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A soothing rrm to h
applied to hsnde, (art. etc.,
to keep y fliea and moat
25C tuba
Drug Co.
169-171 Main St.
New Silk Skirts!
At Greatly Reduced Pricea
In the heart of the season,
these Jovely skirts of Rosh
antra and wool crepe both
plain and pleated, can be
bought at much below nor
mal prices. Here in White,
Gray, Yellow, Tans and
"It Pays To Buy Our Kind"
It comes from a mod
ern dairy where good
cows are well treated,
It makes all the differ
nee in the world. It's
P rich in butter fat.
4-37 PARK srr
Mis Borethy Comstoek, a resident
ef Bomer. U visiting Mrs. A. & Grant
of Solf treet.
Him Lucy Baldwin of Golf tfreet
1 visiting her grsndmother In Llteh
Sela. Mr and Mrs. Reynolds C Baldwin
Art enjoying an automoblla trip
through New Hmpshir.
Mrt. L. M Bancroft ws hostess at
at teQuln Golf club where a bridge
party w held laat gaturday after
noon. H. A. Leinhard and family are
trending the month of July at Indian
00. and Mrs. W. A. Klnner have
turned from the automobile trip, to
Cape Cod.
Mrs. M J. Shonta of Stuart afreet
tailed from New York laat Saturday
for Enrland where ahe will vlalt
relatives. Fhe will return about tbt
It at ef October.
W. H. plttler ef Maple street is
bit to be eut tfter his recnt auto
moblla accident near North Haven.
Mrt. i B. Banford and her sons
art at Madlaon.
Mra Thornton Cogswell gave a
porch party at her home on Theodore
a'reet Tuesday afternoon. Luncheon
followed by bridge. Prlret were
won by Mrs. F. H, rane, Mrs.
Jonathan T. Hart and Mrt. L. E.
Resolution Brought in at July
Meeting ol Common Council
The common council, at Ida r'fu.
lar July meeting last night, etet to
vr4 frbg collection eentreet to
Stan nsen, Altn $non and
John Ft, at rcomnienlJ by tht
k..4 a.f haallht 4a'llr.fl alaVOP A.
M. rn tugg.silon that It r
eensl4r Ha pre'ioii anion in in
rr.lng the salary of lr. C, W,
Witt from ll.lttt ta IM1 ordered
tha license committee In lue na
Riiira nermlta for rarnivalt to play
. ...... . ..i. . .
rtilretd to build a new passenger eta.
lion, to bt located In tht eatrn Mo
tion ef tha city en tht main lines .c
rented Alderman J. ausiav Johnson's
reenlutlon that tht health board ht
taked te enforce tha milk erdtnan-t
elected CJeorit A. tark a constable
! after a eonieati referred numerous
petition to board a and accepted tev.
trsl report.
!tar Kaplain ltte Opposition
At tht epenlnf ef tht meeting.
Mayor nonessa turned tht ftvel
ever to Aldermen W. H. Judd and
spoke to tha council on tha Wit's
matter. Pr. TTItte, who la meat In
spector, hat pttltloned several llmea
for an Increase snd hit reslgnttlon It
now pending. Tht talary commlttet
decided that tht pendency of hit ret
Ignatlon erealea an emergency auch
makea it advisable to raise the sal
ary now rather than wilt for tha Dt.
ctmber meeting when all salary aa
Juatmcnte are made. Chairman Thure
Bengston of tht salary commlttet ex
plalned that it It good bualnesa to pay
Wlttt mort tine tht city probtbly
could not tngairo a tuccessor for tht
ttlary now paid.
Mayer Paoneasa aaid h haa not
vatni.il tha resolution at ha doet not
want to bt arbitrary or act at a cxar.
Ho tald granting tht increase, excepi
Ing at the Dtcerpber meeting, would
Invito a flow of petltlona from other
city tmployet throughout tht year.
