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News of the V orld
By Associated Press
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Week Knding 1Q QQyl
March 20th . 10)004-
I SFNATF SFAT RV SF.SSMNS FNDF.il Have Witnesses That Would Aid
Two New York Pa
trolmen Wounded And
One Is In Critical
Condition Crook
Has Eluded More
Than 150 Searchers.
Neatly Dressed, This Ban
dit Steals Nothing But
the Best in Receiving
Sets, His Loot Totalling
About $10,000 to Date.
Senate Elections Body Balloting Dr. Clarence True Wilson
Recommends Displacement ol , Stands by His Previous As-
New Britain Woman, Supposed To CAPITOL BUILDING BEING
Senator Brookhart
sertions, He Says
Judge Grochl However, Reports He Has Located:
Gregory, Alleged Supporter of Alibi Defense
Lawyers Confer Today Alcorn's
Office Makes No Statement
Compare Favorably With Public
Schools, Supervisors Say
S'W York, March 26 P"
yci.tteman radio burglar,"
has b'-i.-n as elusive
wave, today capped
TV ho
as an ether
seven weeks'
..arch for him In the Woodhaven
ccllon of Queens by escaping from
he different policemen after an ex
liimgtt of 40 shots In -which he
voundtd two of them. Patrolman
Attendance Xcnrly 100 IVr oont f
Public School "Record of Children
Involved, is Claim Made- Aid of
Parents Sought.
Teaching standards in the- United
former charge Against l'clcral
Judge Presented Minority Ite
port is to Ite OnVrod ij Threw
Members of .ludloiary Committee
Hoiim- C'oinilicri-e Committee to
Mart Coal Hearings Turxlaj.
liar'.ord. March !f. lPV-Wlih a
. conference schcdul'-d for 4 oYloctt
; this afternoon lit the office of At.
j torocy Frederick J. tJrothl in V w
OF THOSE SERVING TODAY jtPmnnl tTeclM1oif0rn'rthe
j course to be pursued in attempting
l to cheat the pillows of its victim on
,vu"'. ' J " " - ., been almost 100 per cent of the at-
'tjIlUUIiJU liuti unifc "llu, ... ,
Washington, March 15 W A nia
.icrity of the senate elections com
iuitleo voted todav to recommend
Weekday Church schools compare j ,h(, unseating t,f nator Urookhart,
favorably with teaching standards in j republican, Iowa, in favor of Daniel
the public schools, according to a re- j Stock, demoeral.
ic,,. w ,-..nin h fn I A minority report holding that
pervlsors of the religious schools.
The report, which was made a' n
regular quarterly meeting, is coin- j
cldent with the statement by Super
intendent of Schools Stanley If.
Holmes that he proposed to investi- .
gate the church schools. The report I
also states that the attendance has
Methodist Tenipeianco Iioador
Makes Heply Today To "Mo"
1'as.scd To Hint Yesterday Hy
Heprosentatlve O'Connor Of w
York Sajs Congressman Sought
To Misrepresent His Heal Words.
Dovel, Del., March la P Dr.
Clarence True Wilton of tho board
of temperance of the Methodist
Kniscoral church, commenting to
day on Representative
reference to him In the
house at
l April 6 will be mude. Meanwhile,
1 in litii C'll at the s'at" prison Chap
man is awaiting the outcome.
Has Writ All Hondy
I rrovldf d with a signed petition
j in which I'lii-el .Slates District
Judge I'M win S. Thomas will be im
j portune l to issue a writ of habeas
' corpus which for the second lime
' .vnlllil ir..t I ho Cti'imnnt, ouuo int.,
the federal court, Attorney Kay M.
Wiley of Springfield, Mass., accom
panied, by Attorney Joseph M.
V'rcedman of Hurt ford, went to New
York shortly after noon so as to be
present at the conference. If coun
sel then decide to fro ahead with
seat has been prepared by Senator
Stephen, democrat, Mississippi.
Tho reports will bo Hied with tho
senate this week and the fight Is
expected to open in the senate floor
next week, with indications that It
will extend over several days.
Impeachment Articles
Has Taken 130 Sets
The burglar lias stolen 150 radio
. ts, end other valuables, mvariauiy
making his calls between 2 and 3:30
e.. m. In spile of the fact that spe
. i.-.l police eecrchlng for him had
.".en augmented until early today
;,o wore on this special duty. The
police, were, increased later t I50
with eight police automobiles and a
rid" sauad Included. I
The man was called the "gen'le
mtni radio burglar" because of his
irnuiaeulrle dress, and the fact that
,.e has committed burglaries yleld
.'., sets with an estimated value of
.tiove than $1 0,000. He has never
u'avn anything but the best sets.
