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press and Tribune
•Soto L. Scripi*, Cbirio IL lUr,
William Unas, Jo*[>h Mtdlll,
AliW Cowl™.
Diily, uellvcrw! in citv.by eirrier, per year. .........JlllO
DiUy. delivered lr atv, by carrier, t>er week. _ 13
July, to Mill Sutocnl*?!,
Dillr,toM*xlSulwcriber*, perils 4.00
Tri WecUy,wsyear 4.00
Woskly, fjjiiie tabecrlbera I.M
** 4.00
14 4co;-!*s
** A (kM
** 10 COpiiS 10.00
** 50 eop)<a (and one to crtt«°P°fclab) 20.00
XV Jlouey u. reztsUreU lttu-r> niay b« tu *1 our
lie. AOdrcu ruC.>b AM) TlilllUTvE,
Chicago, nilncl*.
Yesterday afternoon a train on the Balti
more and Ohio R. It., vras boarded by the Vir
ginia Fencibles at ilarlinsburg station, and
three Cincinnati merchants were taken thence
.and imprisoned! The authority for this high
bonded act secras to have proceeded from Gen.
'Taliaferro. The alleged offence was that ono
•of the gentlemen bad remarked, doubtless in
jest, that the next train from Wheeling -would
"bring passengers enough to taJ;e tho State of
"Virginia. A lame apology, evidently indited
br tlie officers of tho Baltimore and Ohio R. B-,
forms the sequel te the outrage.
f«oriaCily Election—A Clean Sepnb*
llcau Sweep.
The Republicans carried the city of Peoria at
"the charter election on Monday last by majori
ties ranging from 15 to 255, electing every man
on their ticket'except tiro police constables*
The rote vas as follows:
ilepulfkan. J)'*tocrat.
J. D. Arnold
955 ll.J.'llnua 970 15
cnr cuts.
.t. Dougherty 903 119
_ cm- J»TTO**XT.
X. U. J0hn50n......],(Ml . W.0'i3rien....&43 CCS
crrr iHtnn.
Jacob Gayer. Wni. Trencli. 900 JIG
I'. Ilaraan .......G4 SM
John "Wcucll:
VSi fc.W.UoiMll. »G8 19
Henry S. Wonder.
U74 Albert C.i>uaw...922 22
Oei WUmot... v.o Joha U. Wan>er~..9ls 35
Tlic \T«r Commenced.
The war between tbc Galena and Chicago
Union, und the Kenosha and Rockford Railroad
Companies has commenced. The Galena Com*
pony hare reduced their freight tariff consider*
ably below that of the Kenosha and llockford.
The following is the table of freights;
J»'cw Kates. Old Bale*.
C«nu. CrtiU.
.... lb SB
.... 16 M
.. . 14 W
totCUm, ]*rl'o lU.
2il •• " .
M •• -
special frrigbt '."1..12 14
Wear, per bltl £3 SO
Salt, |*r bl:l tl 40
Lumber, per tu feet •ITS
Cual ftod I'ig Jnn>,}rerion I.M) 2.60
Passenger fare remains us it is at present,
bnt will be considerably reduced within a few
Chicago Hlvtorlcal Society.
The adjourned anuual meeting of this Society i
was held on theerening of the 29tli ult., at the
bouse of W. 11. Urowu, Esq.
The annual report of the Secretary com*
tneoccd with a comparison of the number of
literary and scientific associations in Chicago,
ten years since and now, consisting then of the
Young Men's Association, founded in IS4I, the
Mechanics' Institute in 3S-J2, the Kush Medical
College in 1543, and the Unircrsity of St.Mary'a
of the Lake, in 1644. To these are now added
the endowment of three Universities, the North
western, the Chicago, and the Liad—an academy
of Sciences, two new professional Schools, of
Madicinc and of Law, a College of Pharmacy,
mx charitable Eye aud Ear InGrmurr, besides
fire Theological Summaries. To these might
be properly added the Audubon Club, devoted
to tho birds and fauna of the North-West, and
several associations for professional culture—
forming, with our excellent system of public
school*, an imposing array of literary, scientific
«nd prufesMouul appliances, which our commu
uitv should be proud to cherish.
The reported additions for the year to the
Library of the Society reached the number of
«",054., luakiug the aggrcgute liS.&lti, —tbcuuiount
expended iu the purckasi of books hardly ex
ceeding one hundred dollars. The beautiful I
\*ork by Lord Kingsborougb, on the Antiquities I
of Mexico, a contribution for the year, was ex- i
liibited at the meeting.
The Secretary dwelt at some leugth on the
Society's efforts to procure suitable memorials
of the most distinguished founders of our State.
Besides huring already obtuiucd memoirs of
Dauiel I*. Cook, uud u partial cue of ilorrid
Hirkbeck; they urc now iu possession of en
extensive work on the life and times of the late
Gov. Edwards, and anticipate tho early comple
tion of similar tributes to Judge Tope and oth
ers. Allusion was made to the reviving interest
in historical inquiries in our State, as evidenced
bynauierous publications by coanty journals,
of couuty hiatoriey among which were named
2'eoria, and Schuyler Counties, and the
organization of Associations of " Old Settlers"
at Springfield and elsewhere.
The report proceeded to notice the late exhi
bition ot the Fine Arts in Chicago, towards
which the first meeting was held on the 22d of
March, the invitation to coutributors announced
the 12th of April, and the exhibition was
opened to the public the &th of May. The col
lections consisted cf twenty specimens of stat
uary, over 320 paintings in oil, with some twen
ty iii crayon, or water-colors. There were cat
alogued SCif works of art, from übout seventy
contributors. Tselve thousand persoDS
were registered as the wholo number cf
vUiiore, producing in gross receipts from
admission tickets and the sale of catalogues
; of which was expended
leaviug a surplus of SSID.44. By a vote of the
contributors, this amuuut was placed at the
disposal of Mr. Volk, the curator, to assist lii*
wish of revisiting Italy: the artist in return to
oxecnte a bust in marble, for the Library of the
Historical Society. Notice was taken in the re
port of the merit of the works ou exhibition, the
general favor with which it was received aud
its benefits in promoting a higher taste for art;
and the zeal, judgment aud fidelity of the cura
tor, on whom the chief executive labor had de
volved, wa« favorably referred to. Allusion was
also made to a tasteful model, moulded in clay,
which was exhibited at the meeting, and was the
work of an artist of this city.
The report closed with suggestions on the de
sirableness, at the favorable time, of adding to
the library a reading room, to be suitably deco
rated, and famished with the best select publi
cations of our modern literature,as they appear,
thus orgauizing an atheneum «s an appendage
of the bocitty.
The report of the Secretary was followed by
an address from I. X. Arnold, Esq., the principal
subject of which was M<igna Ck itta. Tuis inter*
csting paj>er,on a subject seldom brought to pub*
lie attention, recited the history of the origiu of
that celebrated charter ofEnglisli liberty, traced
the struggles which followed its graot'by King
John, and the influence of the provisions* as dis
played in the legislation and jurisprudence of
Great Britain, as well as the various declara
tions of rights proclaimed by the American
colonies organized iu the Declaration of Ameri
can Independence, and embodied in the institu
tions and laws of the several states of the Union,
including the State of Illinois. The address
presented an interesting contrast of the assem
blage of the Barons and Knights of England, ut
Kuoitvciede, in 1215, and the convention of tl.e
Cjugft-ssof the confederated Colonics, at In*
dct>?cdencc Hall, in Philadelphia in 1776.
At the close of Mr. Arnold's address, the Se:-
retary announced that intelligence had been re*
csire'd by telegraph of the death of Wa«hineton
Irving, u uame honored wberurcr the the Eng
lish tougue was spoken and known. As an ex
pression of the sentiments of our community,
on the occasion of an eveut so mournful, l.e
submitted the following resolution, which was
seconded by J. E. Wilkuis, Esq , British Consul
in this city, and then unanimously pa sed.
**U7xrM< tills t'dety.wlth )la aaeerablca frietulr,
just lec-tvtdtbe painful andcudden luU-llirenceof ti«e re*
ceaaeof W saii-ro. lrvli^.*tin*lriy; I luArouaandhca
©red iittxir Aueilc*n HW-inture, which he h*a m la*plv
aided tofora, to vtirich and ta &Curo, l»y hi* gutiua and
varloum labor*, andmlilrb ba«bjncredotircommon country
thru«chu"t the < lrll!ud world.
Jfou'.rrH, That tlic member* nf thlt Soctctvplice oa their
record this njiraeVn of their jro'cund aom>w. In co.a
tcoo with all UicixopUwf tbl* country. >t the removal by
diathof cße.tlis&umeruiucxctl euckaof who»e personal
Character and private life, the ardor cf wboae paUict'sm,
ivsd the dcaltablr v-lur of u-b<ytp contribution* to our Ra
tional history andllU-nnure, *l,l lotevcr endear hlstuemory
In all Am (low Lcaitf, *od entitle I.l* turne to aa exalted
placelu the »ol:«r eailn ut tuenvbo have been the cMtf
omameataand bcneiactonof ourcouotry **
After a pleasant interchange of conversation
by the assembly present, anaa participation in
the host) talitieb tendered by the President of
the Society, the meeting was dissolved.
Tk« Execution of Brown—lt* Observ
ance In Wlaeoualn.
Priday, the second day of December, 1659.
will bcilio most important day that has dawned
upon the American people since the Fourth of
July, 177 G. True, there arc those who will sneer
at this assertion just as there were those who
sneered as the bells were rung wben Independ
ence was declared. On Friday next the "iloth
er or rnc Presidents," proposes to ring anoth
er bell for the liberty of the colored race. It
may civc out a polem'n sound, bat we must re
member that all great events have a solemn
birth, and it was a sober, solemn hand that
rolled the stone away frbm the place where the
body of the glorious Christ lay, and it takes a
sober band to roll awar the stone from the se
pulchre where four milfion« cf human beings lie
entombed in a living grave!
We noderstaud that a movement is on foot to
have a meeting on Friday next, at the Chamber
of Commerce, to observe the hanging of John
Bruwn. The hour has not been determined
upon, but it will probably take place at three
oxlock. —Milwaukee Frit' Democrat*
Tbe martyrdom of John Brown will be
celebrated in this city as soon as ther hang bim.
The anniversary of his slaughter will ever after
be celebrated by freemen as a jubilee of liberty.
The best speakers iu the State will be engaged.