After teveral member of tha coun
cil had expressed themselves at In
favor. Alderman Judd remarked that
the absence of a motion made It nee
essary to proceed to the next order
of business. Alderman C. J. Dehm
wanted It definitely known, he aald,
that this action gives Wltto the In
crease. He was corrected by the may
or who said it merely passes the re
nn tn the ordlnamw committee
and tht salary la not In effect until
the council adopt the ordinance. Aft
er anme discussion it waa agreed that
this Is tht situation that extats.
Allege Gambling At Carnival
vniinivinz the reading of the Judd
resolution to have the license com
mittee issue no more permits tor
carnivals, the third ward alderman
arose and made a sensational charge.
He declared that Councilman David L.
Nalr, a member of the license com
miifae Via ri anon money belna handed
out Instead of merchandise on one of
the wheels at Coleman Brother' oar-
nival, and reported the matter to
Chief of Police W. C. Hart The
game was not ordered discontinued
despite this fact, Judd said, ana ne
added: "I don't know who higher up
told the chief to lay off, but nothing
waa done.",
Later gambling devices at the Mur
phy shows were closed. The alder
man asked why one show was allowed
to t-oflon with gambling uninterrupt
ed and another waa stopped. He also
asked why It was the snow owners
were told that he was the com
plainant against gambling devices.
The alderman insisted that those
playing wheels at a carnival cannot
win unless the concessionaire so de
sires and tht entire thing should be
discontinued. Alderman Maerz amend
ed that carnlvala be permitted to
come here for the remainder of the
present season. His amendment was
lost and the Judd resolution prevailed.
Following this petition, Councilman
A. N. Rutherford of the second ward
took the mayor's chair and presided
for the remainder of the meeting.
The eeoond ward councilman has
occupied a place on a majority of city
commissions and has been municipal
building Inspector, but last nlfcbt
marked his first appearance In the
chair of the city'a highest executive.
The councilman conducted the meet
ing In masterly fashion.
Action On Garbage Contracts
Alderman Dehm wanted action on
the award of garbage contracts held
up for one month, but republican and
democratic members alike offered op
position to this movement, claiming
that the situation was so unsatisfac
tory that further postponements In
They refresh
the mouth
and breath
lh fact t ppr la N a r
Mian, theuid N eveid.d. Tha baitl
ter, through Jr. ft W, rll'.
plain tint lt ' at lhrt collte,
ima ktit fi Miit'ietnry ! in
Hit p. and "h hir smaller l""'
lory tad greater fee will b I a pe.l.
ilea l Ue mere adfqle teQipmtnl.
Tha third rellrelor bat net hid prtv,
am a.psrieni put already bit uipj
men! tnd men Ihtt Ht peuave win
lake rtr ef hi dittrtri, Tht peard
ronetnmendaliea la ftllf lb can
tract ess adnpted.
Hani Mai In On Main l-ine
Councilman Frank & Cadaell ef
tht third ward brought In a resolu
tion le h't l ha mayor ntme a eo'U.
miit la werk aith the railroad
remmitlea and renter Hh the "New
Hevtn" read rtlailn fe a paw pta.
tenter surlen, lie aald dtelnpmnt
In the eastern section ef Ihe rny bt
long tlpre started and service on the
main line la imperative.
Cauneilman Charie Bradley kd
if Ihe third warder contemplated dis
continuance of th present IVrltir
station, Cadwell replied that It oun
h mora convenient for the S.Ao peo
ple in Berlin le roma her for their
tralna than for Ilia 5,eo people In
New Britain le g to, Berlin to t
amice. The Middi'iawn service en
the elecirie road offre a handicap
h admliied, but he f -it ihi could
ha overcome by the eiitiiieer. Th
resolution was referred to Ih mayor
and tha railroad committee.
Stark l.lnrteCnnntaliln
On motion ef AldeWian Judd iht
council took from tht table th r'ao
lutlon entered at the last meeting to
name George A. Hi ark a constable.