Surrounded, Tint F-seapes
The burglar escaped this murn
: -.g after the house In which he
r. -1 son was surrounded by three
'.one-emeu and on detective.
Appearing at the rear of the
;oue be. encountered Patrolman
ii'Minelly. Telling the policeman he
.: -1 beard a suspicions noise. th
:'i en calmly posed as a rcsldnt
lore until Donnelly turned, and
n be fhut the patrolman,
lu'iinr-y gave chase, exchanged
iintil he o.l. him. The man
'1.1 r- appear, !, gun in hand, and
el K'-'.ni-y. who had not had a
f...r view of him. that he also was
special policeman, as he spoke he
: u' Tv'tiney in the lio.-k.
I'. '-olive Barret and two other
r.-Ii a men caught up with him then
.- nd more shots were fired; which
at 'racte.l otle r policemen, hut while
'ring continued tho burglar van
ished. Calmly Assaults Cop
tendance of the same children in the
public schools. ,
The Vnltod Weekday Church :
schools have cost $2,598.18 to dale,
according to the report by Treas- j
urer H. H, Howard to the board of
directors in the South Congrega-!
tional church. For this money, 7S0
nimtld favj ho.iti .ruil fn. 1,1 .'i i
school, of religion. Fifty teachers nu'ml"J 'gainst Impeachment,
have been employed. j
Rev. Warren M. Blodgett, Fred- ;
eric L. Fay and Mrs. E. C. Stock
well, supervisors of the schools, re- 1
ported that the attendance has be
it appear that Dr. Wilsons repre
sentation of twenty-five years ago in
I congress w as a statement of present
i conditions.
Representative O'Connor charac
terized as a "lie" statements quot
ing Dr. Wilson as saying that
.trunks had been escorted from the
Formal articles of impeachment , hougu oor in rre-Volstead days,
against Federal Judge George W. j present Ami Past
Fnglisli of the eastern Illinois dis- T m,ie statement that
Washington yesterday, said that j the habeas corpus plan. Mr. Wiley
O'Connor of New York tried to make will call on Judge Thomas on tho
return trip and endeavor to get his
signature to the document.
Missing Witness l.ocatcil
In the discovery of Charles Wil
liam Gregory, claimed by Attorney
Groehl to be the missing alibi wit
ness who would have clinched the
case for Chapman in proving that
j the man convicted of the murder
i was In New York on the night
Ideiitlllrtl Prisoner
Ore gory, who is ohiinied to
loam ! Chapman a le wspapir on
i hi alleged trip to New York from
Hringil-M on October 11, 1 : C 4. to
have played cards with him and to
have dtaeusseil world seibs hull
rallies, is later eh'limd to have j
ill milled Chapman at the prison as
;he same pi rson. Th" Identilicallon
is claimed to have b- en made when ,
Gregory was taken Ui the prison by ,
Attorney Nathan o. l'ree.liiian in
April. shortly after Chapman's
Alcorn 1- silent
Meanwhile there is no announce
nnnt from the o"ue of the state's
attorniy relative- to t'l" claims ad-'
vanced by Chapman' roun'vl. The :
P"!icy ef the office has been to !
nu et each moe as b is made, and
there will be C' lnnient oil the
claims !!? now ma le until they cry?
i tailize In court action. Relative to
; the aileg' d hleniiticttlon of Chap
1 man by Gregory e the prison.
' Warden ScoH today authorized the
announcement that no comment
. whatever would ! made in the
J I .oral Woman Missing
1 Th'--re lias as yet l.een no response
i to the plea of Mr. (iroihl that the
New Uritain woman who ap
proached him following the testi
' mony of Henry Heller at. the trial
END TO ROMANCE gating Charges
Karle C. Amend Awarded Di-'i 0ffices oi Koth Sen-
vnwi! in hw fiifv Court ; ate And House.
CO-RESPONDENT 0ne Man Arrested With
Case of Liquor in Fed
eral Building Xot Yet
Connected With Mem
bers of Congress.