The U'.t will be observed without respect to
politics or parties. Everyman wbohasa»oul
or a sentiment will hare an opportunity to show
iU—Eadne Journal*
Ertccnos or joqxßbowx!—Weare request
ed to state that there will be meetings for prav
erand addresses on the present aspect of the
anti-slavery cause, especially in view of the re
cent proceedings in Virginia, this (Friday)
evening, at 71 o'clock, in the First Congrega
tional Church (corner W. Washington and
Green streets) and in the Plymouth Cborch
(cArner Van Buren and Edina Place). " Re
member them that ore in bonds as bound with
A^OTBEft—The German "Jefferson Club"
will hold a meeting at Kinzie Hall, Xorth Di
vision, this evening, to observe in an appropri
ate manner the death of John Brown. The
friends of universal freedom, German and Eng
lish, are invited to attend.
The Juvfebtz Case.—The defence closed
their testimony yesterday, andafew witnesses
were called and re-called by the people. " The
testimony will doubtless be finished to-day.
44 Comc Again Jack."—Jack Francis an old
habitne of Bridewell bas retained to his old
quarters on account of a high old drank. His
correspondents may address him as above for
ninety days.
n*p- *t»i.
Religiocs Lvtelliccxce.—The Church Jitcord
say 8 the Rev. Mr. Hodges bos accepted the call
extended to hiia by the Church of the Holy
Communion of this city, and will enter upon
bis duties immediately.
Pixstt OF OrEUA.—We shall have two Opera
companies, performing at the same time, in this
city, next week, to wit: the Parodi Italian Ope
ra Troupe at Metropolitan Hall, and the Lucf
Escott English Opera Company at McVicker's
Toe Late Gale.—We learn that in the terri
ble gale on the night of the 25th, the Chnrch of
the Holy Communion was seriously damaged.
A large part of the plaster was shaken off, and
some of the ribs of the ceiling were broken. It
will be rc-plastered at once.
" Uxsafb Bctldixgs."—By an inadvertence
the communication "Unsafe Buildings," in
tended for our last issue failed to appear, and
thus the comments with which which we had
accompanied it, came out companionless. We
call attention to the reply to Mr. Van Osdel's
late strictures npon our course in reference to
unsafe buildings. The writer, we can assure
Mr. V>n Osdel, knows what he is writing about.
Tub Weather.—Yesterday's weather was
bad, boisterous, breezy, as well as reeking,
rainy, wretched, with streets moist, muddy, and
miserable. Ont of door operations were at a
stand-still. Everybody that could do so re
mained in snug harbor. Those who went to
hear " Doesticks" at Metropolitan Hall last
evening had need of a liberal share of that they
wentto hear about— u Pluck."
Failure op Grain Operators.—Two opera
tors in grain abont the Galena depot, failed yes
terday for about half a bushel apiece. Their
names are James O'Martin and Nicholas Schuli.
Each did well in street operations, picking up
grain spilled about the track, but attempting to
handle grain (not their own) in the depot was
what caused their suspension. They were lev
ied on by the police and will go to the Reform
School. The warning is a salutary one to op'
rrators in cereals, aged twelve years or therea
New Commission House.—Messrs. Watson V.
Coe £ Co. in another column make their an
nouncement of copartnership formed, and of
the field they are prepared to occupy among
our business community. Mr. Coe, the senior
of the house has a reputation, well and solidly
gained in our business circles, and in the new
firm are associated with him gentlemen of in
tegrity and enterprise, giving the house such
qualities as will make their services valuable to
all who may require the name in their depart*
raents of our produce and live stock markets.
See their card. •
The Bad Virginia Sfcll (Not illustrated in
Harper's WitMy Journal of Cicilisaiton.)
Cato.—"Did yer hear Sambo ob dat bad spell
down in old Yirginny. Shocking bad it was
how dcy spells dat ole word."
Sambo. —"How docs dey, wat yon means,
Colo. —"Dey spells dat ole word wid a shiver
Sambo.—"Shire, eh. Speeder's cold chills."
Cato.—"No, scare, Sambo, bad scare."
iSzmbo.—''"Well, how does dey spell dat ole
word ? Why not tell what word dey spell wid a
Cato.—"Weill splainsit to yer compreben
shum. Dey spell de word now S-h-i-v —Shir—
t-r-l—crl—r-y—ry—jSX/tvr-Iry. Der yer mind
dat. All of ole John Brows."
(Both.—" Yo, ye, ya.")
Akmversaet Dlvxeb or tok St. Andrew's
Society.—This event took place at the Rich
mond House on Wednesday evening last.
About one hundred gentlemen were present.
The dinner was such as only mine hosts of the
Richmond can famish. Every delicacy which
the season affords was furnished in abundance,
and if the inner man was erer satisfied, it must
hare been on this occasion. At the conclusion
of the material ceremonies, the feast of reason
and flow of sonl commenced. After a few in
(roductory remarks by the President, J. R*
Valentine, Esq., the following toasts, inter*
spcrsed with speeches, songs, and music by the
band were oflered and received with decided
manifestations of pleasure and approbation.
] tt—The foy and »' wh* honor It.
Queen of Great Britain.
M Th* president of the Uulied Stated.
4th.—Tiie A nay and 2»'avy of Great Britain and the
Un Ited Mate*. . _
Mh.—The rnrmoTy of Wallace and Brace.
6th.-»l he memory of TVaahtarton.
la&d we left and theland we Ore In.
Hh. The memory of Barns, Scott, Campbell aad the
PoeUcf Sestland.
».h.—May care and trouble ne'er fath, hot mirth and Joy
lrt.—lhe Ptate and City of oar adoption.
24. Oar Slater Societies.
St.—TLe Tblttle, Ilote aad Shamrock.
4th.—The Prt a«.
tUu—The Bench and Bar of IlllnoU.
Gift—The Chicago Highland Guard*.
Tih.—The Ladiie.
Responses were made to the various toasts
by Mayor Haines, John Henry Wilkins, Capt.
UcArtbnr, Robert Hervey,
Daniel Cameron, Recorder Wilson, Alderman
Alston, Robert Clark and others. Many of the
speeches were rery hsppy and elicited vocifer
ous approbation. Messrs. Frank Lnmbard,
Wood, and Ballingall were in their best roice
and gore their songs and glees with capital
eiTect. At about three hours "ayont the twai"
the party alter singing " Auld Lang Sync*'
separated with many expressions of delight
the entertainment had been in every re
spect a success.
Wans and Rcxors or Waes.—John Fagan
and Patrick Nugent, two of the roughs of soci
ety, in the course of their travels on Wednesday
night created a fiery trail of small but sharp
fights, and finally fell Into the hands of the po
lice. They were fined $lO each. Nugent is a
hack-driver. Fagan was anew " gent" in this
city, and being shown the elephant by his city
friend. He will remember the animal's tusks.
John Folgcr and Charles Mack fell fonl of
Robert Morley, inn keeper, on >"orth Clark
street, and gave him several proofs of their exu
berant muscle. Morley looked upon their exer
tions with scarcely an eye of favor, in fact with
two black eyes, and had them arrested. They
were fined $lO, which must be set down, from
the two instances last named, as the winter rate
for a moderate chnnk of a fight.
There never was but one of woman kind who
did not resent any and all invasions of the rights |
and rites of the laundry, and that was surely 1
mother Eve in the. happier ante-fig-leaf period.
Since then the tampering with clothes lines not
jour own, and stealing rain water, have been
capital and unpardonable crimes. Mrs. Bell
tore down the clothes line or her neighbor, Mrs.
Smith, and let the washing into the mud. "Who
: could blame Mrs. Smith for manifesting her in
dignation by striking that Bell with a dipper.
Then took plaee a fight which old Homer
would have made tfiree cantos of, first making
use of a canter to get out of. the way, for where
hot soap suds and a'wordy war are flying, look
out for scalds and squalls. The belligerent and
bellicose BeH was fined $S in yesterday's Police
Court. So the (clothes) lines after all did not
''fall to her in pleasant places.
ministry at Large.
We are decidedly opposed to street begging.
We deny that it is true charity to encourage,
aid or abet the importunate army of profession
al mendicants who scour the city, haunt area
doors, and carry their ever yawning baskets
into the kitchens of our city dames. We be
lieve that a large share are impostors, that the
tales they of woes at homes where they
claim famine sits hollow-cved, are bogus, that
a large share of the wholesome viands they beg
are wasted, that the old clothes charitably pas
sed over to their use, get pawned for ram or
cover idle and indolent forms luxuriating in a
coarse way over the often ample returns of
street begging. We believe that too many of
the wild Maggies and ragged Bobs that spend
their time In collecting cold victuals, represeu*
very little real destitution at home, that the pig
and the cow and the poultry and a whole family
of boarders feed on the bounty of our citizens.
We believe that several hundred day-laborerf,
mostly, we might say, all of Celtic extraction,
have left their wives and children In Chicago,
for the winter, to live by begging—the husband
and father at wages on some southern railroad
enterprise, at his regular toil with barrow
and sbovet That these families have regularly
and deliberately quartered themselves upon
our charitable citizens, and were the Relief So
ciety to go into operation, you should see its
rooms thronged day after day with the loud
voiced dames thus deserted, eager for fine flour,
tea, and sugar, and grumbling bitterly if these
be denied them. And we believe further of these
cormorant beggars, numbers are possessors of
houses and lots, and others would keep a
family of boarderson the proceed of their indus
try in asking alms. In a word we believe there
is a fearful amount of imposition abroad in the
land, and a liberal share in Chicago, and that
while real destitution pines and pales, and sick
ens and dies in its wretched garrai meekly
and uncomplainingly, loud-voiced brawling
mendicancy strong-armed leaps into the chan
nels of public and private charity, scoops up
the precious boon warm with the purest philan
thropy, tnd while it devours and wastes, asks
like Oliver 41 for more," or like the swine of
scripture turns and rends the giver, unless the
donation be doubled. This we believe. And
we farther believe that the Chicago Relief So
ciety will never again open, with spasmodic and
genorous though mistaken zeal, its general dis
bursing office for provender. Let us have no
more of such scenes where the strongest-armed
and the londest-voiced from on undistinguisha
ble mob pressed 60 hardly upon the worried
and over-tasked almoners that they gave for no
better reason than to get rid of these importu
nates. We believe no more funds will be
wasted in such a way. All this too we beliere.
And what then?
Old Hunks we saw you button up your pock
et some minutes since, and even yon, generous
old Gunnybags, with a glitter in yonr eye your
heart never caught sight of or it'would have
extinguished it instantcr with a tear, drew a di
agonal red line down across the contemplated
column of your charities. Don't do anything
rash. The poor we have always with us, there
is scripture for that, and we have aiways you,
Gunnybags, yon and your w&rm class of men—
warm in the Wall street phrase.
