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Will be to save you from 25 pcr( cent, to 35 per cent, on your Gro
cery Bills and make your money, go further with us than elsewhere
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.PEELS pium Poking RAISINS
Orange V lb 15c No. 1 23c See Jed . . Pk 10c
Lemon . jb 15c R&R No. 2 43c Not-a-Seed 12c
None-Such Mince Meat, 3 pkgs 25c
Currants PRUNES
pe 1 5c oa,jOc B15t
PURE LARD, . . 2 lbs 25c
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I" Groceries r All
1 can Sultana Spice 10c
J box Fluffy Ruffles Starch 10c
1 box Shaker Salt :':;iOc
1 pkg A&P Jelly Powder .'.10c
1 bot Ititchen Bouquet .... 25c
2 pkgs Anti-Stick '. : . . each 5c
1 pkg Elastic Starch 10c "or
2 pkgs each 5c
1 large bot Salad Oil .... 18c
1 can Marshmallow Creme 10c
1 can Globe Polish 10c
2 pkgs Cocoanut each 5c
1 can "2 in 1" (Kills Bugs) 10c
1 bdt A&P Pickles 10c
1 bot Jet Oil Shoe Polish '.10c
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Mark 0
Sale of
.Coats, Suits.
Shirt Waists
JANUARY 1, 1916
New Year's Day
For the Benefit of tfre
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Hilding Nelson,
. 172-174. ARCH STREET.
Articles of
Distinction and
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lamps, toasters, flat irons, percolators,
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77-79 Church Street.
$48,000,000 Contributed to Re
lieve Saiferings of War
(Correspondence of the Asso. Press.)
Vienna, Dec. 28 Enormous sums of
money have been collected in Austria
Hungary for charitable purposes dur
ing the war. No reliable figures on
the total obtained are yet available,
but estimates place it as high as 240,
000,000 crowns (approximately $48,
000,000). Much of this money ' has
been applied already, but large sums
are still available for the needs of
those for whom it was collected.
The money has been raised in every
manner the fertile brains of social
leaders and newspaper editors could
devise. Charity teas and suppers; the
sale of needlework done by society
people; benefit' performances at the
theatres; the public sale of art ob
jects which people were willing to do
nate; and a hundred similar enter
prises have given keen competition
to the plain subscription and collec
tion cainWgns wife Jy'thlhevspa
pers. Aajenrvan14art exhibition
sale is avpdfress, fr0m which both
the admission fees and entire tr6
Ceeds of sale will go to. the fund for
blind veterans. Some of the foremost
palmers of the country "have contrib
uted to the collection, and while many
of the pictures are by' Unknown men
and women, there Is not one In the
lotthat does not have merit of a high
Order." Going on at the same time are
several series of lectures on the war
by the Austro-Hungarian and German
war correspondents, invalided officers
and statesmen.
Ardor Undiminished.
AH social classes lake an interest in
the work, and a remarkable feature of
it is that a year of collections has left
the ardor of ' organizers and of the
public almost undiminished. Constant
ly new schemes are being worked put,
many, of the recent, ones assuming
with attractive surface of
Red and Green Slate
Fire Resisting
We carry a full line of
Genasco Roofing products.
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New Britain, Conn-
If Mixed with Sujphur It Darkens
So Evenly that Tt Cannot
Bo Discovered.
That beautiful, even shade of dark,
glossy hair can Only be had by bre w -lng
a mixture of Sage Tea and Sul
phur. Your hair 'is your charm.
It ' qi'akes of 'Tn$f9 the face. " When
it fades,' turn's gfaf,' streaked ' ' and
looks (jy,'' wispy "and scraggy, ' just ah
application or' two" of Sage arid Sul
phur enhances its appearance a hun
aredf old. ' '
Don't' bother to prepare the tonic;
you can get from 'any drug store a
50-cent bottle of "Wyeth's Sage 4nd
Sulphur Compound," ready to use.
This can always be depended upon
to bring back the natural color, thick
ness arid lustre of 'your hair and re
move dandruff, stop scalp itching and
falling" hair."
"Everybody uses "Wyeth's" Sage and
Sulphur because it darkens so natu
rally arid evenly that nobody can tell
it has been applied. You simply
dampen a sponge or sofe brush with
it' and draw this through the hair,
taking one small strand at a time;
by1 morning" the gray hair has dis
appeared, and after another applica
tion it becomes beautifully dark and
appears glossy, lustrous arid abundant."
the character of self-imposed taxa
tion in small amounts. Of these a ten
heller (two cerits) tax on all bills Is
probably the most successful.
