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New Britain Herald
Isaus Pally (Susies .Jei
Meri alldg, l tk iit.
'IIM t Tr,
;.St TkriM siuatl.s.
Hs. t Ileal a.
Fatsrsl t the OKVe Kst Wi
a wM i-isss iil tuitu.
reutrHOKB caw.
PllilllM POVa, iiiiiiliil
gtuerisl liaems ......... i
fiie tale prtfnehii nheinsun aisdium la
ise t,ltr. Cireulsliae taut. pitas
rase) !" ( '!' UMi.
Mamber at The Arterialst frest.
t ha AHoaiai4 rem la e-liixei niitl4
la l lis vm far re.Mil'llailu el all
risdnH 4 It eilieielse eietliied
I tan piixr eat (in lenl a pa
lh4 kliaiR.
Mriulxr Audit Iturran at I irrulelian,
Xha A. H. ir'. ia a national eisaiiKaiiet
imh furnishes nHii:i eM eUier.
Man aim a i rl.tly huusst analgia ef
chruiii"B. Our elr, meliH iKiwi'i aia
MM Un Ihla audit, Ihis Inauies 'io.
anion against fraud In neasiiapar !
trihmian Maurea la tih aaltenal and
lortl sdvatiiseia.
The HsraH ( an wila lslly In Ns
Talk at Hnialifif'a Nsaa Kiaud. Tlmaa
('luare: aVhults News Wend. Entrama
Ciand Canual, 4:l aosst.
ji diis AM.i:(ilinNs
Alderman W. II. J u0l. Jtepublican
. leader In (ht Common Council, nml a
true representative of the local He
'' publican attitude, mudo represent.
lloni laat veninir Ht a meeting of that
..- august body which, to any th least,
art serious and should bt proven If
(he considerate gentleman hat the
ability to prove them. Ho Insinuated
s that aomeone "higher up" had gotten
to Chief of Police Hart and allowed
gamei of chance for money to be run
at a recent carnival. In other words
be laid that graft existed In the city,
preaumbably practiced by some per-
, . ions, in political position.
' .If the alderman had some Informa
' Hon concerning grafting by any lndl
vl'dual It Is his sworn duly to exposo
' .that graft, no matter whom It concerns.
. If he has not that information but Is
merely relying upon gossip It would
be better to keep his mouth closed.
It may be that some residents at least,
of the city take his words and his
position far more seriously than he
.does. . Ifh has made allegations
that he cannot confirm It Is certainly
. indicative of lack of thought, or the
allowing of his prejudice against
Chief Hart to overcome his better
judgment He owes an explanation
to New Britain. If he cannot explain
he owes sn apology.
.Providing the alderman really has
something definite against some indi
vidual here he can perform a great
. public service by bringing to light his
proofs. If he has nothing definite
and has" simply let his words flow re
gardless of their consequence he had
better quit his job as an official in a
deliberative, administrative body of
' I city fathers, don a mother hubbard
dress and a sunbonnet and go hang
over the garden fence with the rest
of the gossips, where his thoughts
:" and his words will be received, with
. .the credit that Is due them.
There may have been gambling at
the carnival, It may have been allowed
by the authorities, there may have
been graft. Now let's see if there
. was and why, Mr. 4lderman. Pro
duce your proofs arid gain in public
' confidence; fall to do so and suffer
deserved lack of public esteem.
The mayor and railroad committee
of the common council wlll carefully
consider the resolution of Councilman
Frank S. Cadwell calling for negotia
tions with the New Haven railroad re
garding the construction of a passen
ger station on the main line of the
' railroad In the eastern section of the
Construction of such a station
'would eliminate the present centrally
' located station for through traffic,
and would be more convenient. But
whether such Inconvenience would bo
more than compensated for by having
' a station with main lino advantages
will have to be determined by the
, persons having the matter uivier con-
The plan is not a new one, but so
.. long as passenger service to and from
New Britain Is deemed unsatisfactory
- agitation to Improve it' will continue.