Alderman Judd then nominated
Alderman Tetcr J. Pajewkl of th
firth ward aaid ht.dld not intend to
bring tn a nomine but regretted that
tht republican did not tea fit to nom
inate someone other thin Stark. Ht
then nominated Kustachlnesa Mar
clneae, who waa elected last spring
but failed to qualify, thereby creating
a vacancy. On a roll call vote, Stark
wet elected.
There wa no dlacu'sslon on Alder
man Johnson's resolution tbtt the
health board bo asked to require ad
herence to tht purt milk ordlnanct.
Hi motion contains a call for a re
port on tba situation at tha next
meeting and tha health department
plana to refute hit claim that tha law
It not enforced at that ttme.
Want New Pair of Shoe
Alford Schade asked compensation
from the city because he damaged his
shoe walking In the street where
there Is some new construction on
West Main atreet. His petition went
to the committee nn clalma.
A petition from Paul Robinson, the
mayor' aecretary, for a $600 Increase
in pay was dismissed with psssage of
a motion that he be given leave to
The park board expressed willing
ness to build walk and install a
fountain in Franklin square park If
the money Is provided. Th council
voted to request the work done out
of park department fund.
It was voted to authorize the public
work board to enter into contract
with the G. M. Gest Co, for subway
in Center and Commercial streets at a
cost of HS.S83, their bid being the
lowest received. It was also voted to
proceed with subway In Washington
The police bosrd reported It has
not the facilities for distributing traf
fic lanterna and asked that some
other department take care of this
work. The report wa accepted.
The board waa empowered to sell
the patrol car chassis at the best
price obtainable.
Acting at the request of the build
ing commission, Councilman A. N.
Rutherford entered a resolution to
purchase three Ford can for the in
spector of the building department
The resolution was passed by the gar
age commission for Investigation.
The council voted to enter into con
tract with Earle K. Bishop, a local
architect, for the revision of build
ing ordinances.
The outing committee submitted a
detailed report on the recent outing
and turned In a balance ot $1.60.
Councilman Bengston'a committee was
given a vote of thanks.
250 For Fresh Air Camp
A gift of $250 to the fresh air
camp was made by unanimous vote of
the council.
The garage commission submitted
the following quarterly report:
"The municipal garage building is
In excellent condition and we contem
plate no repairs of any description In
the near future, The automobiles of
the various city departments are In
excellent mechanical condition, and
are giving efficient service, We have
recommended to several of the vart
ou city departments that they have
their cars painted, not only for ap
pearance but also for the protection
it affords.
"We desire to again call your at
tention to the very urgent need of a
filing cabinet for the office at ?lty
hall. We have requested that the
committee on supplies and printing
buy one for our use, but to late we
have received no communication as to
when we are to receive this much
needed equipment.
"The financial statement follows:
Receipts, balance on hand April 1.
$197.43; recelpta from departmental
accounts, etc.. I2.S07.81; total $22,
805.04: expenditures, payrolls, sup
plies, etc., $2,488.79; balance on hand,
July 1, $316.25; asset, balance on
hand, 318.!5; bill receivable,
958.83; Inventory, $1,208.08; total
$!,578.1; liabilities, bill payebUs,
$6.Blj net assets, $1,908.68.". "
Popular Excursion
to New ork
Round Trip $2.25
Special Train
f.v. New Britain :2 a. m.
t.v. Bristol :85 a, Wl.
fite New Vork :35 a. tn.
Returning .
tr. New York a f :1S p, m.
Due Bristol 10:15 p. rn.
Due New Britain 10:2 p. m.
Eastrn Standard Time
Ticket, limited to the
aaatlnjf rapacity of special
train, now on aale at Station
Ticket Office.
The N. T N. H. H. B. B. CO.