We think we have a better way as a city, in
the vurious City Missions and lesser charitable
Associations, established and sustained on the
basis of intelligently bestowing the charities of
our citizens. These follow home the gift, or
precede it by a visit which shall tell just what
is wanted and so apply it. Then there is neither
waste nor want. No one is then feeding the
McGillicuddy pig?, or nourishing the taste for
Strang drink in the elder McGillicuddies. If
fuel is wanted, it is coal and wood that is given;
if food, beef and mutton; and 6wect charity
never forgets iu these intelligent distributions
to shower softer and daintier gifts by the pallet
of disease. So shall the widow rejoice, the or
phan be glad, and the crippled strong man weep
tears of joy as the aiUsica isgcla might covet,
is performed in households of want.
Of these city institutions, the Mixistrt at
Large has wrought nobly and well. Rev. Mr.
Collyer has a heart as warm as one of the larg
est sized parlor stoves of Dr. Nott, and a quick
intelligence, an industry and indcfatigability
which carries the warmth of the same into all
parts of the city. We run the risk of shocking
his modesty by such praise, but for the good of
the cause he must couscnt that his preferences
be thus sacrificed. *
He and his predecessor, Her. Mr. Hadley,
bare established the noble Christian enterprise
firmly here in the hearts of onr citizens, and it
will be sustained. Its principle is to take the
poor by the hand, not to feedtbem orer the
fence as the farmer feeds his Berkahires. To
look into their home*, to make them feel that
they are men and women; that they are children
and not outcasts; whom God has made poor that
his more farored ones may share that blessing
lie has reserved for the girer.
We hope no reader will say omen to the creed
we hare elaborated in onr opening paragraphs
unless he or she is ready to follow it with a
ready adherence and pledge of support to some
one of the forms of charity later suggested.
God help your poor starring soul if yon apply,as
an : stringent merely, your hatred of street beg
ging. Better gire, if the gift be wasted before
your eyes, than not at all.
Bnt jnst now the Ministry at Large is a heavy
i loser, and in it onr city poor. By 'the fall of
the cast walls of the Music Ilall the office and
6torcroom of good Mr. Collyer were crashed,
and much clothing and staples of food destroyed.
The loss is a serious one and the worse in that
it deranges the msehtnery and devastates the
garners whence charities were flowing, at the
rery season when tin call is about to become
most pressing.
Shall we sum op our orerlong confession of
faith in things charitable. Shall we place prom
inent onr dislike of street begging, and encour
aging the same, and gire a still more prominent
place to the evils of forbearing to give. The
Ministry at Large deserves just now 81l that our
charitable public can do for it, and this we say
not to the exclusion of the claims of like enter*
prises springing up or already eiQcient under
the auspices of some one or other of our religi
ous denominations. Let onr citizens turn all
their gifts into these channels this winter and
do it liberally. Clothing, food, fuel, money, let
our housekeepers and onr householders remem
ber the poor, and the best means of reaching
| their needs; either go yourself or send yonr
| charities to those who will stndy actual needs.
Lire Ixsciuxce.—We are pleased to learn
that this class of security is being appreciated
by oar citizens. T. L. Miller, agent of the Man*
batten Life Insurance Co. of Xew York, has is
sued for this Company in the last mouth over
sixty policies, insuring orer $ 200,000 on lives,
for the benefit, in most cases, of the families of
those insured.
The time is not distant when eveiy man will
make provision for his family by a policy on his
life, —taking » small sum annually and placing
it beyond the contingencies of basin ess re
v tscs.
As the holidays draw near, when a large
amount of money is expended for presents, a
portion of the money thns expended might
wisely be devoted to this purpose, and thns
place families above want, and taking it at this
season of the year, it becomes an annual holi
day gift.
Mr. Miller would be pleased to fnrnish to atiy
one, statistics and facts in reference to this sub
" Almost." —Though " almost never killed a
man" as the phrase is, it is said that the divid
ing line from even a greater slaughter was a
slight one at the railroad crossing of the State
street horse railroad below Twelfth street, on
Wednesday, wben a horse ear load of passen
gers got intensely frightened at a narrow escape
from being run into by a freight train. The
point is a good one for the drivers and flagmen
to keep their eyes wide open tight.
Dr. K. F. Cooke.—We call attention to this
gentleman's card in our advertising columns.—
While there are diverse opinions as to the mer.
its of the system or theory under whichJDr. C
practices, we believe there are no two as to his
skill in the application of his theory to "the ills
that flesh is heir to."
The OrE.vi.vo Sight op the v o cxg Mex's
Association* Lectucc Cocese.—Last evening
the opening night of the Lecture Course of the
Young Men's Association, saw Metropolitan
Hall filled with one of the best audiences that
ever gathered for a like evening entertainment
in Chicago. "Doesticks" drew a full house,
and the Association thus drew a coveted suc
cess. Every seat was filled, the galleries were
crowded, and this at the hour of opening.
The speaker, Mortimer M. Thompson, Esq.,
gave his hearers an excellent and entertaining
poetical disquisition on "Pluck." The measure
was the long, low easy stride of Pegasus which
from common custom has become adapted to
rostrum use. The theme was well chosen, well
handled.. The audience were well pleased, and
Mr.Thompsoe left crowned with laurels or would
have done so could his .ears have caught the
interchanged comments of the crowd as they
slowly crushed their way down stairs.
We must not forget to say that "Doesticks"
couldn't help, apropos to " Pluck," to refer to.
plucky old John Brown, whereat the audience
on the last night on which it could do so over
the living exemplar of such real pluck, mani
fested great enthusiasm. . Altogether and
throughout, well done, " Doesticks."
The President of tbe Association, E. S. Wells,
Esq., introduced the evening's entertainment by
a brief reference to tbe prospect and promise of
the winter campaign, which, as we have suid, is
a most promising one. The officers of the Asso
ciation are working nobly for its interests, and
if our public meet them adequately the Associa
tion will this winter not only realize the hopes
of its friends, but leave the envied results of the
same in its treasury.
Labcext.—A colored man named James
Fields was arrested yesterday for stealing a
wallet containing about twelve dollars, from
Barton Ellis a man of his own color. He awaits
"TTnaafo BalldlDga."
Edltbrs Frcss and Tribune
Tbe need of your just strictures, and sugges
tions as to the abases practiced in this city in
erecting unsafe buildings, has long been felt by
any and all persons who hare any interest in
tbe matter or who hare given it any attention,
and the peculiar Architectural flutter in tbis
morning's Timet, shows not only that tbe birds
are hit, but fairly and badly. How, as Mr. Van
Csdcll has roundly asserted that buildings in
Chicago are well built aod displsr full architec
tural principles for strength, durability and
beauty, perhaps he 'will point out in New
York a few stores to match the following io
Chicago, the four story brick building of ii r.
Prescott ou Lake street with eight inch walls,
and joist going into tbem on both sides; Laf
lin's Water street block lire stories high, with
twelve inch walls and joist entering the wall
four and six inches on both sides of ten or
twelre walls in succession from both sides; the
Kingsbury block with eight inc'a walls one story
and gcauiiiug (pine) the other, three stores
eightr feet front, four inch wall for west side; and
new building Xo. 113 Lake street. Why did
the Music Ilall fall if properly built, while it was
over half protected from the storm by brick
buildings in front of it ? Did any good building
fall? or were roofs generally blown off? Why,
even tbe lieu-coop on the Court House did not
go. Xo church steeple fell. The wood awnings
are ret generally standing.
I assert, and am prcpat ed to substantiate that
in no other city are buddings put up with as lit
tle care and cost to make tnem lire and life
proof as in Chicago; and more, that much of it
is from tbe great anxiety of Architects to get up
a large amount of rentable room for a little
money, and thus induce persons to build, who
would not if they were to follow the laws aod
good common sense, and put up good and 6afe
buildings. As a proof of tbis,please notice tbe
published tost of building in New York and
Chicago. It costs more than double there than
here to build business blocks, while brick
hare ruled lower there than here, always. I
need but point to Dunham's building on \Vater
street, that fell as soou as well on fire. Also the
store of D. B. Cooke, on Lake street, that fell be
fore half burned out, and killed some twenty
persons. Do stores fall in other places like
these? If so, I would like to hare them pointed
out,and tbe reason for tbtirfallioggiren, if any
can be, except that they were too cheaply built,
and then not properly fastened and supported.
Yours, for fire proof, >'ew Comer.
Correction —Editors Pnu and Tribune :
In your account of tbe State street fire in
Wednesday morning's issue, you say that the
loss of Brown 4 Sibley was fuliy covered by in
surance of $025 in the " Peoria Insurance Co."
Wilt you permit me to state that it was the new
City Insurance Co " of Peoria that had the
loss,'and not the old " Peoria Marine and Fire
Insurance Co.". The lattercompany had no in.
surance whatever on tbe property destroyed.
J. Acq. Wmcnr, Agent,
Peoria M. and F. Ins. Co.
{ST Go to John Jones, 119 Dearborn street,
and getyonr clothes cleaned and repaired. They
will be well done aud at prices to auit the times.
Gas Fiitches.—Brown & Wilder arc now re
ceiving froai Cornelius & Baker, and other man*
ufacturerc, a large assortment of late patterns
ot Chandeliers, Pendants and other Gas Fix
tures, Globes, £c. All in need will please call
at 47 and 41? State street. oc!7-i!m
Fob Christmas axd New Years.—All should
remember that Seeley at 47 Clark street, has
the Inrgcst, best, and most varied assortment of
Candies of any Confectioner in town. Ladies,
please make a note of it. n024-lm
feT* See advertisement of Cornell & CoV.
two thread noiseless premium Spring Machine
and universal hemtner, No. 103 Lake street.
J3f""'Tis strange, 'tis passing strange, ret
no more strange than true —that the Kerosene
Lamp suspended in the north window at 126
Clark street will give more light than two cam
phene lamps or two gas burners, at one-half the
cost. This lamp is "just out," something new,
and is designed for concert and billiard halls,
saloons, hotels, churches, Ac. Call and sec
them at the Lamp and Oil Emporium. de2-6t
pg" A splendid room for private select par
ties to rent by G. Mirasole, corner of Clark and
Madison streets.
<j. Jluusole invites his friends and scholars
to his series of select parties on erery Tuesday
evening. de2-Ct
Impobtant Arrest.—Seeing a big crowd near
OS Dearborn street, we rushed up and found
that Cook k. McLain had been caught in the act
of making old and soiled garments look as fresh
and glossy as if new, while at 123 CUrk street
the ladies arc charmed with their skill in cleans
ing 6iiks and wooliens, and dyeing them to any
shade desired.
