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Vihn Ta. h'crtnns Chartea 1L It*r,
H tillam UniH, Joarpb Mrdll't
Atfiwd (>u«r!».
dHhTiv«ltnciiv. It cirriT. v«*r UXO
3 *v.:v. MwH In dtv. !"v cifticr. j*r week 15
voir 7.»rt
Jiil'tV. laM4tJS4l»»rril*r.«. luoulbt
T<>W«ikiv, l»er
•• lo)
M 4.W
M lOCnpl't ..lIVO ff
IP*Uoiwv in Wtrn tn«v tw tu at our V
«'«k. AdJna* I'ltF.-S AM) TIIIUUNE, »
Chlca«o, lt'.lboift.
•" " 11 compa
The city was H;irtlvd about ouo o'clock yes- <OVP4tJ
ts.-ufly afieruocu v.iUt a ivport that the cicur
?:cn train soulh, on the Chicago A Northwest
<ra Kailn-nv had run oil' the track, ucarTVater
, , , , , rl"ur, t
??tvn. and that tbiriy persons had been killed wl«u,
'.'Utright. The t.ewo traveled with the speed (>at*7 u
«>f the wind to all tjunrlerf, and tho railroad
;.ud telegraph oillc'es wore fetraightway be- Froi
-ic,-cd by auxious crowds who expected ccipts
'VL-uds and on the excursion, viotis :
Tt.o locatiou of the disaster being seven miles rels.
fr -x a tel?grnph station, nothing acfinito was bushel
known liii last cveniug, when the dippatches the ne
w'.iieh we print elsewhere came over the f
•vires from Watcrtown. Though the net- in the.
facts are all tc»o melancholy, it id The
seen that the lirst report was greatly ex- Floun
n^-gcrated. The number of persons known to eompa
l»e hilled is extoj, and >A those injured
iwi'ittj'd'jht This is the first accident involv
ing tbe !->ss of iifo thai lias cvvr occurred ou ,
t'uy Cuicaqo aud XorU»woaU-rii 11. 1L and in i
*.i;o present iustauco l! is to place tho
Maine on any person thing, unless u]>ou tl«o
i-rjto that pprang itsideuly from the brush in J
fr i:it of the Ucamotivo. Signal iu<.u had been ro
-v.uiojicd at all the crossings between Oahkosh tiictoi
•i:»d Chicago to prvve:«t accidents of just this P ; tst ti
...,f ous y<
— isiufl<
The Republican nominations for county and
t.v.u uajcc-r?, to bo voted fur on Tuesday next,
*.» ill be found in another colunin. We doubt .
ji >l tiivy will »:i b»* clccU.d. as wo lx-lieve they creacc
..! do--crvoio be. Mr. Boyu-jn, the nominee ou ~
rbr County Treasurer, has demonstrated his
fuuess fur the 1-y ati uninij>each;ible
in his responsible trust for two years
pis!; cud it niuet be admitted, even by those jea
iio opposed his nomination, that he is one of i
r'c* most popular and elliccnt young men in j»., r ] P .
i'ie county. Mr. Kl.-ihait, the candidate for
School owes hU nomination to
jcnt-ral imp«os>i"ii oi his «iualif»*atious as an
t-1 icoior. lie has novi-r been prominent as a (
.. sinlitietr.n. a-.ii do'.u.tlcfsa majority of tho=e
voted for him in convention, heard his The
name for vl.u first t::na i" -jjuuertiou with tho
oxjircsfed wish of those interested in common ol no
.-oi.culs that he tui-ht bcniiue tho superintcn- :mJ >»
.... w pro us
•U.*i of public instinctual 1-t this county. Mr. ] t j
"UViCOtt, the h'.o City Surveyor, is so well thattl
';: i -wc throughout the county that wo need ,|, e
is.ake no =i»ecial alliisi'-u to the place his name of fr«
.i ' . Kepul
BiM slight chances huvc Iw-n made ia the gorer
f f->r to vn ollaxrs ; :i!ul we need oiily
r-f-T to themanr.-'emant "* the vr.rtous afiaiis ca , is ' :
• j :ho hands of i:-c -.■iitk-a.---li namt-d, duiiug but tr
the past year, :t« a of tlieir faithful
n.'cs a f :<-r th- v '■ •:i r«-clected on lictna
"* Tbi
Tcv-saay iii.vt. WcU ,
lo , uc
Uv a auge n:ls ! 'ppa!ieiision of facts tho d ' s! \ r
44 _ , hllSlll
Uqn.U: f.i Couuty yesterday ue- vt]ice
\ l.icd to 1»y on the t.tMe an important memo- coudc
rial fr jpi its Coitrel C.>amittte« in reference lo
the voriag •" of hordes of ir;-h llcpu
Dcu:uci-..w. lit Kept.'..i:«m l-i'.inarj elrciiohs.
From the lx.st iuformr.ti.'n we can obtain, wo queat
r that tho <*i»nsiJertd this re- outifc
» tvc-**tftil and harmless memorial. (.vhifh will
1J; found in our
J'.iiii- at their own ]<urity. There is nothing ii.
tiif dv'cun.cut wh'icli warraats such construe* tbc ]
lion, aiW the is wholly removed by
i fat.', that the C.-uiral C-.-mmittee dTectr.l ilruc
e ir* It< tA prepare tho memorial It'
, . 1 ossm
ti»r-je weeks a^*»! Xi:e *ntlvrii'.'ii who waxed timu
• ia the C »uve::«'.«ui yesterday have maui
ih? :-.it;.-f.i?lio:i ttf kc.»vvin;r thai tltL-v tired at T *
i rij- pi:r»H)»es. ai.d that the'r has i, C r«
d' ilrred :• much n«> uvd rcfo ni another year.
NVvcrihtlcss wc fchall t«?i fail to insist ou a
• iu ih«? primary system, before both the
<-ity aud ivui.ty upiaa'jurtioas. it is put iu TJ;
f-'ree or tho traces breal:.
Xu'ig'.!t roi.iriii.s liut I"t t!:a Cliarlcstwu
, T udL'c to pii'-p three sentence on John Ct
Uwivn, nnd f-.r t'uo S.eriir t ) liang liim i:i
puTTttancc thereof— U'jliss irnl.- d, ns is inti- 11
luif.! n .r. Vv'iso si.iiuld >0 slr/m till) ciccu- I si»n
.i-l und
tive ciemeitcy ai to add thirty nays to his con- I 4i j- 1
Ihiemeut i:i prison nud pubtracl it from his I vi.se
lievond the riuve. Tlif jury liavo br.iuclu
in a v-.rd.ct of guilty ou an uncertain r.umbt--r I
of counts, iu wliieh tiit-y cuiniLi him of some 1
;.ii{>oFMbic crimes, which arc ati verted to wiih j
•rreat ch'.uness by Broivu's counsel. Tuo pre- I
clTcin-es of which he W enviet-d feem to tra<
l c ttoasou npainst Virginia committed iu I Sat
Maryland, and the r.mraer of one m.iu in two I int<
d'ifcrent or somethiiiir e-iuivalcnt to I j.
a',. - I nat
TUe Praviblon Trade «r cii!««so—Sl» I xb,
Prftptfi'lfc. I .
TbeC-ef packers me nor busy, and they j sa
have already killed upwards of bead cf I j u ®
Citlle, with about bi'if tb? season to operate in 1 ,c
vet. It is expected that, before the close, I <
Irom to bead will be packed. 1 e ni
Timing luc past wtei, tevtral of our polk j St.
packers have cv'.nun'nccd opcr-ttocs; but il is I
only to supply a local demand for provision* and j i n .
Urd. The pork p-cking n-ison will be later I ov
than usual, owing ta the scarcity of coin last |
summer througlnxit this Indiana and c it
lowa. I I ,IJ
From the preparations being made, however, j
it is expected that cur operations the coming 1
bcason will exceed those of any previous oue in I
oar hiatory. At Icitt, wc luve increased fucili- I
ties for poking, which cauuot fail to greatly I
ftogmcntthe business. Durios tbe past sum- | ,
mer, new packiug houses have bcca built by |
HintaudS teams, aud Tbos, Nash, K*q; I
and Messrs. 0. Hubbard & Co. have rebuilt j
and the r former packing bouse. Tbe I
packing bouse o! Hint A; Stearns is capable of I
baubling from TC-0 to bogs daily and thoj
ol Thos. >*a»b, t'')o to CvO daily. These bouses 1 j;
are fitted up in tbe iuorl approved mauncr, an 1 I f
trill be woiked by pork parkers. I a
Amongtbe law acci -eiins to cur pork-pack- I fl
ere is Pcrcival Murrioit, la'dy from linglacd, I s
who has leased tbe Ameneaa Transportation I t
Company'® warehouse after the cloee of navi- 1 (
gation. Tbc spaciousness uF these premises I j
will peculiaily adapt them for tbe packing of I
Dressed no-5. An experienced corps of work- I
men bis Wca engaged, and Uic premises air 1 ,
notv being arranged %vith steam tanks, thawing |
buuic.Ac. Mr. iiirriott expects to pack about 1
S'jO bogs daily—principally eu ccmuiiMsion. 1
" Another U'c nrrival from Kngland is Mr. I
Jamei Bodel, who has leise.l the premises on I
Kortb Water etfiet, foru.erly occupied by Chap- 1
Jam A Co., and is lilting ihcm up to pack I
Pressed llo;s. _ I
Tbe following is a list of the pork-packers I
nho intend to operate tbe coming season: 1
a*. e ce, <5- AJ- . I
RM.Ao. S. Ho.yb, irfan*-A W lwi»or. I
fr* -„. >.«•<> > t*nch dc Co H 1
Moron iMua-.il.
J. 6. Bade -
Tbsre are ft number of others who aeon tbe
tcarch for suitable premises in which to pack |
bozs, who will doubtless be ready for packing
b-fere the hogs begin to cume in plenty. Al
ic-dy wc bare capacity in this city to pack from
fi "00 to 7,900 bogs dai'y. Last year we had to
Dressed Uogs to Cincinnati and other
pr.mu tA Iw packed; but we think that tbe ad
d:t:auat/acUities ive now possess will preclude
fc.ifb a po:tibihiy c^stn.
\'.'v "i"i.r of r.o contracts for Hogs, nor is there
. . ;-p(»»itMin to make «t pres-
i'LOCR A>"l' I
WHEAT MOM IIS, £c. I natiug
The receipts and shipments of Flour ncd I Survej
Grain during the past and previous weeks. I
compared with those of the corresponding I f u j| v * al
week last rear nro as follows: reprcs<
<««r*tJiTrvx:»tcrirTs AWi>«itrrvt:morc>i!X.m> ru>ra I
roßTiic tast virit. | iue
nccEins. Siif»iEX7«. I Anlboi
Pa«t Prtv. S.-ina J'a#t I'rtv. I Esq, *
w«*lc. tr«fk. *o.'k w e k. veck | j «
Hour, IT 5 *.... S3 .Si: 12,451 SijW ] ROU *^*
WLret, bu....fr2i,1i3 4i|. 7* 111' VST 47.| On r
Owe, tm G1.2T1 4MK S*2sl ».K5 j
Oat*, u «.£M Tv.tyS MK7» I appom
lljft. liu IS 44! J«. CI MM ie.«79 Ji<;t I,•
I.ar'ej-, bi.... uI.VVt 44,t5-J W.SH 40,774 | ilus "
From the above it will be seen that the re- I subseq
L'cipts of wheat exceed those of the week pre- I I' reBCQ
viotis 110,000 bushels, a»»d of flour 5,000 bar- I
rols. There is also an increase of about 20,000 I A. liii
bushels in the receipts of corn—principally of |
the new crop. The receipts and shipments of I q *'jj C ]
flour for the week are the largest ever known I man, I
in the history of Chicago. I
The following table shows the receipts of I Garris
Flourand Wheat during the past three months, I
compared with the four previous years: I Laiupt
rO'-TAHTIVE tt'.EJPfP l>f ri»t"E ASI» *IIEAT OCBCTO Tilt I DoUJ»ll
I.A«T mtrr jiosnw. I i*m
„ r* ' "Z~7T Total J
i—' cp Z— - c ~ Flour I 11
n n n h «£i
3 SI'MTTS Hi** SITf-Vfi Trr/41 I ftl * T
15.V...45-*77 *74 II Vi(M vi«-'A 4S>s*ve; I \\ m.