I R. Corjell, Creator, Dies at
lu-uuciUi mm
July JT, John B. Carv.ll, origi.
lor f tht NIcU Carter dci
ttoriei, writer Of lh liter no el
bearing tht asm of Horllia M. Clay,
author ef travel atoriea, rununtle na
tion and of unnuml!''! ariirit-
which have appeared in ors ai
American magaainea, dl'd Tuesday at
hi auiuiner horn in Itetdtluld, Mt,
Word ot hi dath cam yetianiay
ta iht Mcladden Publication, :4
Iiretdwty, with, which h recently
had ignef j long-term contract a
..I ii nr. lie m III two iiu a of an
gina pectorta.
Mr, f. it) el In the tail forty fii
had written atoriea, artieUi and
hook perha p to Hi number ol 1.
iiflii, Bernard MaeFadden, hud of
th organitation which br hi
nam, eslimeted. l wa a limn 76
year old nd leavca a wite and four
on. One, an etenpah, Pr. f!. 8.
Coryell, Uvea at t Ocean avenue,
., Verwillla Writer.
Ilia literary outpflt for th lat
;s year waa published moetly In
the MacKadden magazine. Advanc
ing g eemd to affect neither the
quantity nor the peculiarly ppel
Ing. If melodramatic, quality of hi
No lea striking wa the versatility
of Mr. Coryell' pen. It created,
with equal faalllty and arnetne.
detective and myatery stories, the
Bertha M. Clay type of novel, ad
venture and travel atorle for chil
dren, many of which were published
in Ht. Nuaelaa Mtgaiiii. tn( anlelt
liich bv bej aid copied in
Mriif (. far Ireidnia ef Iht iM
M lilernfuifc.
The Nick Carter atone, niot of
Hindi UKie written by the U( Krtd
erielt u fteiulr Pey, mere tug.
liei by Mr, Coo all at a lunchaon
many year ago with ti, G, tnuih of
itrl & niuiili, publisher, tie tug
gutad Ihe paint "Nick Carter," Ihi-ii
tent hem and wrote th Aral few of
the aerie which er mora hn gen
eration thrilled th youth ef Ihe conn
try aith deeda of prodigious daring
and fii'M rhiMirr.'
Marled lU'iturter,
Karly in hi career h waa a re
porter on a fan Francisco netttp.
per, but throughout meat of Ih lai
forty year he had bean a "free
lanr" writer, and he waa Mid to
have amaaeed a comfortable fortune
finiil hi work.
In hi V.tHrn days h collaborat
ed on surra I occasion with III lat
Amnio Biero. who ha been called
cue of the great Amancan ttyllti.
"Nothing offended him," id 1'ul
Ion Our!er, uutiv editor of th
McFadden public!", "o much
tn attempt at nna writing.' Win
pliciiy waa hit literary god, and he
had Ihe ability to wrlt imriea Hut
any one, rrud or Illiterate, could
pick up and enjoy,
"He wa a great man. not only a
remarkahi litenry men," Mr. Our
lor continued, "He teemed to htv
read everything, but tht classic wart
hi favorite. In th courtt of hi
life he had been a Koclallat, had em
traced tht AnarchUt philosophy, and
tinHily came through all tht Urns to
believe In toiertnce aa the greatest
and most difficult goal of the race.
"One ot the list thlngt I heard
him aay wa fit to be Ilia epitaph:
" "To be tolerant of Intolerance It
Ihe flneM achievement of the human
our." .
Murrts Culm Hello. 130,000 MH
Hill Ha naie4 WHIiln (
Hire Work,
Al an enthusiast! .meeting held In
the Hebrew school hall on Elm tret
last night at which mora than 74 pro.
pi were In attendance. It unani
mously voted lo accept the plan for
new Hebrew wheal building and
approximately IIO.OOO wa pledged
toaard lha building fund. Th con
tract waa awarded In Antonio Hquliia-
clot and work will begin within Ih
next few wik. Ihe committee stated,
President Morrl Cohn ldrd
th gathering and Impeastd upon
n mind or inna present me naea
of a new achool building. II raid
that lha need for ntw room hiit !oeu
felt for urn. time. An effort I be.
