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rMd My (Sunday accepted) it 4:1K P. m.
at Herald Bulldln, C7 Church St.
,2Hre4 at thft Poat Qfflce at New Britain
Beooad Claa Mali Matter.
miTwwi iy carrier 10 way
- a a . a m .V
I . fcll X W UU m W Vr3V( W
3haerlptIona (or paper to. be sent by mall.
payaDie in aavance. t tu
Month, $7.00 a rear.
h onte profitable adrertleinc medium to
we . Ity. circuutuoa doom
ru na alwaye epen to advertiser.
Vhe Herald will be found on eaie at Hota-
flnfe News Stand, 4 ana Bt. ana jsrw- ,
way. New York City; Board Walk.
, Atlantic Ctty, and Hartford depot.
jsinew Office .................
lu-nrjal Room ................
: This is Arbor and Bird Day, set
part for observance by the governor
f 'the state and whether it is given
he recognition it deserves depends on
he people themselves. It ought to
Mean a great deal wand, if properly
bserved . would add to -the general
omfort and would bring about a
knowledge that is of absorbing in-
er est. "The planting of trees ought to
e encouraged as a part of the work
rf , a community as well as by the in-
' - ' .. . " A Jl. A. - Je
Mvldual wno aesires 10 aaiai 10 um
leauty of hia own property. Whether
t is due to escaping gas or leaking
rteotrlcity, the fact is our shade trees
bn the publio streets aire being de-
troyed - and the city is at a loss as a
esult. Shade trees are useful in
hree ways. In the first plaoe they
erve to protect the macadam on the
oadway, in the second place they fur
tish shade for the pedestrian during
h warm weather and in the third
ilace they add to the beauty of the
ity. New Britain at . one time sought
o impose the task of the planting of
rees as an obligation on property
wneTB and ' if they did not comply
vith it it was . to be mad a duty on
he city, the expense to be opaid by the
roperty owners or . to have a lien
laced on their property, but a char
sr 'oommfttee objected and the mat-
Jer ended there. The importance of
ree planting was first made apparent
Vhen the state awarded a contract
lor macadamizing a portion of East
kreet during the first year of the Lan-
lers administration when it was dis-
overed by the board of publio works
hat the document contained a pro-
Hsion for the setting out of seventy-'
tve . shade trees. .. The . work , was de-
kyed -by reason of , the building, of. a
ewer, but the importance of tree
j anting was realized from thai, time
Those who fail to study wild birds
nd understand what value they have
bse one of the most ' interesting f ea-
u res of out door life. - Some of the
best entertaining of articles which
ind their way into print nowadays
oncern the birds. Ornithologists have
ven discovered that the:crow has his
:es and is not to be regarded as the
bief the farmer has always mad him
but to be. It was only a few years
Lgo when the close season for .game
birds was being discussed in the legls-
ature that one of the members, a far
mer, said tnat tne noes ox quau on
his property was of more value than
everal employes. Children should be
aught not to destroy the nests or to
kill sour birds. There is nothing more
feasant or more inspiring than .to
iear the birds singing in the fields
ind woods; and he who would lessen
he chorus by the destruction of a
tingle bird does a harm that he oan-
ot estimate. It does not cause any
hnancial loss perhaps to kill-a song
bird, but it does take away a life
hat is given to music free to all
vho are willing to listen, and those
vho do not listen miss a pleasure that
4nnot be duplicated, in any other
vay. Arbor and bird day therefore
nas a value whioh needs onlyl to be
Understood! to be appreciated.
Huerta will salute; but how?
that is the answer to the trip
tof tne Daiuesnips to Mexico,
and if he doeB the Ameri
can guns will answer, and thus will
fend what was thought might develop
into a brush with the Mexicans. What
caused Huerta to change his mind so
huickly is said to have been advice
from some of the foreign powers, but
beople generally will be inclined to
hink that it was due more to what
might, happen at . Vera Cruz and
'ampico when the American vessels
eached there. A nice point, however.
,vill be whether in the American ves-
els answering the Huerta guns will
not be some sort of a recognition'
5f Huerta himself. It is said in Wash
ington that it' will not, and others say
Lhat the navy commander? agreed to
newer the ' Mexican salute in the
Irst place, but that Huerta would not
gree to it.
