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New Britain herald. [microfilm reel] (New Britain, Conn.) 1890-1976, July 18, 1924, Second Section, Image 19

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Ida "Mirpria Itlimwr" llarrjr
tiwVrwHMl Ordered
It took tint but ncitiitd lo riur
Harry I'ltderwvo'i'a M'ry to wliwr
ahuuld like lo Unto. If hwt
on lnli which ' ' lm- ,aur
tt l th rt or rtniuiiruni dining. "d
1 pok With prompt dcMai.
l pave Untimely nu prtinfetitf.
I ahoiild Ilka to Uu choice t
you. ami not ntlUn !"'
tit dinner een. ' rior " ' u"
dared. . .
Ha a BiHtimMl IHHu laugh.
"Haven't fiii'uut'i'it 'n1"' "', l't",fl
rmuiny'i apeelulty. hn"! '""r' 11,1
iked, ami I km"' tHut If wn
pleased at my iw-mor uf hi ability
a a throe-year-old child oni. lu
with tli gift of. loillpup.
I lis. I a tiny mile n I rr nuet. d on
thla bit of nmnfUlimi Idb.ayurrticy.
which ! ha noticed In other nun.
especially I'leky. They are l.mrdi
rarely proud of aoiiio alrllltnii uetmi
pllshment. and oUr.-mely mode!
concerning llmlr real ( ot It.
"It la on or my pkHwmlct ro
membranre," I nld. feeling that I
apoka only th truth due. my !
banda old friend, for whnleur dark
blot there may mi upon Hurry I n
iWwond' career thoy onnnot de-
........ k. m.....n.. il friend cher-
lull of hi royal and iinhiuo honpl-
"That certainly et a atnndanl
for me," lie replied. ht eye diinc
Ing. Then h took up th.t window
tube, algnaled the chauffeur to II
ten and pok crlnply Into the
'T)i-ielo my hrt bet. fete," he
raid, and I knew that purpnsoly he
bad cHmoiiflogi-d the illrectlon o
that I would not kiio-v where we
wre going until our arrival at the
Fifteen minutes later. aMer r'ete
h1 given it really remarkable ex
hibition of his ability to rratf
through trunk', wu drew up bife.re
the entrance to a restaurant which I
knew at the flirt ijliint"! waa of tho
type. Harry I'ndiTwood likes b"st
I'lamboyant and
theatrical as he I
Is, yet the noisy and the garish In
ealing places do not appeal to him,
ami the place which we . ciitereu,
while luxurious and up-to-date In Its
appointment, held an elusive and
delicate air of reserve mieh h a
princess who Mas leasing her castlu
for hire might wear.
Harry Oriicrs I tinner
There was no strained and elab
orate pretense that the dancing
room, round which tables were set,
was the heart of a rose or any of
the other floral fanluMes so dear to
the hearts of New York bonlfnces.
Th room might have been he re
ception hall of dome palatial . home.
A few really good pieces of tapestry,
sonic paintings, which the knowl
edge I hae absorbed from Dicky
told me were not only valuable, but
suited to their surrounding, rare,
fresh blossoms on. o.very table each
detail apellcd culture!
That Harry I ndenvood was favor
able known to the staff was mnni
fest from the inelant of our en
trance, and it was but a few sec
onds before we were installed at
one of tle best tables In the room,
with a good view of the dancing
floor. A waiter hovered obsequious
ly Rt his elbow, and Jlr. I.'nder
wocd with a deft movement slipped
his pad and pencil from him.
"PM write this order myself," he
said, opening a menu card. "It's to
be a surprise ilinner, and I don't
want any unnecessary speech about
it, Your job wiil be to stand right
hc-re at my eibow. and when 1 point,
to an item tell mo if it is especially
good, er whether you would advise,
a gnhallt tits. You know the vvnyf
like things, but don't mention any
"Yes, sir. T understand," the
waiter replied.
' Then for several minutes Mr. L'n-
totter rront .Sally Athrrton lo James
Dear Jim
' As I read your long letter 3
laughed and no, I didn't cry. 1 just
awore a little now nnd then.
