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ty Henry la lu'/tmd letters may he »*ct us at our
rkk. Aadrcu l'iiEftS AXI) THIBUNE,
Chlrago, Illinois,
flrrssft (Tribune.?
: CHICAGO. ' |
The Germans were right" Xapoleim, des- t
jiite Ills boasting and big pretences, proves c
liimsclt hut a Tulgur usurper after .ill 1 nis
Italian campaign is ended; peace is made, and *
the result is a farce At which tho nations will . fl
laugh. Sardinia has Lombardy, Austria holds s
Venice, the -powei of the Pope "is strength- £
encd, and that is alll The fico talk about a
Italian unity end Italian independence—the *•
promises of tho expulsion of tho Austrians £
*' from the Alps to the Adriatic "'—the hints
that tho government of the Papal States 3
should bo secularized, and Huogaiy
should bo free are whistled down
to tho wind. Montebello, Palestro, T
Varese, Magenta, Jlalegnano, and Sol- 13
ferino pass for naught. Tho blood tiiat C
fertilized those fields lias been shed in rain.
Garibaldi may go back to the sea; Kossuth
may again find refuge in England; lhapka
iuay get employment as drill-sergeant in New
York—their revolutionajr vocation is ended.
The foot of tho oppressor remains on' Hun- "
gary's neck. Venice is hunting ground n
of the Kaiser, whero liberty will again ai
be driven into the cartli. Tho hands
of a crippled but malignant superstition '
wield new whips for tho scourging of men. j, (
The flying dukes of Tuscany and Modcna, and j,
the reigning Duchess of Parma, may arrest &i
their hasty steps. T»*eir people, pining for w
freedom and development, like othor slaves m
may submit to their masters yet once more. ra
Napoleon commands and two armies consent. °*
Political despotism—insolent, intolerant and
bloody, repressing wliot is true in religion,
and all that is noble in humanity, treading out
political lifo smd aspiration with its armed 4,
heel, the- protector and sustainer of that
kindred despotism of Borne broods fa
over all Southern Europe. gleam of jo
light that this Italian war shot tlirough tho at
mass, filling millions of hearts in both hemls- U1
phores with hope, has gone out; and Sardinia,
for ten years devoted to constitutionalism, will d !
be lucky if in tho ascendancy of tho despotic
principle she regains t at Parliament and Con
stitution which she surrendered when tho war tb
began, that Italy might I>e free. • t,t
Wo repent "We eat dirt. We heap ashes tb
on our head. With tho fully born of hope,
with unpardonable forgctfulness of the post y
treacheries and perjuries of this man Kapoleon
wo believed a part of liis boasts—relied on the
good faith of one of his promises. The op
portunity for making a great and noble histori
cal name which would overshadow his past
misdeods,was so fair; tho provocation to follow
out the best dictates of conscience, was so keen;
and the spurning of self interest so incessant,
that we did .not see how ho whom oppor
tunity and conscience commanded and self
interest invited could bo false. History
affords no antecedent for -tho unparallelled tn
baseness of which history will convict him. I l *
Falso to tho pledges made beforo the world at a m
moment when silence was safe, false to the jh
c friends whom he has won to praise him, falso m
to the Liberals of Europe wh> had forgiven ft
hi'U for his murder of liberty in Paris and
Rome—he coines out of tho war a conqueror,
his grip on tho neck of France tightened by n»
his martial successes, but execrated by th
all mankind, not only as the betrayer to
of great trusts, but the diplomatic bungler, c*
who had not the grasp of intellect or tho j o
courageous iieart to face and conquer tho e:
difficulties before him. We turn from tho F
spectacle with sorrow and, disgust, wonderiug
when Europe, tired of the crowned humbugs hi
who play with her people as with sands upon jj
tho sea shore, of the domination of tho ol
Papacy which is religious death, fed cf the
aristocracies which sap national life, will arise tl
for the freedom to which God has entitled her.
Heaven is just, and the day of retribution will p
come! *
I'Alt. I
[Corrcs , p.itiisen:c of the Trees and Tribune.] - c
Sr. I'aci, July 54. tl
The Maltese have come and the disappoint- 1
tnent is as great as the crowd is little. A flood
was expected, but it turned oat only a sprinkle. r
A week ago nobody would tolerate the idea that a
a less non-ber than 3,000 were coming. Later I
advices compelled them to reduce tbe number J
to 2,000, but belotr that figure not a 'cat* would „
anybody fall. Hut the anticipations of the pub- c
licans'and sinners received a rode shock when r
the Maltese hove in sight. What a fall was t
there my countrymcu 1 The splendid and capa
cious steamers Milwaukee and Itasca came to
the landing in grand style, all decorated with .
flags, ever-greeas, and emblems, with t
music playing, cannon booming, and pas sen- i
gers cheering. But there were only two steam- t
ors in place of. five, and 800 excursionists in- f
stead of 2000; and less than half of these even c
were brethren of the mystic tie. The nam- •
ber of G. R. J. As did not exceed-150 ,
The members of the Order in St. Paul met them t
at the landing, to the number of 200, and escort- <
cd the visiting Sons through the principal t
streets, thence 4o the large room where they
received an address from the Grand Commander 1
of the Order Sn Minnesota, which was answered j
on behalf of tbe excursionists by Gov. Randall, ,
of Wisconsin. After the usual congratulations, 1
Ihe visitors were served with an excellent colla- :
lion.' The lodge closed about 12 o'clock at '
sight, and the excursionists betook themselves j
to the hotels. It set in to rain on Friday night, '
and all day Saturday was wet and dritriy. The
streets were muddy and the weather chilly, ,
which cast a damper upon the order of festivi
ties. The Ben Campbell, stern wheeler, start
ed for Fort SnelUng and the Falls of Minne
haha during the afternoon, and returned
towards sight. But it was too un
pleasant to see . much. To-day the
weather bos cleared up, and the J'acoriU
lit* made two or three trips to the Fort and
Falls, enabling all to visit tbe romantic "Laugh
ing Waters." A good many people went up to
St. Anthony and Minneapolis, eicht miles from
St. Paul, by stage, hack and naggy. Some
feeling disappointed at tbe meagre show, re
turned home on the steamer Milwaukee, which
left for Prairie dn Chien at 11 A M. to-day, but
the majority intend remaining until Tuesday
to take place oti Jficollct Island (between "St.
Anthoov and Minneapolis) at 2 r. m., Saturday,
was indefinitely postponed on accoant of the *
weathfX. This occasioned soother sore disap
pointment. At least I.CK>O pe.s >1 a came up the
Mississippi and dowu the Minnesota to witness
the wonderful ceremony. One steamar, the
KaU <Au«ti, with SOOpassencere aboard "taken
in" at Prescott, Bedw'ng, Hastings, and other
noints. proceeded in all haste to the Falls of
Minnehaha, where they expected to fiod the
Maltese Grand Encampmentibut these L. E J A.
eoriositv leeken returned down the river last
sweariag that tbe Sons of Malta were a
ir " ol ° ""J" 11 !- ..... ,
As *he l ' ulc appearoncc 01
«lie mnlnlense curiosity iu eiciwd in
wnn i to i^ c mysterious order. The uninitiated
wSHresolveu "> penetrtle the enigma, «ud
«cores and faundr jds forked OTer tbe necessary
Vto gain admission t>cliind the scene. Tbe or
der flourished for a few d«y» hke a grcenbay
4ree, but at this time the ponverts feel aoid in
xnore respects than cereaiosW/ Another mo
tive that prompted the rush iftfe fbe order was
tbe hope of pun. It was supposdiUbat not leas
than $75,000 would be spent in Siinnesota by
the vast crowd of visiting brethren, who wiare
cosing from at least thirty States of the
Union and also from the four quarters
of the habitable globe; and to obtain a share of
the disbursements it was deemed prudent and
vroper to be ot the brethren. So publican and
adnn«r knocked at the portals for permission to
enter,and they were all generally "taken in.
For eighteen months past money has been an
exceedingly scarce commodity m» Minnosota,
and tbe anticipated disbursements subtract
ed nothing from the popularity, 6f tho
Grand Excursion of the G. B. B
with tbe denizens of Sl Paul and the region
round about, and the &omo tb« dlairUs
branch! »o UttU mortifiestoo*. T® say tha
Inftlie 6t' PnlitM h»4»f«i»4»op«"» r
-- • ■ ' . *'. V ' ~ . ,• . .J
«r*ewr -i.i:
**• ' •• ****** .'SUPWrr*? rr ?*>
expense to rive their visitors a handsome re.
ception. The hotels were covered inside and
. out, on the roof, balconies and walls with flacs
: and. emblems. Festoons and wreaths'hung
from store and shop windows and doors; ban
ners were stretched across the principal streets !
—flags flattered on the breeze from every pin- i
nacle and pole. Band* of music playetT, and I
cannon roared their loudest. The eating houses 1
boarding honses, and hotels of high and low 1
degree, bad nrorided an ample supply of meats, t
drinks,'and bedding, to comfortably accommo- «
date the numerous and needy strangers that
were coming, but who came not i
It is known -that the ♦'Knights" implicitlv
•obey the orders of their High' Superior, and'ft
must be admitted that it was shabby treatment* i
or the " brethenng" of Minnesota, fortheGrand ,
buasticutis to command the gallant .Son* to .
absent themselves from the " Feast of the Nine i
Laramals —at least so tbinketb the chagrined i
and disappointed brethren of the Lodges in the
land of Minnehaha. . J. JL
Sflnneaota Hepobllcan Nomlnattona. !
[Contepoiulebcc of the Pit* mad Trtliane.]
St. Paul, Jaly a. ISS9. t
Masses. Emrons:—Our State Bepnblican Con- I
vention adjonrned this evening, after a very cn- 1
thuslastic and'hannonious session of two days. 1
Our nominations are as follows:
F<* Govenxw-AixxASVEB Bisrerr.
For Lieut. Goreroor—lcsAmrs DosxaLV. (
For Seartary of Stata-J. IT. Rim, . ♦
For Treasurer—CßAa.£. Smnymi, j
ForAltcmcy-CcnenLl—O. E. Col*.
yorOoncrofc—Cixrst&LDUco, and Woxux Wzxpov '
The ticket is a vety popular one, and is every- !
where received with enthusiasm. Bamsey's ]
name alone is aiotrd* of strength, and with him' i
and his colleagues as standard-bearers. I pledge '
you t in behalf of tho Republicans of this State, (
5,000 majority in October. €
Our platform is hold, vigorous and comprc- 1
hensirc, and on it the friends of Constitutional 1
Liberty will make a noble fight and win a deci- \
sive victoiy. The moccasin' Democrats arc 1
weak-kneed, laint-hcartod and dispirited, and do ®
not seem at all hke the confident and deter- j
mined foe we met and conquered in the autumn
of '57. Many of the more honorable of them,
disgusted and sick 8t the shameless frauds of
which their party has been guilty, have qnit it
forever, and tbe mutineers are every day allying ,
themselves with the friends of impartial free,
dom and an honest government.
