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Afidr£< “IMtKS'i AND TRIBUNE.” Chicago, 311
thxss & SrUmttE
Tho Truss and Tribune Priming Company
advertise a life of Ann aham Lincoln to appear
iu a few days, by the authorization of tho lic-
publican Central Committee of tho State of Illi-
no:s. Tho gentleman to vrlomtho prepara
tion of the volume Is entrusted, has peculiar
facilities fjr obtaining the particulars of the
early hit-lory and public career of Mr. Lincoln*
and bis work, soon to bo put to press, will be
authentic and reliable in every particular. De
signed Ur universal circulation, the volume’
will be of moderate length—CO to 80 pages—
nnd will bo furnished at an exceedingly low
We have printed in a neat and convenient
form, tho Kelmtducax Platfokm, adopted at the
late National Contention, which we oiler for
sale ut SI.OO per hundred. Send iu your orders.
We print iu anotlier column a scries of res
olutions adopted by a public meeting in the
North Division, on Saturday evening last, in
which the Mayor nnd Councilman are briskly
ov- rhauled.
We have no doubt ol the zeal of those who
arc iu possession of tho ciiy government, in
their attempts to keep down municipal expen
se s; but there is a point ia this thing beyond
which it is not economy to go. Care for tho
public weal and pioper consideration for life
and limb are to bo pul before the question of
dollars and cents; and wo trust that in pur
suit of their plan of a cheap government, the
City Fathers will not commit errors which no
lavish expenditure enp repair. ' . . .
Another scries of resolutions frem the
Teeth Ward, of similar import, aro before us.
We have declined to print them because of
the objectionable in which they
are drawn. Lu us hope that tho complaints
of the aggrieved will bo examined, and if well
founded, redressed.
ITlr*’ Lincoln's Ztnii-Slavrry Opinions
Xwenly-TUrce Year* Ago.
The State Journal brings to light an impor
tant document on tV.o slavery question, pre
pared by Mr. Lincoln’in the year 1837, dur
ing Ills first term of service iu the Illinois Leg
islature. Too importance of tho paper coo
sists.uot so much in tho intrinsic ideas there
expressed as in tbetime they were avowed and
promulgated. Let it be remembered that tho
protest hero recorded was written teven years
before the conscience ot the nation became suL
Ibiently aroused to give the smallest political
significant to tho idea, that American slavery
is a great aud threatening evil, whoso growth
should be at once arrested.
We quote from the State Journal:
In 1*35-7 Mr. Lincoln was one of ihe Repre
sentatives in tbe i-es'tdatur* from Sangamon
county, and during the sesdon, as usual, reso
lutions taking ad extreme Southern view on tho
subject of slavery, were brought forward, dis
cussed and finally adopted. Mr. Lincoln refused
to vole for them; but took advantage of the 1
constitutional privilege allowing any two mem
bers to enter their protest upon the Journals of
the House to give his views on the subject in
the farm of a protest. The paper is worthy of
being produced at tbe present time, and wc give
it, os follows:
iUrchOd. 1K7,.
The fuHowmzpm’crt wajprcrrnted U.tho IT on m. which
wosT’ailu d ordvr.dtr. h- >i*r<vid on th«* J'*u nsl'.tuwli:
** itMolutlcn* the suLUct of t«.nitftic#lav*ry h»».
Inz paued both urundir* of the Ootivral Awunhlv at Ut
prrM-iit tctMon. the under dieted l.ercty proUet agllnet the
«.f the ramu.
Tsiy hell* tv that the institution of ahvrry It founded on
If ith ifj iOir. .(ltd Ul l ttnttlic promulgation « f
ulwVulon duel mice Utidg i.thtr 1o lu.'rvaac than abate Up
TJi**vM>v*th4tt*»c of the TJoHedStates hm
a «i*»wcr,u-.«lTth.M>n*tl mloa. t' Intrrieie uitlitbc In
tlitutlnn uf »b\vry ln»L« stifer.
Toey bdi'vetlul lh« Coacrrmof iLe Uiiltel States hu
the po»-<r. imdrrlhe On«'ltutlon. ti uSolisL sUTcrv Id the
JjiaWist nf Ooium)>ia; but that the fowi r ueglit Bf.l In 115
cmcl-cd autos al ILt Kyucil cf Uie iieoi>l«t cf said l)b-
Tile iHTerrtic; between these ojl'l-ms an<t those contain
ed to Hi** said fCBoluUuB’ 1 , is Heir rci*o» for i-m crier this
protest." ' J>AN STONr,
JlcproeulaUvca from the Cotirty of Saueunon.
An 44 Irrepressible Conflict” among
llic Connecticut Democracy*
[From the New Haven Palladium 1 -
The Democrats of the Legislature have been
in trouble ever since their endorsement of W.
W. Eaton and hU slave-code speech. The irre
pressible conflict has broken cut among (hem.
The present disturbed stale of the political at
mosphere renders it impossible to tell which
way the wind blows, and consequently these
patriots are unable to say what tuelr opinions
are, just at present. A caucus was held night
before lust, at which it was hoped the mailer
would be decided. At this meeting there was
considerable freedom of speech—reporters be
ing excluded. The Ji*gisttr says that the Uon.
Elisha Johnson, of Hartford, uilered a series of
resolutions,containing aa approval of the course
of the majority of the delegates to the Charles
ton Convention, with inferential instructions to
the delegates to support Mr. Douglcs in the
MdUimcre Convention. The discussion was
lengthy and animated—but the resolutions were
finally*laid upon the table by a rote of S3 to 29
—ana the following, by Mr. tJeymour, of Litch
field, was adopted:
jttnirfdy ‘ilist n*Democratic m*mlienor fieConntcti’
cut Loji-eUmie. weco»-*lJer It neMlirr our dntr uor «ur
rlthttueenraruor endorse the action of t w c Chirlottun
Lcl<'gatus Iroio U.U Mule-Jut we rrpwiiur the tbit
any net of can. since >lit* cuirnnerctniMit rf the present
ncMion, cai Im fa'tlr ronstiuedoAan Ludlcatlou of ourpui
ereaeea tu to ihc Prrs’drctL.) nominee, or an commlUlac
our»elve« loony rm—and tlial w«* pledge ometves
unltcdlvaud ha'iLonfoU 3/ to nuimoit the candidate who
may l>e at tli< approaching Kultmiuro Conven
tion for President of tLc United Stalt-a."
It seems, then, that the Donglisitcs were
snubbed again, a majority of the caucus voting,
against their resolutions.
The resolution finally passed is sufficiently
diplomatic for all practical purposes. “We re
pudiate the idea that we have now or ever had
any opinions. AVc don’t think, ut all.” To all
questions as to what principles thev hold, the
Democrats of Connecticut answer, with Field
ing’s model diplomatist:
“ Indeed. I canmt pottlbly say.
Uiit, as near u I tan tuw, 1 cuuno'. tell."
It is said that a certain bird builds its nest
with tiro openings, so that it can wheel without
damage to its tail. Itsixample Ims been fol
lowed by the Connecticut Democracy.
The Game Cocke of ll»e AdmUtratlon*
Polities seem to be taking both an ornitho
logical and a bellicose tarn—though the Amer
ican Eagle is not Involved in the scrape—but
the SpmishCock. ToeA’ico President—Breck
inridge—we mention his name because V. P.r,
luring nothing to do, their names are generally
fi.rgotlen—owns one game-cock. The Secre
tary of Wor—the Hon. J, B. Floyd—is proprie
tor of another. So says Porter’s Spirit of the
Times. These noble birds, worth immense
prices, arc to be pitted publicly against each
other, and a larger gathering of the polite
world is expected to be present than ever favor
ed a similar exhibition. ~
Senator Dougins, who is proverbial for his
savotr faire , should if possible ns on offset get
up a bull-terrier match with J. B. himself; or
ifj. B. own* no dog, with Mr. Slidell or Mr.
Bright, because it is uof proper that the Vice-
President and the War Department should
have a monopoly of such elegant sports.
We must not forget to mculum that the
names of these two game-cocks are Gen. Con
cha and Gen. Ortega. They are in splendid
condition and eager for the fray. By all means
let the meeting come off before ihc Japanese
Embassy quits AVarbington. The Oriental
princes should have as correct notions as pos
sible of the manner* and habit* of the princes
near the occidental Tycoon.—A*. Y. Tribune.
Before the Nomination.
At the great Republican Ratification meeting
held in New Haven, on Tuesday last, Hr. J. F.
Babcock, editor of the Palladium of that city,
read an extract from a letter from Mr. Lincoln,
written just after the Connecticut State election,
in reply to one in which Mr. Babcock bad sng.
gested his (Lincoln’s) nomination for the Pres!-*
dency. It was as follows:
“ As to the Presidential nomination, claiming
no greater exemption from selfishness than is
common. I still feel that xny whole aspiration
should bo, and, therefore, must he, to be placed
anywhere, or nowhere, m may anpeer most
likely to advance onr cause.” J **
From Washington,
WAsaicorox, June 4.—lt will be recolUrtaA
that the Pacific Hailrotd bill wa* re -committed
by the Bouse to the Select Committee on the
subject, in order to remyve tbe difficulty grow
ing out of tbe powers proposed to be bestowed
upon tbe grantees, and to render the franchise
more secure. This forenoon, in the Committee
Mr. Fentou ofiered an amendment, which was
unanimously agreed to* providing, that tbe
grantees, or their associates, shall not be or be
come vested with any grant, riebt, or interest,
secured by the bill otherwise than in a corpo
rate character and capacity, to be first acquired
by them, or such of them as shall accept the
terms and conditions of this act, and State ju
risdiction in and through which the contem
plated Railroad shall be constrocted*
Important! Very!
Baltimore, June 4.—The schooner Peter
Clinton arrived here this forenoon from New
prlesns, with the body of John McDonough.
WfytprtM (h xhxmc
More than One Hundred Miles
March of a Whirlwind.
Appalling Dealnictlon by a Tornado.
Albany, Whiteside County, in Enins.
Bouses, Barns, B.H. Cars Demolished.
Lou of Life at Garden Plain and ster
ling, and Lee Center.
Etc., Etc., Etc
It becomes ourpalufuldutyas journalists to
place in order such details as we have received
of a roost appalling and wide-spread calamity,
which on sauuday evening passed over a portion
of our own and an edjonin&Slate, iho most de
structive and frightful in loss oflife aud proper
ty that bos ever visited the Northwest, It well
nigh realizes the worst we have ever read of
those scenes .of elemental strife and devasta
tion which have been deemed peculiar to tbe
tropics. Tbe tornado io question will stand
thus far, (and long hereafter wc trust) without
a parallel in the annals of disasters in our
northern clime.
Prom the best information we have been able
to collejct thus far, the the track of the tornado
extends from the heart of Linn county. Iowa»
near Cedar llapids, the present terminus ofthe
Chicago, lowa A Nebraska Railroad, in a gene*
rally north-east direction across Clinton county,
crossing the Mississippi at Camanche and Al.
bany,—towns fronting each other respectively
on the lowa and Illinois thence
maintaining its course towards the centre of
the State, across Whiteside inio Lee county, its
latest ravages heard from up to present writing
being near Lee Centre.