Arthur Hei ker. Now in Welhers
fleld for shooting Policeman, Ac-n-oil
of Coming Ucivnm Senile
Painter and His llrlde.
iSpo-lnl to Tf.e IteialJ
y Chy, N. J., Mar,
he liad Wilde, 1
albgej lover had
his face ,,,., ),
h 25 ,
that hds
poked a .
paid a ;
surprise call on his bride of a :
month in a sv.i.e of rooms she oc- ;
cupied in U.e Hotel Savoy, Hart- I
ford, Karle C. A mend, a theatrical i
scenic painter of Jersey city.
previous to the murder raiher than i i
Hartford, came
f,-it-u-Mv,l ivitli
were present) to the house !,. ,mt, Af the nresent congress In Mculen as elnimed liv the tnte. 1 two witnesses vim could ilUerodlt
today by its judiciary committee. i'..,r rlrank Intoxicating liquor," said , the plans of defense counsel are I Heller's testimonv. Those women
dir. Wilson. "I contrasted the pros-I being revealed. With Gregory to j are supposed to have heard Heller
The articles were five in number,
and were based on evidence pre
sented at prolonged hearings. A
minority of the committee held this
evidence Insufficient and recom-
Article 1 charges the jurist with
the abuse of the powers of his of
fice, and with "tyranny and oppres
sion, whereby he has brought the
administration of justice Into dls-
.nt sober and Christum nony oj men
with that which we used to have 2i
years ago when he had two saloons
in the copitol building to accommo
date some of fie representatives
that the brewers nnd saloonkeepers
ued to select for us.
Kocalls Old Scenes
"I saw scenes In the closing nights
of congress then that would be
olutely unbelievable tonoy
bolster up their ease the contention j say lie could not identify the man
that Chapman's conviction was i who left the Duvidson and 1 .even
brought about through prejudice ! thai store on the morning of the
wilt be
stressed before
murder. At the trial Heller identi
fied Chapman aa that individual,
Washington. March 25 (PV Prohi
bition enforcement officers said to
day they intended to clean the hail
of congress of liquor, If there N
any to be found there.
While G. T. Murphy, chi.f of th,
'.sirici or Coluiub a nrnhll.iii..
'gents, said he h,l h. ......i.,..
jlg ; - wu.iiil' so
ranted a divorce vest, r,i ,v i.v ulr 10 connect the visit of n..,,.. ,
t"hancellor Kdward Robert Walker, !rassi,'y to the house office hulidlug
! in the Jersey City court of chancery. : atur-Jay with a case of Intoxicant
1 Amend was married to Gertrude i " "ny '"embers of congress or
, Susan Kaltzc. comely CT-vcar-old i :'lr 8,affs' h" intended to explm
j Hartford girl, by Justice 0f Hk ! he oaP,rl situation thoroughly mi l
Peace Da- id L. Nair in New Britain i f slllU'st odor of booze w
I on January 14, 15;:. His wife was 1 ni0'1' ,0 so limit.
well known in Hartford and Newi, T,,e annc,uncemetit not only f -
Britain, where she was employed t , up0" thfl Brro5t Cassldy lei
I as n clerk in cigar stores. , charges and counter-charges of re.
; The testimony taken in the ease "lK! """5 prohibition .1
; under th.e direction of Attornel
William M
moot- 1 ft it tht rpnt nf thn mil il i n
' .it.n,i.n t n,e ,i,ii,ir,.n in. ' Article 2 charged that he w-os.f ,1r,mv nd it seemed to be con
volved. There are more pupils in the ' Suilty of a course "of improper and sUlP1.P(J ri0 dis(rrace. I have 'lived In
ttnited Week-dav Church school- i 'nilil "'ful tonduct." Idled with "par- Wa8,.,n(rton now for ten years and
now than at anv other time during Uaty "n'l favoritism resulting In the ,mve navcr smelt liquor on th ,
the present, school year. lw pupils 1 ""itlon of a combination to control 1)reat of tny senator or congress- , Tpflm.(,v p,.nmntsi Traffpflv
have, discontinued work in the ! ami manage whir Charles H. m!n (n those ten years. . JeHIOUS) 1 1 OmpiS 1 1 aged
schools. This is due to the fact that i nomas, reter.-e tn bankruptcy for
tho parents of tne children are m
; terested in the religious education ot
their children in tho week-day
church schools and Send their chil
dren regularly, according to the re-
: port.
j The report states: "The teaching
I standards, according to the opinion
'. of the supervisors, compare favor-
ably with those in public schools for
i the same grades. Inspection by the
I public school authorities and by the
nld nt iit. ehil.tr, n is cordiallv
"This changed condition is o.in-,t
their own interests and profits," the 1 10 improved senttment and to the
bankruptcy affairs of the eastern j prohibition law Of state and union
district of Illinois. I which broke the brewer's s'rangle-
Ariide .1 charges that, the judge j hoM on politics. We are getting a!
was guilty of misbehavior in office c,,nt set 0f men In politics Instead 1
in that he "corruptly extended par-, ot tjle 0, rUm shop fraternity that'
tiality and favoritism" to Thomas i
and by "his conduct and partiality (Continued on Page 16) i
as judge" brought the administration
of justice into discredit and dis
repute, degraded the dignity of the
court and destroyed the confidence
of the public, in its integrity.