The newspapers of the Unterrified (terrified 4
for once, thank Heaven!) affect an excess of
joy that their opponents have obligtd them, by f
adopting such a platform and such a ticket, but
underneath all their qaast self-congratulation,
there is an evident consciousness of coming
defeat—a terror at the humiliating overthrow 1
which is now so near and certain. f
Never were ihe Republicans of Minnesota so
determined to conquer the horde of despots and j
thieves who have long fattened on Uie sub- j
stance of the people of the State, as they arc
this vciy hour. And they will do it! C.
Why Napoleon Desired Peace. 1
The following letter from the seat of war, s
written before the armibticc had been declared, 1
will furnish a key to some of the reasons which I
led Napoleon to desire peace:
[Correspoadcnu of tbe K. Y. Tines.]
HanctA, buuday, July 2.1553. t
lam almost afraid to consign to paper the n
low murmurs that reach me like the rumbliugs e
of the volcano before the storm geta ont. Re
member, I do not give myself out for a phro
phet: lam not in the secret of the Emperor, t.
nor of his staff; but, if lam not veiy much ' *
mistaken, the long-matured political plans of c
the Emperor have not succeeded as that splen- b
did attack improvise of Solferino did succeed;
nor are the lung aud the Emperor aa cordial
friends as two victors should be within a week t'
after such a day of glory as the SSd of June
proved for both.
[Tho writer goes on to speak of tho embar- a
rassing nature of the Roman question, and of
the Emperor's disappointment at not being able t
to find a throne for Priuce Napoleon in Tus- c
cany. He concludes as follows:] j
Now, it is possible that the Emperor might
look over this little derangement of his plan,
considering itcasy.to find another.throne for h
Pion-Pion; but auolher and still more serious j
trouble an»cs in ilic Legations. The moment
the Austrians arc compelled to retire, the in- s
habitants of the Papal States, whom brute
force alone bos prevented from dethron
ing the Pope every day siuce 1643, throws ?
ofi tbe hated voke and proclaims Re t
Victor King. What can the Emperor do .
He told tho Italians from Milan to organize
themselves in a military way. to rally round c
, the King's standurd, and follow him on the
path to honor, promising not to offer any im
pedimeut to the expression of their legitimate <
wishes. They bavo done so! Perhups he {
meant only to speak to the Lombards* Then j
be should have' said so distinctly. He
cannot now send troops to crush the (
Italians for their prompt obedience to his
call; and on the other hand he has guaranteed
the temporal dominions of the Church tq. the 1
Pope—so he cannot help bis subjects to rebel. <
He is between two dilemmas. On the one ,
hand, the French clergy will do their utmost to .
rouse an insurrection in France, if the Pope be '
assailed with even the indirect consent of the
Emperor; on the other, the massacres at Peru
gia have set not only the inhabitants of the Pa- ]
pal states frantic, but all the Italians. As long j
as they believe that the Emperor will (if he
does not help) consent to their taking vengcanee
for those intamies, they arc still his ardent ad- 1
mirers; but already bis 6ilence has shocked
them. Calming words from Guyon arc no lon
ger sufficient fur tbe Romans. And depend on
it, when the last Austrian is withdrawn from •
Comacchio and Parma they will take matters (
into their own hands. 2be Emperor knows
this. He knows that Victor Emanuel is pro- '
foundly grieved at the existing state of things;
that he does not fee, and cannot be made to
see, whv he shjuld not be King of Italy,
siace the Italians wish it. What is to be
done 1 That is the question. I repeat that I
am not one of the initiated; but tbe impression
is strong here that he is wavering as to whether,
after all. he will drive the Austrians clean out of
the Peninsula!. Ifbcwavers—if be shows signs
of making peace till this is done—woe to tbe
unhappy Venetians, who will have to bear all
the brunt of Austrian vengeance! Woe to the
volunteers under Garibaldi, who will fight as
longas breath remains in one of them, until the
last Austrian be hunted from the Alps! Cut it
may not be as bad as this. Perhaps Veuice
may be freed from tbe Austrian, but made into
a separate kingdom, under the Archduke Max.'
: Perhaps this panic has no foundation. Na
polcon has said that Italv shall be free from the
Alps to the Adriatic. Will he prove himself as
incapable or unfaithful in the l'ace of Europe?
Yet the unnecessarily slow approach of the
Fcanco-Sardo fleet towards Venice seems to
give color to the paoic, for 1 can call it nothing
else, which seems to have seized on all.
Peace Predicted by HI. Mario. ""
The writer of the following letter, published
in the Boston St 4, is M. Mario, tbe husband of
tbe Madame Mario whose lectures on European
politics and on the state of Italv, recently at
xactcd so mn-h attention in this country. _ M.
Mario is with tbe allied armies, and is au inti
mate friend of Garibaldi, Kossuth and other
noted patriots;
••Milan, June 25.—1 repeat 'with all reserve/
hot on good authority, that there is a prob
ability that .peace will ere long be made,
or at least treated for. Tlie Empe
ror of Russia, alarmed at the use which
is being made of Kossuth, .(by-tbe-bv,
It is suggested that the full-length portrait of the
hero in i»udon was for the purpose of frighten
ing the Austrians, while the sacred person of
the ex-Governor remaioed out of tbe way of
rifle-bullets)—the Emperor of Russia, 1 say,now
inclines rather to an alliance with Prussia than
with France. _
«' Certain* it is that SchouvolofT, a confiden
tial envoy of the Cxar, has arrived at tbe
[ French headquarters; and it is likewise cet
tun that Austria has been spending fsbu
| lous sums at St. Petersburg to effect some
movement favorable to her interests. t It
f is considered that *if Russia were' once
; fairly pledged to resist any increase of terri
. Tory to France, or if she were to declare abso
t lute neutrality, the French Emperor woald hove
i no great desire to prolong the war. Be assured
however, that amia all the glorification at dear
f bought victories, the people here end through
a out Italy are qnite sensible that the real regen
d eration must begin tbe day after the French
d soldiers has quit Italian soil—and they are not
y indisposed to criticise each step in the march of
events, just as it may appear favorable or not
j to such a consummation."
Austria's IHlemma.
I [EitTVt of a totter fiuu a Kjjcoisifli at
ft Trkste, to bis father.]
y Trieste, Saturday July S.—There was a re
* soft from a creditable source, last evening, to
c the efiect that Austria is desirous of attempt
■s ing a mediation, perceiving that with her im
if poveriabed treasury, and the general unpopu
d larity of her cause, it would be useless to sacri
d flee more men, and incur greater pecuniary ob>
o ligations. To the above end. Envoys bare been
" sent to the French head-quarters, which rumor
® ascribes to be VUIa Franca. I) •' -
a, 'ft m Envoys have been commissioned by
t- (he Emperor po offer the restoration of tbe
20 of the Lombardo-Fpnpt isn Kingdoms. In&iher
a* words, the Aastrtaas are willing to evacuate Iu
>n To gaia this, tbe war began. With such a
a» gsapi—ino the war ends. •. , *
»e It is fcrlfcer ststad thai the Emperor had not
F top* l "ia*
spair to .Verona;'whence .these proposals of
peace emanated. "An insurrection of Vienna
1 » if war continued, and a gene-
* u^e . a change in the feelings of the .
whole; Austriin population 'has taken place,
bnch is the report. -Tbe events now happening
themselves contradict it, but here it is
l>elteved. Tbe Austrians tliMEsclvea, -within*
the past week, have not hesitated fully 'to ex
press their dissatisfaction at tbe manner in which
the war on their port has been conducted.
From ICuhlostoD.
Special Dlij*tch to the 2f. Y. Tribune.. ' »■■
Wjumsc7oS.Friday.July 22, J2».
; Qiiiet but extended movements are makingto
i bring Postmaster-General Holt forward as a
compromise candidate at Charleston. The dead
weight of the Administration has been found to
be sue principal embarrassment of the move
ment. -
The Hon. Dan'. E. Sickles has' rented Lieut.
Maflit's honsc here. . It is in a less conspicuous
situation than the one which he occupied last
year.- —•• • ••
A quarto volume of the called " Com
mercial Relations," has just issued from tbe
State DenartmeuL. It contains over six hundred.
pages. Many thousands arc thus squandered
py Government.
tSpadal Dispatch to the Stw York Tinea.)
Wasobctov, Friday, Jnly £2.
Mr. McLane's private Secretsry arrired last
evening, bringing from Mexico the Treaty ne
gotiated with the liberal Government, embrac
ing the points previously published in the Tittut,
The Administration is- highly pleased with Mr.
McLane's conduct in haHng the specie trains
released, even after Gen. liobles had secured
$30,000 for the use of his troops. Mr. McLanc
thinks the confiscated Cbureh property will
amount to $100,000,000, only aboutbait of which
is withiu tbe control of Juarez. The interest
only can be realized by the Government atpres
ent, under the act of 1853.
The impression prevails in diplomatic circles
here that the European armistice resulted from
an unwillingness on the part of Napoleon to en
counter Gen.' Hess with his fresh troops, if it
was to be honorably avoided. It is a singular
fact that when Col. Cy prion', no ar in Napoleon's
staff, was in this citv last May, he predicted pre
cisely the battles which have been fought, both
as to place and result.
fctJ" - The Journal says there was an Irish row
at Highland Park on Sunday.
fcsTßut little was doing in the Courts yes
terday. Police matters were of the dullest.
55?" Yesterday and Sunday were of July's
best pattern the very model of Midsummer's
XST The track-layers on East Randolph
street have reached Las alio street, coming cast
from the river.
S3T*Tbe Highland Guard or Chicago, give a
brilliant baU at their Armoiy on the 10th of
ESF" Nick Grout, charged with the Cottage
Grove homicide, has been released on SIO,OOO
ST" Bev. Mr. Roy of tho Plymouth Congre
gational Church has left this city for a visit of
some weeks in New England.
. F?r The base ball match between the Excel
sior and Columbian Clubs will take place on
Wednesday, on tbe cricket grounds near Union
Z&- Ryan believed to be the real culprit .in
the Cottage Grove homicide is still at large. The
man arrested for him tarns out to be somebody
pg"David Callen, a driver for Thompson's
fbakery, 17 Clark street, was thrown from his
csrt and somewhat severely injured yesterday
by the running away of his horse.
pT The Grand Excursion fares to and from
the East by a route, the most charming and ro- ,
mantic of all daring the summer season, invite
attention in another column.
pT* The clergymen of tbe city, it is said, arc
very generally to make the subject of Sabbath '
Observance the theme of discourse on tbe next
Lord's, day, • .«. . . •
ST Workmen are busily demolishing the
brick block of dwellings on Dearborn street near
Madison, the same to be replaced with a sub
stantial and costly block of stores.
IST Bev. Z. M. Humphrey, pastor of the
First Presbyterian Church, on Sabbath last,
took leave of his congregation for a sojourn of
six weeks at tbe East. The services at the
church will be contiuued as usual.