The entire distance thus traversed is upwards
of one hundrtd miUe t and that through a popu
lous and fertile fainting region, dotted with
thriving towns some of which, us we have be
low to record, fell in the path of the destroyer*
To trace the entire route, and set forth in de
tail the devastation that marks this march of
tho fearful messenger of ill, the catalogue of
lives lost, of homes laid waste, would fill a
volume. It will not be collected readily, never
entirely; but enough will be placed over against
the date of Sunday, June 3rd, to set forth rea
sons that have caused it to be in each recurring
June a sad anniversary for thousands of bleed
ing hearts throughout this region.
By means of attentive correspondents at va
rious points of the scene of terror, by informa
tion furnished by. eye-witnesses who have
reached this city, and by special reporters who
have been instructed by telegraph to send us
such details as they could procme, we are in
possession of a mass of iuformuticu which,
though it lacks completeness and minuteness,
will nevertheless give our readers snch reliable
details from the several and numerous points
visited, as to acquaint them with tho nature and
terrific violence of this visitation. We have
chosen to present our material in the order of
following the route of the tempest. --
The tornado seems to Lave bad its origin, us
above stated, in Linn county, about sixty miles
west of the Mississippi river, :.T>cui nightfall,
its ravages being, as fur as beard fiom, in the
vicinity of Cedar Rapids. Thence It passed in
a direction a little north of cast, .-cvcral times
line cf the Cliicogo, loivai Ne
braska railroad; - At Lisbon Stuii-n, sixty.four
miles west ofCiiaton, the depot Mnutuies were
demolished, and a train of ten freight cars stand
ing on the track were lifted bodily from their
trucks and dashed to pieces. ■ Some of these
were loaded with grain, which was scattered
broadcast for rods. One was loaded with lum
ber, which was carried and dispersed manv
yards distant.
A correspondent, Frank Howig, writes us
from Dewitt, Clinton Co., twenty miles west of
the river, as follows:
The southern portion of our town was viriied
by a most fearful tornado beween the hours
of 0 and 7 P. M. Sunday, leveling everything in
its course, and carrying sorrow and'death to
very many families. The entire number nf
deaths cannot be known at this early hour, but
from 1G to 18 are known to have been killed.
A chicles are now leaving for the country to
bring in the dead. Eleven dead bodies now lie
m the old De Witt House awailipg the action
of the Corom r. Some of them are fearfully
mangled. The city proper seems to have
escaped injury, with the exception of broken
fences, Ac., but on <1 line nearly cast aod west,
and from one to two miles south, the destruc
tion seems complete*. Tb’o ttvo. story brick
bouse of George Ames, an old and wealthy resi
dent here,;is completely demolished—not one
brick left upon another. Among the dead are
Mr, and Mrs. Foster, son and daughter, Mrs.
Sarah Hatfield and rod, Mr, and Mrs. Gregory,
Ac. lu one family of 15 persons I just learn 2
cscapedalivc. In another tumlly all were killed,
except an infant which was carried into &n ad
joining lot and found by its crying. The city is
shrouded in universal gloom."
From the samo place L. Sheldon writes as
follows :
About 6 o’clock a terrific hurricane passed
one mile south of this place, taking everything
in its course. The first house blown dowu was
that of Wzl. Smith who lost bisyoungest child •
then L. Lowery’s house was all blown awuy
and three injured; Henry Dwire’s do. family
saved; K. G. Drake do., lamily somewhat in
jured; -Mr. PearsoVs house gone, himself and
wife badly injured, three children and mother
slightly; Mr. Betts* house gone; Geo. Ames’
house gone, sou injured slightlv; Mr. Fuller’s
house and barn gone; his wife and child badly
iojured; Mr, AVolrod, house gone. There was
seven persons^ iu tho boose and six of them were
killed; Mr. Wallace, house, bam and corn cribs
all gone; family safe; Mr. Hatfield, hou^cand
barn gone; himself and wile badly injured;
Mr, Foster and lamilv, consisting of four per
aoiis visiting with him* were all kilted; five oth
er persons about his house were also kilted;
Mr. Burnett’s house gone; his oldest daugliter
somewhat hurt. Thu includes the mostof the
damage lor about seven miles in its track, be
yond which wc have hut rumors of disastrous
effect. The whirlwind seemed to commence
about four miles southwest of here and ccnia
direct for our town, but as it was within a mile
of here, it veered to the en*t and left ns just
outside of its vortex, and increased in fury as
it went east, making u dull but roaring.
Large trees were twisted like pipe stems, and
cattle, hordes and hogs—in fact anything lb it
bad life was killed or mangled. Same of tho
wonnded were carried from 50 to 100 rods from
where the houses stood that they were in. As
fur as heard from there have been 1C killed.
Theiewerell dead bodies brought into town
lost night.
At a point seventeen miles west of the river,
the name of which we are not in possession of
several houses were torn to pieces, and from
which scene a man set off on Sunday evening,
riding post ha-te to the river town of Oamancbe,
Clinton Co., for aid. He reached it only to
find the tornado had preceded him and left the
town in ruins. It is at this point that the most
appalling fores of the tornado was displayed.
Comanche is a town of about fifteen hundred
inhabitants, eight mßos south of Clinton. It
occupies a level plain or plateau, elevated about
fiflsen feet above the.river. The town was
built along and immediately upon the brink of
the Mississippi, and somewhat compactly for a
western town, this being one of the compara
tively older points, and founded In 1537. It
bad numerous substantial buildings, and others
in erection, and three cbnrcbes.
The tornado came upon Camanche about 7
P.M. An eye witness describes it in appear
ance as resembling an turtrUd liay-eock, its
broad point sweeping the earth in its fearful
march. As it came, a peculiar moaning sonnd
struck the ear, beard even at some distance on
either side tho track.
Almost without warning it struck the devoted
and in a track about a quarter of a mile
wide the tornado passed across the very heart
of the town. Human pen or tongue utterly
fails to describe the the scene of terror, of
mortal peril and agony that ensued.
The air darkened by the black pall that trail
ed as a minister of death from the heavens,
was filled with rushing torrents of rain, frag
ments of crushed and shattered buildings, and
eriefe, and shrieks, and prayers for help. All
was over In less than three minutes, and where,
ere that brief interval, had stood a thriving
village, all was now terror, desolation, rain.
Not a single business building in the town re
mained standing. The large three story brick
Structure, the Millard Mow, built and kept by
H. G. Sessions, formerly of Erie, Pa., was to
tally destroyed, and rendered a shapeless mass
of rubbish. In this building quite a number of
persons were killed, though how many had not
been definitely ascertained, Three stores be
ncath the hotel were destroyed with their con
tent*'. The three churches of the town were
A noble brick structure, nearly completed
for business purposes, three stories high and
one hundred feet front by eighty feet deep, was
aUo totally destroyed. One correspondent—
J. Van Deventer, Esq., of Clinton, who visited
the scene on Sunday night, writes that “scarce
ly a house Is left in an inhabitable condition in
Camanchc, and more than half the population
are without a place of any kind to lay their
beads. They arc entirely destitute, without
food, shelter, or clothing, except what they
wore when they rnshed from the falling build
ings to save their lives.”
The entire length of Front street was a scene
of ruin. The dwelling a Ur. Waldorf was
demolished and Mrs. W, killed. Several dwell
ings standing on the brink of the river were
blown into the river and their inmates drowned.
A large raft was passing at the time with
twenty men on board. These were all carried
into the stream and drowned and the raft bro
ken up. Manifestly amid such terrific violence
and ruin, the lass oflife mast have been serious,
and it was so/ One account places the number
killed at over fifty. Up to 7 a. m. yesterday
morning tldriy-tighi dead bodies bad been re
covered from the ruins and were being identi
fic d amid a scene of grief and anguish that sur
passes description.
The tornado struck Camanche about seven
p. m., and passing acroes the river struck the
opposite and smaller town of Albany in White*
side County. This bos about 800 inhabitants,
and is of about the same age as Comanche. A
bluff, a not very abrupt rise of about fifty feet
extends aloug at the rear of the business par :
of the place. As at Camanche tho tornado
passed through the heart of the village, leaving
scarcely a house uninjured, and utterly demol
ishing many of them.
Two churches were destroyed, one of them a
substantial brick structure. Happily the loss
of life in the latter visitation is less from some
cause. As at Camanche many were wounded
and there were countless miraculous escapes.
A Mr. Samuel Hopper, a merchant of Albany,
who has been making purchases, in this city,
received a dispatch last evening that both his
house and store were destroyed, though his
family escaped uninjured. The store was near
the river, the house back on the bluff
Intelligence from the two towns thus destroy
ed was dispatched at once by fleet messengers
to Clinton and Fulton for aid. There the news
caused a most intense excitement. At Clinton
the steamer Queen City was lying nt the land
lug. Capt. Bristol promptly fired up his boat
and by 1) p. M.she bad left for the scene of the
calamity, with a full load of persons eager to
bear sympathy and aid to the afflicted. Mils
South, Esq., also sent down a special train on
theC. X. A 0. 11. K.
Mr. Butterfield, Conductor of the Dixon Air-
Line, who reached this city yesterday was one
of the passengers on the Queen City. He de
scribes the scene presented as heart rending.
Mr. IlerWugton, Mail Agent on the same route
also went down from Fulton by private convey
ance. Otbi'r gentlemen we have seen who ris
ked the spot.
All was the wildest disorder, and shrieks mid
cries resound ?d in all directions. Many weru
maimed and injured, and of these the greatest
number were wt>men and children. Parties of
men were exploring the ruins with lanterns.
Women were rutbing frantically to and fro in
frenzied quest of their husbands. Children
were wailing in fright and terror- Everything
was alarm, anguish, and confusion.
Everything was done in both Alban? and Ca
mancheduring Sunday nigbt to administer such
relief as was at hand,' and early
.morning special trains .commenced running ev
ery two hours on the Chicago, lowa, and Ne
braska Railroad, bearing medical attendant,
nurses, and means of relief, and returning
with loads of the sufferers to Clinton and Ful
ton, where more could he done for their com
Throughout yesterday the wounded were
being brought up by these trains. The condi
tion of these devastated and ruined communi
ties Is pitiful indeed, and demands, as it will
not do in vain in Chicago, Immediate and large
hearted liberality in their behalf. A corres
pondent from Clinton writes us:
“ AVe want you to create a sympathy for the
sulferers, and to start some scheme for their re
lief. We shall stand by them here to the end,
but we want Chicago’s assistance also.
“Contributions of any kind—money, food/
clothing, etc, sent to the Mayor of this city,
will be properly applied.”
Our evening dispatches, in another column,
furnish names and details that could not be sup
plied earlier in the day, •By the same,the fear--
fa! marks of the progress of the tornado are
traced to the heart of Lee County, with loss of
life at Garden Plain, Como, and other points.
Near the latter place a farm bouse was torn to
pieces, and three children killed* Some of the
furniture was carried to a distance of three
A gentleman who was a passenger northward
on tbs Illinois Central Railroad, counted seven'
teen buildings destroyed on the line where the
tornado crossed that road. -It is impossible to
estimate the loss of property by this calamity.