K.^-cal'-ade. —As onr friend Hea-rrsides was
walking out during the late gale, his for hat
" took wings and flew awav." The value there
of induced him to give cbase with the view of
/taui-ingit; but after running it into the lake,
he gave it up as a bootless (or rather AaMess)
task, and telling it to go as fur as it pleased,
mwn-ed the whole by bliving a new one from
Loomis' splendid stock, at &S Clark street.
Hird Times ajtd Low Prices.—Look out for
bargains in furniture at the old stand 110 Ran
dolph street. Marsh & Bro's arc determined to
pat the prices right down to the mark rather
than more the goods into their new store. 1*
Stove Stoez, 47 State Steeet—Sicx or tub
Golden Tea-Kettle.—The McGREGGOR COAL
STOVE is the favorite of the Family Fire &id<.
The STANLEY COALBURNfcR will this year
run over the large No. of 30,000 sold. The'new
pattern of REGULATOR STOVE for wood is
winning favor. Large Chvnkt easily pass
through the door, llall, Parlor, Sittiug, Dining
and Bed-room Stoves for Wood or Coat in great
variety"- Stoves blacked and pot up at short
notice. Give Van Schaack
Singtr's Family Setting Machines at C 6
L&kt tirett, Alto ituin facturir.g Machines for all
hinds of Tailoring ami Leather Stvir.g.
And Shampoo Lotion,
VnMiftrtnrfd ltd for s&!e by GUHKN'EEAUII & CO.,
ItS West tUadolph street, Chkac>. 11L, U »Ik> lor nit
Wholesale and IteuU by I'ESTON & CO_St Lake &tr*«t
tor. iVarboni.anil F. k M. UOOKES.S6West B&cdolpb
6tmt»Chlc»co,an<l by aU DragzUU throughout the United
1 AA HHDS. If. O. SUGAR, new
lvv Crop.at (knrbltn'et.
9AH Bbls. N. Y. and N. O. SF-
HOUSEMOLASSES, bswreeeirlncand
t/v/U v»ai(]Mui
HSoath Wnierttrcet.
HPEAS.— Young Hyson, Imperial,
I Gunpowder and Ooloaf. ,
a larze aad choice M*ortxatst
Sdfj\j Aborted.
It Bcoib Water atzwl.
Foreign Newi by the Earopa.
Shanghai.—The Chinese government has
repudiated the treaty with the United States by
refusing to open the ports of Suentople and
Taman as stipulated in the treaty.
Paris, Sot. 10th.—No formal invitation have
vet been sent by France to England, but Count
l'ersiugy has been instructed to arrange the
preliminary conditions with Lord John RusseU.
Austria and England have both protested
against the establishment of the Regency in
The French perfects are instructed to invite
the journals to be more circumspect in their
language towards England. The 3 per cent.
ttuU closed to-day at 63 So.
It is stated that Buoncompagme would tender
bis resignation of the Regency to the Sardinian
Two liritish war steamers have succeeded in
bringing off 350 Christians from the small ports
of Morocco. A general massacre of the fugi
tives was feared. A Spanish army of 40,000
men was expected to land in Morocco early in
December. *
Paris, Saturday.—The formal and official in
vitation will be sent to London from the Cab
inets of Vienna and Paris simultaneously. The
invitations will not be identical., Austria will
propose that the Congress assemble in Paris,
while France will abstain from indicating any
place. It is certain that Austru£ through the
medium of Prince Metternieh, has protested
against the nomination of a regent by Pied
mont, as such a regency would be contrary to
the conditions of the treaty of peace signed at
It is stated that England alio bad made rep
resentations against tbe regenej.
The Paris correspondent of the London
Timtt of Saturday, states that a confidential
communication of an important nature has been
addressed by the Minister of the Interior to all
tbe Prefects of France, with a view of obviating
the effect produced in England by the violent
language of the French press. The Prefects
are instructed to invite such journals to be
more circumspect. The Minister says that the
journal, while defending energetically the rights
of the country, might easily avoid ooendingthe
susceptibility of a great people by pursuing this,
line of conduct; also that the dignity of the im
perial policy may be reconciled with the interest
of the alliance of France, and the maintenance
of peace.
It is leported that Cardinal Antonelli will
represent the Pope in the Congress.
Gbeat Britain.—Tbe London Timet, upon
the San Juan difficulty, enlarges upon a general
conviction that a war between America and
England is impossible. It howeTer says, there
are some convictions which work out their own
truth in practice, bnt there are others which
tend to their own practical refutation. We sin
cerely hope that the different readings of tbe
axiom that war with England and America is
impossible may be an illustration of this truth.
The editorial, after pointing out the import
ance of San Juan t< England, and tbe impossi
bility of the surrender of it unless some very
different title be brought forward from any yet
seen, concludes by expressing much satisfaction
that the right to "the Islaod will bo early dis
cussed in Washington and London, while the
affairs on the spot will remain in statu quo.
■ Tbe London Jlerald understands that Mr.
Lever has again offered to charter the Great
Eastern for 12 months, but the proposal was re
fused without hesitation by the Directors.
The Timtt has again a His quieting article on
the relations of England and France. It com
plains that in France every instrument that can
work on public opinion is being employed tQ
raise a riolent spirit of animosity, and that the
army is taught to look on a war with England
as not remote. The Timtt cannot discover any
serious question at issue between the two gov
ernments, and affirms tbat it is in tbe power of
tbe Emperor alone to put an end to the state of
things daily becoming more serious, and if he
does not do so there is a reasonable ground for
drawing a gloomy inference from his silence.
Fraxce.—Marquis ilostier. Ambassador to
Berlin, is transferred to Vienna, rice Baron Bor
gueney, who retires from public life. Prince La
tour liaurerigne goes to Berlin.
Gen. Mantandan is named General-in-Chief
of tbe French expedition to China. This nomi
nation is unpopular in tbe army.
Prince Metternich bad received letter of cre
dence as Austrian Ambassador to Paris.
The warlike article in the London Time* of
tbe 15th, had produced a great sensation. The
Paris journals generally say that the riews set
forth are exaggerations, ana that the unfriendly
feeling if any exists is entirely owing to tbe
rioleuce of tile British Press.
The harbor of Fecamp, scar Havre, is to be
transferred into a military port and arsenal.
Tbe Ami Dt La Religion bad published a let*
ter purporting to be an answer to tbe King of
Sardinia loXapoleon's recent letter. It is, how
ever, pronounced a fabrication, and the journal
will be prosecuted.
~ Italy.—Parma, llodena, and Romagna have
tendered thanks to Prince Carignan for naming
a substitute, and informed him tbat they ac
cepted with gratitude the regency of Buoncotn
Tbe Paris Contiiluiionnd announces that the
French government has recommended the cabi
net of Turin to annul the expedient of the re
gency which is delegated to Buoncompagne, as
such a course would prejudice tbe questions and
encroach on the competency of the Congress.
It was said that the Sardinian Congress would
be summoned to meet before the assembling of
tbe Congress.
Tbe question of the annexation of Italy is to
be fully discussed, and numerous addresses
from the people of tbe Dncbies will be presented
in order to give weight to their cause.
The Government of Bologna bad decreed that
there should be a suppression of tbe Inquisi
The Piedmontese Gazette publisltfs a letter
from Prince Cavagnan to Buoncompagne iu
which he refers to, the repeated assurances of
Napoleon, that there should be no intervention
in Central Italy, and say* that such assurances
are an encouragement to the policjr of the King
who could never consent to let violence from
without oppose the national will.
brxis.—The protest of the Moorish govern
ment against the conduct of Spain in declaring
war is published. It asserts tnat the demands
of Spain in each instance, upon beiog conceded
were followed by increased pretensions, acd
also Morocco protests against Spain because
that on three occasions she paid no attention to
her engagements, and declared war without )e
--gitimate notice.
Madrid, Not. 18.—The Correspondence Au
tograph contradicts the rumor that Spain bad
received a diplomatic note from England rela
tive to the Morocco expedition.
Naples.—Orders have been given to the Ne
nolitan Embassy to give a passport to all the
Nepolitan exiles who may aemand permission
to return.
RcbSiA.—A dirpatch from Varna reports for
seven days awful csles, during which eighteen
vessels were wrecked. Xo further particulars
aieetlng of the Pennsylvania Opposl*
tlon Congreaamea.
Philadelphia, Dec. I.—The members of Con
gress in Pennsylvania opposed to the present
Administration'held a caucus last evening at the
St. Lawrence Hotel for the purpose of adopting
measures to secure an early organization of the
House of Representatives. Sixteen members
were present, all of whom were from the various
districts in the State outside of the city. «>Kach
surprise was expressed at the absence of the city
delegation. Some of the members from the in
terior desired the delegation to unite and select
candidates for the Speakership, Printer and
Clerk, but a majority was opposed to any such
action, and when the delegation met, a resolu
tion, after considerable disenssion, was adopted,
to invite all the members of the House opposed
to the Administration to meet them in Washing
ton on Friday evening, for the purpose of unit
ing upon candidates for the various offices to be
voted foron Monday. f
i ~~" !
Bank Frmuda.
CntcisxATi, Dec. I.—Thursdar last, Officer
Reaney arrested a man on the Ofiio and Missis
sippi train, having counterfeit tens on the Canal
Bank, New Orleans. The officer obtained pos
session of papers showing that a party of
eleven men had left Cairo for New Orleans with
$125,000. These counterfeits were to be circu
lated in the South. A party of men of the same
gang were arrested in St. Loais, bat were dis
On the 25th a Third street bank received $2,-
000 on the Philadelphia Bank in exchange for
gold. The notes were forwarded to Philadelphia
and a dispatch was received yesterday, saying
ther were counterfeit. f2,000 of the same notes
were fonnd in another Third street bank yester
The Overland Sail*
St. Lons, Dec. I.—The Overland Mail of
the 11th passed Warsaw Mo., SIS miles west of
St. Louis this evening, but there being so key
to the express or mail bag at that point, a sum*
mary of the California news for the Associated
Press could not be obtained.
Dr. Forney, Superintendent of Indian Affairs
of that territory, has armed with the remain*
ing two surrirors of the Mountain Meadow
massacre, who served as witnesses in the inres>
ligation of that affair.
Tnrther intelligence in reference to the dis
coveries in South-East Missouri, confirm pre
yioos reports.
aiorementa ofOcean Steamers*
K*w York, Dec. I.—The Saxonia for South,
ampton and Bremen took out 1700,000 in
Boston. Dec. I.—The K.M. S. S. Europa from
Liverpool via Halifax arrived at her dock at
7.30 this P. M. Her mails for the South go for
ward via Ifew Haven in the morning.
