy a the premises. r
Rent of the place wou.d pj> f<-r Itself U> three years. V
Jyl* lma-0 k.
gifclamtH. )e
WANTED —A iituation as 15ook- 7
T T keeper, orscncrai Cark. la any teepectabU bttsl- m
nesn. braynucc nun who has Vea a mldcnt «>f this city
for thieeye»'sj'a»t. Good references fivea Aildn«e M W.
E. box 41 P. O. Jrst Bx
WANTED— To runt a small fiir- -
nlMhedhnun* forS. 4or ( meutb«~ieat not to e*. ?
home to a <"od at>d caieinl tenant, wlti please address *<'
WANTED— liy a gentleman and
wife, to rmt for one year, a medium alted fur- f u
nlaliedhouM witLluUn wlnutea walk of the foet effi'-e. th
>outh L»lvU'on prefvm-d. r unhture will be weilcu«d fer
' and rtferenecs guanateed. Address Irraw«r
446 i Post Oflloe. JytMtx m
' \YTANTK I>—Ten Men as Travel
. f 1 ten A*cn''.••* *VI Ive tery oaeM IK»ertle Art!-
de«—two ua'cut-d. u-tA n>ute« jd*e» la all the W*»trit«
Men cut o\.-ir f.om 43 to »1A per day. Apply to "I
fill H. JOVE*. N.». M L«»»«*n I
* Clark and Dear bom— Lett J
"\\7ANTEH —A Principal for a y
T v HIGH t»- 11 >iL In Ccotnl ilDw-U pleasantly lo» u
caled. Itt a tlouriiililrp,- !o<» if i.wilntaWta»U. Ihe school jj
L«a«rade<l one—dhl kdlntJ »*rm trr, Secondary, Grammar
i au«J llU;'i -'U»il Deiuitments—with o mwri<nt
teichrrs lu «»f!i «t tr.«? t<«eer trades yin I
I ritx::al U wabtol wLi> h Uu,'rou£hlyacqtxaiaUdwtth J
?\ Joti (t <irod«vl S't-.' «. i.ni fu.l) cvwtiU-nt toltadi aJ u
tli<* -q'tlre-l fra ml?U»»oto the Freshman <"U.-# U
v -: •.'»•. t»f j; ..i..t--od. prictuallr. the ciieral f«
2i n oil detail menf. foe hj# Ii
v,^rs; Is uvoo a rtrm hsw>; avrraee ?>
Comp< tuition .IbrnU. Ap ly it
:_ - C*:tii<o.staßyti»e brtw*ett>*>i.a*d tj tl
a iii.i • y-.- - rx. on fue«lai aud WtdoeeJay, Juiyictk
a>Td T. b. htl-n
Eist.rineUwa yean of a<e. wULes to obtain a sltuar
- tion lu a »tore, or la any where taoit and Industry J
* wi.uld be found u-efti-. axy no oljfet to a permanent
Ktoatloo. Addresa JAMEs ARTHUR.bo* rid PMtOft
a fii*.
* —^
f lioatUmg. ;
BOARDING Two Gentlemen '
can obtain fcoinl with front tooais la a private fbmily
xtU avenue. Jyli lw> l ; 1
"OOAHDlNG.—Unfitretsbed rooms j .
1 B t»r one or two £aiiUl«a, and two furnished rooms Hif i
K< utlejnen, can be.bail with »«ard in a small wrtvirie £unily. i
Als<\ afewiUy U<ardenarede«ir>dat Xo. S0 9wuth Adama ,
street, between avenue. Jess-ltn* r (
■ I i
, a THURSDAT. JuIjSS.I3». J ]
A pmceadon wfil be fainted at o'clock 4. K. at th* | i
Tremont Houee, of the Fraternltyi •
Mayot, Comtsca CouacU. Judiciary. Members •>( , I
rj the Oflcere of tbe Cemetenr. aad dtliens who may : <
whb to Ma It. The procwion will »ove at 9 o'clock pre. i i
ci«ely. a&d march thence to the depot of the Chicago an<S 1 i
Miivaatee RaOroad. where a train of cars will be In
lug to convey all who may wish to to to the ctcuterw
(iraads free of chanre. • ' ' |
Cpoa tbe arrival of the train at Ibe ueneiaiy the foUowlci
wUI be tbe order Of uendses: J
1. Layingthe center stoma oftheCtopel. by the MwoaW
F: atenltv. •
• S. Introductory by tto a nttto Cese»
T SSSSS*r^.?I , D. V!