Of newspaper collections that of the
Vienna Neue Freie Presse has been
the most remarkable. It has included
the raising of large sums for blind
veterans, for prisoners of war, for
Christmas presents for soldiers, for
the supply of artificial limbs, for the
Bulgarian and Austrian Red Cross, for
the tuburcUlar soldiers, for widows
and orphans for assistance to needy ar
tists, for fugitives from the southern
theater of war, for Increasing the
submarine fleet, and numerous other
specific purposes. -
Clever Scheme Devised.
A, prominent Budapest newspaper.
Az Est, for instance,' collected nearly
2,000,000 crowns to help the people In
the Carpathians and Northern Hun
gary to rebuild their villages which
had been destroyed during occupation
by the Russians. A clever scheme was
devised for this collection. It is cus
tomary in Hungary to make ' presents
to a woman on a day carrying her
name in the calendar. For instance on
St. Mary's day, all Marys in Hungary
are remembered by their friends. Az
East suggested that the money to be
spent in this way be turned over . to
the village-building fund.
v Much of the money that is being
collected is the fruit of little self-denials,
a single day's list showing such
entries as the following:
"Instead of buying a new dress,
200 crowns; in place of birthday pres
ents for my father, 80 crowns; instead
of flowers for the grave of Capt.
100 crowns; to give satisfaction In an
affair of honor, 2,000 crowns; for the
birth of a son, 200 crowns."
Loyally Give . Support,
There is no doubt that Austria-Hun
gary's population without distinction
to class, has come loyally to the sup
port of those in the field and their
families, and those whom the war has
deprived temporarily of means of live
lihood. While the exchange of Red
Cross and similar funds between Austria-Hungary
and Germany has been
solely a matter of courtesy between
allies. Austria-Hungary has already
spent the greater part of a million
f rowns in Red Cross work in Bulgar
ia. It has sent military equipment
and supplies worth over a . million
crowns to Turkey, and even in Poland
Austro-Hungarian charity work has
been felt. As soon as conditions in
Serbia make it possible, it is under
stood that money arid supplies will be
sent there also.
YOU can travel any
place you wish to
go, at any hour of the
day or night
T requires no more
effort to cover one
hundred miles than it
does one mile
New Hayen Road Issues Order to Ac
celerate Car Movements.
The New Haven Railroad Comnanv
issued today the following order to all
neia men or the Traffic Department:
"Effective at once" and' until fur
ther notice. It is desired that von
desist from any further 'solicitation
of freight and in lieu thereof Institute
a" systematic compaign among all re
ceivers and shippers of freight on the
New Haven Railroad, prevailing upon
them to promptly release cars by ex
peditious unloading in order that the
teririinals may be relieved quickly,
thereby avoiding congestion and en
abling the company to return the
foreign equipment on our rails to the
home lines more rapidly.
"Patrons of the company taking de
livery of freight through the houses,
should also be impressed with the
Importance of promptly taking away
all traffic consigned to them, thus
avoiding a congestion of these facili
ties. "Will you please have your forces
start this work at once and on any
questions of overlapping territory con
fer one with the oth'er and evolve
some satisfactory scheme to bring
about the desired results promptly."
Public Notice.
The local liverymen hereby wish to
inform the public that after January
1, 1916, the price of hacks for local
funerals will be $4.00 per hack.
(Signed) LIVERYMEN. advt.
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New Britain People Appreciate This.
Nothing can be good for everything.
Doing one thing well brings suc
cess. Doan's Kidney Pills are for one
thing only.
For weak or disordered kidneys.
Here is New Britain evidence to
prove their worth.
Mrs. C. Burkinshaw, 149 W. Wash
ington street, New Britain, says: "We
have used Doan's Kidney Pills in our
family for years and from the bene
fit we have received, I don't hesitate
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Doan's Kidney Pills for any symptoms
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back and difficulty with the kidney
secretions ,and they have always made
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simply ask for a kidney remedy get
Doan's Kidney Pills the same that
Mrs. Burkinshaw recommends. Fos-ter-Milburn
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of safety that a strong and properly conducted bank can
is given this bank's depositors.
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- i
Blames Him for Present System
ol Waterway Improvements
(Special to th Herald.)
Washington, D. C, Dec. 30 "A
leopard cannot change its spots but
it seems than an American politician
with the presidential bee in his bon
net, may change the views of a life
time 5n a great question of national
The speaker was Jos. E. Ransdell,
j . . -i
U. S. Senator from Louisiana &nu
president of the National Rivers and
Harbors congress, who went on to
"Ex-Senator Burton, in uie January
'Munsey' says, 'War has not been de
clared against waterway improve- j
ments in the United States,' yet . ;
careful reading of his article shows ;
that, the ex-Senator- has certainly de-
clared most virulent war against near
ly all our interior streams on which j
freight is carried in competition with j
railroads. I
Power Almost Supreme.