Jt la the part of wisdom to discuss all
angles of the matter in advance of
contemplated aetlnn. It may lake
years before something definitely is
Attempted to improve passenger serv
ice arrangements In New Hrltain,
but ultimately a new station jlll b:
win i n it an L. roi.urri:.
Ma moment when both Krpuhlican
and Democratic partisan organs arc
doing their utmost to discredit Sena
tor I .a Toilette, Heniitor Burton K.
Wheeler ol Montana, who was chair
man of the DaiigHtery investigating
committee, lets It be Knnnn that he
probably will support the Wisconsin
Senators Bronkhart. Nnrris and
Ladd. 'insurgent Heputdlcans. are ex
pected to support I.a Toilette and
make an announcement lo this effect J
Senator Wheeler la quoted as sav-
Ing he rmlns a Democrat, but that
he cannot support John W. Davis for
president because, as he ay. the
.party "tent to Wall street for Its
candidate In the hope it would make
joaslUla a. big campaign fund."
La appeal to, Ibil e
iHi attacked: It I M mk tc
4i tinting end 'etery knut.lt U
Imusl," II appear. AH '" toi't I
I ha pruUi'lMI Dial da will Obtain,
around M ul in lt eUHiaral t;u.
,t. I'mlwliilily of the election kt
leg I l.i o n Into emigre. appear
inula likely eery day.
", iiutiuiiul I ik fur uuin-n
h.i liteii uWi-lH'i 111 Kluwu nd
I lie strain uii (liu pooiliou! eua-lit to
li imimiriily r"li6"l,"-Wterhury
i publican.
At laat i ll iliavmuriiil her
Hnrn.oul. faifud.oul, lualn-wtary,
apaMm il newspaper workers, go, 01
imirN". we went aware (hut tl lust
una or i h in went o heaven, worming
their way paat Ht, Teler Oil past oU.
luliiud from tlni Imaiwsi off ice and
ftnpl'ii'f dun n oji an on In at r "t,
llierii forever lo remitiii.
But, Heiordlng to Hi" Wuturhuiy
edilnr, they liu o go through a
puorlimiNO puiiiutnry lifure aliulilliig
off tins iiimiiil cull and soaring to.
ward the empyrean tjAnstellatlont, Bo
be It, tlu-ni a .resr oil seat In thu
county pnorhouae, providing I ho pro.
vUions are arceptuhlt ami tht beds
downy, will not be considered hard
ship In vlnw of the glorba lo amie.
If the boys of Hit city room, not
to mention ye irascible editors with
tht constant brain ttorma, limply
must and their earthly days In tho
ponrhouses, where and how art they
lo obtain gasoline for their motor
can?-" Itumort art that tobacco U
doled out at the poorhousot, but thera
It no record of gasolint being given
away there. The Itdt of tht city
room art tuch Inveterata bounders
with their LIkIci that when they ar
rive at tht threshold of the charity
Institutions some way will have to be
found to keep them supplied with
transportation fluid, or rise wt are
afraid they will forego this cleansing
purgatory and tske chances at finally
going where they manifestly do not
. But a little Item In a New York
paper commanded the contemplative
eye aad convinced us that alt news
paper workert do not produce their
last "copy", within the sombre portals
of the poorhouset before playing with
assignments In a more congenial at
mosphere. The Item telli us that V.
3. Price, a newspaperman for half a
century, who labored like a pack
horse on a string of newspapers be.
fore helping to put a charm Into the
New Tork Morning Telegraph, has re.
tired. He was "one of the most popu
lar figures In newspaper circles,"
which means that he ad considerable
more favor among the rank and file
of hlred hands in the profession than
Herr Frank A. sMunsey Is credited
with commanding.
Brother Price for years conducted
the "Review of the Town" in the
Morning Telegraph, and was regarded
as a very good friend to the theatrical
profession, among whom the paper
largely circulated; many of the stage
stars got to know him personally. He
wrote pamphlets on flnanclat and
economic subjects, and during- the
war some of his suggestions were
adopted by the government. An all-round-
erackerjack writer was this
gentleman, and he knew high life
Lfrom the Inside.