-Student-Slayer From
Monroe, X. H.
I city, counsel tor the petitioner, la
1 much like the scenario of a movie
I thriller.
j Following their marriage in New
diritaln. Amend established a "love
I nest" for bis pretty bride in the
lirtotel Savoy. He then left his wife
to come to Jersey City and estab
lish himself in business here. It.
oates in tho rapltol of booties..
house hi
most frudful place for bus
Gohlweber of J.rseV ' K ", : - i- house and
Halfway Mark
and Passed as Young
Folks Spring Surprises
senate .
Senator Makes Charges
Senator Cole Hlease, democrat, of
South Carolina, among others, ba.s
charged that bootleggers make daily
rounds of congressional offices seck
InT customers.
Cassldy was arraigned before a
was planned that, the defendant I , "l !"a'cs commissioner today
TJmrhpd Ishould join her husbai.d in Jersey I1 thc c0,1 hn'! ftathered in
IVCdClltU j(.Uv ,aU.r the expectation of hearing f ensation-
1 Yearning for her a week after , tn,"s cf llc,"or '''ali"Rs with legls.
: his marriage, Amend said he re-l,a;ors wa' tllrnf,'l -'way disappoint -
turned to Hartford, unexpectedly, on !oT 8t nls 'l"t he was grant -
the night of February 1.1, 19:;, He
ed a continuance until April
went directly to their apartment in I "i"'' of Illegal possession
Artiele 4 charges that in coiijimc- ',
"GooJ r' suits of the teaching or tion with Thomas, he did corrupt-
religion to the bovs and girls in the ly and Improperly handle and con-
1'nUed AVeek-day Church schools 1 1 ol the d-posit of bankruptcy and
can already he seen. The children are
learning lessons of Christian citizen
ship. They are learning to ktuov
God aright. The rich hymns of the
church are sung with expression.
The life of Jesus is being learned.
A real spirit of reverence is eviden:
lU'Sldel iu Tills City for AtKMit GO
Was Htfp Student
of Bible.
Schleicher, years old,
The niann'T in which the burglar
: ;pf-l K.-nney recalled the simple-tin the worsliip of the children."
ity of the manner in which the i The parents are being taught
,'ine man is supposed to have fhot ! through the children, according to
nother policeman four weeks ago. a. statement by Herbert 11. Pease.
At that time he was caught ! He told the members of the board
'crying a radio s-t from a house on
a shoulder. He calmly put tho
' on the ground and asked the po--ernan
to look at il. As the latter
nope, oer, the burglar inflicted
omul In his kg' mid neck which I
ece have kept him off duty.
of directors that, his little girl
brought, home some of her work
from the church school. It consist
ed of a poster and some poetry at
tached. The title was. "God's rules
for a beautiful home."
Miss E. Gertrude Rogers, chair-
other funds under his control," by
depositing, t raiisferi-ing and using'
the funds for the "pecuniary benefit i
of himself," and Thomas. J Amalia
Articles 5 charges that Judge i wj,iow pf
Kngllsb at div erse turns and places, i ,vsj,rnt of this city for about BO
repeatedly in his judicial capacity, : years, died early this morning at the
treated inemt" is of the bar in a lom,. 0f her nephew, George JI.
"manner coarse, -indecent, arbitrary j wichert, of 64 Seymour street,
and tyrannical." and in other ways f;u, was imrn in German l-'eb-'eon.iuet'
d himself in a manner un- ruarv 4, j s 4 7. She came to this eoun
t .rooming the high position which he j tl.y at tnP nK,. 0f s years and settled
Berlin, March Zu (P' Joh.n II.
Goodrich, a medical student from .
Monroe. N". II. early today shot and .
killed Miss Alice 1'ttznor of Clou-I
land. Ohio, a dancer at a theater j
and then took his own life. The
tragedy occurred in an automobile, j
Jealousy is presumed to have been j
the motive. j
Goodrich applied last March for j
a marriage license but apparently it
Cap!;. in riedg- s
S. H. Ka.vmonl ... Tut
George D. Raw lings SH7
F. G. Hausman ... ITS
( li-orge T. lit an .
Karl Kisseiln-.H'h
Kussell Gold . .
vValt.-r 1... Dell
A. W. Ritter . .
Stanley Hart .