A Conflict of Authorities*
Satas*aii, November 30.—Choice, the mnr
dererof Webb, baring been pardoned by the
Legislature, the Governor haa Tetoed the bllL
Trial or a Sartne EoglßMr*
CoLuiraiA, 8. C-, Nor. SO.—The trial of James,
tbe be&d engineer of the S. S. Nashville, for
murder on the high aeaa, has been commenced.
The Virginia Panic-Railroad Pasven*
gtra Arretted and Imprisoned*
Baltimore, N'ov.SO.-Three passengers by the
western train on the B. 4 0. R.R. were taken ont
of the cars to-day on their arrival at Harper's
Perry, by the military, and imprisoned. The
parties arrested are merchants from Cincinnati,
who were on their way to this city. At Grafton
they were heard to express themselves quite
freely in relation to John Brown and his family,
expressing great sympathy for him there.
Baitwom. Dec. I.—Tbe arrest of three per
sons at Martinsburg on the Baltimore and Ohio
Railroad, was made on explicit information sent
to Gen. Taliaffero by Virginia detectives from
Grafton and other places west. Two of the three
were thus arraigned, and the third was arrested
for declaring that there would be men enough
on the next train to take Virginia. Under these
peculiar circumstances the road is not responsi
ble, and excepting in this case no car of the
Company has been invaded.
Treason on Foot In South Carolina*
Coumncs, S. C., Xov. 30.—Thefoilowing res
olutions were offered in the House to-day
Resolved, That tbe state of South Carolina is
ready to enter together with the other slave
holding states or such as desire to present ac
tion for the foundation of a southern confeder-
Kesolred, Vhat the Governor be requested to
forward this resolution to the various southern
executive*. .
Another resolution was offered asking official
information as to the condition of tbe state ar
senals, arms, ammunition, number of men en
rolled in the state militia. The style of their
SlaTe Traders Acquitted*
Savaxxah, Ga., Dec. I.—The Grand Jury
yesterday ignored the bi-1 against Rogesta and
Aquira, charged with being engaged in tbe
slaver Wanderer affair. It is understood that
the District Attorney will enter a nolU prot
upon the other indictments against the same
Cixcdwati, Dec. I.—The elec
tions yesterday for Delegates to the District
Convention, resulted almost for the friends of
Dttott&to Comtntre#, Jff
rlctillmrtf «frf a and L,ittr*Xurt,
flrst-clau WeAtern >'ewipaper, publl*hf>l tvery Thtxstat
ilouaa. it is filled with valuable and entertaining mat
ter prepared ejpressly fjr Wejtera readers. Its EiUtoriaU
deal rigorously with all the topics of the limes, aid it
boldly advocates those seasons and principles deemed
most calculated to promote the geaenl wel&re. In price
and size of sheet, amount and freshness of Intelligence,
variety value ot lnfonuaUon, fullness aad accuracy
of Commercial matter, and la whatever els* goes to make
up a Flrst-Claas Ke-npiper, we challenge comparison with
any other journal Eait or West.
TV'e are enl ciing upon a year that win be memorable
la the of American politics—the year that will
witness, we trust, tbe election of a Republican President
a;d the triumph of Republican Principles. The
gnat Issues to be submitted to a jury of the whole people.
are these: Sha' 1 Slavery be extended and protected by th«
Federal Government? Shall)be pub ic domain—the Free
Territories of the Nation, be surrendered to the bllghtltg
of Slavery? Khali the Ccnsttntloa be construed
to recognize and support Sis very as a National Institution?
Slitll a Slave Code for the Territories be enacted? Shall
the African Slave Tradebe re-opened? In short, shall the
dtttilnes of Calhoun, Judge Taney, and Buchanan super*
cede tha principles of Free Government taught by Jefferson.
Madison, and Clay? These questions win demands verdict
at the hands of the American people.
And there we other Important considerations to be dedded
by the next campaign. Among these are. Free llomuteads
for tie landless. Improvement of rhen and Harbors. A
to the Pacific on a central route. Encouragement
cf the v*nnf*«'*aT<"gyn't Indurtry of the country.
Retrenchment and Reform la the Federal expenses;—* res
toration, In fact, of the spirit simplicity, and policy, of the
earllerand purer days of the Republic.
On all these questions snd lasses the Fiu asd Tubtxx
will occupy no neutral ground, but will exer be found
an —champion on the side that will promote
FnzuwM, I'iNiaa us Paoarurr.
mniL oootksts.
The Literary and Miscellaneous matter Is prepared with
a view to making the paper a welcome family riiilor. com
blolngtheagreeablc and useful.
- Aconalderableaaountofspaceladevotedtd mattersper
tuning to Agriculture, such as publishing reports of Fain.
Fanner's and Fruit grower's contentions,crop prospects and
statistics, Improved implements for farm use, and all other
things of generallnlerestto Carmen.
Every issue of this paper contains a condensed review of
the week, Including the leading events happening in Eu
rope and the United Slatea,and the rest of the world.
Great labor and tare are expended on the Market Reports,
The quotations of grain, cattle, hogs, poultry, vegetables,
luxber, etc., will fir more than repay the reader the sub
scription price.
A satisfactory summary of the proceeding* of Congress
will appear weekly, and the mare Important speeches will
be published In fulL The doings of the coming Congrta
will be read with great Interest by the whole counti y.
Ihe Puss as© Tatiusx is aK« newspaper and keeps
foDy op with the progress of the times, and its publishers
are resolved to make it so instructive and valnable, that no
"well regulated™ Western family can aford to U «ruV
out it.
. The namsofevery subscriber la plalnlyj>™»f«£onhls|>»
per, and alio the tine when his subscription will tzplic*
This lyitem prevents mistake* at the Pott Offices, Insures
regularity in the delirery, aad must prove very »Usfaetor7
to the patrons of the paper.
The lawflil postage oa the Weekly P**ss ast> TattCTrt.
within the State of Illinois, la only tAirtamcentsa year. If
paid in advance ; and outside of this Stale It Is buttweaty
ilx fnn, if paid la advance.
Single Subscribers, in advance SI.BO
Three copies...... 4.<J>
Five copies ,*J>'
T*n copies 10.U)
Twraty copies (and one to getter up of dub) 50JW
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~ --Six months 4.01
Trxxa or Tii-Wx*xit—One year
.** •* —Six months 5-OJ
OTSloney la RegliteiK Letters may be sentat our
risk. Address PRESS ASP TRIBPSE.
Sew Railroad Time Table.
Traim Depart. Mail* Close. Trains Arrive
6.00 A. M. 9.00 P.M. 10.30 A.M.
7.00 P. M. S.SO P. M. 10.50 P. Ji.
6 00 A. M. 9.00 P. M. 10.35 A. M.
*9.45 A. M. 8.45 A. M. 10.35 A. M.
7.00 P. M. 5.50 P. M. 10.40 P. M.
Mich. Cen. train of Monday morning arrive at
7.10 A. M.
5.50 A.M. 9.00 P.M. 10.80 A. M.
6 50 P. M. 5.30 P. M. 10.30 P. M.
south; AND "WEST
0.00 A. M. 8.00 A. M. 5.20 A. M.
9.00 P.M. 8.00 P.M. 6.40 P.M.
10.00 A. IL
11.30 A.M.
11.15 A.M. 10.00 A.M. 12.05 P.M.
9.80 P. M. 8.30 P. M. 10.05 P. M.
11.15 A.M. . laOOP.M. 5.15A.M"
11.15 p. JI. 9.00 P. H. 6.15 P. M.
11.15 A. 1L 10.00 A.M. 5.12 A. M.
11.15 P.M. 9.00 P.M. 11.00 P.M.
A. 11. 10.00 A. 31. 00 A. M.
11.45 P.M. 9.00 P.M. P.M.
12.15. P.M. 11.00 A. 11. 11.45 A. 1L
6.00 P. M. 4.30 P.M. 5.M P. M.
4.00 A.M.
11.00 A.M.
7.10 A.M.
12.15 P.M.
* Cincinnati Express.
All way Mails leave on morning trains only.
Jfo oTer anj route on Sands/ morning.
So Saturday evening mails orer aay route.
Sunday evening mails over all routes.
324 • • SeithClarkStnet. • • 834
Solicit the sttentioa ofthedtUcsaof the
ho Ifcelr large tad eartfaHj selected ctock of
which they offer oi ulmr prienu rcaafaa fo®dseaa ba
eld. Piper Haaxm «ad Geaenl P listen. oclMt
171 • • Waaklß(t«a Street. • • 171
Between WeEtasd Laal'.f, Ghloco.
tyXoGlriwatfroßithtofflwwtthoctaprtnied art.
SS"S^ p ia s SS^ B 5 T SMSS I 2 , 3S;
Fudly Pmcrtptlop Store, a» B»edofch «trrt.
Emu, Sua txs COCB Hccxz......151
Neto abbcrtisemtnts.
Ir C. B. SCRlV£y,\JJr*rtui»i Dtarbormti
U att*ori*-i ta nm« J /'or tAi* [ax/ aft ti«
ttadiaj Paper* of tke .VortA TTuC
\\/ ANTED—2 Traveling Agents;
IT most be &ble to rive the ben of references. Apply
to Z. C. HftAfV ITiblljher, 53 Clark stmt. s»cond
ilory. deSblfiJ St
V\7"ANTED —A Partner to take an
f T Icterttt la a Codn'i«'.oa Hotue and Floor Mill.
The MUI U sl'.nared it oar of tbe bnt points la Michigan.
Tbislsaa opportunity rarely offered to partus with means
in like % quarter cr half Interest—far *3,tCO or *IO,OOO.
wilt be xlrea particulars br addre?alce poit oflee box
SSS9. drfitt
\\7"ANTED. —Five Canvassers to
I Y caaraM for two Xew Works. Can mXi from $3
to Stt per week. Apply to Z. C. BHAl>\ I'nblliher. 09
Clark ttreet. de3bl»3t
TXTANTED.—25 Families of good
V T moral rharaetey to colon! xe the mw towa of Beo
nLortoc, located on tbe St. Loula, AJtan and Chicago KaO
roso. lo« miles from Chicago, A town lot and fl*e »ctm of
land on tbe same section for SI(W. Inquire at SIS Welt
Madison street. Chicago. d»2xlt
T OST—On Tuesday night, onMon-
I l roe street, opposite the sew Coxtota Hoose. a Black
Morocco Pocket Irak aad Diary. ccuLiininjc »letter, a Pic
ton on leather. and a few pipers of na ralne to any
the owner. To any penoa tearing the same at m» office.