Did Brother Price hie himself away
to the poorhouse over the hill?
Brother Price did not. Brother Price
"has gone back to his farm in Pike
county, Pennsylvania, to find time to
read some of the things he has writ
ten," reads a journalistic farewell In
a rival paper.
Back to the farm, eh! He's going
to wrestle with the soil and cavort
around In a flivver in a rural paradise,
far removed from the New York hul
labaloo, the smell of Ink and the
chesty pretensions of the suave ur-banite..-
It will be but a short time before
Brother Price, reading an item in his
favorite paper which docs not set well
with "us farmers," will wax Indignant
and soothe his injured complex by
writing a letter to the editor.
Slneo the passage of the Immigra
tion law rumors have been current
that bootlegging in immigration will
be a serious development, giving fed
eral officers something new to worry
The cost, to an Immigrant who
seeks to bootleg himself Into thfs
country would be so considerable,
however, that It would not be gener
ally attempted. In the first place, the
Immigrant bootlegger would need lo
get here by a circuitous course; in the
second place, the bootlegger who at
tempted to smuggle him into the
country would not be working and
taking risks for the pleasure in It, but
would want good pay.
Bootlegging or immigrants through
Canada and Mexico, of course, would
offer the eanlest field; but thu officials
In at least, one of these countries
Canada arc not asleep, and It Is
questionable whether much of this
threatened country could be developed
through that gateway.
Conditions in Mexico arc different.
The border between the two countries
is long and parts of It nre Isolated.
At such places almost anybody can
cross it without detection, It Is said.
In fact, there always hss been a cer
tain amount of smuggling of humans
going on from Mexico: but that the
"trflda" will takt on large propor
Mons Is doubtful.
lltHK'hMtM l" t ti.M Ht
Tht am M f l' a ua'ki
it ht Sow Ut railroad art r.
MUM luk Ukt I'lavk a4 fiunr
(wrawbuiaiiiig km h. a rana't kai
batn aacrtalnrd. MmM tif lhue rail
ng ikrouh iew Hritaia) fit lha
uipifaiiin that auap aad water, aM
to HKMitio paint, ait tat ttifh it)
prlcu (or Ilia railroad la puichaac,
that 'ht liiusiy Min esrvni are
forced lo wend llieir way without an
annual bath.
tteveral wsi-ka ago lha Herald
called attention lu (hit uncleanly coa.
diliufl ,y priming an editorial entitled
I nwaalied Cost-In i," which taint 10
Hit attention of tht licmorabte en.
lightened management in flaw llaieo.
or perhaps Waterhury. when this d.
union ia operated, Kaid management
finally gut around lo the point where
It waa ifoiH-luded something ought to
be dona about tilt cilllcism of the un.
washed coaches, although there It no
tOidunie that anything Is being done
about tht unwashed eouchr Hum.
stlvea. Like Top)', they will have to
go unwashed; maybe they belong lo
lha "great unwashed" which wit one
writer'! wwy of referring to the
mnsaei before tht days of modern
But before the said honorable man.
genient got around to It, wt our
aelvei discovered why the New
Haven't coaches look at If they hid
been used to plough through tht toll
of Connecticut'! tobacco farms. Wa
took a trip to Boston, and went there
and returned over the mort direct
lint through Wllllmsntlc.
On tht return trip the diy waa hot;
there had been no rain for mdrt thin
a week; tht roadbed wai drj'tr than
tht Volstead law. ,
It wai discovered that tht msjorlty
of hsrdy traveler! refrained from
opening the windows. In tht first
place, few possessed' tufflclent
trength to budge them. Scvenl
suave traveling aalcsmen made them
selves solid with pretty girl travelers
by tugging at the windows next their
eati and finally releasing tfia clam
like grip to the sills. But few of the
window! were suffered to remain
open; too much of inquisitive mother
earth came .through them to spoil
good looks, snappy cloth's and tem
pers. When nearly all the window-s again
were down, and the dirt continued to
pile through the crevices of the van
tllators which likewise were kept
closed and ever and anon scurried
through the doors as trainmen passed
through them, we decided to Investi
gate. ' '
Going to the last coach we looked
up the receding track that la, we
peered in the direction where the re
ceding track ought to have been; but
we saw no track. Instead we saw
nothing but a first class-cloud of dust,
thick enough to cut with a knife, and
hiding not only the track, but also the
entire right of way. Occaalonally a
tree on adjoining 'land jutted through
It, but It had to be a rather tall tree.