You ay you are talking lo mo like
a father. You are doing nothing of
the kind, my dear. You arc just
talking like a boy who is much hurt
by the fancied indifferenco or hts be
loved. -
Dear Jim, I am very fond of you
you should know that. You did make
my lire bearable all that timis while
you and I and fam were with Mr.
Hamilton. You taught me all the
patience I shall ever know'. You
. were so kind and sweet to Sam w hile
he was recovering his sight, and he,
w&s so irascible and Impossible. He
eould not have kept his po.sitio.n with
Mr. Hamilton a minute If it had not
been for you.
Aa It was, whn I found I could
pot keep my position as a wife
when I feund I was a coward when
I found it wa.i not in my nature to
accept personal responnihility when
I found that 1 bated to pay for my
mistake more than anything else
In the world I ran away and came
Why Women took 00 at 10.
With dark circle under their cyca
aallow complexion, drawn cxpres
tlona drooping shoulders, a lagging
Mop, many women of forty have tho
appearance of women of. sixty. In
many ca.sen this condition la caused
by overwork or neglect of such
warning aymptome, aa headache,
beekache, nervousness, displace
ments, and Irregularities which Indi
r.'c ailment. peculiar to women. If
all women o afflicted would only
rely upon Ij-dia E. Flnkham' Veg
etable Compound It would restore
them to normal healthy .condition.
nd the prematura signs of age will
aoon disappear.
4rooU pointed to tariuua items, re.
n'ivfj tlw waiier'a opinion upon
(hum, guii actual myaleriouit dirto.
tluna a to time of coukiUH and gar.
uniting, and .wrote the order, with,
out my being able lu.iiUb a mul
Wltat IW-irtato.?"
'list waiter took thu oi.i.r, gianccl
our It, liuiiiulml, a if -ui'nit 4,
linn aakud diffhKittii
Wimt 'lM)'tiiHi-a ali'V"
Hurry I inlti woiiij i luig darkened
ami In i jm itarrowd,
"Mo ou aee any wrhtc-n un the
"No, ir. Thni.k yon, air," hv
murmured ami tlc.l, whita Mr. Lit-
gYruiiml p , lmi iili-ly nilM.iiit. .1 liiui j alnnUt pullllcr, w ill nut Imte to puy
mil all hi lir.-tlxin to outer i1hiIUIi clonwin.Kvl iniiiKf, aioor.linc to
"H'i oiiBht to know with ona
look," i toriii(.'d. "thut I wouliln't
rt yon drink tiny of that fiinol oil
and TNT llioy cull cli.i.iiixtsiie here,
cvrti If yuu'u tullrn nil thv wnti'r
Mfsoii ymi iin. I to oritnmfnt to cuu
"I han't even chaiis'td my aent,"
I replied. Minim. .) at the puradox
uhlch tho nmn opposite mo pre.
i nlfl.
A a-cret kiiiK ami'l'S liootleggeia
1 hud rcinon to belleva It t m to bo
vtt he ould not offr to nie oriTH court liel.l thnt the painter now
i iiintaclf rtrlnh the ery rtnft 'which h
wn avtitng contrury to tn taw or ino
)4. .,,
Gossip's Comer
Mill UimiI I'laltl
The plaid ciiat of very aoft wool,
iiiudu on peri'ecily traight lim rind
wrapped about tho figure I a casual
fashion, la one of thu mor.t diatlnctlve
offerings In t.ie realm of aport attire.
I'inil Menls AIhtiI
Plan your meals at least a week
' aheuil iliirlii,? the Htimmor months In
order that you may buy Intelligently
jand uso up your supplies before they
: decay.
l.uv fic.'lnilc (Quantity
It Is always better when buying to
order a definite quantity of food by
weight or measure, not U or 20 cents
worth. '
Cliniiges In l'rlccs
Nearly all roods have a seasonal
rise and full in price. By learning
these you can buy when prices are
reasonable und save money.
- .-t '
" ' Itcttcr Flavor
In buying meat bear in mind that
flecks cof fat all through- the fibers
r.iean that it will be more tender and
have better llavor than if it did not
have have them.
Iteplncc I.itrht Hutlis
Look over 'your electric light bulbs
occasionally and replace those, that
may have become dim and old with
new ones that will give belter light.