1H78:« fi'l4l S*yW7 HI | >rpr ,
K«...?*>5 ISTftt<o crty* ritaTll 04i» 546-IW 0« 4rrt | TV- . ,
llflii 11301:3 Sl*i9 ICStCK>4 Sa33s 23CXM j " ? UIJ(
From the above it will be wen that, while I
tho total receipts of llour and wheal during the I bard,]
past three months exceed those of any previ- I
oua year iu our history, yet the great increase I Uemri
is iu flour. In 1855 the receipts of flour for the I ,CI
above three months were 79,317 bbls.; in I A jf°
ISjG, ICj,OOG bble.; in 1537, 151,410 Mils.; >"iVi
iu 1653, :!03,877 bbls.; while in 1559 there- I lr *'^
ccipts foot up 3jr»,577 bbls. At this rate of in- I 1). F. 1
crease Chicago will soon become the greatest J
flour as it is the greatest wheat mart in the I cifcl«li
United .Stales. j j : tv
The markets during the past week have been j
generally quiet. Flour declined 12 1-2 to 10c. j Wn
Wheat declined Cto 7c. Old com declined J
7c. O.its declined 1 to 2c. Hye declined 7c. Nil:
Barley advanced 2to 2 l-2c. For particulars
wc* refer to our weekly review of the markets I
ou tlio fourth page. I >oi:
From ti'ukliluston, I gtr.
(Odrmpiitulfcix'of theX. Y. ErctJcpPwft. I Tito
The now that the panic is over, grows I ]| Al{
anxious übout the record it made while brown's I ;' ,CI
rebellion was uppermost in men's ininds. It is I *! 1:L
ol no u>e—everybody here understood il» aim, I
and it was condemned by nearly all our citizens, I |* T0
pro as well as anti-slavery. I j* aE
It is a very laughable fact, but it is u fact, I ] AL
that the in iu fi-enzies over John Browu. I
has actually been guilty of the very crime ul I LO
the man it condemns so severely, ft is guilty j L(C
of tnaton! It calls upon Virginia, in ca*e the 1 •y AK
IJepublicans succeed iu IWO, to seize the arso I y t " K '
nals within her borders belongiug to the iederal I
jjorerunient! It has gone further, and advised I
the preseut administration, in such an event, to I fire oi
refurc to give up their places to the Kepubii- I muU .
cans legally entitled to till lh'*m. What is tlii?. |
but treason? If Governor Wise will only give I ' j ue
chl Bruwn a respite uutil ISC", it is not impos I J. H.
»ible that lie niuy have the company of a few I A.
])i*tnoctatic editors on the gaiiown ! I ~r OCC(
Tbv conduct of the i-Aiupaut Democracy is I '
Weil illustrated bv a little incident just reldtoil j t-<'uni
tome by an old citizen of Washington. lit I Ac
met the ether morning at the Oity Postotiice u I Hard,
d'stiniiuished Democratic ofGee-ho der, who I j. «
hlmll be nameless: "It behooves vou," said the j 4
ofUce-bolder, "seeing von are a ltopublicau, to I perso:
caudcmn tliis aQUirat liurper's i-'etry with a I hefon
greut ileal of euiphiisis, btcauee you are a sus- I
charucter, Iroin the fact that vou are a I .
Lift* I » B0»0
Uvpuubrun. I
" I tl> condemn Brown's treasonable feat," | .i«.|
replied the Kepublican, "but let me akk you a j
mtcstii'ii: Bid you ever condemn the Southern I On
outrages in Kaa*as, or the brutal assault ou I j ec j dl
Jjumuer?" I
"Sumtur Qfitirlat htilwrrtd," was the heart- j
le«j replv. '1 his is th-j history of nearly all the 1 Tfc<
l»i'mocrat« who are makiug the earth tremble I (Jove:
with their execrations of— not Brown, but of— I n oun
the Hepablicaus. They lauuhed when Sumner I
was otneken down in his Senatorial f.cat, and I
chuckled when Buford caineJ death und de I
atruciou over the phuua of Kansas. I j. A
liisceitainly witbiu baundsto assert tlist the I •».
assault upon Sumner was a more darinc outrage I
than Bruwu's tuad exploit. Bruwuwasamono I On
maniac; Brooks, Keitt k Co. were natioual leg- I t {, e u
ij»laiorn, who cudeavored to cany the law of tin* I ,
bowie knit'e andihepistol into the Senate chsui J aurv
bcrof a grejt nation. Yet this gieat oversbad j Th
owing not rebuked by a single Dema- | didat
cratie journal of this cii%! I
J»;«ccisl l»i«j.aXi-liUtl«eX. V. T.-.bua-:. I
i»vU r.Jth,l€*.». I 1
Tlo of Tut Ctiuftitnti'm authorizes the I
belief t'.iat tbc Mes&uge will enlarge on the liar- I .t,
pei'b l : errv HllUir. I V
BuilmniuV frienua vet rely upon his being a I jj
Couipruuiise candidate lor Southern rivalries. I
His itiiolenlUcial policy Laa btea directed with I
ibat expectation. ' I ceed
Corwin will not be a candidate for Speaker, |
but will utile with the rest of the Ohio delega- I 0 ;
tion in support of Sherman. | •'
The l'lestueut desires to till the French Mis* I
. 1 hion before the meeting of Cougiess; but he is | j
j undecided. Ilf inclines to Uix; jet lie is afraid I
' lof ic-opening New > nrk divUious, aud is ad- 4 . .
> I vised it. Faulkner is piessed and fa> I
t j voretl utieiUiitcly. A knowledge of French is 1 J
I positively required. I j.
:| THE CITY. 1^
I Offtce Ta\t K. —A freight train ran off the I j
L ' I track of the Galena road, near Garden City, on I
1 I Saturdav night. Two freight cars were thrown I
:■ I into a ditch, without any serious damage. I
l> 1 liomiM; a DnrsKCjr Max.—A young mun I Win
I named George Wentworth, was brought to the I '
I lorknp Tuesday moruiug, charged with robbinc I T
* I Thomas McMahon, who was intoxicated at a 1 m%>
T I saloou coiner of State aud North streets. The I £
'j- I tuouey ((111 was found on his person, lie was I Res
„ I held ia si'A' to answer before the Recorder. I UD!
e, I Skvcbb AccmnxT.—Monday afternoon, a man I J
I employed on the gravel train of the Chicago, I
k J St. liouis and Alton Road attempted to jump on I J^j (
i ? 1 the train while in motion, and missing his foot- I he;
id j ing,fell upon the track, when the train passed Icm
er I over both his legs. Th« accident occurred near I
tt j ti, o Summit. The suti'erer was brought to this I le<
id city and taken to the City Hospital, where am- lor
I putotion was performed. j
>r * j "I'AtUNK."—The new French drama, by this I
I** I title 3s worthy of success. It is admirably act- I
.. Icd by the stock company at McVickcr's theatre, Icr
ll '" I who appear to bo capable of undertaking toy I
I * T I tatlc the manager may give them. Tbc play is 1
m ' I placed upon the btagc with much tasto and I U
h - I judgment, and it is so peculiarly constructed 1 si
'?.* | that the iuterett never flags till tbc fall of ihe 1
" I curtain. Those who enjoy a good play, well I ,i
I acteil, should witness 4, r*nlinc." I f
of I I C
tV »| A Sad Cask.—Two women named Joanna I
scs I Leonard and Margaret Sinott, were brought be- I j
ml I fore Justice llillikcn on the charge of keeping I c
• I a house of ill fame. The lalter is only 1? years I u
ick- j o f a g C< n cr brother appeared as a witness I
I lie has been for some time trying I f
ti° n I to reclaim her. but we fear she wDI rrove in- I a
avi * I corrigible. The endence against the girls not 1 J
iscs I vjciug positive, they were discharged. |
g of I I |
ork- I Lxbcext.—Albert Aub, a lad about 1. years I |
air | or age, was brought before Justice Milliken yes- I «
ving I tcrday,«Q a charge of stealing a watch- and I (
bout I chain valued at from ft man named Edward I .
, I Connelly, was a fellow boarder at Mizc- I >
Mr. I oer'sboarding house, 152 Indiana street, and I
?s on I also for wtcaling a watch" valued at $lO and I
!hap- 1 in gold, from a insn named Atidrns Bevinns, I
pack 1 who was stopping at 41 Michigan street, but I
I who belongs in Watcrtown, Wis. Aub confess- I
:kers I ed the ltrcecy in both- caies, and was held to I
I answer io the sum of (000 in the first case, and 1
I 5500 in the latter 1
I A BBrcNTAM Abiixstcd roa Tutrr.—Harriet I
I Emily Enuis, a gtrl who had been an inmate of I
I a bouse of ill fame kept by Christine Jones aud 1
I Anna Stewart, but who left there sometime |
in the I since with the intention of leading a better life, I
i pack I was arrested and brought before Justice HIUi-_ I
icking ken vesierday, charged by Anna Stewart with
A 1 I atcalicg clothing from her when fehe left their |
c from I house. It was shown that Harriet had conduct
had to I ed herself in a becoming manner since her re
other solve to lead a better life, and had been em
head- I Proved continually in respectable families at
cclude I scwiog. Some necessary witnews being want-
I ed, the case was continued. This case looks
»there rexymuch as if it was trumped up for mere
I pre"- -pHe, Infuse Harriet bad left these two bad
J gir's.
Uepubllcan County Conrentloo. to <
The Republican County Convention fornomi- proper
n&tiug candidates for County Treasurer, County
Surveyor and County School Commissioner, as- have b
sembled at the Court House yesterday after* their n
noon, at 2 o'clock. The Convention was very
fully attended, every town in the county being pu biics
represented, with a single exccptiou. by sou
The Convention waj called to order by Elliot judges
Anthony, Esq, on whose motion £. C. Lahned, adoptc
Esq , was appointed Chairman, and F. D. Owen r y rest
and A. C. Coventry, Secretaries. easily i
On motion of A. Garrison, Esq., the Chairman S V ced
appointed A. Garrison, Elliot Anthony and Ju- w ar <l, I
lius White a Committee on Credentials, who the cal
subsequently reported the following delegates * ,O "q F j
present: thesef
Fihst Wabd.—J. h- Botaford, S. K. Haven,
Fred. Tuttle, F. B. Clapp, George C. Cook, K. C. L.
A. llice, Wm. A. Crocker, F. D. Owen, F. Geo.
Schluud, I*. Wadsworth.
Seconu WAnn—J. M. Adsit, Geo. S.Wright, Citvm
C. B. lleartt, F. Gmdelc, Jacob Harris, E. Ship. tee.
man, F. Sproeu'e, C. L. Jenks, G. Schwcinfurth, . m ,
F. li&ruioc, T. Nichols.
Tuicn Wxon—Hiram Joy, F. Wentworth, A. the tat
Garrison, J. Hottinger, V. Boscoe, C. Keeler, The
Leopold Meyer. annoin
I'ol'btu Wabd—Richard E. Cook, Leonard v
Henry Deal, Wm. Justice, Charles mt«ce
Fim» Ward—N. Sturtevant, A. G. Throop, Geo.
S. AlcCot'.er, A. H. lieald, C. Ippel, C.N. Hoi- i
deu, Andrew Akin, J. N. Hcnrtcks, Wm. H.
11 .iiil.r, W. A. Groves, H. H. Yates, H. Wit-
Sixth Wauo—L. F. Waite, A. B. Johnson, <jjj e
Wm. Wayinan, A. Torkilson, X. Huntley, G.
Levereuz.'D. C* Ferguson, John Kuhl, K. A. _
Webber, C. H. Barmm, J. W. Laimbeer, G. B. lEB]
Wilson, Henry Brandt. called
ScvKvru Wabd —Joseph Brosche, G. S, Huh. 0 f am ,
bard, li. Antbony, John Nebee, J. S. Meilville, : nrfmfl
Valentiue Kislner, A. W. Adams, Hcinrich Kin- ®
kcl, llermaun HirscbSeld, Peter Fetcrsou, S. P. up the
Hemrich, John Herting. and th
Eicqtu Wabd—E. Bate?, J. R. Hugunin, Ivor (
Luwson, S. Slan ik, J. S. Mclntire, E. C. Lamed,
A. J. Wri«lit. obligei
Nivtu Waud—.Tohn H. Kinrie, A. C. Coven- jn doir
trv, Wuliata Whitney,H Kreismann, N.Marks. H r»Ue «
*Ttsru Wabd—C. Ilopkinson, H. Niemertr, 1
1). F. Wilsou, John Lobsteio, G. A. Johnson, €r »
George Miller, Richard Clark, Max Schuller. steam
WoiiTK—IJ. H. Massey, A. H. Breed, Chas. ro und,
ElfeldL which
I.EViiES—S. S. Brooks, John Vannatta. wnicu
Nkw Tcikr —Cbas. E. I'eck. it to p:
Cicebo.—ll. F. Mcslin. the ri*
Whbeuxg.—Geo. Strong, Henry McNabb, E. jri Tcr
A. Alien. ~ .
Pcoviso.—C. C. Covell. C. G. Fnsheek. " ls a
Nilcs.—J. Huntington, Wm. White. He wo
Ev.iNsrox.—Julius White, 11. B. Hurd. strikii
Hanovuu.—Geo. E. Smiib, D. S. Hammond. nnmn
Maine.—J. C. Outbot, B. L. Hopkins.