C. F. Stanley .
V. C. Avery . .
Slanliy Hunt .
Fails lo Mention Adminis
tration or Republican
man of the board of directors, eni
, phaslzej thc need of greater par
I i-ntal cooperation. 5 he urged parents
, to visit the classes so that tiny
i can see for themselves what is !
J ing taught and how well it is be
, ing done. "One of our great proh-
i lms." said Mhs Rogers, "is that f
I some parents are not willing to
practice In tin ir homes what tin y
j demand we tench in the schools."
Mrs. E. C. St Oi'l; well has joined
. the staff of supervisors in tho place
, of Miss Cora 11, Grauiieh, who was
ro-eod to resign on account of ill
; health. Mrs. Stork-well has charge
i of 'he third grade.
I Mrs. Phillip Stanley. In her re
port for the building and equip
ment committee, said that efforts
I are being made to secure a house
j 'n r.elvidere for the pupils from
) the Stanley Fchool next. year.
I Frederic I.. Fay. n-ligious sup. r
I visor from the South Congrega-
tional church, reported that good
I cjuality, cloth hound text books
! have been purchased for each pu
j pil in th" sixth grade. Good books
are in use throughout the schools.
he said.
"Bossism" in republican politics,
alleged waste and 1 M ravaguncc un-d'-r
democratic rule, protect-d
' oinls" t: ported to be immune from
police lnterfi renci . political mach
i, aliens In several departments of
:!.- city govcrnnnnt, and several
other points of .at lack in the early
ccaipaign speeches of ex-Mayor
b-orge A. Quigley, were completidy
igiiored this noon when the Candida!'-spoke
at a rally at the Kussell
.v. Krwln factory gab .
yuigley's appeal for votes today
was- an unexpected change and coui-
1 h ie reversal of his tactics of the ,
nrst few days of campaigning. A j
t -i-owd had assembled supposedly for 1
the purpose of hearing thc candidate
continue his tirade against organiza- ;
tion forces in his own party and '. Passalo .linlgv, Aged
against the democrats, but Instead , .
n,,, ko-,i . ,iiP nf h.-alih ! HcM On tompln.nt
work, one story school houses. Are VpJr 0 tir)
prevention, and the costs of finano-
ing public implements. j Taterson. N. J., March UP
The speaker opened with a decla- William H. Mayer, of l'assaic, agid
ration that iitcpasing city debts In- )oi. and a former police judge o
dicate. something is radically wrong jwallington. today was held in
with the city government. He told .all by Judge ivlani y in special fcj---of
his entrance into the field when Isions court for trial on charges of
be was told there were no othr immorali'y. A siviei n ar old girl
i nndidates. and said he remained iwas also held with May. r.
Fai'h article concluded with the
statement that the jurist was and is
i-uiity of misbi liauor as judge and
of a niis-'I'-meH nor In office. I
Th" house is expect e.l to act on
ih commute "s r. commendation 1
within a few days. If these recom- :
ineii'lalions are up!',' hi by a major-1
iiy of the bouse. Judge Knelish will
be tried before th" senate, sitting as j
an imp! achim'tit court.
(ipposition to Inipiaehment. of
I'.fleral Judge G' orge V. Fnglisb of
Illinois is e.-. s. ! in a nunorny ;
1-,-1-iort beinc prepared by three
menile rs of the houpe judiciary
coinniiit' i-.
Coal Hearings
Tie- house l iiiiino ree committee
today decide.) to becbi bearings on
1. oal legislation p,et Tuesday.
This action is in bne with the
view of house b ad' -s who feel that
(Continii- 1 on Tag- Tenl
; had never been used. H
!lrit7.iier were engaged.
I Goodrich died immediately after
:llip shoolinir hnr Miss 1'ilzner lKi',1
George Schleicher and a,, , , u hosniul.
Goodrich, who was 2 3 years old.
and a student at the I niversity of
Herlin. was the son of the late Rev.
George Goodrich of l.aconia. N. H.
He had been studying medicine In
Germany for tlirev years, having
been in Jena and Munich before
coming to Herlin.
Miss I'iti'.ner, who was CI years
and .Miss v. w. T.
