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. clares in
;ciated Press .
. Associated Press.) .
.n, August 15.
trategists may de
'mportance of the
stern Poland and
v, . by the Poles
-" ;d "as nothing
.yv;Six months
ies, in spite of
i and suffering
jvastation. of the
ortions of their
hopefully to the
.ussia had held out
ginning- of the war.
"dual : encroachment of
as, this assurance has
-luch because they
;ood faith as be--led
her ability to
Luke's procla
;ss of the Polish
;d .thatthi4 wan
xe lifted Russian
ute"3espair, has
ass correspondent
ntative Poles of all
aristocracy to the
: fled from Warsaw
js in Russia. The
j wag one of ill-con--t
against the Bus-?
" H Property.
treat from the re
wr, the Russian
d a lesson from
.ourceg of the city
German use, decid
of destroying, all
ose use by the Ger
.lightest question,
expected that the
-uperized, and with
. where or-how they
.ve, would preserve a
Triew of this action by
ly.VK; Explanations re
peal necessity" failed
i ; who had just seen
jsed by the Russian
. received printed pro
i very phrasing of which
d an insult. This pro
asquely stated that "Po
1 men must immediately
ions along the ; front for
Interior.", , , '; - ' ;
shed persons said that
Idlers in their zealous
'.e order they had re
'. nothing behind them
ned and scarred land
rery soil was ruined..
jntment Increased.
taient has ' been in
i reports of Germany's
i to Russia, according to j
. which Russia would cede
.trip of Poland in the
id of Kalisz to Germany,
ttlement," say the Poles,
)uld lose nothing and Po
1 . lose everything for this
j - Germany one step nearer
of Germanizing the Vistula
1 mean the death of Po
rtion. It seems that.Po- i
3ly to be the chief suf-
war, but that she Is to
.he , prize which Russia is
f, the present geographical
of Poland, and the state
"eeling, the continuance of
of the Russia-Polish com
nointed by the1 Emperor to
le question of Polish inde
las the qualities of tragedy
almost equally : combined.
ilssion has apparently come
ock, since the kind of in-
which Poland wants and
hich Russia sees fit to offer
directly opposed, at least
from each other as to have
mm on.
Hope Of Agreement.
ee little hope of an agree-
en the Russian and Polish
our commission," said Ro-
sky, the ' Polish chairman
emission and former . leader
lonal democrat party of Po-
tatement to The Associated
been asked, by the Russian
b- give my views regarding
government "of the future,
p be insincere and unrepre-
f my country If I modified
ult the Russian members
mission. ; If a compromise
y, it is certainly not my
sv time to suggest it. You
jsured on one point. Po
never be satisfied without
egree of independence. .
Degree of Independence.
explain his idea of a prop-
f independence Mr. Dmow-
a Polish legislature with
s wholly Polish, complete
lependence, and the end of
icialdom ; in Poland. This
ssion ' Russia will c never
ke, for Poland has been a
hg garden for exploitation
officials. .
p presence of Russian ad
h officials which we find
tolerable. Poland knows
in never realize .her Ideals
essive . nation while she is
back by a primitive, east-
lion. Our civilization is a
ilizatioh and to subject It
ndards of Russia, or the
jd methods of their priml
is absurd. .. .
not be Inferred, however,,
's resentment against Rus-
lpanied by a growing sym
(Germany, Whatever may
3 troubles under - Russian
..-il 1 eallzss that German- rule
.J mean the funeral of the Polish
.ion,. We admire ,. a great many
.ings - ln. Germany and under Ger
man rule - western Poland has been
much, more prosperous than while it
was In Russian hands. The reveus
are now 'higher : and the people as a
whole are better oft financially Jt
Is also) true that our kinsma1 u German-Poland
have acquired a high
state of culture and, ti-at in agri
culture they have even surpassed the
Germans themselves,
r ' "So perhaps from a financial point
of view we would be better off under
German rule, but this consideration
will never be placed by Poland on a
level with her ideals for self-realization
and Independence, and she knows
that under Germany these ideals will
have. to, be buried., . , .
1 "Poland is therefore still turning
to the allies for the realization of her
independence. Though a.t present
she it utterly helpless, financially
wrecked, torn and destroyed by a war
in which Pole is forced to fight
J against Pole, If she emerges an Inde
pendent nation, her sacrifices will not
have been in vain."
jf fraternIl news
Philharmonic Orchestra and Catholic
Choral Union to Aid.