Soltii CniCAGO.—W. P. Comstock. thenct
SciiACJinKuc.—Nathan Peck, Henry Kictsiu- covcre
TnoasTox.—O. P. Kudd, Wm. R. Hunt. J'
West Ciiicaco.—John Burth. killed
BAUHi.Nr.Tox.—H. Wihnarth, B. C. Chase. The
Rich.—Michael Arnold, Fred Miller. cod Ir
OutAvn.—S. S. Campbell, Wm. Jackson.
NoimiriELD.—L. D. iloore, J.S. Sherman. , ,
I.tons —E. Hollon. L. Rilry. childr
Jfatunv.—Christopher Smith, J. F. Rnger. The
I'alos.—Alex. Roberts, Jr. witht]
Lake ViEw.—Jacob Wolf.
Bloom.—Charles Sauter, S. B. Aikeu. T
Elk Gbove.—B. B. Waters, J. Allen. *
JjAKE.—Jas. Wadswortb, J. L. Garber. held a
i J lkj ebson.—Wm. B. Gray, L. Roberts. man v
La mont. —L. Derby, A. J. Cobb. these
Elliot Anthony moved that a committee of p
fire on resolutions be appointed by tbc Chair-
mau, which was carried, und Elliot Anthony, J. .i, eni
Henricks, Homer Wilmarth, Eli Bates, and
J. R. Huguuin were appoiuted. when
A. C. Coventry moved that the Convention
proceed to an informal ballot for a candidate for
County Treasurer, which was carried.
A communication was read from h. P. Hil
liard, Esq., withdrawing his name as a candidate I l >erso
I for County Treasurer, and J. C. Dote, Esq., in I
I person declined to be considered a candidate I 2b uh
before the Convention for the same office. Thi
I I old m
iNfouMAL sallot fob TttEASi'BEU. years
I Wboio ciuWr of votes .......t4O I j.
A. U. If
.i«m L. " ... State
I *~* w bliiOC
I On motion, A. H. Botdex was unanimously aoy c
I declared the Republican nominee for County !
j Treasurer. I bandi
I The Convention, theu, on motion of A. C. l o f wl
I Coventrv, proceeded to an informal ballot for 1 the
J County Surveyor, with the following result; j caA g
I Wbcli' vate* I . t
I AtcxuuitcrWoicott b3<l J* I
I tjJnjuu-l J f, ve
I S—l4l j crve l
I On motion Alexam»eb Wolcott was declared £esor
I the unanimous Republican nominee for County 1
I Surveyor. Fn
I The Convention proceeded to nominate a can. I f Qr t j
I didate for County School Commissioner, tho p O -, D
I firet ballot being iu:oruial. I fteeni
I vrinilcuutDber <.f vote* M i« Ci
I JF. P iac '
I .Toiiu | & S lo
I "
1 a. U. ... I tbe 1
JldiO- —»• t :
I There being no choice the Convention pro- j
I cecded to the !
su U ,
I A. P. i f ron
1 Wli»W number of I Dea:
I .J «.. 1^"
I Hii.lv I way
I The name of Roduey Welch was withdrawn, j
I Tuian ballot. I a ro
I of rotes I and
I \
' I John I tim<
I A. I>. SJ-Mi 1 .
I On motion the next ballot was confined to the j . .
1 I names of the two highest candidates. I
I rocßTit nxLLor. I
I . tit I moi
l I Wli»'c ram'tf of —* m ..
I J. F. fcUibarlbaJ - —'it m I thn
c | Jvls I
* I The nomination of Joun F.Edikeabt was then I
I . I cen
a I made unanimous. I ,
e I Elliot Anthony, Esq., from the Committee on l " 11
s I Resolutions, reported tbe following,.which weio I t r
I unanimonfly adopted: I
n I J2tiolad, That we reiterate and reaffirm the
, I well-considered dcrlarations of the Republican j
' I partv, as set forth in the Philadelphia und cue
n I llloo'mingtou Platforms; and that we tnost I lan
t- I heartilv approve and adopt all the principles I
d I embodied in the above plaitarms. .
I timolol. That the principles of the Repubh-
Ir I cua partv are not so novtl asto demand the pro- cot
is I tection of a copv-right far tbeir preservation, 1 do ,
u- or so ambiguous as lo leqiure an Attorney
-1 General to expound them, but are self-evident, I
I and that we believe that all men arai endowed
*. I with the inaleniable right of life, liberty and I ]
16 I ihe pursuit of bappiuess, and that the primary I
:t- object and ultimate design of our Federal Gov
•e, I cruoect was to grant these rights to all pe.- I
I sous under its jurisdiction. I
* I That we believe in the old JefTerso- 1 fi c
is niandoctnne of the right ofthe Congress of the od
nd I Utiited SUtesto legislate upon tbe subject of I
> t l I slaverv in the Territories; but we utterly deny na
f I the authoritv of Conarew, or any Territorial | ca
I legislature, or any inuiridurd or set of individ- I
ell I uais.to give legal existence to slavery many
I Ttrritory while a Terntory, under the present I
I Constitution. .. * I
I liaolrtJ, That the recent aUcmnts of Ossawot-
I aaiie Brown to cany into practical operation tbe I
bc - I doctrines of squatter sovereignty upon tbe s.v -
ing I creil oil of the 0!d Dominion, meets with our 1 «
nr ! I otter condemnation and disapproval. j D
I Jictolcid, That while we recognixe and are I
I ever rcadv to defend all the rights given bv the 1
ing I federal Constitution to onr brethren of the I
!a- I sUvebotdiug Slates, we will forever claim and I s
not I m iotain the rights given to ns under the jame 1 j
1 Constitution. . ... 1
I Ji'cto'irol, That the recent intelligence of the I
I results of the elections in Pennsvlvania, Ohio, I 1
jars I lowa and Minnesota is the best evidence that I v
vea- I can be afforded of the estimation in which the I t
' * I Democratic party is now held by the people of 1
ao I this countrv, aud we trust thithercifteratl ef- 1
rard I f ortß bv Northern dongbfaces to hoodwink and I
lize- I deeeive tha freemen of the Free States, by I i
: ®- 50 I secure the Bame verdict that basb«?o pronoane- I
Dug, I cd bv tbo people at the recent elections m all I
but I the Northern states. |
ress- I The followinß communication from the CitJ I
Id to I Uemben of the Coontj Central Committee was I
and 1 read hj tho Chairman: I
I Toth«CbJdicas«f tie I
1 Sin: The Central Committeeconstituted bj I
, I the last reeular ConvenUon of th. Republicans I
ite of I 0 f Cook Couuty. having been made aware on I
sand 1 formeroccasioQS that frauds havebcenperpetrt- I
Mime I ted at the Republican primary the I
i-f I rotinK of Democrats and partlcularlj those of |
r I Irish eltracUoo, and also br persoos casun? I
unii- 1 more than one ballot each, Which thej hare I
t Kith been euabted to do br the Utherto loose mcAod
~i • I «.f conducting said elections—do herebv I
\ I memorialize vour- honorable body to take
Dduct " I fnch action-" as : m*y. be deemed adma
icr re- I ki. ? n tho premises—recommending that
tn em- a tperal committee be appointed .to re- |
i- * I nortio ibis convenuon before lis adjoomment a
l,ct mt prerent similar frauds in the future,
: tr - nl - thai the convention act deinitelv thoreoti.
looks I Your Central Committee has pot felt at liberty
• mere I to male anr radical changtt in the method of
, " holding pnm»rrelectioD£, thou«h such ctacjn
K0 bld I hav. s>?med Sesirable. >or does ronr cam-
I mitiee feel autboriied at this time
to do more than to suggest a To'
proper recistry of Republican voters in this
citv in advance of each primirr election, cot m ,
inhibiting such persons from votiog a< may
have been necessarily prevented from banding .*o*™ i
tbeir names and residences to tbe Registering j
Ccmmittecof tbeir respective wards; ProziJ/d, <b>wii
that in such case their connection with tbe Rb- D.C.Hi
publican party shall be vouched for at the polls 4o *
by some reputable Republican known to tbe > u u»d
judges of tbe election. A similar olan
▼our committee understand, bas been
adopted in many Eastern cities, wilh satisfacto
ry results. The details of this system may be
easily arranged by the Committee whom you (
shall appoint, or the who'e question maybe
placed in tbe hands of a Committee from each bio. Ep
ward, to be developed at tbeir leisure before PwunJ
the call is issued for tbe next Counly Conven
tion. Your Committee submit that the necessi- roifn t
ty for some plan to secure the party against
these frauds is too plain lor argument. t
C. L. Wilson, Jcuak S. RCWSET, ti,***,
Geo. Scbneimb, Horace White,
J. D. Waiid.
Citv members of tbe County Central Commit
A motion that the communication be laid on Stljj<ri
tbe table, was carried.
The Chairman, in pursuance of a resolution, Sttpen
appointed the following County Central Com
mittee for the ensuing year:
Geo. Schneider, Win. Woyman,
Luther Haven, E. S. WHliami, TABE
Julius White, 11. Kennicott, eible |
Frederick Tuttle.
The Convention theu adjourned. am toe
_ _ and th
Tkbbiblb Accu»«st.—Coroner James was fIDV
called yesterday to bold an inquest on the body the pn
of a man who was instantly killed in the follow- l °®
ing manner. The propeller Uuu'cr was coming
uptherirerabouthalf-pastnineyesterdayA.M.* bed ic
and the Van Buren street bridge was swnng as the on
usual to allow her a passage through. She was
obliged to take tbo west side of the river, and Reti
;u doing so to pass between tbe centre pier and to our
a pile driver which stood partly across the rir- chroni
er; when about half way past the driver, more ed to t
steam was put on, and lier stern wag swung and co
round, the upper part of it striking tbe bonse cornet
which covered the engine of the driver, tearing only r
it to pieces and hurling the smoke stack into when
the river. George Atwood, the engineer of the
driver, was inside of the house at tbe time, with
his hand upon the throttle running the engine,
He was thrown against the engine, his head on^
striking against a projecting portion of the W JU t,<
pump, and was terribly mangled. He was
thence hurled to the other side of the scow and ««
covered with the pieces of the house. The work- good 1
meu rau to bis relief, but in rain, as lie was »«ut w
killed instantaneously. L^k><v!
The deceased was an Englishman by birth, (;| ar i*
end lived on Maxwell street. He was about iog b<
i fortv-five years of age and leaves a wifo but no J""Cti
... . larce
children. aD( I j t
Tbe jury brought in a verdict in accordance dealei
with the above facts.
