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Dally, Tri-Weekly * Weekly.
<S*ur L. f cum. <'a»*Lt» IT. Bat,
WItUAM Uto»*. Jcatra ii»DUX,
Altud Cowlti.
TESKj or Tilt m>l AKP Dime
Dally. delirc-ed In c t». \.v Cirri r, j*r yr»r...
Dally, de.Wor- clu c ir. U c_ul r. per w»*k..
J*alty,to Mill r«l*» ri-»ci>, •, rr y«ar
Dally-tu Mali bub»crisv. - », ]«r elx aosUi*....
Tri*»««k!r, pc: i«#r
"Wtdt'./. ««iar'.e
** ft copter
** lupin.
“ luoopkt.
*• SO pip'cr (a:d one toscter up of dab)......
Monty In rcn-ttciva letter* m»y b* r'ui ur rt*».
- ril£S» AND TUIBUNK. Chicaeo. HU
Htxss & Ciilmne.
We authorized to announce that our dis
tinguished cocHtor, Hon. Lnux Tuumecll,
than whom no man living lias a stronger bold
upon the Republicans of Chicago, will speak
on Saturday evening next at the Wigwam.
He will be greeted by an ovcifljwmg bouse.
Senator Trumbull will also speak at Blue
Island on ilocdsy, the 22d inst. Let our
friends make immediate arrangements for get
ring out a luge crowd.
ippolutnitufK in tioi h County.
Hon. IsttiC X. Arnold, A. O. Hesing, Esq.,
Geo. Schneider, Uju. Casper Bud, Solomon
Wilson, L S Brcetaao, Carlos Haven, William
James. E. Williams, at do hers. Some or til of
the above wi-l e r-:hk as follows:
. KrW iv. Oc*. If, »t 2 P. M.
,rfm»v Kvenlig. Ocl U.
>«tur<s*y. OcL -J). 2 l\ X.
.U« U'Uv. Ofn.tl.
.1 untikv Even’*, Ocu 12, at
Xortl.fi i.i ....
£.•' WU-Cli-K--
W.i-’ i.r* i-m.
cMiti r>.
lUrn*t *'-
‘ t: *'>-•.
.Tiiur : div, Oc*. 2S. 2 P. M.
. r.vui.li:*?.Ocl.i'6.
.XriiUaj.OcUtS, 21’- at
I.i: liour-.
r_c' aaoit*:*. cc-i-c
’ frrdEV.Oc'. 2T. 5P >l.
.> lu di) - . Oil. ?7. 2 I’.U.
.M(iiCay,Oc^2. J , 2 P.M.
JloxuTJiuh* Appulutmenta In
Hon. TLcmae Corwin will adcreea the people
ci Jiliacia on political topics at the following
t:a:fes and p'l-ftr.:
«;&r.ic:, ru.t.n Co
ithC'iibb. Co.
(jUbiCv, Co.
C>aik Co.
JToUn I** Hate’** Appointments*
Horn Jobu P. Hale, of New llampabire, will
c 6 dress the people of IJliooU on political topics
at the following timesaad places
w rnlcc.l*a a;«Ce..,
. co
7-.n< ■,sJrl!-nryO..
J • » Cj
f ■ ri jIA, C’j.
.Sam. (*nlloiray’a Appointment*,
Boa. Sain. Galloway cf Ohio, will address the
people of Illinois la political topics et the fol
io win? virae? a-d plicts
£:dn. EfeCf'
* «.lo- fl U ' C 0...
<Ji:iL-»p M*c • pi>. •o ..
Peon.. C *.
G.le Ku. z Co.
Appointment* of llon*l>« K« Cartier*
lioa. I). K. C»r:t«-r, of Ohio, will address the
people of Illinois on poliv.cal topics at the fol
IwWic£ {*-rca ard p’sces
SUfOc. EfEncU >0 ~p
C <*o ...
rtu-iitti'.-Mi C* .
ill. Wnn>t<. r.u t»,
JJuQ'ioln. t'etry Co
B-b 0:1, Khm-U.ii <.’«• .
<J»Tbo:dile. J-tCkkun Co,
Fr«i>K Ulalr’t Appoliument*.
Hon. i'. P. Blair, Jr., will address foe people
of Illinois at ttc following times and places:
MUSti-fTr* Ip'wa •*
n. P .Uoii *
J'e-rli, jV;ri*
Toulon, **
Calva, near? **
Appointment* «*f Clou K. C, hcbonclc
slid tionn I’ltiii
Hon. Robert C. ScbcscV and Docn Piatt, of
i'bio, wi'.l a-idress the pef-ple of Illinois on po
iitickl topics ftt the following times and places:
lawrenrcvl l«. Co.
All, Cam.fl. 'S’j-lm-S C 0.,,
»niTT l.i-, Wli'tf Co
i.vnni, White Co
Fairfield. VS’Ryn Oo
O.s.ev. K «*»ilan<i Cc.
i’iterUne. Cri»*f>'o -•
Ore - :«i«l>. Ci.m'rrfl r-d C<>.
bpn&rfflr-d, a .ugitcoo Co..
jion, REcnard Yaica* Appointments.
Hoc. Richard Kepuhucan nominee
sor Governor, riHiAfctissibe peopl* cn pobti
eil topt>* at «he following lim*** ard nlac'ft:
C-e<<tor.iiar.dnl l hCo Tue«dmT, Oet.O
i'.'iJrriMe.'t,Ci»rCo Wfeißcadav, " 24
T:»cntmlto*ifc*<'o. v ...It da/. m M
C 0................••
jj unjie. VeldtUioo Co M.mUv, 'Jt
jlr. lioT«iojr*o Appointment*.
jXocu Owen Lotejoy trill tddrees the people of
J llluOaß on political topics At the following times
tad placer;
l‘,na. Chrt*’laaCo....
Knu-ka. Ww-xinird Co.
Jjiaale, i».S*lle_Co_
Senator Appointment*.
Senator Doniittl**, of Wi-contia, w:ll address
tie people of Peoria and Fulton counties asfol*
At Klni*.*-*:
At rutM.Kj'ton e *niv).
A’-Avol crulion cuus'V).
Mr. farnsworili'N Appointment*,
Mr. Fares worth will speak at
n 0 r. *.) Sitmlav, Oct. 50 h.
.tlmc-Wi Ta-O.ij- Oct, £3S.
1j >Ur I'srk r rid*), Oct. SSlt.
.Herman KrcSmaun'R Appointments
Herman Kreiomarn, E.q., will address bit
<senann fellow cit : *cns on political topics ftttbe
tllowinc times ar.d places
r.A-rt l ion, Crete*- Co
iUrulo. ti;i to,
Political tlieElgblU IMjm
flon. D. L. Fhillioa and William Bros*, Esq.,
ot the Chicago Peess jlkd TmnrxE, will address
t K e people of the Eighth Congressional District
oj tbe political issues of the dey at tbe follow*
i r p and places. Republicans at the ser
tml places designated are rerpeettnlly request
ed to advertise and make arrangements for the
Xh’W ~
Jolut BlHOMlnuil.''
J). T. Lice;?*r and Joba A Lj.;aa, candidate*
kr Congress in the IX:b Cocgrewioaal Dis
trict, will discos* the pnl. -tent* of the day
tube fo'Jawing times and n »'F
Wtilic Cj..
Aid on, Citwa*'# *'«
f .jr.eM, Wtja Cw.
Xhe ducat-sios at F*:rficid will be at night.
ft m. J*. Plato's Appointments.
Wm. H. I’jato, Bepublicaa candidate for Elec-
Ur, will address ibe people sb followa:
Xlboa °*r S?
J»»ir r r-on,
Leonard Sarctfa Appointment*.
Knaivll’c. Kd.jX Co„ . Friday. Octol*r 19
.Wvtiday, October S3
71 r. Lov«Ji>7 at LaSalle.
lion. Owen Lov»j»«y will speak at J.&Salle on
Tuesday ncx*, in cc •junction w-*,h Hen. Thos.
Judge Tiumlmll at Uoikford.
Hon. Lyman Trumbull will speak at Rock
ford on Tuesday next, Oct 23d.
Hon* K. C. Sebrnra in Cumberland
The appointments for Hon. R. C. Schentk
and Hcc. Dsnn Piatt, ct Ohio, at Marshal 1 ,
Clark County, on the lit of November, has
been changed to Greenup, Cumberland County,
the same day.
In another column wo print, from the Phila
delphia Inquirer, tie names ol a party of mer
chants from that city, who may be expected
m Chicago t.-day. It will be so n from the
list that these gentlemen fire the representa
tives of mudi of the commercial and manufac
turing enterprise and probity which have
made their 1 * the second city in the land. The
Inquirer says that the object of their visit is
ono of inquiry merely; that they want to sat
isfy themselves of the resources and business
prospects of the Northwest, with a view, we
may add, of securing for Philadelphia a por
tion of the trade now monopolized by Hew
York. -We are sure that they will be gladly
welcomed, and that such attention will bo
paid them oa their character and position de
maad. 'We do not <: ,uU either,the success cf
their mission taken m Its purely commercial
sense. They unquestionably can present the
advantages of Philadelphia in a light that will
command toe attention of our jobbers, particu
larly those who sell article's which Philadel
phia manufactures; and if they do not find
lb at they have succeeded in making more inti
mate l&o business relations of their city atd
oars, we shall be disappointed in the sagacity
ot Chicago merchants and the power of Phila
delphia persuasion. *We say this without
wiahing to convey tbo idea that ihe expected
party ore a gang of drummers out on a pro
fessional tour; but with the .knowledge that
business m f’ n will about business, and
(bat that talk frill have Its legitimate results.
. 4J«
. 4-iO
. 1A»
. 4a»j
. 609
Great Turnout at ilgin.
10,000 Republicans in Council,
DUpstcb to tbe Preei i Tilbooe.]
The Republican demonstration here to day
exceeded all expectations, considering tbe
shortness of the notice given for the meeting.
At least 10,000 people were on the ground,
lion. Sam. Galloway, of Ohio, made a splendid
speech, which was vociferously applauded. Jc.
Knox, of Chicago, gave us one of bis rousing
efforts, and John F. Farnsworth spoke in the
efeiiing. Set down old Kane for B,OCO major-
Tne City Cleric
It is barely necessary to ssy that no insinua
tion was sought to be made against Hr. A.
Kahn, the City Clerk, in our article yesterday on
the subject of tbe late call for a epecial meeting
of tbe Connell. We believe that Mr. Kahn has
done only what tbe requirements of bis office
demanded, and we know that be does not sym
pathize, in any degree, with tbe fraudulent
movements now on foot to multiply the number
of elective districts in the city, to facilitate
doable voting.
Vtho Hclltves It?
Who believes it that after Honest Old Abe Is
quietly installed in tie White House it will be
necessary to advertise in Ibe newspapers at
principal points in the South something like tbe
TVrANTED —A Postmaster fjrthe
V T potl Office. Salary l.bcnL Address
the D.-pirtmeni it W*a:li.gtoa.
Or this:
1-J WANTED—lncumbents vnnted Imm'dlatsiy for
Uie posts of L'Riil Keeper* at the vailou* UL-Lt H-tutc*
oaths LoutbcmCoast. .add.ess the Dtpartmuit at Wash
.Oct'Wr IP.
.October an.
.October SS.
.Octoicr '.6.
Or still another:
* V able bodied mm as Un.Ud Statu Marshals
tbrovebnut the tkiulheru hiates. Address the Department
at Washington.
.October 28.
.October *4.
.October as.
.October tC.
Every one kco * 8 and nobody better than the
Democrats, that the rush for Federal officet*
from all through the South, frill be aa great, as
prompt, and as persistent about Old Abe at the
White House, as about any of bis predecessors.
It is Interes'ing to witness how rapidly the
hangers on of Democracy are getting ready for
such an event. At Washington the Wide
Awake dobs cannot take men in fast enough.