Toe Sgxoat Question*. —The communication
of R. P., in another column, has been on hand
some days, and would have appeared last week
but for the* pressure of other matter upon our
Don't wet the crossings is the advice,
counsel and entreaty we would give the water
cart men. Hold up there. Dry up for one in
stant, and leave the street crossings in a condi
tion that the light shod may go over dry shod.
pg" The number of inmates in the Chicago
Reform School is about one hundred and thirty,
some seventy-five or more boys having gradu.
, ated from that institution to the world dnring
the past few months, apparently much the bet
ter by their experiences with good Mr. Nichols.
A startling case of power of Attorney
was shown in a West Side Justice's Court a few
days since, when an indignant limb of the law
hitched on to the wiaistband of a legal brother
and let him drop gently down stairs. Pistols
arc talked of.
py We call attention to the advertisement
under the head of "Wanted —a Principal to a
High School," which will be our col
umns. The particulars are set forth in the ad
vertisement. One of the Committee will be at
the Briggs.Hoase to-day and to-morrow.
Jsf.on Saturday last a grain operator sold
one thousand bushels of red winter wheat, ou
which he bad last tbe snug little sum of eight
kundrtd dollar t, or eighty cents per bushel. All
on account of the war. " Gentlemen may cry
peace, peace, but (here is no peace," to some of
our grain friends.
ggf One of "the Colonels of Cook county,"
as a neighbor of ours classifies him, within a
week or two past, in one single " buck " with
" the tiger," at one ol oar gambliog establish
ments, rose $23,000 the gainer, which pots bim
liberally in funds. We learn that he made over
the whole sum to his wife, resolute against
tempting fortune again ont of that pile.
At' Metropolitan Hall.—The Cooper troupe
.will give on Wednesday-next Haydn's great
work," Tbe and a classical concert.
On Thursday"LuciadiLammermoor," will be
performed. Many of our musical amateurs
awarded tbe highest possible praise to the ren
dition of this charming work by the troopc on
the occasion of their first visit to Chicago and
to all those attending the above Hall on Wed
nesday and Thursday, we can guarantee a rich
musical feast. •
Bor Missing.—A little son of our fellow citi
zen, Lewis J. Pollock,provision dcaleron Wash
ington 6treet, has been missing from'his home
since Saturday afternoon last, to the great dis
tress of his parents and friends. His name is
George Washington Pollock, and he is thirteen
years old. It is unknown whether his absence
is due to some boyish freak, or to some accident
that may have befallen him. He was barefooted
and dressed in a brown linen suit. Any infor
mation concerning him will be thankfully re
ceived at bis father's store in Portlaod Block as
above. '
Will other city papers please copy ?
pTAt the inquest held at Oak Ridge on
Saturday on the body of the man who was
shown to have died there suddenly of destitu
tion and exposure there was no evidence intro- 1
duccd to show what was hisaame.'- Since Cor
oner James' return to. tbo e»y, however, it is
' ascertained that deceased was Gustavc Petersen,
on elderly man, born in Swedeo, who came to
. this oouatry two years since.
Daring last winter, while chopping wood, he
| got his hand so badly cut that he was unable to
r do any work, and has consequently been living
- on charity. : -He got to Oak Ridge on Friday,.
[ having been three days from Chicago—suffered
r exposure to the hot son, and had alept out at
<- nighta.'He was taken aick with pains In his
* hiul and stomach, but refused tb have any med-"
* ieal espistenra, aad requeated people to lei him
Law Department oftbe UnlTenltr or
Export of the Committee on the Laxs Depart
ment of the Uninreity of Chicatjo, tubmitUd
to a mating of the hoard of Trustee*, July
2 OtA. 1859.
' Your Committee to wLom was referred tbe
subject of the of tbe Law School
under the Charter of the Unlrersitv, respect
fullj beg leave to submit tbe following
That the Board of Counsellors selected, and
appointed of the legal profession in Chicago, by
the Board of Trustees of this Institution in
April last, with a rietr to the thorough and
more perfect organization of a Lanr Scboolf and
the opening thereof at as e&rly a day as practi
cable, bare so far'snccieded in maturing the
very important details of this much needed en
terprise entrusted to their management, that
tbe opening of said Scbro* lias been fixed to
take place on tbe third Wednesday of Septem
ber next, being the 21st day of that month.
A circular has been prepared and is now ready
for publication, which is to be Usned in pamph
let form in the course of a very few days aod
distributed, by means of which the profession
and'the public will be put in possession of all
particulars in regard to the opening of the
bchool, the modes of instruction, the number
and length of terms, tuition fees, names of Pro
fessors and object to be accomplished by the
foundation of this School.
For tbe purpose of putting this Board in
fiossession of tbe means provided, and tbe cf
orts made to pot this Department of tbe Col
lege upon-afootiug-equal, if not superior to
that ox any University or Law School ever in
augurated' in tills'country, your Committee beg
leave to state, - . >
That immediately after the appointment of the
eminent legal gentlemen constituting tbe Board
of Counsellors, and entrusted bv this Board with
the very responsible charge of initiating under
tbe proper auspices, an educational department
of so much iui]>ortance to the Xortuwest, a*
the 44 Law School of tbe Uuiversito of Chicago,"
organized their tirst meeting at the office of
Iloyne, JHIIcr & Lewis, in Chicago, on the lltb
day of April, IS.Vj, by calling the Hon. Thomas
Drummond, the United States District Judge,
to the chair, and the appointment of Ezra B.
Esq., as Secretary. >
There were also present "at that first meeting,
the Hon.' T. Dickey, Mark Skinner,
George Mannierre, Van O. Higgins, N. Jl. Judd,
Thomas Drummond, Ezra IC McCag?, Grant
Goodrich, U. G. Miller, and Thomas Iloyne, be
sides Her. J. C. Burroughs, William Junes,
Esq., and Hon. J. IL Woodworth, of the Board
of Trustees.
After a very full and earnest discussion of all
the topics connected with tbe subject, during
which tbe most decided interest waa manifested
and tbe most confident prediction of success
expressed by all present, it was resolved that a
committee consisting of lion. IL T. Dickey. Ezra
B. McCagg and Thomas Iloyne,be appointed to
secure as tbe first step'to a permanent organi
zation, a competent and proper person to take
charsc of the proposed Law School as principal
instructor, and make auchfurtberarrangements
as . they should deem necessary to inaugurate
the same, with power to call meetings of the
Board of Counsellors whenerer they should
deem it necessary.
The first tbini; deemed essential by this Com
mittee, and which upon reflection came to be
regarded as an indispensable pre requisite to
inviting a competent legal professor to abandon
prospeetselsewhere matured; perhaps leave a
remunerative practice in fields long husbanded,
and lay aside hopes identified with a long career
of usefulness, that some guarantee should be
olfered as a pledge of their own confidence, that,
in making so important a change, he should not
be exposed to the risk* of a total failure in un
dertaking so* important an enterprise upon an
untried and nnexplored fie:d without at least an
indemnity for the loss of his time while engaged
in niakiug the experiment. As a guarantee,
therefore, of the couGdence felt by the Profes
sion in Chicago, as well as to secure a Profes
sor, an instrument of guarantee wag drawn up,
by which it was proposed that fifteen hundred
dollars per annum for two years should be paid
to such Professor iu any- event, provided that
the income derived from the fees of students did
not make up such sum; besides which, he was
to receive the income of the $. r >,ooo endowment
fund, thus securing him for two years a salary
of about $2,000 per annum. To obtain the ne
cessary and responsible signatures to this guar
antee would, it was thought, be difficult, while
it might prove the very 44 crisis" that would se
cure or aefcat tbe success of the cnteprise.
liutyour Committee desire in this report to
have it recorded among the archircs of the
College, as well to attest the enlightened public
spirit of the Chicago Bar as their favorable
opinion of tbe School, that twenty-nine gentle
meo of the profession at once came forward and
siibscriCad instead of the $1,500 required, the
sum of $2,000 peran&um on the guarantee for
two years, which will reduce the subscription of
each subscriber to about fifty-per cent, of tbe
amount subscribed in order to realize tbe'sum
of fifteen hundred dollars.
The guarautee being thus placed beyond a
contingency, the names of several distinguished
uud eminent jurists were presented in connec
tion with the J'rofessorcbip. Tbe Committee,
however, fonnd the difficulty of selection to
consist in the fact, that of those \rbom they
thought of selecting on accouut of their greater
fitness and capacity, nearly til had a future of
hopes already secured, which they would not
abandon, while of those williug to accept, the
very failure of such an advanced period
of human life, seemed a discouraging reason
against tbe acceptance of their services.
The Committee determined their line of ac
tion by conclusions derived from their own
experience. Success in most undertakings is
tound in no degree to soSelv depend upon great
reputation, howerer popular, well merited or
general; neither upon age, capacity, great
talents or great experience, taken singlv or in
combination. There must, in all cases, be cer
tain happ*coincidences of idrtnne indicating
the fitness of the person and tbe concurrence of
bis qualifications with the time, place and op
portunity of anv great success. That as much
aepends'upon the peculiar adaptation of the in
structor to tbe exigences of an occasion, and
bis qualifications for place as upon any
other consideration of eminence or reputation
attained. But that, more especially, should en
ergy and zeal be united with a personal ambition
and enthusiasm in workiug out that complete
success, which is, at all times, the prize that
stimulates aud secures it among all the true sons
of toil, or the fields of professional labor. If tbe
Committee.is found attaching more importance
to this personal subject than seems called for, it
is becanso they feel impressed by the conviction
<hat in Chicago, from its very commanding po
-ition as the Xorth-western metropolis, tbe es
tablishment of a Law School can only fail be
cause of the injudicious selection of a principal
instructor. The Committee, determined, there
fore, that nothing should be overlooked, calcu
. lated to secure a proper selection, delegated
i such a thorough course of inquiry as might re-
I lieve their minds from all doubt. The schools
I were visited, and many valuable suggestions
derived from their examination. Tbe Commit
tee acknowledge their obligations to the Profes
>ors of the Cambridge and Columbia College
Law Schools for many kindnesses extended to
wards them in aid of'their undertaking.
After a careful exercise of the discretion with
which this Board vested the Legal (Counsellors
in the selection of proper persons, upon whom
should dcrolvc the initiatory work to be per
formed in opening tbe school, tbe Committee
lias fixed upon Professor Henry Booth—recent
ly of the State and National Law School of tbe
.State of Xew York—as the principal and head
of the school, with whom they recommend to be
associated lion. John M. Wilson and Hon.
Grant Good ich. Judges of the Superior Court
of Chicago, who have kindly, cousented to aid
him iu tlie work of instruction, until sueh time
as tbe progress and success of tbe school may
warrant the employment of permanent profes
sors, to constitute a fall Law Faculty ot three
Professors for this Department.