Coat llanjrers
Wind elastic bands tihouOthe ends
of your clothes hangers and you will
have no trouble with the clothes
slipping from them.
Old J lov es
When the fingers of the long kid
gloves are worn out often' the upper
portions are still good and may be
used for baby's bootees.
t'lmiiKC Air
If your clothes closet seems .hot
and the nlr dead, connect the elec
tric fan and let ft. change, the air by
operating there for a few minutes.
Flesh Sihiule
The most popular shades for stock
ings are those which most nearly
match the flesh.' Black and gray
ones are rarely seen.
over here.
I thought, it would be bettor for
all of us. Poor old Sam Is out of it,
and you are over there succeeding as
you should be, while 1 well, Jim,
I'm going to be a rich vv;oman before
I die.
I don't wont to be any one's wife.
Of coiiiwe, 1 like to be loved. Y on
were very svvcel when you Implied
that I would glvo the attentions
of any one for the speech of people,
if thu nun amused mc. I will do
nothing of the kind. Kor It's only
amusement, Sam it's exactly the
fiiinu land of amusement that Is ni
way.s being prepared for the tired
business man just .something by
which to forget. The lethal drink of
some man's flatteries always rests
Hut 'I don't wont to be serious
about it, even with you, my dear.
Surely you know, dear boy, that a
man is much worse off If he marriro
his first love than if throughout hl.i
long life he remembers her as an
ideal. Think how- lovely it will be
when you ore older, and bored to
deutii with the world and your wife,
and hura.sscd by responsibilities of
your children, to sit by the tire and
dream how much better it would
have been had you married me.
Theoe "would have beens," dear boy,
are not sad; they are Just memories
of dreams that ro beautiful too
beautiful to be ever realised.
Yet, t expect, dear boy, that. I am
about the worst Woman on earth to
Idealize, for I have no particular
feminine Ideals or even particularly
feminine Ideas, you know.
I want to succeed. I want money,
t want a lot of money not because
It mean to much to ine In Iteelf, but
btcause money n-nia to be the meas
ure by which all America ,onipuH
succe.". and I have a wholly msrii
line desire to be aucceiaful In what
ever I undertake.
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-ttH aHIU KmK
ir yoi want to toots a cou a
puilie, try a model like lliia la Imf
irreen, or li.;io. I liu puokt-ta Uk oil
an aMol Interest ly Utlna niaUv o(
tine inji. (fliirf liiirn.willi an tnc
of Irtalt liti ami a lauu eiltiim, 'Jhe
vutu h iil liuk of the uliur aro iiuJu
of Ilia imiiih. A f' ininliie.lookiiia
Uow of aatoril ailk riliiwu Hi color
of I He Im k form Ihu unly ullu r
iriiiimiMjj, ids amui'iylly full akirt
in nirit iliHimii'. Thi oul4 b
vitually t.lT'LlMO in eulton or In Hk.
ji tn.Mi vi in vi iisi n
tiii-t ami t rill. .NnI ,n l ay Hani.
aift Mill rretmutly Awar.lol
,! itt. July II. The ailial Kei
.Van Ijong.-n and the untie Hemy M.
Mian, Jian I h milium mi l until le
Mwui'luir, ili.finilant in a Umtr auli
tor :,unu fianr lllfl by l.otii Monti,
i.'lll, t'outin ami lu lr of 'lw imm.
a d'cUlun jukt hmiijHj down by a
I'arm court.
The .leli'mlmit", ai't'onilng to tho mN
haation, had vtntcd In Iroturea and
artirloa Unit fit) finimua impr.'iitliiiit
had one alrpt In tint ulit'l fit Mitr
Ki'lllci. had Ihi'.l ly r''lllnij li, now
prh'i'lemi pli'turc In aailnrn' ciif for
n tfv cent and had died ..liiiili',
Th cousin had i" diftloulty In
pnnlnr thnt the puintrr had lived 111
vumfort, if not in luxury, and aold
hi pluturc at fair ih'Iiti, one being
purchniicd by tho Kinprew i;us"nle.
j I'elonged to hlntory and thnt hiatorlan
" " minoin
uiao cnniKinrinK inn pMnoimuty or tne
artlNt, Further, It wan held, the de.
fendilnta had no Intention of mlrch
Ing the hono." and reputation of Ion
tleelll. Consequently the plea for
umuuges was rejected.
er, has atarti-U on uu e.-ipedillun Intu
.tlliiUl .kUJllUl.tl, ilu l ucCOIilllUil-
led by the government
K. Ward.
geologist, L.
