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St. J'ACt, July St, IK?.
The State Conveution of the Itcpublican party
of Minnesota met in this city yesterday for the
purpose of nominating a State Ticket, two con
didntcs for Congress, making a platform', aud
preparing for the caujpaigo. Delegations arc in
attendance irom nil the organized counties of
the Stale. The choicest spirits of the party arc
liere—the workers, the organizers and the pio
neers. 1 have uerer seen a looking
body of men, nor have I ever witnessed .
a more harmonious Convention. The delegates j
liaw come hens to nominate the strongest ticket
possible, and nil personal preferences and indi
vidual ambitions are laid aside. Every member
i» firmly revolted that the State shall be rescued
froui the grasp of "Brccch-Clout Democracy,"
and saved from the fete of hopeless bankruptcy
aud the diogrnco of repudiation. At present the
government of Minnesota is in the bands of po
litical blacklegs and corrupt Kprculator*. Pub
lic affairs are in a -woful condition) and cvciv
houest citizen feels that there is un imperative
necefiil v for an immediate and radical reform.
Tlie Republicans of iliune&ota will leave no
fe'one uuturucd to oust the "Forty Thieves"
from the £tate House at the election next
The Convention was organized by calling the
Hon. S. B. Olmsted, of Crow Wing County, to
preside, ond by appointing appropriate commit
tees. Mr. Oliustead has, until quite recently,
i.cled wilh the Democratic party; but for two
or throe years he has been protesting against
the successive downward steps his xmrty has
becu taking. It has been a struggle with him
between his honesty and his party. One or the
other he found be roust surrender, and he chose
to sacrifice the latter, and join an organization
whose principles accorded with liis own convic
tions of right and duty.
After transacting wjme preliminary business,
the Hon. Joseph lloxie. of 3fcw York City, who
b-ippened to be present, was called on for a
speech. He responded inafewhappyrcmarks,
poimiug out the magnitude of the approaching
National contest between tlie hosts of freedom
and slavery; he exhorted the Convention to
promote hurmony and unity, for the sake of
success, eujoining on them the importance of
electing two good nnd true Republicans to Con
gress. Ilia remarks were loudly cheered.
The Convention then adjourned for dinner
und to give the committees time to prepare their
report*. Thefirst business upon rc-aasscmbiing
was to nominate a candidate fcr Governor,
which was quickly duue. Kx-Govcrnor Ram
«ey was noruinulcd by acclamation amidst loud
and prolonged cheering. After the en
thusiastic " noise nnd confusion" had
subsided - the Governor was escorted -
into the hall uhcrc he made a short speech. He
'relened to the cause of tlie org^^alionof the
Republican party, which hnd attained its pres
ent grer.lnws in tire brief yours. It was built,
lie said, because the liberty loving and putriolic
of tlie people saw the dominuut parly aban
don the doctriucs of Uie Declaration of Independ*
* cncc, abandoned the principles of tlie'ordiiiance
of '67, abandoned the faith and principles of the
early fathers, and t-übverted the trne intent and
plnin meaning of the Constitution, violated sol
«uim compromises, opened up the slavery ques
tion, prostituted the Federal Judiciary to sus
tain their encroachments upon freedom, changed
the government into a bnge machine for slavery
propagandism, and it was their further deter
mination to still more seriously disgrace the
country-aud the nauieol'iLs founders by reviving
the horrible Africau Slave Trade. He referred
to the base abandonment of protection io one
class of - American citireus, nnd reviewed-the
corruption and extravagance of the bogus De
mocracy in Minnesota as well as nt Washing
The speech was vociferously applauded. The
Governor is decidedly and deservedly popular
with Republicans of Minnesota. The nest thing
was the reading and and adoption of a platform
—after which, considerable lime was spent iu
. discussing the order of ballotting for the other
candidate An iuformal vote was taken for
lieutenant Governor, when the Convention
aook a recess until to-morrow at 9 A. M.
The Convention reassembled pursuant to ad
journment,'and after two ballotings nominated
Ignatius DoQQcly,ofl)akotaCo.,who isayouog
man of very superior talents, for Lieut. Gover
nor. lie possesses fine Speaking talents, *and
critical Parliamentary - knowledge. He is of
Democratic antecedents,—Gov. Ramsey came
from the Wing ride of the bouse. '
For Secretary of State, J. 11. llakcr, of Blue
Earth Co., was nominated "by a three-fourths
majority. He held the same office in Ohio. Mr.
- Biker is one of the rising men in Miuuesota.
He is a flue speaker, a zealous Republican, and
an indomitable worker.' After 'receiving the
nomination he declined accepting it, but may be
prevailed ou to reconsider his declination.
Cbas. Schaffcr. a leading German, was nomi
nated for State Treasurer. He is Treasurer of
■Washington county; ho has been mainly instrn
mental in converting his county from locofoco
ism.to the true faith. The Convention then ad
jonrnfcd for dinner.. . /
This r. M. candidates for Congress and an
Attorney General will be nominated.
rich wili probably be_one*of the nominees for
.Coogrc**. ; ••
As the boat leaves at 2:30 I*. M., I will not be
able to give you a?l the names of the candidates
in tbts letter;' but I w'fll send them" to you' to
kmprrp w.. - 3Tark iny, woru, the ticket this Con
vention will nonuuate-wiU bCj elected from t»p
to bottom. The great'ballot-bo.* stuflcr, Sam
Uedary, is gpnc to Kausas,. and the 44 brceeh*
doat" voting is played out. m ■ r
r > : Tours, AcJ, J, if.
" y .i i ■
X Scrle* «tf Itol>berlc«~Tea I'liomtand
Pollmr*:W<»rtk oCCoo4» Ktolea. •
KtVhacl Piiestcr, a man who has been twenty
vears in the employ of Dr. T. S. Wilson, a
wholesale druggist of lionisville, has been de
tected in robbing liis employer. It is probable
that he has been engaged in a systematic course
of pilfering for years. The house has lust, in
two year*, from SB,OOO to slo,ooo worth of
goods in bJ manuer uutil now unaccountable.
The losses were.to small at~a time that they
-■wonld not be discovered until the balance sheet
vu4nirn ofl' at the end of the year; axiil then
all that was kuown was that the stock was ehort,
but how, was a mystery. .
Policeman John' Latnborne, 1). T. Bligfa and a
clerk of the bouse, after watching and watting
for five weeks, have caught- the,thief, and can
£asteu the robberies on himl
, • .Yesterday- morning be abstracted an amount
sufficient to fasten the charge of felony on bim,
and he was token to jail. It is rather singular,
though, that the articles stolen yesterday coula
pot be found in his house an hour
It st£ongh it wag ransacked for that purpose. A
~botth? m which he carried off liquor yesterday
was found. .
bmt, a larec family... a fine
lot, andhM ftCvernThundred dollars in money.
Jloebtless be haz confederates who aided bim In
drilling the stolen poods, and especially in divid-
to tlie Pfirmers of Illinois.
I am authorized br the President of the HI.
"State Agricultural Society, to say that the large
teataf the Society will be at your service, to be ]
' copied each evening daring the fair in discus-
Rulers connected with your interests. The
***& - Mioe will be held Tuesday eveuing, the
?«<ab«r, «t Ti p. m- and each ercnlng
tbe Tiiir. Subject, Tuesday
thereafter du. «• w African sugar cane; their
«veumg, Chinese . .♦ ugar. eyrup and forage,
cultureand valueXo. Ag.Society.
w s lP° r * Hi* above, that
We wfettformed in addn'K . G f
an effort will bo "made to sec?. ( •—t
brier, pracUcal paper*, on the N -
the manulsetare of the cane Into '
gur,fromineaqualified to give iou o * n W- lon *T"
tSpriritfuLd Jonrtial.
fttrtltsofthe mclifffkn Dcmoc*^«T-
WismKCTOK, : jnlr 21,—Baggs, Marsha!
Michigan, and Mr. Shoemaker, Collector at De
troit, are both on the gridiron, and will bare to
follow Judge OTiyun, late Postmaster. The
cfcvxes arc of a similar nature.
B«nator Stuart is making every effort to ha£
nouize the 'Democratic party io Michigan, anH
to end the removal ol these partiea is deem
ed nettssary. It is said Mr. Stuart wants the
jffrMjrAn -delegation to insist that be be nomi
for Vice President. " .
. rriasylast,
ia therwr of D. B. TwfiuiiV Boot and Shoe
Tito \ronndtd~Tlie Field of Battle—•
niaccllaiicoDfl lucldcut»-~Peisonal
Obierralion*, Ac.
[Editorial Corraj>on<ieocc of (he N.Y»TIm«.J •
. CAK-ncLicurz, Jew 57,187.
The day after the battle, iustead of coine for
ward with the headquarters of the error. I . re
mained bcl.ind to see the wounded, nod to eo
over toe ground where the fight had been the
most severe. During the whole of Friday niirht
and all through Satuidov and Suudav, the
wounded of both armies continued totiebroncbt
in. They were removed fiom the field where
Utey lay as rapidly as possible, and brought to
some point where their wounds couTd be
dressed. All the churches and accessible bui:d
tugs of this town, public and private, were oc
cupied—the officer* being generally liken to
pnvato bouses as far as practicable. • Hut for
ibousuuds uo ehelter whatever could be fourd
and they were from necessity left in the ©p*n
air. As fast as their wounds could bedrest
they were removed to the next town beyond—
which i« Monlechioro, five miles distaut a;id
from thence to Brescia, twelve tnUcs further
that being the flr»t town of any considerable
size and at all adequate to the care of such an -
immense somber of persons.' • I was at Monte
phairo when the great procession bean Jo r.r-
M tlje entrance of the town standi a Jarre
bmldrag uscd.as_ upon a
small own space and being placed at-tbe anile
of two diverging load*. As the wounded ur
nved, those uf them that could go no farther
were takeu off the carts and left here, while the
rest moved on to Brescia.. I nerer saw so
lieart-rendingasiglitas was presented in front
of that hospital. Tlic army seems not to
be provided wilh any means of removing
the wounded, -but relies enlirelr upon the
conveyances they can procure from the
surrounding p«isantry. Every thing fur
miles around had been called into rcquMthn
for the most part they consisted of the rude!
heavy of carts of the farmer*, made to cany'
«tone or other ponderous articles over the fields.
Each of them bad a flat platform six or
feet wide and twelve or fifteen long. Some l7«v
was spread upon this, and upon that the wound
ed soldiers %vere placed as thicklv as they could
be laid—without shelter of any kind, or pillows
for their heads, or blankets fur their limU. ex
cept such as they might happen to :have unnu'
.them. Tlie weather has been w?™
--the storm on the day of the battle beloir the
last rain that has fallen,—and yesterday and to
day the sky has been perfectly clear and the
air headed with the warmest ravs of an Italian
sun. The roads ore perfectly* hard and vcrv
dusty:—and it was utterly impossible for well
persons to travel along them with aoy comfort
without protection of some kind from tlie heat,
iou can judge then of the intense sufferine
winch these thousands of maimed and mutilated
creatures must have endured duriuc that
fearful jonrocy of ten or Allien milei-per
luinea Hi tlie slowest pace or licntr oxra
anil compelled constantlr to stop bv eume in
terninuoii of the procession. Itir»s'enou»li to
melt the most obdurate heart to see the state in
tvlncU they arrived. The peasants who drove
Hem seemed not to have the slightest sense of
their condition, or to talc the least pains to
alleviate their agony. Some of the soldiers
themselves, whose wounds were least serious
aud permitted them to move about, had cut
branches from the willows and other trees that
border the road, and made of them a slicht
shaoe for some of those who could onlyTo
upon their backs, their faces turned to the
brazen and the burning skv. As far as tho rvc
could sec, a den?e cloud or white dust marked
the approach of the advancing train. As the
carts cauie into the town, many of tli? poor
wretches stretched ont their hands, piteously
crying for water, or for wine, as they were per
ishing of thirst. The people of the Tillage had
prepared, so far as possible, for their reception.