With regard to Judges John SJ. Wilson and
Grant Goodrich, your Committee deem it en
tirely unnecessary to say anything, because
tbeir reputations aa accomplished,. able and
learned jurists «s \po well established in the
State, and so well known throughout the North
■ west, that the bare mention of tbeir names «s
the commendation upon the selection which
has been made. •
In regard to Professor Henry Booth, the
Committee are more and more* assured from
every circumstance connected select
tion, that tbev have been most fortunate in
their choice, and that time and occasion consid
ered with the advantages of his experience as a
teacher in law schoola, they have, in this in
stance, succeed in bringing the 44 right man to
tbe right place."
The name of Mr. Booth has not that ring to
the ear which the glitter of some reputations
might produce. But as a compensation for its
want, the Committee have relied upon the
sounder metal of his well kuown worth, which,
more substantial than showy, exhibits in its use
and wear the capacity of accomplishing what
we desire for the Institution by its solid aod
time-enduring soeceas.
Yet let it not be understood from this that
Mr. Booth comesjwithont repn'aticnestablished
or competency widely known as an able jurist,
and especially as a successful aod experienced
teacher. He is well known to Professors of the
Institution as a distinguished graduate of Yale
College. Since bis admission to the Bar be haa
become distinguished in the State of New York
aa a lawyer of great learning, fine attainments
as a general scholar, great purity of life and
character, and upon inquiry among the mem
bers of the Faculties of other Law Schools of
the country, tbe Committee found his reputa
tion established as one of the most successful
instructors to teaching the principles of Juris- I
prudence to vouth, who had ever entered that 1
difficult field of labor.
The committee have seen some members of
the bar whose good fortune it seems to have
been, to have graduated at the State and Nation
al school and fonnd their commendations uni
versal and .enthusiastic. Upon all sides bis
superiority OT_er others in respect to teaching
law to others is conceded. To earnestness of
purpose he unites great warmth of attachment
fer nia profession u apparent in itself, found to
be ever s guarantee of success. Conscious of
- bis ability, hi* unpretentious tnnroer secures
him the confidence of all Vko ac
qnsintsnne: wift a reputekan ettiblfehed st
aakttioa to extort
that reputation wider field, under West
cm auspices, where, as is the case with nearly ,
all educational the work he seek*
to accomplish is just emerging into the dawn of
a first existence, with uK the
promise of a splendid noon-dar. _ With every
element of succe&saiii none of failure, with no
inordinate expectations and great temperance
of desire, his wdustlT and devotion insure him
against the consequences of disaster, which,
overtaking others, tricar of losing character
or reputation attainei, would totally overwhelm
them beyond the bote of recorery. and with
them perhaps sink ft their failure forever the
whole organization of the school, to establish
which £uch pains havfc,.been taken.
With such a chofe and Professor as Mr.
Booth, your Committee have no donbt that the
Board of the Law Scspol have secur.-d a success
in this Department which promises all we bad
hoped from it, beyoni even the most saugrtme
expectations. * *fy ]
Professor Broth na prepared the circular
fixing the opening oftbe School on the Slsi day
of September next. <Fwhich time the Hon. Da
rid Dudley Field, of-Star York will deliver the
opening Address.
The ltiir of the Statf'-and the Trustees of the
College will attend tiife exercises and a formal
inauguration of the School will then tike place.
Tiie liue and commodious Rooms nf Bell, Bry
an & Stratum's Commercial College hare been
secured for the use ofiwe Sahool by on arrange
ment vbich advantages to the
students iu i tic propagation of the studies.—
These llootns being opposite the Coart House,
ou Clarke sU, andmfte same buiidiog «heie
the United. State.* Uotetsare at present held,
will bring the practices ail the Courts imme
diately uuder ttie notice oftbe Students for per
sonal observation and comment. ~ Judge P. V.
Bell holding the apppmtment of Prolessor of
Commercial Science ui*he University will from
his interest iu its suceess, be the means or secu
ring the attendance of many commercial stu
denta upon the Law ewninatiooH, with a view
to a more thorungh Reparation in the princi
ples of commercial lawi.
Your (Committee arsnot aware of any other
subject upon which y»jar time could be'profita
bly occupied on receiving information. They
canuot, however, close this report without pay
ing a well merited tribute of tuanks to thegen
tlemen of the Board of Counsellors of the Law
School. »
With a rare devotiou'to the object which you
hare iu view, in making the selection they have
applied themselves to secure the means of suc
cess with a singleness $f purpose which cannot
fait to produce its fruits.
A large number of these gcntlemeo, being of
independent fortune, abd nearly all of them re
moved from tho actirefpractice of the bar, tbev
are now happily exemflt from all possible feel
ing of interest or jealosy which might some
times operate to bias opcoerse the judgements.
Distinguished also for the eminence wh ch they
bare atl reached in thflr profession than long
residence iu the city, eid tho high characters
which tbev have always borne as citizens, the '
Uuiversiiy has shown its wisdom in whatever
concerns the success o£a school, in which, as
la«vvi-ra they must fe<l the greatest personal
- The course of instruction in the school will
embrace the rarious branches of the Common
Law and of Equity, AdJniralty, Commercial, In
ternational and Constitutional Law—and the
Jurisprudence of the XJnited States, and tho
three Processors, Henry Booth, John M. Wilson,
and Grant Goodrich, Mil take up the rarious
branches in such subdivisions ana order as may
best consist with the advancement of the stu
The circular submitted contains all particulars
and comprehends thee entire plan of school,
opening, number of term*, tuition fees, Ac.
All which is respectfully submitted,
Tuos£ IIOYKE, i
Waltxe B. Scates, j Lom *
Editors Preu and Tribune; *
As the Sunday question is now being discussed
allow me to ask why it is that meat markets,
groceries, stores, beer fcnd liquor saloons, fruit
stands and ice cream "screamers arc inactive
operation on the Sabbajh, in defiance of public
sentiment, city authorities, and the law of God.
The voice of the proprietor of an icc cream
cart, was heard long abd loud, yesterday, dis
terday disturbing the quiet aud peace of the
West eiders. Xo less than six dealers iu eata
bles aud drinkables were doiug a thriving busi
ness on Van Burcn street, between Clark and
Market streets. . j
■ Now, Messrs. Editors, I am not over sancti
monious—am not opposed to laughing, nor in
favor of starring, ou tiki: Sabbath, as oue Anti-
Sabbjturiau man says ?*'ew E'iglanders are. I
am in favor of Jaughinja believe it is good for
digestion, conducive topealth aud religion, even
on the Lord's day. (sfcaild laugh in New En
gland 44 on the tli epite~of lung*faccs
aud solemn looks, if I thought proper, and trust
to the Lord to protect nte froui persecution;
but I am in favor of having the city laws re
quiring grocery keepers, meat deatcrs, liquor
sellers, etc., to suspend business on tbuSabbmh,
txtcu(<d, and I see no reason why such laws
should not be enforced. A Scbscribeo.
The De-vbt Jcmpebtz case in Extlvso.—The
decision of the Supreme Court at Ottawa in the
Ilenry Jumpertz case, has at length reached
this city. It is a voluminous document, and
of conrso comes much too late to be news to*
to any of our readers. On looking it over wc
find we have already given the gronnds upon
whioh the now trial was granted, except that
possibly less than the real amount of stress
was, in our abstract, laid upon that part of the
decision pertaining to the conduct of the jury
while in charge of the officers. Indeed no
other ground urged, it is stated, would have
been sufficient to vitiate the latp verdict lud
jury been held within due and required bounds.
From this it would appear how easy in any case
the Sheriff's officers may defeat the bench, and
either by ignorance or intent bring to naught
proceedings of an expensive and tedious na
We quote from the decision itself on this
In the case before us. four of the jurors, upon
six different occasions, separated from their
fellow*, and out of the presence and hearing of
any officer of the court, were permitted to hold
intercourse with strangers to the court and the
cause on trial ;* and there is no pretence that
the court authorized or was privy to more than
one of these separations, aod it does not ap
pear, nor* are wc to presume, .that the court
authorized the juror to hold intercourse with
others out of the presence or hearing of an of
ficer of the court. No necessity or occasion
for the other separations U pretended. This
record also shows, that on some occasions at
least some of the jurors were permitted to dine
at the public table at a hotel. This cannot be
countenanced by this court, and should not bo
tolerated by any court.
Recobdeb's Col'bt. —The August term of the
Recorder's. Court comes in session on Monday
ncxC The list of* those who are to serve the
public in the jury-box is as follows:
' N Sturtevut. Itlrcn Cbeeseboroush.
WFirWolff, D J Lake,
It D Josh,. It U Unfile.
Stephen I) VTIDUmt, Own w Dole.
Edwasd llurUag, JLdUnfw Lafllti.
E »dams J<>bD Sfcena.
Arthur Mtthrr, 111 Fuitoa,
J» . c* 1' Aiwa, X Kfttlrr,
Joh*> II Gray, tira Fetenxun,
Myron I)o«i<. Jlktad Hop/.
>o«ird Tltitl, Ge.rje Ortnisycr.
£ II Sean,
rmr jcst.
Prtrr Wolt Ilenry Siaaertr,
W L NtvUßf, E iioodoua,
Aclim Amterp, TII Avery,
June* (iambic, A Jtttnfiva.
Moaes Go dmaa. <2 B Ne con,
* Tbcicaa U Ferris, A O Wilder,
ll C I'om, Ixnli Heltu.
}*red llaker, "Wta R Ezu.
J 11 Dusntt J » lUc irdu,
JRHurunla. R p Uurliagame,
Jam« ook. 8 T Du.
C T Bofigi. R S DuOap.
Suithiaxa.—F. Smith the Galesborgh
Counterfeiter has been held in SI,OOO bail. The
other Smith acrested for larceny as bailee h?s
been discharged. The third Smith, negro
stealer, and nit her the meanest of alt, U in town
as nsual, quite the .pet of the. small-fry
Democrftie lawyers who, eager to finger a part
of Charles' share of the spoils are profuse in
their attention, and loud in their boast of 14see
ing him through."
py The Chicago Musical Union hare
changed their quarters from the College Hall
in Larmon block, to commodious and admirable
apartments in the Methodist Church block, on
the comer "of Washington and 'South Clark
streets. The Union flourishes, as it should, and
from sterling service in the beautiful art of
music, should be <4 now and fbrever" a favorite.
Wc invite attention to the sale of Sheet
Mosic, Musical Instruments, etc., which will be
made by Lee & Co., at their salesroom, 67 Ban*
dolph street, on Wednesday morning. It af
excellent opportunity to supply your
selves with these attractive articles.
• -' **•
Galxxa A Chicago Uctox lUilboao.—The
following arc the earnings of this road for the
week ending July 22,1839;
Freight Dtrnw.
I'lwuctn J.W.TB W!tH • I.TMLrame.
SuilsTlc i,i<6.<7 laacuZ
J58.03.T0 KWS Diemil.
Large sale at Auctiorf of new and second
band furniture, crockery, and boose*
keeping good% this moraingit 91 o'clock at the
Salerooms of Gilbert Thompson Ko. SS Leke
?r*.■ err* ■. •••-■ -v ••■V'c - .•_ ...