'FAlil.Ks OM
When Mr. Maun of Anytown took
out life insurance he learned a few
things about weight thnt lie had not
thought about before.
Jfany men to whom he had for
merly pointed as "fine, big speci
mens," suddenly seemed less a cause
for envy.
Statistics gathered by the Insur
ance companies cover a bro;td field
of underweight aii overweight figur
ing, and framework and general
physical structure enter Into many
of the considerations.
However, mortality experience
youthful underweights has been
The new house on wheels was ever
eo much better than the old house
en wheels for the new one was large
enough for the nice poor man to en
ter. And there was also an lee whiet
bed for him to sleep in beside the
little white bed for Raggedy Ann,
one for Raggedy Andy and one for
the hobby horse. .
"Doesn't the poor man look better
since he w-aahed hle face and hands,
Raggedy Andy?" Raggedy Ann asked
aa they sat out upon th front porch
and watched the scenery a.3 they
whizzed by.
"Indeed! He does"' Raggedy Andy
agreed. "It makes him look like a
new person and I guee,s that is how
he happened to food old Mlnga, the
witch and get In her house to rescue
"And I can tell you thut I feel like
a new pedson too: tne poor man
paid. "I guess really the one reason
why I have always been poor is be
cause when I was a little boy, I never
liked to wanh my face and hands
when my mamma told me to; and
when I grew up, I still did not like
water either. You know," the poor
man said, "If we do not get used to
doing the thing that are good for
u.s when we are little, we also neglect
them when we grow up. And I know
now, just why mamma wanted me to
keep nice and clean!"
"Why wa3 It?" the hobby horse
s.kcd. You see, the hobby horse had
only been made a very short time and
lie did not know a many thing a
OU and I know.
"Why!" the nice poor man said.
"Mama knew that if I did not al
ways kep my fsce and hand clean, i
I would alw-aya be poor, for no on I
wishes to hire anyone to worn tor
them with dirty face."
"Then, if I was a boy. 1 should al
ways keep my hands and face clean!"
the hobby horse said. "So that 1
w ouldn't have flo grow up into a
poor man!"
"Ycfl!" Rngsedy Ann agreed. "It Is
always best to be clean, for then, you
also think nice rleon thoughts too!"
"I have the little green book In
my pocket!" Raggedy Andy said. "I
Riiers I r.hall work some magic for
the nice poor man!"
"Will It hurt?" the poor man
"Not a smidgin!" Resgedy Andy
laughed a he pulled out the litll
tcrfn magic book. "1 have never
tried working mngic from the magic
books, but I gues I Just have to rrad
bow to work the magic and that i
' ' " " -
l"l v! I f"J 111 ! '
favorable and mortality experience
on cldurly overweights has been
equally unfavorable.
The age of 35 becomes the divid
ing line. It is pointed out that the
lowest mortality Is found among thoso
who average Just a few pounds ovur
their normal weight before 35 and a
few pounds under the average weight
after 35.
After 35 any marked overweight is
considered a "risk," pointing to
faulty living or its presence as a
physical handicap.
Some IS or 2u pounds overweight
after the age of 35 should be a sig
nal to get in and reduce.
all; Isn't it, Riiggedy Ann?"
' "That is all you have to do! The
magic books tell you just what to
eay to work magic!" Raggedy Ann
told Mm.
"Then that Is what I have bsen
waiting to hear!" the voice of Munga
witch howld. "Hand me (Wit little
green magic book, Mi.i'.er Raggedy
"She's got in'o the house on wheel
-1,'aption for illustration
Munga Witi'li howled.
with her magic!" the hobby horse
"Vnu bet I did" the witch chuckled.
"And 1 know what you did to my sis
ter Mlnga! You thumped her with
jour head, magical hobby horse; but
I have magiced myself o that you
can not touch me. J,ust try!"