Committees had been appointed, a quant it r of
soup had been prepared, und tho vouug women
and men of the place went to work to supply
the most preying necessities of the poor
creatures, who were suffering on their behalf
They went about from cart to cart, asking what
each needed, and provided for them to the best
of their ability. Auslrians and French were
ludiscniniuatclv, and were treated with
precisely the same kindness nnd attention. As
a general thing the Auslrians were very bndlr
bounded,'and seemed to suffer terribly. Thev
were, so far as had been convenient, placed
upon the same carts—and frequently six or
eipbt carts would arrire with none liut Aus
tnans upon than; but still more frequently
ibere woald be three or fjur Anstrians upon a
cart with twice as many 1' rcDcli—and In manv
cases I have seen a French soldier assisting the
Austrian who lay by his side into some easier
position, or endeavoring to procure for him wa
ter or something else ol which lie seemed to be
in need. All differences of natiounliiv were
submerged in the intense' and overma'lerio"
agonies of their common fate. Upon one cart
which cainc up lay an Austrian who bad died on
the road—and close by his side was a French
soldier just able to raise himself from his
place and beg for water. As be raised his
head be looked orer at hi? companion
and said, as if envying bis lot, "PoorfeUnw—
he needs uotliing now/* The Austrian lav at
full length upon the cart, bis hands crossed up
ou his brcast,and his face which .was turned di
rectly upward to the eun.wcaring an expression
of inteuse suffering. Five or six others, less
severely wouuded, were sitting in front. Upon
another cart lay a poor fellow, entirely naxed
above his waiM, except abroad bandage which
bad been pusscd around hisl>odvto protect a
(rightful wound received from a musket ball iu
hie side,—the ball seemed to have passed entire
ly through liis bodv—bis face was pale and in
pressibl v sad,—and he hud just streugth enough
left. t<> lift liimself up and beg for water. It
was immediately brought and as soon as his
condition was perceived ho was lifted off the
cart in the blanket on which be was Iviqg and
placed in the hall of the hospital—but* he lived
only a few minutes longer.- As thcr were lift-'
nig him out,the blanket wras drawn*from under
the feet ofanother poor fellow lying in the same
cart, and the motion extorted fro'm him a cry of
anguish more intense than I erer heard before.
But it is utterly useless to multiply notices of
individual cases of suffering. Indeed it would'
be impossible to mention a hundredth part of
the instances of dreadful agony which attracted'
nir special attention at the time:—and if each
one of them could be described In writing, not
t?vcn a faint impression would be given of the
fearful horrors of the scene as it met the eve of
the epeptator. Ifyou can imagine the open area
m froutof the City Hall filled with carts, upon •
every one of which lay from five to ten or twelve •
men in soldiers' uniform, so far as they were
dressed at all, —nearly all btrelicaded, their fa
ces, clothes and hands clotted with blood, groan- 1
.iagjwd'writhing in paiu,—and then conceive
Broadway, as far as lue eve can sec. to be filled
procession of just such carts
laden in the same sad style,—the cattle bcllojr
• irijr,Mbe driver*shbuting,'and with the nsnal ac
companiments of a great and balf-regulatcd
crowd, you some idea of the character l
und magnitude*of this dreadful scene., As a!
cencrnl thing the wounded made but littleuoiae. i
Many of tbem were too much exhausted,—none 1
of tljem cried aloud,-and comparatively few
could be beard to groan. But there was no mis
taking the expression of their faces; wbichapbke
of .intense agony, in spite of all their efforts
I io suppress and conquer it. As I was ridinj;
I through the principal street in Castiglione this
I afternoon, passiug the largest hospital, 1 saw
Jving in the street close to the wall, fifty or six
ty pounded Auslrians who bad just been •
drought 3° fr° m t^ic Celd, and for whom no
place within building could be found. One
of tbem, a large, man, with an intelli
gent lace, was sitting opn£ht with his back
against the wall, and uttering KJlh a chattering
sopnd the most intense and heart-reading veils
of pain, lie looked eagerly into_the_faee_ ci
every one who passed, as if lie muit Tisve help ■
—but be cquld only await bis txnri. I{n another
part of the town; on a cross-road le'adlng~from
tiie bill in front of Solferino, I met twenty-one
.ox carts laden with Anstrians in everr of
suffering, t One of the carts contained but two,
and in the extremity of their agony they bad
half risen to their knees, grappled one another
by the shoulder'and were gnzlng into each
other's faces with a fixed aud stony look of
frenzied horror which I shall uevcrforcct-..
- Just before dark on Sunday evening I looked
into the large church in this place to which the
greatest number of the wounded were taken.
It was a Catholic church, ot course, cs there are
do others here. AU the furniture of every kind
bad been taken out, from the altar and side
chapel as well as from the nave of the building,
and upon rows of mattresses extehdedlepgth*
wise on the stone flOor, as closely as they could
lie. the wounded were placed. All whose inju
ries would permit their removal had been taken
away and sent on to Uontechiaro, Brescia,
and other towns, and only those were left
wbo seemed rcry near tbc|r,'eod«. . la:one
side chapel lav tight Austrians—two or
three K&*ping for breath and.in tie very
act of dying—and pot one of the whole eight
could posMbly, as it teemed to me, live an bour. :
The entire floor was covered with tho poor vio-;
tims of war, nearly all rapidly approaching the :
same extremity. Men and women, cbat-gcd
with the care .of them, were passing to and fro ;
—not toeootbeW comfort the dying, for there .
was no time forthat—-but looking/or thbse who
might still be saved. And over the altar, look
ing down upon this' horrid scene, was an im
taen«, welf-painted, life-like picture illustrating
Uie tvennon on the Mount, and representing;
«« j Cemer , to those about hint.—,
' njfi # ptocaaaiiri, for tity tlait U
ealhd tJ* chUdrt* oj 6'oi." What an awful ;
comment aid that scene present upon that so* '
crcd text! ... .
of traffic receipts ot Ae Grand'
Trunk Baflwajr Company or Canada, for week
aDl f log July '.•lb, 1S5&:
I'xmengcT*..- ••••.••••U.tauiß Q
FttkliU ..
l'nrdj, Mails, aad "tr «
Comcp adiugwedc last year.... iajiaw
psr*-The Nashville Union annoupcea the de
struction of tUe bridge over the Tennessee
IBiver,*it Becalur, by a hurricane.- The bridge
vu 1,7W feet lcflj^' fimt in Um
Kounlh and Klapha «o tlie Ilnn-a
Letters from Hungary state that the whole
country is innudated with proclamations from
Kossuth, in which be savs:
. . Six days before the eatastfophc of Villagos,
when Bussia and treason forced the heroic
Hungarian people to lav down their glorious
arms, I jspofce to you for the last time." I have
been fileot during ten long and painful vcar?.
But, thank God! the moment has now come at
which I can again raise my voice, and call the
brave Majrrar nation to arms >o fight fortiie
liberty of Hungary. I bring to vou my two
sons, whom the tiger Ilayiuu [the precise Hun
garian epithet used is stronger than this, and
cannot be translated, 1 , gorged wilh the carnage,
scut to me, not thinking for what work of ven
geance 1 should bring thtm up.
In his proclamations Kossuth never speaks of
Austria, out always of the House of Hapsbur".
He declares that the expulsion of that dynaHy
is the mission of the Hungarian nation* lie
says that he shall be supported by a power
which ten -years ago rcptrcwl the House of
Hapsburg on the. throne, and that power is now
: -engaged in preparing itsarms against the Haps
burgs. He then says: . ... .
Rise, Magyars!. Sacrifice yonr.crops! ' Let
thcai.be trampled under foot to the last blado
byyout-frieudsendyour encmes! I swear. to.
you by the God of the Magyars, that: I will en
rich vour soil for a thousand vears," whilst re
conquering Huugariau libertyl»T :
General Klapbtt has also issued a short proc-"
lamation to the ars, calling on them to
take up arms and dj»pUy the national colors.
Amongotherthings he sa^*a:'.
In the hand of the every scythe, as
well as every musket,' is u weapon. Assemble
under my command, avenge all the Magyars
who were assassiuated by the Hapsburgs—espe
cially the great Luis Ruthiany—and reconquer
the old Hungarian liberty!
* tCotic.<po6den« cf tbc Olobe.l '
* Pjica, Wcdnwdaj*, JuiyC.
Concerning the telegram from Vienna as to a
French force of lO.iKKr men being lauded r.lLns
sin Piccolo, (an Illyrian islaud), your wur-arti
cle is not exact in taking this diseinbarcatinn as
an infringement of the territory of Trieste, or
a violation of the federal teabnard. It is not
generally kuown that Hungaty has a harbor on
the Adriatic, the seaport of rlutne, belonging
to- that country from time immemorial, the
entrance to which is through the. channel
of Lussin Piccolo. It is. quite possible that a
bold stroke, such as the First Consul was wont
to deal, may astonish Europe, and the seisre of
Venice, Verona, or Mantua he quicklv abridged
by the necessary withdrawal of the whole Aus
trian army to keep Hungary at least as a fief of
Vieona. 1 liis sudden incursion orio,«K>o French
into the heart of Croatia by Agratu, Vesprim,
and the Plattcn Sea to Pestfi,full extra federal
territory,) can alone explain the presence of
Klapka and Kossuth in the allied camp. There
is a magnificent road (the Louisen Str.iss> all
along this line to the capitol of Hungary* he
who writes having gone over every inch of it in
IS4O. By a flash of genius like this Scipio
compelled Hannibal to quit Italy for Africa.
Ponition of tlio Coiitcudlii*r Armlet*
previous to the Armistice.
[Krom Lc Kortl, July 7.]
We have announced the junction of Prince
Xapoleou's corps with the Army of lialv. His
corps passed ttie Po on the SOtti ult., aud pro
ceeded tlie next day to l'iodena upon the Ogiio.
The next day it left for Goiio, reaching that
flace on Sunday, l'riucc Napoleon, on leaving
iodena, weut direct to Volta, at which the
Emperor's headquarters, since transferred to
Vulieggio, wete tben stationed. The following
were the positions of the different corps befoie
the march upou Verona: The liftb corpH(l J rince
Napoleon's) aad the Third (CanrobertVj were
at Guito; the Second corps (McMahou's) at
Volleggio, and the first .with the Piedmontcso
army bt-fore Pcscbicra.
This fortress is cannonaded day aud night by
the army, which has completely iuvested it, aud
to which will shortly be added the gunboats of
the Lake of Garda. The resistance canuot be
very prolonged.
The Austrian army is massed entirely arouud
Verona, aud also iu great part behind the Adigr.
The French army hus advanced in thui direc
tion, and the blow which will be struck at Vero
na will decide the fate of Veuice.
We learu from Paris lhat the Minister of Ma
riue is engaged with redoubled activity upon
maritime armaments. The occau licet is to
be increased from ten to twelve vessels, and tho
arsenals of Cherbourg, Brest, aud Toulon have
received orders to construct a certain number
of new transports, intended to receive 'I,OOO
men each, to be ready within the course of lour
'Tlio New York German Papers.
l£pedal Despatch lo CUtJu:all Commercial.]
2**w Y«ftK, July Si.
The New York German papers are specula
ting on the war. The Demokrat does not be
lieve that peace will result fmm the armistice.
The Staatz Zeitung says: **Aftcr a rapid succcs
siou of triumphs, the result of which is that the
French Emperor turns out to be the greatest
General of Europe, he selects very prudently the
first moment when his career of a rapid succes
sion of triumphs must necessarily have come to
an end, and voluutarily embraces that modera
tion which otherwise would have been forced
upon him by the threatening armies of Ger
many. .