Ixqcest at the Hospital.—Coroner James
held an inquest on Mouday upon the body of a
man who was found ou Friday lying in one of
the second class cars of the St. Paul & Fond du lu *
Lac Railroad, apparently senseless. The police- menu
man who fouud him took him to the Armory, Dear!
whence be was taken to the Hospital. He con- S eu 1
tioued in a comatose state until yesterday,
when he died, never having recovered enough un to
to speak. A pott viorUin examination showed
I that ho died irominflimmation of the lungs. We u
I Tbe following papers were found upon his
I Cnna\t Pom, Goophcx (Vii'vrr. Miss.,l
I Udvbcr ;:Ui. liit). j (Je:
To all to irhfm thttt prtttnU m ty conctrn : astei
The bearer ol this, Rvenes, is a good, honest ing i
old man, who has been lor tbe past four or live Good
years in this Sute, and has been uufortunate. Dearl
1 lie starts to-day for his former home in tbe ladie:
State of >*ew York. He has uot sufficient selve
biooey to pay his lire at tbe coriC Jt ratr% and Cb»<-^
I aoy consideration which may be extended to fbrai
him will be a kindness to a worthy object. I Riiib
I bespcik for him humane treatment from the warn
1 bands of his moie fortunate feUow-tnan. All riabl
of which Is submitled by under Here
the " Golden Maxim." Pxnnr D. MautiS. state
I cheerfully endorse the above. M. M. Ix- relie<
I GHAnAM, Justice of tbe Peace. o'cio
Another address, "Mr. George liyness, Corn- slree
ing, Steubea county, Xew York," on order for Ca
I five dollars from one John Gilbert to Mr. est* ces c
I crvelt, snd also a receipt in full from S. S. 11a- Go®
seson in favor of Jacob Rines were found upon
j hiui. C?>u-
From these papers it is evident that he had
I for the past four or five years lived at" Central § i t y
I Point, Goodhue county, Minnesota,** and it sbou
neerns probable that his destination was Corn
j ing, Steuben county, New York. His body was oulfc
I placed in the Dead House, where :t will be kept
las long as possible, and should this item meet C jj v j
the eye of any of his friends, they can ob- ufgc
1 tain aov further information by addressing Cor- 0 f CI
■ ,* Glol
oner James. tnd
DaiuSo Attemit at Highway Roßßtcr.—On
I Suuday evening, between six and seven o'clock. La I
a bold attempt at highway robbery was made in
' I front of tbe Richmond House, on Michigan ave* 65 g
nue. McN'ally, tbe well-known news-dealer on
Dearborn street, bad been to his store and
I taken some money from the drawer, and on his __
I war home stopped at the Richmond House
• I Saloon to purchase a cigar. While in tbe room
I a rough looking customer entered the saloon,
1 I and approaching Mr. McXally, asked him what
I time it was. Mr. McXally, not choosing to look
: I at bis watch for the accommodation of so sus-
picious-looking a person, answered that he did e.rtr
j net know. The fellow went out, and in a few
l moments Mr. McXally also left the place, going
j through the lower entrance of the hotel. He a3l j
I had hardly reached the sidewalk when he re- Oi
ceived a blow in the face with a pair of brass ii
a kuuckles, which inflicted a severe wound, and
0 I three persons at once rushed upon him, endea- I mm
I roring to prevent an outcry. An outcry, bow- I
1 ever, was ma.'e, and a servant who was lighting I ii ___
1 the lamps in th.' hotel entry came to the res- T
d cue, dealing one ot the robbers a blow with tbe j X
51 I lamp lighting instrument. The robbers fled pre- I (
!S apitately. without securing any booty. I
i. These attempts at b -gbway robbery are be- I
0- coming alarmingly frequent of late. A few §j
a » I doses of cold lead promptly administered would
{' teach these villains a useful lesson. 1
id I Police.—'The following cases of minor Impor- 1
T I tancewere disposed of yesterday morning by
J T [ I Justice Milliken: _ j I]
I A young man named Charles Knapp was j
** I fined ?4 for disorderly conduct. He had been I
h » I on a spree and assaulted a respectable citisen I g
ay named Samuel M. Wheeler, without any provo
ial I cation. I
id- I Thomas Brisner, a regular "bruiser," wa? j
St I found po uudin « a roan in a ditch * Ue was I
j fined $<J. I
ot- I John Kirtland and Thomas Robbio?, two I
■^ e I roungmen from Oswego, N. Y., on their way I
fur I "to St. Louis, got into a quarrel at the Central I _
1 Depot, which resulted in a fine of $3 each. I
are I James Conley went in on his muscle at the j
!k C I XlO C 5 saloon last night and wanted to fight I
ind I somebody. He was accommodated with a night j
un® I in the saw*dust and a fine of $3. * I
t , I Christopher Ring, a pugilistic Hibernian, was j
bio* found on Monday night holding his wife down I
bat I with or.e band, with an uplifted *xe in the other j
the I threatening her liic. He was fined *lO. . 1
e°f woman named Mary Smith, for being I
and I drunk and disorderly, was fined 510 and fifty j
by I daya in the bridewell. 1
true I nenrv Ellis, drunk, $5; John Brick, drunk I
wiW I and fighting, *5; Margaret >*olan, stealiog I
U ali I wearing apparel, - discharged; Charles Con- I
I well, (colored) drunk and disorderly, to; HoUis I
City I A. Sampson, driving an express wagon without I
was I a license, $5; W. H. Shearer, drunk, James I
I Curlev, drunk, |8; Thomas Brizuer. drunk and I
g». I disorderly, $6; Owen Conley, do, J®. . 1
1 Frederick Kline and Ralph Kimler, assault- |
f 1 b J I ing officer Hall at their saloon, S4O State street. 1
■e*on 1 Theywero discharged, the evidence being that j
>etra- I th® officer did not properly exhibit his star. I
r the I - - j
n °l I Fast Daiyisc.—A Uveiy stable hack driver
have I named James Daly, was arrested Monday night
etbod I barged with fast driving. The driver is the
C take I one * ho oTer of Mr. Kincaid, on I
drisa- I Van Buren street a fow daya aince, and it is
tiiat I sieged that he was driving at the rate of a mile
nent'a l io four minul ® 4 attbe time ' The C " e COn "
i.and I tinned for witnesses.
oxeoo. I „ 1
liberty 1 Hok ron rat Fshsjiliss.—The regular
hod of I monthly meeting of the Board of Managers will
tangea I be 1,514.1 the Horn, this (Wednesday) after
r "mi I noon, at 3 o'clock. E. F. DiciOTov, Sec'y.
Town Republican dominations,
FredtrtciTotflf. I
Auwt-v>tSiiptrtfor~A*rooGifci>S. I T
*«tr* OJUelor^,\|-.rtln JXxlfe. I
JVenCVri—WWiamll.WUcer. |
smwr—&*th Wadhaaa. „_ _ , „ I »t>Kn I
(bmnu'iioiirri tjf UgkitMj/:—C. T. Bcqi,.,, | _■
D. C. Htwler. _ I Nor
»trtmeertof tftqhmy*—!!ft Dlitrlct, w. P.Cooitock; 2d I trill
do, Tliomii H»I!. I
i'uund J/oc</—JiCib Elb.er. I
yostb chicaco. I Eleve
Toten S«perri»or— A. H. Barley. I
Jm'itakt AuotfoiStil't I
rotrn'offcea"—J. J. Richard*. I rr*,—
C7er*—FfnUaaad Frlrt. I »»**
Amanr—lt. J. Pauboa. I dentoc
GMtru'wfoNer* of Vlftto Lt*U, JlCOb Poit- |
bio, Ephta m Ward. „ 1 about
Puuiul Muttr— Kill? HlTt. * I ..
—. 1 tas ex
TM cmcioe. I -
Ton * AiiKrrfwr—A. G. Throop | •
Sap*rvix*—K.U. JoLBKfi. I tray.
Tat* CUrl—l\ K </U.»r*. I .
To** CuHtier—F. H. Sefptr. I One 0
iumr-KtiVtliMOt. I p.--
<y l£igtuc»y*~~VjllllllD WlsdOW, I '
Piper. Julia Earth. _ I The
Urm«r </ iJi7tir3iii~A, P'ttC, Jfihs RSIUr, I .
■ | king a
Ward Nominations* # | ahead
lirra waxd. I jrire a
S»ptrri*er—C. P. Bndlrj. I , .
ziourn w*i». I p'ete *
Supcrruor—George Wrfwter. 1 n >>,p. r
TEXTS WAII>. I ulucl i
SvpenrU-ir—Hearr Nleeicytr. I gage c
[ Adveriiieninst—for.] I I°*°
K»«. l, 1S& I recti/
Proprietor! ofpren aad Tribute: I and St
Gentlemen: lieiog informed bj yon that Mr. | <poe
TABER, of the Richmond tbe re«poc- j
fiible party for the "advertisement" which ap- I inom:
pearedin your paperofthis morning audeigtie l I Mason
"11./' it u only necessary for me to mt tbat 1 I Snow,
am too well known by the citizens of Chicago I ,
and the entire dramatic profession to require I '
any defence from such an attack, and claiming | wood,
the pnrilege to htvptraU, will merely state that I Tha
if the author ofIL ia a member of tfie "popular I CIQ j c
organization" alluded to in his "advertisement," j .
1 be mubt hare recently been elected to the digni- I 1
i bed i osition which bo ably fills of G. B. J. A. of I expeci
the order. Respectfully. I
J. li. MCVickb. °
I one Ic
Retcexeu.—Dr. E.Readiag,who is well known I leg br
to our cit : zens as a successful practitioner in 1 ly cut
chronic diseases of every character, has return* I leg bi
ed to this city from New Tork, and can be seen I broke
and consulted at his rooms in Matthews Block, 1 legbr
corner of State and Washington streets. Hewil I of.
only rema.n here until the first of December, I Jas
when he leaves for the South. I are a
I Jenkii
Go to John Jones, 119 Dearborn street, I Gou ij
and get your clothes cleaned and repaired. They I
will be well done and at prices to suit the times. I could
Confectioa'ect.—The question is often asked, J
44 Where can I get some good Caody?" As a I anua
good article every oue knows is rather scarce, I were ;
hut we must remind our readers, in answering I the w
the above, that the old-estiolishcd and well f .v.
known firm of S. M. Sbbley & Co., 47 South I
Clark s rcct, are par txc*ll*.ie4 in their line, liar- I ,l « ret
iog been for several years engaged in iho man* I all in
ufuctureof the article, and have now on band a I
larce stock to suit the ever increasing demand, j
and it will serve the interest of customers and I iu *
dealers by giving them a call. no 2 4tb2 lan ez
Machines roaTailob- I I* 6 *"
ISO and Leatbeb Sewing, at 66 Laxk Stkeet. t lO ' e ß
noSlw I ducto
The Lost Focnd.—The young man who so I bro |"
mysteriously disappeared the other day has re- | ly in
turned. He had taken bis torn and shabby g r- |
menu to be renovated by Cook & McLain, at &3 I
Dear\fcrn street, anl be is now dressed like a I
geutleman. "Go thou and do likewise." I rood
his name up—yes, and he keeps it I -
up 100, not by advertising, however, but by I
selling better clothing for the money, ready* j
made or to order, tban any other bouse in town. I
We mean Tappen, No. 102 Randolph street. I Th
f37~6Vr</er'< Family Stxing Maehina t at 60 1 ,VOUE
LoUttrtti. no2lw I smas
Gencin"r Fen Goons—Waboaktcd axd Gcar- I e 1
anteed.—Now that chilly winter is about mak- I ville
ing its appeanuce, the ptock of Fur I from
Goods on ezhibition at lltu>keli r s, No. 60 Ssuth j
Dearborn street, are worthy the attention of I TRI
ladies and gentlemeo designing to supplr them- I
selves. The stock is the ever offered in |
Cbi<*4go, and amongst it ii.be fnnod those ccl- I
ebrated articles t»iat were awarded tbo i>lce |
lluißON at the U. S. Fair. Every artie'e will be I Cd
warranted "genmoe," and will be found inva- I waa (
riablv to be as represented. The owner, Mr. I lr j a j
Herzog, will be introduced at the sale, and his I sum
statements as to quality, material, &c., can be | f o jj o
relied on. Sale commences th's morning at 10 I t^d ,
o'clock. Haskell, auctioneer, No. 60 Dearborn j of
street. nol«2t j
Cqanoe or Time,—On and aflcr date, th# offi- I e ,
cea of the American and United States Express I . .
Companies will close at 6 o'clock P. M. I *
E. Uatoen, Agent 11. D. Colvis, Agent "j tl]
American Ex. Co. U. S. Ex. Co. I .
Cfiuvgo, Nov. 1.1533, novl-3ta&oo
ysyTbe season is icmindiug all of the ncces* I cfTec
§iiy of being inure warmly clothed. Ladies I plac
should temember that thut besides fuming Ele- I witti
pint Winter Millery, Wamsley k Ileaton are j wbi
prepared to thow Cloaks and other fashionable I A
1 onUiilegarments at the lowest prices.] 00l 4t I the]
I ezci
GasFixtcbes.—Brown & Wilder are now re* I Bro
ceiving from Cornelius A Baker, and other man* I rent
ufacturers, a large assortment of late patterns I irea
• of Chandeliers Pendants and other Gas i ixtnres, I and
Globes. &c. All tn need will please call at 47 I dec
and 49 State street. ocl7:£m j B
i reyVichot! Conchas!! Comerciante | an jl
, La Orleans Regalia de Londres!!! I La Mejer I . .