The great trouble seems to have
een. very Aeasily settled. There is no
disposition to make war on Mexico,
although there are always . some hot
Wads who appear to have a chip on
uieir shoulders . all the time, xnis
country has had experience enough
expensive and the government is in
no condition now to contract any
more war claims unless there is a
pretty strong' reason for it. The gov
ernment, however should uphold its
dignity, and it is a bit gratifying that
the order for Huerta to shoot into the
air has been backed up in such a
fashion as to make him shoot.
FTEIvD. The action of the' supreme court in
granting a new trial to Bessie Wake
field, who had " been '. sentenced o
death " for complicity in the murder
of her husband, can hardly be con
sidered, a surprise. There was a feel
ing that she would not be executed,
and a new trial is the first step in
saving her from the gallows. Her
paramour has already paid for his
participation in the crime with his
life, and he said that she was not to
blame. She" may be put to trial again
or she may plead guilty to a lesser
degree of crime that she! had been
convicted of and go to prison for a
short term, but there is no likelihood
of her ever being convicted again of
murder in the first degree. The sen
timent of the state is . too strongly
against it and there has been so much
publicity given to this feature of the
case that it is bound to have an ef
fect in the event of a new trial. She
is an. ignorant, friendless woman, and
were it' not for the sentiment created
for her because she is a. woman she
would hav been hanged the same
day as her paramour.
The feeling against capital punish
ment is constantly increasing; even
the warden of Sing Sing prison said
the other day after the gunmen had
been put to death that he hoped' that
would be the last electrocution in'that
institution. This taking of a human
life is a brutalizing affair, and bad as
it is for a man, it is more revolting
in the case of a woman. Bessie Wake
field has been in the death house at
Wethersfield for several weeks, and
it is reasonable to assume that the
warden - of - the prison, as well as the
unfortunate woman herself, was glad
to : hear the news 1 from the supreme
court. What is to be done with her
Is the next Interesting point to be de
It is in . the spring that a young
man's thoughts turn mushy, but to
the' older boys the season is supposed
to bring a little sense so that it is
Impossible to think of the march of
General Cjoxey 'and -his army from
Ohio to Washington without a feeling
of humor. The general is an old man
as far . as years are considered, and
he has some money, so that to see
him seated! in an bid fashioned phae
ton drawn by an ancient mule, with
his wife by his side and a son ahead
riding a donkey one may well Inquire
whether the old man has not reached
that stage, when people begin to talk
funny. The army consists of sixty
soldiers, but Coxey says that it will
be increased to 20,000 by the time he
reaches Washington. The" first day's
march Was eight miles and yet the
general says he is satisfied. The army
sought food at the houses along the
line and slept in a brickyard at the
end of the first day.' The army will
be recruited along the road and the
general will receive the : hew comers
any time. ;v '
There are some who will recall the
delegation from Bristol back in 1894
which passed through here on its way
to Join Coxey, who then had another
army on the way to Washington and
who was arrested,1,, tor- tramping
around on the grass when he reached
there. The Bristol - division reached
here in the afternoon. ' It consisted) of
five men and two dogs, and as it
swung into Main street it headed for
the old band stand with Joseph R.
Johnson, then chief of police, . bring
ing up in the rear. The order, to
halt was given at the band stand and
the division came to a full stop. The
first lieutenant " started ' . to make a
speech and the chief 'interfered lest
the oration cause a riot. There was
much discontent in the crowd because
all wanted to hear an address, andl
the army was given a' great cheer
when it., resumed- its . march down
Mlain street. Such movements are
really a joke, they do not accomplish
any good and simply result in draw
ing unfortunate people through the
country, ending up with sore feet arid
a well developed grouch. .
With the desire father to the
thought some of the state's leading
democrats are spreading a story about
that there is a desire among ' certain
republican ' leaders to punish Senator
Brandegee for the attack made upon
Chairman Roraback by the members
of the reform body,' which came
such a ghastly cropper a few days ago
in its effort to secure a political millen
nium in Connecticut. It is something
that the democracy would keenly like
to see - accomplished but they are
vainly chasing a figment of .the
imagination in pursuing this will o'
the wisp. r Ansonia Sentinel.
of fine quality double warp serge, in the newtwo button cutaway style
brocaded silk collar with frill on neck and sleeves, button trimmed-
The skirt is deep ripple tier effect. Comes in all the newest colors.
MISSES' AND WOMEN'S $18.98 SUIT AT 915.00.
of fine quality pebble wool crepe. Coat is high cut draped front, with self ornaments,
turnover collar with frill, on neck and sleeves, coat tail effect in back with ornaments,
de cygne lined. Skirt is made with peg top, two tier style. " In all the newest colors.