A London correspondent of the New York
Titnts says the armistice was sought by the Em
peror of Austria, at the instieatiou of'the King
of Belgium now in London, lie alone, it is addl
ed, couvinced his relative in Vienna and the
Prince Regent, that, under no circumstances,
•would England be drawn in upon the fide of
Austria. ' ;
Policeman Pctric has been bound over
to keep the peace, by Justice DeWolf.
B. F. Carver, Esq., bas purchased the in
; terest of Liberty Bigclow; Esq.", In the Chicago
City Railway Company.. •. /
CsT*By way of designation, the guards at
cither end of the Madison street horse-railway
cars have bccu painted a bright blue.
. . |3FI Coroner James held an iaqucst on
urday afternoon on the body of a stranger, ™
German, who died suddenly si Oak Ridge.
The number of interments in this city
for June was than in any correspond
ing period for three years past.
gt. Louis, Alton and- Chicago Rail
road are following suit in the sleeping-car luxu
ry, and will commence running, the same on Ist
,of 'August, -t : : .J ' i.it *
pT Ve have occasional'eills for files of the
TtuncxK. _A Xew full sets for the six
mdnths'from'Jannary Ist may bVhad'al'tli'e
counting room. •*"
Gtucs Cnt*iuiß.-rThis' church will be closed,
until the first Sunday in August, when the Rev.
Clinton Locke will assume the charge of t'ac.
Parish., . . >
A bit of a fight took place at a beer sa
loon on Randolph street, opposite Metropolitan
Hall/ on Saturday, Lioness, to
Jpking into,custody tbojprincipal,belligerent,
gotjui "ugly blow on the check. The' assailant*
was fined sls.
pTThe days when we went Gipseying,*'
as the old song goes, were pleasant pqcs».
and whoever would renvc tkcm should fill his
basket, make np his party, npt ibrgettingSbc
Itltlfc'ones.'and join the plc'-n ccrs to-morroiv to
Oak Forest,io whose spacious groves Gipseying
can be'carried oh to any extent desirable, The
cars will start from tbo Rock Island Depot.at
lialf past nine'o'clock. Tickets fifty cents, to
be bad at W. B. Koen'e Book store.
A LrenittV'!* a Yiue.^—The American' 'Sun '
day School Union ore now' issuing a new book
every week, or fifty-two-dainty Volumes in tho
year, of just the reading for the little folks. The
iatlfrt issues are'" The. First twenty Year* bf Sfy
Life," "Cbl<» LauTrtOD, ,r * 4 Hani and bis North
ern Home," and v ** Nature's School," a month's
good reading-just the thing for Mary end her
brothers. 7^ CBC S are .°®°pg tlieprcttiesl
' issues for andjSO. fhat th*iTaccu
' mulations of veiy moderate pocket money *ill
buy them., William Tomlinson at the Children's
' bookstore'andS.'S. Depository, N*o. Pi Randolph
street bos them for sale./""'
. Jujsois NATi-Jua Hisroar.-rWe are - glad to
; learn lhat an effort.is being made to place on cx
i hibition «t the coming State Fair a general col*
lection of the Mioerals,* Plants, Shells,
• Insede;Ac^of Illinois. •
... In aid of this work the co-operation is'solici
ted of those having collections representing any
; of the departments of Natural 'History, olio
Indiaa Antiquities, who are requested to send
them to Frceport before the first of September.
: A suitable Museum building has been erected
by the State Agricultural Society. The Com
inUte# "anbouhco; that Campbell's celebrated
ahosr juises will be provided £*r the protection
oftraluable specimens, and culviso that each box
be earefully' pscked, and the .owncr's name.
| on the outside, directing the CQnjp
, «uqqoU satursl History Societv, BUte Fair,
Tbe Caae of Ute Negro Catchera.
It will be remembered that Negro Catcher
Charles Noycs having escaped (to the North
Division, where be is said to be counting his
and his fellow hound, Charles Smith,
having waived an examination and given bail,
it ouly remained to examine the charge against
the negro Turner and the boy Erdman, which
was commenced on Saturday afternoon before
Justice Milliken. The court room was crowded
with both: white and colored citizens, and the
utmost iuterest was felt in the proceedings. As
the result of the hearing, as far as it progressed,
Erdman was discharged from custody. The
testimony was not concluded on Saturday
against Turner, and be was held for further ex
amination on Tuesday uexL The testimony, as
fir as heard we append, as best giving a histo
ry of the case, aud airing the infamy of these
detectircs who were thus so ready to fiesb their
fangs in fugitives, which io our community will
be penalty enough we apprehend for Noyes and
John C. Littl*, strora,- Resides at Centralia.
I oni baggage man on the I. C. K. R. Know of
a train leuviuj* on that road with colored persoos
on board week ago last night; there were three
'.on; it left the depot at 11 p. m.; was baggage
mau on tliattroiu; C. A. Montrose was conduc
tor. The three colored persons were in a second
class car next the engine and beforethe baggatze
car; was in thecarduriugtbcjourney; sawth'etn
tir>l SG miles below here, where they take wuod.
Thecar was connected with the train when I
went down to the depot. Was io baggage car;
saw several men pass through my car into that;'
did not look into the car until the colored per
sonsgot ont at Odin ; the train went to Centra
lia ; Odin is 7 miles thiazide of Centralia.
There were some three or four white persons
with them; don't know them; bad seen one of
the white men before, that was Dewey; there
was no brakem»u in the car; the car was an •
extra one. The first I saw ot the colored per*
sons was it Kaukakee; passed Uie cur and look
ed in; there were three or four white persons in
the same car. First saw Deuey that night at
the tiepctgbere. There we e two persons passed
through the baggage car m:o the car where the
colored persons w ere; oue was tall, red faced,
and had uair curled under. The Ohio k Missis
sippi Koad leads from Odin, where they got out,
aud that road gees to St. Louis; they weut after
loavingthe car in the directiui of tbe other de
pot; /"saw no agricultural implements there.
(Witness did not recognize either prisouer.)
Saw Dewey oo Mouday at Centralia as I was
coming back.
Croutxamintd—The train stopped at Kanka
kee twenty minutes. Two colored persons were
sitting together and one in frout; the other per
sons were seated behind.' There was nothing
to prevent a person passing through the car the
same as any other—and saw nothing uuusual
about the car. Have never seen a passenger
car placed before as Ibis ooe was, between the
tender and the baggage ccr. So no agricultural
iuip'ements in the baggage car. Saw no inter
feience with aoy persou wishing to go through
the car—the windows of tlie car were open.
Jieij. I*. tir.iiih nrorrt: lives at Cemralia. I
am brakeman on the Illinois Central railroad;
was on board tbe train on Friday week; saw
tho colored persons about fire minutes before
the train left; there were three colored men in
the car, and one white man of about 55 years;
at Kaukakee saw the same persons; went into
the car there, but did not afterwards; t here
were two or three white men io the car. There
was one red-faced, large man ; I had seen him
before nt the depot; don't know whether the
car was locked or uut; wituess did not recog
nize either defeudants as of the party; saw no
agricultural implements.
C<r>if.J:'satninit/ hy Jfr. Garrison.—Negroes
do not always ride iu second class cars, they
l ide as much iu first as second class cars. '
(The Justice intimated that the witnesses
would be recognized in S3OO to appear as evi
Dr. William JT. ■ Kennfeott, sworn—Know
Charles Noyes; saw him with colored people
last week and think the week before; there
were sometimes three and at others fire colored
persons at his place: »aw bim in the ball at 130
Lake street, and in Lis rodm with them; saw
them hi his room aud the hall Friday week lust;
on that night there were three fixing up rakes;
I observed to them ** what are you doing wilh
the darkies?" Noyes said he was fixini;them
out for work; frequently saw the o'd gentleman,
Noves'. father, there, and saw Cbas. E. Smith
there; am positive that the old gent was there
that night; am not so positive about Smith; it
was about o'clock Friday night. (Witness
pointing to Turner.) Ue (Turner) took care of
Noyes room aud has done the same for me; the
three colored persons were under the middle
size and looked inferior to our negros generally.
They appeared to be full dark for that latitude
aud about years of age.
Vroit txamu.td—Thinks there were four col.
ored persons there last Friday week; three of
them were dark; Noycs said be had them to
work and they were not profitable laborers; he
said he was fitting them out for work again; I
was in Noyes' room smoking; my impression
is that Turner Mas there; be was not iixim:
D. J. Franklin Rad, sworn.—Reside at
North Dearborn street; I am a police ollicer at
Illinois Central Depot, for the company; know
Dewey, who has been an officer about there ;
saw some colored men go out on Friday week ;
my nttention was drawn bv seeing at the depot
Charles Noves, Dewey aotf two other white men,
with the colored men ; saw the colored men in
the car, forward o! the baggage; saw Noves in
the first-class passenger car; then saw hi'w get
but and walk by the car; Dewey went with the
train,and auotber white man; saw no rakes.
Witness attention was directed to Mr. Marx,
one of the counsel fur defence. Witness was
asked was he at the depot, and replied not to
his knowledge. I baa no conversation with
Noycs; spoke to Dewey before tbe train went
out; 1 asked him if he had work; he said no;
saw Dewey'next night; uever had conversation
with him about colored men; saw Dewey Sat
urday night or Sunday night after tbe train
went out; could uotsta'te whether Erdman was
there; his countenaucc is familiar; oould not
identic* Turner; believe I last saw Dewey ou
Saturday night; saw no agricultural imple
ScottYcolored)ttcorn. (Admitted as
against Turner, colored, only.)—live
Place; saw the colored persons going
TWepot; one was my brother, Henry Scott, and
the others Washington and Jim Anderson (sis
ter's children); they stayed at my house; Char
ley Noyes visited them while there; he came
there to get them to get somo whitewashing
done; he made arrangements wilh the other to
•go and work on bis father's farm; and asked
me to go along; I refused; Noyes came several
times to my bouse \ saw no rakes; saw the boys
just previous to-their departure by the train;
saw them going over to depot; Turner never
came to my house.
The Inticctivc , Method or Srcnrccc toe
Scßirrt'BES, o& toe Novcm Oucaxcx or the
Diole. —We listened to the able discourse of
Eld. 'Moore on tbe Xotutn Otyanvm of the
Bible, delivered at the First Christain Church
in tins tfty on Thursday evening. He by
reviewing the state of science before the days of
Lord Bacon. • He showed that there were "end
less jargons and'dlversiuns upon almost every
thing that related to scienthc truth and that
while this state of thiogs existed, no progress
of any consequence was made. At thts crisis
Bacon J.came upon the arena and proposed to
accept nothing as true unless it was'substantia
ted by tbe induction'of facs —that all general
conclusions should proceed from premises es
tablished by well authenticated facts, based
upon observation and-experience. Eld More
claimed that this method or reasoning reformed
the aberations in the scientific world, so that all
men "spake the same thing and all of the same
mind aud the same judgment;" and asked if
the same method applied to the scriptures
.would-not heal tbe divisions that now exist
among the followers of the lamb. He claimed
that the Book of Revelations was not as diffi
cult to understand as thelfook of Nattire; but
since there was perfect harmony between the
two, the same kind of reasoning would be ap
plicable to both.
He claimed that when nature was intern ga
ted in" reference to any subject, she always
spake the same things, and that if we would go
to tbe Bible without any preconceived notions,
aud aaltwhatdoea the Bible say? What is the
truth? rather than will it sustain my particular
theory? we would alwaysgct an intelligible an*
swer; and that by following this course of rea
souiug, we woull all soon "'see eye to eje and
face" upon all religious subjects. Receive no
speculations about the facts, bat tbe facts them
. ■ The argument was certainly an ingenious and
plausible one, and now well sustained through*
out the discourse. The feasibility of the plan
suggested .-to produce the harmony in the
religious wond, we do not presume to decide
upon, but all good men must agree that such a
state of things is desirable. * * * *
pgr Range of the Thermometer, for the week,
taken by E. L. O'Hara, and Pbar
msccotist, No. 80 West Randolph St. comer of
Canal Street: '
7 a.*. 12 a. ~r. x.
