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MOW cones oui; biggert price-cut event of the season. Thous.
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fi 1 I ' BATH I
Jul -III llllll i Extra large size,
3ftPa l M1V1 heavy quality, regu-
IMlittl lar79c-
Hni I Mr Each '
lUi'ilU Dish Toweling,
Mlw 5S... 124c I
ilk (anion t ropp KMnrli, rry lict
iiithl, InMi'O linl-li. hultalilr ilit'ur,
plrati-d thirl, ie ill J Ar
all color It.u. 2.2i ltHV
Nlllll Iniftl I Hilton ll'I'llO III. llllll, (toil
alue fir onr iimiu-y, in nil J "I Qf
wmiliMl colon.. Itcif. J.: . . Jl0t7
ll silk Crepe ile 1'hliii' (iuuil iiiHlll, for
linucrlc nml ctunlnir Kimim. j 1 r"Q
Hi'., In nil t'olur. Ik-it. M.'.'S J 1 DtJ
lYiiilrtl silk l'it-ii iln t liliie hninll nil
D4 rr llmirvi In nil w initial 1 Q
color. U $I.PN 01 It?
liuuml silk I union frrpm tery hoi
quality. hIHi latest iIi'kIbiih f"Q
nnil color.. Iti'ff. i .2 .... J) 1 eOi
llrocailcri I anion Crept' In nil color, in
cry ai(rui'tle pattern.. d -t r"rv
Hoc 2.S,1 OlOU
Klinirnl (ii-oreetto Ci-open lAlra heavy
quality, Imnil pa In led flower patterns, for
rvpiilnur itonnii. wnrfi, do. JC
nrg, .oo J)ly
nnmnrt Satin 40-lnrhps whin, for snort
aklrts and dreiwes, very Q
hcM i(iiHllty. TlPg. J.I ... ij 1
Silk Jersey Tuhinu Siiltahlo for llngr-rlc,
scarfs, etc. IMn heavy
quality. Reg. $1.23
I ivin li Mnnnrln I'lillTnn llnUh, In laiigi-r.
Inc. a Mies of rnsca, gray, An in
and pamlre blue, Iteg, .1.s, OtT
All Wool Jersey .IMnrh, far Imlhlnij tiil,
lione and apnrt rii-p.vi. a in
R'C M.85 ipltri
Wool Canton Orpr riain nnil tun. (one
rherkaj Millaliln for pleateil
kklrls, ilror, etc. Itec. 9&V,
lrru l.lnen Made In Ireland,
hhnink, mmt'rtikial)lt. Rvg. 9v
nojal Iritih l.lnen Even woven, nft
allky finlih, very be! quality, hriink
and I'on-crii-lmhlr,
Hec (I.SS
lniHirlpl l.lnrn Tout-Hits: Made In Scot-
land, ilh i-olored Imrdern, e.
Ira heavy quality, nog. iltc, , . .
Xomiandy Voiles io-lnche wlilr, dolled
or all over patterns. A r
nee. SOc Yard ftOC
Oetimnes (Jnaranteed sunfast and wash
able. Extra heavy quality, artistic de
signs and colors. nv
Reg. 40n Q
Madras Shirting Xeally silk striped, very
best quality. n r
Reg. 40c m..-jc..-k.4. uOC
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colors.. Reg. 59c ,
Imported Scotch Silk Finished (.Inghams
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draMrles. rte. Itcg. 40c to SOc SC
lni)orted French F.nonge rialn
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Reg. a.V fcOC
ill Silk Fo'ilsnl Large arlrl,r jq
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Very hi-l qual.ty.
li'-g. 92.3.
Ch'ik Toll silks In all wantml innrs. Very best
iiilllv. Made by Paubrook Silks. Ilrg. '...
$1.98 to $2.25
Silk and VAnnl Russian irx-j 10. Inch, rlr
gnoit quality, large variety
colors, Reg. .1.2A
Arl Silk Urnoados Ifl-inchrs wide, In small, alt
over patiems, all colors. n
Reg. l.0 Pl.iy
Silk I'nngee .Natural color only.
Reg. "9o
49 c
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Pequot Pillow Cases 453(.
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Cameo Ladies' Cloth Charmeuse finish,
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Anrf Save ' mc
Situation in Far, West Shows
Some Improvement
cause "fire smouldering In roots and
logs keep alive for weeks waiting fav
orable conditions to burst out anew.'
Governor Richardson announced
that he Intended to confer with the
State Forester today before replying
to President Coolldge's offer to send
federal aid. Forestry officials, how.
ever predicted that federal assistance
would not be required in view of the
present situation.
San Francisco, July 17. Forest
fires in Pacific coast states today were
less menacing than for many days,
due to rains In Washington and Ore
gon and moderation of winds in Cali
fornia. Towns In Pend Oreille
County, Washington, which had been
In danger, were reported to be no
longer threatened.