Anna M
in Co'linsvillv, where she resided tor
a few years. In her early years In
this city she took an active part, in jo)( wa, nlrm1Pr of the cast of the
the affairs of her church, the Oer- m.1PW -rUVT ich." She appeared
man Haptist. and until recently she in (hl, Pallet and sang several solo?,
was untiring in her efforts on its be- . Tne ,ireelors of the Schauspiel
half. Inactivity failed to lessen her i,auS- the theater where Miss l"it,',
interest in religion, for up to the cvo I er appeared, described her ns 1111
o' her death sue spent hours read- , usually beautiful, and evceptionally
v.c IT
,1. M. Ward 1:
II. C. Hillings I
Mrs. J. i.'. l.oomis .
M rs, Katherino Smiih t:i
Hr. )'.. W. 1'nib n . , .4
J. W. Mirshind .. Ht
Mr. Mary Kwsiak il'
William Grysbowski 1 :,
Stee Charamut . . 1 ;i
IT. 1'.. !.. I'rotafs . tit
llaiph 1,. Gould ... 14
Chsrlrs Hra II. y . . t:
I ota!
Amount ,
13 6.25
1 SS.f'O
1 il S . T 5
111 T.00
433.1 r
mi. no
4 ''."..'Hi
i it.iTs.r.r.
no response. He rapped
Mill no response. Then he
heard I
the diotel and ranoed on the .loop """ 'ransporranon or liquor. Ca.s.
upon finding It locked. There was!s,,1s" fmUd not guilty and he was
uieii rcu'liseu on JJ.tllMi tioilils.
The six ounrts of liquor allegi.l
voices from within. Realizing some-:'0 nave oeen tett oeniiul when be
thing was wrong, he summoned a "1 at ,he TProach of n nolle-
ion icer in a corriuor or ttie nous
offlce building Saturday have sine-
to be
Bowed as Resolutions
Arc Read
ing her Hilde.
She was taken sick on Sunday.
March 14, but toward th ' latb r part
of tin week her condition seemed
to improve un'il she was the victim
(if a relapse last bYiday.
Surviving her are two sons. Wil
liam Schleicher of Thomaston and
vugust of Lyons s'reet. this city: 11
laughter. Miss Anna Schleicher 0:
West brook, and nine grandchildren.
Funeral services will be held at
the home Siturlay afemoon at C:3"
o'clock and at. the German 1-iaptis'
church at 3 o'clock, li'-v. G. K.
SchiK-ck. pastor, will officiate. Inter
; merit will be in Kairvi-w cemefry.
gifted, and say she was destined for
a splendid stage career.
Sue was born in PuroU. Mich., in
"lor., but the family home is now a'
Cleveland. Ohio. Her fa'lor's naim
is given as Edward rb.'.mr.
. . . TIT $30. lei. SI
re sprung at the
he community eh. st
n boys and gir's of
ti"ir bit to'
which now
(Continued on Rage I'iu-1
feasant Evenings At Kennehec
Jail, Card Parties And Liquors
.SlicrilT is Accused of Entertaining Prisoners Royally
Former Inmate Testifies Before
(iovernor and Council
I?, and M. Has Largest
Gasoline-Electric Bus
Springfield. Mass., March 'Je 1.1''
What is said to be the largest gaso
line-eb c-ic unit of its kind in N'.-w
Kiiglatid will be put into service l v
by the Itoston and Maine railroad
between this city and Greenfeld. it
was announced today. This unit,
seating Se passengers and drawing a
trailer, will be twice as powerful as
any of th- units now in s rvb e here.
and is now on its way from
manufacturers. If will rat
horse power Hnd be motori.e-l
both ends. It will supplement
smaller units that have been
service for some time
Total to
'our'h day
irr.e tnda;
1 onrnuni'y ad-1
' ''e driv for Stdh.'i
has Rene more than half
corn, y ton.irds the goal.
T'n- work, rs 111. 1 ai the Hurri't
1 o'.-i today tor I'lacheon as gin s's
o' the notary club. K.irly In the
cing there were ;l numiier ot
r-ports from Girl Scon's, w ho are
making efforts to b'-lp ,v, 11 the
"ir.d In v.inous ways. 'Vh.c reports
showed th.it Troop 1. of the South
'ongregaiioiial church raised $7
-ding iamb; Troop C of the 1-hrst
1 'ougregatioital cnurch has pedged
if to raise .Pi and will give a
vai'fle supp'r. Troop 7 of the S'.
.b-ihn Hi- Kv.uifielist chureli has
pledged SI ' and will raise the
money bv a supper. Troop ." of th
1 'amp school is selling candy and
will give fie. The Haptis'. troop
bellboy named Clifford Barlow, who,
in turn firot A bp Lplinisn tbp nlhf
clerk. Lehman stationed himself on 1",n """'ped and declared
the fire escape while Amend contin-poor whls,,y-
ued to rap on the door. I
Presently ho heard his w ife's '
voire. t
"Just a minute." she begged.
