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Overhead Service Drilled With
Exactitude ol Army ' '
Correspondence of the Associated Press.)
Paris, Oct. 27.- Now that France
has developed an aerial force with
battleDlanes. . cruiser-nlanes. . scouts
aid lesser aircraft, which the officers
refer to as torpedo-planes, it has
been necessary to organize this over
head service with the same exactness
of details that armies and fleets are
organized, with tactics and manoeu-
, v'res of "advance and retreat-, attack
ajgjd defense- Unlike an army or fleet,
which can move only in one direc
tion parallel with the surface of the
earth or water, a fleet of air warships
can move in any direction, upward,
downward, forward or backward and
at any oblique.
All of these tactics of the air are
now being worked out with pre
cision. Already the official reports
rller almost daily to the. manoeu
vres of an "esquadrille," which is
the French term for a squadron of
air-fighters, and soon there will be
( mention of the advance or recoil of
the "right wing" or "left wing" of
these squadrons, as the tactics pro
vide for the assembling of a num-
:S,'::'eSU!f?"!!" 1. fle!- t onr Commissioned of-
effect of 1,000 aeroplanes hovering ; ,ooao pro w.indin the
d drPping bombs' : so diers on the lorries, trailers, etc.,
S r JanefT IS : an "esquadrille" has a complement
regarded as fantastic. But the f upward of 70 officers and men, of
organization of squadrons and fleets ...V, A. vM,- Q J
. W 111 VI 1 IIUWCV tl will J t vovi V w v
of battleplanes and cruisers brings ' nro 'tllfll flvers
IThlO v"i rnnKK ,1 it- 1 1 a w v .
a mcaaui cvmxjt witxiin realization.
f 9
Insures the most
delicious and healthful food
9 lorries, 9 trailers, 9 portable can
vas aero-sheds, 3 autos.
There is one lorrle and trailer and
one shed, for each of the fighting
craft, soas to transport it rapidly to
any point, and house it until need
ed. The autos are for the com
manding officers, and to follow up
the flyers when possible. Gasolene,
tools, supplies, etc., are carried on
the lorries.
The "esquadrille" thus made up,
is commanded by a commissioned of
ficer of the army, who acts as pilot
at aero-parks scattered all over
France, the names of these places
being withheld from mention. Here
they are gathered in hundreds and
given, their final tests before going
to the fighting line.
Parka Back Of Lines.
But it is on the fighting line that
the real manoeuvers begin. The aero
parks for actual service are a short
distance in rear of the fighting forces,
each park at the front being made up
of four "esquadrilles." So that, as
each "esquadrilles" has nine aeros,
including battleplanes, cruiserplanes,
and scoutplanes. In turn, these parks
back of the line are connected, so that
these equipment of 26 machines in
each can be rapidly brought together
for a concerted attack or defense.
As these parks stretch from end to
end of the long battle-line their num
ber and aggregate of aircraft must
be very large. As stated, the con
centrations of 6 5 fighting craft have
already been carried out, and much
larger concentrations are in view. .
Strange Devices TTsed.
The fighting tactics have developed
a number of interesting phases. It
is a strange fact that one of the most
useful devices has resulted from the
capture of an enemy aero. This
brought to light a fine instrument of
precision, made by a well-known opti
cal firm of Berlin. The instrument
ttift middle, just above the nilot. ! r -nrds with exactness tne moment
The recoil of the cannon does not and place when an aeroplane is pre
jar the craft, owing to an automatic cisely vertical above a given point
device, explanation of which is not i on the ground oeiow. mat is, there
nJKts.'h , . ... . or tne squaaron. uommissiuireu
W iSnt,! lnSiZeal" fleers also operate the fighting and
W indefinitely. Wells, the Eng- ; orulaine aeros. with expert non-
The other type, cruiser-aeros, or
avions de chasse, mount one 3 -in.
is no trusting to the eye, and when
the instrument shows the vertical
point as, for example, an enemy
anoT already one attack hits been
made with 65 aeroplanes, two with
over 60, and five with from 30 to 40
Made Up of Unit.
iThe "esquadrille," which is the.
New Types of Fighters.