They are rntbing by thousands to get up a Re
publican record for futnre reference. There
will be cakes and ale long after Democracy is
dead, and the loaves and fishes will not go beg*
giog at the £: nth, whoever may dispense them
at Washington. The only difference will be
that the Government will be administered, and
appointments mad with reference tn their
original intent, of answering toe public good
and the interests cf the people, aud not with a
sole view to extend the area of ciggef breeding,
and stick Irtsb palisades about the sieve pens.
.0:1 14.
.OCU 20.
,l»U •-?.
.Oct. S3
.ocu &
.Oc*. 14
.« Cl. •A
.Oft. ss
.Oct. 27
Xbe SccnilonUlD la Cliarlcs
ICoirespoadeiice of the K. Y. Tribcce.)
C’I!4BLI:TO9, Oct. 12, 1860.
locicsed I send yon the rei ult of the election
which took place on Monday and Tuesday last
in this city. I lint" separate State action
man,” (m fact I would prefer revolution to sub
mission to the inauguration of Abraham Lin
coln ;) therefore I am much di-appoinled’al the
resu.t. Of the twenty men elected, there are
not more than four of them in favor of separate
State action ; and I do not know but o>.t who
has been bold enough to * eclare bis principles
publicly, viz; IL Barnwell Rbett, Jr. For tbij
gentlemen there were the v«.ry strongest
efforts made by all of his friends, and even the
amterta'itit voted for him, on the ground tb&t
It would ne-er do fur it In be trumpeted through
the land by Republican journals ibst the editor
of the Mercury had been defeated. In other
words, “National Democrat?,” as they call
themselves, but who ere no more than misera
ble submlsbiocists, actually supplanted Mr.
Rictt, for the purpose of fngctening the
> onb into deleatmg Lincoln at the approaching
election. *J be cn*y other candidate who was
bold enough to exrreft) bis “s.-purat« State ac
tion principles” (A. I*. Loning), received only
COS votes. When a really earnest man listens
to the talk, and blunter, and threats that ai e
made on ail occasions and at all times by the
people of the Sooth, and Charleston in particu
lar, about going cot of tbe Union if Li-coln is
elected, andthea finds a candidate o( integrity
and manlicesp, good *aoii)y, und more than or
dinary social influences, who is ruanirg on this
I principle, leceiving 603 votes cut of 3579 poll
! cd. it is enough to discourage him aod cause
I b’/nto txc.eim, Lost, lost, is tbe cause cf tbe
1 South!
.October S3
.O<to ; «r V 4
October 25
. OcUi:cr SB
.October S7
.October 2i
.October »
.Oc <v*r St
.Kov'bfi 1
.Xvov'ber 3
..October 19
.October 3J.
Vcu will, by reference to tbe papers, see that
last evening many of tbe successful candidates
were serenaded, and seme made speeches which
are referred to «h expressing the opinion in fa
vor of calling a Convention in tbe event o( Lin
coln's success. This may be tiue. They st-y
.Wedoriid ty, OcC £l.
,Tuor«d*v, >uv. I*
......Frriay, Mtv.s*
Nor, S.
thev will vote to call a'Ccnvection, and will
cheerfnllv abide its reault, but ti at result they
apprehend, aud in private so express them
server, will be submission. 1 baveheatd this
very sentiment expressed by one of tbe most
prominent among those elected; and be laughed
ut the idea of going out of the Union.
Toa m»y regard this as a strange letter to
receive from one who has avowed t meelf an
n.tra Disuniomst; bnt lam so disgusted that 1
wish it published.:© the .world, that we area
bragging, bjasung, impulsive people, but when
called upon to act wc shrink; and 1 further say
to you,that if rioutUCsrolmaand tbe South ate
fioiOfi to all principle, and blind to thrlr fate,
us to suomit to tbe degradation that the >’ortb
,oc‘, 22.
is seeking to impose on her, in the election of
Lincoln, she is dead, dead, dead; and I, for
one, will either go to Patagonia, and turn bar*
burins, or to Maine and tarn Abolition preach*
In aconrersation to-day withoneof ourmost
eminent lawyers—a man who is remarkable for
bis sagacity and good cense be said to me t “ 1
bare always been a Ditunionist, not Irom feel
ings ol dialike for tbe people of the North (such
as actuate the majority of Southern men), but
from policy. 1 bare ever regarded tbe Union
as unequal and epprersive, but it is too strong
now lor ns to attempt to dissolve. Tbe insti
tution of slavery is doomed, beyond all doubt,
and if South Carolina submits to the Inaugura
tion of a Black Republican President, and 1
believe rbe will, I now assert it as my candid
opinion that in less than three years from to-day,
petitions will be sent is frem tbe whole South
to allow us to retain our slaves in their present
prescribed limits, and rejected." 1 remarked:
•• How then can yon submit to breathe, if you
bare no more hope for yonr country than thib?"
neiephed: “Mice is the resignation of a man
bo baa made up bis mind to be banged; lor I
know if Lincoln is el* cled, and we resiet, that
he will hang us, and Z shall be among the very
first ”
Oct. 19-11 M
. - 50-13 “
.. “ 52—13 M
.. - 53-13 “
.. «* 5»-U **
Oct. s:
1 bisletter is written in good faith by a slave
holder, a’southerner, and a secessionist.
Nov. 1
Political Excitement la Washington.
The Washington Star td'a of four personal
encounter* which took place in that city on
Wednesday evening, in consequence of the ex
citement growing out of the recent el ctions.
The first bttween Joseph Henry C!ay Mudd, a
-rioUnt partisan of Mr. Douglas, and Mr. Joseph
Robinson, of Norih Carolina, now of the Navy
Uepartmeat, and Cfcarman of th« North Caro*
lina Brwcttiridge Club, began in words and
ended with M add striking R3* insona blow with
his fist A charge ct aasauU and battery was
preferred hy the latter. Mr. Wm. 11. Cook, of
Mississippi,and Alderman Wm. Ward became
very much excited over this quarrel, and the
former misinterpreting a remark made by the
latter belabored him violently with bis cane.
Tight No. 8, rays ihe£{ar,wasa sort of round
robin tffjir, in which Mr. Robert Alien, of
Georgia, now of the General Land Office—
Breckinridge man—had tor antagonists Mr.
James Henry, master of horse in the mail ar
rangements of the last Postmaster of the House
of Representatives—a up to the
bob; also, Mr. Aleck Dubant and Magee,
young men about town, and equally ardent
supporters of the son ot the hunted dame of
Chiton Springs. This Is said to have been a
good, substantial, solid fight—we know not how
ft commenced—in which Mr. Henry got severe
ly gashed about the head by Mr. Allen, and Mr.
Allen well nigb as serenly battered and bruis
ed in the pame region by one or ail three of bis
antagonists. The fourth tight was a squabble
between Ur. Cook, a clerk in the Auditor’s
office, and a son of Alderman Ward.
California in 1656 gave Col. Fremont for Pres*
ideot 20,091 votes oat of 110,221. Her Repub
lican vote was not materially increased at sub
sequent elections; the Republicans and Anti*
Lecompton Democrats being so intermingled
in tfce two b*t that ihe distinctive stre gta
of either cauid not be determined. Vow, Mr,
Rsbe, the indchul -üble Secretary o! her Re
po .lican State Committee, writes that the can
vasses already made by the Republican local
Committees, return thirty eight tfunuana fit*
hundred legal voters in that Slate ready to sup
port the Lncola electors; and that the num
ber would be largely ncreased if the Pony
Express tboold bring them good newslromtbe
October elections in Pennsylvania, Ohio and
Indiana. The news is by ibis lime streaking
through t.e glens of tlo s Reeky Mountains,
and will flash across the “galche*” and “ can
cel* c f the Golden State from six to twelve
days prior to that of the Presidential election.
We trust that it will raise #r. Lincoln’s vote to
at least forty-five thousand, 'which will give
him the State. There ere .bout eight/ tcoa
«nd rotere in Celi'ornin dmded between the
Breckinridge, DongUe md Bell pertiee; end
the two former ere eo ereolj metched thet nei
ther cen poll fortj thontend rotee tl Bell polle
fir, thooiend. And in eemrlng: O.'ifornm, Mr.
Lie coin recurre the Terr lest Freehuta TOtfc
Oregon is already nfs —ii. r* irttntiu.
Witiiaoiric.K. T.Oct 18.—Notwith«Undiiig
the bad coouuon of the track, the race between
Flora Temple and Patchen came off here this
afternoon, resulting in favor, of Flora. Time—
[From tU« PWodelpbla Inquirer.]
As loop ago as the fait of ISSO, it was pro
posed at the Board of Trade in this cry, that a
committee of that body should visit the prioci
pa) points of the West, for the purpose of es
tablishing more extensive business connections
between tbe merchants cf those cities and our
own, and of inviting attention to the advauta
ces possessed by r.ur city for trade with tbe
West, both by reason of its convenience of ac
cess bv means cf railways, end on account of
the extensive manufacturing operations carried
Elcw. Oct. 18.16C0.
X*lor« tfeata Pslchcn.
Xlielr Object In Coming.
on here. . ..
The subject, after some discussion, was then
postponed, aod was renewed again this spring,
aod its importance strongly urged by several
members of the Board, and especially by
Messrs. E. U, Biddle, Josiabßtcon acd Israel
Morris. The project was finally determined
upon aheut two weeks ago, and a committee of
the members of the Board appointed to invite
a number cf others to form a party to proceed
to the Western cities for the purpose or carry
ing out the original proposition. The commit
tee was composed ot Messrs. E. C. Biddle, Sam
uel E. Sicker, Robert S. Beed, Richard Woo *,
and Tbos. S. Fernon.
The committee finally reported cm the tenth
instant, acd waa discharged, having first invit
ed a number ot gentlemen represeutin : the va
rious nrercantileand manufacturing interests of
our citv to proceed upon an excursion to the
principal cities of the West, on behalf of the
Board of Trade. The names of the gentlemen
invited, and who consented to accompany the
excursion, are given below.
Messrs- Samuel T. C.nbv, Samuel F. Wit-
mer, Richard Wood and U. U. Houston were
then appointed a Commitee to make thereqaia
ile arrangements for t:e excursion. The ex
cursion party lelt the depot of the Pennsylva
nia Railroad at noon yes erday, in tbe eleyant
car which wa* occupied by tbe Prince ot Wales
and suite, daring their passage over the Penn
sylvania Railroad. The party was composed
of about fifty gentlemen, selected from our
principal mercantile firms and manufacturing
establishments, and represented nearly every
branch of business and department of manufac
ture, such as leading domestic goods* bouses,
our silk houses, our druz houses, our grocers,
tobacco, grain, flour and provision dealers, our
leather dealers, and onr cotton, wool and iron
manufactures, lamp manufactories, the princi
pal book-publishinz houses, umbrella, boot and
shoe bonses, and others.
The parly waa made up in about equal pro
portions, of men of years and experience in
their several departments, and of younger men
of energy as well as eminent business qualifi
cations. It presented in no wav, however, the
appearance of a party setting out on a frolic,
bnt rather of serious and active business men,
starting upon a responsible mission, fully im
pressed with its importance to the city of Phil
adelphia. , ~ a .
Having left the city at noon they dined at
Dowmngtown, where every provision had been
made to secure tbeir comfort, acd arrived at
Altoona a little after eiyht o’clock last night,
where they partook of an excellent supper at
tbe railroad company’s splendid station house.
They passed the night at Altoona, and start for
this morning at eight onlock. They
will arrirom Pittebnrqhaboot one; and will stop
at tbe Monongahela House urtil one o'clock on
Wednesday. They will leave Pittsburgh at half
past seven o’c ork on Wednesday, and will pass
over the Fort Wayne and Chicago, Cleveland
and Pittsburgh roads, and reach Cleveland at
one o’clock on Wednesday afternoon. They
will stop at the Angicr House in Cleveland us
til six o’clock on Thursday next, when tbev
will resume their travel to Chicago, at which
place they will arrive at eight o’clock on Fri-
day next.