Amend waited iHe minutes and, be-
coming Impatient, began to pound
,011 the door.
Again came the female response,
"iiit n minute "
; Ann nd waited and waited and LaWJ CrS Stand With Heads
waited. Still his wire neglected to:
open the door. V inally. as he was
about to break dow n t he door, he I
heard a noise inside the room and j
'Hi room was suddenly thrown;
open. !
"The man w ho had been In the resolutions on the death cf Judge
room w-lth my wife." Amend testi- .George W. Klett were adopted by
led, "pointed a gun directly between the New Britain Bar association this
, afternoon, attorneys who were asso
ciated with the late judge standing
with bowed heads while Cbu-k ot
Court Kmil J. Daubers, read the
The committee 011 resolutions was
Stanley J. Tracrski. Mortimer H.
Camp and Bernard F. Gaffney.
I The resolutions adopted follow:
George Washington KJott
George Washington Klett died at
New Britain, on January ;Tth, 19..
j He was born In Now Britain or,
i-Vbruary SInd. 1ST4. After gradu
ating from the New Britain High
school be entered the emp'oy of the
New- Britain Kecord where lie f
rnr, imaimd for a jear and then enter. I
the luie law school, where ne r
celved the ibpr.-e ef Bachelor of
(Continued on Page Five)
Mrs. Laskazewski to Col
lect From Men Who Fa
tally Injured Husband
(Continued on Tage 17)
Reporter, Posing With
Crook, Identified as One; ,nk'- ''-t" a w.h a m..
r,9 lal:
of Sixteen
Augusta. M
sant 1 v.nings
ty jail here w
a hearing be
council hero
.. March 2i OPV l'H-a-
a! t lie K.'iiin bee coun
ero described today at
ore the governor and
on charges preferred
.fter Gardner Weld entered becaus". j Mayer is the father of
be whatever else his poiltleul , Maytr. bank clerk o! V-,
neiiiies have said of him. they can- v,ho reccily attempt -.1 to" he hi.-:-.
call him a quitt-r. 'o.vu life -,f..r kil.ing l,iiby M.-ln
viulgpv claimed prdl' for trans-'tv re, with whom be was infatuated
t'l-i. ling thc h-mllli department from 'The son is in a Broohlvn hospital
" n .iftlce with a few old small-pox 'TV- young bank l"rk said that ti e
signs end broken chairs." into Its' Si. lntre girl spurned his love and
!-.vowo,l tiia' he was beneath her.
(Continued on rap" 1 v t This charge her relatives denied.
against Sheriff Henry I.. Cummin ga.
' William Shaw, a former inmate of
'tin inil. said "There was more or
less drunkenness at the jail while ho ing
was th'-re." lie said ,e had se.-n
prisoners with bo'il- s whose coit
ti nts lar.g' d from whiV.ey o "can-
. n.-.l In at " The inma -s, he said,
I irambb d daily.
: Shaw said there w.-re several
trames in progt'ss, seni.-thn-s one of
w 1 ;.-h Mas calle 1 the "Millionaires'
Gain."." lie said a l::r-pT came of
stud-polor was v.: oalty t iay.-d up
stairs, and that often two games
. with six plovers in . ach wer- going
ion a ' f ho serno linie.
I A crumpled sheaf of pages from
a diary, which he kept, while an In
mate was introduced as an exhibit,
and Shaw read extracts from it.
These were begun September 14.
1024, when he had been in jail exact
ly a year, serving a to'al of 21
months. In this entry, he said, in
"Been here one y ar.
ards as usual."
Washington, March IS (.4" The
newspaper reporters who obliging
ly stood behind two holdup suspects
at police headquarters here while
the victim sought to Identify his
assailants, declare they won't do ti
again. The vic'itn "posi'iveh "
I identified one of th writers as one
Bos play-1 of the men who robbed him and
the police had to extricate thc. re
in subsequent en'ri. s, he a'so re- porter by explaining that Ihe two
ferred to curd playing one of th' se were placed beside the suspirts
excerpts i-i aditig. "I'laying cards in j jus- to give the latter an even
Hie office. 1'Knty ot refreshments." ; break.
He explained that "ITetity of re- i
fnshments" meant ''plenty ' ....
h.Uor," adhougb h did not sec !', t i
iiiinor in the .;i! office, but in otic r ,
par's of tbe Jail. The diary recorded 1
he arrival of two inmates to whom J
Shaw referred as the "Millionaires."