M. Rene Bernard, the newly desig
nated Secretary of State of Aviation,
has recently given opportunity for
inspection of the new types of air-
fighters. The battleplane avion de
Uflit of the aerial organization, at combat) and the cruiserplane (avion
first consisted of six aeroplanes. But de chasse,) are the two main de
the organization so that the "es- velopments. Only partial descriptions
atiadrille" is now made nn nmc
ticatly as follows:
f 6 scout-aeros (avions d'observa
tiOn. v
2 armed cruiser-aeros with 3-in.
g$n (avions de chasse)
l battleplane with two 3-in- guns
atd one mitraleuse (avion de com-
of these craft is permitted; nothing
can be stated as to the number of
planes of the monster battleplane.
But it is permitted to indicate its
power by saying that it has carried
12 men in its flights, and that it
mounts on its huge outstretched
wings two 3-in. cannon, one at either
tep, with a rapid-fire mitraleuse in
of the pilot. These cruisers can j the aeroplane is certain to hit that
mount almost straight up from the j exact point. It is, in fact, an aerial
ground, at the rate of about 2,000 , range-finder, showing the exact mo
meters in two minutes, so that they ment when a bomb will strike a given
can go straight up to an enemy as spot.
soon as he is observed, instead of j Another strange device used In
mounting slowly on long curves as these battle tactics is a battery of 12
t old. I .small glass bottles, set in a wire rack
But France is not stopping with withln easv reacn of the operator,
these new devices, and her engineers The latter flies over the enemy's lines
ana constructors are mspweu .wi f. mirnosp beine- to sie-nal bark fn
the thought of a rich prize of 50,000
francs for a still further advance.
his own batteries how their shots
are taking effect, thus giving them
. . n t f 1. J 1 AiMtQ Alt
wnicn win realize uu kuu-ih the exact range The little glasa
hour with four motors, iw, pu..u6 bottles contain a liquid which ex-
and two pulling.
The "esquadrille" or squadron is
only the unit of organization, and it
plodes five seconds after the cork is
drawn, emitting a little round .puff
of smoke, or a short trail of smoke.
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is in assembling them tnat tne reai
fighting manoeuvers are accomplished smoke ffs are dots. the smoke.
The directing head of the organlza- trails are. dasheg Thug the iot
tion is here in Paris, connnected with takg bRck tQ the far.awa batteryi
the Ministry of War Here all the daRheg Qf smoke) telHn
orders are given and the service regu- fhfi watcne that their shots are t
lated. The machines themselves are Qr toQ qt tQQ f&r tQ thft
. ' left or right wing, and thus giving
JEGIN ON SALTS them the exact range.
AT FIRST SIGN f Wireless.
rT? VT-mvjtrv patm sti11 another remarkable develop-
U rvIUIMJii l-AHN j ment in the French tactics is the use
, of wireless, by which aeroplanes are
Wc eat too much meat which clogs kept in communication over a radius
Kidneys, then the of 220 miles with a central station,
back hurts. The aero-wireless is a small and deli-
rate set, with light atenaea above and
Says glass of Salts flushes Kidneys from tip to tip of the wings, the
and ends liladder wire automatically winding up if .the
irritation. aero is unmounted. These are in
, , 1" ti actual use. and besides supplying the
uric acm in meat excites me .ia- new French machines the English and
neys, they become overworked; get Russian machines are bein? similarly
sluggish, ache, and feel like lumps rquIpped, the demand from those ,
of lead. The urine becomes cloudy; 1hroo sourocs helnff greater than two
the bladder is irritated, and you may nrsc. lni,nfiw,tll,.,n rnml,nr,iM ran
De ooiigea xo seen rencx iwu ul Lmt-o produce.
times during the night. When the j?osidcs the foregoing rapid dovel-
kidneys clog you must help them flush ,,)mont and organization in military
off the body's urinous waste or you'll aviation, there is a. distinct branch
be a real sick person shortly. At of naval aviation, with a warship of
first you feel a dull misery in the kid- considerable tonnage sot aside for this
ney region, you suffer from back- particular purpose and at one of the
ache, sick headache. di?z ne-s, stom- ports which it is not permitted to
ach gets sour, tongye coated and you mention. This naval aviation looks
fjl rheumai- twinges when the after the , coast points, the approach
weather is bad. ' , of hostile craft and the aerial strategy
Eat less meat, drink lots of water; of the sea as tne army conducts the
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