To the farmers it will bo immense. Cattle'and
stock were killed in large numbers both at the
homesteads and at pasture. Fences, houses,
orchards and standing timber, all were destroyed
along the broad line of the tornado’s march.
Fragments cf clapboards,. siding, Ac., were
found at Fulton, believed to bare been carried
from Albany, a distance of eight miles.
The very surface of the ground was*rent and
torn os by ploughshares, along the course of the
destroyer. One eye witness* stated that the
turf Is In spots torn up. One man hack of Co
manche on the prairie was blown from his bed a
distance of tin niff rods /
A. A. Terrill writes us from Sterling: *
In Column, four miles south of here.a Mr.
Cogswell is nearly killed. A Mrs. Kimball is in
a dying condition. Iter child was killed instant
ly. A Mr. Pike is dying, and his wife is dead.
At Lyndon tho loss of life and property is yet
more severe. A man aod wife are known to be
killed, and many more are missing.
All is excitement, and the whole town have
;one into the conntry to aid the sufferers. It is
impossible to tell the extent of the storm and
its effect*. In Colona Mg. Gonlder’s bouse is
entirely demolished, so that one man can cany
any piece that is left. Mr. AVood had his bouse
unroofed, and thrown entirely off* the founds- •
lion. Mr. Kimball’s house is entirely destroyed/
The fences r.ll over the country are blown
dowu, and the crops are in danger of all being
It is believed that it is worse even than the
Pana, Ellison, or the Galesburg disasters.
Our town is entirely depopulated. Every
body has rone to tee the extent ot tho destruc
tion, aud to aid as best they can. No reports
have been received from the scene of the disas
ter since this morning. The whole city is in
gloom, aod all feel that this is a severe stroke
of Divine Providence upon our county.
Tho'bodiesof three men were brought into
Albasy from several miles east of that
place, where it is thought they were over,
taken by the whirlwind on the open prairie. At
Fulton at the time of the tornado there was a
violent tempest, with a fall of large bail-stones.
For further particulars of this visitation we
refer our readers to onr special and regular dis
patches in our telegraph columns. Let us close
with urging our citizens to move at once in the
work of material sympathy and aid. Let' Ch
icago generously come forward, and that at
once, in behalf of tho sufferers whose distress
is great, and who should not plead in vain.
Fete Cqampetrb.— Under the management of
the ladies connected with Grace Church, a
pleasant rc-nnion will take place at the Hyde
Park House on Thursday evening,the 7tk inst,
the proceeds to be forthe benefit of that church
Strawberries and ice cream will be served np
in abundance, accompanied by music from the
Light Guard Band. A train of cars will leave
tbc Illinois Central Depot at 6.15, stopping at
Twelfth street, and returning will leave the
Hyde Park Honse at 10.30. Prico of tickets,
which includes railroad fare and refreshments,
sl.oo,—to be found at the Richmond House, and
Bowen Brothers, 70 Lake street. The attractive
place for the meeting, the cause for which the
proceeds are to be devoted, and the agreeable
entertainment promised, are sufficient guaran
tees that it will be one of the most delightful
parties of the season.
A Fixe AssontXßXT or Sicokd-Haxd Fcbxi
tcaß.—-Gilbert & Sampson will sell this mom*
log, at store No. 82 Lake street, Second-Hand
Furniture of an extra quality, in perfect order,
for n family declining housekeeping.
Auction Sales tbls Day.
hew ard eecond-band Fum'ture, Carprta, Crockery,
Mlrrora, A:., at o'clock, by Gilbert St fcatnpson, Ate
Weather ITlotter»—Tlie storm of Sun
day Evening.
The weather at the close of last week was
milder and, remote from the influences of our
lake region, sultry, especially daring Sunday.
In this city, toward nightfall, black clouds trail
ed along the horizon, add as evening shut in, the
darkness of the heavily draped heavens was il
lumined almost incessantly by flashes of almost
uninfermittent lightning. The scene of ele
mental strife was manifestly at a great distance,
as there was in this city little or no thunder ac
companying the flashes which followed each
other iu.rapid succession. We shall wait to
hear from other points, of injury received to life
and property, nothing, we trust, however, to
compare with what we elsewhere chronicle as
the effect of “ the Great Tornado.”
At Dundee in Kane Co., a few miles above
Elgin, several houses were unroofed, and the
Tost Office destroyed. Much damage was done
also on farms in taat vicinity. It will be a nota
ble fact if the Great Tornado shall be found to
have thus crossed Kane County with dimin
ished fury, and thence carried its traces to the
Lake Shore, midway between this city and
Certainly this latter region had such a lesser
visitation in a whirlwind that passed on Sunday
evening over a region between those plcosaut
suburban villages, Highland Park and Win
netka, the latter sixteen miles, and the former
twenly-three miles from this city.
Prostrate trees lay benide and across the
track, and the beautiful groves, so far as the
eye could see, were stripped of their leafy
crowns—fairly twisted off, many of them,mid
way of the trunks. An informant slates that
he saw one dwelling house near Glencoe en
tirely demolished. The beautiful park of forest
trees oo the premises of Lucien Gurney, Esq.,
Glencoe is entirely ruined.
Tlio Illinois Stiver.
LCcrrcspoadctce of ihe I’r s* and Tribune.]
, LaSalle, Jane 4, 1860.
The river here is still falling slow. I was
down to Tree Top Bir and find thirteen boats
there loaded from 31 to 4 feet, and greatly in
want of lighters, as they have got to light up
to three feet to get over the bar.
The shippers on the river thinking there is
nearly five feet water hare, have only offered
and loaded boats the last week at very low rates
of freight. I will drop yon a lino occasionally
end give yon the comet stage of water here,
hoping it maybe beneficial to the shippers, os
well os to the boat interest. Yours truly,
C. L. Ucnioo.v.
Lbctcres on Hu.vaAnr.— We are pleased to
announce that Mr. Julian Kune has determined
upon a lecturing tour through the principal ci
ties of this and some neighboring States. Mr.
Kune’s theme is 4 ‘ Hungary, the bulwark of
Christendom,” in which be conclusively and
most, forcibly demonstrates to what causes
Christianity, while threatened by Mahomedoo
ism and barbarism, owes its preservation. The
lecture is a very eloquent and interesting one,
and most of onr readers will remember the full
extract from it which we published some time
ago, when delivered iu this city.
Mr. Kune begins his course at West Urhana
next Friday evening, and thence goes to Spring
field, Jacksonville and Bloomington. Wc hepe
that our friends in the country will honor him
with crowded houses, for they will sorely he en
Narjiow Escape—A Whole Family Poison
ed.—We learn that an English family named
Kennedy, residing in the South division near
the car works, bad a narrow escape from being
fatally poisoned by the carelessness of eating .a
a quantity of ihe herb Stramonium, or Deadly
Night-shade, which, mistaking, they had boiled
frr greens, thinking it to be wild beets. All
yierd deranged for many hours and only with
difficult were they relhved by medicul aid.
Dr. U. N. Hurlbut attended them. They were
doing well at lwt accounts and will bs be wiser
next time. The" warning should answer for
Rosa Hill Ccmcierv—•Annual Meeting.—
At the lute annual meeting of the Rose Hill
Cemetery Company Jonathan Durr and James
S. Newhouse were elected members of the
Board of Managers. L. D. 01ra«lead will be
the President of the Company for the coming
year, the former President, Dr. Bla.ney, not
having time to attend to the duties, owfcg to
his counectlon with the Medical College and
bis assay office. During the past year some
four hundred lots in this cemetery have been
disposed of.
Hoarding in tub Country. —The reputation •
of the Uusbnell House, at Beloit, Wisconsin, is
so well established in this community that we
need only call attention to the advertisement
of its attractions as a place of summer resort
and recreation, In another column. The city of
Beloit is widely known os one of the most desi
rable localities in the whole country, whether
as regards natural beauties, social advantages,
or literary culture. Let these facts enter into
the calculations of those who are preparing for
the summer hegira.
. Cirr Scavengers. —Tho following persons
have been appointed City Scavengers in the
respective divisions cf the city, viz North Di
vision, John Raig; South Division, Henri De
fer; AVest Division, C. Teghtmeir. ' All com
plaints of nuisances, which it is the duty of
these officers to remove, arc to be made at the
Police Stations of the respective Divisions.
Complaints will there be recorded, and the pro
per persons notified of them.
Held to Bail. —A man named John Magma
was held to bail yesterday In S3OO for stealing a
cow belonging to Anthony Hawkins. The lat
ter found Moginn offering the cow for sale to
one Henry Fricke, a clerk in the Post Office,
for S2O. He alleged that be bought the cow
from a farmer, and gate S3O for her, but Mr.
Hawkins fully identified the animal and had
Maginn arrested.
Ministry at Large.— An American, steady,
capable and intelligent, who can write and keep
accounts, can take care of horses, drive or do
any kind of work, is In sore and present need of
a place, and I am much interested to get one
for him. Any person in need of help please ap
ply at 169 Randolph street to Robert Collyer,
from 1 to 4 o’clock.
State S. S. Convention at Bloomington.
Delegates aud others who intend to go ;o this
Convention, are requested to meet at the Book
Store of AA’m. Tomlinson, No. 91 Randolph
st,, at 12 o’clock to-day, or leave their names
there previous to that hour. This is abtoluielg
necessary, so that those having the matter in
charge may know what answer to make.
RT Among the recent improvements on Late
street will be found J. H. Reed i Co.’s new den
tal rooms, over their wholesale drug store. J.
11. Reed A Co. were pioneers in this branch of
trade, and from their commodious apartments
and large slock we judge they are determined
to keep the lead in the West.
Diems’ Sneer Stoeies.— This is a collection
of many anonymous articles published by Mr.
Dickens during the past two yearn. There are
two editions, one bound in neat mnslin, and the
other in paper covers. McN’ally A Co. SI
Dearborn si., have both for sale, '*
The Steeple Cnass.—A meeting is to be ht Id
in Daniel’s Cigar Store, corner of Randolph an d
Dearborn streets, on Wednesday evening, b\’
thsse who feel interested in the proposed “Stee
pie Chase.”
Anomie Dchuv.—Wo leam that another
combined locomotive and accommodation carls
being built for suburban use on the Pittsburgh,
Fort Wayne A Chicago Railroad, to cost ,c 500
RETOEXen -G. P. A. the Artist,
has returned to the city from a winter’s reai
dcnce in New Orleans.
RecannEE’s Cocet—The Recorder’s Court
was in session yesterday, but transacted no
business bejond the civil docket.
Swkrt Potatoes.—See advertisement of P.
W. Waterman in another column.
On the 2nd Id** to Um Rev. H-If. Bishop, at the Ker-
Tlie City Government.
At a mass meeting held in the North Division,
on Saturday last, at F. Frillmann, corner oi
Wells and Division streets, Carl Erler was ap
pointed chairman, aod Augustus Bracing sec
The Chairman stated briefly the object of the
meeting, it was. on motion, resolved to appoint
a committee of five, to draft resolutions ex
pressing tbe views of tho.-e present. The com
mittee «o appointed withdrew, aad during thrir
absence Wm.,U. Stickney, Esq., and Gordons.