StajiiirJalTtt.... ...IP
.Sunday, Jalr t. ..—~....... k . u
- Mrudaf. iuiy 15........;;r.r S3 K »
Tu2*d»y. July i 5.... ........ so . S3 B7
.iuiy 20 u -6 7S ■
ThTn*dj£ July Si; © ?4
I'thUy, 9 , ..... ',i « %
fialdcartJalfSS 0 SI 7Q
S3" Meteorological obscrv.iions taken by J.
H. Heed £ Co., apothecaries, 144 and H« Like
street, Julr 23d, ISS?.
,*; Thtnnoortq. ".. . Barooiet*.
" *:*• 10 it** 'I; *• •'*-*. s r.w. • r*.
« •* M 73 SJ3 5940 &-3C
- West Side Kotice.— Subscribers in the West
Divisbn, South of Madison, frill have pa
pers deßvered hereaftir.bj-A. J. Tris, sooomor
wbo aloat & astborized to eel*
' UetaoeaOßtMroiWT ---.r- r -*
Tde Coloqui Cmxts* Jbdcttsq. —On Fridaj
ercniog a large meeting ofjeolored citizens w&s
held at the Zo&r Baptist Ctpxrch to express their
ladignatiou rclitire to tlie-tian Turucr for aid
ing in the rendition of slaves to their
mailer, also to adopt measores of safety aad
gnard against those who art in oor midst tvbcm
thej look upon with scsplrion. Wc extract
from the minates of the mecling the main poii.ts
of interest. 7.
After the meeting was ofganited, addresses
were made bj ilessrs. Paltaer, Pitkin. Coilios
and Freeman. Tbe lonner%ommeoced by por
traying the wroncs of his Enslaved race, axid
fare a personal history of Wt servitude in tiie
onth. Mr. Collins then rive a correct state*
ment of the manner by wufch these men were
decoded from the ctty ? tbe}treacherv and vil
lainy practiced by Turner aid his trbite accom
plices—and thru called dbou them to act
promptly and like men who (ore liberty in pro
tecting and defending the rirhts of their fellow
man; he also informed us ilia one of tbe slaves
who bare been takeu from city has since
died from the effects of the Uoody fash inflicted
upon him by Lis master; fo&tmatioa was uho
gtreu that there were a ucml^of.slaveholders
buir'ln the city devising meaus'to reclaim their
chattels, and recommended vigilance on the part
of all who felt their liberties in jeopardy.
Mr. Freeman then addressed tue meeting, and
after making a few feeling remark*, moved to
resolve the meeting into a committee of the
whole and proceed to investigate the conduct of
tbe man Scott, supposed to be tbt> accomplice
of Turner, but tbe investigation elicited notuiug
to prove bis guilt.
Mr. Wagoner then moved that & vigilance |
committee ot fifteen be appointed to investigate !
this matter and report to a mass meeting alter
the trial of Turner.
A Goon Tune Uomisg.—Those having in
charge the forthcoming pic nic of St. John's
Church will be joined by a large party from
Woodstock, and are making gigantic efforts
for tbe success of their excursion and basket
pic nic, which takes place on Tuesday next.
They have shown their appreciation of the
beautiful in their selection of Crystal Lake as
their rendezvous. A more delightful spot it
would be impossible to find, and, no doubt, a
large number of our citizens will take this op
portunity to escape, at least for one day, from
the dust and turmoil of tbe city. The cost of
the trip is only fifty cents, which will place it
within tbe reach of all; aod the admirers of
the manly games of cricket and hass ball will
have a good opportunity of witnessing this
healthy and invigorating amusement. The
vocal and instrumental music will not be tbe
least feature in the and we have
no hesitation in recommending all who can do
so to join this party, as, frcm what we hear of
St. Jobu's congregation, they are making a
special effort to render it an agreeable one. A
fiue band of music will accompany the party,
which will start from the Fon do Lac depot
precisely at eight o'clock to-morrow morning.
Cocxcii. Mcktixo.—A special session of the
Common Council meeting was held at 5 r. *.
on Saturday! After some discussion and previ
ously disposing of other matters of miner busi*
ness, the ordinance was passed, presented at
the last meeting authorizing the City Comptroll
er to issue warrants for city indebtedness on
water contracts,- the same to bear ten per
cent, interest.
An important matter was brought np by Aid.
Botsford. of the Committee on Fire and Water,
lokiog to an improvement in the organization
and outfit of the City Fire Department. The
main points of tho ordinance, which we shall
give officially, are the purchase of three light
Steam Engines, tbe alteration of three Hook and
Ladder carriages,tbe same to be drawn by horses
and attended by a paid force; also, three sopply
Ilo>e Carts, similarly drawn and attended.—
Also, the sale of each lire apparatus as is not of
use to the city, and the sale of lot and engine
house on the corner of Franklin and Washing*
ton streets, and lot on Liberty street, the same
respectively occupied by Eogine Companies
J»o. 2, and No. IS. The order has been laid
over until the next mecticg.
Xeobo-Catctm Notes.—The Chicago Herald
Charles Noyes, ex-policeman, ex-deteetive.
and late kidoapper and runner-off of escaped
slaves, was seeu on a train running ou tbe Chi
cago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad, in the
vicinity of Bioomfngton, bis face turned towards
the direction of Mason and Dixon's Line, about
the middle of tbe present week.
Per contra it is stated on the aathority of one
of our citizens that Xoyes walked ont through
the West Division, crossing Lake street bridge,
and when about a mile south of the river, struck
across in a southerly direction, to the Chicago,
Alton and SL Louis Railroad, where be took a
freight train as far south as McLean station, and
there waited until the passenger train passed
which took him to St. Louis, where of conrsc
be would be safe, not respected. Southerners do
not respect negro-catchers, they use them, so
they do other varieties of hounds, but the pro
prieties are strictly observed, hoands for tbe
Others again aver that Noyes Is still in town,
and that be has been seen on one or two even
ings about the residence of his relatives in tbe
North Division.
About three months ago Edward Rawson, M. D.,
opened at the office of the Ministry at Large,
in Washington street, a dispensary for the gra
tuitous treatment of the poor. Since then one
hundred and thirty-five patients bave applied
for treatment. The major part of them have
recovered; some, however, are now under treat
ment, and convalescent. Dr. Rawson is entitled
to much consideration for having established
such an institution, and wc bave but little
doubt of its future success. Were tbe friends
of the poor generally, who believe in the efficacy
'and advantages of Homeopathy, to lend their
encouragement and support to Dr. Rawson's
enterprise, with the same liberality that has
come from the office or tbe Ministry at Large, a
mnch grcater'good would probably result. We
are glad to learn that several experienced phy
sicians of the city arc willing to render gratui
tous aid to the attending physician Svhen re
Messrs. Norris & Hyde have Harper's,
Atlantic, Godcy aud the other magazines for
August, and counters full of the weeklies and
dailies. Let any person pass a half hour ou
their premises during tbe busier portion of the
day, and he will discover how large a share of
our reading public are dependent upon these
lions among newsmen for their mental aliment
in the periodical line. Then be present at the
arrival'of some or their great Eastern invoices
—the Ledger or Harper'.*—ind you will see tlut
it takes lons of mail and express matter to sup
ply tbe demand, at No. 100 Dearborn street,'re
ferred to.
pg" A pair of horses attached to one of . the
L»ke street omnibnsses, on Saturday F.U. un
dertook to run away from the stand in front of
the Doty House. They made a few rods at a
good speed, but were fortunately brought up
The delinquent tax sale takes place to
day. The bint is too late for those who did not
pay up on Saturday.
Important to Muchaxts Wxsnxxo to Assort
Stocks. —The regular Tuesdays sales of War.
H. Ilaskell k Co., No. SOS Lake street, will in
fature supply a want much felt.' As we trader.
stand the idea, their large and extensive sales
rooms will in future be devoted, on every Tues
day, to what may be termed Tr<idt Haiti. Mer
chants wishing to sell or buy will apprecisle • be
advantage of having such a regular and relia
ble systeminaugurated in Chicago.
PsoaiA Bratxcss Max tx Chicago.—Mr. 1 Wm.
H. Haskell, formerly of this citv, has gone into
the aution business at No. 103 Lake street, Chi
cago. During a recent trip to that city, we paid
bim a hasty visit, and found him op to the el
bows in bosinc&s, and evidently last "going,
going** into the good opinion of the Chicago
ans. Mr. Haskell is an energetic, go-a-bead
business man, and we wish hipi success in his
new location. —/Vorta Transcript,
Abstval or New Goons.—Geo. W. Stevens
A Co~, 77 Lake street, are In receipt of Magenta
Fans per last steamer. Necklaces and Ladies'
Chatelaines of Etruscan styles of setting. - fndi*
vidnal Saltx of fine silver with morocco case.
A tasty article for a wedding present.
. iylg-dlw
. To Clos* *hi S*asox.—la order Ito-naka
extensive alterations-' and enlargements in ber
store, and also to make room ur.a large stock
offallgoods,MissM.H.Marsb,lWStala«tf»s£ ;
will sark down her whole itpck cf w—r ,
BultoTT, «nd «Ht tneh pyicop M* 1
If. j»T • .U.U.TIiJ . ili - ( i j"
immediate sale. All $8 to £lO bats will be sold
at from $5 to SC.SO. All $1 to tti bats will be
sold at from $3 to $4.50. Straws, bloomers,
jockevs and children's hats wilt be sold at the
New York cost. Rich ribbons will be reduced
one-third in priee.
Two rttboons for 15 cents; SO cent Rib
bons for ceuts; all six shilling Ruches for
50 cents; full band made Ruches, 371; a very
neat three row Ruscbe, 121 c. All six shilling
Flowers for 50cents, and ull o'her goods reduced
equally. A large lot of Lace Veils will be sold
at very low prices. Linen Cambric Handker
chiefs, Hosiery and Gloves, will be cleared out
at cost.
To every lady who has millinery to purchase,
this sale offers unusual inducements. Notice
the number, :iO3 State afreet, between Jackson
and Van Buren. jyll-"w
Raci Cbaxce—Patent Ricbt at a Babcatx.
—Wiilurd Hall has a Patent Right for sale,witb
which a persevcriog salesman,'having a capital
of about #1,500 can clear (.*>,ooo a year. It is
a fair legitimate business, which will continue
for a number of year*. Persons desirous of un
dertakint; will please crllon mc at tbe Merchant
Hotel, where I .can be found fur a few daya.
prefer them for family oie.—Al Y. Triintnt.
They arc the favorites for families.—-Al T.
They ore without a rivaL—Scitnttjic Atniri> i
Tbey maintain the pre-eminence.—>y. 7. £&
For hanmwj, f tiling, tutting and gaijurtng
no statement is necessair, as their reputation
fur successfully doing this work, has been for
some time established.
All the latest improvements, originated by the
best talent in tbe Union, are involved in this
machine. Geoacz R. Cbittsxdcx, Gen'l AgL,
jy7-lmo 167 and 16ii Lake street.
Sxxge&'s New "A" Macsixe.—This late in
vention is designed to obviate every difficulty
that has heretofore arisen in all hewing Ma
chines. It tucks and gathers. The
great demand for them already felt in this mar
ket, is a guarantee that they mtut supercede all
other machines in u.*e: now on exhibition, to
gether with all the difierent styles of Singer's
Machines, at 65 Lake Street." A. W. Harris,
Agent. jtil-2ino
The head quarters for Skirt Supporters
is at A. Graves', 73 Lake at. jylvdlw
jhJ" No. 47 State street will be essily dis
tinguished by the sign of the Mammoth Golden
Tea Kettle. * jyl6-2w
On tbe 19th ln*t» by the Rev. I«r. Kl e. Mr. T B.