One of the greatest musical treats
ever held in this city is being planned
for November 29 at the Lyceum the
ater, "when the Philharmonic orches
tra of Hartford with sixty of the best
musicians In the state, and the -Catholic
Choral, Union of this city will
give a concert, the proceeds to be do
nated to local charity.
The affair is being arranged by
Mrs. William C. Hungerford and Mrs.
Charles Landers. The organisa
tions taking .part in the concert en
joy enviable reputations in the musical
world, due to past performances.
The soloist of the evening will be
Mrsj Rose O'Brien Milcke of Brook
lyn, N. Y., formerly a member of the
First church choir and one of the most
popular singers who ever sang be
fore a New Britain audience.
a. recent concert by the Catholio
Choral Union was, in the opinion of
those in attendance one of the most
finished ever held in thla city. The
members of the Union through years
of association have developed a mas
terful organization and it is to the
credit of those in charge that they
were secured to take part in the con
cert. Professor Frederick F. Harmon,
leader of the Union, will be the di
rector of the concert.
The concert will take the place of
the usual amateur dramatic perfor
mance,: which will be postponed' this
year, it is reported.
About forty members of the Kenil
worth. club attended the annual out
ing and field day at Weigand's grove
Saturday afternoon. The trip was
made by. automobile and a pleasant
afternoon was spent. In the basball
game Scheuy's team defeated Adrian's
by a score of; 14 to 4. The feature of
the game was the stellar first base
play of A. Smith and the hitting of C.
Jackson. Martin's - side won the tug
of war by superior brain work rather
than superior muscular ability, for
they tied their end of the Tope to a
tree. F. Bruemmer won the shot
put and R Miller was first in the 100
yard dash.1 Fritz Eppler catered and
furnished a delightful menu. The
committee in charge was E. . F.
Brumbaum, Jr., Harry Scheuy, J. A.
Martin, F. Bruemmer and Harry
Miss Blinn reopens her classes in
dancing and deportment at Booth's
hall, Wednesday, October 6. Applica
tions received at hall Wednesdays in
September, or 66 Evergreen avenue,
Hartford. Miss Blinn will have a
ladies', class in esthetic dancing and
will also have an evening class. advt.
Mrs. Baker So Weak Could
Not Do Her Work Found
Relief In Novel Way.
Adrian, Mich. "I suffered terribly
with female weakness and backache and
got so weak that I
could hardly do my
work. When I
washed my dishes I
had to sit down and
when I would sweep
the floor I would get
so weak that I would
have to get a drink
every few minutes,
and before I did my
dusting I would have
to lie down. I got
so poorly that my folks thought I was
going into consumption. One day I
found a piece of paper blowing around
the yard and I picked it up and read it.
It said 'Saved from the Grave, and
told what Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegeta
ble Compound has done for women. I
showed it to my husband and he said,
' Why don't you try it ? ' So I did, and
after I had taken two bottles I felt
better and I said to my husband, 'I don't
need any more,' and he said 'You had
better take, it a little longer anyway.'
Sol took it for three months and got
well and strong. Mrs. Alonzo E.
Baker 9 Tecumseh St.; Adrian, Mich.
Not Well Enough to Work.
In these words is hidden the tragedy
of many a woman, housekeeper or wage
earner who supports herself and is often
helping to support a family, on meagre
wages. Whether in house, office, fac
tory, shop, store or kitchen, woman
should remember that there is one tried
and true remedy for the ills to which all
women are prone, and that is Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. It
promotes that vigor which makes work
easy. The Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine
Co., Lynn, Mass. i
Stella Rebekah Lodge, I. O. O. F.
Stella Rebekah Lodge, No. 11, I. 'o.
O. F., will v hold a regular - meeting
Friday night, October 2, in their hall
on Hungerford Court. The meeting
will start promptly at 7:30 as. there
will be a whist at 8:30. Members
are requested to be present as there
are important business matters to be
discussed. At the field day held
Saturday at the home of Charles
Sharpe in , Kensington, the following
won events in the sports: Miss Sarah
Wenger, Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. H . Ij .
Johnson, Mrs. Frank Wright, Mrs. K.
A. Kent, Biss Gertrude, Niles, Miss
Clara Rock, Miss H. Witter, Mrs. Lil
lian Winger, Miss Ruth Flagg.
St. Elmo Lodge.
St. Elmo lodge, K. of P., will meet
on Wednesday evening and important
business will come up for transaction.