Th hobby horse tried, but found
he could not bump into the witch at
"Ha! Ha! See what I told you?"
the wi'ch howled again. "New- will
you give me the book, Raggedy
Andv, or shall 1 take It away from
Raggedy Andy Instead of saying
I anything to the w licit kept getting
! r!or"r to 'he window and when he
wa."i etc.- rnciiigli. he gne a leap nnd
out be went, rolling over and over
when he hit the ground. Then he
got up and ran Into the bushco.
"Stop the house on wheel! I must
ca'rh htm!" the witch cried, but
when the house did not stop, she also
ran to the window and jumped.
"Ha! Ha!" Raggedy Andy cried as
t. walked tntn the house from the
frnni notch, itwt a soon n I got in 1
th bushes. I wisned myseir naca nere
and 1 fooled the witch Into getting
herself a very hard bump!"
' O
John Alnslcy, a man of Umation
and breeding. Ixcuine a inmlir
crunk prwt iliT Upuil lit her thlrvr.
At Monla Carlo lie lcii that aame
clever thief b atoleu a piail neck
lace frnni tho Parortne d I n ter lh
Aiiikby over hour a man poting a
a llumiun prlnc offer Hie mm of hi
hotel Hparlment to young l.iilih.
matt and hi American bride, who
have loft all their money at
lou(tte, l.iit.r the prime bring
hold attciidani to I ha aAiarliin-nl,
einintluK that the young Kiiglliliiiiiiii
hu atolen lii kty. The prince
oiler to frwu tho Kiiglialuitan IV he
i allowed to take the young bride on
a motor trip, Thl bring on a
light. Ijiter th prince diaiulM.' the
charge. Atualey wonder what I the
tittturo of tho prince game.
For I bad no more dealrn to face
a court, even In the role uf wiiin,
than, I impeded, the I'rlnce had to
stand beforo a Judge a complainant.
And If 1 offered tcdlinouy In support
of young Hcreaford, aurh a plot wn
ao flagrant, o vlcioun, Hint not oven
th Mnnegaaqiie. willing to wink
their eye nt nlinoct any olfena'e, If
scandal cpuld be thu avertetrl, could
ignore I hi. The French, lor all
that i written about their moral,
have a reapect for wifehood. They
would insist that th Prince be
brought to trial for conspiracy, and I
would have lo testify In court.
So, while I had no intention of
permitting Hercarord to be deported,
under circumstance that would for
ever stain hi name, 1 waited. There
might bo only one way of klnnlnir
this particular polecat, but I sus
pected thut there might bo anotfcer.
And so, two hour later, when all
the hotel save probably, young He res
ford slept, 1 entered the Trince'
l.iko tho cat which walks alone. I
walked silently. Also my movements
were quiet, I picked the lock with
out difficulty ,and passed through
the door . 1 found myself In a living,
room, at tho far side of which wa an
open door, through which I heard
snores. J tiptoed to it. nceriri
through and entered tho bedroom, A
night-light whs burning, and by Its
rays I could distinguish the screen
behind which, I had heard the Prince
tell Uereaford was a trunk. Now
that trunk had unquestionably con
tained a cash-box-. But If it had
contained anything else of value.
would the Prince have rashly handed
the Knglishmun his keys? Jf, for
instance, the trunk had contained
evidence which would indicate that its
owner possessed unnrlncelv habits
would the Prince have given up the
Keys : -
This action of mine was based on
Uj iiiuury, none ioo logically ac
quired, that the Prince was a crimi
nal. Unless I should find proof in
support of my theory, my nocturnal
visit would be not merely dangerous
but useless. And it was silly to look
for evidence in tho trunk,
It the rrince ivas what I thought
him to be, proof in support of my be
lief would be found only upon his
person. And It is a difficult thing to
search a sleeping man without awak
ening him, Nevertheless I did it.
And having done so, I raggedly
clipped from his great black beard a
tuft of his precious whiskers. Theji
i returned to my room.
Three minutes later I had broken
two chairs, overturned a dressing
table, and smashed a pane of glass in
the window. Also, I had shouted at
the top of my lungs, and had aroused
the valeet de chnmbre who slept in
a cubbyhole at the end of the cor
ridor. He had aroused the night
clerks, and to these latter and to the
porters who accompanied them, I
poured forth my tale of nocturnal
crime; ,
"I was awakened by the sound of
footsteps. I saw a huge figure by
the side of my bed. 1 attacked him.