Ing nude to raise aboul $40,000 with
which lo build Ih achool and pur-
cha4 new furniture. Mr. Cohn Hated
thl morning thst h expeot the re
maining (30,000 will ht raiaed before
next week.
The license lo operate motor vrhl-
cle of eight local men have been
upad$'br Ih eimmittiener of
meter vehleiat, tccerding la nan
leeetvtd veaterdty tmrnoou py lha
local police. The Hat Included. Lr
H. nckinn of 4T S amour attti-t.
JoMPh Chtnd Of III All Hreet,
A. A- Andtrsoa of I Connecticut
avenue. Vincent VuullKeoia of HI,
riaaeent street. Adsm Ocaaskl of l0
Washington trt, William Heck
man of 141 Kensington arenut, Ctrl
Andtrten of HI Ureenwood (treet.
nd Ctrl A. Carlton of 44T Church
treat, Th operator' license of Tenft!
uajda of it) Bread bit ben
"I htv brtn suffering with fa
tula for th past twtnty year. Our
Ing Ihtt time I ha't tried numareug
remedies, all of which hv filled,
"Two month ago I 4trmlnd to
glv reteraon' Ointment trltl, Tht
Improvement wt to dcldd ftr
tiling on box, thst I continued., snd
on th completion of Ih fifth bog
am now entirely cured.
"Thl la written with the vlw of
ptHSlng along th good word to ether
lufferera Vry truly your, Ch. B.
rwH, !l! Third 8trt, Albany,
N. T." 85 rent a box.
George I.uplno, the oldest clown
and actor In Kngland, 1 also an ac
complished artist.
Have You Seen Die New Cor ona Four?
Thl Portable t Standard throughout, standard thlfl kejboard,
ribbon and 10-lncli carriage.
Come tn and let na domonstrale it to jmi.
New Britain Typewriter Exchange
The Victrola is even better in summer
Summer climatic conditions impose an added tax on people of, all ages, and
the need for physical and mental stimulant is greatest then. With a Victrola
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Red Seal Records
Album Leaf Romance
(AJbunUilt) (Wwiwr-WilhelBi) VUHmMt
6457 $2.00
Victrola VI
Mahogany or oak
6450 2.00
Victrola No. 210 '
Mahogany, oak or walnut
The Gondolier's Song Gondoliera (Ri) Much Elmu
Wagner lovely "Album Leaf," in Wilhelmj'a arrangement
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Lucrezia Borgia Vieni la mia vendetta. Joie Mardonet
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lAiNiAtWhiltSlKSBs) (DtFmmri) tn lull'
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Light Vocal Selections .
fLove'a First Kisg Delia Baker l1f.,,s
lOut of the Du.k to You Delia Baker 1 8338
Love-eong in semi-popular style; neither commonplace
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tensely living sympathy. Both are by women composers.
Emotion U written, composed and sung into them and per
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f Just for Remembrance
I Just Some Roses
Two charming numbers sung with a robustness of sentiment
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which violin and 'cello are most prominent Tht Victor kind
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Hard Times MdieHnnterl
I Mamie
Eddie Hooter J
19359 .75
Victrola No. 400
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New song-records by this famous colored specialist in human
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Melodious Instrumental
f On the Mall March The Goldman Band! lfl363 7g
(The Pioneer-March The Goldman Band 19363 78
Two brilliant, cleanly played marehe fori the brat band.
Both are compositiona of the conduetor'a. The first one, with
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the Goldman Band' immense audiences in Centre! Park,
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Dance Records
f That's the Tune-Fox Trot
(fram th. Ntw Cenvr R Verm I
I Tinl Palme Fox Trot
S , v-a- a " -- -
A highly melodioui fo trot from the New XenhiryRevu.
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a The Benton Orchestra of Chicsto
Worryin' Blues-Foj-Trot Philip Spitatoy and HU Oreh.
Here is a pleating combination of fox trot. The first nunv
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19361 .7S
I a.attn
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