Tab U.viVECsrrr or Cbicago—ELtcnox or
the Faccltt—The Law Dbpastvexp.—A meet
ing of tbe Board of Trustees of the Unireraitj'
of Chicago was held on Friday, the third aod
last dar of the Commencement Anniversary pe
r'oi!. A letter was read from Rer. Dr. Waylaod
of F. 1., decliniogto.accept the Presidency of
the iostitotioD, whereupon Rer. Dr. Burroughs
was re-elected.
A report on the Law Dqjartment of the Uni
versity was read by Thomas Horoe, Esq., and
wQI be foand in another ct<luma of today's is*
sue. Ilenry M. Booth, Esc., of the Law School
ia Ponghkeeps'e, Hon. Jndge J. M. Wilson And
Grant Goodrich were elecfcnl professors in the
new institution, which is to open on the 21st of
September with an address from Hon. David
& jdlejr Field of X. Y. Th.j Law School wilt for
its opening year occnpy a portion of the exten
sire rooms of the Comraendal College, in Lar
tnon Block.
Professors Mizerand Salterleo still continue
their connection with the University, which has
thus passed is first birthday in a manner emi«
ncutly satisfactory to the friends of the enter
prise. In addition to these, Judge Bell, of the
Commercial College, was fittingly chosen Pre*
fessor of Commercial Science.
Spoettxo.—Mr. Moore, of this citr, U now in *
Loutsviilp, Kr., with several of tbe !ast trotters
of Chicago—Reindeer,. Prairie Boy, Chieftain,
aud Mountain Bor, arc there; aad Moore has a
fast mule, which he claims to be the fastest ia
tbe world. Tbe races over the Oakland Course,
to come off next week, will afford the Kentucky
sports an opportunity to trot out their best stocc
against the übore steppers. A Lexington horse
named "Bradley Colt' will probably be matched
og inst Reindeer. lie is the ontr burse in Ken*
tucky that uare score with the Chicago favorite
in a trotting match. The Kentuckians hare
some fine pacers, however, and it b probable a
race may ne made up with I)avr Crockett in
the ring. Wc shall see.—Leid- r.'
Impostaxt to Meschaxts 'iVishixq to Assobt
Stocks—The regular Tuesday's sales of Wm.
11. Haskell & Co., Xo. -<Ji Lake street, will in
future supply a want much felt. As we under
stand the idea, their large and exteusire sales
rooms will iu future be devoted, on every Tues
day, to what may be termed Trad* Sal*. Mer
chants wishing to sell or buy will appreciate he
advantage of baring such a regular and relia
ble system inaugurated in Chicago.
Race Chaxce—Patent Right at aßabcaix.
—Wi'l ird Hall has a Parent Right for sale,with
'which a persevering ?ulesmanl having a capital
of about |1,."500 cati clear {.*>.ooo ayear. it is
a fair leciUmate business, which will continue
for a number of years. Persons desirous of un
dertaking will please crll on me at tbe Merchant
Hotel, nhere 1 can be fonnd for a few days.
"Wheeled A Wilson's Sewing Machines.—We
prefer them for family use. —A' Y. Tribune..
They ore the favorites for families.—JT. T.
They are without a rival.—Scientific Ameri
They maintain the pre-eminence.—X. I'. Ex
For hemming, /tiling, tucking and gathering
no statement is necessary, as their reputation
for huccessfnlly doing this work, has been for
some time established.
All the latest improvements, originated by the
best talent in the Union, are involved in* this
machine. Geobge B. Crittenden, Gen'l Agt.,
jy7-lroo 167 and IG9 Lake street.
SiNOEn's New "A" Machine.—This late in
vention is designed to obviate every difficulty
that has heretofore arisen in all be wing Ma
chines. It hems, J tils, tucks and gathers. The
great demand for them already felt in this mar
ket, is a guarantee that they mutt supercede all
other machines in use: now on exhibition, to
gether with all the different styles of Singer's
Machines, at 6(3 Lake Street. A. W. Harris,
Agent. jeil-2mo
PFT* The head quarters for Skirt Supporters
is at A. Graves', 7S Lake st. jyludlw
£57" Xo. 47 State street will be easily dis
tinguished by the sign of the Mammoth Golden
Tea Kettle. jylt}-2w
MAR It I Eft.
CatbeMthlrrt .at Fort Atkinvw. Tows, 1* the Iter. Mr.
Hurt; urt, S'.r. liiUiACK S WHIBKK. •»: Itrcanh, lowa,
aad Mta LoCISA M. AMV, of iLe fonaer place.
IntWisdty, at the re.«!(!ence of Dr.-John H. on
S«tun-»jr mTßlcel .Io!y 23d. of Cocjunif.tloa, U£MtY
In tM- cItT.OB the Stth laai., GF.O. A. CLAIlff, m<ly *on
of < h I'lci il. a&dLcrlnaC. Clark—O£cdo&e)e*rauif four
Ntta) ajibertiscmcnts.
or C. It. SCRIFLX, Ailetrtiti)*} AyiJ, 63 JVuriom-i; I
U atfhmsrl to tvrir' A<l>+-ti*metiU J-ir (hit <uv! all tV
Laulin-i r<Ji*>sr/fa X*rtX IT«t J*l-163t-y
A YOUNG LADY, posaefsing the
<)iiajlilcatloa» t>recdcr a home nappy. de«!re« to open
acvffcypoo.ien c *.th 9->me under Us rty yean
uf 9ufF. xllha vie"» ta
aaaU-eartreiU»crh.pe9aa»wcnwillt>i'accordlor Addiva*
KaiEHXanhqa list P. u. JyMlw
WANTED— By a gentleman and
to rent for nit* year, a Dvdlcm sited for
nbiied hctiM within ten minutes walk nf the fost Office,
Siuth Ultisioa preferred, rufaituir will U- welleartd f«r
and aitlsfoctory reference! guaramtad. Address t>rairer
4<-a i'Oßt Ufl.T.
\\7"ANTKD —Two or three ener-
V T pe»lcaadper»ererfnj; men as CAX VASSERS. for
elecat;tly illtuiiawd American and K&c Ua fub Icailoaa.
Atldws P»»t yOce Bo* 3JM or apply at 191 Lake sfe«t.
tuccLd Boor.) u. J. QKirFlTllS.
WANTED—To Wholesale Gfo
. * • c*r». Theadrertbor, a youc? maa who Is thor-
CltjUlv aojudfltedtriti the abovetra>ie aud bouk-kceping.
ao' i «ll.tn« t » make >dot**lf omioU la tlealroos of a »ttnatioa.
Adda» r>. W, 11.. baxiill I*. O. jyrt gu
Boarding-Two gcnticmco aud
their wive* can l>e with o'ean&tnil'a of
rojuit a- a tcard !a a ( rlntd family, at 43 Van lluren ftrvct,
b«twrra iState and iw
BOAUDIXG A few gentlemen
cva be acc*nudit«d wUh fiJod t.oard aad pleanct
ruonti by applyiiif at &* aomh Adama-tt. six
BO Alt!) WANTED —A gentle
minUdi s'roai of 6t>ta!& : n£ bcird «i>!i a wuhiw Udy
*h»r*he can find a qal<l home—wkh no other Nanlei*.
Addrcs-J.iIADISO.V, l't*l Office. Jyt6Sx
IJUAIiUINIr. —UnluriJidhed rooms
-U for om or twt» and two fumUhed rouoia tor
be bad with bf«rd tna«ma!l irlnie family.
Abo. a few day boarders are dnin d at No. S) Sou:h Adama
«t»et, between Wahaah aad Mlchlgaa areape. Jy^-lmx
r PO RENT—Dwelling House on
JL North • Mp, No !S5 street. f>na»lye(ca
pledbyU.W Dole. Po setel acivenaaxustlat.
Also—Ntvr orick d«el' tu. eextdo-
I all tbe ta<dtra laproreawats.gas, water. ba:ha.(hotaad
co-il water.) nuur, AC. l'uwad »a t xe* Aug. l«t.
Inqn-rc bf li. CABfgy fKE. Jy^QtSSfln
TO li ENT—A first-class Dwelling,
Xo. 73 Jackson ftraet, within a few ttepa of the State
>t eet licne han-i ad, «Dd a rew talnttw walk ot the l'o>t
OflJ-.e; couUla« '«a rooms, besides b ib n>m, cluua, Ac.
Oa-a&dwjur hn>. jh'.ut. Aj».ly to JoltX o. KUO£k»,
Ho. S o*er_l 00 kaLuotph ltrott. l«r^
that 1 ft'iall no lo&fer be responsible for aoy debta cot.
traeted, or made ia the nuae of the Una bf
nrcsii nrrcniE a co.,
Soap aad Candle Mannfictaiw or this dty, as the workiag
capul aa* beva fonnahea by m«, aad a* 1 flud Uaee#wery
U» w.tlid-»w fnxa *«Jd firm aad dlasulve the cvpartaoahip
aa so >a aa practicable.
CAUTION". —Bankers and other
p«raoai are hereby notified not to purduae or
Ditrd the 16*h dsr of Jolr, t£B9, for #l-900, made by Mesara.
Lll. BURCIIA CO. asdmyahn to UENKY KlTUlllE
A or order, aad bow in the pc«e»sk*a ot
AIM, col to negrtlste any ootea payable to nkt Ann of
Boca RttAk A vo- btariagtheeaduraeneat of said Tern
pl-ojn la tie name of the *aid fln>.
Al«o. »ot ta enter lata aoy ooitnct or traasietSoa with
Bid Tcmpk-tca la the aase of said firm, aa 41 sadi will be
repudiated br liUUll RIT -HIE.
Chlcatfn,JalyM,lS3». jy»a<rx
THE undertigned lerebj- invite
•aJMtebtmofU.cui'Sptl&ronble ta effbrt*for »e
--ca-tac* bttterohMrraace of the Saatothla Ibwdty, and
opposed t* the of railway c*n. a&U • Lhrr co&rej
accea oa thit day, to meet at ire Lecture Koom of the
Seccnd Pietbytema Charch. on FEU>AY, Jaly S»th, at
three o'drck. r lha sotject Utocoßaideratioa.
A. U bKO.-KS. J. A. "Wion r.
Chleaco, Jutria, 1&59. JySttx
leerchain Pipes,
CawfuHy aelact«d, aai!ag aa saacitßK&^ttaeqaallcdta
•# fMXirr.
For sate by H.RIEDACO^
Apothecarita «ad ChoaSata,
Dtakn !a Faaey aad Toßet Qooda.l»AX«<La\eit,
"\f ASTER'S SALE.—State of Bli-
X*X noii. Cook CoontT. Cwrrt ef Cook
ta Chaaeerr. Androa B, Stoat, ct aL, fcr the oae of Ac-.