We fought. Behold, messieurs, the
condition of my room." 1 gesticu
lated wildly, indicating the damage
which I had just committed.
"But it is outrageous, monsieur,"
cried one of the clerks. "That such
a thing should happen In the Hotel
tie Paris is almost incredible. Was
anything taken from Monsieur?"
"I doubt it," 1 replied, "but I will
see." J felt In the pocket of my
dinner Jacket. "My purse," I cried,
"with fifteen mlllo notes, a thousand
franc plaque, an dan express check
for a thousand dollars."
"Could Monsieur identify the
1 looked at the clerk who put tho
question. i opened my hand, fpon
my palm lay a tuft of black whiskers.
"I tore these from his face in our
struggle' I declared.
"Ah!" they cried in unison.
I glanced down upon the floor.
Something caught my eye.
"Look!" I cried.
A porter picked up the golden ob
ject. It was a pencil, richly chased.
I bent over and from the floor picked
up a visiting card, torn and crushed.
Dramatically I smoothed it, and read
the name, "Prince Meerkovst."
"The thief name," I exclaimed.
"Trince Meerkovst!" eried on of
the clerk. The other echoed hi
name. The second clerk assumed an
air of great shrewdness.
"That is why, a thief himself, h
was ao lenient to tho Kng!iehmn,"
he said. "Ah. the canaille! We
shall go to him!"
Ve did. opening up hi door with
a pass-key. He sat. up In bed,
amazed at the intrusion, and at first
disdainful of our charge. Hut when
I found Underneath hi pillow, where
I had planted It a quarter of an hour
earlier, my purse, his scornful dis
dain gave way to sudden fear. And
when the clerk bade him look In the
mirror and note the gsp in hi brist
ling whisker, and also asked him to
ob'erve the hirsute trophy which I
wa anppesed to have tern from his
face, fear begun lo give way to panic.
And the gold pencil with the broken
link which fitted to hi watrh chain,
and hi visiting card, were final proof
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calculated, he wa well aware, la cult.
Mlnro any court in tliu vorlJ,
l or a moment ho must Uae b.
lv4 that be lial Ueii walking in
In lei pi but suddenly In band
felt nl In til, where. I had non
lo know, be Ki.ru a num. y-tu.lt.
"I am tnnocvM," lie cried. "I am
Ilia victim at at pint. It la I who
have been loblx-d"'
lie wa standing beside 111 bed,
pajama.clad, I shouldered my way
In front of the other, and atarred
bint In Hta eye,
"Monaieiir alale that It I h who
baa been lobbed," I Mid ill)', "Ma
I ask Monsieur of what?"
HI mouth opened; but word did
not como from It for a moment. For
nearly half a minute, wide-mouthed,
he stared at mc. And If he had
looked venomously at Iieresford
earlier tonight, his regard of the
young Englishman bad been friendly
as compared with the glance he gave
mo . Then ho replied "Of nothing,
"We shall take him at onco to the
Jail," cried tho clerk. "Two rob
beries In the same night in this hotel!
Hut this thief shall not go free!"
"Wait," I told them, raising my
hand in protest. I turned to tho
"Ono forgives a repentant sinner,"
I told him. I spoke In English.
"You are a thief caught practically In'
tho act. Nothing can save your
name. But you can save your kin.
It you will gtato to these gentlemen
the truth about Monsieur Berestord'
entrance into your room. I, who
have recovered the property which
you stole from me, will forget the
He stared at me. "So? Some day,
monsieur, wo shall meet again."
"Rut not at Monte Carlo," I told
him. I looked at my watch. 'It Is
Is now 4 o'clock. At 4:30 the de
luxe from Rome stops here en route
to Paris. If you take that train,
after having confessed your vile plot,
the matter is ended."
"Monsieur is a great detective," he
sneered. - set a tnier to eaten a
"I am waiting for your answer," I
interrupted him sternly.
And thcro could only be one an
swer. Ho accepted. Ho withdrew
his charge against Beresford, packed
his things, and took the train de luxe,
I left an order to be called at 7.