"Mr. Burton criticizes in the sharp
est manner our method of making
vaterway improvements. During the
ten years that he was chairman of j
tvi Rivp.rs and Harbors committee ;
his power over waterway legislation j
was almost supreme, and he is more !
responsible for the present system
than any other man. If it is bad,
which I deny, then the principal
blame rests on him. While he was
hair-man. some of the projects he 1
nnw attacks so bitterly, notably the
Trinity river, were inaugurated. Why
did he not prevent it, or at least op
pose it, in the Halls of Congress? The
record shows he was a strong cham
pion of the trinity at that time.
Aneordlne to Mr. Burton, our im
provements for harbors "for the most
part have been profitable, while
hundreds of millions spent on rivers
have been wasted. Let us bear in
mind that harbors are railroad ter
minals, where cars are unloaded on
to boats, and in turn receive freight
from them. There Is no competition
whatsoever between harbor and rail
road, but each is the necessary com
plement and adjunct of the other.
The river, however. Is a separate and
distinct agency of transportation
hich competes with the railway and
carries freight at lower rates. Tho
French say 'Cherchez la femme,'
find the woman. It does not seem diffi
cult to find her in this case
Article Misleading.
"Mr. Burton's article distorts
facts, juggles figures, and is thorough
ly misleading. Like the Devil's quo
tation of Scripture, it contains enough
truth to fool the unwary. His charge
of 'waste of public funds for political
purposes, 'is on a par with his other
statement that 'It is generally felt
that a congressional district is en
titled to' $100,000 in Rivers and Har
j bors bill. I have been in congress for
! over sixteen years; have assisted In
framing many Rivers and Harbors
bills: and know that his bald asser
tions have no foundation in fact. They
are slanders against many of the
nation's best citizens who have ad
vocated the improvements; against
the Engineer Corps of the Army; and
against the congress pf the United
States. I deny them explicitly and
defy Mr. Burton 'to prove them."
taxes- It is human nature
burdens onto someone else.
tory owners wont reduce t
dends to pay any tax. ' The n
forced to pay a tax, will takd
the consumer. You might Ji
kiss your money good-by
never see It again. -
"When you get down to d
or it, the poor people are
consumers and they will paJ
do them an injury. You id
as well try to push water up
try to make ends meet In the
ness. The money you approt
be wasted."
On a vote the measure we
only a few of the eighteen
voting against It when Mayoit
called for their decision-
Councilman Makes Final and Losing
Effort to Cause Blow-out In
Municipal Ice Business.
Councilman O. F. Curtis made a
last and vain effort to block the con
tinuance of the municipal ice house at
a special meeting of the common
council last evening. His arguments
fell on deaf ears and when a vote was
taken he was hopelessly outnumbered.
The council met to act on a recom
mendation from the board of finance
and taxation appropriating $4,100 for
repairs to the icehouse and harvesting'
the crop- The report and the resolu
tion for its adoption were presented
by Alderman E. A. Parker.
Councilman Curtis made a brief and
pessimistic speech, prefacing it by
stating that he knew the majority of
those present were not in accord
with his views.
"I think the council and the city
will make a mistake In passing this
recommendation," he said. "I under
stand that the main argument is that
the icehouse helps the poor and keeps
the price of ice down. I can't see It
The passage of this will hurt the peo
ple you are aiming to benefit. It is
the poor people who pay most of the
To Creditors and Noteholders
The First National Bank
ville, located at Plainville In
of Connecticut, . is closing
affairs. All noteholders t an
creditors of said association a
fore hereby notified to nrese
notes or other' claims against
eociatlon for payment.
A. A. Mac!
Apply Cream In Nostrils
Open Up Air Passages.
Instant relief no waiting
clogged nostrils open right up;
passages of your head clear t
can breathe freely. No more
lng, snuffing, blowing, headacl
ness. No struggling for brest
night; your cold or cartarrh
pears. .
Get a small bottle of Ely's
Balm from your druggist now
a little of this , fragrant, an
healing cream tn your nostrils.
etrates through every air pasN
the head, soothes the inflamq
swollen mucous membrane art
lief comes Instantly.
It's Just fine. Don't stay utuJ
with a cold or nasy cartarrh.
Natureopathic Physician
Just Because Your Case May Be Chronic Do Not Hesitate to GIv
Mo a Trial, For I Have Helped Worse Than You.
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