Ta.Cbaries» Phillips, etal.
fthllcaMlca b bmby (ton that I, L.C.PaintTr«er,
SlastßlaCltaarrryof Cook eoanty, will la pvna-ac* ot a
deoetal oritr catered la the above ratltlad caaaa, sell at
prtUeaartioaloth*hlcheathL^erforcataoaUtfalxteeath '
o»T of Aurrrt, A.D.IS* at tra o'clock ta the ftwaaooa of
i «»Ja day. aU Oh foßowta<d«crfi'«l parcels of rod cataic fat
• T< nt Deart/wi addtCoo to the dty of Chlcaio.' 'ook eoanty,
Ifflanla, k&owa aad daatnatad aa iota udrty trox aad thbty
oaa (tt]L la hb«k foor <«) liradd vUh the holla
* -
: : SB
Ntho aiibrrtisntttnts.
J®*"One of the most pleasing, at the
M&Mtlme memt efltetlr*. renedlM fcr Dnprptia, andal l
oQur Omuk* riling from » morbid eoedtioa of the
Stomach and Ltrer, U Dr. fflttm. It not only
maorw the dl»ea* from tie »rst«B, bat tor *trla« too* to
theeixiasof «Bsestloa, afcU tkcia ta thdr ftmcdona. AH
who havatHed It aelaowMg* Via ««na»cß and soperiorttr
and watherefere ea&me&d Irto th« Dr. n<*iet
t*r'i Bittmaa a tonic U too will kaown to nefdpnlae. It
b therefore »eartdrneee» my it thl«t!iae to do mora than
dlmt aUentloa to thia prrpantioa, «Ueh !a cnUlnly osa-
by any before the pabGi% ntsfled u we in that l&t
*kl?-iprcad npotaL'oa most prOTe to ntbfy all tf
baaznCeneeas a rtSef and remedy for aU claaaea of the
Sold by Draccista trerywhere. # jjtCSw
I «□ mQ oa eaiy tanas and tlxaa % vatoahla UU Property
at WaohefiD, aed half of the Warebooae at Wooditock,
aow occupied by M. W. Qoat.
Thb efffn a creat iadacrmeatto peraoea wbhlag to la rest
and fo Into baiioeia. Apply to
At Bank of Xonhcra SQaoia, W»ok'fin.
Jaly«.lg». Jraidaom
A Daily SfontiasaDi
Independent iu Politics.
It* coltnnwiTord % most emulate resame of the TTorid'a
Do In js from div to tfay: wtde IU Re
portA, UteruyCoitrlbutlana. Crltidims, a»d Leatilnr Ar
tlclt«,Tvp.e»iataUioplc« likely to cscace suWie
la tie prompttuile aad fuHaeat of iu accuaota of the
Tbi 'fEW TORIC TIMES haa thai fsr*eoofe«»ctJlr out*
•triced all Ua evbtevpoiahea: a prrcadtuce. «h-ch with u«
atrpl v E.' infiat «od other Conepuedeaes at lie —rj
war. It will ittaia.
Price by Mail, Six Dollars a Tear.
lil«raei rw the tooreincof every Tne*tayaad Friday and
eo. t»Ji.»,lnadJlUoaU>U»ebuixvf l&tellisuxe tivta lathe
WJy Paper, *
Emtradrg Stnndtrd Xorl't aad Tales, and Mbce!!aneooa
SeleiUooe of tae ul|he«t laterv-A. Wlta 100 bcue of Tuea
djy, July Sfth, the udtLd cnapten of
"The Good Fight,"
An Original aad profoundly ln*ere*!o( atory of that ua
equalled Hotels!,
Will be reprcdaeed IVoa early Loodoa iheets aad will be
edttl&oed throtuh the volame. Back namhers can be ras.
pded. r
The Agricultural Department
la compDel froa « variety of aonrcefl, mtny of them Isac
ccadble to the American reader.
Piue Ucllarj aTeir; Tvs Copiei tJ
Oott Add est, Piva O ul»rs; iivo copies to ooe
Ac dies SiersnSiJars a&d Tweaty-F;ve Cents;
Tea Copies, Ij Oue Tveaiy Dolius,
Appearing every Sasarday aoralag, embrace* a eomptv
lte>ikiru uftiMS be«a of to* week, wUh
aitiacUre' features, aau>&{ walch «U1 be found
Aad other choice r*adlng. ItwUlalso coatlaaa ta fura!ah
Its valoa&e Infornuboa tut the
A Department which haa become highly popular.
rnoe, TWO DOLLARS a year; three coplea to one ad
dreso, >*l VE DO LL A UA; Are eo r l<s« to cae aooma. c.tu li T
DuLL&KS; tea copies, to one addrta*,
LAit-i; tweiit? copies, to oae aadnat, TWENTY bvLr
La lis. Any p<t< *oa aeuduig us a club of tweaty, or
more will te entitled to aa earn copy.
Tnusorauoca larow ■ Cath tavariahly laadraace.
Specimen numbers forwarded opoa appHeatloa.
Alt letters to be addressed to the "Jiw Toas Tiaaa."
New Yora Clcy.
I# 1 The Tlaiea BaQdlag la Mtuated opposite the CUy Hall
in l*ara bow, spioce aad Siiuu tfrecU. JiWaSll It
7™sr-> FOH GUEEN BaY and
Learea for the above porta
JFrerjr •Verataf, af 8
fMght or passage appty oa board or to
Haseltixe a CO.,
>*o. 153 Elnzle Street, Chicago.
Reference*—Uea ra. E. I. Tlbkham A Cooley. Far
well A Co ; Smlta. Pollard A Co.: WhXUer Urot. Iwx
XJL Crrr Cxxaa'a Omoc, Chinxa, JnlySft, IS9.
fuDJienoUcaU aereoy . Ukb to all pewona lmerwtf*d. taat
the C«mmiMluDcra »ppolaleit t>y th« Cnc&moa Coonat of
theCU) of toutwUM eiun of ua« hutidmlkiid
twetty-fi*e dolian upon the real e«ute la the We»t Dl
*Ulon of aid d-y. dermal beiafliW by Uackluaiihu
Caul street, from IL*mloJpb unci to «ahl»gtoo sUvet,
have completed lhatr iwinmrrf. and —t«uinthareof ,
to my oflce. 1
Any persona wishing to appaal &on aaU aan uiut mtut |
file their objections n writing. In my ot9.v> 0.1 or b«fi>r*
hloniby the UUf dar of Aognst. at " o'clock P. M ,aa !
the Common Cuancuwtn. at that tika, la the ConMll Roba
hear all vbjeetfua* to aald aaaMneot, &»< kvlm aa<i eoaflrm
oraaaaltheiaaM, 1L KRLIAILAXX
A deacriptloa of the Real Estau ia the Di
▼iaina, of the City of Chloir t, deemed ben-£u*d by UiCid
aialzlngi'ana 1 itreet.fr« m lUai.'ojtfa street to
■trvet, wth the Tnluuioa U*r*of. a&n lac sains of aMcey"
aeverslly a*ea»l Uartoa for beaeflta, by the Commlr
Kameof Tata- 1t»
Owner. Lot. Block, atioa. meat.
Wm H Stone 2 44 *21.000 *3 73
i J a Uactoa s 44 n.ou) n n
<44 ILtM) 99 Ti
'WmHßrand.ay. T «4 tUW «s &4
JotwsAPauica,»«, ' 7 ** IjOJ SS IS
: *• 10 4ft U.OJO I.' W
, nil Tates. LAnlAJftoM 4ft btMi lao W
J M Wilitaau. • 40 ft, 4 43 &jdm ta 70
: P k«raoa,BS» it, S 43 UXO 47 Cd
C U Dock,uaaft, s 4S s.o»» 4\ 14
Thorn** Looerpa S 49 HAD K 73
*» 6 Jobnsoa Jr. rablotl 9 4t Sjno 44 34
Grua A tloldea " 3 t 45 3>jo 44 94
J;*dMSlGt TctaL..... M $»»«
The Atlantic Monthly,
JFtor' .fN^Nif,
Comma-—The PrumMr glemcat ta the Blbie; The
RlngPettar; TheXadef All; Birds of tha 2Clgkt; A Trip
to Cuba; Daalel Gray; The MlalsteT*e Wooing; Roba dl
Boca; Eneeledai; TheZjoavas; My Pnlm; The prufe*.
aor at the BreakAat Table; The ItaHaa War; Reriewaaad
Literary notices; Remit American Publications.
Tcaxa:—Thr*e do&ars per ass am. or tweatr-firt ceata a
aumber. Upoa the receipt of the sahsaiptioa price, the
PubUabera wfll mall the work to any put of the Ualtsd
Stale*, prepaid.
Clcbs—For Tea DoQan the PabUahers will seat fira
copies of the Atlantic tar oae year, the sabeenbers to pay
their own postage.
Clergymen. Teacfcetaaad Postasartm will receive the work
for Two Dollarsarear.
BoolueQm aad Kewamea will ofatala the tenaa by the haa*
died, apoa appOcatton to the pohilabera.
ramin, iuwtkhi 4 co»
Jjlin-Jiw • u Winter Ooaoa.
onanoai. rrnntAC—.
fob HE-vfnto ruTJsoas,
"Westlake's Patent Stove Furnace,
rmm w+MMjr\m wmmmjyw*
Superior finished Skbt Bearda,
KO. 47 STREET. NO. 47.
M|« «f ike CeMea Tea little*
VT KB* for Batter
sadPMtcr. WbeCtoUiytf*#jwd,at w
Propria eneftha
VVLTOir 68A15 kUETIfOBf,
KO3. * » ad
f ■ .II 1.11"
; U 1 .
Madlaoa afreet, between fontc aad Dearborn.
First llVct or the Season.
Tac * t -'® a Theatre h» been Uioroacbly re»
?• No ezi>eateha«rw» >{artd to rea*
ee. it worthy the patronaf- of the pnblk.
A Ba.a ifol ITew Doom. P;iJcojuttni Tir% m
p*ricf, f *'
'\ r V stof th « Theatre. J. W. TTTIT-
WFl ** oAr,ist ' Sl °- RaS *
toil *^ r the tlaUOa pet feet and aekajw-
CooltMt TUtmtrt la th* Cmion.
cf the crraf Mo'al aa:! lUlljioo* Drais% fhm
woik touted
Xlncl© Tom's Cabin.
LITTLE MART McVl''KEßwri appear In hrr beantl
on of £% A; ln>ro4ucinf the bcarvitoch.se
aoojt.-Wua» SnaiL Lact! io« n fmr
_ *-» m« eutlre c mpajy will appear.
Tft r/.VA"
EtcmsUa Pxketa food for Return tHI October Ist, ISt#
are now be!ag Israed.
Mackinaw, Collingwood, Georgian Bay,
The ThousantE Inlands,
Vontreal« Qnab«Cf Whito Mountains
Exesnlonl>ts can take River or Rail from Klnmna to
Jtoutreat. topiM the Tbouauid llujda
and the tUpldaof Lawrence by il.y.ljin,
Fare for the Round Trip from fh'cxto to Portland and
Qaebee and Retnrn, Moti* and Blitha oa Um
Iliver SU Lawreueo ;S<.l<o.
tST" F> r Ticket*, HaadLiUa of Rxcmalon. aad ftuther
to a. t. sptNCJIR A CU
. ColUcfwood Line, toot of auact.