Women's Suits made of figured wool Bedford
cord, one button cutaway coat, turnover moire col
' lar, inlaid with Baby Irish lace. Coat is made with
ripple around and skirt is double tunic effect. Comes
in Tango, Labzrador' Blue, Mahogany, Chartreuse.
Copen . etc.
made of wool backet weave crepe, coat is Butterfly
effect , with kimono sleeves, high cut draped front
with self ornaments and buttons. Neck has sash
'ail around with two tabs in front. Bottom of coat
is trimmed with satin frill, and the same on sleevs.
Coat is peau de cygne lined. Skirt is double tier
ripple style.
made of silk wool poplin, in one button cutaway
styles coat, with long effect in back. Figured bro
caded silk collar and sash in back to match Kimono
. sleeve with drop shoulder and peau de cygne lined.
Very full peg top skirt, with slashed front and fancy
buttons. Comes in all colors, Labrador, Blue, Ma
hogany, 'Copenv, Tango, etc-
' '
made of wool poplin, with moire silk collar inlaid
With Persian. Coat has drop shoulder with kimono
sleeves, two fancy braided tabs in front of coat,
with buttons and two large silk ornaments in back.
Peau de cygne lined. Skirt is made in the stylish
four tier effect.
'Phone Orders
3050 and mall or
,ders promptly
Wesleyan students hereafter will
be required by the faculty to attain
a certain proficiency in baseball, ten
nis or track athletics. Now if tan
going is made an elective study, with
a rating in class reports, there will
be some interest In. college life.
Bridgeport Standard.
Capital punishment and its abol
ishment is a subject which is always
open to discussion and it receives in -creased
attention whenever the pen
alty for a high crime is paid. Just
at the present time much is beinj?
said about the substitution of life im
prisonment instead of death for mur
der and 'yet others who have given
the question much thought urge
greater attention for the defectives,
educationally and morally Norwich
Now that the city, has seen fit to
prohibit roller skating by children
on the city sidewalks," it is up to the
municipality to provide skating places
in the' parks and the playgrounds.
While it is annoying to the public
generally to have children skating on
sidewalks, particularly in the busier
sections of the city, most people have
refrained from complaining, because
they recognized the fact that the ex
ercise is beneficial, and not as danger
ous as many other childish pastimes
and sports. Waterbury Republican.
Hartford can have her voting ma
chines, but Rockville will continue to
be old fashioned and stick to the pa
per ballot. It has its faults, but with
all its faalts we love it still. . It is
superior to this new f angled method
of voting. There has : been more or
less agitation here for the introduc
tion of the voting machine. In the
face of Hartford's experience in its
recent municipal election, we rather
think this agitation will now cease.
"Voting machines may be prompt, hut
what is ' promptness to accuracy?
This is what should count in an elec
tion. Rockville Deader.
The theater is thousands . of years
old, but . the drama didn't amount to
much for centuries, and never had Its
due weight, until women were ad
mitted to participation. . The early
stage , was masculine. When they
needed a woman, they put woman's
clothing on a . man, and he did his
part in falsetto. The Chinese do
that today. The Chinese think the
feminine voice the more beautiful,
but .they have men imitate the voice
of woman, and the result is not beau
tiful at all. The history of woman
and the stage is the history of wom
an, and many . other things. There
many who believe that an all
masculine state is as defective as a
drama acted by men only. Bridge
port people are fortunate , in living
in a time when the talents of both
sexes are contributed , to the stage.
Think of movies without . heroines.
Bridgeport Farmer.
Exhibition of Modern Dances and
the Dansant
Exemplification of the Maxixe Brazilllenne, One Step, Tango Argen
tino, Innovation, Hesitation Valze, Half and Half and Gavotte Minzelli, by
the original Sherry Duo, Mile. Iuxanne and Mr. Chas. Stuart, under the
personal direction of Gladys Liewis, who gives a most interesting and In
structive lecture prior to each rendition. .
The entertainment is .free. Those who desire can secure seats at table
including tea service and privilege of intermittent danoKng for 50o a
person. Music, Hatch's orchestra. WISE, SMITH & CO.