I hey will remain at Chicago until Monday
mornicg next, at which time tuey will start for
Qamcy, Illinois, and St. Joseph, Missouri,which
last named place they propose to reach by
Tuesday next. They will remain at Sk Joseph
asd ita riciaity from Tuesday until the suc
ceeding Friday, and will then return to St.
Louis, which place they expect to reach on the
night of lbe26ih Inal. They will remain at the
Planters* Hotel, St. Lonis, lour days, and reach
Cincinnati by Tuesday evening the SOlh mat.,
passing orer the Ohio and road.
They will remain at the Burnet House, Cincin
nati, until Friday morning, November 2d, when
they will leave for Poiladeipbia,bT way of Day
ton, Columbus sod Pittsburgh, arriving here on
Saturday night, Nov. 3d,
It will thus be seen that they will have been
absent three weeks, will have traveled about
three tbonsvnc miles, will have visited the prin
cipal cities of the West and Northwest, and will
have passed over the principal railroads by
which our trade with these points is carried on.
At the several places at which they stop i* is
their intention to call the attention of the mer*
chants to the superior advantages hich Phila
delphia pre-enta for trading, and asamann
taring community.
Thty will endeavor to establish such friendly
communications with the leaning merchants of
these places, ns trill lead to the direction of
tr-de to our city. They will also carefully ex
amine the rations railway routes and connec
tions, with a riew to ascertain whether there
eztataany discriminationt in faror of any other
Atlantic cities, to the disadvantage of Pmladel
phis; their main object being to secare to Phil
adelphia that trade which its geographical po
sition and railroad connections aim the West
naturally entitle it to enjoy, and at the same
time by personal intercourse to fester an agree
able and pleasant friendship between the lead
ing houses of loose cities aud our own.
The time selected for this risit is in every
way a favorable one for the purpose. The lull
trade is row over, and the merchants who had
visited tbe Eastern cities hate returned to their
homes, aedourewn merchants are at leisure
to devote the time requisite lor this visit. The
State elections in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indi
ana are o*er, and tbe reault has been such as to
put ao end to most of the political anxiety
which awetk ago prevailed throughout that re
gion. The season of the year is the most agree
able one that could bave'heen selected for tbe
Oar splendid autumn weatber has just set in,
and the foliage never displayed more brilliant
and varied i ues than at present. At the same
time, beat ana crowded hotels, so sunojing
earlier in tbe season, will be avoided.
These gentlemen are commisiontd to advance
tbe claims of Philadelphia lor the patronage of
tbe West. They may also beexpacted to bring
back much valuable information. They will re*
turn prepared to point out what causes, it any,
have contnbi ted to retard our business pio*
gress, to show how similar evils shall be here
after avoided, and a so to suggest what means
may be employed fur developing and extending
our connection and influence throughout tbe
West and Northwest. Perhaps, among other
thioge,tbe importance of fostering and encour
aging tbe circulation of Philadelphia journals
may impreta itself as lorcibly upon thorn as It
has upon others—and in this view it would be
well, perhaps, tor them to enjoin upon the hotel
keepers and officers of Exchanges, the impor
tance and propriety of receiving and tiling Phi
ladelphia papers. . ...
the several railroad companies over which
the party is to travel have tendered a tree pas
sage. The expem*ea, otherwise, are borne by
the individuals composing the party.
Mr. U. 11.11 instoD, the general treigbt agent
of the Pennsylvania Iliilroad, has dune all in
his power to further the committee of arrange
ments In carrying out their plans, and be will
accompany the party through the whole trip.
Mr. John W. Hauler will take the entire charge
of all their baggage during the excursion.
We subjoin a lust of the persons composing
the party, and of the firms represented by
them. They have our best wishes for a plea
sant and prosperous journey and safe return.
We trnst also that onr brethren of the press
will give them a cordial greeting. The enter
prise is an important one for 1 biladelphia.
Richard Price, ot the firm of Siter, Price A
Co.; Moms L. liallofrell, of the firm of M. L.
Batlowell A Co.; Thomas Nee lin, of the firm of
Xewlio, Perniey A Co ; J. B. Lippioeott, of the
firm of J. B. L’ppmcott A Co.; Wm. C. Baker,
of me firm of Cornelius A Baker; E C. B ddle,
of the firm of E. C. & J. Biddle; Samuel Stokes,
of the firm ot Treoick, Stokes & Co.; Samuel
T. Canby. of the firm of Canoy, Neville A
Hughes; D. Rodney King, of the firm of D. K.
King & Co.; Prof. J. C. Booth, of the United
States Mint; Hugh Crater, of the firm of Cra?c A
Bellas; S. L. Winner, ot the firm of S. AL.Wit
mer; W.W. Steel, of the firm ofjas. Steel A
Co.; Henry Badd, oi the fi:m of BuddACcm
ley; George B. Bonnell, of the firm ot L E.
Mjiinger ACo.; John Batcher, of the nrmof
Batcher A Brothets ; Amos R. L ; Ule,oftbefirm
of Little, Stokes A Co.; W.B. Cczsrs, of the
firm of AitemnsA Cessna; Henry Sernll, of the
firm of Conrad A Serrill; H. W. Ridgway, of the
firm ofßidgwav, UeossnerA Co; S. M. Brooke,
of the firm of Brooks, Brothers A Co.; John
H. Maris, of the firm of John M. Maris A Co; J . I
Lewis Crew, of tte firmofCrew.RogersACrew; I
Wm. Uav of the firm of Hay A McDenvt; Chas.
Kelly of the firm oft). AC K.lly; ffm. Divine,
of the firm of Wm.DmneASoaj»;N. S. Richard
son, of the firm of Moore, Henxey A Co.; J. M.
Thomas, of the Freedom Iron Co.; George Bol
locke, ot the firm of B. 80l ocke A Son; Wm.
0: Ludwig, of the firm of Ludwig. Kneedler
A Co.; Richard Wood, of the firm ot U. Wood,
Marsh A Hayward; H. U. Houston, of the
H R.; Tcoa. P. Stoteebury, of the firm of T. P.
Stotesbnry; Jos. 1L Newball, of the firm of
Rutter, Newhall A Co.; E. Y. Townsend, of
the firm of Wood, Morrell A Co,: John Sellers,
Jr of the firm of Wm. Sellers A Co.; Charles
H, Wheeler, of the firm of Morris, t'aik»r A
Co.; John Murphy.ot the firm of Morphy A
Allison; S. A. Risphaxn, of the firm of S. Blip
ham A Son; Caarles Herbert, of tbe firm of
Harcert, Davis A Co.; W. iL.PearsoD, of the
firm of Wm. A Drown A Co.; J. L. Hoogb, of
the firm of B?yd A Hough; Gtmck Mallery,
Jr.; S. G. Thompson, T. H. Clarke; James
McGee; A. J. Bocknor, of tbe firm ofßocknor,
MeCammou A Oo.; W. A. Brown, of the firm
of £. C. Knight A Co.
How tbe Prince was Shampooed; and
bow a French JenJUns Performed
his duty,
[From ue Counter dea EUU Unia]
Tsn Paixcc’a Htan.—This bead, which so
many people bare strained their eyes to gets
glimpse of, it has been the privilege of a New
Yorker to bold in his bauds for an hour, and.
not only hold bat manipulate and twist about
at bis wilt. This favored mortal is oor.fellow
countryman M. Valet, tbe clever and popular
hair dresser. M. Valet has bsd tbe honor for a
tong time of dressing the beads cf tbe eorpt di*
plomutifue, so that when, on Friday evening,
Lord Renfrew expressed a desire to be dressed
for tbe ball, tbe name of Yatet was naturally
mentioned in connection with this mission of
high confidence.
Summoned to the Fifth Avenue Hotel, be was
Introduced to aa apartment where be found a
youth in his shirt and trousers. M. VaUt pro
pared to waittranquilly for bit lllas’rioas client,
not fancying that it was the Prince himself who
was standing before bis eyes. It appears that
the Prince asked him if be was ready to begin
in order to make Lim aware of his error. Lord
Renfrew then engaged the artist in converto
tion. He bad beard of the word thampco , and
expressed a curiosity to try it. The hour, bow*
ever, not permitting an immediate undertaking
of so (crave an operation, it was adjourned to
Oa oundsv ev-niog, accordingly, IL Vatet
entered the boyal apartment, tarnished with
the necessary apparatus —a bottle of shampoo,
towels, tonic hair wash, etc. Whoever has con*
fided ms head to the hands of the artist snows
with what kindness and what softness of touch,
with what deep consciousness, he performs this
delicate operation of shampooing. Add to this
bis very natural pnde of having in bis hands a
personage destined one day to wear a crown,
and we can well believe that be gave to the
operation all bis art and all bU care. The Pris ce
was enchanted by the novelty of the pro*
ceeilng and by the manner la which it
was practiced. M. Valet’s triumph was
completed by the gracious demand lor a hot*
tie of shampoo, aod another for the excellent
tonic o. which he is the inventor. When it
came to the question of payment M. Vatet de
clared that be had been amply recompensed by
the honor of < be choice in ms favor, and by the
compliments extended to him. He asked as on
only favor to be permitted to keep the hair that
bad been clipped from the Prince’s forehead—a
request that was fully granted on condition
that he would keep these precious relics as ecu
venirs, and not make them objects ot com
merce. This promiee was generously given,
for be might easily mate a little fortune br
these locks of hair sold in golden lockets. Al
resdvthe most seductive otters have been made
to Vatet, but hi is a man of bis word, and will
adhere to it.
Tlie Popular Vote,
In 1856 Fremont and Dayton received le?s
than one third of the popular vote of Pennsyl
vania; the total being—Fremont, 147,693; Bu
chanan, 280,772; Fillmore, 88,202.
Now, CoL Curtin, the Lincoln candidate for
Governor, has polled abont 250,000, or at least
100,000 more than CoL Fremont did. If there
ia anything lacking of this, it will doubtless be
made up in November.
New Jersey will certainly give Lincoln twice
as many votes as she gave Fremont; so will
California. VTe most put Lincoln’s vote up to
two millions.— lf. 1\ Tribune.
Salt Acaliiat tlio He«eclt lloy**Ula
llomeatto Dlfllculiica
Octobeb 16.— Charles S ilathewa, Trustee of
the Westchester Home. vs. John C. Heenau.—
There was a tremendous rush to the Marine
Court this morning to witness the trial of this
cause, Id which the defendant, the celebrated
Boreciaßoy, was expected to appear, lie was.
however, non etl, and the fair Ada. his wife, be*
came the centre of attraction. The complaint
alleges that the defendant is justly indebted to
platatiir, as the trustee of the Westchester
House,in the sum of one hundred and ninety*
six dollars and sixty-eight c»nts, being the bal
ance due for board and lodging furnished to
Mrs. Ada 1. M. Heenau, as the wife o; the de
fendant. at his and her instance and request,
between the months of December, 1851*. ana
July, 1860.
JunuO Heenau, in bis answer, says that he
hie no knowledge of the plaintiff beiogtrustse
of the Westchester House, and denies all and
every other allegation in the complaint. He
therefore denies that Ada L M. Menken, alias
Heenau, is his wife.
The defendant's counsel asked for a postpone
ment of the cose, on the ground that John C.
lieenan bad been spirited away. An old case
bad beeu trumped up against him lor being
engaged, either as principal nr witness, in a
ptizi tight in Buffalo, and on that charge had
beeu brought off to that city.