J. WARRACK. Grand Tranfc Railway.
• No. U Dearborn HitcU Jr^lmzdMO
Cool* lavlsonUos anil
Aerc«able S
tu am a
Grand Pic-2ffie andPltasnro Xlxcursion
Anansrrcc&U have been completed th«t wll niake this
TIIE Pitf-Nlc "f M»e SsM>n. aMI o&er a'tr*ct.on»
wUI be V oca.'and lu»tnu&ci<tal tluxc. B«se
ILdLand <.-iheriuan T(uie«. lh« i~ala «L 1 itave tLe Foo
du Lacdepo* pr»rl-»l • at cUb* o'clock.
Tl-tet» UaLF A ruLLAK, wUVhcan be of
J. A. No. t
ART GALLERY. Later-tmt; 11. U.OW.-N.
atrtet.o£p. Tmon Park, and un the car*. Jy9tsl3iw
So iient.
TO RENT—Room No. 0 iletbo
dlst Chorch Ittocb. Apply in
Jcg7-3m WM. H. HaMCELL ACO . 1(H L*k»at.
r PO RENT—Several good brici
JL dweClapwith atablea. Al*o. a variety oftenetaeata
at prices from •£») to *OO. ii KI.N(iMA>,
BdD CUrk aaeet. apis cTTO <n
RENT—A good two story
X Dwelling, aad Oani. No. 77 Iluroa atreet. The boa*
noQt*lia un rocmv to newlr and In rood wnler.
Reel low. Apply at Koon No. ft Dearitora block—oppu
alte the rost Offl(y. J. D. RICE. JiIS^mJTUT
TO RENT-House No. 34 Wash-
Icgtnn atreet. contain* aboust twenty rcoma, ard la
well ariaMed ut>v flntlv located fur a Uoaidl •( Dowe.
Nooe bill restonslblw tenant* need at pit. S. B.
WLLLIAMS, No. 4 Pardee'* Building, ctmer of Jt oth
U'aieraiid ftetla street. Jy 3'tT?Qlm
'PO RKNT—Union Park Residence,
M. con«l»tlns of a two and a-half atory <Soth!e Frame
flouse. wiihCanbxe Hou--<e and Stable, very pei
taar-4 within two bl<Kks ot Ibe ho/ae nCnod.) lnqnlre of
>K. INOALL3» aouthweat coraer of Madlaon and C'brk
atroeta. Jel4-<l3m-datl
PO RENT—A New House, jusi
A finished, on Linden s&ret. It haa 11 rooms b kUIo
faath-r>oc.ptu.tr>',clube* naMt ic. awl aim plenty of
f Wcn n<om; I» wcllMippiUd with water,and thehtm«e 1*
every way we*l dnlahe<i. It will let to . tund ten «Et fbr
4AM a year. Appty to C. J. HULL, comer of Lake and
LaftalUt. JyKdl'Jttlm
r PO RENT—A New Two Stoiv
X DWELLING HOUSE, with a Urgedry cell r.altoi.
atod la arrove Ja»t South of Cleartrrll e. near ihe Lake
Sum, and wtthln Ave tninntes of the Depot, «U bo
rented vary low to a good tenant. If ilaimL ami f e ref
erences are salaCtftory, the rem eaa r-e io.d bv the board of
the owner. Add euWxlsia, p o. ]jr»d7Mlm
A TELv—lha* !ar(eaad spadomibalkllnc kanwnas the
I't fOIO hO<'2*E. at Galena. LIUcU U new fb' rent,
either for one ora term of y*4>» Tl.e «*e House la one
of ihe beat Uo'el bol ulcd In the Wrst, and <aou d com
mmdaa<xten«lrn tu!ir>aa<o nndrr an expeik-icrd
ga. It b fbn.ished In cl ws *tf le, and is now undercrv
infilhor tvb repair Parti a <-f tx|>enence and
biliiy. deainn< ftrther ptrtlcnlars «U be aa
aweml uy ad>lreaslnf the un*icr»licned.
AppL'aUitaa will be received until the 10th ef Aupist
l)y order of the Director!,
jytld-ai E. A. SMALL.SeCTrtary. _
Jfot gait.
•T?OR SALE —We have a lew
A COMPLETE FILES of the Dailt Vutm aan
Taiam. from Jan tary lat, 13M, to July ut IruS. U-r aale
1-qttlreattncCouiitlu^B^om.aiClara ilmrt. JjO<w
old tad established droc Ann, with a arge countir
trade, d<*lritrt-? retire ff«m tra»lnesa. off;r fbr nle their
entire atock of Drags aad Medldaea upon wami'ik term*.
AJdreaa box SM P. U. JylSlmx
C'OR SALE—Houses and Lots on'
A Michigan avenue. Wnt Randolph atteek Farinler
West Jaek«oa atreet, Dea Plalnea erect, and we*t
Van Bean atreet
TO R£N r.—House* on Wahaah avenne and Weat Ran
dolph Mrwc Terms rerv favorable. Apply to U. K.
QtUIBVA Nu. 3 Walker's M Dearborn
|?ARM FOR S^VLE.—Cheapest in
A THE STATt—33O acres, ten dollar* per acre, good
rich prairie, with ridge Und. twenty miles south of Chicago,
by carriage road, altnatoi on the > born Cteek nud. near
Thornton Station, ua the lulnoia Central R R ; >a partly
fenced, baa a food road oa b»th tldea. ai.d I. doaelk tor
rounded by enhlvated Csnaa. Pait cash, balance oa abort
Utne. If desired. Appty to PtMtOi&ce B>.* 13<«3, tr at No.
a*3 Randolph atreet, one door wi»st of Metmoo.itan Uotel.
Jyl-fndftjß - MRa. A. M. MITt.UELL.
A The Houaoaad Bam on xheaontheast e rntrof CHa»
toa aad West Washington strata. II»um hat ten loiau.
with dooeta, < ui4uUain{s, Ac, aad U supplied w th water.
Le»* "f ground fur twu jean with privilege of renewal.
Urouod rent only I*3 per year. at the premlaea.
Rent of the puce woout pay fur Itself la tureo yean.
Jyig !w dT?O
\\ T ANTED—A Situation as A»-
v* slstant Dook-Keeper or Entry Clerk. The be* of
references given. *dilr*a "A Box 304 Put Olßca.
WANTED—A good room with
V V board la a tleasnt locatloa, a Sttle out of tho
bnsiae»« put of the city. Aidnas "IL," Box SMS P. o.
\XTANTED—Agent* to sell a use-
V v ful and vainable ankle. Aa active pan with a
eaplt .1 of •* Pivj£ DOLLAKJ".- eui be eoasal ed at &t
Clark street. Room No. EarUestaecnred Ink
WANTED —To rent a small fur-
YY nUbed house &*rS. 4or * a>.t to rx
ceed >390 per aaaum. A"y perron wuhlng 'o rent auch a
bouse to a g"od aad careful tenant, will plrmae addrern '« *
dtawer ae*. P. u. Jjitiwx
V\7"ANTED—A Principal for a
V Y nion S- H X)Lln Central Qld<>N, pleasantly 16*
cated, la a flourishlag town of !• v* lal a''ltan's. 1 he School
Is a graded ooe—divided Into fnmtry. beouodary, U-ammar
iknjol aad illgU -bwol Depaitnenta »bh OBbetect
teachers In each of the lewer grades aq experieacel
► rtndial la watted wbo Is thoroughly »cqualnud with tbo
avetenof and fuily ootnp*tent to teach a I
the branches rvquued for a mbajnoto the Krcabmaa CIM
In Colege; ai»i. to auperintead. pracCcaily, the general
weiaiaf •• d details o* all departateata. Tne tchool has
hHAfaaabilahnlUuveyean; la upon a #rm casta; average
at Briioa House. Chkago. at any time b-4weea9 a * uA 13
aao i aad Ora. 00 fueeday aad j'aly «crh
*** jyn-at
VVTANTED—A smart, energetic
v v cun to take the Otnenl Agency In thi. htttafbr
(irfeley's Paicnt Mupeater."
The cheapest aed be* In the world. Unlike aC other*.
I* perfects adapted to the waata or Ladln. No wo
man orcbud autiold be without t&eai, no cae will when
they ave *nce u»d them, it cannot aUda from th*
ahoCder of the Übum, '
Ry njea!laf coe itap when ftcia ten *t free.
Will nuke a ecntle er vowerfbl Unee for thee
Appl!ea£oa may be made tor a ftw daya at the v " t —»
bom 1 Uli 4 o'clock r. a. Room No. «o.
lalaowLhtoaellTown. Countyor tfute RUhuforthe
manufacture of Umley*a Patent Ebaric Back aad C entre
Suspension Puts. By this Unproveiaent tne worta ef
Pants are much enhanad- while ihe cost is not.
A UNDER LINEN at greatly reduced arieea. Good
phSnrbemlaee.S«; Fine Pure Linen. EmbroU'eredTrim*
miaga tSJA. All other kinds at proportionate rates. Heaa- ■
tIfoIEMBKOIDEKI&A ataboutone-half thensnal tileta.
DKESS aad MANTILLA MAKLNU from atjlea received
monthly from Paris, London and New York.
Je7-to-iatp MRS. WILSON. 103 Lake street.
A signed hereby give notice that they wiH not be r»
apon<b'e for any eoeuacta er agreeAeata by Jaha
McßeaaorJohnMeßeaa ACo. hi or about the tjeprove
meat on Clark street, (Pavlag. Walling aad FlUng), they
havtag obtained tha ccamct com the otv In their own
liOARDING—A Gentleman and
AJ hla Wife, or two M*l«m»n. can attain toard wlUl
front rooma In a pnvata cu&lty at KB Wabash avenue,
T^OTTNP—Came into the enclosure
A 1 ef the aub»*riber, aear the Cttr Cemetery, a vomg
Deer. ThecwLevan here the omabTlnqalrfofatWvd'e
Garden. >orth_Walk suaeu JyH4t«
Bank checks, drafts,
No'ae.DtPO^tCbecka.avdallklaibef Book Print
tafrt iSfSa. OXm.
nn ihi'ihim. I. 11l
taa in . . .
- JS
** one month. <2m».> ««
** • ** ttmsflaui, (tzaCUL) ' urn
" ..... *" 1,1
oom year.... .m
T"" 1 T-'lrtnh ttf
•a be tea at the Soon.
HT AH Chaa«*B chafed »ca*tapwSqna.««. ,
UT>> °* a vmu mm tamm
• I*s P? s< J a * ra - < * ci fbr tne swath.
_Jg_- ■ !gs?^r°°" , ° uu
auction jjales.