I wished to take no chances of miss
ing the Bercsfords . True, the young
man was cleared of the charge of
crime, but in his humiliation at be
ing unable to pay his bill, he might
slip quietly away , And ,at 8 I
knocked upon his door.
The management had already
apologized for last night' contre
temps, but it was a harassed-looklng
youth that admitted me to the apart
ment. "I am an older man than you," I
told him, "and wish the privilege of
His wife laughed. "You're not a
day over thirty," she said..
I frowned at her. "Nevertheless,
that is old enough for my purpose,
which i to extract from you young
sters a promise that you will never
gamble again. In return for that
promise I make you a present of ten
thousand francs. Some day, you will
see some unfortunate whom a few
hundred dollars will save from misery.
Give hint the few hundred, and con
sider paid, your debt to me."
He was proud; but she bless her
heart had common sense. She bade
him take the money, then looked at
"Wn can't thank you. You've
cleared Jack's reputation, and you
Do Not
Imitations and Substitutes
Ask for and Get
who originated and named the product
halted mmi
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i alllu( ua 14 rWia la L"nglB4.
I ladua, Mr- Alnaiey, tfcat )vi ' ID
ui.csi iiiau we kuu,"
Aaii ll.luk l ml tho ward lit
Let Mem a auiav of muie itiirte.
uaa in iltaiiVttf h igli f in
ptarl nikli-e lif III lruiitt ) .
let. tie ,
What? Hut of tomte! a lb
Print" inauey belt. That w ay
to ened thai tot bid bn tobbad.
And it a l an why, when I askH
Itini of what be bad b.m rubUd,
bad replied: "f nothing "
Kit it rule guiut mo taultl not
blind liiut ij ilia "'at if b
CUeell 1114 f tralln' I he i)tcktc
from him. be would convict hlmuif
uf having atoleu It from Ih Duron.
It waa i. why It bad Mid; "gt
thief U catch a thief,"
Naturally, ha would aay I hat. A
common thief cannot appreciate
(II. ginning ill bur Nev luutl
breakfast Four freh apricot, 1
tosated bran muffin, hot water. ,
Luncheon Ono cup comumm. 1
plec tpong cakt, H cup ti rasp
berry lc.
Dinner Four ounce broiled Hpn
lah mackerel, 1 tablespoon hotatrlng
pointer, cup itrlng bn. t rd
button radlahe, 1 heart of haad let
tuce with 1 tablespoon minced green
pepper and 1-4 grapefruit, 1 tabl
spoon Comembert cheeie, S totattd
Hedtlme Ona cup skimmed milk.
Total calories, 1,115. Protlen,
::!: fat. "22; carbohydrate, (14; Iron
.0179 gram.
Tho grapefruit used In tba dinner
salad should be In whole lections of
pulp free from kln or connecting
tissue. Arrange the fruit In tha let
tuce heart pulled open and sprinkle
pepper over the whole. A dah of
paprika may add zest and a contrast
lng color.
Breakfast Four fresh apricots, 1
soft boiled egg, 2 toasted bran muf
fins. 1 tablespoon butter, 1 cup cocoa.
Mid-morning lunch One glass
whole milk, 2 graham and raisin
Luncheon One cup consomme, t
tablespoons cheese croutones, 2 table
spoons Spanish rice, 8 large green
olives, 1 large piece eponge cake,
cup red raspberry Ice garnished with
2 tablespoons whipped creem, 1 slice
bran bread, 1 tablespoon butter.
Afternoon tea One cup Iced tea
with 1 tablespoon sugar and the juice
of '4 lemon nut bread aandwlches.
Dinner One cup cream of tomato
soup with 2 tablespoon whipped
cream, 4 ounces broiled Spanish
mackerel, 2 tablespoon shoestring
potatoes, 'a cup string bean with 2
teaspoons butter, S button radishe. 1
heart of head lettuce with 1 table
spoon minced green pepper, 1-4
grapefruit, 2 tablespoons olive oil, 2
tablespoons Camembert cheese, 4
toasted sal tines, 2 slice rye bread, 1
tablespoon butter.
Bedtime One cup whole milk.
Total calories 2,9SS. Protein, SJli
fat, 1,753; carbohydrate, 1,844. Iron,
00194 gram.
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