GUDOEL. lunncrly of Maduoa, ind., and Mrs. Ol'llb-
LIA E. miUWN. cf thla city.
ISTcto atibcrliscmcnts.
SW C. It, SCIU AdcrtitxAQ AgetJ, C 3 DmU*r»it
it mrfiflfiMi to ioxirt A-!r*. tUenenU f»r %ki» awl aO liW
LtadUg nf C* XortX Wmi. jal-bS94-y
VV7"ANTED—A good room with
V T Uurd in a t<leasaat location, a Utile oat of the
bus ne*« part of the dty. Andreas ~D" fcox S3« i*. u.
. Jyjs
I^OARDING—A Gentleman and
J J Ills Wife, or two eesftrta 1 n. can obtain 1-oard wUh
fn«t r ri>utßs In a pr.vate family at 2GB Wabash avenue.
W^ANTED —A Situation as As
• " eltfant Dook-Keeper cr Entry Cletk. The bear of
Tefere-ices given. Addr*u **A Cox 503 I'oat OClce.
* —' We have la store a con»l<niaect fmm the Dum
Too' touir-aiiy «f tbclr cafebr.ted Sc.thea, which
wld be closed out at a low t>ri<re.
, , .. 11. D. EMERY ACO ,
A ibat I s' aJI no loc/vr be rcypon<lhl« for any debts a>n
,.r. *: r «>ntracL« maile in the name cf the arm«f Hufh
lutrh c stApH&d Cantlle Manufacturen ot thUcity.
la Uie working cap tal has bera fambbaJ by mc, and %* 1
fliidl secesory towltbd'aw fmmsaldflnnaaddisMUethe
ct>fartnenh>p as tom u praet-eaMe.
pOUND —Came into the onclofeure
.*• ef tbe near the C;:y Cemetery, a yonne
Thei-wut-r caahive the cuuc by Inquirlni; at Waida
Garden. >orta Wells iitreet. Jyg-Stx
The Atlantic Monthly,
For August,
CosTXxrs.—The DtaoaUc Element la the Elb!e; The
RlnC FeUer; The End of All; lUrds of tbt M«ht; A Trip
to Cuba; DotilelGray; Tbe Mliiiattr'* Woolnjt; Roba dl
Roma; Erceledui; My Psalm; TbeFn-fes.
sor at the Breakfcut Table; Ihe Italian War; Reviews aod
Literary Notices; R-e?at American Publications.
Txxsu^Three dollars per aanum. or twenty-flve cents a
nember. Upon the receipt of the sabacripuon price, the
Publishers will mail the work to any uut uf the United
States, pre-paid.
Cuma—For Ten Dollara the rablbheni wQ] amd Ave
copies of the Atlantic for one year, the sabsoibera to par
thor own postage.
VlßKymen. Teachers and Postmasters wis receive the work
for Two Dollars a rear.
Bookseller*aod Newsmen will obtain tbe terms by the bun*
drad, etc, apoa application to the publbbers.
Bxevrsin Tickets gwd for Return tQI October Ist, ISS9,
are low tainf iarjsi.
Mackinaw, CoUingwood, Georgian Bay,
The Thousand Inlands,
SKontroal, Qnebec f Whito
ExeoraloebU can take Elver or Rail from Klnx«ton to
the Th-jus*nd
and tbeltapldsof the St. Lawrence by d«yJchU
Tare for the Roand Wp from rhlaro to Portland sod
Quebec aad Return. InciUtlUj Ueaia and Bisthj on the
ltiver St. Lawreuce
fW F' r Tickets HaodblUs of Ereitnion. further
pait.culari to A. T. SPCXUEIt A CO.
J. WaRR.VCFL, Trunk Railway,
■Xo. ?< Dearpora street. Jyis-lmi
JLV> U lueited at—
Soont Sorris, Oele Coonty.
About ei/tit mil's ease of l*r»Ki, th« oeamt MatUn cn the
I llluota Central Railruad. Dady nu from Forotoa.
Pwln and t ranklia tirova to Uu Morria.
Tlic coone of itiioy tabnen ermujii; a*vallj tasgtt
in C.4 eixs. wttb many other oscfal and nma-rental bnnrLe*.
This lualtuuoa aaa Jan closed la XIXfcTIECXTtI
YEIR of mo»t«uceeMfui Icrtiuctkia. Lo>i|t experienced
and Covrrrcrr Teachers take charge of the *cvrnl depart
ments. The lranees, wbil*t'h(d<iiof a comfSeie eiurt«*.
bwc been atisded to do all th- work of a without
Tnx xaax. A thinuxh Cwutm la pur
s'j«d; Ladlr* cudoate aa-l (fcnilcQtu citJ.in.-. f ur
their rnuw warn It completed.
TERMS AXU VAtJATIU.NS.—The Acad'mic Y*arb
divided in o three terms. T»e Fall term cooauescu the
«lh Mooday In and continues twelve w..v. t >rf .
eeededbyavacabuaofn.ewtek. Tae Witter Term rwra
atacesthe 4ih MobU»y laXutcuber, aajcwiunaaflruiea
wesk*. -ucce«ded by a va-aiun of oae w.ck. The summer
Term cntmaßoea the -*d Monday la March aod enUluaca
fifteen wectv succv«ded by a vaokloa of wtrLs.
'AUEHJU. CLAb6«—A feaet<en* CUa#l,fom«d,
Dee's at staled la terras. of wfcleb b U> qtiaifv
ywun< men ana wjtbtn a« teacher*, fur their f«turv eutrlny
aeiit. School Direct.ra, by making applvatl nto the
Faculty In gbod time, on p-ocu'e CvmpcUn; Uachvrs.
Taltioa In Common Erifrlui Fall Term....® sxo
" * " ** * Waiter Term. *2O
• " - hammer Ttns ij»
•' la Higher E ranches ard I Arguarrs. t»h Term. <9l
" ** " . Wi'j-r «• 7.75 .
M •* " *• Sammer .** 7.*}
XBrie on riuo Forte. Melndeon or Gal tar. Including
trr use of the lustrusenV Fall Term......,.,., # . < . <( itj0
winter Tctm..„ ..UCO
Soaa.er Tetm ,y»
Vraseh.Genraaerllshrew, per term. each. *140; book
K« eplw per term. SUM; Buamltg la Hall. Ineta ung room
hrnt and lurnlture. ia la ldca*a's to defray
expends of CSt-uogius, twreplng tails, bell warza-
Ing radtatoo luoma. per aonuta. S3W: wood wnen
u«d. per week, !5e.; Took* Ladia i t ctaryec eatra for
and c«mlre wood t» tte r rwcta. pet we k. :Jc ;
iJuanL tln<ad«stats Konta loltlon la Coa*-
era KBtbk, wt w,| :ll M. ■-
St Umt, in ths Hall thtirown U<ht% towels, beds
acd beddiie. Uooka. MaUo-cry, tte. fmnUhrd at Ca-h
Prto. itf
vU b< f<aca >*o I*e ficta to SIMM cho t >er ihaa those
of any other Icstitutlo&of lit ll.e<oaitrr.
JytS-iwx REV. W. S. POPfa. A. IL. Trii^pals.
JJA. lwsrine the payment of a eertala Pro
masory Xote for the sasx of Thiec Handred and Forty.
Fntrsndro-lW Do:brs. (UtM the nineteenth dayofFeS
ntarv. A. D. t>s7, a-ade t»y Et^er!«. ervy. acd pay.
atfe to my onlcr on tbe fin* day of Jane. A. O 1364, wnxk
sa d aote was a- d is aecQ' el by a eertala mortgige of the
pruj'ertr fcfre'nafter described, with a power of saJe tter»la
centalued. mace by said PotLtroy to me. aat *h eh eaid
mortgage waa duty reckfrded In the Record era OSes for
Cook Couaty, In C o« SS cf Uongiga, Page 228.
Now, therefore, tinder aad by tlnae «the power ef
la aid mortgage I wUI »eD at pabuc ancfton to
the highest titer fur cash, at the north door ef the Cvart
hoa-e. in »»1J Co-">k County, oa Fiiday t h * IfJi eay of
Aegnst next, at tea o'clock ta tbe forenoon, all the follow*
tag deaaibed lots, p'eces and parcels of bad lying aadb*.
ltyrlta tbe dty or Cblcsgo, la twe Cooatv of Cook, sal £tate
nilldnota. aod lapwa as lots aamber ux iDand >;ven (T\
la Garter's sobd ■vision of the north part of Block three (\
in southwe-t fractional qaarter oC fioalaa acmbcv tweotv
twe (sJ>.ln Toww h. d namoer thlrty-oine (MLXorth Ram
founeen, eart of the Third Ptindpisl Mendaa, as laid oui
aad reeorded by b. X. Dextes; John Perk. Jonathan Dtur
Haven, together vtt)i all aad the teae
ments, heiedltameEta, pnrtlem aad atpaittaaccra there
tato bel wffcf. or la aay wfe* app4rta!a>n«. a I the
right and MtdtyofiedenrcSoa ef ibeeaM "y thereto.
- JA»»X UDRLfcT. Mortraeva.
■VrAS:rER'S SALE.—State of lIU
'XTL aols. Cook Coantr, Court of rhJ.
cago—ln Ctoaeerr. W1 Ityv 11. mlckaty vs. baae An
dma, Geoen nuwll. Mania Smmomaa aad John F.
Ftaßck—Btflie FonCeeeMottga^.
leparanacceor a c»cr«al order watered la the shore ea
tlttedean>e 00 the rlxteeLth day ef Jalv, A. D. 1523, L Ira
• Bet**, a Materia Chaixery of tbe Suentor Court of Chi
cas«,tai the Oomry aed tita'eaformtd, ahaj. oa the seven
tecn'h day of Aa*n<L A. D ISS3. at ten o'clock la tbe fore
noon ef «ald day; at the north door of the Court House, la
tbeeityef Oiaen. Cook County afar cakl. sen at pobHe
aa-tkatolbeiilßhett bidder Cor ea«h. aQ the foUowipg is
•Dlbedpareelof realetfate.«iaar«ln tbe Oouaty of Cook,
sadauaeof HKa>U t» wttv—The wm tve aena cf l«i
tmsintseMt aad ed)oWsftba aodk-tra tmsftte
west half ef Ua asefhas* coansr «f t*e*tot ttoty 6am
. Tew» ftely ilw (Ilk eatfc, bsl
NcU) aftbcrtisemntts.
■i-' SPEOT.
Tho July Number Just Received.
Practical Medicine and Surgery,
Contalslns a rciroepectlve view of every Discovery rvA
Practical Improveoeat la the Mtth,
w. BRAlTßwaith,
Lcztaru oa Obstetzfc Medicine at Lc,ds School of Mull
cine. etf.
t*dec, WJW .............For «le by
W. B. KE£!t, Book*eG«r,
The Board of Regrtds. of the Ualrenlty cf !a
March, 1637, istalaUiad % Lit Dejntuaeat ILercla, ap*
pomtedthe following Pro fa *ora, vis.:
Justice of the Sapruu Coat of vuvy...
To the several Profawors are aadgaed the Tsrloos branches
o. ths Law, la b!11u depar meats, md ailing Cou»d:atl*uL
Ittteraatioaal, Maiit late. C»iUD*Kia! ud u<r.
*£.cal Jurlspraaeace, and the Jurisprudence of the Catted
Instruction bgivenby Lectsrcs, Kedtatloc* ExamJiv
ttaas Moot aad dab Courts.arid brother methods bctteal
u> attain foil, eaact -ud practical knowledge of tie
The Course exttads through a period of two yean etch
term eommeaeiag tbe l*t of October, and ctocsg thu
week la Hatch following.