A trainman in the last seat was
glimpsing the devastating effect of
the train's progress through the desert
right of way." He was jockeyed into
engaging Yn conversation and was
asked the reason for so much dust.
"No lie on the track," he comment
ed pointedly. "They used to have
crude lie on the right of way, but it
costs too much money, I guess."
"What about stone ballast on
this railroad?" he was next asked.
"They got stone on the main line,
but not up this way."
"That's why the coaches are so
dusty, eh?"
"You guessed It."
And the honorable management has
since admitted that It is because of
this condition on the "high grade"
line, as the Willimantlc route is
called In a geographical sense, that
the coaches look So crestfallen. The
management added the distressing in
formation that every fifth tie is being
replaced with a new one along this
route, which helps to stir up the un
derlying sand, enabling it to aviate
splendidly whenever a. train passes.
Our advice to the honorable man
agement is to hurry up the work of
replacing the ties, and pour oil along
the right of way; and then employ
several hundred toach washers, for
outside snd Inside work.
Better stllr, the railroad ought to
be able to raise sufficient money to'
place rock ballast along this line. The
company has been trying to make it
more of an Important link In the sys
tem, hut as it is, travelers from down
these parts who go to Boston snd
back are Inclined to avoid It and
travel via Springfield, so that the Bos
ton and Albany gets a slice of the
fare. The New Haven is losing money
in this manner every day.
The honorable management is en
titled to credit for candidly admitting
the trouble and being equally as frank
about wishing to obviate It were It not
for the fact lhat to do so entails the
expenditure of motley. Home day,
when t:ie New Haven has bored Itself
out of the slough rf despond into
which a former unhonorcd manage
ment threw It, and it Can accumulate
money Instead of paying It to a line
of waiting creditors, the honorsble
management snould spread Itself.
There are many compllcsted intel
ligence tests, but few are more effi
cient than a canoe.
A lck 1own Is a pla-e where the
attending physician relates the detain
to loafci-i on Main street
i hh i.u.nr not hi:
Itsr Uiorge K. Cipelii
a t a
Willis, at at, early
found put ef mucilage,
, Pain ia fed lo Plfeter put
alia didn't do o wu on flut,
Willie, who adore croquet.
Haung hia mallet hard ent d.
gultt forgetting Couain lluih
Ituth'i saving up to buy a tooth.
' iumanl Hit
A wicked egg My la nHi
Ht wouldn't hatch Ilka all th reat,
In iplte ef how hie mother toiled,
'And neighbore whispered "Ht'i
A (iiMMl Witnl for Tenuis
tr. Itieh: "note, l'tt been losing
a number of chickens lately and have
ben umblo lo rind out who la taking
them. Do you aupposa. Temui would
do such a thing?"
Mnaat "Well. Rosaman. Tern US ll
a friend of mine and I wouldn't want
ia iiialin anv 'atnuatlona 'auiust hi!
character. But If I wai a chicken and
I knew that Tern us wsi 'round, I'd
want to roost mighty high.
, Maty Curry.
Ball Itxun lillqiieiuj
For those who have not the courage
to attend dancing academic! where
private Instructors are supplied, we
publish the following instruction! on'
tho correct method of conduct for
gentlemen on tho dance floor;
To dunce tho fox-trot, Encircle the
girl with your right arm and place
your hand, palm In, on her thirteenth
verteora, counting from the top down.
Don't fail to make this count at you
will find that it will amuse her greatly.