Counsel for plaintiff opposed the application
but the Judge granted time until Tbursd y to
produce affidavits as to the cause of Mr. Beer
can’s absence— A T . Y. Htra'd, 171 A.
gy That rubber moulding fitted on to the
sides of doors and windows will make a saving
In Doctor's bills. For sale at No. 4 Kingsbury
block, up stairs.
Held to Bail.— A man named George Locch,
a saloon keeper on West Randolph stree' was
held to bail in SSOO yesterday on a charge of re
ceiving stolen property.
Tows Ofpicebs.— Albert Borcherdt has been
nonnested as the Republican candidate for As
sistant Supervisor in North Chicago, and Cbas.
Tunuicliff to fill the vacancy as Town Consta
ble. These nominations were made at a meet
ing of delegates on Wednesday evening.
Extensive Haul op Stolen Pbopebtt.—A
man named A. L. Allen was arrested yesterday
on Clark near Harrison street, and a large
quantity of goods, believed to have been stc-lm,
found in his possession. He will be examined
Bubglabies.— A day or two since, the dwel
ling house of Samuel Hoard, £*q., was entered
by burglars and a valuable gold watch stolen.
The house of Mr. Rounds, on Buffalo street,
was also entered a few nights since, and robbed
of an entire washing.
Ax Alphabet or Zouaves —The Chicago
Z?oareCideU have resolved to form a whole
Regiment of their style of military, to consist of
eight companies, CoL Ellsworth to be the chief
officer. The old company will be Company A,
and the rest B, C, Ac., in the order of their or*
A Vessel Collides wits a Shire Craft— A
marine cncoonter tock place in the South
Branch, near Randolph street bridge, yealer
day, between vessels golcg up and coming
down nnder tow, and one of them was swung
violently aga : nst a frame structure on the deck,
tearing away the entire side of the building.
No person injured.
A Case cndkb the Shipping Laws.— A mari
ner named Samnel Reynolds was brought be
fore United States Commissioner Hoyneyester
day on a dbarge of desertion from his vessel, the
schooner Y-junff America.
By the trstimeny it appeared that the schoon
er sailed from this port with gnus, hot after
getting seaward a bort distance, it was discov
ered that her pumps would nr.t work and she
returned for repairs. ‘The cargo was taken out,
after which Reynolds left the vessel and refused
to return. But the shipping articles, upon ex
amination, were found to be de r eetive, and the
accused was therefore discharged.
Oar Philadelphia Visitor*.
The ptrty of Philadelphia excursionists else
where referred to, were to leave Cleveland last
evening for Chicago. At the lormer city they
were received by a Committee from the Board
of Trade. They are to reach here by the Mich
igan Southern train at S a x. to day. They visit
the Northwest to gain a personal knowledge cf
its growth and present condition.
They will remain in this city over Sunday.
They ore accompanied from Cleveland by the
Mayor of that city and other gentlemen. While
here onr own Board of Trade will doubtless see
that no point of courtesy is omitted.
The Scientific Excursion to Dnhnqne.
The excursion of a goodly company of sci
entifically inclined citizens to the lead regions
about Dubuque, we are led to believe was a
very pleasant affair, and proved a mine of sat
isfaction and enjoyment, as well as of tbs heav
ier and duller metal, the great staple of that
section. The company comprised about one
hundred in nnmber, more than 1 alf of the
tame being ladies. They occupied the cars re
served for their nee by the C. A Q. U. R R.
Company. Wednesday was occupied in visit,
lag the principal mines in that section. Lec
tures were delivered by Profs. Blaney, Ranch,
and MeCbesney, and the excursionists have re
turned to the city full of'the pleasures of their
trip, and acknowledgments to whom the some
were due.
Destructive PJre at Crystal Lalre—lee
Houses Darned—Loss ($5,000.
Intelligence reached this city yesterday
morning or the total destruction of theexten
sire lee Houses at Crystal Lake, McHenry Co.,
of Messrs. Joy k Friable. They were six in
number, of toe largest class, and with their ap
purtenances and ipproaehes of the best descrip
tion, and tbeir destruction is a heavy loss.
They were built some three years since by
the then extant Crystal Lake Ice Co., bat on
the dissolution of that concern, passed to their
present owners, by whom they were extended
and improved. The origin of the fire is not
known, though it can bo from no other than an
incendiary, as the fire was first teen when far
advanced, about 2 o'clock, A. IL, by the Super
intendent, Mr. Pratt.
The straotores were entirely destroyed, with
their contents oi 12,000 tons of ice. The loss Is
between $55,000 and $40,000, covered partly by
insurance in offices represented by H. M. Wil
msrtb, to tbs amount of $20,000.
Messrs. Joy A Fritbie have thus lost by fire
nine Ice booses, three having been burned on
the Korth Branch in this city some weeks ago.
They bare, however, ample means and plenty
of pluck. Their trade wlllnot slacken norfce
interfered with, and Crystal Lake will, by the
, first ice-cutting, be u before, only M more so/’
All About the WonblplbatDay; from
a Private setter of £atls«ua»la A ra
in In in Uinka of New Yoric, to Her
Cousin Sabrina Jane feproggs of
llatereep'ed for the Press and Tribune.]
New Yoic.Oct. IMh.ISW.
Mr Dearest Adorable Sabrina Jane :
What a pity you weren't here, and that your
pa did not let yon accept oar invitation to be
with us when the Prince, that dear Albert Ed*
ward visited New York. 1 am so sorry and so is
pi, and so is brother Alfred, who laughs how-
ever, he is such a tease, and save perhaps yon
made your conquest when the Prince was in
Chicago. It was soeh an honor that the Prince
should take up his proper title when he came
to New York, as if h* were more at home here,
more among our true nobility, so 1 teU pa; bat
Al'red is soeh a tern, be says that U. R. H. has
bad "bong tong ” enough in NsvYork to last him
for his voyage home*?
Bat he has come j and gone, and dear me,
esusin Sabrina, isn’t he just such a lore of a
man as you expected? So princely too. D:d
you see him and talk .with him. I was crazy to
dance with him, and pa made every effort, and
Alf., tease that be is, said he would “ rpeak to
p, Wales about it himself.” Bat it pissed and
I do not care now for.ma says no sensible man
makes a serious chou-s from a ball room. Dear
m?, what am I you know what I
mean. It ia not just there that we would de
sire to hare those who would think tho most of
us see us fcr the first time. It is better as It is.
1 am so glad now that pa kept his pew in
Trinity. 1 wish you could bare been here last
Sunday. I think it was the most delicious day
of my life. The Prince attended service at
Trinity, and yon remember our pew. It was so
delightfully near to the royal party. It was so
much better than meeting him in a ball-room»
and then there was just as much style yon know,
aid more, and so exclusive, every body in full
dress. I was almost crazy with fear lest I
should get disappointed by the milliner, and
Madam Flauche, but everything came home in
time; the sweetest bonnet yon ever saw', with
a prince's plume, and I enclose yon a little
piece of the dress, the sew Renfrew robe, isn’t
it lovely. It made pa frown a little when the
bills come borne, bat nu attended to all that.
I bad pa got me tbs finest prayer book he
could find; crimson ySlvet, with a heavy gold
clasp. How lucky that when wo girls were at
school at iladame Dsisalx* Young Ladies’ Uy
pophooaphon, we were regularly drilled in oar
responses in the Church service, to give the
proper sweet expressiveness to the features.
It was so lucky; and then, too, on Sunday
morning I practised before the glass, saying
them and ths Lord’s Prayer aloud, and was
getting along well, when that tease Alfred,
who was all the while bid behind the cur
tains, burst out laughing, and said 44 Go it,
sts, that high pious , style of thing will take
him.” Just as if there was not a proper pro
priety even in saying the Lord’s prayer. But
Alfred is not religions, and does not appre
ciate these thing?.
Ma had pa get a new livery for Robert, onr
coachman, and ordered the buttons expressly
embossed with a B jar’s Head. Alfred, that
tease, said this was tp commemorate the time
when pa kept a pork and sausage shop on the
Bowery, and ma herself weghed out sausages.
But this was only nhen tney were a young
couple, and Alfred has promised never to speak
cf it again. Robert looks well in bis new live
ry, aoa the Baer's Head has been put on the
p'anels of the new carriage.
When it was settled that the Prince was to
attend Trinity, there was such a stir. We who .
rtgnlariy worship there, were so envied. Pa
had a great many applications from those in
our set who invited themselves in to hear oar
Rector and the organ. Everybody pretended
they bad no care to see the Prince. Alfred is
such a tease I really wished he would not go to
church that day at all, but be did. We all got
in the pew early. Thera was such a crush.
The policemen kept everybody back. The low
curiosity the crowdmaaUesttd.jancdupon my
feelings, for you know it is the bouse of Ood
after all. and iu Hit t£jht Trinity is no better
than a log chureo Igjhe wilderness. As that
dear pious Rev. SUltoa Cheese sayr. it's tne
worshippers that ma<e all the difference.
The chimes were heavenly, and never sound*
ed better thauoo that morning, and 1 never saw
such delicious toilets. Everybody says that
there never was a finer audience la America. It
must have reminded the Prince forcibly of
home. Everybody dressed in exquisite
taste, and expressly for the occasion. Ma asked
the Usr. Daff. O’Dillwhat hisopinion wasabout
such dressing tor church, and be smiled in his
s»eet way and said, “The Earth is the Lord’s
and the fullness thereof,” and went on to say
that fullness m-.ant all anybody could command
iu iheirposifon, and that in our substance we
n,i.<ht praise God, and that milliners and Stew
arts were only bumble instruments in His
hands. Ms was so delighted, and immediately
decided to buy a superb robe and the laces
she had hesitated about. Alfred, that tease,
who beard her tell pa about it, said that was
the true doctrine, and if the Governor wool*
stand forthe substance, he’d attend to the pro
per mixing of piety. Pa says Alfred bad no
business to infer that it meant any such bills as
he has been since called upon to pay for Alfred.
But, dear cousin, 1 must return to the service.
I never saw anything more impressive in try
life. He-came in with his suit a little late.
Everybody rose and received him. He took bis
place in the pew assigned him. Oor dear rec«
tors bad pr> pared a delightful little surprise in
two beautiful Prayer Books that lay upon the
cushion, the most exquisite bindings yea ever
saw, presents to Albert Eiward, one from
Trinity Church, and the other from its Clergy.
That tease, Alfred, says if be “known that was
the dodge” he would have bad a box of bis
favorite **Sl BtnfrevTc igars pot into tbe pew,
presented by toe son of one of t:e Wardens
of Trinity, as pa is, you know. But Alfred
should not on such sacred things. How
sweet and touching to give a young man away
from borne a pious gift, like a prayer book.
The Choir all came out in their new surpli
ces, twenty four ia alt That tease, Alfred,
whispered tv me, “Considerable turplas p:ety
in this church.” 1 was provoked, but 1 bad to
laugh, lie i« such a witch. 1 wonder the sur
plices are not everywhere in use, they give
such a religious tone. 1 said so to pa, but he
does not like the surplices, ami said gruffly, we
should “come to candles soon.”
When the Prince came in, two of the wardens
conducted him to his pew. He offered hi* ado
ration, and then took his seat. He is such a
love of a man. He looked right toward our
pew. It was the most trying moment of my
life. That tease Alfred says so it was his, be
was trying to pall eff a tight boot that was ne-r*
ly killing him Ua says X did not blush, but
bora it well. I kept my eyes fixed on my new
prayer book, but tor tbe life of me could not
recollect the words that Mad. Pessaix used to
tell ns to say, to compose our lips and features
The services were most Imposing. They must
have reminded the Prince of bis home, and tbe
tears came to my eves as I thought of it. I saw
him lucking si me jast then,and my heartbeat.
There were a great many clergymen present,
and several bishops, and they took toms, and
all of them never appeared better. Some of
the intoning was lovely and so full of piety.