Modeat* may cuter at aay time, bat are streagiv adraed
toenteratihecum.ceacemra£ of ia« una. brnJeua will
haveaccnstolhe Ualvenlty Law LU'ruy. wnlchutobe
tomedlately^an^i to>uwortM
charm tu which they wdl be subject they are eipc-wto
ppmd* for Ueia-«c-ve»tb* ordinary t«xt books wLch thev
will have oxacid to tm at their rooms. '
are <lO Matriculation fcr.aod »3 aaacallyfor
ThedegreeofmchelerofLawi will be conferred on those
WBoeotu..Me tbeewuneand ;«» aa ap: roved examiaaUun
Any tartberlnfwaiatjoawill be *hm oa ai-bUcrtk* to*
£ther of the Professors *t l>«*n4i, or U tte Pi*»U*nt of the
tMtlyr> ty at Ana Arbor, orU>any meniber vf the butrdof
Ihe uoardof Rexroti confidently expect, f oa the em!,
nenuj k»u pratteal skul of the rrofeasora, the triflin* amount
of the ehx; % aad the fine spirit with whu h the e-taLlVh
■neator'the ivikinmeat seematn beeverywharr meted Ir
the public thit thto Dei«rta>cat will at t ace ■«>» »J.
slLoa with the«M r lutiluuous of the country
iiy order of the i f Regents.
i». jioixnßK,
of the Law Coxmlttee
Near LoolsTllle, Ky.
MOXDAT—£la!lloo^iJ:»—3 Slite Utata—»Vo Eatnre«
I W forfeit—provided S or more »wi» »s»0
TUESDAT—Free to aQ Marea and Ce!dino—Sllle I!eat<
lh.»« la dre~4SOJ Farv.
WEDNESDAY—trw for More* and u<!utiui that bave
oevertrofed f..r B»oapv—Mile Uvali. l>e*t
twe iu On—*£o I'tne.
THUnSDAT— Krte for ail XLue* aad Gedlar*-* Mile
lleata . ♦'OO Tun'.
FRIDAY—Frve for aR have never
trotted better Ikui l.tu la pubUc—Mile Ucatj
SATURDAY—SIaIIoa bUce-Mik* tle--U-f.>r4 tcarel.li.
beattiree la Briw|JW ewrar.c?. !>*«• f<>:fe.t
—two or okjre toaakea ocs—iituvided ttra
»iart.aS2tl aiulcd
SAME DAY—IVIof aad OeUlnxa. beat three la
flv»-Ooe Mile Ikata-.«W) rarw.
A Q the above r» ee to banwa.
ILuvitrculuKoa will have the privi!ecenf
ctartlzufurFildjy'e I'ar>e tritiioat ter«reuc«tA time uoJe
oathatday. load
etoc "UJrn. which wid M ;>» ler ckqU Races t<t com
oieace Monday. ScpUmbcr ISuu aad coutioue thrvuih tae
Makes to eU.v theKth of Aa^mt.
lb ciae of a wm ovar for purava oo!r nne hair will be
_ \7. sL MILT X.
flat-iroh" stoves.
Westlake'sPatent Stove Furnace,
Superior fl&Uhed Flat-Irona. Ironing Tables, Skirt Boards,
dc, at
Sleoor 'the Gulden Tea Kittle.
» » ER> for Hatter DUhe*, Platen.
and l'latter. Wire Cloth l>v ttie yanl. at
• Van &CHAACR*a. C sute-«t.
CESEIi.IL COXMIS.sJi/.\ ifUßOfi vw,
Froprie ers ef the
Constituents fotldted ft Fksar, Gnda. Fork. HUea.
Adraace nude on comlcuneLts.
i r/o.v—/.v tue arr or cmcj.no.
Offlce, 1M A 106 WaihiajcU.-* n Methodist Cbttrch
This Instltatloß receives Deposits of
and from all daascacf persona, ladodiag
BZiners aad Karri»l Wom«Ba
and aOow* Interest at the rate of six per cent, per aa&cm.
Dividends payable on the flm Monday of Jaa*y and July,
JotaH.Klnite, Wm. B. Ordco, O. 5. RvbHud.
o<o.W. Do'e, Conml L. L'klL JohoS. IU-cd.
E. S. Wllftasa, O. R. W. LIU. Alex. C.-CovaattT,
JohaC. Halaea, B. W. Raymoad, JaredCiue.
XalbaaU. Eldder.
OSce epeedallydaritt theoKul hooraof
Toesdar aad Satoiday evmlnr*.
JOHN a HAIXEa. Fraddest.
And at Law Bala of Interest*
The Hannibal and at. Jo«eph Ral'rcad Coopaay having
ovtrfl-n.<o icmof land Ivlnc In the btate of Miwrnri.
which was enwud, by uA of <;oturr*«. to aid In the rot,*
•troctioaof thdr n«a. effer the principal pvrttao theiCvf
fur n>, oo tbe ooa litwral t«ms.
Tbe greater pir cf tb«*e lia ts are wiihln six. aad all
within fif"era tullea of tba nilroa.t. vbkJi Is now com
pleted and open for o>e thratutaout da e- tire leofth (M
BdicsJaadrasstar afhacuttatrK which bi uosarpuwetl »y
a ylntbeadatirltT.oC l*a etlmate, tha f>miity of Ua wtl,
a&rf the evteat of Ita mineral renoureea.
Each pereon perehaaliyttaad wit rcertve a ticket tot ore
trip between uar.nlhal and tba aeamt staLoa oa ihe ilaa
nifMlarvl St. Jasepb Railroad, to the pn-pertf {«»* ha.vd.
Furftirtbrr lafwrantlon apply at th« Land <*f9r« of the
Company, orawdxcM, bv letter. JofltAf! HUNT.
Laad L'omalatoicr 11. ASI Ja. H.R.
Kaanlbal. Mo. Jccel*. ljaa lyco dlw-itw dS3t
10A isxs. &tau candles,
X V./ V-/ M boiea Steafce Caad!e\ •
U) boxea l*reaaed Tallow Cardie*, fnr aala bv
JyH WboletaJetin-een 4& Sooth Waterrt.
500 btL Dried Peaebt—New lork Stata
Fralt. Fm n!e by WILLIAMS. SMI TH * CO.
JyH o s-ath Wver»tre<t.
I (\(\ HiIUS. X. O. SUGAIt,
IVV Fornlelow by WILLIAM*. SMITH A CO,
JjU - KsowalaUimtm A eo. Water at.
"DELLS—BELLS—A new supply
1 * »upp.y cf M<%celj'a O'ebnted Chanh, mawl
House auaauaunbrat ltniOuA re»lv-d hy
jy9 art lira UA Lake, aaa 2«3 Somii WaU r it.
X 1 CRXACEtf.fmmlOto 13J gx'ltma
Jy9dTß2la Si 2 Lake and 545 South WaU'Mt.
Stoves— stoves—At whole
sale a£d Retail, bv
Jy»drC2ln ttt Lake aad itl South »a^r*t.
9 finn mats cassia
V_<r Just nee Wed and ftr s»se very low.
RE\yoLI'S. £L\ A l O.
OF O. G.
t} Java aow la storr ard for sale by
JrH REYXOLPr*. ftf k CO.
fJV7\J nrnfc br KEiSOim. ELI * CO.
A V/V/ LASSES e«w !andlr & aad far by
qnn boxes ir. r. and
O\J\J Layer Raleics Jest iwelvel, la prime order,
aad !er«aJe ou Oboal terma to thetr%le.
jyl> RETXOLDy. ELY t CO.
tale my chap.
uirrxoTDs, ELY A CQ.
lvv/ stare aad fbr bl*._ _
mlenCberal terms.
i.c OVWpfM tfT km
JL oeleiit Bee 3 Baekwhrat for mla CHEAP. Inquire
of J. E. YtlC.Ml, flOca OT X. T. Merri". No. 1J
Clara street. Cnlnc*. > JyCS-Ux
•V-/ Jost rectlred by J. SNOW.
Jvl. ■ • lODeirtomtrwt.
tj\J aar«Q.we,lwtraeatT«deßcoßiiißaeatby
leS ' J. SXOW, Xa. to Dearbus street.
\J • V_/ \-£ PLES oa coatinzaeat. Car *^ T *
low. ■'jyl -VM. LITTLE * txCuHvCwS^
•JL T«7la.pricp. • WKL.TTLI * CO,
ir% o wiLumsAoo^tfisvßairaMtt.'
~ HacSsoo street. Utweea Siaie aad Dearttcre.
First li'eck of the Season.
Dtrtix Uj. Tlc ,,i on ,Tioa, ta . w u, a , oocll . T
Ijw»i. .VoKrrtj.lt,.
tirr .t w«rtby tttf patronage of the pubik.
L New Doom, Proceainni Drs*
TVLI^^BV 5 .^ 15 •^ rtlAt of ,h0 TLealro, J. VT. XTHY-
LuMraf -- 6T c * Wrat - a F, «» *»**. sia
cfthc bdie-i; u pctfc.t a.-.d aciaow.
Coolft TAiatr* #<4 th* L'mloi.
t OM be w« P'.'aa blypatmra
ttLSJV T. COMp.\>Y, Who luv-proved
" f P a> k ****** Alt star* «.f di*tlnc
i ! r w "«-P'«r tlcnnc the NMon. fcuttue
neeof u>-Irft;l'trrwLl he t.i «#i(t cc* of Uu i »e-.
I'MOOitct Tb« toe* talent of tie Theatre lose efildtiit
aaj aLW tn a«.d amu ■« tb« pulU?. «-««»»
The Seasca win eosuacco
This (Hbsd.y) Evsciag, Jal7 25!h,
with th« y«w> Amwbaß Cotncd/ br O. H Batder.&Q
J*jth an CM leal Prul. r*e «-n ibo • DeClct* or nta
JOcVVm^tT 1 McVICCEU la tb» . aric's ut
JOL..N cStlTd. aadaa a 1 tlie
The psrtUrmaoe wl'J concede with the farw of
The Obatluate Fuallf.
Doon open at ?J< «'e ucs. Curtain at 3 A'elorle.
and l>re**
pwttifJllttiT Lower l'iint« tiusea, flaO, Cp-
W" Utfrt opea fw* 9 o'clock A- u. till A r w
waere b-vb ou be cvsureii three aav< In a). mw«.
Z. <K St.XR'dAX. Trewrcr
Cool, Belretbln;, tovlsoratlns «ad
Aereeiblo !
wax «trt a
Grand Pic-Nic and Pleasure Sxenrsioa
to cu\mt lakk,
Arraafru enli bare been completed tb*t •U make thU
2Jm. . c ami'frf other Vlnct-wis
wtllbe Voea!ar.d lurtn;nwt«ial «n».r, l>i«;!D2.C*rr!:e<,
uul. and other nian Tfiuurs. the tr»m »Uitavc the P..n
da Lac dep«' P"ni«el at «i.h' o'c ock.
Tldet« U.VLPA roLl-\R. wbUOifaabe obrair.ol of
A n N '- - Uw»-. Trmje: nF>L-a*s
AR r OALLfcR*, Lake »trvot; 11. ft. N. Wert La.o
«trwt» o-.-p. t. a.en Park, and oa the or*. Jy 9 < 9tS 1 w
CoK nu.
r lUENT—Room Xo. C iletho
-A. dirt Church Bleek. Aprleto
jer-a-n WM. H. 11 A>KELL A CO.. T.\ke-tt.
r PO RENT—Dwelling lions" on
yoih.-1.1e.X0 ?85 MWon «<T»rt, f>im'tlrA-n.
P« »c*J. Dji»« Au*u-t lit. Inoture
wfU.CAKPENTEBy- Jyitft?w lta
r PO RENT—Several good brie*
A dw?U!np« with stay**. AK>.a*arif.T ofteaenica**
at prieea froju to t-WO. AIIUuTT A KIX<JMA>.
aa) C;ark tcretl. apllc7To<ta
r PO RENT—A pood two story
1. PweUla/. and Dara, >*•>. 77 llaroo arret. The bra-*
n-BUlsaten r«"Tn«, U t-wle {a'ntnl and ia order.