Then grasp her right hand In your
left, fastening tho little fingers with a
half-hitch. Tou will now find her
facing you with her face burled in
your ahlrt front. When all ii ready,
step out' and bear in mind that every
llttlo movement helps.
To waltz. The grip Is similarly ap
plied aa to that in tht fox-trot. If the
girl la at all beautiful, the time la
twenty-two heart beats to tho second.
It is customary to lead off with the
loft foot and extremely bad form is
shown If you lead off with both. Glide
but never slip.
To sit out the dance. All that is
needed ii a girl and a car which may
be stdected at the door. Though you
may lose your heart, do not lose your
head, -Your dress shirt' will aid you
to put up a stiff front.
Little socratea.
Vastly Different
vinhh' When .Tenks was single he
always longed for a chance to settle
Duhh: "Yes. but since he's married
he's kept rather busy settling up.
uoroiny neuer.
Hard Times
Hanna: "Joba am mights scarce
dese days."
Mandy: '"Deed, yes. MahhusBan'
done hab a hard time gettin' me enuf
to do." 1
Hugh Wile.
The Jingle-Jangle Counter
Willie Is brave, I must declare,
Just smell of the tonic in his hair.
C. S. Mehner.
, " a
Shoes have soles and Bhips have
Banana peels make good slippers.
Mrs. Frances Wellman.
Scandal in the air, scandal every
where, Lots of women don't know what to
W. G. Hahnemann.
Sweet the songs of nightingales;
Most all puppies chase their tales.
John Wellington LaRue.
The moon, a girl, a drifting boat,
These summer nights sure get my
Frank C. Sanderson.
A Bad Chase
Little Dot was Just recovering from
the whooping cough.
One morning while she was play
ing, a neighbor's donkey stuck his
head over the fence and brayed.
"Oh, mamma," cried Dot as she
an Into the house, "call Dr. Barnes
quirk. Mr. Berry's mules' got tne
whoopln' cough.
Billie Black.
A Hint to the Bride
7f at first you don't succeed, fry,
fry again.
Geography lesson
Finland, say the latest books,
Makes a specialty of cooks,
And, when their supply's diminish
ed, They'll be, as you might say, finish
ed. '
Uoilo Bhephard.
Advice to the Male Sex
Young man, when yqu propose to
a girl, and she says "No," don't get
It's when she says yes that you
should worry.
Modifying It
Attorney: "Do yon mean to make
the assertion that your wife talks all
the time, even when she la eating?"
Defendant: "Well, I'll admit that
eho stops long enough to swallow."
i Harry J. Williams.
Alas, they could not live in peace to
gether. Her operatic voice annoyed him so.
Divorced he gladly paid the sllmony,
Then came her voice back on the
Edith U Adam!,
a a a
A Tuneful Ijrp.
I d rather drink water than beer,
And te I prefer to vhtiapagua,
To wear f1' '!
And daaemg uat give tat Bain,
I try lo wt baaeti and fair,
Ad alwayt la set "oh iht tquart,"
Aa (or ineasy cart not a clam,
Ter hard work la my )"r.
aa I'm happyOh. bey.
What wonderful liar I am!
Minaret Lm piui M A&
The desire ef tint year' summer
girl (according to pas r porta I
doean'i atem lo I -a ao much that of
being vantidered the peat.dreated girt
an the baacfl at the jMt.4re4 one.
Absent-minded man; ''Now, lei'a
ee, iy wire leid ma to give ma tai
her milk and put the baby out."
Ulllan Ii. Turnla.
Tim l-aiigiiag f
Krica; "IHd her father eomt ha.
laeen you?"
Kroas: "Oh. no." replied the wilted
luitor, "merely behind me."
Kdillt Hose. Mtrgoiea,
A U Mmlr.
He; "Will you ho my wife ai aeon
li I get my divorce, iweeiheartl"
glial "I'm not sure that I'll have
mine by that time, darling."
(Copyright. IIM-neproductlon
Facts and Fancies
r.xample of verbosity: Corrupt
Tht only recognised liberal pirty
In thla country Ii Pad.