B Y c - H - KHTH a SON,
At VH o clock, u their n'Mnem, ]« and is Deutara atreet
a anea«o.taeataf "w-™
Comprialag Caae. Ffc* .ml Woert Seat Chiln- Sofn
•S half bto. White Fhh.
&• ** ** Trrttt
tt Mrs. No 1 Xkurl
ToWco: lOte*-3i
ljMdijjit c. n. kii rn i - oy, .>«£>,
B* C. H. KEITH £ SON.—
>• »■ ™tb.
SJSUf ' • "="• &«*w» JLctifui ial ViU
3 J>w3;liaj Houes «ad 1 Cool« a-jL
rem r*?*; as.- mss***-
■*• nr® ITopia
c. B. KERB * son
TO ad o» THURSDAY, Ju. Sth. u )* .'dock
4* Ka. 19* Willi Untl,
—c wribao—
ery, Ac, vree **
T*» FuraltnT* and Flii .tea of a SVoon: tw-,.
(Fatec*. • halr^Tables ami Eioitllf Table, to be said will*!
oot rewrre f. r b> the hebe-t bdder
h-»t» .««» C ' Kl "Ttt * So.N. Autlmm,
Jriw:-dO u 13 itwtornstraet.
CT • • . « lulolplHtt. • • • • 6T
SheM Nn»lc, .Music Bosks, '
On VednMdax Xortiif, July STl*»
Salesroom. No. 17 Raadclcdt «e »
*"*11 ••'I *»U)OUl ICMTv4| A la' n C.'lQhltfl* IWiPTTHMt
■£ J U*'rfc7\ Mu>ic u , loatfucrfiu Books, Mo*
aleJ tWrk* lnaUiiioen>a,andF4 cvtioufo. •
The attention of (he Trade. an-1 a 1 per o< s wfc > are deel.
rotwofgrtWaflrteaw aee»T<meU of ew MKl7»u23*r
Mu~.e,»lao* price. spn-tlcjUryclledto hi a'a
V* AV<rno«.
7otte* U bmby itra that I wilt atU at psUte awttoa «a
the pi cubes
Oa THURSDAT. Jq'yfth Iwt, *t a'eWk a. w
ti the liLh#* WW*r 'or eaab, ib« lar(« ftaiw baQdiactftA*
formerlyoccni4nl b» J m«aC
, CARPOTKrv's MhJl»
Tofthrrwttblhelkra. Kuwlrj, too-o I amber
nnthepietiil**. Tu buiUlnc .&d oUwr »ioT(Liidt2
b« r«Dn*e.l ib« rtay f. r iSi «»e saleip «Tiv2
By Wm. H. Haskell ft Co., .
Ju'r Wth. at o'e!fl;lr, v a «halt oflkr
at public «aet<on a taiUtjr of •■rwxt* toltabl* to "-**
ttxclu la L t» a* renuii*»t>. comp li!b< : wwt
Lft'er. Cap, Note Qui P«per. » o reama.
<> tutha,ra> Union •'amUna'M. "
Frvaci LawCn lu«, in.reat vailM*
Mcrlnn Shlru, Uo !«▼ aaddoTM.
Dnra Bo»nmi. CmiaA.bblnaaail ihr ad.
Lnuof Cut Dry On-ds
» Wji<rO-«>l-rvd«ideclT itaeonahlaarticl*.
HOhmifim cap.
? banv'o Mn<>Kln< T<X4CCQ
Sale t>o«ltlv«lr wUb"ttt rr«emt.
ilfrrhant*— •be abnve nrti No. lof t£ta mHm ta*!urh
innM. »• wnaa»*iuca
Jytt»sfc>.a \VM 11. H.V»KKLLA
■WiT; V \\ J . tl '? V «H *. *. we "Ut mA at oar
•»'* 8- Lake ftn-e*. a large vul »tiDeriuraMi<rt>
meat vf Ni*r t uitilmre. tocrtber ulta be mtli* offtcta of
ij?"} y *' s »* tMt. «»i»*l-llne of Paitur ami IMroom
. nils ta ,jn«.t mne*r. »ut aixl Roc»lb< rhajrv
Klcb TorkUb Far7l'tuln, I<»H Mamie. Card artrl rnn*
e **w U i l *®P l!urrau» amTwaih»taa<t«, Tlanl*
°* k »n4 Walaitt French
ll>lira»*a,» ate Chain, folld Oak Milebewito.
kxwti^un: Tabes do, f'oomoa ISb»»a tai
MlfrM la tfU l« Pitchers llpmia ChaodeDer^.
Kijn 01« Cloth, f'foekrry and Ulinwan; Kltthan
Fu aitur*. Ac. AUo.lHl«h Velvet
Kttular I)»y# of Vm*»re, • 'wpcU. At.. TCES
w}-." }} » SDjTS and h RIDAY? 'if e»cb «rek..
Parties declining buowkeeplnc will flnditto thelradraß.
t*<s 'o ms«l tbelr in uj tu •*>>
I?0U SALE.—The wiU
Jl - kri-atpohllawctloo ta the hlcf>e*t Mdder fbr t*A.oe
Ace ; >o.llUai>MQank.Chl<aKfi.t»nc rtalnPst^ia,Uaacil
bvthe I altf-d Staree to Jeanim Atklna. ooe tor ~an law
prow-rwl U» RiXentn GnU . and known m
T.?l*- A ? , 'i wttua R-kor. wakh p.ieai la
dated Detlmb r ?•■». li'-A. r-lara«<l tWfter 3ltf.T«4. and
J?**? {vT lUba upon I'taKhtma of Re pen."dac«i
bot s," * Wch wervdntv aMlaimi to J. X
Wrlfht, 4thl 10 the "th day of r*ren»>
•er.ls.. bydredef
to na by tbc (kid Jubn h. Wrl*bl. pmi
JAM-S CLAPe. S.Wrt«hfc.
Dated Jaly X 1b69. jj+la<RU
>o. CT Raadolvb «rret» Chtcaco, 10.
AtspieMonceand «.e»room« for all k ml. of eereha^
dise. Llbrral t*4»b AdvAiwaiiaadeoncotiainißeßtfc ObU
doorn.'ea pft>mpttyaU*ml*d tu .uda Unction aoarraatfa*.
ri«-ctiwa Eaitem. Aoutbern and cllT «iifereiiota. jiU-ly
I O H Jjf RANKIN, General
So. 177 Randolph at, thlfd door coat of tha Bricta Dovaa.
Caah Admwea ma«!• ob Oooda for Pnbiie and Prima
aa.e.-J*anlmUr attetiUoa elves to outdoor talee.
Kcfdar day*. Tue<day\ Thwedaya aod
Aaflo Stwiae ttooaa foe rent at tow rates. JeiA.y^U?4
WM. 11. IIASKELL <t CO..
G&.YZBUZ A UrTin.rggßs jjfD comjusstom
. Lib Itrect (Tappen Broa * old ttaaA.
Liberal ca«b advmcae mada oa coooa for pohbo or iiilula
Ml*. Particularatleatloa u»«Ue* of UoMboid For*
Bltanat pnr»u boaaes Rati EAaU ale* oa tbo zrooivL
and Slrekaof Merchandize ax tt^aT
OT" Acctrnmaof Mlea rcadered aaJ wttlad wtthla twaatw
four hoora alier ml*. Jel»ly-dS»
(Neaz the Port OfflcaO nnwi*,
idraneea oa all klcda of Merchandise, .jq
w». a. airrrtia. fe'-Iy-cl3l a.p. aoram
WUI advaoco on erery description of «ooda
4nctkm Ma2ca. OT strictly
■ aanoatu. * <»&l*ltj ummiwun
iHonrs aim eicfjange
A f ONEY TO LOAN—At Ten par
I'X Cent for
HT Commercial Not« wanted.
Jea-r B. F. POWNINQ M Oar* rtrwt.
ooa*n or
O at the Broken Board la New York
Jen-to E. E. WILLARD. No. % Clark-at. - **
a.TX Money oa Real EkUtoSoeatttlaannatac fna tfa
moniha to two yean.
W« DLacoaat drst-dan Comaertial Note*.
Wa Nerotlata Utre* to live yean loana bcartfigtespcreariL
tnlirfltt, Hi\f, CHAMBEIt» A COT
myT-y 34 CbkafQ.
Drtfla.Aeeeptaacaa.aDd Nrtea paid ja New Tork oa &•
day of matomy. or last dayol p»ca, aodoooey deported
tar aecotut in toe cU» of 2taw York, and tent to cUea la
t&* Tidalrr of N«w York, oa Tatewbie Order*.
ToUaraph oaa>»
XiX wmt a avAU. cjrrrAi—For aVe the s»ock
aad VUtana o« o*eo> thebo Orvcerita 1» lhocltT.<Mac
a fad aab trade, and la a go"d eelabbothood. will be
aoTd cheap for pat* ca.*h aad nod apor- *ad paper, aa tbo
1 pre»atomi»rwaheatapftat. Addreaa a. P c. ■ok
; Sill PoetOSke. JT****
T?INE ARTS.—Mr. J. C. Wbi^
' X Landrope aad Portrait P*lnter. wWtca (o Infnna
' Udlrsand (rnt emcn wbo wlab to jola hie cLua tn >Utchlnf
: aad PalatlDcfhsm natnrr, toiMK a'hla k-obk. No. SI aad
K Dr. Hamlu'a uL'dlnc. Aaahlutoa street,n«r« un,
on TCE9PAT. the gath teat. jya-Att
1 BSNRT J. ANOEI.L. who left Fruit B!». North
prov*deuce. R. I. about 10 daya tinea «n,- on*'» "»•
if tbk an««u meet tlu» eye of Mr. AacaU. ctlia* at t&a
Canien City Hneae wiibm tba next three er four ua»a ha
can melee afly dellan at the na».d of a 'rlend- Anr tw
aon knowtnj bla wbereab«.u a wtli be »oitib»y rewa.dad by
lafDnnailoa at the boijl.
"EDUCATION— A gentleman who
Fj raeelTed hla edaeatfoa to the University of Dnljta.
and whohaabadßacbexperiea eaa »teach»r, wooid do
«ote aoaa bova daily •" aMb< bMraettoa tai
Latiaand Frrntb Lacfaacra. Refcrracta a> locharacicr
andomtmene* fvea For panlctLats addn*» **W R.
IX." drawerSQl Cbliaio P 0 Jll
Hope fire insuranc*
»•. 13 Wen iteee*. Hew Twa.
St&StfSftStmzzzz:=r "ttSS
rmmtt— —rmt
, T. «. TM MIET, unb
. rt jss n "* ra " ,f5 " tty ny^a£-
Home for motiierless a
Ciaa«i«y.Peraaae havla#rtinrtdeorteyl tg» .
mot-Wa cat* will ftfel a rood btme tat taca wih Mjs 0.
B. KINO->LSY.Saat'Bend.lad. , . A
J3r ti>i naaniiatiTa cnmpinarilrn ilrr -'i k »

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