We expect some of the Grand lodge
officers to be" present.
jjafty Wallace Lodge, No. 24, D. of S.
Lady Wallace lodge, No. 24, D. of
S., held a regular meeting on Wednes
day. An application for membership
was received. ' The chief business was
the report of the delegate, which was
listened to with much interest. The
roport was vital and brougti'! the con
vention back to the members. Miss
Brucie Wilson was awarded the cut
gloss salt dishes offered by Mrs. Mc-Koasie.
Loyal Order of Moose.
The Loyal Order of Moose will have
an important meeting Friday evening.
Arrangements for the opening of the
charter will be made. The committee
which has charge of the affair will
bring in several recommendations.
The committee consists-of Chalres El
liot, Edward Johnson and Charles
Morey. Permission from .the Su
preme lodge for a sixty days' openihg
of the charter was granted. The en
tertainment committee will make ar
rangements for the winter attractions
in the line of smokers, etc.
Ladles' Auxiliary, A. O. H.
A regular meeting of the Ladies'
auxiliary, A. O. H., will be held in
Eagles' hall, Tuesday evening at 8
o'clock. A full attendance is request
ed, as matters of great Importance will
be discussed.
. To Honor T. A. B. Men.
Four "members of the T. M. T. . A.
& B. society will receive medals next
month in token of a qxiarter century
of membership in the society. These
are William Regan, Edward V.
Sheehy, James J. Martin and John
Fitzpatrick of Brooklyn, N. Y.
The presentation of the medals is a
feature of the anniversary celebration
and is looked forward to with much
interest by the members. The an
niversary committee is busy planning
for the event, which is promised to
be one of the most interesting ever
held by the organization. The cele
bration will probably take place in
Hanna's armory and speakers of state
wide r.eputation will be invited to take
part in the program. Vocal and in
strumental music will be included and
Rev. John J. Fitzgerald, president of
the state C. T. A. U., will probably d
liver the chief address and present
the anniversary medals to the twenty
five year men.
K. of C. Ball In Hartford.
The Columbus Day social and ball,
October 12, under the auspices of the
Knights of Columbus of the Capitol
city will be attended this year by New
Britain members of the order. Mem
bers ' of the newly organized Daly
council are already planning to take
part In the event.
' Norden Lodge I. O. G. T.
Norden lodge, L O. G. T., held a
largely attended meeting yesterday
afternoon at the Bungalow at the
foot of Arch street The business
meeting was followed by an entertain
ment. "Vocal and instrumental music
was enjoyed and a program of
speeches and declamations carried
out. The ' married members had
charge of the program.
Y. M. T. A. & B. Society.
Four members were initiated and
five applications for membership were
received at yesterday's meeting of
the ,Y. M. T. A. & B. society. The
Anniversary committee reported pro
gress The event will be held in
Hanna's armory and each member
will be allowed two tickets. There
will be an entertainment with dancing
and refreshments. Arrangements for
the annual fair are proceeding
smoothly and tickets are rapidly
selling. Entertainment features will
be better than ever and to secure this
end, the committee in charge is in
communication with out of town
talent with the aim of securing the
best obtainable.
The educational committee plans to
resume the evening school, which was
conducted last "winter at the Burritt
school. Courses in arithmetic, pen
manship, spelling, business courses,
mechanical drawing and other practi
cal studies will be conducted by com
petent teachers. The report of the
committee was accepted and the
society will communicate with the
school board, looking to securing
Tooms in the Burritt school for a con-,
tinuance of the work.
The soeiety is planning for an active
season and social and recreation f ea-
tures are being planned. Card tourna
ments with other societies in the state
and an inter-society pool tournament
will be held, a committee of three
being formed for this purpose. A
card committee of three will also be
appointed to arrange for games dur
lng the coming season.
Chamberlain Council, No. 2, Jr.
O. V. A. M.
A regular meeting was held last
Saturday evening when plans were
completed' by the delegates -i to'' the
state session to be held in Middletown
tomorrow. The local council will be
represented by ' the1 following .dele
gates: M. C. Vensel, , H. Gould, J.
Scheidler, L. Gunther, W. Q. Rowe,
H. Sundstrom, D. Bacon, N. Alvbrd-
Besides the above , the following offi
cers and members of the committee
will attend: F. C. Prelle, state treas
urer; F. Sunburn, state inside senti
nel; H. Smith, .law committee; J.