3-4 length of fancy weave Eponge. Coat is made
in one tier effect in back, and fancy button trim
mings, has deep gauntlet cuffs with buttons and
slik. Brocaded notch collar- Special values $7.50.
lined throughout with peau de cygne lining, made
in the new high cutaway front, with long back
Kimono sleeves, and very heavy lace collar. Special
values $11.00.
of pebble wool crepe, waist is made with draped
shoulder and kimono sleeves, and lace vestee and
frill. Same on sleeves. Yoke is piped with heavy
cord all around the sleeves and frill. Skirt is very
full peg top, and draped. Comes in all the newest
colors. Special value $10.50.
Waist is made with Kimono sleeve, and chiffon
vestee With shadow lace and rhinestone button
trimmings. A turnover shadow lace collar and frill
of same on the sleeves. Has deep girdle with large
bow in front. Skirt is full peg top with deep tunic
and frill all-around- Special value $12.50.
of doublf! warp serge, lined throughout:, has deep
shawl collar, and sailor effect back, turnover cuffs
to match. Also has wide belt all around. $3.98.
with deep roll collar of self material, with inlaid
silk collar, and cuffs to match. Has belt in back,
with tab 'of silk to match collar and cuffs. Trimmed
with large fancy buttons in front. $5.98.
Advice to Mayor-elect.
Podunk Hollerr April the 'steentn.
My Dear Mr. Mayor-elect:- Will you
please . ,
To give me your gracious attention
In behalf of your many supporters
and friends
Who deserve some political mention.
1 can readily see, in your triumphal
That your troubles are ' many and
galling , i - ;
For of seekers for plums, - and job
hunting bums ,
The number is truly appalling. . .
I am sorry, however, to : hear, your
decree '., "' ' .-,v.' . .
Your office-hours partly suspend
ing '
For, though you may dodge for a time,
don't you see :..
That your troubles, .will be i never
ending? ' .
Come forth from seclusion; put off
for a time
Your modest, retiring behaviour,
And make your ' appointments with
courage sublime
Without trepidation or favor.
The Commission in charge of Muni
cipal Hall
Will shortly be needing revision;
Friend Morris would haye the whole
thing before fall
In a dividend-paying condition.
For Superintendent of . Health, it were
wise' , ,
In making your final selection,
That the candidate shouldn't be
judged by the size '
Of his bacteriologic collection.
For a place most important in city
On the Bureau of Public Exertions
What's the matter with Tippy, whose
graces and airs
Were the cause of so many con
, versions?
For Building Inspector, for Charity
For Sealer of Weights and of Mea
sures, Weigh carefully; .pick the right man
from the horde
Who seek for political treasures.
And lastly, I trust you will honor my
To a place on the Water Commis
sion, Accepting as proof of my fitness for
The foregoing brief disquisition.
Yonkers police officers have been
ordered', not to read newspapers while
on duty at headquarters. "Read the
Bible or good magazines," is the
chief's order. The Bible may be
pretty nearly as hard to find at police
headquarters as a good magazine is
nowadays on. a news stand. Bridge
port Standard. .
coat, with pleated front, fancy
Coat is peau de cygne lined.
and buttons.
Coat" is peau
Our Restaurant
an ideal place for
light lunch, a cup
of tea or sub
stantial repast.
Tale of Chicago and Boston.
(Chicago Record-Herald.)
Jonah, Martin B., came to Chicago
yesterday. Two Pinkerton detectives
played the role- of the whale.
This is the revised story of Jonah
as writ in the, Book of Policefans.
. It came to' pass that there was in
the wicked city, which is Chicago, one
Martin B. Jonah. In Jonah's pockets,
of shekels there was none.
' One, day Jonah betook himself into
the Park of Lincoln, which is by the
waters of the Lake of Michigan. Gen
tlemen and ladies of high station
passed by and saw him not. They
passed him afoot and. in the carriages
which ;are: horsjeless.. ; . .; ; . ;?tv-
Jonah " looked , . upon " thec ' wealth
which .was . not his. Then ', he .saith
with disgust: "Verily am I a boob.
Superabundant shekels have they who
pass. me by, while I, accursed one, am
bereft of all things. Why is this thus?
Am I my brother's keeper , who can
not keep myself? Verily the Lord
helpeth those who help themselves."
Then up spake conscience: "The
way of the transgressor is paved with
rocks. Go thou, brother and turn
thy hand to honest work."
. Then up rose' Jonah and smote con
science. Shaking his legs, he be
took himself straightway to the Mld
City Trust and Savings Bank, which
is by the parting of the ways of Madi
son and Halsted streets.