Ma said religion never seemed eo much like re
ligion as on that day, and Alfred, the tease,
said it reminded him a little of the Fourth of
July, but Alfred is’ntpious you know. Pasavs
he never ws> pronder of Trinity, all but the
surplices in the choir. I
Bjt I cannot tell yen all the lovely things of |
that Sunday. Tbe sermon was splendid. Al
fred the tease was busy writing in my new
Prayer Book for some time, iced, what do you
think ? He has written in tbe Table of Lessons
among the Sundays tbe'V Vri’ Ct of IFliks* Sun*
day" ssd in Holy Bays “ Albert JSdxoara't
pay” and in the Table of Feasts to be nb
served “ Vitiiaiion Day of Albert I
teolded at h m well, but be says old Trinity is
bound to observe ail these days from this time
out. He says it will sound grand, and ao dis
tinctive, to count the time lt bixih Sunday of Ur
the Frif-ce of WaUf Sunday." % Bui Alfred wn’t
pious, and he is such a tease. Bessys that will
oe observed as a Toiler Sunday, and in full
dress, but Alfred don’t do right to trifle with
sacred things.
My letter is longer than I intended, bat the
memory of that Sunday 1s ao delightful. I with
you coaid have been here. Hew fortunate for
New York and ibis country, that there is aTrin
uy where tbe dear Prince con!d be reminded
of home. I forgot to say that I watched him
carefully in all the responses. Xam certain he
pronounces ”r" like “tr," as, for instance,
“ Take not thy Holy Spiioit from ns,” And
Cioant ns Thy salvation.” I wish you could
have beard him. It is better than dancing with
I the Prince, to attend Church with him. I wish
you had been here.
1 Tear attached cousin,
Ecmaxasu A ram err a.
Notice to Law Students,
The commutes for the examination of appli
cants for admission to the Bar, will attend to
the duties of their appointment on the first
Wednesday of erery month, at the office of E.
Tech, in Chicago, and at no other time.
E. Pzcr,
N. B. Jddd,
C. Beckwith.
October 17,1860.
UcVickib’s TnkATkk.—This evening (Friday)
Mr. Htoo takes a benefit at MeTlcker’a Theatre.
We bare snore than once intended to notice
this gentleman’s performance#, bat other mat*
ters bare not allowed ns time to do 10. We
consider him one of the beat actors we have
s&en in tbia cty, and moat of the best bare paid
ns a visit. The bill provided for the occasion
consists of the “ Merchant of Venice” and
“ Darid Copperfield.” Mr. Hasn will play
Bbyloekin the first piece, and Uriah Heap in
the last. We trust the house will be to
i his deserts; if so, it will be a bumper.
pg*At a meetbgheld list Tutsd »y evening,
the following officers were duly elected for the
6th Ward Repaolicsn Club:
President—Wu. H. Doans.
Vice President—Sam’i E. Rsyco!Js.
Treasurer—Wm. Justice.
Secretary— L. Lamptrta.
Executive Com: of s.—John Boorman, H.
Frank, E. Atcoek, J. Walter, W. W. Kennedy.
The Club will hold its next meeting this
(Fridsy) evening at 71 o’clock, at Chat, Schell’s,
202 South Wells street. The following speak*
ers will address the Club; Solomon 11. Wilson,
A. C. Hessing, A. I». Bradley, L. Brentano, E.
S. Bramaxd, E. Sehlaeger, A. Garrison, and
others. L. Laupektj, Secretary.
Anotueb Body Found. —Yesterday morning
Coroner James held an inquest on the body of
a man who was wash'd ashore near the Ceme
tary, and is supposed to hare been one of the
victims of the Lady Elgin disaster. The de
scription of the body is as follows: Five feet
six inches in height; dark brown hair; had on
a black frock coat, black cassimere pants, white
shirt with linen bosom, grey merinounderahlrt,
cotton flannel draws and fine calf boots sewed.
There was found upon his person, a gold watch,
Ko. 13,1(3, with a figure “ 0 ” underneath, and
the word “patent"marked on the inside ease
in large letters. No papers or money were
found on the body.
Waccu’s Mirror cr Italy. —This series of
magnificent paintings opened at Kingsbury Hall
last night. Waugh’s Original. Mirror of Italy
embraces all of the most striking aod beautiful
scenery which abound in Northern, Central and
Southern Italy. The beholder of this fine paint
ing can, in the brief apace of an hour or two,
travel fair Italy from end to end, and enjoy her
beautiful sunsets. If the citizens ot Chicago
and vicinity would see fair Italy, with her soft
sunny skies, her noted cities and places of re
nown, we would recommend them to go to
Kingsbury Hail while it may be seen. To the
lover ot art, it is a treat indeed; to the scholar,
a synopsis ot history highly worthy of his
attention, and to the lover of the romantic, all
that the imagination can wish.
Lincoln 4 Hamlin Clcb Adjoubxzd Meeting.
—The pubtic will please bear iu miud toattbe
meeticg of this club is held this (Fn
day) eiening, at their rooms, Dowe’s Hall, 205
Kaadolph street, as per previous announce
meat. L;t there be a general attendance.
Pioneers Attention —Thu members of the
Chicago Wide Awafce Club are requested to
remember their meeting this evening, and to be
on band. Let every member be present and
decide important tn liters.
Obo. I. Waterman, Sec’y.
LOCAL iuArrAiiS.
to John Jones, 119 Dearbornstreet
and get year clothes cleaned »nd repaired.
They will Be well dens and as price s to suit the
CST* Ladies aod gentlemen who aro looking
for a Djehoaje where they will ret their work
well d'rre, either m dyeing or cleaning, in all
he tranche?, will find such by calling at the
B3•> to a Fancy Steam Dyeing
of Henry Schwarz, No. 73 South Clark street
ted 15S Illinois street. cclSxlw
J3JP Shocking Mobtalitt —More than one
hundred dreases dyed yesterday by the bands
of Cook & McLain, 93 Di&rborn street. We
don't wonder at it when persons are enabled to
dye so cheap. If you have ary old clothes that
need ciei-ing or repairing, take them to Cook
A McLain, and they wi‘l g;re entire satisfaction
lor a tr.fliog consideration.
Widb Awake Head Qcabtebs— To the Lin
coln Rangbbh and idb Awakes or Chicago.
—The several companies will parade on Satur
day evening, October SO'.h, to escort cur Sena
tor, Hon. Ltman Tbcebcll, to the Wigwam,
where be will address toe people upon the is
sues of the campaign. The Hue will be formed
a* heretofore, on Washington street, the right
resting on Clark street, the Lincoln Rangers
occupying the right, and the several clubs upon
their left, according to date of i rgantzation.
The Chief Marshal hopes that all the companies
will be ready to take their position In line at
7} o'clock. The procession will move at 71
o’clock precisely. Joqn A. Baoss,
Chicago , Oct. 18,1869. Chief^lonjOaL
Sew York, Stpt. tJJ, 156 C.3
Jcscfhßcrnett, Esq.—Dear 6Tr; For some
time past, 1 have been using your Cocoane,
and consider it far preferable to anything I
have ever used for the hair.
If my endorsement Is of any a«
perfectly at libertv to use it.
Respectfully years.
Oct2 lm-WFAM F bank Leslie.
Medals. Medals, Medals.—sl, $4, $4. $4, $4,
oclldiCt Iw J, A. Johnson, 7UState it.
Store, Office, Parlor, Dining Room,
rr cooking Store?, call at the New Store Store
No. 97 Washington street, between Clark and
Dearborn streets. Stores blacked, pipe furnish*
ed ami put up at short notice
oclO-lw S. A. Jey»s, Agent.
FsT*Pur the best;—they are the cheapest.
Fmkle A Lyon's newly Improved Doable Lock*
Hutch Sewng Machines hare received the
highest meda's and highest premiums wherever
exaibited. Family Machines for variety of
sewing is unrivalled. Manufacturing Machines
are prelerred by tailors to ail others.
References given to persons who have had
the F. A It. machine in aes over two years.
B. Macsat, Agent,
dSU*lw 120 L&ke-st., 2d door, Chicago, lIL
All should not fail to read the adrerti&e*
meet of Prot Wood in to day's paper. aeS-ly
KTtto athcrtisEmcnts.
VV ANTED—By a young man of
v V eoodmonDtadaj.llty.a stnailouuTcaeheri&
a Uijh School or Academy, crrrmdjalofa Pnhle&cbool.
Ui«xc pUoorbL! reference* given. Adirets bat fSH
Saaowicb. in. ocltxiw
VA/’ANTKD— Employment upon a
TV F'ra,by»yoaD2ttaa(Amencao). AidnsiH.
HAhIUS.Chi-mgo P O. ocl>i t
'TVS A CHER.—A Recent Graduite
JL cf Tali* Qollece, who hu hid pzperfettce in t*ithlnr,
w i&ei to find employment ui leach-r firafewtooia
da it. ‘the nr>r. taUiiactory ref.rtacea given. Aflflrtu
P.O. Box 4045. ecl9x4t
t>OAHX> WANTED—A Gentle-
O m»n lev’rea bietd with a reiprctable family where
there ar-* few or bo other toarde**, where Be can bare a
r»m»Ubflre. bcc hDirll n.»lt.ln ten Bianca wale
cf city tint preferred Be.eiencei exchanged. Adoreu
u. box 4313. ccisceant
TO RENT.—a Comfortable and
well farabhed Home. W.th all tbemcdernlmrrove
meats and coaTea!etces.wlih liable ina carrWe home,
ne.n licago avenue, and v*Uhlu a mlaotDi walk of the
C ark htrearailroad. Any respectable *»mUv wantingsuch
wit please flirt ci f* W. Y. Bx 4399. Poa • 81i»,
wlui audit as, when the p emUes may be »een. odliUt
•• Tax Hotriin u> or Boctxsxs is eery fasctrailng. like
cold iroa o i a frosty day if yna take told or it,
there i* n<> leixo.**—{Reium
XX IKO onniaalltf, booty and power. The
A Romance by a boo hera Lidy. Two Land'one lima.
toIs.SaOO. ffew Eli teas also ready cf t~* tnr-e great
and Kovels of Ur year: BEULAH, hUT
LLDJE, -EliESls Price of each. SUS.
D.B iQuKr. . 00.1 ILiketL
Pictorial £dl ton. Price, S > 00.
rial Edition. #7.00. if. B. COoKE aCO ,
cell 111 Lac-I.itt.
Throne of David.
Pillar of Eire.
PRICE, #L23.
Prince of Honse of David.
For Sale by
eel# Bookseller, No. !H Lake itred.
Distillery to rent or
FOES&LE. The fine d! atlllery attache! to tha
fralrie Mil a at Cllntonri.l*, near E gin, oa the Chi*
caxo AGflenaßallmd. A-nllyto
48 Laeallt atreet;
ocHtUftl la
Cleaver** Jhr.ty Soap,
Low tfr Son’s uonty Soav,
Low it Son*e B. WindtorScap ,
Low <t >o7l*l Glycerine Soap,
JStnmtVe Glyeirin4 S:ap.
Very Old CutU* Soap .
Jtiyl*y*e Sptrmactii—very fine ,
Toßtber vllh a fins assortment of the vrtr but Toilet
Uoipt is QU. J H. RUED 4 C..
apothecaries tad ChemlsM.mardHS Lake it.
Dealirs m Toilet acd Finer Oooda.
JLtJL soli. Cook Coast*. S.S. Clrext Coa t Coek
Coaaty. la C ancery. Joan K. Paraoas, complainant,
ts- Js’acsH. busbar* eta».,d«'end*t*«.