Kingley, judiciary committee, and W.
H. Bentley, finance committee. The
delegates and members will leave to
night at 7:30 to attend an entertain
ment and banquet to be held in their
honor by General Mansfield council at
Red Men's hall, Middletown.
W. L. Morgan Lodge, No. 71, K. of P.
The above lodge will celebrate Its
tenth anniversary of institution ln
Vega hall, . on Tuesday evening,
November ; 23. The social committee
is making plans to observe this event
in a most fitting manner, and an ex
tensive report will be heard on the
subject at the next meeting.
Applications for membership have
been received, and will be acted upon
this week Tuesday.
The drill and third rank teams will
be notified to appear after the next
session for rehearsal.
The first meeting night in October
a special session of the "rhummy club
will be held.
New Britain Council, O. U. A. M.
The thirty-seventh anniversary of
New Britain Council, O. U. A. M.,
will be celebrated on October 21 and
on Thursday evening of this week the
celebration committee, made up of F.
W. Johnson, R. J. Beach, W. H.
Watrous, Earl Kisselbrack, H. W.
Smith, R. H. Wilcox, Fred Clock and
H. G. Sherman, will meet to formu
late plans
-.-At the lodge meeting this week the
ex-councilor's association of Hartford
county will hold a meeting to take
important action on several matters
pertaining to the lodge.
Foresters of America.
' The committees in charge of the
Foresters' "45" tournament will meet
tonight at 8 o'clock at the rooms of
ourt Prosperity. Arrangements will
be perfected for the coming games
and all members of the committees
are expected to-attend.
Woodmen to Initiate.
A large class of candidates will be
Initiated into membership in New
Britain camp, Modern Woodmen of
America, at St- Jean de Baptiste hall
on Church street tomorrow night. It
will be the first big event of the sea
son for the Woodmen and it is ex
pected that many officers and mem
mers, of out-of-town camps will be
present. District Deputy Joseph R.
Hughes of Hartford and State Deputy
A. , Ot Palmer of Vermont will be on
hand to assist in the work of initiation-
They will also address the mem
bers and will discuss plans for sending
a good-sized representation to Hart
ford next month when Supreme Coun
cillor A. R. Talbott .of Lincoln, Neb-,
will make his first official visit to the
east. The , event takes place Thurs
day, October S, and will" be celebrated
with a parade. Members of the or
der from alL parts of the state will be
present and a . big reception will be
accorded the western visitor. Judge
B. F. Gaffney and Ex-Mayor G- M
Landers, members of the order, will
be invited to speak among other men
of state-wide prominence. It "is
probable that the local delegation will
secure a band to head them in the
Tierney Cadets Campaign."
. The Tierney Cadets have begun a
campaign for new members and in
creased interest in the cause, and to
this end have begun to reorganize the
various committees and lay out a
campaign of activity for the fall and
winter months. A card index system
has been secured containing the
names and addresses of all the mem
bers, giving also the amount and kind
of equipment possessed by each. The
captains of each company will see
that every man is fully equipped with
uniform and other needed paraphernalia-
Another card cabinet is soon
to be secured so that the records ot
the cadets can be kept up to date
and additional names enrolled.
In connection with the work ot
planning for increased membership.
President W. J. Kerin of the Y. M. T.
A. & B. society and the cadet com
mittee will meet Wednesday night
with Rev- J- T. Winters of St. Mary's
parish and later in the week with
pastors of other parishes where cadet
companies exist will be seen for the
purpose of going over the situation,
offering suggestions' 'and otherwise
planning for a successful season.
Many recruits are expected from the
ranks of the present confirmation
class at St. Mary's. When his class
has completed its studies, .the mem
bers will be given an opportunity to
join the cadets. It is thought a full
company will be recruited from this
class alone. At yesterday's meeting
of the T. A. & B- society, the cadet
committee reported -on the season's
plans and at the next meeting a fur
ther report will be made as to the
success of the plans-
Phenix Lodge, I. O. O. F.
The regular meeting of Phenix
lodge, No. 52, I. O. O. F., will be
held Wednesday evening at 7:30
Mattebassett Tribe, I. O. R. M.
Mattebassett tribe, No. 14, I. O. R.
M., will meet this evening at Judd's
hall. Important matters are to be
discussed. Afterwards, the adopting
degree team will rehearse. The com
mittee on Bowling is requested to
meet, at 7:30 at the hall,- to arrange
for the coming season-
Phoenix Temple, of Hoior.