Don't tnvy the traveler. The home
billboards are oquil to those he sees.
An Ideal parent It one who doesn't
sea more than half of what takei
pliee. . ,
Peace ii better. You don't hear so
many people using the word "mlll
taryiam." u
It frequently happens that repent
ance Ii juit a conviction that the Jig
Is up.
Scenery: What you would see if you
climbed over the billboards.
Fewer male parents have "nerves."
Fewer male parents listen to music
America's floating population is the
part that does business twelve miles
At. anv rate the female of the
species stands a better chance with
the traffic cop.
Dobbin had his faults, but you
could court a gal without pretending
that he needed cooling off.
We've found the prize absent-mind,
In the person of a dentist. While
prying the top from a can of sardine
he muttered, "Open wider, please,
Americans will win the Olympic
broad Jump if some patriot will toot
a horn at the right time.
And yet the critics who scorn
America might be Induced to scorn
anything at a nickel a word.
All of us could speed up. With
twenty million more heads to shingle
tho barber still has time to talk.
One of the strange things about
nature is that a Jersey bull always
knqws where there Is to be a picnic.
Correct' this sentence: "She is very
rich." said the count, "but I love her
for her own sweet self."
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Voters of Saskatchewan Vote Down
Temperance Act That Has Been in
Force for Four Years.
Regina, Sask., 5uly 17. A'oters of
Saskatchewan refuted a temperance
act of four years standing in a
plebiscite yesterday by a majority
that approached a landslide, It was,
indicated today aa further compila
tion of the voto was made.
The act was condemned both by
city and country, with four of the
leading cities rejecting the act by
almost 10,000 majority.
Asking for a decisive expression of
opinion through the plebiscite the
government Intimated no chango in
the present temperance act would be
given until such a decision was made.
The present vote leaves no doubt that
the changes are greatly desired.
A voto 1n favor of prohibition of
38,686, and of 63,667 against was re
ported from S30 polls out 6f .,681,
with Indications of an Increase against
the dry act as votes continued to
dribble In.
A Belfast woman has sailed around
the world 1 times and has covered
more than a million miles.
The fun Shop is I national Initi
ation conducted by newspapers of
tho country. Contributions from
readera. providing the? are original,
unpublished, and posses oufllclsnl
marlt, will be paid foi at tstea ears
mi from 11.01 to HO.UO. Write en
one aide of tht paper only and send
' foul contributions to the "Pun Shop
Editor." care of the Herald, who
will Yorward them to New tork
Unaccepted wieniiarrtpts will eot b
rattimed. . .
What a Woman Can Do
In iiieea dayt of iminelpatlon, women ait dibbling about attU "'
Of things. - '
It la natural Uo that many of lhnrhauld ht illllo daxd wHh their
new freedom, gild puiiled at the many doora open lo Ibeiu.
It it natural aiau tnal m of them should nmka niltlake. tht business
of making nilnakei being Hit one In which wt are all more or I'M adept.
And tho principal mistake that Ihey make ie the very primary one of
mistaking the peeiiiwr kind of activity in which they are endowed by Nature
to oxeei and In which no mere man sail eope with them.
There it etfVii tnlug at In Mesa There it inch a thing aa feml.
nily of iirlt. And It ii not thing lo he aihawed of nor lo he regarded ai
in any wlea aeeend-raie. .
There are three Ihlngi a woman, ean do better lhan any man rin o
thenu three things o vital that the world'! pulaei would atop and the
world ! aplrlt would droop without ihem.
These three itiinsi are Mvo, Management and Appreciation.
In the first place the world' most preclom treasure, the Immediate
jewel of Ml laul, ihi list possession with which It would willingly part I
' t Ii no extravagance to ay thit Love belong! to her, and that without
her Ihla io great fir of tht gods would fall upon every hearthstone.
Tho second nf her possessiona la Management,
Man Ihlnki he manage, but ha doei not, lit has strength i Iht horse
hai strength, but the woman hn the bridle.