One big fire still was burning in
the Pine Creek district of Idaho but
It was In an Inaccessible and uninhab
ited though heavily timbered sectlenf
A' number of smaller fires are still
burning In that district but are caus
ing no alarm.
In California the situation was de
clared to be the best since the fires
started.. Six big fires were , burning
but all were said to be under control
except that at McKlnney Creek, where
the fighters hourly expected to gain
the upper hand.
Virtually all fires in western Wash
ington were reported under conirol.
Warning was issued by Fire Warden
O. C. Joy of the Washington Forest
Fire Association, however, that "con- The giealtst helclit above soa
stani vigilance must be maintained to level Is not so great as the greatest
fr serious- developments" he- depth that, has been nrobed brlow It.
Auto Hits Guy Wire and
Occupants Are Injured
Rockvllle, July 17. Maurice Stir
ling, Arthur E. Haywood, and Fred J.
Forster, three agents of the Metropol
itan Insurance company were injured
yesterday when their automobile was
wrecked while the party was on the
way to Hartford to attend the regular
weekly meeting of the agents.
Between Talcotvllle and Manches
ter, while rounding a sharp curve the
car hit a guy wire supporting a trol
ley pole. The running board, top,
windshield and one fender of the
machine was ripped oft and Sturling,
who was riding in the rear seat alone,
was thrown forward, his head coining
In contact with the front seat. Tie
was taken to the Manchester hospital
with a fractured jaw. The othpr two
men were not seriously hurt.-
01 These 369 Were lor Driving
While Intoxicated
No one ever hns discovered the
secret of pevpetual motion, although,
scientifically, nothing in existence Is
ever still.
tate for Castor Oil. Paregoric, Teething Drop, and Soothing
Syrups, prepared for Infant in arms and Children all ages.
Toavoid imiutiom, alway, look fof the iignature of AUZZ
frgra directions on each pa., Phyiicuns ererrwbere recommend It.
Nearly 3,000 operators' licenses
were suspended In the first, half of
this year for various violation of the
motor vehicle law, It is disclosed in
the July bulletin of the state motor
vehicle department Issued yesterday.
The exact number Is :,92S, of which
S9G were suspended for reckless .driv
ing, .in for Intoxication, fi7 for evad
ing responsibility, 113 on account of
fatal accidents, 492 for operating
without license, 110 for operating un
regtstered cars, GO I for failure to re
port accidents and 250 for miscella
neous causes.
At. the present rate, the suspension
record will exceed that of any pre-
ous year since the department was
eslalillshed. Fer all ot last year.
2S6 licenses were suspended, for
1922, 1.S33. nnd for 1 921. 1.1S4.
Drhlng While Krunk
Sixty-three automobiles were sent
to Jail in the past six months for
driving while under the Influence of
liquor. Four mora were similarly
dealt with for conviction of reckless
driving charges, during 1 923, 176
jail sentences were Imposed in courts
throughout the state for driving while
Intoxicated and 35 for reckless driv
ing, which figures show that, while
the department of motor vehicles is
finding it advisable to suspend more
licenses, the courts are Imprisoning
less of the motor vehicle offenders.
, Other figures presented in the de
partment bulletin, however, lead to
the conclusion in It that a compari
son of fhe statistics Indicates great
hope that the discipline by both police
and courts will soon be so severe as to
stump out the willful offense." It Is
against the type of offense that the
major part of the current bulletin is
directed by Commissioner Ptoeckel
reiterates the policy of the depart
ment "to cooperate In every possible
way to help and sustain enforcement!
officers and the courts, so that the
true Intent of the la to punish of
fenders shall be carried out, and so
that the great class of non-willful of
fenses may be equitably and justly
disposed of." I
Causes of Aurhlcnts
Commissioner StoecKel sketches the
duties of police, state and municipal
sheriffs and constables, and the courts
In disciplining and regulating motor
vehicle traffic, t.t is pointed out that
of 444 such police officers on traffic
duty throughout Connecticut, a state
of 5,004 square miles, approximately
l.SSS.ooo population and 12,000 miles
of highways, improved and unim
proved, 38!) ity police cover an area
of 792 square miles, and 3't slate po
licemen, 10 constables and 15 town
police officers cover the rest.
Nolle Docs No liiKKl
ntsciissing disposition of cases by
local court officials, the bulletin treats
at length of the practice of many
prosecutor to nolle cases for a sum
of money. This practice, It. says, "so
far as any effort to make better driv
ing through, discipline Is concerned, is
valueless." It provides a means for
persons who have violated the motor
vehicle law to avoid the publicity of a
trial, thereby losing the broad effect
of "carrying out the principles of the
administration of justice through ex
ample." "
The publication takes the ( lew that
'a. careful study of the statistics
showing disposition of actual court
cases, and an examination of these
statistics for other years, shows (hat
mfnrcement of the motor vehicle law
through the courts is becoming better
standardized and more and more
severe. Cases are being handled bet
ter in every particular from the
standpoint of safety on the hlehwavs.