Hubbard, Esq., addressed the assemblage in an
elaborate manner, until thecommUtee returned,
with the following preamble and resolutions:
Whereas, Momcipil Governments arc creat
ed for the protection and happiness of each and
every citizen, and not for one peculiar class or
individual, and it is tberefofe inexcusa
ble to neglect the cleaning of the streets ana
alleys, and thus endanger the lives and health
of its citizens.
Whereas, The honor of tho cily of Chicago
demands that all their laborers wfio earn their
bread by the sweat of their brow, on the streets
under tbe present or former administration,
ou&bt to be paid forthwith in cosh.
WucaaAS, By tbe present City Government
the practical demonstration of economy is car
ried out in such a manner as to benefit in par
ticular a great many laud speculators who own
property in tbe city, but whose place of abode
h elsewhere, becauss they areprotected thereby
io not haring their equal share of taxes to pay,
iwhile the season has so far advanced that toe
stench of many alleys and gutters will endan
ger the health of its real inhabitants who never
refuse to pay the necessary taxes to defray tbe
government thereof. , < .
Whereas, The policy carried oafiy the present
city Administration is asainst ih*e doctrine of
municipal economy, and therefore will occasion
a greater embarrassment to the next Adminis
Whereas, Through ingenious schemes the
presect Major of this City, in company with
enough of the Aldermen of our Common Coun
cil succeed in prerenting the apppointment ot
standing committees, as prescribed in Rale S4,
page 1-17, Municipal Laws, so that no petition
can be referred to appropriate commiitlees, and
no benefit can therefore accrue to those peti
tioners; be it therefore
J&so’red, That Major Wentworth ha? f thro*
bis official and willful negligence of his duties,
protected the large laudspeculatcre, in not pay
ing the necessary taxes demanded for the ben
efit of the community, and withheld the just
earned money from the poor laborers as well os
through his plan has enticed Aldermen enough
to prevent the people from bringing their peti
tions and complaints before the proper tribunal,
and has thereby lost our entire confidence.
Jittolved , We demand of those Aldermen who
hare at heart,Bimpatby for the people to appear
ut the Common Council room ana be at their
Costs ut the time the regular meeting are to be
eld and despatch the business which Is de
manded and necessary, notwithstanding the ab
sence of the Mayor.
Jiesolted, We request the Aldermen to use all
necessary means forthwith to put the streets
and alleys in such a condition that they will not
endanger the lives, limbs and health of its citi
JiaolteJ, We request the Aldermen to see
that the honor of the city is protected, and that
the laborers on its streets are paid in cash and
not in scrip, which can only be sold at a large
Ji-joheJ, That during the opproaching sea
son an epidemic may break oat hr neglecting to
clean the streets ana alleys of tbeir filth and
stench, and if so the sickness generally com
mences in quarters where the poor reside, and
in consequence thereof we fear for the lives of
our citizens and families*; and in such a case wc
shall hold the Mayor.aud the Common Council
On motion the preamble and resolutions were
unanimously adopted, and ordered to be pub’
lisbed in the city papers.
Whereupon the meeting adjourned.
Acocstcs Bcckkixg, Sec’y.
Chicago, Jane 4, 1860.
Col. W. S. Johnston, Jn.—Dear Sir:—Per
mit me 1o return, through you, to the gallant
jouug Republicans, who compose the Wide
Awakes, uiy grateful acknowlecgment for the.
courtesy extended to me las', evening.
Should the corps at any future time honor me
with a call, I shall avail myself of tbq opportu
nity to extend to them a welcome more suitable
to my appreciation of their merits—a welcome
which, lur want of time, it was not in my pow
er to jrfier last evening. i
Thanking you and your associates again for
your courtesy, I beg permission to send the
enclosed check, to aid in ya»f objects, and to
subscribe myself,
Very truly yours,
I. N. Arnold.
Uo.v. I. N. Arnold —Dtar Sir ,* I am directed
by the Republican Wide Awako Club of Chica
go to inform you of. the receipt of your note of
tbc lst icst. They wish me to express to you
their thanks for the sentiments oi encourage
ment combined therein, and.for your libefal
donation to the Club.
The exatr.pl : set by youraelf-of aiding our
organization we hope will be followed by every
Republican. It would help os much in aus
tainiug and strengthening our Club and ensure
the success of (be Republican ticket. The Club
will always esteem it a privilege to do escort
duty to you and otner prominent Republican
speakers during the campaign. Respectfully
jours, W, S. Johnston. Jr.,
Commander 'Wide Awake Club.
A CncniTABLB Gift. —lt will be seen by the
following correspondence, that the Matteson
House has followed iu tbc wake of the "Briggs,”
in helping defray the expenses of the late Con
vention :
CmcAG.i, June 4th, 16M.
Peter Page, Esq., Chairman Wigwam Building
Dear Sin—Enclosed yon will find our check
for twenty-C vc dollars, if circumstances would
admit, we would be most happy to give more;
but this is as mncli as we feel able to give now.
Hoping (his wilt be acceptable, (though small,)
we remain,
Yours truly,
Bissell & Goodrich.
Crncaco. June 4th, ISCO.
Messrs. Bissell A Goodrich,
Gentlemen —Your kind favor of this date,
inclosing check for twenty-five dollars towards
defraying expenses of the late Convention, is
received. The subscription you ssy in your
note is small.” We assure you that where
what is given is all that the giver feels “ able to
give” and is given with the cheerful spirit
evinced in your note, it is equally entitled to
the thanks of the Committee with larger sub
scriptions, and we express oar thanks for the
same and hope that others may go and do like
Very respectfully youra,
I’eter Page, Ch’n Building Com.
RcAtaT or Ljcttesasts ofFoucr. forDlitrlct N0.3 for
the m’nth ending June the l<t, 18M). Fkowlng tbc who o
' nombe of arrests, the crimes preferred, the occupation,
nationalities, sgiß and fines assessed;
Chaco us Assault with deadly weapcßs, 3: abusing fam
ily. 1; asnltery.l; disorderly, *3: drunk. 8; drank n-.d dis
orderly.l 3 ; flgbtinc, 4; Inmates uf houses of Ul fsme. 10;
keeping house of 111 fame, 1; larceny, 91; obstructing side
v-alk. 1: Pick pockets, 2; paving coun’ertrlt mx ey. ,< : re
.iigit g i-fflcer, 1; roMicry, I;representing hlm.*e!fa«offlrer,
1; shooting In city limits. S: setting liquor wltboct lirense,
l; seklog Lqucr on holiday, IS; vagrancy, 16Total, 138.
Pcorcwos*.—Batchers, 3; bakers, 1; bail er, 1; clrrfc, 1;
dmvmin, 1; emineer. 1; • xpresemui, 1 ; heusc-ket-pt rs, 16;
latior. rs. SP; ioaters, 25; mectanlca, 12 ; roerchatl#, ! :pro
titutes,S: laiturs, 1; peddlers.4: saloonke*pets, IS;rail
Nattohalitt American. 25; English, 4; German.SC*
Itlih, 47;£p=Uil*li, I; hfijlch.S: Swede,!; F retch,s; Ne‘
gru, I^—'l cli!, 13S.
M'<lcs,ll6; femalta22.—Total, 153.
t'ooi.. From 10 to 20,20; from SO to 40, £0; from CO to CC'
as - rail. b*.
Am 'ont or flees, nr* including costs, *639. Amo net •(
bail $' .VO. Sent to BiTurn: School. S.
■’ fun. i.vxnrsst Lieutenant.
to John Jones, I*9 Dearborn street
and get your clothes cleaned snd repaired.
They will be well done and at prices C? suit the
Removal. — The United Stales Express Com*
panv baring this day removed their office from
X 0.'14 Dearborn street to ISO Lake and 20 South
Clark streets, haring a Lake and Clark street
entrance. The entrance on Lake street will be
considered the entrance for money, collection
and small package business. The entrance on
Clark street wilf be regarded as the entrance
for freight. However, should money be deliv
ered on Clark street or freight on Lake street,
the Public with which we have done business
for the past six years could not be induced to
believe that it is in our nature to refuse it.
Having been liberally sustained in onr old stand
we ask tbe public, os well as our friends, to
continue their liberality, and in return we will
promise os heretofore a faithful application to
their interests aa well as to that of onr Com
pany. Office hours, until further notice, from
7:30 A. M. to 7 P. M.
jes 3m. n. D. Colvix, Agont.
vvf Superior Family Groceries of even* des
cription cat* ba found at Stanton’s, No. 48
Clark street*
Stewart's i^yovES.— A new supply of these
excellent Cooking Stores are just received by
C. Metz, ISO Lake afreet.
Removal.— Tbe Chicago Religions Book and
Tract Depository has
(Clark street, the moat complete assortment o‘
’religious books in tbe NortnvTest.
el Ct TV.v. G. Holmes.
Pikes Peaekhs— Piakers Fixings—An idea,
for which we charge nothing bnt t'be profit on
cmr goods. We are informed by those who
kmow that there is not on sale a Kerost"®* Lamp
o.* a drop of Cool Oil beyond St. Josephs'.* Now
these who wish to make or save tbe Dntch man’s
10' per cent, arc sure to do it by buy ing of us, at
wTsoles&le prices, some Kerosene Lamps And
Oil. Tallow dips, and poor at that, are sold at
tb e Peak for $1.25 per pound.
,Vnr further information, call at tbe L&mp and
OU Emporium, 122 Clark street, between wash
ing (ton and Madison. myßo-lSt
Rxuoval. —Lcland & Mixer have removed
tb eir office and sample room to IS2 Sontb Wa
ter street. Pork-house, Flanders Block, oppo
site Michigan Central Depot. ml&-loa
Keto SUjfacrtiscmcnts.
itor C. S, SC32VAN, AdeerHri»g iywi, £3
U aulMorUid to recast Adt^Utroi*nit for iU§ end all Lm
Leading Poprn of tht North Wtti. Jtl-bgM-y
]\£ ONE Y_ T_o LOAN
10 per Cent, for Five Yean.
Ur Short Taper Discounter, w*
. „ 8- F. DtiWMNtJA CO„
ou* 88 atd S3 Enhangeß:«nk Building, Clark t.
WANTED—Agents to sell a Book
(tor 21 cen's) that everybody should have. A
steel ergiaved portrait of Hoo. LINCOLN
irtren io fvery purchaser. Now IstheOavto mate mooev.
Address, with stamp. RENJ.B. KUSSELL.SIS Wa-h*
lagtoa street, Boron, Maa-. ~eAc3l7 fit
A BARGAIN".—I have 200 acres
of wet land In Bnrrau o uoty, neon which there
wilt be doe In 1-di n mortgage hr »3.0, which I wbh to
trade, anhlect to fluid mortgage. The bit la worth 88 per
acre. Will exchange tor any kind cf Cha'Ve Proie:ty,
(ticent exes.) Address box 2206. Übtcaxu,
iLln-.U. jefxst
\\TANTED —Country Tallow.
e V 7 nisfceit price paid by H. H. HAYDEN. 216J*
Sooth Water greet. ' leSxlw
WANTED— Two single gentlemen
wish toboanl and lodge a private family.' Lo
cation p-e-ened on the North Side. Addicu Duet oS.e
box 3912. tcxnt
OU. A.—Bunker Hill Chapter,
• No. 2. Order United Ameiis&ns, meetrnuis and
every TUf*-Jsveven‘njr at Soar of l cmitrranee Hall, ecrucr
W eat Randolph Clinton streets. Members cf tie cr
der are ccrJli ly invited to mtenc. JeJxlt
CF*Apply at cnee.