It It ft inan'iduty to work, to ereait and lo produce. In these a woman
eannot cepa with him. nut ha cannot preiervt tht result of hli work, and
hi production nd creation beeom wastage without tha woman' minage.
mtn,Th third hiislnen of woman Is Appreciation. Appreciation Ii tht Brted
of Lift. It It the Vitumlne of the epnt.
.Appreciation doei not Judges It doei not condemn; It doei not punish.
It understands.
, Copyright, IJ!I, by The ilcClur Newspaper Syndicate.
25 Years Ago Toiayl
iTakia from lletald ol mat daiei 1
rh. cisminrd nil rompanv'l wagon
met with a loss on Washington street
this morning. Someone mrnca on un
r....i nrf the tank wss several gal
lons ihort before attention wai culled
to it.
Rev. Martin W. Gaudlan attended
the anniversary exercises of the ladies'
society of the German Lutheran
church In Colllnsvlllo last night. He
delivered the anniversary aaaress.
That baseball in New Hruain is
aH" tin. evidenced by the attend-
.... nf leaa than 60 at the rattling
contest played on Electric field the
day before yesterday between me
c,unio wnrlii and the New Britain
teams. The Now Brltalns won, 8 to 2.
The murder Of Harry unaawicK,
which occurred last night at Tylcn
, has armmed the entire city and
Ii regarded as one of the most terriblo
occurrence! ever happened to a resi
dent of the city.
Suits selling at 19.90 at one or msw
Britain'! stores this week.
The committee o.' tho Lrwln me-
mortal has found It necessary to
change the site for the building. It
was Impossible to establish a founda
tion on tho selected site and it is now
the plan to move it nearer East Main
Tnhn Vnlnn and John Frick enjoy
ed life at Watch Hill yesterday and
on the return trip the former was so
rioairnua nf srettine on shore that, he
stepped from the boat Into the water
at Hartford. The rest or tne trip was
made by baggage car.
On The Weather
Washington, July 17. Forecast for
Southern New England': Fair and
slightly cooler tonight Friday fairi
moderate'nortlvvest winds.
Forecast for Kastern New York:
Fair tonight, cooler in south portion;
Friday fair, moderate west and north
west winds.,
Condition: The disturbance cen
tral over, upper Michigan yesterday
morning Is now passing out me i.
Lawrence valley and Connecticut Is
on the southern edge .of It. It has
caused local showers during the last
24 hours -in tho eastern portion of
the Lake region and in northern New
England. This disturbance is foi
inurnrf hv an n re a. of high pressure
which Is producing, pleasant wcuther
and quite a decided fall in tempera
ture in the upper Mississippi valley
md the Lake region. '
Conditions fav6 fjsw this vicinity
L'irm . mues-v weaAJr with locul
showers followed by lair and cooler.
Republican Committee Will Co-
operate In Every May to Keep
Borah Informed of Expens"
New York, July 17. The republi
can national committee win give
whatever aid it can to the senatorial
committee named to Investigate and
report on campaign expenditures lor
the coming election, according to
William M. Butler, chairman of the
republican organization. Mr. Butler
made public a letter yesterday he had
written to Senator William E. Borah,
phnirmnn of the committee investi
gating campaign expenditures, prom
ising full investigation.
Eastern campaign Headquarters
ill he opened at 2 West 46th street,
hut the (election of a man to take
charge as eastern campaign manager
III not be made for two or inree
The main republican headquarters
rill be in Chicago and most of the
campaigning period will And Mr.
Butler there. . Ha will Be in wow
York until the' end of the week and
will visit here several times before
Baltimore Labor Body Is
Out Strong for La Follette
Baltimore, July 17 Senator Bobert
La Follette was Indorsed for presi-
last night by the Baltimore
ion of Labor at Its weekly
The Indorsement of Senator Ia
Follette camo after the federation had
nniorf a motion to send a dclega
tinii to nn all-union stste convention
that will be held In Baltimore August
In tho Interest of the Wisconsin
senator'a presidential candidacy.