, DeliQ Habana!! I!! Choice and select brands I !
of Cigars just received by D. W. Corbin A Co., I
* 65 South Clark street. Try them. I
\ j «PP
s - I but
„ M IV*tui:k.-L Ma»4- on the 5M cIU by R-/. Wl.lltm I the
e Ty * . Hos NtWM»K UATkMAN.cf-pnßtfif.J 1 cou
a J>uwrtnte» de't of l'ubl c «»nd ili»« ANME I
NtWELL riHilt diß;Wrri.f»heifl lallaccle:£>m»a. I
I DIED. | m'
t. On Moad*v Oct. Jl*r. *wH s ned ChH«ttaa I
pilitrc*. fiiih arhl hop?. CIIAULOTTIS ELIZABETH. I P
d eU-otdiUsbUr..r Kev. Jcr*!»Ub Poitrr. wd 1« >;«»». I ore
Funeral fn-ni 5M South Hal led rt««tihla monlciit 10 I file
17 ti'doct. Heiition* and frlectfs a elcritfd to *U*r.a. I p, e
E On Sunday rooming Oct.«Vin. f-IMEON AL.LEN, only I »j
cbi'd or Mmeoaacd.WttleM. Harwell, »s«d three moothi I .
e and fire diy*. ca i
j. Oa FrldaT. thesStb ult» JOSSPII nUBBABD, of coa- 1 J
1 «»:toaofitieluDsswedS»y»rs. I dei
JS I niaie*Balnnw«:re Juierrt-t w'lh HuoclCK>!froa!iJf» irv* I __
j I Tio'JilobU re*tatenueai laVen&uaU ile le**e»awu«s to I .
'« I aomcbUioa. I J o^
r ; I itlisrcllaueouß.
»e- I I
!W Springfield F. and 51. Ins. Co.
l ' J I CapiUl and Sarploa $448,315.5 d. I
Dr* 1 Cipital anil 8ttip1u56231,097.65. j ae
bv tl
ras J Capital &cd Sarplns $179,641.53. I 9 j
;en I j ii
vo " CapJalwid Surplus $242,104.94. 8
Knickerbocker Life Ins. Co., g
T6S 1 Capital and Sorp'us $220,000.00. I a
two I Office No. ljDolo'a Corner of j J
vay I Booth water and Clark Sta* I 1
tral I [tea a S.?*-Sm Irt pi I
Burnett's Cocoaine. I«
the I I s
i£ht 1 Burnett's Cocoaine. 11
lgM I Burnett's Cocoaine. I;
was I j i
own I iy* A conpeaad of Coeea-aat OQ, for drtasiax the I i
I Hair. I i
I xtprcTAaU the hair froaf«2l!s2 0(r. I
1 Itproftetes Us aad 1
ein o I It Ij tot p*«?7 cr 1
fifty 1 It leave* no dlsameaVt o«Ior. I
I itMftc&sthehurwhcahirdaaddrr* I
, | itjo-jtise* the Irritated sealp »kla. I
rank I Jt tff W dj the richest la&e. I
fcling I n res:al=> ioafft la eiftct. I
Cod* I it cmu £!>y eoti fw ahV jftt botslt. I
iollis I Sold by PENTOSE CO., I
ihout 1 3, *°* 61 °rro*ite Treaoct Iloaae. I
mum "T G-A.S STOVES.
sault I fL CA 3 FLAT HEATERS, |
flrircr I At TALTVOETH. nr I!BARD £CO I
is the I Medical Notice.—Dr. E. Kead
lid, on I k tis.*hiha»b«3eas**jd!cthetrtaa3Cttof eannsoprtoa |
1 it is I aoJ ether chr-nic dlsenea la th'j tsty for four jeiii past.
•i I buntsraed frvo>'avTork,&rd Uacw at his rocmata
jlatthew» IKack.eeneref Sute aad \rajhlctfoa streets,
3 con- I jt oo n?«o.2.wa«*e he cay l« oairalitd oattl the Ist cf
I jjeeeaber.whtan will leave for the to resuladar*
I isftMwlater. I>irla{hUabaeticr,^tle&t>vLltepraoptl7
regular I auenflai to ty h» partnei, A. J. ilead, who will rtoala
•« I percaasntly is Chicago. The Doctor'* tritsest U to
. ! ktfivuitpd tab laecmfal. aad he «S! tiki
) «ter- I 3rt ia expkials* It to »3 who eaU oa hln.. Offlea
'ec'y. I tout l-sm t o'ebok, A.M. to SP.M. aol-»SM-la
■ ■ aootbe:
on tn<
*• PIUiT
Th« Excursion Ti«tiaon hoChic**o Ql bateaj
Northwestern H. 11. Thrown off the Tvtei
tn±« Cb rit;
Eleven Per*on« Killed and Twenty* ""u e
eight Womided.
Watebtqwn, Wis., Xor. I.—A terrible acci
dent occurred seten miles soaibof this city at Was
about 11 o'clock, x. m. Tbe traio contained
the excursionists for Chicago, to celebrate tbe q
opening of the Chicago t Xorthwestern Rail- adhere
iray. There were twelre passenger cars and eoutra
one bagjjage car, drawn by the locomotire
Perry 11. Smith. A la
The smash-up was caused by the engine atri- from \
king an or which ran on the track directly *hatr«
ahead of the train, too late for tbe engineer to
gire any warning. Tbe locomotive is a com* Was
plete wreck. The engineer, fireman and one
other person on the engine escaped. The bag- jjarer
gage car was thrown completely off the track, colors
into the ditch, and the first passenger car di*
rectly on it. The baggage car was demolished <j»be e
and fire pa3seuger cars smashed op. Mex'c
Toe dead at present arc as follows: Mr. J. a^'e c
Thomas, U. S. Marshal, Milwaukee; Jerome S2S
Mason, Telegraph Operator, Fond du Lac; J.
Snow, J. Boardeoan, J. L. Gillett, do; John ■ ■
Lund, G. F. Einerscn, C. Petersi ia, Slier
wood, Osbko6b; Dr. S. Jliner, Watertown. Lm.HA,
Those most seriously injured, as far as we __
cm leirn, are: V. B. Smsad, Editor of tbe Prtu, *-
Fond du Lac, skuUrery badly fractured, not 'aaj-n
expected to recover; E. H. Sykes, Fond du Lac,
both legs off; A. 1). Boneiteel, Fond du Lac,
one leg broken; Rub't Fliot, Fond du Lac, one #
leg broken; Mrs. J. Radford, Fond du Lac, bad* t*n*Rt.
ly cut up; Mrs. R. M. Lewis, Fond du Lac, oi e
leg broken ; Mrs. B Jd«io, Oshkosh both legs W
broken; Mrs. James Kinney, Fond du Lac, one Ay , ilrr
I lez broken. The wounded ar® well taken care
of. \\
I JxicsviLLE, Wis., 10 r. u.—The following o ueJi
I are among tbe injured: Miss Foreman, Miss
I Jenkinson, Mrs. Jewell, Mrs. Page, Mrs. Cart*
I wright, Mrs. A. P. Knapp, Mrs. Coles Bashford, A V
I Mrs. Parker P. Sawyer, Jas. Partridge, C. C. L. * *
Gould. After the accident all was dan - that • -
I could be to alleriate the sufferings of tuo in*
j jured. Drs. Cady and Spalding of Watertown,
I and Kenning, of Oihkosh, and other physicians, n<l «.
I were active and assiduous in administering to
I the wants of the wounded and dying. t
I About 3.30 r. M. tbe train, or what was left of i>t Ev.
I it, returned to this city. Tbe eitixens are doing
I all in their power for the telief of the victims of
j this deplorable calamity. «°iu a!
j P. M.—Mr. Dunlap has just arrived with „
I an extratraio from the scene of the accident. ■
IHe brings with him Amos Page, who is injured l<
j in leg aud shoulders; also A. A. Qobart, con*
I ductor of the Excursion train,«ho has tworioa BEN.
I broken; James Page, baggage man, is also bad
j ly iojured.
I Watertowx, Wis., 8:30 P. M.—E. H. Sickles, cm*
I one of tbe wounded is dead. J. Q. Griffith, of
I Fond du Lac, hurt not dangerously. Smead
I sti 1 alive. F. T. Craig, of Chicago, badly hurt
in the groin. CoI
1 [Special Dlipitch to the Press asd Tr.bon*.] gtl t
I The total number of killed is eleven (11), and
I wounded twenty-eight (S3). Six cars ore ur
I smashed to atoms—engine not seriously injured.
I The accident happened one mile north of Bell* C 1
I ville station. Tbe killed and wounded are all
I from Osbkosb, Fon-du*Lac and Watertowu. itov
I _ the d
I Oct. Sl.—The Court Douse
I was deusety crowded to witness the close ot the
I trial of Old Brown. Tbe counsel proceeded to
1 sum up. Mr. Griswoid opeued lor ihe Jefence, |
I followed by Mr. Chilton on the name iide.and
I the ar>;ument was closed by Mr. lluutvr for tbe
| proeecution.
I Tbe argument being concluded, Mr. Chilton
j asked tbe Court to instruct tbe jury tliat it_tbey
I believed tbe prisouerwas not a iiti2eo of Vir-
I ginia, they cannot convict birn on tbe count of J
j treason. Tbe Court declined, saying tbe Con*
I stitution did not give rights aud immunities «
I alone, but aUo responsibilities. _
I Mr. Chilton asked another instniction to the
■ I effect that the jurr must be satisfied as to tbe lkjk
i I place where theoiience wascommiited, wletber
- I within tbo boundaries of Jetfersoa county,
s 1 which the Court granted
• I A recefs (or h4f an hoar was taken, when A.
I tbe jury came in with tbeir verdict. An intense if
I excitement prevailed iu tbe Court Room. j(
' I Brown sat up in his bed while tbe verdict was
■ I rendered. The jury found htm •Vuilty 0 f A
& I treason, advisiuz aud con»piriog with slaves '
» I and otbers to rebel, and of murder in the first
f I degree." . . "p
I Broivn laid dovn qui lly. lie and nothing, I
I and there was no demonstration of any kind.
_ I Mr. Chilton moved an arrest of judgment, Bn< i
I both on acco ;nt of the erro»s in the iodictment the
8 I and errors in the verdict. Tbe objection in re- v
' I j:ard to tbe indictment bas been aJready auted. mat
I Tbe prisoner bas been tried for an offence not
- I appearing on tbe record of the Grand Jury.
I The verdict was not uu each count separately, <r
_ I but a general verdict oa tbe whole Indictment;
b I tbe prisoner bas also been found guilty of both
1 counts, tor murder of tbe same person*. It ~
r I was mauifest that he could not be gndty of I -
m both. V -
By agreemen*, the points will be argued to-
I m< rrow morning. Brown was remanded to jail.
- I Mr. U»rdingannounced that hewas leadv to
■ a I proceed with the trial of Coppie, who was
I brought in, the ceremony of passing between a
10 I file of armed men being dispensed with. Cop* Qj
I p e took a scat betwteu Gris»*old and lloyt,
I «*bo appeared as his counsel. He appeared /
1 I cahn and composed. . '**
«. I Tbe remainder of the day wa« spent in en-
I deavoring to procutc a jury. The panel was
1 oot comp.ete, when, at 5 o'clock, the Court ad
m I Jo >jw York, Kor.l.—'The HtraliU Washing*
"" I on dispatch sav»:'*lbave it ontbemoatre-
I iable authority that the death penalty will cot
_ I be immediately indicted on Old Brown. He
_ I mar be sentenced to die on the gal'ows within
I two crtbree days, because tbe ordinary delay TJ
I of thirty davs between sentence aad execution
I does no't apply in tbe case of one convicted of
N I exciting s'*ves to insurrection. But Gov. Wise
1 admires Brown's indomitable pluck, aod for y
I tbat, and because he wishes to show the world
0* 1 how magnanimous Virginia can be. he will pro-
I bably respite the execution for at least thirty
I should not be surprised from what I learn V
1 lif an order will be made directing Brown to be
I sent to Richmond, and if he should be kepi in
1 the Penitentiary there till such time as the Gor
i I ernor fixes for his execution.