L A Qyiae. cotnpoeed fbr th* seeaalu to Rev. 9. F.
RmitKot «ic»lon.w£lberta<iby
aad sons by the esMr. * ■ <
(. Keadin«th«acilptares. by Rer.X.L.Rlc«tO- D. ,
ds. 7. Address by Rev. Xo«h Hunt '
a. MtMe, by lb* Bud, >
t. Poem.by Prcfl W. D.Gorfaaa. . '
17. 10. Hyma Wke read by Rsv. W. W. D. D., an 4
by Rev J. C. Bnrroaths, V. V.
r la. BeaedMioa, by Rev. Paul Aadenon.
AsltwQltolapowihltfbrtb* Boardaf Maaajm to fbr'*
tea, iweip***-
rt to to present, panic* an advtoed to take provUtoaa «.Ut
L turn. ToaceomxKMUt*tho«wtoar* *o provldad. s i
—* booth wUlbeerecUd upon tbe rrouad where a limited niAin
ber will be able to procuis tiey aiay MO reaMi
able charce.
A aa> at eetaetgy lota wfll take place o& tbe gnrasdi at
* tialDS wlfl n» to carry aS who nav *W> to vlrik
free or eaMfge. leattac depot ot ChW-ay> and
Milwaukee BaUroadaefotJAwa:
ST 1* tfala wQI leave Chicago at 9:15 X. x.
Srf f ** Hkl# a- a.
U " - ®;18 r. *,
» «k * " ** aa» ls.
Retußklac, leava Rosehßl u CiUo.was .
a Ist train 10:45 a.«.; txals r. x.; 3d. Ualn (r? >. •
~~ Itlsdealmlby ItoeomaiftteettotairwhoeßiwUlsobjp
OQ the coralngtrama so as to be pnaeat at the d«dto*lo<y ser«'
vlcwT L. D. ROOXE.
> Ckalrsaa of Committee of Anaraeasat*.
'• J. Y. 2- ULAXET,
JytS-ft-dSta - PmMent of HoaehlU Ceatfttry.
EL_ A tJNDER UXEX at emfly redncedorien. Qj®^
it' pLuttChemUefcSfct Fine Pura Unen. >U&bnMet«*atlaf
U- ki bin t-JO. All other kinds at proportionate BW-. r(M.
nma ttfaTEMttßOlDEKlta at about on* hatf »to «»ti i
D DRESiaadMAXTILLAMAKy»ttfiwm atylea rscaWe4
monthly from Paris, London afclXewTofiL • 1
>0„ jet-aa-utp . MM. Vn»VW. IM lAfc* j
ir* "PUBLIC NOTICE.—The imderi
JL- **eooU*ttolttofw* noSUr*. I
ro «nutbi« for any oonuacta or Xreemeais aude by Job< I
13. Ufiifun » lalhi Mffty *ftn. tear stoiLtha topxvte*
_ : >*«*€ tut** »• ««U—' a™
*** ' ■—"--m—linrruM ti Hini—
Oto9**M,(B &»***■«*>. # m
2 Z om-ni »
** two wwU. t"w *?.).. s,g#
" •* oMatoath. On*».) . sin •
** " three toowto. (4m tU.) 13J»
" " M* awMUtH. (KB *2Xj 90JO
of Prieaafer more space thaaO»«Sqm
mm to mm * *• Confine Bans.
AH CtoafM charged 80 onto par Sgw*
m»»iw»y a war Tmnp nm:
• Utt per Sqaaie. each week. tor tnt n«Mfc.
.3-™ " ** for each rabeeqaett axmll).
w" .** " ft>t ra* t*ar.
attftton jgalta.
Oo TCESDAY. July »th at »<* *. *. wewm»u at oar
nln ?*?ic *%. Lake Art**. a a.-vl wtciiGTimor*
ment of Xe* Furniture. UVcther witn •he entbv rtftcta of
a fea.ly <<fo« Earf. e-msbitmr ft parlor aod Bedroom
B £«it»l» *p»l variety. Sofas, >«» *r-l Ruefctac Chain.
Eta*ere. Itook Casts and SemUiJe*. MaiMe-1 oo t-kl.
Rica Turkish Ea»y Cn»Jra, liail Maa<is. Cant >M t'eatr*
Tables. Full Marble-> op Bure*n« and W**b*u»d\ Wart*
n>Us MjJu*iny. Oak and Walnut Picwh R*l«*ad*.