Rent low. A Duly at tto»ni N*o. 1 Pcartcrn block—oppw.
»tt« the ro»l 0i«. J. I>. UlcE. Jylfriit CTpf
fO REXT—House Xo. aTw.-ul^
JL lrjton *tmt,eonulM *bount twentv rwm<s ai><! l«
well arranrrd aiui flneiv for a IWdl-ff House
XAnebnttlr>t-clM»rv)ipAnslhJe tenant! need nipJt. S. li.
Xo. 4 Pantee'a Bullidiis. ccmrr of H- ntj
Water and TV ell* street. Jy 3!>3 1m
T3 KENT—Uiiion l'ark Residence,
consL<ln<of a two and a-half slorr Frute
Uotuc, with Cartlase lE«>n«e and SuMe. Terr loV—j-40 p* f
C*w*WbU» twu Ulock«ct the bone nlirad.) Inquire c>f
It. IXUALLS, aouthwat corurr of Madison uii Clwk
«»*?*: Jel«Mlam-dSnt_
PO RENT—A New Honse, just
JL flobbed. cn Uwbnsfrret. It ias II rnotna. brides
batb-moa.paitrv.elbthee re>«w» At. aiid al-o plectv cf
C-ntea r»«oin; l» well sqpndcd w»th water, aud t!.« h.-<tre U
erery way Weil
i.i>>a yox. Appiy to C. J. HULL, corner of l*k* u.id
lATalle. Jy.(so?Js i:w
TO REXT—A Xeir Two Stoiv
I DWELI IXii w!ths I<V(tlnr f*'l r
atelb a c*.re Jtft So-itn of Cleaver. U r, f«vr »!i- ti'-»
Sixire.aintrlibin Cve&upulca <>f tlic IVin wl'l I*-
rental *err b.w to a *o-1 tenant. If «U*:n-t. and t:e r«-f
--rre nova are «ti»f irti.ir, the rent «-ift 14 pa.d br l be hoard of
theuwnor. AOil 15,Chita ft *uP O. Jj'idTMltn
. TKL—Tha» lary and melirj* Wnllnj known m the
HOi>E. at Galena. Illinois U new f«» rent,
liit'rOTfO'iiratira of year*. The L'e Solo Hotuv L«one
of the beat Huttd lul.olsp* hi the and «oa d oom>
mand an «*en»tle TutrSioire t:i»d*T ait npet'etei-d
nxz. It iafttnibiediaSrxtdw* ttfle.aiid W nownmienrv
inc athof Ot:b malr I'arti »»f »*j*rlmte and ma &xl.
bUlsy. de»tr.n« firih<*r pirtlenhrs wi 1 bo eiuerf-Lv aa
awered l>j adiireaUßs the tUH>«r*!|c&ed.
ApplicaUona wui he rvcdrtd onUl ths lClIt af Aujurt
Ue cnler cf the Director?,
y. A. SUALT-.Secretary.
jfot jratg.
"p'OR BALE—Seliooner Ellen Will
-L U-raatalowprt,:®. Applytothc«ab<r.leratCoia.
merclal llank. lUtiae. >f. W. MOttKE.
J) H dA>t Iw
SALE —We have a few
JL COMPLETE FILES of the DattT Pre* ajio
Tn>irrxa, fr :tnJ»n .aiy l«t. I?i9, t» Juty ljij,
11 quint at Ut« Coumlige Ki.oia.sl Ctara rtreet. Jy»4w
A old and eatabCahed drag flrm. with a *ars* eonatty
trade, t>< retire fiom uStt fur aale tbc(r
etstire «*»ek of Drvoand Uedldaea uuonreaeona*»letertua-
Addreaa baa SOP. U. JytSlaiz
Foil SALE—llonses auil Lota on
Michigan avesoe. Wot Randolph o«e<t, Farauhr
►fftt. West J.tckaoa atrtet, Dcs I'hkiea street, aad A'wt
van liurra rtrert
TO JtfcX Wabash aresoe and Wert Ran
d.ot-h »UetL lusu very Ci?urai>ie. Apviv u> B. V.
QIiIXDVA CO, Ao, ) Walker* iiuildl&je. At DttitMQ
FOR SALE.—Cheapest 111
a. TUE STaTKmSS atrw, ten dollaraper aere. jp*a<l
rich prairie. wi:h dike Usd. twenty mllea south of Cbieac",
»Traniaje ro.l. situated on the Thorn Creek roid. near
ThnrLtuo >ta:ton. oa tbe iUl*io>»C<n>nl R R.; u partly
feaced. haaa rau on Mb tides, and|.close)vMtr
rounded i>> cultlr.ted Cum*. Pad cub. tolancc on aburt
time, if de*lr«d. Apply to Pi«t OSci (lot 1041. t.r at .No.
9JO Randolph street; oi.« door w.-rt «>f M<tmixv:ttvn Hotel.
JyMm dfea AIRo. A. M. MITCHKLU
X. Tbe Hottse and Barn on tie souther* e> rnrr of Clin,
ton aca West Washington ■'re*U. )!on«e <:a« ten tix oi*.
w'.th and Urat'p'Ud w »L wattr.
Lra+eof giouod f»r tw.. ytsrn wlib of ranewal.
Orontid rent only *1? per y<-ar. >pjly the pivmlacs.
Kent vf (be p-ace wou.a pa. f».r .Ue;r In vcan.
\\T AXTED—AjrenU to soil a u«e
--* T ful atd ea'nable arrlc'e. An actlv* man »lth a
capit.l of **KIYE DOLLARS." e«n b» consureit at SI
Clars ftreci, lUx.u Xu. 1 k;>-suCn. Earliest secured flnW
J.r-Ttx ]
XA'AXTEU—To rent a small fur-
T T t>b!iedhousefirS.4or9itaith*— rent n«-t ti ex
ceed nr annani. Ait person within* to tn.t siKh a
boi'«e«o afnil a'.dcareiul lenaat. wJI ciA*caiMre*a •«* *
d.*awer £»?4.P.0. J>Stltrx
WANTED— By a gentleman and
wife, to rent for <n»« year, a tnertfnm »sxrd fttr»
nL<Q«.I hrn*e within tea tainuu-s w»k «*fth« foatt.flVe.
r->utb I>V.«"n pretenrd. 'nm-tunt «rtU b» w«:icu*u far
an I nii'fMJ- ry rifturnces paraaie«l. Address Itr.kwer
«45S PostQgLe. Jys2-3tl
VVANTED—A Principal l'or a
» t IltOl! 5» UVil la Central -I!U« u, tltanitlt lo*
rated. In a flnurUi!n« town of let aLlTaa'a Ibe !*cb->«<!
1« on»-—Jlvukd lota >*rai iry. >eeui>dary. u<atouiar
and Ul<u -• boo« DepaiUueat*—«Kh s ntftnt
tnciien In each "f the lewvr cade* a a espertcueri
rrHid[«lUwantedwftoH tl)orno;hly»eqtta!nt>dwitb tbe
staUßiof S bo>«s. aad foil/ eorainfut tu teach a I
tUeUrtacbts Afwl t"ra ml«sl>ato the Kr«*l>t&an Cbua
In ai*>» tn »nperiateo.t. th« g*n»ral
worktßf vd deralb o» «li dep*rta>et>tn. Tee aehwot hut
k|MSMJah*dtiire«yearß; to apon a ttna oart»; average
lu*e buwired. CunpvusUUm IberaL Ap.Jjr
at Itdxx* lloiue. Chtajo.at any time b<t>*rt»!» a m atd 1$
wi2anfi»rx. ou tcesdava&d WeCondar,
and S7 h. Jylt-s*
\\7* ANTED—A smart, energetic
I T bob to take the Gcoml A*eocyln this btatefbr
Greeley's l'aient Suspender.
The eh«ape«t asd k *« la tbe wt»rid. Unlit* all othen,
l« perfect;r adapted to th- wauta of JLadVs. No oaa, wt>
man or child • <-u:i be wlthuvt tbetu. no one wUi when
they rave etiee »)*.d thets. It cannot slid* from the
shoulder bf the &ad
Br hocxHeg one ftiap whra front tag sec free.
Will nuke a guiUeor U»cefocthe<
ArpCcdh-n say L« made L* a Aw darj at toe Malteaoti
Bwfte fiom 1 till 4 o'clock r.*. Ro-.ai Xo. *O.
lalMwbhtnseilTowo. CouctTf-r Stiie
casefactare of
Mi»pe=»ioo Pixt.«. li/ ttU ltLp.-OTt.ient trie wvrth of
raouar* cneb enhanetd whlie the co»t U not.
shop ta fur sale la i*hicaco. !y?3-lwx
-*■ USI'ER Ll>'EVat groily minted prices. Good
p!a:ar*betc>Ue&*£c: Fine Pure l.nsfa, Einbrottfered Triia
b Inia AUvther&iix'a at proportionate rates, heao
tii'ul !*JIUIiOIDEHIIv> n about cM>Laif the u*uji prlaca.
UK&'ii<il)iAsTlLL\ M.VKLNfi (nin styles reccfred
most lily friru farla, Lo»<t.>n axrd New York.
je7-tatn«p DRS. liW Late street.
A heteby cive notice that they vH art be n
rpoe«tb'e for asy eostracta cr acreeorsu sade by Joha
Sleßeanor J«ta Veliean x Co. in or ahxtt the Imprvre
skestoo Clark street, (PaTinf. WalCa<aail t Xlnz.', liey
having obtained the coatraa fioai the etv tj tbetr r.wa
•NEW WHEAT FLOUR—A ropeilora/tleifroi.
em White Wheat. To our nunierou# frieods «.d cn«oireTa
cx* eall an 1 we will »i>ow the nicest article ia the city.
Ali artla the tallUex Un« aa tuual at ear low price*.
&rEVESS, yO.-vKIsA CO.
"PRINTING of every description
JL at Preaa aad Tdbuse Job Ofica.
JyS WM. g.BAyp.
Pamphlets pot up in the neat
est cuaner, at the Press and Tnbtnc Job OSre.
Jy*l . * H. KAN P.
to. Ic. ic.. at .Sort at n>Mj m JT«bjii«
Job OflM, Si Oitll nari. ffM. 11. lU.M).
ftaaimes. *f.. !•* one or ntaay «•?««,» and
Irlflaae Job ufilce. SlClart street. WM. 11.
Bank checks, drafts,
yo'ea. Dcp»«U Cheeka. a»d aD kinds of Boot Print
bg at Pkm aad Trttoae Job Ofleo, M Chrk stner.
jySl ' • y*. H. HAND.
&4ffi3Ss^tfS , K«a , a
P» mt.Kajvs»
J; 5,; -***". An taam _.
" f"* ftaw ?*«*'»fcmanim. na.ru—
o»oßqiiu% (8 Hmaete*. OM tGMTtI99 ' B m
pea (I*T. c; ji •*«!>"**** 5
" " *»° week* «»*?.)...TT.r... ,2
m - •»«month. (2m1».) aX
- «• (teWj Jim
- M
oe« year.... 7.7/;;. 22a
ASctadaleof Prfect (braoncpaea this Om6co«»
mUmoii the Cooatlag Rooa.
AU Tr«aa!c&t Adv«Uaraeata tote pM IsAda^i
All Cbuc«cbarx«l*} cuts pvSqnam
* AT * uramt a -wsblt ma AX» nan
'•* w» «* ch »»tk. for 8m
*"« » u i 1 * <*fh wbaeqoeat atcath.
Suction airs.