' I \ Massachusetts lariv, whose name I nnder- -i
I stand to be Childs, has written to Wise, request- J
| iu-» permission to wait upon and nurse tbe un-
I fortunate old man. The permission his been
I B Cn.vRLESTOwy, Va. }fcv. I.—The Court met at
I 10 o'clock —Coppee brought in. _ Previous to
0 I proceeding with his trial Mr. Griswold stated
' I ibe poiots on which an arrest of judgment was
| asked in Brown's case. In addition to reasons I
I mentiono l yesterday, it bad not teen proveJ
» qf I betond a doubt that he was even acitixen of the
I United States. .... *» t
I He argued that treason could not be commit- i
- I ted against a State, but onlr against the gener- t
lal government; citiog as an authority Judge j
I Story. Also tbat the jury had not lonnd the ,
I prisoner guilty of crimes as charged in the in- <
I dictmeut, and had not responded to offences
I charged, but bad (ouod him guilty of offences
I not charged. Tbey found him guilty of murder
I in tbe first decree, when the indictment don't
sthe I charge him with offences constituting that
iqwl. 1 crime. . . , .
1 Hunter replied quoting the Virginia code, to
I the effect tbat technicalities should not arrest
| the administration ofjustice; as to the jurisdic-
I tion over treason, it was sufficient to say that
I Virginia had passed a law assuming that juris-
I diction and defining what constitutes
I that crime. The Court reserved its
| decision. Brown was pretent during tbe argu-
I ment. The jury hive been sworn in Coppee's
| case. The testimony is about tbe same as al-
I read'r published, but"more brief. Tbeexamina-
I tion of witnesses for tbe prosecution was not
d** I concluded at adjonrnmect. .
Brl I Cook waives an examination before the Jlagis-
EgL 1 trate's Court.
I Arrlral of the Steamer "*
I New Yonx, >*ov. I.—Tbe steamer Arago ar-
I rived this eveningfrom Havre and Southamp-
I ton Her politiealteewa has been entirely an
-1 ticipated, but she brings London dates to the
I 10 Amoneher passengers are Mrs. Mason and
I fsmilv, Bon. Mr. Keitt and ladr, Jerome Napo-
I leon Bonaparte, and Prof. Cbilds of Cambridge.
lead- I Tbe Araffo passed the steamer VanderbiU on
ft. 19U, offth. KeedUs, bound in.
input. Lnsws.Oct. 19.—Consols to-dty quoted 9M
ocnata Sf6l for money, uil 85i for account. The
stneti, I nurket for Breadatnffs 1* tirm and onchanged.
®'' I Fir. In Florida.
Acocstx, Ga., Oct. I.—Tbe Colnmbn)iSm
1 rtnila I contain* a report of a fire at Marunoa, Florida,
■VSIt on Friday last. A larze portpn of the holiness
I™ *>y. 1 nart of tn. town *as destro/ed. TheDnnciDAl
«£ Daniel B. Leslie. Jno. K.Ely 4 Co.,
I Mr. Power* and HenryC. King.
Important from New Orleans.
>*ew 0 LEAS 9, Oct. 51.—1t is reporied that
another Vigilance Committee is forming in this "V\7"^
citv to suoerintend tbe election to take place YT i
on* the 7th of November. A deputation of
*• Pluir from Baltimore, is also said to
have arrived.
Tweotf-five deaths fiom fever occurred at the w*tt
Cb rity HospitaL \'V i
Tht s'eaouh'p Grenada had arrived with Ha- , bort D e
van* daies to heSfitb. Two csrgoes of slaves, I'ro
numbering 12W. are reported to have been f.Q.Bi
landed near Havana during the week. WT
WasnufOTOK. Nov. I.—Six different bids were mm tin
received to day at tbe Poat Office Depirtmenr, Bo*rv4i
for carryiug tbe mail betwcea Portland and ttt
New Orleans. The Poetmiatsr General firmly \y '
adhe'ei to bis determination to make but oue
coutract. holding tbe party who may receive it
responsible fjr the performance of the entiie wtu
service. .
A larire auantily of ammunition his been sent
from Washington to Harpers Ferry, to replace \\t
tbat recently distributed among the soldiers.
From SXexlco.
WAStnscTOX, Nov. I.—Letters from Mexico
received bv the steamship Tennessee at New uox :
Orleans, state tbat the batk Liura. taken for a
slaver on the coast of Africa under Slexicau TTT
colors, by an cruiser, was brought into \ V
Vera Crux on th? IStb ult. •«
The Liberals claim to hold Tepic and Leou. A> J
The expedition contemplated agamsttbe city ot
Mex'co is still spokeu of as being of a foriuiJ
abie character. m,»—
ICrto aubcrttscmcnts.
ttrc.n. scsirey, DwUjrni: X t
I i« i /«' «'» bMii**
faprri or tht .VortA TT«-;. :al-bs>4-7 11
jOOAUDIXII. —A Fen - Gentlemen
I 1 J can wUb vl.'aiaat r?ci&9aL<2 tet
I 'n 1 fiinli) - . AMif.'JiV wait. d. Kcr
J VJitlcaUrt Inquire x Nu.lS illch:;m Arecug. atw y
TO REST—The throe story b.ick X.<
j X. »treet.Li!f a V.«fe Weit cfCar* b t«rc
I «tre«l hunc-railway, wji rental low to m UCKK
I ten*nt. Arply tj wil. GAMI>L£. 3 LlsiJ'j HI-.cL.
j bridge. nr:-Uu>lai HPC
I * • En* hh or American preferred. Apply at I>r.
I An.lrpw*' No. « Llnti's liu'-dic/. cor C&-* *i.d
W ANTE D—By a lit sneetable,
j v f hex'th* woman, a sltuauon a< W>t hi* ' o cu-.,
I cljedl-n t* go to tnecbti:>tr>. Can bebeardof al ilr< p^ntci
BJe** Ofilce, IT! >»"a»Wnitwa sUrtt, <orafr uf OUAJ
j Weill. Pt'S-i t
WANTED.— A Practicnl Doable
1 T T Entry Ikxik keeper, ooe-htlf of eachtla?. Salary rcrrlo'
I S3ip«:Qcatt>. Aiiiiress Uos_l6; ro».Ofacv. aoi x?. Pi**.!
"pOUXD—By Fercinand Connnps-
I A. tan. a larjf »'*«t tle»1 aad Vblt* Cow. al>out ktis rpi
I oid. Tbe swucr can bare tberante uy tppljln io I '
F. Jai'KLl >. X t
I tiu2-z3t Cor North Avtaue ± bu>!ey -t«. term
i . 1 &i>uut
SALE.—A Perpetual Scholar-
I J. »LlpJnthe Kor:h we»*efnT7ulv«reltjrofCwfkCoan'y, *ju]
I at to Uur USS. tti x a
j 1J Jfjtf'jle R*-K ItnproT»d Co>hVn*. and eventhin^
I compteu* fur »3U) to • A'. AJsttwoSxtia i hasd TaU*» Lot
I Nj. gj Rat it. CLicago. iIL L«>t
I Co"J<c loos KilirlteJ and crore d» remitted piotrjtJy *>n f.' x
I dayi»rv*ympot.l«»current exebangeua;y. EaUtiLaucdla
I January, ts'4. IF
I t:ir«fea<<ca<—F.G. Adams Chicago, lil. ile»rowl Ua Po»ti
I .No \Oit.
I X.
I Coa>ls
I Ha si»a Sable, Misk, Stoae U&rtia a*.d Fitch
I A!»oalarj»Stoektf Low Fr.ceJ ?ur».
! Clilldreu , a Goods la Great Variety.
I Oar. Gea «'t. T'j*r Cat. Kaeoot: a d BuiT.»!o I <4
I Itova cur «iprr»»ly lo« u*. a»«Ua L
I the Wit Au <-zamlu*t>on of our s;«k U Utte
' I iol'.tiet UAasfclT » ihec
I so 2 wOt-rm-lUp 1W Laie.t., c.r. Weils. it- p
lIIiONG 1* XTH DE3, 'fj
| 6. 12 AND 18 MONTHS
: For Well Secured !N"otes.
I rr.jT
r I oo2*t tOI Randuiph »treet. \>*ih
From and the t4'h la«C.'h* Pa-.; Tr*icspf M
5 I tb'aCtfaiwßywlJllewltUcriwn ♦ron t'e OlnoU "cctmi JL.
8 UpottoUArtbtr notice. Dy |
r I Geo. daper.nt« , -J*=t.
' Ch!car*.y° T - coiaXt-td
■ irapßOvnDraniasiN'ii.LTNoiß
s , I WltUawae huoiireJ ml!e» of 00 oot t «a»'»tlo».
A*»a'rt9 GEO. W, NEWOOMU JS CO. 1-
9 I A?pr« Dr-ibo-a X.
X 1 roj-wlt-dlo bl a (tp w»ln).
. T\ISS O LUTI O N.—'The Firm T °
I l/ofCTirtei U. Hio*C«.w3sillis3:T'don belli day I"
I iiir I&S3 0"W« D. Whltt!-.«tinj- r^rath*M»l!.«»s
t, I B nd »!*ortt:.trg fr-atheflrmof Uam.Chaait<<r» & Ct. at
it j tie Mae uas.
•* The firm of Uora. Chambers ± Cohr r
1. ii I
I Ch!ca*o. No*. I,ISTJ. H.^
r. TbtnnJtrtortwlllcocttoue.t ti'oM oOc. fod tpoi- g
:• I tUABLEi U. UAJI. "
jJ I Chicago, No*, t. IS5*. cui-xCt
I Xo.ltt LAKE STREST.OTp Slain). ii«
P- lOa TTTBSOAT, November 8, 1059, J
I And fdH*wln* da«—Cflmreaclof at 9S "Mock A.M. >f
I fft-a d*j. JjliS WEiT »:U. w.thont iwne, Lla »ai
q. j -
j*| TAtViniE StOCE OF 1
°* I an
8;; O E3 T S ! £
i. Curtain Materials, Cornices, J
°nf 1 Tbe Carpet Sto-k eomprlm »me of the chcleeit rood* J
1 ofthebeitEatlbhaad Asertcaa«raaafa.ttwae.tacludicj
r »J I Valvot, Tapartry, Body Binsselx, 3 s
Ply and Engrain Carpotnj. »
~"'J I jjj. «:<!» will t* cut ta.ajUaftli reqolrwf. «nl aoUta "
I quaatA.ftitotmtpßrehtwr*.
irn 1 JOII.V WEST, *t
be I ho. ill Lake Street. "
0T- I SO 2 Aadi.ate I.
un- I
i io A AT ,
ited I I
Th'« 03 t« rerfeetJr tw«oar«Bt. asd laedoroet *hHa
bnialßC. W*Gaarait« a CiUfcr-aQui'iiy. a-we»a»o-
Enit- lueeteVrbaiehrrerved. \fea»w»»*a th-tlt
oer- ilortoatvotafroll a>lj«mitset.andar«
. afur are vl *ai.M.ed. tae te j«-
?„LVli^eot'HMar t edwl.hntwo*^k : f.om«bt« of
. too Fatk'K»of fl*eawlfa ii ed at >a U
fin- d'ltotal price ot te-.i cent. P'r«a;ica for d.-a»la«. Add »ss .
, n,t . r TNSURAN CE.
lOQ t I
that a. I.OUN3SUBT, Affeat.
I hare b*en appolated GENEEAt AGENT of the
For all the Wefrn. No»th.we»tera aad South-wjtWra
lot . ca staiea. eoaseqoeatly ha*e »e*i#n«d b.t *«««/
I'a tral eo«p*me» rep'weted fi>r ihe
_ f tiki-* twfcj la Uil» cltr. la order to «naane lay oa*'.oe»i
fiile^amSrof^mU*U«.aadtha«ea^>U=«met™ at
® teadtothe We«terat> ulawof tbe ** Metiop il>taa. lhave,
id al- ih.—toT-retalatd f«xreoaioaal»«oßly.nelia«il«aa eoa
aina- tiieuU-r »ay»e aswa<Uieb«t Intliewotld. Thvyaraaa
ls not
Vwirapaiittn Yii*lniaraaea 0., KewYaikCiij,
1 3 . • £400,000
. Park Fire leroraaco Ca, H«w York Cily,
-» Aswts . . $300,000.
:o ar- charter 03k Inmrmace Cr, Hirtfori,
lamp- As&Qti . . $350,000.
a provldccaWMhingtcar'T*laa.C>,PravUßsC« |
Aaej . . $323,003.