He said he could not recall tioirj I
:;:Illi".. bu the li.irv entries w. re ;
hat they had be n given special I '
privileges. .
toris (ibscr.e Holes. Safely Con
ference Measure Adopts!.
Jadcinent of tH.Iefi against
defendant was the verdict of a jury
111 (hi' snmrior court in Hartford to
dav m the suit of the widow of Alex- a"-" 1 !'" '" that date I-,
aider I .nskazewsl . of this city practiced law in New Brlta.n. foi
ee.uns' Charles Sapko and Waclow .the past twenty years as th senior
Ma kowski. also of New Britain. The partner of the firm of Klett & All
acion. which was heard by the jury jmg. He served as c'rk of the eii
m l Judge Averv vesterday. was and police courts of New Urltal".
brought for damages' against the two jfrom 1S95 to 1?"-, as assistant cit
men who were charged with cans- ;attorney. 1S3T-P and Uoo-lJl.
lug 1.aska7ewski's death in an alter- 'and as clerk of t ic probate com'
cation in this cltv on June 1. 19::.. for the district of Berlin from IS'.'s
l.askiuewskl entered Majkowskl's 10 UPI. He w.u. ju.lg? of the pro-.-tore
nt the corner of Lyman and 'bate court from 1 to 1 io 4: pros.
Gold streets on May SI, 1!''.'.V and
told the defendants that somebody
stole $10 from him. All altercation
followed and 1-askazewskl is alleged
to have gone Into the street to throw
.a s'one at Sapko. What followed
1'ivond the fact that laskazewski ate leader during the last two ses
was later found on the ground with 1 slops, and had served as chalrmae
a fractured skull. Is uncertain. of the republican town committ.
The two were arrested and charg- and as a in. nib. r of the state ceo
ed with manslaughter in the New ltr.il committee for mote than eight
Britain police court and being bound years.
over to the September term of the j From his youth he was intens v
! superior court, they pleaded nolo ( interested in spoits ;.ad especial!"
Irontrndore. Judge Aviry n fused to j'hoso of his native city, "lie intend
oll.iw .widen. o from the criminal Itmck snorts in his hith school and
y walking ,p.on, , intriduced in the civil collect- .lavs. He had the spirit ai'd
court ruling that If a record in I was .-.1 ays loyal. He played ami
I fought hard but hi.-- tactics and Ms
'methods wi re always fair and he rv-
ctping attorney o' the police coin-
of New Britain, ti lti: and agar
from l!bi9 to tJM and was judge o'
that court from 1'.i;i lo 1!:5. H
was a member of the state s-na'-in
1315. 1J1T and 1?11". b,lng sen
the wiMiii i:
llarlfiiid. Mar. .- Ion-cast
lur New llrlialn and ii Inlt. :
Trohatily slnmers this after
noon and tnnlglit; 1 l.l fair
and eoMer
I Washington, March :''- ifl"'- Traf
tie regulation of tin p. de-man as
A' 'I as of the motorist was adopted
todav as ;pn underlying piineiple of
'ic 1110 1-1 trai'lic code a the clos
ing s-.ssion of tic- na'iou.il confer-
ut-e .-n Mieet and liigl.vsay satety.
C. .1. Millrai'li 01 '".ocago. t-
teiupt d to l.iediiy t!t
lilauni" vi huh wioil 1 proud.- a tine.
.for p-1. s'riat;s who tail to observe w a , ri,.,,ds not guiby and
"traftie signals, but his proposal was iu .,,.r f,.n,i mltv is not admis-
rej-Cte.l. ill'
i turn over the
contend. 1 I1 woul.l
b-isi. st jst 1-. . - s of larce
! ciibs entirely to motorists.
t I Tho qu-s'inn of th" co or of ligiits
' for motor vehicles will be retcrred I
I 'to a technical body for study snd Istrator of the esta'e and plaintiff In 'lnoi.iinfr until late at night. Oeorg-
i r- porr w tn n a oiumoii ni-iunoi tar action, w. as roprescmea oy vtir v . ivi.av pureury nm iuiij i, w
I bitwecn proponents of yellow andnellus J. Panaher and Morris M.I
!red lights. j Wilder. (Continued on Pare 10)
sihle In a civil case, then the record isoricd to no su'.-terfuc. s to accom
of a case tn w hich a man pleads nolo iplith his put poses,
'contendere. Is not admissible in a: Harly In life he n artel to won-
eivll rase. 'hard ant he eon'm'.i' d so to work
Mrs. Helen iasKazcwski. aumir.i- until nis aeani. r rem .any .o-

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