By Wb. n. Haskell & C».,
Otx TUESDAY, Ju'y tfith u _ . ~_ _
Color*. In .teat *art»«y
1122 SSf* M , enao Shltta, Ho ttt v art Ola*—
Ueeo Rok>ics. Vn !ar«. bMrtsaiiJ lar.ML
lotsof CnipfT lu,M *
M y ZS£,'i2L'?-<2£ i °* T
T bsm'* .xm.'iißz Totweo
or "" • !m "rfMJ
Sjj. UC'tllUj Wllh- Ot'^TT..
j)S&a-da» ttA>K BLL * CO„ ICSLa*-«c
At7 iT'SMTcu® c°r«?£s. ir L ?-Kr t S?3?SP I>
GOODS. t'ItO":KEItY £d OL^^irfts* 0
Oa TUESDAY. JayHth n»u w«L .
nlfwmn Xo nVi*: *• T* "' I* 1 " w
«■" *♦»<* «-ird «•» «'»%
J i y arM*«irp l>u-ear» »r.d Uanl.
?*+*•,.. Oak ami Walnut French L'eUto<ta.
*«, comiuii T.WI»
rtulta, !<lh«.li»tfi| lea PiULeix Uomu rkimuni-
L* r T Wl, "« nrt ' Ol' Cloth. i 'me**ry v:J Klt^k*u
x^J2!BSi?£sX3gzi>>"'••■" a « ; " a ™»-
.Jr® ntLßEur* ".w^or
SALE.—The ii^r will
WFn* i p ?£ nc . , ? a L nn *,**• hLr ** s 'JJer ft»r «ab, o«
** ED^9?*DAY. July .*«tß. At l''4>°iHneka h
flev.No.ll MaHn«Hftnk,4*hlraco.t»nc "il i I'^i-'qiil
bf Uw »si
rmremeMtußUmtoGriU!, » n .t kinorn M
It, I ,*** N*» .1>»». ISH. vuX
. r R""* upoa |'U:rn<m4 i.f (t* •»««.» j.1.1
HfM.ia t»*. ..FWhw, j
*f. "£frT?" 1> , u> "*=-"■• «»'to fyr I »rni*
irdv, uVs!
>o. C ItmJoJph rtrwt, UL
J.*:®' f P' • Jl kn 4* '>rrrwehas.
Libiral LmZi AdWK*»«iaU«oner»ni<cnOKOts Oau
prOffi^j - alt-rv!fU U» ILJb tlitiviian EUJVTUUWI.
Fii»t-<*hM> Altera, gombimi »eJ dly re/Wrraw a. >*l4y
IOIIN It AXK IX, (ieneral
" AVrrioy «mi coMxr.tJio.r MSKcnAirr.
X®. IT7 Cudolph at, third door wit ofUut Uomee.
on Otwvli tat I»-bllc and PHt*le
S«.#. 1 kftkular aUrnUon tlrra to outnioor «!•«.
?■*> •■ ti d NIIQ 4M.
A«v.eatorj*:o Kuuau fur rtsi &t w r*Xft%, Jel>yHu?4
\\ S 11. IIA>KKLL CO.,
T « r • 'M Mand).
. J? WTtt(c»tniJ(i on jomit fur m ?
MnnilLnnf Utal &UU a^t.
"ifct of siCTrt„di
"•> •«" tf?r.<xz>r
?«nztsaorty STRJSXT,
(TTear tU Pojt OSnJ Cik»*o, niT^r.
wit.*.BaTra. f»t-Ty-cl3l m . p. »otb»»
IX ocneral *rcTioM«ns,
co.TiJTissio?i ncßcntiTf.
WUartitiKeoD rwy ofa«*l« eo<u!ncil
Auction .>*.> B.
'ichMtj uumwiot
JHoncj) auu Cirijanae
TO LOAN-At Ten per
VC«aua«rcUl wanted.
J<-Q-y B. F. DOW.XIXQ A rtrart.
I I TUCKER & coil
AJ • IlaTeTn'S MuHlXIN'a
cram or
JrMJw_ cl.vrk and L.\gE-yr. o*3
KJ kttbe ItMker* Coord la N«w York
Jra-am E. K. WILLAKD. No. 1 Cluk^tv
Wi Ducuunt ilru-<IAM Commercial 3ot«a.
, N#;otlateUtfteU) fiv# ycur»lii<uiiibea<irit«BPtfceßl.
i=t«r«. UASI, LUAMBtK.-* * lu>J
"T >'t H C'Utit itiW, Cli'^fi
Draft*. Aecntucta. asd 2fot« paid .In sew Tar* on tM
of of aulanty. or Lut «Ur «t cw, aad money deiKMtt«i
f<»r arcount !n itie cltv of York, tuxl to c!tln
U>* vieiolty bf 2*iaw Yurk. oa TaiMraptiJr ;>nlera.
apl* IT OSoa,
Ccnctal iCotuca.
11. n»w vrrn * ukaix o«rrrAU— ?«»r •• « the S''c*
atMiyUmr* «>• u: 9«' lUhfi -iiucrrtr* 1-. iho«b>, o«lt«
a c»>h irarfe. an<l In a ir U L eUM»-'lv«Ml. \vlil b*
wUciiap (ut taita>li awl iiful ap(>r-v«il v>f#% a* Uh»
Vrcwnto«rT!rrwT«be*t»£o w»u 4iUm> A. V r. 1 x
unrmi'ißcf. tr-**x
ARTS.—Mr. J. C. WolC
1 L»nd<eu« aua Toitnlt P»lntcr. •k4« to Ufl<m
(Tut etLrn who »Uh t» julu ttU »'•— iu .-kiiciior
abd. I'ulialurf frvm rulurv. to Dwtt m> kU n out*. Xo. 2i um
82 5X*.J ,a . nill i* Atehißfibn kUvct,Mtr • Lrk.
00 TL ttaiMb lntt.
I Hftsß» J. A.NOKIL. wbo left Krott IIV. North
r«T<<Jent», R. - RiafuibsilK.
If UjU suuolil mrrt tb- rj« <•( Mr. Angel', h* « M kac *1 lk«
Uani- n City tl<>o«e wttl.:n t>.« b<-r ti-rvc 'r 'cur •»>» b«
cm recwW" Ofty <I»>IUi» at U'e ta»a of » 'ri* mL ,\nv p«r.
«on Lit Kh« ia.V.u a be .utUU> Uf
Wa7lacu>ioiuMlMnslib« aooveboieL
Enrcwnox- A who
rfirlrcd buoincatlAo la tbt- of l»>'ln,
•ma «b.»lu«ikH much r v » i r, w«o'd de*
*<>•• snaie b rtitf «Ul'r ii. i»«tr<tft.na hi fb» k,
LjM"i *• -1 l*«n'b s. R. Ttnuc » •- to b»r^ur
iu»l o KTfii yvr t anluuue udiUw **W t.
«lntwerS.tn. tfeUago P o J
"Vatioxal FAin7~cniCAGO.
II Wilttfof..r prtrUtiies t« 'umUij rtfte-b*
a.«&is«Rt>>t hs rOtwiib «ili be nenvrd apt» Ao<v«t
Im. Toclwa^kiKUublv«iUb« wkt «it: Iw->Ftr«tClml
furtloCMa!*. T»« >«cooJ do. T«r. 9ir*t Clm<
Ice''rain. nm!» Waier. «**ff ••. fru.t Ac: >-rd
Cla*>. or **C*k ' &<1 Heei" tr4< Ad*nar* poy«
n>pn , H,'Ar«nnd<«en>trTr*<iu!mi. Forp»ilUuar» uui u»
OMB»d«rtlsM<l,atttwTttiuobt IIU<MW
n«>HA"S CA?U"S,
9spertbterrfUat.lM>o<At hit.
A. ?s*T Lo?«—.Tl.e oodml<itM> U prrp rvd to tako
«f lou al tlx bid t»oit > L>me*»ry; pm nt* te&rfek*
aud Hnoe murtuibcat*; balld ar«l w<.oa 4*>d
»*• IM ftwM; wiiff imi ami plwit*, sod -io rrrryMn*
ueo'Mrx fwr iu> ail renxni «fMW'.in for iuh or
lur one ilolir ca«k.
OOce at tee l'fm-I'ry. A. L< NHHOLZ. •
i:zrKUxr»%-llviu <»*«.
ami Kc» Mr. lHtiklmoa. fltr MUlmary. Jvl.'-'BH
Having nr.i)rnrr>oe nbniifr alrratlona a&d tnarorv*
mentK I" "<■* otwn for the r*?n.t!i>u of r*>l'<.r . tba
crrictvU bar* I>eu *u& ln.pruvrtl. mbu c u > room*
ardc»tri gr b'>w* *LMi hnljjr)c» r.<r c-a<.basen a-UIM. for
two VMunvxUtiuo iif tlw»* whn leay i ktc.r o«ii
•tOiippwpe wtt<)tl}Mß. E*m l« ride by Ut*
Pio.rief >;* u> »u»ula wtu •votiibllfia.
TbebonM wtUiemainoMn uotdt-*M of t>t««her.
Hope fire ixsura^ce
50, 33 Wall Street* New Yorir*
ra&h caisuu an p*;jia.. luo^un
Ket Surplea; Hay IMb. ISW. 3&41.M
Folicitt <mm<( wn th» mml fmtmrmUm iirmm
T. <3. TAN UUICI, Ase&t,
South Sut coratr«f SoG&'Wi*er*ad CarkftrMl
. nyM-ylKo UPSTAIRS.
Home for motherless
Cnns&EV.—Pe Mo»h4Tlß<eilldm» rietvirM of*
will And a en>tj b«uie lor U.«m vua Mr*. U.
11. KING-LBY. bnati.Urad.jDd.
sUnaikin br-«**k r:>er.
Rt/U r> Hud Colin, s»uib B<x>J. 'oi.aaJ
Eer. A Y. Uoor^.tlj.
Stars oa Twxr Bodv, MItU. Conocet'-'M aad t*tr»
cum.*tatc»i mar m fnllv ami e>vTrc-'!r <u<n«a la ail o^o*.
5' tprtrtoc to E. CuLULRT, A»tn>.
adhcartrter, fb'caso. •
Uriac or *otd Uw Cm*«f JKrtH m wtrfTM oowlbli.
FceSOeestaaadnpwird*. L«lUf» •UO. P.O. Box jtU.
Hoar* &oa » a. ■. to > p.«. jolw t
TJ COOPERS.—3OO,OOO seasoned;
■rwvd floor banel«ar« and bwtta<wfll be mid at
a curraln. A>idiu* UuYT A Ui-Q-, Aa/om. HUaolc.
-vro'ncE to muxebs:—'Wo
n«v thick FUm<ta; At lit kauwn aa**VALLKC
CITY tear Dwrtnajr IToa**a »nd % >tot« R»r«t
witb saaw. l-cact ta PUr>avt rijbtmUet
above Da«eaporr. lowa. «a.tlM MaakUpfrt River. Tils
mill ha«U rot»>.atd a.ltt«ma Wn.ry
p'f» <acnln< oror. eaycttf til mil# ISO barrtU <*f
flour per day. Tfc.ro la aa ahonrtiot ■ippJT Cf whfct la
tb* tin;! adwu aclg&boxbeod.
ig»iw4i* airrcHSLi. a cable. *
Xl tha' our a*Mfo««:
T 1 Jan. 3d. lr», rtn tea, aad
i l *
paj>bMe*e!tlaAamieaa *44 tothoonkvof Ja»«o 4nder»
r-a. ru»f be<3!> lost, and all «cw> s -rr et«tfe>< n«t to aeyp*
tUU Ue «am« «a poymeat thfroa ba« been tton A.
BT /. P- A E. A. BLACK A CO,
No. 218..~.*KXn*lo StrMl •■••••No, 219
- lllUnkiM-BrUtrt,Keac»UC».tißtT. "It.
f*. s» >Sri» WmvMMl,'

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