«n Lo>hixf*. JI-tTranM.t'ue Chair*, >©Ud t>a« Mdebotnla.
u Kxtmsfcei Tat»>«*, PrwtitAu* do, Common T«Ves «»J
<e Chalra, be Pitchers Dmtiw CbaadelenL
-u Carpets. Rius.Oi< cloth, Crockrry vid tJfciaawar*. KUcbca
Fa niture. Ac. Velvet Tap* >trv Carpet.
2f «.^ ul, £ > si* Fwo'turr. rarpeM, An-. TTD
* D M";- vxi Fridays ot eS* »eet
•* . Piitleedrellnim k<ro*eke*pia«wtf! flat! It to their aJraa*
tage to Mad their foot* to ue to aril.
■ .17* A aAMWOH. AncUoa—r*.
B Y c * n * KEl ™ & SOX.—
At»X o'doek thU day, 300 Cu« aad rh| «nt Cluln.
rt. Borwu, Lonaff, ilaOnmtt,
100 half fcaiTpta Trout*
r H bwnii A Xo, 1 lbctetl,
k iJDOOWood BovW,
t * AlMtte&xtam of » Bar: Bar Kami un> am! Llaoor^
All wiiboet iwrre ferC»*htf»ihelU«hi« b»t«d*r.
. v C. H. KXIT * soX.
* A«»rttw>iri%
II ' lccnoj,
By Kilbert Jt sanip«ou,
l Mineral Water MuiUrj,
rm On SATCKDAY. July SVL at ID o'ekvt wf wtll «D
p«v to tb* ht«W N-Mer for cuJi h* <m!tr o( » V S>I»TH.
■ .if of KrukU Scio«J»»U. ai No. II Suou>
irk tb«enr<re Fhtoiej, MoUUDerT.loraunu.-Vtur.
1 In* Jllarr J H'airr, wit:
Two Mineral Watrr
<t Ab>rtU SO) »<m. Utawnl Wuet liottiM.
* ** ICW SCTaenl Water hoips,
Alo—.l Good llorMM, A >«U of Uvm«, S UlMn) Wit*
™ Wirxi 4 , I Co* u4 c» f.
Al»o—Th« Good Will and Ul«tjtebll»hiDenL
•<* *hfchlaoM«fU*!*rg*<t&ndh»*Uk<tt*itraao , ciut«>Bier*
"Hi la y e dtjr. Any wUfa!«w to mitHm Ibe abnt* ai prt.
eall on a« at onr Aalwroorn. Lak« »tmt.
and If oot dl«>o«i of at a I vale nlv b«fbre tb« 3d It will
(V be «nid « auction ot\th«d»y **xw« la lUuUm
itTw "|4 of Uw rrootrtA for eaali h» u>« hutie*
!Z ouifiKT * SiMrsuN.^^
li HU-UKt-t toaunim.
!of pOII SALE.—-The Subscriber will
" to tlw bidder tor oaih. oa
) rulol^Uaia.Uoed
bv the I ntt -<1 Mate* to Jeanim At*lnv on« ft»r -» la
piwcmcnt la Kuen to Gr&la l!am«teti l> '' ssd kaovg a«
ft«. Atk'na Aaromlon Unptr vxl K>k«r, wnuh iutc»t la
one ilatMi DwmU rutai, r-bMtd
w the othw tor **Rsl>» npon Platf<xm* of Re peia." d»t«d
'M' AmUMib,I&VV, bvtt ot which weradutv aMUoedtoJ.S.
-yiv Hri^hr.&ndaPennnbtowit:—<m the lOtboaTof I *-em
n«r. ]»'•< t>fd««Uo( a*t*Bm*i-utlxUY executnlaad**iraed
an to me by the a«lti Jotin Wright.
_ AalfOMOfJ. S.WHcbt.
Pated Chicago, July 3. lasa. ]}+ln d?ll
E"E"a CO., '
>o. <7 Rudolph ftreet, CbleMO. Cl*
_ AmpW Bturajj* aad Akmaam* fur all kaid» ot aarchA»»
___ dbe. LlbrrilCaeb Advance* made on wnelgmurata. Oit.
dd 2f*'« i r P»w«pUy«t-i«.led to tad»>tUftc*loßCßarmtced.
v 3 rirrt-vU*i E»»tern, S.utltertJ and dty
II I "fOUX KAN KIN, General
U a vcr:ox a *i <r»i3ttsio.r Msncuu.xr.
ntu. ,r: *t. t fclrd door out qfthe Brt<x> Room.