J*Sx3t . 66 Lake street—up stairs.
WANTED-A good s:tt ot Far
• * ler Parol'are In fxc';xnge for pT«-*ut board on
Stale rtr-ct, within fiva mlnuva walk of the port office
Addxeai Immediately box 3218. jetxzt
Q AFESj. — JV o have received an
kJ other lot of those Safes-Wilde:’* Patißt.
Je&cs27 ft l>7 Sou*h Wateritwe*.
TV/ - ANTED—A person to travel
T T and taka un equal Interest with tbe advertiser in a
proflub'e business. About 82uQ will bo necessatv. Kef
e-eurei will he given and expeettd. Apply at 21 North
Clark street. ' j e sx2t
T OST—A reference letter relative
JLi to the purchase of Jamet Monroe. The tinder will
fleas? leave It at this office. It tclng of no me to any one
at the owner. jfStli
—lmproved property
ke.Stite»ud Clark a'mts,and Lots in the res
ncctlve div sens of the city, cheap forcaih. Apply to X.
LANCASTER. of James 3t bpilcger, Itoom 13
■Metropolitan Block. J?ScS:3 3t
Llqnid Catarrh Remedy-
Warranted to be a SURE and I*ERMA>KNT Cl RE fc-r
••aturh A ClrcnUr, with full panlcaUrs of ditease, Ae_
wjllbeeentto aov person by acdreeilng po»t cfli-e b.x
4335. Office 190 Lake street, corner cf Wells, Chicago,
*■ jegaifrly
The Largest Stock in the West.
3. 11. REED i CO.,
Would tail the attention of the Dental Profeulcn to their
new and commodious room recently fltttd up.
over their Drug Sto e,
146 LAKE STREET. 146
Exclusively for the stock of
Dental materials, Instruments, &c.
Where will be feunrt a perfect assortment cf everything
needed by the Profession
ThU well known and pom’.* r Hotel will receive, as usual,
I • milles to hoard for the summer. Salts of rooms are tnr
mhedexpresalv for the accomodaiem of faml lea, and the
I rices orboard will be nade to suit Ue limes - varying
irojiSiccQlatoll perdaj, for each person—actcnllLg to
In; rooms occupied,
Xo paju will, be spared to make the Hold
For tranacient guest* the terms arc )i per day, bnt n
liberal d*.-coual is nude to Agents, awl otberr, who atop at
ttjenctei for seviiai days,orwho make it their it ovoieg
puce at regular Intervals.
T T a. A. KNOWLES, Manager.
J. J.BUsIIXELL. Proprietor. Jcfr-*3l-lm
Chicago, June LISTO.
TL* anbsaihers having been appr.lrfcdasents for Chicteo
•- axUlhaXorthwe-tfor ■
Xeavenworth and Pike’s Peak Trans
portation Line,
Would respectfully Inform Ylilppr rj that they are preparM
to cjnlract lor fcrwaMlrg fr.'ixht f e tiicraost lib-ra; term*,
and to (rive TIIKOUGU BILLS OK LADING from thi
camo to D-nserCity, Mountain t>Uy. and all points lathe
mines. Ihe trams ofthe Lite atari WEEKLY from
Uer.wr City and A’chlscn. All freight will be iorwarded
with dispatch. .
Tee Company hare larze ■Warehouses at Denver City,
where weight will be stored forSO days, tree of charge.
U.mmanlcstlonsshould beaddr&sedto
CitiCAGO. June 2,1;5\
PRATT * 8 ALTER, P.O. 80z3310.
c fa IU.
The Cbea;e-t route to all pa. ts of Notlh
cm Wisconsin. rnm«*ii«
"W*a/basli 'Valley,
Will leave 'or the above ports EVERY WEDNESDAY
VlußMNGats o’clock. For freight or pass ge apply on
boardorto A. E. 00.iDKICH,
JeftefldMt No. G Blver-st. te*r Ruah-st. Bridge.
1860 • Summer Arrangement, , 1860
8.20 am New York and B>ton Zxpre. j s-dil'y except
botday—vlath- 01-» doe.
BDO pm.—Night Express—dally except Saturday-via old
Connecting at To'edoand Detroit with trains to ail points
Interior In Ohio, Pennsylvania, NewYoik, and the New
England States and Canada*.
FaUstury's Patent Ventilation and Dusters cn all day
fW Woodruff *- Patent Sleeping Cars accompany all
h'ght trains r n this route lo N. Y. and coston.
•tickets ran b- had at all llcirel officer la the West, and
at the company’s office. Si Dratbc.ni street, and at the
Trains Pave Toledo at 11.15 am. and IMS pm. Arrive at
Chicago at &L 0 am. and SXUpm.
GE M . M.GKaY, G*n*l Western Agent.
' JOHN P. CAMPBELL, Gen’i bupt. |eS 60-ly
J_\t person hiring a
with ample grounds al>out It, and desiring to dUpcse of
ths earn-, will fisd a good customer by applying In writing
to b. H. K&RFOfT A CO., next door to the Post Office.
Jcfl C 523 4t
_LJL the Saror Wav.—Rev. MILES BRONbON. for
twjnty flveytare resident In India; f.mPUr with the civi
lliatlora. manners amt religions ot the East, and an eye
witness of tcet.es of the Sepoy l&sorrectlcn, will deliver
two Lectures on toe above named snbjtct In ihc First
Baptist Church, on Tfiniadayand Filday evenings of this
w»tk. Tuk-ta may be b«! a* uc Book Store o> Church,
Goodman A Kenney, on Lasalle near Kausolpn street, or
at the door of u-e Church. To make the Lectures avaiiablh
to all, adml-siou to each L-ctore only twelve and-aha f
cents. Pmcecdf to go to the caaie of We hope
a crowded audience will show a g»ner>ua »ppreda.lon
among us of the Orest Cause of ChrAtlan Jdiwims to
the Heathen. JeS-cflg -it
No. 54 LAKE STREET No. 54
Is juitreceiving afreshnrplrof
Selected expressly for the June trade. tve*v thing tew In
aUle can be fees there, and ail the ladle) should vi-lt this
eMabllfhmett this week and leave their orders witn MISS
WILLIAMS for their Sommer Bonnets. JeScSJUt
JLVi N*«r Elacxiso.— Th’B Blacking, a rew invention,
excels All otbem In its beautiful iurr-* and lb* great ease
\ruh watch U U prepared and applied. NO BKUSULNG
IS KKQUIr-ED. It polishes beanttfaily Boris Shoes,
aid Leather cf every divert pton and is tpecuilly adapted
lor Harness. All families should Lave Use re if* aad it
rpaTalsoberrriflUMTtuadeandseld.' IneloseStccntswlta
stamp to A. THOMPSON, Box 2320 Philadelphia Port
Oflce. ' jeSxlw
VJ Only Weekly Lise to
And all the principal dlleao! Gnat Britain aad the Cost!
nenl of Europe, allifl* at Queenstown, (Cork) Ireland.
Ocean Steamship Company’s
pint dv* foil powered Clyde built steamers lu coanectlc*
with the GRAND TRUNK. RAILWAY of Cosndo, *al
every hatmdVf from Portland, carrying the United States
and Canada Balls and nareecsere.
Bohemian, JfcMoAter | Nova Scotian,CipL Borland
North Brttoa ** Grange. I Nth American, ~ Allan.
Anxlo Saxon ** liilocUne.] Canadian, (new;
Two new stupe, (building)
Quickest. Cheapest aad most comfortable sea jmn.
fare from Chicago or Milwaukee to Queenstown (Cora; a
Tint Olaa«,aeeordlngto stateroom 499 and SICS.
Steerage, found with cookyd provisions. ftp.
Return Tickets, First Class, good for 6 mentte,9!So and Sufi.
Stecnge.. tSgand i<»
Ceitlflcstea Issued foflitfnglog out passengers from all the
principal towns of Great Britain and Ireland, by above
•tamers or asiling vessels, at very reduced rates-
For freight orpsusage apply to the Company's General
Agents, Sabel4: Scarif. U water street, Liverpool, Cork
and Dublin, and S3 Broadway. New York. Wm. Graham,
Grand Trar k. Railway OOce,
dlylstp 13 Lake-SU. under Adams House, Chicago.
\J LARS.et.**.toon.*er at short notice,at
51 Ctorkatrect.
Watzu Lnrt—The undersigned is constantly ncelv*
log this superior Cement, warranted fresh, and offer* It for
•ileal extremely low prices. THOMAS HALE,
jetxlw No. 2 North Well* St.
POSTERS in one or many colors
jcl’tw 51 Clark street.
Q AYE MONEY and at same time
O Inereasa tout badness by ordering your PRINTING
attheP.w* and Tribune Oflce 51 Clark ttteet. i<4
/CHOICE DUET for the Violin.—
Flevel’s Celebrated Tnstrucive anl Prngreulve
Duets for the Violin. Price 50 cenu. I'ualishedby
JefiefiOMt 277 WariuLgton street, Boston
NEBS. American Ensigns, "Lincoln and Hamlin"
flan, and colon of all desert prions on hand or made to or
street. myaßcSfflm
The Splendid low-pressure steamer
V\7 ANTED—A person to take a
• « sauH First Class Booming Route. Said housed
mostly fundjbed. and the owner win take rent in boaro.
Addie** Bos 40. with real name and reference, leuzlm
■\\f ANTED—VIRTUE & CO., 55
* » G art rtrect.offerc’nploymenttu young men of re -
peclairjity and perseverance toobu'n subscriber* for Un Ir
flrstclaaeettndanl werka. rayJl-et-l-lw
TATANTED— A Rare Chance.—
• • To exchaow SO acre* cf land In Michigan for
llorj&t. Apply to No. 59 North Clark street.
■WANTED—BIank Book Fini-her.
* ▼ A cool Clank Cook Flolaber can fled permanent
£nplpyn:*M b>r applying inunedlslely to JONhS. PEIU
DuR ± ?*MALL. 123 LakestreeU mrScldvlw
WANTED —To purchase for cash,
," , a LOT In the Wett Division, Sooth of Ban
i P) 1 East of Union Park, etvestr*flve to one
Corner preferred. Address post oSce box
H6O my23ctfo-tw
WANTED—To exchange a good
at «I. S:o f£t coruiniax of Uonfa, CaniA.es,
aifUas, Boezles and Harnesses, »•! m jtoort order, for an
F.nu within 50 or Ml mlti* of Chicago, or Chi-
City Property. In olrecf Wn. sIMONsON, Lak*
Shore House, Cottage Grove avenue, Addro* box 569
Chicago po«t offlee. m)34x2w
\\r ANTED —To exchange the
slock of rood* In store 201 Lake street, consliAlnx
of Moves, Sheet Iron. Hobow and Tin Wan ami Uom
ntmlibioic goodsU off rrwi for saie or trace >or jx
small or Urge quantities er will be txchanxcd for eeod city
Forfurtherpxrtlcularslnquire attheitonNo.M.i-ake
street. . % nyl&z2ot
TrTANT-UD.—Aii Experienced Dry
V f Goods Soletmae and Accountant waau x rftaatlßO
In eltuercapadty, r.r both Icdtulve (bxriiu aemd as >u:h
hmtjrcmilfln * Wholes UeHojae, or as Book-keeper iml
Cashier If la the Retail Dry Qoo.lj or ether mercantile Lu-J.
neat, where laternty ar.J xood capabUiUe* are a better
rccuaia>eh< , atloa than gold rlnx* ana jewelry. Address I*.