Charter Oik li& liunrmi eo Cr., Hirtfjrd,
';j„, AbsCj . • SBIO,OOO
- ® "*F. B. L-'CNsBCRT. Agrsl.
trn* OQ • noS.a>3B->w I«3X soata W>Ur».reet.
Ed 981 T>"EMOVAL- —J. Herman Woserau
XhA IX> LaSaJtetireetto Hea'er*B
* j GaUerr. 1U Lake street. AllortenfarTaalnf Plaao»wU
Poet Qgbe Box 3Ca. nn»-x'm
■ A tin a f»ra cf 170acrMta*zcb\as«fdrdtT propertr.
ionua, Atariaoortloa cf the teml* fenced udhae bi« «»t.*
latoess fnu bora a.-a othtf oat
indnal bolidla?: ta wa t«3pajalwttat*eh«racil ata
' 4 Co.. -grthfcgm-ES . "■JVi' r n , 3olS3.^"
V&tlsl « L«ai;e irri*.
WANTED —A Stock of Goods or I =
T » Lussber. worti ♦IS.OOO to for «U:i I
w*.U be paid- A-IJ-e«* pouogce M<W\ ocy*T»slßt I Lcfltloi:
WANTED —In exchange tor Luui- I
• » b»r v-.J fjarlwar*.— ea. and I 4ra : audi
Shoe* DrrG o-'a. Pr.v s.uua,FU*.Ur«io MIU *eH.Fl«*ur, I
and I'roitc o?*a kladi. S. Wl>G. IS3 Canal street. I
P. Q. Pax llfci. I
WANTED— Fifty feet of ground n«A.« :
IntbeSflßthrt» : flon betweenStaleetrret and la- Iy. _
dlanaeretuea d»w «tre*t and Ratio'd flaw, ata rrcc I ..
t«»attt»e tines. >« thirti jurties need apply. AWrui l "J
BoitvaiCfocnJ KO.
\\7ANTED— To hire immediately, b»»-i
TT f-riwrm ofycmn, I HADA^
oi.Ui.or E^lpq" TaooaU
oc*Ca?.'4-lro l»o B»ndoLh«T*et<.. I
WANTED— Any parties having n o?£.
a «:wk cf I _ v
cnn'j«Ar of a#fiarmrtuaU* •oexebaatetb® san» f»r ResJ I XOTt
Ejui*, M by addr.asln* P»«* o*Vc« 1 talame
uox 3755. oci9-iw a:n mci
— 1 Second
ocli-aTS4-x n |
Co ixtnt. I
"PO liENT—A Two Story Fram ; I
X DU'ELLIMJ. No. 41 Uubla d Court,"between >■ I
buii»vei.u*anAfiL>t£»tJkVt. lu^ulxeotDr.E AUOUCU, I Til
Hi Lalcurtct. a t'«r» I *"
r PO KENT—No. OTS Wabash ave- I
1. r*:e. cicautj ajo">d tenv.t: ha* j room*. w!t!i w.t- | TCGE
tetand*i«. luqoiie on tie pre.ai«ei. Posscaalon gUeO 1
ua ocSja.aS-tw I
TO KENT—On very favorable I 411 "
lerms.a Mcreoatue Nrth Side of Randolph »ir«e», I
bttrco Laaalle ani Wells I'rfU, U-qa.M oi jONa. I
UCttit.yo.li McUap.iU.ta 0»£&U« I
TO KENT—Pork Packing House * ""j
Jn tbc cty wC» ktevn and eee*y co vwiuLncr- Apply I 5
• •U.Vlttt'AKl) Ui.OMFikU.I) Was.r-st., I 3 Gent
C-uiaao, OC.aXTi-W I ; LAJI
TO REXT—Five newbrick houses I
with marble fronts. fr ntln* Cu.oa Park. Tb» houvs I .
are fumbled with *»s hot and c-ld waUr tbrouebout, ai.d l & uo
all (,lfc«-r modern Improvement*. lrc«L»ialilca. r>r I > ,
pA*tleul»i» nrplT U> H'll CARPE.STEII, Of to F. U. I J, \i ,
U3 South CUrlt ooUin | 3
T»U KENT.—'The Three Story ami 5
L h**ment M.k ho u*. >X2«« mV«*. A J M.c
rNjrttoTOftheiartl'u r. b<».l'!lMnlre . I 5 >*«
b ciT«n Im-nH aiely. Apply to JASI<» t. I J '»*'
11 a i l.ina, og*re con.gr Souta Water aad gut> >'rwt<. I 3 <»•?»
ncrl*t I
r pO KENT—To Packers and Oth-
X tolex»««n l«>a< time tt l»w nte ofl:i- I tJ ■
terat 'l'lje p»*«ois«« arc iO f««t ftvut tweliiliM-KcUi. ty I *p r j
Sou'li !,rt«r*o Uitf Packtws Koa».«or M»»»r». U. I , .
UA •) .-> ll»u«!taoi Andrew bro«u. Apply to>WtF T I ,5,»
& JullNsTo.N. fci La&tll*QC*itai I
a-"0 RENT—Store No. 195 Lake
. ttmt. Lot. ;«1 fett on Clark, oear Old »tre«C j dre?al:
> LoiaaU ti*mvurt Ue*trert. North of Twelfth I >. I
Lot— uuf'doo AUnltreo ur*«t. n«ur Uorxaa •Utrt, I
Louonth-ic-jraer.-f aca MiUUonaad Cliotua I 1 T
L^t— I tl I
L0U7.;,!». lu.\WstlUatl..li.h«tre«t.nwrMvketlloiy?. | j' *
* Lo» on sutesliwt. South «f »tre«U I Co**
1 S.-oaciesio S«vUoa IT,Tu*bS», Range 13 I "• '
JO - - l " Si " 13 I fairt'i
IS - •• 15 - a - 13 I A*»'h
v. m M •• 35 •• u—oo oumM | ativJe.
" of Brighton. I term*
. O'Xhl ude*# in iHuutHim Uluclt. I
Ur-.\ ppiy at Room No. S l*earbora Block. opposJt# tl • I
i po»tU£k-«. lOtAilm] J. B. MCE. 1
■ jfot ~ \ J
FOII SALE—A Scholarship in I
Bryan*. B'.lA MraltoV* Cotumenl-l C.)tle#«. C-J J .
Lfl.-.bu'nedon<irtlfabl»r term>by ailhaoffo*. I
1 I
I?OR SALE—Or in exchange for I
!ipi«r*yln STfcAil 3A» MILL I
»uy. It e- od aad rraii»l«i«* running orUrr.— I OX'
cup«t'ieor rutting flity thnuund fertof luu>b« In twri»j I ..
huun. alvxCftetn bundr*! a«e* o< pw> la<a. I .
ForpirtKuUr>acdrc»» t*.O. *bT3. <>ca)»lin I
0 17011 SALE—Drug Sloro at the Bo»
n I? Ciu.t»l of II in« Ufor Sale. Along ar.d well estul- I
la Uted I'tur siorr. :tad uue of the l>«Mai*ud< io r bu«lue«» k:> I
the e;tv .»otfsieUfor ?aeca accuuul vf Uw wUo of I of e
it- wut'-erairt rvtlw f-'tn buwnro*. t« cANtl>» I i% t
AJoUX*iON.i»rusjUu, UuxSdl,S»pr.n<JJeid,»lUfluU. I \,m:
Oi.t-jo.'»--lni I t'<
FOrl SALE OK KENT.—Ware- "'- J i
h.»n»<>at U'rat L'rbun*—Tlw UrtJi Wa*»bou»«atnat- I
<a..na»-lainuJi r e o ral K>U mI »• WeM t'rtMuia*;.wo I » w *«
_ ,i he* L'un 5 lie I
' jlTern* t-rnducr. t»*etfterwltb a»- p*nororncr'a,eap«i'l« I _
nr»tr.nr.ef.oiat<n M fifteen tiiou»a.»a bu*Let»• orn. A-y y i .
to JUU.V ULUEUr X CO., 135 Sown 'irtti. I 4
Oatc oJI a7>7lP
L ♦«« G -oo*. ?aJOO aor« choice Improved aad nn<m. I 0«->i
rr.jredL Minn Hoc*, and L* Cr- kMC'ountie*. I»>.
t. tVi-oia-'B.: Winu*ut*oin<loileCiMtnil«*.ltnu<»li. Tae« !•>»>
sT ■.•,rthilnngcUr<a«>drl>la«ci>. N»ne better to t* toutil I
Li ciutr Muli. A-tlf»« •»«*• lIW. orcailal la* I ttr
CiSaK ia. A*rat.
poll SALE. FOR SALE. q
a CUT^.Coo.u S LrooU.J»»Jt ;; r«>j ; - !;itis V
801-afOt In ur C. 11. ?Ei>fcUNs. I
» ■ ' x f
b lioarting. I P"i
OaKDING cm be obtained at
ih-Wa»-rhn3i-e.2 1
ai)U I3»)p«r Wtrfc. »lta**o«|i . I G-k
octJU" A. U.CO B». r. I
ra I3OAKDING A pleasant suit of I
I I w-tb Vrt'd to »rc».U*tranaadl dr. »r I
»fcwtn#ie se tl-tneo. A ftw d*T <*a»o«r» e*n be »e I
coatniAl-t.rt. U.juir, a1;62 Mieh!»as »U«U 3d d<£' I
of Kuah rfr.«t. ociiii* I 1
bT OOAUOING— A gentltman and I So
JD lady cat be la iprtmi family »ttb I 1
H.4A i .(i.t «i untamlati'd fiutit roju« .«wer »i« ry. Ul3 183
. s«i!hJ f fferton»trt«. T«roalow. P. O. box—l.. I 1
jT Host anH jfounfl.
T 05T.—On ST NDAV, October 1
I A jn«h. retmiln* fmin Grace Oturtb to the re»Weaf , I i.
th:n buu»e n->pb W-M-8 Ar«cue. a Lady'« Sable Fnp I
f*ne AoyoneAn.li. fit will o-rbODUijbyk*vit»* l'« I .
sooth CU> it wt. nol I j
, Q T O>T. —In goin£ from the Corner I
_L/..fOf»'oa!sdsottuCUr<»tW.»iA»ihe PortOfflce. and I 1
U4'u«fh iVaablsAon «nr*t a d ili«hljart A*ecne to R*" 11 I I
M. ►feer brUV.«Li.iy»«'o*al Brueet. The totftj'l la
L:» iatta'JlT re*anicd l.y leaelog U>t ibU ogee. fcol-»A I tt ,
LOST.— On Saturday, Oct. 29th, S
« a 9'
an>t the I tieui!rmai.a llal- BKbAsr rifl. I
Tm 6r.d>r w;:l be iu.Ub.y rewarCed byUa*miit •i?-8 | -
; V IU- do:pb iVrtU no|-«n I r
TTOUND—On the Corner of Clark -
1? a:.d>oj;b Waerwreeta. a P«ki£» of C.o!h. which I
tie owner«aa by call i.g at tM» office- »<>'♦ t I
4c ' I. 1 11 ES C O PAINTING.— u
Mill I' _ I
E < JEVrrU & ALKINIi I ;
, 3 No. 101 Wo.lilnsion nml, Cblcaso, I ]
t cl u „ l :,h..'l.ntk . I <(lh. public M
Hall* Ac : !«».tot-e 110-we -alnt.B». urali-U*.Ac, aJ
A rvn'ea (Iter (lo I" a Ar>t ci asOyle. . I ta
t*iSyolSsifo-Fre»e«»p«.Ae..»ia meet with prompt
.N.tui? our work Oi ». «•» l» ot .
| i
wM v > £gfi.N-*SL , v:a>.a. :
\ We aw tie cn'y I «
Tbla I
t-kat I
:tic la tL# ilizkrt, which *• offer 1
j,» o> u, M SoolbfluM ...........JTo. 11 I
oc£*77»lw I
.">• ujar ZjAHd,
' For eale If I
return I
«£« TOBEV as BOOTH," 1
??"£. Vo 11 .Emib CU-k Stmt " I
1 hITC, 0J»77i1» I
I We have tho m 1« Htn<T I
jjaaafacttired by J. H. Swutwrot A Co- I
j - c e?s , MfffirasisgEf
U95 „
iseran .
Yankee .Volions.
Tfil OIL.—
The Genuine Austin's Kerosene,
TC! J. H. r.EED t CO.
fl-ri. 1 114 1 !Ai^- rt -
fbsss AJro TannuTß
Asrsßiisiya SCBEDVLS.