!. fa** Adftßcft nude oo Goods for hMw aut Private
Sole. l'*r!lru!aratieutloa *lTen to out4oi»rmJm.
Rc<oW rale day*. Tuevtaya. T&nraday* amt tot«rd4T«.
,\y Ample .St»rj«e Rwomafor real allow iWe*. Jel>y-d374
wal ii. iiaskell * co.,
r— So. ICQ Ut( Untt i tappen broa * old ataad).
[jy Liberal ea*h nooila fljr trabbc or private
ui-t ole. atie<>tlon U sdea of iloweboht Fur*
a v._ oUare at private tu>ofa« Real >l>tat« fair* on the eround.
j, and M ck» of Uetvb uulUe at ahe^a,
r OT Aewwa»»of «oeare&dm.t aad aKUed wYlbla twenty
foaT boun> **'" "***• ■ >»4-ly^lM9
-521 " ' AOCTIOKXSKS ASD Af?BAla*a».
.. OVear the Poet OiSceJ Chicago, Cllaois.
Ijlt tVCaakadnacM ob all kladaof Vuc^udbt,^
k'«»l ww. a. acTfm. feMv-etai «. p. MHil
jti.l Win idwaw oo evwy deacriptlon of cood« oonalcwd
Auction Salea. Of" strictly a t-mninl—lun Utmaa.
nfer 'bidMVJ uvvil tviavr
irtly I———
aun oicf(anse
»ui. ...
. ii e nareTHl. 1 *
"•s voi<u OP
iS". JrM'» CLARK ASP UttJT. «S
at the Bmken Board la New York
JeSl-Sm E. K. yiLLARP. No. 5. CUrk-rt.»
~£. \rOX EY TO LO AN .—We Lend
h , l4 i -L*A Money on Read Etfate Secoritlc* ranalnx ft*w* rfx
" „" atoflth* to two yearn.
Jvi- We Dlarotuit flnt-c-'iaa ("ontnerrlal Note*.
_J** WeNoxoUaUUirwloavoveanlauMbearinctcnMrcaat.
t&temt. UAil, CQAUttERA * CO.
\lf my7-y Clark Cbway.
r* 0.1 ."IKW IOHS.
. j lt | DnfU, Aeeeptaneea, aad XotrapaU la Hew York oath*
. day of ataturtly. or laet dsv or and meney depoirttMl
J®' for account In the dtv of >'ew York, aod <«ot to cttUa la
ta>t, tit* vldftity of New York, ua Telegraphic Orders.
iw«r apU ty CKA T-I'*r*pk Oflca*
?}: ©rattal Cotters.
atrlTl ■ 1 . ■
ij%, T7DUCATIOX— A gentleman who
il-lt* JLi retrlvnl hL» education In the Uulverttfy of Pnl lht.
and «bobaah.-id much etperlen-eaa a "eaeh.r. would d*»
a v <x« h->urs dally 1 > »Svtnjr lo«truction la the tiro»k»
Labnatd Kr*nth Larptajti*. Refmnm »• to character
? '°7 and e mp'trticr r>«i Kur vartlcuiara addrw " w rv.
ch.->l D,"drawer SyOJ. Chlcajr> P.O. J-.519**
unar - - ~
> _L 1 WilttenpropoMl«far prtvlle«ea to ftirnlah
Ii aJ twni* on the rarOioui.d* «dibe nceived up to Atuput
i'U.-* i«t. Taret.eaUifUonlr wiQbeaukL vis: Two Tint Ctaaa.
Herat f«>r IM M«aU. T"<» <;K*e, do. Tw«< Kirat ClaM,
I hj# Jre J»*xla Water, t.'off.-e. Tea. Prult Ae; ked atx
riur tfecipdCUwi. or "Cat *nd Ue*r~ .-butd* Jdvuncwpay*
iji If ihen>a.orcoo<i «ecuri*v Pi»r avp'f (<>
mt) the utidenlcm-d, at tbcT'vaiout Houao,
m - S«pertiiUtidc&vSaaiMal Vato.
ITci tyniypaperacopy, jyad>33».
it Oft Atrner Continental Ineorance Co- Xew York, >
•-ii No. a Soul aukacot Juiy t< t3O«. i
Cttftrmen of this Company an beirby notUed, that •
DlvUiend of Fifty (.W» per e nt. on the earued p ealam baa
bwn UtUday d«el»mt. Scrip for tbe «bm wVI (m t«*dy
' for delivery September Ikt. !>uiperßnt..nteic*(oniU«m{»
of laM and will be paid on drtaand.
ncn MAMJX * C", Affr»t«.