U. Bex 2561. my>9 jwx
T\7"ANTED—To purchase a Stock
M ot Good*.—The advertiser, dcalrcua of colnx into
buMne.'*, wlshta to bur a itock of Hoot* and Aaoea. Dry
Qoodsor Baniwire, amonntlnj- to »boui |VS, r OU or (20.10J
amahle 'or country trade, for which he win pay »T.(03
cash. M.OU> unis cumbered buide Chicago CUv Property,
and the balance la good fvnulnx lands. For farther par
tlcolars Inquire for one week at S4 Clark treat. mi JS
Wanted for service an our Frontiers, young, able- J*
bodied men, of food character, whom will be given
cood pay. board, clothing and medical attendance. Also.
Musicians for tae third Infantry Hand. Fay ranging from
911 to s3il per Month,
Acoomm to Mzxrr
Recruiting KeaderrousatlS* South Clark street, Chicago.
apl7-c96-3m J. tv. ALLEY. UeuLM Infantry.
TSINDER WANTED—A first-class
XJ General Workman to taka charge of a Binder? In
Ceda-BapMu. lowa, Applvto W. TaXNER. Ha-omen*
of 93 Clark street, or to the subscriber,at (hear Hat-lds.
lowa. J. O. rAVEXPOKT. mvl? eSTt-lm
Co ileiu.
TO RENT,—Dwelling House No.
166 West Monroe ctreti. coutainlcg eleven -oooi?,
with garden In rear. Apply to N. C. FEtvKINs, 47 la
sdle street. Jc3-cft*-3t
r PO RENT—A Two Story Frame
X dwelling house situated No. 6M Wabash avenue, near
Twefth street. Rent AflX) per annum. Apply to M. LAF
LIN, 49 South Watif ttreeC. mj72 c406-3w
TO RENT—A DOCK 105 ft. front-
Ing.r-a Ellsworth street, and runn'ng through to th?
rive*, between Harden and P.-lk streets, to rent for two
years cheap. Apply to L. D. JAC 0„ comer of
Lake and i assl’e street. mt3toti*lm
'TO RENT.—On Michigan avenue,
X. near Old street, ahousc eootilalugelgbt rooms, with
gas and water, also stable to accommodate two horses and
and carriage. Apply to GEO. E. CONQDON, 83 Lake
street, comer Wabash avenue, np stairs. my3S Iw*
nPO RENT—Brick Dwelling, No.
X 307 Erie street,to rent low. Also—
Over Scott, Keen A Co.'s Clothing Store, to vent low. In
quire of L. 1». OLMSTED A CO,
my3lc4ol-Im ■ Cor. Lake and La-alle streets.
TO RENT.—A Wharfing Lot on
South Branch, 107 feet front bv 130 feel i:eepfmm the
riverto Franklin stnet, between Van Boren ana Uamscn
streets. This lot hasa wharf of theb«tdl-crtptl<ra,aml la
welt adapted for a Coal. Stone or Lumber Yard. Apply to
E. C. LARXED, 97 Washington street. mhZfbsTe tjy 10
POR KENT.—On 15th Jane, or
1 Sale Cheap, two First Class Brick Dwellings, three
stories, cni-lietl In modern stvle. with good two story barns
to each. sUuate within 100 fevl of the rake on OM street.
A splendid view of the Lake and harbor ard rnmttmdlng. a
cocwl nelxbl>orhood, and accerAble to Uoim KaUnad. In
quire Xo. 63 Lake street. U. O. STON E.
my 14-&V»-lni
r JT'O RENT—New Family Hotel in
St. lovib, no.
Situated lo a desirable locality o' the dty, on career of
Twelfth and Olive streets, near the Mlsroart FAtk, and oo
the line of the Olive street Horse Cars. The bonse contains
shoot * ! xty room*, and Is supplied with Gas, Water, Belli,
ct'ire Rtoidj, Pantries, etc.
To a responsible tenant, able to keep a flrat-cisss family
hotel, a lone and very favorable lease will be granted.
For laiormailon as regards term-, etc— .ureas or apple
to JOHN E. YoUE. or S. U. LAFLIN, Esq., of the V«a
of Laflm bantu Jt Boi-**, si. Boms. Mo, ia> loe-bl 1m
Jfor salr.
TpOR SALE.—Two Colts, 4 years
JL ol 1 . will be sold cheap. Apply to UEJ. If. OONG
LON, 32 Late street, up stain. ay3B Iwr
"C'OH SALE—A first claw residesce
I. withthree berrs cf land. In V/rtght*. Grove. n«rthe
Noithcrn city limits. inquire ot UOivilEli A PECK, No.
3Matt.nlclttnp.f. my&ct&d-lm
FDR SALE—A Bank located in tire
Northern part of Wisconsin, with a circulation of
about Oj.CWO, -ecurtdb? Slate Stock, selling panic. jt>-
Ingto Pikes Peak, Address bez 4064 Cbleigo post uf.
flee, • malxlw
House and lot for sale
OR EXCHANGE for Outside City Property—
Sooth Mill* preferred. Toe wove property, situated No.
117 South JetTc’auo. Madison street, and two block,
trotn the new West Side Union Depct. It la now rented
to a good tenant and possession can be had at one mouths
note*. Apply to AKIIUKST A DOUGLAS, Boat Yard,
South Branch,near Twelfth street. m»lsc3M-ltu
Xj'Oß SALE—Cheap, the new Cot-
L tage House (3rooms) and three yean lease. No. 259
South Clinton street. A desirable residence and locality.
Goood garde o yard and water fixtures attached. Fold cat ap
tor caib, or a part on short time, secured. Apply on the
premises, orto the subscriber as the office of Carroll A Ja
meson. 65 South Clark street, corner of Randolph.
TC'OR SALE—A desirable location
JL 1 forarealdencewSthlnthecorporatelimltsof the town
of So. U nd, Indaaa—three hour* ride from Chicago.—on
the Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana Kallmad, and
convenient to the Depot. Beautifully locatedfor a town or
rural residence, containing about six acres. A floe lot of
frulttrees to a nice crowing condition. Also some floe
foresttrerean nnd the building spot. For patUeulare ad
drersbot 330 South Bend. Inc tana. JetxSt
Flour, Feed and Commission Store
The tut desirable stand opposite the new Ra’lread Depot
rornrrof Canal and Madison, established for the hut seven
years, la offered for sale, the propretor being engaged la
another basin* »s. foapersun of l.miud means a flue op
portunity prefects ILe.r cf securing on mostea-y terms one
of the finest fcnslnesa stands in the dty. Apply on the
premises. Je4-xst
Hand Piaso« for sale low. Pianos and
ZIX ! M Melodeons to Rent. Orders for Tuning
Pianos. Melodeons, Organa, and all kinds of Musical instni
menu promptly afendvd to. All kinds of Musical lastru
menu repaired at shortnuliee. _
US Lake street—near Clark.
"OOARDING.—One suit of plea
.l 3 s»Pt roGm* with board. Also, day board can be ch
ained at 163 Mocrce atreet. myflfizSw
T)CARDlNG.—Furnished Rooms
1 J and Board. ALo, day board, can be obtained at 57
Washington street. mytalw
TSOARDIXG.—First-Class Board
JL> with pleasant suits of rooms for gentlemen with
small famine* or single gentlemau can b« had at No. 74
Sutestr.et, ne-rKandolpb, (op-ftaire.) mvlTslm
"OOAHDING—Can "be obtained at
JD the WAVEItLET HOUSE. 223 and 225 Klnrie
street, wltn a gnod sln/la room, for 11.00 per wmx. l>*y
hovd *IAO per week. Transit SI4)0 per day.
A. IT. COLBY. Proprietor.
“DOARD.—A gentleman and lady,
D cr three single gentlemen will find home comforts,
room furnished or not. at a moderate pric*. at the p’easant
locality. No. 71 Woba-h Arenac, between Raodolpa and
Waahiigtoo streets. References required. mygcMdSw
"DOARDING—A small family, or
X> cesu-maasnd lady, can obtain first class board in a
private family, with gt*4 rooms rentra'ly located cn thi
tenth Side, on reasonable terms. For particular* address
box 1913 Chicago poet offlee. Also, one or two day
boomer*. Jelxlw
urea and romforta can be obtained for a gentleman
and his wife, at a private residence, £a»t frost, on Wabash
aveau*. north of Jackion street. Booms front—view of
tie Lakennlntere’iptK*. and unexceptionable board. Ad*
dress P. O. Box 3516. J.4x3t
Board at evanston.—
Pleasant acconrnodafons in a private family, with
lane, ary ami very desitabe furnish'd or unfur*
nUced. tnrougb the summer months or tbe year. Terms
moderate. Apply at No. 33 Sooth Water St.
rvos. 19 and 21 Michigan Av«Bne«
Reference required.
. A frw Boarders can be accommodated at
163 Wabuh At* corner Monroe St*
Reference required. ap6c3>6m
tO *ubecrl k er,threeCoUs,viz: Oee three year old light
bay Mare, with black legs, mane ana tail, and about six*
leenhatdshlgh. One bay mare, two year? old lost fail, not
so tall bat more stocky. Also, one bright sorrel, two yeere
old, gelding, rather ull and lengthy. They all have pretty
good sized heads. They have not been heard from site*
the lint of May Any one return*ng tnem, or giving Infor
mation where they may be found, will be lib-nlly re
warded. LEWIS aOBRVTL.
Lisbon, Kendall Co, DU May SO. Jo*xdt
T OST.—A Note, cf which tha fol-
JD lowing U a copy:
Madisos Oocwrr. lug.
Five years after dale wejslnllv aad severally promiseto
pay Daniel Eaton, or order, Mx Thousand Dollare, vaiua
received, with interest at two per esetom peranaum, pay*
ab’eoatbeSedday of Novcabtrof soeh aad every year,
until matuzltv. a. f. EATO>,
f,Wi e. E» i*on,
islgnedj Fk u>EAS O. EATON.
The public Is hereby cant lot ed against purchasing above
ecu, a* payment Is stopped- ~. , • . mw _
Hxwaxd—Ten Dollar!reward wl.ltepa.d to any o*r
•on who will deliver sa.d noU to GtO. A. ABB&l. ISG
Lake street. JyicMJ tt
.L INO We have the best faclltlss cf onr concern
West of New York for turning out work of tbe above olass.