Pabliosotiee u terai-y siren ibatl. L.C. P»lae Trttr,
Matter in Cos eery cf Ouwk «ouaty, St.t? of lUjwU,wil
In pancaac. o* aceceeta l oid roi sou Coart, itliataob*
lie»i'rto . •rrca-’li ia*bt blgie t bidder, a.the nrrtbdorr
of ihe oar. Uouef oftne'-oasty o'Cuck,la tbo cty of
lb cacb on tue iOlb day of N reotei, A if.lartC.at tea
o’clock la tbs lotto <tn ot »sld day. aU of tb cb:>ea is ac
t'ctiaoopr M tybelooclot to t&e tm tettatementioned
la toe Ui< of comoUirttne'b' canr>.co:abtioe of a lax*#
(.amber of proalimy rotas, Judsn-nt* and account*
i*aiojtTirou»P'*:*«i.»'a t Ja' aaadlbeadJ*cco t sjsw*.
Tanltu tn amoantafr meerm dolars to #ix buodrtd dot*
eaeb. A*tuliexpla.alluiuw.ilbeaudeontfc*dayof
•al» a* to the xe-.ot ace at a scivecey cf ear b d:Uor a# poi
ai&le. ibue Uio*e» in actio. amnatt lathe aftretitato
abontivcn-y tbreStbwusaaa douarr, and tba rate wUi be
sbtotnte. rrop r aaa*nm«n;»wlU b« trad# tp the par*
cbaoere. !<• v. rilTlA foaltt.
Master la CsaoctiT, Cook Cctinlr.
Chicago*. 18, WO. • ce^Mßtytd
ISTeto ShbittiannniU.
1 2 2
1 2 2
1 2 2
I 2 2
South Clark Street
Ib the
13 3.
Kerosene Lamps,
All Prices, According to
Wholesale and Retail.
iaa, 122, 122,
South Clark Street.
[oatl! fcBB (teodrt*!
Publish tbia Day
Constitution of the United States,
With 0 full Account of the Confederation! preceded
It; of the Debate* tad Acta of the CociesCen which
formed It; of the Judldai DeeU*oat'which have
eouatructed it; with P.pere tad Toh.es
UloatioUve of the Action of the
OoTemmeat and the People
under it.
By NATHANIEL 0. TOOTLE, of the Wathlsftea Bur.
12bo Price. 11^5.
Tbla Book gives a clear and full account of tee Beba’o
In theCosveniloa which adopted our Constitution, and of
the plana for a Constitution propcaed by kLa<.lion,ban*
dfrlpb, Plnekncr, Hamilton and ethers.
Itrelaus wtattne founders'if our gave. ria»~ taaldasd
•wrote In regard to It, and gives an imparl'* i history of the
various eventa an Imm urea which led t> Its .ennatlcn.
The publishers ball ere It will prove to be a met: •■aeful and
Interesting book, and Indlrpensanle to all who wnh to un*
derstaod our po'lUeai Institutions. Tbeyakp*. Icularat
tention to the foil wirgteetlsorltlstolts edue:
(from Ron. Hmnlbal Hamlio.l
M lhave ezanu ed yoor ' HL*<ory ant «c*.ijiie of the
Con-tl iiJoo,* and Una it well adapted to the purpoee eug*
C*at*d In the ore'ae». it must pruee a valoa:l> work l r
ta*ecbolar.the atateimaa, and tie legal
wdl be neefulioall wooOwieacwrmt sadentirdhig of
the Conetituton of the Republic la waich w« Lv«. N
[y.-cm Theopb:ia> ( Par«oas. I.L. D„_r»ne Prafeisir cf
Lavta d«.-vaid tJalaenlty )
••This finall vblua* cmbodits ibr r-au'l of wide re*
•eireb and ef liteirgett •tds«:ry, and ceautca a nit
«nmii»tnr internllng kDii TiliuW* tnfontKt.uo. it la 'a
oaxtialetoerrry me «bo realm U> urde'ftand the
fcrcutioA.thr eoaatrucUon.a-d the operation o; oat bv
tjrnv CoiKJlutioE.”
. r t :n, "W. P. Feuendes, XT. S. Senator frrm Maine 1
*A. coa.plUUoi* ittth ai t&la apikaia to te. U much
cerded. and I nave no dcaUt- Uuk u a tar-book, u.i
wont wfl be of create* ue. Tea ilaa laagood on*, acd
10 aa i <an Judfe. baa oaen fa.tiif.illy <»* red onu By
trades tbebaloiy of taen eaaae I the C cailtuUoo. to*
ntser with the re*K.aa f.n »u edjpfc* l, and apxnllr* (be
judicial cootUuitlob. If any, under use b ad. yen aril pre
•rat at one yle* * me of 'n>;t-r-ax.t iolorsiatoa wliLb
could only be otherwise ae.uLed at asrau (xp;&aaet t me
and labor."
[Trent H<m- D, S. Dlcklaeon. fo*m» tlt U, S. Senator, sad
Gorernor uf ?•«■» Yurk.*
M I hare examined the general p »•; of tie ws.k yea pro
poM to publish- and. ai Jar as 1 o*a j-tfge freia the pr-iace,
table of contents, and fpe-imea Mfi r* ok, I nga-d
It with exceeding faror. With jo-.r paa ruicrtjfullv ax
Koud, It cancel fad to he replete with Itie.en sad la
■traccos, sad 1 shall. for oar, l*s pabi.cauca with
tnTity. oclJdjd
If 1 SeabrookP. Olderahaw and P-osa D. Oil-nhaw.
h'« wife, of the Cttr of Chicago, Cook Cany ud Si’ate of
lhinoU.dk.on ihafoazttc&th cay cfSt.Um’xr, io Lie
yoar clour Lord one thousand elAh* hundrei acddfiy-aiao
• item* and d*UTtr to J *aea O, lley worn. of chleago, in
nil County and State, a certa’a ina> store o(m< Mg*geto
re care the payment 0 a cTaia ir m‘»-o j note, la
mortgage dtecrlbed, g sea b/ one Tor-mo* E. B«k-,ryot
Chicago a orcsa-d, iprthcsttm of fite caad*e and ihlrly
tevea dollar- and ei.hly.fl.e cents. t-exrlngdU* the term*
trtmh da* of Aoftt, A. if.lfd*, a-.d pay*' ie to the a-ld
Jamea o. Hey worth on order os the second day ot March,
A. D. ISfO. which a»M Eortaa*e was Bled for record is the
oflmefthaSeecrderofi'coaCoastT.hed State of 1 1-
aols, oaths twenty-third dry ot beptemh r, A. D. IS‘9,
aadcatyrreorcedin b ok forty-nine «3* of UortjigeT.
and page forty-fIT« '49): and *»tsrrta*, default tas been
made la the ptyirent of thr said moscr m*&Mra#d la
sstd pn miascrr acL*. or air part the eof, aurt the same
with interest dace themitoilt} p.'*a.d note. U. till due and
Ko «r. therefore, ptblle notice L hereby pr.a that la par*
snaaecofthepowerofsas’o cad o.r.mt coaumed.l
■hoi!, os Moeaay.the 01th d.y nfK.r-mber, a. I*. WO.
alienee ocklalhe «rdi> n or«aid day. at tie north doer
of me Court none , ;n sad c:t »* of «e>. by pobhe
aoctl atoUehlghertbdier lor cat. in« f lowing de>
srrlbeo prcmiws, lands and tr*.eincata. to w<«: Lottwelre'
(II) la b*tcfc nineteen (iy)o;Jch*.el<m'e aaMTislonof tta
east half o’ lt» *oathe*f. tlx (I:, town
ahlp thtrty-nU e (39) north, rufs fcartero ea«t. of the 8d
of lUUiotr. uuethtr with a.I ae ta l.li |i th' non and ail
aeienraitti. reredltaaiesU and appn:tenau<e« th-rcto
bei'igisr.acd si. 1 be right and • q-iUf of redrsi. Lon of the
as!d eeahr»;k P.Oiderahiwaod Ro*a D. Oldershaw, hia
*ifa.Utlrbilrsaad .a-UiAlnsrO toiheeaidnxetalsea
jAMts O. UKTWORTH, llorgagea.
HxaTiT, Atthojt A G»tr. AU'ya for 11 oilga e*.
Chicago.October 19th 13:.) ocl C2H-16t
The Adrerteer wuhesto txeMsge
A Stock of Good*
Tor Real Estate. Address Bos 1333. Chleag* Pest
Oflee. «nsvs It
n HF.F.V APPLES.—I am receiv-
Vjlag large qnaatlt'ee 01 Cbo.se Ones AptJee fTrse
Michigan, carelady p-*cked la cobdhA:reU. and which will
be eo!d extremely low to tamil e* ud the r*talt groctry
tndeby the euule turret, o*-la iarcer quant ties, ffill
soon some cho.ce b'en'*' ' C-a"T.
Orders from ae country fo- * _ etol Cider willio*
■ BoHSM&t of 59.9# hkioMndi
Hadleoa ftnet. kwtu huie and Dearborn,
|y* Dooti oj*a at ? o'clock. Performance to coalmen:*
at 7H o’eloc*. miOlßceopenfreta luUll I aad from 2
till 6 o'clock.
AoHtMio^:—Dre«a Circle, so cent*; aecocd Circlet U
eeaU; Pilvau Uosea, Hoi aad |<4)u.
MrHf nr*«prclfii'iT»nnocnr**for hit Be-eSt Ibo M
lo«lnctXiU.ettieitcrutLnxeatlfr.ci t e mm celebrated
Atd trua'etbe a •rlon w< I • a.n f-r him th* p unsafe tf
hlar.Ul frleada sod the pubde c-nrf <1 r.
Fxoat r iw*, «t I tc presetted SLak*
Eby10ck........ Mr, lissn
To ro3’!a>!e »l b J> ba H > m'< c’j!».ir»te * Hr iu
•d3Jia-L.tn Die ea* won of ib < »»t.« tvse eoLUed
Uriah 11eep.... Mr. Dana.
Ptec teiatwiiblbstull actef-bof tre c mn-cy.
li e eir-wl ane» >*i t ruma eatitUd lHai
On. Wcdatiday end Saturday After*
mt si »x*!s>t:9
»TT irr or of Italy.
ThelbfitreofSbewaror Em;»’re*. Ihen;o«tma?r‘fe«tt
>etlra -f an-amlc - aln* f ß •» j}tht«eou«'r% ";iaib te-e
an t a loren? he of it. PtUra
tm:eb fi’befr lor II la .Ac.
rtir*l teie'e-aa >CSU crrlx fur il 00. fbll--
re ' 15 c- t - , iitfjenooi ex*v lit n.-—-L»cio-
Ctilurp' l«»'la, l>jura al6^4OClucl;. ■ or ni'fid;
it 7.t u*c uck. oci;dJsvl«
Orreer Vadiaon andriark M*.—C-trasceca MadL-oa.
Clsatcpenat ailUnu.r tc<iuLer>.
rta-ao-lyallmedai Tjltm. Aa?cab> »»ery Intadtv
f*r'cbo*r«ao*l tr»a-'a,anO bu ipfracne a-m fo:
»ic*p' :tr<x>Bcel bt Scautara. acddS* Om
Dancing academy, No. ids
liaowop-a crt D»>«of umim. A'oda#*!ara
an i s-tur-ava. For ladi *. ttoa 7JS !3«r.M; for feuds
c.ca, atol% r. n i Ulurts'i cl »< ea oaiy
iron iiotr.v Friw# 'csvnaat al. h .u:* ct
(iv e-is*ea. hv rv *.rf*» of dancing lught, All Ibe
lu n ca i* djarei t-.ogtl In oa» e -arr- of lessen*. Ma
• »m *..b.a m»t aad -I I n me.l a»»lv lci'*v*oc~
tie i* ward fcjuufu- W&:<t Lai'»**a. a.d • h- >la.utlL.
Galhn. «l*o. !L» f'rlnco uuotrals aal Koki Krdawa
e»--lrg».Ocf.l»t. For particularsap.'.y r. tat :o it a.