. To the chief counter of shekels he
spoke after this manner: "I have
here a check for $730. Please cash
And lo,, it was done. And it came
to pass that a few days later the man
whose name was writ upon the check
became exceeding wrathful. He be
got an idea. Forthwith he took it to
the tribe of Plnkertons.
. Much hunting was made for Jonah.
At last he was discovered in the City
of Boston, which, the prophets saith,
is in a foreign land and rests upon
a hill made of the writings of one
Ralph Waldo Emerson.
Thence Jonah was returned to
Chicago, which is by the lake. And
when the prison with its bars had
closed upon him he repented of his
wickedness and saith: "Wherefore,
oh wherefore, did I smite conscience
when it whispered?"
Jonah was bound over to the grand
jury. Verily the way of the trans
gressor is hard!
According to an announcement
that comes from the Pacific coast,
from which golden strand so many
announcements of new things ema
nate, a Methodist congregation is
erecting a combination church and
hotel at Los Angeles, at an estimated
cost of $1,000,000. The hotel is
to have some 350 rooms for the ac
commodation of guests. Everything
on the premises is to be up-to-date
and to conform to the best .standards
of hotel keeping. It Is expected that
the venture will prove a paying one.
New Haven Union. ,
McMillan's '
Know all men by these presents, that I, Reubin German of New
-Britain, in the County of Hartford and State of Connecticut, for the con
sideration of $ received to my full satisfaction of D. McMillan
of said New Britain, do hereby bargain, sell, transfer and convey unto
D. McMillan the following articles of personal property: Coats, Suits, ,
Dresses, Waists, Skirts and all other property of said Berman which said
Berman agreed to sell to said D. McMillan by agreement, dated March 27, '
1914, and at date of this instrument at the store of D. McMillan.
To have and to hold the same to him, the said D. McMilliah, hU
executors and assigns forever to and their proper use and behoof. And I
the said Reubin Berman, for myself, my heirs, executors and adminis
trators, covenants and' agrees with the said D. McMillan to warrant and
defend the said goods to him, the said D. McMillan, against all person
what so ever. ' ' -
...... , . .
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this Sixth
Day of April in the Year of Our Lord Nineteen Hundred and Fourteen.
The above copy of Bill of Sale explains why
Will Go on Sale Here Beginning Saturday, April
18th, at 8:30 A, M.
Reubin Berman's stock consisted mostly of Coats, Suits, Dresses, Waists
and Coatings and Suitings by the yard .
The Purchase of His Stock
Gives us the best opportunity we have, ever , had to give the people of New
Britain and vicinity High Grade Custom-made Suits and Coats at ; great
bargain prices. . ' '' ' '
...... '
One Hundred Tailor-Made Suits
Berman's price $15 to $25.00. In this sale your choice for $10.00.
About 50 One-Pioco Drosses
t . , i '
In Silk, Crepe, Voile, Serge, etc. Berman's price $5.98 to $9.98. In thi
sale for $2.08 each.
Several Dozen
Berman's price $1.00. In this
Latest Style
Berman's price $10 to $20. In
Dress Goods
Such goods as Berman used to
sale on our dress goods counter at
value. - '',''
" 'i ' ' '
Three Hundred Separate Skirts : ,
In a great variety materials. Berman's price $4.98 to $7.98. In. this sale,
for $2.08 and $3.08.
Come to this 50c-on-the-dollar sale for great values and you'll not go
away disappointed. " , . . ,
' .... j '
Three "Onyx" Days
' '"' ' ' "
The Onyx Day offerings will consist of the best Onyx numbers adver-
tlsed for years.
We are surely going to celebrate; it will be a memorable occasion.
Onyx Hose
The regular 35c, 3 for $1.00 quality, price for the Three Onyx Days
25c pair.
Onyx Hose
The regular 50c quality priced
Onyx Silk Hose for Men
In Navy, Black, White, Tan and Grey. Special for the Three Onyx Days
at 25c n pair. '
Come to this Special Sale of Onyx Hosiery and get a supply for every -member
of the familyl and remember If you please these reduced prices
hold good for Three Days only. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday next veek. ..
199-201-203 Main Street. New Britain.
. McMillan's
Shirt Waists
sale for 20c each. ... , ( ,
Spring Coats
this sale for $5.08, $7.08 and $0.08.
and Suitings
. .... V : (, t
make up Coats and Suits frpm in thU f
prices averaging less than half thelt
for Women
for Women
for the Three Onyx Days 3 pair for $
4 !'
1 ri
1 i,
- 1
1 I'

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