Cali and get our estimates before ordering. Lstten request
ing estimates will receive promit aUeatUm. Direct to
WM-H. BAND, ftaasandTribune ofles.
xxn c-
-h'-L Madlsea street, between State and Dearborn.
Will be protected the thrlflrg iJrmoaL'c tragedy of
Retribution, or the Libertine's Fate.
In which Mtssii. Mrcnr, Bradley, Cline, and Min
Woodbury*will appear.
Hut eight of the new com’c sketch tnthled
Mr. Myers, Mr. MeVlcker. Wn. Dl’loo, Mt» Le’ghtoa
Mrs. Hough and Mrs. Mattie In the cast.
WeJnesday—Biae2t of Mr. TILTON.
Chajb* or Tntx—Doers open at 7X ; Curtain iliei at
S o’clock prtdsely.
oflee open from ID o’clock a. «. till 5 o’clock
seaUcanba secured three days In advance.
Paim or Anuiaaros.—Parcnette and Dma Circle. 30tc
Second Circle.lie.; Lower Private Boses, id; Upper. Si.
Z, O.SHKKMAN. Trwwjrer.
Corner of Wahaah av. asd Van Buren at..
Oil THURSDAY EVIIKIAG June 71b, ef.mmwnetn -
lually at H o'c occ.
I U AUft .
L—Overture to Samson. Handel.
Mrta. Ow<o.
MlotS.mlth.Mri.ilaUa'atnOMr. Bird.
3 Ccncrrta for the Or* an. I—Allegro Mae.Uao. 7-A?a
glo. S—Eondo Allegretto Rials.
4 Hear Sweel ajlrtt(Mr request) Beethcvto.
2uik luttiot.
5 Symphony >'o. 10. l~~Ale*ro Viraoe. t-AManta
dl motto. Fteal* Allegro......_Mo«art.
I.—Glor.ala EzoelaSe..,. ...................Mercadsnie,
Mia. Tbomw, Mrs. MaUroa and Mr. De Paatio.
7. Andante coo mote, from :»pn, J»o. S Beethoven.
8. FVgiewiito OblfaiePeual Schell* ahe»*.
T.cke./, S3 cent* each, to be had at UuaU storra, Prin
dpal Hotel*. aad at the door. jeiaat
tJ LTTXB A Lxcrcax
On the Brialn; of June Sth,
The Agrouy of Europe.
Admission, twenty-five cents. Ticket* to be bad at Mc
*• Sherlock*#, ana of the cfflcn and members of the
Montgomery », kmmet aud Shield's Guards. also at the
d<x>r. _JtMt
> K..APP, former’, of 3Tew Tprk. now lerktrd In
thia dty, whose cant will b** fuucd Id ato’ber col'mn. will
commence a eouree of Lecture* to MDIiS on HKALTH
and the CAUSES of the tboisandlll* woman suffers, on
Wt-doredTv eft ern<v n. Jute fit h. la Wltkow: ky Hall, corner
of C.arK and Monme streets. The Lidurts wl.l be Ltas
trated bv i* e m st tx?*csivo end wrnderfol fem<lc ip
patafu* Inthe wurld. No huiy, who dtslr*-* health—u e
{treated earthly l-Usolng—and would enjoy Ilf ■•.can afford t ►
loose the*e lecturer, or can bet Ur upend her time and mover
than In alien Jng thua. They wiille adapted and finally
profltah ef> ad ace* avd cacaltitm* of female life. \> bere
ev. rlbo Dr. has lecture*! he has drawn lull booses and re*
cd»«d the highest encumiutnt of the press.
Lectures cummeuco at d o'e'ocL r. u. Admlf>lta, £5
cent*, tire Bills.
Office, 179 South Clark sttott, corner of Clark and M*n
roe streets. jcl-cVW-tt
©metal Notices.
OFFICE of ill. and missis.
Crrawa, Illinois, May 3Clh.
The Board of Directors hare tin* day d>*cUred a dividend
of two per ant, payable on and after tte first dar of Jana
ntxt. THU*. BASdNETT.
JettfOTlw * Secretary.
pHANGE OF TIME and Change
•IVJeA* Southern sad JLmie* Shore JI.JI.
Onaad after Junelkf, trains w-1! Icare Chicago at
a.m. and B pan. Train* arrive at Smm and 8 pm. Passen
ger office re novel fr«m Re.ere Hou*e to Freight Office, fcl
Dearborn street. GKO. M.UUAY.AgvoU
JLi West Lake and Despliln sstre.ts, Cb’cago. Illinois.
Uur supe.il>nr brands oi Fleur, JI«M and feea—whole
tale or retail at the lowest rates. Goods warranted and
delivered In the dty tree of choree.
fays* SiE-ENS ± NORRIS.
"VTOTICK. All persons, holding
X v claim* against Cook county w*3 file the s.mewitu
the tmdervLnud on or before the tint Mondav la Jane next.
C. B. HARWELL, Clerk.
Chicago. May fiSd. jaw, rnntcmtd
May SO, IMO.
TO STOCKHOLDER*Notice • hereby riven that «
Meeting of the Stockholders of the Oicago, Bnrbng«oo and
Quincy Railroad Company will be at the office of the
Company In Chicago, Illinois, on 1-day, the zld day of
June next, at II o'clock la the fprcuoon. lor the purpose
of electing Directors for the ensuing year and the u->niae
tl»not aay otter borlnese that may Le »uomltted to the
meeting. By order of the Boanl of Direct •'is.
myl.vt<K td AMOS T. HALL. Scc’y.
Caicaoo, May 3, ISM,
The Anneal M»«tln«of th» holders of the n«WA
Ch ; oc9 Union Kaliroad Cumcanv. tor tbs election of Dl
n*:l«>rs and t"an»actl«n of olher bc»lne*», will N- held at
theOdSes of the Company in Chicago. llllcolj,cn Wednes
day, the Sth day of June next, at o'clock, a. v.
_mT-cTMm W. M. LARRAUKE. Secretary.
Nrr Toms. May 3d, 1960.
TbeAuaoil Meetinror.thoStoekhoWCTsof this Campa
*y, for the election of thirteen Directors for the
year, will be held at the ofiled of the company in the dty
of Cb.axo, State of Illinois, on Friday, the eighth day of
June next. ISM.
TbvpcUwtUbe opened at 11 o'clock A. 31.. and closed
at li M. HENRY KA&N AM. PreU,
F. H. Tows. Secretary. my.'-dMUI
Csioaao, May Ist, 1960.
The Annual Meeting of the Bondholders and Ptoekhold*
era of this Cotnpanv will be held at th* Offlceof the Cuu*
Tilly in tne city cf Chicago. on TUUKSD AY, the »erenth
oar of Jane, ISM, at 3 o’clock r. *_ for the election of
Directors for tne ensuing fear, and for the transaction of
any other business that may ecme before them.
mySOtf-td JAMES R. YOUNG. Secretary.
A TION. In the City of Chicago. Incorponfwl Febru
ary, 1957. UlSce 101 and 106 Methodist Church Block.
This Institution receives Deposits of Flv» Crnls and up*
»■ aids, aad allows Int err slat the rate of rlawtr cent per
annum. Dividends ro'ahle First Monday of January and
July. OtSce open dolly during the u*>al hours of bmrineas,
and on Tuesday and Solunlav everlng*.
JOHN O. liAINES. Piesldent.
N. B. KIDDER, Cuhler. my~d7"*lm.
Engravings and photo-
Virtue & Co., Pub’rs,
Bavo on hand a very choice collection of large
Engravings and Photographs,
FOR FRAMING, acknowledg'd to be the
As well as the
Most Beautiful Series ever Produced
my3lc4Ss-Iw W Clara-st. (up stairs.)
JfO. 1 MACHETE—TabIe with drawer
NO. 5 MACHINE—TabIe with drawer and cover.
Very ornamental 8*
Chlcaco Salesroom 132 lakewu
Send fora Circular. Agents wanted. Address WM. B.
YOUNG A CO, Chicago Illinois lafrO-lv^Utn
jttßjyrti rj.tYAD,
We an* offering for rale S2O Acres of nice FannlcgLihd
fir McLE&N COUNTY. ILLINOIS, being the w hf of
See. St, Town 26, lUcge4, nod known as the
Town of peoolnstoD)
on the Alton, St. LoalsasdChleagt* Railroad, Vgstber with
all the improvement* thereon, consisting of a good dwell*
taz hoose, stable, fence. 4c.
The »*n-t is situated near the centre of the Township of
Cheno* In said Conntr, and sarronn Jed with as good arm*
lag land as then is in the htate, dry and lomox, an the
hdgot .of land between the VermLlloa and Mar k>naw
id reams. lour miles from Lexington Station, and HOmliee
from Chicago. The north line or the land ts a few nvis
south of the deep-entoo the brighter land between Peoria
Junction and Lexington, and midway between the two
Station i.
It win be eold at a wry low price. pavahla K cash, sad
balance May Ist next, sad say ore deauiog !»• purchase s
welltlinaud, sad cheap tom, would no well to call at the
office or the undersigned to obtain tall particulars shoot
the land. S. H. KEKKOoT <k Co..
Jel-ctM-tt No. 82 Dear bom street.
- —ft—s. The Propeller
wmjesre Chicago ersxy SATURDAY, « 8 P. H, fcr
North pert sad Trartrs«C;ty, teaching at Manistee, Frank*
fort, (month ot Settle river,) North Unity, Carp River,
weather permitting.
Returning.will leeve Traverse City every TUESDAY,
at 5 P.M.
Fcrfrelghler passage apply at office of
Comer Lumber and Maxvo'l aueeta,
JelciiMm Near Iffihafteet Bridge, Chisago.
jpOR SALE.—Tie following fiist
jprintins Presses I
1 Rajs l ** BUI Head and Cud KcUry.
1 - Half ShetCCap “
X DouMe Medium Hand Frets.
X Adama’PowerPnts—elxaef p!alaa,l9xs3la.
jlju xjy nr-Tor ouuiia.
Will Mil for half caah aad half ilx months, or will taka
laexzbacge a doable martliun Adams* Power Press.
Addreu WM.H. R U, Prw« A Tribane,
$ I CUth ttr»rt.
HO. 118 LAKE STREET. JO. 119
Art now famishing the Sepob lean Wide Awake Ctabe
with their Uniform, on short nolle® tod at ir.tLageost,
cinsisting of t Llcfat-Water i*roor *»P»nd Cap®, of the
style adopted at the East. Abo, the Torch Lamp ready
* J AQerders from Globa throogh the Weatem States (with
the money tecompaaytag the same) will hart prompt at*
teatlou, tod be properly shipped without delay,
fbubb and TBXBmra
Tie following are tie rates of odTertiaingin the
Ona Square, (8 Itaeeacate.) one Insertion.
“ *• each subsequent day, (St tt; |3).. '.. m
“ “ twowouCtflw *7.)... s£)
“ '* one month, (5m fs.) 7Z7.. 8.1-0
“ •• three months. <4<a lli) iy,<w
“ “ six month* (ita P.A0...... _ x.cc
“ one year.
A Schedule of Prlcee fbr mare space than oat Sqauo
e*en u the Conatm* Boom.
or All efaaanea charged 90 cent* p«r Square.
xxr “,°f XDTQTIsn, a a wxnttT run axo rm&n
* VqS each week, for first month.