No. « LassUe street, cfxt to tue Democrat ifl t up
ata.M.atollablercwardwlllt>epald. daslt
TO KENT—A Michigan avenue
RESIDENCE-—The satscrlber win rent foratera of
fenryeara or lesa. the house br now/*ee»pte* on Mlrnlgan t
avenoe, Sooth of Twelfth street. Tbe hecse U new *td
furnished with the nodern eonycnlemxs. There laaCar
rtaceZhoose and Stable on the pretni*a. Terms no-iente
and possession given Immediately. If desired, the rnrrJ
tore will b>s rented with the noose. NOAU HUNT
SCIIESCK. PostUflce DrawerPC3. ieix.w
TO RENT—The three story brick
dwelling No. ia Oak street, half a block Wert of Clw;k
street borae-railway, will be rented low to a_ responsible
and suppltd with waler and gas. Apply to WM. GAM
BLE, >«. 9 Llnd's Block, Randolph stmt bridge.
T>OARDDfG.—A Pleasant Suit of
1) forsished room*, suitable forGeatleman and Ladi or
a few sinrle gentlemen. to let with Beard Is a (null private
family. Al*j afew day boarders at H0.3) South
A<Lum street, Velween tf abash aad Michigan Artsue*.
\J i hare till day asodated wiUi me Wd. 11. nice
ard S. L. Underwood for tbe transaction of a ufDtral
commission Business under the name and styls of XH?® 1
V. Coe <t Co. * ATsON V. CuK.
Chicago, Decemberlst. l£». dtfbtW lm
Fur the purchase aad Sale of
No. 216,s South Water »tmt, Chicago.
WATSOX T. cox. ...WM. H. »IC«, J. !■» C3POWOOP.
Villon of Chants, Byrnes atd Tunes, design* dto mett
requirement# of the new Litur*y of the German Reformed
Church, and of Proterfant Choirs feneraliy. By LH.
StelncrandlLSehwins. Bound la Morocco, 91.3 X f13.5u
perdosen. _ _
Published by Oliver Ditson ft Cx, Boctra.
SMALL CAPITAL^—The subscriber wM sell out
his establishment on the comer of Griswoid and uarrisoa
atreet*. «b!eh U well knowu a* Warner a Maauractonr of
Homocy. SUmp, Gr*U, Cracket Wheat, Homlnr Meal. Gra
ham Flour. Feed. «ic. The business U well established,
growlcg and permanent. Or. be wIU take Into It a partner
—a mia of active buslneas habits—on favorable conditions,
Tne misfortune by are. °n3aturday iwt, **' forced
hlmujths. deSxS* li.O.WAQOAER.
■VTOTICE.—My hours of consult.!-
tion at ny oflce wJI be:
Pram 8 to 10 A. M„ and T to S P.M.
Tbe afternoon office hour (from 3* to belnr continued
Vktil further so lw. J(. F. COOKE. M.0.,
Odlce *ad Residence 21? Indian t street.
Corter Dearoom.
of BOOTS AJiD SHO f S for half cash and half unin
cumbered Real Estate, In this city. Inquire atWL**e
street. deSbmat
-J ■'A Bills. MOLASSES and SY
±t)U ECP, fcr i* »t 13 s^u*TLEic'o.
QfCA Quarter and Ilf. Chests TEA,
t) JU of exti* quality. WM.LITTLE4CO.
Sjuth W atex >t' eet.
QOK Bis. Virginia TOBACCO.
fj ±recentassortmentof Smoking andFineCut
Chewing. A jo, a gTeat variety of Y"ke« potions
Woodeo Ware. Brn«her. CoHaice.
everything that 1s usually iound ut>oothe
ofacountiy merchant. WM. LITTLE A CO.
Not the
The Boston Kerosenels galnlnr bostsnf Wend#. Tho«
who have Trnturtd tiyln* rlVi GALLONS art now or
dertnjasmanvßAKKELSata time. Tttts Oil—burning
without odor, leaving no deposit la the cbtxcncj*. w.thorn
crusting the wick, an I ato perfectly tninsnarctt—ha* n<>
»oi*rU>r in the worUfcr producing a »><t. sulil,c«onumlcal
ana non-eiploslre light. TV - Orders thuuLl be a«ldre*»ttl
to Limp and Oil Emporium.
de»6t-ned C. L. XOBt.E. Massgeraad Agent.
The first volume, with Beistlfal Illustrations, covering
The second ot the serin, entitled
Through Scotland and England,
Pemns selecting Book* for the Young cannot do betttr
than to examine tne»e beautiful volnaie*. whlchare Hotly
Illustrated. Tbejr»Ul b« foundpureln morals. instructive
and entntalnlmc, and altogether unique and popular La
their d Uru. FersaJebr
ffM. TOMLIXSOy. 91 Raadolph tU
The subscribers having formed a copartnership and
purchased the stoct formerly owned by 3le»ra U. P.
Emerr & Co-will eonduet tbr bajnea* ofseIIngAGIU
at the old sta d. SO4 Lake street, under the firm name of
AVllber. Emery & Co. CUAS. n.THAXTEK.
Chicago, Dec.1.1859. deSxlt
TXISSOLUTIOIf—The Co partner-
I * thlp heretofore existing under the Basse of Walker,
Branson * Cole, la this day aleumd by mutual consent.
The business of the firm wLI be closed bv ChaHes U.
Chicago, December 1 st, 199.
TIIE SUBSCRIBERS will continue the Bustnexa of
Walker, Bronsen Jt Cole at the old a and No. 90 Sctfh
Water street, under the ttyle and name of Walker &
GfcOttUE C. WALKfcK.
Chkago.Peccmberlst.lsM. degblMln
_l_ to'ore under the name and style of Bralsard
M Hutehlnsoa Is dav ilbMived by mutual consent.
The business of the firm wUI be doted up at their office S3
South Wa.er street. Either panv cin #l*n in liquidation.
Chicago, December Ist. ISA}. delaSt
• Embroidered asd Plain.
Slides and Clasp*.
In Pearl ani Jet. ,
4.30 P. M.
la SUrer, Is &2ieU. ind rich Boiemiia
I Glua.
I la Bohnn'An Glow, colored and flit.
Diamond Cat.
[Plain, Carved, lalald with cold aod
j pearL
jln terlifl Ware, ta Maaie, la Black
( vrough*, la alls.
•laEld, BBV, Ltcea aad Velret—*ooe el-
jln Gold, Jet, Stndal Wood. Cexal. Ti
j qcdae, B.rtla Ware tad Glut.
i And PCFFS. la CLlct>e Paper, Metal
! aad G'aai.
la Pearl, Jet, Coral, Turquoise. etc.
la Brsszr, GCtind SUrtr.
Ac, Ac,
jWlth aa endless variety of fa« ;ooda, u
1 1-|4 Lak«»it.
IO COUNTT. SS.—Superior Court of Cfcisa^o—Jiau rf
Tens. A. D.1560. Aadrew Wjlle ts. AHaa 0. Bryan—
Pahßc notice la hereby gtrea to the nld AHaa C.
Bryan that* writ of attachaeat l*eu«l otaof tie offiea
of the(Terk of the Sojvnor Coon of Chicago, dated
eUhteroth of NoTember, A. D, l&i>. at the salt of
the said Allan 1T.87U andmlsst the e*Ute of the
Asdrew "WyUe, for uesam of twenty heodrtd ud Dlserr*
fire dollar* lad tvect7*three cents, dtrecsed to the Sheriff
of Cooaty, wb'ch said vrtt has been retsroM ex
•»-*«*«*, 3iov, therefore, oalese 70a. the said Allan C.
Bh«b ehail penoaallr be mad appear before the said Sope«
rior Court of Chicago ca <ir bcfcre the first da 7 of the
Battens thereof to be bolden at the Ccmrt Boose la the
dtr of Chicago, oa the trat lloedar of Janaarr A, D.
1364, g!Tet9*aslbail asd plead to the nld plaintiff'»ac
tloa.Jodjm*Btw2]bee&tered ictlaaSToaaaa la fetor of
the add platailff. aadeomcch of tbe pmperty attached aa
car besefldsnt to the *- I ** asd costs,
vlube sold to satisfy the tamt
Mazxzs, Tut * Ki**» Pfc'ff'e Attrs. deto..l««d
Un t
ITJL Mad!«Bitnet,beive»2tat*aadDearbor3.
f tlie emenent Amer.aa actor
rho will, on lii'j ciciilon. appear la two tiuntf na,
S-jpporteJ by the Entire Company. V
This. Friday Evestag. will be prcaealed the popular do*
:otle play from the Uennxa ol Kotxbne, enWlea
Stianecr.....Mr.MarUoch| Mr*. llaller..Mls» Wocdtury
To coac'tbie *Uh the comedy of the
Vapid.,. ....Mr. Murdoch.
Mfua McYlck<r, Bndlrr, Myen. Leighton. Mru Mart It
and Mrs. liooxhtn the eaat.
Paicn or ud Drat Clnlc, Vc.;
Sfcoaj Circle, 2Sc.; i»«cr Pirn! a Boxe* M; Upper, U
CVDoonopea at ?; Curtain ri«n at 'S o'clock pt»
f3t*Bcx clSce o?ca fri 10 o'clock a. v. till 5 o'clock
.*_whta •tauaiabe»erurrdll>re«daTelaailraic«.
Z. G. SHERMAN, Principal.
Sl*. X. PARODI * Xnaar.
Sic. A. TORRIA2TC ~ Conductor.
Mr. e. KONZOXE Stags Maaijttr.
T e llanaxtr begs !an to moanc* that the fbllowluf
Zt'at Lyric itrtUU—
Thecrcat Prima Donna.
Tk« great Lyric CatUtxlce.
Ml* HATTre BRi
The roang American Prima Donna.
The illstinxoUbed Tenor.
The ctlebraUsl Baritone.
The rerowwd Ba*M,
And a full Cborua, with a complete Orchestra, under the
direction of the celebrated conductor, si*. ANGELO
TORttIAXL will ©pen at Metropolitan Halloa
ITlondmy ErenlDff, Dec* 5» 1859)
The lint gmcd Optra given wll> be TcnlTa brilliant
prod ctlon
In which the great Lttlc Caatatrlce, S jcn«. CAROLINE
ALAIUO will wuffl« Ue character of VIOLETTA VA-
I,krv, repportetl by a tplctuM cast of ebaracUn.