A\T ANTED -Dy a Gentleman, a
* * M*a«uot fa r.!*h«d’<v'm without loaul, la a or
▼ it« f.mMv, wh n fl/r rvfirr»wa.i(i* f.e FoitiS*.
Add- n-fei- a " if;ncn»Om p f r r.-w.*■« o<j;j3;
* * 10«Tc-.i ef god »o-»« r IM *lllY HAY. for
wVcbtlr .nh e - . a.aite' ir*CPw:T i.cpm In C !h en
deilTsr. a* our rrt**, .VUt«rl *t.. .orneroi h'-j- (saou
aso. a. FUl'dle. ti OTHfcH',
BiUOtlm oao- da Maiktt >t»
\\7ANTFD —4 commotion* hoa?c,
T T -vl’b eard-n atlc Led af*r ;li> de-> ( and I- a
r’aa u-tnexh-o s-khL t> tu>.er ••er.cr». A r*»a. pgr.
W-ak- yancr L*<'k,-o-t. forta-* 'am.lv -f a *eu» st.*b d->
log CB-B**a i-4 n’.tt.g->, A 11 « ;-Cflrn e-l -nEN', - *
«ffico of ti»#’*r->itn i nti-irp wtJ re eve a;t«"-
Uoi. Foewea'ca waetsl wuhlaa or agn . 3ios‘9
\\f AKlED.—Agenift to in
f » ad atant.cd pr-fiun« lu*tr*% luVuch La*
AMaadUeitUiaeu ut ;uMI a'urreacua m-Jit
From $1 to 910 per Dap.
( all b*tw«en >t lo tr« or Hard M a m . an-! 2ap.i! 4p.
V.. at Xo. H Ma*calc Temp *. w p|o* »• tL • Pi-*l 018 «; or
acdma» at-Ciiiaf »Uai,/, F. t>. Uur 3A41. 1 hlcagp.
lit iAJ.njdd.nlm
WANTED—Located in
C«»um DITiMOI,
A&d nerti of Hanlaoa itml, K tat not moro :taa I9OC
ADC.RS.-.8 F. U. BOX ihs
AaT H D you THE
i.rrfD .TtTxa aumx.
F«li» !zt ‘V-T'cr os ote jgtjsg, ahie* Ji/
»od;-1 tf g'. >I cLiace' *■> -sebt,'. *Ui ta
foid .ay. Vvaid. e.<-iftg »ud Also
jt>uklaoslgrtii«ibud Ikfagtry i'.y .*»-#
Sit io *-4.i per Too*!:,
to xxar.'i
Beem'.Uaf BesdajvoojallW South Clark •i/««t,CtleMo
#ntT.c*-*a IC. O. JONK-. Tib Xofantry.
,ifoc £3lr,
XpOR SALE—Auy person wl-hirt;
I 1 top’-rtil can efi.tln’a e»n
8 d lull • d!>c*rd»lvre-.ec. l :»ap r«y aUr - * .t U <iMt
tic.tfcOJ* to i’r.Ua A Co,ol >.»*»■
ttIICWO. oMMUaJ.iw
OEDDLEUS’ Wai-OS !br Sala.
S —\ .bt INd-Uera*Woi; a w‘H Ivtc’d
Chop. Alp.y tj OaO. Z. t.ONOi> *>. li'i iuettml,
(gj-»ia‘e>.> . elSgw
H'OR SAL'?.—:IOO Acrc-i of Choice
X fl’d LANPa faru> vr «tcl arc* f- r r«o1 IVv Vro*
prrty. *lt* I nJ la Vi<cuu.':n, mile O- eta Uiv«r,
thirty m-lr**>•*<•m-juu. :*»r K d legt & H.co-'»
Mll.r. i« i v-ft.'u»• e Q»rn<»%Jta.
kor IV*t»V K. H'M,.
oct»«3t>4 lai I’foptl t rof Harden f:tr Hooa«.
X lire A**nla —Weba*« for a»l*o-e pair of Indian
Poolnperfrclr nrrk nm banes*. and uu/li a*o-k. i®.
*ctr*r«*iti tlar ,<«•<> m tth. 'esprtrtly'nr
t e)rh-jj»f ri.a-h. inqil enf WEIGHT <n:PR-
Ultß. »ti6 Mra e>o »t;eg~. tlal a^-> t lil. t-ctlfl Sw.i.aj
ijate.vt uii-ur for sale.—
X Anlu.be Pates: Rigni fr aa vtfc'e In jeneM
uk, and re»oa’vrur<. T > fate men of
P.u box 4*l Ch caj->. oclsz'w
\J s.*LS ff rh-» rffA.Ka*t:rrie«i3iww'nnm»
(f boding at-dOr. .hersth- Carjo-on to ut tM m it.
of m >• ly w.d ■ l ijttt buirdi I.’. u, i* It n#'. proper | r>
pom< moi tab, w tli U mf if 1 1 i»«i t> • « r «.U
10 arrive or. q,r ir.il, Mill »» r‘.tt o.i of th- 10*10 at tbs
ctß r.O'De uf CaaUotd \V<s rtr»it».
o iTdios-lw ALBERT J. ftTooLE.
L I OR SALE.—The s’.ock of a well
JL 1 e«tab l l»hM.sailcna , *b'»ra»ajf»c:nrl3*coocenili
IbUeily *n.uo , .o One-hoif cash ond'-cired
•hrt peper, balance in • -i: located real estate’.a « l . s e.ly
gr.Valu Addreu * , c.’P •* (.ox
>*UU ■* Tfm
iEc ixtnt
X soil tf unfurnished ro -1 itSfTi Mile it. comer
of Idtcu Itr.ll. Lay Imßcra co. aao b« »c 5 m»e
caled. o:l'iU
r PO BENT-That larg-. Dwelling
X hrnse ontbe corterof H»r?k-oa Bufiaio .tite «.
Ailcew y ptperec to: ta ct-d w in***, bats cel->r. si. a
Sr>t-ate order, Lxge |-ji si deob c. Applv i»J rSS.
BCcHANAZt, >o, .19 Koadulpb itntt, fmm lot* t2
o'eL,e*. oci’lM-lw
TO RENT—Tfce Commodious
f*t'ie,Ro.4S osier thn ve»?er
Bouse, a d'st toAtioa f r btsnes. oartlcn' ny
Cot‘ L«, Po-dWi.fr Ai Ap: If to <>M». P. PjaiKß,
or M. if. BAAToIR, of tea bo-tjr uouta.
TO KENT—One NewTh.ee Story
a-tiCE H<tC*C. w,lb Uric rant and lari- boro, to
o.d* , net.'‘ast uf Mlrb'xaa .* vrote—one of lufir/d :*>•
«oi<ou .cila.UbrprbooilktTi the city. Rent only ISA P't
p-emoa'-t. Apply 10 theprtta to*, oraddies* T. »■. i>jx
r PO KENT—Four Story Krick
L aoro. »ltb «l*r 90 by m <n Forth *»ter
»tr«rt, ('.e»:<n*d for it ™.* c. C*a fce «n -d f r pork tut*
trgaadp* ■!&/. Apply to G. vv. AioAili, >o 1M)
Forth * »tef >irret.
'T'O RENT—Firet Class Storea to
1 Kent. Th-at two Urx« at<>rr« in Portland Clo-.k.
r**iVtra•’tat,tectLtTMc&pi*ubv’h-*¥o*k M»r
b!*C op*ty and A. Prciia. App y loJ.il. f'AR&LB,
70 WaaalnstoOftrMl.
PYjPril Hajio Pusca for»4l"low. I‘;aao9*n£
• JO I f| to P»ct. ortirnfer Pane*
Pl*a<»a.ll- ott3'-».<Jr/ias,wiid«'i.«.rxJ»of MutcaJlacra
ntstiprosy t itinUfd to. All kind* af Uuvctl lanra*
"OOARD. —A Suite of Front Rooms
1 I to K»m, wh tt 19 &2«t 31 iTebljia
iron*. Reie r «a:a r-qji ri. «y f.Od.3* lm
BOAHiiIN G—flea-ant rooms
w.tb br-ipl '•* at* ofct*lvd -it S*». 19 Via
it-*'**, ?x»w—n vat.- ami »atK<m n-i.a*. 0.-i<-ia>
.O fr«n to n«»ta bo-ad la a prlestc fitnC*
wher*« ecma'nrts cf ab'i as m-y te had. Price o» ob*
Ja:tir otaerwi»ei»ali»'ectory. ccu'b aide ptetenri a-l-
CreuP.t .lL,x*3’it. ncidxlw
I a. *i:c Heis.ntKooma et 91 Waiuab areane. A
t e w Pay I jc*n:* , n«aa 6e acc»<mm.<Utea. rel^tßla
yQ. 141H StVT* TT.trfJJ STREET.
AdTi&ecenude oa w»reLo-Mtece p”. Bill* of LsdinA and
(wn<igr>m<&t* of Qrais, Ujcf, Ac. kuirni
Exch*n*«baagntand sold. ociT-iy'Dao
hr TIO.NS—Mrs ADA UHOTT. WriMgasd Rjpplm
Test Me mu. *! I ti>« el'hi*» -»# »
t eie ptie- ‘lo -n*.
l*e*pla!oea eUtH. Tim SLW a . hoax for oa» or t»o
persons, oeiatiw
I J «he are I ©king f>ra L*»#h( as* wbetet’erw licet
Ihel' wore w -1 done, e her In dyeiig cr cleaning, la si- u
bran:he*. *i l Lil b*ca htgtt»he B--e *>n
Mrua inrelor rAUbI e .meut <>f ►eary rihwarx, .>j. 73
Sjalh' llik eceetand |Jw M-nols rt-tet. ooisxlw
JL be occupied re the l»t of NiTember. A Urge and
core and bu.i&eat. iep*iate * r. together ;aso
ntcfj .odglßgrontus wxl be rroted ch - ep Apply ax
the bail ’ a«. Tocai |B. D. *• *4
oc!Sd.‘9>3w lit a street.
Coa«ist!er of 180 teres prairlsaod 43 acne of timber Irat,
Addtfßox 11. ott?ctmin
JL Any one b-ring an Etprr« Wagon, Horae asd Har*
ntsa. AradoaMfrT' > ao with tfagoa. or Dray Kona. Lmy
•ad Barnes*, and wlsuinx to <i »po*j *' toent la ex eh*i§e
fur Fuming: and <n M.UrLen. can hare th* <*pco t*n *y
by add. ts-lpg Pa 103:g Hog SHQie. sell dr-4 n
Ob* rtee'TedatlheU.t. RrcrcUog redrawn*.Ko
Sputa t luk street naul U a. ■. h relay, the
!9<ltasU.for fninia"log_ lo nrv y Complete Batiooa a«
may 1« required 'or toe y,i». Krcn’ts. For parhman
applTatlße HeoatiToas. F, 0, JONhS,
04l4dl.’Mt Ut Lleoj It* lr , wit-TP*^ l , ’ l oruirc'r.
, I wUh. t« tin.
PiUJiH) JLMXI T alii J
i-lt Vi, A 2JSJA a SC£lfi:
Tk* Mlewlsg in kb. retM of edt erueia. la to
MlmDlkaniuwMn. ,
•‘ : '■«•■•••"--- .
“ ■* OQCBOOU. Citt t»J„„ *
“ *• Uineaioaue,(<u n#j ..
*• “ Mi ttocu*, (*u. #«.» '
- “ «u tear , ".,1
•* A Schedule of Prloee for m:reject v - ,-
«a be na at tie Coautrn* Room.
UT AdTrasMeotAdverUaeaaaUtobepardia 111*1
•&“ AJ tiua<«*sh>r7«44
um at umtiiii or »imr nr« tn rm.
# luMper 8q jara,*aeb »#» t. for Sr*t j.
1.«4 ** ** roreac aubeeqaeut bj'j'.i.