President Broenlng or tne lenera
tlon esld It was the first time In the
history of the Baltimore body that
hat Indorsed political canaiaaie.
E, T: Meredith's Paper Is Read
' in London'
Br Tli Associated Press.
London, July 17. An addresi by E.
T. Meredith of Pea Moines, Iowa, on
"How Advertising Has Welded the
United States Market," was till! after
noon read before the convention of
the Associated Advertising clubs of
tho world, "now in session In Loudon.
Mr. Meredith, In the beginning, re
viewed tho barriers that exist in
America to uniform buying customs
throughout the 48 states. He referred
to the geographical barriers found In
mountain chains; the different clima
tic conditions in winter, for instance,
between Florida on the south and the
Canadian border on the north; the
great distances north, east, south and
west; the distribution of population,
32,000,1)00 people on farms, 45,000,
000 in cities and 29,000,000 111 towns,
and the question of sectional. Indus
trial and agricultural production. . "
"Nevertheless," Mr. Meredith de
clared, "the use of locally manufac
tured products made from locally pro
duced raw materials is nation-wide,
and this has been accomplished by Ad
vertising. Nationally known and na
itonally used products have been ad
vertised throughout the nation, and
the heads of these concerns will tell
you that universal sales would not
have been possible without this pub
licity." To explain what national advertls--Ing
meant In dollars and cents, the
speaker, related the sums of money
spent yearly by well known firms deal
ing in automobiles, foodstuffs, cloth
ing, etc., etc. In conclusion he-said:
"I hope I have made clear to you
that in the first place nearly all of the
natural conditions in the United States
work against national distribution of
products and that the line of least re
sistance, the easy way out as It were,
would have developed In the United
States not a single buying unit as we
find It today. We would have had a
number of local or sectional com
munities to a large extent sufficient
unto themselves each going its own
way with its own customs, living con
ditions, and tho use of commodities
necessary for its well being. But far
seeing men saw what might have been
considered as definite trade barriers
only as trade problems to be solved
in some way. To solve the problem,
they, with almost no exception, turned
to natiorial'advertising to establish
ifatlonul consumption of their product
In a vast country. The wise and In
telligent, use of advertising in all its
forms has succeeded, in its purpose of
welding tho United States market."
Willimantic Man Bound
Over for Manslaughter
Willimantlc, July 17. Fred Luz
vick, charged with manslaughter in
causing the death of Mrs. Odella Mar
..,. hn riiori tallmvlnsr as assault
alleged to have been committed July
5 at her home here, was nmiignea
hnAra .liiHee Frank. H. Fossn the
police court today and bound over to
the September term or ine auppnui
court under bonds of $10,000. Un
able to furnish bail-he was taken to
Attorney H. P. Gaucher for Luz
vlck, entered ft demurrer to the com
plaint, ' which' . was overruled by
Judge Foss, Lti7.vick refusing to plead.
Mohican Market Force
Enjoys Uay at snore
tk .mninvee nf the Mohican mar
ket went to Lighthouse Point. 5'ester-
day on their first, outing, auoui. ,
' ...., a ahore dinner and
took partCln a program- of sports.
1 u ..I n.
Robert Engram won nm lc-rn....B
. ii.. wnisli rnntured the pa-
into race, and Mra Ida Nlhlll was vb
torious in the big event or ine aner
noon, the woman's sack race. Ar
rangements were In charge of Frank
1 Fwent, assisted by- Miss Lillian
Buckhalter. Another and larger out
ing Is planned for about three week!
fro mnow.
Sergeant Mathlas Rival received a
report last, night from Harold C. Nel
son of 277 Rocky Hill avenue who
said thht ho had struck a boy riding
a bicycle while he was driving his au
tomobile on Chestnut street. The ac
,j .-,. .,! nop the corner of
Chestnut street. Nelson reported that
the boy escapeo injury nm mi
wheel of the bicycle wai broken.
Inland holiday! re prescribed for
Pines r imong the f tree!
thtt ran grrw at high altitud.

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