We arc touin* PnQclra on dcetrable a»« H»k» I. the aM»v*
1 ' Company a»t In other »lniUar Cwtntonle* at the MB) iate»
• charted by Cwapwilce of Car !*• rwpoiuiWnty
■ctSi ; >h:W WfIEAT FLOUR—A mperW articl fron. 8o«lb.
r mi White Wheat. T«» onr nomeroiu ftiend» «*d cvtos arm
| •w»*vc»llaiilw<iwiU*owUiealeeat ertlcl* te U» dty.
•\ m > All article In tl»e mHMu line as uual at oof low (nc«t.
J r bTEVE.I3, NOKKI3 A CO. Jyli^
and othen
For A flwt-elaae St«®m F louring JilU, of Tw«Ruaef Stoae,
at the i at Dwieat, Jl'loot*, o« tbe >t. Louta, Altott »ad <.*hu«er>
prnltri • Hailroad. The mill l»lb»*e»tortwhl*h. of rniuWe Mm »r
•ere •>( ; foor raa of stone, and tubeantUily ball* of JoHet M«t;
> may e!o#«toihe*tatlon,aidlstbeoaly grl-tmill wtthintwraty
t pre. i mile* from Dwixbt ae a wntre. and «ell lo<>a>ed for «Mtom
to and 1 or Berchast work. It la offered 4» a »/«.« barren, and oo
oaerjj DwUbUllL jyi»twct»
JL tnr undei*l<»ed la prepued to taka
cbant« of lou at th« old tnort ) t emtfery; pot up satbl*
aad atone nontauKUi; balld and p4at inn, wood antl
vr< i sti ne feocea; watet tree* and plants, aad oo everythto*
I nrriTin ftrrlti-lit— "•—'* nt
D t) t tr*de. Lo(ae!eanedud*eptlaoMcrtUllb«lstofOaotoc
' a v* far (Jiiihr each.
Offlce at tbe A. LAXGBOtX
u, ti RvnnoHW.lt'a. Gen. Mannlertv. Alderman
' and KCT Vr. Plrklr«oru City MU*lonary t jyl3- mx
' CAKATULi A SVltia us
5 O r»ios hall.
antl llavißX undersoaa exuaalve alietatloaa aaJ topre*- -
Brents. (* rtnw open tot the reeeotloo fcf vUU»r«. Tlas
D.D. KTOuwishave beeaenhiyed andlwproved, »ad e-»)»»»«•»
aad cant «e hewe with lodflncs "T 9 ashmen
toe vooaunodatloa of thoae who may -jl»< •T*
to ftirJ eguippajce with them. Every exertion * ill l« »»« bjr»
eiou4« Proi»rt«Uw»to«walaltaw«»«k»bUabMi«ya»itfiM,
lawtOi TheJ»onaewmrmata®p«nuaUlihet*tof «)«toy'^ r .
PUTjfA3> « rA> "'
HiS*. TX> COOPERS. —300,000 seasoned,
JL *wed flourtoffeldaveeaad k«*llo< HD to »ei6eß
TCdiU » bargain. Aildiea. HoYT A Aimvr*. Ittaolfc
U> vlrik h * > " —■■■■ - ——
«oaaa xoUIS, ALTON AND CHl
caa» Ranmn.
laierual !• SMijfers.
An Ezprwa Freight Trata U« Cetßpaay% Depct
d»Uv it 4JU e. *- f"' Loaia(Sanilay»' <awpto^> tnwmyii
«_ thirty-oae heura. ,
1 •—" ' Oooda Intended to be fbrwari«l by thia Exprte* ljee
Ulsobjp ahmikl be nor Led. - vla«. a. <* C. R. aait bede
<r/ Kf' uvercd at the Depot, corner of Caaal awl Weak Ya» Uwea
Kjnta, a* or before 4 o'clock r. *.
nent*. JT. U. MOORE,
jyHtn-crli Pen. Agent and Atstoat rfupeilatccdeßf.
-f- oompast
4»l» H*. SS Van IMM. Haw TMb
rmIHU. ImiiwU.—<»■<"»' urmM
Tideri T. «. raa mSiua, Ae««.
. . Pl* STAIBA.
,lO* , r.'l. 81— m yvat Body. tart Clt»
-r- 1 W™3K5« n urK. W Wiel
stsaek J*»m«

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