X.'QO •• •• tar o«* year.
Oa the Tmaliea,
TTewlllac,. ~reua» Hoc e »rd 11 a'tia'e on
Av*B3e.r«vHiniwai‘t «. T. e La neat* a-> fe*ie>.
»a.>Mh A«c u«, raa Jrg t« k *oio ai;e* HO f n. w. h
pwel amtiti. cr titila »r'*tt rreire, »'b a k Ir,pr t
■•a..le*nd u fc'iuse*; g «* waer,c.*teru (uUn
aa_J af.ru her? f a:, kitde
“* ' he J T ' l > r « y r ’Aiilca
ar», c«ll a. «u fl?c ,ti De>ruir n
OQ_»-»«tA W3I. A.BjmaaA O , CUc*;crec.-»,
UY 8H.8.-RT & siAMl*:o.'-
A-J Andooeet* 51 Lake »tect.
Superior Fnraitare, Stationery, tlank
Books, Stoves, Carp.ls,
Crockery, ic n Ac,
On SATURDAY, Oftob-r*iH tu nVrKk «* w
ie! at oar X-.n L-k »t. r .«W, T«.
r.or .teeot «nt»r Hu .a«b»l m. t«. vr • A a .
r> ,tU *wV*r ' r , E „’** ' be-nb-f p'ut.t In Sfaho'c*.,
Ca-.WaLebt and Rcie«ood to b w tn »u; w <u • n-.v
“’ 1 'l'* "■ r» *5 1 -A».o Ua •• Cla a Atd I ricitcis*. IVr.
.n-saa Be rmm Ku i.i nr* of aJ-*e#t .»*t/•!« < n r*.
sr , *i | ioc. i» >i>t Rn a r-.r<liur —ah M-«.•.>.rca a d
t*iej*Su-T-b’e-.r ace se\t <’ba.ra. Lo ' . <t M t
’•>a*ea, »1m .T.tyih' t -n Ui P '.:ir L-».
Ot et . Parlor Coal torer,OdJced-_ eljDra, * rvt tr
iweraare u. in-. • »r, t iai.il T *.ct *>»r* r.-i.
»ty. Aiwa' ineolreo y a lOffn.N t > «>rand Siaak
>sic pue • i»f an t «*• rv*
ucadtry. lell.BE T«-A*HS .> A-ut'o »ar^
A. laLITTtKi * C-j.,
40. 4» A 90 UiilßßOH'l »fll dT
Every Wtdueadajr A. Hdtui'tis^
A t o’clock a. x.
Bwtrjf JloMd*p «| 1> O’c/wcJ » j.
•T’ Ca*l aCTaactd oo Fopaltme, Dry ~ h *-
Sh'«a, Ac. * : i
D*Kt LO>T —A Liv**r c !•
•- 1 M aed * t’c F'’lr.t*r ITa* a .rv* «i. - .o*ar
tn-’ofnda »-»wera totr* r.a-ae of .-«« Aa* m-« a
rttu-ul-w a«4 -ad U» .ueaua.ip e-a ».
wi.b. r t --+-»ll • ra» »t--u
J. It
. -lalloi d’* Olive'!
Oalf ttJ t* other loo cts
s: “pou: Jed wlib tf slew of a t«ex
vale l.aa ever tcea a his to oha'a to-
a~a!aia ftoa panooi of rich prom
-to La - *-. E*r, *irh ittp..
-»a.< r> *p-«, E*q , Hark*-. S. t
w W«»r» Kaa., *lh»nr. N.t
«• a I'tr OMir W* Vajrn. H.l
1 ■*<- V-o*l « .i,t. Hrf pi. Conn,
ot- t n • M.T C .«*. A.
•cv Jvanav L»atiit, EU.ttr lade
Indent V. X
7** *■ Hajoar. ILEumvr y.\
IT I*- Afeai ot Am
em 81-ttUti t , N If.
:-i» t* F. A. tpt-aji. pttfema*:
r*w pre
«*▼. Ua. Li s«i\ Tx ter. X. X
Atd th.n 10D Piter wellkaowr
tvare rttre * as •• Trait,—* -•
p>i -» B»'».r,i •• ..vo * ar* it u**!’ d
a>m ct w.Lh u c llnc fc —, tnhracg o: t. •
f/lvn«/, Ur*n»ht*t
mit th* s af |
IA« 1
ller»'lc*a*o: e-any ia noenpp'»»»;:n
I • J bevLi-g kb/ irlia-ou or i. Ata.n> .•
ivms Out* T»m :p r.xae »pon
o*a It 'u in* to uuinal-. s-' tb c
*’U lira) nrrv gu for ccu-bi uo u<
n-ff-at (>!<•«-«.
Outs Ta% i« >pp' io •
Mag dk oreoLc B-ri't cupmit* paw
riaftn -r ir air o (■;#*•>▼
F»ln Auutbllat-vr
-hve Tar . uot vway. daw a.’,
p.Cy teat*»cct!|..
j r, bt ■ KroKnn
t*o» «N4 Sulphur Pu>ed*r»
\r* . *ol 1 1 • prp.it ion • | ,iou
S.phor, l*J#r,U * wltilba*
.tiO’.udo <tl» trit f p.r n
[L'amu with th- «| »e«t-d '
unit ilf»nd I'urfyb* Ho d
|i put tn rvy tuibi* V rvou* > '»
I L. <r btUoiV wt#
bt< et-’ l * o->*> h»t h.* u
uu tr • «-f tb« »» «:y—A-c
| U*» • |>«lSvn- ft ’,\>»* • r-» ,
' -MS USJ *k* .»>•>-. t _ .
'•“Tirroao'sol'vb iak. • r..*i
iy**rmUi>j» tU.»s A.Nb SCI*-!** 11
IMllTit y»WuEP3.
j=‘TA*rU*tDS INm*LE3.
1 ( P«n?on
R>Ulldctn*a oC.;c3^'.
I cti-W.’tF* m»»t ■
(i p r.‘.
nKwln I*i
>"EN. Tbi»Jni-WMlroa itnict^r*.
la ittwor.*;) »«e»ert %eto »»*
real, at a cf Hxa’’d_**Bai? IJMIon* o t !)•-•
At Moat
• « .* « \ vi • «« «
kia» to connect the Ea tera and fff«m DitUlcb* dM •
Grand Trunk Itaihctiij
Is BOW op«U fHrpubMc tnflL, TbVo r-od of t*eui" 1.13k
mile# is iecitb.U operat'd under
Acd these* only
Proas Chicago cr»b* Riv»rto ,. f »j,
tor*. Quick*** and 0 n we.l -ou'e ’.rr
lwp*n tbs south snd •'anodoantt ► p ji»r
ruereiere or.d frr ft I bo- krdthiousU oil ports of Coko
tod lbs New ftso ond Moira, alt • frost
Aad the Consn-st of Cureps. ot eoui l Itn-'iy rM-n**
Tat'SbytheoQ*T'egulop»«aly!!MCf UNI I'Bl*
AID El RiM’EaN MAIL .a.ing •• .1
Qn»twe «»en S*lufiU», Vtd fr»m l.i**f3ool e**r\ W * .
n»*li7»b*obwOU'thrTr-r. Porfu'ißerpometjlore*;.;* •
tc WALTER nit ONLV. Geno-ai hLuucur. M< o iroi.
JAS. WARRACK, Urrl Western a.>«r..
PP. 11 Uk* 1 Pel,
Underlie Adorns House. < 'aic»i:»
LJ Oa’y Weekly L!n«t»
AM s'l the principal ctleeof Great Br ts’.a 1 < 'cet
aeaiof Qn eosfowit,(i*oTt< U**; A
Ocean Steamship Com, .
JTr»-w'u« full pow«reo built «t«oos**s •«? c 1 "*■ ■
tloawllbitcOßAM) IRCNi CAiL*Ak
not! every Satnrday r rora Queoec. eorrylod tie U "•■u 3 ‘tv .
end Cosmo MUloood p*o«*axw»:
Bobecn!»B.C«r f « McMaeter, Noo» s e t. :•*
Bnrtad(lt.*A** tiriiuA | .VittAicereaa “ x
AbdlaSoxoa, • I! iuttlne. Cooed an, ties*.
T*v* ce«eii'ps tonl.iiicx).
Qa. , c>»*t,nieap<**t o-id pv CEgra'Uilo.-'lr * 1 ’•%>; r.
Pore from 0 h.eo«o or M.i«eUKee*o<ia<eaet'*«b" 1 1)
F.ntCiew.accordlo|tP rate room a- if. .
Ketnra llckeu.FtntCloeafoodroruiiios'tta 11%. 0 e*. •
Steerage. *»J o-d
CeTtifleaiee'eenedfor eat
the pnadpA towns ot Umt Britain and IreuoJ. by »vi
itoeajmor •oiUua eeuet., ot v»ry twin ed ret
for treUht orpo »p,ly to la* CJ'i «; •
Adots, ■s-Oel.k I> WAter ttree', U»:;- ■ ;!•
and Ltub : iß.end St Krooaw«T.New io(£. •* .
Deinltoad MLvoiute Hibracd. M.l»*uXr'.i.: •■>
jAilkS WIRU-Ct..
9t%sd7raoJt* Railway oflUe, U
dlfiftp Coder A 'ea.--r. -..a« ».
Gluts. L. Noble.
us clark siaxst a;-.
W-Jhltftoa tad UAdla.a rtimt.
DiAUCR lit Ai.l*
Kerosene and, Coal <&
Xi* on : r paztf la I ble*«o to waom Dowse* Ki-it
TblsWl Is owe ind aot *UaltmUd tnbcvit> p r SJ--
All«w4braod»o; C«lOtii,L« u(f>to- iJUarSt* -
£<, «£or?t. JK ArfOSSy at UitiWeU't *?■♦.
Ukmc •al licuvtui tinftoa mioual y«ulCoa|*»J-y.
Wanted la aTeryCMalytaroogsoat the w«n«a i-ui
t« Mil
T«iut , l Im)jfOve< #3O S<Mia| 3l*«
These Machine* are adsoted to ad Tartetie* of wet*.
FarailyA.w-jjg.iiilorlagaaußootaoUSh** Mata* *-•/
haTiMr.rt witß • Tery iarge*e*ediuiagU*« pwt yew, g.e*
li< im.ttrui rf 1 iti*- t- f f w AUi)*C4 _
19dyUtp Manafacwrtrs.o. -gv.lll.
CHICAGO S l**gaaPOH. 133 LAS* - «*H a ST.
coAiia si*ta *i*d Karan* •<:.
OrdersfcrQoias,Trenkbodleaand e*rm» 'rtv.rs mlln*
cclrepicsptaUestOii. f.O. Li J j, LI.
All f’EKSO ns having
claimsaeaiosttholit*irta of STBTK'.h A HC~
lUfi are be»rby aolWed to present th* eatae o’. •nd f
e-gned. ath sOao.*, No. 114 Soalb Waur a •««:. «.cu
UedJiUv oi NoT-mhernrxu at which u*i »« w U;a
tn« pi SHMuI a wdlheaoylad to p*ytae>i »( tne i*a*b*.d.
B'U«t r*a Atm. a emlingio lh - onidi lore «•' v c*tui»
donl of aisigament be*tm< date tee ikta day of ILueh. A.
u.i*o m. vr. hithual-v.
octtdUSla Antgh*e oiaUraoea il-eui.
HE S S POlts: .
To hart oa band for sale
JVew Heavy Mess Pork ,
Our own Brand, which we f Stt to the trad# at tha bweu
cash price.
"XTAIIS CHEAP.-2.000 kegs a«-
’'»l.dfAl* ——.
Fackixg barksls always
A* TW.KAB * - *
Cleat makieg. Pa*ceraf aikt M ishlit »ttuh a<, to

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