The meeting of Phoenix Temple of
Honor, No- 19, Friday night in O. U.
A M. hall, 277 main street, will be
a union meeting and grand rally. The
grand officers will be present also
the Temples of Hartford, Middletown
and Portland. Several candidates
will be initiated and at the close of
the . meeting supper will be served in
the dining hall. The members are
requested to take notice that the
meeting will start promptly at 7:30.
Ladfes Aux. A. O- H, whist, Thurs.
eve., Booth's hall. advt.
Lil i. c " nf rmvniK Ira ruin, .ririnir n
lUl(lrVUUU " 1
ny : m
""i " ii " I " 1 i'H ""lili1
j ATectaMefteparatioi)i)rAs-1
I fftnila1ueIbodMBetf'U
iiess aadKesi.toii-
TtfoTi Narcotic.
Children Cry Fos:
r i
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, ParcK
goric, Drops and Soothing" Syrups. It is pleasant. 16
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Harcotio
substance. Itg age is its guarantee.. It destroys Worm
and allays Feverisliness. For more than thirty years lb fc -has
been in constant use for the relief of Constipation,
Flatulency, "Wind Colic, all Teething" Troubles and
Diarrhoea. it regulates tne fctomacn ana uoweis,
assimilates the Food, givinj-r healthy and natural jsleep
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend
Bears the Signature of
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
In Use For Over 30 Years
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Maximum Penalty is Imposed By
Judge James T. Meskill Other
Court Cases.
Judge James T- Meskill imtosed
the maximum penalty of $7 and
costs i Patsey Mazza, found guilty
of pulling: down one of Mayor Quig- ,
ley's proclamations near the Screw !
Shop on Friday night. Saturdtiy i
mazza denied: his guilt and said Ed
ward Kennedy was the guilty man.
Kennedy was arrested and both younsr
men accused each other- They told
the police that Mike Macklack saw
all and would tell the truth. They
would both be satisfied with hist
statement, they said. Macklack said
Mazza pulled down the sign himself
and then gave it to Kennedy. Other
witnesses also said Mazza. was guilty.
The court discharged Kennedy, but
advised him not to accept any mora
signs which are torn down.
Jail sentences were meted out, to
James Duffy and David Molumptvy,
the former being sentenced to thirty
days and the latter to forty days
Under the influence of liquor, Duffy
gathered a crowd at the corner of
Main and Myrtle street last eveninff
and refused to disperse. He was Ar
rested by Officer McCarthy. Molum
phy, who has bcn out of Jail only
a week, was charged with stealing
two bottles of beer and a razor from
John Cassalino- He was captured by
two Italians and brought to the police
station late Saturday night.
Safron Kalaza punched Toney Sua-
kl in the eye in a Spring street salooh
Saturday night, completely closing the
Victim' optic. The affair started
when Suskl accidentally kicked Kal-
aza ln the leg. A fine of 7 and cfcsGT
was imposed-
Whj? "
Come to 22 Main street and see why
The. Ford is the right car. Ask
Bradstreet. The price of the Ford ii
right. Ask Bradstreet. The time to
buy is right. Ask Bradstreet. Be
cause Bradstreet knows how to take
care of you, always. Ask those who
are acquainted? -advt.
For Office,
Home and
'These Safes embody
every improvement in
construction and "offer
the largest degree of
fire protection.
Come in and see'
them ?
,66 Church St.
6 TO 9-
6 TO 9
Best Pure
Lard 2 lbs
Fancy Maine
IPotatoes 2 15-lb pks
Sugar ... .5 lbs
STEAKS Short, Sirloin Porterhouse, Round. Cut from Heavy Beef . .lb
llllnlP I M 1 0 1 n 1 1 rJ i I I M 1aI .Jill zfl n
Fancy New Cheese .lb J Crisco for shortening ......pail 20C
Good Clothes
Pins 100 for
Good Toilet
Paper 9 rolls
Mohican Pure , 1 Q,r
Catsup bot AO"
Large Meaty
Prunes lb
Plate Corned
Beef ..lb
Fresh Ham- 1 Olor
burg Steak lb
Mixed Salt
Pork lb
Pot Roast
Beef Ib
Cape Cod
Cranberries . .qt
Large White
Onions . . . .4qts
Fancy Green f
Peppers .. ..4 qts JUC
Green Lima iq
Beans ...... 4 qts C

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