Front of PirqueUe and Dreaa Circle It 00
Back of Parquette ft'
tSTT.ckcU fjrsile at ibe Mule Store of Root A Ca.iy
wbeie a dlagrun o* (he Hall may t>« «?eaand *eatasecured
£7"¥ale o teals to commence on Saturday rooming at
9 o'clock. Doura open at 7 o'clock—to commence al 7\.
1859 16 T. M. A." 1860
The following gentlemen are expected to Jsrtire:
Rxv. T. !*tAKR KINO,
lUv. K. il. CUAPIN.
Paor. L.L. YdUMANS.
Rxt.T. W. UUi ;INSON,
JJf' llckrtf may he obtained at the stores of E. 9.
We.U, D.B.CookeJfc Co.wts.o Grtrxs; at the lUcb
mond, Tremont and Lirlgx* hou«#s, and of Librarian at
tneroofosof thesoe'etytn PorUaadUlcck.
11. Vf. Ku«. C. L. TkoniS, P. L. >■»***. Ltctsre
Committee. I*. L. SHKKMAN.
noaObUftSm Chairman.
ilore hnmorouily known u
t; Jtocsticks,»
Can be encased to Lecture during the month of Decern
Ur next in the Wertem Stat«i by isreemcnt with
Corrwprtndlne of the Youn* Men'a A>»oc!at!on
of the City oi who la authorised to make tuch
rn^agtmentJ l . noH-btHin
Win (We private Imnu to a few Scholars on the Corset
acd Violin. Apply at the office of the Great Western bantf.
csiser aad Learborn uticett. nolUM4*<m
i» I pectfullvtnformiber Menda and formerpnpU* that
her Daacicf Academy U now open for the *ea«on, at The
rooms I9ft Randolph rtrrft. eorsrr of Well*. Clasees for
Ladleaand Gentlemen.Tuej«L>y»a&d Fridays.from7to 10
r. v. Ladles and Children. Wednesday* and Saturdtrn,
f.o*» .>S'to«r. w. All toe new ctiace* taught.
Aoenibly every ilooday eTenlrg. For paflculam apply
at the IUII. T«rm.« m>wcraie. no?0xlw
MIRASOLE'S dancing
CounorClabk asi> MMEatraac* on Mad u.l
G.Mlraaole. lu retards.: his thania to his fritnds ami
patrons, has the pleasure of innnunelnx that hi» Danclnjr
Ar*.iffpy U now open r«.r the mi<oo. Tlie Children's Clan
nnderthed.rectlonof iliMlara M;r»»ole. U nowopen. tor
tencaaud partlcularsapply +X the Acad«my. se23-aMS 3m
\\TANTED —Wet Nurse wanted
» T Immediately. Apply at j"3f strrrt. delist
\Xf ANTEDi-A situation as Cook
» w Is alio'el or eating
a flret rate Cook. Can be beard of aX MRS. UATEs Office,
ITI Washington ttieet. where female help Inererr «ta
tion can be bad. delx3t
WANTED —Three or Four Gen
* I tlemes*can be aceomodited with pleuant rona*
and cood board at U7 State »tr*«t, llkewi*.» f«w day
t.ouder*. Term* reasonable and location eonTenlent. r.
O, 80*231 T. Bo2axl»
WANTED— To find William
Pre very and Son. Georte Drewery. wh~ moveC
to Chlei«o i rum Sbel lotne, Vt. shoold this adfertlieTerit
e»me to their knowledge will Uey plea»« a<ldrr*» ED
WARD DKCWEHY, Kendall. Kendall County. 111.
Y\7ANTED —A Gentlemen with
* * snme cnh. zoo>\ credit, an.l eonaklerable realetfate
latbitdty. lade»iiou* toenjca<e wl h»cme n»pcnslblei>ar
ty Li any aafe pa> loc bu*ln- s« or a*ei cy. None but to< te
who are welt known and established chiraCm need
All aimmuDkationa (trictly c>n2deuti*l.with real namea&d
kiou of b'Kne-M.. Address to 21. S« Dox 565,1'. U.
tc£S-bU3 lw
1 Property. North Wit?r street, Erery conreal
- for Pork Pacl.cr. and well adapted for CnmmlM.oa
nnH bltf lw
TO RENT—Very cheap to a de
il-aile tea*£t The subrcrlixr sot Inundln* to ©ee«-
pyhU house M<>. fit MlcMgan &v<n<ie fall of n«xt
j ear, will rest the sane till AOf&st or MM.
B.F. SUEbMaN. Oflct 13.
111 D<aibomitmt.
ww flrat-cLu* tdcfc dwelling. No. iCOWibubtre*
sue, near TwelfUi rtrect. Ibe buttse eoatzlns fourteen
rwau, with all rooderalupnmoeaU. Oooa bnck cubits.
Ml! rent low u> a responsible Uiut, or I will tell. 11>«
mosSof tb« purchase money on reauin for Ave tr man
y«ar« ta boudaad mnrtoi*. Apply 10
nct:-WTBm A. J. AVEBEiurpWabMh arcane.
TO RENT—Possession given imme
rflatly—The Dwelllnf lion* No. IT3 Sooth Jeffenon
ttrect,oa liietouthwesicomer <jf Jsdaon»treet. Tbelot
U«3 Dr 100 feet.aa.lli well uadetl ca both front* Tbe
fcmue Uin s<xxl repair. h *» • p!aakeJ cellar uhilt iha
whole; lwop*rior» c>aaectiag »fch foldlojc<loots; »d;n-
kitchen, p - *" ry aau waah-rocm ooUie 3r*i iror;
Ave dtumtxn. bata-rryjm, itcre- room, iif.c ud otMnv
tory aiwre, Alssoa tbe pnmisesa wood-hooee.bani saa
Supplied CMta With h)dr*nt kD<l CiKrra
water. laq'ibe oa tna prtnUc?, txot CAB*
TER, at SU Soatb Water ttreet. poS-bll3-lm
Ij'Oß SALE—l.ife Scholarship
JL So Drriat, Bell ± Stmtoo* tmt chain of CommexcUi
Cot We*. Apply 10 J. W. EVERLY, U the CoUt(*
Uooeu. dtlxlw
t?OR SALE—Cheap, a well se-
X? leciod Bock of GROCERIES aad FIXTURES ta
oae cf tLe tctj be*t iootlosa. for tddftji
-v»,- po»t oScebox laSJ. noamit
T?OR SALE—Two of Bryant, Bell
JL .* S rattan's Commerdxl CeVere SchioUnhlps. In
quire of BAitRI ± CCifllNO. Ma.itmn ttiwteoraer
rf flwrSnm sUMt. BOSttM twdaltW
J?OK SALE—A line residence lot,
JL t5 fett frott, oaWabuh aTttoe.utir Twelfth ftrwt,
for tue at lav pr c« aad no loa* time, bus a «b*u com
rcqulnddown. Ad-rtsa P.O. box 13&i»Chicno, lIL
T7OR SALE—The large and mag-
X? Jxiient Hut el la the dty of Bloomicftoa. knowa u
tb« Pi to House, ail ftunlabed thronfhutf, and ready for Ua
asedUxeoccaratioa. Aiio u« raJsab e cr-aac.in.cbed
for urns which a» nbcnL Apply lo L. D. OLMSTEp,
CMca-o. MbbdT-tia
TTOR SALE—Or to Kent Cheap—
JD The fouMiorr BHck BoUdlaj opaaia* on tbe aUey b«-
twcea CUrk and Deartyro atneta, la tha rearof saow'a
3£*rtle Balis lor. A. ean!t*l chanrw for a Maaonetaitnc
» Sin re Boom, or a Llrey 8 labia. r® r P :U>
tleolanlaiolreof WU.flBOflS, altha Proa aad Trtfciua
Office. St dark street. a03&56.1m
Fano In Pom County. Fl-. oo the Ohio Rlth\ iw
n'Sesfroffl Golc3a»i*,coniiia!a* SOaaunnder
/eo« aaii On tt are two rxitSpri-c** two-Wry
D wciUM Hoase wlia cellar, food CUtern. ILuciies, aan ke
H:ose. Sublet, CcrnCritf, Xu. At. »i! new and In frit
nu order, over *3.00* wnrtb of ImproTemetU, Horao*.
CaJtfe. Ac..to JO with it. Will *ll tb»»f»rrn cbop. or
trade for *oo<la. icca u Dry Goods Boots and Sb">es, «k»»
"ort«S»P9l»to GEO. V. BYHD.it
- , G«o. K H. HatheV OCc«,sj. 101 Deartonmn eL
Furs. furs. furs.
We *» reeeiTtrj a t ptadSd ittcrtaeat of
ComliUog la pill of
BanUs Sahla, Mirtia "tad Fitch
Mrrrs. crrFs/oLOVES, mittens, 4?.
* Also»larieSt«3csll»rl , ricedlara.
Children's Variety.
WolC. Geaaett, *od Boflilo
Robo. tore*, tad !a
tht best BtertU* muter. oorttock 1*
•ollcited. BJH|V*HA^MOSD,
BOi-t9oi-2s-l£p Dflilit, cor. WeUf.
51 o ixfnt.
jfot Sale.
: pans s AJTO THißuira
Tha foUomog are tho ruWs of tie
On# Sqoare, (3 Hue# a«a!e.) or.« le* rtlon • M
•* •* rtchiuWqumtJay.jwtiii n%
2 ~ t*ow«kJ,(«w 97 , .'.DO
** M oae oanlta. (:1m *i.» a.kd
" " three month.*, (4m i*»jy
" " tlx soixtbd. Tim 9iS.)
'• " oae ye 30i4
tr AScheJule Of Priccafor T-o.tiTMt thaaOaeSquai*
etabeMeasttheCoutloit ft.>on>.
t»-illTV»n.i.*t Jul*erti.*T3«iUio bo paid 3b AdTas«*.
ttT" All Change* chirztG 30 ceau per Square.
utb or ismnnxa a viiut nzzta jj» tuiwi
• L»iop«rS<iu4re,«Khwc<k,furlJr»l sxttfk.
SCO •• " !'.ir*ach su:rici»«it xotliu
U.'» ** •• fur on* year.
Suction 3altjs.