•njn •• .4 each str sequent month.
. for one year.
Auction £aUs.
-*-* Accriisms, 8- Lake atrrtU
Furniture, Carpets, Mirrors, ic..
on?LuS-^!<„ J S e 2*’f oVM> - «' »'!«
of We foltnwta*B«Sa l * lIH i . ?, * u 2 ir ‘ ir »—•*»?«
doth, Pluah a*d i( ' Hair
Top asd Plain
Trer* Parlor Chain ot various klu. a It-* kV-^Vir 1 at
Chain. Ottomens. rtaniN-r SMi* cf d.tfe *.'V y
hojtanyaad other Bedstead*. Loom*. vv !!. 1 . ’ ‘ ,l "
»■«*. Book Cases. is .VT
Washatamte. Cane .•haira and Bock«. 1 Bur '*- S »»■«*
i. I ££ li ‘‘ ““ “■"» »*«>■ Oil
AUO-A variety of Gilt »rd Msbofiv y Ft*.. r i Mirror
S w'£S o Jl tr * , " Te * AhAMPsO..
cait-n __ Au tio«.«r».
-A-e Auctioneers—Bß lake street.
Coffins at .Indian.
On FRIDAY. June fth, > o’clock, w.wiil . c I w'tL
out nterve. by orde/n? E. alkea.
Panw. at rt-ro 179 Racdfdpo street, atojl 15 0 Jo*Cm
of all sues. Sale po* tire. Term- www.lm
By gilbert & sampsox—
Auctioneer* Si L*ie nrvcL.
cpuoisiery coons,
*?>• 11 »S o'clock. vli u-l w
ortcmf h. Alter, AtsUnee fo? M. >.
I, 7 ® K»MpI» th# Upb'iliUry CouJ* OSI-*
"•«*» tW» Sife, M l *!i tbe Offlo Kurn.Uic. S
tbe Stores In the *»*“ at.
UILBEET A S.UIFS >.f. Aud’r*
Cfostng AoJgnet’s S»> rf r
Ou FHIDAV. June*f*,iifcv oV]r<k. ti>«m <i R .
w-.lhom reserve,hv ..tcerof k*A hi.A-rw u>r 11 °S #
oca «■ «oie 179 Kaftloipb itmt, ih« taUnce •.fur
niture udjo d. or s,f»A bttl tei. a b*l eli i s
burentuA'd *:«x lad wl
fp'enJU m-.liott-iiy wanlrobea. •' *uit at rtm witn m
£*'«• 'nMtonuy’U'bwU w.ih m.r.hfLpA
W ??2.vV ble * or » t «“K 1-^k.cwe*
art taNe*. piano rto„A farcy rurn ,at c -Jn, Sd nv.y
ouier geode tog namcroiu to t»ftl u aru.- y
JtSeS**-St OlLB&UT A a.\xPiO.V, Aafrs.
Lit e Catalogue S»Je of
fine arts,
,v. SI 5 T V? rQ * ?• A u), from Italy, would advSo
o^ <0t * eme ° ° f l -' Uca ‘>' uiliavirin - t s r tli.il l!.e»
£ Tns>D AY, Jaw ,3.1.. tour, of »lo 5;,
■n>i‘ no*t masmlfleem eo’lectlt n cl sUro«thcr tew dn'm*
ofluj^nurbl.«u. ,5Zy!'Z
the latj-rt UTlcsor Uoh. tn an j ra rated and cmrared cL-\.*.
ware, French china wan.uoik tints ami wriltr-* ii£t«
English UillrU«v*re.fane> «tlc;.>. A.-“ac In mu Li
perb col.ect.t.n will I «• tout d many inlilt, ~f (rantirw *n
»iun and workmanship, many ot which are orltfnal and
therefore perfrrtly unique, mhi. v. da Meal utlt jj
nu. atdcUur wnUno*n ion,.- of
«»«*. «f scu.pturcd aln a»ter under e.i-a
eueh as corner, tfaevar. Vtrnr, datrtn* Jul,
.\m>nsaml I sychc, Kidel ty. ami mvnx »t’ ugr >nt»* Tin.*
shore,oodahireJustarrle,d iron, hni. tr. and saroUcn
acJecltd wliharm tanj by sifter raK.oiflnl.fn n them*!
of Italy, ami the royal m«»fae.,rtr«of! , ni f :ueaml
Also. »sop«rbaa«ttment of the finest rnialilv «>f virer
plat*l«uoua» consisting it tea setts. wafeu*. » l« Übc'’
and other si tea. castor*. with nch cut bohhs-.ci m eand ie*
urn*.foik.s»pooaeaaa«aß4,to*stber with a treat vuiJcty
of nsetat articles. *
Taes«?jrotK.‘s bare never been offered In any utliormaiki:
andcvciy ir Ido will hei-td without the least re-rrve.
ItUcooflJtntlv believed. U t tb* ta*tefal. the ct nous,
ud the econoc leal bare nerer bad st. tie- liable an otv,r
tnnity id obtaining article* ot elegantx, ornament. and
utility. a
fhe £f"*ds will be open fo*frc« elimination on 'Wanes-
Jar .t"d riiuisdaj. May I»'th and ITlb. a-d ladle* aid «rn
tie t en are invttcu to c tll and esam.n« the atK>ve U-anUrul
and *eie» i nwottmentand attend tin- sale.
iti'ut,ue»WiUbe ready on the mottling of flid day of
tri.« I* purcfaaredfartaoait will t>e packed In the ct!* ut
Itii .li tat kastratasndi ezpente.
•n»»:Uc3: UILDEHT * SAMI’SON. Auet'r?.
WJf. A. BOTTERS Jt CO. will sell onTlirß>«n\T.
June 21 ft at 10K o*clock.the U. b. Moun I’ts-dge f.. r
Lake Michigan.
No appropriation* having beeamvdebyCoagre**fi>r 'be
maintenance of the U. S. Steam Dredge li..*: f r . * 1> nj
at Chicago. In the North Bracchof theUlv.r. *ndt- «r< je*
tng no means avdlable for »h«t ofject. the side of IM* r*l.
ttable machine and her four dumping iko-v* thu, c o a
tmavoliabe. They w-U,.co rd ngiy. le-oM.u th-Irm •< r*
*»)*!»« Chics so, x public auction t-i lh<* highest rUM*r«
TIiUHSI»aY, iheaiuday of June, proximo, at UmAi
In the momlug.
This dredg • heat wsebu It bv Howard In IS.M. Shi* hr.*
an excellent double steam enilne mu! etde wh-el». wl;u
bucket* worked by «n«iie*e than*. S.« U c.|a l« ci
rnialog two thousand cubic . anls per day. The and
steam mae k lnerT are In good older, aodsro writ «i.nhTi;a
atteatlonof tcoae wboaieengsgeU iuiirecglML* fur »vy ; ur*
posewhaier*r. Can be vlew.d at hermo nn.aaty di>r
previous to the safe, la wed supplied with anchors, cables,
and appurtenances for ready work.
At the place, will bcaoM oae other Scow;
deckrt. and a quantity of toots an ■ reslna.
Tee**—vutliu specie, By order or
Lt, Colonel, SopYg Engineer of Lake UarlKu lYor's
Tor thistle of ail k'n»li of pemitul protwity r«iU e?uts.
kooashold goods, ftireltare, Ac.
P«i>. AH U«*rl» >;a .«trfcl.
46, 43 & 60 DEARBORN STREET*
IHreetiy opposite the Tretnca* nmr<e.
farTltO-leJ w. i s' -r.-o
Lave won the Highest Premiums at th; Fair* . f *aa
United States AsrlcnUnrml Soelety*
And>l the SHale Fo : rs ef
And at the Fain of
Metropolitan Mechanic’s Institute, Waahingtcsy
American Institute, New York.
Mechanic's Association, Boston,
Franklin Institute, Philadelphia,
Mechanic's Institute, Baltimore,
Mechanic’s Association, Cincinnati,
Mechanic’s Institute, Chicago,
Kentucky Institute, Louisville.
Mechanical Association, St. Louis,
Mechanic’s Institute, San Fmnciseo,
Hundreds of County Fairs.
At the late H. S. Fair at Chicago the SocMv awarded
‘this Machine the FIRST PREMIUM. aGracd Silver M»*
dal. acd the Special Premium of a #lou Siivo* Pitcher.
The Lock-Mltch made by this machlco la the only .stitch
lhalcannotbotavellod,andlhaipre-eals»h** same HppeKr*
aoee each ride of the warn. It I# made wltu two threads
one upon each side of the fabric. and !nirrli>c»«i lu the c<>a
treat It. .No (tolly should bo without this economical
time and Imhoraavln* machine. It do*** th«* sewing of a
family or manufacturer with t liergth and beautv, ntcl.lng
tho lightest or heaviest fabric In the same time that teu
teamstrewws require to no the ptme by band.
Sl.SOft of these machines were s*»M ia 1839. A printed
OUI of Directions, Illustrating the different parts Is sent
with each machine, this is sutMclenlly explicit to show 1U
use. All orders executed with care and pmnipiUode. it a*
ohn... when Cupped are boxed with everything recently
to use them, and can he delivered byemress (without tn
turrltoaoysvctlononbscuuotrr. Bend foraClrtuiar,
jutjj .General Aient.
Nue. I9t A 169 Lake Chicago, 111.
p o. mhX-h7iiMmlsty
\1 OPEN. This Immense Iron structure, nearly two
talks In length, (tho longestln the world; erected across tt9
At Montreal, at a costof Six and ft half Millions of DU
lata, to connect the Euttm and Western dlfidom 01 tas
Grand Trunk Railway
Is do« own for public traffic. TLU road, of Oifc»ny lAtt
milts in u "it* h . Is operated under
And then la only:
Tnm Chicago or the V>sfc»lppJ Rivet to Port'iadoijfcii.
ton. Quickest and m«*» coneenlentroute for travel between
the Sooth ± West and Canada and New tfxan.i,
and freight booked thnmgbloall part* o* Canada atd IhO
Hew England States, also to and from
Chicago and Liverpool
MAIL Miilt< from
pArfUnii «v#nr sitnrdiTi ud from Liverpool every Wwl*
wYi TERaHAJ4LT.O('aenU Muacer. Montml.
WALT KH OeoT Wcitera A*eai,
Ho. U Like
Voder the Adame Home. Chicago.
p E M o V A L .
122 dark Street 122
(Two Doors North of the Old Stand.)
The demand for
Downer 1 ! Celebrated Boston Kerosene
Have oblige ti* to remove to larger quarter*.
If ihe Trade supplied U a moderate advance over
Affßtiad Mni|tr.
Fire, marine and Life.
or aPßCtaraxD. mass. ■
sad SuTplu..
kassasoh fire ihs. Co.,
or srßCfonszj>» mass.
BuzptU... . ..♦B3 t TTgJS
hasoveh Eras pra co.,
op new toss.
' XHIi
Liyjs ms, co*
OaptUl and Sarplna..
jva. 1 Bole's Dolldlng, eor. Sooth WaUr and Clark itrtafe,

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