The argument of safety Is getting into
the public mind as the necessity for
it increases, it is coming to he ex
pected of a court that It will protect
the public against the menace of the
reckless driver."
army flyers hopped off this morning
for Frough, near Hull, wehre their
planes will rest for a week or ten
clays while pontoons are being fitted
in preparation for their jump to the
Orkney Islands.
The air conditions this morning
vere favorable, and the flight is ex
pected to take about two hours. Half
a do?n English planes were In the
air when the Americans, took off,
and accompanied them part of the
distance as a courtesy escort. The
same American and Pritlsli officials
who yesterday welcomed the fliers to
Knghind were present today to wish
their guests a good journey.
The departure was made without
incident amid the cheersofa crowd
which was small owing to the fact
that few knew whether the Ameri
cans were leaving today or tomor
The pilots of (lie round-the-world
planes will remain in Hrnhgh about
two days. They will then return to
Inndon while the machines are be.
ing overhauled. The mechanics will
stay in Proueh to supervise the reno
vation. The airmen lost no time In taking
leave of London. As soon as they
left the ground they headed for
trough without. man-nvering over
the field. The aviators had little
trouble in startirtg, although their en
gines are beginning to show signs of
wear from their lone trip, and will
need a complete overhauling or replacement.
The wings and wires of the planes
will in some cases require replacing,
but Lieutenant Lowell 11. Smith, the
flight commander Is confident every
thing 'will he shipshape about Aug
ust 1 for the la."it big jump.
Reach Brongh, Where their Ma
chines Will Be Overhauled
17. The
here from
thia after-
By Th AMoristed Pres.
Rrough, Eng., July
Three American army
world airplams arrived
Croydon at 1:08 o'clock
The aviators found awaiting them
eiery facility for the rapid over
hauling of their machines. Includ
ing the necesary spare parte, extra
wings, instruments and controls. If
the survey show any of these parts
are required, Including new engines
to be installed before the hopoft
from Kirkwall, they will be ready for
Iretant Installation. If the survey
shows only moderate wear and tear
It is anticipated the work can be com
pleted within three days, but It is
considered moie likely that a full
week will be devoted to the most
thorough overhauling.
By The A$s.j'-lstd Press.
Croydon, July 17. The
New Discovery
Removes Hair Safely
--Root5 and All!
Nettling lfstr"j8 ft nomurr buty t4
harm mnr quirlOv and surely than upr
fluou hair. B(4 fMrenHI fnrepr tn
unniglitly hair on fare. un1pr armt and on
A wonderful new d!rwrvry now ently
lift out hair, roota and all. N musa, n
bother, no pain, nn odor. ahvltitely atf?
and hnrmleae. Hkln left clear, white healthy
and eift as vehet.
This hew discovery, railed Karma. 1e j
made of the very finest of smthlng oriental
haleama. Aa easily applied aa cold erearn.
it penetralea to th hair root, tooaens fhem
and "eaaea out tht hairs. Karma la arlen-tlflf-ally
prepared and recommenced by
prominent beauty apet'taHal.
Karma la sold and guaranteed bv raft
Pent, aitnre Pro Dept. Hark ft BraJnerd
Co. t-rug 6 tor.
Now You Can SEE
What Makes The Hap
mobile So Much Better
Those "invisible costs," that
have so much to dri with
the proverbially tolid and
substantial qualities of every
Hupmobile, ere now made
visible for you.
Step into our salesroom and
ask to see the Parts Display.
There are rickets on these
parts that tell you in black
type what they are for, how
th-y are mode and what they
are made of.
The same ticket, in red type,
tells you a similar etory ibout
similar parts in olher cars not
so carefully and thoroughly
Safety! Hupmobile, by means of fina
materials ana determinative tests, pra.
vidj safety throughout the chassis. The '
parts thown hrre steering knuckle. .
steering arm, and front axle are of the ;
finr.t material that can be used. All are
drop forged steel, double heat-treated, 1
and are unusually heavy. In this group, '
each individual part for each individual
ear must pass the Brinell test, Withia ;
close limits, for proper hardness of ma. ,
terial and bears the Brinell hardness
If these other cars could
match the Hupmobile in
excellence and reliability of
performance, in durability
and economy of upkeep
well, you might then be justi
fied in laying your money
down on the "red."
But wisdom says black is tha
safe and sane color when
it comes to investing hard
earned money in an auto
mobile. It takes qualify to produca
quality results. See the Hup
mobile Parts Display at our

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