Sew and Second-band Fnrnitare,
On THIS FRIDAY. Dec mler SU.atlo o'eloct, w» vUI
sell at our »a!e*roc:a,
82 Itka Street 82
Cotu!atlߣ of
Marble top Tables, Canl and Centre ftaads Et-
Buck Cim and J'ecrtUrie-S Wfwk TaKia, Svfea,
Mahojcany Hair »:icih Ch-lr*. Km m« ami
Eur Chalra. ParV»r Sett*. French *i*l C<4to*»
Sewing Standi. MarUWTop a&d l'Laln Hurwu i»d Wruh
oaixU. Wardtobr*, Mifetaardi. Sitenrton Dln^n*Tab-o«,
Cane Chain and Rockers, Loan«?«. ll*Jr.>prin* and other
Mttirc«*e«.Tarkt-h aa4 Ea»y Cbatrs to stttc!>„
btorea and Mlrrora.
Jm Invoice of Carpet*. Rax*, Malta. Ofl Cloth and Stair
Carptt* cut la quantities to »u.t putcki^r*
A terse aa»Ttmcnt of best qoaHty of Wh'ta Crockery
a»I Ulaaawarr. In lot* to >uit buyeii. Tofcttwr »UH *
variety of Hoaaefceepitz Goods.
_Z"\_ Jftxlci Ls bertby given that I will *ell fw» »»4 o»W
--h&lf of Cturia !t. Do..liUl<s, at puMte Auction, it U* north
door of the Court Hon**. 13 ui* City of CMc**o» Coot
County, lillnoiK.'ca the >*euo»i «Uy of D« e* tu i*r. A. D.
1339. w twelve o'clock mob of tbtibf. tor (tih. tU fol
lowing prnpttty, to will—.That !>!«• and Carol of Unu
dtute la tb« city of Cnlcaeo. Coou County. lll>B«Kkno«a
*uddescribedmtoliowi: Tb«wcHpc—kirofouilotiMßn
tor •Uht**® CIJV to CuH Trat** Sq&dtvfaMn of wert
oM-tuufot Mctloa number tweiiry i? 7). town tktrry
bibs north, nng« fourteen o-^t.
n. O. S?ATrORD.
AttcwrrfbrC. tf. Douutoi.vWcm®, lIL
Chicago. Oct- 31 iaU).
7G • • I9tmrb«rm Strut, • • 70
1 few doer* North of the Pott OOcp, CMeuo. llUaoi*.
fVPrompt att*nt on riven to th» sales of all kind* off
pmwrty it our Auction l»ooin«, cr any part of tbf_dty
We refer, by permMtui, U» Me*sr». lUown A WUder.
Gas Fixture Dialer*; J. A- Smith A Co. Hat and Fnr
Dealers; A. J. UaUoway M Co., Laa-i ApiU: D. B.
Cooke A Co., UootL*!lrr 3 ; Kcv.SoM Jt I-U-'H.nt'erg. Dry
Goods: G.W. Gafc, E*i.. Tr«-irw.t Hotue; H. t>. Stone.
£*•]; Utwrty Blptlow. fcja.; Willi im rrlcf, Sxi.: Obcdlah
Jackson tioolln*. tnoma* .t Roberts, Auorreys;
"Tt. r. Cvrrr, Marine naak: Cfeas. Tobr* ♦ Bfy .
Furniture Dealers >ll of Chk-y\ oetJa7Slßy_
a 'T".r n-t cnxsii> ;toy
No. 177 ndolph tf- third dour east ofth« BrUcsUovse.
Catb AdrutaiuJ« on Good* lor fnblli *ud IMntH
Sale. Particular attention clr.-n to fit-door
Regular sale daw. Tuesday* Thursday* and
AnplvStonce Roomsf'-rrvntati&wratca. •»—7*
jaoncj) aus (Sicfjange
Notrs wanted.
jrf3y B. F. DOWNING A 'P.. « IT-ark itr—.
l»jl Time and S!„"bt BUI* on New York. Boston and
New OKeaiutmr-hverl on tetra«. C»»h Mwrfil
on flour. provisions, Jtc„ »*>>nM lined t<> Z. S. EJt Jt Cfv,
York. Al*\ on znlnsad uther p:.«bic«» 1n ft* )*efe, by
On Jlcw York.
Draft*. Acceptance*, and N« to»pald!n N»w Yorkoa th*
dajrufmatiintv. orl*«t div i»T icr>c-.\aaJ tnouey CctwM«*
f.iracconntlnibe dtv of NVw Yi>r». and to decsux
thenclnity of New Yotb.'-n tp!tfenth'cor<l»™.
apis tr cyj EXIERY Tdcgtaph Otgoe.
\rONEY TO I.OAX.—I lend
L»A Xoner on Ch!eas» R-*al Eitatc SeeuritJe# ronnJne
from tlx months to two »«».
I D >C'>nnt N"tf«.
1 ne«otUtu three to 3ve yror» »aa»lw;.nDi Uii wt cent,
lltfmt. Cll,\K!,l.H If. lIAU.
o«;r ;+< !aiit«rr>et.<'U<M<.
fentox « co„
On Ileal K»(ate«
Oflce, 111 f *-", corner Clark strvct. Room No.^
BO Alt DIX G—Pkawint rooms
audb«itßlon within :h>e? uikuUftT
walk of the Post Oflce. j'l.'o a: N •• 5» 3 or t:»»l MretU
uuSS-lw .
OOAUDING.—Within ten miii
• » utrtwaltof Ih-P-St OiTW.S 'j h Sid*. 1-Ult» «f*«-
twlmom*. furnlsheil or unf.trj'«fcc«f. "'th Iwatdl to flr»t
cia>«famUi>-a. » few •!' <!«• r -»i"N «uy
boardmacotnm-Hlatfd. A»t' ar.tcaMhoUft tw
nertUpplvexcept wtlii KO-HlrtMvi:cr».
nrc-ill at CORNELL X CO.'h XLithlae OfflC. MS
Lake »tre«t,grat 63 E.Uaa Place. uoijxew
(Seneral Xoticts.
TT'RANCAIS—JIns. Alex. Oisnard
JJ Teiflicr of fn.-ch !a :VCh»»c> Ht*l» Svhool
and In - minary. h:i» th'!"" " r l " i *■*.!' iVI'V"
h* hwla'ely rent <l.aa«i nnifve! n». il.»>oue>o. I.S Ad
am* *treef. when? he ran ftimi-h and »o>l£TiC t' l * '*•'
prrtonsdenlroos of Jwini'"* French or of perfxtin* inem-
Selvcjlnth.t lan.wr. »«• or.'l- .ir* C»verr»*: t« te»-
w>m. Reference# required. .WJr\;i lbs S5S* Cliievy»
L the States of lillncl*. Indiana, Michigan, Wteonaln.
I»vra» illnnejuU, MU*»uti, Kaon* >cbr.u» . or «.y or
th«ro. wishing a remunerative Af«C*
firm Ui Chicago, will b« liberals d«lt wttn br
with full n»m<* and une\c«t-t!on w<«» reference* lk»i 35tl
Pom Oflc*. Cblearo. statlm: their cpmple!e route ana tto
nature of bujine*»they are traveling ft.r.
co£>bl 4T-lwd*2tw _
AISARGAIN. —Two Lots 25 ft.
front by 11<> fret deep. on Tvrl<*r »tp-«t near UfcWed.
on grnutn and dry, Je»irjt>!e for f rcen ' l l™
•ttO ncn cuh, to a concern. Apply lo
P ttUSalMi. SO South Clark street. noi»c»g-Ua
"V"OTICE.—AH Persons Having
ll CookCoucty an» notiafil to file th»
aame with theuodet* ! ini*d on or befoie Mb of Pet#®*
l*r next. If not so fl!ed tliey will nnt be acud «r*»& '*®
Cblcagn. N'or. S3.l«V>. no»bl«'6t
"VTOTICE.—The Annual fleeting
I 1 of tl;e Stoekhnlt'ert tM tlanfen Cl?y illflln*
Coifpaav will b« he'd at «bts oUwof the SecjUfT on th»
>eci*id Slondiy, It'll »f I'otVßitxr nett, at 3«c!'»ek T.
for the election of Seven Director* Mr tt»* miuiDfiTW. *»
m.'h other bus:aca» u may come '"f•
noia-t<>-lm 'KOIIT. H. How, gecy.
Cod IjiTcr Oil Jelly.
TheS. Y. Aculer.yof MtJleineeertify tfcat it contain*
l»in*«tai:iVt'>t tJ.at C.K to be*• «littn*t
td must be transformed m iU.e
21—'Tbat in which Cikl L.verOjll»
prescribed, the tintnaeh oflte i»cotto pnr ecn
dlll.n tomake emol.ive all th.- ut
"siUTtSaSfflrOn JcVj te *t acomponndofoa
and nun r.i» an emult ton of ttM 1f *» »oou a* In contact wita
altqiLu; which ukr»p:aeead >"<onju It reaches the *•>•
mach.whatever;uconJlt;on maybe. _ ... _
<th—Tlut m met when the I'hyslcianbelUTtsrod U*er
OH to b« prescribed aa a *p«*i2c or otherwl*. lay Jell* la
more n-lbt>le than the crudi oi!, beo* » »OJ-d»
mustreinaia Intae Btc»m»c».toutMUrco Kbe
ofOi*e»tlon and »«">i Utio*. wnm m the ".ontrwy tn»
liquid oil will ran eff lnoperat!*c. if the »t-Biich. »•
»:ited. Is not la a oond'.Uon to
waysls tnoreor ten tLe case wbee the oil U .
from the abovr ronsldwa.lt.n, the iurxrJorlty of^Qn«i *
Springfield F. and 31. Ins. Co.
Capital tad Surplus si 48 1 3U.86»
Surplus $231,097.69.
nope fire ixs., co.,
Capital f?* Surplus $179,541.53.
and Sorplu $242»104.94«
Knickerbocker Life Ins. Co.,
Capital and Surplus $220,000.00.
Offlco No. IjDolo's Bniriling. Corner oi
Sooth water and Clark Bts.
[itSlaWCn lit t»1
W« Jut* ttd *,!• tztzzf of
Manttlictand by J. H* Swartwout A Co.
Eivmlr forth*ClTT TRAD*, and w» ar« to
All order* for from O.NEtu »t fcr ayu^-'
oeH-aW-3m-l»tp s*n«H» Water-it.
aelC>T3.*fta lap m Lu« Stmt.
AUSTEH Genu!™ tor i»te by
Inn nnn KEET OF 2 & 3
-LUU*' /UV/ laeh
AlttK My qoanlitr <* Mour Bam-l l,Wi MhU
a** Cora w U M alouc« for la
yyj prov'elon* w*Dtcd. SASTiIAjf»
uißc* W. Ufoicr «t. fret, RaaJuipn wd W ashia<toa aU.
mm M Cn*. m I TU!<xi fcr rfoa tco
frria* Intern In Balci for S>'«br
pen OS AGO.

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