Tb» fbllowiag VI the rates of sdrsrtising lo tb«
Oae &2*ar«. <i Uses aptej on# ln*etiton 9 ®
•• •* >ub*«<iuei>l<Uy. (A 91; IS).
- twowwta.t«w ST.) >.j»
" •* oa« cnonu>. tun „
** ** thrue uioith*. (4m «UJ '*7?
•* »u oootiia, ******* io!co
OT A SchedaJe 0T Prices for mora ipaoe thaa Oa*Sa««
eaa be aeeo at tie CounUax Rwoa
pr* All Transient Ad»<rt:«ufleoUtobepald !al4«»*.
AM Chu<ea W ccaU per Square.
Una or ovzanstao tK wxtxtT mu ttacnt
• l.M> per Square, each week, for flr»' moslh.
2 0J" ** ror»ath oosUt.
IS.UJ ** ** fur oa» jcir.
i-'X Stidlaoaftreet. between SUUa». Darton.
I W.tnevedoniti 2rat rrpweMait-a
I gen: audlen e. t> t lie 1 t" a '* di Il*bt at l ac
I »ala£o< tbtvo.-aiottr'V'y.wali h«>a»to >ppl»a-*>»m taatt-
I io(U>e prtoopal d.ata<!ers twice tef»re U.' ca^a'u*
I Utti Ww»jt*T, Ui. UH9*, in> ut MTW
I ailwsuf ti<.r K»psct»a Ju.atier*.
I MUaWwdiurr ... m fan int.
I Mr T ii.m «». vuvrncH iter
I Mr. M>er« a* „ Luc«.
I Ura llouja a* GabrtuM.
I Beau'Uu! ueaery by J. W. U* y«a".
I la « gr«bd Fa« St) r.cu^a.
I Toooac2»i*wuhth«Mw?arceif
I ilr. M-Vlcker. B-a !!»■». Myt-. if-4. Sto.
1 Eo-ifcb, lira. Jijxble, M.» "j!» #, Ac» UUe cast.
I TO >CRSr.Ia«t!A
I Ltto Mar> ii;V!o„r -m',2 a??<ar.
I NOTICE—CtLutos rr rms.—Dcof» at 7; Ow-
I UlanmaiT.S o'e.ock.pre<beiy
I Patcxa or aohimis.l. i'*nia*tte and Dk» (tRM. Me. .
| Second Ordc. Sc. Lower Pn«at« oava. M. uppw
I Uox'S *V . ,
I tr lie* Offce open from 10 s'tiock. A M.tUl 5
I wheaaeuaewbete' urnlth" s ujr»<p «»» ice.
I Z. O SgK T**-ecrer
I O —AT—
Metropolitan Hall,
j TO»;;w,
I crrutcc^ut.'.'
I Aftrthe *ilal'» r''t». (wh'/iW
: I m recr »• !«d> ».<i I'e di»u.bteUd
I auiou tbc .iQi:c-e> la 'U« Mi'
• I tu*nu<f *• Uat
' I U'jtConcut. •>_
■I I S>pl'»TJ-'l.l«M*rti''e , a*e I'jiw #»•*>
> I 1 cjk» tuj'..«h j-tint L*er GwU WaicKi ?<P
I 2 do L•' «» d> C-* «J*» 100
' I t .j» d> d-i aj Jo silver.. *9
• I 1 Gent* liearyGtarj Cl*alb* j®
I t Ladira' «lu do <iO S4
I i pair tad (a Br eele*e . ..i--. • "0
t 1 » »et • Ejrtwpa. t*J
j j.) C»n.e"» Co d» Jo di> .... M
M ) ito Fl.>r.-rt'.ne > o do di >lo 10
I A uo Gold Sure do do da d 3 Ui
r I .% SwreCan>~> lln* ®®
• I * M.e'vtcuiiol'ire^Ed^t'at.wftTHr.UdfißalE*..
. I 3 &*r» Ku *»».» nd St ver PI ltd '0
t I «!<• Sitv.rP.«te S.i« utß •
II 5 Pixib 1 L a .. . !•»
I A M«chiutu tTiir t'o'd«r» •
. | 5 J®
' I a rilver-k.l-.wd butter J®
3 <;-ii t:. •
I :S Ksn.er ' J! ®
I m) j-«t'»sniit>t'-d* <r sltere Buttons .a
_ I rue :UT<rTlilu'
i' I ii.m eg
f I Trket* liml'M to fdM at ♦» t«eh. W tad culy at
* I RtnH' a CADY'a busiest reik CUk at ««'.
r I aplcV*r*nb«*»«*n. ... . , ...
1 I 'h-.IK of Ui« «iraw'i»g aua.ef» »11. !»• iubii»Bei mo
. I da* f.> thet,'-nc< ri
I bv nc'o-lrg »>*e
J I »t*ni"> *1 lhjr«thclrllkkct* ***' by r» nru o . lif w*
I N. B.—roilllTe'y oopostpotemeut. or.ta.as 8*
.. I l»t ACAO«M». ,
I Co**taorCuaiK **» M*t»-»os-t».' r n , r\''«"'« VaU*nl
I o. Miracle, iu rt«n|w*ht-» thm<»
| patron-, fciatb# .-le» xic-»f .»'»-iouuii.« lI VV 1 !•
I A'»'lcin» i»nrtwo|<»>» f-r »'•* Toe' "' «r«n »Ci«aa
I otiOe. ih»d M id».u Ui«» oe. '•
I ter»»audp
' j iluction ~>aii».
I • fi-r t lil-.V .-c«. w- U:,J :e-l. wl ll.ut re.-t
j Vari«:j 01 tue «bj»t fc ooiu Tix:
11! j Bojcwwd, Mah" g »oy» w 4 Oik P-iIo p »
I Dursg Bo m and Ecrxi ura
lOf ever* t>\ t. ki d u»l fclluf »l»ica w»*.
DV I 'tat r-iVr ntHt .vd MurabiLty to wy mjuttlicl t«.
I irU'y o' «• -rvetj. Oil <" otli. Kuj*,
I tu.d Mat . tu-i:t
'l»- I *ILVf R' LM fctiGoO: S -Caa*
~ I S|l<N>lUi K.ii»« K< i*>■. .'at*. Ac .••li :i < M'ydf O'UOC
i'e I coJ M 3B Att tlsti*en.^
i_ I Xx.
!,» I h±-to( Chariea II Uo«l ttU i -l-' •»'•» •• a " »i*t»orlß
*-* I ~c*.r of C"» urt II- n« . in th- i'tt. ot ' i.Ujk l '.
m> I Coutty, I lium>s 01 U>« >vc ud d»» o! IHcwUr. A. D.
.««, I li6>. 41 tv»« vc oVoik ru.in 0' «h t .!;iy. for ;*!>. 'be foW
e« propeny, to wit:- F;at j.!o:e a»t iar t l « r la"4
ted ».iu>t*m tec 'v.fC .uC-h .c u iy.U.»-l .knowa
Did I Mtd deacnlird a.i fo<!<»**: Tu-"«iton iu foi nuw
11.. | l>tr nuiKt il )In '".hkl Tf V(t»" ?u ill«Wu. «f writ
j I i.ne ba'i o; >e-tio« n-n»t-«-t*eutyiKTeov2">. twwnUiirty*
_ uuuun.Muefo.l,„ D s „ AFr „„ D .
L. I Attor«»T for 'J. IL DjuLittt*. tb «-i .
I Chl<*C9.oct.6i UW.
\VM. A. HL'tT.'CnS 4 CO.,
I » » GEXLKM. JVCTI'i.V-Elf.
I 70 • ■ J)«erA*ra Wnrf. • • 70
2 Afrt d>» r» >ortk of tn« t'oat uiScc. Chlut 0. ii.ino'a.
I ait nt 01 * »en t«
I propeitr #1 oar Auettun Uowva. or any |>.ut vt the tty.
1 W a refer by p»nn!«*.Vn. to *'*»xr*. fjown Ji Wilder,
at ft»a n.ture A. S-ritß .* Cj . It* av*»ur
... | lw>;«rt: A J. o*.io«ay * «• La»" D. Ik
I Oooie.* o. x»««k*e:l-»:' m "«», •* ' b»y
I G<KW.; 0 W t;aje.E*i. T t H«J»<: H. «»•
*' I t„, •.. »«'< "■». tri; uiiib.ni » r". fe.-i r <>b<d ah
A) * I .liioos kr<i.; 'i' oik'U'. •u" ffla" A Ifnbe"'* A«Ur »)i|
01 . JO.i- . 1!,..
; »r I toiler?, &l ol CbUa k (<, w^j.aifwy
T oil N UANK IN, General
"-Z I O a• * o.* a»i covxMior usFcirjyr.
nd I So.xtt
with I Caab Adv.nceatnaiic ca UM» <«" PnMu »«d inr*M
UO I Bale. I'aitcuiarauenuoo iiiveMot-ut-oooi^ra.
I llejTjlar
I Amplesturue llconsafoi r»ct at low rates. i«l>>-u37%
fHoncn quo (gicljaiuje
\fONEY TO LOAN— A-.Tenper
mot. I l'l C' 3' Tor
I pr Ppmmtrriai No'e» wia "l.
I JeS-» B. T. D JWNtN3 A 03- »aC*rllltre<L
Rush I [>| T4Tl>- 7i„. jn( re*'>natelcaa%
I laaatn«of *l'waThuu».kna IMLtrt «wl upw-rd%-tWm«f
** | cent u.t«reat v r ant.»m. fuvab e •eatt-.inn<<A.iv lf>
, lL 1 ave,» T.'».nrten rein, utmni^ip'.,ve.At.ro
► th, jkrtTltttblacity. .V| l
UM J. M. PAtt&£lt* M W*«ln»tUM«.
fl>. 1 oclC-itiSlm
arl s I ON SEW IOBK.
I Drafta, AceepUaces,and Noleapa-d u Kfw TorkoaOlf
A. I Jayof maiunty.ort-v* da*of <rac<.
™* I
I the fidaity or s<w Tardea
I ajiaiytfM Tclegra|hoafc4»
\roNEY TO LuaN.-I Lend
r ' I i?X AlQftey on Rrfal S*UU fttai <K
I BMmtoW7cri. _ ~ .
rcttv . I
c - u I We N?4J--i»'-e three to Ave e * l »
rompt I 54 oa»««.»at.Cbiei*o.
me of I
t7TA I » f d»y of May A. D. 'he ma-
I c m n ea.»uit O'lier perioral pro!H«i>. weie>'t in o.rhme*
I by LewitL War wla* .f. L—. -*c.. U«-l^ur
'TC I Hrf' r l, «'r te-lr.ca* t•me.a;." nut ♦» o' *
i 5» 1 M«eatb,usv> (1.. a ao» tbrre.bouli.aiv. *uh p»«e. to
a-li the tatoi in ca?c 0 1 .« fjuit>» ravt.u' of t un^ Hdrx
13+ .do sa»o«ue<t»y»o• "hi hthe ame wt f h .^S
. I euo we iial; »* >*l p'»b lan ti«n. »o t e »"«he»t 11 tar.
R • ;^ r " m^,a '~ r " ,t °"o:L i yAVL£oT*
I Dated yorfliber I, !EC!).
I Th* ilacncrcs paufMTT a33ts Sxmssa *»
I 4* Combntil Rnpertand »oeei
I ' k irre u» ua
I 1 Power C:m MUI at Per la.
TPP I » do Uo -.tst-w.
I jT«oHr>T»eCnr»MUlaSow.
I 4 ore di £0 to
I Jj sc**p»r»
So.nl JH« i* Injii-tCiiiße.
I g Wheel il»r e. a«>r.
I Lot ► rr** tir » fth Rs> ... w,y.
I l'roeetdtAf » Rnp r> ana 3B *
I ton, two at K»1 j and two a. alcri m»
I SS Aasar Case Mil la
I « tallts ifATW
, I "'Jow
I J. P. McFarasd... (IN
I York B:oy an 1 lUlpb Ssj«. Jion>
I burn') J«H fO
I J*ic»«>dc*.
I Jacob Yif?y..... ir.mi*...*.. 4» H
..*..11 »»
I o*
•W.ir.narvw 'gj?
) I Geo.
1 coI-»: OS- a
HEAT, A Sew Volnmo of Straou by tio
* I ThoeeSeraoiabave already reacSeda Sals l ' rdTtr
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